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 ______   ______     ______              _________  _____  _____
 |  _  \  |  _  \   |  ____|      /\    /___   ___\ \   /  \   /
 | | |  | | | |  |  | /          /  \       | |      | |    | |  
 | |_/ /  | |_| /   | |___      / /\ \      | |      | |____| |
 |  __ \  | ___ \   |  ___|    / ____ \     | |      |  ____  |
 | |  \ | | |  \ \  | |       / /    \ \    | |      | |    | |
 | |__/ | | |   \ \ | \_____ / /      \ \   | |      | |    | |
 |_____/ /___\   \ \|______//_/        \_\  |_|     /___\  /___\
                        ______          _____    _______
           _            \   __|        |  _  \   \   ___|
         _/_             | |    _____  | |_)  |   | |___ 
       ()/               | |__  \   /  |  _  /    |  ___|
                         | |__|  | |   | | \ \    | |___ 
                         | |     | |   | |  \ \  /______|
                        /___\    | |   |_|   \ \  
                                /___\         \_\
                           \   ____   ____   /
                            | |    | |    | |
                            | |    | |    | |
                            | |    | |    | |
                            | |    | |    | |
                            | |____| |____| |
                           /                 \

                Guide Written By: LeiTauM ([email protected])
                          Last Updated: 03/05/2005
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                              Version: 1.0

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The Table Of Contents..............................................(Bof3.00.00)

   -Game Info......................................................(BoF3.01.01)
   -Game Controls..................................................(BoF3.01.02)

-Game Basics.......................................................(BoF3.02.00)
   -Introduction and Character bios................................(BoF3.02.01)
   -The main menu and world map interface..........................(BoF3.02.02)
   -The Battle Menu and System.....................................(BoF3.02.04)
   -Battle Formations..............................................(BoF3.02.05)
   -Helpfull Tips for beginers.....................................(BoF3.02.06)

-The Walkthough....................................................(BoF3.03.00)
   -Hoodlums in the Woods..........................................(BoF3.03.01)
   -The Balio and Sunder Saga......................................(BoF3.03.02)
   -Journey to Angel Tower.........................................(BoF3.03.03)
   -Problems at the Plant..........................................(BoF3.03.05)
   -Freeing Deis...................................................(BoF3.03.06)
   -To Cross the Sea...............................................(BoF3.03.07)
   -Technology of the Lost Shore...................................(BoF3.03.08)
   -The Desert of Death............................................(BoF3.03.10)
   -Myria Station..................................................(BoF3.03.11)
   -The Final Confrontation........................................(BoF3.03.13)

   -Dragons and their Genes........................................(BoF3.04.01)
   -Side Quests....................................................(BoF3.04.03)
   -Frequently Asked Questions.....................................(BoF3.04.04)

   -Version History................................................(BoF3.05.03)
   -Authorized Websites............................................(BoF3.05.04)
   -Guide Terms....................................................(BoF3.05.05)
   -Disclaimer/Legal Information ..................................(BoF3.06.01)
   -Closing Statement..............................................(BoF3.06.02)


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Game Information (BoF3.01.01)
Game Controls (BoF3.01.02)
Game Information...................................................(BoF3.01.01)

Maker: Capcom
Release Date (In US): 04/30/1998
Platform: Playstation
Genre: RPG
Players: 1
Rating: "T" for teen!

Game Controls......................................................(BoF3.01.02)

X........Talk, confirm, execute, examine, cast and reel (while fishing).
O........Walk (hold down if auto run on), run (hold down if auto run off)
         speed up boat.
[].......Bring up main menu.
/\.......Undo, exit, use personal action (different with each character).

R1.......Change camera angles (hold down and press D-pad)
L1.......Switch lead character
R2.......Same as X
L2.......Same as X

Select...Does nothing
Start....you can see stuffs near you without moving
D-pad....Move, scroll, select battle icon

Game Basics........................................................(BoF3.02.00)
Introduction and Character bios (BoF3.02.01)
The man menu and world map interface (BoF3.02.02)
Camping (BoF3.02.03)
The Battle Menu and System (BoF3.02.04)
Battle Formations (BoF3.02.05)
Helpfull Tips for beginers (BoF3.02.06)
Introduction and Character bios....................................(BoF3.02.01)


After a great war hundreds of years ago, the Brood, a race of dragon
people, was forced to the brink of destruction. But Ryu, supposedly the
only survivor of the dragon race, was encased in chrysm ore for
centuries. After he reawakened from his long imprisonment and was
discovered in the Dauna Mine, he gets taken under the care of a poor
thief named Rei, who was already taking care of another orphan as well.
Ryu discovers his dragon descent shortly after being separated from
his friends, and on his journey to find out more about the ancient
dragons, he makes new friends and gains helpful and knowledgeable
allies. Later, Ryu must journey to see the god of the guardian race to
find out why his ancestors were destroyed.


Ryu is a blue-haired young man with a moral heart. He is the only known
survivor of the dragon race the Brood, and he uses his strength and
dragon abilities to help his companions. Ryu learns a good set of
healing and assist magic, and putting that together with his dragon
abilities make him the most valuable member of your party.
Teepo, like Ryu, is an orphan who is being taken care of by Rei.
Besides Rei, of course, he hates it when people tell him what to do,
and he is apathetic toward his thieving lifestyle. Although Teepo is
strong for is age, his arrogance does nothing but get him in trouble.
Teepo learns a decent set of attack spells that are very useful early
in the game. 

Even though Rei is a thief, he has a wholesome heart and doesn't like
the idea of hurting others. While taking care of Ryu and Teepo, Rei is
very responsible and always does what's in their best interest. He
appears to be holding back some kind of hidden power so that Teepo and
Ryu don't get hurt. Rei acquires a nice arsenal of electric spells and
learns some assist magic as well. Although his attack power is
miniscule compared to Garr's, his speed and incredible accuracy make
him a very strong party member.

Nina is the princess of Wyndia, but she is getting tired of the royal
lifestyle and being controlled by her parents. At the beginning of her
travels with Ryu, she is a bit helpless in the face of danger and
thinks of Ryu as her hero, because he's always saving her from
dilemmas. Nina has little to say in the area of HP and physical
strength, but she naturally learns the most powerful attack spells of
anyone in your party and learns a few handy assist spells also.

Momo is an independent scientist who knows just about everything about
machines and chrysm. She has a chrysm-powered assistant named Honey to
help her. Her extensive knowledge proves useful time and time again
while traveling with Ryu and his friends. Momo wields a huge bazooka as
her weapon and it packs a wallop, but it isn't very accurate. She
learns a few powerful attack spells, as well as some healing and assist
magic, making her a vital member of your final line-up.

Peco is a little onion-like creature that was created from an
experiment at the Plant. Although he doesn't seem to have strong ties
with humans, he is very in-touch with nature, especially the Yggdrasil
tree. He learns a unique set of breath attacks and has the ability to
regenerate a small amount of HP every turn. Peco excels in HP and
defense, however he doesn't have much in the way of agility and
intelligence. But with some good master management, Peco can easily
become a great character to have in your team.

Garr is a member of the guardian race, and has been the victor in the
Contest of Champions years running. When he meets Ryu, he seems
intrigued by his dragon abilities and seems to know more about the
ancient Brood than he lets on at first. Garr's attack power is like no
other, and he has HP to burn, making him the heavy artillery of your
party. He acquires a wide set of fire spells, but doesn't have the
intelligence level to put them to good use. Besides that, though, his
only downfall is his low agility.

The main menu and world map interface..............................(BoF3.02.02)

 -The Main Menu

Pressing the square button while on the world map, in camp, or just
about anywhere outside of battle, can access the main menu. When you
access the main menu, you'll see a brief status screen for each of you
currently active party members, your game time, your total amount of
zenny (money), and a horizontal row of icons to choose from. From here
you can select icons to make decisions and customize your game:

"Vase" icon (items)- Here you can view all of your items, and your
weapon inventory. You can use, sort, and drop/toss items you don't

"Rod" icon (abilities)- This is where you can view each party member's
abilities and magic spells. You can use an ability (such as a healing
spell) outside of battle, you can sort your abilities, and you can send
skills back to the skill notes. The dragon gene list can also be viewed

"Sword" icon (equip)- Here you can view your currently equipped
weapons, armor, and accessories, and change your equipment by swapping
equipped items with weapons and armor from your inventory.

"3 Circles" icon (tactics)- Here you can change your party's battle
formation to your liking, and, if you're on the world map, you can
select Ally and change party members.

"Person" icon (status)- This is where you can see everyone in your
party's full status, including each person's stats, HP and AP, exp,
and equipped items.

"Controller" icon (configure)- Here you can configure the controls, and
customize your game.

"Tent" icon (camp)- Select this while on the world map to make camp.
While camping, you can rest, save your game, change party members,
check the master list, and change skill notes. You can also converse
with your party members while camping.

 -World Map Interface 

On the world map, there are some things that may pop up that all
players should be familiar with. The main thing you should know about
is the box that is always in the upper-left corner of the screen. In
the box, you should see: X- Enter, /\- Guide, and START- Camp. When
any of these words is highlighted in the box, you can press the
corresponding button to perform the button's function (Enter- enter
the area, Guide- get a brief description of the area, Camp- to set up
camp). Along with this, symbols should appear above Ryu's head:

[Name of place]- Usually appears when you are at a town, road, or a
fishing spot. The name of the place appears in a box overhead, and
Enter and Guide are usually highlighted.

! (Exclamation point)- Often appears while anywhere on the world map.
Indicates a random battlefield, and Enter should be highlighted.

[?]- Indicates an unnamed area that isn't a normal random battlefield
(although in some cases there aren't even any random battles to fight).
Enter and Guide should be highlighted.

? (Unboxed question mark)- Appears when you're standing on a ring of
flowers. These flower rings can be found all throughout the world but
don't come into play until later in the game.


You can set up a campsite just about anywhere on the world map by
pressing the Start button, or by selecting the Tent icon on the main menu.
While camping, you will be able to talk with all of your party members
(sometimes getting hints about where to go in the process), as well as
perform some other important functions. To access the camp main menu, go
inside your tent and examine the blue journal on the table:

Rest- Choose this to restore all of your party member's HP and AP.
Keep in mind that resting during camp will not restore any character
under the effect of Temporary Maximum Health Point Decline. To restore
TMHPD, you must rest at an inn. After resting, you will break camp as
soon as you leave the tent.

Save- This option lets you save your progress, it's as simple as that.

Change party members- Selecting this option allows you to switch out
your current party members.

Look at Skill Notes- This allows you to view and change all of the
skill abilities that you have learned. Select Look from the sub menu
to view and sort all of the skills you have in your Skill Notes list.
The Skill Notes list is simply where all of your skills that aren't
assigned to your characters are kept. If you select Change (Chng) from
the sub menu, you can reassign your skills. However, to do this, you
must have an item called Skill Ink. You can see how many Skill Inks
you have in the box labeled Ink. To change around your skills, simply
scroll from character to character using the d-pad and give them skills
from the Skill Notes list. To give a character a skill that another
character already has, put the skill on the Skill Notes list, and then
you may assign it to whomever you like. You can change around your
skills as much as you like using only one Skill Ink. However, don't
exit until you're completely done altering your skills, as you will be
forced to use another Skill Ink if you leave.

Look at Master List- Here you can view information about the various
masters that you've encountered throughout the game. To see a master's
stats, simply select that master by hitting X. Here you can also see
the master's location and the characters whom you have apprenticed
under that master. If a master has a star next to their name on the
list, then that means you have learned all of the skills they have to

The Battle Menu and System.........................................(BoF3.02.04)

Breath of Fire 3 has a turn based battle system that is common to many
RPG's. BoF3's battle system has everything expected of a stereotypical,
basic turned based system plus some other unique features as well (also
common in RPG's). The following are the icons that will appear at the
beginning of every turn in battle. Collectively, these make up the
battle menu, and they are arranged in a + shape. You must hold down a
directional button on the D-pad to highlight a battle icon.

"Sword" icon (middle)- This is the command to perform a normal attack.
Normal attacks don't consume AP and don't have any special affects by

"Rod" icon (up)- By selecting this you can bring up the list of spells
and skills for that character and use these abilities. Most abilities
consume AP, so if you don't have enough AP, you can't use abilities.
For Ryu, you can access Accession on the ability list and transform
into a dragon.

"Shield" icon (right)- Select this and the character will go into a
defensive pose, lessening physical attack damage taken for the
remainder of the turn.

"Vase" icon (down)- Like on the main menu, this command lets you
access and use the items in your inventory, as well as change your

"Eye" icon (left)- This is a feature that is completely unique from
any other game. By selecting this, the character carefully watches the
selected enemy and if the enemy uses a learnable skill during that
turn, the observer might learn it. The higher your intelligence and
overall level, the better chance you have of learning a skill while
examining. You cannot learn a skill that anyone in your party has
already learned or acquired. If you learn a skill while examining, an
exclamation point will appear over the person's head and a brief
message will follow. If you examine a skill that cannot be learned, a
question mark will appear over the person's head and a message will
come up saying that the skill can't be learned.

"Twin Swords" icon (brought up by holding down L1)- This commands
everyone in your party to use normal attacks until otherwise directed.
You can gain control again by pressing Triangle.

"Boot" icon (brought up by holding down R1)- You can flee battle by
using this escape icon. Escaping doesn't always work though; you won't
always escape on your first attempt. If your party fails to escape, the
enemy will get the rest of that turn to attack.

These icons will show up in the form of the battle menu every turn for
each member of your party. The name of the character that you are
commanding will appear above the battle menu. In the BoF3 battle
system, if any character in the battle has a significantly higher level
of agility than their opponent, they will get an extra turn in which
the opponent cannot attack. Extra turns are marked by "Ex" in yellow
letters next to the character's name above the battle menu. If any
characters have enough agility for an extra turn, the extra turn will
be granted after each regular turn.

Outside of battle, you can determine who gains the initiative right
before you fight by the !'s that appears over each character's head
(assuming there are three members in your party). Anyone who has the
initiative automatically gets an extra turn at the very beginning of
the battle:

If 1 or 2 party members get !'s above their heads, than neither you or
your opponent will have the initiative.

If all 3 party members have !'s above their heads, than you'll have a
1 in 4 chance of having the initiative.

If no one in your party has an ! above their head, the opponent will
have a 1 in 4 chance of having the initiative.

Also, if a character dies in battle and is not somehow revived before
the battle ends, that character will fall victim to TMHPD (Temporary
Maximum Health Point Decline). TMHPD is a drop in the affected
character's maximum HP until he/she rests at an inn, not just by
camping. This temporary drop in max HP is marked by the character's HP
status highlighted in yellow on the main menu. TMHPD is temporary
because your original max HP can be restored, but once again, you can
only do this by resting at an inn.

Battle Formations..................................................(BoF3.02.05)

Although formations are really part of BoF3's battle system, I felt
that they deserved a section of their own, because there is much to be
said about them. First of all, formations are set positions that your
party members stand in during battle. Each formation yields different
effects on your party's stats, most often having one main positive
effect balanced out by a negative effect. For example, Defense
Formation increases your party's defense but lowers your party's
agility. So in essence, each fomation is a double edged sword. Using a
certain formation may give you an advantage in one situation, but put
you at a disadvantage in another. However, depending on your own
personal playing style and skill, you could very well just use one
formation throughout the entire game. Learning to properly use
formations may not be essential to beating the game, but it will prove

To change your formation, access the main menu, enter the Tactics
(three circles) menu, and select "Form". You'll now be at the formation
setup menu. On the right, you'll have up to six different formations
to choose from: Normal, Defense, Attack, Magic, Refuge, and Chain
(Note- The Magic, Refuge, and Chain formations can only be acquired by
the masters Lee, Wynn, and Bais respectively. See the Masters section
for more details). On the left, you'll see icons of your three current
party members, numbered 1, 2, and 3 from top to bottom. You can choose
both the formation you want and the order of your party members within
the formation.

In some formations, certain positions within the formation will have
effects unique from the other positions. For example, the character in
position number 1 in Attack formation will receive an increase in
attack power, while the other characters won't. In other words,
choosing the order of your characters in a formation can be just as
important as choosing the formation itself.

Now, here's some in-depth information about the effects of each
formation, as well as some of my own commentary about each one.

Normal Formation
/Party Setup\
|           |
|   1   2   |
|     3     |

Stat Effects:
         Pwr- None
         Def- None
         Int- None
         Agl- None

Chances of being attacked:
Position 1- 33%
Position 2- 33%
Position 3- 33%

Notes- Normal Formation is the only formation that has no special
effects. It doesn't enhance any stats, and likewise, doesn't hinder
any stats either. Also, as you can see from the information above, all
of your party members haven an equal chance of being attacked. Unless
you really don't want to worry about getting any of your stats
decreased, you should always use something other than normal formation.
Even in the early parts of the game, the Attack and Defense Formations
will be of much more use to you.

Defense Formation
/Party Setup\
|           |
|   2 1 3   |
|           |

Stat Effects:
         Pwr- None
         Def- 25% Increase (All)
         Int- None
         Agl- 33% Decrease (All)

Chances of being attacked:
Position 1- 33%
Position 2- 33%
Position 3- 33%

Notes- This is probably one of the most useful formations in the game.
It substantially increases your defense by sacrificing a third of your
agility. So in this formation, you'll be a lot slower than normal, but
the boost in defense is usually worth it unless you're up against an
enemy that you need speed to beat. Although it's great to use
throughout the entire game if you prefer the tank-like playing style,
it's especially useful in the earier stages of the game when your
characters' agility is not all that high anyway.

Attack Formation
/Party Setup\
|     1     |
|           |
|   2   3   |

Stat Effects:
         Pwr- 70% Increase (Pos.1)
         Def- 20% Decrease (Pos.1)
         Int- None
         Agl- None

Chances of being attacked:
Position 1- 50%
Position 2- 25%
Position 3- 25%

Notes- This is another great formation to use, especially if you want
to deal some extra damage. Attack Formation will give you that and
then some! Obviously the benefit of this formation is to give the
character in the first position a monsterous increase in attack power.
However, that character is also much more likely to be attacked than
your other two party members. And since the point member also receives
a 20% decrease in defense, you can expect that character to take a lot
of damage. But that's not something that your other two characters
can't fix with healing, so all in all, this is an excellent formation.

Magic Formation
/Party Setup\
|           |
| 1       2 |
|     3     |

Stat Effects:
         Pwr- None
         Def- None
         Int- 40% Increase (Pos.3), 15% Decrease (Pos.1 and 2)
         Agl- None

Chances of being attacked:
Position 1- 40%
Position 2- 40%
Position 3- 20%

Notes- It doesn't get any better than this if you like spell-casters.
Put either Nina or Momo in the back of this formation and their magic
attacks will do a lot more damage. This is a great way to put an extra
edge on attacks like Myollnir. Not only that, but their healing spells
will be much more effective. This is especially nice for Momo. However,
while the back member gets a great magic boost, the magic of your
other two party members will be hindered. Also, your front two
characters will also take a majority of the hits, while your magician
will only have a 1/5 chance of being attacked.

Refuge Formation
/Party Setup\
|     1     |
|   2       |
|       3   |

Stat Effects:
         Pwr- None
         Def- None
         Int- None
         Agl- None

Chances of being attacked:
Position 1- 50%
Position 2- 25%
Position 3- 25%

Notes- There are not very many differences between this formation and
Normal Formation. It's description states that this formation will
cause your party to recover HP every round, and it does. However you
only recover 1 HP per round, which really doesn't help at all.
Otherwise, the only difference between Refuge and Normal Formation is
the distribution of enemy attacks against your party. In Normal
Formation, each character has an equal chance of being attacked, but
in this formation, the front member gets attacked much more often.
Since Refuge Formation doesn't give you any stat benefits, I wouldn't
suggest using it.

Chain Formation
/Party Setup\
|   1       |
|     2     |
|       3   |

Stat Effects:
         Pwr- None
         Def- 50% Decrease (All)
         Int- None
         Agl- All members have same Agl as the point member (Pos.1)

Chances of being attacked:
Position 1- 50%
Position 2- 30%
Position 3- 20%

Notes- The Chain Formation is very unique in the way that it can
provide stat benefits. In this formation the agility of the characters
in the second and third positions will be equal to the agility of the
character in the first position. For example, if the character in the
very front of the formation has an agility of 50, your other two party
members will also have an agility of 50. This formation was made to be
led by speed demons, so it would be a complete waste to have anybody
other than Rei or Nina lead it. But at the price of all of your
characters potentially having insane speed, your entire party's
defense is butchered. Needless to say, you'll take huge damage from
physical attacks in this formation. However, if you're fast enough to
defeat your foe before they get an opportunity to attack, then Chain
Formation has served its purpose perfectly. This is personally my
favorite formation to use.

Helpfull Tips for beginers.........................................(BoF3.02.06)

Here are just a couple of basic tips to get you off on the right foot:

If you're stuck on something, seek outside input- A cardinal rule in
every RPG is to talk to everyone you can, especially when you arrive
in a new town so you can get the scoop on what's going on. You can
almost always find out where to go or what to do by talking to
everyone you meet.

Use your camera angles- Adjust your camera angles often so you can see
behind every corner and ledge you come across so you don't miss any
hidden items. You will in some cases even have to use your camera
angles to find hidden objects vital to your progress.

Don't fight stubbornly- If you're clearly outmatched in a random
battle, run away or defend and heal. Don't just go on attacking if
your party is getting butchered or your offensive is having no effect.
There's a difference between being stubborn and being persistent.

Play the master system strategically- Be careful when selecting which
character you want to have study under each master. Make sure you
weigh the character's current status against the affects the master
will have on those stats. Also take into consideration anyone among
your group that might benefit from a master's special effects. There
are basically two ways to approach the master system, and they'll be
explained in more detail in the Masters section. 

Don't limit yourself to a single style of fighting- This game has a
vast variety of enemies and situations for those enemies to appear in.
There is no single strategy that is effective against every enemy in
every kind of situation, so you must learn to adapt to many different
styles and strategies of fighting. This goes especially for bosses, and
at the end of the game, you'll want to develop several more different
strategies to use against the Challenge Monsters.

Get involved in the side quests- There are many side quests and mini
games in BoF3 to participate in. Most of these side quests you'll find
to be well worth your trouble once you reap the rewards. 

A little leveling up never hurt anyone- If you've just lost to the
same boss for the second or third time, or if you are finding yourself
struggling against the random battles in a new area, then spend some
time increasing your level. There are plenty of benefits to leveling
up such as increasing your stats, gaining new skills from masters, or
acquiring a good item or weapon from a defeated enemy. The only
apparent downfall to leveling up is that it consumes time.

These tips will help you get through the game without having to read
the entire walkthrough.

The Walkthough.....................................................(BoF3.03.00)
Hoodlums in the Woods (BoF3.03.01)
The Balio and Sunder Saga (BoF3.03.02)
Journey to Angel Tower (BoF3.03.03)
Revenge (BoF3.03.04)
Problems at the Plant (BoF3.03.05)
Freeing Deis (BoF3.03.06)
To Cross the Sea (BoF3.03.07)
Technology of the Lost Shore (BoF3.03.07)
Dragnier (BoF3.03.08)
The Desert of Death (BoF3.03.09)
Myria Station (BoF3.03.10)
Eden (BoF3.03.11)
The Final Confrontation (BoF3.03.12)

Here's the walkthrough that will help you get through game if you get
stuck somewhere. I've divided up the major sequences of events into
chapters and have provided sub-chapters for each mission in each
chapter to make it easier to find what you're looking for. Most
sub-chapters will have item and enemy listings for that area. And
whenever I'm talking about a direction (e.g. left, right, up, down,
north, south, ect…), I mean your perspective of the screen (e.g. the
top of your screen = north/up).

Hoodlums in the Woods..............................................(BoF3.03.01)

In the caverns of Dauna Mine, two workers have been ordered to
detonate a large piece of chrysm ore. When the explosion goes off, the
baby dragon that was inside of it will be awakened. Immediately the two
workers will attack you and the battle menu will appear. Select Whelp
Breath under abilities to incinerate these foes. After you kill them,
you'll have control of the dragon. First go inspect the corpses of the
two fried workers to get the Melted Blade. Since there are no more
items to find throughout the rest of the area, you can basically just
leave through any of this room's exits. Once you leave the room,
follow paths going for the most part right and downward. Unless of
course you go down a side path with a dead end, all of the main paths
eventually empty out into the room you're heading for. If you
encounter anyone along the way who tries to fight you, just kill them
with Whelp Breath. Once you reach the room with the giant green skull
on the wall, you'll confront a big worker and have to fight him. Once
you try to use Whelp Breath, a voice will tell you to stop, and a
crane operator will knock you out. You'll now be captured, caged, and
put on a train heading east.

Once you regain control, shake the cage by moving the D-pad rapidly,
and the cage will come loose from the train cart. Meanwhile, down
below in Cedar Woods, you'll see that some fellow just missed out on a
meal because of some racket. He goes over to your crash landing site
and scares away some wolves that were eating you. This guy happens to
be Rei, a thief who lives in these woods. Even though Rei doesn't think
he can afford another mouth to feed, he takes you home with him anyway.
Teepo, another orphan Rei is taking care of, is waiting at home hoping
for some food when Rei gets back. Once Rei gets home and explains what
happened, they put you to bed and then leave to let you get some sleep.
You'll then have a strange and sort of beckoning dream.

  - Cedar Woods and McNeil
Worm, Skill Ink, Ammonia, Green Apple (2), Healing Herb, Antidote,
Vitamin (2), Molotov

Boss Goblin, Eye Goo, Goblin, Gonghead, Mage Goo, Ripper

When you awake and gain control of Ryu, go over to the blue book in
the bedroom and save your game. Then proceed downstairs and pick up a
Vitamin and Worm from the cabinets there. Go out the front door and
follow the path around the house until you reach the dirt path going
down to a bridge. Cross the bridge and pick up a Skill Ink in the
treasure chest on the hill adjacent to the house and use your camera
angles to check behind the trees to the left of the chest to get an

Return to the dirt path and take it to the left and then upwards to
reach the left exit of this area. Head back to the big tree where Rei
first found you and check behind it for a Green Apple. Take the path
south from there and pick up satchel containing another Green Apple
along the path. There are no more items to get in Cedar Woods so keep
going south into the next area and continue south from there until you
exit the woods and appear on the world map. 

Go south on the world map until you reach a town called McNeil; enter
it. Right when you enter town you'll witness Rei and Teepo getting
chased out of someone's house. Once they see that you're finally out
of bed, Teepo proposes that you help them "work". Now head south a
little ways until you reach the weapon shop. Rei will go inside to get
you some equipment, but meanwhile, when making conversation with Teepo,
he'll casually call you by your name. But how does he know your name?
Weird isn't it? Once that's over Rei will come bolting out of the
weapon shop after snatching some equipment for Ryu, and all three of
you will head down to the farm just south of McNeil. 

After waiting for Ryu to catch up, Rei and Teepo explain what they do
for work, which is mugging people at Yraall Road. Rei will suggest that
you go to Yraall Road to do some work right now. Now you have control
of the whole party and can bring up the main menu for the first time.
Before going to Yraall Road, though, I would suggest that you return to
the world map and enter some random battle sites to do some leveling
up and to get a feel for the battle system. Whenever your party gets
low on health though, make sure you make camp, rest, and save your
game. Once you accumulate a good amount of zenny (money), you can go
back to McNeil village to buy some new weapons, armor, or some items
to stock your inventory. Also make sure to check all of the houses and
buildings in McNeil for a Healing Herb, Antidote, and Molotov. There's
also a bag containing a Vitamin in the garden to the left of the inn. 

McNeil Item Shop           McNeil Weapon Shop
-----------------          -------------------
Healing Herb- 10z          Ballock Knife- 100z
Croc Tear- 5z              Bronze Sword- 240z
Antidote- 12z              Leather Armor- 180z
Eye Drops- 20z             Bracers- 30z
Molotov- 10z               Cloth Shield- 150z
Ammonia- 200z              Bandana- 30z
Wooden Rod- 40z            Brass Helm- 120z
Worm- 20z
Toad- 20z
Old Popper- 20z
Sinker- 20z

If you talk with some of the people in McNeil and at the farm you'll
find out that there's been a very poor harvest this year and also that
most people don't appreciate Rei and Teepo's line of work. Anyway,
once you've leveled up to about level 4 or so, head down to Yraall

 -  Yraall Road
40z, Beef Jerky

Boss Goblin, Eye Goo, Goblin, Gonghead, Mage Goo, Ripper

Once you enter Yraall Road, take the path down until you reach the T
junction. There Rei and Teepo will spot a place for the three of you
to hide, so go over to that spot. In a little while you'll spot
someone coming, and since Ryu is hesitant to attack him, Teepo offers
him a great shove down the hill where Ryu slams into the guy. It turns
out that this is a guy named Bunyan, a very strong woodsman who lives
in the southeast corner of Cedar Woods. Bunyan just sort of shrugs off
this little attempt at robbing him, but he leaves Ryu with a threat to
Rei and Teepo. After a little suffering of defeat, Rei realizes that
if Bunyan is out here than that means there's no one guarding his
house. So it's decided that you go hit Bunyan's house. Before leaving
Yraall Road, make sure you pick up the satchel containing 40z near
your hiding place. Now head to the southern most entrance on the east
side of Cedar Woods (just above the little hut on the world map).

Once you enter Cedar Woods, just take the path downwards to reach
Bunyan's house. Switch Rei into the lead position and have him pick
the lock on the door. After you're inside the house and you gain
control of Ryu, go down the ladder in the northeast corner of the room.
Pick up the Beef Jerky from the cabinet down there. Now Rei and Teepo
will come down to see if you've found anything. Victory for finding
food, though, is short lived when you hear the door creak open
upstairs. Rei will go up to see what's going on, and after a
monkey-like scream, Teepo will follow. Now have Ryu go upstairs and
out the front door to get a free five-finger sandwich, complements of

When you wake up, all three of you will be tied up and you'll get a
lecture about stealing. Bunyan will tell Rei to go to Mt. Glaus and in
the meantime, have Ryu and Teepo do some honest work for a change;
chopping wood. Listen to the directions Bunyan gives you and then
start the game. This wood chopping mini game is all about timing; once
you see the log tip, swing. You have to cut a certain amount of logs
within the time limit to gain freedom, but don't worry, because this
mini game is very easy and you should be able to win on your first try.
Once Bunyan sets you free, Teepo suggests that the both of you go up
to Mt. Glaus to meet up with Rei. Exit Cedar Woods and take the path on
the east side of the woods north until you reach a boxed "?" area on
the path. This is the road to Mt. Glaus.

 -  Road to Mt. Glaus
Weather Vane, Vitamin, 120z, Coin, 80z

Eye Goo, Gonghead, Mage Goo, Man Trap, Puff Goo, Ripper

The road to Mt. Glaus is pretty short but don't rush through it because
there are a lot of useful items to pick up along the way. Start out by
crossing the bridge straight ahead and going right just a little ways
to see a huge boulder. Have Teepo kick out the small stone from under
the boulder so it will roll into the stream and dam it up. Now walk
right until you can enter the dried up stream. Go right and then
follow the path up that leads to a chest with a powerful Weather Vane
inside. Return to the area where the boulder initially was and take
the main path upwards. In the next area and throughout the rest of the
road you'll see rocks scattered on the ground. Make sure you have
Teepo kick over all of the rocks you see because some of them have
holes under them. Inspect the holes to find a Vitamin, 120z, and a
Coin. The main path goes northwest all the way to the exit, so continue
north until you find a chest under a tree containing 80z. From here
just head west until you reach the exit (Note- Once you make it through
this road once, you can just walk through it on the world map from now
on). If you need to rest or do any shopping at McNeil, now's the time.
After you've rested up and done any last minute leveling up, follow the
path the rest of the way to Mt. Glaus.

 -  Mt. Glaus and the Caverns
Antidote, Heavy Caro, Cloth Shield, Vitamins, Bent Sword, Molotov,
200z, Ballock Knife, Talisman

Bat, Curr, Eye Goo, Gonghead, Mage Goo, Puff Goo, Ripper, Zombie 

When you first enter Mt. Glaus, cross the big bridge and immediately
turn left and walk down to a path that doubles back to the right
toward the bridge. Pick up the Antidote in the bag and return to the
bridge. Head north until you reach a steep, light colored incline with
ledges sticking out of it. Go up the ramp to the immediate left of
this incline until you reach the top. You'll soon find out that if you
try to go down the light colored incline, you can only go down it, not
up it, and you can't maneuver while going down. To get the two
satchels on the ledges, you have to slide down the incline right above
the ledges. You don't have to guess at it though because there are
indentations in the incline that mark where the ledges are. Slide down
at the two right places to pick up a Heavy Caro and a Cloth Shield.
Once this is done, head right from the top of the incline and cross
the bridge there. 

You'll then see the sun setting and Teepo decides that you should spend
the night in the cabin that's directly ahead. When you go inside the
cabin you'll find that Rei is staying there also. Rei explains that
there have been rumors of a monster living near Mt. Glaus, and that
Bunyan sent him here to kill the monster. After this discussion,
everyone agrees that they should get some sleep. In the morning,
you're awakened by a terrible noise. Go outside and you'll see the
monster, who looks like a monkey and chimera combined. It'll jump down
from the ledge to confront you and a fight will begin. Just hit it with
normal attacks and have Rei use Pilfer so you might be able to snatch
a Power Food from it. The Nue will run away after a few turns, so you
have to chase it down. Follow the path of broken trees to the right of
the cabin upwards and you'll see a cave entrance. Ignore it for now
and take the path going left all the way up to find a bag containing
Vitamins. Now it's time to hunt down the Nue, so return to the cave
entrance and proceed inside.

The caverns are pretty straight forward, considering that you have a
trail of blood to follow. Start up the trail and detour at your first
left and go through the passageway. Inside the sub cave, inspect the
huge pile of bones to find a Bent Sword. Also use your camera angles
to check the left side of the pile for a Molotov. Return to the blood
trail and follow it until it leads into a cavern to the left of the
main path. Enter the cavern and follow the path all the way up until
you see the blood trail end. Check the skeleton that's lying there for
200z and then exit the cavern.

When you exit, Teepo will say that he thinks the monster jumped into
the water in that cavern to cover its trail. Once that's done, return
to the T junction in the main path and head north off of the blood
trail. Take the path at the first right to a skeleton carrying a
Ballock Knife. Return to the main path and take the next right to a
skeleton you can inspect for a Talisman. Once again, return to the
main path, but take the left trail at the very end of the main path and
enter the cavern there. Now Teepo will explain that if you jump into
the water from here, you can ride the current down to the spot where
the blood trail ended. So when you're ready to proceed, dive into the
water and the current will dump you out into a cave hidden behind the
waterfall. Now follow the trail of blood upwards until you confront
the Nue.

