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Location: At the bottom of the Deep Sea Excavation Site(island on the south east of 
the world map)
Boss: Ultima Weapon
Hp: 70 000 
Draw: Regen
End battle reward: 100 Ultima stones
                   Eden's Card
                   100 Ap

 Ultima Weapon is an intensily difficult enemy. To attemp defeating him you should 
be above level 60, and even then it can be a challenge. Make sure you have strong 
healing abilities and magic because items are practicly useless.Ultima Weapons 
attacks are based around three moves, Physical attack, Earthquake, gravija, and 
watch out for light piller because it always deals 9999 damage.The easiest way to 
defeat him is by using limit breaks. Using aura would be a wise choice. To defeat 
him in 1 hit use Squall's limit break(if he has the lion heart) and hope for the 
best he uses the move Lion Heart!
NOTE- don't forget to draw Eden!!!(the ultimate GF) 

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