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  BF4 Trophies Guide - Version 1.00 - 10 Dec 2013 - by Barticle at
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|____.' |_| |_|  |_|    |_|  |____||____||_|   |_||____||____||____.'      |_|
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      |    |  \  \__/  |     |  |  |  |__  ___)    \__/|  |__|  |  |__/  |__

   01 INTRODUCTION                 .-----------------.     07 NAVAL STRIKE
   02 TROPHIES LIST                | C O N T E N T S |     08 DRAGON'S TEETH
   03 SINGLE-PLAYER TROPHIES       '-----------------'     09 FINAL STAND
      03a Assignments & Scoring                            10 LINKS
      03b Collectibles           04 MULTIPLAYER TROPHIES   11 ABBREVIATIONS
      03c Challenges             05 CHINA RISING           12 CONTACT
      03d Completion             06 SECOND ASSAULT         13 THANKS

| Section 01 | INTRODUCTION                                                s01 |

This is a guide to the PSN trophies in the 2013 video-game Battlefield 4 ("BF4"
hereafter) and its various DLC expansions (see Sections 05 to 09 below). Apart
from controller differences pretty much everything here should apply equally to
the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of the game.

My aim in writing this guide is to give detailed coverage of the BF4 trophies -
clarifying the specific requirements to achieve them and sharing any strategies
and tips that might help. Not only will this benefit anyone seeking to platinum
the game but hopefully it will also serve to reduce the repetition of questions
on the forums (so it should function as an actual "FAQ" in the original sense).

To jump to any section (or subsection) of this document use your browser's Find
function (using Ctrl+F on a PC or Cmd+F on a Mac, probably) and search for the
letter "s" followed by the appropriate two or three-digit code in the contents
above, for example you'd search for "s02" to find Section 02 or "s03c" to jump
directly to the third category in Section 03. Intelligent searching on keywords
(e.g. "bomber" or "SUAV") will usually yield rewards too.

I welcome contributions of information and strategies to add to this guide. Your
submissions may be edited or reworded but will always be properly credited so be
sure to include the name you wish to be credited under. You can find my email
address at the top of this page.

This guide is designed to be viewed using a monospaced (non-proportional or
fixed-width) font, preferably Courier New. Some sections of the document will
display incorrectly if you are using a proportional font like Times New Roman.

| Section 02 | TROPHIES LIST                                               s02 |

The trophies are listed here in the order they appear in the Trophies section of
your Playstation Dynamic Menu (that's Sony's name for the new user interface on
the PS4 that replaces the old "Xross Media Bar").

The sequence of single-player trophies is illogical and - frankly - bizarre so
in Section 03 of this guide I've arranged them into a more sensible order.

01 Platinum Trophy

   Single-Player Trophies (see Section 03)
02 Storm Bringer [Silver]
03 A One-Man Riot [Silver]
04 Terror of the Deep [Silver]
05 Gladiator [Silver]
06 Above and Beyond the Call [Silver]
07 Demolition Man [Silver]
08 Guardian of the Fleet [Silver]
09 Full Arsenal [Gold]
10 Fish [Bronze]
11 Dunn's Pride [Silver]
12 Braving the Storm [Bronze]
13 Wolves in Sheep's Clothing [Bronze]
14 The Fall of a Titan [Bronze]
15 Dead by Dawn [Bronze]
16 Guns at Dawn [Bronze]
17 Fishing in Baku [Bronze]
18 Antediluvian [Bronze]
19 It Was on the Way... [Bronze]
20 Took a Casual Look Around [Bronze]
21 Methodical Search [Bronze]
22 Done Some Searching [Bronze]
23 No Stone Left Unturned [Bronze]
24 Every Nook and Cranny [Bronze]
25 Stumbled Over It [Bronze]
26 Wolf [Silver]
27 Tombstone [Silver]
28 Recon [Gold]
29 Well Placed [Bronze]
30 Wrecker [Bronze]
31 Blood Wake [Bronze]
32 War Turtle [Bronze]
33 Infiltrator [Bronze]
34 Shawshank [Bronze]
35 For Tombstone [Bronze]
36 For the People [Bronze]
37 For the Cause [Bronze]
38 Patience is a Virtue [Silver]

   Multiplayer Trophies (see Section 04)
39 Turn Around... [Bronze]
40 Won Them All [Bronze]
41 .45 Old School [Silver]
42 Bomb Squad [Silver]
43 Call me 'Sir' [Gold]

   China Rising Trophies (see Section 05)
44 Fledgling [Bronze]
45 2 Wheels [Bronze]
46 Mini Kamikaze [Silver]
47 Death From Above [Bronze]
48 New Superpower [Silver]

   Second Assault Trophies (see Section 06)
49 Falling Down [Bronze]
50 Dirty Job [Bronze]
51 Torched [Bronze]
52 Risky Business [Silver]
53 Blind Bomber [Silver]

   Naval Strike Trophies (see Section 07)
   [Naval Strike DLC due Spring 2014]

   Dragon's Teeth Trophies (see Section 08)
   [Dragon's Teeth DLC due Summer 2014]

   Final Stand Trophies (see Section 09)
   [Final Stand DLC due Summer 2014]

| Section 03 | SINGLE-PLAYER TROPHIES                                      s03 |

Even if you're only interested in BF4's online multiplayer it's worth completing
the single-player campaign once (and then replaying the final mission a couple
more times to get the other endings). It will only take a few hours and unlock
four guns (and two knives) for use in multiplayer. Also it gives you a chance to
become familiar with the new controls (L2 to ADS, R2 to shoot, R1 to spot, etc)
and indeed with the new controller if you've just invested in a Playstation 4.

I have to say that the campaign trophies show a distinct lack of imagination -
with eight separate trophies simply for collectibles progress - but at least
this makes it much easier to keep track of what you need to do to get them all.
Locations for all the dogtag and weapon collectibles are given in Section 03b.

There are three trophies for completing the campaign on each of the difficulty
settings. These trophies stack - and the Hard diff really isn't so tough - so
you might as well pick Hard on your first playthrough.

There are unmissable trophies for completing each of the seven missions - you'll
get all of these automatically as you play through the story. There are also
trophies available in each chapter for reaching a target score and for beating
specific challenges. These are summarised below and explained in more detail in
Sections 03a and 03c (respectively) of this guide.

After you've completed a mission once you can replay it from the Campaign menu.
You can use this for picking up any challenges, target scores and collectibles
that you missed. You can also use it to replay the final mission (Suez) to get
the three endings that each unlock one gun for multiplayer.

Here's a quick summary of the mission-specific trophies in the campaign:

o Dunn's Pride [Silver] - score 7,000 points

o Well Placed [Bronze] - get 10 kills with C4

o Fishing in Baku [Bronze] - complete the mission

There are also three dogtags and three guns to collect (see Section 03b).

o A One-Man Riot [Silver] - score 11,000 points

o Wrecker [Bronze] - get 10 multi-kills

o Wolves in Sheep's Clothing [Bronze] - complete the mission

There are also three dogtags and two guns to collect (see Section 03b).

                                 South China Sea
o Terror of the Deep [Silver] - score 11,000 points

o Blood Wake [Bronze] - get 30 headshots

o The Fall of a Titan [Bronze] - complete the mission

There are also three dogtags and three guns to collect (see Section 03b).

o Storm Bringer [Silver] - score 20,000 points

o War Turtle [Bronze] - get 15 kills with RPG's

o Braving the Storm [Bronze] - complete the mission

There are also three dogtags and three guns to collect (see Section 03b).

                                Kunlun Mountains
o Gladiator [Silver] - score 12,000 points

o Shawshank [Bronze] - get 5 kills with the shank (knife)

o Dead by Dawn [Bronze] - complete the mission

There are also three dogtags and one gun to collect (see Section 03b).

o Demolition Man [Silver] - score 15,000 points

o Infiltrator [Bronze] - get 10 adrenaline kills (when your health is low)

o Antediluvian [Bronze] - complete the mission

There are also two dogtags and three guns to collect (see Section 03b).

o Guardian of the Fleet [Silver] - score 6,000 points

o Guns at Dawn [Bronze] - complete the mission

o For the People [Bronze] - see first ending

o For the Cause [Bronze] - see second ending

o For Tombstone [Bronze] - see third ending

o Patience is a Virtue [Silver] - see all three endings

There are also two dogtags and one gun to collect (see Section 03b).

Finally here are some basic tips for the single-player mode:

o As in multiplayer, your minimap is a great source of information. It shows the
  location of spotted enemies (and which way they're facing) and the location of
  nearby weapon crates and gadget stashes (see below).

  A white arrow there points towards your current objective.

o You'll receive a few automatically but most campaign guns are unlocked either
  by completing scoring assignments (see Section 03a) or by collecting them from
  set locations and off fallen enemies (see Section 03b).

  Each gun always comes with its standard set of attachments (scopes etc).

o A blue rectangular pistol icon on your minimap indicates a weapon crate.

  If you stand next to this and press Square you can edit your weapon loadout -
  you can choose from any of the guns you've previously collected or unlocked.

  You can press L1/R1 to toggle between the two weapon slots. You're not limited
  to a primary and pistol secondary, instead you can equip any combination of
  two different guns so you'll probably want one for longer range and one for
  short ranges or maybe two from the same category if that's your favourite. :)

  The crates also function like ammo boxes in multiplayer (but quicker). When
  you stand next to one it'll resupply your firearm ammo and hand-grenades.

o A blue rectangular cog icon on your minimap indicates a "gadget stash" crate.

  These work like weapon crates but instead of guns you get explosives, mines
  and various missile/rocket/grenade launchers. These can be equipped into your
  two gadget slots which you select during play with d-pad left/right.

  Unlike the weapon crates however you won't have access to every "gadget" in
  every crate - sometimes only a couple of options will be available.

o You can use the Engage command (tap R1) to spot and temporarily mark visible
  enemies and order your squad-mates to attack them.

  The bar above your ammo counter tracks the cool-down of the Engage function -
  when it says Engage Ready you can use it again.

  The spotting makes it easier to locate enemies but if you're going for higher
  scores it's probably best not to use this function as your squad-mates will
  steal your kills. Instead watch for enemies popping cover and muzzle flash.

o You can also use the "Tactical Visor" (hold R1) to automatically spot enemies
  and equipment. Press d-pad to toggle between 1x and 2x zoom.

o Although your health still regenerates pretty quickly even on Hard difficulty
  it's important to watch your health counter and take cover when you need it,
  giving yourself a few seconds to heal before you proceed. Some of the check-
  points are quite widely spaced so don't take risks.

o Speaking of cover, remember that most of it is destructible and can be damaged
  or even destroyed by small-arms fire and explosions.

o In vehicles you can press L3 to toggle speed boost (vehicle sprint) and R3 to
  toggle external view on/off. If you're more comfortable using R2 to accelerate
  then change your Vehicle Buttons control setting to Veteran. 

o When enemies fire on your position, even if they don't hit you, you'll become
  suppressed and you'll experience a sway effect when you try to aim.

| Section 03a | Assignments & Scoring                                     s03a |

The single-player gameplay in BF4 has been designed to more closely match the
online multiplayer experience. The same range of weapons is available but, like
multiplayer, you need to unlock them before you can use them. Your HUD includes
a minimap, vehicle crew list and personal score feed. You can also use mechanics
like spotting, peeking and zeroing the scope on sniper rifles.

Additionally the campaign now uses a scoring system which mirrors aspects of the
multiplayer scoring. Each of the missions has three assignments that require you
to achieve target scores, for example in Kunlun Mountains you need to get 5,000
points for the bronze, 7,000 pts for the silver and 11,000 pts for the gold.

Each time you pass an assignment you unlock a new weapon to use in the campaign;
the pause screen shows your progress towards the current mission's assignments
(and your next unlock). You can equip your new guns at any weapon crate.

Points are awarded for the following actions. Awareness of these can help you
improve your mission scores (a little) and impress your friends (a lot)! :)

o Enemy Down (100 pts)

  Every enemy you kill always earns you the basic 100 points.

  There are no points for kill assists so you need to always finish them off.

o Squad Kill (50 pts)

  If a member of your squad kills an enemy then you only get 50 points plus you
  miss the opportunity of picking up any of the bonuses (see below). Therefore
  you need to be proactive - push forward and deal with those bad guys yourself
  instead of letting your buddies steal your kills.

o Headshot Bonus (25 pts)

  If the shot that kills an enemy is a headshot then you receive this bonus on
  top of the standard 100 pts for the kill - so aim high. (or aim for the torso
  and fire a burst, letting the recoil steer your aim upwards into a headshot)

  A headshot kill always gives 25 points regardless of the distance. There is no
  marksman bonus for getting one at longer ranges.

