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                                        By Chr1s_r3dfield

Table of contents


5-1. Partners
5-2. Enemies
5-3. No Weapon Use
5-4. No Damage Taken

6-1. Outbreak
6-2. Below Freezing Point
6-3. The Hive
6-4. Hellfire
6-5. Decisions, Decisions






Greetings, Resident Evil fans!
I have been playing Resident Evil for almost 8 years now. It is my 
most favorite horror survival game of all time. The first one I 
played was RE3: Nemesis and I liked it a lot. After that I got RE 1 
and I was disappointed in the graphics, but not the story, too. But 
then I got my faith back in the RE series after I played RE 2. 
However, RE: Survivor disappointed me so much that I played it 
completed it a few times.
The best RE I ever played was RE: Code Veronica and RE 4. I didn't 
get to play any Resident Evils that are on Game Cube (which are Zero 
and Remake) or such as Deadly Silence, but those are the only ones I 
didn't play. After this Resident Evil, Outbreak, RE just wasn't the 
same anymore. I liked RE 4 and Dead Aim, but Capcom has turned the 
horror survival game into an action game.

Well, enough about the other Resident Evils. I've decided to write a 
FAQ for Outbreak on Very Hard difficulty, so that the RE fans (and 
all other players) could complete the game on Very Hard and unlock 
the new mode which would help them get the remaining items and enjoy 
the game a bit more. I've unlocked everything in all Resident Evils 
except Outbreak and Outbreak file 2, so far. I'm not too far from 
getting what I have left for Outbreak, but I've completed the game 
on all difficulties and techniques is one of the most important 
things for surviving in RE on harder difficulties.
So, I wrote the guide on Very Hard for all scenarios, so that the 
players wouldn't have to suffer so much.
Once you complete all scenarios on Very Hard, you get some costumes. 
I know, it's not much, but if you're a Resident Evil maniac like me, 
you'll try to unlock everything. Or if you're not going for a 100% 
completion of the game, then you can play on Very Hard to get more 
points. More on that is explained in the REWARD POINTS section.
WARNING! Keep in mind that my FAQ is for offline only.

Well, I've said more than I should for introduction, huh? :)


This FAQ is copyright of Boris Bacic.
Whoever wants to put this FAQ on his site should e-mail me for 
permission first and I'll see if I can give you my permission to 
publish this.
But if you do want to publish this, do not change the contents. It 
must remain the way it is.


If you would like to ask me anything, e-mail me at 
[email protected]
If you didn't understand something about my FAQ and need better 
details, contact me and I'll help you as soon as possible. You can 
ask me anything you want about Resident Evil and Silent Hill. I'm 
also a fan of other Capcom games like Devil May Cry and Dino Crisis.
I like Konami games, too, so you can ask me questions about 
Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill.
If you think my FAQ sucks (or that it's good), e-mail me. I want to 
hear your opinion.


To unlock Very Hard difficulty, you must complete all scenarios on 
Hard. That is fairly easy (much easier than Outbreak 2) and you 
shouldn't have trouble completing that. If you're a bad RE Outbreak 
player, I suggest you first complete all scenarios on Normal mode, 
without weapon usage (except Hellfire and Decisions, Decisions, 
because there you must fight the bosses). I suggest playing with 
Kevin (he's my favorite, by the way) or Cindy.

Kevin - he has a high quality handgun which can kill zombies from 
one shot. If you aim and wait for Kevin to aim steadily, you can 
bring the zombie down from one shot. He is also fast and agile. For 
example, he can kick the enemies, or bump into them, to stun them. 
As for that, he can't kill the enemies by kicking and bumping, so 
it's just good to get time for escape.

Cindy - she has a set of 9 herbs at the beginning of the scenario (3 
green, 3 blue and 3 red herbs) which she can use to heal herself and 
others. She can keep the herbs she finds in the set which doesn't 
take item space. Also, she can duck to avoid enemy attacks, which is 
very useful, if your timing is right. Yeah, she can hit them, too, 
using R1+X. Also, when she aims, when you want to rotate, she 
rotates really fast. But the negative side is that when she gets hit 
or bitten, her health is spent easily. One zombie bite on Very Hard 
can put her in red CAUTION condition, or BLEED.
So try these two characters for unlocking Very Hard mode.


As I mentioned above, you should use Kevin or Cindy, not just in 
Hard, but also in Very Hard mode.
Now let's go onto basics. Even if you're a Resident Evil veteran, 
please read this section. It will help you in Very Hard:

5-1. Partners: As you all know, in Outbreak you have two partners 
(offline). You can't choose your partners, like in Outbreak 2, so in 
some scenarios, partners may prove to be useless. For example George 
and Jim in The Hive scenario. They never follow you (George doesn't 
even help you) and in the end, they wind up dead, attacking you in 
the leech-man form. Idiots!
You should keep your partners alive as much as you can, because they 
will be of use. They can kill enemies, save you when you're dying 
and they can even find some items that are required to complete the 
scenario. If you're condition is CAUTION (yellow) and one of you're 
partners is injured, give them a health item, just enough for them 
to walk normally, even if that means red CAUTION. If you have more 
than two health items, you should give each partner one (especially 
if they're in a bad shape). 
If you want to complete the game without weapons to get extra 
points, give them all weapons and bullets. Each partner should carry 
a weapon to defend themselves (or to defend you). Sometimes, you 
should keep a weapon until you reach a part with a strong enemy or a 
boss, because they usually waste ammo on useless enemies like 
zombies. But some partners get killed before they even use a weapon 
(Yoko, for instance).
There are certain places, when one partner follows you and the other 
one goes his/her own way. In that case, you should protect the one 
that's with you. As for the one that left - don't worry, the worst 
that can happen to him/her is that they get to DANGER condition. By 
the time you find them (which is by the way almost always the same 
place), you'll have a health item to spare and your partner will 
probably have a little something for you - an item for completing 
the scenario.
If a partner falls down and starts crawling, immediately get to them 
and help them get up. If it's not too dangerous, carry them to the 
closest (or safest) room. There you can give your partner health 
items. If you start dying, scream 'Help!' by pressing the right 
analog stick to the left side and a partner will bust his way 
through to help you up.
If you want an item from a partner (so that they don't waste it for 
nothing, for example), then take it from them and give them 
something else. If they leave a health item over an 'Iron Pipe', for 
example, take the health item and ask for the pipe. When they give 
you the pipe, exchange it for a health item. That way they keep the 
health item. But don't leave the pipe back in that room, because 
they'll take it again. If you don't have health items and you're 
partner is in DANGER, save yourself. Also, keep saying 'Come on!', 
so that your partners follow you.
That's all for partners...

5-2. Enemies: The most common enemy in all of Resident Evil is a 
zombie. There's no need for me to explain his basic attack because 
you already know them - if you don't, you never played Resident 
I suggest killing the least of these you can; only when you need to 
enter a code and zombies are near you. The rest of the time, I just 
kick them or bump into them. Killing them doesn't pay off, because 
they always reappear. If you're unlucky, a zombie's bite can put you 
into BLEED condition, which is like DANGER, only temporary.
If you have a gun and a zombie grabs you, struggle, and your 
character will shoot the zombie's head. You will still lose health, 
Don't kick a zombie twice in a row, because when you kick him once, 
he stops, but he ignores the second kick. Instead, wait for him to 
start attacking again, and then kick him again.
I wouldn't suggest kicking or hitting any other enemies. For 
example, when you do it to a Hunter and try to get passed him, he 
hits you with his claw. The Lickers can be kicked only when they're 
on the walls.
You get the point, right?
As for the kicks and bumps - don't wait for the enemy to get too 
close, just kick them from a not so far distance. If you miss them, 
you'll need time (about a sec) before you can move again, and by 
then, the enemy will hit you.

5-3. No Weapon Use: You've probably noticed that when you complete a 
scenario, it says on the results display NO WEAPON CLEAR and NO 
It's simple - if you manage to complete a scenario without using any 
weapons (not even chemicals and concrete pieces) you'll get extra 
points. These could mean a lot, if you wish to unlock something 
I only cleared Outbreak and Below Freezing Point without weapons on 
Very Hard. But if we don't watch the difficulty, I made it in all 
four scenarios.
The problem is that in The Hive, Hellfire and Decisions, Decisions 
your partners can't kill the bosses on Hard and Very Hard, so you 
have to do it (like I said before, this FAQ is for offline play 
only). Besides, unlike Below Freezing Point, there are no objects 
which could help you defeat the boss. In Decisions, Decisions you 
can kill the final boss with 'Daylight', which takes only one shot, 
but even that counts as a weapon usage.

5-4. No Damage taken: Like NO WEAPON CLEAR, you can also get the NO 
DAMAGE CLEAR. You mustn't take a single hit from enemies to get 
this. If you even get a scratch, you failed.
This is extremely hard, even on Easy in the first scenario I 
sometimes fail to get NO DAMAGE CLEAR. It gives a lot of points, so 
it's worth trying it.
I didn't manage to get the NO DAMAGE CLEAR in The Hive, because of 
the Leech-man, and in Hellfire, because Regis Licker keeps choking 
me in the beginning of the battle.


