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                      Written by: Bahumaut/ Ben Buttenshaw

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MNDNNZ,...,,,,................,ZOZZZDO8DNNZMMN:....~MNO. M. .....,,,:,=Z8ODNM$
MNDDN7,....:::,................~ZOOO88O:NM7=O=,..+D8.  +8......,.:,,,::$DNNMDN
MMNNM8$?:..:?=::..............:?OZI,.O+~.ION$=:.Z. ..........,::==,INDDO8DNMMM
MMMMMMMMNDNOD8OD88$==I..,,~~~7=:DI=:,7?$+~~,~~. ..:,,:,$~~??8D8ONNMDDMNMMMNMMM

******************************** VERSION INFO ********************************

Version 1.00 - Campaign walkthrough complete

Version 1.01 - Enemy intel and achievements completed

******************************** INTRODUCTION ********************************

Who this guide is aimed at:

This guide is intended both for those who are playing through for the first
time on lower difficulties as well as players specifically on Veteran
difficulty. Due to this there is probably more detail about cover and
strategy than in more generalized guides which should help players struggling
with lower difficulty run-throughs and give tips and advice to players on

Difficulty of the game:

A slight increase generally in difficulty due to the removal of being able to
create your own loadout before every level and the loss of the access perk
which provided additional firepower and made certain scenarios easier. This
time we're back to using some skill and strategy to get through a CoD game :)


Please email me at [email protected], PM me at at username
BahumautZero or message me at (gamer tag = Bahumaut)
with any comments or suggestions, alternate strategies or tips. Now were ready
to go lets hit the ground running in CoD Ghosts.

****************************** TABLE OF CONTENTS *****************************

Just use Ctrl + F (the find function) and key in the code for the level to
skip to the portion of the guide you need.

--------------------------------- VERSION INFO -------------------------------

--------------------------------- INTRODUCTION -------------------------------

------------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS ----------------------------

----------------------------------- CAMPAIGN ---------------------------------

LEVEL 1 - Ghost Stories..................................................(GS1)

LEVEL 2 - Brave New World...............................................(BNW2)

LEVEL 3 - No Man's Land.................................................(NML3)

LEVEL 4 - Struck Down....................................................(SD4)

LEVEL 5 - Homecoming......................................................(H5)

LEVEL 6 - Legends Never Die.............................................(LND6)

LEVEL 7 - Federation Day.................................................(FD7)

LEVEL 8 - Birds Of Prey.................................................(BOP8)

LEVEL 9 - The Hunted.....................................................(TH9)

LEVEL 10 - Clockwork.....................................................(C10)

LEVEL 11 - Atlas Falls..................................................(AF11)

LEVEL 12 - Into The Deep...............................................(ITD12)

LEVEL 13 - End Of The Line............................................(EOTL13)

LEVEL 14 - Sin City.....................................................(SC14)

LEVEL 15 - All Or Nothing..............................................(AON15)

LEVEL 16 - Severed Ties.................................................(ST16)

LEVEL 17 - Loki..........................................................(L17)

LEVEL 18 - The Ghost Killer............................................(TGK18)

--------------------------------- ACHIEVEMENTS -------------------------------

--------------------------------- LEGAL STUFF --------------------------------

*********************************** CAMPAIGN *********************************

 I  L I
_I  1 I_______________________________________________________________________
 I    I
 IIIIII  GHOST STORIES	                              			GS1
I   M  I______________________________________________________________________
I   I  I
I   X  I  Mission Objective: Return to ODIN control
I   E  I
I   D  I  Head into the hatchway after SPC Mosely and follow her down the
I      I  hallway.
          Mission Objective: Reach the ODIN shutdown controls

As you both embrace and you look deeply into his eyes, line up the circle of
light on his face and pull the trigger. Follow SPC Mosley into a room where
three federation astronauts enter from the left hatch. Keep going until you get
to a room with a view. Apparently (read: as always in CoD games) the controlled
character is too late to stop the weapon of mass destruction from firing.
Keep following Mosley until two enemies pop out of a hatch in front of you and
then explode. The space station will disintegrate around you re-enacting some
scenes from the movie Gravity.

Mission Objective: Destroy the ODIN satellite

Once you reach the satellite, rip the cover off the fuel system. Empty your gun
into said fuel system and die horribly. On Fire. Yeah.....

Back on the ground (and in time) when you are blinded by the light from the

[Rorke File 01/18: Hug the hedge to the right after you exit the doors until
you see an open door directly in your path. On the floor inside is the intel.]

Run after your brother until cutscene. It's
a simple sequence and shouldn't take you more than one or two tries.


 I  L I
_I  2 I_______________________________________________________________________
 I    I
 IIIIII  BRAVE NEW WORLD                 	                 	BNW2
I   L  I______________________________________________________________________
I   O  I
I   G  I  Mission Objective: Finish security sweep with Hesh and Riley
I   A  I
I   N  I  Hello fable III er... Dead to rights: retribution... Oh that's right
I      I  we're playing CoD here. Follow your allies until you emerge into the
IIIIIIII  light.

Mission Objective: Meet with team two at the wall

After Hesh opens the door to the cafe, Riley will attack a trooper through the
broken wall to the right. An enemy will enter from the left, another from the
right and three in the building opposite. You can take cover on the left side of
the hole in the wall but make sure not to shoot riley as this will make you fail
the mission.

Hesh will knock down a wall in the adjacent building and spot some troopers
executing civilians. He then orders Riley to dispatch them (in my game Riley
just looked at Hesh like - Are you nuts?). Take cover behind the van if
needed and take out the four enemies in the area (mostly behind the gas
station rubble). Follow your team to the pipe to get a new objective.

Mission Objective: Backup team at LA river checkpoint

When you arrive at the massive drain both sides will be locked in combat. Pick
a good vantage point and start picking away at the innumerable horde of enemies.
After a sizable dent in their population has been achieved your allies will move
up, allowing you to do so as well. Repeat this one more time and the enemies
will either retreat or stop spawning.

Mission Objective: Take out enemy choppers with the MAAWS rocket launceher

Well there's been five minutes without an explosion so grab the launcher and
follow your instincts on those choppers. The launcher is located next to the
small hut (security checkpoint) glowing gold. A useful strategy is to hide
behind this hut, poking your head out to laser guide the rockets. After the
second helicopter falls you will two new objectives. If you manage to take
down both helicopters you'll unlock an achievement.

Mission Objective: Report to Fort Santa Monica for mission briefing

Mission Objective: Get in the back of the MATV

Get in the MATV and roll on in with Riley driving shotgun.

Mission Objective: Report to Elias with Hesh

Any takers on the happy families ending? This is a CoD game after all. No?
Walk with Dad.

[Rorke File 02/18: When you enter the control room (upstairs room with a
camera in it), the intel is sitting on a table to the right. Grab it before
the converation ends.]

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Brave new world (10G)

 I  L I
_I  3 I_______________________________________________________________________
 I    I
 IIIIII  NO MAN'S LAND	                                 		NML3
I   L  I______________________________________________________________________
I   O  I
I   G  I  Don't mistake your initial viewpoint for a low quality camera as you
I   A  I  are actually in control of Riley at the moment. Aww look at the little
I   N  I  bundle of death on legs. Sick him on the lead target when told and
I      I  watch him have fun with his jugular vein. After the three are dealt
IIIIIIII  with continue following Hesh.

Riley's throat's ripped out count [in Riley PoV]: 1

Mission Objective: Gather intel on Federation activity in this area

Make your way through the delapidated building in front and drop out the back
porch. Follow Riley along the narrow ledge


And once again you'll be in control of Riley. Nom the redshirt first once they
have separated, then bark to show where the second enemy is. Hesh will then
make himself useful by capping him in the noggin.


Move Riley in through the garage to spot three federation soldiers inside.
Hesh will once again shoot one through the bonce and Riley will get the change
to continue his throat munching campaign.


Riley's throat's ripped out count: 4

After teleporting over the car barrier (somehow?) you will get the chance to
participate in a reverse breach. What's that you ask? You'll see. Shoot the
two that Riley isn't attached to.


Send Riley the dog shaped missile at any enemy available. There is a L115
sniper rifle on the ground in the hut here to grab if you like yourself some
long range combat (or point and click adventure games). Three soldiers will
be standing in front of radiation signs making them a perfect target for the
dog distraction plus sniper combo.


Strategy time --> Send Riley. Riley is indestructible and as we all know in
Veteran mode allies who are indestructable and have decent AI should always
lead the way. Riley is one step above that as he is a throat seeking cruise
missile. There will be three pairs of soldiers in your way before reaching the
house. Enter the house.

[Rorke File 03/18: On the desk in the house]


Continue following Riley and Hesh until you decide to slide for no reason.