Boss fight: Nue
HP- 280
Exp- 96
Zenny- 50
Item- Power Food
Recommended team- Ryu, Rei, Teepo 
Recommended level- 6

Notes- Like in most RPG's, the first boss is usually fairly easy to
beat, and the Nue is no exception. Just hit him with your normal
attacks, and if Teepo is at level 7 or higher, you can use Simoon to
make the battle ridiculously short. The only two attacks you have to
be aware of are Chlorine because it poisons, and Jolt because it does
about 10-15 damage to all of your party members. The Nue also has a
high reprisal rate so expect him to attack you more than once per turn.
***Extra Note- You can steal Power Food from the Nue twice with Rei's
Pilfer ability; during the battle when the Nue runs away, and during
this battle***
After the battle, inspect the Nue's body and you'll enter the cave it
was guarding. It turns out that the monster was bringing food to her
cubs, but she didn't know that the cubs were dead. Now exit the cave
and dive back into the water. The current will take you out of the
cave. Once you leave the cave, Bunyan will be waiting for you outside,
and he will commend your strength and bravery. After your conversation,
the scene will fade out and time will pass.

 -  New Spring

With the Nue gone, there's been plenty of food now for everyone to
outlast the fall depression, and now that spring has arrived, a new
harvest has brought prosperity to the Yraall Region once again. After
Teepo returns from the woods with some food, he'll suggest that you all
go into town to hear what everyone's saying about you. If you haven't
already done so, go down to the storage room in your house to pick up
a Healing Herb and then head out of Cedar Woods and go to McNeil
village. When you arrive in town, it'll appear deserted (it seems that
Teepo's been letting his ego run loose lately). But then people will
start coming out the their homes with shovels, rakes, and sickles in
hand, but don't worry because they're just farmers. A crowd will gather
around you, and the village elder will come and commend your efforts
to save the town from the Nue. The crowd will then disperse and life
will go on as usual, except now the people in town will treat you with
the up most respect. 

Now that it's spring, you have some new areas to explore in the
Yraall Region. Buy a Wooden Rod and some fishing lures from the McNeil
item shop and go enter the fishing spots along the river to the west.
Fishing is the first side quest you can experience, and even at this
point in the game, it has its rewards (for more on fishing see the
Fishing section under side quests). Also check out the new [?] area
northwest of McNeil to find the game's first master, Mygas. Make sure,
though, you spend all of your zenny at McNeil before talking to Mygas
(to learn more about him and all of the other masters check out the
Masters section). Now's also a good time to do some leveling up along
side of fishing.

You've probably noticed that after you killed the Nue and the people
congratulated you and everything, there's been a shifty looking
character in a green cloak following you around whenever you visit
McNeil. Once your party is at level 8 or so, talk to this guy. It
turns out his name is Loki, and he starts right off saying how strong
and brave you are, and he'll beat around the bush a little bit before
he asks you for a favor. Say that you'll help him and he tells you to
meet him in the shed down at the farm.

Make sure that you have a good supply of healing items and zenny
before you go to see Loki, but once you're ready, head down to the
farm and enter the hut on the right side of the path going south. When
you enter, Loki will explain that Mr. McNeil, the mayor of McNeil
village, has been overtaxing the villagers, and he thinks that you
should take back some of the tax money and return it to the villagers.
Teepo, of course, agrees immediately and is followed by the slightly
reluctant Rei and Ryu. Loki suggests that you should go tonight, so
the scene will then end and night will fall.

 -  Outside McNeil Manor
Vitamin, 50z, Firecracker

Pooch, Rocky

When you arrive just outside of McNeil manor, your party will split up
looking for a way to get in. First, follow the path you're on upwards
and search inside the hut on the side of the path for a Vitamin. Exit
the hut and detour to the north off the path until you come to the
outer wall of the manor. Walk along this wall until you find a section
of the wall that stands out from the rest of the wall and examine it.
Rei and Teepo will join you, and when Rei leans against the newly
fixed section of wall it'll topple over, giving you guys a way in. 

When you get in you'll find the place swarming with guards. First,
search behind the hedge to the left to find a guy who looks like Loki,
who gives you 50z for keeping quiet about him to the guards. Exit the
ledge and continue upwards until you confront a guard who, realizing
he's no match for you, let's you pass for 50z. Pay him and continue
straight ahead and go up the stairs. Head left from the top of the
stairs and use your camera angles to check behind the corner there to
find a wallet. Go right past the stairs and give the guard standing
there his lost wallet, and he'll let you go by. Keep going right and
then head down the stairs, making sure not to let yourself be seen by
the guards holding lanterns (because if a lantern guard sees you,
you'll get thrown out and you'll have to pay the initial guard another
50z). Now go south until you reach a tower with a bell on it, so climb
up the tower and use Ryu's sword to ring the bell. This will cause a
lantern guard to leave his post so you can walk by, so climb down the
tower and go right until you reach a courtyard. 

Speak with the guard who's sitting in the middle of the courtyard
smoking, and he'll tell you to take out the guard dog keeping watch at
the front gate, so it'll look like the dog's fault if you break in and
not his (it seems that half the guards here are nothing but slackers).
Take the path south from there to fight the Pooch (Note- You can have
Rei steal a Vitamin off the Pooch). Make short work of the dog and
continue to the right from the courtyard and double back around the
hedge downwards of you to find two people eloping behind it. Talk to
them and then talk to guard who's standing in front of the shed to the
right of the hedge. He'll leave his post when you tell him what's
going on, so enter the shed he was guarding. 

It turns out to be a chicken coop, and when Teepo tries to steal some
eggs, a big a** rooster named Rocky will come out and give you some
attitude. The fight with Rocky isn't too hard. Just watch out for his
Ovum attack (Note- You can have Rei snatch a Life Shard from Rocky).
Once you've dealt with Rocky, the chickens will go crazy, and almost
all of the guards will be too busy chasing chickens to notice you
sneaking around. From the coop, go up following the wall to the right
until you reach a stair set. Go up the stairs and head left to find a
chest containing a Firecracker. Now go back to the courtyard and cut
through it to the left and go up the stairs. Then head right towards
the main door to find it heavily guarded. Rei decides to act as a
diversion so that Ryu and Teepo can sneak in the front door and meet up
with him later. Once Rei leads the guards away from the door, Ryu and
Teepo enter McNeil manor.

 -  Inside McNeil Manor

Gems, Vitamin, Panacea, MultiVitamin, Healing Herb, 600z, Swallow Eye,
Broad Sword

Bat, Doksen, Galtel, Guard, Kassen, Roach, Torast, Volt

When you first enter the house, go right and enter the door there to
end up in a room full of portraits hung on the walls. You'll both
start to receive some bad vibes from this place, so exit this room and
walk to the large stairway in the middle of the hall. A strange force
will stop you from going up the stairs, and then a ghost will appear,
telling you that he is a spirit of one of the old McNeil's, and he
doesn't want you to challenge the McNeil clan. Torast will then
challenge you to a fight. Just use your strongest attacks against him
when you can because Torast tends to use Sleep a lot (Note- If you've
acquired the Sliver Knife by fishing you can do serious damage to
ghosts with it).

Once you defeat Torast head up the big stair set and take the path
right. Go down and enter the doorway to the right and collect the item
in the room above you (Remember to use your camera angles to find
cabinets hidden behind walls). Now return to the top of the big
stairway, but this time go left. Walk through the doorway on the left
and pick up Gems in the 2nd room (going right to left) below you and a
Vitamin in the 2nd room above you. Head out the north end of the room
with the Vitamin to confront Mr. McNeil, or so you think. Ryu sees
through this McNeil ghost's disguise and reveals him to be the ghost
of Kassen McNeil. Fight Kassen, who shouldn't be any harder than
Torast, and then continue to the right down this hall. 

Enter the room below you at the end of the hall and check the drawers
for a Panacea. Try to go down the stairs in this room, but you'll be
halted by Galtel, another McNeil ghost. Eliminate him and continue
down the stairs. From here, walk to the left past the beds and collect
a MultiVitamin from the drawer. Continue through the lower doorway and
through the next doorway as well. Head left and get a Healing Herb in
the kitchen drawer and then continue left. Go up the stairs to find 600z
in the bedroom. Go back down the stairs and enter the lower hallway to
confront another ghost, Doksen. Teepo seems to be getting tired of all
the talkative ghosts so he cuts right to the chase. Once you've taken
care of Doksen, continue down the hallway and head right after entering
the next room. Take the elevator there up and then go up the next
stair set to find a room where you can rest and save your game. After
you've rested up, go up the ladder in here to reach the roof. 

Now that you're finally on the roof, go up and to the left until you
get to the end of the roof. On the incline of the roof you'll see green
moss that, like the slope at Mt. Glaus, lets you slide down but not up.
Slide down the roof's side in the right spot to get the grappling hook
(Tip- Walk out onto the flat portions of the roof that jut out along
the side of the roof and use you camera angles to spot the rope). Once
this happens Rei will show up, and now that you've found his grappling
hook, you can cross over to the adjacent roof where Mr. McNeil is.

After a little guilt trip, courtesy of Teepo, head upwards and walk
down any of the narrow stairways slanting down the roof (Also make
sure to check behind the chimney stacks on this roof to find a Broad
Sword. Thanks to my brother for finding this one). Go up the narrow
gutter-like area on the edge of the roof to find a satchel containing
a Swallow Eye. Now return to the area where you crossed over from the
other roof, search for a ladder (not a staircase) going down into the
house, and head down it. Check this area for items and then return to
the roof. Now search for a staircase going down into the house and
walk down it to enter Mr. McNeil's bedroom. After barging in on his
fun, you'll have Mr. McNeil cornered and cowering, but then the ghosts
that you defeated (plus another that you didn't fight) will appear and
they will fuse into one big ghost in an attempt to prevent you from
destroying the dignity of the McNeil clan. It's time to fight the
McNeil's once and for all.

Boss fight: Amalgam
HP- 550
Exp- 210
Zenny- 200
Item- Magic Shard
Recommended team- Ryu, Rei, Teepo
Recommended level- 9
Notes- Amalgam isn't too tough to beat, but this fight will take a
little longer than the fight with the Nue. Just have Rei stick to his
regular attack and Pilfer, Teepo should use Simoon, and Ryu should just
use regular attacks and heal the party when needed. This guy's a ghost,
so any regular attack by someone equipped with the Silver Knife is
going to do major damage. The only attack you need to watch out for is
Astral Warp, which can do 15-20 damage to a single character. 

Once you defeat Amalgam, you'll walk in and steal the money easily
from the sobbing Mr. McNeil, but through his tears he makes a
threatening promise of revenge.

 -  Aftermath

Later, back at your home in Cedar Woods after you've left some of
McNeil's money at everyone's doorstep, Teepo thinks that the three of
you should go into town again to see the reaction of the town's people.
Make sure you've collected all of the items in your house and then
head over to McNeil. Talk to the people in town, and you'll find out
that everyone is mad at you again for stealing, and also that they all
gave the money back to Mr. McNeil.

Now that this plan blew up in your face, go down to the farm and talk
to Loki, who's hiding behind a cart to the side of the road. He appears
to be a bit paranoid about people hearing their conversation so he asks
you to meet him in the hut again. Go to the hut and wait for Loki, but
instead of him, Bunyan comes in with a cow. Bunyan will indirectly tell
you that Loki didn't know until now that Mr. McNeil has strong ties
with a mafia group who didn't appreciate getting stolen from... uh oh!
Now that he's got things figured out, Rei suggests that you all should
get back home as quickly as possible to lie low until this whole thing
gets forgotten. When you exit the hut, Loki is nowhere to be found, so
when you're ready, head back to your house in Cedar Woods.

When you return to your home, you'll find it set on fire, and you'll
also find the two arsonists as well. News got out fast and the gang of
crooks McNeil works for already sent two of their toughest guys, Balio
and Sunder, to kill you. Unless your level is something amazing, your
party will be wiped out in about three turns, so don't waste any items
in this battle (although you can have Rei use Pilfer to try to snatch
an item or two off of them).

The Balio and Sunder Saga..........................................(BoF3.03.02)

When Ryu regains consciousness, he finds himself in a bed inside a
familiar house. Get out of bed and head out the front door to find
Bunyan waiting for you. He says he found you hurt in the woods...
alone. It looks like the worst is to be expected of Rei and Teepo, but
Ryu believes that they're still alive somewhere. You tell Bunyan that
Rei and Teepo wanted to go to Wyndia so he suggests that you head east
to Mt. Myrneg. Take his advice, exit Cedar Woods, and head east from
Yraall Road to reach Mt. Myrneg (Note- After you've visited the
mountain once, go back to Cedar Woods and talk to Bunyan, and he'll
become a master. It'd be very wise to have Ryu train under Bunyan at
this point to increase your offensive edge).

 -  Mt. Myrneg
Icicle, Protein, Bat Amulet, 200z

Nut Mage, Nut Troop, Ripper, Tar Man

When you first enter Mt. Myrneg, take the path to the right and talk
to the Tarman named Tallman standing on the path next to a chest
containing an Icicle. He'll tell you about enemy weaknesses. After you
speak with him, pick up the Icicle and continue right around the first
corner and head up the ladder there. Go to the right until you reach a
ladder going down. Head down the ladder and take the path right and
check around the trees for a satchel containing a Protein. Now go back
up the nearest ladder going up. Walk to the right and take the ladder
farthest to the right up to a small precipice with another ladder
going up; take this ladder up too. Now take the half hidden path on
the right to get the Bat Amulet from the chest there.

Go back down the two ladders you just took and head left. Take the
first ladder you come across up and then go right to another ladder at
the end of the path. Climb that ladder and go left up the path (ignore
the first ladder to the right of the path) and walk down onto a rock
peninsula and pick up the 200z in the bag there. Now go up the ladder
you ignored earlier and take the next path up and to the left to reach
the last ladder. Climb it and go right to see half the horse duo,
Sunder, taking a wiz. Try to get by, and he'll turn around and see you.
Sunder gets scared and calls for Balio to come over and help him. Balio
figures that they didn't finish you off after your last encounter, so
Sunder draws his sword and shafts you right through the back. You then
turn into a dragon, and Balio will get the idea to make some money off
of you.

Balio and Sunder capture you and cart you the rest of the way to
Wyndia, where they'll request a hearing before the king of Wyndia. The
thugs will go before the king, telling him that they've captured a
dragon, but when the cage is unveiled, Ryu has turned back into a boy
again. Thinking the three of you are con artists, the king will have
you locked up in the dungeon. 

 -  Wyndian Dungeon
Skill Ink

You're sent to the dungeon and they lock you up in a cell, and Balio
and Sunder in another cell. After taking some lip from the horse duo,
Nina, the princess of Wyndia, comes in. She says she'll let you out
because she feels sorry about the way you were treated. Balio and
Sunder lie to convince Nina to bail them out to, and she does... bad
move! She lets them out first and they capture her so they can get a

You're left in the dungeon by yourself, so go up to the cell door and
examine it. You will now get some options of what to do. Choose to try
to break the door down. Your first attempt will fail, but the door will
fall down after you ram it twice. Now head right and pick up the Skill
Ink from Balio and Sunder's cell (save your game at the journal also).
Then follow the path down and through the barred door and go down the
stairs. Continue down the stair sets and take the path down to confront
Balio and Sunder.

**NEW DRAGON GENE (Flame)- After breaking out of the dungeon, you
automatically gain your first gene, which is the Flame gene.

They decide to deal with you before worrying about the princess, so
now you fight Balio and Sunder. Before you attack them, use a Healing
Herb on Nina so she can escape the battle, and then go up to abilities
to find that you've acquired the Accession (dragon transformation)
ability. Select the Flame gene, the only gene you have right now, and
turn into a flame Whelp. Use Flame Breath until the horses begin to
run away, that is if you're at a higher level than average. If you're
at a low level, you probably won't be able to beat them, but that's ok
because you don't have to win this fight (although if you manage to
win, you'll get 110 Exp). 

After the battle, win or lose, Balio and Sunder will have dispersed
and Nina will thank you for helping her. She tells you that there's a
way to the city through the Catacombs, and so Nina will join your
party of one. Now walk down the path and head down the stairs to reach
the Catacombs.

 -  Wyndian Catacombs
Glass Domino, Panacea, Light Bangle, Wisdom Fruit

Ghoul, Nut Mage, Nut Troop, Thunder, Volt, Zombie

As you first enter the Catacombs, head left and take the concrete path
(that seems to be just hovering in the darkness) to a tombstone.
Examine it, and it'll tell you about the tombstone puzzle of these
Catacombs. Push the "7" on that tombstone and return to the area near
the entrance. Then head right to reach an area with seven normal
tombstones and one big one. The seven smaller tombstones are scattered
around the floor in this area, and the big tombstone is up on a
platform which you can access by ladder. All of the seven smaller
tombstones have two words on them that you can push like a button.
Push the wrong word and you will fall through the floor and have to
climb back up to the staring area again (that's how you obtain the
Glass Domino that's on the raised platform near where you start). Here
are the correct buttons to press:

"Above or Beneath"...... Above
"Climbing or Outside"... Outside
"This or That".......... That
"Look or Secrets"....... Secrets
"Green or Red".......... Green
"I or You".............. You
"Is or Not"............. Not

Note- After you press all of the green swtiches, you can return to the
first big tombstone, hit the swtich there, and find a Light Bangle.

Once you've hit all of these switches (and picked up the Panacea in
the chest at the bottom of the ladder south of the "Green and Red"
tombstone), climb the ladder up to the big tombstone and examine it.
You'll find that it has seven different sets of buttons to press, so
here's the correct buttons to hit in each set: Red, Climbing, I, Is,
Look, Beneath, This. If you hit all the correct switches, you'll fall
through the floor and land in a small area. Walk down a few steps to
fall through a hidden hole in the floor. Nina now tells you that you
can reach the city from here. Ryu explains that he's looking for Rei
and Teepo, so Nina offers to help you look for them. Continue south
from here to this area's exit, but make sure to check behind the
tombstones to the left to find a chest with a Wisdom Fruit inside. Go
south in the next area to exit the Catacombs.

 -  Wyndia

Healing Herb, Ammonia, Moxa, Bread (4)

As you'll soon find out, Wyndia is a very up-beat, peaceful, and large
city (It makes McNeil village look like nothing). Explore every area
in town you can to find a Healing Herb, Ammonia, Moxa, and Bread X4.
At the ground level of town, there's a couple of weapon and item shops
and an Inoculation shop, where you can receive injections that will
protect you against certain types of attacks, and even status changes.
But the higher your level, the higher the price for each injection,
and the effects of the injection wear off after you rest. Near the
Inoculation shop, you'll find some kids playing near a fountain. Talk
to the leader of the kids and he'll get you to play a game of Hide and
Seek. Nina thinks that if you both play, the kids might tell you if
they know anything about Rei and Teepo. Here are the hiding places of
the kids:

-Behind the trees near the Inoculation shop
-Behind the left wall near the city's entrance
-Behind the weapon shop near where the bum is sitting
-Behind the tree in the café area

After you've found them all, the leader will tell you that he saw some
kid rob a man's house here in town, and that he ran off down the road
afterwards. So now it's time to go down to Eygnock Road to look for
your friends. Before you leave town, though, check out the shops here
in Wyndia, and if you got a couple thousand zenny to spare, consider
buying some new weapons and armor. If you have little money, save it,
because you can get supplies cheap in the next town.

Wyndia Item Shop      Wyndia Armor Shop       Toshihiro's General Store
----------------      -----------------       ------------------------- 
Healing Herb- 10z     Leather Armor- 180z     Midas Stone- 3000z
Vitamin- 50z          Leather Apron- 330z     Talisman- 500z
Antidote- 12z         Ranger Garb- 520z       Life Sandals- 500z
Eye Drops- 20z        Cuirass- 620z           Molotov- 10z
Panacea- 100z         Mage's Robes- 610z      Dynamite- 200z
Ammonia- 200z         Gauntlet- 400z          Weather Vane- 200z
Worm- 20z             Bronze Shield- 610z     Taser- 200z
Toad- 20z             Iron Helm- 380z
Old Popper- 20z       Glass Domino- 450z
Sinker- 20z

Wyndia Weapon Shop           Bakery
------------------           ------
Bronze Sword- 240z           Bread- 20z
Broad Sword- 600z
Claymore- 2500z
Mace- 400z

After you're finished in Wyndia, exit the city and head south to
Eygnock Road. When you arrive there, walk south on the path to the
house and go inside. As Ryu walks inside, you'll hear Nina scream, so
pick up the Clothing from the dresser and return outside to find the
horse duo, Balio and Sunder. You can't do anything to stop them this
time, so they knock you out and capture you again. The two of you are
then taken to a rowdy town called Genmel.

 -  Arena Town Genmel

80z, Flier

When you arrive in Genmel, Balio and Sunder tie you both up and leave
you under the watch of a bartender named Fahl, because they have more
important things to do than look after a bunch of kids. After they
leave, Ryu decides to try to chew through the ropes that bind him, and
he's successful (but you can't see how with that screen in the way).
Now that the two of you are unbound, you can make an easy escape from
the bar, especially since Fahl has had too much to drink.

Genmel Item Shop                Genmel Weapon Shop
----------------                ------------------
Healing Herb- 10z / 7z          Broad Sword- 600z / 420z
Vitamin- 50z / 35z              Scramasax - 1200z / 840z
Antidote- 12z / 8z              Mace- 400z / 280z
Eye Drops- 20z / 14z            Magician Rod- 780z / 546z
Panacea- 100z / 70z             Rippers- 600z / 420z
Ammonia- 200z / 140z            Ranger Garb- 520z / 364z
Dynamite- 200z / 140z           Cuirass- 620z / 434z
Weather Vane- 200z / 140z       Breastplate- 1000z / 200z
Taser- 200z / 140z              Gauntlet- 400z / 280z
Bronze Shield- 610z / 427z
Glass Domino- 450z / 315z

*** Without Flier / With Flier ***

Once you have escaped, explore the town (you can find 80z in one
building, I think it's the inn) and talk to the people around here.
Everyone in town is getting psyched up for the upcoming Contest of
Champions, a fighting tournament run by Balio and Sunder. It also
appears that Fahl, the bartender, knows some good fighting techniques,
but he's too busy drinking to teach them to anybody. If you explore
the southwest corner of town and check behind the wall there, you'll
find a fish merchant handing out Fliers that can give you a discount
at the stores just north of him. Pick up a Flier from him and then
check out the weapon and item shop. Once you've taken care of
everything in town, exit the town and head north to the Maekyss Gorge.
When you get there, you'll find that the bridge is blocked so you're
going to have to go the long way around to Wyndia through the
mountains. So go back down south and head east past the arena to reach
Mt. Boumore.

 -  Mt. Boumore

Panacea, 400z, Buckler, Bent Sword, Life Shard

Gonger, Nut Archer, Nut Mage, Nut Troop, Orc, Tar Man

From the entrance, take the only path up a little ways and walk to the
right of the first small ramp you see. Pick up the Panacea from the
chest there, and then go up the ramp you just passed. From there, walk
to the right and up the next small ramp and then head left. At the
first junction, go left until you reach another junction. At this
junction head down the upper left path to find a satchel containing
400z behind the corner. Return to the top of this path and walk
upwards to a small ramp on the left near a long narrow ledge you can
jump off of. Go up this ramp and then climb up the ladder.

Head up the path (make sure to ignore the people and their house on
the left of the path for now) until you come to a ledge you can jump
off of at the end of the trail. Jump off this ledge and then the next
ledge also to get the Buckler. Jump off the left side of this ledge
and return to the top area where you saw the people before. Talk to
the fat guy, and he'll invite you in. Once inside, Nina will tell Mr.
Mason that two guys named Balio and Sunder are after you. Mr. Mason
will pretend not to know who they are, and he lets you stay the night
at his house. Pick up the Bent sword from the dresser in the house and
then go into the next room to rest.

The next morning when you wake up, you'll find that you've been locked
in, and nobody's coming to let you out. Meanwhile, Sunder shows up at
the house to capture you again (it looks like you've been betrayed).
Exit north from this room to reach the lift area. Nina tells Ryu to
get on the lift while she tries to activate the panel with her wand.
Now Sunder enters the scene, but when he tries to capture you, Ryu will
give him a well deserved swipe with his sword. Now Nina manages to get
the lift working, and she jumps onto the lift at the last second.
You're safe for now.

When the lift finally stops, exit the lift station and head right.
Walk down the path past the locked gate to the right and take the path
not sloping up to a Life Shard inside a satchel. Now head up the path
sloping upward to the topmost area. There you'll find a dead end, and
then Sunder will come up from behind you and have you trapped. Just
when you think the jig is up, Nina decides that you both should jump.
You'll then jump and slide down the side of the mountain. Ryu puts
himself in front of Nina and turns into a dragon to break her fall
(This will net Ryu the Defender dragon gene). Once you have control
again, leave this area to return to the world map.

**NEW DRAGON GENES (Defender and Reverse)- You receive the Defender
gene automatically after escaping from Sunder. Back on the world map,
head south from your current location to reach a [?] area. Enter this
area to find a large purple crystal on the ground. Have Ryu examine it,
and he'll obtain the Reverse gene.

Return to the world map and go up and to the right to reach the Tower.

 -  Momo's Tower

MultiVitamin, Wisdom Fruit, Ring of Ice, Silver Knife, Skill Ink,
Flame Chrysm, Ice Chrysm, 800z, Moon Tears, Breastplate, Ivory Dice,
Bamboo Rod

Armor Bot, Gonger, Hyper Bot, Ice Toad, Lizard, Orc, Proto Bot

Enter the Tower and Nina will suggest that you both go inside to find
someone who can help you get to Wyndia. If you're low on healing items
make sure you buy some supplies from the fish merchant. Now, head left
and up the big stair set and then walk past the pool with the chest in
it to it's left. Go through the doorway directly left of the pool.
From here, go up the path and pass the big crystal near the end of the
room (unless you want to try the crystal challenge; explained in Side
Quests) and go up the stairs to the left.

Walk right down this next hall but detour through the big doorway at
the bottom of the path. Now go down the small stair set and veer right
to pick up a Silver Knife from behind the tree. Return inside the
Tower the same way you came out and continue right down the hall and
exit through the door at the end of the room. Head up this hallway and
up the big stair set on the left side of the hall. Walk to the right
to reach a rest and save room, so use this place as needed. After
you've rested up, exit the save room and head left to the end of the
room and go up the stairs in the northwest corner of the room.

Take this next hallway right and then upwards at the end to see a
little pink thing walk out of the next room and brace itself for an
explosion. Go inside the room to find a scientist named Momo amongst a
huge mess. Once you're able to converse with her without yelling at
each other (her ears were ringing from the explosion), you'll ask her
how to get to Wyndia from here. Better than just tell you, Momo offers
to escort you there personally. Momo leaves for a minute to get some
things from the merchant outside, but when she gets back, she'll tell
you that there are some tough looking guys outside looking for you.
Now the only way to escape is to head to the top of the Tower where
Momo has an emergency escape. So now Momo joins your party.

Once you're in control again, exit this room and head up the hall.
Enter the very next door on the left to reach the panel puzzle room.
In order to unlock the door in this room you have to make all the
panels in the puzzle gray. A panel's color will change if you step on
it. You can't walk directly backwards and the puzzle resets itself if
you step off it. For more info on this, read the puzzle description
that's on the wall near the bookshelf. There are many ways to solve
the puzzle and this is one of them (the order in which to step on the

          LOCKED DOOR
B     -------------------------------------
O     |   1    |   2    |   3    |   4    |
O     -------------------------------------
K     |   12   |  7,11  | 6,10,20|  5,21  |
S     -------------------------------------
H     |   13   |   8    |  9,19  |  18    |
E     -------------------------------------
L     |  14    |  15    |  16    |  17    |
F     -------------------------------------

Once you've solved the puzzle, go through the door that just unlocked
to enter a room with three chests just for you (they contain Skill Ink,
Flame Chrysm, and Ice Chrysm). Now exit back into the main hallway,
continue along the path, and walk up the stairs on the left.

From here, head right and go down to the small stair set. Walk up these
stairs and head left until you come to a door leading to the next room;
go through it. You'll now be in a room with four 3-D cubes lined up
across the floor with switches under them. You must hit the switches
of the two cubes that are exactly alike (from left to right it's the
2nd and 4th cubes). If you don't hit the right switches, you'll fall
through the floor. Now, continue to the other end of this room,
head up the next stair set, and walk left to a passageway. Take the
hall right to another set of stairs. Go up the stairs and through the
next door. 

You'll end up in a room that's broken up into four sections, has two
pairs of red and blue switches, and has red and blue platforms floating
in the void that separates the four sections. The switches correspond
to the floating platform of the same color, so you have to hit the
switches to move the platforms to form a bridge across the pit (don't
worry, it's easy to figure it out). Hit the switches so that you have
access to the door in the right corner of the area. Head through this
door and pick up the 800z in the 2nd room you enter. Now go back to the
room with the switches and flip the switches so that you can reach the
northernmost area. The path from there is pretty straightforward, just
follow it to the end of the two hallways to reach a chest containing
Moon Tears. Once again, go back to the switch room and hit the switches
to reach the stairs in the easternmost area. Walk up the stairs. Now,
take the hall right and then downwards to reach a stair set going up;
head up those stairs. 

From here, head up the stairs to the right and walk to the right until
you see a floating platform. Get on the platform and it will take you
to another part of the room. Once you get off the platform, head up the
next stair set and follow the path to reach a big crystal. If you read
the instructions on the wall, you'll find out that this crystal
controls the floating platform that's near it. It runs on chrysm
energy, so use Nina's wand to charge up the crystal. The more times
you hit the crystal with Nina's wand, the farther the platform will go
before it comes back to where it starts. Hit it two times to reach a
chest with a Breastplate, and six times to get a chest with an Ivory
Dice. Hit it eight times to reach the stairs in the upper left corner
of the room. Go up those stairs, head down the hall, and climb up the
stairs at the end of the hall. Now head left and enter the first door
you see to get a Bamboo Rod. Exit back into the hall, walk up the
stairs to the left, and walk up the next set of stairs after that.

You'll now be in a room with laser beams and a purple crystal in the
middle of the room. Walk up near the crystal and make sure all of your
party members are past the first little machine that looks just like
the one that's currently emitting a laser. Hit the crystal with Nina's
wand and the middle laser machine will be turned off, and the first
and last laser machines will turn on. Make everyone in your party walk
past the middle laser machine and then hit the crystal with chrysm
again to turn the middle laser back on, and the outside lasers off,
allowing you to continue on.

Go through the door at the end of the room to reach a library. This was
where Momo's father did all of his experiments, so Momo suggests that
you look for the escape device. First check the shelves in the upper
right corner of the room to get 40z and a Panacea. Now examine the
control panel in the upper middle part of the room (from the operators
end) to find a button that unveils a huge rocket. Momo thinks this is
the escape device so you all get on and shoot out the top of the tower
and make a crash landing.

**NEW DRAGON GENE (Thorn)- After you recover from the crash (and after
Momo finds the instruction manual for the rocket), look near the trees
next to where you landed to find the Thorn gene. Now exit the crash
site onto the world map.

 -  The Coffee Shop

If you head north on the world map, you'll come to a little place
called the Coffee Shop. Enter the Coffee Shop and then take the path
up to where the café area is. Once your party sees the restaurant, the
three of you will decide to take a load off here of a bit. While you're
resting, you find out that the road to Wyndia and the Eastern
Checkpoint have both been blocked off by Balio and Sunder's men. In
the midst of trying to think of what to do now, an old man comes over
to you and starts talking to Momo. It turns out that this guy's name
is Palet, and he runs a plant where crops are grown using chrysm
energy; the same plant where Momo's father used to work. He explains
that there are some problems down at the Plant, and Momo agrees to help
out (you got nothing else to do anyway because the roads are blocked).
After your talk with Palet, go inside the Coffee Shop building and
pick up a Vitamin in one of the drawers in there.

If you have 15 different weapons in your inventory, not counting your
equipped weapons, go talk to the tough looking girl on the hill
overlooking the Coffee Shop. She's a thief named D'lonzo, and she will
let you apprentice under her if you have 15 different weapons. Once
you're done here, exit the Coffee Shop and head west on the world map
to find the Plant.

 -  The Plant
Ginseng, Healing Herb

When you first arrive at the Plant head left to find a conveyor belt
sloping up but running downwards. Flip the switch right next to it and
ride the conveyor up. Head right and up the incline and then ride the
next conveyor up and to the left. Walk up the narrow path and then to
the right. Head up the incline next to the crates and take the
conveyor going left. Go past the next chrysm reactor and take the next
conveyor going left. Walk down past the next reactor and hit the switch
near the next conveyor so that it runs south. Ride this conveyor and
head right to yet another conveyor going downwards. Take it down to
find Palet. 

Talk to him with Momo as the lead character, and he'll tell you that
there's nothing wrong with the machines here, but during an experiment,
an onion-like mutant was created. Palet will tell you that there's been
a problem with a big mutant down at the Dump, so he asks you to help.
You accept, of course, so Palet sends word to the Dump about your
visit. Now go inside the metal building near where Palet is and grab a
Ginseng and a Healing Herb from the drawers inside. Once you're done
here, exit and just slide down the incline at the southwestern part of
the area and leave the Plant. If you haven't rested and saved since
Momo's Tower, you better do that now. After you're rested up, enter
the Dump that's a stone's throw west of the Plant.

Coffee Shop Item Shop           Plant Crop Store
---------------------           ----------------
Healing Herb- 10z               Mandrake- 100z
Croc Tear- 5z                   Antidote- 12z
Antidote- 12z                   Eye Drops- 20z
Eye Drops- 20z                  Molotov- 10z
Molotov- 10z
Ammonia- 20z
Wooden Rod- 40z
Worm- 20z
Toad- 20z
Old Popper- 20z
Sinker- 20z

*** I put these shops together to save room ***

 -  The Dump
1200z, High Boots, Artemis' Cap, Magic Shard

Bomber, Eye Bulb, Fire Slug, Pain Weed, Rank Weed, Slug

After you arrive there, take the path to the south and then downwards
at the corner. Make the U-turn around the inside wall and head up the
path until you reach a T-junction. Detour to the right off the main
path at this junction and walk upwards a little ways to find a blue
switch. Hit this switch three times and pick up the chest with 1200z
in the alcove directly north of you. Now return to the Dump's entrance,
but this time head to the north up the path. Walk up the ramp past the
giant crates and then go left. Follow the 2nd catwalk down and cross
over the crate to get a chest containing High Boots. Jump off the
catwalk near the chest and continue up the path. Walk past the crates
and exit this area through the cavern on the left.

