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| [T] | Table of Contents         | | Current version: 1.20       |
| [I] | Introduction              | | Current v. date: 7/27/11    |
| [V] | Version History           | | Author: jimmythesnowman     |
| [F] | FAQ                       | | Written for: Gamefaqs       |
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| [1] | Overview                  | |_____________________________|
| [2] | Vehicle types             | '-----------------------------'
| [3] | Controls                  |
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| [8] | Helicopter tactics        | .---------------------------------------.
| [9] | UAV tactics               | | Posting: I will give credit to anyone |
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| 11] | Pins and memrobellia      | | this guide for the 'Nam vehicles.     |
| 12] | Points breakdown          | '---------------------------------------'
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[I] Introduction

Vehicles are a welcome addition to Battlefield Bad Company 2, and are one of
the many things that differenciates the game from its arch-competitor, the COD
series. In COD vehicles take the form of rewards for killing multiple foes in a
row, which gives people justification for playing solo and going for kills, not
objectives. Also, all of the vehicles are limited to air ones (although there
are some stationary miniguns on the ground), and they can shot down
consistantly in only 2 ways, both of them launchers. Not to mention that half
of them are AI controlled. In Battlefield, meanwhile, all vehicles are
user-controlled, operated by and carrying between 1 and 5 people, not
computers. Battlefield includes tanks and other land vehicles not at all
present in COD, and all these vehicles spawn at the players' team's home base.
All in all this gives it great vehicular variety, and helps focus teamwork by
making vehicles both strong and vulnerable. This guide will also cover
stationary guns.

| Tip: Use Ctrl + F, in coordination with the titular numbers, to quickly |
| find any section in this guide.                                         |
| Tip: will give you |
| many statistics from you BF carreer, including your vehicle efficiency! |

[V] Version History

July 21 2011 ------- v. 1.00
First version, written over a couple of days or so. Fairly complete. Possible
additions: information on what vehicles spawn on what maps.

July 24 2011 ------- v. 1.10
Lot of additions in different categories; created two new sections, "Maps" and
"Pins and memorabilia". A much better version then the original write-up,

July 27 2011 ------- v. 1.20
Some more info about AT Mines and UAVs, and a new section - Points Breakdown.

July 30 2011 ------- v. 1.30
More general additions and corrections.


How do I fly a helicopter?
Helicopters are very difficult to fly competently. The controls for them and
tips for learning how to fly can be found in section 2.

How do I go up on a UAV?
R is up, F is down.

How do I see anti-tank mines?
You need to look very carefully to see them, but they are visible. They are
grey and stand out somewhat on dirt roads, where they are often placed.

Can Assualt class attack vehicles?
Usually no, because Assualt class users use Grenade Launchers, Shotgun
Attachments, and Smoke Launchers as their gadget (and pistols as their
secondary). However, on weapons that are not compatible with these
attachments (basically any of the weapons unlocked by ranking up).

Can Medics attack vehicles?
No, because medics use defibrillators instead.

How can I help teammates if I am the pilot in a helicopter?
You can spot enemies for them. Look for them and when you see some, press Q to
spot them for your gunner(s) and for your teammates. Note: don't get too
distracted from piloting, however.

How do I get the parachute so I can jump of out a helicopter?
It's always available - just press Space when jumping/falling out of a
chopper. It sometimes fails however. You know, Made in China.

How come I've never seen one of those mobile Anti-Air guns?
They only spawn on one map.

How come I've never seen one of those M939 trucks?
They only appear on Cold War, in one position, in a shed.

How come I've never seem one of those Stationary Grenade Launchers?
They're rare, but they're there, on Oasis I believe.

How do I shift to a different position in the vehicle?
By using the F keys: F1, F2, F3, etc.

Got questions? I'll answer them and put them here.

[1] Overview

This section serves as an introduction to Battlefield vehicles for completely
new players.

Where they spawn
Vehicles spawn at the players' team's home base, that is, the RU Deployment or
US Deployment area. The types of vehicles that spawn depends on two factors:
the map, which only supports a certain number of certain vehicles, and the
server, which is able to adjust settings, including how many of what vehicles
spawn. Numbers range from none at all, to 1 (as in Squad Deathmatch), to 8 or
so. In addition, on some maps, vehicles will spawn at objective points besides
the deployment point, especially in Conquest, and especially at point B. Note
that a vehicles will not spawn if you are standing where it would spawn, ae.,
waiting for a chopper on its helipad would cause it to spawn on top of you,
which is obviously unacceptable.

When they spawn
All available vehicles spawn at the beggining of every match. The first action
on both sides is usually to load into the available vehicles and fly to the
battle zone. Vehicles can be destroyed in a variety of ways, and when they are,
there is a respawn timer that goes into effect towards their respawning. The
timer varies between server. On some, you can get blown out of a tank,
respawn at deployment, and see the tank spawn right in front of you. On most
it's a lot longer, taking a few minutes to reappear at home base. It is NOT
recommended to wait at base for a vehicle to spawn.

How to destroy them
Small arms fire can be used to kill the driver, or to destroy a UAV. Heavy
machine guns can damage lightly armored vehicles. C4 will destroy vehicles
most of the time with a single brick. Anti-tank mines will destroy any tanks
that roll over them. Stationary AT guns will usually destroy any vehicle.
Tank cannons and light tank autocannons dish out good damage against other
vehicles, as do the rockets and burst cannons on attack helicopters. The UAV's
missile also does good damage because it is a TOW missile (same with the
Light Tank's Alt Weapon, explained later). Man-portable launchers deal moderate
damage and can destroy a tank in a few hits, and choppers and lighter craft in
a single hit. Grenades and grenade launchers, including the one mounted on the
VODSTOK, do low damage, but are still usable against light vehicles.

[2] Types of vehicles

Types of vehicles
There are many different vehicular categories; the Americans and the Russians
have different versions of most of the vehicles.

Quad Bike (same for both sides)

A very light dirt bike and the fastest land transportation in the game.
Quad Bikes can carry up to 2 people, a driver and a backseat passenger. The
driver cannot operate any weapons while on the bike; the passenger can fire
their gun, but between sitting backwards, the fast foward movement, and the
jolting of the ride, they're not liable to be very accurate. Quad Bikes are
usually used to flank the enemy and get closer to them. They have very low
(250) health, but are very fast. Both players can take small arms fire from
the enemy team.

Light Transport (Humvee for US, Cobra for RU).

A medium-light vehicle used primarily for trasportation. There is space for
the driver, a gunner (both vehicles have a heavy machine gun mounted topside),
and 3 passengers. It's pretty fast, fairly manuverable, and fairly durable,
although you can suicide if you drive into something hard too fast, or
otherwise take damage in a similar manner. The gun on top is very effective
against infantry, but overall APCs are rarely used for anything besides getting
around; the two passengers cannot do anything, and the driver/gunner pair is
not comparable with such a pair on tank. It can make a decent stationary gun
platform though. APCs are invulnerable to small arms fire.

- Despite the large difference in appearance, functionally, the differences are
  purely aestethic, beyond slight dimmensional differences.

Jeep (Cav for US, Vodnik for RU)

The jeep replaces the APC on some maps. This jeep is as durable as an APC,
and carries the same weaponry and the same carrying capacity. However, because
its passengers sit in the open, they can contribute fire as well. This is a
double-edged sword however, as everyone in the vehicle are vulnerable to
weapons fire from the enemy team. Jeeps carry a machine gun and the Cav also
posesses a grenade launcher. Note: the Vodnik is an extremely rare vehicle and
only appears once, on Port Valdez.

- The Vodnik is larger, covers the driver and his passengers better,
  but doesn't have the CAV's second grenade launcher.

Light Tank [APC] (Bradley for US, BMD-3 for RU)

Light Tanks are the first vehicle in this list that people tend to stay in, and
for good reason. Light Tanks can carry 4 people: a driver, who also operates
the Auto Cannon, a main gunner who operates the Heavy Machine Gun, and two
secondary gunners that operate machine guns mounted inside pointing to the
tank's flanks. The last two positions aren't very useful, so a tank is
generally operated by 1 or 2 people. The auto cannon is a powerful tool: it
fires 5 explosive rounds before reloading. These rounds are effective against
both infantry and light vehicles, as well as against other light tanks. The
heavy machine gun is also very useful against infantry, and can damage lighter
vehicles as well. Overall a good tank to park on a slope and rain fire on the
enemy base with. The Alt Weapons package gives it a TOW or Kornet missle that
is effective against other tanks, especially the Main Battle Tanks that would
usually blow out a light tank.