Here starts our adventure. It's not so hard, believe me. Remember, 
you can keep pressing the square button, because your character 
talks about the situation then, and it can really calm you down and 
relax you.
If you find the game tensing and scary, turn on some background 
music to relax. And always choose the costume which you usually 
chose, so that there don't be any confusions.
Take a deep breath. Relax. Rub your hands a bit and let's get 

6-1. Outbreak 

It would be good that you play with Cindy if it's your first time on 
Very Hard. Like I mentioned before, I choose Kevin, 'cause he's my 
favorite and because of his abilities, or Cindy because of her 
healing abilities.

Anyway, after the cut scene the zombies are trying to break through. 
Go left behind the bar tend and down. Here there's nothing useful, 
so go into the bathroom (the first one, the one closest to the 
locked door). On your character's left side is a handgun. Take it 
and get out. If you're playing as Kevin, call Cindy (push the right 
analog stick up, while holding the L2 button) and select 'PRESENT' 
on your handgun. Let Cindy take the gun.
If you're playing as Cindy and have Kevin and Mark in the team 
(that's not referred just to Cindy), keep the handgun because they 
both have weapons to protect themselves. You don't use the handgun; 
you keep it until the storage room, so that they wouldn't waste all 
If you are playing as George, ask for the blue herb that your 
partner took. Mix it to create a recovery medicine. If they didn't 
take the herb, you can find it left of the bathroom, in a corner.
Now go to the bartender, Will, who's near the entrance. Don't push 
the barrels, because to get the key, you must let the zombie bust 
inside. So do this: stand a few steps (3-4) left of Will until the 
zombies bust inside. After they break in, keep pressing X until you 
see your character bend over and the letters 'STAFF ROOM KEY TAKEN' 
appear. If you didn't take it, move around there and keep pressing 
X. Ignore the zombies. You have time until they stand up.
Keep in mind that you must quickly do these things before the 
zombies bust in, because then you'll be in trouble.
Okay, so you got the key. Ignore the zombies and use the key on the 
staff room door. Press X to open it and say 'Come on!' by pushing 
the right analog stick down.
Read the memo on the right side and climb the stairs. Be careful not 
to get to close to the window. Go around it and slowly walk towards 
the green herb. A zombie will break the window, but as long as you 
are here, he can't hurt you. One of your partners will probably get 
grabbed by the zombie, so kick or hit the zombie to make him fall.
Go on and climb the stairs. Turn right and open the white door.
Now you're in the break room. As soon as you can move your 
character, go down and keep pressing X until you crawl under a bed. 
Take the STORAGE ROOM KEY. Get out from under the bed and keep 
screaming 'Help!' by pressing the right analog stick left, so that 
the zombies don't hurt you. Your partner/s will probably struggle 
with zombies, but they'll be fine - you just get out of there.
Turn left into the hall and move forward. Ignore the first door and 
turn left to the desk. Take the nail gun and go back to where you 
came from until you see planks. Make sure both of your partners are 
inside the hall and then use the nail gun on the planks, to 
barricade the door. Be careful - before you use the planks, they may 
be a zombie near you. Now keep going down until you reach a door at 
the end of the hall - it leads into owner's room. There could be a 
zombie nearby, so if you see him, go around the dart board.
Get inside owner's room and go down. When the zombie starts moving, 
wait for one second and then kick/hit him. Go around him and scream 
for help. Two things will happen now:
Either the zombie will come after you, in which case you must hold 
him off until your partners come.
Or the zombie will attack your partners.
In either case, wait until your partners are under attack and then 
take the KEY WITH BLUE TAG off the chair and the green herb off the 
ground. If that zombie is still alive, kick him and run out of the 
room. Return up and use the KEY WITH BLUE TAG on the door on the 
left wall (there's a door that leads into drawing room - skip it). 
The door is near the planks where you used the nail gun.
Go through the door and climb up the stairs. Open the door to get 
into liquor room. Go up and open the door. Read the memo on the 
ground (if you want to) and take the LIQUOR BOTTLE from the desk. By 
this time, your partners will probably come into this room. It's 
very rare to have them both FINE, so it doesn't matter if there 
condition is red CAUTION. But if it's DANGER, the only way to save 
them is to give them both green herbs. But if both of your partners 
are in DANGER condition, one of them will die. If your condition is 
FINE or yellow CAUTION, you can give each partner a green herb 
(especially if their condition is bad).
I suggest waiting in this room about one minute, so that all zombies 
gather in the liquor room. That way they won't bother you in the 
other rooms. Once you get out of this room, run right, and open the 
door to get back. The zombies will miss you (there's about 4 of 
them). Now there won't be any zombies on the stairs, which is really 
bad. They're all on the stairs, so you're safe here.
Go down and open the door. There may be a zombie here, but you'd 
have to be a complete idiot to get hit by him (just kidding). Go 
back into owner's room. Go left (very quickly) and use the LIQUOR 
BOTTLE on the picture. Now listen very carefully - when you enter 
the room, you may have seen a zombie come inside. If that happened, 
as soon as you use the bottle, press R1 wait for less than a second 
and kick or bump into the zombie. Until then, your partners will 
come to help you, but so will another zombie. While your partners 
distract the zombies, check the drawer on the left and take the 
FORKLIFT KEY. Stun the zombie (kick/hit) and get out. Go back to the 
liquor room.
Now it's important that you follow my guide here. As soon as you are 
in liquor room, keep going down (from your character's view you're 
supposed to go left). Follow the one path until you get passed the 
bottles (until you get passed two corners). Stop at the third 
corner. Your character will turn his/her head towards an enemy which 
you can't see from this view. But prepare yourself - as soon as you 
see the character turn their head, prepare to bump into the 
attacking zombie.
After that get passed the zombie and turn left to the forklift. 
Operate the fork lift and go back. Climb the ladders.
WARNING! If your partners aren't nearby, the zombie won't let you 
climb the ladder, so scream 'help'. But they'll be there 75%, so you 
can climb the ladder. Keep going and your partners will follow you. 
Crawl through the hole.
When you're out, climb the stairs and wait for you're partners to 
come. In 40% of the cases, one of your partners will die. Open the 
door and you're on the roof. Here, you must keep moving. The crows 
will attack, so you must follow the one path, and don't stop!
Go until you reach a door. Make sure you don't hear the crows wings, 
because that means they are attacking. Use the STORAGE ROOM KEY on 
the door and get in. Here, you'll find a first aid spray and a 
handgun magazine. When your partners come in, they'll be in a bad 
condition. If your condition is yellow caution, give the injured 
partner the spray. Now if you have Kevin and Mark for partners, you 
kept the handgun you found in the beginning. Now it's time to give 
them both the handgun and the clip. But if both of your partners are 
dead, keep the handgun and the clip, so that you can shoot the fence 
I suggest giving the weapon and ammo to Kevin first, then Mark, and 
then to everyone else. The last person I would give it to is Yoko - 
she just runs around and fires a bullet occasionally. If you're 
going for the NO WEAPON CLEAR, give the ammo to the character that's 
in a better condition.
Now get out and run around screaming for help. Eventually, your 
armed partner will shoot the zombie and the crows. Now approach the 
fence on the right side and start kicking and ramming the fence. If 
you happen to be playing on Lone Wolf mode or your partners are 
dead, kill the zombie and shoot the fence a few times to destroy the 
fence. But it's better to kill the crows, because when you have to 
jump to the other building, they can make you fall.
So now you have time. Climb up and follow the path until you reach 
the spot where you have to jump. You're on the top of another 
building. Open the door and get to the elevator, pressing X to call 
it. If you're lucky, you'll be able to call the elevator before the 
zombie comes. If not, get as far as you can from the zombie and wait 
for your partners to attack her (yes, her). If you're alone, kick 
her and call the elevator. Then kick her again and get inside the 
elevator. It doesn't matter if she hits you.
When you're out go straight and turn left. Keep going straight, but 
stay on the right side of the wall, so that the zombie ahead misses 
you. You can see the zombie's back, so run on the right side, 
because he'll make a quick turn on the left side. Open the door and 
get out.
Go down and a cut scene occurs. This part is pretty easy, if you're 
careful. As soon as you can move your character, start going down, 
behind the police vehicle. Start pushing it until the camera 
changes. Those bugs may block your path, so either wait for the cop 
to kill them, or use yourself as bait to get them out of that spot. 
As soon as you see them preparing for something, run aside, because 
they'll jump. Don't get too close to them either, because they can 
poison you, and that's nasty.
If none of this works, then jump over the vehicle which is on the 
road and go up until you see another patrol car. Push it to create a 
barricade (if the cop kills the bugs in the meantime, new ones will 
appear up where you are, so be careful). When you're done with that 
car, you can return to the first one, since the bugs probably 
followed you, so the path is clear now - you can push that car.
In either way, if you don't create a barricade, the next cut scene 
will occur for a few minutes. This part is not so easy, because your 
partners always get into trouble. Even if they're bleeding or dying, 
and you come to their face giving them a first aid spray, they just 
run around. Here's the thing - the cop blasts the gate with the 
shotgun while you try to stay alive (it takes him pretty much to 
bust a gate with a shotgun (O_o)). If you help him with the gate, 
the scene shifts faster, but those bugs can jump on ya at any time 
when you expect it the least, so it's not a good idea. Unless you 
have a gun equipped and kick the gate (Kevin), you'll be able to see 
the enemy from a distance, because your character will aim at the 
Here's what I do - I wait at one end until the bugs are about 5 
meters away from me. Then I get around them and wait at the other 
end. How do you see them, when the camera is fixed that way, you 
ask? You don't! Run left-right to avoid their jumps, and focus on 
the volume of the sound they make. Don't wait for too long, though.
It takes about 3-5 minutes, but they seem like an eternity. If one 
of your partners is wounded, or is on the ground, help them get up 
and give them the green herb you find in this place. It doesn't 
matter if you're 'poisoned' or in DANGER. You just have to stay away 
from them and keep yourself alive until the scene shifts.
When it finally does shift and the cop dies, do this - when you're 
able to move your character, go down and then left, around the bugs. 
Once you're behind them, go up and right to the cop's body. Keep 
pressing X until you take the LIGHTER. If you want the alternate 
ending, take the shotgun from besides the cop's body. Now just keep 
going right until you reach the gas tank. Open the tanker and after 
the cut scene, move a bit up (a few steps) and use the LIGHTER.
Now you made it. The only thing that can kill you now is the virus, 
which shows the percentage in the down-left corner. You can also see 
your partners' virus by the color of the circle next to their names 
(blue - fine, green - caution, yellow - danger, red - dead). Anyway, 
jump into the water on the left side. You have a few minutes to jump 
before the explosion. One of your partners is missing (if they both 
survived this far), but don't worry, you'll see him/her later. When 
you jump into the water, the cut scene with explosion will occur, 
probably. Climb the opening on the left and go up. When the camera 
changes, jump down and turn left, viewing from your character's 
side. If you like, you can take the red herb on the right side, but 
I'd take that only if I was heading for the alternate ending, which 
is not necessary (it doesn't give extra points). Follow the path and 
climb the ladder. Keep following the street until you reach a cop 
(he appears about 7-10 seconds after you arrive). You can read the 
newspaper, located behind the cop on the left wall, but it's not 
necessary. When you are ready, then talk to the cop. Here, the 
missing partner will come, before, or after you talk to the cop.
One last part is left, which ends this scenario. Please, go for the 
SURVIVED" ending. Besides, if you go for the second one, your 
partners will probably get killed and you'll get hurt, which 
eliminates your chances to get NO DAMAGE CLEAR. But I'll write the 
guide for that, too, just in case you want to get that ending. Okay, 
if you're heading for the escape ending and your condition is 
danger, take the spray from the van and get out quickly. If your 
condition is red caution or better, don't take anything, just go 
around the van (on the right side) and climb the stairs.
Remember to scream 'Wait!' to your comrades, by pressing the R3 
button. When you climb the stairs, follow the path until the scene 
occurs. If you're heading for the escape ending, quickly go back to 
the van and make sure everyone alive is in this place. Talk to the 
cop to enter the van and escape. If someone leaves the place, you'll 
have to pick them up. Try carrying them to the van (if they're 
wounded). Carry the one that doesn't follow your commands. If one of 
them gets to Main Street, they're pretty much doomed. So try to have 
them both in the street with the van.
Now for the "killed zombies" ending:
Take everything from the van and give it to your partners - heal 
them and go to the stairs. You'll find a green herb and a revolver. 
If you want to get NO WEAPON CLEAR and haven't used weapons so far, 
give the revolver to one of the partners (preferably Kevin or Mark). 
Go to the footbridge until the cut scene occurs. Go on and go down 
the stairs.
If you're playing as Kevin, the wounded cop will give you a handgun. 
Go on and on the left side, really far, you'll find the DETONATOR. 
Now go right until the camera changes. Here, on the ground you'll 
see a DETONATOR HANDLE. Combine them and go left until you see a 
cop's corpse. Use the DETONATOR to end the scenario. There are no 
tips here, because the zombies act randomly, thanks to your 
partners. Juts dodge them and kick them. That's it. It shouldn't 
have taken you more than 17 minutes.

