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.\  :   :   /............................................................
.| _:___:___|...................\    \.................../    /.........
.|/          )/        //      /.\    \................./    /   /.....
./    ______//    /   //  __  /...\    \.............../    /   /.....
|        |  /        //   /  /.....\    \............./    /   /.....
|________| (___//   //___/__/.......\    \.........../    /________/ 
.|  :   :   |...\   \................\    \../   \../    /.........  
.|  :   :   |....\   \................\    \/     \/    /.........
.|  :   :   |.....\   \................\       _       /.........
.|  :   :   |......\   \................\_____/.\_____/.........
.|  :   :   |.......\___\......................................
.|  :   :   |.................................................
                  (c) 2002 GrAwL [Forbidden Underworld]               
                             P R E S E N T S
      .---.        .----------
     /     \  __  /    ------
    / /     \(..)/    -----
   //////   ' \/ `   ---
  //// / // :    : ---
 // /   /  /`    '--
//          //..\\
Game:        Hooligans: Storm over Europe
Type:        Ultimate Guide
System:      PC
Developer:   The Thirteenth Production (XIII)
Publisher:   DarkXabre games
Genre:       RTS
Looks like:  Commandos II
Discs:       1
Version:     1.0 English
Author:      GrAwL (Arjen Voogt)
E-mail:      [email protected]
Site:        http://www.ultimateguides.cjb.net
Game-site:   http://www.hooligans-thegame.com
First ver.:  01/21/02
Last update: 01/27/02

Table of Contents

You'll find symbols next to some paragraphs and chapters in this TOC. The
symbols mean the following:

* = New
+ = Updated
X = Ne(X)t version(s)
o = (O)nly this version(s)

*[1]  Introduction & Stuff 
 *[1.1]   Introduction 
 *[1.2]   About Hooligans
 *[1.3]   Copyright
 *[1.4]   History
 *[1.5]   Next version
 *[1.6]   Credits
 *[1.7]   Sources
 *[1.8]   How to contact me
 *[1.9]   Other guides (FAQ's) from me
 *[1.10]  Other games you'll like if you like this game
 *[1.11]  Where to find this guide
 *[1.12]  Ratings

*[2]  Review
 *[2.1]   Review

*[3]  Walktrough
 *[3.1]   The Netherlands - Going Dutch
 *[3.2]   France - Frenzy in France
 *[3.3]   United Kingdom - Contained in England
 *[3.4]   United Kingdom - City Violence
 *[3.5]   The Netherlands - Flower Dope
 *[3.6]   Germany - Stronghold in Germany
 X[3.7]   Note

/  "  \
\ ^ ^ / 
[1] Introduction & Stuff

[1.1] Introduction

It was a normal monday... well... school pissed me off and a girl acted
pretty weird (WTF do you mean I'm ignoring you?... Damn you Yvonne! Nah...
j/k... I like you :D). Except this 2 problems everything was fine... 
So I was at a friends place (SoepKips place) and he told me he had the 
game Hooligans. Another friend of me (Maverick) told me the game was
released that morning. Wow! That game was pretty hyped here in the 
Netherlands, so I lend the game of SoepKip and installed it.
And ofcourse, I also wrote a guide on Hooligans: Storm over Europe.
Ow BTW Maverick, do you now believe I have the game ;)

[1.2] About Hooligans

Hooligans is probably the most original game of 2002! So what's so 
special about it? The combination hooligans and beer! Your mission is
simple: steal some moeny, get some beer, hire new hooligans and trash the
The graphics are a little simple. Is this game from 1996 or what? The
graphics are bad, but the gameplay is very good!
You probably can't find the game in the stores. Nobody wants to sell it!
If you want to get the game, you'll have to buy it on 

[1.3] Copyright

Copyright (c) 2002 by GrAwL. 

This is a private work in progress not endorsed by XII or its parent
company, and in no way should it be inferred that this FAQ/Walkthrough is
officially sanctioned by XII in any way. XII is the sole owner of 
Hooligans, and possesses all rights and privileges of ownership.