When you get into the tunnel, follow Hesh's advice by going down the
strategically arranged path of cars. When you get back outside a single guard
will be dawdling to the right. Knife him and then sync with Riley the
pest exterminator again for some more shennanigans.

This is a pretty simple if vicious stealth section. Single out lone soldiers in
the long grass, humming the Jaws theme as you go. The system is rather forgiving
so you can get away with murder. Just sayin.' Once you reach the guy on the
trailer (Rorke), zoom in to listen in on the conversation.

Riley's throat's ripped out count: 10

Your exit marker will appear with only a few straggling guards in the way.
Go for the throat.

Riley's throat's ripped out count: 12

Continue down another slide with Hesh and Riley.


Mission Objective: Meet up with recon team

Meet up. Complete quick time events and you'll meet some new friends.

Mission Objective: Reach Firebase Charlie

Follow the recon team through the metal gate.


As you approach the road the squad will get open fire. If you still have your
sniper rifle these guys will resemble sitting ducks at the firing range. After
six soldiers hit the ground move up through the small building on the right.
Two troopers will run past the front of this allowing you to shoot them in the
back (it may not be sportsmanlike but this is Veteran mode dammit. All's fair).
To your right will be a street running up a hill, the top is your next location
so run up to the first car and take cover. Shots will ring out from two
troopers behind the wall to the right and another that rushes down the hill
with shotgun in hand. Continue to pop and stop until the street is clear.

Regroup with the recon team at the top of the hill and follow them towards the


 I  L I
_I  4 I_______________________________________________________________________
 I    I
 IIIIII  STRUCK DOWN	                              			SD4
I   L  I______________________________________________________________________
I   O  I
I   G  I  Mission Objective: Locate Ajax using the remote sniper rifle
I   A  I
I   N  I  Take control of the remote sniper rifle to look for Ajax (to save
I      I  some time he's at twelve o'clock in the press box).

Mission Objective: Mark the convoy with explosives

When you regain control you'll see a sticky grenade launcher in front of you.
Ah, one of the things CoD fans love to see :). Stick the convoy as much as
possible (the reload takes a long time so it's difficult to get all the


Follow Merrick to the truck and hop inside.


Mission Objective: Rescue Ajax

Give the most important character in the game a pat on the head and get ready
for a wild ride. This can be a challenge on Veteran as you can only take a few
hits before dying but if you take out at least some of the enemies on the way
you should get through. Press RT when prompted to make the day of the enemy
camp far more interesting (that's what you get for playing soccer during a
military operation). After the first pair explode as you approach you can
open fire on any soldiers you see. The truck will grind up the stairs and stop
at the top. Riley will jump out and munch on the nearest trooper while you hop


A large group of soldiers (five or more) will be firing from outside the right
entryway so take cover behind the central partition. On the barricade to the
right is our good friend the L115 sniper rifle. More will show up on the deck
to the left and from the cover on the right of the roadway. Don't forget (like
I constantly did) that you have Riley to make your life easier. Up the escalator
to the left leaning against a pillar is some more ammo for the L115 and some
more soldiers to shoot. This spot will put you in a prime postition to take out
the soldier with a rocket launcher on the balcony directly ahead of you. Blast
the enemies on the upper level before taking on the street troops. Despite the
urging of your allies there isn't a time limit here so take your time and
advance when ready. After erasing enough of the enemy roll call four troops
will run in from the end of the street ahead. Another group will arrive on the
upper walkway after that group, prompting a shift of position if you haven't
already. If you take the walkway across there is some solid cover and a good
position to spam Riley from. Once Riley has made friends with enough of the
opposing side you can move up.


Follow your allies to the door and take control of the remote sniper to suss
the place out. Five enemies will be in dissaray in the room so take out as many
as you can (your allies will mop up the rest). Watch the interrogation (far
less intensity here than some recent CoD games I must say) and then follow
Riley and his nose to chase Ajax's scent.


After a quick slide you will be pinned down by RPG troopers. Use the Remote
sniper to make quick work of all three of them and resume the trail. Merrick
and Keegan will stop next to a roller door. Put on your gas mask and peg your
gas grenade under it. Four choking enemies will fumble, run and in one case
crawl out from the gas filled room. Perforate them and make a start on the
remaining enemies inside. You will probably want to use Riley as your main
attack method here once again as you move up the watery corridor. After another
twelve or so soldiers meet the jaws of life... I mean death you can move up


Follow the trail of flares to another set of closed doors. Hmm... Walking into
a blaze of gunfire? No thanks. Lets take the little path under the rubble to
the right of the doorway. Let Keegan take care of the wandering guard and
follow him to the unguarded other door.


Breach and clear.... You should be a veteran at this by now.

[Rorke Intel 04/18: After the breach is over, look in the locker/clothing racks
on the left to find the intel.]

Once the bodies hit the floor follow Riley again.


Inside you'll find Ajax.

Mission Objective: Escape from the enemy base

Mission Objective: Protect Merrick and Keegan while they exfil

Head back into the prior room but watch out for the hallway your allies head
towards. It's going to become a killzone in a few seconds. You'll get to use
the remote ownage again so clear the field for your friends. After that you'll
get the harder task of getting to your own chopper. The field is chockers now
and you don't have Riley (as he's off single handedly taking down a chopper)
so this can be annoying as the enemies tend to be grenade happy. Take out a
handful to reduce the number firing at you and then make a beeline for the
right hand side of the chopper. You should enter it automatically, Once again
take control of the remote sniper, this time you must target the turrets. After
all three are down you make your escape.


 I  L I
_I  5 I_______________________________________________________________________
 I    I
 IIIIII  HOMECOMING	                              			H5
I   L  I______________________________________________________________________
I   O  I
I   G  I  Mission Objective: Get to the front lines
I   A  I
I   N  I  No, don't take Riley! Oh well, follow Hesh to the front lines and
I      I  watch as the scale of the battle gets a lot bigger.
          [Rorke File 05/18: In the first building you come to head left as
soon as you enter and it will be sitting on a table.]

Once you reac the balcony with the minigun, hop on and take control.

Mission Objective: Defend the beach from the Federation invasion

Take this minigun section in bursts, listen for the called out targets and
take them out between dropping off the gun to recover. When you see the red
smoke, get off the minigun and lie prone. An artilery strike will hit shortly
after this causing serious damage if you are still on the gun. Just stay flat
until you gain control of the drones and let them rip on the choppers below.


Mission Objective: Fight through the trenches to drone control

After you regain control, follow Hesh to cover and keep moving up as your squad
does. You'll reach a Y-shaped brick intersection. Use the box on the right and
start clearing the left fork first (making sure to clear the guard tower too).
After this is clear take out the stragglers on the right and your squad should
move up again. You'll be alerted to a hovercraft arriving. Unfortunately the
hovercraft decides to spawn a tank. Yay. Don't cry yet in rememberance of CoD
two's tanks yet, as you get to use the drones on this one. YAY! After the tank
is scrap keep prodding your squad in the butt until it generates progress.


Continue to advance as a hovercraft rides by overhead. You'll be tasked with
more drone fly-bys until it events eventuate.

Mission Objective: Retreat!

Well, that direct a mission objective has gotta be a first.

BONUS PoI: Look at the porta potties on the right side of the trench and read
the label... Heh. If only that was a real company. And someone says "Shit! Come
on let's move." I wonder what he was talking about.

Take out the few remaining enemies and race into drone control. Lots of stuff
is on fire but that shouldn't faze you.


Mission Objective: Get to the command center and find your father

Race straight through the mortar fire until Riley rejoins you. Unfortunately
there is not time to stop and play with your favourite attack dog as enemies
appear at the end of the street. Clear the four enemies quickly and race for
the roller door on the left of the street.


Wow. You sure like throwing people through burning walls. Watch the events
reveal themselves (heh).


 I  L I
_I  6 I_______________________________________________________________________
 I    I
 IIIIII  LEGENDS NEVER DIE                            			LND6
I   E  I______________________________________________________________________
I   L  I
I   I  I  Mission Objective: Locate Almagro
I   A  I
I   S  I  Hop off the chopper and grab some cover. Keep on the tail of your
I      I  team as you race up the street. When the enemy tank rolls into view
IIIIIIII  make sure you are behind cover or things will go badly for you.
          Sprint for the parking garage to escape the tank.


Shoot the two RPG soldiers on the opposite balcony then concentrate your fire
on the Federation soldiers on the street.

Mission Objective: Disable the mobile rocket launcher

interact with the side of the mobile rocket launcehr to hop aboard. Melee the
trooper exiting the hatch and leave them a little present. After you slide off
take cover immediately as the stunned soldiers will soon recover and start
firing at you again.