  You can take advantage of the higher damage, scopes and (in some cases) bipods
  of the marksman rifles and sniper rifles to get headshots at long range. To
  deploy a bipod simply ADS (aim down sights) whenever you're prone or behind a
  suitable ledge. You can also tap d-pad down to zero your sights for different
  distances (check the d-pad prompt at the bottom of the screen).

o Melee Bonus (25 pts)

  Similarly killing an enemy with a melee attack also gets you a bonus of 25 pts
  (press R3 to use your knife or Circle with the Veteran control config).

  However the melee animation is really slow so don't go for a knife takedown
  if you're in the line of fire of any other enemy.

o Kill Streak (50 pts per additional kill)

  If you kill two or more enemies with only a short interval (up to around 2-3
  seconds) between each then you get 50 pts for each kill after the first one,
  for example if you kill three enemies in close succession you get 100 pts in
  addition to the 3 x 100 pts for the kills.

  If you wait until two enemies are close together it'll make it easier for you
  to pick up a streak bonus. Quick headshot kills will help here too.

o Multiple Kills (100 pts per kill)

  If you kill two or more enemies simultaneously or with a very short interval
  (a fraction of a second) then you get an extra 100 pts per person, so for a
  triple kill you'd get a whopping 300 pts bonus and 600 pts in total.

  You can achieve multi-kills when a group of enemies are killed by explosives,
  for example a grenade, Claymore anti-personnel mine or C4. You can also get a
  multi-kill when you destroy a vehicle containing two or more crewmen. The
  grenade-launchers such as the M32 MGL are very handy here. You might feel
  dirty using a six-shooter noob-tube but you can get some really big bonuses.

  It's possible to get a multi-kill for shooting two enemies in very quick
  succession too but you have to be really quick otherwise you get a "streak".

  I think the best tactic I found for these - which doesn't rely on having two
  enemies standing together - is to look for situations where you have a clear
  line of fire on one enemy and another in grenade range. Throw the hand-grenade
  at the second guy and get ready to quickly shoot the other when the grenade
  goes off. You can resupply grenades from weapon crates and dead enemies.

o Vehicle Destroyed (100 pts)

  You also get 100 pts for destroying an enemy vehicle. If it has a two-man crew
  then in total you get 500 pts (2 x 100 pts for the kills, 2 x 100 pts for the
  double kill and 100 pts for eliminating the vehicle).

  A static missile launcher manned by an enemy counts as a vehicles so you can
  pick up an extra 100 pts for destroying one of those too.

o Adrenaline Kill (50 pts)

  If you kill an enemy when your health is very low (i.e. monochrome display and
  health counter showing red) then you receive this bonus of 50 points.

  You can take advantage of this when you find a lone enemy. Let him damage you
  until your health counter turns red then kill him for the extra 50 points. If
  you can get a melee kill or headshot then you'll get a further 25 points too.

  Naturally farming these is a little more risky as you're very vulnerable when
  you're at low health. You might find yourself dying a few times.

You can earn these score trophies on any difficulty so for the tougher missions
(e.g. Shanghai and Singapore in my experience) you can replay on Easy diff.

On all missions the requirement for the trophy is always 1,000 pts more than the
objective for the gold assignment.

After that lengthy but important intro here's a summary of the trophies:

11 Dunn's Pride [Silver]

   "Obtain 7,000 points in the Baku mission in the Campaign"

   I used the M39 marksman rifle (the first available weapon collectible in the
   game) and went for long-range headshots throughout the long outdoors sequence
   and got the trophy very comfortably before the end of the level.

   Achieving the assignments in this mission will unlock the following guns:

   o Baku Bronze (1,500 pts) - CZ805 assault rifle
   o Baku Silver (4,000 pts) - UTS15 pump-action shotgun
   o Baku Gold (6,000 pts) - SVD12 designated marksman rifle (DMR)

03 A One-Man Riot [Silver]

   "Obtain 11,000 points in the Shanghai mission in the Campaign"

   Be ready to get at least a couple of kills with your "cocktail gun" (UMP45)
   when the elevator opens at the wrong floor. You should be able to pick up at
   least a couple of quick kills here and a streak bonus.

   During the main firefight sections you should aim to get at least one bonus
   on every kill - use a DMR to get mid-range headshot kills, chain quick kills
   for multi/streak bonuses or let enemies damage you before you kill them for
   the adrenaline bonus. Where possible use the tactic of grenading one enemy
   and then shooting another as it detonates - those Multi-Kill bonuses will
   make a big difference to your final total.

   When leaving the building watch out for the four guys who rope down from the
   helicopter. You can run across to the tree and hit all four of them with a
   single hand-grenade for a big multi-kill bonus.

   (I missed this trophy on my Hard playthrough but making a concerted effort to
   farm points on a replay I got 13,650 pts so there's plenty available.)

   Achieving the assignments in this mission will unlock the following guns:

   o Shanghai Bronze (3,000 pts) - FAMAS assault rifle
   o Shanghai Silver (7,000 pts) - SG553 carbine
   o Shanghai Gold (10,000 pts) - Scout Elite sniper rifle

04 Terror of the Deep [Silver]

   "Obtain 11,000 points in the South China Sea mission in the Campaign"

   There's a trophy for getting thirty headshot kills in this mission so you
   might as well use that strategy for picking up score bonuses again here.

   You can rack up plenty of bonuses during the "naval dogfighting" section so
   make sure you take out every enemy boat you see. Remember your attack boat
   has lock-on missiles in addition to the main cannon - you can press Triangle
   to toggle between the two weapon systems.

   Achieving the assignments in this mission will unlock the following guns:

   o South China Sea Bronze (4,000 pts) - M4 carbine
   o South China Sea Silver (6,000 pts) - Mx4 personal defence weapon (PDW)
   o South China Sea Gold (10,000 pts) - USAS-12 auto shotgun

02 Storm Bringer [Silver]

   "Obtain 20,000 points in the Singapore mission in the Campaign"

   This is widely recognised as being the toughest of these seven trophies.

   Weapon selection can make a big difference - you'll need to pick ones that
   fit your tactics but generally you'll want one for sniping (a sniper rifle
   for longer distances or DMR for medium range) and one for close-quarters use
   (like an assault rifle which will also work at medium range or a PDW).

   I used the M39 marksman rifle on most of the missions but with the longer
   sight lines here I took the SV98 sniper (pickup on Tashgar mission) which has
   a 10-round magazine, range finder (to help you set your zeroing) and straight
   pull bolt (so you can load your next round without exiting scope view).

   I also swapped-out my usual assault rifle for the PP2000 PDW which combines a
   decent mag size, low recoil and the ever-popular Kobra sight.

   The beach landing gives plenty of opportunities for sniper headshot bonuses
   but you'll have to be quick otherwise friendlies will steal your kills. If
   you're bold, lucky and playing on Easy diff you can pick up a few big multi
   bonuses by storming groups of enemies with a grenade and automatic fire. I
   think the biggest feed I got was over 1,300 pts.

   On the freeway the tank will beat you to a lot of kills so just try to grab
   them where you can. Use your minimap to help locate enemies and if possible
   drop a grenade on one and shoot another. If you see a hostile at a distance
   then go for the headshot kill. Avoid using R1 to spot targets for friendlies.

   When you get to the city you can use the tank to pick up some good multi-kill
   bonuses by taking out vehicles and groups of enemies. Press d-pad up to turn
   on the infra-red view to get a better idea of what's going on. You can use
   the gadget crates to stock up on grenade launchers or other explosives which
   can be used for multi-kills on foot but you might as well use the tank.

   You'll lose one of your guns later in the mission so be sure to pick up one
   from the crates after the sewer section (and if it's a sniper rifle remember
   to set your zeroing again). There are more launchers available here too.

   When you first get into the big hangar you'll have a couple of opportunities
   to hit pairs of nearby enemies with a grenade launcher but otherwise you'll
   want to use a sniper rifle to get loads of long-range headshot kills.

   (I didn't even pass the gold assignment on my first playthrough but on my
   second attempt I managed to get 22,900 pts.)

   Achieving the assignments in this mission will unlock the following guns:

   o Singapore Bronze (11,000 pts) - SAR21* assault rifle
   o Singapore Silver (15,000 pts) - QBB95-1 light machinegun (LMG)
   o Singapore Gold (19,000 pts) - M82A3 semi-auto sniper rifle

   *This is an appropriate unlock as the SAR is the "Singapore Assault Rifle".

05 Gladiator [Silver]

   "Obtain 12,000 points in the Kunlun Mountains mission in the Campaign"

   During the prison-beak you can use the JS2 on automatic mode and abuse the
   aim-assist to get two or three kills quickly for the streak bonus. Otherwise
   you can switch to single (press d-pad down to toggle fire-mode) and go for
   close-quarters headshots. When you face an enemy one-on-one you can let them
   damage you to red health so you get the adrenaline bonus.

   Achieving the assignments in this mission will unlock the following guns:

   o Kunlun Mountains Bronze (5,000 pts) - G36C carbine
   o Kunlun Mountains Silver (7,000 pts) - AUG A3 assault rifle
   o Kunlun Mountains Gold (11,000 pts) - CZ3A1 personal defence weapon

07 Demolition Man* [Silver]

   "Obtain 15,000 points in the Tashgar mission in the Campaign"

   Achieving the assignments in this mission will unlock the following guns:

   o Tashgar Bronze (5,000 pts) - M416 assault rifle
   o Tashgar Silver (10,000 pts) - M1014 semi-auto shotgun
   o Tashgar Gold (14,000 pts) - QBU88 designated marksman rifle

   *This trophy shares its name with one of the hardest - but most satisfying -
   multiplayer trophies in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (BFBC2). The requirement
   there was to get twenty kills by demolishing buildings on top of enemies. My
   preferred method was to play Rush with the Recon class, sneak into an M-Com
   house, deploy a full load of six C4 explosives, arm the objective, GTFO,
   chuck a wookie ball and then wait for some victims. :) Good times!

   BFBC2 had a larger and more interesting array of multiplayer trophies with
   some novel challenges such as 'Airkill' (helicopter roadkill), 'The Dentist'
   (headshot kill with the repair tool) and 'Careful Guidance' (destroying a
   helicopter using a stationary missile launcher).

08 Guardian of the Fleet [Silver]

   "Obtain 6,000 points in the Suez mission in the Campaign"

   Headshots will serve you well as usual but don't be shy about picking up big
   multi-kill bonuses using the grenade-launchers against groups of enemies.

   Achieving the assignments in this mission will unlock the following guns:

   o Suez Bronze (3,000 pts) - 870MCS pump-action shotgun
   o Suez Silver (4,000 pts) - Ace 52 CQB carbine
   o Suez Gold (5,000 pts) - PDW-R personal defence weapon

06 Above and Beyond the Call* [Silver]

   "Complete all assignments in the Campaign"

   You'll get this trophy for completing the gold assignment in every mission.

   *Surely not another sly dig at the COD series?! :)

| Section 03b | Collectibles                                              s03b |

There are two types of collectibles in the game - dogtags and weapons.

The Campaign menu and pause screen shows the number of dogtags and weapons that
are available in the current mission (and how many you've collected so far).

When you're near a dogtag you'll hear a brief chime effect. The dogtag will be
hanging off a knife stuck into a nearby wall or object. Stand next to it and
press Square to collect it. Campaign dogtags can be equipped in multiplayer.

Each of the collectible weapons can be found at one unique location within the
game world. Just stand over the gun and hold Triangle to pick it up - this will
swap out the gun you're currently holding so if you want your original gun back
hold Triangle again. Collected guns can be equipped from any weapon crate.

There are also a few other guns that can be collected from fallen enemies. These
aren't counted on the pause screen but still unlock in your weapon crate menu.

Collectibles auto-save as soon as you take them so you don't lose your progress
if you die, restart from a checkpoint or quit.

Here's a summary of the trophies available. See below for collectible locations.