Take the next path left and then head down the small ramp at the end.
Walk down this path and take the 2nd right to an area with a red and
blue switch and a big lava pit at the end of the conveyor belt. Hit
the red switch eight times and head back up the path you just came
down. Take the first junction you come to right and then go up the
ramp to the left past the conveyor belt. Head down the path and cross
the path made by the crates to get the much needed Artemis' Cap. Now go
all the way back down to the area with the red and blue switches. Take
the path going around the lava pit counter clockwise and pick up the
Magic Shard in the chest along the path. Continue around the lava pit
until you come across a cave with plants growing out of it. Go inside
to find the mutant that Palet was talking about. After some idle chit
chat, the mutant will go out of control and attack you.

Boss fight: Mutant
HP: 550
Exp- 600
Zenny- 300
Item- N/A
Recommended team- Ryu, Momo, Nina
Recommended level- 13
Notes- The Mutant isn't very tough, especially since you now have
dragon abilities to use against bosses. The only hard part is that at
the beginning of the fight, the Mutant can regenerate 250 HP per turn.
But as you'll soon find out, this guy is extremely weak against fire
attacks. So have Momo equip her Flame Chrysm, have Nina use Simoon,
and have Ryu pound away with Flame Claw in Dragon form (Flame,
Defender, and Thorn genes) After a few turns of punishment, the Mutant
will lose it's ability to regenerate. Now just continue attacking with
fire based attacks until the Mutant goes down.

After the fight, the Mutant will apologize for attacking you and will
request that you destroy it. The Mutant doesn't think that he/she was
ever meant to be created, so hit the red switch to send him/her into
the lava. After a word of advice to Momo, the creature will die but
then you hear a curious pukueeee sound. Then a mini mutant will jump
out of the lava. Momo thinks this is the offspring of the Mutant so
she decides that you guys should take it along with you. After deciding
on a clever name, Peco, you get the option to change party members.
Leave Peco out of your party, and keep him there for a long time
because you'll have big plans for him much later in the game. If you
plan on using Peco as one of your three main party members for the
majority of the game (which wouldn't be a bad idea, as Peco can turn
out to be a superb character if raised properly), wait until you can
apprentice him under Fahl before you level him up at all.

Once you're done with that, exit the Dump the way you came in and head
back to the Plant. When you arrive back at the Plant, talk to Palet
and you'll tell him that you took care of the problem. As you leave,
he'll tell you that he knows a way to get to Wyndia, even though the
roads are blocked. So Palet lets you stay at the inn tonight for free
while he gets everything set up for you to go tomorrow. Now go to the
inn to the right and rest. In the morning Palet will have you hide in
a hay cart, and have the cart shipped to Wyndia. But when you get to
Eygnock Road, half the horse duo will be there checking baggage. You're
then found and carted off to the Arena again.

 -  The Contest of Champions

Coin, Bandana, 40z

When you arrive in Genmel, Balio and Sunder will have you tied up and
they march you into their office inside the Arena. After they give you
some grief and are deciding on what to do with you now, they happen to
mention the Contest of Champions. Then Nina tells Balio and Sunder that
you want to enter the contest, because the winner can have anything
they want, in this case it's freedom. At first the horse duo will be
opposed to the idea, but then the thought comes to them that they have
another chance to make money off you. Their logic is that people will
bet against a bunch of kids like you, thinking that you have no chance
to win. But Balio and Sunder have seen how strong you are and the
spectators haven't, so when you win, the house will get a lot of
income from lost bets. So they agree to let you fight in the contest,
and they'll even let you walk around on your own and leave the Arena
to level up if you need to. But they make you leave one hostage behind
(choose Peco), and they have their men blocking the roads so you can't
escape again. 

So now you're free to explore the inside of the Arena. There's an inn
and some shops as well on one of the floors. Take time now to get
familiar with where all three fighting areas are, and make sure you
check the drawers in all the locker rooms to find a Coin, a Bandana,
and 40z.

Arena Item Shop           Arena Weapon Shop         Arena Armor Shop
---------------           -----------------         ----------------
Vitamin- 50z              Scramasax- 1200z          Breastplate- 1000z
MultiVitamin- 300z        Moon Sword- 2000z         Scale Mail- 1450z
Antidote- 12z             Claymore- 2500z           Buckler- 1100z
Eye Drops- 20z                                      Knight's Helm- 720z 
Panacea- 100z
Ammonia- 200z
Firecracker- 500z
Icicle- 500z
Napalm- 800z

Once you've familiarized yourself with the inside of the Arena, make
your way over to the Hall of Fire where your first match is. Go to the
Hall of Fire locker room area and enter the southern locker room. Talk
to the person inside to get a briefing on the rules of this fight, and
once you understand the rules, say that you're ready to fight (but
make sure you're rested up). After the introduction to the battle, get
ready to fight Patrio's team.

Boss fight: Patrio's team
   Claw- 250
   Cawer- 250
   Patrio- 300
   Dodai- 2100
   Claw- 150
   Cawer- 165
   Patrio- 200
   Dodai- 3000
   Claw- 200 / N/A
   Cawer- 70 / Dream Ring
   Patrio- N/A / Scale Mail
   Dodai- None / N/A

Recommended team- Ryu
Recommended level- 15 (but higher for option 2)
Notes- As you learned from the rules, there are two ways to win this
fight; by defeating all three of the team's members, or by taking out
the Dodai that holds your opponent's platform. But beating the Dodai
is no easy task, so if you're at level 15 or lower I suggest you stick
to option 1.

Option 1- Against your first opponent, Claw, just use normal attacks
and maybe Double Blow if you have it. Claw has some high agility and
will often use Blind, so equip the Bat Amulet for this fight. Once you
deal with Claw, your next opponent will be Cawer. Cawer will cast
assist magic on himself and then hit you with normal attacks and weak
magic spells which don't do much damage. Just repeat on him what you
did to Claw and he'll go down just as easily. Last but not least is
Patrio, and he's no pushover unlike his two teammates. His normal
attacks do a lot of damage, he'll often get a Lucky Strike on normal
attacks, and he sometimes uses Frost Strike which can put you to sleep.
To beat him, just transform into a Flame Dragon with genes of your
liking and nail him with Flame Claw until he goes down (Note- If you
have enough healing items to drag out the fight, it'd be very worthwhile
to examine Patrio and learn Frost Strike).

Option 2- It's a lot harder to pull off, but if you can take down the
Dodai, you'll earn a whopping 3000 Exp! You're going to have to be a
couple levels higher than 15 to do this conventionally, because you
need a lot of AP for your dragon form and a little extra power and
agility. At the very start of the battle (when you're against Claw),
transform into a Whelp right away using the Flame and Reverse genes so
you have access to Frost Claw. The Dodai is obviously resistant to
fire (he's standing in lava for crying out loud), but he is very weak
against ice. Nail him with Frost Claw for a few turns to get an idea
of how much damage it's doing on average. If Frost Claw is
consistently doing less than 100 HP of damage per hit, then I suggest
aborting option 2 and just do option 1. If Frost Claw consistently
does 150-200 HP of damage per hit, then keep it up. When the Dodai
sinks lower into the lava, it means he's almost at the end of his rope.
As you attack the other team's Dodai, they'll follow suit by attacking
yours. If your Dodai starts to sink lower into the lava, just use a
MultiVitamin on him. Deal out a couple more hits and the Dodai will go
down (But if you want the maximum amount of Exp, revert back into
normal form shortly after the Dodai sinks lower into the fire, then
beat Claw and Cawer, and then transform back into a dragon when you
fight Patrio and finish off the Dodai).

After winning the fight, and raising a few eyebrows, it's time to go
to your next match in the Null Magic Hall. Go to the inn and rest up,
and then walk over to the Null Magic Hall locker room area. Walk to
the lower locker room and talk to the person inside to get a briefing
of your next fight. After you know the rules, say you're ready to go
and then wait for the match to start. Right before the match is
scheduled to begin, your opponent, Emitai, will come into your locker
room to talk with you. He tells you his daughter is very sick, and if
he can't win the money needed for her operation, she'll die (basically
he's asking you to throw the fight). But you tell him that you're in a
jam too if you don't win, so he'll leave at that. But when you meet up
again on the battlefield, Emitai will have two huge, green monsters
with him. It looks like he means business now, get ready to duke it
out with Emitai and the Golems.

Boss fight: Emitai's team
HP: Emitai- 600, Golems- 750 each
Exp- 600
Zenny- 340
Item- Magician Rod (Emitai)
Recommended team- Ryu, Momo, Nina
Recommended level- 15
Notes- The rules say that you can't use magic, but they don't say
anything about dragons do they? Your dragon ability will give you the
unfair advantage in this fight, so use it. Since there's no magic in
this battle, there aren't any attacks you need to watch out for,
except maybe the Golems' Spirit Blast. Have Ryu transform using the
Flame, Defender, and Thorn genes. Ryu should pound at Emitai with Flame
Claw while Momo does the same with her bazooka, and Nina should use
Healing Herbs on the party when necessary. Once you've taken out
Emitai, the Golems will become disorientated and start attacking each
other. This will go on for the rest of the fight, so through your
laughter, have Ryu use Flame Breath and Momo should keep shooting away
with her gun just to hasten their demise.

After the fight, you'll all be feeling pretty down on yourselves for
beating Emitai. Sunder enters your locker room to congratulate you on
making it to the finals, but you're too depressed to appreciate this
right now, even from him. When Sunder returns to his office to tell
Balio what's going on, they both are sure that you're not going to win
the final match. Back in your locker room, you're reminded that you
have to get going to your final match in the Hall of Kings. You hear
that Emitai is still in his locker room so pay him a visit. It turns
out his daughter isn't sick, and he was just trying to con you into
losing the fight.

Now rest if you want, and then head over to the Hall of Kings locker
room. Once again, go to the southern locker room and talk with the
person inside to get a briefing of the fight. Meanwhile in the
adjacent room, Balio and Sunder are giving Garr, your opponent, a
little prep talk. They mention to him that Ryu's a dragon, and his
curiosity is suddenly aroused. After the introduction of both Ryu and
Garr, Garr requests that you not hold anything back during the fight.
This guy isn't fooling around. It's now time for the finale of the

Boss fight: Garr
HP: Infinite
Exp- none
Zenny- none
Item- N/A
Recommended team- Ryu
Recommended level- Any
Notes- Although you can't win this battle, it's still fun to try. Garr
will sometimes use weak fire based attacks, but will for the most part
just hit you with physical attacks. After about seven turns, or after
Garr takes about 600 damage, he'll say "Let's Finish This". After this
happens, let's just say that you'll be dead in two turns at the most.
For this fight just turn into any dragon you want and have a blast.

After your defeat, Balio will come out to award Garr his prize of
anything he wants. Surprisingly, Garr chooses Ryu and his friends as
his prize. Balio is quick to disallow this, but Garr sees to it that
he gets his way. Once Ryu wakes up and you are done talking, head over
to Balio and Sunder's office to retrieve Peco. After you free the
hostage, Garr will tell you that everyone's free to leave. Once you
leave the office, talk with Garr and he'll tell you that if you want
to learn more about Ryu and the ancient Brood, then travel east to a
place called Angel Tower. First, though, you have to get back to
Wyndia so exit the Arena, rest up and save your game, and go north to
the Maekyss Gorge.

When you arrive at the gorge, cross the bridge to find, guess who?,
Balio and Sunder. It seems that they're defying Garr's wishes, and
they've blocked up all the roads so that you can't escape. They'll
then send out three thugs to challenge you. Quickly dispose of them by
using Nina's strongest spells. Afterwards, Balio and Sunder will
remind you that you're surrounded and there's no way out, but then out
of nowhere, Garr shows up (and he's just taken out all the thugs behind
you). He'll tell off Balio and Sunder and join your party. Realizing
that Garr has broken his alliance with them, the horse duo fuses into
one big horse who resembles a certain Japanese superhero. They're out
to get rid of you once and for all, so prepare to fight Balio and
Sunder's ultimate form!

Boss fight: Stallion
HP: 1500
Exp- 801
Zenny- 500
Item- Life Shard
Recommended team- Ryu, Momo, Garr
Recommended level- 16
Notes- This guy is undoubtedly the hardest boss yet. Aside from using
Barrier to cut down the amount of damage magic does to him drastically,
the Stallion will often cast Resist which negates all attacks for that
turn. The Stallion also can cast Jolt, but it does minimal damage. The
attack you really need to worry about is his Utmost Attack, which does
50+ damage to all party members. Before the battle, select attack
formation and put Garr at the point end so his physical attack will do
about 80-100 damage each turn. Have Momo cast Speed on Ryu and herself
and cast Protect on everyone; otherwise just have her use her normal
attack packing Ammo. Ryu should transform into a Dragon from the start
(Flame and Thorn), and hit the Stallion with Flame Claw. Just make sure
you have Momo keep everyone's HP near full at all times while Ryu and
Garr deal out damage, and you'll take Balio and Sunder down slowly but

Now that Balio and Sunder are finally out of your way, it's time to go
back to Wyndia, not only to return Nina to her home but to pick up
some passports for the eastern checkpoint also.

**NEW DRAGON GENE (Frost)- But before you exit the Maekyss Gorge,
follow the path under the bridge to find a house. Check around the
house to find the Frost gene.

Once you've done that, exit the Maekyss Gorge and head north to Wyndia.
When you arrive in Wyndia (make sure Nina is in your party) hike all
the way up to the highest section of town where the castle entrance is
located. Have Nina talk to the guard at the door and he'll welcome you

 - Inside Wyndia Castle

120z, Gems (2), Panacea (2), Healing Herb (2), Coin, Cheese

The next scene begins at a big banquet for Ryu, Nina, and the rest of
your party hosted by the king of Wyndia. Nina has just finished
explaining everything that's happened since the kidnapping to her
father. The king commends Ryu's bravery and apologizes for thinking he
was a con artist. And right before Nina spills the beans about Ryu
being a dragon, Garr will interrupt and ask the king for some
passports so you can get through the eastern checkpoint. He gladly
gets some passports made up for you, and Ryu and the rest of the party
will head off, leaving Nina behind at the castle.

Just when Nina is in her room thinking that it's for the best that she
didn't go along with Ryu and his crew, she hears something break along
with a scream. You'll have control of Nina now so check the dresser in
her room for 120z and then head downstairs. From here, walk left and
then up to the dining room with the blue carpeting. Pick up Gems X2 in
the drawers in this area and then speak to the lady standing next to
the broken dish. She'll tell you that something brushed up against her
and scared her.

You can assume it was just a mouse until you spot Honey running off
somewhere. Now head left to the end of the dining room until you see
a guard. Go down the hallway to the guard's right to empty out into a
small room. Get the Panacea from the drawer in this room and return to
where the guard was standing. Now climb the stairs to the guard's left
to enter the king and queen's bedroom. Look in all the drawers in this
room and the room above it to obtain Healing Herb X2 and a Coin. After
you pick up all the items here, head all the way back to the base of
the stairs of Nina's bedroom. Once you get there, walk south to find a
stair set going down. In this next room, walk down the stairs in the
bottom left corner of the room to reach the kitchen. Now go down to
the end of the kitchen and check the drawers there for a Panacea.

Afterwards head down the stairs at this end of the room. You'll end up
in a room with a bunch of crates. Walk right and head down the small
wooden ramp. Use your camera angles to check behind the crates
directly below the wooden ramp to find a mouse. Talk to it and answer
yes to it's question to get Cheese. Go left from here and use your
camera angles to check around the end of the same line of crates that
the mouse was behind to find Honey. Talk to Honey and she'll run away
again, so go after her. Go all the way back to Nina's room and head
through the door inside of her room. Exit this next small room to the
left. You'll now be on the balcony and you spot Honey just ahead of
you. And while trying to keep Honey from falling off the balcony, Nina
will fall off too. But instead of falling to your death, Honey uses her
chrysm power to let you both float gently to the ground. After the
fall, Honey gets broken so Nina takes her to Ryu's camp just outside

Back at camp, Momo has already noticed that Honey has gone missing.
Then Nina will arrive at your campsite with Honey in hand, so she and
Momo go inside the tent to fix her. Now that they're alone, Garr will
tell Ryu that if he travels to the eastern lands with him, then he
might die. Nina overhears this and get upset, because she doesn't want
Ryu to die. So Nina decides to run away from home again and travel with
Ryu to the eastern lands.

Journey to Angel Tower.............................................(BoF3.03.03)

When you're ready, head east from Wyndia on the main road and pass into
Eastern Wyndia. Keep going east to find the checkpoint. Once you enter
the checkpoint, Garr will point out the fact that you might have some
trouble getting through the passport check with Nina around. But after
some quick thinking, you get past the guards. And after an unnecessary
conversation on the bridge, you'll emerge in the Rhapala region (Also,
return to the checkpoint later to pick up the 200z and Antidote

 -  Exploring the Rhapala Region

**NEW DRAGON GENE (Thunder)- One of the first things you'll probably
notice is the [?] hut that's northeast of the checkpoint bridge. Enter
that area to find an abandoned fisherman's house. Check inside the
house for a Life Shard and use your camera angles to search the area
behind the house to find the Thunder gene.

Back on the world map you'll find two new fishing spots, a place called
Mt. Zublo to the far southeast, and the port town of Rhapala along the
central coast. Also since you now have everywhere from the Yraall
Region to the Rhapala Region open to you, go back to some places that
you've already been to and look for masters and missed items. Now's a
better time than ever to sign each of your party members up under a
master, because at this point, there are many different masters to
apprentice under.

 -  The Port Town of Rhapala

Molotov, Panacea

When you first visit Rhapala, you'll see the same state of peacefulness
and rhythm as you witnessed in Wyndia. Rhapala is the home of the
porter's guild, so almost everyone you see in town is either a sailor
or a fisherman. Take the time now to explore the town and the Wharf
and to get the Molotov and Panacea that lie in town. Also if you have
the money, visit the shops here to upgrade your weapons and stock up
your item inventory.

Rhapala Item Shop           Rhapala Weapon Shop
-----------------           -------------------
Healing Herb- 10z           Flame Chrysm- 500z
Vitamin- 50z                Moon Sword- 2000z
Antidote- 12z               Long Spear- 1000z
Eye Drops- 20z              Quarter Staff- 1100z
Panacea- 100z               Spiked Claws- 1300z
Ammonia- 200z               Breastplate- 1000z
Spirit- 50z                 Scale Mail- 1450z
Baby Frog- 50z              Gauntlet- 400z
Popper- 50z                 Buckler- 1100z
Float- 50z                  Glass Domino- 450z
                            Knight's Helm- 720z

Once you're done exploring town, go to the porter's guild building
near the inoculation shop and talk to the guy behind the counter to
see about getting a ride on the boat. He tells you to go talk to the
guild master, Sinkar. So head over to the inn and you'll find Sinkar
in the pub below the inn (he has a reddish orange beard). Sinkar tells
you to speak with his daughter, Shadis, about the boat. So walk down
to the Wharf and find Shadis (she's the blonde girl in the pirate
getup). Talk to her, and you'll witness a big sailor named Zig beat up
on a nerdy guy named Beyd. Afterwards, Beyd will talk to you about the
boat. He tells you that the boat is not here right now so he can't give
you passage on it.

If you want some more information on porter's guild and other things,
talk to Beyd again. Once you're done here, head back to town. Before
you exit the Wharf, you'll run into Shadis. She apologizes about what
happened before and tells you to speak with Sinkar about using the
road instead of the boat. So walk back to the pub and talk to Sinkar
again. He tells you that because of a recent volcanic eruption, the
road around Mt. Zublo is impassible. It looks like you're stuck here
until the boat returns to Rhapala, so exit to the world map and you'll
automatically set up camp.

While your party is thinking about how to get east without a boat, out
of nowhere, Nina starts talking soap opera about Shadis and Beyd. She
thinks that they both like each other, but Beyd is too shy to tell
Shadis how he feels. So she decides to talk to Beyd about it. You're
not going anywhere without a boat anyway, so why not go with Nina's

After you break camp, go to the Wharf with Nina in your party and have
her talk to Beyd. Once you've relocated yourselves, Nina tells Beyd
that he should propose, but Beyd claims that he shouldn't because he's
not a big strong sailor like Zig. Nina then offers to train Beyd so
that he can be strong too, but he refuses and walks away.

After you regain control again, head back over to where Beyd, Shadis,
and Zig usually are and talk to Beyd. As you've probably already heard,
the lighthouse here at Rhapala is broken and full of monsters. Zig has
decided to try to fix the lighthouse and win Shadis over. Beyd then
reconsiders your offer to train him, and he gives you 1000z to buy him
a weapon and a suit of armor. He tells you not to get him anything too
heavy, but ignore him and buy the most powerful weapon and the most
defensive armor you can afford with indifference to weight (if you
just want to give him equipment from your inventory and not spend any
money at all, that's fine too). Once you have his equipment, head back
to the Wharf and talk to him again. And when you're ready, begin his

 -  Training Beyd

At the first training session you have with Beyd, the first thing you
should do is equip him with the stuff you picked out for him. You can
change his equipment if you want to before you start each training
session. Once he's equipped with a weapon and a suit of armor, talk to
him and begin the training. The training is set up just like a normal
battle with your three party members against Beyd. Each training
session will end after 20 turns in battle, if Beyd's HP reaches zero,
or if your party is wiped out. To begin another session, just go to the
Wharf the next day and talk to him. There are three of Beyd's
attributes that can increase during his training; HP, defense, and
attack power. You can see how much these stats rise after each session.
His stats rise depending on these factors:

HP- The more damage (in HP) he takes total, the more it will rise
Def- The more hits he takes while defending, the more it will rise
Atk- The more damage (total) he inflicts on your party, the more it
will rise

I'd suggest working on his attack power and HP the first few sessions
and then concentrate on his defense for one or two sessions afterwards.
While raising his HP, put Ryu, Momo, and Garr in your party. Have Ryu
or Momo cast Protect on Beyd once or twice (because he's really weak at
the start) and then have everybody attack him with normal attacks until
he gets low on health. Then have Ryu or Momo heal him to full (or near
full) HP and then start attacking again. Attack and heal Beyd as needed
until the session is over. If his HP rises significantly that session,
then do the same thing next time but don't cast Protect on him.

To raise his attack power, put Ryu, Momo, and Nina in your party. Have
Nina cast Weaken on all of your party members and, if she's at level 20
or higher, have Momo cast Might on Beyd. While he's hacking away at
you, work on raising is HP by attacking him and healing Beyd and your
own party. To raise his defense, put Ryu, Momo, and Garr in your party.
Attack Beyd and bring his HP gauge down to about a fifth of it's
maximum. When Beyd's HP gets about this low, he'll start to defend.
Attack him while he's defending and heal him when his HP is about to
reach zero, then do it over again. The Backhand skill can be especially
useful for raising Beyd's defense.

When you think you've trained Beyd enough, talk to him at the Wharf
and tell him to go to the lighthouse. Zig will overhear you and he
challenges Beyd to a fight to decide who will fix the lighthouse.
Everyone will then go to the town square to watch the fight. It's
supposed to be a one on one battle between Zig and Beyd, but when Zig
turns his head away and waves, you can help Beyd out by healing him or
attacking Zig (but if you trained Beyd well enough, he won't need your
help). If you get caught helping Beyd, the fight will be called off,
and if Beyd looses, train him a little more and try fighting Zig again.

Once Beyd defeats Zig, head back to the Wharf and talk to Beyd. He's
pretty banged up after the fight, and he isn't going to fix the
lighthouse anytime soon, so he gives you the Guild Badge. The badge
shows that you're an associate of the porter's guild, and it'll give
you access to the lighthouse. But before you go to the lighthouse, buy
one or two extra pieces of Flame Chrysm and pick up the items in the
two chests near where Beyd is (What's inside them depends on the
equipment he had when he beat Zig. One of them will be the next most
expensive weapon, and the other will be the next most expensive armor).
When you're ready, head over to the western end to the Wharf to reach
the lighthouse.

 -  The Lighthouse

Coin, Mithrl Shield, Swallow Eye, Skill Ink, Dream Ring,
Flame Chrysm (3), Faerie Tiara

Blood Bat, Bomber, Ghost, Spectre, Thunder, Volt

When you first enter the lighthouse, walk off the wooden bridge and go
up the stair set just ahead. Head right from the top of the stairs to
find some barrels blocking your path. Have Momo use her gun to blow up
the barrels and then go up the stairs north of you. Head left from
there and climb up another set of stairs. Walk right to find a chest
containing a Coin. Now return to the area where you had Momo shoot away
the barrels and head right and down the next set of stairs. Walk left
on the narrow path just to the left of the base of the stairs to get a
Mithrl Shield. Return to the base of the stairs and head down to a
wooden bridge. Cross the bridge to reach a concrete island. Head south
from here and cross the next bridge and the bridge after that. Climb up
the stairs north of the bridge and check behind the ledge left of the
barrels to get a Swallow Eye. Now climb up the ladder to the right and
go up the small stair set north of the ladder. Then head left from
there all the way to the end of the path to find a door leading inside.

Once you get inside, go down the stairs to the right and head southwest
to a path going left. Follow this path all the way to the end (ignoring
the stairs going downward) to get a Skill Ink. Now go down the stairs
you ignored before and then head left to a blue switch. Hit the switch
and continue down the path to a doorway; head inside.

Read the directions on the wall to the right to get a description of
what to do here. First, examine the machine to the right of the ladder
and put a piece of Flame Chrysm inside of it. Then head over to where
the switch in this room is and examine it. You'll then hear a sound
like a machine starting up, and a green wave grid will appear on your
screen. An arch will start to bounce about the screen, bouncing off
the top first and then the bottom. You'll notice that the arch bounces
in a pattern; once every four times that it first hits the top of the
screen, the arch will hit a mark in the upper middle portion of the
grid. In order to stabilize the valve pressure, you need to hit the
switch exactly when the arch hits that mark (and it isn't as easy as
it sounds). Watch the pattern of the arch a couple of times and then
develop a counting rhythm to the arch's first hits against the top of
the grid. When you've got a good rhythm down, hit the X button just an
instant before it hits the mark and you will have done it. Try to do
it in one try, because you have to sacrifice a piece of Flame Chrysm
for each time you try it. If you run out of Flame Chrysm, then read

Once you've opened up the main valve, climb down the ladder on the
left and follow the line coming out of the machine (which should be
lit up now) out of this room. Follow the lit line to the right and
check (using camera angles) near where the line shoots directly upward
to find a Dream Ring. Now head through the southern doorway to end up
in a small area outside with three chests. They each contain a Flame
Chrysm, so if you haven't opened the main valve yet, go back and try
again (if you run out of Flame Chrysm again, you have to go all the
way back to town and buy some more; you can't complete this mission
without opening the main valve). Now head back inside and go up the
stairs to the right and hit the blue switch to avert the flow of
chrysm energy in the line. Continue up this path and go up the stairs. 

You should now be near the bottom of the first set of stairs you came
down when you first arrived inside the lighthouse. Now take the large
northwestern path up and to the left to come across a strange looking
lizard creature. You assume that it's harmless so continue up the path
until a big omni-optical boulder comes crashing down the stairs (this
will happen only if the line leading up the stairs is lit up. If it's
not lit, go back to the first blue switch you came across, the one
before the main valve room, and hit it). The big mass will then land
on the shoulders of the lizard creature and it'll come to life. It's
time to fight the Gazer.

Boss fight: Gazer
HP: 1200
Exp- 1500
Zenny- 1000
Item- N/A
Recommended team- Ryu, Momo, Garr
Recommended level- 17
Notes- This fight's not too tough, but if you don't beat Gazer quickly,
you might be in for a small challenge. Gazer's normal attack hits all
of your party members for a good amount of damage, and its Eye Beam
attack can do 50+ damage to a single character. It'll also cast
Hypnotize occasionally to confuse your party. Have Ryu use Accession
right away with the Flame and Thorn genes and pound away with Flame
Claw, which does phenomenally in this fight (the flame property also
negates the Eye Beam attack). Momo should cast Protect on the entire
party and restore anyone who falls under confusion (via Panacea or
Remedy) or has low HP throughout the entire battle. And have Garr
stick to his regular attacks and Pyrokinesis and the Gazer should be
KO'd in no time.

After you're done with Gazer, continue up the path and climb up all the
stair sets to reach the top of the lighthouse. When you get to the top,
hit the switch there to light the bulb of the lighthouse. Once you do
this, a faerie will arrive at the scene and attempt to turn off the
light again. When it fails, the faerie will get mad at you and it
gives you the Faerie Tiara which lets you use the flower rings
scattered about the world to teleport to their world. The faerie gives
you this so that you can make up for turning on the lighthouse.

**NEW DRAGON GENE (Eldritch)- So after that's over, grab the Eldritch
gene sitting behind the lighthouse bulb and leave the lighthouse. Then
rest, save, and head over to the nearest flower ring and enter the
world of the faeries.

 -  The Fight for Faerie Village

Once you enter the faerie village, follow the path up, and then head
inside the hut. Talk to the faeries inside and they'll tell you that
there's been some monster threatening them to turn off the lighthouse,
so you agree to help kill it for them. After you're done talking, exit
the hut and go down the left path to the beach and wait for nightfall.
After a while, you'll spot a pink fin in the water, moving toward the
beach. When it gets near the shoreline, your party unleashes a huge
attack on it. But when the smoke clears, you'll find that you've just
attacked a pink, talking dolphin. While your other two party members
go to consult the faeries, the dolphin will start cussing out Ryu in
Australian. It turns out that the dolphin's mad because the light from
the lighthouse gets in his eyes while he's trying to sleep. And when
the others get back, the dolphin will go postal and attempt to kill

Boss fight: Dolphin
HP: 1200
Exp- 900
Zenny- 200
Item- Fish Head
Recommended team- Ryu, Momo, Nina
Recommended level- 17
Notes- The Dolphin is pretty easy if you use the right attacks. The
only attack you need to worry about is Tsunami, which halves all of
your party member's HP (Note- You can learn Tsunami as a skill). Have
Ryu cast Shield on the party and then use Accession with the Thunder
and Eldritch genes. Then have him beat away with either Thunder Claw
or Myollnir if you can spare the AP. Nina should use Lightning and
Momo should stick to healing and using her normal attack when she can.

Once the battle's over, return to the hut, and the faeries will thank
you for helping them. They also show their gratitude by letting you
rest here for free, so rest up and then leave the faerie village.

When you get back to the world map, go the Wharf at Rhapala and talk
to Beyd (he'll be in his usual spot). Beyd tells you that even though
the lighthouse is fixed, the boat still won't arrive at Rhapala for a
while. He then suggests that you speak with Sinkar about using the
road again, so head over to the pub and talk to him. Sinkar reminds
you that the road is blocked, but because you fixed the lighthouse, he
gives you a letter that grants you access to a shortcut that cuts
through Mt. Zublo. So stock up on Healing Herbs, Vitamins, and
Panaceas, give you party members each a flame inoculation (Because Mt.
Zublo's a volcano, so expect to face fire based enemies), and save
your game. Once you're ready, enter Mt. Zublo.

 -  Mt. Zublo

Protein, Asbestos Armor, 800z, Ring of Fire, Flame Talons,
Wisdom Fruit, Life Shard

Lava Man, Lizard, Lizard Man, Vulcan

First, follow the path to the right of the stairs to find a chest with
a Protein inside. Now climb up the stairs and go right past the guards.
Make another right and take the multiple stair sets along this path up
to the shortcut entrance in the side of the mountain.

Now that you're inside the volcano, there are a few terrain features
that you should be aware of. The first are the patches of molten lava
on the ground in most areas of the volcano. If you step on the lava,
your lead character will take damage (in HP) for each step you take
(but your HP will never get below 1). In most situations, you can
navigate around the lava and still get where you need to go. But in
order to obtain some valuable items, you'll have to walk over patches
of lava and take damage. Just make sure you heal yourself with items
afterward, so you don't enter a random battle with low HP. The other
hazards in the volcano are the white and yellow geysers that shoot out
of the ground and the walls. White geysers just do a small amount of
damage to whoever gets hit by them, but yellow geysers induce
confusion, which is not much fun to deal with outside of battle because
it reverses your d-pad controls. Immediately cure the confusion with a

Continuing along, follow the first path up and to the right. Then
continue to the right, past the big lava patch and a pair of geysers,
and head upwards to a cavern on the left. Go inside and pick up the
Asbestos Armor in the chest and exit the way you came in. Follow the
path north from here, past the lava patch, to get a chest with 800z
inside. Now return back down to where the cavern was and head south to
a path that leads to passageway; enter it. In this next area, walk past
the pair of geysers on the ground and follow the upper ledge on the
right going southeast (make sure to time your passes between the yellow
geysers that shoot out of the walls along this path). Slide down the
ramp along this path to end up on an outside corner of the wall between
two yellow geysers. Continue to the right and head down the path just
to the right of a small stair set. Slide down the ramp (avoiding the
yellow geysers as best as you can, but you're probably going to get
hit), to reach a small ledge and a chest containing the Ring of Fire.
Equip it to someone and then jump off the ledge (also make sure to cure
any confused party members). Now, make your way back up by climbing the
small yellow ladders to the left. Climb the ladders and cross the small
lava patch to reach the small stair set you saw before. Go up it and
exit this area through the cavern at the right.

Follow the path in this next area to the right and then downward. Keep
going down this path, around the lower section where the dragon gene
is, and then southeastwards to reach a junction.

**NEW DRAGON GENE (Miracle)- Take the northeastern path all the way
around until it slopes downward. Walk down and around the lava, hugging
the left ledge, to obtain the Miracle gene.

If you're bold enough, walk through the big lava patch southeast of
there to get the Flame Talons in the chest (make sure you heal
immediately afterwards). Now, return all the way back to the main path
where the junction was and head southeastward. At the next junction, go
down the southwestern path to pick up a Wisdom Fruit, and then return
to that junction (heal your party) and head up the northeastern path.
As you come across a narrow path between two pools of lava, you'll be
halted by a drooling old man who starts babbling something about the
tower. He'll then summon two monsters, Scylla and Charybdis, to kill
you. Prepare yourself for a huge fight!