Mission Objective: Disable the next mobile rocket launcher

Take out the first wave of opposition by using the cover on the right. Moving
forward after the way is clear.


Ah.... Crap. Well this seems bad. Take to your heels and try to outrun your
team as things go bad. The chase sequence is pretty simple (a lot damn easier
than Modern Warfare one) so you shouldn't have any problems following the


On the rooftop outside you will see some enemies salvaging well... other
enemies. Open fire when you're ready until everyone is swept up by current
events. Rorke will give you a hand, so pull out your knife and follow him.


A new twist on stealth for CoD here people, you must kill enemies underwater to
stay hidden. After the first Rorke stabbing you will split up to take care of
two other guards. Stab your allocated target and watch Rorke go to town on the
other guy. Grab a gun off the dead enemies and follow Rorke upstairs.


Sprint for the opposite building as the bridge redecorates itself.


Two enemies will be around the corner to your left. Take them down quickly.

[Rorke File 06/18: On the desk the two guards were stationed at.]

Head for the roof again. The Bizon's are pretty awesomely accurate so you
should be fine with the five enemies on the rooftop. Turns out there's still
some backup around so you're on the way again.

Mission Objective: Regroup with Merrick

Drop off the roof and get to cover in the next room fast. The enemies here are
already alerted to you so underwater stealth is useless. Pop in and out of
cover until all eight enemies are dead. Thanks to your pinned position,
strategy kinda goes out the window.


Mission Objective: Get to the hotel

Once again you're in a pinned down location so just pop and drop as many
soldiers as you can until a bridge appears in front of you.


Thanks to the two Federation soldiers sitting on the overhang, immediate cover
is your highest priotity. If you think you're good enough, you can try to
stealth along the right hand side and stab some asses. Otherwise just shoot the
six remaining soldiers in the room and wade on. You will be ambushed by four
or five more troops as you exit the parking garage. Use the cars for cover and
clear the balcony. Follow Rorke into the hotel.

Mission Objective: Stop Almagro

Catch up to Almagro.


 I  L I
_I  7 I_______________________________________________________________________
 I    I
 IIIIII  FEDERATION DAY	                              			FD7
I   L  I______________________________________________________________________
I   O  I
I   G  I  Mission Objective: Confirm target's identity
I   A  I
I   N  I  To start with you will have to scan the guy in the white suit who
I      I  exits the chopper in front of you. Follow Keegan onto the rooftop
IIIIIIII  below.

Mission Objective: Fire the zipline launcher

Kinda reminds me of Batman and his gadgets :) That is a massive zipline
launcher. Fire it at the building with the helicopter and it will attach

Mission Objective: Capture the HVT

The next sequence is a daydream of skyscraper window cleaners everywhere I'm
sure. Go floor by floor and follow your allies instructions and you'll be fine.

Mission Objective: Upload virus to the power system

[Rorke File 07/18: Immediately after cutting through the glass, head left
into the office and in one of the cubicles is the intel.]

Just a few notes on this sequence: When you get to the main power circuit you
do have enough time to upload the virus and get to the alcove so do that. When
you take out the lone guard on the balcony, throw the knife at the closest
running guard and Keegan will take care of the other.


Follow Keegan on his rounds, dropping enemies like flies and generally
following orders. When you reach the large group (not the group of five) shoot
the TV and activate your strobe light to get the drop on the enemy. I
definitely prefer the night vision goggles of the previous games to the
crappy strobe though.


After cutting the power to the elevators it's time for this sneaky, running
around to end (this compares to stealth like and egg does to a cake). Grab a
Vector from the shelf beside the console bank if you like and rejoin Keegan
behind cover. Stay on the corner closest to the elevator control room and pick
the troops off as they move forward.


Grab your rope and get ready to take it up a notch. The building is now on high
alert and the mission is going to hell in a handbasket. Rappel down the
building and smash into the garden level.


Immediately in front of you are several guns including the L115 if you want
them. This section can become tedious if you aren't the slow and methodical
type. These enemies are very good with grenade placement and will pin you down
while the grenade does the work if you let them. Follow your allies at least
one section of cover back. Use the sniper rifle to take out enemies from afar
and if in doubt retreat as it is annoying restarting this section again and
again due to impatience. This was probably the first reminder that I was
actually playing on Veteran so remember to take it slow. About halfway through
the room you will find some relief. I used the right hand side cover initially
(protection from grenades) and sniped from there. Then after most of the
enemies were cleared I moved to the small stairs at the far left side to move
Keegan forwards. After that I picked off all I could see in front of me and
made a beeline for the shattered glass doors on the left. As soon as I entered
the objective updated. You may have a different approach or strategy, this is
just the one that worked for me.


Once you reach the broken glass doors at the other end you've made it.


After the brief interrogation it's time to move again.

Mission Objective: Escape the building

Follow the squad and shoot the one or two troopers that get in your way.


 I  L I
_I  8 I_______________________________________________________________________
 I    I
 IIIIII  BIRDS OF PREY	                              			BOP8
I   M  I______________________________________________________________________
I   I  I
I   X  I  Mission Objective: Fly with team
I   E  I
I   D  I  Thankfully the chopper controls here are a lot simpler than the
I      I  battlefield counterparts or else this canyon would be strewn with
IIIIIIII  broken choppers and controllers, Take control of the chopper and
          wind your way through the canyon after the rest of the team. Keep
going until you reach a large cave through the rock.


Mission Objective: Assault factory

Mission Objective: Clear the anti-air targets

Mission Objective: Clear the main island anti-air targets

This is a very simple process, just lock onto anything with a orange outline
with the missiles. Also whenever an enemy locks onto you, pop your flares and
all will be fine.

Mission Objective: Control the air

After clearing all the ground targets three enemy helicopters will zoom in.
Blast them to bits and then repeat for the five backup choppers that follow
shortly afterwards.

Mission Objective: Protect the Blackhawk

Mission Objective: Clear the landing

Head for the marker and remove the little orange blobs with extreme prejudice.


Mission Objective: Find Rorke

Once again you are back in the boots of Logan. The first group of seven enemy
troops can be easily dispatcehd from range allowing your squad to move up.


If you move to the left side after the checkpoint you can catch three or four
enemies while they are moving, which makes the next confrontation a lot
quicker. Use the cover in this area to move up and kill the remaining four


Stick to the enclosed corridors to remain bullet free. This will allow you to
flank the enemies who are in cover on the opposite side of the room. When you
have to move out of it be very careful of the soldiers on the far right of the
large room as they like to move around a bit. They will also shoot through the
glass windows, making them harder to hit from a distance. Your squad won't help
too much here so progress is largely down to you. Reach the glass windowed room
to push forward.


Another group of eight Federation troopers will rush out to greet you. Pick
off and move forward when you can (the enclosed areas are safer from the
initial grenades). When you go up the stairs stop when the shouts begin and
retreat back down to let your squad run up them. They will clear the two or
three enemies waiting to ambush you when you arrive.


Back to the narrow corridors and another six troopers to take out, then you'll
be informed that your side is about to "Bring the thunder" on the building
you're in.

This means you're back in the chopper. Unload onto the building and enemies
until you phase shift back into Logan (yes it is that brief).


When you reach the rooftop it seems that the previous firebombing wasn't that
effective as it is crawling with soldiers. There isn't room for much strategy
here so take cover and ping all the Federation troops you can see. Enter the
building opposite when the roof is clear.

[Rorke File 08/18: On Rorke's Desk]

Confront Rorke.


 I  L I
_I  9 I_______________________________________________________________________
 I    I
 IIIIII  THE HUNTED	                              			TH9
I   L  I______________________________________________________________________
I   O  I
I   G  I  Push Rorke when prompted. Now this is what I call an interrogation!
I   A  I  Ah. I knew we should have thrown him out when we had the chance.
I   N  I  Be a part of the Bane/Rorke recruitment program and drop towards the
I      I  earth like a brick.
          Stuck up a tree and bleeding? Cut yourself down and trudge forward
listening to your team's radio chatter. Once you pull out a knife and motion
tracker its back to business.


Mission Objective: Regroup with ghosts

You can get through this section pretty easily by sticking to the left wall of
the area until you reach the crash site. If you cap the final guy before the
plane he should drop a silenced gun if you feel like more weaponry would be a
good idea.


There are some pretty big gaps in the search pattern of the enemy but at times
you will need to stop and wait for them to go past. After the crash site you
can pretty much just creep straight down the middle. Keep going until you find
the rest of the squad... or not.

[Rorke File 09/18: When you rejoin your team next to the waterfall, look to
the left of it along the creek bed for this intel.]


Mission Objective: Prevent teammate's execution

Shoot the two troopers closest to your teammate and the rescue is complete.


Mission Objective: Evac to the river for exfil

Slosh your way up the river until you come to a chopper and group of the enemy
camping out.