25 Stumbled Over It [Bronze]

   "Find 3 collectibles in the Campaign"

19 It Was on the Way... [Bronze]

   "Find 6 collectibles in the Campaign"

20 Took a Casual Look Around [Bronze]

   "Find 9 collectibles in the Campaign"

22 Done Some Searching [Bronze]

   "Find 12 collectibles in the Campaign"

21 Methodical Search [Bronze]

   "Find 15 collectibles in the Campaign"

23 No Stone Left Unturned [Bronze]

   "Find 18 collectibles in the Campaign"

24 Every Nook and Cranny [Bronze]

   "Find 21 collectibles in the Campaign"

28 Recon [Gold]

   "Find 28 collectibles in the Campaign"

Even excluding the ones you pick up from dead baddies there are more than twenty
eight collectibles available so you don't need all of them for the gold trophy;
if you grab everything available you'd get the gold during the Singapore level.

All the collectibles are listed below in the order you come to them.

Although not tracked for the Baku collectibles you can also pick up the AK12
assault rifle off pretty much any dead enemy on this mission. The MP412 Rex will
unlock automatically (for both single and multiplayer) at the end of the level.

o "Nice Play" dogtag

  At the start, in the red upstairs school corridor, open the door on the right
  and the tags will be hanging from the knife on the noticeboard on the left.

o M39 EMR (designated marksman rifle)

  After the second firefight head to the south-east corner of the school court-
  yard, up the rubble ramp to the balcony and across the gap to where you'll
  find the gun sitting in a toppled locker.

  (I started using the M39 immediately and found it pretty handy for picking
  headshots which will give you a 25 pts bonus per kill.)

o "One-Way Trip" dogtag

  In the same area, before dropping down the big hole to join your squad-mates,
  instead carefully work your way around the left side of the hole and you'll
  find the knife pinned to one of the window frames in the southern corner.

o MG4 (light machinegun)

  When heading across the large open area to the factory extraction, head west
  from the second weapon crate at ground level and check the rubble inside the
  first of several big sewer pipes in a row.

o CBJ-MS (personal defence weapon)

  On the outskirts of the factory complex (after passing through the big pipe)
  take the west stairs up to the catwalk with yellow handrails (where the RPG
  users were positioned), hop over the railing onto the first metal gantry to
  the east and you'll find the PDW there, although it's not easy to see it.

o "Sergeant Dunn" dogtag

  After it crashes (but before you "Help Dunn") check inside the cockpit of the
  Huey transport helicopter. You'll need to dash across the fire to reach it.

During this mission you'll also have the opportunity to collect the QBZ95-1
assault rifle, JS2 PDW and Hawk 12G pump-action shotgun off dead Chinese troops
plus you'll automatically get the UMP45 PDW when you first enter the elevator.

o "A One-Man Riot" dogtag

  At the very start of the mission - when your squad-mates take a gate to the
  left next to a scooter - you need to turn into the alley on the right then go
  right, left, left and right then you should see the tag stuck to a door on the
  left-hand side. (Then retrace your steps to regroup with your homeboys.)

o "Going Up?" dogtag

  Immediately after exiting the elevator turn around and you'll find this tag
  stuck to the wall directly above the elevator door.

o QBS09 (semi-auto shotgun)

  Just a few seconds later you'll have the opportunity to do a stealth takedown
  on a lone guard. There's a doorway to his left and you'll find the shotgun
  next to some lockers at the back of the area.

o RFB (designated marksman rifle)

  After the rooftop shootout you'll take the elevator back downstairs. On your
  way out through the lobby you'll see a big lion statue behind a weapon crate 
  and the RFB is between the statue's legs (left side).

  (You pass the same statue when you first enter the building but the rifle will
  not be available there until this later phase of the mission.)

o "Business Casual" dogtag

  When you're fighting through the alleys and fleeing the tank you'll come to a
  a fallen gate laying as a ramp* in the alley. After the ramp follow the alley
  right and left then you'll see a red light ahead around a gateway (it's the
  gate with the scooter again). The dogtag is behind the gate on the right.

  *Connoisseurs of game design will recognise a classic "point of no return".

                                 South China Sea
You'll have plenty more chances in this mission to harvest the standard Chinese
weapons - the QBZ95-1, JS2 and Hawk 12G - from fallen enemies.

o "Carcharodon" dogtag*

  At the very start of the mission head straight ahead down the corridor until
  you see the second open door into a cabin on the right side. The dogtag is
  above the pillow on the top bunk on the right. If you reach the guy on the
  step-ladder you've gone too far.

o P90 (personal defence weapon)

  After crossing onto the USS Titan you'll need to find Hatch G46. You'll pass a
  small fire and head up some stairs. At the top of the stairs instead of taking
  the door on the right follow Kovic into the room on the left and you'll find
  the P90 - modelled with the longer barrel of the PS90 - on top of a crate.

o "Lord of the Waves" dogtag**

  During the swimming section you'll pass through a room with fire overhead and
  then go through an open doorway. Instead of turning right and exiting the
  water you'll need to collect the dogtag that's stuck to a column to the left
  of the closed door that's right in front of you.

o U100 Mk 5 (light machinegun)

  During the firefight on the exterior deck of the Titan you'll find a section
  on the left where you can drop down into a corridor below. There will be an
  enemy soldier here then another around a corner to the left, then next to a
  big hull breach you'll see the Ultimax 100 in all its glory.

o SPAS-12 (pump-action shotgun)

  Back on board the USS Valkyrie you'll eventually come to a small hangar with
  several Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft. You'll pass one with the rear ramp open
  and if you go inside (you'll need to crouch) you'll find the legendary SPAS
  propped between the seats on the left.

o "Agent Kovic" dogtag

  Finally up on the top deck of the Valkyrie take a walk over to the north end
  of the deck and you'll find the third dogtag in the cockpit of the charred
  remains of a helicopter.

  *Carcharodon is a genus of sharks that includes Carcharodon carcharias, better
  known as the Great White Shark (famous from the Jaws movies).

  **The picture on the "Lord of the Waves" dogtag is derived from the iconic
  19th century Japanese art print 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa' by Hokusai.

Most of the Chinese troops are using the QBZ assault rifle again but several
have the Type 88 light machinegun which you can pick up in addition to the main
collectibles. The first two I found were on the pedestrian overpass.

You can also find the FY-JS sniper rifle during the big showdown in the airliner
hangar at the end of the mission. During the second phase (when the trucks show
up) you should be able to tell when you're being sniped (by the "pew pew pew")
and you can grab the FY-JS off a sniper on the gantry on the right side.

o "Horizontal Rain" dogtag

  You can pick this up at the start of the mission after landing on the beach.
  There's a white sailing boat on the south side of the beach and the dogtag is
  stuck to the hull on the far side of the vessel.

o SCAR-H SV (designated marksman rifle)

  While progressing along the road with the tank you'll pass under a massive
  suspension bridge with scaffolding around the support columns. The SCAR is on
  the nearest corner of the first level of the scaffold on the left column.

  After clearing the area of enemies you'll want to go up two levels using the
  ramps on the right-hand side, head to the north corner, then across to the
  west corner, then go south and drop down onto the first level and follow the
  platform to the left where you'll find your new rifle.

o M240B (light machinegun)

  This is another tricky one. When you get to the large parking garage (where
  you have to press the switch to lower the barriers) you'll need to head up to
  the upper level and over to the north-west corner (above the ammo crates). Now
  you need to jump up onto the ledge on the building to the west (you can take a
  running jump off the boxes here) and follow it along the north and west sides
  of the building until you reach the gun on the edge overlooking the water.

o "Armored Column" dogtag

  When you first drop down into the ruined lounge at the Ponjang Pier venue you
  will see a bar on your right side with several red barstools. The dogtag is
  attached to the rear of the bar itself about halfway along.

o M16A4 (assault rifle)

  After the brief sewer section you'll come to a hangar with two Chinese jets.
  Enter the room on the left (south-east) and destroy the boxes in the southern
  corner with any explosive weapon. This will reveal the M16 in the corner.

o "Grounded" dogtag

  This is in the giant hangar at the end of the mission, above a door on the
  left side of the fuselage of the airliner. You can access this either via the
  stairs nearest the tail or use the left wing as a ramp once it's destroyed.

                                Kunlun Mountains
Only the usual QBZ, Hawk and JS2 are available here in addition to the 338.

o "Cage Fighter" dogtag

  After meeting Irish head into the next room and take a left then a right. Now
  instead of going left towards the weapons crate go to the right and you'll
  find the tag in the third cell on the left side. You'll need to stand really
  close to the bars for it to appear.

o "Freedom at any Cost" dogtag

  In the large loading bay with the trucks, get up onto the upstairs gantry and
  you'll find the tags on an electrical junction box next to a doorway, between
  the A2 and C3 columns, on the left side wall.

o 338-Recon (sniper rifle)

  Once you get outside you'll come to a bridge heavily defended by enemies. On
  either side of the bridge is a gantry - take the stairs down and you'll find
  this bullpup sniper on the walkway directly under the main bridge.

o "The Shaw-Shanked Redemption" dogtag

  When you finally get to the "tram" (cable-car?) at the end of the mission
  instead of walking up the big ramp go past it and keep going north until you
  reach the edge of the platform. Look down over the ledge and you should see
  the dogtag hanging off the side of the platform itself below your feet.

In the first part of the town most of the Russian infantry are using the AK12
which you might've got already however in the second part you'll find rooftop
snipers with SV98's, infantry with PP2000 PDW's and guys at both ends of the
park with PKP Pecheneg light machineguns. Later you'll also encounter an enemy
guard on the bridge into Old Town who has a Saiga semi-auto shotgun. You'll see
all of these guns again later during the same level too.

o A91 (carbine)

  After clearing the first section of the town go into the blue two-storey house
  on the left side of the road up to the gateway. Take the stairs up to the roof
  and jump across to the single-storey building to the north-east. The A91 will
  be sitting in the eastern corner of the rooftop.

  (If you want you can jump down and commandeer the mobile anti-air vehicle
  which has a minigun and rocket pods.)

o M249 (light machinegun)

  After the second part of the town you'll enter a park with a weapons crate in
  front of you. From the crate proceed to the north-west and you'll find this
  LMG on the ground between a tree and a wrecked car.

o AEK971 (assault rifle)

  In the third part of the town (after the tunnel) you'll see a large beige
  building to the north-east. Take the stairs up to the roof and you'll find an
  AEK propped against some military crates.

o "Destruction Enthusiast" dogtag

  By the north-west corner of the same building there's a blue truck. You need
  to blow this up so grab the launcher next to the AEK or take your pick from
  the gear available in the nearby crate. Once the truck is destroyed you'll
  need to jump into the back and collect the tags from inside on the wall behind
  the driver's cab.

o "Upstream Swimmer" dogtag

  When you get onto the dam itself (construction site) take the higher route
  past the orange crane. When you get to the grey cabin office take the stairs
  up to the roof and take a running jump across to the scaffold to the east. The
  dogtag is pinned to the vertical wooden board ahead of you.

The Chinese troops here are using their three standard guns again here.

o "Rebel" dogtag

  Next to the second set of crates on the Valkyrie's deck is another tilt-rotor
  aircraft (it's actually visible on your minimap). This time instead of going
  inside you need to climb on top of it so use the wreckage near the front to
  jump onto the cabin then walk to the back. The dogtag is pinned to the inside
  surface of the tail-fin on your left.

o AK5c (carbine)

  The gun can be collected off the deck about 15 metres in front (north) of the
  plane you were just climbing on to get the dogtag. It won't be available until
  an event clears a bunch of stuff off the deck.

o "Fleet Guardian" dogtag

  During the scene in the sickbay you're free to walk about the room. Check the
  second curtained area on the right and you'll see the final dogtag on the bed.

| Section 03c | Challenges                                                s03c |

Each of the first six missions gets a unique challenge trophy which you receive
for completing a specific task within that level.

I got some of these during my initial Hard difficulty playthrough but clearly
(re)playing on Easy will make these less troublesome.

29 Well Placed [Bronze]

   "Get 10 kills with C4 in the Baku mission in the Campaign"

   You can carry six C4 explosives at a time. After selecting C4 with d-pad
   left/right you press L2 to throw one and R2 to detonate it. If you plant one
   in the wrong place you can walk up to it and hold Triangle to pick it up.

   You can equip C4 explosives from the "gadget stash" crates. You'll be forced
   to use the first such crate to blast an exit from the school. In the crate
   menu you can toggle between your two gadget slots with L1 and R1 and then
   during play press d-pad left or right to pick one to use. (Either equip the
   M320 too and use that to destroy the wall or use C4 and resupply from the
   crate before you proceed so you have a full load.)

