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Matthew Ruiz
The House of The Dead 2

1.Story of House of the dead 2
2.Training Guide
3.Boss Guide

The story of House of the dead 2

House of the dead 2 is the popular arcade shooting game that includes a city run by 
zombies,monsters,little demons,and more.You shoot zombies in the game and fight a 
boss at the end of the stage.

This guide includes the bosses and how to beat them.Also tells about the traning 
stages.So sit back,relax and enjoy.If anyone has any questions,email me at 
[email protected] Thank you!

Boss Guide

Every boss has a weakpoint.It shows you before you fight it.Heres the FAQ of each 
boss and what its weakpoint is.

Boss 1:Judgement
Weakpoint:Little bat flying around(you can also shoot the metal part of him in the 

Boss 2 Herophant (sorry if I misspelled his name.)
Weakpoint:Middle heart

Boss 3:Tower
Weakpoint:Mouth.When it opens,FIRE!

Boss 4: Strength
Weakpoint:Head.Can also shoot all over him to loose damage

Boss 5:Magician
Weakpoint:Arms and legs.

Boss 6:Emperor
Weakpoint:Heart in middle.

Training Mode Guide

Training Stage 1:Shoot all zombies to protect hostages.If one hostage dies,you fail.

Training Stage 2:You have 30 bulltes,2 lifes.Shoot the head of the zombies to make 
it easier.

Training Stage 3:Shoot all barrels within 10 seconds.

Training Stage 4:Shoot the gold frog.You have only 1 bullet,so aim carefully.

Training Stage 5:Shoot Judgement's head.Hes far alway,so shoot quick.

Training Stage 6:Shoot all monsters that come at you.Don't shoot the hostages.

Training Stage 7:The zombies are FAR.Shoot all of them within 14 seconds.

Training Stage 8:Zombies are on cars.Shoot them quick.Its a liitle frustrating since 
the cars move crazy,so be careful

Training Stage 9:This one is really fun.There are hostages and zombies.Shoot the 
zombie(s)before time runs out.

Training Stage 10:Keep shooting the gold coin high up in the air until time runs out.

Hits and Tips for House of the dead 2

1.SHOOT MAN,SHOOT!:When ever zombies,or whatever comes,keep shooting fast.

2.Never shoot a hostage:This is a dumb one,but if do shoot hostages,you're life will 
go down.

3.Rescue Hostages:The more you rescue,the more life you gain.

4.Shoot EVERYTHING:First aids are hidden and so are some good points like frogs and 
coins.They rack up good points.

5.Its all about aim:Aim carefully when training and shooting.Remember,NEVER shoot 

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