Exercise your patience and restraint and they will leave of their own accord.
Once you get to the waterfall, follow Merrick's example and take cover.


Another patrol will be directly in your path as you move up the river. To get
around them stick to Keegan as he circles around to the right of the patrol.


As you exit the trees a flight of choppers will pass overhead. Hold position
until they pass. Depending on your shadowing skills you may lose track of the
squad. They head to the top of the hill so make your way there.


As soon as you reach the top of the hill hit the ground as a chopper will
pass overhead. If you are standing up it will open fire on you (if it does just
reload the checkpoint). Once you are told to move, get up and resume following
the squad. Jump down the waterfall (Yes you read that right) to meet everyone.


 I  L I
_I 10 I_______________________________________________________________________
 I    I
 IIIIII  CLOCKWORK	                              			C10
I   L  I______________________________________________________________________
I   O  I
I   G  I  Mission Objective: Get into base undetected
I   A  I
I   N  I  Apparently you are now all in enemy uniform (Oh that's gonna make it
I      I  MUCH easier to work out who to shoot) so you can move all the way up
IIIIIIII  to an overlook with views of the checkpoint you want to infiltrate.


Now the sequence of enemy kills. The first one is on the big radio tower with
the blinking red light. The second is the group in front of the well lit window
on the left tower. After that the rest will be taken out by your squad.


Mission Objective: Clean up checkpoint

Grab the glowing body to hide it and "Acting.... Natural (Ah loved the


Mission Objective: Take out the vehicle's driver

Ping the driver and hop into the truck.


Roll into the base (with the powerout counter letting you know how long until
blackout) and walk nonchalantly to the detector. As soon as the lights go down
grab your night vision goggles and open fire.

Disoriented as they are the enemies here should pose no challenge so move
towards the end of the hall, popping heads along the way (vengance against
veteran mode enemies is sweet).

[Rorke File 10/18: In the server room where you plant the bug it is on a table

After planting the bug, keep moving until you reach a large metal door.


Mission Objective: Disable the security door before the power is restored

The drill is sitting there so use it (without drilling too far into it - look
at the tablet to see when to stop). Repeat this and then get behind a pole as
the door is blown.


Mission Objective: Advance to the data center

After the door is blown off its... well I would say hinges but they were burnt
through with thermite. Grab cover to the right and start shooting through the
offices on the left hand side. Stick to cover and move up when you feel secure,
clear the offices and then at the next corner peek out. More grunts will spawn
so take shots from this position as your squad catches up. Once the air clears
move down this hallway to a T-intersection. Take the left fork to find yourself


Let your squadmate take care of the single enemy on the catwalk and circle
around until you enter the glowing red room.


Let your ally badass the first two enemies to death while you take cover on
the left side of the hallway. Walk slowly up the left wall, picking off
troopers as you go. Just keep an eye on the upper walkway to the right as well.

Once you enter the nest, head to the control platform and drop the duffel bag.
Aha, here we go. Deployable turret, mines and a sniper rifle. I smell a defend
the XXXX section here :).


Mission Objective: Defend Hesh as he retrieves the data

Place the turret in a spot with a good field of view and chuck down as many
mines as you have time for. Thanks to the amount of hardware you have available
this defense job is actually pretty easy. Crouch in the command center and
snipe the inital rush down the ramp. When the troops fan out along the catwalks
lie prone and wait for them to come to you. Take out the occasional one that
is not killed by your allies and the bar should finish off within no time.


Mission Objective: Escape through the vault door

Sprint through the vault door (marker) and into the elevator beyond.

Mission Objective: Exit the facility

Follow your allies instructions to make a clean getaway to the parking garage


Mission Objective: Get to the extraction point

Once the enemy are alerted to your presence you will be going hell for leather
down the road wielding a turret. Take out the left truck in front of your
vehicle as you race down the hill and then fire at whatever vehicles you can
see until you successfully turn the corner. A row of trucks will appear to the
left along the ledge. Aim for the tyres as this can crack the ice they are
driving on as well as just blowing them up. At the one minute mark you'll get
a reassurung message.


Keep firing at the pursuing vehicles wheels to keep them off your tail. If you
get eight vehicles in this method you'll unlock an achievement. There are
several checkpoints in this section but the sequence is not too hard provided
you just keep aiming at the ground underneath the vehicles. Hop in and escape.


 I  L I
_I  1 I_______________________________________________________________________
 I  1 I
 IIIIII  ATLAS FALLS	                              			AF11
I   L  I______________________________________________________________________
I   O  I
I   G  I  Mission Objective: Detonate charges
I   A  I
I   N  I  Say hello to the troopers above.
I      I

Head for the break is the ice and get pulled onto the surface.


Mission Objective: Clear the base camp

Grab some cover behind the truck to the left as soon as you regain control as
you emerge directly into the middle of a firefight. Head through the building
on the left shooting out the windows to clear the path.


Mission Objective: Ascend to catwalks using ascender gun

Show your verticality by pressing x apparently.


Mission Objective: Fight to the pressure regulators

Boots on the catwalk and run into the room on the right for cover. Enemies will
be on the upper catwalks along with the level you are on so this is a good
defensive spot. Move from small room to room, clearing as you go until you
reach the stairs.


Three enemies should be in the next floor so jiggle at the top of the stairs
taking shots until they breathe no more. Another set of stairs and a door
detonation later and you'll be in what seems like a sleeping quarters with


Place the charge and watch another breach with a difference. Self aware of the
cliche of your breaches now are we CoD? Stay outside using your grenades and
concussion grenades until the room is less lethal. You can then take cover on
the right side of this room and pick off any remaining soldiers within.


[Rorke File 11/18: On a desk to the right of the pressure regulator controls.]

Mission Objective: Fight to the command center

After running up the outside staircase, wait for the pressure to be released
and take cover behind the crates on the left. Head for the office on the right
when you can and use the windows to clear the enemies behind it. There are
several explosive cannisters here to shoot if enemies stick in cover too much.
After all the enemies have met their end head into the hallway beyond.


Stick to Merrick until two enemies burst out of a door in front of you.
Dispose of them.


Enter the smoke filled room and immediately crouch to avoid taking damage.
There are a few (four) enemies in here that are initially unaware you are
here. Open fire and clear the room before going up the stairs.


Watch the chopper rip into the massive cluster of enemies. Merrick will race
around the corner but stop before you do as there are several troopers around
the corner. There is plenty of effective cover in this area and enemies tend to
rush out into the open a lot so keep thinning the herd until machine gunners
appear on the adjacent balcony.

Mission Objective: Take out the enemies on MGs

Immediately take cover against the right wall and peek out to take your shots
between healing up from their damage. When you're nearly done your allied
helicopter will do a strafing run and your allies will head onwards.


Mission Objective: Disable the water supression and destroy the oil rig

Pull the body off the control panel and keep the water pressure in the middle
of the gauge for an achievement.

Mission Objective: Escape the oil rig

Beat feet after your team until you reach a jump for safety.


 I  L I
_I  1 I_______________________________________________________________________
 I  2 I
 IIIIII  INTO THE DEEP	                              			ITD12
I   L  I______________________________________________________________________
I   O  I
I   G  I  Mission Objective: Neutralize AEGIS class combat ship
I   A  I
I   N  I  Swim through the lovely scenery (what is it with this game and
I      I  water?). Follow Keegan until the boat patrol enters the scene.
IIIIIIII  Take cover behind the same rock as Keegan and draw a bead on one
          of the divers. After the call of "weapons free," take the shot.


After that unpleasantness is over continue following Keegan and his
instructions. Hide from the salvage sub and the group raising salvage from the
ocean floor.


Another salvage crew will be in your path shortly afterwards. Once you know
where all four of them are, open fire until the path is clear.


A large mass of soldiers (ten) will be surrounding some salvage in front of
you as you move up. Once again on the call "weapons free" take them out as
quickly as possible. Some of them will vanish into the inky blackness from
time to time so the quicker you can thin the herd the better to avoid suprise
perforation later.


Resume your guided tour, cut open the door and now the fun begins. Sonar blasts
will explode in waves from the ship that cause physical damage to you (due to
the extreme pressure they generate apparently). Sprint swim from cover to
cover to avoid pain until you reach the top of the lighthouse. When you reach
the top you need to release the torpedo and then steer it to the weak spot of
the cruiser. If you manage to hit it first try you'll unlock an achievement.


Mission Objective: Regroup at the rally point

After regaining control it's time to bustle! Follow Keegan's path as close as
you can to avoid horrible splattery death. Shortly into the mad dash more
divers will appear to put a crimp in your plans.