   The only other explosives crate in the level is in the short tunnel section
   which you enter via a pipe. You'll need to make each C4 count - get at least
   one kill with each or preferably find a group of two/three enemies together
   so you can get a multi-kill (which gets you good points too).

   It's easiest - and more fun - to do this on Easy difficulty where you can
   charge headlong into enemies, drop a C4 and detonate it. Just remember that
   the explosives have a large radius for splash damage so GTFO first. :)

30 Wrecker [Bronze]

   "Get 10 multi-kills in the Shanghai mission in the Campaign"

   In BF3 multiplayer the "Multi Kill" bonus is awarded for getting four or more
   kills within 0.8 seconds of each other. Luckily BF4 is more generous and you
   get the Multiple Kills bonus for getting *two* or more kills.

   The bonus gives an extra 100 pts per kill so for example if you got a triple
   kill you'd receive 100 pts for each plus a Multiple Kills bonus of 300 pts
   for 600 pts total so this is a great way to boost your scores. For the
   trophy even a triple or quad kill only counts as one multi-kill however.

   A grenade-launcher would be ideal for this job but unfortunately you only
   come to one "gadget stash" crate during the main part of the mission and the
   only thing available there is Claymores.

   Here are a few options for getting multi-kills with the tools available:

   - shoot two people in very quick succession

     This is tricky because the window is very tight - if the interval between
     the two kills is slightly too long you get the Kill Streak bonus instead.

     This only really works if you catch an enemy standing right behind another
     or maybe right next to him.

   - get two people with one hand-grenade

     This is effective but once again you're dependent on finding two enemies
     who are standing sufficiently close to each other.

   - get one with a grenade and shoot another

     Remember the timing is critical, but once you get used to the fuse length
     of the hand-grenade this is a very effective strategy.

     Once you see two available enemies throw a grenade at one and then get
     ready to shoot the other when it explodes. The aim-assist can be handy here
     for lining up your second target quickly.

   - use Claymore mines

     While you're defending against the troops dropped by the helicopter you
     might get lucky and have two enemies run through a Claymore at the same
     time. Alternatively you might be able to shoot one while another is caught
     by one of your mines.

   - blow up the tanks

     You can plant mines to take out the hostile armour but it's quicker and
     more fun just to apply a couple of C4 directly to the tank. :) 

   The trophy popped for me while I was still grenade/gunning the infantry in
   the alleys on the way to the waterfront. The final section where you destroy
   the two tanks would guarantee you two additional multi-kills before the end.

   If you press the Options (pause) button the Score Statistics list will show
   how many Multi Kills you've got in the mission so far.

31 Blood Wake [Bronze]

   "Get 30 headshots in the South China Sea mission in the Campaign"

   This shouldn't be too tough even on Hard diff if you focus on getting head-
   shot kills at every available opportunity. I found a marksman rifle (DMR) was
   very useful here - these give sufficient damage for a one-shot headshot kill
   combined with good accuracy, useful magazine size and decent zoom. Remember
   to use the zeroing function when you're going for distant targets - press
   d-pad down to calibrate your sights for 0, 50, 100 or 150 metres.

   If you achieved the gold score on the previous mission you'll have unlocked
   the Scout Elite sniper rifle but this has a much smaller mag and slower rate
   of fire. Also if your aim (or zeroing) is off you'll often get a one-hit body
   shot kill by mistake so I decided to stick with the M39 EMR marksman rifle
   which had been serving me well.

   You'll need to engage the enemies fairly quickly in order to prevent your
   squad-mates from stealing your kills (headshot opportunities) but if you're
   going for the high score in this mission you should already be doing that.

   If you press the Options (pause) button the Score Statistics list will show
   how many Headshots you've got in the mission so far.

32 War Turtle [Bronze]

   "Get 15 kills with RPG in the Singapore mission in the Campaign"

   You'll be relying on "gadget stash" crates to equip (and resupply) your RPG's
   for this challenge. You'll come to your first one shortly after you take
   control of the tank (you'll see two crates overlapping on your minimap).

   There's a further four crates during this phase of the mission (one on the
   far side of the plaza, one in the back corner of the parking garage, one in
   the mini-mall and one in the park) but even so you'll probably want to back-
   track to some crates a few times to replenish your rockets.

   I wouldn't recommend it but I got this trophy during my initial Hard diff
   playthrough in this extended outdoor vehicle sequence. If you remember to
   allow for a little drop you can snipe stationary infantry with the RPG's
   iron sights and if you can avoid getting blown up by them you can destroy the
   enemy armour using RPG's instead of the tank provided. I imagine this would
   be simpler and more fun on Easy difficulty!

   You can also get a load of RPG kills in the final battle in the airliner
   hangar at the end. The catwalk where you begin has a crate that supplies RPG
   rounds and you have plenty of enemies you can snipe with them. If you stay up
   on the gantry you have an unlimited supply of RPG's from the crate.

34 Shawshank* [Bronze]

   "Get 5 kills with Shank in the Kunlun Mountains mission in the Campaign"

   You receive your (t)rusty shank when you first take control of your character
   shortly after the beginning of this mission.

   You'll be prompted to kill a guard quietly from behind - approach carefully
   and press R3 to use your melee attack. It's very easy to pick-off another
   four bad guys in the panopticon** area ahead - there's seven to choose from.
   You might as well use stealth takedowns on all of them for the extra points.

   Make sure you get your five melee kills before fulfilling your objective,
   then you're free to grab the gun from the table and shoot your way out.

   If you press the Options (pause) button the Score Statistics list will show
   how many Melee Kills you've got in the mission so far.

   *For using an improvised prison weapon you receive a trophy named after a
   famous cinematic prison - with "shank" in its name!

   **The panopticon (literally "all-seeing") is a classical prison design that
   dates back to the late 18th century. The cells are arranged in a circular
   formation and all open into a courtyard with a single central watchtower.

33 Infiltrator [Bronze]

   "Get 10 adrenaline kills in the Tashgar mission in the Campaign"

   You get the Adrenaline Kill bonus (50 pts) if you kill someone when your
   health is low (i.e. the health counter is red and the sky looks pink).

   The key to farming these kills is to manoeuvre yourself so that only one
   enemy has a line of sight/fire on you. Leave yourself exposed (to them only)
   and get a good aim on their torso (if you're using an automatic weapon) or
   their head (if you're using a high-damage / slow-rate gun) and let them shoot
   at you. They tend to spray a bit so you might only get hit once every second
   or two and it's therefore fairly easy to monitor your health. When it goes
   red kill them for the bonus and take a safe route into cover.

   You'll probably want to avoid going one-on-one against LMG users as their
   fire gives a heavy suppression effect which will throw your aim off.

   I found there were sufficient enemies and opportunities to get this during
   the first two sections of the town.

   If you press the Options (pause) button the Score Statistics list will show
   how many Adrenaline Kills you've got in the mission so far.

| Section 03d | Completion                                                s03d |

You get seven trophies simply for completing each of the seven missions in the
story, another three for beating the campaign on each of the three difficulties
and four more for seeing all the minor ending variations.

The campaign is pretty straightforward really without any major hurdles and a
full walkthrough is beyond the scope of this guide so if you do happen to get
stuck somewhere just check out the walkthroughs on GameFAQs and Youtube.

17 Fishing in Baku* [Bronze]

   "Complete the Baku mission in the Campaign"

   In addition to getting the trophy you'll also pass the Tombstone Actual
   assignment which unlocks the MP412 Rex revolver for multiplayer.

   *This was the title of the 17-minute BF4 debut trailer back in March 2013.

13 Wolves in Sheep's Clothing [Bronze]

   "Complete the Shanghai mission in the Campaign"

14 The Fall of a Titan* [Bronze]

   "Complete the South China Sea mission in the Campaign"

   *Once again publishers EA manage to sneak another reference to one of their
   shooter titles into a Battlefield game's trophy list. At the time of writing
   Titanfall is due for release (on PC/360/Xbone) in the first quarter of 2014.

12 Braving the Storm [Bronze]

   "Complete the Singapore mission in the Campaign"

15 Dead by Dawn [Bronze]

   "Complete the Kunlun Mountains mission in the Campaign"

   In addition to getting the trophy you'll also pass the Fang of the Underworld
   assignment which unlocks the shank (knife) for multiplayer.

18 Antediluvian* [Bronze]

   "Complete the Tashgar mission in the Campaign"

   In addition to getting the trophy you'll also pass the A Trapped Wolf Will
   assignment which unlocks the machete (knife) for multiplayer.

   *The word "antediluvian" has a Latin origin, meaning "before the flood". This
   can be used as a reference to the biblical Flood (Noah's Ark) or by extension
   to describe something that's very old - but here it's used more literally. :)

16 Guns at Dawn [Bronze]

   "Complete the Suez mission in the Campaign"

   You'll need to play this mission twice more to get the trophies for seeing
   all the (minor) ending differences and unlock the multiplayer guns.

   Some players have reported a glitch on this trophy where it fails to pop even
   after replaying the mission. M-Easy's solution to this was to delete the save
   file (after getting all the other single-player trophies) and then replay the
   whole campaign to the end again.

10 Fish [Bronze]

   "Complete the Campaign on Easy"

26 Wolf [Silver]

   "Complete the Campaign on Normal"

27 Tombstone [Silver]

   "Complete the Campaign on Hard"

   These three trophies stack so if you complete the game on Normal difficulty
   you get 'Fish' and 'Wolf' or if you beat it on Hard diff you get all three.

   Your trophy/trophies will pop as soon as the credits start scrolling after
   the final mission (Suez).

   The Hard difficulty isn't too taxing. This isn't one of those games where you
   die if you get shot twice and you spend 90% of your time cowering in hard
   cover while your health regenerates slowly. You can take a few hits and you
   heal pretty quickly too. However you'll obviously need to take care, make
   good use of cover, let your health regenerate before proceeding and maintain
   a sound situational awareness of enemy positions (watch your minimap).

The next four trophies are earned by getting the three different story endings.
Luckily there's only one decision that affects these and it's in the final Suez
mission so you can get all three by replaying Suez (on any difficulty).

To reiterate, you don't need to play the story three times to get the difficulty
trophies, or the ending trophies, or the multiplayer gun unlocks. You just need
to play the campaign once (on Hard diff if you want all the trophies) and then
use the replay option to do Suez again a couple more of times.

(I've omitted the trophy descriptions here as they contain spoilers but it's not
like they're amazing plot-twists or anything and DICE didn't even bother to make
these "hidden" trophies.)

36 For the People [Bronze]

   Near the end of the Suez mission you'll reach an obvious point where you're
   required to choose either Irish or Hannah for a dangerous task.

   If you pick Irish and detonate the explosives you'll get this trophy.

   In addition to getting the trophy you'll also pass the Final Duty assignment
   which unlocks the M249 (Irish's LMG) for multiplayer.

37 For the Cause [Bronze]

   If you pick Hannah and detonate the explosives you'll get this trophy.

   In addition to getting the trophy you'll also pass the Peace Maker assignment
   which unlocks the P90 (Hannah's PDW) for multiplayer.

35 For Tombstone [Bronze]

   If you keep (or don't detonate) the explosives you'll get this trophy.

   In addition to getting the trophy you'll also pass the To Valhalla assignment
   which unlocks the QBZ95-1 (Chinese assault rifle) for multiplayer.

38 Patience* is a Virtue [Silver]

   "Experience all 3 endings in the Campaign"

   When you get the third of the three ending trophies you'll get this one too.

   *A little patience is required but once you're familiar with the Suez mission
   you can chew through it in under twenty minutes.

09 Full Arsenal [Gold]

   "Unlock all assignments and collectibles in the Campaign"

   To get this one you'll need to achieve the target scores in each level to
   pass the assignments (see Section 03a) and find all the collectibles in each
   mission (see Section 03b).

   I think you might also need to find all the guns which you can pick up off
   fallen enemies so check my intros for each level in Section 03b which give
   details of where these are available. Whenever you go to a weapon crate you
   can see which ones you're missing.

   Some players have reported glitches on this trophy where it either pops too
   soon or doesn't pop when it should. In the latter case you should complete
   the campaign and try replaying missions - with Kunlun Mountains recommended -
   until you get it.