Boss fight: Gisshan, Scylla, and Charyb
HP: Gisshan- 800, Scylla/Charyb- 1000 each
Exp- 1500
Zenny- 1000
Item- N/A
Recommended team- Ryu, Momo, Garr
Recommended level- 19
Notes- This is a pretty challenging fight, but if you come well
prepared then you'll take control of the battle. Both Scylla and
Charyb will sometimes use Wall of Fire (a moderate flame attack) and
Snap, but they will most often hit you with their normal attack.
Gisshan will either be defending or annoying you by casting Sleep on
your party (so equip the Dream Ring) and Vitalize on himself and his
cronies. If you haven't rested since your flame inoculations, then you
already have complete resistance to their fire based attacks. Even if
she's had a shot, have Momo equip the Ring of Fire so that she'll
absorb flame attacks as HP, and also equip her with Ice Chrysm. Have
Ryu cast Shield on the party and then transform using the Frost and
Eldritch genes. Once again, just have Garr use his normal attack.
First, focus all of your attacks on Gisshan, and have Momo heal when
necessary. After Gisshan dies, have Ryu pound away at the two serpents
with Blizzard until his AP gets low (then use Frost Breath). Garr
should keep laying into them with his physical attack, and Momo should
attack with her Ice Chrysm and keep healing when needed.

With another victory under your belt, continue up the path and through
the cavern at the end. Now head down this next short path to the exit,
but first, use your camera angles to spot a chest containing a Life
Shard near the end of the path.

 -  The Urkan Region

At this point in the game, the Urkan Region only has a few points of
interest. The Urkan Tapa is a little ways east of Mt. Zublo, and Angel
Tower is to the southeast of the Urkan Tapa. There's a fishing spot to
the south near Mt. Zublo, and Junk Town lies to the far northeast. If
you have a good amount of zenny in your pocket (about 15000-25000),
then consider going to Junk Town and view the weapon selection in the
shop there. The weapons are mighty expensive, but when you see how
powerful they are, you'll know why. Once you're done exploring this
new region, head over to the Urkan Tapa.

 -  The Urkan Tapa

You'll quickly find out that the Urkan Tapa is a very religious place,
and it is also home to the guardians. Take some time to explore the
confusing layout of the village, upgrade your weapons and armor, and
stock up your item inventory.

Urkan Tapa Item Shop           Urkan Tapa Weapon Shop
--------------------           ----------------------
Healing Herb- 10z              Claymore- 2500z
Vitamin- 50z                   Flare Sword- 3200z
Antidote- 12z                  Long Spear- 1000z
Eye Drops- 20z                 Halberd- 2100z
Panacea- 100z                  Mithril Armor- 2100z
Ammonia- 200z                  Mithril Helm- 1100z
Spirit- 50z                    Mithril Shield- 1600z
Baby Frog- 50z
Popper- 50z
Float- 50z

While exploring the southeastern part of town, you should come across
a building with a large boulder blocking the entranceway. The village
elder, Sudama, is meditating inside, so put Garr in your party and
have him push the rock aside. Go inside the room, and Garr will talk
to the elder about something that you probably won't understand yet
(unless you've played the game before). Sudama will then tell you to go
to Angel Tower, so exit the Urkan Tapa, and you'll automatically set up
camp. While camping, Garr will begin to tell Ryu why he said that he
might die, but then he tells you never mind. Once you've broken camp,
save your game and enter Angel Tower.

 -  Angel Tower

Ivory Dice, Wisdom Seed, Diamond Ring, Moon Tears, Mithril Helm,
Soul Gem, Napalm

Cerebus, Lizard Man, Phantom, Spectre, Tricker

First, head up the long set of stairs until you come across a break in
the railing to the right. Walk through that gap in the railing and jump
off the ledge above the chest to reach that chest (it contains Ivory
Dice). Jump off that ledge too and then go through another break in the
railing to the right. Jump off this next ledge at the outside corner to
get a Wisdom Seed from the chest, then jump from that ledge also. Now
walk left, following the canal, to reach the beginning again. Climb
back up the stairs and go through the break in the railing again.
Jettison off the ledge where the Urkan guy is standing and off the
next three ledges as well. Then head up the long narrow stair set to
the right and go through the doorway.

When inside, go down the only set of stairs in this small room. In this
next area, continue to the bottom of the stairs and then head left to
what looks like a dead end. Have Momo blast away the cracked section
of the wall with her gun to reveal an opening. Go through the opening,
head down the stairs to the left, and then exit through the next
doorway. In this room, head right to pick up a Diamond Ring and some
Moon Tears (equip the Diamond Ring to someone because there is an enemy
in this place that uses death attacks).

Now return all the way back to the bottom of the first long stair set
that you came down when you first got inside, and head right. Go around
the small inward-jutting wall, and climb down the next set of stairs
that you see. At the bottom of those stairs, go up the small stair set
immediately to the right, continue up that path, and then exit through
the doorway at the end. In this room, you'll see two inclined breaks in
the upper section of the room, and a large green block at the east end
of the room. In order to get the chest in the upper section of the
room, you must have Garr push the green block into the first inclined
break going from right to left. If you don't understand these
directions, then refer to this crude diagram:

 upper section                              chest
====================\ /============\ /=============
====================| |============| |=============
 lower section                      ^-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<- [green block]

Once you've done this, exit the way you came in, go back down the
small stair set at the end of this hall, and go back up the stairs to
the left. From the top of these stairs, head right and go through the
doorway at the end of the path. You'll now be in the upper section of
the room you were in before, and you can now access the chest
containing a Mithril Helm at the east end of the room. Again, exit the
way you came, return to the bottom section of this room, and continue
through the doorway at the right end of the room (directly below where
the Mithril Helm was). Follow this next hall northwest, and then go
through the doorway near the end of the room. Head left from here,
grab the Soul Gem, and then exit this room. Now climb down the stairs
directly south of you.

In this next area, head down the next stair set you see (to the
southwest), and use your camera angles to find a chest containing
Napalm near the stairs. Now, continue down the path, past the small
stair set on the right to reach a big green block (similar to the one
you saw before). Have Garr push it straight against the ledge to the
far right and then up two spaces. Return to where you first entered
this room and go right. Follow this path to a stair set going down.
Head down those stairs to reach another block. Have Garr push it to
the left three times and then position yourself north of it to push it
southwards all the way it can go (to get north of the block, you'll
have to switch your lead character to Ryu, because Garr's too big to
get between it and the ledge). Once you've done that, get back to the
east of the block and continue down the path, hugging the rightmost
wall. Walk to the left and take the upper left path to get behind
another green block. Push it up twelve times so that it forms a bridge
with the block you pushed before.

Now, as you can probably see, you've formed a path to the stairs going
down at the east end of the room. Use the path you've made to reach the
stairs, and then climb down them. When you get to the basement, Garr
will ask your other party member to leave so that he and Ryu can go on
by themselves. Now, walk over to the tower in the middle of the room
and examine the plaques that rest on each side. Each plaque will have
a guardian's name and a number below it. Take a deep breath and examine
the plaque on the far side to find Garr's name on it. As Garr will tell
you, it turns out that he fought in the dragon war hundreds of years
ago, and the number below his name is the number of dragons he killed.
The basement of Angel Tower serves as a graveyard for the ancient
Brood, and Garr has brought you here to kill you because you're the
last of the Brood. Some friend he turned out to be. So get ready for
round two against Garr.

Boss fight: Garr
HP: 300
Exp- 400
Zenny- none
Item- Scale Mail
Recommended team- Ryu
Recommended level- Any
Notes- This fight is an exact opposite to the first time you fought
Garr. Just transform into any dragon you want that has Frost Claw and
nail him with it. You can also use the Miracle gene by itself and
batter Garr with your normal attack. You'll be slower than Garr, but
who needs speed when you have 500+ HP and your opponent is only doing
20 damage to you.

Once you make short work out of Garr, he'll ask you why you won't
finish him off just before some chaos will erupt. The tower will seem
like it's falling apart and the Behemoth Kaiser will come down upon
Garr. As Ryu is walking through the darkness, the same Brood warrior,
who beckoned him in the dream he had at the beginning of the game,
calls to him again. Ryu will then have a seizure, and the scene will
fade out.


About ten years after the incident at Angel Tower, Garr is hired to
get rid of a dragon that appeared in Dauna Mine. Garr finds the Whelp
dragon and gives it a good whack with his spear. As the dragon reverts
back into its human form, a familiar blue-haired young man appears.
It turns out that the dragon is Ryu, and he's grown-up now. Garr
explains that he's been searching for you for many years, and he asks
you to forgive him (although your answer will have no baring on the
game). He'll then give you your equipment, and after Ryu changes into
some clothes, you'll have control. Follow Garr by heading down and
around the path and exiting at the right (this area should be familiar
from the very beginning of the game). When you meet up with Garr again,
he'll tell you his doubts about the righteousness of the war he fought
in 400 years ago, and he asks you to journey with him to see his god.
Your first concern, though, is getting out of the mine, so once you're
done talking, continue on.

 - Dauna Mine

Vitamin, Life Shard, Magic Shard, Light Clothing, 200z, MultiVitamin,
Coupons, Feather Sword, Lion's Belt, Protein

Fire Slug, Ghoul, Giant Roach, Slug, Zombie, Zombie Dr.

From here, head right all the way to the end of the room and then exit
to reach the area with the big green skull. Walk to the leftmost end
of this area and climb the stairs there to get to a platform with three
chests on it (they contain a Vitamin, Life Shard, and Magic Shard).
Now walk back to the eastern end of the room and take a path going
downwards all the way to an elevator. Examine the panel and take the
elevator up to B1, and as you ascend, you'll be followed by a dark,
ghost-like mass.

Follow the wooden path right from the B1 elevator, and then go down the
wooden ramp. Head left on the mining cart tracks to get the Light
Clothing in the chest. Now go back to the wooden ramp and walk to the
right on the tracks to exit this area. Follow the tracks through the
next two areas to get outside. Head inside the nearby hut and pick up
the 200z inside the drawer, and stock up on healing items (especially
Panacea) from the fish merchant. After you're done here, return all the
way back to the elevator and go to B2. If you walk through the doorway
near the B2 elevator, you'll find a room where you can rest and save
your game, so use this room as often as you need to. From the elevator,
head to the right, past the save room, to reach a small slope going
downward. Go northeast from there (don't go down the slope yet) all the
way to a doorway at the end of a short hall. Head inside and get the
MultiVitamin in the chest, and then exit the way you came.
***Note- When you get Momo back in your party, return to that room and
have her blast away the weak section of wall with her gun to reveal a
room with the valuable accessory, Coupons, inside***.

Return to the small slope back in the other area and go down it to find
a mining cart full of explosives on a track. Throughout this area,
you'll find switches that change the direction of the track. Walk past
the mining cart and hit the first switch you come across along the
track. Then follow the track northeast and hit the switch on the right
side of the track. Now have Garr push the cart full of explosives, and
it should end up forming a small bridge that lets you get to the chest
containing a Feather Sword on the ledge. Grab the Feather Sword and
then have Garr push the cart back to where it was when you first found

Then hit the switch to the south of the Feather Sword chest again (the
2nd switch you hit). From that switch, head upwards and hit the switch
directly northwest of it. After that's done, push the cart, and it
should end up stopping at the left end of the northernmost track. Push
it from that location, and the cart should collide with and shatter
the big boulder that was blocking the passageway out. But before you
can leave, the same dark, disembodied mass that was stalking you
before will appear and take shape in the form of the Dragon Zombie.
The zombie inquires to Ryu about why he is allied with a guardian. And
when you refuse to kill Garr, it'll try to kill both of you.

Boss fight: Dragon Zombie
HP: 2500
Exp- 1000
Zenny- 300
Item- Power Food
Recommended team- Ryu, Garr
Recommended level- 21
Notes- You're going to want to beat the Dragon Zombie as quickly as
you can, because this guy is a nuisance fighter. It's Rotten Breath
attack is almost sure to poison both your party members every time,
and its worst attack is Bone Dance, which damages and confuses all
targets. But if you have a good supply a Panaceas and Antidotes, you
can quickly restore your normal status by having Ryu and Garr heal
each other. Have Ryu use Shield once, if you want to, and then have
him transform using the Flame and Eldritch genes. Then use the Restore
spell on the Dragon Zombie to do over 500 damage with each casting.
When Ryu's AP gets down to about a third of it's maximum, stop using
Restore and start using Flame Claw. Have Garr stick to his normal
attacks, as well as curing status changes using items. If Garr happens
to be at a higher level than usual (26+) and has access to the Kyrie
spell, you'll be able to defeat this potentially tough boss in one hit!

**NEW DRAGON GENES (Shadow and Fusion)- After you've defeated the
Dragon Zombie, a true member of the Brood will come and vanquish it
for good. As the evil spirit dissipates, it will release the Shadow
gene, and the true Brood spirit will grant you the Fusion gene. Once
this is done, exit this area through the cave that you just unblocked. 

In this next area, follow the tracks up to a junction and head
southeast. Take this path all the way to the end and go up the small
wooden stair set to exit this area through the doorway on the right.
Next, follow the wooden path down and go throught the first doorway
you see. Take the next path up and go northwest at the junction to get
a Lion's Belt. Return to the junction and head northeast to pick up a
Protein, and then exit this room the way you came in. Continue down
the wooden path and exit this room through the passageway at the end.
Then follow the next wooden path southeast and go through the doorway
at the end. Hit the switch inside this room three times and then exit
to find the metal bridge raised. Cross over the bridge and leave the
inside of the mine.

When you get outside, one of the workers will confront Garr and ask
him if he got rid of the dragon. Once you're done talking to the chief,
head southeast to the area where the two houses are. Enter the leftmost
house to talk to the boss and get your reward. Before you leave, the
boss tells you about some monster that's been attacking people near
the road. Now use the house to the right to save your game and then
leave Dauna Mine. You'll automatically make camp, and Ryu will have a
reminiscent dream. He wakes up and then goes outside to talk to Garr.
Garr will tell Ryu that they must head east to Angel Tower again and
then you'll break camp.

 -  Exploring the Dauna Hills Region

Dauna Hills is a very small region compared to other places that you've
been to, but there's still a lot to see here. You'll find fishing spots
to the south and to the west of Dauna Mine. A little ways southeast of
the mine you'll find a [?] hut with a familiar bunch of faces inside.
To the south lies Ogre Road, and Syn City is to the southwest. Also,
there's at least one flower ring in this area, so check up on the
faeries and you can begin building your faerie village (find out more
about the faerie village under side quests). When you're done looking
around, head over to Syn City.

 -  Syn City

This place is the headquarters of the blackmarket and the gang that
Balio and Sunder worked for and is populated by the same kind of
crooks and lowlifes that you saw in Genmel. Take time to check out the
shops here, as well as talk to the people in town. The bum sitting near
one of the shops will give you information about the blackmarket and
the monster at Ogre Road for a small price.

Syn City Item Shop      Syn City Weapon Shop      Sekine's Weapon Shop
------------------      --------------------      --------------------
Vitamin- 50z            Silver Knife- 1400z       Ashura's Sword- 3600z
Antidote- 12z           Thieves Knife- 3200z      Manly Clothes- 1000z
Eye Drops- 20z          Wind Cutter- 2200z
Panacea- 100z           Shotgun Shell- 2200z
Ammonia- 200z           Rood Spear- 2900z
Spirit- 50z             Light Clothing- 2700z
Baby Frog- 50z          Silver Mail- 3900z
Popper- 50z             Steel Gauntlets- 3000z
Float- 50z              Gold Hairpin- 2200z

When you're done exploring Syn City, go back to the world map and head
south to Ogre Road.

 -  Ogre Road

Hourglass, Horseradish (3)

Goo Titan, Tricker, Slasher, Vagabond

First, walk down the path to a small incline going downwards. Go down
the incline and continue to follow the path around the ledge with the
chest on it until you reach a junction. Head northwest a little ways
from the junction and have Ryu cut down the strange looking plants to
obtain Horseradish. Then go southwest to an incline going up. Head up
it and follow the path all the way around to reach the chest containing
an Hourglass that you saw on the ledge. Now go back a little ways and
jump off the ledge to the right of where the Horseradish was. Now walk
southeast all the way to the end of the road, where you'll be stopped
by the Weretiger, the monster that's been attacking people on this
road. Just hit it with your normal attacks, and after taking a couple
hundred HP's of damage, the Weretiger will flee the battle. Then
continue downward and exit Ogre Road. The south exit of the road will
empty you out into western Yraall Region. There's really isn't anything
else here besides a new fishing spot and Mt. Levett, so continue onward
to Mt. Levett.

 -  Mt. Levett

800z, Gold Hairpin

Blue Goblin, Boss Goblin, Goo Titan, Slasher, Tricker

Once you enter Mt. Levett, head right and then northeast up a long,
steep slope. Go left from the top of the slope and then to the
southwest to reach two sliding inclines (like the one you saw at Mt.
Glaus except smaller). Slide down the left one to pick up 800z in the
satchel and then slide down the next incline. Enter the cave to the
right, and follow the path inside up to the exit. Exit the cave and
walk right, past the top of the steep slope you went up before, and
take the lower path. When you get to the middle of the path, you'll
fall through a hole in the ground and into a cave. Pick up the Gold
Hairpin in the chest near you and head southwest to exit the cave.
Jump off the ledge outside and hike back up the steep slope. Once
you're at the top again, walk northwest a small ways and follow the
upper path going right. Take this path right and then downwards all
the way to the exit.

When you get back on the world map, go to the [?] hut north of Mt.
Levett. Pick up a Healing Herb in one of the drawers inside, and then
continue east. Head across the bridge that was out at the beginning of
the game and enter Yraall Road.

 -  Reunion in the Yraall Region

When you enter Yraall Road, head up the path to find Wyndian guards
blocking the road. Talk to them and they'll tell you that there's a
crime investigation going on, that's why the road is closed. Garr then
suggests that you go see what's going on at McNeil village. So enter
McNeil and talk to the innkeeper (she's standing right in front of the
inn). You'll then go inside the inn and talk about the tiger you saw on
Ogre Road. It turns out that the tiger was last seen going into Cedar
Woods, and Garr offers to help get rid of it. The innkeeper lets you
stay the night for free, so rest at the inn and then go to Cedar Woods

Enter Cedar Woods and then walk over to the place where your destroyed
house is. When you arrive at that area, you have a flashback of when
Balio and Sunder came to kill you. Go up to the path leading to your
house and Garr will tell you to go on alone. Continue along the path
and up to your house to find the tiger. It's Rei! He'll recognize Ryu
right away, and he is amazed about how strong you've become. Rei is
relieved to see that you're alive, but Teepo is still nowhere to be
found. Ever since you were separated, Rei's been hunting down the
people Balio and Sunder worked for, and he's been using his power to
attack people on Ogre Road. But before you can tell him that you've
already killed Balio and Sunder, he tells you that he won't stop until
he avenges you and Teepo, and then he runs off. So now, meet up with
Garr again and head down to McNeil village.

When you get there, you'll see that Rei got revenge on Loki. After
talking to a few of the villagers, go to the farm, and from there, go
to McNeil manor. Once you're done talking with Garr, you'll witness
Nina arresting Mr. McNeil, and after a little confusion, she'll ask
you what's going on. The three of you then go to the cow pasture and
explain everything that's happened since the separation at Angel Tower.
Nina agrees to the idea of Ryu learning more about the Brood, but she
insists that finishing the investigation should come first. Nina
suggests that you all go to Syn City to finish the investigation, so
exit back to the world map and return to Syn City.

 -  The Massacre

Old Painting, Healing Herb, 80z, Deluxe Rod

When you arrive at Syn City, the smell of blood is in the air, so you
know immediately that something's wrong. Walk around town and talk
to all the wounded people. It's obvious that Rei came here looking for
the boss of the blackmarket. Head over to the other side of the city
(which was inaccessible before) and go inside the cave there. Speak
with the people inside, and you'll find out that the boss fled from
Syn City up to the northwest Checkpoint. So pick up the Old Painting
in the chest and leave Syn City. Rest and save your game, and then
head over to the Checkpoint to the northwest. You'll arrive at the
Checkpoint just in time to see that Rei has hunted down the blackmarket
leader, Mikba. After a few cross words, Rei will give Mikba a good
slash with his knife, and then your party will show up. But while
you're conversing with Rei, Mikba will transform into his fighting
form, and he knocks Rei senseless with one blow. He'll then recognize
Ryu as the one who killed Balio and Sunder, so he decides to take you
out as well. It's time to fight Mikba!

Boss fight: Mikba
HP: 2500
Exp- 3000
Zenny- 1500
Item- Silver Mail
Recommended team- Ryu, Rei, Garr
Recommended level- 21
Notes- Mikba is no pushover, so don't take him lightly. Aside from
using Venom Breath to poison all of your party members, Mikba also has
a ridiculously high reprisal rate, and he gets Lucky Strikes very
often. The battle will start with Ryu and your third party member at
normal health, but Rei will be unconscious. If you choose to revive
Rei during the battle, do so carefully because he'll immediately
transform into the Weretiger. You will have no control over Rei when
he is in this form, and he will also slowly become berserk, which
means he might attack his own allies. If you have the Influence skill
(learned from Boss Goblins), you can bait Mikba, and this will cause
Rei to become berserk much more slowly (or not even become berserk at
all). Anyway, have Ryu cast Shield once or twice and then turn into a
dragon using the Flame and Eldritch genes, then bash away with Flame
Claw. Garr should concentrate on keeping everyone healthy by using
Antidoes and Vitamins. Keep everybody's HP near max at all times,
because Mikba can attack you several times in one round via reprisals.
Once you do about 1000 or so damage, revive Rei and bring him up to
full HP (and bait Mikba if you have Influence). The Weretiger will be
a huge help if he keeps attacking Mikba and not your own party members.
Then continue to have Ryu attack and heal, and have Garr keep healing
too, and you'll bring Mikba down. Should you actually decide to use
Nina in this fight instead of Garr, you can transform Ryu into the tiger
Hybrid dragon using your newly acquired Fusion gene (after Rei has been
revived). In this form, you can use Shadowwalk to deal some huge

After the battle, Mikba will say his last words and then die. You'll
then tell Rei all about what's happened since the incident in Cedar
Woods. Then Rei decides to end his reign of vengence and join Ryu on
his journey to see god. Once you're all done talking, choose three
party members (put Rei in your party) and go inside the hut near you.
Pick up a Healing Herb and 80z in the drawers, and then have Rei pick
the lock on the locked door to get the Deluxe Rod. Now exit the

Problems at the Plant..............................................(BoF3.03.05)

From the Dauna Hills Region, head east all the way back to Eygnock Road
(the main road that's just south of Wyndia), and enter it. As you're
walking along, Nina will get an idea. She suggests that Ryu should help
investigate and solve the troubles that the Plant has been having
lately, so that the king will make new passports for him (apparently
the king blames Ryu for Nina's running away all those years ago). Now
exit Eygnock Road and head over to the Plant.

 -  Reunion at the Plant

When you get to the Plant, familiarize yourself with the area
(especially the conveyor belts), and then head over to where the
furnace is. There you'll find Momo working on a machine, and with a
little help from Honey, she'll pull away from her work to talk to you.
You all will then go to the inn to talk about everything that's
happened since Angel Tower. Momo tells you that the Plant director,
Palet, has gone missing, and that the Plant is in turmoil because of
it. Since Palet is the only one who can fix this mess, you decide to
go and look for him. But first, you need to go pick up Peco, so exit
the Plant and enter the Yggdrasil tree's grove just east of the Plant.
When you get there, you'll find Peco hanging out in front of the
Yggdrasil tree. Collect him, change party members (make sure Peco's in
your party), and then go back to the plant.

You'll get the strange feeling that something's wrong when you return
to the Plant. Speak with everyone here to find out that things have
gone from bad to worse, and Palet still hasn't returned. Now, head up
the usual path of conveyor belts (the way you would go to get to the
furnace area) to reach two different areas overlooking two greenhouses
filled with chrysm gas. You'll probably also notice several stones on
the ground, as well as an X on the ground at each spot. Have Peco kick
a rock onto the X, and then after a good running start, have him kick
the rock off the ledge. If you hit the rock with enough speed, it
should jettison off the ledge and break the glass panel in the
greenhouse's roof, releasing the chrysm gas. If you mess up, then
simply kick another rock onto the X and try again. Do the same thing
with the other greenhouse (it doesn't matter which one you do first).

Once you've cleared out the gas in both greenhouses, you'll hear a
rumbling sound, and then the furnace smoke stacks will start releasing
green chrysm gas. So now, go down the next conveyor belt to the
furnace building and head inside. Inspect the hatch along the wall to
see that it's weak enough for Momo to blast it off with her gun. Have
Momo shoot the hatch off, and then walk through the opening (This
would be a good time to switch party members, however, keep in mind
that you'll need Momo in your party for this next mission). You'll end
up in a very small room with a ladder going down its center, so climb
down it to reach the underground laboratory.

 -  The Underground Laboratory

Skill Ink, Ammonia, Silver Mail, Sleep Shells, Wisdom Ring,
Healing Herb, 400z

Big Bulb, Fly Man, Giant Roach, Toxic Fly, Zombie Dr.

After getting over the amazement of finding this place, walk left to
reach a door with #1 on it. Examine it, and you'll find that it's
locked electronically. Go back and head southeast from the first
ladder you came down to find another ladder going up. Climb that
ladder and check behind the haystacks in this room to find a satchel
containing Skill Ink. Now, go back down the ladder, walk northeast up
the hall, and enter the next room. In this room you'll find several
computer terminals, and because you will return to this room frequently
during the mission, let's call this the "main room". Have Momo examine
the computer with the number 1 on the screen. She figures out that
these terminals control the electronic locks on the numbered doors in
the laboratory, and that you need to input the correct password to
unlock the doors. Momo guesses the correct password and unlocks the #1
doors. Exit this room the way you came and go through the #1 door that
was locked before. In this room you'll find three doors numbered 1, 2,
3 from left to right, and since you'll be coming back to this room a
lot also, let's call this the "3 doors room". Now head through the #1

From here, go right and down the stairs. Pick up the Ammonia from the
drawer, and then go down the stairs in the southwest corner of the
room. This room is flooded with chrysm radiation so you can't stay in
here for very long. Run over to the north corner of the room and use
your camera angles to spot the Peco-like creature. Inspect it to get a
hint for a password, and then return to the main room. Have Momo
examine the computer with the number 2 on the screen, and she'll enter
the password. The password is correct, so all the #2 doors open. Return
to the 3 doors room and go throught the #1 door again. Head down the
stairs to the right and inspect the #2 computer in this area to unlock
the #2 door next to it. Check behind the boxes in this room for a
Silver Mail, go back to the 3 doors room, and exit through the #2 door.

Walk along this next path a little ways and enter the next #2 door you
see. Follow this narrow area up to a switch; hit it and exit the way
you came in. Continue up the path and to the left, past the #3 computer
terminal, and down the stairs at the end of the path. From here, head
right and follow this path all the way around until you reach a ramp
leading up to an AC vent and a doorway to the right. Enter the doorway
at the right and head northeast a small ways. Examine the piece of
paper on the floor behind the AC vent to obtain the password for the
#3 doors.

**NEW DRAGON GENE (Force)- Now, go up the ramp and onto the AC vent.
Follow the vent up into the next area, and then keep following it up
to reach the Force gene.

Return to the room where you found the #3 password, take the conveyor
belt to the southeast up, and exit this room to the right. In this next
area, grab the Sleep Shells in the chest behind the box, and then hop
on the conveyor belt going right. Go back to the main room and input
the password to the #3 computer to unlock the #3 doors. After you've
done that, walk over to the 3 doors room and head through the #3 door.
Go up and to the right past the three flashing panels on the ground.
Then walk northwest to see chrysm gas leaking out of a #3 door. Head
inside to find some strange creature mutating and getting larger right
before your eyes. It's time to fight!

Boss fight: Huge Slug
HP: 2500
Exp- 2100
Zenny- 300
Item- Vitamins
Recommended team- Ryu, Rei, Momo
Recommended level- 22
Notes- The Huge Slug isn't too hard if you use the right attacks. The
only attack you need to watch out for is Syphon, which steals your HP.
This guy also has a protective coating that makes him immune to your
physical attacks. The coating can be destroyed if you hit the Slug with
a flame attack. So, have Ryu cast Shield and then transform using the
Force and Flame genes. Momo should cast a few assist spells such as
Might and Speed, heal when necessary, and attack packing Flame Chrysm.
If you've learned Flame Strike from the Fly Men here, give it to Rei
and have him pound away with it (otherwise use Weretiger). Just have
Ryu use Flame Claw the entire battle, unless you can spare the AP for
a few Auras, and the Slug should go down without much trouble.

Once you've dealt with the Huge Slug, exit this room the way you came
in and climb up the stairs to the left. Inspect the yellow book on the
ground near the flashing panels to get a hint for the last password.
The flashing panels on the ground in this room each have a chrysm
pressure reading. The password is the chrysm pressure units' numbers
(1-5) arranged in order from least to greatest chrysm pressure. You can
easily figure out the password yourself, but you don't really have to
considering the #4 computer gives you a short list of numbers to choose
from (you can just go down the list until you select the correct one).
But if you're bent on figuring it out yourself, then I'll just tell
you that one of the unit's readings is incorrect, and you have to look
around the lab for a clue. Anyway, head right from there and pick up
the Wisdom Ring from the chest on the AC vent.

Now, once again, return to the main room, and have Momo examine the #4
computer terminal. Like I mentioned before, a list of number
arrangements will come up. Choose "other" to bring up a second list.
From that list, select the third set of numbers from the top. The #4
doors will now be unlocked, so go through the door behind all the
computers to arrive in a rest/save room. Rest up, save your game,
snatch the Healing Herb from the drawer, and exit this room through
the door on the right. Head up this next narrow hallway and climb up
the ladder at the end. Enter the next room through the #4 door at the
top of the ladder. In this area, walk right and then up the ramp onto
the AC vent. Follow the vent northeast all the way to the end, go
right, and then descend down the ladder there. In here you'll finally
find the man you've been searching for, Palet. It turns out that, long
ago, Palet and Momo's father worked in this lab together, trying to
concoct an elixir that would bring the dead back to life. Momo's father
quit the experiment, but Palet has still been trying to revive his
mother ever since. In order to protect his mother from you, Palet
drinks an extract from the Yggdrasil tree and transforms into a huge,
mushroom-like creature. It's time to take on Palet.

Boss fight: Shroom
HP: 3000
Exp- 3900
Zenny- 300
Item- Wisdom Fruit
Recommended team- Ryu, Rei, Momo
Recommended level- 23
Notes- Shroom is probably the toughest boss yet, so if you defeat him
easily, you know you're doing well so far. For this fight your going
to want to cast Shield at least 3 times, because Shroom's attack power
is very high. He also has an attack that damages your whole party, and
he can use Restore to heal himself for a good amount of HP. After Ryu
is done casting Shield a few times, have him ascend into a Warrior
dragon (I prefer the Force, Defender, and Eldritch genes for this
fight, but any combo resulting in a Warrior will do fine) and hit
Shroom with Aura for however many turns you as can afford to (also use
Focus to increase your power if you have it as a dragon). Momo should
back up the party by casting Speed and Might on both Ryu and Rei, and
by healing when you need to. Have Rei use Pilfer so you can get your
hands on that valuable Wisdom Fruit. After you've stolen the Wisdom
Fruit, have Rei stick to using his normal attacks. Don't use Weretiger
unless it's absolutely necessary. For some reason, Rei goes berserk
very quickly in this battle, so if you feel that you really need to
use Weretiger, don't use it until the very end of the battle. However,
if you have Influence, then you should have no worries about using

After you've defeated Shroom, pick up the 400z in the drawer and hit
the switch to turn off the machine so Palet's mother can finally rest
in peace. Then exit the underground laboratory and leave the Plant,
and you'll automatically make camp. While camping, Momo will converse
with Nina, and in a nutshell, Momo decides to come with Ryu to the
eastern lands. Once you break camp, head over to Wyndia.

 -  The Escape from Wyndia


When you enter Wyndia, Nina will request that Ryu stay behind while
she and Rei go to the castle to get the passports (The logic is that
the king thinks that Ryu kidnapped Nina all those years ago, and he'd
probably recognize Ryu and his friends if they came to the castle. But
he's never seen Rei before, so the king won't know that he's Ryu's
friend). Before you head to the castle, walk over to the fountain near
the inoculation shop to find four familiar people. Remember when you
played Hide and Seek with those kids in Wyndia all those years ago?
Well, they're still here and still playing Hide and Seek, but they've
tweaked this children's game a bit (to find out more, see the Masters
and Side Quests sections). Now go to the castle, have Nina talk to the
guard there, and he'll let you in to see the king.

At the hearing, Nina explains everything about the blackmarket and the
Plant, also saying that she wouldn't have been able to do it without
Rei's help. The king commends Rei's actions and agrees to immediately
make a passport for him. While the passport is being made, Nina offers
to give Rei a tour of the castle. Once you regain control, head right
and then southeast from the corner. Then go down the stairs at the end
of the path. After Nina tells Rei a little about this area, it's
dejavue as Honey comes running up to the two of you. Collect Honey and
then go over to the dungeon. Pick up a Vitamin from the drawer at the
beginning, and then have Rei pick the lock on the cell door to access
the chest containing a Laurel. Now, exit the dungeon and go to Nina's
parents' bedroom (it's up the stairs to the left of the dining room in
case you forgot). Have Nina talk to her mother, and then exit this room
the way you came.

When you reach the bottom of the stairs your passport will be done.
After you receive it, Nina suggests to Rei that he takes his leave
quickly before Ryu is found. But before you can leave, a castle guard
alerts the royal family that Rei was seen talking to Ryu in town. Nina
tries to explain that Ryu isn't a criminal, but then her mother comes
into the picture. And when Rei tries to give his opinion about these
family matters, the queen really gets ticked, and the chase begins.
You dash for the front exit but it's blocked by guards. Then Honey will
start running away, so Nina says to follow her just like she did years
ago. Once you follow Honey down the first set of stairs, continue
through this room and into the kitchen. Run through the kitchen and
down the next set of stairs into the cellar. Make your way through
this room and then climb down the ladder at the end, just as Honey
does. When you get to the bottom of the ladder, you'll witness Honey
trying to break down a door that Rei simply picks the lock to. Honey
will go inside, but it looks like the queen and her men have caught up
with you. The two of you go inside the next room to find that Honey
has activated the alter in here. As Honey shows you, this alter is a
transporter, so you climb on and vanish from the castle.

When you reappear, get off the transporter and climb up the ladder to
find that you've been transported to Durandal's hut on the outskirts
of Wyndia. Exit the hut, return to the world map, and you'll
automatically make camp. You'll then talk with the rest of the group
and then rest. You have your passports, but you can't go anywhere near
Wyndia for awhile , so it's time to head east.

Freeing Deis.......................................................(BoF3.03.06)

Once you break camp, head east from Wyndia to the Checkpoint. Enter the
Checkpoint and show the guards your passport, and then pass over into
the Rhapala region. As you can see, nothing much has changed in this
region over the years, except that the main road around Mt. Zublo is
now open. So take the road around Mt. Zublo to the Urkan region, put
Garr in your party, and then go to Angel Tower.