[Rorke File 12/18: As you peek over the edge of the destroyed ship (where the
checkpoint respawns you) it is on the rock below you and slightly to the

Unload on them and use the underwater pillars for cover or stay in your initial
position. If you stay in the inital spot though the enemies become more
agressive and tend to race at you from the pillar on the right after you
trigger the second wave. The only way to trigger the remaining waves is to
keep moving forwards. Get ready to deal with five or six waves of two or three
divers before you reach a breathing point.


The enemy boats above will start dropping depth charges (screw their own guys?
yeah sure why not. Screw the rules, I'm evil :) Follow Keegan to the broken
ship and wait for the rain to end.


Resume your trek until you meet some underwater friends (Under the sea, Under
the sea....Argh my leg!!!). Yeah the sharks are hungry so you need to be
very careful when moving up here. The sharks will circle quicker than you think
but if you time it right (after the two closest circle past the point in front
of you) then you should make it safely.


Keep playing follow the leader until the level ends


 I  L I
_I  1 I_______________________________________________________________________
 I  3 I
 IIIIII  END OF THE LINE	                      			EOTL13
I   L  I______________________________________________________________________
I   O  I
I   G  I  After Merrick drops down and you pull out your knife and press the
I   A  I  melee button to ruin a certain guards day.
I   N  I
          Mission Objective: Infiltrate the factory

After sliding down into the factory outskirts you will have to stab a guard
leaning against a train car. Follow your squad until you reach another two
guards and pop them.


Mission Objective: Access Black Zone

Continue following orders and your squad until you reach the Black Zone door.
Stay in cover when it opens or you'll have a short and painful experience. This
section is made harder by the fact that the cover moves. It's a production line
and as such keeps moving. Your squad should be able to take most if not all of
these enemies so don't worry if you have to hang back.

Mission Objective: Upload visual scans of the weaponized rods

[Rorke File 13/18: As you go down the stairs into the room filled with space
components and rods, the intel is under the stairs.]

Activate your camera and look at the missile-like objects above

Mission Objective: Investigate the factory computer records

Keep going until you reach the glowing computer and access the records. Then
everything goes to hell. Shoot the nearest three soldiers when you can and drop
to the floor to recover. Keep prone or pick off a few if you feel bold enough
and wait until your squad pops smoke grenades to blind the attacking force.
Once the air is full, activate your thermal goggles and follow your squad to
the right.

You can pretty much just fire with abandon here as while the room is filled
with smoke, no one else can see a foot in front of them. Blast every orange-
red blob you see that looks vaguely human (including enemies with riot shields)
until the enemy throw flashbangs at you.

Several heavily armoured enemies (and grenade happy) enemies will show up after
the smoke clears. Grab some cover and use the most powerful guns you have to
take them down fast (I had my trusty sniper rifle which took about three
shots). Move up after these armoured guys hit the floor to force your squad

More armoured enemies will be present in the upper area so keep firing away
with your most powerful weapons. When the upper area is clear you finally get
a chance to breathe.


Head for the helipad with your squad. You'll be warned en route that the pad
is crawling with soldiers so bring your whomping stick. There will be more
armoured enemies here so keep your ammo topped up. You will be told to keep
out of the spotlight, yet if you are a good enough shot with a sniper it can
be shot out giving you a window of opportunity.

Once the initial rush dies down enough for you to run out, head for the small
building up the stairs to the left and use this position to clear the next lot
of enemies. This upper area is ideal for taking out the remaining enemies so
take your time and it'll be fine.


You'll then be overlooking a large group of enemies and vehicles. Pick off the
turrets first and then the regular soldiers until your escape vehichle arrives.
Sprint up and hop on. Lie flat and shoot any turrets until you get away.

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: End of the line (20G)

 I  L I
_I  1 I_______________________________________________________________________
 I  4 I
 IIIIII  SIN CITY	                              			SC14
I   L  I______________________________________________________________________
I   O  I
I   G  I  Several event sequences will follow involving you and your fellow
I   A  I  ghosts. Follow the prompts until you regain control.
I   N  I
I      I  Mission Objective: Escape
          Grab the pistol on the ground in front of you and shoot the soldier
to your left. A second on will open fire from your right so take him down.
Grab some weapons from the bodies and then get ready to move.


Your squad will move to a set of double doors. stay on the left side and when
the doors open if you only have a shotgun hold back, otherwise open fire on
the enemies within. Grab a better weapon from the bodies after the firing
stops and continue following the squad.

When tasked with hiding enter the side room and go prone against the window.
Watch the soldier quietly die and resume the journey.


Rorke will have an announcement to make before you meet the next bunch of
soldiers. Get behind cover before Keegan opens fire or things will end badly.
One strategy is to trigger the initial firefight and run back up to where you
entered and shoot the enemies on the right roof first. Then shoot the enemies
on the left roof and then start mopping up those on the street. If you have
enough ammo you can just sit here, clearing the street. Otherwise you'll have
to sprint down to grab some weaponry.


Once the street level is clear (you may need to move your squad up to continue)
head to the stairs at the back and get ready for the next wave. Thankfully
there are only a handful of enemies in this wave. Once all the enemies are
taking a dirt nap follow the squad down to the gate.


[Rorke File 14/18: After Keegan opens the metal gate, jump over the red
velvet ropes to your left. The intel is just sitting there.]

Another door opening but things get complicated when it turns on you. You can
actually run for the exit door before the door is even opened and in veteran
mode you probably have to. If you are up against the wall next to the exit
door you will be pushed through when the door is opened. After you're through
sprint for the window.


Mission Objective: Carry Riley to  the extraction point

Back to the shooting and you can grab cover to the right, before laying down
the smackdown. Riley will take some damage in the ensuing firefight so pick him
up and take him along. You'll need to pick him up and put him down to keep
fighting so make sure to put him down when enemies appear. This sequence is
pretty straight forward, just be very cautious and keep Riley out of the fray
until your exit arrives.


 I  L I
_I  1 I_______________________________________________________________________
 I  5 I
 IIIIII  ALL OR NOTHING	                              			AON15
I   L  I______________________________________________________________________
I   O  I
I   G  I  Mission Objective: Get to the flight deck
I   A  I
I   N  I  PoI: Notice that all the troops here read Soup 'N' Salad Weekly
I      I
IIIIIIII  [Rorke File 15/18: Behind you when you begin the level in one of the
           bunk beds on the left.]

Follow Hesh until you emerge onto the flight deck. Wow I'm having deja'vu from
the last CoD game (U.S.S Barrack Obama anyone?).


Mission Objective: Clear the flight deck

Take cover as soon as you reach the deck (the enemies will be approaching from
your left as you emerge). Use the single shot MR-28 that you've been given to
thin the enemy numbers. The second wave will arrive from the rear deck (to the
left from the previous wave) so adjust your cover and continue the firefight.


Mission Objective: Regroup with Hesh

Head over to Hesh and grab the Osprey controls off the crate in front of him.


Mission Objective: Defend the carrier

Soldiers will then attempt to board with grapnel hooks (yeah seriously) so
cut the rope (for an achievement too) and use the osprey to clear out a whole
bunch of the opposition. After a couple of runs with the osprey you can move
on to your next objective


Mission Objective: Take control of the sparrow launcher

Mission Objective: Destroy the federation gunship

What a strange sounding objective... Race after Hesh to the slide and take out
the enemies Max Payne style to save the private. Hop on the sparrow launcher
controls to bring the fight to the enemy. A large amount of choppers come
from the right during this confrontation and very few enemies come from the
left so concentrate mainly on the right and mid sides. You are trying to take
down the large gunship but it will take two or three barrages before it falls
so until it does you need to make sure the choppers in the area are destroyed
before they destroy you. It may take a few tries but once you get the hang of
what it wants you to do it isn't too hard.


Mission Objective: Escape the sinking carrier

Follow right on Hesh's heels or else you won't make it. Jump on the chopper to
make good your exit.

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: All or nothing (20G)

 I  L I
_I  1 I_______________________________________________________________________
 I  6 I
 IIIIII  SEVERED TIES	                              			ST16
I   M  I______________________________________________________________________
I   I  I
I   X  I  Mission Objective: Rendezvous with bravo company
I   E  I
I   D  I  Depending on your skill in tank control in CoD games you have two
I      I  choices. Either just follow the your line of tanks and fire when
IIIIIIII  necessary or actively seek out enemies. I chose to just roll after
          the main group, which meant I wasn't hit and just rolled through
most of the enemy.


Mission Objective: Reach the airstrip

Roll through several walls and over enemy personnel until you reach the


Mission Objective: Eliminate airstrip defenses

Thanks to the mess this situation becomes it is just best to head straight for
the four anti-air launchers and finish them off as quick as you can or else
you will get surrounded and run out of health. Once the final one explodes you
will regain control of Logan, hanging out of an incoming helicopter.


