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: Andrew Turelli Jr :
: Codebreak1337 : SUBSCRIBE !
: 8/17/12
: Version 1.0

THQ: DarkSiders II 

- Main Quest
- Bosses
- Speed Run
- Unique/Rare Gear

((((((((((((MAIN QUEST))))))))))))))))))


 New Darksiders II THQ, amazing game you should all pick up !
L1+R1 Will Banish or summon despair which is your green
glowing horse.

- Gold marker is always the goal for the main quest.
- Summon your crow dust, which can only be summoned
to help, when flying near DEATH the main character.
- These are your first two abilities.

- Run up walls by running towards them and pressing
the X button on PS3, may differ for 360.

- Use the attack button or SQUARE on PS3, to use your
Death Scythes.

- Play on easy if you are new to this series, or if 
your new to video games in general.

- R1 will let you do a semi roll move that speeds you up.

- Running along walls diagnol, Hold joy stick in diagnol,
position and x to run across the wall.

L2 and away with diagnol stick, to traverse against beams.
beams are more difficult to travers. Make sure your pointing
in the right direction.

- Combat Ranges from easy to relatively hard, there are 3
levels of difficulty. easy,normal,hard. Use them accordingly.


- This level is the walkthrough, of the controls 
stated above. It will get you used to combat, riding
your horse (despair) using the crow ability, (DUST).

- Also, you will learn how to use potions. Follow the
tutorial notes that pop up at the bottom of the screen.
Once again, Above the control section in this guide.
will help you if you are confused.

- After killing some enemies in this intro level,
you will notice that they drop certain items.

- There are 4 types of armors, and 2 types of
weapon drops. Weapons come as primary which are
your Scythes. And Secondary which is evertything else.
From claws, maces,hammers and just about everything except
swords. So far at least.

- Make your way through the level by following the gold marker,
to the ice giant. Use the controls and tutorial to traverse to
this point. Keep referring to control section if you are lost.

- You will eventually make your way to boss number 1 
the ice giant.

BOSS::::::::::: 1 :::: ICE GIANT ::::::

- This battle will teach you how to dodge, effectively.
To dodge press R1 right before the enemy attacks. You may 
also focus on the enemy by pressing R2, Then you may also
dodge while focusing which is usually more effective, then 
a random dodge.

- Just use your basic SECONDARY attacks on this boss,
you should have a more powerful HAMMER or MACE by now.

- If you don't even your Scythes can take him down. He
may have alot of HP, but he is easy as he puts out little 

- If in trouble press D-PAD left and use a potion.


- Keep following the gold marker and your BLUE marker
which is your crow dust if you are lost. Press the 
switch in after beating the ice giant, which will
lead you to an elevator that takes you up,
Higher on the mountain.

- Remember to use your right directional stick often
when platforming across walls. The Right joystick is
the camera control, you will need it when you are lost
it usually has something to find when used.

- You will also have to traverse wooden beams, just keep
pressing foward and X or jump button on xbox, to get
across these.

- basically after the ice -giant they are just 
testing your platforming skills, which less tutorial
notes. These important skills, and level is how the game
plays, if your not interested at this point you may want
to move on to another game.

- But your not bored !

*** SAVING WAR ***

- This is kind of a mini boss battle, but it is 
actually harder
then the ice giant. He is relatively easy because
he has very little health. 

- After his health is down a little more then a quarter
of the way, you will lock with him into a button press
mini game. If you win this he will be stunned and open
to more attacks. Just press the appropriate prompted
button as fast as you can to win.

- To really take this guy out fast, use a high 
damage weapon even if it is a hammer and or slow.

- War may move quicker if your using a hammer or mace
but the damage output will wipe him out faster.

- Once his health is depleted you will come to 
the cut scene and finish him off, enjoy the story
as well as the dialouge. Next we will head onto
the games first TRUE dungeon, The Cauldron.

***** The Cauldron ******

- Alright so lets get past the tutorial, beat a few
monsters talk to the big guy with the grey beard.

- open up a few chest if you would like and head
out of the area. Make your way to the marker point
which will be another NPC named Ayla.

- Ayla will tell you to talk to Thane, thane can
train you in weapon combos and the like. You will
get a new combo from thane, as well. Press R1 and
after you evade then press square this will launch 
the scythes across a radius area.

- Don't forget to break pots and speak to the talisman
and consumble dealer, who sells arcance amulets as
well as wrath and health potions.

- Work your way toward the marker, past Thane, Head into
the water then travel downards and through a hole.