6-2. Below Freezing Point

This scenario has so many boring zombies, that after 10 minutes of 
fighting, you'll be too lazy to kick them. Well, let's do it!
It doesn't matter who you take, and it doesn't make much difference 
whether you play alone or with partners. They'll just make the 
zombies come to you. Well, here we go!

In the beginning, you're in the subway. Just stand at the gate until 
the cut scene occurs and the gate will open. Go through it and climb 
up from the railway track to the upper floor. Go straight until you 
see someone shooting you. After the cut scene, go left (viewing from 
your character's side) and keep following the one path. Jump down 
and use the stairs. Follow the stairs until you see a vent hole on 
the left wall. Climb there and you'll be in a lab hall. Go straight 
until you reach a dead end, where you have to turn right. Take the 
FROZEN WRENCH and quickly (seriously, quickly) move back one corner 
and turn into the hall left (viewing from the camera angle). Open 
the door. Whether you're playing alone or with someone, you won't 
need weapons here. You'll find more than enough health items and you 
can kill the boss without using weapons (I'll explain about that at 
the end of the scenario). Here, you can use a terminal to enter the 
code. It's very hard inputting the code before the zombies bite you.
Well first take the green herb on the left side and try to make the 
zombie get out of that spot, because he'll probably be near the 
computer. Or you can let him attack your partner. But your partner 
will run away, which will leave you with the zombie. If you're not 
fast, more zombies will come. You don't need to enter the code, but 
it's about 20% easier that way, because then you won't have to take 
the key card and go back here and there.
So here are the codes: A375

That's one possibility. The second possibility is C582 and A194.
And the final possibility is J126 and D580.
Remember, you must enter two codes, to unlock a shutter and the 
computer room. If you can't enter both codes, than at least try the 
second one, because the computer room is very important. If you are 
not able to input any of the codes, it doesn't matter. There's 
another way, which I'll explain soon.
After you are done with this room, go all the way opposite of the 
entrance you just used and take the green herb from the floor on the 
left side (there are two green herbs in this room). Open the door 
and follow the one path until you get to a big waiting room-like 
place. Just keep going. Don't even take the ammo from the floor, 
just go down and follow the path before the zombie gets up.
You'll find yourself in a room, where there's a FAS (first aid 
spray) on the desk. Don't take it yet. Wait for the zombie to come 
from the left side and kick him (bump into him), quickly keep 
pressing X to take the spray and kick the zombie again. Go around 
him to where he came from and use the FROZEN WRENCH in the sink. 
Kick the zombie again when he comes and exit the room. You may hear 
a zombie trying to break the door, before you exit the room - just 
ignore it and get out.
If you did hear the door, just run and don't stop now. If you 
didn't, wait and kick the zombie, then run past him, back to the 
room with the computers. Use the WRENCH on the hatch-like thing on 
the wall to get the VALVE HANDLE. WARNING! In easy and normal the 
VALVE HANDLE was in the hatch on the other side. On hard and very 
hard it's in the one you just see first now. Take the VALVE HANDLE 
instead of the WRENCH and go to the center of the room. If you want 
to enter the code, now is your last chance. You know where to use 
the handle - on the hole at the closed door, in the center of the 
room. Do it before the zombies attack you. While you're rotating the 
handle, the zombies can't hurt you. However, it's bad luck if they 
hit you just when you're done rotating. In either case, go quickly 
through the opened passage and take the green herb. You can mix two 
of them, but keep this one, because you'll soon see red herb. Go 
down the ladder and be careful not to get hit by the zombies, 
because you'll have to use the ladder again.
Now that you're down, open the door and go left (viewing from the 
camera angle). Quickly take the FAS from the floor and quickly press 
X at the computer. When you get asked to read the file, choose NO. 
The corpse will get up, so quickly go to the other side of the room. 
Don't open the first door, but the second (it's left of the first 
door). Before you open the door, check your file, there's a four 
digit code. It's very important to remember it, because you won't 
have time to check it later. Open the door, follow the hall and 
enter the room (ignore the corpse that gets up). Viewing from your 
character's angle, go right and enter the code on the computer. Go 
left and take the chemical (VP-O17). Keep the VALVE HANDLE for now, 
because you'll need it. You may have to drop a health item, or give 
to a partner (if he/she is alive). I prefer dropping the mixture of 
two green herbs. A zombie will enter the room. Either kick him and 
get out, or let our partner have and get out. Go back to the 
computer room where you found the four-digit code.
Now you can open the door that we passed by. Follow the path until 
you reach a zombie. Kick him and get passed him. Turn left (viewing 
from your character's angle) and kick the zombie. Open the door. 
Quickly take the red herb from the barrel and combine it with the 
green herb. You may see one of your partners (possibly Alyssa) in 
the next room, getting bitten by a zombie. It doesn't matter, she'll 
get out and she'll have an item you need - UMB.3. If you are playing 
alone, or happened to see Alyssa in the computer room, you'll have 
to get the UMB.3 yourself.
Open the door to enter the alarm room and kick the zombie. Take the 
item instead of the VALVE HANDLE and kick the zombie. Quickly 
combine the VP-O17 and the UMB.3 to get the V-JOLT and kick the 
zombie again. Take back the VALVE HANDLE and get out of there. You 
may have to use a health item after you leave the room, because 
there will be 3 zombies in here. When you get out to the hall, go 
down and turn left (from character's angle) and open the door. DO 
NOT give the wounded man a FAS, because he'll only give you a 
chemical. It's useless. Give your partner that found the UMB.3 a 
health item, even if that means that you'll be 'naked'. There's a 
50% chance that one of your partners will die by now. If not, just 
keep them that way. If your condition is yellow CAUTION and you have 
a health item to spare, give it to your partner. But I wouldn't give 
it to George. He's an idiot. He'll probably die just before you 
leave this place.
Anyway, use the V-JOLT on the plant and climb the ladder. Use the 
VALVE HANDLE in the hole. From here, you no longer need the handle. 
Climb the ladder. Now I'll have to write two guides separately - one 
for when you input the code, and one where you use the card key.