Mission Objective: Secure the control room and launch the missile

Use the mounted machine gun to clear the control room and jump inside. The
better job you do at clearing the room the safer entry you make. Take cover
upon entry and take out any remaining guards. At the breach point six enemies
will be facing away from you so empty your clip at them. Launch the missile.


Mission Objective: Reach the train

Turns out you don't want to leave just yet. Timer ticking away and you have
to make it through a lot of bad guys to reach your objective. This is what
Veteran mode is all about.

[Rorke File 16/18: Take the second right from the control room (a lone soldier
will run out of it and on a desk in the first room is the intel.]

The first room doesn't offer much in the way of cover so use the entryway to
clear the room. Grenades are good here to get enemies out of cover. At the
rampway down be very carefull as half a second too long in sight and you'll be
dead. Throw down a flashbang and quickly shoot the gunman on the left.


My time remaining: 6:29

Head into the office on the right at the bottom of the ramp and squeeze into
the closest corner next to the window. Use this spot to pick of any enemies you
can see. After the first two or three troops are downed an elevator at the back
of the room rises up. Peg in a grenade and another three soldiers will arrive
from the far left door. Finish cleaning house here and jump in the elevator
when Hesh gets on.

My time remaining: 5:13

Well that was a letdown. The timer goes bye-bye.


After clearing this room the train will exit so try to stay on the right side
as the train will leave out the right side of the tunnel (making your run
easier). You can use the boxes to the right for cover while getting rid of the
enemy forces. When the final one goes down, sprint for the train (marker) to
take a breath.


Mission Objective: Destroy the ground array defenses

Back in the tank you will have to roll into the base and shoot out another
four enemy defenses. This is a bit easier than last time, just remember to
pop smoke and activate your thermals and you should be fine. Oh and you're
meant to explode at the end.


Mission Objective: Escape before the missile arrives

Sprint to Badger and use the turret to explode anything in your way (it is
pretty effective on everything so you shouldn't have any worries). Trundle
out of the base to see the fireworks.


 I  L I
_I  1 I_______________________________________________________________________
 I  7 I
 IIIIII  LOKI	                              				L17
I   L  I______________________________________________________________________
I   O  I
I   G  I  Mission Objective: Assault the station
I   A  I
I   N  I  Oh God....Space Marines! This section will probably remind you of the
I      I  underwater section as you will be looking for the glinting lights of
IIIIIIII  the enemies here to locate them. Distance is your friend in the
          opening forray so stay back and scope them to death.


Mission Objective: Locate an entrance to the station

A group of three enemies will be expelled from the hatch so welcome them with
a barrage of gunfire.


Mission Objective: Enter the station through the open hatch

Well, that was exciting... Or if you get motion sickness rather problematic.
Follow the officer after the world stops spinning. Three soldiers will pop up
from below so use the cover to the right when taking them on.

[Rorke File 17/18: At the base of the tall orange solar panel on the left
floating slowly around.]

Mission Objective: Locate the control module

As you arrive into more open space large numbers (eight or more) of the enemy
will arrive from your left. Use the large cover and peek over it to confront

Mission Objective: Breach the control room

Breach the control dome and slo-mo the four enemies inside.


Mission Objective: Activate the kinetic rod targeting controller

Use the computer that glows gold to activate the controller. Kick back and
control the disaster movie.


 I  L I
_I  1 I_______________________________________________________________________
 I  8 I
 IIIIII  THE GHOST HUNTER	                              		TGH18
I   L  I______________________________________________________________________
I   O  I
I   G  I  Mission Objective: Find Rorke
I   A  I
I   N  I  [Rorke File 18/18: In a small alcove behinde where you start.]
I      I
IIIIIIII  And the final baddie chase begins once again. Follow Hesh up the
          train and when you see the enemy running away either back up or take
cover as reinforcements for them are about to arrive. Wait patiently as the
train will help you by moving the enemies cover around. The main threat here
is the sniper at twelve o'clock so make sure he doesn't get a shot off at you.
Hesh will move up when the wave is done.


Another running soldier will appear in your way so gun him down. Two enemies
will be on the outlying platforms (one on each side) so make sure to shoot them
before emerging fully. You will have to make a dodgy jump across the gap so
wait until the train stops rocking before doing so. Another five troops will be
at the next junction so take your time and use the scope to keep your distance.

PoI: Hey see the car number? 1337. Ha.


Another pair of enemies will await you before your next objective.


Mission Objective: Jump to the rooftops

Sprint along with Hesh until fun on a bun arrives.

Mission Objective: Take out enemy helos

Concentrate fire on the troops hanging out of the doors. The quicker you can
take both lots down the more you'll live. Yeah they are that dangerous. If you
need to take cover, use one of the connectors to the above rail and lie prone
to avoid being shot. The helos will more to draw a bead on you so don't assume
you're completely safe.

After the second one falls you can resume your mad dash. Enemies will rappel
onto the rooftops in front of you so grab some cover and keep pushing forward
when you can. You will eventually arrive at the engine compartment.

I'll leave the final events for you to experience yourself as they aren't
difficult to complete. Another CoD feather in the cap and Ghosts is done and

********************************* ACHIEVEMENTS *******************************


Story Related (Unmissable):

Ghost Stories - 5G

Escape (Complete "Ghost Stories" on any difficulty.)

Brave New World - 10G

Redez-vous in Fort Santa Monica. (Complete "Brave New World" on any

No Man's Land - 10G

Make it to San Diego. (Complete "No Man's Land" on any difficulty.)

Struck Down - 10G

Find Ajax. (Complete "Struck Down" on any difficulty.)

Homecoming - 10G

Defend LA. (Complete "Homecoming" on any difficulty.)

Legends Never Die - 10G

Hunt down Almagro. (Complete "Legends Never Die" on any difficulty.)

Federation Day - 10G

Gather intel on Rorke. (Complete "Federation Day" on any difficulty.)

Birds Of Prey - 10G

Capture Rorke. (Complete "Birds Of Prey" on any difficulty.)

The Hunted - 25G

Make it out alive. (Complete "The Hunted" on any difficulty.)

Clockwork - 25G

Hack the system. (Complete "Clockwork" on any difficulty.)

Atlas Falls - 25G

Distract the Federation Fleet. (Complete "Atlas Falls" on any difficulty.)

Into the Deep - 20G

Destroy the enemy ship. (Complete "Into The Deep" on any difficulty.)

End of the Line - 20G

Storm the factory (Complete "End of the Line" on any difficulty.)

Sin City - 20G

Plan your next move. (Complete "Sin City" on any difficulty.)

All or Nothing - 20G

Gather the troops. (Complete "All or Nothing" on any difficulty.)

Severed Ties - 20G

Destroy the Federation's satellite array. (Complete "Severed Ties" on any

Loki - 20G

Commandeer the enemy space station. (Complete "Loki" on any difficulty.)

The Ghost Killer - 20G

Confront Rorke (Complete "The Ghost Killer" on any difficulty.)


You've earned it - 40G

Earn the mask. Finish the campaign on Veteran.

Complete all missions on veteran difficulty (can be tracked in mission select).

Piece of cake - 100G

Storm the common room and kill everyone without taking damage on Veteran.

Set the difficulty to Veteran and play through the first half of Atlas Falls.
You will come to a breach sequence. After being pushed away from the door by
your ally you cannot take any damage before all the enemies in the room are
dead. One method is to use flashbangs followed immediately by grenades to
prevent enemies shooting you. Or if you are patient your allies may win the
day for you. The checkpoint can be reloaded if you take damage.


Spatial Awareness - 10G

Kill your first enemy in the Call of Duty Ghosts campaign.

During the mission "Ghost Stories" kill the first enemy. Pretty easy.

Liberty Wall - 10G

Take down both attack helicopters in Brave New World.

During the mission "Brave New World" when you are in the large drain and a
pair of helicopters appear (one by one). Use the Laser Designator Rocket
Launcher to take out both of them to unlock this achievement. Can be done on
any difficulty. Keep the radar on the target to make the missiles hit their

Blimey O'Riley - 10G

Pounce on 10 enemies whilst controlling Riley.

During the mission "No Man's Land" when you 'sync' with Riley you must get
ten kills total during these sequences. Look at the "throats ripped out notes"
on the mission guide to see roughly how many you should have at each point.

Waste Not - 10G

Every shot with the remote sniper kills a person or vehicle.

During the mission "Struck Down" you will be tasked with using the remote
sniper in several sequences. A breach (kill one enemy to complete), kill
RPG troops (kill all three to complete) and helping allies reach evac (only
shoot enemies near the protect marker - five or six total) The final section
is three turrets to take out as your helicopter takes off. Shoot only the
targets mentioned (or more if you want to risk it) and the achievement should

Go Ugly Early - 10G

A-10 strafe 50 enemies.

