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     Grand Theft Auto:Vice City Short Guide

A Rockstar North Games


Genre:Action Adventure

ESRB Rating:Mature (17+)

Author:Spider Phoenix

E-mail:[email protected]

1.Criminals In Vice City
3.Wanted Level

1.Criminals In Vice City

Tommy Vercetti
-No Description

Lance Vance
-Recently Arrived In Town With His Brother.Asks A Lots Of Question

Ricardo Diaz
-Extremely Dangerous.Bribed INS For Green

Victor Vance
-Lance Vance's Brother.Head of Vance Crime Family

Sonny Forelli
-Head of Forelli's Family Crime

Leo Teal
-Possible Connection With Mr.Black.Very Complicated Personal Life

-TEAL'S Other Lover,Loves Knife,Thailand,Beach...

Umberto Robina
-Cuban Warlord,Extreme Macho Man

-No Description

Alberto Robina
-Owner Of Cafe Robina In Little Havana

-Nothing know About This Man

Phil Cassidy
-Sells Illegal Weapons,Guns Enthusiast

Cam Jones
-Currently Awaiting Trial For Attempted Robery,Was Caught When He Cant Open
 A Strent Safe

Hillary King
-Expert Driver In Vice City.Compulsive Eater

Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez
-He Likes To Eat Endangered Species,Has Diplomatic Immunity

2.Weapon,No,Choiced Weapons

Colt 45
-Small Damage
-17 Bullets Per Magazine

Colt Python
-A Dangerous Peacemaker,One Hit Can Put A Man Down
-6 Bullets Per Magazine

Tec 9
-Short Range,Hi-Impact Automatic Weapon,Popular With Cubans Drug Barons
-Holds 50 Bullets Per Magazine

Mac 10
-Cheap,Extremely Dangerous Rapid Fire
-30 Bullets Per Magazine

Uzi 9mm
-Extremely Popular On The Street
-30 Bullets Per Magazine

-Dangerous Machine-Gun
-30 Bullets Per Magazine

Chrome Shotgun
-No!!!!!,Don't Pick It Up
-3 Layer Per Shots

Stubby Shotgun
-Powerfull Shotgun,Pick it Up
-4 Layers Per Shots

Spas 12 Shotgun
-7 Bullets Automatic
-3 Layers Per Shots

Tear Gas
-Semi Legal,Highly Dangerous Way of Causing Crowd Unrest

- Transform People Into BBQ..:)

Brass Knuckle
-Highly Illegal Stuff,If You Don't Want To Play Fair

3.Wanted Level

Now...You Sucking The Police Buissness

Star  |Who       |Using    |Ride
1 Star A Cop   Night Stick Police
2 Star More Cop Colt 45    Police
3 Star Und.Cop  Uzi 9mm    Cheetah
4 Star S.W.A.T  Uzi 9mm    Enforcer
5 Star FBI      MP5        FBI Rancher
6 Star Army     MP5      Rhino,Barracks OL

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