When you get there, put Garr in the lead position and walk up to the
bottom of the big stair set between the two guards. When they see Garr,
the guards will ask him about his long sleep. As you climb to the top
of the tower, Garr will tell you about how guardians go into a stone
sleep when their purpose in life is complete. And after Garr prays
before the alter at the tower's peak, the immodestly dressed Deis will
appear. She explains to Garr that she's imprisoned here at the tower,
and the key to her freedom lies in guardian Gaist (one of the guardians
who fought alongside Garr in the war). Once Deis vanishes, Garr
suggests that you all go to the Urkan Tapa to inquire about Gaist's
whereabouts. So head over to the Urkan Tapa and talk to the elder,
Sudama. He tells you that Gaist lives out somewhere to the west. Now
exit the Tapa, go west along the southern coastline, and pass back
into the Rhapala region to the south of Mt. Zublo. From there enter the
Tidal Caves.

 -  Tidal Caves

Fish-head, Coin, Thunder Ring, Hawk's Ring, Deadly Blade

Barb Bulb, Bomb Seed, Slasher, Sleepy, Spiker

As you'll soon learn from the fish guy sitting near the entrance to the
caves, the water level around here changes every few minutes. Walk past
the fish guy and you'll see the water level drop. Now, enter the cave
at the end of the path. Follow this next path northwest and enter the
cave on the right. Take this path up to a junction, head northeast
around the corner, and use your camera angles to spot a chest
containing a Fish-head. Return to the fork in the path and walk left
to reach another fork. Head southwest from there and follow that path
down to a passageway; go through it. Pick up the Coin in the chest,
exit the way you came, and go back to the fork in the path. Walk
northwest and follow this path around to another junction. Go right
and then exit through the passageway at the end.

From here, go right over to a small wooden dock with a ladder going
down it. If that ladder is underwater, go back inside the cave and
walk around until the water level drops. Once the water level is down,
climb down that ladder and head right to a narrow path going
southeastwards. Get the Thunder Ring in the chest at the end of the
path, and then return to the ladder you came down before. Climb down
the ladder directly under it and go inside the cave to the right.
Follow the path inside left, and continue to the left at the first
junction. Head northwest at the fork after that and follow this mossy
path over to a skeleton holding a Hawk's Ring.

Now exit this entire cavern the way you came in. Hop on the raft the
the southeast of the cave entrance, and it'll float to the left. When
the raft stops, get back on it and ride it again, but this time it'll
float to the southeast. After you get off the raft, walk northeast and
head through the passageway on the right. Now, go right and then up
the slope to a chest containing a Deadly Blade. Return inside, ride
the raft again, and it'll float northwest back to the other small dock.
Get off the raft and exit this area through the southwesternmost
passageway. In this next area, climb up the ladder to the left, and
then head right from the top of the ladder to exit the cave.

**NEW DRAGON GENE (Gross)- Now walk left, pick up the Gross gene
sitting on the side of the path, and then exit the Tidal Caves. Once
you're back on the world map, head west a little ways to reach Cliff.

 -  Cliff

Beast Spear

This is a small community composed of outcasts, outsiders, and other
people that just can't fit in anywhere else. Explore the village and
talk to the people here to find out that Gaist is living here. So put
Garr in your party and enter the cave-house at the far northwest end
of the village. When you go inside you'll find Gaist. He and Garr will
start to talk about their doubts of the past and the present, and Garr
will also tell Gaist about Deis. After a little while, Gaist will
want to speak with Ryu alone, so Garr and your other party member will
leave. It turns out that Gaist wants to know just how serious Ryu is
about learning about his people and journeying to see god. He asks
that you go outside and speak with Garr before giving him an answer,
so exit his house and talk to Garr. When the choice comes up, answer
"I must know the truth". Now, rest and save if you haven't done so
since you went through the Tidal Caves, stock up on items at the local
shop, and then go back in and talk to Gaist. Tell him that "I want the
truth", and he'll request that you stand between the two torches in
the room. Once your in the right spot, Gaist will transform and
challenge you to a fight.

Boss fight: Gaist
HP: 2500
Exp- 1000
Zenny- 500
Item- Beast Spear (check ashes at end of fight)
Recommended team- Ryu
Recommended level- 25
Notes- Gaist may look mean, but he's not as tough as he looks. His
normal attack does a moderate amount of damage, and he occasionally
uses Risky Blow and Howling. The only other spell you need to be aware
of is Sanctuary, which erases the effects of all assist magic. With
that in mind, don't waste time and AP casting assist spells, and
immediately transform using the Force, Frost and Gross genes. First
take out the two torches because they heal Gaist each turn with Flare
(they have about 300 HP each). If you're very tight on AP, you could
use the Feather Sword to quickly take out the torches with normal
attacks before transforming. Once the torches are gone, attack Gaist
with either Aura or Frost Claw, and he'll go down pretty quickly.

After the fight, Garr and your other party member will come in to
witness Gaist's last moments. Gaist explains that it had to be this
way in order for Deis to be released. He then dies and turns to dust.
Now that this is done, Deis should be free so it's time to go back to
Angel Tower.

***NOTE: VERY IMPORTANT- Before you leave Gaist's house, inspect his
remains to get the Beast Spear, Garr's ultimate weapon***

 -  Help From Deis

Once you get back to Angel Tower, ascend the main staircase and go
through the break in the railing to the right. Jettison off the ledge
right next to the narrow stair set that leads inside the tower, and
then jump off the next three ledges as well. From there head southeast
to a staircase going down. Descend it to find Deis, and she'll be
released. After she beats the crap out of Garr for letting her be
cooped up in the tower like that and talks with you for a bit (there's
also a flashback from the dragon war), Deis will tell you meet up with
her at the volcano to the west (she means Mt. Zublo). Once she takes
off, exit Angel Tower, and enter Mt. Zublo via the main road.

Remember that cave along Mt. Zublo's main road, the one that the
guards are standing near? Go inside it and have Ryu examine the wall
at the end of the path. You'll then be transported to the place where
Deis resides. She'll come out, with clothes on this time, and explain
that she can't use her power to its full extent in the nude. Say "I
like you this way" and you'll get a happy response from Deis. Then Garr
will appear and ask Deis about finding god. It turns out that she can't
take you to see god herself, but she can give you something that will
guide you there. Deis will then cast a spell on Ryu, giving him the
Eye of God. The Eye will act as a compass that points in the direction
of the guardians' god's residence. It then shines and points to the
north. So, it looks like you're going to have to cross the sea to find
god. After you're done talking with Deis, you'll be transported back to
the shrine at Mt. Zublo. You'll be needing a boat to get across the
ocean, so exit the mountain and head over to Rhapala.

To Cross the Sea...................................................(BoF3.03.07)

When you arrive at Rhapala, talk to the people here to find out that
the ship is broken again. Go down to the Wharf and you'll find Zig,
Shadis, and Shadis's new baby. Speak to Shadis and she tells you that
Beyd went to Junk Town to investigate the problem with the boat. So,
leave Rhapala, head back to the Urkan region, and go to Junk Town (it's
northeast of the Urkan Tapa).

 -  Junk Town

Green Apple, MultiVitamin, Tea Cup

This town is home to the machine guild, which works together with the
porter's guild to transport machines. As you can see, the massive piles
of machine parts and other junk give this place it's name. Take time to
explore the town by talking to the locals and finding the items here; a
Green Apple, MultiVitamin, and Tea Cup. Also, check out the shops here
for some powerful weapon upgrades.

Junk Town Item Shop           Junk Town Weapon Shop
-------------------           ---------------------
Titan Belt- 3000z             Flame Chrysm- 500z
High Boots- 3000z             Ice Chrysm- 500z
Wisdom Ring- 3000z            Shotgun Shell- 2200z
Lion's Belt- 3000z            Barbarossa- 12000z
Dynamite- 200z                Thunder Rod- 9500z
Weather Vane- 200z            Gigantess- 8800z
Taser- 200z
Belladonna- 200z
Firecracker- 500z
Icicle- 500z

When you're done exploring, head over to the southwest corner of town
to find Beyd talking to a guildsman about the boat. After he leaves,
follow him and you'll exit back onto the world map. You can now fully
explore the Urkan region.

 -  The Northern Urkan Region

This part of the Urkan region is a long narrow peninsula that creates
a boarder between the Outer Sea and the Middle Sea. The Dock is south
of Junk Town, and Steel Beach is just to the north.

**NEW DRAGON GENE (???)- As you head west along the peninsula, you'll
pass a fishing spot, and then you'll find a [?] hut and another fishing
spot at the end of it. Go inside the hut, pick up the Swallow Eye from
the drawer, and check behind the curtain for the ??? gene. Now, return
to the world map and go to the Dock.

 -  Fixing the Ship

Once you get to the Dock, head southwest to find Beyd talking with the
mechanic who's trying to fix the ship. It turns out that the engine's
busted, and they don't have the right parts to fix it. When you regain
control, talk to Beyd with Momo in the lead position and she'll offer
to help fix the boat. Beyd will then take you down to the engine room
so Momo can see what's wrong. After inspecting the engine, Momo gives
you a list of parts that are needed to fix the boat. You're going to
have to ask around for a good place to look for parts. So get off the
boat and a guildsman will tell you that you should probably get
permission from the guild master before you go looking for parts. Talk
to the people hanging around the dock to find out that Steel Beach is
the best place to find parts. But since you need the guild's permission
to access the beach, return to Junk Town and speak to the guild master
(he's standing inside one of the houses and wearing a headband). Since
the ship will get fixed faster the faster the parts are found, the
chief gives you permission to look for parts at Steel Beach. So leave
Junk Town and go to Steel Beach.

When you get there, follow the wooden path up, and after you've dealt
with the guard, exit this cave onto the beach. Head northwest from
there to reach the entrance of an old freighter. Try to go inside and
the guard there will stop you, saying that you need to prove that
you're strong enough to go in, because there are monsters inside. He
suggests that you speak to the foreman, so head right over to where
the little monkey guy holding the flags is standing. Talk to the big
guy near him with Garr in the lead, and you'll play the rope pulling
mini-game. Listen closely to the foreman's instructions, and remember
that the white flag is for the foreman, and the red flag is for Garr.
The key to doing this right is to be about a one meter ahead of the
foreman, because he doesn't adjust his speed according to the
differences in your rope lengths. If you're a meter ahead and you get
an extra turn, pull the rope more slowly. Once you've pulled the thing
in close to 6 meters the game will be over. But now a new problem has
arisen. It turns out that you weren't pulling a machine but a
gargantuan fish. Get ready to battle the Angler.

Boss fight: Angler
HP: 3000
Exp- 3000
Zenny- 200
Item- Fish-head
Recommended team- Ryu, Rei, Garr
Recommended level- 26
Notes- The Angler's not too hard. Aside from Venom Breath, the only
spell you have to worry about is Thunder Clap, an electric attack which
hits a single character for a good amount of damage. To counter this,
have a good supply of Antidotes and equip either Rei or Garr with the
Thunder Ring. Start the battle by having Ryu cast Shield, and then have
him use Accession with the Force, Frost, and Gross genes. Garr should
use his normal attack and Gambit (if you're feeling lucky), and he
should be equipped with the Beast Spear. Have Rei cast Speed on
himself if he doesn't already have an extra turn, and then use
Weretiger. Since the Angler has a weakness for ice attacks, Ryu should
pound away with either Frost Claw or Aura (whichever does more damage)
until the big fish dies.

Once you've defeated the Angler, the foreman will give you permission
to look for parts in the freighter. But before you go inside the
freighter to look for parts, collect the parts that are lying around
on the beach.

**NEW DRAGON GENE (Mutant)- Pick up the Mutant gene sitting at the
northeast end of the beach. Now, here are the locations of the parts
on the beach:

-In the water just north of where the foreman is standing
-Behind the southern wall southeast of where the foreman is standing
-In the small junk pile south of where the foreman is standing
-Behind the ledge southeast of the freighter's entrance
-Hidden on the right side of the freighter near the guy using the

After you find all of the parts on the beach, go inside the freighter
to find the remaining parts. When you get inside, first, take this
path northwest and check behind the short railing to the left at the
end to find a part. From there, keep heading northwest until you find
an "H" shaped part on the ground. Pick it up and head back southeast.
Go down the stairs to the right, and then climb down the two ladders
below it. Then walk left on this narrow path and climb down the next
ladder to reach the lower level of the freighter. Head right and hit
the blue switch there two times. Now, pass under the beam you just
raised and pick up the part to the right. Head left from there to find
another blue switch. Pick up the part to its left and the part hidden
behind it, and then hit that switch two times.
Return to the last ladder that you came down, climb back up it, and
head right. Walk across the first beam and pick up the part on top of
the crate. Go down the tiny ramp and then northwest across the next
beam. Make your way across the beam after that and collect the part on
top of the crate. Now, go back to the lower level of the freighter.
From the bottom of the ladder, walk northwest to a third and final
blue switch; hit it two times. Pass under the beam and check around
for the part hidden behind it. Head northwest a little ways and pick up
the part hidden behind the crates on the left. Then, check around the
crates to the right to find another part and a chest containing a Robe
of Wind. Now, once again, climb back up the ladder you took to get down
here. Head right and walk across the three beams again to get to the
last part. Once you obtain the final part, exit Steel Beach and head
back over to the Dock.

When you get there, go down to the engine room of the boat and give
Momo all of the parts. Very shortly afterward Momo will have the boat
fixed. It'll then shove off and head for Rhapala. When you regain
control of Ryu, go and talk to all of your party members on the boat.
When you talk to Nina on the outside deck, you'll spot something
strange in the distance. Meanwhile on the bridge, Beyd speaks to the
sailors about the mysterious Black Ship. When you arrive at Rhapala,
Beyd will give you full use of the boat. And before he can even assign
a sailor to drive it for you, Zig steps in and takes the job quite
eagerly. Zig goes up to the bridge to await your orders, so when you're
ready, talk to him and tell him that you're ready. You'll then leave

Zig will ask you where you want to go once you're out at sea. When you
tell him you want to cross the Outer Sea, he'll ask you to talk it over
with the rest of your group first. So speak with all of your party
members, and then talk to Zig again, telling him that you still want to
cross the ocean. You'll then be transferred to the world map where
you'll have full control over the boat.

Boat controls:
Up (d-pad)......... Move forward
Down (d-pad)....... Move backwards
Left (d-pad)....... Turn left
Right (d-pad)...... Turn right
O button........... Speed burst/dash

****Engine overheats if you dash too long****

Once you get the hang of piloting the boat, head north and cross into
the darker colored water. As you try to cross the ocean, the enormous
waves hammer your little ship, and you're forced to turn back. When
you get back to calmer waters, speak to Zig and he'll tell you that he
can't get you across the sea in this boat. He then mentions a sailor
named the Legendary Mariner. Unfortunately, Zig doesn't know too much
about him. But he does know of someone who can tell you all about the
Legendary Mariner; the mayor of Parch. Parch is the town just north of
Rhapala, and it can only be accessed by boat. So once you regain
control, head over to Parch.

 -  Parch

Coin, 400z

You'll soon discover that Parch is a more primitive town than others
that you've been to. Their staple product is fish which the people here
use as their main source of food and for trade. Talk to the people
around here and find a Coin and 400z inside the houses. Also check out
the shops here for some weapon and armor upgrades (but I would
recommend saving your money because the next town you visit will have
even better equipment, and it won't be cheap).

Parch Item Shop           Parch Weapon Shop
---------------           -----------------
Vitamin- 50z              Bent Sword- 20z
Antidote- 12z             Baselard- 6500z
Eye Drops- 20z            Flying Spear- 5000z
Panacea- 100z             Ruby Scepter- 3200z
Ammonia- 200z             Tiger Claws- 3800z
Firecracker- 500z         Silver Mail- 3900z
Icicle- 500z              Amber Breast Plate- 6100z
Caro- 200z                Kite Shield- 4700z
Frog- 200z                Platinum Helm- 2800z
Top- 200z
Hanger- 200z

Head over to the northeast end of town to find the mayor's house. Talk
to him and he'll snap at you. It turns out that the mayor is in a
really bad mood because all there is to eat around here is fish, and he
hates it. And until this bad morale blows over, the mayor's not going
to tell you anything. But he does say something about the Maekyss
Gorge, and since this is your only clue of what to do now, go there.
Go inside the house near the bridge and talk to the lady inside. You
tell her your problem and she suggests you try feeding the mayor shisu
to get him to like fish. She'll tell you, in general, how to make the
shisu and where to find the ingredients for it. She then asks you to
collect all the ingredients before she explains, in detail, how to make
it. So grab the 400z from the drawer in this house, and then go find
the ingredients.

 -  Shisu Quest

The shisu you're going to make is composed of four ingredients, and
this is how and where to find them:

Mackerel- A fish that can be caught at the fishing spot right next to
the Maekyss Gorge. They're not hard to catch, and any worm-like bait
will do just fine for catching them. You only need one. If you want to
make the best shisu you possibly can, then you'll need to catch a very
large (68-70cm) Mackerel.

Shally Seed- A rice-like seed that can be found in the tree just behind
the shisu lady's house at the Maekyss Gorge. Have Peco kick the tree
to make the seeds fall out. Get about twenty to thirty.

Vinegar- A sour liquid that can be obtained from the well at the Coffee
Shop. To get it, though, you must successfully play one of the most
annoying mini-games in the game. Put Garr in your party and have him
talk to the little cloaked guy standing next to the well. Listen very
closely to his instructions, and remember to hit the X button fast
enough and hit Triange the SAME number of times you hit X, no more,
no less (that's the most common mistake in this game). You might want
to get two helpings of Vinegar just to be safe (in other words, play
the mini-game twice).

Horseradish- A spicy plant found on Ogre Road. Just cut down the bush
with Ryu's sword to obtain it. I'd get about ten of these.

After you've obtained all of these ingredients, go back the Maekyss
Gorge and speak to the shisu lady. She'll give you a more detailed
explanation of how to make the shisu, and she also gives you her
recipe. I'd suggest looking at the recipe as a compound porportion:

10 mackerel - 8 shally seed - 2 vinegar - 4 horseradish

Now i made some cauculations and i got the following equation:
Example Mackerel=57 cm

Divide the size of the Mackerel by 5.
Add 6, thats how many Shaly seeds you need.

Example Shaly=17 seeds

Divide the number of Shaly seeds you need by 4, that's how much vineger you

Example Vineger=4 units

The formula gets a bit complicated.

Divide the size of the Mackerel by the number of Shaly seeds you need.
(example 57/17=3)
Divide the Number of Shaly seeds you need by that number.
(example 17/3=5)
Subtract 2, that's the abount of horseradish you need.
(example 5-2=3)

NOTE:  If you get decimal places, look at the first place, and round up
       if that number is 5 or higher, and round down if it is 4 or lower.
       (i.e. 5.5 is rounded up to 6, where 5.49999 is rounded down to 5)

NOTE2: When finding horseradish, you do need to do the whole thing, as
       sometimes the final answer is different then if you just divide
       the Mackerel by the Shaly.

Now that the mayor is happy, he gives you the Sea Charts which will
allow you to navigate the tidal area to the east. The Legendary Mariner
lives somewhere in that area. Before you leave, talk to the mayor's
advisor and he'll give you a prize depening on how well you prepared
the mayor's shisu. I don't have a list of all the prizes you can get,
but I know that the worst prize is an Ammonia and the best prize is a
Shaman's Ring. When you're done here, exit Parch and head over to the
[?] area to the east (it is between the rocks along the line between
the inner and outer seas).

Because of the tides in this area, you only have twenty-five seconds to
get where you need to go. So make sure your ship driving skills are
sharp. I'd also recommend that you dash in short bursts to prevent your
engine from overheating. And remember that you can only navigate the
light colored water. There are three chests in this area containing a
Heavy Dagger, Blizzard Mail, and Ice Shield. To get to the Legendary
Mariner's house, first, dash to the left and hurry up this channel.
Head left again, around the rocks, and then dash to the southwest to
reach the hut.

When you get there, the Legendary Mariner will invite you inside. You
tell him about your mission to cross the ocean, and he explains that
it's impossible for a Middle Sea boat to make the trip. He also tells
you that he's not really a great sailor, and he came from the other
side of the sea as a cast away. But seeing that you're determined to
cross the sea, Kukuys tells you about the Black Ship. The Black Ship is
a huge ocean transport that came from the other side of the sea. It
looks like the only way to cross the ocean is to somehow get aboard the
Black Ship.

You'll then leave the Legendary Mariner's house and be back in the
Middle Sea alongside the Black Ship (Note- Go back to Kukuys's house
later to get a Protein from the drawer inside). Momo will shoot at the
ship with her bazooka to get it to stop, but that plan fails and the
Black Ship retaliates with its powerful turret gun. After the blast,
go talk to your party members. When you speak to Momo, she'll get
another idea of how to stop the Black Ship; ram it from behind. Take
this idea up to Zig and he'll OK it. You'll then be brought to the
world map, and the Black Ship will be patroling the area. If you have
any unfinished business, take care of it now. When you're ready, use
the dash button to ram the Black Ship from behind. If you do it right,
you'll hit the Black Ship with a huge crash. After regaining control,
go check on all of your party members to make sure they're alright.
Now that you've stopped the Black Ship, you need to find its bridge
so you can program it to head back across the ocean. Choose three party
members (be sure to include Momo), go onto the outer deck, and come
aboard the Black Ship.

 -  The Black Ship

Skill Ink (2), Protectors, Ascension, Wisdom Fruit, Light Bangle,
Flash Shells, 2400z, Ammonia, Ivory Dice, Soul Gem

Bolt, Bolt Archer, Bolt Lord, Bolt Mage, Giant Crab, King Toad, Sleepy

First, head left and go inside through the door. Once you're inside,
head down the stairs next to the door ahead of you (FYI- The inside of
the Black Ship is home to the game's most rarely encountered enemy, the
Bolt Lord). Take this next path northwest and enter the next room
through the doorway at the end. From here, walk to the right and
examine the panel at the end of the path (also take note of the
brownish-yellow platfom on the left side of the path). Choose the P3
program, and then get on the platform. Ride it three times and then
head through the passageway to the right. Examine the panel in this
room and turn the crane main switch on. Now return to the previous
room and get back on the platform. Ride it twice to get back to where
you started. Select the P4 program from the panel and get back on the
platform. Ride the platform three times, pick up the Skill Ink in the
chest to the right, and then get back on the platform. After riding it
once, get off the platform and enter the door to the northeast. Follow
this path up to a small panel. Inspect it to find an Id Card.

Exit this room the way you came, get back on the platform, and ride it
twice to return to the beginning. Now go all the way back to the very
first room and head through the doorway next to the stairs to reach
the crane room.

Examine the panel in this room and operate the crane with the guide to
learn how the crane works. The crane is similar to that of a prize
grabber machine whereas the first time you hold down X the crane will
go right, and the second time you hold down X the crane will go up.
After you release the X button a second time, the crane will attempt
to grab something. A device in the crane will project an X on the
ground directly below the crane's position. When you're picking up
crates, get the X to land right in the middle of the crate.

Your first objective is to use the crane to pick up the three small
crates in the area below. Each time you manage to pick up a crate, the
crane will automatically drop it to the right of you. When you've
grabbed up all three crates, they'll form a bridge that you can use to
cross over into the next area. After you've done that, attempt to grab
the crate that's almost hidden amongst the larger crates in this room.
The key to getting it is to move the crane to the right for about only
a second, and then move it forward. Once you grab this crate, the crane
will drop it in front of you. It'll break open revealing a chest
containing Protectors.  Not only that, but you can also get all three items
in one play through. To do this, simply get one of the items and then
exit and reenter the room. The crates will be reset, allowing you to
pick up another item (Thanks to Michael for reminding me to add this

Now cross the crate bridge you've made and head northwest to a door.
Go through that door and then the door after that. Follow this path
northwest and then walk on top of the big crates to reach the Flash
Shells. Go back the way you came, through the two doors, and then go
southeast. Head past the stair set going down, and then through the
doorway at the end of the path.

Hit the blue switch next to the door to raise a cat walk between here
and the beginning area. Now climb up the stairs near the blue switch
to reach the main hallway. Head southwest from the top of the stairs
and go through the door in the corner. Follow this path up to the end
where you'll find a chest containing Skill Ink. Exit this place the
way you came in, and head up the main hallway. Enter the first door on
the right and get the Ammonia from the drawer. Return to the main
hallway and go through the second door on the left. Check behind the
wall for a satchel containing 2400z, return to the main hallway, and
continue up the stairs to the northeast.

Examine the elevator panel in this room to perform an Id check. Since
you already have the Id Card, you can use the elevator freely. Ride the
elevator up and head up the stairs to the right to reach the bridge.
Have Momo examine the bridge controls and she'll figure out the ship's
guidance system. In order to activate the guidance system, you need to
run down to the main hallway and check the number on the boost counter
(it's in that second door on the right going northwest). The good thing
is that you won't have to fight random battles while you're doing this.
So go to the boost counter room in the main hallway and examine the
panel inside. You'll see that the number on the counter is going up.
When you're finished examining the counter (make sure to remember what
number the counter was on), you'll hear a consistant beeping. That
beeping is keeping time with the boost counter, so if the last number
you saw on the counter was 46, then the first beep will be 47, then the
next beep will be 48, then 49 and so on. Count the beeps in your head
as you make your way back to the bridge. Once you get back to the
bridge, wait until the count reaches 100. When beep number 100 sounds,
quickly talk to Momo and she'll activate the system. If you did it
right the ship will start moving and Momo will call everyone up to the
bridge. If not, then try again. Ryu's Eye will shine and point in god's
direction once everyone's on the bridge, and then the Black Ship will
head out to sea.

Since you don't know how long it will take to cross the ocean, all of
your party members will just hang out and relax (except Peco who keeps
getting chased by Honey). But this placid scene doesn't last for long,
as an alarm siren goes off without warning. Head up to the bridge to
see what's wrong. Momo will turn off the alarm and explain that
something has hit the bow of the ship. She'll then open the door that
leads to the front of the ship so that you can go investigate the
problem. Choose three party members, head down to the main hallway,
and go through the door in the southwest corner of the room. Head up
this hall and exit through the doorway that was closed before.

Frome here, go down the stairs to the northeast, and then head up the
next stair set after that. Walk to the right from the top of the stairs
and go through the doorway to the southeast. Pick up the Ivory Dice at
the other end of the room and exit the way you came in. Climb down the
next stair set, and then up the one after that. Go down the ladder to
the left, follow this path all the way around to a door, and go through
it. In this next area, head up the stair set on the right. Follow this
path northwest to a set of stairs going down. Walk to the left, past
those stairs, and follow this path to a chest containing a Soul Gem.
Now go down the stairs you passed before and take this path down to
another set of stairs. Climb down those stairs and the ladder just
south of those stairs. Head right and go up the ladder to get on top
of the crates in this room. Walk across the crates to reach a door at
the northwest corner of the room. Go through it and climb up the ladder
in this tiny area to reach the outer deck. Walk up to the bow of the
ship to find two giant sea monsters. Back up to the middle of the ship
as far as you can, and then prepare to fight the Ammonites.

Boss fight: Ammonites
HP: 2500 each
Exp- 9000
Zenny- 1000
Item- Moon Tears
Recommended team- Ryu, Rei, Momo
Recommended level- 27
Notes- The Ammonites are a tough pair to cope with. Aside from having
incredibly high attack power, these guys also have a nasty arsenal of
spells including Multi Strike, Tsunami, Blizzard, and a spell that
confuses (either Confuse or Hypnotize). You should start the battle by
having Ryu cast Shield three or four times, Rei cast Speed on everyone,
and Momo cast Might or War Shout (if you have it) on the party. Once
you've pumped everyone up with assist magic, Ryu should transform using
the Force, Thunder, and either Gross or Defender genes. In Warrior
form, Ryu should use Focus on his extra turn, and then slam one of the
Ammonites with Aura or Thunder Claw. Have Momo keep helping the party
with assist and healing magic, and have Rei concentrate on stealing
those precious Moon Tears. Once you've eliminated one of the
Ammonites, the battle gets much easier. Have Rei use Weretiger, and
let Ryu pummel the remaining Ammonite with Aura until it goes down.

With another boss defeated go back down the ladder inside the ship.
And after a long voyage across the ocean, the Black Ship finally
arrives at the mysterious new land on the other side of the sea.

Technology of the Lost Shore.......................................(BoF3.03.08)

When you get off the Black Ship, you don't really know what to expect
in this strange new world, so Garr suggests that everyone stay alert.
Once you're done talking, exit this dock to the north and emerge in the
port town of Kombinat.

 -  Kombinat

Homing Bomb

This is a port town where machines are loaded and transported, but to
much surprise, even the people here don't know where the machines come
from. You'll also notice that, especially since over half the
population of this place consists of machine soldiers, Kombinat is the
most technologically advanced town you've been to so far. Spend a
little time talking to the people around here, and look for the robot
hidden behind some crates beside one of the buildings. Talk to it, and
the robot will pose a question to you in a language that you can't
interpret. Choose the third answer choice from the top, and the robot
will give you a Homing Bomb. Also, check out the weapon shop here for
some powerful merchandice. I just hope you've been saving your zenny.

Kombinat Item Shop           Kombinat Weapon Shop
------------------           --------------------
Healing Herb- 10z            Heat Shotel- 9500z
Vitamin- 50z                 Piercing Edge- 14500z
Antidote- 12z                Beryl Rod- 7200z
Eye Drops- 20z               Gale Javelin- 9100z
Panacea- 100z                Raptor Claws- 5800z
Ammonia- 200z                AP Shells- 10000z
Caro- 200z                   Sage's Frock- 9300z
Frog- 200z                   Spiked Gauntlets- 6800z
Top- 200z                    Lacquer Armor- 8000z
Hanger- 200z                 Lacquer Shield- 6500z
                             Lacquer Helm- 5500z

Exit Kombinat when you're done browsing, and you'll automatically make
camp. While camping, some of your party members will converse with
their inner self to find out why they really came on this journey with
Ryu. You'll break camp when the scene ends and emerge in the Lost Shore

 -  Exploring the Lost Shore Region

You'll notice that this region is very barren compared to others that
you've been to. There's a fishing spot to the far east that's home to
the game's most hard to catch fish (There's also a Manillo there that
sells the coveted Life Armor and Royal Sword).

**NEW DRAGON GENE (Trance)- To the north lies a Yggdrasil tree's grove.
Enter the grove and check behind the tree for the Trance gene. Now, go
to the Steel Grave to the northeast of Kombinat.

 -  Steel Grave

UV Glasses, Speed Boots, Spanner

Assassin, Audrey, Multi Bot Thrasher

First, head northwest from the junction, and follow this path all the
way up to a ladder hanging off a brown ledge. Climb up that ladder and
pick up the UV Glasses in the chest at the top. Go back down and climb
up the ladder a little ways southeast. Once you're at the top, slide
down the ramp to the right. Use your camera angles to check in the
small space on the right side of the ramp to find a chest containing
Speed Boots. Now walk to the right and climb up the next ladder. Go
northwest, past the two openings in the floor, and climb down the
ladder at the end of the walkway. If you brought Momo in your party,
have her blast away the weak door with her gun, and then head inside
the next room. Get the Spanner fishing rod in the chest in this room,
and then go back outside. When you get back outside, head southeast
past the two openings in the floor again, and take the dirt path to the
northeast. Follow this path all the way to the end to exit the Steel
Grave. Once you're back on the world map, rest if you need to, put Momo
in your party, and then enter the Colony to the north.

 -  The Colony

Key, Deep Diver, Wisdom Fruit

Assassin, Codger, Thrasher, Toxic Man (1), (2), (3)

When you enter the Colony, the first thing you'll notice is the big
radar dish on top of the tower. Momo suggests that you go check it out,
so head up the three main stair sets ahead of you and go through the
doorway at the end. In this room you'll find a portal, just like the
one in the basement of castle Wyndia. Once you regain control, get the
Key in the satchel on top of the portal and exit the way you came in.
Head to the left and down the stairs.

**NEW DRAGON GENE (Failure)- Jump off the ledge to the left, and check
around the northwest corner of this area to find the Failure gene. From
there, descend the stairs to the right and go through the doorway at
the bottom.

Check this room for a Deep Diver, and then exit the way you came in.
Now, go back up the stairs you just came down, and take the path to
the left of the stairs. Follow this path southeast, then northeast past
the ledge, and through the passageway at the end. Pass through this
small room, and exit it to the right. Climb up the stairs to the right,
and take this path all the way to the end to reach a chest containing
Wisdom Fruit. From there, back track a few steps to the ledge on the
side of the path. Jump off of it to plummit through a window and into
the next room.

Have Momo examine the panel to the right and insert the Key you found.
In order to activate the portal, you must align the three mirrors in
this room so that the laser beam will deflect off of them and hit the
fuse at the other end of the room. To adjust the mirrors, hit the
switch on its base. Turn the south mirror two times, the east mirror
two times, and the west mirror three times. Then hit the switch to
fire the laser and activate the portal. Now, exit this room to the
left, return to the portal room, and get on the portal to teleport out
of here.

Once you arrive at your destination, get off the portal and exit this
room. As soon as you leave the room, Honey will get away from you and
run off again. Follow Honey northeast and up the ladder at the end of
the path. From there, head right and through the door at the end of
the hall to emerge in the freighter at Steel Beach!? Yes it's true;
you just went all the way back across the sea to where you started in
an instant. While you're pondering about how you're ever going to see
god at this rate, Momo finds a connection between god and the portals.
She suggests that you all go back down to the portal to investigate,
so choose three party members and return to the room with the portal. 

 -  Fixing Relay Point A

Hourglass, Lacquer Staff, 4000z, Lacquer Shield, Barbarossa, Skill Ink

Codger, Dragon Fly, Insector, Reaper, Tank Bot

Inspect the panel next to the portal to find out that there's something
wrong with the antenna. Exit this room the way you came in, and head
southeast down the path. Go left at the corner and follow this path
over to a pair of stair sets. Ascend the stairs farthest to the left,
follow this path northwest, and go up the stairs at the end. From here,
walk right and down to the area with the four switches and the big
green block (let's just call this the "four switches area"). Examine
the green block, read the instructions, and reset the switches. The
four switches in this area (that have the red, blue, light green, and
brown dots on them) operate the jacks that raise and lower the four
beams in this area. Each switch can only be hit once without resetting
them all, and more than one jack can be lowered or raised by each
switch. First, hit the blue switch, pass under the eastern beam, and go
through the door there. In this next room, head up the stairs, go to
the right, and then go down the next set of stairs. Walk left along
this path and pick up the Hourglass in the chest.

