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Hi my name is Josh.Im publishing this FAQ for tips on fighting monsters(this guide 
dosent cover Marines) or learning about the guns in Unreal.

Monsters/Tatics on fighting


There are a variety of weapons in Unreal 2 which I will list.

Shotgun-This gun in my opinion is one of the best.It shoots multiple tiny slugs and 
is *recommended*for short range use only.The alt-fire is also short range.It fires a 
flaming slug that explodes after a short distance and starts most enimies on fire.

Flamethrower-Now this is a cool gun.This gun is also short range but its downside is 
how fast it consumes your ammo.As its name says it shoots flames with the primary 
fire.The alt-fire is also an ammo consumer.If shoots sticky gas-o-line that is 
combustable after about 15-20 seconds.Make a trail and watch the fun!

Grace(Pistol)-This gun is a very handy gun.The primary fire shoots a single shot but 
its good for any distance.The alt-fire is very quick and accurate.It shoots 3 shots 
in a matter of a second.

Drakk Laser Rifle-This gun is probaly the more superior version of a flame thrower 
with its alt-fire.The first fire shoots a laser with a spiraling beam around it.Now 
as I said the alt-fire is more useful than flamethrower.It shoots an EXTREMELY high 
powered energy beam.The one downside to using this gun is that the alt-fire consumes 
alot of ammo quickly and the only ammo that can be found for it is in one level.Use 

Assult Rifle-This gun is a personal favorite.It shoots bullets very quickly with 
primary fire.the alt-fire shoots a slug that when it comes in contact with a wall or 
object it releases 5 shells.Also good with ammo.

ShockLance-This gun has a pretty weak primary fire but an excellent re-fire rate 
with primary.Allows you to put tons of shots on a target.The alt-fire is alot better 
by shooting a concentrated energy pulse im the shape of a ball.Good against machines.

Rocketlauncher-This gun is very quick and powerful.Firing with the primary fire lets 
out a single rocket which does alot of damage.The alt-fire when you first get it 
does not have the lock on feature.If it has the lock-on just click alt-fire but hold 
and put it focused on target.Doing this will allow it to lock-on and when you fire 
it follows your target with 4 rockets.

GrenadeLauncher-This gun is probaly the best terrain type weapon.It has six differnt 
fires using six differnt grenades.Ill go over these.

Frag Grenade-Good in a close space.Has a nice damage radius.

Toxic Grenade-This one is probaly one of the more powerful grenades.when you hit a 
target,toxic fumes and acid spew out.If your target stays within the toxic gas they 
might just die one shot.

Incendiary Grenade-This is probaly the most devastating.When it explodes or comes in 
contact with the enemy(Touching them)it explodes and shoots tons of flames to engulf 
your enemy,not only that but causes them to be on fire.

Emp Grenade-This grenade is the best against machine monsters.It has a very bright 
flash on contact.Dont use in regular combat as it does hardly any damage(To non-

Concussion Grenade-This grenade is impressive.When it hits the ground it causes a 
huge blast to be set through ground knocking most enemies down.Good to use on ledges 
and kill monsters that way without wasting much ammo.

Smoke Grenade-As its name says the Smoke Grenade releases smoke for a rather quick 
escape.Does barely any damage in combat.

Spider Gun-Freaky gun.Primary fire shoots a sac that if it comes in contact with an 
enemy covers them in tiny spiders.Alt-fire spawns a big sucker after a few seconds 
of it hitting the ground then it attacks enemies.

Sniperrifle-Very good gun.For long range its the best.Use the alt-fire to zoom 
in.Then attack your targets.

Dispersionpistol-This gun is weak but recharges its ammo.Alt-fire is good when 
powered up but still weak.Use only in emergencies.

Singularity Cannon-This is the most powerful gun.It shoots a black hole that sucks 
things into oblivion.

Takkra-This is a wierd weapon but cool.If you use primary fire it shoots the orb 
which circles the enemy firing a laser at them.Alt-fire is more of a defense.Any 
projectiles coming toward you will be shot down by it.Like I said wierd but cool.

Monster Tatics-

Izarians-A very weak race imprisioned by the Skaarj.They use the Shocklance as there 
main attack.Although its weak against you beware the alt-fire.It drains your power 
armor.The one advantage they have is there fast and there usually found in 
numbers.Otherwise pretty easy to beat.A tip I recommend is use either the 
dispersionpistol if your good at dodging or the alt-fire of Assult Rifle.

Skaarj-If there was any evil these take the cake.They have several advantages and 
equips.First off theres 3 types.Skaarj Light(No armor)Skaarj medium(Some armor)and 
Skaarj Heavy(Fully armored).

Skaarj Light-Skaarj Light having hardly any defense is quick...very quick.It moves 
and fires energy blasts at you.Also it tends to lunge at you with its claws and that 
might be your advantage for close range attacks.Assult rifle is usually useless 
besides the alt-fire.Heres why.It puts up its metal claws and blocks all(or most)of 
the bullets.So try grenades or Rocket Launcher(If you have it)

Skaarj Medium-is a bit slower.It shoots more powerful energy beams.Also does more 
damage with claws.Use same tatics as Skaarj Light

Skaarj Heavy-The most powerful Skaarj.Being very slow does not mean its an easy 
kill.It Shoots alot faster and does alot of shots in a matter of seconds.It also has 
its mega attack.I call it Mega ball.Its a huge energy blast in the shape of a ball 
that homes in on you.Use the Drakk Laser rifle or Rocket Launcher.Pistol is also a 
good choice.

Drakk-These are robotic flying creatures.Easy to beat if you know what your 
doing.They use laser beams or eletricity to attack you.Use EMP grenades or 
ShockLance alt-fire.

Drakk Caretaker(Boss)-This thing is very hard without any EMP attacks.If you have 
EMP grenades this battles easy.Just use them and when it detachs upper body attack 
it then seek other and destroy that.If you dont have the EMP attacks,just use 
Grace,Assult rifle,or Frag and Incendiary grenades.

Araknids-These things are just mutated spiders.These also come in differnt types 
like Light Medium and Heavy but its not armor.More of referring to weight.

Araknid Light-Small yellow spiders that attack in groups.Just use Dispersionpistol 
destroying them one shot.

Araknid Medium-These are the bigger spiders.They are primaryly red.They tend to jump 
and come at you at full force.Just attack them with ShotGun,AssultRifle,or 

Araknid Heavy(Boss)-This thing is HUGE.Use fire weapons and fast guns.Watch out for 
its concussion attack,it sends a shockwave through the ground throwing you far 
away.The other thing is it spawns little spiders and they get quite annoying.

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