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                           Sniper: Ghost Warrior
                            Achievement Guide

                          - by jimmythesnowman
                          - Version 1.00
                          - completed August 7, 2011
                          - Written for


--== Introduction ==--

This is a simple guide mainly meant to help players figure out a few of the
more difficult achievements. Overall, the achievements in Sniper: Ghost
Warrior are very easy to get; they are mostly self-explanitory and can be
done without really aiming for them (or when dicking around). By your first
playthough you will probably have 75% of the achievements completed, as
opposed to the 25% or so you would see with games like Portal 2. Achievements
are cross-platform, so the information for the X-box is the same as for the
PC. There are 24 achievements total, and they are listed as follows:

[Achievement Name] - [Achievement Conditions] - [Percent Who Have It]

Achievement Name - The name of the achievement
Conditions - How to get it, as listed by the achievement itself
Percent who have it - The percent of people who have this achievement, as
listed here:
Description - A longer description explaining how to best get the achievement
in question.

This guide also has an appendix section, which lists links helpful to the
game, as a little aside from me, the author. Contact information and copyright
is also at the bottom.


--== Version History ==--
Version 1.00 - August 7, 2011
First and probably last version. A very short and simple guide for an
underachieving game. Let's see how its sequel turns out...


--== Table of Contents ==--
  - Introduction
  - Version History
  - Table of Contents
  - Achievements
  - Appendix
  - Contact information
  - Copyright



Sniper Expert - Deliver 50 headshots - 55.1%
This is a simple achievement to get, considering you should always be aiming
for the head anyway. You will probably get this achievement sometime during
Act I or II.

Sniper Master - Deliver 100 headshots - 45.8%
This is the advancement of the Sniper Expert achievement; like that one, you
will naturally get this during the campaign, probably during Act III.

Rookie - Finish the game on Easy - 26.5%
This is self-explanitory. However, Easy is a wussee difficulty. Note:
the difficulty achievements do stack, so this one can be achieved by playing
on hard or normal as well.

Captain - Finish the game on Normal difficulty - 15.2%
Most people will get this achievement on completing the campaign, as most
people play at this difficuty.

General - Finish the game on Hard difficulty - 5.2%
Hard difficulty is, indeed, hard. Mainly, it removes the helpful red dot that
you get when shooting at long ranges, which severly complicates long shots by
forcing the player to rely on their own skills to figure out bullet position.
Not for the faint of heart, this achievement will take a lot of time to
complete, but doing so will instantly cash in all three difficulty

Act I - Complete Act I - 41.6%
Self explanitory.

Act II - Complete Act II - 33.1%
Self explanitory.

Act III - Complete Act III - 29.6%
Self explanitory.

Act IV - Complete Act IV - 25.8%
Self explanitory. Interesting to see interest fall away in the game, here.

Seeker - Find all Secrets - 1.2%
Secrets take the form of laptops that are scattered in shady areas throughout
the game. There are thirty of them, usually two or so per level, though some
can have as many as three or as few as none. A guide to finding all the
secrets can be found here:

This is rather time consuming, but is something to look out for on your second
runthrough of the game.

You Have the Focus - Kill 15 enemies using Concentration Mode - 40.7%
Concentration Mode is intensly useful. You activate it by pressing Shift, and
it slows down time and removes scope sway while concentrating. It is a good
idea to use it on all but the closest shots, and getting 15 kills using
Concentration should be child's play.

Through the Wall - Shoot an enemy through the wall - 49.6%
There are several points in the game where it is possible to get this
achievement. Sniper rifles can shoot enemies right through wooden walls and
weak steel fences, making them ideal for "wallbangs". You will almost
certainly get this while playing through the game, but if you're specifically
aiming for it, the Act II mission where you have to take out guards at the
military camp from the elevated post has five or six possible wallbangs on top
of one another. It is also possible to get this achievement at close range
by shooting through wood with a pistol.

