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Here are the locations of the Tree Stumps through out Holodrum:
 LOCATION                     AREA

    B-2                    Tarm Ruins
    B-14                   Level 4 Dancing Dragon Dungeon
    C-5                    Temple Remains
    C-7                    Temple Remains
    C-15                   Mt.Cucco
    D-3                    Tarm Ruins
    E-3                    Tarm Ruins 
    E-15                   Sunken City
    F-4                    Tarm Ruins
    H-1                    Spool Swamp
    H-13                   Woods of Winter
    H-15                   Woods of Winter
    I-15                   Woods of Winter
    J-4                    Holodrum Plain
    J-9                    North Horon
    J-10                   Eyeglass Lake
    J-12                   Woods of Winter
    K-15                   Woods of Winter
    N-3                    Western Coast  
    O-12                   Eastern Suburbs
    P-8                    Horon Village
These are the locations of all the Tree Stumps in Holodrum.

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