Vice City FAQ - Guide for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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This FAQ Will Tell You SOME Things About GTA: Vice City. This Document Is Protected By A Copyright Law And
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One Star * - The Basic, Mostly Cops on Foot TIP: If You Are In a Vehicle And The Cops Get You Out Of
there You Will Be Busted.

Two Stars** - Police Cars Will Be Onto You. You Better Watch Out!!

Three Stars*** - The Helicopter Will be on you. If You Stay In one Spot For A Long Time The Helicopter
Will Try to Shoot You. From Here On Out, You Might See Cops On The Side Of The Road. They Will Put Out Spike
Strips And Do road-blocks.

Four Stars**** - The S.W.A.T. Team Will Be On You. They Have Armored Trucks And They Are Armed
                         With UZ-1's. NOTE You Can Still Kill them by shooting Them.

Five Stars***** - The FBI Will be onto you. They are Also Armed With UZ-1's. They Have Ranchers That Are Black.
                          TIP: Kill The FBI men Then Take Their truck and take it to Pay n' Spray And You Can Do Vigilante  
                          Missions Too!!

Six Stars****** - I have no Idea what It is!   E-MAIL me at:   [email protected]

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