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0. Version/History
1. The Unknown: Nookington's
2. The Unknown: Redd
3. The Unknown: Fossil Fish
4. The Unknown: Shirts
5. The Unknown: HRA
6. The Unknown: Late Night
7. The Unknown: Outdoors
8. The Unknown: Holiday Secrets
9. The Unknown: Island
10. The Unknown: NES
11. The Unknown: Ending
12. The Unknown: Credits
 *                0. Version/History                                              *
This FAQ is Version .5, 
This FAQ has been updated 2 time(s).
March 7th, 2006: [email protected] emailed me with suggestions, which I have 
posted. I created 2 more sections, to cater to just a few of her submissions. I 
also added a credits section.
March 18th, 2006: I added the island section, and the NES section.

 *                1. The Unknown: Nookington's                                    *
*Go into Nookington's (last upgrade of store) at 9:55 P.M. (5 minutes before 
closing time.) There will be sad music playing, even after 10 P.M. IF you stay in 
the store the whole time.
*If you are from another town, you cannot get your roof painted at the Nookington's 
in another town.
*If you are from another town, you cannot get any items from Universal codes.
*On Raffle Day, the second floor is closed off.
 *                2. The Unknown: Redd                                            *
*After you buy each and every item Redd is selling in his shop when he comes (why 
would you do that?) he will be very pleased. Leave his shop, and it will say SOLD 
OUT! Go out of that acre, go back in and Redd will be gone.
*Redd sells either fans, pinwheels, or balloons on July 4 at the lake. 
*When he's sold out at the lake, he won't leave. He'll just say he's sold out.
 *                3. The Unknown: Fossil Fish                                     *
I've read in FAQS in the past (not on CheatCodes), that you must catch the fossil 
fish at midnight on Halloween in the lake or something. But that is completely 
*It must be raining, not snowing!
*It must be 4P.M.-9A.M.
*It is in the ocean.
*It is not a very large fish as a shadow, about the size in its shadow as a barred 
*It is not called 'Fossil Fish'. It is the Coelacanth.
*It is this ugly brownish-black color.
*It looks nothing like a fossil. The only reason people say that is because of the 
pun when you catch it: "I caught a Coelacanth! It's the living fossil fish! I 
didn't know they existed!" 
*They are easier to catch than people say.
Those myths about Halloween and midnight for the Coelacanth are SO untrue! Wait, 
you can catch it at midnight though. But it doesn't HAVE to be midnight!
 *               4. The Unknown: Shirts                                           *
*If you go up to Gracie wearing a Gracie shirt (ex. watermelon shirt.) she'll say 
that it doesn't look good on you.
*Even if you wear a Gracie shirt, the Snobby girls will still say 'my rug's more 
fashionable' and give you some regular shirt.
*If you saw someone trade shirts with another animal, their old shirt MIGHT be in 
the dump later on.
 *               5. The Unknown: HRA                                              *
If you want at least 35,000 HRA, these tips are good.
*Use Modern tile and Plaza wall.
*Somewhere in your room, you should have some different sized Quazoids lined up.
*You don't neccesarily get graded for style. It's how full your room is, sometimes.
*It's good to have asteroids near your entrance.
*If you have the third upgrade room, you should use that for more space. 
*You should have many instruments jumbled around. A cello in the top right-hand 
corner will help.
*Having no radio can help...
*DON'T just throw tools in your room to make it full. That's BAD HRA. Use furniture!
*Clothes along the walls are good.
*There should be a watermelon table in the middle with the watermelon or melon 
chair. Only 1 chair! A journal on the table along with stationary is just optional.
 *                6. The Unknown: Late Night                                      *
Who stays up ALL night? I did. I did some research and came out with some drastic 
*The very sweet girls/boys go to bed FIRST, at about 9:00 P.M. The very sweet girls 
wake up at 5:30 A.M., while the boys don't wake up until 9:00 A.M.
*The nice girls go to bed NEXT, at about 11:00 P.M. They wake up at about 6:00 A.M.
*The snobby girls go to bed NEXT, at about 2:00 A.M. They wake up at about 9:00 A.M.
*The athletic boys go to bed NEXT, at about 2:30 A.M. They wake up at about 5:00 
*The LAST animals to go to sleep are...the moody/mean boys. They go to bed at about 
4:00 A.M., an hour before atletic boys get up! AND, moody/mean wake up at about 
10:00 A.M., getting only six hours of sleep! (No wonder they're so moody!)