01 Platinum Trophy

   "Collect all other Battlefield 4 Trophies"

   You get this automatically after meeting the requirements of all forty-two
   other trophies in the standard set - thirty-seven come from the single-player
   campaign and the remaining five are earned in online multiplayer (see below).

   As usual, trophies from DLC expansions packs - China Rising, Second Assault,
   etc - are not required for the platinum trophy.

| Section 04 | MULTIPLAYER TROPHIES                                        s04 |

If you were disappointed that BF3 had only nine trophies for multiplayer (before
the DLC expansions) then you will be unimpressed with BF4's five! I guess the
multiplayer has plenty of ribbons, medals and assignments already so biasing the
campaign helps give the (painfully short) single-player a little more longevity.

Not only are there fewer online trophies in BF4 but this time they don't have
one for earning every ribbon so that makes it simpler too.

No "online pass" is required to play but on the PS4 you will need a Playstation
Plus (PS+) subscription to play online. This also grants the benefits of cloud
back-up for save files and free PS3/PS4/Vita games every month.

If you play BF4 on PS3 and transfer your stats over to BF4 on the PS4 then any
online trophies you earned on the PS3 should automatically pop on your PS4 list.

A minimum of four players is required for a match to commence - if a server has
fewer players then you can't earn points and probably can't get trophies either;
I think you'll need to be playing on Official or Ranked servers too.

39 Turn Around... [Bronze]

   "Perform 5 dog-tag kills in Multiplayer"

   In multiplayer you can take someone's dogtags by killing them with your knife
   - sneak up on them from the rear or side and perform a melee attack with R3
   (although I would recommend using the Veteran button config where your melee
   attack is mapped to the Circle button instead). You'll need to get a total of
   five knife takedowns* for the trophy.

   Knifing has changed since BF3 because it always gives a special animation now
   even if you attack someone from the front. Also when you perform a frontal
   attack your intended victim has a very easy chance to reverse the attack and
   kill you instead - so always go at them from the rear or side.

   The key to this is catching someone unawares so it's good to sneak around and
   flank your enemy then come at them from behind. You'll often find someone
   camping in a bush or at a window especially if you're able to get deep into
   enemy territory where they expect to be pretty safe. Sometimes you will
   actually see (or hear) someone you'll be able to hunt down but other times
   you need to be opportunistic and keep browsing lots of likely spots. This
   will generally be easier on the smaller maps of Domination and TDM where the
   two teams are more mixed and flanking routes are much shorter.

   Keep checking your minimap - whenever someone fires an unsuppressed weapon or
   gets spotted by a friendly they'll be displayed there temporarily. Not only
   does this reveal their location but also the direction they're facing. The
   spotted marker will usually disappear after a few seconds so make a mental
   note of their position and orientation relative to landmarks on the map to
   help you hunt them down after the marker's gone.

   (Remember that the same rules apply to you too so avoid getting spotted or
   firing an unsuppressed weapon when you're trying to be stealthy. It might be
   helpful to use the Shadow field upgrade set to avoid detection.)

   You can take advantage of the fact that every player has a relatively limited
   field of view. You don't always need to sneak up on someone from the rear -
   you can often save a few seconds by approaching undetected from the side.

   *This is similar to the 'Et Tu, Brute?' trophy in BFBC2 except that required
   you to score five knife kills specifically on PSN friends. In BF3 you only
   needed to take one player's tags for the bronze 'M.I.A.' trophy but if you
   wanted to get the gold 'Decorated' trophy you also needed to achieve at least
   one Melee Ribbon by getting four melee kills in a single match.

40 Won Them All [Bronze]

   "Win a round of each game mode"

   The core game (without DLC) features seven multiplayer game modes which can
   be selected through either the Quick Match or Server Browser options.

   For this trophy you don't need to play any game modes added by DLC expansions
   such as Air Superiority or Capture the Flag.

   If you check your ribbons in-game under My Soldier / Awards / Ribbons or on
   the Awards tab of your online Battlelog profile you can see which modes you
   have won by checking for mode ribbons (Conquest Ribbon, Rush Ribbon, etc).

   Conquest - both teams have a finite supply of respawn tickets and you can
              deplete enemy tickets by killing them and by holding the majority
              of the flag capture points

              (you can play either Conquest or Conquest Large for the trophy)

   Domination - small-scale Conquest where players cannot spawn on friendly
                flags and you receive fewer points for flag caps

   Rush - the defending team occupies a series of bases each with two "M-Com"
          objectives, the attackers have a finite supply of respawn tickets and
          must capture the bases by arming the objectives and then preventing
          the defenders from disarming

   Team Deathmatch - two teams compete to achieve the target number of kills

   Squad Deathmatch - four squads compete to achieve the target number of kills

   Defuse - one defending squad strives to protect two M-Com objectives from the
            attacking squad and there are no respawns for either side

   Obliteration - see 'Bomb Squad' (trophy #42)

   It will be fairly trivial to get wins in the larger team vs team modes Rush,
   Conquest, Domination, TDM and Obliteration. On average you have 50:50 odds of
   being on the winning team so you'll pick up those wins in no time but you can
   improve your team's chances by generally being a useful player - supporting
   your team-mates with health/revives/ammo, attacking/defending objectives,
   spotting enemies, communicating with your squad and getting kills of course.

   (It's possible to switch teams as long as it's not too near the end of the
   match, the server isn't full and it wouldn't make the teams too imbalanced.
   From the respawn screen press Triangle for Team Setup then R3 to switch.)

   In Defuse there are only two sides but no more than five players on your team
   so it's perhaps a little more important to contribute to the win.

   The odds are less favourable in Squad Deathmatch as there are four teams so
   either play with some competent friends or keep switching servers/teams until
   you find yourself in a good position (you can switch squads under Team Setup
   again). Support your squad with health/revives/ammo/spotting and try not to
   die too much. :)

   (Just be grateful you only need one SQDM win here. In BF3 you needed to get
   five to complete the assignment to unlock the L85A2 assault rifle!)

   I won this trophy in dramatic fashion in my third round of Squad Deathmatch,
   playing in a squad of randoms. We had 49 kills while another squad was very
   close behind with 48, but then I got the final kill of the match giving me a
   SQDM win, my first MVP ribbon and this trophy.

41 .45 Old School [Silver]

   "Perform 45 kills* with the M1911 Handgun in Multiplayer"

   John Browning's legendary pistol design has been in service now for over a
   hundred years and it's been a regular feature of the Battlefield series ever
   since the original BF1942 - appearing in at least seven titles prior to BF4,
   most recently in BF3 where four different versions were included.

   In BF4 multiplayer only one version is available but you're free to unlock
   and equip a range of optics, attachments and paints to customise it however
   you want. You'll need to unlock the gun itself too which is easier said than
   done - you'll need to earn 34,000 pts using pistols.

   (Your fourth sidearm unlock is the Shorty 12G shotgun. Points from using this
   will be credited to your shotguns total instead of your sidearms so don't use
   it while you're still working towards getting the M1911 unlocked.)

   If you're the patient type then you'll unlock all the sidearms naturally as
   you play matches and use them as your back-up, although this will be a very
   slow process; you should at least make an effort to use your pistol when you
   catch a nearby enemy unawares. However if you want to get the M1911 (and this
   trophy) a little sooner you'll need to make a special effort - I'd suggest
   using sidearms exclusively in close-quarters environments or even searching
   on "pistol" in the server browser to find custom servers (when available)
   that are running pistol-only games where you won't feel disadvantaged.

   If you want to focus on getting pistols kills then the smaller maps of Team
   Deathmatch mode should prove useful and if you play on Hardcore mode (use the
   filter in the server browser) everyone will have 60 health instead of 100.
   That means the P226 gets a three-hit kill (usually four) and the QSZ92 can
   kill in three shots (usually five). However you also get no minimap, no ammo
   or health display, no spotting, no hipfire crosshairs and no killcam, plus
   "friendly fire" is enabled so it's possible to injure/kill your team-mates -
   but you won't get points for that!

   You should definitely take advantage of any double XP events and the various
   XP boosts you'll get from Battlepacks - these will be a massive timesaver
   (especially if you use both at the same time).

   Once you have the M1911 unlocked you should equip it into all your loadouts
   (all four classes) and keep playing with it until the trophy dings. Again if
   you want to you can focus on farming kills with it but, since the requirement
   for the trophy is based on kills, the XP boosts won't be any use here.

   Statistically the M1911 holds seven rounds in a magazine so with one further
   round in the chamber you get a total of eight and each of these can do 34 max
   damage out to a range of twelve metres for a potential three-shot kill (or a
   two-shot kill if one is a headshot or you're playing Hardcore mode). However
   the higher damage is balanced by a slower rate of fire and the M1911 ends up
   having a similar rate of damage output to the P226 and M9. It has quite high
   vertical recoil but at least it enjoys slightly better aimed accuracy.

   The final sidearm unlock (after 57,000 pts) is the Compact 45 which uses the
   same .45" ACP load (hence the name) but I'm pretty sure you can't use it for
   this trophy. The Compact 45 has very similar stats to the M1911 but a larger
   magazine so it's a no-brainer to upgrade to it really - you'll only want to
   use the M1911 for the nostalgia value or for getting kills for this trophy.

   *The pistol fires the .45" ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) round which is why
   DICE have made your objective here to get forty-five kills using the M1911.
   (I guess we should be grateful they didn't pick the .357" MP412 Rex pistol!)

42 Bomb Squad [Silver]

   "Deliver 5 bombs in Obliteration [destroying the objective each time]"

   One of two new modes in BF4 (along with Defuse) Obliteration plays kinda like
   a hybrid of Capture the Flag (CTF) and Rush. Both teams compete to collect a
   bomb and plant it on an enemy objective then the opposing team has to disarm
   it before it detonates. Both teams have three objectives per match. 

   The current location of the bomb will be "spotted" within the game with a
   circular marker (which shows the current distance from you when you look
   towards it) and the three enemy objectives are denoted with orange diamonds.
   You can also view these markers on the respawn screen and on the "big map"
   which is accessed during play by holding the Options button and pressing
   R1/L1 to toggle between the map and the scoreboard.

   You'll get points just for collecting and carrying the bomb but you need to
   plant it on an enemy objective (approach the bit with the laptop computer and
   hold Square briefly to start arming, it takes about three seconds) and then
   prevent the enemy from disarming it. When the bomb detonates - with quite a
   large casualty radius - you'll get a Bomb Delivery Ribbon. You can track your
   progress on this trophy by counting how many of these ribbons you've got.

   Vehicles can be very useful for getting to the bomb more quickly or making a
   fast, armoured or audacious airborne delivery to an enemy objective. However
   you might find it more fruitful just to follow a friendly who has the bomb -
   you can help defend them and if they happen to get killed you can pick it up
   yourself. Possession of the bomb will often switch over a lot close to the
   objective and you can sometimes get a speedy plant by camping near the base.

   A full server of thirty-four players (including the commanders) can be a bit
   of a "Charlie Foxtrot"* with most of them swarming around the bomb. It's much
   easier to farm bomb plants for this trophy by playing on a server with a low
   player-count - use the server browser (filter on Obliteration mode) to find a
   quiet one (scroll down your results). It will need to be a Ranked or Official
   server with at least four players for your plants to count though. This is a
   great way to farm Obliteration Service Stars for points bonuses too.

   *Military slang - look it up. :)

43 Call me 'Sir' [Gold]

   "Reach rank 25"

   As you level-up in BF4 you progress through a series of named ranks* and
   subdivisions which are indicated by Roman numerals in text (and by stars on
   the rank insignia). Here's a list of the first twenty-five levels:

   1 - Private First Class       11 - Corporal       21 - Staff Sergeant
    2 - Private First Class II    12 - Corporal II    22 - Staff Sergeant II
     3 - Private First Class III   13 - Corporal III   23 - Staff Sergeant III
      4 - Private First Class IV    14 - Corporal IV    24 - Staff Sergeant IV
       5 - Private First Class V     15 - Corporal V     25 - Staff Sergeant V

         6 - Lance Corporal            16 - Sergeant
          7 - Lance Corporal II         17 - Sergeant II
           8 - Lance Corporal III        18 - Sergeant III
            9 - Lance Corporal IV         19 - Sergeant IV
            10 - Lance Corporal V          20 - Sergeant V

   You need to earn a total of 796,000 pts in multiplayer to reach rank 25. Of
   course the length of time this takes will vary massively depending on your
   SPM (score per minute). If you have an average PS4 SPM of around 400 then it
   will take about 33 hours of online gameplay. If your SPM was half that it'll
   take you twice as long but if it's higher you'll reach rank 25 much quicker.