GrAwL, being the sole owner of this FAQ/Walkthrough is not affiliated to
XII and should not be inferred as such. As sole owner of this 
FAQ/Walkthrough, GrAwL reserves the right to change, amend or otherwise
revoke the content of this document without prior notice.

This FAQ/Walkthrough may only be posted at Cheat Code Central at 
www.cheatcc.com, GameFAQs at www.gamefaqs.com, NeoSeeker at 
www.neoseeker.com and the Ultimate Guide-site unless parties obtain 
express written permission from GrAwL. See paragraph [1.13] for more 
In the event of unauthorised dissemination and/or distribution of this
document for personal gain or profit, GrAwL reserves the rights of sole 
ownership to sue for plagiarism and intellectual theft under international 
copyright laws. Non-compliance may result in civil litigation and court 

Should a third party not endorsed or recognised by GrAwL alter, edit or 
otherwise amend the content of this document, or in the event of a direct 
violation of copyright laws, GrAwL reserves the right to sue for compound 
damages resulting from third party action, including, but not limited to 
copyright violation.

Comments, suggestions, proposed amendments and information should be
directed to GrAwL at [email protected] Please include your
name and an active e-mail address in the correspondence, with "Hooligans
Ultimate Guide" in the subject line.

If you would like to request permission to post this FAQ/Walkthrough on
your website, please send in a formal request to [email protected]
Include the URL of your website, your name and contact information in your
request. We will process your request and reply as soon as possible.

[1.4] History

v.1.0    01/27/02   (31 KB)  The first...

[1.5] Next Version

The higher the point, the higher the priority...

* Walktrough finished
* Hex-editing the saves
* Hex-codes
* Manual
* Lyrics (loading screen)
* Video subtitles
* Anything you want, just e-mail me

[1.6] Credits

SoepKip - Gave me the game :D

[1.7] Sources

Power Unlimited - (P)review Hooligans

[1.8] How to contact me

Ofcourse, you can send me an e-mail. My address is [email protected] 
I have MSN Messenger, so you can also add me to your list if you want.

I don't accept spam, hate-mail etc. If you send me this kind of shit, I'll
add you to the black-list, which means I won't receive anything from you
ever again. So be nice, and I'll be nice ;)

When you want to add me to your MSN contact list, please tell me you got
my mail address from one of my guides. 

You can sometimes find me on IRC. Connect to the server irc.guruchat.net
and send a message to GrAwL. You can find me in #Dutch (remember, Dutch
ppl only!).

[1.9] Other guides (FAQ's) from me

Other guides from me can be found on www.ultimateguides.cjb.net! Go check
it out...

[1.10] Other game you'll like if you like this game

If you like Hooligans, you'll also enjoy the following games:

Commandos (II)

[1.11] Where to find this guide

This guide can be found on:

If you encounter the guide anywhere else, please mail me, so I can put
an end to that! This guide is has copyright y'know ;) See paragraph [1.3]
for more information about this guide.

[1.12] Ratings

In this section, you'll find ratings of different people, sites and 

Power Unlimited (#11, Nov 2001, preview) - Hooligans is a very nice RTS
 from Dutch developers. With good humour and a dope soundtrack. A with 
 with balls for gamers with balls.

Power Unlimited (#2, Feb 2002, review) - Don't try this at home, kids!
 Hooligans is a funny game, but act normal. If you do, nothing will be
 wrong and the Netherlands can sleep again. (68%)

/  "  \
\ ^ ^ / 
[2] Review

[2.1] Review

My favourite gamesmagazine (not that it's a good one, but it's the best 
one in the Netherlands) told this game would rock. But ofcourse, I only
believe it when I see it with my own eyes. So here's my review:

Graphics - 70%
It isn't 1996 anymore! There's nothing wrong with 2D, but it all look a
little bit cheap. The characters move like planks and the animation 
sucks! C'mon!

Music - 90%
A kick-ass sountrack! If you think the soundtrack is good, wait until you
heard the music when the game is loading! Parodies on We are the 
Champions etc. In stead of singing "We are the Champions!", they sing 
"We are still loading!" etc. Very funny stuff. When I first heard it, I
couldn't stop laughing! I hoped the loading took forever. It didn't ;)
The voices are pretty smooth too! A very I'm-in-a-bad-mood voice. The
in-game voices are always the same. If the voices weren't the same, 
the music would get a 100% :D

Gameplay - 90%
An easy interface, but sometimes the menus are in the way. You can't see
the map with those menus. It's a good think you can hide these.

