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Dan P.
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Wario Land 2

1.) Get as much gold as you can. You want to do this because at the end of 
every level you guess the number and it's easier to guess the number right if 
you have more coins and can uncover more squares.

2.) Always check if you can punch through the walls at both ends. There's 
usually a bunch of coins there.

3.) Never kill one of the enemy dudes at the biginning of a level. You might 
have to throw it at something.

4.) To take the shortcut when you're lying in the bed just don't get up. If you 
long enough the bad guys will come take you away and you take the shortcut.

5.) To beat bosses like the snake you don't punch them. You jump on top of 
them and press down like you're breaking the ground.

6.) To beat the final boss on the shortcut when he lifts his claw to get 
recharged punch him. Make sure you punch him in the front where his claw is 
and not in his back.

7.) Here's how you beat the boss on the "any one for b-ball?" level on the 
longcut. Jump on his head. That will turn him into a ball. Then pick him up. 
Jump up and throw him at the hoop. If you get him through the hoop 3 times 
you win. If the rabbit gets you in 3 times before you do  you lose. When he turns 
you into a ball let him hit you with his ball. If it hits you it will turn you back into 
Wario. Note: If he turns you into a ball and he doesn't hit you with his ball then 
watch out. If he picks you up you're toast. He makes it every time. He can dunk.

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