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by Kristen
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Before you do anything, enter these cheats for infinite health and magic(you 
have to enter these every time you play):
Health: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, L1, L1, R1, R1
Magic: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, L1, R1, L1, R1
You can upgrade your breaths, so upgrade them after big group battles

Ok so you start off with a movie. After that, you just do what the tutorial 
boxes tell you to do. Then you'll come up to a cutscene where sparx is 
swallowed by frogweed. Just wack it until it dies, then another cutscene will 
follow. Again, do what the tutorial boxes tell you to do, and melee the 
frogweed in your path. You'll soon come up to a cutscene where sparx is 
captured by crazy apes. Just fight them until they all die. Another cutscene 
will come up where Spyro learns the fire element. Now you can use your fire 
breath to kill the crazy apes and free sparx. After the battle, another 
cutscene comes up.

Now you just fight all of the obstacles in your path until sparx joins you. 
Then you fight everything that gets in your way. Not long after, you get to 
meet Ignitus in a movie.

TEMPLE:(when FAQ says TEMPLE, it means to follow along with the training)
He'll take you to the temple, but the crazy apes will be inside. You have to 
move the other two statues on the other side of the door into place to open it. 
After the cutscene, look to your left and you will see a wall of branched that 
you can break open go through there and you will find the statues. Don't waste 
your time fighting the mushroom spiders because they'll just keep comming, so 
move the statues immediately. After you do, the door will open. Ignitus tells 
you that you have to go through the connecting rooms and put all of the other 
statues in place as well. When you can move again, melee the crystal that sparx 
is floating by, then continue. fight and defeat the obstacles before you move 
the statues. Continue this process until you reach a red and yellow door. The 
door still doesn't open, so you have to find another way inside. When you can 
move again, go over to where sparx is floating and melee that pillar. Follow 
the crazy ape into the tunnel and fight them when you get the chance. Continue 
this process until you come to three crazy apes sleeping by a bundle of 
dynamite. Light the fuse and watch them explode. Then follow that tunnel until 
a cutscene occurs. After, make your way through the temple. Proceed with the 
training and just do what it says. Then you watch a few cutscenes.

Now you're in the air, so enjoy your time in the clouds. When you come up to 
the sea, a sea creature will pop out of the water. Don't shoot it because it 
doesn't do anything to you. When you're getting shot at by crazy apes, just use 
your fireballs to shoot their cannons. Continue this process until you get to 
the island.

Right when you get there, you will have to immediately fight evil zombies. On 
these guys, use your fire breath so they will die faster. After, enter the 
fortress and you will see a catapult. Hit the tree near it to get snowballs to 
fall down. Use the snowballs for the catapult to bring down the wooden wall. 
After, just follow the path and defeat all of the obstacles in your way. A 
short while later, you will see a cutscene where Spyro gets shocked by an 
electrical tower. This is when he learns the element of electricity, but don't 
use it on this island. Press the Up button on the Directional Pad to switch 
back to fire. Later, you will get to a part where you will have to fight these 
giant bat things called Dreadwings. Use your fire breath on these guys as well 
as the evil zombies. After this, just continue your way to save Volteer, the 
electrical dragon. When you see him in a cutscene, get ready to fight.
On this guy, use your fire breath the whole time until he dies. Pretty easy huh?


TALL PLAINS:(P.S. don't fall off)
On this island, you need to use your electrical breath(if you upgrade it, you 
can throw your enemies off the edge of the islands). Just follow the path and 
fight the crazy apes until you get to a cutscene where the Atlowa are in cages. 
You have to save them, but the leader, Kane, won't be very friendly. after the 
cutscene, follow the path and defeat the obstacles in your way. When you get to 
a place with tall, yellow grass, find the stones that you use your tail strike 
on to start the water wheels. Watch out for those rollie-pollie things though. 
After that, a cutscene when Spyro learns the element of ice occurs, but press 
the Right button on the Directional Pad to switch back to electricity. After 
that, just follow the path to another cutscene. At that point, you've got to 
tail strike the blocks the cutscene shows. When both stones are pushed down, 
roll the boulders into the spots shown, then head to the gate that is shown. 
After the cutscene, get on the stone boat-like thing and get ready to fight. 
When the crazy apes start coming out of the shacks, use your electricity breath 
to throw them off the edge. When you arrive at the place, follow the path and 
defeat the obstacles until you get to Cyril, the ice dragon. When you see him, 
get ready to fight.
Switch to your fire breath and just blast him until he dies. Another easy battle


On this island, it doesn't matter what breath you use. All you really do here 
is follow the storyline. When you come up to a green room with a giant bell in 
it, Spyro learns the earth element. Switch back to whatever element you had and 
continue with the storyline. When you get to the part after you chase the 
Conductor, there will be wagons riding on the track above. To get past this 
part, you have to wait for three wagons to go by, then you run and jump to the 
next platform. Continue this process until you get to the end. Then just follow 
the storyline again until you get to the place where Terador, the earth dragon, 
is. When you see him get ready to fight.
Now this guy is hard to beat. All you really need to do is switch to your fire 
breath(if not already), and shoot fireballs at him using Triangle. It will get 
super hard to see but just keep shooting until he dies then a movie will occur.

After the movie is over, you will be flying away from Cynder. Do what the 
tutorial box tells you to do and watch your magic bar. Continue this until a 
movie occurs.


All you really have to do is follow the storyline here. Use your earth breath 
here. When you get to a place that has a ton of stairs leading to the actual 
lair, get ready to fight.
All you do here is shoot him with your earth breath the whole time. Easy right?

After that follow the storyline once again until a movie occurs. Get ready to 
fight after.
CYNDER:(part 1)
Use your earth breath on her only until the first bar goes down, then another 
movie will occur.

Just follow the little rock things to Cynder. Use your earth breath here.
CYNDER:(part 2)
Just blast her with your earth breath until she flies up into the air and 
circles around. Don't do anything at this point. Wait untill she gets back on 
the ground to attack her again. When she flies up in the air again, you won't 
be able to move. Now you have a new breath. Press Triangle to shoot at Cynder 
until Ignitus starts talking to you durring battle. Then press R2 and watch the 

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