- Swim foward a bit and look around, you will find
another wall that is climbable. This will lead us
to another wall. Be sure to watch your map as you could
get a little lost at this point. If your really stuck
press L3 the joystick on the left inward. This will bring
up DUST your crow who will give you some hints.

- eventaully as you traverse while following your marker
thorugh some of the obstacles thrown at DEATH your main
character. You will See a an Area and an evil eye that is 
rather corrupted looking. This is STONE FATHERS VALE.

- You may now summon your horse Despair. Use R1 
To charge with Despair. This will speed up the process
of traversing the forge lands.

- While following your map you will make your way
to the WEEPING CRAG. This will let you know you are
going in the right direction. Although Honestly,
it is rather hard to get lost. IF you do, refer to the
map while pressing select and going to the map radial
icon. ALWAYS follow your Gold marker if your following
or trying to complete the main quest.

- Now we have entered the ChARRED pASS. This will autosave
the game, we are NOT picking up anything random or anything,
side quest oriented. I suggest playing on EASY mode for this
run we will pick up ALL the extras later on in this guide.

- Finally Despair will be unsummoned, and we will make 
our way to an Arean like area. You will find KARN the NPC
here. Help him destroy the constructs, which are very easy with
his help.


- You should have gained a SKILL POINT by this time, You
may go two ways at the moment and as far as I know.

- You may choose to be a necro mancer,Or a Harbiner.
Harbinger is based around attack or up close and personal 
Melee type skills, I feel it is the stronger of the two.
As the First skill you learn TELEPORT STRIKE, will also
let Death regain some health for a kill.

- The Necromancer tree, is more fun in my opinion, It is
what it is, It's a necromancer. Necromaners, summon the
undead.Necromancers are more like the spell casters or mages,
Yet you still may do melee battle with a necromancer build.

- Necromancers first skill is the RAISE GHOUL ability,
which lets you summon a ghoul from a coffin.The ghoul,
will raise from a coffin in the ground, the coffins also
do some damage.

- The ghoul itself will attack and distract, so the choice
is yours, Since health is so important, for the beginner, as
is having health in general. I suggest going melee, with the
harbinger tree.

- Absorbing health is just way to important to pass up,
especially early on in the game.

!!!!!!!!!DUNGEON #1 THE CAULDRON!!!!!!!!!!!

-After killing the constructs with KARN we will enter,
the actually dungeon or first dungeon of the game. Which

-We will also be introduced to shadow bombs here,
Pick up the first one and throw it at the what appears
to be a glowing switch on the wall. this will open up
the barred door.

-Thorugh the barred door, is some construct type enemies,
these enemies are weak against SHOCK.  If you do NOT have 
a shock type weapon, use either your quickest weapons, 
or most powerful attacking weapon.

- run up to the wall to the left, traverse, across the beam
then at the end of it hold L2 then jump. this will let you land
on a nice platform. run foward a little bit around to an area
where you see another shadow bomb.

- Look around a bit and you will see another flat beam
then look up with the camera and you will see a long beam.
platform your way across the beam to the vines.

- once on the vines dismount, to the next platform
where the shadow bomb lies.

-Take the shadow bomb, and throw it at the lit switch
which will open up the barred door.

- take the platform NEAR you and go head through 
the door.

-More constructs, which one again are weak vs lightning.
take this guys out appropriately. if having trouble,
refer to the enemy bestiary.

-AFTER the constructs are taken care of, the barred
door will open.Be sure to open up as many chests as
you can or find along the way.

- We will enter another interesting battle. A stalker
enemy is a live creature different then the constructs
that we did battle with earlier.

- Good thing this stalker is doing battle with some
constructs. Stalkers are very difficult at this point
in the game, Be sure to watch your health at all times.

- If you want to attack the stalker, you better
have some good gear.  Best thing to do is to honestly
let the constructs take out the stalker. Stay back
and let them do battle.

-See who comes out on top, if it's the stalker
his health will be LOW enough for you to beat him
easily. If it is the constructs, we know what we are
dealing with as we have done battle with them,
several times by now.

-As always please be sure to watch your health and mana
percentages, at all times while playing this game. You
never know when DEATH is at DEATH'S door.

- Make your way through the path to a chest you should
see it on your map. We now have the skeleton key. The
skeleton key is residing in the chest after the stalker.

- Now we have to backtack a bit.Back to the ENTRANCE.
it is easier to get to, the way the game is setup.It 
has some previously in accessble, platforms. FOLLOW
the path back to the entrance and go through the blue
locked door.Use the skeleton key.

