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               Welcome to, your sourse for stolen cars!
                              FAQ by Derek Ward
                                 Version 5.0

     Vehicles   The number is MY rating for the car (#/10)
                (these ratings reflect my opinion)
           if you have any questions emial me from my member profile

     Admiral--A basic 4-door sedan. 5/10

     Baggage Handler--A slow cart for putting bags on airplanes. 3/10
     Banshee--A sweet `91 C4 Corvette thats super fast! 
     around. 7/10

     Benson--A slow, large carrying truck similar to a Yankee or Mule. Watch
     out, it flips really easily. 3/10

     BF Injection--A dune buggy with what looks like a blown hemi engine,
     with the plugs coming out of the valve covers. 7/10

     Blista Compact--A Honda CRX look-alike, pretty fast for what it looks like. 

     Bloodring Banger--A glendale with a number on top and a roll bar.8/10
     Bloodring Banger 2--A Oceanic with a number on top and a roll bar.8/10

     Bobcat--an 80's Ford Ranger,with instead of FORD written on the back,it
     says BOBCAT .4/10

     Boxville--A box with wheels. Seriously, it's a box-shaped van.2/10

     Burrito--A van with lights and a spoiler on top 6/10

     Bus--A schoolbus looking vehicle, similar to the Coach, but just shaped

     Caddy--A golf cart...probably found on golf courses doh!3/10

     Cheetah--The fastest sports car in the game besides the hotring, 
     in my opinion it looks like a Farrari Testarosa.9/10

     Coach--The giant bus from GTA3 is back, and it looks exactly the same, so  
     start your hate mail!2/10

     Comet--A Porsche-style sports car with enough gas to fly.7/10

     Cuban Hermes--its a '41 Mercury Hot Rod, Very cool and fast.7/10

     Deluxo--A cool little Delorian lookin thing that has the same stats as an 

     Esperanto--A stretched-out Cadillac that turns like it has grease for

     FBI Cheetah--The fastest police car in the game, has a light on the dash- 
     board. 9/10

     FBI Rancher--the fbi rancher has 4 doors unlike the regular rancher with 
     2 doors.7/10

     FBI Washington--That ugly sedan but in a gray-ish color,also has a 
     light on the dashboard. 6/10

     Flatbed--A long military-style pickup, with what appears to be a bomb
     in the back bed. Coolness. A Barracks OL look alike, too.4/10

     Gang Burrito--A van with lights and a spoiler on top and its almost as 
     fast as a banshee 7/10

     Glendale--An old 60's sedan found nearly everywhere on the streets.2/10

     Greenwood--It looks just like an 80's chrysler new yorker.5/10 

     Hermes--An old 50's car perfect to get you to the fonzie fan club.4/10

     Hotring Racer--a ford ThunderBird-nascar racer, very very fast and 
     handles excellent .9/10

     Idaho--looks alot like a 1973 chevy caprice 2-door or a 76 Buick Riviera, 
either way its a tank.4/10

     Infernus--An '89 Lambourghini. Commence with the drooling! Second fastest
     car in the game.8/10
     Kaufman Cab--An old fashoned taxi like a checker cab.3/10

     Landstalker--The annoying SUV that rolls in the wind, is back, (please try not 
     to get in one you'll be cursed):3/10

     Linerunner--A semi without a trailer. It's very slow.4/10

     Love Fist--A limo that's pretty fast, handles terrible.6/10

     Manana--A styrofoam block with wheels, it flips in gusts of wind...
     looks like a late 80's grand am 2/10

     Mesa Grande--An 80's jeep wrangler.5/10

     Moonbeam--A chevy astro van looks just like the one from 

     Mr.Whoppee--An ice cream truck that atracks people.4/10


     Oceanic--kind of a chevy, but kind of a plymouth too. Similer to a 

     Packer--A car carrier makes a great jump.4/10

     Patriot--A military style Hummer. Handles very well off road.7/10

     Perennial--A crapy station wagon,its not even decent-it sucks (but not the 
     same way Candy Suxx sucks:)1/10

     Phoenix--A lightning fast muscle car, its a '79 6.6L Trans Am.9/10

     police--An '84 ford LTD cop car, its a boring car 'cause there is no radio.


     Rancher--A Chevy Blazer, perfect for the single dad with a mullet.4/10

     RC Bandit--An RC Car...

     RC Bandit--An RC Plane...

     RC Raider--An RC Helicopter...

     Regina--A GTA3 Perennial-style wagon...that should bring back some 
     bad memories.3/10

     Romero's Hearse--A big black cadillac herse, perfect for stuffing those 
     skelitins in your closet...4/10

     Rumpo-- A big ugly van same as in GTA3.2/10

     Sabre--A medium speed chevy malibu-chevelle look a-like.6/10

     Sabre Turbo--my obsolote fav car,like a Chevy
     Chevelle Super Sport or Olds 442, my rating- 10.5/10

     Sandking--A rally, off- road version of a Rancher.7/10               

     Securicar--A big armored car.2/10

     Sentinel--A dumbed down version of the Sentinel XS. Much slower and
     definitely not as stylish.4/10

     Sentinel XS--A nice BMW sedan, like Mafia sentinel from GTA3.5/10

     Spand Express--A large work van similar to a Mule.2/10

     Stallion--A desent convertible, looks faster than it really is.5/10

     Stretch--The same limo from GTA3. It looks like a regular limousine.3/10

     Stinger--Another nice sports car, looks like a 70's farrari daytona,  
     like the one on miami vice, Crocket and tubbs cruise in it. 7/10

     Top Fun--A van with the words "Top Fun" written on the sides. It handles
     better than the others, but there's no real difference.3/10

     Trashmaster--A large green garbage truck that races snails for fun. 
     doesn't always win though.2/10

     Virgo--A coupe style hard top.4/10

     Voodoo--A 1960 Chevy Belair (not an Impala) with hydrollics. 6/10

     Walton--A farmer's pick-up. Put the chickens in the back.4/10

     Washington--a 1978 ford LTD, this car is a P.O.S.4/10

     Yankee--A big loser cruiser i wouldent drive it.
     Zebra cab--A Kaufman Cab with zebra markings it's preety sweet & fast.7/10

                                my top 10 best cars

                              1.  SABRE TURBO

                              2.  PHOENIX

                              3.  CUBAN HERMES

                              4.  HOTRING RACER

                              5.  BLOODRING BANGER (OCEINIC)

                              6.  BANSHEE

                              7.  SAND KING

                              8.  CHEETAH

                              9.  INFERNUS

                             10.  SABRE

                                   Driving tips-

backwords 180 (front wheel drive car)-press sqaure and left or right

burn out (rear wheel drive car)-press sqaure and X

dounut- do a burn out and press left or right

e-brake turn -you'll have to try this a couple of times- press R1 and 
turn to go into a drift.

more to come

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