Return to the four switches area and reset the switches. Once the
switches are reset, hit the light green switch and pass under the
southern beam. Head up the stairs to the right and go through the door
at the top. Take this next path all the way around, and go through the
doorway at the end. Walk left across the northern beam, and pick up the
Lacquer Staff in the chest. Then, go back to the four switches area and
reset the switches. Hit the blue, light green, and brown switches in
that order. Pass under the western beam, and go up the stairs to the
left. Walk across the west, south, and east beams, and then pass under
the northern beam to reach the big stair set. Climb up it, and then
head right. Use your camera angles to check around the east end of the
room for a satchel containing 4000z. Walk over to the southwest end of
this room and go up the stairs there.

In this room, you'll find a large pit with a pillar in the center.
Examine the diagram on the northern wall to find out that the switch
that unlocks the door in this room is on top of the pillar in the
center of the pit. In order to reach the switch, you must ride the
three floating platforms. When you get on a platform, it will move in
the opposite direction of where you got on it. It will keep moving
until it reaches the side of the pit or another platform. First, ride
the platform in the northeast corner to the left. Then ride the
southernmost platform up to line up all three platforms in the
northwest corner. Now, ride the rightmost platform downward. Go back
up to the northwest corner and ride the two platforms there to the
right. Ride the southernmost platform up, and then ride the platform
in the northeast corner to the left. Get back on that same platform
and ride it downwards to reach the pillar in the center. Step on the
switch, and then get back on the moving platform to open the locked

Head through the door, and then go up the stairs to the left. Then head
right, ignoring the next set of stairs going up, and pick up the
Lacquer Shield in the chest at the end of the path. Now, go back and
head up the next stair set. Walk southeast and exit this area through
the passageway at the end. Pick up the Barbarossa in the chest and go
back inside. Head to the northwest end of this room and go through the
doorway there. Take this path left, go down the two small stair sets
at the end, and then climb up the next small stair set to reach a chest
containing Skill Ink. Now, exit this room through the doorway on the
left. Take this outside path to the right and through the next door.
Head northwest up this next path, and then go up the stairs to the
right. Ascend the next set of stairs and exit this room through the
doorway on the right. Walk left and climb up the ladder to finally
reach the antenna. Examine the control panel to find out how to fix
the antenna. Just turn it in the direction that makes the least amount
of static noise. Once it's fixed, go all the way back down to the
portal room.

**NEW DRAGON GENE (Radiance)- Inspect its control panel, select the
Container Yard, and get on the portal. When you get to the Container
Yard, cross over the crate to the right and pick up the Radiance gene.
Then get back on the portal, return to Relay Point A, and then teleport
to the Dragnier.


Once you arrive at your destination, get off of the portal and exit
this room. When you emerge outside, you'll find yourself in a small
village in the middle of a barren wasteland. Strangely, when the people
see you come out of the portal room, they'll call for a celebration.
At the banquet, the people will reveal to you that they're all members
of the Brood race, and they recognized Ryu as one of them. It turns out
that the Brood survivors of the great war hundreds of years ago fled
to this place and gave up their powers so they could hide from the
Urkan god. After the banquet, Ryu will fall asleep and have a strange
dream. When you wake up, the lady in this room will tell you that the
rest of your group is waiting outside for you. So, check the drawers
in this room for a Skill Ink and then go outside.

Rei will be waiting for you outside, and he tells you that Garr's
feeling pretty glum right now. Head northwest to the area above the
portal room and talk to Garr. He explains to you how he feels about
being in a place surrounded by people who are his sworn enemies. And
after Rei adds a sagacious statement to the conversation, Griol will
confront you and tell you that the elder wishes to meet with you. Now,
exit the Dragnier back onto the world map, and put Garr and Nina in
your party. Then, return to the Dragnier and climb down the ladder in
the center of the village. Go down the ladder after that, and then
climb up the next ladder. Then, ascend the stairs at the top. Head
northeast up this next hallway and exit it at the end (But take note
to the mural on the wall because it should look very familiar). In this
next area, go through the first passageway on the right, and get the
Ivory Dice from this room. Exit the way you came in, and enter the last
room on the right to meet the elder.

Be sure to listen carefully to the conversations that you have with the
elder, so you know what's going on and why. First, Ryu will talk to
him, and then he'll want to speak with Garr. After the elder is done
talking to Garr, he'll want to talk to Nina. When he asks to talk to
Ryu again, be sure to leave and change party members first. Once you
have some more desirable members in your party, have Ryu approach the
elder and tell him that you're ready for what comes next. In a
nutshell, the full power of the Brood was invested into the elder, and
he wants to pass that power onto Ryu. But in order for that to happen,
Ryu must take the power from him. And since this underground room has
been reinforced with magic barriers to prevent this power from being
detected by Myria, Ryu will be unable to use his dragon powers. All I
can say is good luck, because it's time to battle the Elder.

Boss fight: Elder
HP: 5000
Exp- 6000
Zenny- none
Item- Dynamite
Recommended team- Ryu, Rei, Momo
Recommended level- 30
Notes- This guy is a really tough brute considering he's hundreds of
years old, and that 5000 HP isn't going to be easy to reach without
your dragon form. The Elder has some really devastating spells which
include Inferno, Myollnir, and Sirocco. He also has Double Blow, which
can be really nasty in this battle, because the Elder has got some very
high attack power. Have Ryu cast Shield about three or four times, and
cast Barrier at least once on everybody. Rei should use Speed on anyone
who doesn't already have an extra turn, and Momo should increase
everyone's attack power by casting Might or War Shout. Then, have Ryu
use the most powerful spells and skills he has (That's dependant on the
skills that you've given him), and have Rei use Weretiger. Rei will
end up being your most vital attacker because if you increase his power
enough with assist magic, his attacks in Weretiger form will do
700-1000 damage. While Rei's pounding away at the Elder, Momo and Ryu
should concentrate on healing and attacking with their most powerful
spells when they get the chance.

**NEW DRAGON GENE (Infinity)- After the battle, the elder will fade
away leaving behind the very essence of the Brood's true power, the
Infinity gene. Pick it up and then go back outside (You should now
have all 18 genes! I told ya better follow the guide from the begging).

You'll talk to Griol once you get outside, and he tells you that the
goddess Myria is to the north across the desert. He assigns Horis to
guide you to the desert. So once you regain control, go speak with
Horis and tell him that you're ready to go. Then exit onto the world
map, head north, and enter the Factory.

 -  The Factory

Wisdom Seed, Artemis' Cap, Skill Ink, Ammonia, Rockbreaker,
Aries Spear, Fish-head, Sage's Frock, Homing Bomb, Hourglass

Boss Goblin, Egg Gang, Giant Orc, Gold Egg, Hobgoblin, Pipe Bomb

Some parts of the Factory were a little confusing to write down, but I
tried my best to get it down. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out
where to go once you play through it. And also beware: the enemies here
are much tougher than those that you've encountered in new areas
before. First, head up the path and then down the sloping path to the
right to reach a junction. Walk up the incline going northeast, and
take this path around to a chest containing a Wisdom Seed. Go back down
to the junction and head right to another junction. Walk down the
sloping path farthest to the right and go southwest. Go northwest at
the next fork and follow this path up to a chest containing an Artemis'
Cap. Then return to the fork, head south down the sloping path, and go
west at the next junction. Take this path down all the way to the end
to find a Skill Ink in a chest. Go back to the junction, head right,
and take this path all the way up to a doorway going inside.

Once you're inside, go up the stairs on the right side of the hall and
pick up the Ammonia in the satchel in this small room. Then climb back
down the stairs and head up the hallway. Go through the doorway at the
end of the hall, and climb down the ladder hidden in the north end of
this small room. Pick up the Rockbreaker in the chest and climb back up
the ladder. Exit this room the way you first came in and take the dirt
path to the left. Follow it down and around to a junction. Head left
and follow this path up to a weak looking section of wall on the left.
Have Momo blast it away with her gun, and then go through the opening.
Get the Aries Spear inside and exit this small area the way you came
in. Return to the last junction, head right, and ascend the stairs to
the north. Go up the next set of stairs to the northwest, and then exit
this next area to the southeast. Pick up the Fish-head in the chest, go
back inside the way you came out, and descend the previous stair set.
Go through the door near the blue switch, but don't hit the switch.

From here, walk up to an area with some blue switches and electrical
livewire lines on the floor. The active livewire is impassible and you
will take damage if you walk into it. The swiches can either acivate or
deactivate certain livewire lines, so make sure your party members
aren't standing on any inactive lines before you hit any switches. The
two switches that are accessable to you right now also lower the
brownish-red cubes that are blocking your path, but they only stay
lowered for a short amount of time. To get where you need to go, first
hit the switch farthest to the left, and then hurry over to the other
switch. Hit it and then dash straight up the path across the two
lowered platforms to reach the stairs at the other end. Head down the
small stair set and then go through the door on the left. Walk
northeast up this hall, and then to the right at the corner. Go through
the first doorway on the left, and take this narrow path down to a
chest containing a Sage's Frock. Exit this area the way you came in,
continue down this hall, and go through the next doorway at the bend. 

In this next area, climb up the ladder to the left and head north.
Descend the stairs to the left and hit the blue switch at the bottom to
turn off the livewire line in this area. Pick up the Homing Bomb in the
chest above you, and then head back up the stairs you just came down.
Walk south and climb back down the ladder there. Head to the right, and
hit the blue switch next to the door. Go straight up a little ways and
hit the blue switch to the right of the stairs to raise a platform that
allows you to access those stairs. Head up the small ramp and stair set
to the left, and examine the panel on this platform. Read the
instructions to find out that the workbot in the area below can be used
to hit the switches in the area.

When you activate the workbot program, the robot will move however you
move (E.g. when you walk left, it will move to the left). When you
position the workbot near a switch, turn so that it faces the switch
and hit the Triangle button. Try to use the two cubic objects in the
area to manipulate the workbot. Hit all three switches, and then go
back down the stairs. Once again, head left and climb up the ladder at
the southwest end of this area. Walk northwest up this path, past the
stairs on the left, and go right at the junction at the end. At first,
ignore the door at the corner, and head down to the end of the path to
reach a chest containing an Hourglass. Now go through the door you
passed up before. Ascend the long staircase, and then slash the panel
to the left of the door with Ryu's sword. That will open the door, so
go through it to exit the Factory. Head north a small ways on the world
map and you'll set up base camp. It's time to cross the desert.

The Desert of Death................................................(BoF3.03.10)

At base camp, Horis will give you a briefing about the Desert of Death.
Talk to Horis again and he'll give you a list of help topics to choose
from. Make sure you read all the topics very carfully, especially when
he tells you about how to use the stars to travel. Refer to this
diagram in case you forget:


                                    *north star

                                                    *fake north star

               *evening star

           W                                               E


Remember that the north star will always be to the north, and it will
not change it's position at all. The fake north star is usually to the
northeast, and it can change position. The evening star is to the west,
it moves west as you walk north, and it sinks lower and lower in the
sky as you walk east. Also take note that it's four turns (or four
d-pad taps) to change a cardinal direction.

Here are the directions to the Oasis at the other end of the desert:
First, follow the north star for two nights so that the evening star
hangs in the sky directly to the west. Then head east until the
evening star sinks below the horizon and you can no longer see it (it
should be about two and a half nights). Once the evening star
disappears, head north again for about three nights, and you should
reach the Oasis.

This is another way to reach the Oasis, just in case the above
directions are hard to follow: First head north for two nights so that
the evening star is directly west and the fake north star is directly
northeast. Follow the fake north star, and you should reach the Oasis
after exactly four nights.

And there is the a easier way just follow the fake north star for
6 nights and you should be there.

Be sure to follow these directions and not the directions that Horis
writes down for you, because they are wrong. When you're ready,
examine the big vase near the save book and fill your canteen with
water (you'll get 16 helpings). Then rest up, save your game, and head
out into the desert.

 -  Traveling in the Desert

While walking in the desert, there are a few things you need to be
aware of:

Making/Breaking camp- A half of a day will pass each time you rest. Be
sure to make camp at daybreak, so that you'll break camp at nightfall.
If you set up camp too early, it'll still be daytime when you break
camp. When the sun stars to rise as you're walking, keep walking until
a message comes up telling you to make camp. To make camp press Start.

Water- You start with 16 helpings of water, and one helping is enough
for all three party members. About twice each night, a message will
come up saying that you should drink some water. When that happens,
take a few steps and use one helping of water from your item inventory.
Beware, if you walk too far without drinking any water, your max HP
will go down permanently (You'll suffer from TMHPD).

Random battle fields- About two to three times a night you will enter
a random battle field. It's just like any ordinary battle field except
that sometimes you might get something extraordinary in the satchel
that can be found in each field. When you exit a random battle field,
make sure to use the stars to point yourself in the right direction,
because you may not be facing the right way.

When things go wrong- If you get completely lost and you run out of
water, there is a way out. Make camp and talk to the rakda (BoF3's
substitue for a camel). It'll take you back to base camp so that you
can start over.

For the last few nights, be sure to put desirable members in your
party. After the last night of walking, the Oasis will still be nowhere
in sight. Your group decides to try to climb to the top of an
inconspicuous hill, so that they can get a better look around. But as
you approach the hill, it will start to move and a huge desert monster
will emerge from it. It's time once again to do battle.

Boss fight: Manmo
HP: 3000
Exp- 6000
Zenny- 1000
Item- Power Food
Recommended team- Ryu, Rei, Momo
Recommended level- 30
Notes- Compared to the last boss you fought, the Manmo is a sinch. The
only major spells it has are Quake and Myollnir, and besides that, the
only thing you need to fret about is its high attack power and reprisal
rate. First, cast the usual assist magic. Have Ryu cast Shield a couple
of times, have Rei cast Speed on everyone, and have Momo use Might or
War Shout. Once you're done with assist magic, have Ryu transform using
the Infinity, Trance, and Radiance genes. In Kaiser form, use your
strongest physical attack skills (I personally prefer Shadowwalk or
Aura). Rei should use Weretiger, and Momo should back up the party
through healing and more assist magic. This guy doesn't have much HP
so you should be able to take him down quickly.

Once you've dealt with Manmo, you'll automatically make camp. It turns
out that the intense desert conditions have caused Nina to get a
severe heat stroke. You can't continue on with her in this condition,
so you have to do something. After you regain control, exit the tent
and you'll talk to Rei. He mentions the rakda, so go over and talk to
it. It seems that these creatures are useful for something other than
desert travel. So slash the poor thing with your sword. The meat of the
rakda has restoritive properties that can relieve a heat stroke.
Collect the rakda meat and go back to the tent. Talk to Rei again, and
then go back inside the tent. After giving her the meat, Nina regains
enough strength to make it to the Oasis with the rest of the group.

 -  The Oasis


When you arrive at the Oasis, your party will be exhausted and the
chief of the village invites you in to rest. And once everyone's been
given a chance to relax, Ryu and Garr ask the village chief about god.
The chief doesn't know anything about god, but he does tell you about
an ancient city to the north called Caer Xhan. Once Nina recovers,
choose three party members and explore the Oasis. Search the village
for 800z, and stock up on items at the local shop if you want. After
you've explored the village, exit the Oasis to the north (Take the path
in the middle of town going up the hill).

Myria Station......................................................(BoF3.03.11)

The Desert region is very small, so there's not really much to explore.
But before you go to Caer Xhan, put Garr in your party and enter the
[?] spot to the right of Caer Xhan. Go inside the building in this
area, and have Garr push against the wooden crate to the right. The
crate will shatter, revealing two ladders that let you access the
portal here (And the Radiance gene if you haven't already gotten it).
You can now use the portals to travel freely anywhere in the world.
Now, return to the world map and enter Caer Xhan.

 -  Caer Xhan

Protein, Moon Tears

Eventhough this place is an old, abandoned city, it's technology is
more advanced than any other place you been to yet. It's only remaining
inhabitants are the two machine soldiers that run the weapon and item
shops. Take the time to stock up on items and buy the best weapons and
armor you can afford, because you're going to need them.

Caer Xhan Item Shop           Caer Xhan Weapon Shop
-------------------           ---------------------
Healing Herb- 10z             Seeking Sword- 20000z
Vitamin- 50z                  Blessed Staff- 11000z
Antidote- 12z                 Gunginir- 22000z
Eye Drops- 20z                Brass Claws- 11000z
Panacea- 100z                 Atomic Bomb- 16000z
Ammonia- 200z                 Royal Armor- 18000z
Titan Belt- 3000z             Force Armor- 22000z
High Boots- 3000z             Protectors- 11000z
Wisdom Ring- 3000z            Mind Shield- 18000z
Lion's Belt- 3000z            Sun Mask- 7200z

From the area where the shops are, go left and down the small stair set
on the side of the road. Then head down the next set of stairs just to
the south. Walk southeast and go inside the small building at the end
of the path. Search this room for a Protein, and return outside to the
area where the shops are. Head up the street going northeast, and enter
the building on the left at the street's end. Go forward a little ways
to find a small robot on thr ground that looks just like Honey. Well
that's weird.

Anyway, continue northwest up the hall into the next room. Walk up this
next hallway and climb up the stairs at the end. Proceed to the left,
staying as far away from the checkered area as possible. Don't be
tempted to go after that chest just yet, because you'll see why. Go
down the stairs at the left end of the room, and go through the door at
the bottom. Hit the blue switch in this room to turn off the lights.
Exit this room the way you came in and climb back up the stairs. With
the lights off, the moving laser beams guarding the checkered area
should now be visible. Avoiding the lasers, make you way over to the
chest in the middle and pick up the Moon Tears inside. Then, head over
to the large staircase at the right end of the room, and climb up it.
Head right and carefully make your way across the checkered area here.
Exit this room through the doorway on the left.

From here, head north to another door going inside, and go through it.
Examine the large computer terminal at the other end of the room,
deactivate the emergency lockout mode, and choose "OK" for Platform 1.
Then, exit this room the way you came in, and walk southwest to a
ledge. Jump off of it and go left to reach the street. Walk northwest
up the street and go inside the building at the end. Examine the small
terminal to open the gate at the top of the stairs. Head up the stairs
to the left and pass through the open gate. Follow the purple tile and
exit this room to the right. When you get outside, you'll hear a
message over a loud speaker saying something about the Orbital Station
Myria. Once you regain control, climb up the stairs and get on the
platform to ride it to Myria Station. After you arrive, get off the
platform and head up to the station's main entrance. It's locked, so
you're going to have to use the Worker's Area. Head to the right from
the main entrance, and go down the stairs at the end of the path to get

 -  Myria Station: Worker's Area

Gas Shells, Wisdom Fruit, 800z, Hourglass, Napalm, 400z, Life Shard (2)

Adept, Armor, Death bot, Nitemare, Tank Bot

First head southeast down this hall to a junction near an elevator
shaft. Walk right and then downwards to a passageway. Go through it and
pick up the Gas Shells in the chest. Head back inside and return to
where the elevator shaft is. Take the path to the right of the lift
around and northwest to a doorway leading outside. Walk up this path
all the way to the end and check the end of the narrow path to the left
for a Life Shard. Go back inside, return to the junction, and climb up
the stairs to the left of the elevator shaft. Hit the blue switch near
the elevator, and then go back down the stairs. Examine the elevator
panel and ride the elevator to the Arrival Platform. Once you're there,
get the Wisdom Fruit inside the chest, and then ride the elevator down
to the Maintenance Deck. Head up this outside path, and ride the
elevator at the end up to the Worker's Area. Now, go through the door
on the left and pass through this next small room. In this next area,
head right and follow the hallway around to a stair set. Climb up it
and examine the two panels in this small area.

Once you've released the main entrance and laser locks, go back down
the stairs and head left. Take this hallway all the way around, and go
through the unlocked door on the right (the one that's just before the
next stair set). Check the cabinets and lockers in this room for 800z,
an Hourglass, and Napalm. Be sure to use the rest and save area in this
room as often as you need to. When you're done here, exit back into the
hallway. Go up the stairs at the end of the hall, check this small room
for 400z, and exit through the doorway to emerge in Myria Station's
main room.

Take time to explore the main room. The station's main entrance is now
unlocked and is to the southeast. Also, check the cabinets at the east
end of the room for a Life Shard. One thing that you're sure to notice
is the gold and green colored tile. These aren't there just for show.
They're actually paths that guide you to different parts of the
station. Your first stop is the main laboratory, so follow the gold
path to the upper level of the main room, and go through the door at
the end.

 -  Myria Station: Laboratory

10000z, Holy Robe, Swallow Eye, Ammonia, Skill Ink, Ivory Dice, Slicer,
HE Shells, Giant Shield, Dragon Shield, Dragon Helm, Demonsbane

Clone, Hopper, Ice Drake, Newt, Red Drake

First, ride the conveyor belt going northwest to the other end of the
room. Then, take the narrow path to the left of the conveyor belts down
to a chest containing 10000z. Now, exit this room through the door in
the northwest corner. Pass through the healing room and head up this
next hall. Go through the northernmost door at the end of the hall, and
pick up the Holy Robe in this small room. Exit the way you came in, and
leave this hallway through the doorway on the left. Continue up the
golden path and go through the door at the very end. When you enter
this room, you'll see a horrible monster sleeping in the adjacent room.
You'll spot a key card on the ground in front of the monster, so you'll
have to go get it. Once you regain control, examine the panel in this
area to turn off the sleeping gas in the adjacent room. Pick up the
Swallow Eye from the cabinet, and then exit this room the way you came
in. Follow the gold path back down, and enter the first room on the
right (going from northwest to southeast). Grab the Ammonia at the left
end of the room, and examine the small panel at the right end of the

There are three panels (two in this room and one in the next room) that
control the flow of electricity in the shock floor in the next area.
Your objective is to create a clear path across the shock floor so that
you don't take much, or any damage while walking across it. When you
examine a panel, three grids will appear, but you can only control one
grid at each panel. To cut off the flow of electricity, you need to
align the pluses (red) and the minuses (blue). You can adjust the grid
by hitting right or left on the d-pad. For example, if a - is in a spot
on one grid and a + is in the same spot on another grid, then no
electricity will be running to the corresponding spot on the shock
floor. Once you've made a desired adjustment, hit X to confirm it, and
you'll get a brief birds-eye view of the adjusted shock floor. From
left to right, adjust the first panel in this room 2 times to the left,
and adjust the second one 2 clicks to the right. Now, exit this room
the way you came in, and continue down the gold path. Go inside the
next room on the right, and adjust the panel in here 1 time to the
left. Then head up the small stair set to the right, and carefully
walk across the shock floor. Ride the lift on the other side down.

From here, head right and continue to the right at the junction. Take
this path down, and exit it through the passageway at the end. Check
around this area for a chest containing Skill Ink, and then exit the
way you came in. Return to the junction, walk left, and exit this short
hallway through the doorway at the end. Go left and then northwest.
Head through the next door on the right, and take this hall all the way
up to a dead end. Check around this area for an Ivory Dice, back track
down the hall a ways, and then go through the next door. Ride the left
up, pick up the Slicer in the chest in this next area, and then go
inside the next room to come face to face with the monster. But just as
you think you're going to have an easy time snatching that key card,
the monster awakens with a literally glass-shattering scream. It's time
to fight the Chimera.

Boss fight: Chimera
HP: 7500
Exp- 9000
Zenny- 2000
Item- Firecracker
Recommended team- Ryu, Rei, Momo
Recommended level- 35
Notes- The Chimera shouldn't give you too much trouble, that is, if you
don't take it too lightly. The major attack that you should be
concerned with is the Paralyzer. Like its name suggests, this attack
causes paralysis, a nasty status change that you probably haven't seen
too much of yet in this game. If everyone in your party gets paralyzed,
it's all over, so don't let that happen. The only other thing you
should worry about are its attack spells like Inferno and Blizzard,
which do moderate damage. Start the battle by having Ryu cast Shield,
Rei cast Speed on anyone who doesn't have an extra turn, and Momo use
Might or War Shout on the party. Then Ryu should transform into the
Kaiser using the Infinity, Trance, and Radiance genes, and hit the
beast with strong attack skills like Shadowwalk or Triple Blow (That
is, if he can spare the AP. If you're low on AP, use the Force and
Gross genes, and bash away with Aura). Have Rei wait until the end of
the fight to use Weretiger, just so he can help cure anyone who gets
paralyzed. Momo should keep the party healthy and throw in some attack
spells like Myollnir when she can.

After you defeat the Chimera, pick up the card key it was guarding.
It's a level-B security card key, but it doesn't look very important.
Then, ride the lift the Chimera was sitting on down. Exit this room
through the doorway, and pick up the HE Shells in the chest. Continue
to the right and into the next area. Have Rei pick the lock on the next
door, and then get the Giant Shield, Dragon Shield, and Dragon Helm
from the three chests. Now, go all the way back to the station's main
room. From there, go back to the part of the Worker's Area where there
were two locked doors that required key cards. Unlock and go through
the level-B door using the card you just got, and get the Demonsbane in
the chest. Also note the small army of robots that look just like
Honey. Now, return the the main room again, and follow the green path
to the upper level of the room. Then, go through the door at the end to
reach the path to Eden.


Protein, Magic Shard, Ginseng, Wisdom Fruit, Silver Tiara, Dragon Spear,
Force Armor, Soul Gem

Foul Weed ,Goo King, Hopper, Plant 42, Wraith, Eye Goo, Gooey,
Goo Titan, Mage Goo, Puff Goo

First, ride the escalator up, and exit this area through the door on
the left. Pass through the healing room, and walk right to find a door
overgrown by harmful plants. Have Momo equip the HE Shells and shoot
down the plants so you can access the door (Note- If you have to go
back and put Momo in your party, while you're there, place Rei in your
party also). Then go through the door.

In this next area, head northwest at the junction and pick up the
Protein in the chest at the end of the path. Return to the junction
and go northeast. Head around the corner and onto the grassy area at
the end of the path. Walk upwards and to the left to reach an incline
going down this hill. Go down it and get the Magic Shard in the chest.
Then, head up this grassy area, and climb over the hill on the left.
Walk southeast from there to get back on the path. Take this path all
the way up and around to a locked door. Have Rei pick the lock, and
then go inside. Check the cabinets in this room for a Ginseng and a
Wisdom Fruit, and then exit through the doorway at the other end (Also
be sure not to step on any plants in this room, or you'll take damage).
From here, head left and check behind the trees along this stretch to
find a chest containing a Silver Tiara. Continue to the left, over the
small knoll, to reach a door in the northwest corner of this area. Go
through it, get the Dragon Spear in the chest, and then exit the way
you came in. Walk back down to the grassy area, and climb up the stairs
there. Take this path to the right, and go through the door at the end.
Head up this next hallway, and ride the lift at the end up to Eden.

When the lift reaches Eden, you'll be amazed at the outdoor-like
scenery. But, you're still just inside another room. Head south from
the lift to reach a chest containing Force Armor. Return to the lift
and head north to find a chest containing a Soul Gem. From there, go
left and cross the bridge going across the stream. Once you get to the
other side, you'll see some birds fly over to the Brood warrior who
beckoned you in your dreams as a child. But this time there's something
strangly familiar about him. It's Teepo!? After practically ignoring
Rei's excitement about him being alive, Teepo will talk to Ryu. You'll
see a flashback about how Teepo found out he was a dragon, and you'll
flashback to other scenes in the past. Then, Teepo will cut to the
chase and ask Ryu to relinquish his powers. When Ryu refuses, Teepo
sends Ryu into a deep dream where he'll be able to look into the
thoughts and hearts of him and his friends.

 -  Ryu's Dream

Shaman's Ring, Hourglass, Gems

Mad Gong, Thanotos, Vile Weed

The bad part about the dream maze, is that it can be a confusing
mission, and you have to fight random battles with just Ryu. The good
part is, that it's the last hard mission in the game. And remember to
listen closely to what all of your party members have to say, because
I won't put it down. First, head northwest to the next lit section of
the path to find Nina. She'll talk to you a few times as you continue
through this area. Listen to Nina, and then examine the dragon statue.
It tells you to go back, so go back to where you just came from to find
Rei. Hear what he has to say, and then inspect the dragon statue to
heal yourself and save your game.

Continue northwest to find a dragon statue with a plaque on either
side of it. Examine the plaque to the left, and then try to get the
chest on the left. You'll fall through the floor. Inspect the statue
in this area, and tell it that you really want what's in the box. Then,
walk left and pick up the Shaman's Ring in the chest. Head northeast
and step into the swirling shaft of light to get transported back near
the rest/save point. Continue northwest from the save point again, and
return to the area with the dragon statue and the two plaques. Examine
the statue, and it'll tell you to pray in front of it. This is where
most people lose it. After talking to it, stand there and don't move
until it illuminates the path ahead. From the next patch of light, head
northeast to another part of the path. Walk southeast from there to
reach the chest containing Gems that you couldn't reach before. Return
to the main path and this time go southwest to another side path
leading to an Hourglass (in another chest that you couldn't access
before). Go up the main path, and you'll find Momo. Listen to her,
continue up the path, and walk into the swirling shaft of light to get
transported to a new area.

In this area, you'll find colored portals on the ground that can
transport you to different parts of this area. From here, head left
from the first junction. Go right at the next junction, and then left
at the one after that. Follow this path down, and step onto the yellow
portal at the end. Now, walk northeast to find Garr. Talk to him,
continue up the path, and then step onto the purple portal to the left.
Then, head right at the next junction and northwest at the one after
that. Transport yourself using the green portal, and then listen to
Peco (Yep, that's right, he can talk). Afterwards, continue up the path
and step onto the blue portal. You'll encounter a likeness of yourself,
but when Teepo gives himself away, you walk right through the fake
image. Continue up the path a little ways to find Teepo. Seeing that
you're still not going to give up your power, Teepo leaves you battle
with a monster and stay in your dream forever.

Boss fight: Arwan
HP: 2250
Exp- 5000
Zenny- none
Item- none
Recommended team- Ryu
Recommended level- 38
Notes- The Arwan's not too hard. The attacks you need to look out for
are Blizzard, Chill, and Sleep. Blizzard and Chill are frost attacks
which do moderate damage, and you've seen Sleep before so I don't have
to explain that. Equip the Dream Ring, and then hit Arwan with the most
powerful holy property attacks you have. Aura in warrior form will do
over 2000 damage to this guy, but if you have any holy attacks that are
less costly AP wise, use them instead. If you have a Holy Avenger,
equip it and use your most powerful melee skills, such as Shadowwalk,
to deal some massive damage without using dragon form. You're going to
want to beat this guy using as little AP as you can afford to, because
believe me, you want to come out of this battle with as much AP as

Once you've put an end to Arwan, Ryu will be brought out of his dream.
Teepo explains that you wouldn't have died if you were beaten by Arwan;
you would just lose your power. Realizing that you won't give up your
powers freely, Teepo decides that the only alternative left is to kill
you. Choose three party members and a formation, and choose them well
because Teepo's not kidding around. Get ready to fight Dragon Lord.

Boss fight: Dragon Lord
HP: 13000
Exp- 15000
Zenny- 3000
Item- Dragon Blade, Dragon Armor
Recommended team- Ryu, Rei, Momo
Recommended level- 38
Notes- Teepo is definitely the most powerful boss you've battled yet.
He's got a very strong arsenal of spells including Inferno, Blizzard,
Myollnir, Triple Blow, and Howling. Believe it or not, his most deadly
spell is probably Howling, because mass confusion among your party
members in a fight like this can cost you the whole battle. To counter
this, make sure everyone has some sort of protection against confusion
(Balance Rings will suffice). For this battle, it's best to leave the
assist magic to Rei and Momo, and to have Ryu use Accession right off
the bat. If Ryu has a lot of AP, the ultimate Kaiser form (Infinity,
Trance, and Radiance genes) is ideal. You'll automatically gain that
vital protection against confusion, and your stats will go through the
roof. After a War Shout or two, Shadowwalk in this form, for me, did
1600-1800 damage every time. But if you don't have much AP, it's best
to use the Force and Gross genes. While Ryu's pounding away in dragon
form, have Rei cast Speed on anyone who doesn't have an extra turn, and
have Momo use spells like Protect, Shield, Barrier, Might, and War
Shout on the party. Once Rei is done speeding everyone up, he should
use Weretiger. Momo should continue to cast assist magic throughout
the entire battle, and of course, she should heal the party when
necessary. If you take a look at Dragon Lord's HP, you'll see that
this isn't going to be a short fight. But, just keep at it and you'll
emerge victorious.

Even in his final moments, Teepo will still side with Myria. But, in
his last breaths, he tells you that all he ever wanted was for life to
be the way it was when you were just kids. He'll then turn into a Whelp
dragon and fade away, leaving behind Card Key A. Pick it up, ride the
lift back down, and return to the main room. Go back to the Worker's
Area and unlock the level-A security door there. Pick up the Light
Bangle inside and, once again, go back to the main room. Have you
noticed that door at the left end of the main room that's been locked
this whole time? Well, with this new card key you can unlock it. That
door leads to the final stretch. Compared to crossing an ocean and a
desert, there's not much more standing between you and the goddess.

The Final Confrontation............................................(BoF3.03.13)

Just a fair word of warning; the random battle enemies in this area are
extremely tough, so make sure your characters' levels are at least in
the high 30's. Anyway, first head up the hallway and go right at the
first junction. Walk northwest at the next junction, and then left at
the fork after that. Follow this path down and go through the door at
the end to reach a strange new area.

 -  The Reminiscent Battle Rooms

Swallow Eye, Moon Tears, Cupid's Lyre, Hourglass

In this next area, you'll find a maze of rooms that collectively make
up what I like to call The Reminiscent Battle Rooms. Each outside door
in this area is marked with a light above it. White lights mark rooms
that you've already been too, and red lights mark rooms that you
haven't been to. Red-marked doors may be locked or unlocked. In these
rooms, you can fight old bosses all over again, but there's an even
stranger twist to it. There may be more than one of them. Here's a list
of old bosses you can fight:

- 5 Rockies
- 3 Stallions (Each with it's own element; frost, electric, and flame)
- Manmo
- 2 Huge Slugs
- Angler
- 2 Ammonites
- 3 Nues
- 2 Mikbas
- Gaist

Also, near the area where the Manmo is, there's a new boss to fight;
the Dodo (Sample 4). I didn't put the boss stats down for him just
because he's fairly easy to beat. But if you want the boss stats, I
can e-mail them to you. As you're making your way through the maze,
you'll come across rooms with chests inside containing a Swallow Eye
and Moon Tears. There's a save room and a room where you can rest
within the maze, and your first objective should be to find it. The
great thing is that you don't have to fight random battles here. But
if the battles from the previous hall wore you out, the best way to
reach the rest/save rooms is to head left from the beginning, that way
you only have to fight the 5 Rockies and 3 Stallions before you get
there. Even when you reach the rest/save room, you should still
continue to explore the maze and fight all the old bosses you can,
because you could use the practice and the Exp.

