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                           "The Weapon Guide"
                         Written by: Technorgue7
                            Table of contents
  1. Copyrights
  2. Intro
  3. Weapon Guide
 ( Weapon Guide Label)   D=Description  S=Strategy  DS=Disadvantage
Weapon:( specified weapon)

Description:( additional info & who uses it.)

Strategy:( all strategies, and how weapon is best used.)

Disadvantages:(disadvantage of using weapon.)

  1. This FAQ is written by technoorgue7, therefore, any ilegal action or 
plagerism that happens ( if seen on another website), legal action will take 

  2. This  Guide will render most useful in Halo 3 gameplay. If you wanna beat 
halo 3, the weapons are what take you through.

  3. WEAPONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Section 1- Grenades

SPIKE GRENADE: D- The spike grenade is a stick grenade. It is used by brutes.
S- The spike grenade is very useful only at very very close range. It cadn 
easily kill enemies if properly used. It is very useful against hunters and 
pure flood forms.
DS: Despite the strengths of this grenade, it is very weak. If it is thrown on 
the floor, enemies can easily escape the blast radius. It isn't effective 
against  large groups of enemies, like the other grenades.

INCENDIARY GRENADES: D- This is a flame burst of napalm . It is used by brute 
stalkers, and war cheiftans.
S- This is the most effective grenade against infantry. It will automatically 
kill anything that it makes contact with, with the exception of cheiftans, 
vehicles, and  hunters.
DS: The only problems with the incendiary grenade is that it is very rare, and 
only appears in 3 levels.

PLASMA GRENADE: D- The plasma grenade is the ultamate stick grenade. It is used 
by most classes of grunts, and by the elites.
S- This is the ultimate stick grenade and is very fun to use. It can be stuck 
to enemies, and if thrown on the floor, it can damage and kill several enemies. 
It is useful against every enemy, except for cheiftans, wraiths, and the 
DS- It is a great weapon, but when grunts throw these grenades at you, oftenly 
you don't hear it coming, and eventually get killed.

Frag grenade: D- the frag is a the only bouncy grenade. It is used only by the 
S- This is my favorite grenade. It can be most stragetically used. You can 
bounce'em off walls and make the frag explode to the enemies location. It is 
effective against largegroups of enemies.
DS- There is not many disadvantages, except for suicidal kills.

Section 2-Weapons

ASSAULT RIFLE: D- Automatic weapon. Only used by marines and could be swapped 
with elites.


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