Controls - 90%
Left and right mouse button and sometimes the keyboard. What else do I
have to say?

Story - 95%
Pretty original. You control a bunch of hooligans we tell you about their
past. Before a mission, another movie is shown, so you understand the 
story a little better. And when you played all the misions, you fully 
understand why these people are hooligans ;)

Replay - 90%
I think you can play this game over and over again. It's just cool to 
trash stuff like this, fight with other hooligans, rob shops etc. I
think this game will never bore you.

Overall - 87%
The best RTS around at the moment. Forget Commandos II! That game is for
people who are afraid to trash things. When you're not afraid to trash
things, check this game! You'll love it!

/  "  \
\ ^ ^ / 
[3] Walktrough

[3.1] The Netherlands - Going Dutch

Introduction: The first match of the season! A quick tutorial guide will
 teach you the basics of leading your troops. After this it's time to do
 some damage...


Mission: You there?.. It is the beginning of the season and this mission
 is quite simple. Get to the stadium and watch the game. Now, if you need
 money, you can trash and loot shops and you can get totally wankered on
 beer at the nearest pub, know what I mean?
 The cops have got a riot squad waiting for you geezers, but nothing to
 het worried about, is it? There are two entrances to the stadium and a
 small firm is waiting for your arrival.
 Get one leader and 10 men into the stadium.

 [ ] Get at least 1 leader and 10 of your men into the stadium

How: *Allright, mates, listen up. I have't got a lot of time for this. 
 Here's the basics to keep your men in and out of control. Follow my
 instructions carefully, cause after this, you're on your own!*

 Note: When a text is between *'s, it's a message on the screen... You
 know what I mean? ;)

 *Let's start with some basic selection, move and attack command. 
 Leftclicking selects and shows you the info of all relevant objects on 
 the screen and rightclicking is for actions. Your leader can be quickly 
 selected by leftclicking his icon in the topleft of the screen. Now
 select any unit of your team by leftclicking him in the field.*

 Now do what that guys tells you to do! Select a unit.

 *You'll see his stats below in the panel. Now rightclick anywhere on the
 ground to have your unit move over there.*

 Move your unit somewhere. Anywhere is fine, but keep him close to your
 team. And be sure not to walk to the cops!

 *Right then, I suppose you wanna know how to break stuff hey? Select the
 whole group by dragging a rectangle around them with your left mouse
 button. Then rightclick and hold the button on one of the benches near 
 the fountain. You'll see some buttons pop-up. Release your mouse over the
 fist icon and order your men to trash this object!*

 Trash one of the benches you see near the fountain with your group.

 *Nice, but we need some cash... have your men loot one of the shops to
 your right by using the pop-up menu. This time we want the cash inside, 
 so select the Eruo icon instead.*

 Loot the left shop on the right (or any shop on the right).

 *Wicked! Hope the police didn't hear the alamr though... He. You know 
 what I mean. Because you'll always want the money out of a shop, the
 default command for shops is looting. You can see the cursor change to a
 loot cursor while over a shop, displaying the cash inside. To use the 
 default command, just rightclick without holding the button. Holding the 
 shift will queue your command. Now hold down shift and rightclick two 
 more shops. Your men will loot the second shop after they're done with
 the first! Do it!*

 Loot the other THREE shops. Yeah... I know the guy tells you to loot 2
 shops, but some extra cash is always welcome, isn't it? :D

 *Great! Your cash total is displayed above the minimap. Now you can buy 
 some beer. Right click on the pub to enter it, either using the default
 command or the pop-up menu.*

 Your men are probably looting the third shop. When they're finished, 
 enter the pub.

 *The pub is yours. Your team logo is displayed on the ground in front
 of it. You can control the pub by clicking on the house icon in the 
 panel. Go right ahead.*

 Click the house icon (looks like a house with a glass of beer inside).