During the mission "Homecoming" when you are defending the beach you will
get several runs with the A-10. Destroy fifty to get the achievement.

It Came from Below! - 10G

Kill 6 enemies with the knife while underwater in "Legends Never Die".

The first knife kill is free as Rorke will walk you through it. There are only
six or seven remaining water based enemies in the level however so you will
need to make sure to get as many as you can. There is the flooded car park
(three or so) and the defensive point where a few are in the water (can't sneak
up on this lot though).

Sleeping Beauty - 10G

Kill sleeping enemy in face down rappel section.

During the mission "Federation Day" after leaving through the hole in the
glass you cut earlier you will be walking down the building looking at the
ground below. In one of the levels before the lone enemy on the balcony, there
is an enemy sleeping on a chair. Shoot him to get the achievement.

Carbon Faceprint - 10G

Catch the photocopier with your face.

When the building explodes at the end of "Federation Day" a photocopier will
rocket out of an upper floor. Place yourself under it to get this acheivement.

Burn Baby Burn - 25G

Destroy 80 fuel containers.

During the mission "Birds of Prey" shoot every red and white fuel container you
see. Use missiles and keep going until the achievement pops.

Jungle Ghosts - 25G

Finish the mission without breaking stealth.

In  the first part of the mission before regrouping with your allies you must
make it through without being seen. Head for gaps in the search pattern, lie
flat when enemies are nearby and you CAN shoot enemies (just make sure it's a
headshot) if need be. After you rejoin the squad just follow orders until the
mission ends and the achievement will pop. You can reload checkpoints if you
get spotted.

Deep Freeze - 25G

Drop 8 vehicles into ice holes.

On the mission "Clockwork" during the vehicle chase. If you are on Veteran
mode this is practically the only way to survive the mission. Shoot at the
tyres of enemy vehicles and they should fall down ice pits. There are plenty
of vehicle so it should come naturally.

Grindin' - 40G

Blow the pressure valves on your first attempt.

On the mission "Atlas Falls" you will reach the pressure regulator controls.
Just keep the pressure levels within the correct zone. Really easy 40G. Got it
without even listening to the squads instructions.

David & Goliath - 20G

Take down the LCS on the first go.

On the mission "Into the Deep" you will have to release and pilot a remote
control missile from the top of a sunken lighthouse. Release the missile and
aim the missile at the glowing red spot on the ship. Hit it to unlock this

Cog in the machine - 35G

Kill 5 enemies without being detected before infiltrating Black Zone.

On the mission "End of the Line" at the start of the mission, crouch-walk
behind every guard you can find until you stab five. They are pretty obvious
and easy to knock off. I did it without realising. Stick it on recruit to make
it even easier.

Jack-pot - 20G

Destroy 21 slot machines.

During the mission "Sin City" there is a large scale firefight before the
Rorke intel on the mission. Before going through the metal gate, shoot all
twenty slot machines (there are only twenty here). Go through the gate and
go down the hallway afterward. Before going down the stairs shoot the slot
machines on the balcony opposite.

End of your rope - 20G

Cut a grappling hook rope with an enemy on it.

During the mission "All Or Nothing" when the enemies in rubber rafts start
boarding they will throw/ fire grappling hooks to climb up. Cut one of these
with an enemy climbing on it to get the achievement.

Fly-by-wire - 20G

Take out 3 out of 3 helicopters with the remote missile.

At the beginning of the mission "Severed Ties," press Y to change to remote
missiles and shoot at the helicopters in the area. After the third on goes
down the achievement will pop.

They look like ants - 20G

Destroy all enemy ground targets and kill no allies with the rods.

During the mission "Loki" where you activate the contol laptop and take
command of the satellite. Kill every enemy maked in red and kill no allies
marked in blue. Take your time, listen to your allies comments like "keep
your shots on target" (means you screwed up). Reload checkpoints if this
happens and eventually you will unlock it.

Tickets please - 20G

Shoot the grapple guys off the side of the train.

In the final mission "The Ghost Killer" you will destroy two helicopters.
After that as you move forward along the train cars grappling hooks will
appear ahead of you. Shoot the soldiers climbing up them before they reach the
top and the achievement should unlock. You can restart the checkpoint if you


Audiophile - 15G

Collect all 18 Rorke files.

Follow the locations in the guide to collect all eighteen.


As I don't play these game modes (not enough people I know have Live so team
games like safeguard and extinction hold little appeal for me) I have included
the best solutions I can find. If you like the solution please vote positively
for it if you have a trueachievements account. Makes the world go round :).

Safeguard - 20G

Reach round 20 in Safeguard.

All credit for this solution goes to MCmichaelD who posted it on

Very simple. Do not do this online. Go to local and play by yourself. Set the
game options>player options health double and fast regen.

Play on stone haven or Stonehedge. I forget the name. In the top right corner
of the map if you back was facing the castle, there is a burning 1 story house
and next to it there is a 2 story house. Simply camp on the stairs of the 2
story house. Call in your squad mate and move around the top floor so he
eventually gets into the corner. When the enemies go up the stairs they will
turn and look for him leaving you to shoot them in the back. I suggest you get
the fp6 shotgun as it is a 1 shot kill even on the decimation class enemies.
Very easy to do and I got it in about 25 minutes.

No Man Left - 20G

Escape with all four players.

All credit for this solution goes to AAxAssassinxJFK who posted it on

This is just a few survival tips to help you reach your goal

3 people use this,
Class: Tank
Pistol Type: MP-443 Grach Pistol
Ammo Type: Explosive Ammo
Team Support: Armor
Strike Package: Sentry Gun
Equalizer: Crowd Control

1 Person use same except instead of armor for the team support, use Feral
Instincts instead.

Upgrade Tips:
upgrade what you think will help the group but mainly focus on sentry gun
having 8 sentry guns on the field at once pretty much makes you unstoppable.
The person with feral instincts must have that fully upgraded by the time you
arm the nuke and place it down so everyone can run faster.

Nuke escape Tips:
Using the Feral instincts that the player drops quickly run through the aliens
to where the first meteor is blocking the path, immediately turn around and
each player place a sentry gun, hold off until the meteor disappears. then the
player lays down another Feral Instincts and run to the next meteor. Repeat
the step and when the meteor disappears you are pretty much home free run to
the chopper and the achievement is yours. BTW make sure you have a riot shield
on your back at ALL TIMES during the nuke run

Sprinter - 20G

Reach the exfil chopper with 1 minute and 30 seconds or more remaining on the

All credit for this solution goes to pogomax who posted it on trueachievements.

Basically this achievement will pop once you get on the exfil chopper after
you have set the nuke and you have 1min 30 secs left on the clock. i just
missed out on getting this yesterday as i had 1:20 left when I got on the

tips to getting this:-
1. change to pistol as you run faster with pistol in hand
2. before setting nuke make sure health and Armour are full
3. DON'T STOP FOR ANYTHING this time round you have to be selfish (sorry guys)
4. know you route back

good luck guys and gals!!

PS. as long as you hit the chopper area with more than 1.30 on the clock you
will get the achievement so if you want to stop and help someone you can but
you dont need them for the achievement to pop as you will take off with out

Made it Out Alive - 20G

Escape 1st time.

All credit for this solution goes to Sharpaedo who posted it on

I personally think medic is better for this, you move faster and regenerate
health a lot faster. Also you don't take any damage from the gooey stuff the
scorpions fling at you.

It's also good to add that when the medic is fully upgraded everyone's health
regens faster causing them to go down less and possibly save them when

I find using the LMG in the second area (can't remember name) the best gun to
use. This is because I like to use the booster, which makes you ADS, reload
and move a little quicker aiming down sights. Plus with fully upgraded medic
you move the speed you would with a SMG possibly faster.

For your team:
Have a weapon specialist- increased damage and faster reloads
2 medics- faster movement, unlimited health regen, protection when reviving
and immune to scorpions gas(It helps a lot)
Then either a tank or engineer depending on there preference

Ammo: I suggest just one person concentrates on upgrading ammo and supplying
the team.
-have armor piercing ammo

Have your team use boosters, feral instincts, armor and the other with
anything of there choice. Maybe 2 people with armor, but it's suggested that
the 4th person leaves upgrading it and concentrates on ammo.

Have your whole team use sentry guns, EVERYBODY.
Fully upgraded sentry guns give you 2 sentries, both with 30% added rhino
This is by far the easiest method to complete extinction, just sit behind your
army of turrets and you'll have no problem at all.

It helps if you upgrade your pistol by one skill point to make you run a
little faster after activating the nuke and have someone place feral down and
you will run even faster and make it to the chopper in no time :P

For the first area, it's pretty much straight forward. Just use which ever
gun you feel at home with.