   The good news is that you can't lose points so as long as you keep playing
   and doing *something* vaguely useful in the game you'll get it eventually!
   In addition to getting kills most useful actions in the game will give you
   points so use your class gadgets and get revives/heals, drop ammo for your
   team-mates, repair their vehicles, destroy enemy ones, drop sensors, etc.
   You'll get ribbon bonuses for doing all this too - see My Soldier / Awards /
   Ribbons in the game or go to the Awards tab on your Battlelog profile.

   Spotting is more rewarding in BF4. If you see an unmarked enemy solider or
   vehicle you can aim towards them and tap (not hold) R1 to "spot" them - they
   will be temporarily tagged with markers that will be visible to all of your
   team-mates, both in their main view and on their minimaps. The spot function
   can "overheat" so if you press R1 and get a sound effect just try again in a
   second or two. Both on foot and in vehicles you should be pressing R1 pretty
   much all the time when you're not shooting. If a friendly kills an enemy you
   spotted you now get a 25 pts Spot Bonus or 50 pts Squad Spot Bonus (in BF3
   the equivalent values were just 10 and 20 points); for every four spot kills
   in a match you also now get a 200 pts Spotting Ribbon - yay!

   You get extra points for squad actions (heals/resupplies/repairs/spots etc)
   so work closely with them wherever possible and if your squad has empty slots
   consider moving to another one.

   If all the other original members of your squad leave or you start a new
   squad and others join it you will become the nominal Squad Leader (your name
   will be marked with a star in the squad list). Now you can mark objectives
   for your squad - just aim at the marker on a Conquest/Domination flag or an
   M-Com in Rush and tap R1 (the objective will be marked green and it will say
   "ATTACK!" for a neutral/enemy objective or "DEFEND!" for a friendly flag. If
   a squad-mate takes the objective or gets a kill there you'll get a 50 pts
   Squad Order Bonus (and they'll get 25 pts for Squad Order Followed too). If
   your guys don't follow your orders then you should follow them instead - if
   you see a couple of them going to cap a flag then mark it quickly. This can
   be especially profitable in Domination mode where the action is more focused
   and the turnover rate on the objectives is higher.

   If you stick with using the same firearm you'll receive a service star worth
   2,000 pts every 100 kills. You'll also get service star bonuses for earning
   specified points totals with each class and in each game mode.

   You should take advantage of any advertised double XP events and certainly
   make good use of any XP boosts you get in Battlepacks. You can access your
   packs from My Soldier / Battlepacks off the main menu or in-game on the pause
   screen under Battlepacks (duh). If you have some unused boosts there'll be a
   "boosts available" message on the pause screen - press Square to access them.
   You can get 25%, 50%, 100% and 200% boosts and each one lasts for one hour.

   (The effects of double XP and the XP boosts stack so with a 200% (x3) boost
   activated you'll be getting six times the base score! If you're due to get a
   rank or mode service star soon you might like to wait until you have boosts
   active - with the maximum x6 boost effect each star is worth 60,000 points!)

   *It was announced on the official Battlefield blog in October 2013 that BF4
   would have a total of 100 ranks in multiplayer (with rank 100 being Colonel)
   but currently there are a further nine Colonel grades (Colonel II, III, etc)
   and the top rank is Brigadier General (110) which requires 10,390,000 pts.

| Section 05 | CHINA RISING                                                s05 |

The China Rising expansion pack was released on 3 December 2013 for Battlefield
Premium subscribers on all five platforms and on 17 December for everyone else.

The DLC can be bought individually or as part of the Premium package which is
essentially a "season pass" including all five DLC's. The pre-order edition of
BF4 included a code to get China Rising for free so a lot of players have it and
you're therefore likely to see these maps on custom servers (when available).

Trophies from expansion packs and other downloadable content (DLC) are never
required to achieve a game's platinum trophy although they do contribute to your
overall percentage trophy completion for the title. In other words you don't
need 100% completion to get the platinum, you just need to earn all the standard
trophies in the original game (see Sections 03 and 04 above).

The China Rising DLC adds the following features to the multiplayer game:

o four new maps

o Air Superiority (AS) game mode (see trophy #44)

o five new guns (L85A2, RPK74M, MTAR21, L96A1 and MP7)

o SUAV (see trophy #46) and UCAV (see trophy #48) gadgets for Recon and Support

o ten assignments (including seven to unlock the guns/gadgets - see trophy #48)

o Dirtbike (see trophy #45) and Bomber (see trophy #47) vehicles 

o five new trophies/achievements

Once unlocked by completing their respective assignments the five China Rising
guns can be used on any map and in any game mode. (except Air Superiority!)

44 Fledgling [Bronze]

   "Play a round of Air Superiority"

   The Air Superiority mode returns to BF4 - this is essentially an entirely
   airborne version of Conquest/Domination with jet planes.

   This mode can only be played on the China Rising maps. On Dragon Pass, Silk
   Road and Altai Range everyone gets stealth (fighter) jets but on Guilin Peaks
   you have attack helicopters instead and you'll spawn into either the pilot
   seat of an empty chopper or the gunner seat of one that has a pilot already
   (you can join someone's squad if you want to spawn into their vehicle).

45 2 Wheels [Bronze]

   "Get a kill with the Dirtbike"

   In BF3's End Game expansion you could earn yourself the 'It's No Sidecar'
   silver trophy for getting a kill from the passenger position of the dirtbike
   but this time you need to get a roadkill as the rider.

   The dirtbikes are plentiful in Conquest mode and they can also be found in
   Obliteration and on the attacking side in Rush.

   Press R3 to toggle between first and third-person view - you might find it
   easier to use the external view. You can also hold L3 to wheelie/boost.

   Large open areas (like the expanses of the Silk Road map) will give you more
   room to manoeuvre and help you see enemies from a distance but it will also
   help them see/shoot you. When biking in areas without cover you will also be
   very vulnerable to lock-on missile attack.

   Your team gets several bikes when attacking in Rush mode on Silk Road so you
   might like to try a daring high-speed run to take out campers on the dunes.
   You should also be able to find plenty of snipers lurking around the edges of
   the same map in Conquest mode.

46 Mini Kamikaze* [Silver]

   "Kill an enemy with the SUAV"

   The SUAV (Small Unmanned Air Vehicle) can be unlocked by completing the China
   Rising assignment Safe Raiding. Aside from needing multiplayer rank 10, the
   only requirement for this assignment is that you get one kill from a bombing
   raid. This is also the requirement for 'Death from Above' (trophy #47) so see
   my notes for that below.

   The SUAV is a small winged man-portable surveillance drone** available to the
   Recon class. You can use it like the MAV - controlled by a handheld device -
   but it flies more like a conventional aeroplane and it's capable of laser-
   designating enemy vehicles for friendly lock-on missiles.

   There are basically two ways to get a kill with the SUAV. Either stand near
   an enemy (as if you were going for a knife kill) and launch it straight at
   them or fly it around until you see an enemy and fly into them - either way
   you'll get 100 pts for the kill plus the 10 pts Roadkill bonus!

   (thanks to JackFrags for the SUAV video preview)

   *The Kamikaze were Japanese suicide bombers in World War II who would fly a
   plane packed with explosives directly into a US naval target like a warship.
   The word Kamikaze is spelt with two kanji characters meaning "god wind" but
   the term is usual translated into English as "divine wind".

   **The DLC for BF4 is being made by DICE's new LA studio, formerly known as
   Danger Close Games. It's perhaps no surprise then to see this new addition to
   the game since Danger Close made Medal of Honor: Warfighter which featured a
   UAV Support Action (the RG11 Raven) which also gave one-hit roadkills.

47 Death from Above [Bronze]

   "Get a kill with the bomber"

   Literally foreshadowed in an early teaser trailer, the China Rising DLC sees
   the addition of a bomber plane.

   You can use this by entering the mobile command-module trailer which you'll
   find at a central flag in Conquest mode. In Conquest Large it will be located
   at "D" (Cave) on Guilin Peaks, "D" (Fields) on Dragon Pass, at the south end
   of "D" (Army Base) on Silk Road and at "D" (Weather Station) on Altai Range
   (and in the smaller Conquest mode it will probably be the "C" flag).

   When the bomber is available you'll see a white plane icon on the trailer and
   on your minimap. Once inside you get a first-person targeting view which you
   use to set targets as the bomber makes a single straight bombing run across
   the map from your team's deployment area towards the enemy base.

   The bomber's "magazine" holds four JDAM bombs at a time - use R2 to set your
   targets and the bombs will hit them a few seconds later. Your ammunition will
   reload slowly (check the progress bar in the bottom-right corner) then you
   can set some more targets - you should be able to get two or three sets of
   four "bombs away" per pass.

   You can also press d-pad up or L2 to toggle zoom on/off and d-pad down to pop
   flares if an enemy locks-on or launches a guided missile.

   The bomber can also use a cruise missile during the pass but you'll need to
   unlock this by passing the Mother of All Bombs assignment (see trophy #48).

   When the bombing run is complete you will be ejected from the command unit
   and it will take about a minute and a half to become available again.

   Since official servers on the PS4 are only running Conquest Large with up to
   sixty-four players - and you need to get a bomber kill to unlock the SUAV
   (see trophy #46) - there can be a lot of competition to use the bomber. It's
   a lot easier to get in if you find a server with a low player-count but then
   of course you will have far fewer potential targets available...

   Look out for any friendly/neutral flags that are being captured and for any
   stationary enemy troops or vehicles - these will make good targets for your
   JDAM's. If you're just going for one kill to get the trophy then you might as
   well aim all four bombs on and around the same target each time.

48 New Superpower [Silver]

   "Complete all China Rising assignments"

   China Rising adds a total of ten multiplayer assignments to the game and you
   will need to complete all of them for this trophy.

   You can track your assignment progress under the Assignments tab of your
   Battlelog profile or in-game under My Soldier / Awards / DLC Assignments.

   Safe Raiding [bronze assignment]                       Reward: SUAV (gadget)
   o Multiplayer Rank 10 required

   o Get 1 kill with a bombing raid

   Getting a kill with the bomber is the requirement for 'Death from Above'
   (trophy #47) so see my previous notes for that.

   Eyes in the Sky [bronze assignment]                    Reward: UCAV (gadget)
   o Multiplayer Rank 10 required

   o Get 1 Air Superiority Ribbon (complete one round in Air Superiority mode)

   o Get 3 Jet Fighter Ribbons (get 5 kills with fighters in one round for each)

   Progress towards ribbons doesn't carry over between matches so for example
   with Jet Fighter Ribbons you need to get all five kills in a single game.

   On official servers each match of Air Superiority lasts only a few minutes so
   you'll need to be pretty good to get the five kills needed for each of those
   ribbons and you might be better off in longer Conquest games.

   Open Fire [bronze assignment]                  Reward: L85A2 (assault rifle)
   o Multiplayer Rank 10 required

   o Get 3 Assault Rifle Ribbons (get 6 assault rifles kills for each)

   o Achieve the following in the same match:
     - Get 1 kill with a pistol
     - Get 1 kill with a 40mm grenade launcher (Assault gadget)
     - Get 1 kill with the defibrillator (Assault gadget)

   You'll have a pistol and the M320 launcher by default but you'll need to get
   8,000 pts with the Assault kit to unlock the defibs. You can use these on an
   enemy to kill them but you'll need to hold the button briefly to charge them
   up first. This is actually a decent alternative to using the knife because
   there's no slow animation and you can attack with defibs from the front with-
   out your target countering it.

   You may want to equip both the defibs and grenade-launcher at the same time
   but you would have to temporarily give up your first aid pack or medic bag.

   Make a Dent [bronze assignment]                            Reward: MP7 (PDW)
   o Multiplayer Rank 10 required

   o Destroy an air vehicle with a portable anti-air launcher

   o Get 3 Anti-Vehicle Ribbons (destroy 2 vehicles in one round for each)

   The first anti-air launcher to unlock is the Stinger which requires 24,000
   points with the Engineer kit - this is a fire-and-forget weapon so after you
   lock onto the enemy air vehicle you can fire and it will fly towards the
   target (unless they use flares). The second one is the Igla (unlocks with
   53,000 Engineer points) which has a longer range but requires you to maintain
   your aim after firing. You could also try using the new HVM II launcher which
   is available as a Battle Pickup on some maps/modes.