-There will be a large blue ball on the floor, use the
blue ball and put it in the hole this will open up the

- open all chest along the way if you have the time.
equip your best weapons for now.

-Platform your way across the wall beams on the left side,
work your way to the vines,Once on the vines it is rather 
dark,yet you can drop down safely to the ground.

- Pull the switch in this room, which will unlock the 
gate. We will see another locked blue door, as well
as do battle with these weak to shock construct 

-Make your way through the open door. There will be
some more construct enemies in this room, about 3 of
them. Take them out with your shock damage, enhanced 
weapon if you have one.

-Take the shadow bomb , aim mode at the ball stuck
in the yellow corruption stones. Then take control
of the giant blue ball. 

-If you happen to lodge the ball into the wrong 
hole, throw a shadow bomb at it. This will lodge
it OUT of the hole.

-Put the blue ball near the gate with the 2nd blue ball
inside. this will open up the gate to the 2nd blue

- roll the 2nd blue ball into the 2nd slot, which
will lower the gate near the chest.

- Dislodge the first ball, with a shadow bomb, 
then roll that ball into the final slot, which
is in the right section of the map radius and 
BOOM SLAM WHAM! puzzle solved.

- In the chest will be the skeleton key. Take the 
skeleton key and open up the blue door we saw,
before in the previous vertical chamber.

- Thorugh the blue door, will be another
action switch. activate it and we will enter
a time based platforming trail.

- Head right from the switch and platform
over the wall, then drop down to the platform
there will be a big mechanisim, that was raised
when we pushed the switch in.

- Climb on top of it and work your way LEFT
you will see another wall wood beam.THIS IS
WHERE IT GETS TRICKY. you MAY not see this
on your in game camera.

-Once on the second wooden beam as your ON
the big chain mechanism. just move all
the way to the left. THEN hold L2.THEN 
Finally jump across, to a semi unseen,
ledge.  I messed this up 5x times so your not
the only one. I felt really dumb afterward.

-After the nonsense, Make your way up the wooden
beams and platform across them to get to the top
of the area.

-Once at the top, the game will save, take the shadow
bomb and throw it at the large lit switch. the switch
will raise the mechanism and it will serve as a 
bridge for death. Make your way across the bridge.
You will then encounter the dungeons boss. GHARN.


-Ok, Gharn is susceptible to lightning damage,
it will actually stun him for a good amount of
time after several strikes. So hopefully, you
have something with shock damage by now.
If you threw them away, it is going to be much
more difficult to win this battle.

-Like in boss battle number 1 vs the ice giant,
we still have to use our dodge tactics.

- Gharn has the following moves:

: Self -Destruct
: Power-Charge
: Fist punches

-His power charge is the most dangerous, of
all his abilites as it is strongest and or
most powerful. You should focus your dodges
mostly on that move. If your in trouble, you
may exit the level and return exactly where you
left off via fast travel.

-If you happen to choose the option above,
i suggest either buying a lightning enhanced
weapon from Ayla the weapons dealer,OR picking
up some health or even wrath potions, from
the blindfolded women adjacent of Ayla in tri-stone.

-Finally if your ready to do battle with gharn
it is still pretty simple. Just hit him with
your shock damage attacks, and dodge when 
necessary. When Gharn is stunned, that is all
the better, for you to keep attacking him
pro and 1337, style. he has a moderate amount
of HP for this point in the game. Yet still
easy enough to take down.

-Once GHARN is down, we will pick up the unique.
DARK AVENGER weapon which adds knockback power, of
25%, which is pretty sweet as a secondary weapon,
you should use this weapon as a CROWD control weapon.
It also looks bad ass 1337 legit !

- After gharn is taken care of it is easy to make 
your way through to the switch that will release the
flow of the mountain. This will complete the dungeon,
you may now fast travel back to TRI-STONE, after hitting
the switch of course.

-Once back to tri-stone follow your gold map marker
it is easy at this point. RETURN to Ayla she will give
you a new surpirse. 

-Redemption is a gun that will appear in your gear slot
it rocks and it is awesome, use it accordingly and safely
of course. MORE on redemption and other 'gear' type items
later on in this guide.

-Eventually after the story and conversations, you 
will be given a new part of the main questline.

-Work your way through the map markers, until there is
a new one where you must meet up with KARN. in the shadow
forest karn waits. THERE will be several easy puzzles.