In case you entered one code only, you'll still have to find the 
CARD KEY, which is in the room with the turntable, on floor B4. 
Okay, once you climbed the ladder, open the door. Take the herb and 
read the memo. Go through the ventilation shaft and ignore the 
Licker. Go straight and kick the zombie. Go further and kick the 
other zombie and go behind him. Kick him again (safety first!) and 
read the memo (remember to always choose no, whether to read it or 
not). Kick the zombie again and go through the vent hole. Press the 
button to open the shutter and open the door. This door is unlocked 
by inputting the code (if you don't input the code, you must find 
the card key). Register your fingerprint on the computer and get 
out. Return to the vent hole and kick the first, and then the second 
zombie, then go through the other hole. Open the door to return to 
the ladder.
Climb to the top and open the door. Go straight and turn right (from 
character's angle) to get to a door. Here, you'll see some Moths, 
but ignore them, just go straight and turn right (again, from 
character's angle). Go straight and open the door. Go right (yes, 
character's angle) and input the fingerprint (this shutter you also 
open with the code, or the card). Ignore the Hunter, he won't attack 
right away and open the door. Take the BLOWTORCH from near the 
corpse and get out before the corpse gets up. Get passed the Hunter 
(don't kick him, or he'll fight back) and go straight to open the 
next door. Use the BLOWTORCH at the corpse. Okay, so that's for the 
CODE INPUT. Now let's see the CARD KEY explanation.

CARD KEY GUIDE: Okay, so you didn't input the two codes in the 
terminal, so you'll have to get the CARD KEY. Climb the ladder to 
the top and open the door. Turn right (okay, from now on I'll only 
say directions from the character's angle) and open the door. Go 
straight and don't turn right, but left. Follow the bridge-like 
thing and open the door. Go to the left side of the turntable and 
kick the zombie. Take the CARD KEY from the floor. It's shining on 
the ground. Return back all the way to the place where you used the 
ladder. Go back one level and open the door. Ignore the Licker, take 
the green herb and go through the vent shaft. Get passed the zombies 
the same way I explained in the CODE INPUT GUIDE.
Open the shutter and this time, use the CARD KEY on the card reader. 
Enter the room and register your fingerprints. If you're not playing 
as Yoko, you must read the 'Staff Memo', found in the hole, right 
after Licker. Get back to the Main Shaft on floor B4, where you saw 
the giant Moths. A cut scene will occur and you'll find yourself 
back in the computer room where you registered your fingerprints.
Struggle (X and circle) until you are out of the cocoon. Get out and 
take the blue herb from the floor. Use it to cure the poison. Go 
back to the Main Shaft the same way you did before and now turn 
right. Use the CARD KEY on the shutter and ignore the Hunter. Input 
your fingerprints (As Yoko, you just need the card to unlock this 
room, because she doesn't need fingerprint registration) and open 
the door. Take the BLOWTORCH. Get out and enter the frozen room to 
use the BLOWTORCH on the machine. That wasn't so hard, was it?

Now we continue with the walkthrough normally. Exit the room and 
back to the main shaft. From there, go straight and turn right to 
get to the turntable room. Kick the zombies and get to the left side 
of the locomotive. Take the key from the ground and wait until a 
short cut scene occurs. Use the key in the keyhole to activate it. 
Now just go up and climb on the turntable. Wait there until the time 
runs out. Before it does, a cut scene will occur, with Monica, the 
Umbrella worker that tried to shoot you in the beginning. Just wait 
until the turntable goes up. If you're partners are in trouble, just 
bring them up there, where it's safe. When the turntable goes up, go 
straight to see a cut scene. Now comes the boss - Mutated G. To kill 
him, you don't need weapons. Lure him just in front of the 
locomotive and then quickly go to the right side of it to move it on 
him. Also, he'll be sending some little buggers. You can kill them 
by holding R1+backwards and pressing X to stomp on them. Move the 
locomotive 3-4 times on the creature and he'll die. If you need 
items, there are some in the back. Make sure you don't get boxed in, 
because he's big and takes a lot of space, so he can corner you 
easily. It shouldn't be hard killing this bastard.
Once he's dead, the scenario is done. I know, you lost your 
patience, haven't you?

6-3. The Hive

Frankly, I never managed to complete this scenario without using 
weapons, or without damage. That Leech man keeps showing up 
everywhere you go, and there are leeches all around the place, for 
crying out loud! Not to mention the queen leech. There's no way to 
kill her without ammo, so you'll just have to complete this scenario 
with less points. If someone did manage to complete the scenario 
without weapons, please e-mail me.
So here goes.
Playing as George here would be really good, because there are a lot 
of blue herbs, and George can use his kit to create a health item 
that restores health (recovery medicine -small). But then again, 
playing as Yoko allows you to carry all those blood packs and other 
stuff. In either case, partners make no difference here. If you give 
them a health item, then it's a question whether you'll stay alive. 
They also keep getting bitten by the zombies, so they're useless.
Yes, they can carry your items, but if they die, they keep them and 
what's even worse - they become the leech creature. One Leech man is 
bad enough, so play alone. If you don't have the LONE WOLF mode, 
play with the partners, but ignore them. In this scenario, I won't 
mention partners.