   You'll probably want to run Engineer to destroy enemy vehicles with rocket
   launchers, missiles or mines but you can also use the Recon and Support kit
   with C4, or vehicles, or stationary launchers, etc.

   The Engineer kit's ANTI-TANK spec (unlocks with 108,000 Engineer points)
   gives you more mines and more missiles for your launchers.

   Powder Keg [bronze assignment]                          Reward: RPK74M (LMG)
   o Multiplayer Rank 10 required

   o Get 1 kill with the M224 mortar

   o Get 3 Light Machinegun Ribbons (get 6 LMG kills in one round for each)

   The mortar unlocks for the Support kit after earning 76,000 pts with that
   class. As part of an effort to increase player mobility the mortar now has a
   handheld controller so you can deploy the mortar in an outdoor location and
   then access it remotely from elsewhere.

   Like the BF4 tanks, the revised mortar now has a regenerating magazine. It
   starts with five rounds loaded and you can fire these pretty quickly but then
   you have to wait for them to reload individually.

   The controller has a minimap view which shows terrain features, friendlies
   and any enemies that have been spotted. You'll want to focus your fire on any
   orange triangles in range, particularly stationary ones. If one of your team-
   mates is using a drone this will help a lot with spotting hostiles.

   Enemies camping on rooftops should make good targets for your mortar.

   Need Only One [bronze assignment]               Reward: L96A1 (sniper rifle)
   o Multiplayer Rank 10 required

   o Get 3 Sniper Rifle Ribbons (get 6 sniper rifle kills in one round for each)

   o Achieve the following in the same match:
     - Get 1 kill with a designated marksman rifle (DMR)
     - Get 1 kill with a shotgun
     - Get 1 kill with C4 explosives

   You'll need to use bolt-action sniper rifles for the ribbons - you'll have
   the Chinese CS-LR4 available from the start. If you're not comfortable with
   sniping then use the iron sights (you'll need to remove the Variable Zoom
   feature first then select iron sights under close-range optics) and take
   advantage of the 100 max damage. This will give a one-hit kill to the upper
   torso or arms out to 12.5 metres (unless your target has the ARMOR spec
   active). On a Hardcore server where players have less health you should be
   able to get a one-hit kill out to at least 80 metres.

   C4 is unlocked by default for the Recon kit but you'll need to earn 13,000
   points with that class to unlock your first DMR (the RFB). Your first shotgun
   will either be the QBS09 (16,000 pts with Support), the M26 MASS (18,000 pts
   with Assault) or the Shorty 12G (18,000 pts with pistols). You could also use
   the full-auto USAS-12 Battle Pickup as your shotgun.

   The most versatile loadout would be with all three equipped simultaneously.
   If you run Recon you can carry a marksman rifle plus the Shorty as your
   sidearm and C4 as one of your gadgets.

   Mother of All Bombs [silver assignment]      Reward: Cruise Missile (bomber)
   o Multiplayer Rank 10 required

   o Safe Raiding assignment required (see above)

   o Get 15 kills with bombing raids

   o Destroy an enemy bomber

   See 'Death from Above' (trophy #47) again for details on using the bomber.

   This will be pretty tough, mainly because there's so much competition to use
   the bomber and you'll probably need a few turns on it to get all those kills.

   The player operating the bomber has access to flares so it will be difficult
   to take down using lock-on anti-air missiles and probably the most effective
   tool will be the main cannon on the anti-air vehicles (the LAV-AD, Type 95 AA
   and Tunguska).

   Multi-Talent [silver assignment]                    Reward: MTAR21 (carbine)
   o Multiplayer Rank 10 required

   o Achieve the following in the same match:
     - Get 1 kill with an assault rifle
     - Get 1 kill with a light machinegun
     - Get 1 kill with a sniper rifle
     - Get 1 kill with a grenade (probably hand-grenades only)

   All these weapons are available from the start - if nothing else you will
   always have the AK12 assault rifle, U100 Mk5 LMG and CS-LR4 sniper rifle plus
   the standard M67 fragmentation grenades.

   You're only required to get one kill with each but you might want to make
   more of an effort to get grenade kills and maybe run as Support so you can
   drop ammo to resupply yourself. You'll need to use the Assault kit to use an
   assault rifle though and Recon to equip a sniper rifle.

   I'm Dynamite [silver assignment]
   o Multiplayer Rank 10 required

   o Get 3 Bomber Delivery Ribbons (get 3 bomber kills in one round for each)

   o Get 20 UCAV kills

   o Get a multi-kill

   Once again see 'Death from Above' (trophy #47) for bomber info.

   The UCAV (Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle) will be unlocked for the Support kit
   by completing the 'Eyes in the Sky' assignment (listed above). It launches
   automatically as soon as you deploy its mortar tube and is then controlled in
   a full-screen first-person view. You can fly it directly into vehicles or
   press the fire button to detonate the airburst load. It has a limited range
   of around 400 metres and will explode when it hits that limit.

   The UCAV can be resupplied from an ammo box but it's fairly slow.

   (thanks to xFactor and JackFrags for their UCAV video previews)

   In BF3 there were separate bonuses for double, triple and multi-kills but now
   in BF4 double and triple kills are counted as multi-kills too. If it works
   the same way the kills must be no more than 0.8 seconds apart so you will
   either want to kill people simultaneously (for example with a grenade or by
   destroying their vehicle) or in very quick succession with gunfire.

   Middle King [gold assignment]                  Reward: Middle King* (dogtag)
   o Multiplayer Rank 10 required

   o Play 10 hours on China Rising maps

   o Get a 5 kill streak

   o Get 1 SUAV kill

   See 'Mini Kamikaze' (trophy #46) for details on the SUAV.

   *In Chinese (and Japanese) the word for China is composed of two characters
   which mean literally "middle country" or "middle kingdom".

| Section 06 | SECOND ASSAULT                                              s06 |

The Second Assault expansion was released for the Xbox One as a timed exclusive
for the console's launch in November 2013 although players without Premium had
to wait until 3 December for it.

Release dates for the other platforms are TBC at time of writing.

The Second Assault DLC adds the following features to the multiplayer game:

o four new maps (four "fan favourites" from BF3 now "reimagined" for BF4)

o Capture the Flag (CTF) game mode

o five new guns (F2000, GOL Magnum, DAO12, AS Val and M60E4)

o ten assignments (including five to unlock the guns)

o Desert Patrol Vehicle (dune buggy) and Skid Loader vehicles

o five new trophies/achievements

The four maps featured in this pack are Operation Metro, Operation Firestorm and
Caspian Border (from BF3) and Gulf of Oman (from BF2, BF Play4Free and BF3).
These have been redesigned for BF4 using the Frostbite 3 engine and including
various examples of small and large scale Levolution (i.e. interactive scenery).

49 Falling Down [Bronze]

   "Kill an enemy with a ceiling collapse in Operation Metro"

   One of the most noticeable additions to the remixed Metro map are the many
   sections of the station where the damaged ceiling is supported by a set of
   vertical wooden beams. Obviously this is a minor example of "Levolution" and
   you can shoot out the beams to make part of the ceiling collapse.

   The falling rubble causes damage to anyone directly beneath it and if you can
   kill an opponent with it you'll get a 25 pts Collapse Bonus and if it's the
   first time you've done it you'll get this trophy too.

   In their Youtube guide The Box Bros recommends doing this on Rush defence on
   the second base where the "A" M-Com is in the toilets. You can plant C4 above
   the M-Com by going upstairs onto the bridge and placing it liberally around
   the fallen vending machine. Then when you hear someone arming the M-Com you
   can detonate the explosives which will cause the ceiling to collapse on him.

50 Dirty Job [Bronze]

   "Find the hidden tunnel on Caspian Border"

   The new tunnel feature can be accessed from either end - it runs from the new
   underground complex at the Hilltop flag ("D" in Conquest Large) to the river
   that runs between the "C" and "D" points.

   You need to get to the south-west corner of the underground rooms so either
   take the stairs down from the building adjacent to the new radio mast and go
   west into the adjoining room or use the stairs in the building opposite and
   turn right at the bottom. (This room is home to the computer that can be used
   to initiate the countdown to destroy the antenna - and if the mast is down
   already the room will be on fire.)

   Facing the western wall you'll see a low passage on the left with yellow and
   black hazard stripes over it. Enter this passage - you'll need to crouch and
   if you're the first one there you'll need to melee through a couple of mesh
   grills too - and you can access the manhole behind.

   Climbing down the ladder leads to the tunnel which drains into the river.

   (credit to JackFrags who was the first to post this in my Youtube feed)

51 Torched [Bronze]

   "Ignite a brush fire using the repair tool in Op. Metro or Caspian Border"

   Since the events of BF3 the park of the Operation Metro map has become over-
   grown and Caspian Border has got some long grass now too.

   The repair tool is unlocked for the Engineer class by default. Simply equip
   this, use it on the tall grass and retire to a safe distance because that
   fire will continue to spread for some time!

   You can probably ignite the dry grass in other ways but the trophy text
   specifies that you should use the Engineer's blowtorch tool for this.

52 Risky Business* [Silver]

   "Kill an enemy flag holder while carrying your team's flag in CTF"

   Most recently seen in BF3's End Game expansion, the Capture the Flag mode
   returns in BF4's Second Assault DLC. The basic concept is that both teams
   have a base with a flag and their objective is to score by stealing the flag
   from the enemy base and delivering it to their own when their flag is there.

   In order to be carrying your own team's flag you'll need to have recovered it
   from an enemy and not yet returned it to your base and by extension the enemy
   flag carrier must've recovered his own team's flag.

   *Several of the trophies in BF4 share their names with movies. This one for
   example was a 1983 Tom Cruise film.

53 Blind Bomber [Silver]

   "In a round get 5 kills with air vehicles in Gulf of Oman"

   You'll need to play the "big" game modes with vehicles for this so head for
   Conquest, Rush, Obliteration and Capture the Flag. I've already seen preview
   footage from Rush, Obliteration and CTF with various helicopters.

   If you struggle piloting air vehicles try adjusting your controller config -
   I use Veteran buttons and Legacy sticks. You can also practise with aircraft
   in the new Test Range - on the respawn screen select "B" with the left stick
   then choose a vehicle with the right stick.

   If you still don't get it try being the gunner in an attack helicopter* (you
   can switch to the second seat by pressing Cross). In fact that's generally a
   good option for getting airborne kills. I usually prefer the zoom optics on
   the gunner position (press d-pad up to toggle on/off) but with the insane
   sandstorm on the reimagined Oman map the IRNV or thermal optics are wise!

   *The attack choppers are the Viper (US), Havoc (Russian) and Z10 (Chinese).

| Section 07 | NAVAL STRIKE                                                s07 |

                       [Naval Strike DLC due Spring 2014]

| Section 08 | DRAGON'S TEETH                                              s08 |

                      [Dragon's Teeth DLC due Summer 2014]

| Section 09 | FINAL STAND                                                 s09 |

                        [Final Stand DLC due Summer 2014]

| Section 10 | LINKS                                                       s10 |

This section gives a random list of interesting/useful/fun online resources.


  Some of the best Youtube channels for BF4 news, discussion, tactics, weapon
  reviews, gameplay commentaries, competitive matches, challenges and collabs.


  Some more good channels for BF4 discussion, tips, montages, etc.


  Full list of the superb Battlefield Friends (BFF) animated series. :D


  Definitive source for BF4 weapon stats.


  Official Battlelog site for BF3 and BF4 player stats and battle reports.


  Comprehensive unofficial Battlefield 4 player stats site.


  Official Battlefield 4 links.


  Battlefield lead developer Alan Kertz.


  Great site for the latest Battlefield news and info.


  Wiki site for the whole Battlefield series.


  Battlefield developers, DICE.


  Support site from Battlefield publishers, Electronic Arts.


  Superb BFBC2 musical tribute, based on Toto's 1982 hit 'Africa'. :)

| Section 11 | ABBREVIATIONS                                               s11 |

This section is an alphabetical list of acronyms and other abbreviations used
for various weapons and items of equipment, assorted gaming/military terminology
and other terms used in campaign/multiplayer dialogue.