- Green HUD for the US, red for RU.
- The BMD-3's HUD is slightly more cluttered, but is slightly easier to see
  on green woodland maps.

Main Battle Tank (M1A2 Abrams for US, T90 MB3 for RU)

The Main Battle Tank is the heaviest weapons platform in the game. It is
operated by two people, a driver who operates the main gun and a gunner who
operates the heavy machine gun. Tanks move very slowly but pack a large punch.
The main gun is an explosive cannon that will destroy any other vehicle in one
hit except for a Light Tank or another Heavy Tank. However, it is primarily an
anti-vehicle weapon; the main gun is difficult to hit infantry with because of
size and movement constraints. For that, you need someone to man the Heavy
Machine Gun, which is extremely effective against infantry, and also does
damage to lighter vehicles. The arch nemesis of the MBT is the
Attack Helicopter, which can take one out with its Zulu rockets and machine
cannon (MBTs also feel hits from transport chopper's miniguns); that is why it
is important to have a heavy machine gunner, who can pepper the lightly armored
heli with HMG shot. If you are lucky enough to hit the chopper with the main
gun, it will go down in one hit (good luck though). The Alt Weapons package
gives the driver an auxilary mounted LMG, which basically allows him to
function without a gunner - the gun is slightly better against infantry and 
slightly worse against other vehicles compared to the HMG, but can also damage
helis, so a team of two with the Alt Weapons package can take out a
regular chopper. Note that the Smoke ability allows you to nullify any tags on
you, so if you get tagged and are under missile lock, pull out that smoke! Also
good for retreating.

- The Abram's HUD is green, with a circle-and-dot targeting reticule, while
  the T90's HUD is red with chevrons and tick marks. The T90 tick marks are
  more useful at range then the Abram's reticule, which lacks cues for
  adjusting the cannon to compensate for bullet drop. On the other hand its
  HUD clouds up at range more easily.
- The T90 is slightly smaller then the Abrams, which is helpful in avoiding
  enemy shots.

Anti-Air Platform (BMD-3 AA)

Very wacky gun, it's meant to flak helicopters, something it does well, but can
also hit infantry. The driver operates a mounted grenade launcher inside the
tank, a gunner operates the flank anti-air assembly, and two secondary gunners
can occupy its sides, although like in the Light Tank those positions are not
terribly useful. The Alt Package also gives it a Light Machine Gun for ground


A truck that only appears on Cold War. It cannot use any weapons so it is
basically a troop transport. It's not very useful, as its only route to the
enemy is an all-out slugfest straightaway, and barricaded to make movement
difficult as well. Interesting that its only drivable appearance in the game
is so...useless.

Attack Helicopter (AH-64 Apache for US, Mi-28 Havok for RU)

The Attack Helicopter is a favorite of people, because it's so cool. It's
actually very difficult to drive, and it takes some practice to figure that
part out. The driver operates rockets and the gunner operates a heavy machine
gun cannon. The rockets fire in packets of about 10, and the gun fires in a
burst of 12. Attack Helicopters are lightly armored, so they do feel machine
guns, wether stationary or mounted on a land vehicle, and are very vulnerable
to Stationary Anti-Air Guns and the BMD-3, which can pepper it to death with
flak and bullets. They rely on their high manuverability and lofty position to
stay above damage. Attack Helicopters should prioritize Tanks and other
Choppers first, Infantry later; they're very difficult to hit with rockets
(they move around too much for dumb fire, are difficult to hit with tags, and
are too manuverable for the slow-turning visually-guided missiles), but are
very vulnerable to machine guns. Don't leave without a gunner: the cannon is
stronger then the rockets in reality. Smoke allows them to avoid homing
missiles if the enemy manages to tag you. The Alt Weapons package gives the
pilot a Hellifire homing missile and the gunner a tag gun for said missile and
other homing devices.

- The Mi-28 flys slightly slower then the Apache. This means a larger window
  of attack and easier controls, but also makes it slightly easier to hit for
  the enemy.
- As with other vehicles, the American HUD is green while the Russian HUD is

Transport Chopper (UH-60 Blackhawk for US, Mi-24 Hind for RU)

The Blackhawk can carry the most people in the game, up to 5 - a driver,
2 minigunners on either side, and 2 passengers. The miniguns are good against
ground targets, and can hurt tanks, but necessitate that you spin around the
objective in a wide circle. The Mi-24 is different - it has a 12 round machine
cannon, like the attack helicopters, and only seats 4. It's fun to roll them
behind the enemy base then parachute down or land and start fragging people.
Squad parties are welcome. Smoke allows it to dodge Tags as well.

- Unlike other vehicles, the differences between the two helicopters are
  extremely large, the Mi-28 is smaller, more streamlined, has an autocannon,
  and fits 4, while the Blackhawk is bulkier, has 2 miniguns, and fits 5.

UAV [UAV-1] (same for both)

The UAV is the last chopper in the game. It's the weakest vehicle with only 50
health, and can easily be taken out by machine guns, if they can hit it up
there, but again it's practically immune to rockets (although I've managed to
tag one once for a Carl Gustav hit). They're good for calling out opponents
and can call down missiles from above to hit infantry, tanks, etcetera. The Alt
Weapons Package gives the UAV a machine gun as well, which basically makes it
an ariel gun platform that can hit just about anything as long as it stays
alive. The Smoke package drops smoke grenades that help cover advancing
infantry on the ground.

Jet Ski (same for both)

The counterpart of the Quad Bike on land, the Jet Ski is a small, fast little
watercraft that can get you where you need to go quickly, but does not allow
you do much else. It seats a driver and a backwards facing passenger; most of
what was said for the Quad Bike applies here as well.

Patrol Boat (same for both)

The Patrol Boat is slower and heaver then the Jet Ski. It sits a driver, a
grenadier, and a machine-gunner, as well as one other passenger. The two guns
are excellent against infantry, but can't do anything significant to vehicles;
the grenade launcher can be spammed at the shore if needed.

Heavy MG (XM312 .50 for US, KORD for RU)

Heavy MGs are stationary guns used for defending an area, especially in Rush
mode. They are highly effective against infantry, and can hit tanks for damage
as well - but you'll be blown away by their cannons once they notice you. Heavy
MGs are also useful against choppers. Some have a screen in front that blocks
bullets (ae. snipers), but at the cost of a lot of visual space, and it doesn't
help against explosives.

- Purely aesthetic.

Stationary Anti-Tank (TOW for US, KORNET for RU)

Stationary ATs fire missiles that use optical tracking - they go where you put
the little box. They are extremely effective against tanks, being able to take
them out almost always, except when hitting them in their frontal armor at full
health. They are less effective against infantry, and mostly useless against
choppers, which move around too much for the slow-turning missiles. You're
vulnerable to fire while on the platform.

- Purely aesthetic.

Stationary AA Gun (Zu-23 AA for US, VADS for RU)

These stationary guns are great at what they are built for, chasing off
helicopters. They're pretty much the best way to kill an enemy UAV as well. The
VADS is a rolling minigun and the Zu-23 fires burst of flak. Both are
supereffective against helicopters, though it takes a little bit of getting
used to how slow the bullets travel. They can also hit infantry brilliantly if
they need to.

- These are two different gun designs.

Stationary Grenade Launcher (XM-307 for US, QLZ-87 for RU)

A stationary gun that launches upwards arcing grenades in batches of five.
These grenades are weak against armor, but can hit infantry for good splash
damage. They take some time to get to the target however, so it's most
effective to spray and pray. These guns are extremely rare.

[3] Controls

All vehicles

In all vehicles, moving the mouse will move your weapon. All weapons,
however, have a limit to how far they can turn in any direction, save perhaps
for the Stationary AA guns by nature of their purpose.

Vehicular UI depends on the vehicle. The Abrams tank and the T90 have
two different target indicators, for instance - the Abrams has a large circle
assembly around a dot, while the T90 uses chevrons and marks.

When your vehicle's health drops to a certain level, you will begin to
recieve a warning sound, that tells you (on most vehicles) that your craft is
dangerously close to being blown to bits.

If you are tagged while in one of the combat vehicles, and someone is trying
to lock onto you, you will get a warning sound. When the missile is away and
tracking you, you will get a more urgent warning sound!