-Remember that now we have redemption, we can use it to
explode shadowbombs, that do not erupt.  To erupt a 
shadobomb that is "non - timed" Just throw it at the 
appropriate obstacle, then SHOOT it with Redemption 

-You will need to do this possibly to enter the drenchfort,
the puzzles before the fort are very easy, but short lived.
So get yourself ready, for the water dungeon. DUNGEON NUMBER

****** THE DRENCHFORT ********* DUNGEON # 2*****

- at the start of this dungeon head left and go through
the door. Everything before this point is talking and
following your map marker so lets get into the rough 

- make your way up the stairs and kill the stingers.
using your redemption gun is a nice way of taking
them down.

- follow past that hall through the door on the right.

- walk through that hall and take out,some stalkers
stalkers are weak vs ice damage if you have anything
like that use it.

- make your way up the staris to our first puzzle. break
the pots or urns to look for some gold and or 

- make your way up the beams, until a tutorial
comes up, teach you how to wall jump diagnollly.
do so to the blue ball and roll it down the ledge.

- put the blue ball in the hole. then make your way
up to the other beams. run over the ledge, to 
another ledge with beams, up the beams.

- find a shadow bomb and throw it at the corruption.
this will unlodge another blue ball.

- roll the blue ball to the gate. pick up another shadow
bomb from the ledge before. throw that shadowbomb
at the blue ball and let it stick.

- jump to the center platform which is a switch. once on
it the gate will go down. shoot the blue ball with
redemption pistol, this will lodge it over or past
the gate.

- Then finally put that blue ball into the hole.
the door will now be open head through it.

- Make your way through another hall way, take
out the stingers and more importantly the stinger
hive. Teleport works nicely on the stinger hives.
As well as redemption on the stingers or flying

-Make your way through the door at the end of the 
hallway. kill all the stalkers. once again they are
weak against ice most of the time. 

- Pick up the shadow bomb and blow up the corruption.
then hit the first lever. this will make the water flow
into the first giant basin.

- Take the water flow down all the way to the center 
of the level. Once at the end climb up the beams.Go 
through the door on the right and watch the cut scene.

- The cutscene will show us the path. jump into the water.
Go down through the water tunnel with twist and turns. once
you head up out of the water hit the beams again. Start 
platforming across them. Get the chest if you want too.
The chest is to the right of the map it probably has a 
health potion inside.

- If you platform to the left, you will make your
way through the rest of the dungeon. After traversing 
the vines drop down to a checkpoint the game will
save. You will run into more stalkers, take them out.
Use wrath moves to restore energy or life. make sure
to break all pots along the way and have a full amount
of potions for nice.

- Get ready to do battle with a giant stalker. He is 
decent in difficulty. Just use wrath spells such as
your teleport. and your strongest weapon. Remember 
to dodge as well.Eventually after destroying the 
stalker. Make your way through the door on the right.

-You will enter a hallway. the door straight ahead 
of you will be barred. Go through the center sewer
passasgeway. REMEMBER  this area for later.

- DEFEAT the enemies in the CENTER sewer area.
then pick up the skeleton key and traverse via
platforming back to the area we were just in.Use
the key on the blue door.

-Make your way through the long hallway.
There will be plenty of stingers around. TAKE
Them out. After they are done, there will be
a cutscene. follow the path the cut scene shows.
Break some of the pots for a potion.

- THE cutscene showed us some corruption
we need the shadow bomb, in the left corner
of the room to blow it up. This will give us
access to the down hill where the rolling blue
ball is.

- Use the blue ball by pressing R2 to use
a velocity push on the ball. Then put it in
the hole.

- Walk on top of the platform that just went down,
AFTER, picking up a shadow bomb. Once standing on
the platform, throw the shadow bomb and let it
stick to the ball. Dislodge it with a redemption
pistol shot and take the platform up through the

-Once again more stingers, and more stinger
hives in this hallway. Take them down.
Use harbinger teleport ability as often as
you can in battles as it restores health.
Once again equip your best weapons and gear that
you can find. Finally make your way through the 
door at the end of the hallway.

-There will be some debris blocking the gate. Blow
up the shadow bomb near the corruption to berid
of it. THEN hit the lever. NOW  things can get
a bit confusing if you mess up here so pay attention
@@[email protected]@!!!!!.

-Make your way through the hallway, that we were
in previously , the room and sewer area the I
said to REMEMBER. Take the river flow from 
where we are now TOO THAT ROOM!

-You may think its over, but we still have
ONE more lever to hit. So do NOT head to 
the center room just yet.

