Trading Sequence FAQ - Guide for The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

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Here is the Trading Sequence FAQ on how and where to trade items to people across 
all over Holodrum:

Coccodex   Reader in Horon Village     Malon             Lon Lon Egg
Egg              Malon               Maple               Scary Doll
Scary Doll       Maple             Mayor's wife           Iron Pot
Iron Pot      Mayor's wife        Subrosian chef         Lava Soup
Lava Soup    Subrosian chef         Big Goron           Ancient Vase
Vase          Big Goron              Ingo                  Fish
Fish            Ingo          Cat stuck in the tree      Mega Phone  
Mega Phone    Cat in tree        Sleeping Talon           Mushroom
Mushroom         Talon         Syrup's Potion Shop       Wooden Bird
Wooden Bird      Syrup              Clock Maker         Engine Grease 
Engine Grease  Clock Maker           Guru Guru            Music Box
Music Box       Guru Guru    Hidden Deku in lost woods   Read this below:

   The Deku will tell you the way to his secret place.(**Hint Hint**) Keep going to 
the WEST making the seasons "COLDEST" to "WARMEST". Then after that you will have 
the Legendary Noble Sword.


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