On core modes, there is a health corner in the lower right corner, and a
set of indicators next to it showing where people are on the vehicle by their

The F keys can be used to shift positions in the vehicle. F1 corresponds to
position 1, F2 to position 2, F3 to position 3, and so on. You can use this to
for instance drive a vehicle over to a certain area, and then man its gun by
pressing F2 and shooting at enemies, using it as a mobile stationary gun

Parachutes are immediately usable by all players. Simply press the Spacebar
when freefalling to avoid splattering all over the ground. Parachutes will not
open if the distance you fall is not long enough, but they will allow you to
drop out of destroyed helicopters or off the top of a building to the ground.

Land Vehicles

The basic controls are the fairly standard WSAD configuration:

W - Foward
S - Reverse
A - Turn Left
D - Turn Right

If your vehicle is a tank and it has treads, pressing S or D will cause it to
turn, wether or not you are pressing W. Vehicles with wheels must be moving
foward to turn.

All vehicles can execute roadkills, that is, running over an enemy will kill
them. If friendly fire is on, you can also accidently kill teammate in this
manner. If you send a vehicle barrelling for an enemy but get off before it
hits them, the game records your kill as one with the best weapon in the game-

One of the mantras of Battlefield is that everything is destructible. Vehicles
can crash right through some of the less sturdy things in the game - wooden
fences, trees, and even concrete barricades. Wether or not you can cruise
through it depends on two things: how heavy your vehicle is, and how fast you
are going. A Quad Bike will suicide against a concrete barrier, but a tank can
roll right through it (at full speed of course). Tanks in general almost never
take damage from environmental objects, and can roll through all but the
sturdiest ones. Lighter vehicles however will take damage if they rush into too
solid an object to crash through.

Controls for firing:

Left Mouse - Fire main weapon
Right Mouse - Zoom if applicable, fire secondary weapon if not, fire smoke if
Middle Mouse - Fire secondary weapon if applicable, zoom if not, fire smoke if

The whole secondary weapon thing refers to the second weapon you can use if you
use the Alt Weapons ability, or the Zooming feature you can use if you use the
Optical Package ability, or the Smoke you can ife you use the Smoke Package.
It sounds rather awkward on paper, but you shouldn't have any trouble with
it in-game. If you do not have any of the packages then neither button will do
anything special for you.

| TIP: Holding down on the Left Mouse Button will cause you to fire the    |
| weapon as soon as it reloads - very useful for anti-air guns, mounted    |
| grenade launchers, helicopter cannons, and tank cannons during heated    |
| battles.                                                                 |


Piloting helicopters is much harder than driving vehicles, in the same way that
3D is much harder then 2D - driving involves moving foward and back and
turning, but piloting involves pitch, yaw, and altitude in addition to moving
and turning. It takes a few tries to figure out how to pilot a chopper, and
then some more to figure out how to land the damn thing without crashing into
a tree or the ground.

W - Increase altitude
S - Decrease altitude
A - Turn left
D - Turn right
Up Key - Pitch forward
Down Key - Pitch back
Left Key - Yaw left
Right Key - Yaw right

Ok so the first part to piloting a chopper is taking off. To do so, just get in
and hold W. This will run the rotors, which will then let you climb up to
alititude (up to a certain cealing). This is the part that everyone gets.
During the flight you may lose some altitude because you are pitching foward,
and can press W to climb back up.

Now, you need to start moving foward. Airspeed is controlled by pitch, that is,
how far you chopper is leaning fowards or backwards. To gain airspeed, hold the
Up key, and your chopper will lean foward (the front will shift down relative
to the horizon) and the rotors will pull you foward. To reduce airspeed, pull
back (Down Key), and your helicopter will lean up (above the horizon) and
slow you down. To level out angle the chopper to 0 degrees. The bar (attack
helicopters) or bar and pitch markers (transport choppers) are used to allow
you to figure your position relative to the horizon.

Simple turning is controlled by the A and D keys. Pressing them turns you left
or right, respectively. Turning takes a little bit of time, and is not that

Turning can be accelerated by the most complex of the control surfaces, yaw.
This is when your heli pitches left (Left Key) or right (Right Key). This not
only accelerates turning with A and D, but also increases airspeed in that
direction, causing you to head left or right without moving foward. As a
beginner, try to stay away from the yaw controls; bad use will lead to a
spinout, or a crash into the adjacent mountainside.

The last manuveer is landing, for repairs. To do this, first pick out a patch
of clear, level ground. Next, pull back on the stick to pitch up and slow down
your airspeed. Next, press the S button to float down to the ground. A lot of
people are REALLY bad at landing, unfortunatly.

Note that unlike the keyboard-mouse configuration of regular play, piloting
a chopper takes both hands on the keyboard.

Space - Fire weapon (if applicable)
Left mouse button - Fire secondary weapon (if applicable)

The pilot of an attack helicopter can fire off a burst of rockets, which reload
after all are fired. Transport chopper pilots can't do anything except pilot.
The secondary weapon, if you are piloting an attack helicopter and an enemy
has been tracer darted, is a homing missile that locks onto the target and then
shoots down.

The UAV is easier to drive but harder to use correctly compared to a chopper.

W - Move foward
S - Move back
A - Move left
D - Move right
R - Go up
F - Go down
Arrow buttons - Scroll camera

The controls are simpler to understand, as there is no yaw and all movement is

Left mouse button - Fire air-to-ground missile
Right mouse button - Fire secondary weapon (if applicable) - smoke, zoom, or

The missile is similar to a predator drone missile - you drag the target
indicator along the ground, and a few seconds later a missile, launched from
above, drops down towards it and hits wherever you were pointing. If you have
the secondary weapons package you can also use a light machine gun mounted on
the UAV, which deals excellent damage against infantry, but is extremely
inaccurate because of your altitude. Note: The missile takes 25 second to
reload. The smoke package allows it to drop 4 smoke grenads to cover advancing
foes on the ground.

[4] Vehicle chart

DenKirson has an excellent vehicles, weapons, and specializations chart
at You can derive from
it the following things:

- All tanks are the same in base armor.
- Tank armor is weaker on the sides and behind - 2 times as weak - making hits
  on those sides desirable.
- You can decrease damage by increasing the angle of their attack - if you
  thnk about it, an angled hit will have to pass through more armor,
  laterally, then a straight one.
- Tanks do lessened damage against one another, to the point that a MBT cannon
  hit does as much damage as a man-portable rocket.
- It takes several hits from most sources to disable a tank, but only one to
  disable a chopper or lighter vehicle.
- UAvs have miniscule damage, and are weaker then soilders, if you can hit
- C4 will destroy all vehicles with one brick, unless attached to the front
  of a full-health tank.
- Anti-tank mines will always destroy a tank in one hit.
- Stationary guns are easily destroyed by rockets.

[5] Destroying other vehicles

There are many methods for destroying vehicles, some more reliable then others.
Infantry armed with rocket launchers are very lethal even to tanks, and C4
will decapitate anything with an engine, so staying where you flanks are clear
is an important lesson told later in this guide.

Portable tools


If you're on the ground, you have a few different anti-vehicle tools. First
are man-portable launchers, available only to engineers. There are three
different ways in which these can be fired: dumb mode, optically guided mode,
and fire-and-forget homing mode. The first is the most obvious - missiles 
travel more or less straight, so if the target is relatively close, not
moving, and you have a clear shot, you can fire off a missile and get behind
cover to reload, and the missile will head down its path and hit the enemy
vehicle. This is most effective at medium range against tanks, and works with
all 3 launchers - the RPG-7 AT, the Carl Gustav AT, and the M136 AT4. This is
the simplest mode of fire.

The second firing mode is optical tracking. When you fire, a red box appears
where the missile is going. You can move the box around, and the missile will
adjust to follow it. This allows independent smart tracking with just the user
and the launcher, and is highly effective at medium ranges against tanks, and
with a good sense of timing works against light craft as well. However,
optical tracking missiles turn too slow to be useful against fast targets,
and thus cannot reliably hit UAVs, choppers, or boats. The M136 AT4 fires in
this mode.