When you get to the save room, head through the door to the right of
the save book to reach the room where you can rest. Rest up, grab the
Cupid's Lyre in the chest, and return to the save room to save your
game. Now, if there's anything you need to do, anything at all (like
side quests, leveling up, ect...) do it now because you're approaching
the game's end. Take care of any unfinished business, and then descend
the ladder in the southern corner of the room.

 -  The Long Awaited Meeting

Goo King, Mist Man, Night Bat, Revenant, Vampire

Once you reach the bottom of the stairs, Honey will take off again, and
you know what that means by now. Follow her down the hall, and you'll
witness Honey opening a huge gate that was blocking your path. It turns
out that Honey is a Navigator, a type of robot designed to guide people
through Myria Station. Continue up the hall and go down the lift at the
end to reach the core of the station. This next hallway will light up,
and one of Myria's servants will appear. Walk down the hallway and go
through the doorway at the end (Note- This is the last area where you
will have to fight random battles, so equip the Holy Mantle and walk,
don't dash, through this hall to lessen the chances of having to fight
here). The path in this last area is pretty straightforward. Follow it
all the way around, listening carefully to the messages that come up
along the way, and ride the small lift at the end to the centermost
platform. Ryu's Eye will shine, and finally, the goddess Myria will
appear before you.

Pay close attention to your conversation with Myria, because I'm not
going to give anything away here. Eventually, she'll tell Ryu to choose
his own fate. Talk to all of your friends, and then talk to Myria
again. You'll be posed with the game's final question; to give up your
power and live in a world controlled by Myria, or keep your Brood
powers and journey into a world covered by desert. Make this decision
based on the opinion of Myria, your party members, and most of all
yourself. If you choose to give up your power, you won't fight the
final boss, and you won't see the game's real ending. But if you choose
your own path, Myria will have no choice but to kill you. Carefully
pick three party members and a battle formation. It's time to show the
goddess what the Brood is really made of!

Final boss fight: Myria
HP: 20000
Exp- none
Zenny- none
Item- Napalm
Recommended team- Ryu, Rei, Momo
Recommended level- 40
Notes- Well, this is it, the final battle. Myria has a huge array of
all the game's major spells including Inferno, Blizzard, Myollnir,
Sirocco, Death, and Restore. But that's just the beginning. Her
trademark spell is Venom, which hits all of your party members with
several different status changes including blindness and poison. Evil
Eye can be equally devastating because it paralizes. Near the end of
the fight, Myria will cast Holocaust which does about 150 damage to all
of your party members. Like the battle with Dragon Lord, you'll want to
beat Myria as quickly as possible, so have Ryu transform using the
Infinity, Trance, and Radiance genes right away. Believe me, the
benefits of the ultimate Kaiser form definitely outweigh the high AP
usage in this fight (For me, Shadowwalk did 1500-2000 damage every
time). Just make sure you have a healthy supply of Wisdom Fruits, and
you'll be able to maintain the Kaiser form. Eventhough Myria can use
Sanctuary to negate your assist spells, she doesn't use it often, so
have Rei and Momo cast spells like Speed, Protect, Shield, Might, and
War Shout to help the party. Once you're done casting assist magic, Rei
should expend most of his AP using the strongest attack skills he has,
and then he should use Weretiger (Tip- If you have two Holy Avengers,
equip one to Rei and have him use the other one on himself. His normal
attack will do a lot more damage). Momo should concentrate on keeping
everyone's HP near or at maximum at all times, and she should also
supply Ryu with Wisdom Fruits when his AP gets low. The best advice I
can give for this battle is to keep your HP up. If you find yourself
in a desperate situation (such as low HP and bad status changes), use
your rare and valued items, like Moon Tears or Hourglasses, to save
you. After all, this is the battle you've been saving them for. My
final words of wisdom to you are to not hold anything back. This is
the game's final battle, so pull out all the stops and use spells like
Bonebreak and Celerity. Good luck!

Congratulations on defeating the final boss and beating the game! Now
sit back, relax, and enjoy the game's ending (And the cool Japanese
credits at the end). But don't be hasty to turn off the game when you
reach the fin screen. Wait and save your gave under cleared save (Press
start after the song plays through once).

Dragons and their Genes (BoF3.04.01)
Masters (BoF3.04.02)
Side Quests (BoF3.04.03)
Frequently Asked Questions (BoF3.04.04)
Dragons and their Genes............................................(BoF3.04.01)

The entire BoF series is unique because of the main character's, Ryu's,
ability to transform into different kinds of dragons. BoF3's dragon
gene system, though, is probably the best out of the five games that
are currently on the market. The dragon gene system allows you to
create different dragon forms by "splicing" up to three different genes
together. You attain these genes along your journey by gaining them
naturally, or by finding them encased in chrysm ore in certain places.
There are 18 genes in all, and here's a list of them.

              Dragon Gene List (In Chronological Order)

Description- Grants a Flame property
AP cost- 5
How acquired- Automatically gained after meeting Nina in the Wyndian

Description- Grants a form emphasizing Defense
AP cost- 8
How acquired- Automatically gained after escaping from Sunder at
              Mt. Boumore. 

Description- Reverses abilities and properties
AP cost- 3
How acquired- At the [?] spot south of Mt. Boumore.

Description- Enhances special characteristics 
AP cost- 8
How acquired- Behind a tree at Momo's rocket crash site near the Tower.

Description- Grants a Frost property
AP cost- 5
How acquired- Near the house below the bridge at the Maekyss Gorge.

Description- Grants an Electric property
AP cost- 5
How acquired- Behind the [?] hut in the northeastern Rhapala region.

Description- Grants a form emphasizing Intelligence
AP cost- 8
How acquired- At the top of the Lighthouse near Rhapala.

Description- Grants a form emphasizing size
AP cost- 16
How acquired- Inside Mt. Zublo.

Description- Grants a Shadow property
AP cost- 5
How acquired- Automatically gained after defeating the Dragon Zombie.

Description- Combines power with allies'
AP cost- 16
How acquired- Automatically gained after defeating the Dragon Zombie.

Description- Grants a form emphasizing Power
AP cost- 8
How acquired- In the Underground Laboratory at the Plant.

Description- Enhances abilities
AP cost- 8
How acquired- At the Tidal Caves.

Description- When spliced...?
AP cost- 8
How acquired- In the [?] hut west of Steel Beach.

Description- Randomizes abilities and properties
AP cost- 3
How acquired- Along the shore at Steel Beach.

Description- When spliced...?
AP cost- 8
How acquired- At the Yggdrasil tree's grove in the Lost Shore region.

Description- Unknown
AP cost- 1
How acquired- At the Colony.

Description- Grants a Radiant property
AP cost- 5
How acquired- In the alcove near the portal at the Container Yard.

Description- Unleashes the full power of the Brood
AP cost- 40
How acquired- Automatically gained after defeating the Elder.

When you use Accession, a menu will come up displaying all of the genes
you have. Select "Pick" to begin splicing genes. You can pick up to
three genes to be in the splicing, and the AP costs of the genes that
you are using are added together to make the total AP cost for the
transformation. You can also select "Data" to pick from a list of gene
combinations that you've used recently. From that list, you can add a
gene combination to your "Best" list by hitting the Square button.

While in dragon form, you will expend AP every turn (or every two turns
if you have an extra turn). The amount of AP you lose each turn depends
on the form you're in and the genes you used. If you don't have enough
AP to maintain dragon form when the time comes to lose AP, you will
revert back into your normal form. You will also return to your human
form if your HP as a dragon reaches zero. You can also choose to revert
back to human form by selecting it from the dragon abilities list.

                        Making Dragon Abilities

The special abilities that each dragon transformation yields relies
almost entirely on the genes that you use. In many cases, certain genes
(especially the elemental genes) will grant abilities pertaining to it.
There are also other skills and spells that may come up as a result of
specific combinations of genes. Now here is a listing of these basic
gene combination-ability yields (Note- These apply only to the dragon
types that have elemental variance, which include Whelp, Dragon,
Behemoth, and Warrior. These will be covered in more detail in the next

Gene Combination | Standard Abilities
Flame            | Flame Claw, Flame Breath
Frost            | Frost Claw, Frost Breath
Thunder          | Thunder Claw, Thunder Breath
Shadow           | Chlorine, Shadow Breath
Radiance         | Shining Claw, Divine Breath
Flame+Shadow     | Flame Claw, Flame Breath, Ebonfire, Chlorine,
                 | Shadow Breath
Defender         | Counter
Eldritch         | Remedy, Restore, Vitalize
Eldritch+Flame   | Flame Claw, Flame Breath, Inferno, Remedy, Restore,
                 | Vitalize
Eldritch+Frost   | Frost Claw, Frost Breath, Blizzard, Remedy, Restore,
                 | Vitalize
Eldritch+Thunder | Thunder Claw, Thunder Breath, Myollnir, Remedy,
                 | Restore, Vitalize
Eldritch+Shadow  | Chlorine, Shadow Breath, Death, Remedy, Restore,
                 | Vitalize
Eldritch+Radiance| Shining Claw, Divine Breath, Resurrect, Remedy,
                 | Restore, Vitalize
Eldritch+Flame+  | Flame Claw, Flame Breath, Inferno, Ebonfire,
Shadow           | Shadow Breath, Chlorine, Death

                             Dragon Types

This is a list of all the different types of dragons that you can
transform into. First there will be a paragraphed description of the
type of dragon, followed by a general ability list, typical gene
combinations that produce that type of dragon, and stat changes for HP,
Power, and Defense for basic types. The percentages for the stats
represent the percent of Ryu's stats in normal form, with a 100%
signifying no change. Also take note that I will not be listing AP
cost, as it is easy to calculate yourself. The initial transformation
cost is simply the combined costs of all the genes you use. AP
consumption per turn is always half of the initial transformation cost
(rounding up when there is a decimal). Now, on to the list.

NOTE: I'm no hacker, nor do I claim to be. The percent values for each
dragon form are based upon apparent changes in damage, not stats (with
the exception of HP). They were derived from extensive damage testing
and observation, so they may not closely correlate to true changes in
base stats.


Your typical baby dragon. Whelps are very small and have tiny claws and
wings. They are elementally diverse, which means that they can have
either a Flame, Frost, Electric, Radiance, Shadow, or normal property.
Whelps usually provide only a small increase in stats, but that greatly
varies depending on the genes you use.

Special abilities:
Whelp Breath
Elemental Claw/Breath

Typical gene combinations: Single elemental genes, Defender, Thorn,
Reverse, Gross, Eldritch, Element+Gross, Any combination with Failure
not including Infinity, Element+Reverse

Elemental Whelp
HP- 120%
Pwr- 175%
Def- 120%

Defender Whelp
HP- 150%
Pwr- 175%
Def- 130%

Thorn Whelp
HP- 120%
Pwr- 150%
Def- 120%

Eldritch Whelp
HP- 120%
Pwr- 110%
Def- 110%

Gross Whelp
HP- 150%
Pwr- 230%
Def- 120%

Reverse Whelp
HP- 120%
Pwr- 150%
Def- 120%

Failure Whelp
HP- 100%
Pwr- 100%
Def- 100%


A large full grown Whelp. They look just like stereotypical dragons,
having large wings and a long tail. Dragons are elementally diverse,
and they usually give a moderate increase in HP, power, and defense.
But again, this depends on the genes you're using.

Special abilities:
Dragon Breath
Elemental Claw/Breath

Typical gene combinations: Element+Defender, Element+Thorn,
Element+Defender+Thorn, Element+Defender+Reverse,
Element+Thorn+Reverse, Element+Eldritch, Element+Eldritch+Defender,
Element+Eldritch+Thorn, Element+Eldritch+Reverse

Defender Dragon
HP- 210%
Pwr- 200%
Def- 140%

Thorn Dragon
HP- 180%
Pwr- 225%
Def- 125%

Eldritch Dragon
HP- 180%
Pwr- 150%
Def- 110%


A huge and heavily built beast that walks on four short legs. The
Behemoth has large spikes on its back, and it breathes very heavily.
They are elementally diverse, and very unique because the
transformation fuses all of your party members together into one being.
Behemoths give a sharp increase in HP, power, and defense, but they
typically have low agility.

Special abilities:
Meteor Strike
Elemental Claw/Breath

Typical gene combinations: Most combinations using Miracle

Elemental Behemoth
HP- 330%
Pwr- 400%
Def- 150%

Defender Behemoth
HP- 360%
Pwr- 390%
Def- 200%

Thorn Behemoth
HP- 360%
Pwr- 500%
Def- 200%

Eldritch Behemoth
HP- 330%
Pwr- 250%
Def- 150%

Gross Behemoth
HP- 360%
Pwr- 500%
Def- 180%

Reverse Behemoth
HP- 280%
Pwr- 300%
Def- 130%


Looks just like the Behemoth, except they're a brownish gold color.
However, Mammoths do not have elemental counterparts, and they fuse all
of your party members into one creature. They have more HP than any
other dragon, and besides that, their stats are similar to a
Behemoth's, with the exception of bad defense.

Special abilities:
Meteor Strike
Giant Growth

Typical gene combinations: Most combinations using Miracle and ???

HP- 1000%
Pwr- 320%
Def- 70%


It looks just like a dragon, except it's a brownish-gold color. They
are not elementally diverse, and their stats are very similar to those
of normal dragons.

Special abilities:
Dragon Breath
Flame Breath
Frost Breath
Thunder Breath 

Typical gene combinations: Flame+Frost+Thunder

HP- 220%
Pwr- 270%
Def- 130%


Warriors are half human and half dragon in appearance. They have a
human-like figure, but have wings and a tail. Warriors have elemental
counterparts, and they specialize in power and agility. Their downfall
is their low HP.

Special abilities:
Elemental Claw/Breath

Typical gene combinations: Most combinations using Force

Elemental Warrior
HP- 130%
Pwr- 400%
Def- 110%

Defense Warrior
HP- 150%
Pwr- 400%
Def- 120%

Thorn Warrior
HP- 100%
Pwr- 500%
Def- 110%

Eldritch Warrior
HP- 130%
Pwr- 330%
Def- 110%

Gross Warrior
HP- 150%
Pwr- 500%
Def- 110%

Reverse Warrior
HP- 180%
Pwr- 300%
Def- 120%


Looks just like the Warrior, except they're a tan and orange color.
Myrmidons don't have elemental counterparts, and their stats are
similar to those of a Warrior's, except their HP and power are a lot

Special abilities:
Flame Strike
Frost Strike
Wind Strike
Thunder Strike
Holy Strike
Aura Breath

Typical gene combinations- Most combinations using Force and Trance

HP- 180%
Pwr- 500-600% (Randomized)
Def- 120%


A very small worm-like dragon. They are not elementally diverse, and
they overall have low stats.

Special abilities:
Magma Breath
Dragon Breath

Typical gene combinations: Mutant+???

HP- 100%
Pwr- 10%
Def- 70%


A very large, blue serpant that hovers in a coiled up position. They
are similar to Behemoths because the transformation fuses all of your
party members into one being. Tiamats have a good amount of HP and
otherwise well-rounded stats, as well as immunity to all negative
status changes. A very good dragon form indeed!

Special abilities:
Doom Breath
Shadow Breath
Venom Breath

Typical gene combinations: Trance+Shadow

HP- 250%
Pwr- 300%
Def- 140%


A close and powerful reletive to the Whelp. The Wildfire looks just
like a Whelp, except it's a redish-orange color, and they're one of a
kind. This form greatly reduces your HP, but it gives a strong increase
in power, and an unbelievable rise in defense.

Special abilities:
Whelp Breath

Typical gene combinations: Miracle+Thorn+Reverse

HP- 10%
Pwr- 470%
Def- 200%


These are probably the most unique dragons in the game. The Hybrid
dragon takes on the characteristics of your other party members,
therefore their appearance and stats vary. There's a Hybrid form for
each of your party members, except Garr (he's a guardian after all).

Special abilities:

Rei Hybrid        | Shadowwalk, Dragon Breath, Tempest
Nina Hybrid       | Temptation, Typhoon, Lightning, Inferno, Blizzard
Momo Hybrid       | Combustion, Speed, Protect, Might, Restore, Remedy
Peco Hybrid       | Geo Breath, Dream Breath, Venom Breath,
                  | Dragon Breath
Super Rei Hybrid  | Shadowwalk, Dragon Breath, Hurricane
Super Nina Hybrid | Temptation, Typhoon, Lightning, Inferno, Blizzard,
                  | Sirocco, Myollnir
Super Momo Hybrid | Combustion, Speed, Protect, Might, Restore, Remedy,
                  | Vitalize, Ragnarok
Super Peco Hybrid | Gaea's Breath, Dream Breath, Venom Breath,
                  | Dragon Breath

Typical gene combinations:

Rei Hybrid- Fusion (With Rei and Momo or Rei and Nina in your party)
Nina Hybrid- Fusion (With Nina and Peco or Nina and Garr in your party)
Momo Hybrid- Fusion (With Momo and Nina or Momo and Peco in your party)
Peco Hybrid- Fusion (With Peco and Rei or Peco and Garr in your party)

Super Rei Hybrid- Fusion+Force
Super Nina Hybrid- Fusion+Eldritch
Super Momo Hybrid- Fusion+???
Super Peco Hybrid- Fusion+Shadow

Rei Hybrid
HP- 150%
Pwr- 220%
Def- 110%

Nina Hybrid
HP- 120%
Pwr- 140%
Def- 110%

Momo Hybrid
HP- 150%
Pwr- 230%
Def- 110%

Peco Hybrid
HP- 250%
Pwr- 210%
Def- 120%


The ultimate dragon form. After transforming, Ryu appears the same,
except he is a radiant golden color. There are basically three kinds
of Kaiser dragons; controlled, uncontrolled, and ultimate. The
controlled Kaiser gives you a moderate raise in stats, and the
uncontrolled Kaiser grants you very high stats, but is completely
berserk. The ultimate Kaiser, however, provides the greatest increase
in stats, it's not berserk, and best of all it's completely resistant
to status changes. The only down fall of this form is the huge AP cost
(53 AP for the initial transformation and 27 AP per turn. Believe me,
if your max AP is low, that hurts).

Special abilities:
Kaiser Breath
All abilities of Ryu

Typical gene combinations:
Infinity+Failure for controlled
Infinity+Radiance+Trance for ultimate
All other combinations using Infinity are uncontrolled

Failure Kaiser
HP- 120%
Pwr- 150%
Def- 110%

Ultimate Kaiser
HP- 300%
Pwr- 450%
Def- 170%

These are just the most common dragons and gene combinations. To really
get the most out of the gene system, you have to experiment and try all
the gene combos you can think of.


Another thing that makes BoF3 unique from other RPG's is its master
system. Along your journey you'll come across masters, people or things
that teach others the skills they know. But most masters won't just
take you under their wing for nothing. There's usually a requirement
that you have to meet before a master will take you on as an
apprentice. When you're under a master, your stats will raise
differently when you level up. Typically, some stats will go up more
and others will go up less depending on the master. There's two good
ways to approach the double-edged sword of the master system:

Aggressive: Play to your strengths. All of your party members have
stats that are naturally low, and others that are naturally high. Put
your characters under masters that will boost the stats that are
already high for them, and disregard their low stats. Examples- Rei
under Meryleep, Garr under Bunyan, Nina or Momo under Emitai.

Conservative: Strengthen your weaknesses. You never know when you'll
run into an enemy that can exploit your weaknesses. Eliminate your
weaknesses so your characters will be well-rounded. Examples- Garr
under Meryleep, Nina under Bunyan, Rei under Mygas or Emitai.

Considerding the how limiting your level ups are (in terms of quantity
an quality), most prefer the aggressive approach. Overall, the
aggressive approach allows for the most efficient development of
powerful characters.

Besides the change in stats, of course, you'll also be able to learn
new skills while under masters. If you level up enough levels to gain
a new skill, just go talk to your master and they'll grant it to you.

                              Master List


Requirements- Give him all of your zenny, no matter what the amount.
Location- The [?] grove near McNeil village

     Pwr: -1
     Def: -1
     Int: +2
      AP: +1

     Frost.............. 1 level 
     Meditation......... 4 levels
     Magic Ball......... 6 levels
     Typhoon............ 8 levels


Requirements- Visit Mt. Myrneg.
Location- Cedar Woods

     Pwr: +2
     Def: +1
     Int: -3
      HP: +2
      AP: -2

     Risky Blow......... 2 levels
     Focus.............. 5 levels
     Super Combo........ 8 levels
     Disembowel......... 10 levels


Requirements- None
Location- [?] hut on the outskirts of Wyndia

Effects- None

     Unmotivate......... 1 level
     Feign Swing........ 2 levels
     Backhand........... 3 levels


Requirements- Have 15 different weapons in your inventory (That's not
including equipped ones).
Location- Coffee Shop

     Pwr: +1
     Agl: +1
      HP: -1
      AP: -2
 Special: Accuracy up

     Monopolize......... 2 levels
     Intimidate......... 3 levels
     Steal.............. 4 levels


Requirements- Have a Rodmaster rating in fishing.
Location- [?] spot on the beach west of Rhapala

     Pwr: -1
     Def: -1
     Int: -1
     Agl: -1
      HP: +4
      AP: +3

     Trump.............. 2 levels
     Berserk............ 5 levels
     Sudden Death....... 8 levels


Requirements- Fight and win 30 battles without resting.
Location- The Arena town of Genmel

     Pwr: +1
     Def: +3
     Int: -3
     Agl: -3
      HP: +4

     Charge............. 2 levels
     Counter............ 4 levels
     Resist............. 6 levels


Requirements- Visit the faerie village at least once and give her the
Flower Jewel (Note- The Flower Jewel can be found in the [?] spot
behind the small mountain to the west of the Maekyss Gorge. Put Peco
in your party and have him bash the tree and the Flower Jewel will fall
out. There's also a Wisdom Fruit inside the tent).
Location- [?] forest in Eastern Wyndia (Note- Have Peco kick a rock
into the spring)

     Pwr: -1
     Def: -1
     Agl: +2
      HP: -1

     Charm.............. 2 levels
     Shadowwalk......... 5 levels
     War Shout.......... 8 levels


Requirements- Learn the Backhand skill from Durandal.
Location- Urkan Tapa

     Pwr: -2
     Int: +1
      AP: +1
 Special: Holy property up

     Purify............. 2 levels
     Kyrie.............. 5 levels
     Benediction........ 8 levels


Requirements- Pay him 10000z.
Location- [?] hut in the Dauna Hills region

     Pwr: -2
     Def: -2
     Int: +4
      AP: +4

     Barrier............ 2 levels
     Mind Sword......... 4 levels
     Enlighten.......... 6 levels


Requirements- Have Peco in your party and give it a Wisdom Fruit.
Location- Yggdrasil tree's grove near the Plant

     Pwr: -2
     Def: +1
     Int: +2
      HP: -1
      AP: +1
 Special: Weak vs. flame

     Sanctuary.......... 2 levels
     Recall............. 5 levels
     Shield............. 8 levels


Requirements- Give him the ingredients he needs for his dish.
Location- Castle Wyndia's kitchen

     Pwr: +2
     Def: +1
     Int: -1
     Agl: -1
      HP: +2
      AP: -2

     Mighy Chop......... 2 levels
     Demonbane.......... 4 levels


Requirements- Find everyone in Hide&Seek (adult).
Location- Wyndia

     Pwr: +1

     Chain Formation.... 3 levels


Requirements- Find everyone in Hide&Seek (adult).
Location- Wyndia

     Def: +1

     Cupid's Lyre (Item)- 3 levels


Requirements- Find everyone in Hide&Seek (adult).
Location- Wyndia

     Int: +1

     Magic Formation.... 3 levels


Requirements- Find everyone in Hide&Seek (adult).
Location- Wyndia

      HP: +1

     Refuge Formation... 3 levels


Requirements- Tell her "I like you this way" when you first meet her at
the Cave of Ages. Then call her Ma'am.
Location- Cave of Ages at the base of Mt. Zublo

     Pwr: +1
     Def: -3
     Int: +3
     Agl: +1
      HP: -3
      AP: +3

     Inferno............ 2 levels
     Blizzard........... 5 levels
     Myollnir........... 8 levels
     Sirocco............ 11 levels
     Celerity........... 15 levels


Requirements- Have all 18 dragon genes.
Location- Dragnier

     Pwr: +2
     Def: +2
     Int: +2
     Agl: +1
      HP: -6
      AP: -6

     Mind's Eye......... 3 levels
     Holy Strike........ 5 levels
     Ward Of Light...... 7 levels
     Aura............... 9 levels

Side Quests........................................................(BoF3.04.03)


When you're at a fishing spot, you can access the fishing menu by
pressing the Square button (just as you would bring up the normal main
menu). From here you can select either "Gear, Data, or Rule." Under
"Gear" you can change your equipped rod and lure. "Data" displays a
list of fish that you've caught, the fishes' sizes, your fishing
points, and your fishing rating. The "Rule" menu displays basic fishing
controls and tips.

Once you've equipped your desired rod and lure, it's time to cast. Hit
the X button, and a green bar will start moving in the meter at the
bottom of the screen. This green bar represents your casting power,
and the longer it is the farther the cast will be. Hit the X button
again to stop the green bar and cast. To reel in your lure hold the X
button. You can manuver your lure by using the d-pad. The easiest way
to hook a fish is to manuver a lure it likes directly over it, and to
make sure the lure is near the same depth as the fish (the darker the
fish's shadow, the more shallow it is). You can also hook a fish by
positioning your lure near it and using techniques (described in
"Rule") to attract the fish. The biggest mistake you can make while
trying to hook a fish is not keeping a close eye on your depth meter.
If you let your lure drag along the bottom, it'll snag and you'll lose
it. Believe me, I've lost most of my lures by getting them caught on
the bottom, rather than a fish snapping the line.

When you hook a fish, three things will appear in the meter at the
bottom of the screen; a green bar cursor, a fish cursor, and a thin
red bar. The thin red bar represents the fish's stamina, and the longer
the bar the bigger the fish. Hold down the X button and track the fish
cursor with the green bar cursor using the d-pad. You're going to want
to keep the fish cursor inside your cursor as much as possible, because
if the fish cursor breaks away from your cursor for too long, the
tension will cause the line to snap. The line will also break if the
fish pulls the line out over 60m. To catch the fish, you have to pull
it all the way to the shore.

                              Fishing Spots

Spot 1
Location- Southwest of the Checkpoint in the Dauna Hills region
Target fish- Pirana, Trout, Rainbow Trout, Barandy, Manillo

Spot 2
Location- In the river southeast of Dauna Mine
Target fish- Red Catfish, Bass, Martian Squid

Spot 3
Location- Along the river in the western Yraall region
Target fish- Puffer, Trout, Black Bass

Spot 4
Location- West of McNeil village in the Yraall region
Target fish- Jellyfish, Pirana, Rainbow Trout

Spot 5
Location- Next to the Farm in the Yraall region
Target fish- Pirana, Puffer, Trout, Manillo

Spot 6
Location- Just east of Mt. Myrneg in Central Wyndia
Target fish- Jellyfish, Bass, Martian Squid

Spot 7
Location- Along the river west of the Arena
Target fish- Puffer, Rainbow Trour, Bass

Spot 8
Location- Right next to the Maekyss Gorge in Central Wyndia
Target fish- Puffer, Martian Squid, Mackerel

Spot 9
Location- Along the river in Eastern Wyndia
Target fish- Pirana, Trout, Rainbow Trout, Bass, Black Bass

Spot 10
Location- Along the coast, south of the Tower in Eastern Wyndia
Target fish- Flying Fish, Blowfish, Black Porgy, Octopus, Manillo

Spot 11
Location- On the beach west of Rhapala
Target fish- Man-o`-War, Flying Fish, Sea Bass, Octopus

Spot 12
Location- Just northwest of the Checkpoint bridge in the Rhapala region
Target fish- Man-o`-War, Flying Fish, Sea Bream

Spot 13
Location- In the southern Rhapala region near Cliff
Target fish- Octopus, Angler, Devilfish, Manillo

Spot 14
Location- Southeast of Mt. Zublo in the Urkan region
Target fish- Sea Bream, Black Porgy, Angler, Manillo

Spot 15
Location- Just west of Steel Beach
Target fish- Sea Bass, Devilfish, Spearfish

Spot 16
Location- Near the [?] in the northwestern Urkan region
Target fish- Wan-o`-War, Flying Fish, Blowfish, Sea Bream, Sea Bass,
Black Porgy, Octopus, Angler, Devilfish, Spearfish, Manillo

Spot 17
Location- In the Lost Shore region east of Kombinat
Target fish- Man-o`-War, Flying Fish, Spearfish, Whale, Manillo

                              Fishing Rods

Wooden Rod
Range- 27m
Cursor size- Small
Handles- Slow
Strength- Low

Bamboo Rod
Range- 35m
Cursor size- Small
Handles- Fast
Strength- Low

Deluxe Rod
Range- 35m
Cursor size- Medium
Handles- Slow
Strength- Moderate

Range- 35m
Cursor size- Large
Handles- Slow
Strength- High

Angling Rod
Range- 50m
Cursor size- Medium
Handles- Fast
Strength- Low

Master's Rod
Range- 50m
Cursor size- Large
Handles- Fast
Strength- Moderate

                              Fishing Lures

Worm Type                     Fish Type               Other 
---------                     ---------               -----
Worm- LV1                     Sinker- LV1             Coin
Spirit- LV2                   Float- LV2
Caro- LV3                     Hanger- LV3
Heavy Caro- LV Top            Deep Diver- LV Top

Floating Type                 Frog Type               Master Type
-------------                 ---------               -----------
Old Popper- LV1               Toad- LV1               Ding Frog- LV Top
Popper- LV2                   Baby Frog- LV2
Top- LV3                      Frog- LV3
Dogwalker- LV Top             Fat Frog- LV Top

                                Fish List

Av. Length..............20cm
Preferred bait..........All except Coin
Difficulty to catch.....Very Easy
Use as Item.............Restores 1 HP
Notes- Mainly a nuisance fish. They'll mindlessly chase after any lure
(except the Coin) that comes into their proximity. Although they're
pitifully weak (making them easy to reel in), it's a pain to dodge them.
If these guys are surrounding a fish that you're after, lure them away

Av. Length..............30cm
Preferred bait..........All except Coin
Difficulty to catch.....Very Easy
Use as Item.............Restores 20 HP
Notes- These guys are quite easy to catch, due to their low strength and
affinity for just about every lure. However, like the Jellyfish, it can
be very irritating to hook them while trying to go after better fish. It's
best to just lure them away from your prey, so you don't have to worry
about dodging them.

Av. Length..............35cm
Preferred bait..........Floating Type
Difficulty to catch.....Easy
Use as Item.............Flame attack vs. one target
Notes- Nothing too out of the ordinary about the Puffer. They're pretty
simple to catch using just a low level Floating-type lure. They have a
small shadow, which can me difficult to distinguish from other small
fish, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Av. Length..............50cm
Preferred bait..........Worm and Fish Type
Difficulty to catch.....Easy
Use as Item.............Restores 40 HP
Notes- This is one of the first medium sized fishes that you can catch
in the game. Look for the shadows slightly larger (and lighter) than
those of Pirana. Simply drag a level 1 or 2 lure over them, and they
should bite readily.

Rainbow Trout
Av. Length..............50cm
Preferred bait..........Worm and Fish Type
Difficulty to catch.....Easy
Use as Item.............Restores 5 AP
Notes- These guys are almost exactly like Trout, except for their use as
an item. Rainbow Trout have the same sized shadow as Trout do, as well
as the same bait preference. Just use the same tactics to catch them as
you use for Trout.

Red Catfish
Av. Length..............60cm
Preferred bait..........Frog Type
Difficulty to catch.....Moderate
Use as Item.............Earthquake (attack vs. all targets)
Notes- Now this is a fish that's really annoying to catch, mainly for two
reasons: 1) They can only be found in one spot, which is overrun by Bass
and 2) Bass have the same exact shadow size and bait preferece as the
Red Catfish, making it just about imposible to discern the two. All I
can suggest is to cast out as far as you can and go after the lightest
shadows, although you'll still probably hook a lot more Bass than Red

Av. Length..............30cm
Preferred bait..........All except Coin
Difficulty to catch.....Easy
Use as Item.............Restores 80 HP
Notes- Bass can be a slight challenge to reel in if you're using a weak
rod, but all in all, they're not very hard to catch. They'll bite just
about anything, so just throw a level 1 or 2 lure of any kind into the
water, and drag it over large shadows to hook yourself a Bass.

Martian Squid
Av. Length..............60cm
Preferred bait..........Worm Type
Difficulty to catch.....Moderate
Use as Item.............Induces blindness in one target
Notes- A pink octopus? Yes, the Martian Squid is an interesting fish that
can only be found in a few select spots in the game. These guys are a bit
more stubborn than Octopus, though, so you'll probably have to employ
some higher level Worms (such as a Spirit or Caro) in order to hook them.
Just look for the octopus-like shadows with the long, protruding legs.
They can put up a decent fight too, so don't take them lightly if you're
using a low-class rod.

Black Bass
Av. Length..............65cm
Preferred bait..........Worm and Fish Type
Difficuly to catch......Hard
Use as Item.............Restores 80 HP to all party members
Notes- The Black Bass can be extremely hard to catch with a low-class
rod and only appears in a few places. The best place to catch them is
the spot in the western Yraall region (south of Ogre Road). Cast out as
far as you can and drag higher level lures over the large, light shadows.
They have quite a bit of stamina and strength, but they can be caught
with any rod (with more or less difficulty).

Av. Length..............150cm
Preferred Bait..........Frog Type
Difficulty to catch.....Very Hard
Use as Item.............Restores 240 HP to all party members
Notes- Talk about a tough fish to catch! Barandy are very strong, rivaled
only by the Whale (and possibly the Spearfish) in strength and stamina.
Not only that, but they dwell in Pirana ridden waters, making it a chore
to dodge the Pirana and hook them. It's best to use a high level Frog bait
to catch them. Look for the VERY light and large shadows out in deep
water. If you're lucky, they might swim into range of the almighty
Spanner, which can pull them up without too much difficulty. However,
in most cases you'll need the drastically weaker Angling Rod to reach

Av. Length..............20cm
Preferred Bait..........All except Coin
Difficulty to catch.....Very Easy
Use as Item.............Restores 1 HP
Notes- Just like the Jellyfish, these guys are pretty much useless and
serve mainly to just get in your way while going after better fish.
Avoid them or lure them away from the bigger fish.

