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                                 TOMMY DREAMER
Smaple Model- 5

Now make the following changes

Face- 2
Face Model 2
Figure- 0,0
Shape- 0,0
Age- -100

Head (-39,12)
Eyebrow (12,-16)
Eyes (15,-77)(41,-19)
Nose (-28,11)(-60,18)
Cheek (0)
Mouth (-48,90)(-34)
Jaw (28,0)(16)

Eyes- 24 color- default
Hair- 16 color- default
Underwear- 4,1 color- default

delete facial hair layers and replace them with this
Facial Hair- 76 color- default

delete shoes and replace them with this
Shoes- 1,1,6 color- 100,9,0,-100

delete pants and replace them with this
Pants- 40,1 color- 12,-100,0

delete long helmline and replace it with this
Long Helmline- 1,1,1 color- 12,-100,0,100,29

WWE, Body- 53 move down 4 clicks color- default
WWE, Back- 53 smallest size place at top of back of shirt, in the centre color- 
WWE, Back- 54 2nd smallest size move down 3 clicks color- default

Head (-21,-39)(24)
Neck (46,69)(-53)
Chest (34,-6)(5)
Shoulder (-96,24)(33)
Abdomen (27,-32)(40)
Arms (25,21)(-23)
Forearms (-11,0)
Hands (15,-23)(-71)
Waist (18,9)
Thigh (6,11)
Legs (-17,-15)(-40)
Feet (-29,-7)(-43)

Height- 6'3

Name- Tommy Dreamer
Ring Name- Make it blank
Nickname- Dreamer
Biography- Male, Heavyweight, halfway between tweener and fully face
Signs- any you want

Attributes (to aim for in season mode)
Strength- 7.5
Submission- 7
Endurance- 8
Technique- 7
Speed- 7.5

Logic1- Brawler
Logic2- Balanced
Move- Agressive
Irish Whip- Less Often
Attack the Referee- Not Usually
Weapon Use- Likes it very much
Diving Moves- Less Often
Taunt- Less Often

Tommy Dreamer movelist by TCA

Ring In: Rhyno
Ring Out: Normal
Taunts: Taunt Christian2, Taunt Fighter1, Taunt Bubba Ray2, Shouting1
Fighting Style: Wrestler1
Walking Style: Normal
Running Style: Normal
Winning Move: Rodney Mack
Entrance: MOVIE Batista, MOVES Test, MUSIC Christian

Ready Moves
Attack: Undertaker Punches1, Toe Kick1, Snap Jab, Elbow Smash1, Triple H Punches3, 
Triple H Punches2
Submission Grapple: Grapple5 // Shin Breaker, Dragon Screw1, Shoulder Armbreaker, 
Jumping Armbreaker2
Signature Grapple: Grapple10 // Fall Away Slam, Piledriver1, Falling Neckbreaker, 
Power Grapple: Grapple11 // Manhattan Drop1, Swinging Neckbreaker, Spinebuster10, 
Quick Grapple: Grapple4 // DDT20, Russian Leg Sweep, Fury Punch4, Fireman`s Carry2
Grapple Attack: Grapple Body Attack1, Grapple Punch3, Grapple Elbow Strike3
Back Attack: Atomic Drop, Back Suplex1, Backslide Pin2, Elbow to Back of Head2 // 
School Boy2, 
Russian Leg Sweep, DDT21, Backbreaker7
Edge of the Cell: It Thrusts Down

Attack: Undertaker Stomp, Elbow Drop1, Elbow Drop2
Grapple: Fury Punch11, Cross Armbreaker1, Sleeper Hold5 // Deathlock, Raise & Knee 
Strike, Leg Lock7

Attack: Clothesline, Clothesline // Knee Attack1
Grapple: Superplex1, Mudhole Stomping, 10 Punches, Shoulder Thrusts / Foot Choke2
Back Attack: Turnbuckle Toe Kick, D-Von Neckbreaker, Turnbuckle Smash, Hanging In 

Rope Opponent
Rope Down: Irish Whip
Rebound Attack: Kurt Shoulder Block, Running Leg Drop, Vaulting Body Press
Jump Down Over: Baseball Slide

Stand: Double Axe Handle3, Double Axe Handle3
Down: Elbow Drop3, Elbow Drop3, Elbow Drop3

Attack: Clothesline5, Kitchen Sink1
Grapple: Neckbreaker1, Neckbreaker1
Back Attack: Knee Clip, School Boy2
Squatting Attack: Double Axe Handle5, Running Leg Drop
Counter: Powerslam Pin2, Drop Toehold, Spinebuster9

Double Team
Stand: Double Suplex1, Double DDT, Double Suplex2, Double Clothesline, Double Beat 
Turnbuckle: Mudhole Stomping, Kick to Gut, Hip Toss, Kick to Gut

Special: Death Valley Driver1, DDT15
Favourites: Neckbreaker2, Spinebuster8, Manhattan Drop1
Weapon Special: DDT, Guillotine3
Combination Attack: Undertaker Punches1, Triple H Punches2, Triple H Punches3 

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