The third, most complicated, and most reliable method for destroying a vehicle
on foot is with homing missiles. These require you to use a seperate Dart Gun
that you unlock at around level 12. The gun has a magazine of 1 and 3 darts in
reserve, and pneumatically fires off a dart, which has the same flying
charecteristics as a regular bullet, at the target. If you stick the target
with the dart, the dart will transmit target information for 40 seconds. You
can then pull out the Carl Gustav or RPG-7, and after giving it a few seconds
to lock on, fire off a tracking missile that is almost 100% sure to hit. The
problem of course is that landing that beacon is nearly impossible on a
fast-moving target, very difficult on a helicopter, and takes aiming skills
even against a stationary tank at medium range - not to mention that it takes
away your ability to use a secondary pistol. Vehicles that are tagged usually
cannot see the tag (unless you stuck it onto their windshield or something),
but get a red warning box when a missile is attempting to lock onto them.
Tagging vehicles makes them much easier for teammates to take out as well;
the Attack Helicopter's Alt Weapon is a homing missile that hits for great
damage, but only works half the time. Lastly, using Smoke allows the vehicle
to shed its tracking dart.

| TIP: The repair tool is also a damage tool! It can be used to sap health |
| out of enemy vehicles and armor at more or less the same speed as it     |
| repairs. It can also be used to kill enemy infantry. Engineers have a    |
| secret weapon!                                                           |

Anti-Tank Mines

Another Engineer option for destroying vehicles are Anti-Tank mines. These are
small circular objects that, when tripped by an enemy vehicle, will explode
with force equivelant to a brick of C4, which is enough to destroy almost any
vehicle - except for a full health tank with the Armor package, which will just
barely survive. The mines incorporate Friend-or-Foe technology, so you can
drive right over them and not be effected. AT mines should be dropped at choke
points, most especially roads and bridges. Engineers get three of them at a
time, and they don't dissapear when the layer dies, which allows you to drop
them and forget about them, to get the kill later.

Obviously this works far better on defense then offense, however; mines cannot
aggresively attack tanks in the same way that launchers can, but with a
capacity for destroying them in one shot, they are passively deadly. The best
coverage is achieved by dropping three of them across the road, and ditches,
which are difficult for the driver to see them in, are recomended - as is
foliage. Mines will go off if a vehicle passes in their vicinity, not
necessarily right over them. Mines are one of the best tools for defending on
Rush, especially if several competent players lay them. Note: just one mine
can kill a tank, but it is sometimes inconsistant; two or more mines,
triggered by nearby explosions, will always kill, another reason to lay them
in groups!

Anti-tank mines are not impossible to spot, however, as they are not dug in.
If you see a mine, you can do one of two things to see if it's hostile or
friendly. You can put your weapon over it; if your crosshairs dissapear, it
is friendly, if not, it is hostile. You can also backpedal from it and
listen to see if your charecter announces "enemy mines in the area" over the
radio. Anti-Tank Mines can be destroyed from a safe distance with small-arms

Anti-tank mines are best layed in preperation for an enemy advance, but if you
see an enemy tank and are really itching to blow it up, and it's right next to
you, you can drop a mine in front of and behind the tank, and ensure that, if
the tank moves an inch, it will take an explosive punch.


C4 is a piece of equipment usable by Recon users. You get 4 of them, and they
can be thrown over a short distance at the target - meaning, you have to get
extremely close to it to land the brick. It can then be remotely detonated from
a safe distance. 1 brick is enough to destroy any vehicle, with the exception
of a brick attached to the front (heavier) armor of an enemy tank at full
health. Just to be safe, you should throw two bricks if you can. C4 is also
usable on Assualt class, if your gun is not compatible with underbarrel

| Tip: If C4 is planted and you die, you can still explode it. Respawn,    |
| press 3 to pull it out, and then hit the Right Mouse Button to blow the  |
| charge.                                                                  |

C4 can also be used as a faux-anti-tank mine - drop it in an area, and when a
vehicle passes over it, trigger the explosives to destroy it. However, this
requires you to maintain line-of-sight with the planted region, or else get
lucky with when the enemy vehicle passes over it.


Another Recon tool is Mortars. Recon users can pull out binoculars, and then
select an area to hit. It takes a few seconds for the targeting to read, and a
few more for the mortar package to arrive. The mortar drops 5 or so shells in
a tight circle around the target area, delivering damage equivalent to an auto
cannon hit in each shell. It's lethal against infantry, and also highly
effective against stationary vehicles; the mortars pack a bite, but because
they are within a limited range, tanks can survive the barrage by moving out of
the target area. Still, it will be able to bite off half a tank's health.

Stationary guns

On the ground stationary guns can be used to damage vehicles. The Stationary
AT Gun fires an optically-guided missile that does massive damage to tanks - it
is, like C4, a one-hit-ko against everything except a full-health tank hit in
its frontal armor. However, the AT platform is maily for tanks - it is very
hard to hit much else with it, although it is possible to sneak in some chopper
and infantry kills.

Also on the ground, the mounted heavy machine guns can be used to destroy light
craft, and to otherwise attack the driver and passangers, if they are exposed.
Heavy guns have a bit of spread to them, so you need to "spray and pray" with
them. They are very good against helicopters, in fact they are second only to
stationary AA guns in shooting them down.

Lastly, stationary AA guns. They are the best gun in the game against choppers,
but can also kill infantry, and damage light craft reliably. However, they are
not very useful against tanks, which can simply blow you up.

| Tip: Because helicopters move, it's important, when attacking them with |
| guns, to lead your target - that is, to fire a little in front of them. |
| Another strategy is to hold down the fire button at a point that the    |
| chopper is moving towards - they will recieve some of that lead if your |
| guess was right.                                                        |

Vehicle on vehicle

Quad Bikes cannot destroy much of anything. They are used for movement, not
shooting. If you want to destroy a tank with them, you need to flank around the
tank, get up to it, and plant it down with C4.

The main gun of an APC is highly effective against infantry, and to a point, it
can damage other light craft, as well as being great against helicopters.
However tanks don't feel it, and have a leisurely time blowing you out with
their cannon.

The Jeep's Grenade Launcher is to erratic to hit other vehicles, although it
can hit tanks, if for very low damage. Its Heavy Machine Gun, meanwhile, eats
out infantry and can damage other light vehicles. Still, again, not for
fighting but for transport.

Each Auto Cannon hit does 40 explosive + 30 impact damage, coupled with the
heavy machine gun, so a Light Tank can destroy lighter vehicles fairly easily.
The light tank relies on its machine gunner to take care of damaging aircraft.
It can fight on even terms with other light tanks, but it's important to note
that a Light Tank will usually lose to a heavier-gunner Main Battle Tank. The
score is evened, however, if the driver is using the Alt Weapons
Package, which gives you an extra TOW missile, an optically guided tracking
missile that does 625 damage total to other tanks. That means that a direct
hit is lethal unless it is to the front armor of a full-health tank.

Main Battle Tanks can destroy all lighter vehicles in one hit with their main
gun. The trick is hitting them - gauging the distances for leading and for
round drop can be tricky. Like in Light Tanks, battles between MBTs are even -
but far more tactically centered, as the Light Tanks have 5 shots to gauge
where to throw their rounds, whereas the MBTs only have 1. That means that, in
an even battle, the first tank to get its rounds into the other usually wins.
A second person manning the heavy machine gun is needed to deal with choppers,
which are near impossible to hit with the main gun. If you are using the Alt
Weapons package, you get an LMG mounted as a coaxial machine gun, which
allows you to function against aircraft without a second man - although a
second gunner could dish out twice the damage.

The BMD-3 AA has a mounted grenade launcher and an Alt Weapons LMG, but they're
not great against anything except infantry and lighter vehicles.

Between a 12-round cannon and a packet of rockets, Attack Choppers are on even
terms with a tank in terms of damage. They are threatened by a different series
of things - tanks hate Stationary AT, C4, Anti-Tank Mines, and man-portable
launchers, whereas choppers hate Stationary AA, Stationary Heavy Machine Guns,
and Tank or Vehicle-mounted Heavy and Light Machine Guns. Attack Choppers
should prioritize other helicopters first, tanks second, light vehicles third,
and infantry last. The alternate weapons package gives them a tracking missile
that does a lot of damage, but is context sensitive and misses half the time.

Transport Choppers have the same series of threats as Attack Helicopters, but
are different in their mannerism. They have mounted miniguns that are terrific
against infantry, and deal good damage against light vehicles, but aren't that
good against tanks. If you can keep your gunning side pointed against the
Attack Helicopter the Attack Helicopter still has a slight advantage, all in
all, and other Transport Choppers are an even battle.

Jet Skis are like Quad Bikes - not useful for combat.

Patrol Boats, if fully mounted, are amazing against infantry, but are not good
against tanks, although they can damage land-based light craft. The heavy
machine gun dishes out good damage against choppers.

