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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HALO 3~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1.0-Game Controls
1.5-Heads Up Display (HUD)
2.5-Covenant Species
3.5-Grenades& Support Weapons

1.0- Game Controls-
Y button- Switch Weapons
B button- Melee
X button- Use equipment
A button- jump
Right bumper(RB)-Action/Reload primary weapon
Right trigger(RT)-Use Primary weapon
Left bumper(LB)-Dual wield/Reload or change secondary weopon/select grenade type
Left trigger(LT)-Throw grenade/use secondary weapon
Back-Veiw Multiplayer stats/carnage report
Directional Pad (D-Pad)-(up)flashlight/Push to talk(multiplayer
Left Analog-Move/strafe/Press to crouch
Right Analog-Aim/turn/look/press to zoom or use scope

Left Trigger(LT)-Thrust(Flying Camera)
Right Trigger(RT)-Slow Motion/Fast Forward
Left Bumper(LB)-move down(Flying Camera)
Right Bumper(RB)-Move up(Flying Camera)
Y button-Flying Camera/Player Camera
X button-Hide/show Control pad
B button-hide/Show HUD
A button-play/pause
Left Analog-Move camera/press to pan(Flying Camera)
Right Analog-Look/rotate Camera(Flying Camera)
D-pad-Switch Players(Player Camera)

FORGE CONTROLS (edit mode,aka Oracle mode)
Left trigger(LT)-Thrust
Right trigger(RT)-Hold to rotate selected item
Left Bumper(LB)-move down
Right Bumper(RB)-move up
Y button-Delete item
X button-Inventory/Item Options
B button-Hold to drop selected item
A button-pick up/drop selected item/purchase selected item from inventory
Left Analog-move/rotate selected item
Right Analog-Look/rotate selected item
D-Pad-(up)switch from player to edit mode

-The HUD is graphically projected to the inslde of you visor(the screen) It 
provides Info on the following:

-GRENADES-To cycle through grenades press LB.The selected grenadewill be 
outlined in light blue. The number of grenades will be shown by its picture.
The maximum amount of grenades to be carried is 2 per type of grenade.(Top left 
corner of screen)

-EQUIPMENT-you can carry only 1 equipment at a time. Press and hold RB to 
switch. Yo active equipment, press the X button. Each equipment has its own 
picture, found under the grenade pictures

-SHIELDS-Your sheild indicator will show solid blue when in an optimal state 
and will flash re when fully depleted.(top center of screen)

-MOTION TRACKER-MJOLNIR Mark VI has a limited motion-detecting capability. It 
can differentiate between friendly(yellow), enemy(red), and waypoint(white). 
Elevation and obsticles are not shown on the radar. A slow moving or stationary 
target will not appear on radar.(bottom left corner of screen)

-WAYPOINT-A waypointshows the directin of your next objective or destination. 
It also shows ddestination of flags or VIPs in multiplayer mode.

-WEAPONS AND AMMO/CHARGE-The weapon you are currently using and its ammo or 
charge are shown above the icon of your secondary weapon. The amount of extra 
ammo or charges you have left are shown next to the primary weapons picture.
(top right corner of screen)

-MULTIPLAYER INFO-In multiplayer games the voice communicationn indicator and 
game specific scoring info is on the bottom right corner of the screen.


Spartan-117:Master Chief- Master Chief is the last of the elite SPARTAN II 
Soldiers. These genetically superior, highly trained super soldiers stand 
nearly 7 feet tall, and weigh nearly 1000 pounds.

The Arbiter- The disgraced Commander of the Covenant Fleet of Particularjustice
was stripped of his rank, and forced down to don the the ancient armor of the 
Arbiter- an Elite custom where a warrior is sent on a suicide mission to claim 
great honor in death. The Arbiter Has started a Civil war that has shaken the 
foundation of the Covenant. Him and his people have sided with the humans to 
destroy the covenant.

Cortana- The UNSC's most sophisticated AI, Cortana is the onetime shipboard 
intellegence of the Halcyon class cruiser "Pillar of Autumn". After Helping to 
destroy the first Halo she was lost during events on Delta Halo. She is aboard 
the flood infested ship called High Charity. Cortana is the only link to the 
incredible secret of halo. She must be Saved.