 *Look at the panel on the right side, you can give rounds of beer for
 everyone in the pub. Now, let's be real generous. Move the slider until
 it displays the amount you want to spend on a round. Then click the bell
 to buy the beer.*

 Move the slider all the way to the right and ring the bell.

 *By buying rounds, some supporters will join you and help you fight.
 Watch it though, your units inside can get very drink and out of 
 *New hardcore units can join your gang... For a reasonable sum of 
 pocketmoney of course. Leftclick the unit icons in the panel to see its
 price and statistics. Check them out and press the recuit button to have
 one join you. He will exit the pub and is at your command.*

 Buy as much as hardcore units as possible.

 *Sorted. Now get those wankers out of the pub and join your ranks! Go
 back to the pub's info screen by pressing the shop-info button below the
 beerslider. Here you can use the select-all button to select all units
 inside the pub. Once selected, have them leave by clicking on the ground
 somewhere outside the pub.*

 Move all your units (including the new) outside the pub somewhere.

 *That's right, moving on to the leader commands. You can assign units to
 a leader to act as a group. To do so, select the leader and a bunch of
 hardcore units and rightclick on the leader, using the default command
 or the center pop-up icon.*

 What are you thinking? Do what he says you to do!

 *The geezers that you can't select are normal supporters, they joined
 you after you bought them a round. You can't control them but they will
 help you fight when motivated enough.*
 *OK, to get them in the right mood, have at least one leader nearby to
 start a chant to raise their loyalty. Be sure to have a leader in your
 selection and rightclick and hold the button on any unit in your 
 selection. Release the mouse above the chant icon.*

 Chant your men...

 *Lovely! Looks like they're having a ball! Remember, to check a 
 supporter's loyalty or any other statistics of any unit or building,
 leftclick it to see its info in the panel.*

 Wait until the train is arrived.

 *I see some reinforcements have arrived by train. It's time for the more
 advanced selections and commands. You can select a leader and his group
 by leftclicking his icon in the topleft of the screen or by pressing the 
 corresponding number on your keyboard. Rightclicking a top-icon or
 pressing its number twice will center the view on it. Now select the
 second leader.*

 Select the second leader. He's waiting in fron of "Station Noord".

 *Let's assign some units to him. Add some hardcore units to the current
 selection by holding shift and selecting them in the field. You can
 deselect them by holding control, either in the field or the panel. Now,
 once you have a selection with the second leader and some units make it a
 group by using alt and pressing 2.*

 Create a second group.

 *That's it, my son! You can make your units run by holding control while
 you give the move command. Try it and move some units near the pile of
 bricks, right of the fountain.*

 Let the units run to the pile of bricks near the fountain.

 *When your units are in the vicinity of a pile of bricks, you can order
 them to lob a few bricks at a desired target. Just use the pop-up menu
 on any target and select the brick icon.*

 Throw some bricks.

 *Rigt, that could come in handy some time... On some objects you can
 issue special commando with your selection. Rightclick and hold the pile
 of bricks and use the turret icon. This will command your selection to
 stay and defend the area against any incoming threats...*

 Use the turret-icon on the pile of bricks.

 *Okay, you're on your own now! You don't need an ol-geezer like me to 
 help anymore. Just get to the staidum in time for the match! You don't
 want to miss that now, do ya? Good luck...*

 Hehe... let's kick some serious ass! 
 On the right side of the map, you'll see some cops. And they have more 
 cops than you have units, so we have to find another way... Just look to
 the left! You'll see some bricks near the parking lot. Throw these at
 the enemy units.

 Wait until the new gang is arrived an kill them. When you're finished
 with these guys, move to the stadium. See that big pile of bricks? Just
 throw them at the other units behind the gates.

 When everyone is killed, some new units will exit the stadium. Once you
 killed them, you can finally enter the stadium...

[3.2] France - Frenzy in France

Introduction: Your arrival in France has stirred up the attention of the
 opposing hooligans. They must be up to something...