Okay, so you're in one of the hospital rooms. Go down to trigger a 
scene. Get out and turn left (character's angle) and left again. Go 
straight and open the door on the left side. Take the handgun from 
the closet and the Leech man will come. Wait a bit and kick him 
(bump into him) and quickly get out. Your partners usually get hit, 
so you have time to get out. Go down and open the door on the right 
side. Go to the pile of trash to trigger a cut scene.
Right after that, quickly climb the boxes and jump to the other 
side. Open the drawer and take two BLOOD PACKS. Now get out. Go 
down-left to the elevator and as soon as you push the button to call 
it, move besides it, because a zombie will jump out. As soon as you 
see the zombie swing his arms twice in a row, enter the elevator and 
go to the second floor.
Now go left, or if you view by the camera angle, go down. Hit the 
zombie and use the stairs. You can (but don't have to) enter the 
door on the right side to unlock the shutters, but it's not 
In any case, go left and open the door. Place one BLOOD PACK here, 
so that Leechy doesn't disturb you, and equip the handgun. Kill the 
zombie on the left side and open the locker on the right side to 
take the red herb instead of the handgun. Enter the door back. Go 
straight, but stick on the right side, because a zombie will break a 
window. Go right and up to the corpse that sits. Take the LEVEL 1 
CARD KEY and go right-up, to the central waiting room. Take the red 
herb off the counter and get out. If you're playing as George, don't 
go out of the next room yet, but go right to take the blue herb and 
then go back to the place where you left the BLOOD PACK.
You may see Leechy sucking the blood from the floor. As long as he 
does that, you're safe. Climb back the stairs. The zombie will try 
to attack you, but she'll miss. Run to the elevator and go to B1 
floor. If you're George, take the blue herb on the left side and 
enter the room on the left side. Here, you're safe. A handgun is 
here, so take it instead of the mixed herb you have, so that you 
take it later. You'll need 10 bullets tops for this scenario.
So get out and go down, until you see a door on the right side. Open 
it and immediately place one BLOOD PACK on the floor, to distract 
the leeches off the computer (and Leech man, if he comes). Enter the 
code to the computer. The codes are either:
Or 5315
You'll have enough time to enter all three combinations and one 
more. You can enter the code 0930 to get to the roof, but I 
personally haven't been there on very hard.
It's too risky to find the file with the code on it, so just try all 
three 'till you get the right one. Once you got it, check in which 
item spot is your CARD KEY, because you'll have to be fast. Get out 
and go down. As soon as you see a door, go right of it and use the 
CARD KEY before the zombie attacks. She will attack, but she'll 
miss, which will give you time to enter the door unharmed. Go down a 
bit and you'll see a zombie. Lure him near the door, then hit him 
and go around him. Quickly take the green herb (combine it with the 
red one) and run straight. Follow the only path, and when you see a 
crashed place with a zombie, don't stop. Juts go and open the door.
Now go left and quickly take the green herb before the leech attacks 
you. Combine the herb with the red one. Use the stairs and jump into 
the water. Go right and climb up, on the right side of the corpse. 
Slowly move towards the shining item on the ground and replace it 
for the CARD KEY. Now that you have the PADLOCK KEY, go back, but if 
the corpse starts crawling, quickly run into the water. Climb up, 
use the stairs and open the door.
You'll probably see the zombie in your direction. Hit her and run. 
Hit the second zombie (his location is random) and get out of there. 
Don't stop, just run straight and enter the safe room on the left 
side. Take the mixed herb and get out. Call the elevator. Select B2 
floor. Open the door on the left side. Quickly go straight and then 
turn left to get to the door. Open it. Go inside the room where you 
can set the temperature. If you're Yoko, place the BLOOD PACK you 
have inside the room. If you're not, wait inside that room, until 
Leech man appears. You can either use yourself as bait, or a BLOOD 
PACK to lure him into the room. I prefer BLOOD PACK, but only your 
partners could help you with that. Or, you can kill the leeches on 
the terminal on B1 floor, so that you don't have to waste the BLOOD 
PACK (but Leechy may come in the meantime).When he comes inside the 
room, get out and set the temperature to HIGH. He's finally 
If your partners were here, they would hand around here, and you 
wouldn't be able to raise the temperature, because either your 
partners would be inside, or the Leech man would be outside.
Now that you're done, set the temperature to LOW and enter the room. 
Take the CARD KEY. Okay, so here's the situation so far - you must 
have a handgun with at least 7 bullets, 1 mixed herb and the CARD 
KEY. You don't need to have at least one herb, but it's 
recommendable. Don't mix all three types of herbs (green, red, blue) 
because then it won't heal you completely.
Get out of here and get out of the next room, so that you're in the 
hall with the elevator. Go down and quickly use the CARD KEY (ignore 
the rising zombie). Enter the place and use the PADLOCK KEY on the 
boat. Use it, and a cut scene will occur.
As soon as you are able to move your character, move backwards a 
bit. Here are the tactics:
The queen leech will follow you when ever you're close to her, so 
make sure that she follows you. Every 10-15 seconds, move far away 
from her, because she'll spit acid. If you get too far from her, 
she'll dive her head into water and attack you with tentacles. If 
you see something under water, move away from there (preferably 
towards the queen leech), because for a second, her tentacle-like 
thing will hit you.
Get her to follow you until you see a valve handle on the ceiling. 
Lure her below it and shoot that handle. Move a bit more to see 
another handle. Repeat the same thing. Now just make her follow you 
until she gets next to some pipes (you'll know which pipes, because 
your character will says that it may explode - the pipes are in 
exactly that spot). Shoot the pipes. If you're accurate, she'll die. 
If not, you'll have to take her through one more handle and to the 
place where you took the boat. That's where you take the final shot. 
You'll see a barrel-like thing in the corner. Make sure that the 
leech is close to it with its body (not its head) and blast it.
If you missed her, you'll have to finish her off with bullets, but 
only happens to me in 5% of the cases. When you kill her, just run 
straight to the place where the boat crashed and the scenario is 

6-4. Hellfire

I never got NO DAMAGE or NO WEAPON in this scenario on very hard, 
either. It's because Regis Licker hits me right when the battle 
starts and because your partners are too dumb to kill him, so you 
have to do it yourself.
I strongly suggest you take Kevin here, because he has the 45 Auto 
and there isn't much ammo to be found here. The shotgun you find has 
only one bullet, and you find more, but... The handgun isn't a bad 
weapon, but you must conserve ammo.
Playing alone isn't a good idea, either, because your partners can 
unlock a door and find the GOLD KEY. If they do find the GOLD KEY, 
you won't have to solve the Europe map puzzle. But I solved that 
puzzle only twice in my life - once in Normal and once in Very Hard, 
when I was playing alone. I know only that you must push the 
switches for England and Germany. 
Well, let's go!

First, take the map (it's glowing) and go through the destroyed door 
passage. Go straight a bit, and take the handgun - you can't see it, 
but it's there. You must find it, it's very important. Check the 
firefighter's corpse to see a cut scene. Climb the ladder and open 
the door.
Go right a few steps wait one second and press the R1 button. As 
soon as you see a zombie on the screen, press the X button (or 
circle, depending on the character) to stun the zombie.
Run past the zombie and open the door at the end of the corridor. Go 
left (up) and climb on the window for the emergency escape exit. DO 
NOT open the door on the left side, just before the window. Just 
trust me, don't do it. Here, you have two choices - you can kill the 
crow (or give your partner the gun to kill it), or you can ignore 
it. But the problem is, you'll be sliding left on the edge, so if 
they hit you, you'll hang down for a couple of seconds. It's 
especially screwed if you pass the first corner and one crow brings 
you down. Then another one comes, and it can hit you while you're 
Since I play with Kevin, I give David (my partner) the handgun and 
he kills the first crow. But when I'm not Kevin, I just slide. There 
are two good things here - first, the crow doesn't take your health 
when you're sliding, and second, the second crow will get killed by 
the fire.
So here's the final solution: keep sliding on the edge, if you get 
hit keep pressing X to climb up. When you pas the first corner, move 
a few more steps and wait 'till the fire comes out of the window. 
Then move quickly. The crow probably gets killed by the fire, so you 
won't die. This is just the beginning, for crying out loud!
When you are finally on a safe ground, go down the ladder. Open the 
door on the left side. As soon as you are inside, go right (up) and 
kick the zombie. Don't stop, run left behind the corner and then 
WARNING! After you kick that zombie, do not open the door on the 
left side. You'll see smoke below the door. If you open it, an 
explosion will put you in DANGER condition. Instead of that, when 
you kick the zombie, go left and then right. Take the FAS from the 
left side and open the door on the right side. You can skip this 
door, and instead use the one above the FAS in the corner, because 
there is a green herb in that room. You'll find enough supplies, so 
don't worry.
Now you're in owner's room. Nice place, huh? Push the crate and jump 
down. Read the file that shines. It shows a pass code. Wait until 
the strong fire stops, and open the door. Go up and quickly open the 
door on the left side before Licker hits you. Kill the zombie using 
the handgun and combine the green herbs (or just take it, if you 
don't have any). I suggest giving it to your partner, because you 
have FAS. Use the safe to enter a code.
Here are the solutions: BAE, FBH, JIA, IIB, DCH, CJF, GGF.
It's one of these. Take the SILVER RELIEF KEY from the safe.
Get out, ignore the Licker and go down (right). Use the SILVER 
RELIEF KEY on the door in front of you. Open the door.
You're in Apple Inn square. Check the map. If you're playing alone, 
you'll have to check the motel rooms, to find pictures of Germany 
and England. Push the switches to solve the puzzle. In room 102, 
you'll find shotgun ammo. But you would need to kill the zombie and 
break the locked bathroom door. You can use the handgun to kill the 
zombie and you can tackle the door to eventually open it.
In room 103, you'll find a green herb. You just need to get in and 
take it. I wouldn't mix any herbs yet, because you can find a red 
herb. In the corridor on the first floor (where you are now) there 
will be zombies - you know how to handle them; kick 'em and run. 
Behind the last corner, there will be a zombie which you can't see, 
so be careful.
Climb the stairs and open room 204. If you're playing alone, you 
should find the GOLD RELIEF KEY here. There will also be a red herb 
in the bathroom. Keep these things: FAS, mixture of a green and 
herb, SILVER RELIEF KEY and GOLD RELIEF KEY. If you took the shotgun 
ammo from room 102, then replace it for the herb mixture. It's 
better if you're not alone - you probably can't find the key here 
(because your partner has it), you can let your partner hold onto 
your items, so that you can carry all of those.
Anyway, get out and go straight. Kick the zombie and turn left.
Now, if you're playing alone you'll have to enter a pass code on the 
door. The codes are: 2287, 6354, 5128, 0721.
You'll have to be quick because of the zombie. If he bothers you, 
lure him away to the other side (to the stairs) and get back to 
enter the code - you won't have much time, though.
If you're playing with partners and have not met with both of them 
until this point, the door is unlocked. You're in the security room. 
Like I said, if you're not playing alone, one partner will be here 
with the GOLD RELIEF KEY in his/her inventory. Let your partner keep 
it for now, but give her the FAS. Take the other FAS from the desk. 
On the right side you'll find 45 Auto ammo for Kevin. Unless you 
have Kevin in your team, or are playing as him, leave the ammo. Take 
the shotgun from the left side. It has one bullet. Reload it, but 
don't use it.
If your other partner has the handgun, then your partner that found 
the key will be 'naked'. The problem is that your other partner no 
longer follows you, since you entered the security room. Forget 
him/her. If by any miracle you kept the handgun, give it to your 
partner that found the key. Now get out, back to the corridor where 
you used the code. Kick the zombie and run back to the stairs.
Climb to the third floor. Turn right and use the SILVER RELIEF KEY 
on the door in front of you (306). Quickly go straight and take the 
RED JEWEL instead of the SILVER RELIEF KEY. I think there's handgun 
ammo here, so if your partner has a handgun (or you), kick the 
zombie and take the bullets from the floor near the bed.
Get out and go straight (down). Use the stairs to get to the second 
floor. Go right and turn left after the first corner. Open the door 
at the end of the corridor on the right side. It leads to the 
stairs. Go down and straight. Watch out for the fire and take the 
shotgun ammo. Crawl through the hole on the left side and open the 
door. Quickly go right (down) and open the door at the end of this 
corridor, just before the corner. It leads to the small hall where 
you used the SILVER RELIEF KEY.
Go down and turn right. Take the green herb if you want to and go 
back up a bit. Ignore the Lickers and use the GOLD RELIEF KEY on the 
door on the left side, to get to the power supply room. Here, you 
must set the emergency power. This puzzle is easy, but I don't know 
how exactly to solve it, so I can't help you. It's simple; you must 
get all the lights to be on.
When you're done, go out and left (up). Open the door to get to 
Apple Inn square. Turn right and follow the path until you reach the 
stairs. Kick the zombies to avoid them in the meantime. When you're 
on the second floor kick the zombie behind the corner and go into 
the security room. Go left and push the closet to hear a 'click'. 
Use the RED JEWEL on the statue to open the secret passage.
Go inside. Go own-right and lower the ladder. Go down it. If both 
your partners are alive, they'll come here now. Remember where Regis 
Licker appeared? That small exit hall...
Equip the best weapon you have and stick to the wall (left, right, 
doesn't matter). The wall where you must stay next to is right after 
the reception with the bell. Just keep yourself out of the middle.
After the cut scene, the battle begins. Run straight. If you did 
what I said, Regis Licker might have missed you. If he hasn't and 
you see him choking you, scream for help.
In either case, go to the exit door, behind the boss. Take the green 
herb (if you have space) and shoot the Licker. I never use the 
handgun on him, so do this - with the shotgun you shoot him twice 
and then he's immune to attacks while he's performing his. With 
Kevin 45 Auto you shoot him once and then he's immune. I don't know 
how the handgun works.
Make sure you are as far from him as you can be. When he attacks 
with his tongue, he's dangerous. I don't like the shotgun, because 
you would need to get close to him to inflict good damage. If that's 
what you must use, then come relatively close to him, fire one 
bullet and quickly retreat. When he's done attacking, repeat the 
If those ordinary lickers come, just aim forward and blast them with 
the shotgun. That way you'll damage both the boss and his helpers. 
When Regis Licker is defeated, a cut scene occurs. Just turn around 
and use the door quickly, because if those small Lickers are alive, 
they can still attack you.
That's that!