*Try writing a letter past 2:00 A.M. Your voice will be very squeaky, as if you 
sucked all the helium out of a balloon.
*Go into an animal's house right before they go to bed. Their lights will be out, 
and they will say that they need some alone time.
*Snobby girls and mean/moody boys will more likely trade things with you after 
12:00 A.M.
*4:00 A.M.-5:00 A.M. is the most likely time that no one will be awake.
*At about 5:00 A.M.-6:00 A.M. Officer Copper will do some aerobics stretches. The 
only way to see this is to stand behind him.
*At about 2:00 A.M.-4:00 A.M. Officer Copper will doze off. Then, he'll wake up a 
few seconds later, in shock. Again, you must stand behind him.
That is a compilation of my research.
*Submitted by: [email protected]:
At 12-4 A.M., you will see Wisp somewhere in town. He will ask you to catch 5 
spirits with your bug net. Bring them to him, and he will pull weeds, paint your 
roof, and more.
 *               7. The Unknown: Outdoors                                         *
*Submitted by: [email protected]:
*If you shake trees, money will fall out (sometimes). A bee's nest might fall, and 
you will get stung, but if you have an umbrella, spin it and the bees will go away. 
Sometimes, there will be common furniture in a tree.
*If you see a balloon tied to a package in the sky, you should follow it. If it 
lands in a tree (otherwise it would fly away) then shake it and the present will 
fall out. It is common furniture, so don't hurt yourself for it.
 *               8. The Unknown: Holiday Secrets                                  *
I already compiled my Holidays Guide&Secrets Guide, but lisawoburn was nice enough 
to email me a secret.
*Submitted by [email protected]:
*Check your mail on Jan. 1st. There will be 10,000 bells from 'mom'. 
 *               9. The Unknown: Island                                           *
*To get some stupid free stuff on the island, when Kapp'n says wheter you want the 
GBA island, say yes. On the GBA, pick up so many coconuts and give them to your 
islander. At some point, after many coconuts, your islander will start to drop free 
*To get the actual island items, here's how. 
*Bug Net Tool: Drop your net on the island, then go to the GBA. Give your islander 
the net. When there is a treasure chest in the air, direct the islander to it. When 
they catch it, if it's furniture, it might be an island item.
*Golden Shovel Tool: Bury lots of furniture, then drop the golden shovel. Go to the 
GBA. Give the islander all the coconuts on the island. Then, give them the shovel. 
They will dig up your stuff, then bury something else in return. If you are lucky, 
it will be an island item.
*Fishing Rod Tool: Drop your fishing rod on the island. Then go to the GBA. Give 
your islander the fishing pole. Direct them to the ocean.
Trash: If she catches trash, she will be in the saddest mood.
Octopus: She'll just throw it back in.
Fish: She'll be happy, but just throw it back.
Treasure Chest: You will get a carpet, wallpaper or outfit. Nothing rare.
Furniture: If she is happy, you'll get an island item.
*When using ANY of the island secrets, remember to go out of your acre then back 
in. Then keep your GBA on. Go back to the island, so you don't lose your 
 *               10. The Unknown: NES                                             *
*Common games that are purchased in your catalog:
Donkey Kong
Balloon Fight
Clu Clu Land
NES (no games in it. useless.)
Clu Clu Land 2
*Uncommon games that can only be obtained on special occasions:
Super Tortimer
Wario's Woods
Soccer (the code is on
DK Jr. Math
DK Math
Super Mario Bros
Ice Climbers
The last 3 games are rare. Nobody has yet found a code for them. Punchout wasn't 
even found yet. It is in a series 4 AC E-card. Nobody even knows which card it is 
*Select Advance Play for any game. Then take the GBA out of the cable. It'll be 
able to travel, as long as you don't turn it off.

 *               11. The Unknown: Ending                                           *
You may e-mail me at [email protected] with questions, comments, or something you 
want me to post.
 *               12. The Unknown: Credits                                          *
Here are overall credits:
Cheatcodes, for making this author service free!!!! :p
Nintendo, for being the best company in the world. Also for being 100,000,000X 
better than Xbox.
The creators of Gamecube, for making the best system ever! 
The creators of AC, for making the best game ever (the DS game is good to!)
Here are Helper credits:
[email protected], for helping me to improve my FAQ so much, and I hope you read 
this so you know!

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