- NOW  the room with 2 doors lined up
one left one right and the sewer flowing in
the middle. make your way down the CENTER sewer.
which is now filled with water. Traverse through.
The water is risen. Swim under the water through a 
hole.Now we may reach another beam. platform
across the beams. You will find a lever at the end.
this is the FINAL lever. Follow my order, or
You will proably end up very confused in this dungeon.
Now you can head back to the center room, with the filled
water basin.

- Just about boss time, all we have to do now is go
through the door in the center room, pretty much
the only one we did NOT open yet. Go through
and get ready for the boss battle with KARKINOS.

****BOSS # 3 KARKINOS ***************

- Karkinos is a fun battle. the game will
show you a ball in the begining of the battle
or pre battle. This ball is how you will be taking
out Karkinos.

-To start the battle velocity roll the ball into
the giant thing on the floor. This will wake it


: Charge :

- The charge attack karkinos uses, is how we 
will take him out. Dodge it with TWO dodge rolls.
Then once KARKINOS,hits the wall  A giant egg will
drop from the ceiling.

: ground slam : 

- Jump to dodge this one

: creeping vines :

-This one is fun to dodge, but can be dangerous
as well.  To dodge these you must either dodge,
left, then right or left then back. At the end
of the battle KARKINOS, will shoot out even harder
to dodge creeping vines.

-To take out karinos, follow the above move list,
most importantly the charge attack. After KARKINOS,
charges and hits the wall the egg will drop. USE
the velocity ball charge and launch it into KARKINOS.

-This will make him toppel over, and reveal its weak
point which is it's pink stomach. ATTACK IT
this is how we do damage to KARKINOS.

- KARKINOS,  eggs will hatch if they hit KARKINOS.
So even when you smash one into him it will hatch.
The hatch will cause a mini karkinos to come out.
Take them out first to make things easier.Or if
you have enough health go for KARKINOS,stomach first.

-If you happen to miss EGGS will hatch after a short
period of time as well.If they do take them down.


- Follow markers to this point, pretty simple, but
then finally the actually lost temple.

- platform your way up and then left to the first
open or green door. Look for a red, green blue,yellow
symbol on a wall. There you will find karn.

- enter the door ahead of karn. Now we are in the
lost temple. 

- Kill the enemies or stalkers and make your way
up the staris. Head left up the stairs and through
the door. Activate the construct worker.

- Put the construct worker in the ball holder this
will open up the barred door. go through obviously.
if you don't you are a bone head.

- watch the cut scene and there will be some new
enemy called sentienls. Take these guys out
with your redemption gun shots. There will also
be some easy constructs that it summons, so take out
the sentiel first. There will be a much harder sentiel
battle later on so learn how to take them out NOW.

-This will open up a platform, go up it.
work your way through the beams, and drop down.
pass all the corrupition in the hallway.

- The game will save, and you will have to 
travel across more beams. more enemys and then
another worker construct that you activate with
the makers key. Take out the corruption stones
with the construct.

- Get off the construct and go back across the
beams and the wall. hit the lever. This will raise
the bridge so you can now cross with the construct.

-More enemies will come at you, this time use
the construct for easy kills and XP. You can
NOT be hurt in the consturct at least by these guys.

- Make your way over the bridge, through all the 
corruption. YOU DON'T have to get any of the chest
at this point unless you want to. WE want to keep
breaking the corruption ahead of us. Then finally
use the chain on the circular chain mechanism and 
traverse it.

- A ball will be in corruption, shoot it out of the
corruption. More enemies will come , destroy them.
walk into the first gate by the shadow bomb, throw the
shadow bomb at the ball. Then shoot it, this will activate
the second gate again, in the chest is the skeleton key.

-Climb the wall to get out, then back over the chain to
the room where you can use the skeleton key.

- In this room, traverse the wall god of war 
style, hanging from the ceiling to the next 
lever and use the lever. More enemies again
take them down. You should save your
reaper for later though. TRUST codebreak,
you will need it most likely.

- After hitting the lever, a gate is down, now 
we can go through it with the constuct.

-Destroy the corruption with the construct.
Do NOT bother using the circular chain mechanism,
unless you want ALL chest in the level, the reward
is NOT worth wasting time.

- After destroying most the corruption, put
the construct into the ball holder. then move
foward through the now open gate or door.
here comes a rough rough tough battle.