Mission: Still pissed? This is France but there is a slight problem. Now,
 besides the fact that they drink wine here instead of beer, some of the
 geezers have been arrested by the filth. Your team's players bus is on 
 its way but the opposing firm is rioting on the streets and around the
 hotel your players are staying in.
 Now, if you don't watch out your team might get scared and not sleep too
 well. If that happens tomorrow match will be as good as lost, make sure 
 the players bus gets to the hotel unharmed.

 Tidy man, real tidy.

 [ ] Make sure the players bus arrives safely at the hotel

How: You'll begin in the lower right corner of the screen. First loot the
 houses on the left. You can rob two houses. After you did this, walk
 to the streets.

 You can buy weapons if you want, although I think you don't really need
 them at the moment. You can also wait and hire more units... The choice
 is up to you (I didn't buy weapons).

 Walk to the left and loot every shop and house on your way. Somewhere on
 the left of the map is a square shaped block of houses. Loot all the
 houses and enter the pub that's inside the square. Hire some men if you
 want (and you probably want). 

 You'll get some ravers when you try to enter the pub.

 The men on the top of the map will be free about now. You can move them.
 Don't attack the enemy on the left, because the cops will kill you in
 no time. Attack the enemy in the lower right corner of the screen with
 all your men.

 Use Bulch to move the containers away from the street. If Bulch is 
 killed, you can hire him in the pub you entered a few minutes ago. This 
 will cost you 500 euro. If you don't have the money, you can loot some 
 shops or houses to get the money. You can only hire one Bulch at the 

 After a while, the bus will arive. Move all your men to the bus to 
 protect it until it reached the hotel. If the bus doesn't move, somebody
 is in the way. Either someone of your men or one of the enemy.

 When the bus reaches the left side of the screen, some enemies will 
 exit the houses (on the outside of the square). Kill them and wait until 
 the bus reached the hotel.

 Quite a hard mission, wasn't it? It's getting much harder in the next
 missions :D

[3.3] United Kingdom - Contained in England

Introduction: A large part of your firm is being held at a containment
 area at the ferry terminal. Your group took another route, so let's
 regroup and take the next train out of there.

Mission: God save the Queen... and our firm! This is England. Another 
 tempting problem to be solved by you. You travelled seperately from the
 rest, just as a precaution. And it payed off for sure. Now, the cops
 arrested the first group of your men just as they got off the ferry.
 The second lot on the ferry is gonna get nicked as well, you have to put
 a stop to this madness. You'll be dropped off at the entrance and you'll
 have a small crew with you. I don't know how, but free your ringleaders
 and make it to the trainstation in town.
 This train is your only way to get out of here without getting nicked!

 Do it man!

 [ ] Free the contained group
 [ ] Destroy the pub on the square (you'll get it later)
 [ ] Get both leaders into the train station alive

How: When the mission begins, you men will leave the car. Select them and
 enter the car again.  Drive down the 3 cops you find to the left. Exit
 the car and loot the 4 shops for some money.

 Drive the car to the bottum of the map, so you drive past the warehouses 
 below. A small gang will walk around. Wait until the gang walks to the 
 car and splat them! If you drive smart, you can kill the whole gang! 
 Leave the car when the gang is finished. When the gang isn't finished, 
 your car will be trashed. Kill the gang with your bare hands. ;)

 To the left some men of you will arive. Look a little up. Lotsa bricks!
 Let the men that just arrived use these bricks to throw to whatever they
 want to throw to (use the turret-icon).

 The men you got in the beginning of the mission should enter the pub. 
 Hire Bulch at least one time. Exit the pub. A little to the right, Bulch 
 tell you he can push that gate. Let him do this. Walk to the left. To the
 left of the shops is another gate. Let Bluch push that one too! Enter the
 car and help your troops that are fighting the big gang in the square.

 Let Bulch move the small container to free the men that are trapped. Let
 these men also help your fighting men.

 When the big gang is dead, let the 2 leaders enter the train station. The
 rest of your men should destroy and loot the pub. 

 Pretty easy mission :D

[3.4] United Kingdom - City Violence

Introduction: Times have changed...
 Last year you lost the battle here, now this year make 'em pay for that.

