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                                Street Crime Tips

True Crime: Streets of LA offers a unique way of acquiring upgrades for its lead 
character: solving street crimes. At various points during the game, you're given 
untimed driving missions in which you have an infinite amount of time to reach the 
destination. During this time you can solve street crimes to earn points toward 
badges (100 points equals one badge), which are then used to enter the 24/7 
facilities that house the upgrades. This section provides tips on solving street 
crimes and earning badges. For more on the 24/7 facilities, see the 24/7 Upgrades 
section of this game guide. 

If you don't mind "ignoring" some crimes, you can take on the less difficult crimes 
and ignore the tougher crimes, such as battling huge mobs (those disgruntled 
stockbrokers, for instance) and instead go after muggers and chase sequences. Just 
drive away from a crime and before long another will appear. 

Don't hesitate to walk around instead of drive around. Muggings and car jackings 
can appear while you're walking around and they're pretty easy crimes to solve. 
Further, as you walk around you can earn points by frisking random civilians. If 
you happen to find illegal drugs or weapons, you'll earn points and receive a boost 
to your good cop status. 

After solving a crime (such as beating up a mugger), don't forget to handcuff the 
criminal for additional points. 

You don't have to drive Nick's car. You can jack a faster car and use it to chase 
down criminals when those types of crimes occur. You'll have an easier time 
pursuing the faster criminals if you use a faster car. 

When driving one of Nick's cars and pursuing a criminal, switch on your siren and 
stay on the left side of the road. The civilian cars attempt to get out of your way 
and they swerve to the right. 

You can "solve" a crime by running over the offender. It won't help your good cop 
rating very much but can solve the crime in such cases as mugging, theft, and 
brawls. If you're careful, you can knock a running criminal down with your car 
(injuring him but not killing him) then get out and go hand-to-hand to preserve 
your good cop status. 

The second gun upgrade, aim assistance, will help you disable criminals more 
effectively. Aim assistance allows you to aim at a criminal's arm or leg to 
neutralize them. Otherwise, you're likely to kill the suspect, which doesn't help 
your good cop rating. Instead, neutralize them to solve the crime and preserve your 
stature as a good cop. 

When approaching criminals, flash your badge or fire a warning shot. There's a 
chance the criminal will stand down and give in, which makes the entire process 
much easier. Combine the technique with your siren. But then again, the criminal 
could ignore the badge and flee, or cause them to pull out their own weapon! 
Proceed with caution. You could just beat them down or neutralize them! 
When moving around town solving crimes, seek out parking garages so you can save 
your game. This also replenishes you and your car's health for free. 
When you're fighting someone with a weapon, use the grapple button then the punch 
button to disarm them. 

If a criminal stands with his hands up but his gun remains in his hand, be 
cautious! He'll likely shoot at you when you get close! If he's already dropped the 
weapon, expect him to surrender peacefully. 

The way you conduct yourself on the city streets affects your good cop and bad cop 
rating. If you want to be a bad cop, start running over civilians, shooting 
criminals in the head, and pick fights with random people. If you want to be good, 
watch your driving and avoid running over pedestrians, go for neutralizing shots, 
and frisk random people on the street in search of drugs and weapons. 

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