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These enemies are the strongest in the game. Defeating them will prove that u are 
all powerful.  I will tell u how to defeat these enemies.

Ultima Weapon-if u bother to waist a turn and scan him it will say he is the most 
powerful monster in the game. Don't listen to them there is one harder. To defeat 
him nice and quick make sure you have lion heart and if u do this special attack at 
level 100 he will be dead in one shot. If not first use hero on all people or holy 
Use magic such as meteor and ultima.also useaura before using hero.if this is done 
well he's will be dead quick. also use doomtrain and all of the other summons to 
saty alive re-use hero on somebody if they lose it.If u do this he'll be dead 
quick.At the max he'll have 160000 HP and has an attack called light pillar that 
unless some one is invinsible will kill one player automatically.

Ultimecia- She has 4 forms and is the last boss but is still not the hardest enemy.
In her first form just do whatever it takes to beat her. She'll mostly cast 
spells.make sure that 2 of the 3 people are invinsible. when one dies they switchto 
another at random. do this till squall is out. lay into her with your blade.when 
enough damage has been done she summons Griever(yeah the monster on squall's 
ring).Make sure you keep squall invinsible. just keep attacking and don't use that 
many summons. he can suck up and use your spells. pray he doesn't take one of your 
junctioned spells.when he's dead he uses shockwave pulsar(yeah quitis's best blue 
magic spell). then you'll have to beat ultimecia with Griever junctioned. orepeat 
what you've been doing and he's easy. Watch out for that thing where he takes your 
spells.When thats dead you'll have to defeat her final form. destroy the bottom half 
quick then attack the top. If u don't she'll use Apokalipse the ultimate magic spell.
When she starts talking she's almost gone. Watch what she's saying and when she says 
and attack and no matter how much damage you do she's gone.Now watch the ending. 
Know that just cause u beat her doesn't mean you are the best There is still one 
more enemy................OMEGA WEAPON!!!!!!!!

OMEGA WEAPON- THE ULTIMATE STRONGEST MONSTER. If u don't have lion heart this will 
take a whole lot longer. simply cast hero on all or holy war.make sure to cast aura 
before hero or holy war. just hit him with all your limit breaks. and if u do lion 
heart thats a big chunk of his Hp but it still may take 5 or 6 more.cast aura and 
hero every time they wither. watch out for his terra break it will take a magnificent
estimate of 20000 off each person wich wll kill you if not invinsible. just keep 
repeatin what i told you and you'll win. After beating him he'll give u a rare item 
known as three stars. Afraid your friends won't believe the fact that you beat OMEGA 
WEAPON. lucky you he also drops the rarest and hardest to obtain item known as proff 
of Omega. Wich looks like the following:

Congratulations                                       Congratulations
                   You have defeated the world's
                 strongest monster. Omega Weapon
                   in Ultimecia Castle.
          You are the finest fighter in the world.
Congratulations                                       Congratulations

Note don't forget to draw Eden from Ultima Weapon.If you do draw him from Tiamet 
from Ultimecia Castle.

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