6-5. Decisions, Decisions

This is the hardest scenario - not by logics, but by action and map. 
From the start, you have to make snap decisions to stay alive. You 
can choose whether to go up, down, left or right, because you have 
to do a thing or two at each place. Having partners here is a good 
idea, because they can find a valuable item, the V-POISON, which is 
required to move on.
Getting that item is very hard, so I suggest having partners. If you 
go for V-POISON, your partner will go for the P-BASE, where they 
will die. It's also harder by combat getting the V-POISON, so let 
your partner take care of it. Also, you can't carry all items you 
see, so if you play alone, you won't even have space for a weapon or 
a health item.
One of your partners will be gone 60% of the scenario, while the 
other one will follow you, which makes it easier - you can give 
him/her items to hold onto.
Also, there are a lot of weapons, so you can give one partner, for 
example, the assault rifle, while you keep the grenade launcher. You 
need a lot of ammo, because you need to kill the Thanatos.

As you know, there are a few endings here.
There's the "Chopper zombie" ending, which you get by not using 
DAYLIGHT on yourself, and by not having it in possession when you 
complete the game.
There's the "Regretful" ending which you get by using DAYLIGHT on 
yourself, but not completing the game with DAYLIGHT in your 
And finally there's the "Remain hopeful" ending which you get by 
using DAYLIGHT on yourself and ending the game with it in your 
If you play with certain characters, you can get other endings - for 
example, if you go for the "Chopper zombie" ending with Alyssa and 
your partner Yoko stays alive, you get ending "Alyssa and Yoko". The 
same is with Jim and Kevin, Mark and David and George and Cindy. You 
must be the first mentioned character and your partner must be alive 
to get this ending. Remember, you must not use or carry DAYLIGHT.
But since this is Very Hard mode, the best ending you should go for 
is either "Chopper zombie" or "Regretful" ending. You must use one 
DAYLIGHT on the final boss. So if you carry two DAYLIGHTS, you won't 
have much space for supplies. I suggest the any ending but 'Remain 
hopeful', at least until you get better. Even in hard mode, you'll 
be low on ammo until you reach the final boss, so you'll have to 
kill him in one shot with DAYLIGHT, or by using the rocket launcher.
I'll give the explanation for "Remain hopeful" ending, so it will be 
easier for you to get other endings. My guide will mention only two 
item spaces, because you'll need two DAYLIGHTS - one to keep and one 
to use on the last boss. But if you intend to kill the final boss 
using the rocket launcher, you won't need the DAYLIGHT. It depends 
on the ending which you're going for.
Here is the guide for the scenario.

You start in the main hall of the Raccoon University. On the other 
three difficulties, you would first investigate the first floor to 
find the BRASS SPECTACLES and use them on the second floor. But on 
Very Hard, there are no BRASS SPECTACLES, so when the bomb is set, 
you'll have to get out by using the longer path.
Still, check the first floor first. When you start, go right (up) 
and open the door - not the one in the right corner, but the one 
left from it. When you're in the room, go forward a few steps and 
take the anti virus. Go right (left) and when the camera changes, 
you'll see a female zombie coming towards you. You know the drill - 
kick 'n' run. Go forward and enter the door.
Now wait. If you see zombies coming into the room, get out of it. 
Once the door closes, wait until you hear the zombies hitting the 
door. Open the door and enter the room. Now you'll have some time. 
Use the anti virus and check the left wall. Push the switch and go 
to the other side, to the clock. Set the time to 2h50m. Take the RED 
JEWEL and get out. Get passed the zombies by stunning them and get 
Now go up and check the centre of the main hall, up the stairs. You 
should find a FAS, unless one of your partners took it. If they did, 
it's okay. They'll need it. Go up to the second floor and check near 
the window to find the green and blue herb. If one of your partners 
is in CAUTION condition, give them the herb. You can use the blue 
herb right away, because it also stops the effect of the virus for a 
short time. Now open the door that leads to the second floor 
corridor. It's in the right corner.
When you open the door, go straight and kick the zombie. Get passed 
him and quickly take the herb off the table-thing. Go left (down) 
and kick the zombie. Open the door on the right side (viewing from 
the camera angle). Kick the zombie on the right side and get passed 
him. Quickly open the door. Pull the string (any string) and get out 
of that and the next room.
When you're in the hall, just go straight and open the door to get 
to the gallery. Take the BLUE JEWEL from the statue's hand and get 
out of there. Kick the zombie if you must and go back to the main 
hall of the university. Go behind the staircase on the first floor 
and use the BLUE JEWEL and the RED JEWEL on the moose.
You may see zombies in here, but ignore them. If any of your 
partners gets killed here to this point, restart - you need them to 
help you. Once you use the jewels, you'll open the secret passage. 
When you use the jewels and are not able to move your character 
while the moose is shown, you may get hit, but don't worry.
Go into the secret passage and use the stairs to go down. Just go 
straight until the cut scene occurs. On Very Hard, the corpse Peter 
comes to life, but it's not pleasant having him for company. Your 
task is to read the file that has number 4 on it. Here's the tip - 
lure Peter near the stairs (but don't be on the stairs), kick him 
and go around him. Check one file (but always choose NO when you are 
asked to read it), wait for Peter and kick him. Read the second file 
and kick him again. Read the third file, kick him and get out.
If you played the scenario (you must've, to unlock Very Hard) you'll 
know to go to the left side of the main hall to get to the safe room 
where you enter the code for the elevator. If you can't remember, 
check the map and see where the door on the first floor is - it's 
opposite of the door where you found the RED JEWEL. The code is 
found on the first floor, but it's too risky going there. On the 
terminal enter the code. The codes are:


It's one of these. If you're playing alone (please don't play 
alone), I suggest you immediately go to floor B4 to get the V-

Here, I'll separate the guide into three sections: T-BLOOD, V-POISON 
and P-BASE.

Okay, I'll first give the guide for T-BLOOD.


