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MMMM         MMMM    KK   KK         DDDD      DDDD      !!  !!
MM  MM      MM MM    KK KK      ::   DD DD     DD DD     !!  !!
MM   MM    MM  MM    KKK             DD  DD    DD  DD    !!  !!
MM    MM  MM   MM    KKK        ::   DD   DD   DD   DD   !!  !!
MM     MMMM    MM    KK KK           DD   DD   DD   DD   !!  !!
MM             MM    KK  KK          DD  DD    DD  DD    !!  !!
MM             MM    KK   KK         DD DD     DD DD     
MM             MM    KK    KK        DDDD      DDDD      !!  !!

By Daveizcool


Hi this is Daveizcool. This FAQ is about all the unlockables and shortcuts in 
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! There r shortcuts in almost every course, but some of 
them dont have shortcuts, so Ill just skip them. The only way to unlock stuff 
is by racing in a grand prix. Each reward is given on a special cc (dont ask 
what that stands for cuz i dont know) and cup. The last cc is called mirror. 
Ill give u more details on that later.So these r the unlockables:

note: all cups must place first!!!!!

Mushroom Cup 50cc: Luigi's car, green fire. it's slightly faster than mario's.

Mushroom Cup 100cc: Baby Luigi's car, rattle buggy. Higher speed and lighter 
than baby mario's car.

Mushroom Cup 150cc: Battle course, Luigi's mansion. you can battle in this 
course with a friend (or friends). battle in the mysteriouse house that luigi 
somehow won.

Mushroom cup mirror mode: toadette's kart. slower than toad's kart but with 
more acceleration (must unlock toad & toadette first)

Flower Cup 50cc: Daisy's car, bloom coach. a little faster and lighter than 
peach's car.

Flower Cup 100cc: Waluigi's car, Waluigi racer. can only be driven by medium 
drivers(waluigi, yoshi, birdo, mario, luigi, peach, and daisy) slower than 
wario's car but with more acceleration.

Flower Cup 150cc: Birdo's car, Turbo Birdo. faster and heavier than yoshi's car.

Flower cup mirror mode: battle stage tilt-a-kart. you battle with a friend on 
an 8-bit mario that tilts all over the place.

Star cup 50cc: paratroopa's car, para wing. has one of the best acceleration, 
but is incredibly slow. they aren't called turtles for nothing!

star cup 100cc: special cup. now you get to unlock more secrets!

Star cup 150cc: diddy kong's car, barrel train. it's the heaviest light kart 
with pretty good speed.

Star cup mirror mode: petey piranha, king boo, and petey's car, piranha pipes. 
now you have more drivers 2 race with!petey piranha and king boo's items are 
everybodys special items!this means that they can get chain chomp, fire, eggs, 
big bananas, bombs, triple shells, bowser shells, hearts, and super mushrooms.

special cup 50cc:bowser jr.'s car, bullet blaster. is very light and very 
speedy. it also has great acceleration.

Special cup 100cc:toad, toadette, and toad kart. now you have more racers on 
the track! toad and toadette's special item is the super mushroom, which will 
give you multiple bursts of speed.

Special cup 150cc: All tour cup. the longest cup in the game, this cup has all 
the courses: 16! can you score a perfect 160 points?

special cup mirror mode: king boo's car, boo pipes. slower than petey's car but 
with more acceleration.

all tour cup 150cc:(note, there are no prizes that are for all tour cup 50cc 
and 100cc. at least not that i remember of, i beat the game a while ago.) 
mirror mode. this is a whole new option when you choose grand prix. mirror mode 
is 150cc and everything is backwards: from the amazing courses you race in to 
the "L" on Luigi's cap.lets see you beat this mode easily!

all tour cup mirror mode: the ultimate car, parade kart. when you win first 
prize in a grand prix, do u see your 2 characters being carried on a golden car 
driven by toadsworth? this is the car you get 2 drive in the courses now!! 
every single character can drive this car, and it has amazing speed.

new begining screen: after you unlock everything in the game, there is a new 
begining screen. it looks amazing, with every great kart and character youve 

Having a hard time unlocking these items? well, use shortcuts! i know almost 
every shortcut in the game that can put u in first place with that beautiful 
golden trophy.here they are:


Luigi circuit****

notes: 1 watch out for the chain chomp!
       2 the shortcuts on this course don't exist on 50cc

1) behind the chainchomp- notice a path behind the chainchomp on 100cc, 150cc, 
or mirror mode (be careful on mirror mode) theres an item box right behind this 
chained animal.make shure that he wont charge up 2 u or else he will make you 
spin out! speed behind him and grab the item box, then hurry back onto the road.
2) near the finish line- there's another shortcut on this course, but not on 
50cc. it's near the finish line, where the power dash wall is. this isn't much 
of a shortcut, but it looks different, so ill add it in. theres an item box on 
this road, so quickly make a right onto the road near the powerdash wall.make a 
left if you're racing on mirror mode!

peach beach******

notes: 1 watch out for cataquacks!
       2 driving on the sand doesn't slow u down.
       3 watch out for high tide for this short cut!