The UAV can dish out far more damage then it can take. Small-arms fire can take
it out easily, if it can hit it, as can machine guns and AA Cannons. They don't
fear missiles, though. On the other hand, they can hit tanks with the optical
missile, and the Alt Weapon LMG is great against infantry.

[6] Vehicle specializations

As you go through the game and use vehicles to kill other vehicles and people,
you accumulate points in the vehicles category. These are then spent on
vehicle specializations, which are available as the third specialization to all
of your classes. They are discussed here in the order that they are unlocked:

| TIP: Keep in mind that only the driver's upgrade is put into effect - you |
| cannot stack effects.                                                     |

Electronic Warfare Package - 1200 Points
This is the first unlock available. Using it causes all enemies within a 20
meter radius, including vehicles, infantry, C4, and anti-tank mines, to show up
on your mini-map. This makes you impossible to kill with C4 and anti-tank
mines, practically.

Active Armor Upgrade - 2300 Points
Multiplies all damage done to you by 0.75x. Simply allows you to take more
damage. This only takes effect if you are the driver. Allows you to take one
more hit from another tank in a tank-on-tank battle. Also: allows you to
survive hits by anti-tank mines, though with enourmous damage.

Improved Warheads - 3600 Points
Increases the damage you do by 1.25x. The difference between this and the above
is best stated as a question: do you want to be able to do more damage then you
can take, or take more damage then you can do? This basically amounts in a kill
one shot faster in a tank-on-tank battle.

Quick Reload Package - 5000 Points
Your main weapon reloads 0.85x faster. This is more significant the longer and
more often you have to reload. Amounts to an extra shot in a tank-on-tank
battle, and an extra burst in a helicopter, and faster missiles in the UAV.

Smoke Countermeasures Package - 6500 points
This package gives you a secondary weapon involving cover:

Light Tank           Smoke Launcher that throws off any tracer darts planted on
Main Battle Tank     your vehicle, and can also provide withdrawling cover in a

Attack Helicopter    Chaff that throws off enemy tags, making your craft all
Transport Helicopter but invulnerable to missiles.

UAV-1                Smoke Grenades that, when dropped, will provide cover for
                     advancing infantry on the ground. Properly flown UAVs do
                     not fear enemy tracer darts.

High Powered Optics Package - 8000 points
This package basically allows you to zoom in by pressing the right mouse
button. Zooming in helps with some distance shots.

Alternate Weapons Package - 10000 Points
Gives you, the driver, an alternate weapon, allowing you to handle a greater
variety of foes:

Light Tank         TOW missile launcher - An optically guided missile that
                   follows a box to the target to deal heavy damage, but take
                   10 seconds to reload. Best used against other tanks, and
                   gives a Light a fighting chance against a Main Battle Tank.
                   Missile blast radius is too shallow for too effective of a
                   use against infantry.

Main Battle Tank   Coaxial Light Machine Gun - A coaxial (mounted parrellel to
                   the main barrel) LMG that deals excellent damage against
                   infantry, and can hurt helicopters as well. Allows the
                   driver to function against infantry without a gunner,
                   especially at close range. The LMG can run out of ammo.

Anti-Air Platform  Light Machine Gun - An LMG mounted inside the driver's port
                   that complements the Grenade Launcher in dealing with
                   infantry. The LMG can run out of ammo.

Attack Helicopter  Hellfire Missile - A tracer dart-homing missile that is
                   fired from the chopper and follows the tracer dart to the
                   target. Takes 10 seconds to reload, and only hits about half
                   the time, but hits tanks hard and obliterates anything else.
                   Tracer Gun - The only vehicle where the passenger benefits,
                   the Tracer Gun fires tracer darts that allows missiles to
                   home in on the planted target, including the pilot's
                   Hellfires, if he has them.

UAV-1              Light Machine Gun - An LMG mounted beneath the UAV. Because
                   the UAV flies so high and the damage is so low (just 10 per
                   hit) the LMG is not as useful as it appears, but it can
                   still sting infantry in the open. Most useful application is
                   against enemy helicopters, which the LMG can and will
                   damage. The LMG can run out of ammo.

I keep this perk equipped 90% of the time, simply because it is so versetile.

[7] Engineers

This is a quick section that is related to engineers.

The first engineer unlock, for 1000 points, is the Repair Gun. The Repair Gun,
which you can access with 4, allows you to repair damaged vehicles. If another
person is in the vehicle, you'll also quickly generate points in batches of 20
(or 30 if they're a squad mate). This allows you to greatly extend the life of
friendly vehicles, which can pull back to repair, or allow you to repair them
on the go.

The repair tool heals at a rate of about 560 health points per 6 seconds. It
overheats in 6 seconds of use. 560 health is enough to fully heal most
vehicles, and to heal just under half of a tank's health.

On Core mode, pulling out the weapon and pointing towards a friendly vehicle
will give you a green dot and a semi-circle beneath it that, depending on how
full it is, will tell you how much health the vehicle has. Repairing will
fill this circle back up. You can also use the drill to attack enemy vehicles,
leaching off their health.

On Hardcore, there is no such marker, so you cannot tell how much health
the vehicle has with it. Instead, you need to pay attention to the drill
itself. While the drill is actively repairing, it throws up blue sparks and
makes a grinding noise. When the vehicle is at full health already, the sparks
decrease and the noise decreases as well. This visual cue is also present on
Core, but is far more important in hardcore mode.

It's important to have an engineer on any armor assets, because tanks are
number one on the enemy's priority list. A good driver will keep their tank
alive, but it will tanke constant pock shots. It's important to repair these
before they destroy your tank. Generally it's a good idea to pull back from
the front line and team-call an engineer over for repairs. Repairs can also be
done on the fly at the battle-zone, but then the engineer risks getting shot
out by a sniper or other soldier. The most effective position to repair from is
from behind, but if friendy fire is on you will end up as accidental roadkill,
so excercise caution.

Of course, nothing stops the driver of gunner(s) from being an engineer as
well. In a tank-on-tank battle, it's sometimes a good idea for the gunner to
unload and either pull out a rocket launcher and aid his teammate, or pull out
the repair gun and keep the tank healthy. Be wary of enemy machine guns though.

Choppers can fall back to base for repairs as well.

[8] Tank tactics

Strategic use

Tanks may be the most heavily armored vehicles on the battlefield, but they
are still vulnerable to regular old infantry. C4 and rocket launchers are
reason enough not to do the stupidest thing you can do with a tank - gun it
right into the enemy base. That is just asking to run over a mine, or get hit
with rockets, or get planted with c4. Unfortunatetly, that is what most new
players try to do, run down the enemy.

Tanks are far better at keeping a battle-line, or for area control. They
should AVOID areas with lots of buildings and places where infantry can sneak
up on you. Park on an open road, or in an area where the buildings have
collapsed. Open spaces are heaven for tanks, making it hard to enemies to
sneak up on you. Tanks should concentrates first on other tanks, then on
helicopters, then on light vehicles, then on infantry. The best way to deploy
is along a road or other clear area, with supporting infantry on both sides.
That way, all your enemies are, persumably, in front of you, where your
heavier armor and your gun is.

Tanks function great as a support weapon. Cover the people on the ground as
they advance towards the enemy with your superior firepower. Keep enemy
tanks and helicopters off of your team. Don't go foward too much; again, you
will get flanked and destroyed by C4 and enemy rockets. Especially avoid
entering the enemy base; these always have Stationary AT guns, which are
lethal against tanks.

Another function is for area defense. If you park a tank in front or besides
an objective, you can keep enemies away from it. On large open maps,
especially Heavy Metal, having several tanks arrayed in a battle line is key
to keeping individual threats away from your team. In one game, my squad and
2 other people upkept 3 tanks arrayed in a battleline near B, and the
combined firepower was enough to keep them out for as long as the tanks stayed

Yet another function is as artillery. You can park yourself on a slope above
the enemy, or behind cover, and cover them with shells, screening your men
on the ground heading for the objectives.

The last function is as a vehicle suppresant. This works especially well on
Atacama Desert, where one tank parked behind a dune in the desert on the left
side of the map can, as long as it stays alive, keep enemy tanks, vehicles,
and helicopters from leaving their base unscathed.

Tanks deal excellent damage against buildings, which means that you can use
them to blow out enemy cover and expose them to friendly fire, or even
collapse the buildings.