When you activate the elevator, go to floor B2. If you don't have 
George in the team, you'll find him here. He'll give you two items - 
recovery medicine, anti virus. Don't use the manhole, go down and 
open the big door (shutter). You're on the pier. Go to the docks and 
follow the path. I suggest you stay ahead of your partners and don't 
stop. If you stop or your partners are in front of you, the sharks 
may knock you down and throw you into the water. I always get killed 
in the water if I fall, so be careful.
As you go, just stop to take the FAS and the CARD KEY from the 
floor. Follow the wooden planks until you reach the stairs. Climb 
them and take the green and red herb and combine them. Give the 
mixture of the herbs to one of your partners and open the door. 
After the cut scene use the CARD KEY on the university door.
Since I play with partners, here's how I do it - when I get to here, 
I use the CARD KEY but do not enter the door. Instead, I go left and 
use the manhole. That way, I first get the P-BASE. Once I have it, I 
go for T-BLOOD and use both substances on the third floor. Then I go 
to B4 and my partner has V-POISON.
But as for T-BLOOD, do this:
Use the CARD KEY and enter the door. Take the herbs if you like and 
open the door on the right side. Once Thanatos appears, go back into 
the previous room before the door closes (since the knob is broken 
from that side). Go up and turn right. Wait at the switch. Press X 
once to see the option 'PUSH IT: YES, NO'. When you hear a strange 
music, it means Thanatos has entered the room. Just stand there 
until you see the ugly creature. See that sparking wire above?
Once he's below it, push the switch to electrocute him. Carefully! 
He'll start running towards you just before you push the switch, so 
be careful. If you happen to miss him, run to the other side to lure 
him, and then get back and try to electrocute him. If your partners 
are attacked instead of you, scream 'Come on!' to call them, then 
electrocute Thanatos.
Once he's down, take the T-BLOOD off the floor to replace it for the 
CARD KEY. Now open the door you just used and use the door that 
leads to the safe room where you sued the elevator code. Select 
third floor in the elevator. Open the door and you'll be in a small 
room. Open the next door, go down and turn left. See that machine?
Use T-BLOOD on the left side of it to store the substance. Here you 
must store all three substances - T-BLOOD, V-POISON and P-BASE.

Here comes the solution to P-BASE...


I always get this one first, so you should, too.
After you use the CARD KEY on the university door, go left and use 
the manhole. The reason why you used the CARD KEY now and didn't 
enter the university is because you can now discard that item.
When you get down into the water purifying facility, climb the pipe 
above the boxes and shimmy to the right side. I think there are 2 
burst rounds, so take it.
Climb the left pipe and shimmy it to the left side. Go up until you 
see the cut scene. Once you are in control again, kick the Hunter 
and run right. Take the KEY WITH RED TAG and kick the Hunter again. 
Go back and run straight until you see two doors. Open the one on 
the left side. Take the item from this room (if there is any) and 
get out. Open the other door. Follow the one path and open this 
Go straight and open the door. Go straight and kick the zombie. 
Quickly take the red herb and continue going straight. Open the door 
and go on until you reach a door on the right side. Here you'll find 
a grenade launcher and the map, right besides the anti virus. Use 
the anti virus. Combine the burst rounds with the grenade launcher. 
If you or your partner have a green herb, combine it with the red 
herb. So now keep the KEY WITH RED TAG, the grenade launcher and at 
least one health item (FAS, or a mixture of a red and a green herb). 
Let your partner have at least one health item that will restore 
his/her whole health.
Get out and go down. When you get passed a corner you'll see a 
zombie. He'll just stand there. Get a little close to him and kick 
him. If he starts moving, kick him faster. After that, quickly open 
the door on the left side.
Here you'll find useful items. You'll see handgun ammo and a REAGENT 
CASE. Don't take the REAGENT CASE, because if you store P-BASE in 
it, it will evaporate. Instead, you must find a SEALED REAGENT CASE, 
so that you get the P-BASE later in this room. Use the KEY WITH RED 
TAG on the door in the right corner. Give your partner the grenade 
launcher, or if you prefer, use it yourself.
Open the door and you'll find yourself in the water tank. Watch out 
for the Hunters - there's two of them. Run straight and climb up. 
Push the switch and get out. It doesn't matter if the Hunter hits 
you. But if you intend to kill them, kill them right away, before 
you activate the machine.
And since you'll need to go through here later, you should kill 'em.
If you get into the water (try not to), use the R1 button to dodge 
the Hunters just before they grab you. Once you activate the thing 
get out, back to the previous room.
Get out of there, too. You need to get back all the way to the water 
purifying facility. Once you are out of the room with the REAGENT 
CASE, go up and turn left. Go straight and open the door. Just keep 
going straight. When you get near the place where the red herb was 
on the floor, kick the zombie and open the door on the opposite 
side. Keep going and open the next door. Go through this passage, 
ignore the Hunter and open the door.
There are three Hunters here. Make sure you kill them first, and 
then use the pipes to get to the other side. Two Hunters will be in 
the water, so first kill the one on the surface with the grenade 
launcher. Wait for him to approach and then blast him, to inflict 
more damage. If he jumps in the meantime, aim up and shoot him just 
before he hits you. Don't fire the round right away, because he may 
jump over you. In that case, press L1 while holding R1 to aim at him 
and then fire.
If he's dead, you should hear him screaming (the same way he screams 
in RE1 and RE3) and you should see him shaking on the ground. If he 
just lays there, shoot him again while he's on the ground.
If you're playing as Kevin, you should use the 45 Auto to kill them. 
Make sure to be far away from them, aim at him, wait until Kevin 
aims steadily (he moves his arms back and aims again - you perform 
this by holding the R1 button for one second) and fire. This should 
inflict more damage and maybe even knock them down. If the Hunter is 
too close, don't use the "perfect shot" - just blast them.
The point in this room is to get rid of enemies, so that you can 
pass to the other side of the facility. You've been here before, so 
you know what to do - first use the pipe to get to the right side. 
Climb the pipe and shimmy to the right side. When you're down, go 
right-up and climb the second pipe. Shimmy left and when you're on 
the boxes, go left (viewing from the camera angle). Climb the step 
and open the door ob the right side.
Take the anti virus off the table (it's right next to you when you 
enter the room) and use it. Open the next door. Take the green herb 
off the floor and kick the Hunter. Get behind him and open the door.
You're back in the water tank, but the other side. Climb on the 
broken ladder and open the door. Take the SEALED REAGENT CASE. Go 
back (open the door) and jump down on the left side, into the water.
WARNING! If you jump into the water before taking the SEALED REAGENT 
CASE, you'll have to go back all the way around again to get to the 
other side of the water tank.
When you're in the water, swim down to get to the surface. Either 
you or your partner will get attacked by the Hunter. Here's a tip - 
when the Hunter is close to you and you see him trying to perform an 
attack, immediately press R1 to dodge. Then keep swimming and repeat 
the process if you have to. Press X at the surface to climb up.
BUT...if your partner gets attacked, you'll immediately have to get 
out of the room. Reason - your partner is too dumb to dodge the 
Hunters, and if you stay there to watch them, your partner will die. 
However, if you get out of the room, your partner will come for 
about one minute.
In any case, when you're back in the room where the REAGENT CASE is, 
use the SEALED REAGENT CASE on the big machine to get the P-BASE. 
Get out of there. Now remember the place where you found the red 
herb? The place where that zombie was?
Go there. Okay, here's the path. When you're out of the water works 
management office (the room where you got P-BASE), quickly go up and 
turn left to dodge the zombie. Just keep running straight. Open the 
first door, go straight and open the second door. Go straight, kick 
the zombie, get passed him and turn right (from character's angle) 
and open the door.
You haven't been here yet, and this path leads out of this place. 
When you open the door, go a few steps forward and kick the zombie. 
Don't take the herb; you'll just get bitten because this zombie is 
fast. Ignore him and go down. Use the ladder to go down. You may get 
hit by the zombie here, but try this way. Descend down until you see 
the zombie coming at you. Then climb up a bit and wait until he 
attacks. Then go down and run left to open the door.
Follow the path and climb the ladder to get out. You're now on floor 
B2, in the place where you find George wounded (if he's not on your 
team). Go left and use the elevator to get to the third floor.
The place where the substance (P-BASE) should be stored is explained 
in the T-BLOOD section.
To get T-BLOOD from here, use the elevator to go to the first floor. 
Open the door to get to the main hall and just run straight until 
you see a door in the corner. Open it, follow the one path, ignore 
the Cerberus' (dogs) and open the door. Electrocute him in this 
After P-BASE you get T-BLOOD, and then V-POISON.
Here's the guide for V-POISON.