Mission: Revenge.. Is a sweet thing, ain't it? Last year they might have
 kicked your ass, but this year you are here to settle. The city is 
 unaware that your firm is here in numbers. They annihilated your manor
 last year. You need payback!
 destroy the gasstation!.. Destroy the villa!.. Smash up that pub next to
 the police station and make sure you posses two pubs on the central
 square. Your revenge will be complete when you exceed the 4 million Euro
 mark in damages to the town.

 [ ] Get at least 4.000.000 Euro in damages to the town

 [ ] Destroy the gasstation
 [ ] Destroy the villa on both sides

 [ ] Destroy the pub next to the police station

 [ ] Make sure you take over the two pubs on the main square

How: A cool mission...

 First loot some houses. This will raise the damage to the town, and it
 will also give you some extra cash. Enter the pub and hire some units.
 Now just walk around in town and trash the place! ;)
 Sometimes, after you broke in, some men of the other team will appear. 
 You can easily finish them off when you've got enough men.

 After a while, the cops will come and clear the town. 

 If someone is low on health, he can fuck as hooker to heal. I never knew
 it's helps to fuck a hooker when you're wounded. Maybe I should try it
 someday too ;)

 First, trash for 4.000.000 Euro, so you have lotse money. Take over the
 pub next to the police station and hire some new units. Now enter the
 weaponstore and buy some weapons (be sure to buy granates for the

 Attack the big gang in the sqaure with grenates to kill the most off 
 them. Finish the rest with your men. Take over the 2 pubs here and loot 
 the houses in the sqaure. Hire some new units and attack the villa. 
 Inside the villa lives a man with a shotgun, so watch out!

 Finally, attack the gasstation. Another man with a shotgun lives here,
 which is stronger than the man of the villa. Finish him and trash the
 gasstation to finish the mission.

[3.5] The Netherlands - Flower Dope

Introduction: Them Dutchies know home to run a farm! Aah, there's nothing
 like the smell of "flowers" in the morning!

Mission: Drugs are bad for you, right? Well, since you're in Holland,
 let's do the Dutch government a favor. On the way back from an away
 game you got some info about a drugfarm of this big shot Dutch firm.
 It was on route, so what the hell, why not pay them a visit eh? Destroy
 the drugs farm and get away with your bus.

 A nice and easy in and out job...

 [ ] Destroy the drugsfarm by trashing at least 16 of the glasshouses

 [ ] Make sure the bus doesn't get thrashed

 [ ] Make a clean getaway with your bus

How: A pretty hard mission if you ask me...

 First, move the units to the path below. On the left side of the map,
 Bulch can move away the fence. You'll enter a field with a trailer. The
 trailer is a whorehouse, so you can heal your men and hire hookers here.

 Move to the right side of the map (stay on the road) and attack the 
 glasshouses. When the enemy comes after you, run into the trailer. The
 pimp will shoot anybody who tries to attack his trailer (your enemy
 this time).

 Let your men rest inside the trailer and move out 2 rats. Let the rats
 trash glasshouses until you trashed enough. When you did, a bus will
 arive in about 1 minute. Move all your men to the place you started the
 mission. When the bus arrives, let somebody enter the bus to complete
 this mission.

[3.6] Germany - Stronghold in Germany

Introduction: 4-0!
 Your team lost the match 4-0! The only thing that can ease that pain is
 a whole lotta beer and brawling!

Mission: Viva Deutschland! Another round for your team in the Euroleague
 Championships. You lost the game 4-0 to those bastards! You decided to
 leave the stadium before the end of the game and relieve your innermost
 Destroy two pubs on the central sqaure and get away with a team to the
 north. Remember! You left before the end of the game, so you gonna have
 some time before their firm celebrates it's victory in town.

 [ ] Destroy two pubs on the central sqaure

 [ ] Get away with the team to the north with at least 20 of your men

How: In the beginning, I was almost sure this one was impossible ;)

[3.7] Note

I'll try to finish this chapter next version (but don't count on it)...


"I'm not evil, I'm GrAwL"

"Who wants to fight with me?"

"Do not fear, I is here"
 -Hackers the movie

"This is the end, my friend"
 -Hackers the movie

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