1) island ramp- on the first beach, make a left. you will see a ramp with 2 
item boxes in the air. if there's high tide, it's best not 2 take this path. 
only go on low tide! the water will slow u down. anyway, take the ramp and grab 
one of the item boxes then get back on the track.

dry dry desert****

notes: 1 watch out for tornadoes and pokeys!
       2 beware the sand pit!

1) Jumping the block- NOTE: MUST HAVE MUSHROOM OR STAR!!! at the begining of 
the course if u look in the sand, you will see a little brick sticking out of 
the sand. hurry into the sand and use the mushroom. u will speed off of the 
brick and jump, as if it was a ramp.
2) sand pit speed- NOTE: MUST HAVE A STAR!!! If you have a star, use it when u 
get close to the sand pit with the pit plant inside.stay away from the middle, 
but go on one side of it with turbo speed. instead of going around the pit, u 
cut right through it!

Mushroom Bridge*******

notes: 1 beware of cars, especially the bob-omb cars and wiggler buses!

1) warp pipe- it's best to use this shortcut on the second or third lap. if you 
look to the right of the starting line you will see a path leading to a warp 
pipe (be careful because theres usually a bob-omb car driving on this path) if 
u take the path, you will be warped in the air infront of an item box, and back 
on track. taking the path on the first lap can really slow you down.
2) slope shortcut- NOTE:MUST HAVE MUSHROOM OR STAR!!! After going through the 
first tunnel, you will see a slope going up 2 a bunch of mushroom houses. take 
the path and use the mushroom. the sand on the slope can slow you down. if you 
fololow the slope all the way, u will wind up ahead of a few people.

Daisy Cruiser******

Notes: 1 watch out for sliding tables in the dining room!

1) secret hole- after getting past the dining room, you will see a huge gap in 
the hallway. fall through it. you will end up below the ship where you see a 
huge jet and an item box. grab the item box, the go up the jet at full speed!

Mushroom City******

notes: 1 read notes for mushroom bridge

1) alley shortcut- when you first find a fork in the road, keep on going 
straight. then, look on your right. you will see a pink alley. go inside of it, 
then grab the item box inside. after the alley, u will wind up back on the road.

Yoshi Circuit******

Notes: 1 watch out for piranha plants!

1) under the armpit- NOTE: MUST HAVE MUSHROOM OR STAR!!! When you get up to 
yoshi's arm, look for a gap under his armpit. there's a grass hill. use the 
mushroom just before you make the jump. you're almost likely to end up in 1st.
2) Down Yoshi's neck- NOTE: MUST HAVE MUSHROOM OR STAR!!! This one is a little 
hard to find, i only went through it once. after getting past yoshi's nose, 
look for a little slope in the ground leading to the water. if you're facing 
the right angle, use the mushroom. if you were right, you will end up in a 
tunnel leading to the back of yoshi's neck. this is a very dangerouse shortcut, 
probably the most dangerouse in the game.

DK Mountain*******

Notes: 1 watch out for rolling boulders!

1) gap jump- after you get off of the base of the volcano, you follow the path 
and see a very large gap in the road. if your timing is right,you will jump 
right over the gap.it would probably be safer to have a mushroom.

Dino Dino Jungle*******

Notes: 1 watch out for the big dinosaur, especially on the bridge!
       2 never take the second boardwalk path, it slows you down!

1) Crystal Cave Crossing- NOTE: MUST HAVE MUSHROOM OR STAR! In the crystal cave 
with the geysers, take the right path at the entrance of the cave. use the 
mushroom while going up the ramp and youll be halfway across the cave. try 2 
get the item box over there: most of the time its a special item.

bowser's castle******

Notes: 1 watch out for fire balls!

1) Leaping over the Lava- Towards the end of the course, where the giant bowser 
statue shoots fireballs at u, there's a gap. keep on going straight to pick up 
speed, the jump over the gap. if youre lucky, you wont land in the lava. its 
probably safer to have a star with u. that way, you can go through any oncoming 

Thanks for reading my FAQ. Just remember not to copy this FAQ, because it isn't 
nice... anyway these are the only shortcuts i know. If you know anymore, good 
for you. this FAQ is the property of Daveizcool, so dont copy it.

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