Flying Knives - Kill 10 enemies with Throwing Knives - 19.2%
Throwing Knives are fun, and many players do not even know you have them (as
they are never directly mentioned). You can access them by scrolling the
Middle Mouse to them, or otherwise swapping weapons. They're only useful for
close range, but within that range they are a one-hit kill. There are quite a
few enemies in the campaign on whom you can sneak up and throw a knife at; you
will probably get this on your first playthrough.

Heavy Fire - Kill 30 enemies with a Browning Machine Gun - 22.6%
This is actually extremely difficult to get. The only place where you have a
Browning Machine gun that can appreciatably stack up kills is when defending
the hill while waiting for the evacuation chopper in Act III; however, so much
as sticking your head up will fill your head full of fire. This is one best
done on Easy.

One package, two recievers - Kill 2 enemies with one grenade - 42.3%
A well chucked grenade has plenty of double or even triple kill oppertunities.
If you are trying to get this purposefully, it's best to sneak up to a pair
and drop a grenade right under their feet - they probably won't even notice.

One shot, two kills - Kill 2 enemies with one bullet - 49.8%
Best done with a sniper rifle, there are a few instances where two patrolling
soldiers pass right by one another for a clean shot. If specifically aiming to
get it, the Act II mission where you assault the military camp from the
sniping post is a good place to get it, as one of the targets is a pair of
circling guards.

The Protector of Pontoon - Kill all enemies attacking your pontoon from the
 riverside on "Weaken The Regime" level - 29.2%
At one point in the "Weaken The Regime" level you will be placed on a pontoon
with a couple of squad mates. There are plenty of enemies on either shore, and
some helis flying overhead that you narrowly avoid. This achievement can be
a pain in the ass to get, however, as sometimes one or two enemies you though
you killed will still be alive. You can't drive, but it's not as difficult as
you might think, as all of the enemies are located within very visible
compounds along the river - just rip them up and move on to the next one.

Fallen Eagle - Kill 10 birds - 5.0%
If you dick around and discover that you can kill birds with a sniper rifle,
you'll get this soon enough. There are birds circling the map on nearly all
maps; it's just a matter of hitting them. Best done on Easy or Medium.

Electrician - Shoot 5 cable lines with a sniper rifle - 4.4%
Another dicking around achievement, you can quickly get this if you figure
out you can, indeed, shoot cable lines. They will spark and fall away from the
poles. There are plenty of electrical cables strewn all over the military
bases that you pass through.

Close Range - Kill 250 people using a pistol on Multiplayer - 0.3%
If you can find people playing multiplayer, you can get this achievement
within a couple of weeks.

Hold Your Breath - Kill 250 people using a Sniper Rifle on Multiplayer - 1.1%
If you can find people playing multiplayer, you can get this achievement
within a week.

Sharpshooter - Kill 500 people using a Sniper rifle on Multiplayer - 0.6%
If you find people playing multiplayer, you can get this achievement within
a week and a half.

Supplier of Death - Kill 2000 people on Multiplayer - 0.3%
The most tedious achievement of them all. Most people just boost for it; if
you actually play Multiplayer, you can get this in, maybe, a month?

Laural Wreath - Win 50 matches online - 0.7%
If you play enough matches, you will get this. Assuming you win half them,
this means 100 matches, which translates into approximetly 2 weeks, depending
on how much you play and if anyone is on.


--== Appendix ==--
Some useful links related to the game:
- The Xbox 360 achievement list.
- The Steam achievement list and percentage statistics.
- A lot of people are boosting for the multiplayer achievements; if you want
to too for the sake of completion, and have an Xbox, post here.
- Sniper Ghost Warrior Secrets Guide, for the Seeker achievement.
- Video walkthrough of the game.


--== Contact information ==--
I may be contacted at a[underscore]bilogur[at]yahoo[dot]com. I WILL NOT
respond to hate mail, poorly composed messages, buisness messages, questions
already answered in this guide, stupid questions, or requests to be my
friend. I WILL respond to good questions and helpful additions. It may take me
a bit of time to get back to you, be patient.


--== Copyright ==--
This guide is (C) 2011 jimmythesnowman.  This may be not be reproduced under
any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on
any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written

                               ** End **

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