Tactical use

You should be aware of the where the enemy team is located. Look around where
your tank is, and make sure that they can't sneak up on you. If they can, it's
time to move back or to a more open position.

| Tip: Avoid leaving the tank unless you are certain there is no one      |
| around. The first person in keeps the tank: it would be embarrassing if |
| your tank got hijacked right under your nose.                           |

Use environmental cover. An excellent example are the dunes on Atacama Desert;
keeping your tank behind them will screen you from enemy fire, especially their
Stationary AT gun.

When engaging enemies, try to move in and out of cover. If you are in front of
a building for example, move foward so you can see them, hit them, and then
backpedal back to cover. This will minimize the time they have to try and hit

If you are taking hits and don't know where it's coming from, it's time to
backpedal and assess the situation.

| Tip: If an enemy engineer is drilling your tank, step on the gas        |
| backwards. The tank may be slow, but it's still faster then footwork,   |
| which means you can get in front of him and kill him with your machine  |
| gun.                                                                    |

Remember to call out any enemy vehicles you see, especially other tanks and
helicopters! This ticks off your teammates to the enemy armor, and they act
accordingly. This is also relevant to your secondary gunner, who, if they
have not noticed the target yet, will certainly start firing on them once you
mark the target.

It's important to remember that tank shots fall away over distance. You can
use the tic marks below the aiming reticule to compensate for gravity; figure
where you need to shoot, remember what number it was, and if you miss, adjust
above or below that tic to zero in on the target, at least on the T-90. On
other vehicles, you don't have these ticks, so you need to memorize position

When in a tank, avoid running over steep slopes. Tanks do not deal well with
cliffs, and they deal poorly with steep drops too - going down will cause the
front to smash down on the ground, damaging the undercarriage and dealing
heavy damage to your tank, close to 70 damage!

Never, ever abandon a tank to the enemy. One of their engineers will have a
swell time running up to it, backpedalling, repairing it, and then using it
against your team! If it is critically damaged, bail just before the last
shot hits it, if possible.

Tank-on-tank warfare

The biggest thing that tanks fear is other tanks (well, besides Stationary
AT guns). Tanks should prioritize fighting other tanks. In an even battle,
the tank that wins is always the one that lands the first successful shot.
Of course most times it's not an even battle - one side gets the jump on the
other, one side has an engineer repairing, one side is hiding behind a sand
dune, etc. If you have a machine gunner inside and there are no choppers or
other enemies immediately present, it may be smart of him to pop out, grab
a launcher and starting hitting the enemy tank for damage, or to repair your

As noted in the last paragraph of the section above, tic marks are useful
for zeroing in on bullet drop. Because you do not have that many shots, it's
important to keep track of where they are landing, and adjust accordingly.

Try to keep your front faced towards the enemy. Your armor is double there,
and you can take twice as many hits in the front compared to the sides or back.

If you are losing the battle, try to get one last shot in if possible and then
bail. Exploded tanks make good cover while they last, and you can pull out your
launcher (if you're an engineer of course) and try to destroy the enemy on the

If you are taking heat from the enemy tank at a distance and are not able to
return damage (as in, they've zeroed out the bullet drop and you haven't yet),
you need to move, preferably to cover, and try again.

| Tip: Exploded tanks make great cover, but they are also destructibe. A |
| single hit from a tank main gun will destroy a tank husk in one shot.  |

Tank-on-helicopter warfare

Helicopters do small damage to tanks, but they do it in large enough
concentrations to make them deadly. When facing off with a helicopter, the
first thing you should do is pull foward while engaging them with machine
guns. This will cause the helicopter to overshoot you by narrowing their window
of attack. You need to keep your machine guns pinned on the chopper, and also
remember to call it out to teammates.

Helicopters move fast, so you need to compensate for this. There are two firing
techniques: leading the target with your machine gun, or bursting it in a
certain area that the chopper will fly through. The second is more accurate,
keeps the un from overheating, but also deals less damage. The first is more
useful for when the chopper is in close, or diving right onto you. These tips
are also relevant to firing on helicopters with mounted or stationary machine

[8] Helicopter tactics

The way you should be manuveering depends on your vehicle. Attack helicopters
should level out above a target (especially vehicles), then pitch down and
swoop straight towards the enemy. At your lowest and closest point, unleash
your rockets (the gunner will be blasting the target the whole time). The
trick is in knowing when to pull out; if you pull out too early you won't
land any significant damage, but if you pull out too late you will meet
an untimely demise with the ground, with the target, or worst of all with
the target's cannon (a tank hit is an instant KO). More advanced players also
add yaw turn to their swoop to better avoid enemy fire.

Another attack helicopter manuveer is a yaw turn circling the target. You can
keep your rockets and gunner firing while manuveering left or right.

| Tip: There is a limit to how far all ground weapon in the game can     |
| turn up. Directly passing over an enemy will keep them from firing at  |
| you, but also keep you from firing at them: the pitch needed to angle  |
| at the target from above them is far too dangerous to try.             |

Remember never to leave base without another person in an Attack Helicopter.
The rockets are nice, but the cannon is the chopper's actual primary weapon.

The best way to manuver a transport chopper is by keeping a wide circle, if
possible with slight yaw roll in the direction of fire, around the enemy.
This allows your gunner to keep fire on the enemy consistantly. If you have
passengers, be sure to land them or parachute them where they need to be - as
long as it's not an enemy hot zone, but a little bit away.

If a UAV is bothering you, it's difficult to hit it with your guns (at least
on an Attack Helicopter). It's relatively simple to fly over to where the
UAV operater is and kill him, dropping the UAV out of the sky as well.

Remember that, as the pilot, you can spot enemies as well. This makes life
easier for your gunners. On the Attack Helicopter, the gunner sees in black and
white, so spotting targets is especially difficult - make it easier for them!

In a transport chopper, it's an excellent idea to have one of your passengers
be an engineer. Engineers, when not manning a gun, can pull out their repair
tool and repair any damage the chopper gets. It does take a little bit of
moving around to find the shifting "sweet spot" for repairs, however, they
go along extremely fast, as the chopper has less health then a tank, so an
engineer can repair a 1 health chopper back to full health within 6 seconds.

Transport helicopters are effective mobile spawn points for teammates, who
can spawn on it and jump off to parachute into the enemy base. In the same
vein they can throw snipers onto inaccessible cliffs which cannot be used
otherwise, giving them a good perch.

If your chopper is getting beat up, retreat back to base and repair. Choppers
are easy for engineers to repair.

Helicopter dogfights

Erratic flight is important for avoiding enemy helicopter guns. The closer the
other helicopter, the more bullets will hit. A commen technique is stabalizing
the chopper, ripple-firing your rockets at the enemy, and then pulling out as
fast as possible. This way you can accuratly fire off the rockets and do as
much damage as you can before continuing the straffe.

A good manuveer to learn for dogfighting is circle-straffing. You need to use
the pitch and yaw to keep yourself facing the enemy chopper while moving
laterally, which can be an issue.

[9] UAV tactics

UAV tactics are much simpler. UAVs fly up high above the battlefield, but they
can be reached - once marked, it is clearly visible to the enemy, which can use
mounted or stationary machine guns or even small arms fire to destroy your
frail craft. Also, you are perfectly vulnerable to damage when standing at a
UAV station.

The best specializations for the UAV are the Alternate Weapons package, which
gives you a light machine gun, the Smoke Countermeasures package, which allows
you to drop smoke grenades and cover teammates, the Armor upgrade, which allows
you to take one more shot before going down, and the Fast Reload, which cuts
about 4 second off the Hellfire's long reload time.

First things first. When taking off, jam R until you are as far up as you can
go. Your visibility might be slightly poorer, but you'll be harder to spot and
harder to hit for the enemy.

You should roll over to the battlefield. Hold the R key to keep level at top
alititude, and use the mouse to scroll around the camera. UAVs have a very
high vantage point that makes them great spotters - use Q extensively to spot
enemy soldiers as much as possible, especially enemy armor. They have the
mythical "bird's eye view" of the situation, which means that they can spot
enemies better then Recons even, but be mindful that the Socialize function
overheats - the fastest "safe" time that you can call out enemies is every 2

UAVs are most effective against that old thing - the tank. This because UAVs
use a Hellfire missile as their primary armanent, a laser-guided air-to-ground
missile that does enourmous damage to vehicles, 535 to be exact, or about 2/5
of a tank's health. Before attempting to hit a target, be sure to spot them -
the sight out of a UAV at high altitude is far from perfect, so the red tank
icons, besides helping the team, are far easier to track with the missile.
Once you fire the missile, keep the paint box on the tank - this can sometimes
be difficult if they are moving at full speed. The Hellfire missile shares its
ground cousin's slow turn radius, so do NOT make any sharp movements with it,
you will miss. The biggest virtue of the Hellfire is that it is top-down;
meaning, it can hit tanks that pull away from the front lines for repairs,
finishing them off, as long as they don't go into any buildings with intact
cealings (there are a few large enough for a tank).