Here's the solution when you play with partners. After you store P-
BASE and T-BLOOD on the third floor (you should store the substances 
one by one, not more than that at one time) go back to the elevator 
and go to floor B4.
If you're playing with partners, you just need to follow the path 
until you reach the railway tracks. Here's the path.
When you're out of the elevator, go right and turn left (character's 
angle). Leave the antidote because you'll need it later and open the 
door. Go forward until you reach the stairs. Run left-right and then 
go down. Doing this, you should be able to dodge the jumping spider.
Go straight, jump down, go up, ignore the spiders, and climb on the 
left side in the corner. You'll see a spider down. When you see him 
preparing for something, move left-right because he'll jump. Now go 
down and through the open space. Here you'll see your partner with 
the V-POISON. Exchange it for a health item. Only give your partner 
a health item if your condition is yellow CAUTION, or better. Take 
the green herb on the left side in the corner and get out.
Go back to the elevator dodging the enemies and go to the third 
floor. Store V-POISON and a cut scene will occur. Here's the 
solution when you go for the V-POISON.
When you activate the elevator in the university, go to floor B4. 
Open the door mentioned above and dodge the spiders as mentioned 
above in this section. Go through the open space. Take the green 
herb off the floor up the stairs on the left side and go right.
Follow the subway tracks until you reach the other side of the 
On the left side is a broken train. Enter it. Wait for the zombie to 
come close and kick him. Quickly take the FAS off the seat and kick 
the zombie again. Get passed him and go straight to reach a door. 
Open it. Kick the female zombie and get passed her. Go right, out of 
the train. Go down a bit and right to reach a door. Open it and go 
down. There are a lot of zombies here. Just go straight, kick the 
zombie and start kicking the door on the left side. If you're 
playing alone, you'll have to kill the zombies first. If your 
partner is with you, let the zombies have fun with him. You may see 
someone hitting the door from the inside. If so, let that zombie 
open it up, while you hold off the zombies.
But you don't have to use the door - you can crawl in the vent on 
the right side. You'll be in the emission tower, where you find a 
green herb. Walk on the edge until you reach the other vent. The bee 
may hit you, but you'll climb up again. 
When you're in the room where the door had to be rammed, open the 
other door (ignore the zombies). Here, if you see a zombie coming 
inside, quickly get out. Then wait for the door to get hit and open 
it. That way you'll have time to supply emergency power. The puzzle 
is somewhat the same as in Hellfire, so you should have no problem 
solving it.
Once the puzzle is solved, you can get out of there, back to the T-
shaped passage. Now this is the tricky part - you must get passed 
the zombies and turn right to climb the ladder. If you didn't kill 
them, just kick them to get passed them. Climb the ladder and open 
the upper door.
Ignore the bees and enter the elevator. Push the switch and you'll 
move the elevator. Since the bees will attack even when the 
elevator's moving, you'll have to dodge them. Just run in circles. 
Keep in mind that you must make full circles. If you don't, the bees 
will hit you. When the elevator is up, go straight and run along the 
circular path until you see a shining item in a hole on the wall. 
It's the V-POISON.
Climb the stairs. You may get hit here, but don't worry. Open the 
door. Use the anti virus off the desk and open the door. You are now 
in the back square, where you need to use the CARD KEY. Don't go for 
the V-POISON alone, I'm warning you. It's really hard. 

Now that you have all three substances, we can go back to the normal 

After the cut scene, enter the wooden door on the right side, next 
to the machine. In this room, you'll find a lot of equipment. Go 
right, behind the curtains and take all you need. Let your partner 
keep the assault rifle. You take the grenade launcher.
All three of you should have at least one healing item. When you're 
done, go behind the other curtains, opposite of the door where you 
came from.
After the cut scene, run to Greg's corpse and take the handgun. Give 
it to a partner that has handgun ammo. Go to the computers. Use one 
to restart the incubator and another to open the locks. Quickly go 
back two rooms, to get to the room where you stored those 3 
chemicals. When you hear a beep, it means that the DAYLIGHT anti 
virus is done. If you wish to cure yourself of the virus, use 
DAYLIGHT, but you really don't need to. It depends on which ending 
you want. If you want the best ending, you'll have to use that one 
DAYLIGHT and wait for two more to be created. It will take about a 
minute and a half of your time, but don't worry; you'll make it on 
If you want the best ending, you absolutely must not use DAYLIGHT or 
give it to your partners - they will use it. You'll use one DAYLIGHT 
to kill Thanatos and you'll keep the other one.
But for whichever ending you are going, you should take one at least 
one DAYLIGHT with you to kill the last boss.
When you're done with the samples, so back to the room where Greg 
was killed and open the door on the left wall. Run down and descend 
the ladder. Run forward and open the door on the left side. You're 
in the president's room. Open the door to get out of there and 
quickly use the next door, before Thanatos attacks. Go up and turn 
right (you can't use the shortcut, because on Very Hard you can't 
use BRASS SPACTACLES to open the passage). Run down the hall and 
open the door. Quickly run left and go down the stairs to the ground 
floor. Thanatos may follow you, but ignore him.
Just run right and open the door in the right corner. Follow the 
hall, ignore the Cerberus' and open the door. Run up and follow the 
path until you reach the exit door. Open it and you'll be outside. 
That is the door where you used the CARD KEY. Run left and take the 
map off the wall near the right corner. See that door next to the 
map? Remember it.
Now just wait until the time runs out.
After the cut scene run down to the door where you got the map. Some 
flying bugs will attack you, and on Very Hard it's different - you 
have to run into zik-zak.
Open the door.
Run straight and take the burst rounds next to the ladder. Always 
remember to combine the rounds with the grenade launcher right away. 
Climb the ladder and run to the other side. Take the FAS off the 
ground and keep it. You must have at least one health item, but even 
that may not be enough.
Jump down and jump off the truck. After the cut scene, you battle 
the mutated Thanatos. Make sure to stay as far as you can from him, 
but don't shoot yet. He may come running at you. When ever he hits 
you, scream for help. If Thanatos jumps, move around. You'll see by 
the shadow on the ground where he'll land.
When you use all grenade rounds, take the handgun off the floor - 
it's near the blocked door - and find ammo for it, or ask from your 
It may take some time, but eventually, he'll fall. After the two cut 
scenes, you battle the final boss.
You have two choices - you can kill him with the rocket launcher, or 
with the ampoule shooter. If you want to get no weapons use, run to 
the east wall and hit the cabinet until you are able to get the 
rocket launcher. Give it to your partner. It has only one shot, so 
if your partner misses, you'll have to use the ampoule shooter, 
since your partner won't use it. It's found on the tank on the left 
Reload it with the DAYLIGHT and prepare to shoot. Wait for a good 
opportunity - when he's hitting around. Do not do it while he's 
jumping. If you fail to kill him with both the rocket launcher and 
the ampoule shooter, you're finished...
Use it very carefully. When you kill Thanatos, the scenario is over. 
I suggest you watch the ending here, because in COLLECTION, you can 
only see the best ending.
That's that. Great job! If you complete this, you have passed the 
"RE Fan test". No, seriously, by beating Very Hard mode, you prove 
to be a great fan of Resident Evil.


As you all know, when you complete a scenario (or die) you get 
points for reward, which you use in the COLLECTION menu to buy 
certain stuff.
Reward points depend on:
The difficulty you play
The time for which you have cleared the scenario
The percentage of the event completion
The number of survivors
The number of special items

The most points I ever got was 13 535. I was playing in offline 
mode, Outbreak scenario, with Cindy, on Very Hard. I didn't get the 
best time, but I had all three survivors and I cleared the game with 
NO DAMAGE and NO WEAPON. I also managed to get 12 725 points with 
UBCS1 in Outbreak.
So my point is you should play on the hardest difficulty because it 
gives a lot of points. If you manage to complete a scenario on Very 
Hard twice, the next time you play it'll be like on Easy mode.
For example, there's a costume that costs 100 000 pts. Instead of 
playing on Normal a million times to get 100 000 pts, you should 
complete the scenarios on Very Hard less than 15 times.
When I started playing on Very Hard, I was like "Oh, man, this is 
impossible to beat...", but as soon as I completed all scenarios on 
Very Hard, I got and urge to play them again on the same difficulty, 
which even, believe it or not, became fun later.

Play INFINITY mode the least you can, because it gives a very small 
amount of points. If you complete a scenario without getting the NO 
WEAPON CLEAR and NO DAMAGE CLEAR on Very Hard, you get about 1000 
pts, which is even less than on Easy.


No, there aren't any cheats for this game, but there's a thing that 
can help you have everything unlocked.
First, you need a save file of RE: Outbreak and RE: Outbreak File 
#2. In file 2, in the main menu select CONVERT DATA. You can use it 
to transfer data, which unlocks everything in Outbreak 1.
You still need points to buy those things, though, but at least you 
don't need to suffer through all that trouble to get everything.
Yeah, I did use the convert system, but I've unlocked almost 
everything. The only thing that I didn't do is getting SP (special) 




Like I mentioned in the CONTACT INFO section, you can contact me at 
[email protected]
If you think that my FAQ is good or bad, e-mail me and give me your 
opinion. Whatever you didn't understand in the FAQ, just e-mail me 
and I'll help you.
If you want to ask me something about the previous Resident Evils, 
just send me a mail and I'll answer you as quickly as possible.
There's no one specific I'd like to thank here, except CAPCOM for 
creating the best horror survival game. It's changed, but I still 
love it.
I hope you liked my FAQ. See ya!

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