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Rainbow Six is one of the best games to start 2007. It has great graphics, a 
good storyline, terrific gameplay, and a superb multiplayer. Can you clean the 
slums of Mexico and protect Vegas from a nuclear disaster? First of all, the 
storyline is great! Although some may hate the first part with fighting in 
Mexico and caves, I think that it's a good compilation of creativity. From 
squad-based fighting in casinos to fighting to survive in caves for your own 
teammates' lives. The single player is pretty simple on Normal, but on 
Realistic, you may have trouble getting through the Mexico part of the story, 
since you have to fight some of it on your own. Along with the Campaign comes a 
Terrorist Hunt option to try and fight of 25, 35, or 50 terrorists from Normal 
to Realistic difficulty on your own. This helps with your individual decisions 
which will help in your multiplayer. The Rainbow Six multiplayer has 8 game 
modes: Attack and Defend, Sharpshooter, Team Sharpshooter, Survival, Team 
Survivial, Retrieval, Coop Terrorist Hunt, and Coop Story. Each goes as the 

Attack and Defend: One team defends a briefcase, bomb, or hostages, while the 
other team works together to bring the item or person back to the base.

Sharpshooter: It's a free-for-all! first person to reach the point limit or the 
person who scores the most wins! Team Sharpshooter: The team with the most 
points or the team that reaches the score limit wins.

Survival: The person who survives the longest wins.

Team Survival: The team that survives the longest wins.

Retrieval: Both teams try to score points by killing the other team's players 
and returning packages to their base.

Coop Terroist Hunt: 2-4 players try to kill all the terrorists on a map.

Coop Story: 2-4 players try to finish the certain mission with or without 

Rainbow Six Vegas has some of the greatest 3rd-person graphics I've ever seen. 
Personally, I like FPS more than 3rd-person, but this game brings it to a peak! 
Along with 3rd-person graphics, you can use it to surprise your enemy when they 
least expect it. You can also use a "Snake Cam" to see under a door to the 
other side, then cling to the nearest wall and open the door without being 
seen. You can rappel up and down buildings and use fast ropes. Plant C4s, throw 
frag or smoke grenades, and switch from thermal to night vision. Take advantage 
of the chat system and coordinate team members to certain objectives or 
weapons. Remember that in this game, stealth is key. Have fun, I'll be kicking 
your butt online! :) 

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