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                                 HINT'S TIP'S N' TRICKS

1.When shooting a goal, try aiming for different areas of the net in order to have a better chance of beating the keeper. Aim towards the net to shoot high, aim away from the net to shoot low. Aim to the left of the net to shoot left and aim to the right of the net to shoot right. Using a combination of these directions will allow the user to pick the corners with deadly accuracy. 

2.Make use of the open passing model available on the PS1. Watch the power meter closely at the bottom of the screen to determine the correct amount of power for your pass. The longer the button is held, the more powerful the pass will be. 

3.Take advantage of the “Through Pass” on the [TRIANGLE] button. Often a well-placed ball with the correct power into space can send your striker alone on goal.

4.Take advantage of the two skill moves located on the shoulder buttons [L2 & R2]. A perfectly timed “Sideways Shimmy” or “Hurdle” can be the difference between a clean break on goal and losing the ball to a well-timed tackle. 

5.Always try to give a low cross outside the keepers reach,so u can head the ball inside the goal where the keeper isn't there.NOTE-use bicycle kick rarely ase it mostly misses.use this for clearances. 
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