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                    NEED FOR SPEED UNDERGROUND 2

 Need for Speed underground 2 is everything 
I expected it to be. I loved it from the moment I 
started. It is simply amazing.


 Graphics- 10 out of 10

        The graphics in NFSU 2 are breathtaking. The car
images, racing, and surroundings provide more than enough
to please even the pickiest gamers. I love the effects of 
breaking through the city using nitrous. It is awesome.
The car options and even original street  cars look good.

  Sound- 10 out of 10

  Fat Joe on the soundtrack, along with snoop dogg, makes 
the sound really good. The engines sound better than 
any other racing title out. The nitrous explodes
you into an awesome world of rich sound. 

  Setup- 10 out 10

 The setup is so easy, it's like having 
a road map for your game. There is a lot of 
features, but they are all so easy to access.
From options, to career to quick race and customize, 
there is no way you can get lost in features.

 Controls- 10 out of 10

 Is there anything I can say? Another 10. The controls are
easy to learn at default level and you customize them
to your own liking. The car movements are smooth and 
also customizable.

  Gameplay- 10 of 10

 The gameplay is excellent. It provides new races,
such as downhill drift, which is drift combined with 
sprints, a new explore feature allowing you 
to roam around the city, searching for races.
There is also shops you must find and 
explore. You can find so many new races. 
The racing is intense and really fun. Also provided
is a Showcase feature allowing you to show off your
car to put on the cover of magazines and DVDs.
If you don't like exploring, NFSU 2 has an alternative.
The World Map allows you to play like Underground 1.
I could go on and on about the gameplay, but I won't
Oh, Yeah, you can also challenge others to outrun races
in which you cna steal there money but outrunning them in 
your car.

  Overall- 10 out of 10

    One thing: This game rocks. I loved it. The new races, 
selection of cars, including GTO and Mustang GT, plus,
my favorite, Nissan Skyline.
The new races and explore mode provide exciting gameplay                        
options and the game even includes a demo of Burnout 3, which
I should have a preview soon.

 I tell you, if GT4 is as good as supposed,
it will have extreme competition.
I recommend this game at all costs.
I enjoyed it more than San Andreas
and HalfLife 2 put together. It's that good.

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