This is an expanded version of the original list from my BF3 trophies guide, now
updated for BF4. (so it probably includes a few entries relevant only to BF3)

        AA = Anti-Aircraft

       AAV = Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV7A1 Amtrac)

        AC = Attack variant of a Cargo plane (US designation prefix, e.g. AC130)

       ACB = Advanced Combat Blade (ACB90 knife)

      ACOG = Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight

       ACP = Automatic Colt Pistol (ammo type)

       ACR = Adaptive Combat Rifle ("ACW-R" in BF4)

        AD = Air Defence (LAV25 variant)

       ADS = Aim Down Sights

       AED = Automated External Defibrillator

       AGM = Air-launched Ground-attack guided Missile

        AH = Attack Helicopter (US designation prefix, e.g. AH1Z Viper)

        AK = Avtomat Kalashnikova (e.g. AK12)

        Ak = Automatkarbin (Swedish for "automatic carbine" unsurprisingly)

       AMR = Anti-Materiel Rifle

    Amtrac = Amphibious Tractor

        AO = Area of Operations

        AP = Armour-Piercing (ammo type)

  APFSDS-T = Armour-Piercing Fin-Stabilised Discarding-Sabot Tracer (ammo type)

      Arty = Artillery

        AS = Avtomat Special'nyj (AS Val) / Air Superiority (game mode)

     ASRAD = Advanced Short-Range Air Defence

        AT = Anti-Tank

    ATacMS = Army Tactical Missile System (mobile artillery unlock)

       ATV = All-Terrain Vehicle

       AUG = Armee Universal Gewehr (German for "universal army rifle")

       BDA = Battle/Bomb Damage Assessment

    BF1942 = Battlefield 1942

    BF2142 = Battlefield 2142

       BF3 = Battlefield 3

       BF4 = Battlefield 4

 BFBC2/BC2 = Battlefield: Bad Company 2

       BGB = Big Grey Boat (Navy/Marines slang for a large ship)

       BMD = Boyevaya Mashina Desanta (Russian for "airborne combat vehicle")

       BMG = Browning Machinegun (ammo type)

       BMP = Boyevaya Mashina Pekhoty (Russian for "infantry combat vehicle")

       BTR = Bronyetransportyor (Russian for "armoured transporter", e.g. BTR90)

      Buck = Buckshot (ammo type)

       CAG = Commander [of] Air Group

       CAS = Close Air Support

   Casevac = Casualty Evacuation

       Cat = Catapult

  CBJ Tech = Carl Bertil Johansson (Swedish firearm manufacturers)

    CBJ-MS = CBJ Modular System

       CIA = Central Intelligence Agency

      CITV = Commander's Independent Thermal Viewer (tank unlock)

        CN = China / Chinese (faction)

        CO = Commanding Officer

     Co-Ax = Co-Axial (e.g. a machinegun sharing the axis of a tank's main gun)

     Comms = Communications

        CQ = Conquest (game mode)

       CQB = Close-Quarters Battle

        CR = China Rising (DLC)

     C-RAM = Counter-Rocket/Artillery/Mortar (gun turret)

        CS = Confined Space (M136 CS)

        CT = CheyTac (US firearm manufacturers) / CheyTac (ammo type)

        CT = Computed Tomography (medical scan)

       CTF = Capture The Flag (game mode)

        CZ = Ceska Zbrojovka (Czech firearm manufacturers)

       DAO = Double-Action Only (DAO12)

      DASC = Direct Air Support Centre

       DCC = Damage Control Central

      DICE = Digital Illusions C.E. (game developers)

       DLC = Downloadable Content

       DMR = Designated Marksman Rifle

       DOM = Domination (game mode)

       DPV = Desert Patrol Vehicle

        EA = Electronic Arts (game publishers)

       ECM = Electronic Countermeasures

     ELINT = Electronic Intelligence

       EMP = Electromagnetic Pulse

       EMR = Enhanced Marksman Rifle (M39)

       EOD = Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD Bot)

       ESM = Electronic Support Measures

       ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival

      Evac = Evacuation

     Exfil = Exfiltration (opposite of infiltration)

     FAMAS = Fusil d'Assaut de la Manufacture d'Armes de Saint-Etienne

      FAP! = First Aid Pack

        FB = Flashbang (ammo type)

      FFAR = Forward-Firing Aircraft Rocket (rocket pods)

       FGM = US designation prefix for a man-portable ground-target missile

       FIM = US designation prefix for a man-portable air-interceptor missile

      FLIR = Forward-Looking Infra-Red (scope)

        FN = Fabrique Nationale (Belgian firearm manufacturers)

       FPS = frames per second / first-person shooter

      Frag = Fragmentation (ammo type)

       GAZ = Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod (Russian vehicle manufacturer)

       GRU = Glavnoye Razvedyvatel'noye Upravleniye (Russian intelligence)

      GPMG = General-Purpose Machinegun

      HALO = High Altitude, Low Opening (low-profile parachute insertion)

      HARM = High-speed Anti-Radiation Missile (anti-radar missile)

        HE = High Explosive (ammo type)

      HEAT = High Explosive Anti-Tank (ammo type)

      Helo = Helicopter

    HIMARS = High-Mobility Artillery Rocket System (M142)

        HK = Heckler und Koch (German firearm manufacturers)

       HMD = Helmet-Mounted Display

       HMG = Heavy Machinegun

     HMMWV = High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (Humvee)

        HQ = Headquarters

       HVM = High-Velocity Missile (HVM II Starstreak)

       HVT = High-Value Target

       IED = Improvised Explosive Device

       IFV = Infantry Fighting Vehicle

     Intel = Intelligence

        IR = Infra-Red

      IRNV = Infra-Red Night Vision

       ITV = Internally-Transportable Vehicle (Growler)

      JDAM = Joint Direct Attack Munition (smart bomb)

     JSSAP = Joint Service Small Arms Program

       KDR = Kill:Death Ratio

     Klick = Kilometre

       KSA = Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

       LAW = Light Anti-tank Weapon

      LDES = Laser Designation [of target], also "Lase" used as a verb

       LAV = Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV25)

       LMG = Light Machinegun

      LSAT = Lightweight Small Arms Technologies (US development programme)

       LSW = Light Support Weapon

        LT = Lieutenant

       LVG = Low Velocity Grenade (ammo type)

        LZ = Landing Zone

      MASS = Modular Accessory Shotgun System (M26)

       MAV = Micro Air Vehicle (Recon gadget)

       MBT = Main Battle Tank

       MCS = Modular Combat Shotgun (870MCS)

       MEU = Marine Expeditionary Unit

        MG = Machinegun

       MGL = Multiple Grenade Launcher (M32 MGL)

       MGS = Mobile Gun System (M1128)

      Mike = "M" in the military phonetic alphabet, used to denote minutes

 Mike-Mike = Millimetre

       Mil = Millimetre

       MOA = Minute Of Angle (term used to describe a firearm's accuracy)

     MOLLE = Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment

        MP = Multiplayer

    MP-APS = Man-Portable Active Protection System

      MRAP = Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected (US vehicle programme)

       MRE = Meal Ready-to-Eat (US ration pack)

       MSR = Main Supply Route

      MTAR = Micro TAR21 (MTAR21 carbine variant of the TAR21 assault rifle)

       MVP = Most Valuable Player

      NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (and its standard ammo types)

       OGA = Other Government Agency (usually by implication the CIA)

       OHK = One-Hit Kill

        OP = Observation Post / Overpowered

      Para = Paratrooper

       PDW = Personal Defence Weapon

       PLD = Portable Laser Designator

       PLR = People's Liberation & Resistance (faction)

       Pos = Position

       POW = Prisoner Of War

       PSO = Pritsel Snaipersky Optichesky (Russian for "sniper scope, optical")

      PTFO = Play The Objective!

       PWC = Personal Water Craft (jetski)

       QBB = Qingwuqi Buqiang-Banyong (Chinese for "light rifle, squad-use")

       QBZ = Qingwuqi Buqiang-Zidong (Chinese for "light rifle, automatic")

       QRF = Quick Reaction (or Response) Force

       RCB = Riverine Command Boat

       RDS = Red-Dot Sight

    RedCon = Readiness Condition (RedCon 1 is a state of full alert)

       REX = Revolver for Export (MP412)

       RFB = Rifle Forward-ejection Bullpup

       RGO = Ruchnaya Granata Oboronitel'naya (Russian "defensive hand-grenade")

      RHIB = Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boat

       RPG = Rocket-Propelled Grenade (RPG7)

       RPK = Ruchnoy Pulemyot Kalashnikova (RPK74)

       RPM = Rounds Per Minute (the cyclic rate-of-fire of a firearm)

        RU = Russia / Russian (faction)

        RV = Rendezvous (French loanword for "meeting" or "meeting place")

      SA80 = Small Arms for the '80s (common name for the L85/L86 firearms)

     SAR21 = Singapore Assault Rifle [for] 21st Century

       SAM = Surface-to-Air Missile

       SAW = Squad Automatic Weapon (M249)

      SCAR = SOF Combat Assault Rifle - L suffix for Light (5.56mm) model
                                      - H suffix for Heavy (7.62mm) model
    SitRep = Situation Report

       SKS = Samozaryadnyj Karabin Simonova ("Siminov self-loading carbine")

      SLAM = Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition (M2 SLAM)

      SMAW = Shoulder-launched Multi-purpose Assault Weapon (Mk 153 SMAW)

       SMG = Sub-machinegun

       Smk = Smoke (ammo type)

     SOCOM = Special Operations Command

       SOF = Special Operations Forces

    SOFLAM = SOF Laser Acquisition Marker (Recon gadget)

        SP = Single-Player

      SPAS = Sporting-Purpose Automatic Shotgun (SPAS-12)

  Spec Ops = Special Operations

       SPM = Score Per Minute (average points earned per minute in multiplayer)

       SPM = Special Police Machine (SPM3)

      SQDM = Squad Deathmatch (game mode)

      SRAW = Short-Range Assault Weapon (FGM172 "Predator" SRAW)

     SRR61 = 61st Special Reconnaissance Regiment (of the Jordanian Royal Guard)

     STAFF = Smart Target-Activated Fire & Forget (tank ammo)

    STANAG = Standardization Agreement (for NATO equipment and procedures)

      SUAV = Small Unmanned Air Vehicle (Recon gadget)

        SV = Sniper Variant (e.g. SCAR-H SV)

       SVD = Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova ("Dragunov sniper rifle")

        SW = Smith & Wesson (ammo type)

     TAR21 = Tavor Assault Rifle for the 21st century

     Tango = "T" in the military phonetic alphabet, used to denote a target

       TDM = Team Deathmatch (game mode)

        TK = Team Kill

       TOW = Tube-launched Optically-tracked Wire-guided (US anti-tank missile)

       TTK = Time To Kill (time a gun takes to do 100 damage at a given range)

     T-UGS = Tactical Unattended Ground Sensor (Recon gadget)

       UAV = Unmanned Air Vehicle

      UCAV = Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (Support gadget)

       UGL = Underslung Grenade-Launcher

        UH = Utility Helicopter (US designation prefix, e.g. UH1Y Venom)

       UMP = Universale Maschinenpistole (German for "universal machine-pistol")

      USAS = Universal Sports Automatic Shotgun (USAS-12)

      USMC = United State Marine Corps.

       USS = United States Ship

       UTS = Urban Tactical Shotgun (UTS15)

     V-Bed = VBIED = Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device (car bomb)

    Victor = "V" in the military phonetic alphabet, used to denote a vehicle

      V-ID = Visual Identification

       VIP = Very Important Person

      VOIP = Voice Over Internet Protocol

       WLR = Win:Loss Ratio

       WMD = Weapon of Mass Destruction

        WP = Warsaw Pact (and its standard ammo types) / White Phosphorus

        WZ = Wuzhuang Zhishengji (Chinese for "military helicopter", e.g. WZ10)

        XP = Experience Points

| Section 12 | CONTACT                                                     s12 |

I welcome feedback, corrections and contributions on this guide. Contributions
will usually be reworded but will always be fully credited to the submitter so
be sure to tell me the name you want me to use.

You can email me at barticle at - obviously changing the "at" to an
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My permission should be sought before using any content from this document for
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| Section 13 | THANKS                                                      s13 |

I would like to thank the following:-

o Canadianese, BlackDevil990, xInfiniteoo, Angershock, M-Easy and johncnstntn
  for helpful forum posts

o Symthic for the weapon stats and game data

o JackFrags and xFactor for handy preview videos

o Crimson Sails, Myosotis, Cold Fiction Music and Cousin Silas for super sounds

I will be happy to give credit and thanks to anyone who makes a contribution.
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