Once your fire mission arrives and the target is hit (or missed), you have to
wait 25 seconds for the missile to reload. During that time, you should be
spotting enemies, and if you have the Alternate Weapons package, and you see a 
target in the open, spamming the LMG. If you have the Smoke package, always be
mindful of any teammates assaulting in the area where you are flying - the
Smoke grenades make great cover for them if they are used right.

The second weapon is the mounted LMG. The LMG is not extremely accurate at the
distances involved, but it can still hit stationary infantry or infantry in
the open for good damage. Less good is the fact that it draws attention to your
position, so you should prioritize going with missiles against tanks.

The LMG is also great for attacking helicopters. Because helicopters fly too,
they are much closer to you, and therefore much easier to hit with the LMG.
They are also lightly armored enough to feel the hits from your UAV's gun. On 
the other hand, choppers have a hard time attacking the higher-flying, much
smaller UAV, although a lot of people are smart enough to go for the person
operating the UAV instead, at the control console.

UAVs can also bully them by bumping into them to spin them out of control, or
tearing through their rotors, which (usually) causes no damage to the UAV but
causes the helicopter to explode and "suicide" the pilot.

They can roadkill (or rather airkill) players, and their small size makes them
useful for attempting the "Roadkill" trophy. However, bumping into anything
besides the ground, a player, or another vehicle will cause the UAV to

There are some interesting applications for C4 on a UAV, as it doesn't take
damage from the blast, so you can "faux-suicide bomb" a tank - but flying so
low is inadvisable.

If you are hit by enemies, it won't take much more to take you out of the air
entirely. Therefore, it is best to fall back and down, getting cover between
your chopper and whoever is shooting it. You need to get to base and repair.
It is possible to land the UAV for repairs. It can be repaired nearly instantly
by an engineer. However, leaving the port at any point will cause the UAV to
self-destruct, even if it is safely on the ground, so repair duties can only
be carried out by a friendly engineer on the field. This is best done by
asking for engineer assistance via team chat.

Note that if you are using the UAV and you are killed, it will blow up and fall
out of the sky. UAVs take 2 minutes to respawn, and unlike other vehicles this
respawn timer is not adjustable server-side.

[10] Maps

This section outlines the maps, which vehicles spawn there, and how the
vehicles are best used. I cover the Conquest and Rush modes, the two most
populat modes. Squad Deathmatch provides a single Light Tank on all levels,
and Squad Rush is very similar to the conditions in Rush. I will not cover the
co-op Onslaught versions of the map. Note: additional vehicles may spawn when
you take objectives.

Arica Harbor
- Both Russians and Americans get Quad Bikes
- A UAV station is located in neutral territory

This version of Arica Harbor contains few vehicles.

- American attackers get Quad Bikes, Humvees, M1A2 Abrams, and a UAV
- Russian defends get a T-90 MBT and KORD and KORNET emplacements

This map starts out very vehicle heavy, but as the match progresses they fall
off to a support role. 

Cold War
- Russian attackers get a UAV
- American defenders get an M939 Truck, the only level where they appear, and
  XM312 .50 emplacements with or without shields

Another infantry heavy map.

Harvest Day
- Russian attackers get T-90 MBTs, CAv jeeps, a UAV-1, and Quad Bikes
- American defenders get M1A2 Abrams, CAV jeeps, and TOW and XM312 .50

This map centers on tank warfare much of the time, and the UAV, if used
correctly, can give the attackers the edge.

- Russians get Quad Bikes, CAV jeeps, the T-90 MBT, a UAV-1, and KORD and
  KORNET implacements
- Americans get Quad Bikes, CAV jeeps, the M1A2 Abrams, a UAV-1, and XM312 .50
  and TOW emplacements
- There are also several jeeps and quad bikes and a UAV on objective B.

This is a very vehicle intensive map, but because of the distances involved,
most of the game is spent clearing and counter-clearing objectives, so there
is no set battle order - just go where you feel you are needed.

Heavy Metal
- Russians get T-90 MBTs, CAV jeeps, Mi-28 Hinds, Mi-24 Havoks, UAV-1s, ZU-23
  and KORNET emplacements
- Americans get M2A1 Abrams, CAV jeeps, UH-60 Black Hawks, UH-64 Apache, UAV-1,
  and VADS and TOW emplacements

This is the most vehicle heavy map in the game, and also the largest. Half your
time will be spent crossing over to the battle line. The best way to achieve
victory is to keep a strong line of all three tanks arranged in a cordon
defending B. Three tanks can, with engineers, handle any single opponent.
Most people play as either snipers or engineers. Snipers should provide anti-
ground infantry support, and helis will fly off and dogfight each other and
tanks near B. The VADS anti-air gun near B is a strategic stationary piece that
will deal heavy damage to any helicopters that pass over, but you will have to
wait at times for them to respawn and take off for you.

Isla Innocente
- Russian defenders get a Mi-24 Hind and KORD and KORNET implacements.
- American attackers get a UAV-1, two UH-60 Blackbirds, a M3A3 Bradley, Patrol
  Boats and Jet Skis

This game is all about either close or long fighting. The attackers will have
snipers implaced on the islands and on the adjacent road at the beggining, and
boats and helicopters will be rushing towards the hard-fighting defenses. A
well-played Blackbird airdrop can and will turn the battle. Defenders are
recommended to keep 1 or 2 people with Tracer Darts and 1 or 2 MGs manned at
all times.

Laguna Presa
- Russians get Quad Bikes, the BMD-3, the UAV-1, and Jet Skis.
- Americans get Quad Bikes, the M3A3 Bradley, the UAV-1, and Jet Skis.

This is a messy map, but using the Light Tanks effectively is key to siezing
and controlling the objectives.

- Russian defenders get KORD and KORNET emplacements
- American attackers get Humvees, M3A3 Bradley, the UAV-1, Patrol Boats and
  Jet Skis

As with Conquest, the Light Tank is key to winning the round.

Nelson Bay
- Russians get a KORD emplacement and Quad Bikes
- Americans get a XM321 .50 with shields
- There is a UAV station in nuetral territory

This is a very infantry-intensive map, with only light vehicle support and no
armor whatsoever. The UAV is difficult to control because it is in exposed

- Russian attackers get Quad Bikes and a UAV
- Americans get XM312 with shields

This is a very infantry-intensive map, with only light vehicle support and no
armor whatsoever. The Quad Bikes facilitate rushing, and the UAV is for recon
of the enemies - however, remember the map is very tree and building intensive.

- American attackers get Humvees, M3A3 Bradleys (with objective B), and Jet
- Russian defenders get Cobras, BMD-3 (with objective B), and Jet Skis
- There is a UAV-1 in nuetral territory.

Controlling B is key to winning the game, because that is where the map's only
piece of armor, the light tank, is. In general this is the best map in the
game for using a shotty, and that should tell you something.

- American attackers get Quad Bikes, Humvees, M1A2 Abrams, M3A3 Bradley,
  Ah-64 Apache, Partol Boats, and UAV-1s.
- Russian defenders get T-90, BMD-3, a Mi-28 Havok, and KORNET, Zu-23, and
  QZL-87 shielded emplacements

The tank battle between the attackers and defenders at the first base is even,
althouh a properly used UAV can tilt it - as can a properly used KORNET
emplacement. The Attacker's Apache is evened out by the Stationary AA Gun on
the Russian's side. On later stations, Light Tanks spawn alongside Main Battle
Tanks and join in the fray.