Get your team to all fully upgrade your sentry turrets, you should have enough
points or close by now.

When taking out the barrier hive place down a few turrets to defend you and
get a few people to spray at the main part of the hive when it's health comes

Searching the area is good- finding SOFLAM lasers are perfect for taking down
the hive.

Also another tactic is to place a ton of propane tanks on the barrier hive
and shoot it as soon as it's health comes up.

Another good way to place mortars on it but its costly and not recommended.
There is a rocket launcher you can buy for around 2000 and does high damage
but again not recommended.

For the town area, repeat what's mentioned above.
A good tactic here is the electric fences, they really do help out and you'll
defiantly make your money back anyway.
Also I've encountered a rhino at the start of the row a few times so beware
one may be waiting.
There is an attack heli you can call in for 6000 but I don't find this useful.

After destroying the main barrier hive, restock, boost and armor etc. Take
your money and continue on, there will be a rhino along the top of the place
you're going, get your team to place turrets around the alley you came out of.
Get someone to run up and lure the rhino down to the turrets and take it out.

Again this area is the same, just place the drill. Defend with turrets etc..

Like I said -Fully- upgraded sentry turrets are pretty much a must, I can't
emphasise this.

Before activating the nuke countdown, get your team to drop boosters, armor,
ammo, feral and anything else helpful.
Pull out your pistol (make sure you have 1 point in it)
You will see the medics fly by with there increased movement speed combined
with the feral boost :P

Activate the nuke and run straight the way you came, 2 rhinos will pop out of
the ground by the fence you came through, it's best to take them out there.
Get everybody to place down there turrets and shoot the hell out of them.
They should concentrate on the nearest turret but with everybody's fully
upgraded turrets the rhino shouldn't last very long.

Next concentrate on getting the other rhino ASAP.
Once dealt with carry on running the way you came,
A meteor will block the way for 20 seconds, just restock and place turrets
down to protect you whilst you get ready to run again.

Back in the town, I think 2 rhinos come here too. One will come out by the
truck on the left as soon as you get through, place a turret and unload onto
it before the next one spawns.
Then carry on running back to the first main hive, another rhino will crawl
out the ground near by. Again get everyone to place a turret and spray it back
 to the ground.
If you have no money by this time, or failed to kill any rhinos I suggest just
running around with your pistols.
Try running into the house and jumping off the roof a few times in a circuit
this should evade the rhinos.

Once the way has been opened sprint to the chopper, if anyone goes down try
dedicate yourself to getting them up, get people to place turrets/Ims around
you. Get them up and run to the chopper and you'll be rewarded by an
achievement :)

Make sure your team has good communication, as it is key to taking down
rhinos. If they're all running about all over the place chances are ones
going to go down. Stick together with the turrets and it should be a breeze.

Tank is too slow for my liking and if you're a medic with armor, fully
upgraded turrets.. It's just too easy.

Completionist - 25G

Complete all Extinction challenges and escape.

All credit for this solution goes to Tgamesmaster who posted it on

Posting the whole guide would add way too much text for just one achievement.
Follow the link to see the full challenge guide.

Cabin Fever - 10G

Make it to the cabin.

All credit for this solution goes to pogomax who posted it on trueachievements.

Ok this one is relatively easy if you have a good group playing with you after
you start extinction you will be dropped off by a chopper and given a drill to
clear out hives after the 4th hive you will then be tasked to look after a
chopper from scorpions this one is easy to do just load up and shoot. but the
trick here is to not let the chopper go into evading mode as this then
prolongs the destruction of a the barrier hive and also makes it harder for
you later on in the game.

now once this barrier hive is destroyed grab the $3000 and run down the hill
past the jeep on the left there is an alley way with a wooded platform use the
ladder and climb up and purchase the LMG for $3000 this will give you more
fire power and less reloads, then its onto the next 4 hives with this area
once you have hit the later 2 which are normally near the second barrier hive
always make sure the electric fence is on as well as the fire trap as this
will aid you in getting to the next area and your achievement popping. after
you have done hive 8 its time to ready up as this is a big onslaught of
aliens, now again you must stop the chopper from going into evading mode as
this will become more troublesome as the longer it takes the more likely you
will encounter a Rhino. Once this barrier has gone down the achievement will

City Dweller - 20G

Made it to the city.

All credit for this solution goes to Sharpaedo who posted it on

This achievement is to make it into in the city on extinction mode.
Start up extinction mode either solo, with friends or public match. Your
choice :)

The team will be dropped off with a drill, you have to destroy the local hives
 by placing the drill on the hive and defending it.
After all hives have been destroyed you'll come to a big wall blocking the way
to the town.
The chopper will come in as you need 'extra firepower'
You must protect this chopper from the scorpions as it shoots at the hive.
You have a few minutes to prep up before this so take your time.
If you're level 22 and have turrets just place them down, whilst the turrets
kill everything that moves around you get your team to spray all of there ammo
into the top of the hive(where the chopper is shooting other wise you won't do
damage, you'll know because you'll get hit markers)

Quick ways of taking the hive out
- searching places may find you a SOFLAM laser, this is good to use on the
hive, just aim at the main area the chopper shoots and it should take a chunk
of health out.
- propane tanks, gather tanks and throw them onto the hive, wait for the
health to appear and shoot.
-Mortars, grenade turrets etc.. Just can be helpful but are costly
-Armor piercing ammo

After the hive is destroyed the achievement will pop.

Any Means necessary - 40G

Get 50 kills with the electric fence and fire traps in a single game.

All credit for this solution goes to TheTrollinNooB who posted it on

The description of the achievement is to kill 50 aliens in one game using the
fire barrel or electric fence traps.

Me and my brother found a easy way, after you get past the first hive and open
to the electric fences you will have to drill one more hive then give it a
minute or 2 and the aliens should start spawning again. Keep running them
around and jumping over the fence panel on the floor. After just a couple of
minutes the achievement should pop.

I did this with a coop partner which made it much easier as he could revive me
if and when I went down.

Trash Picker - 20G

Scavenge 40 items in a single game.

All credit for this solution goes to FiBER NL who posted it on

Did it on solo, popped in the lodge area.
Solo probably is the best way to get this, or with a group of friends so
people don't take some themselves.

Level 25
- Class Tank
- Pistol
- Ammo Type: Armor Piercing
- Team Support: Random (not used)
- Strike package: Sentry gun
- Equalizer: MK32

Swipe the intire floor of the map. Leave no corner untouched. Searchables

1. Garbage bags / open flat on ground.
2. Small hand gun size containers
All hinted areas are hotspots, not guaranteed since they are randomly placed

Upgrading (in chrono order):
- Turret to +2
- Tank +2
- Ammo +4
- Turret +3
- Tank +3
- Turret +4
- Tank +4

- First area, divide it into 4 zones
- Start (mostly along edges)
- House / Appartments (dont forget upstairs, usually a few there)
- Lodge / Grassland (along fence, in 'valley', behind hyve
- Barrier (edges + next to crate)

Second and third area
- Don't use drill before search trip
When entering a new area for the first time without drilling no enemies will
(re)spawn. Once you have drilled, the monsters in that area will respawn every
few minutes.

- On solo it can get quite tough, so be sure to equip a sentry gun. And don't
leave it unattended, for they will kill it

- Save ammo as much as you can. Or you will run out, let sentry do the work.
Only drop ammo if you have enough spare for a turret.
- Dont ignore your drill, loosing it fails your mission
- You get 3 revives, so don't panic when u get down for the first time
- Piercing ammo is mandatory to succeed. I didnt encounter any rhino's till i
played on (nearly escaped, pff)
- If you pick up secondaries, discard them when you come across a hypno knife
and keep that till monsters come and use it on big monsters (eg. Scorpions)
- Dont check the map to hastly.. make sure to take your time.. Some of the
boxes can appear cammoflaged in their environment

Throttled Escape - 10G

Escape using a relic.

To unlock this achievement, you must escape in the Extinction mode with a
relic active. You can choose a relic once you hit level 1 again after
completing level 30 for the first time.

All credit for this solution goes to Marrkee who posted it on

Take More Damage - Aliens do increased damaged with their attacks.
Pistols Only - Weapon purchases are not allowed.
Smaller Wallet - Earn and carry less cash.
Mortal - No class selection available.
Do Less Damage - Inflict less damage against the aliens.

- It is easiest to escape with 2 or 3 players.
- Use the "Smaller Wallet" relic for this achievement.

Other Information:
- Once you reach level 1 again, you will have ALL items unlocked in your
loadout - select what is best for you and your team.
- You can deselect an active relic in your loadout and choose another relic.
(Before the game starts)
- Only the person with the relic active in their loadout will get the

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