The Prophet of Truth- The deluded leader of the covenant, this zealot is 
forcing his civilization down a suicidal path. He intends to activate Halo.The 
prophet beleives he can follow the forerunners to their mysterious destination 
and share the ancient unlimited power.

Gravemind- The virulent flood spreads when a certain critical mass, it develops 
centalized intellegence known as Gravemind. It was destroyed once before by 
activation of the Halo arrary. But its back, and it wont be destroyed again.

Segeant Johnson- Sergeant Major Avery Johnson is the battle hardened and 
longtime cohort of Master Chief.

Commander Miranda Keyes- She now finds herself in the unevidable position of 
coordinating post-invasion resistance on Earth.

-Prophets(San 'Shyuum)


USNC Weapons: (* Means dual-wield-able)
Pistol* M6G-12 rounds/magazine
Submachine Gun* M7/Caseless(SMG)-60 rounds/magazine
Assult Rifle MA5C ICWS-32 rounds/magazine
Battle Rifle BR55HB 36 rounds/magazine
Shotgun M9OA CAWS-6 8 gauge shells
Sniper Rifle SRS 99D AM-4 rounds/magazine
Rocket Launcher M41 SSR MAV/AW-2 HE rockets/Launch assembly
Spartan Laser WAV M6 GGNR-5 shots/charge

Covenant Weapons:
Plasma Pistol*- 100-150kV, 2-3dA
Plasma Rifle*- 420-600 rounds/minute (variable)
Brute Spiker*- 48 spikes/magazine
Needler- 30 needles/caddy
Carbine-36 rounds/magazine
Brute Shot-6 rounds/belt
Beam Rifle-18 shots/charge
Energy Sword-10 uses/charge
Gravity Hammer-14 uses/charge
Fuel Rod Gun-5 rods/magazine

Frag Grenade
M9HE-DP Fragmentation
Kill Radius:5m
Casualty Radius:15m

Plasma Grenade
Type-1 Antipersonnel
Kill Radius:4m
Casualty Radius:12m

Spike Grenade
Type-2 Antipersonnel
Kill Radius:3m
Casualty Radius:11m

Firebomb Grenade
Type-3 Antipersonnel
Kill Radius:2m
Casualty Raduis:4m

Support Weapons-
Plasma Cannon
Type-52 Auto-Plasma Cannon
200 shots/charge

Machine Gun
200 rounds/belt

Missile Pod
8 guided missiles/charger

Bubble Shield-deflects all projectile weapons and grenades(temporary)
Trip Mine- Explodes on touch(temporary)
Grav Lift- allows greater jumps(temporary)
Regenerator-quickly regenerates shields(temporary)
Power Drain-quickly depletes shields(temporary)
Radar Jammer-makes radar malfunction(temporary)
Flare-blinds anyone nearby with a light(temporary)
Invincibility-Makes user invulnerable(temporary)
Cloaking-Makes user invisible(temporary)


Crew:2(+1 gunner)
Weaponry:Machine Gun Turret/Variable

Crew:1(+1 gunner and 4 jumpseats)
Weaponry:90mm High-velocity Cannon,7.62mm Machine Gun Turret

Gauss Wathog
Crew:2(+1 gunner)
Weaponry:High-Velocity Cannon Turret/Variable

Crew:1(+2 jumpseats)
Weaponry:2 class2 guided Munitions Launch Systems

Crew:1(+ 10 in cargo hold)

Weaponry:Twin Plasma Cannons(100-250kW range)

Shade Turret
Weaponry:2 class2 energy

Crew:1(+ 1 gunner)
Weaponry:Plasma Mortar,dual auto firing plasma cannons

Weaponry:2 class2 energy, 1 class2 projectile

Crew:1(+1 gunner and 2 jumpseats)
Weaponry:Auto-firing plasma cannon

Weaponry:Auto-firing grenade launcher

Crew:2(+ passengers)
Weaponry:1 class2 energy,1 fuel rod cannon

Crew:1(+ 2 gunners and 24 in cargo hold)
Weaponry:3 class2 energy

5.0 Copyright

This guide for Halo 3, was created by Bongo 2.0 This guide cannot be copied in 
any way.
Some info for this guide was received from the booklet that comes with the game.

-Thank You-
-Bongo 2.0-

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