Panama Canal
- Russians get Quad Bikes, the T-90 MBT, the BMD-3, the UAV-1, and KORD
- Americans get Quad Bikes, the M2A1 Abrams, the M3A3 Bradley, the UAV-1, and
  XM312 .50 emplacements

The map is far from being a vehicle haven, with its many buildings and pathways
and rampart mine use. However, because there are so many vehicles spawning on
both sides, they become key towards controlling the bases. Just watch out for

Port Valdez
- Russian attackers get Quad Bike, Vodnik, T-90 MBTs, BMD-3 AAs (the only map
  where they appear), and a UAV-1
- American defenders get M3A3 Bradleys, AH-64 Apache, UH-60 Blackhawk, and TOW
  XM32 .50, and KORD emplacements (yes, they have some Russian machine guns)

This is a very chokey map. There are lots of spaces, not that much cover, and
several vehicles. The defender's sizable aircraft advantage is countered by the
unique BMD-3 AA tank, which can vaporize enemy choppers.

- Russians get CAVs, T-90, Mi-28 Havoc, and ZU-23, KORD, and KORNET
- Americans get CAVs, M1A2 Abrams, AH-64 Apache, and VADS, TOW, and XM312 .50 

Again, lots of vehicle support but little cover. A lot of angles to cover. The
score in terms of air vehicles is now evened, and the BMD-3 AA is not present

- Russian defenders get KORD and KORNET emplacements.
- American attackers get Quad Bikes, M3A3 Bradleys, a UAV-1, and a UH-60 Black

This is a very cover heavy map, and you have limited visibility moving through
the jungle, but upon bursting out on the enemy base you come upon a very heavy
concentration of emplacements. Direct attack by the Light Tank is folly, but
the Black Hawk is useful for air-assualting the area. A good idea is to
defoliage the trees giving the attackers, especially their snipers, cover.

White Pass
- Americans get Quad Bike, M3A3 Bradley, UAV-1, and KORNET and XM312 .50
- Russians get Quad Bike, BMD-3, UAV-1, and KORNET and KORD emplacements

This is a very infantry-heavy map because of all the buildings; however, if you
can keep the Light Tank alive and healthy, it can be a dominating factor in the

- American attackers get XM312 .50 emplacements
- Russian defenders get KORD emplacements

All infantry with no vehicles whatsoever.

[11] Pins, insignias, and achievements

I've sorted out all of the point-bearing objects that you get while playing
the game that are related to vehicles.

Pins are collectibles you get while playing, similar to the Emblems in COD.
They are worth bonus points towards ranking up - most are worth 100 points, but
some are gold-rimmed and worth 200 points (winning a round also nets you a
pin worth 200 points). You get some every game you play,
unless you didn't play a very good game. My personal record currently stands at

Maintenance Ops --- Perform 7 repairs
Tank Warfare --- Kill 7 enemies with tanks
Anti Vehicle Efficiency --- Destroy 4 enemy vehicles
Air Warfare --- Kill 5 enemies with air vehicles
Emplacement Efficiency --- Kill 5 enemies with stationary weapons

Wheels Of Hazard --- Do 3 road kills with any vehicle
  This one is quite hard, I got it when I accidentally rolled over 3 camping
  snipers I was looking for in a tank. Roadkills can be done in all vehicles,
  but for some reason trying it in a Quad Bike only works half the time, and
  Tanks are slow so they don't roadkill often deliberatly.

Car Warfare --- Kill 4 enemies with cars
  Meaning, grab a HUMVEE or Cobra and man that MG!

Naval Warfare --- Kill 4 enemies with sea vehicles
  This one is difficult simply because the only vehicle that can use a weapon
  is the Patrol Boat Light, whose Grenade Launcher is not terribly good at
  accumulating kills. Still, you should get this if you spam at the enemy
  base enough, just watch out for snipers.

Insignias are one-time objects similar to pins but encompassing greater
objectives, ae. the kind that take some time to accomplish.

Long Service Maintenance Ops --- 100 Repairs
Squad Repair Ops --- 100 Squad Repairs
Anti Vehicle Combat --- 200 vehicle damages
Exemplary Vehicle Service --- 5 vehicle pins
Distinguished Vehicle Knowledge --- Get all vehicle bronze stars
Long Service Radio Warfare --- 100 tracer plants
Distinguished Remote Explosives Combat --- 100 C4 kills
Distinguished Explosives Combat ---  100 kills using Mines

One time "hey that's neat!" achievements, they display on your stats but do
not appear in-game when you get them.

Airkill --- Roadkill an enemy with any helicopter
  This is difficult to do because choppers are big, noisy, and easy to shoot
  down when they trail in the ground. Therefore the best tactic for knocking
  down an enemy with a chopper is using a UAV - look for a sniper, go behind
  them, and the get to the ground and run into them. Fun fact: I got this by
  getting in the chopper and taking off into the face of an enemy sniper who
  was trying to plaster the chopper down with C4, lol.

Careful Guidence --- Destroy an enemy helicopter with a stationary RPG
  This is difficult to do, but not impossible. The problem with stationary
  ATs is that they don't turn fast enough to track a helicopter, so you need
  to get lucky on guessing approximatly where the chopper will be.

[12] Points breakdown

Another sort of "Appendix" section, this section simply lists the points that
you get for various vehicle related actions. For reference, a standard kill
gives you 50 points.

Destroying vehicles

100 points - Destroying a Vehicle
- These points are given to you if you destroy the vehicle while an enemy is
  on/inside it, or, within a few seconds of them leaving it. Sometimes people
  get greedy and destroy Quad Bikes that could have been repaired and used for
  for transportation, or things like that.

30 points - Vehicle Damage
- If you deal damage equivalent to at least 25% of the vehicle's health, you
  will get 30 points for your efforts. If you kill the vehicle in one hit, as
  in with C4, an Anti-Tank Mine, or a Stationary Anti-Tank gun, you get get
  these points in addition to the 100 points you get for destroying the

30 points - Vehicle Destroy Assist
- You get 30 points for assisting in the destruction of a vehicle if another
  person gets the kill shot. You must get the above points first to get this

30 points - Squad Destroy Vehicle Assist
- A destroy vehicle assist with +10 tagged on for it being a squad action.

30 points - Tracer Dart
- Points you get for tagging an enemy vehicle or infantry and making it
  elegible for easier killing via homing missiles.

10 points - Tracer Dart Assist
- Points you get for a friendly damaging a vehicle you tagged via homing

20 points - Tracer Dart Kill Assist
- Points you get if a vehicle you tagged is destroyed by another person's
  homing missile using your tag.

20 points - Squad Tracer Dart Asssist
- The Tracer Dart Assist points +10 for being a squad action.

40 points - Squad Tracer Dart Kill Assist
- The Tracer Dart Kill Assist +20 points for it being a squad action.

40 points - Squad Tag Assist
- A Tag Assist with a +10 bonus for being a squad action.

Repairing vehicles

20 points - Repair
- You get these points when you repair a vehicle. I'm not entirely sure of the
  breakdown, but you get multiple Repair bonuses the more damage you repair.
  You only get points if another person is in the vehicle.

30 points - Squad Repair
- The Repair bonus with +10 points tacked on by Squad action.

Vehicle assistance

- Any infantry kill in a vehicle is worth 50 points.

30 points - Driver Kill Assist
- You get 30 points if you are the driver of the vehicle and one of your
  passengers kills someone.

30 points - Passenger Kill Assist
- You get 30 points if you are a passenger on the vehicle and the driver or
  other passenger kills someone.

50 points - Squad Driver Kill Assist
- A Driver kill assist +20 points for it being a squad action.

50 points - Squad Passenger Kill Assist
- A Passenger kill assist +20 points for it being a squad action.

Fun facts

- Most of the time you will get points 180 or 260 points for killing a tank:

30 points for Vehicle Damage
100 points for Vehicle Destroy
50 or 100 points for killing enemies, depending on wether or not they had a
30 more Double Kill points if there is a second person in the vehicle.

- Since all vehicles are counted the same, the most points you can get is
destroying a tagged Cobra 4WD with a full load (5 people):

30 points for Tag Placed
30 points for Vehicle Damage
100 points for Vehicle Destroy
250 points for Infantry kills
50 points for Multikill

For a grand total of 460 points off a single vehicle, equivelant to 8 kills and
a headshot.

[C] Contact information

My email is a[underscore]bilogur[at]yahoo[dot]com.

+ Send me helpful information.
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+ Send me any other question you may have.

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[H] Thank yous

Thank you Gamefaqs for hosting this.
Thank you DICE and EA Games for creating a game to get my FPS fix.
Thank you Notepad for being so useful in creating this guide.
Thank YOU for bothering to read these thank yous (what do you mean your scroll
bar broke...)
Anyone that provides additional information for this guide will recieve credit
where it is cited and here.

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