- We will be fighting 6 sentiels. To take down
sentiels, once again use your redemption gun.
the problem is it is hard to aim, try using
manual aim if your good. If not kill some
enemies then try the auto lock on. Redemption,
takes sentiels out very quickly, but they are hard 

-The sentiels can attack with a laser, that is
easy to dodge. The problem is they will keep spawning
enemies. The enemies get harder with each sentiel.
ALSO note that if the sentiel is not killed, it 
will STILL  spawn that round of enemies for that
particular sentiel SO be aware !

-The final sentiel will cast two huge constructs.
They are big and nasty and difficult. NOW is when
I suggest you use your grim reaper ability. It should
recharge by the next time we need it, as there is 
yet another very hard battle, with these huge sentiels
later on in this level.  

-After taking down a rough battle, you will get 
some weapons or gear. as well as the path open to
the next part of the dungeon. 

- Run across the wall, jumping side to side.
When you land head up a metroid style wall, 
side to side. you will enter a circular type
room, with some stingers, just go through the
door on the right. 

-Make your way through the hallway and be sure,
to break the pots, for some wrath potions. There
will be another worker construct, go in it and get
ready for the next big puzzle.

-Place the construct on the circular platform.
then use the beams to get to the upper level of the room.
use the second construct on the 2nd floor, to raise
the first construct. *** this is hard to see with the 
camera angle, it is south or behind the 2nd construct,
there will be another ball hole that will raise the 
first construct, which is why we placed the first,
construct on that platform. PHEW !

- once the first construct is raise, you may remove
the 2nd construct from its place. Place the second
construct in the ball holder nearest the gate.
THIS will lower the gate and then you take the first
construct through it.

- Wow!, with the first construct use the chain,on
the circular mechanism. Then take the 2nd construct out
of its place and put it in the final hole, near the beams
and the chain we just shot.

- Now traverse beam hopping style, across the beam,
the chain then the 2nd beam to the door,which is 
now open by the 2nd construct in the ball holder!


- So once through the door, we will come
to another scenery type cut scene. watch it.
it will show you a hint or two.

- dodge the enemies or fight them if you would like.
traverse down and left across the beams. Then
travel left and wall jump diagnol across the
beams to the next platform, filled with stalkers.

-This battle is pretty easy but the next one is very 
hard, so do NOT use your reaper ability here, just
let it build up if you can. So you might want to
take out everything in your path if your low on
reaper energy. TRY  to not use your potions, and also
as an extra extra side note, having your max of
5 potions, and possibly even  5 wrath potions
MAY  be needed even on low difficulty levels !!

From the stalker battle, we are on a circular type
room or platform, after the stalkers are done, go
through the door. take out the constructs, and 
use the beams on the wall and go up. Keep heading
upwards, until you see a ball in corruption.
Take it out with some redemption shots, easy enough.
THEN put it into the ball hole as usual.

-This will open up the door To the final segment
of the dungeon or the lost temple. Which is a 
battle scene.

- TWO giant constructs need to be taken out,
as well as little ones that spawn later on
in the same battle. These guys do TONS of damage.
They also have a ton of HP or hit points.

- Suggest you use, your reaper form for these
guys, if not you better be good at battling
enemies and dodging. Still if not, like I 
said earlier have a TON of potions on you,
health and wrath.

- You may want to save reaper form for the boss
battle, but in all honesty, the boss battle is
frail in difficulty comparrison to this battle
and of course the previous sentiel battle.

- in lamense terms, the boss battle is much much
easier then this one. TRY  and use a max of only 
2 potions, and 1 wrath potions. Reason being is
they will drop from the pots and crates, around
the arena we are currently in.

- After the victory of some grueling battles,and
puzzles.death will make his way to a shrine or chamber 
area. Inside awaits the CONSTRUCT HULK, boss # 4.

**** BOSS # 4 CONSTRUCT HULK ******

-  THIS boss is actually pretty simple, although
throwing bombs might get annoying. You should
really use aim mode, but focus mode may work as 

- the CONSTRUCT HULK will slam the ground, and 
everytime he does shadow bombs will drop.
you MUST  hit him with a shadow bomb, for his
core to appear. THIS IS how you damage him

-I hope you used your reaper ability on the last
battle, because it is NOT really worth it for this

- The construct hulk, will punch roll, and slam the
ground in anger. That is really about all he does.
He also does not change it up when close to death.
Although CONSTRUCT HULK, can put out some HEAVY, 

-To win just rinse and repeat the shadow bomb toss
let them stick to him and explode. After that
attack the core with your STRONGEST weapons,
even if they are slow, DAMAGE OUTPUT is more important
then speed in this battle for sure.

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