Flying Fish
Av. Length..............15cm
Preferred Bait..........Floating Type
Difficulty to catch.....Very Easy
Use as Item.............Restores 20 HP
Notes- Flying Fish are extremely easy to catch. Just drop a Floating-type
lure near some small shadows, and they should bite. They're very easy to
pull up with just about every rod as well.

Av. Length..............15cm
Preferred Bait..........Floating Type
Difficulty to catch.....Easy
Use as Item.............Cures poison in party members
Notes- Just like the Puffer, the Blowfish is easily hooked and easily
caught. Use a Floating-type lure and seek out the small shadows in the

Sea Bream
Av. Length..............30cm
Preferred Bait..........Worm and Fish Type
Difficulty to catch.....Easy
Use as Item.............Restores 5 AP
Notes- The Sea Bream can put up a fair fight for such a little guy. You
can find them in quite a few places on the eastern continent. Take out a
good Fish-type lure and look for medium sized shadows. They shouldn't
give you too much trouble.

Sea Bass
Av. Length..............45cm
Preferred Bait..........Worm and Fish Type
Difficulty to catch.....Moderate
Use as Item.............Restores 80 HP
Notes- Sea Bass are extremely easy to hook, but they can prove
irritating to reel in, especially if you're using one of the weaker rods.
With their large and dark shadows, they're very simple to spot, so just
drag the Fish or Worm type lure of your choice over them. Sea Bass can
have a surprising great amount of stamina (A large Sea Bass can have a
stamina bar as big as a small Whale's). Just keep on your toes if you're
not using a really powerful rod, such as the Spanner.

Black Porgy
Av. Length..............45cm
Preferred Bait..........Frog Type
Difficulty to catch.....Moderate
Use as Item.............Restores 20AP
Notes- This is a good fish that you can catch relatively early in the
game (as soon as Momo's Tower). Look for the medium sized shadows and
use a good Frog Type lure to hook them. You won't find too many of them
in shallow water, so you'll need to cast out a fair distance to find
them. The Black Porgy shouldn't be overly difficult to pull up (The
Wooden and Bamboo Rods can pull them in with a little bit of effort).

Av. Length..............50cm
Preferred Bait..........Worm Type
Difficulty to catch.....Easy
Use as Item.............Induces blindness in all targets
Notes- The Octopus in another good fish that can be caught early in the
game. Their shadows are very easy to recognize (They have round bodies
with long protruding tentacles). Use any kind of worm to hook them.
They'll put up a good fight occasionally, but overall, they should't
give you too much trouble (Although they can have a lot of stamina).

Av. Length..............75cm
Preferred Bait..........Fish Type
Difficulty to catch.....Moderate
Use as Item.............Earthquake (attack vs. all targets)
Notes- I can't say that I like the Angler (after catching dozens and
dozens of them without getting a max length catch). They have large,
pale shadows, as they like to hang out in deep water. However, if you
wait around for a minute or two, they'll come in close enough to get
snagged by the more powerful short-ranged rods. Use a fairly high level
lure to hook them. A Float works well, and a Deep Diver will have you
hooking them effortlessly.

Av. Length..............90cm
Preferred Bait..........Worm Type
Difficulty to catch.....Moderate
Use as Item.............Electric attack vs. one target
Notes- The big blue cousin of the Octopus. The Devilfish has the same
type of shadow as the Octopus and Martian Squid, but they are a little
more difficult to catch. In many cases they'll snub Worms and Spirits,
although it is far from impossible to get them to hit with those lures.
Still, it's better to whet their appitite with a Caro or Heavy Caro.
Quite often they can be found wandering around in shallow water, so use
a strong rod to pull them up (they'll give you some trouble with the
Angling Rod).

Av. Length..............120cm
Preferred Bait..........Fish Type
Difficulty to catch.....Hard
Use as Item.............Restores 240HP to all party members
Notes- Although this guy teeters on the brink of being considered a
"Very Hard" fish to catch, in the end I decided against ranking the
Spearfish among the almighty Whale and Barandy. Regardless, the
Spearfish is certainly a fish to be reckoned with. They pack a ton of
stamina, are quite strong, and they are unpredictable (making them
hard to track because they jump out of the water so often). When trying
to catch them, search for the largest and lightest shadows out in deep
water. They can be caught with any level Fish Type lure, but it's easiest
to snag them with a Float or Deep Diver. Watch your tracker very
closely once you hook them, because they jerk around unexpectedly. You
can pull them up with the Spanner with only a slight amount of effort,
but the Angling Rod is another story...

Av. Length..............180cm
Preferred Bait..........Fish Type
Difficulty to catch.....Very Hard
Use as Item.............Restores all members' HP & status
Notes- Pft, and you thought the Spearfish was tough. This is, beyond a
doubt, the hardest fish to catch in in BoF3. Whales are strong enough
to pull hard against the Spanner, even with no stamina. Speaking of
stamina, Whales have a TON of it, with the largest Whales having red
bars that run off the tracking gauge! They have the same shadows as
Spearfish: large, light, and usually found in deep water. They're
stubborn when it comes to lower level lures, but they WILL hit them
occasionally. Again, Floats and Deep Divers are your best bets. You'll
be fine if you hook them with a Spanner. They'll drag the fight on
longer than a Spearfish usually will, but you should ultimately be able
to pull them up. However, it usually takes an Angling Rod to reach them
(unless you sit and wait for them to come into shallow water). It takes
luck to catch them with the Angling Rod, because Whales can easily pull
against it, even with no stamina. So, if you're going to use the
Angling Rod, don't use a Deep Diver, because that is a lure that's not
worth losing.

Av. Length..............50cm
Preferred Bait..........Worm Type
Difficulty to catch.....Easy
Use as Item.............Fish used in shisu
Notes- The Mackerel's only real use is for the shisu making mini game
that you have to complete later in the game. They can only be found in
a fishing spot that appears right next to the Maekyss Gorge once the
shisu mini game begins. They have medium sized shadows, and they're
fairly easy to catch, so there's not much to be said about them.

Av. Length..............150cm
Preferred Bait..........Coin
Difficulty to catch.....Very Easy
Use as Item............. None (Catching opens Manillo Shop)
Notes- This is the most unique fish in the game. The Manillo, which can
be found in quite a few fishing spots, has a very conspicuous shadow
and can only be caught with a Coin. If fact, if you throw a Coin out
into the water, the Manillo will chase it down from where ever he is.
So, simply drop the Coin near the shore, reel it in to 0m, and wait for
the Manillo to come pick it up. Pulling the Manillo up is a joke. When
you catch the Manillo, you can trade with him (explained below).

                              Manillo Shops

Fishing is probably most profitable through Manillo shops. Manillos are
merchants who travel the world's waters, trading items for fish. When
you catch a Manillo, you can see what items it has to offer and trade
in fish for those items.

Spot 1 Manillo Shop
Wisdom Ring..........1 Black Bass, 5 Rainbow Trout, 5 Trout
Lion's Belt..........1 Angler, 9 Rainbow Trout, 9 Trout
Ginseng..............2 Bass, 5 Rainbow Trout, 5 Trout
Caro.................2 Rainbow Trout, 3 Trout
Frog.................2 Rainbow Trout, 3 Trout
Top..................3 Rainbow Trout, 2 Trout
Hanger...............3 Rainbow Trout, 2 Trout
Skill Ink............2 Martian Squid, 1 Rainbow Trout, 1 Trout
Katzbalger...........1 Barandy, 2 Black Bass, 1 Red Catfish
Laurel...............1 Barandy, 2 Black Bass, 1 Bass

Spot 5 Manillo Shop
Silver Knife.........2 Rainbow Trout, 2 Trout
Iron Helm............1 Trout, 2 Pirana
Waistcloth...........1 Trout, 1 Puffer
Spirit...............3 Pirana
Baby Frog............3 Pirana
Popper...............2 Puffer
Float................2 Puffer
Skill Ink............1 Rainbow Trout, 1 Trout
Bell Collar..........3 Angler, 3 Martian Squid, 5 Sea Bream
Holy Mantle..........3 Black Bass, 9 Bass, 9 Sea Bass

Spot 10 Manillo Shop
Chain Cap............1 Bass, 3 Blowfish
Crepe Cape...........1 Black Porgy, 4 Flying Fish
Spirit...............3 Blowfish
Baby Frog............3 Blowfish
Popper...............2 Flying Fish
Float................2 Flying Fish
Skill Ink............2 Octopus

Spot 13 Manillo Shop
Hawk's Ring..........3 Black Bass, 5 Bass
Artemis' Cap.........2 Black Bass, 2 Angler, 5 Sea Bream
Speed Boots..........1 Barandy, 1 Black Bass, 2 Devilfish
Soul Gem.............1 Barandy, 2 Sea Bass
Bell Collar..........2 Devilfish, 3 Angler, 9 Sea Bream
Holy Mantle..........3 Black Bass, 9 Bass, 9 Sea Bass
Skill Ink............2 Octopus, 1 Devilfish

Spot 14 Manillo Shop
Wisdom Ring..........1 Angler, 2 Black Porgy, 2 Sea Bream
Lion's Belt..........2 Martian Squid, 2 Bass, 4 Sea Bass
Ginseng..............1 Martian Squid, 2 Octopus, 3 Sea Bass
Caro.................3 Sea Bream
Frog.................3 Sea Bream
Top..................2 Octopus
Hanger...............2 Octopus
Skill Ink............1 Black Porgy, 1 Angler

Spot 16 Manillo Shop
Demonsbane...........1 Spearfish, 2 Black Bass
Aries Spear..........1 Spearfish, 9 Sea Bass, 9 Sea Bream
Heavy Caro...........1 Devilfish, 1 Martian Squid, 2 Octopus
Fat Frog.............1 Devilfish, 1 Martian Squid, 2 Octopus
Dogwalker............1 Devilfish, 1 Martian Squid, 2 Octopus
Deep Diver...........1 Devilfish, 1 Martian Squid, 2 Octopus
Skill Ink............2 Octopus, 1 Devilfish

Spot 17 Manillo Shop
Royal Sword..........1 Whale, 3 Spearfish, 1 Barandy
Life Armor...........1 Whale, 1 Spearfish, 3 Barandy
Cupid's Lyre.........1 Whale, 2 Barandy, 5 Red Catfish
Shaman's Ring........1 Whale, 3 Spearfish, 5 Red Catfish
Ivory Dice...........1 Spearfish, 1 Red Catfish, 5 Mackerel
Skill Ink............1 Spearfish, 1 Devilfish

                          +Faerie Village+

Building and running a faerie village can be very profitable, because
doing so requires very little concrete investment on your part. The
main thing that you do have to put into a faerie village is time. You
can begin building your village as soon as Ryu becomes an adult. The
first time you visit the village as an adult, the faeries will be in
panic mode because they don't know how to take care of themselves. Talk
to the head faerie (the one that's always hanging out near the small
house) to begin organizing the village. If you say that you don't know
what to do, she'll talk to you about how to run the village. Tell her
that you know what to do to begin organizing.

The interface of the village menu is pretty simple. At the top, there's
a long rectangular box that contains all the faeries that are not
assigned to a task or job. Below that you can see your culture level
and your food supply. And below that are squares that each represent a
room. A room can hold 3 faeries and can be assigned to one job. You
start with only a single, one room building. On the right, there are
three large boxes where you can assign faeries to hunt, clear land, or
build new buildings. When you're managing your village, there are a few
things you need to be aware of:

Food- The faeries need food to survive. If your food supply runs out,
the faeries will start to die. The only way to obtain food is through
hunting. Be sure to have at least 2/3's of the population hunting at
all times when you first start cultivating your village, and then
gradually reduce it to half the population. Also make sure that the
majority of your hunters are skilled at it.

Culture- Scholars are a big part of the village because they develop
culture. The higher your culture rating, the faster your village will
grow overall. Basically, a high culture rating (the highest being 7)
will reduce the number of battles that you have to fight in order for
your village to progress.

Building/Clearing- Putting up new buildings allows you to open up more
shops and other jobs. But before you can build, you have to clear a
foundation. You also have to build and clear in sequence; clear some
land, build, then clear more land and build. Like all tasks that
require ability, the building and clearing will get done faster if the
workers are skilled in this craft.

Jobs- There are many different jobs that you can assign faeries to do,
like selling items, exploring, and running an inn. Most jobs can get
done more efficiently and effectively if the faerie doing the job is
skilled in that area.

Personal attributes- Each faerie has a unique set of four different
attributes, making them good at some things but not so good at others.
When you select a faerie on the menu, you can view their personal
stats. Each of the four bars represent a skill that is used to do one
or more different kinds of jobs:

Red................ Hunting, and exploring
Green.............. Building, and clearing
Dark Blue.......... Merchant, inn, and antique shop 
Light Blue......... Scholar, copy shop, and fortune teller

                                Job List

Develops new jobs and culture. Scholars are responsible for thinking
up new jobs and helping the community grow faster.

Sells products. The shops that you can open up in your faerie village
may sell items, weapons, ect... that you can't find anywhere else. There
are three different kinds of shops you can open, and for each of those
three, there are two different qualities the products can specialize

Item Shop (Ability)                     Item Shop (Speed)
-------------------                     -----------------
Green Apple- 5z                         Green Apple- 5z
Vitamin- 50z                            Vitamin- 50z
Panacea- 100z                           Panacea- 100z
Ammonia- 200z                           MultiVitamin- 300z
High Boots- 3000z                       Ammonia- 200z
Lion's Belt- 3000z                      Talisman- 500z
Napalm- 800z                            Life Sandals- 500z
Dream Ring- 1000z                       High Boots- 3000z
Balance Ring- 1000z                     Titan Belt- 3000z
Barrier Ring- 3000z                     Dream Ring- 1000z
Diamond Ring- 3000z                     Balance Ring- 1000z

Handyman Shop (Ability)                 Handyman Shop (Speed)
-----------------------                 ---------------------
Berries- 5z                             Berries- 5z
Beef Jerky- 50z                         Beef Jerky- 50z
Taser- 200z                             Clothing- 500z
Tiger Claws- 3800z                      Flame Chrysm- 500z
Angling Rod- 2000z                      Napalm- 800z
Lion's Belt- 3000z                      Bell Collar- 10000z
Bell Collar- 10000z                     Angling Rod- 2000z
Soul Gem- 3000z                         Belladonna- 200z
Holy Mantle- 10000z                     Royal Dagger- 6200z
Molotov- 10z                            Holy Mantle- 10000z
Hidden Dagger- 7000z                    Soul Gem- 3000z

Weapon Shop (Ability)                   Weapon Shop (Speed)
---------------------                   -------------------
Pointed Stick- 10z                      Pointed Stick- 10z
Waistcloth- 210z                        Waistcloth- 210z
Bronze Sword- 240z                      Bronze Sword- 240z
Crepe Cape- 1300z                       Buckler- 1100z
Flame Talons- 3300z                     Wind Cutter- 2200z
Amber Breastplate- 6100z                Crepe Cape- 1300z
Piercing Pike- 7400z                    Flame Talons- 3300z
Katzbalger- 9200z                       Laurel- 1800z
Protectors- 11000z                      Royal Dagger- 6200z
Tiger's Cap- 5300z                      Spiked Gauntlets- 6800z
Ouroboros- 22000z                       Ice Halberd- 12500z

Runs an inn. It's really just an average everyday inn, except the cost
per night is very cheap compared to most inns in the later stages of
the game. If you place more than one faerie in the same inn, one of
them will run the inn while the others tell you things like how many
battles you've fought, how many times you've gone fishing, ect...

Gift Shop
Gives away items. This is potentially the most profitable job, because
you don't have to pay a cent for the items that it gives you. The
longer you wait before collecting your prize, the better the prize
will be. If you fight enough battles, you can get items like Wisdom
Fruits and Shaman's Rings. But if you wait for a very long time and
fight a LOT of battles before checking, you can even get the fabled
Spirit Ring.

Fortune Teller
Predicts the future. This is a practically useless job. All this job
does is dispense useless tidbits of information.

Explores and searches for items. A very useful but risky job. You can
send faeries out on trips to look for valuable and rare items. The
risky part is that faeries can die due to exploration failures. But
successful excursions can bare items like Icons and Spirit Rings.

Antique Shop
Buys valuable items. You know all those items you have that bare the
description "Appears valuable"? Well here you can sell those items for
a lot of money; much more than you'll get by selling them to normal

Music Shop
Plays music. Although the music shop gives you no concrete benefits,
it's still worth opening. I like having one so I can listen to all the
game's cool songs.

Plays various games. The casino lets you play two different mini-games;
High and Low or a Number Guessing game. High and Low is strictly for
money, but the number guessing game is for prizes. The best prize you
can get is a Spirit Ring, but it's very unlikely that you would be
able to guess a three digit number in one try.

Copy Shop
Makes a copy of an item. Like exploration, copying your items is both
useful and risky. If your item doesn't get copied, you usually just
get it back with no harm done. But sometimes your item will get turned
into a Rice Ball. Rare items, such as Hourglasses, can be copied.
If you save OUTSIDE the faerie village, you can reset your game and
reenter the village until your item is successfully duplicated.

                            +Hide & Seek+

When you visit Wyndia as an adult, you'll see that nothing much has
changed. Especially the kids you played Hide & Seek with all those
years ago. You can find them hanging out in front of the fountain near
the inoculation shop. Talk to the leader, and he'll challenge you to
another game of Hide & Seek. But this time, the whole known world is
their playgound to hide in. Fortunately, they all give you hints about
where they're going to hide:

Bais- "Somewhere in the northwest where there's lots of strong men"
Lang- "Someplace close"
Wynn- "That place that smells like oil"
Lee- "The place that connects this world with that world"

If you can't find them using these hints, then here's where everyone is

Bais- He's hid himself deep inside the Dauna Mine, so I'll explain in
detail how to find him. From the elevator on the B3 level, Follow the
path right and then northeast onto a wooden bridge. Take the bridge up
to a junction and head northwest. Use you camera angles to check around
the last pillar along the path to find him.

Lang- Behind one of the tombstones in the Wyndian royal graveyard.

Wynn- Behind one of the houses at Junk Town.

Lee- Behind the Eastern Checkpoint gate.

Once you've found all of them, return to Wyndia and they'll all become
masters. They're just like normal masters, except instead of giving you
skills and spells, they grant you formations (with the exception of
Lang who gives you an item) For more information look them up in the
masters section.

                   +The Tower's Crystal Challenge+

Put Nina in your party and go to Momo's Tower when you want to play
this mini-game. The first time you visited the Tower, you probably
noticed the chest at the bottom of the pool surrounded by four
crystals outside. When you go inside, you'll also notice the big
crystal at the end of the pool. Activate this crystal using Nina's
wand, and you'll have 30 seconds to get back outside and light up the
four crystals surrounding the pool. However, you'll have to take the
long way out because the short way is blocked off by a laser beam.
Really the only advice I can give for this is to not go down the stairs
outside at an angle, because it slows you down. Also make sure you're
lined up with the crystal, and you're facing the crystal before you
try to acitvate it. If you complete the puzzle within the time limit,
you'll get one of three prizes from the chest depending on how much
time was left on the clock:

Less than 5 seconds left- MultiVitamin
5.0 to 5.99 seconds left- Wisdom Fruit
6 seconds or more left- Ring of Ice

                     +Long Trips in the Desert+

After you cross the Desert of Death for the first time and arrive at
the Oasis, you'll find a man in town who's been across the desert too.
Talk to him, and you can hear the stories of how he lost an "important
item" and "nice outfit" during his travels. Well that "important item"
he's talking about is actually a Royal Sword, and the "nice outfit" is
Life Armor. If you're bold enough to go back out into the desert to
find these things (or if you're just bad at fishing and you want this
stuff), here are the directions:

To get the Royal Sword, leave FROM THE OASIS and go west for four
nights. Then head south until you find the sword in one of the random
battlefields, which should take about one or two nights.

To get the Life Armor, leave FROM THE FACTORY and go north for two
nights. Then head west for three nights, and check the random
battlefields for the armor.

Besides the sword and armor that the man lost, there are two other
items that you can get by taking extra trips into the desert. Those
are the Death Claws (one of the best weapons in the game for Peco) and
Speed Boots. Here are the directions for obtaining them:

From the OASIS, simply head directly west until you come across a
random battlefield with a chest containing the Death Claws. This should
happen after about seven nights. To get the Speed Boots, do the same
thing, except go east from the Factory.

I would not recommend taking the long trips in the desert, just because
you can get the Royal Sword and Life Armor from the Manillo shop near
Kombinat. Plus by catching the fish you need to obtain these to items,
you're sure to add some points to your fishing record. But if you're
bent on getting them this way, then by all means do it.

                        +Challenge Monsters+

At the Container Yard there dwells two kinds of random battle monsters
that are incredibly hard to beat. These two enemies are none other than
the powerful relative of the Codger and Adept, the Arch Mage, and the
purple Multibot with an attitude, the Berserker. Both of these guys
make Dragon Lord and Myria look like a joke. They are undoubtedly the
hardest enemies in the game. If you think you can beat these two with
brute strength, think again (well unless you're like at level 99).
You will only be able to overcome them with a good, well thought out
strategy. You'll also need to be at a decent level. Level 40-45 is
ideal, but they can be bested as low as level 30. The quick strats I
give at the end of each section should work for parties with levels
35-40 and higher.

                              Arch Mage

Although these two monsters are pretty much equally hard, the Arch Mage
is probably the easier of the two just because he has five times less
HP than the Berserker. The Arch Mage has 3000 HP, and his spells are
extremely powerful. His Myollnir spell does about 500 damage, which is
more than enough to instantly kill one of your party members. He also
has Blizzard, but he uses it once in a blue moon. The Arch Mage's most
deadly attack is Mind Sword, because it does a ton of damage and there
are very few ways to defend against it. He'll also add insult to injury
by casting Benediction on your party if two of your members are wiped
out, just so he can kill them all over again. But if you think all this
is bad, here's one more thing to worry about; he automatically
regenerates 1500 HP per turn. By defeating the Arch Mage you get a few
nice rewards including 2000z, 48000 Exp., and the Holy Avenger (Rei's
ultimate weapon and a good weapon for Ryu as well).

                      How I Beat the Arch Mage
                          (The First Time)

Because I've beaten several Arch Mages, I'll just explain my routine.
I go to the Container Yard with Ryu, Rei, and Momo in my party, and I
have them in a Chain Formation led by Rei. The only equipment that
matters to me are the accessories. I have Rei equipped with two Speed
Boots so that his agility is well over 100, Ryu has the Spirit Ring
and Light Bangle, and Momo has a Soul Gem and a Thunder Ring so that
she'll absorb Myollnir as HP. I can also just equip another Soul Gem
if she gets hit with Mind Sword.

The first turn I have Rei cast Resist so he'll be immune to everything,
Ryu turns into the ultimate Kaiser (Infinity, Trance, Radiance) mainly
so that he'll have enough HP to survive at least two of the the Arch
Mage's attacks and have an extra turn, and have Momo cast Speed on Rei
so that he gets an extra turn. So no matter what the Arch Mage does
this turn, nobody can die and stay that way. It's pointless to attack
during this extra turn because the Arch Mage is about to regenerate. So
I have Ryu use Focus, and have Rei do something like cast Speed on
Momo. Now at the second normal turn I have Rei cast Resist so he can't
die. Ryu begins the assault by using Shadowwalk (Having used Focus the
turn before this does about 2000 damage), and Momo casts War Shout or
heals Ryu if he was attacked the first turn. After that it's the same
as the first turn; nobody is going to die. The second extra turn is the
finale. Ryu uses Shadowwalk again, Rei slams the Arch Mage with Aura,
and Momo casts one of her strongest spells like Myollnir. And that's

                       Quick Archmage Strategies

With Dragon Form
Party: Any
Formation: Attack (Ryu in front)
Recommended Equipment: Thunder Ring, Soul Gem, Robe of Wind
Recommended Skills: Focus, Shadowwalk
Recommended Stats:
 -Ryu's Agl: 40-50+
 -Ryu's HP: 200+

Strategy: The Thunder Ring and Soul Gem should be equipped to Ryu for
safety's sake, since he'll have a 50-50 chance of being smacked with
either Myollnir or Mind Sword before he has a chance to act. Have him
use Accession with the Infinity, Trance, and Radiance genes, while
another member boosts his speed up to an EX-Turn worthy level with the
Robe of Wind (if one casting doesn't do it, cast it again). Ryu should
use Focus twice and follow up with Shadowwalk. This will most likely
cause a one hit kill, but if it doesn't, smack him with Shadowwalk again
on your next turn.

No Dragon Form
Party: Ryu, Rei, Third Member
Formation: Chain (Rei in front)
Recommended Equipment: Thunder Ring, Soul Gem, Robe of Wind, Speed Boots
Recommended Skills: Focus, Shadowwalk, Aura, Triple Blow, Resist
Recommended Stats:
 -Rei's Agl: 70-80+

Strategy: Basically, do everything within your power to both get Rei and
Ryu extra turns, as well as keep them alive. Rei can use Resist on the
first turn, while someone else boosts his agility with a Robe of Wind or
the spell Speed. During his extra turn, Rei can boost up Ryu. An
important thing to remember is that if you die and are revived by a
Soul Gem, you'll retain the effects of stat boosting spells. On the next
regular turn, have Ryu use Focus; Rei Resist or attack with any of the
three recommended attack skills; and your third member do anything they
can to help out (maybe even give him/herself an extra turn). Focus
again on your extra turn, and have Rei attack if you think you can
override the mage's regeneration. Let loose on the next regular turn.
Ryu and Rei should attack with their best physical attack skills (the
above mentioned). It's likely that the Archmage will skill be alive after
this, but you have an extra turn to finish him off. This may not work
100% of the time, but you should be able to pull off a win with it.

No Dragon Form 2
Party: Ryu, Momo, Garr
Formation: Attack (Ryu in front)
Recommended Equipment: Thunder Ring, Soul Gem, Robe of Wind
Recommended Skills: Focus, Shadowwalk, Triple Blow, War Shout
Recommended Stats:
 -Ryu's Agl: 80+

Strategy: This is extremely effective and consistent for all you players
with a fast Ryu. The basic plan here is to get Ryu an extra turn, double
Focus, then lay into the mage with Shadowwalk while Garr helps out for
a couple hundred damage with Triple Blow. Ryu WILL be faster than the
Archmage, so have him Focus right away. If he gets killed by Mind Sword
and is revived by a Soul Gem, his Focus will stay in effect. Have Momo
cast Speed and Garr use a Robe of Wind on Ryu to help get him an extra
turn. Upon his extra turn, use Focus again. On the next regular turn,
unleash Shadowwalk, Warshout, and Triple Blow with Ryu, Momo, and Garr
respectively. This should cause enough damage for Ryu to easily finish
him off during his next extra turn, right before the mage's regeneration
kicks in.


The Berserker is a little tougher than the Arch Mage because it has
15000 HP, five times more than the Arch Mage. This guy has three
attacks that you need to consider. Its normal attack can be considered
an instant kill to anyone who is unprotected. The Berserker's Fire Whip
attack is just as powerful, and it's vs. all targets. As a trump card,
the Berserker will cast the spell Berserk when it gets low on HP. You
can steal Aries Gloves (the best shield in the game) from the Berserker
considerably easily during the fight. Your rewards for beating it are
3000z, 30000 Exp., and there's a chance that it'll drop the Rufad's
Spear (A weapon for Garr that makes a good subbordinate to the Beast

                       How I Beat the Berserker
                           (The First Time)

I've defeated even more Berserkers than Arch Mages, so once again I'll
just explain how I normally fight them. I use the same party members,
the same formation, and practically the same equipment for this battle
that I use against the Arch Mage. The only change in equipment is that
Momo has the Ring of Fire instead of the Thunder Ring.

The first turn I have Rei cast Resist so he can't get killed, and have
Ryu transform using the Force, Flame, and Gross genes so that he'll
be immune to Fire Whip, and he'll have just enough HP to survive one of
the Berserker's normal attacks. I have Momo cast Speed on Rei so that
he gets an extra turn. The Berserker starts off the battle confused,
so it'll always use its normal attack. During the extra turn Ryu uses
Aura on the Berserker (Which typically does 1000 damage), and Rei casts
Speed on Momo. The second turn Rei uses Resist (like he will on every
normal turn), Ryu casts Focus, and Momo either heals Ryu or casts
Protect on Ryu just to add a little insurance. With this setup, none
of my party members can get killed. During the next extra turn Ryu uses
Aura (Which now does about 2000 damage because I used Focus the turn
before), Rei casts Charm, and Momo either heals Ryu or casts assist
magic like Protect or War Shout. I keep up this pattern of Ryu Focusing
then attacking, Rei Resisting then using Pilfer to get the Aries
Gloves, and Momo healing Ryu and casting assist magic. When the
Berserker uses Berserk, I know that I have to finish it off before it
gets another chance to attack, because Ryu won't survive with its
attack power that high. So if my Aura during the next extra turn
doesn't finish it off, I just use Aura again the turn after that
instead of using Focus.

                      Quick Berserker Strategies

With Dragon Form
Party: Any
Formation: Attack (Ryu in front)
Recommended Equipment: Ring of Fire (2), Dragon Helm, Soul Gem,
                       Robe of Wind
Recommended Skills: Shield
Recommended Stats:
 -Ryu's Agl: 45-50+

Strategy: As long as Ryu consistently acts before the Berserker, then
this shouldn't be difficult. Once you establish your defense, it should
difficult NOT to win. Have Ryu transform into a Flame+Gross+Force
Warrior right way, while the other two members back him up by casting
Shield and using a Robe of Wind, to ensure Ryu gets an extra turn. Now,
throughout the rest of the battle, Ryu should use Focus followed by an
Aura, while the other two members heal from the Berserker's normal
attacks (although a lot of the time Fire Whip will heal you if you
have full flame protection). If you wish, you can also continue to cast
Shield until the Berserker's normal attack does minimal damage, as well
as spam the Robe of Wind to get extra turns for your other characters.
Just make sure to end the battle quickly after it casts Berserk.

No Dragon Form
Party: Any
Formation: Defense or Attack (Ryu in front)
Recommended Equipment: Ring of Fire (2), Dragon Helm, Soul Gem,
                       Robe of Wind
Recommended Skills: Shield, Focus, Shadowwalk, Triple Blow
Recommended Stats:
 -Ryu's Agl: 50-55+

Strategy: Although on paper this strat should work with any decent
party, a preferred team would be Ryu, Momo, Rei or Ryu, Momo, Garr. You
want at least one other person capable of dealing good physical damage
to help Ryu out. The plan here is to spam Shield to death. Cast it until
everyone can consistently take a hit from the Berserker's physical
attacks. Half of the time, you'll be healed by Fire Whip, but relying
on Fire Whip to heal a wounded character is a bit of a gamble. Go with
your instincts. You may need a few Soul Gems to get through the first
few rounds of Shield casting, but if you're in Defense formation, it
shouldn't take more than 4 or so Shields to get your defense high enough.
If you brought some higher Agility characters with you, try to net them
an extra turn via the Robe of Wind. Once your defense is set, just
attack and heal. Ryu should use Focus and Shadowwalk while another
physical fighter uses Triple Blow, or whatever good melee skills you
may have. If you have War Shout or Might, you can speed things along.
Just try to anticipate when it'll use Berserk, and slay the Berserker
before it gets another opportunity to attack. This fight can go to hell
quickly that way.

Once you develop a strategy that works for you, you'll be hunting these
two for sport in no time at all.

Frequently Asked Questions.........................................(BoF3.04.04)

What guide would be complete without an actual "FAQ" or Frequently Asked
Questions section? Well here it is. This section will list a handful of
answers to questions or issues that are repeatedly brought up about the
game. The questions will be divided up into different categories so you
can find the answer you're looking for more quickly. Also, this section
is generally spoiler free (with the exception of the Rumors and Myths
category), so you don't have to be overly cautious about checking out
some of the game-play related questions if you're just starting out.

                            Battles: General

Q: What does it mean when my characters get Exclamation Points above
   their heads just before a battle begins?

A: Those Exclamation Points determine who gets the initiative in battle.
   With a three character party, if all three characters get !'s, you
   have a chance to gain the initiative. If no characters get !'s, the
   enemy has a chance to gain the initiative. Otherwise, neither you nor
   the enemy will have a chance to get the initiative.

Q: How do I learn enemy skills during battle?

A: You simply use the Examine option, which is the left icon on the
   Battle menu. If an enemy uses a learnable skill while you are
   examining it, you may learn it. However, take note that you won't
   always learn a skill on your first try, and the best way to learn a
   skill is to persistently examine the enemy.

Q: After a battle, my max HP suddenly dropped and is now highlighted in
   yellow. What happened, and how do I fix this?

A: If any of your characters die during battle, and they are not
   revived before the battle is over, their max HP will drop by 10% and
   turn yellow (which simply indicates that it has dropped). To get your
   HP back to normal, all you have to do is rest at an inn or in any
   other bed outside of camping.

Q: What exactly is the "Berserk" status change? How can it be controlled?

A: The "Berserk" status change is very similar to confusion, except it
   is caused by using certain abilities, as opposed to having certain
   abilities used against you by enemies. When a character is berserk,
   you have no direct control over them, and they will randomly use
   normal attacks on both enemies and allies. Unlike confusion, you
   cannot cure someone who is berserk. However, you can control them by
   using the Influence skill, which will make a berserk character target
   a specific enemy.

Q: What does "Blessed armor" mean?

A: Any armor with this description has a special property that greatly
   increases the effectiveness of healing magic upon whoever wears it.

Q: How do I change my equipment during battle?

A: On the battle menu, select the items icon and then scroll up to the
   top of your item list. Once your cursor is at the top of the item
   list, hit up on the d-pad and select the "Equip" option. From there
   you can freely change the equipment of that character.

Q: How do I use equipment as an item in battle?

A: If you select the items icon, you can side-scroll to your weapons,
   armor, and options lists using the left and right d-pad buttons.
   Equipment that can be used as items will be highlighted in white.
   Also, when you use a piece of equipment in battle, you will not lose
   it. But keep in mind that you can use one piece of equipment only
   once per turn.

Q: How can you duplicate equipment during battle?

A: There is, indeed, a trick that allows you to duplicate useable
   equipment in battle. Using the following method, you can copy a piece
   of equipment twice in one battle (Big thanks go to maxmajere and
   h20insomnia for telling me this trick and for the late Kusanagi for
   originally discovering the trick):

   1. Make sure you only have ONE copy of the piece of equipment you wish
   to duplicate (also make sure the equipment is useable). You must also
   have a SINGLE cheap piece of the same type of equipment (weapon or
   armor) in your inventory for each of your three party members to equip
   during the trick (you must be willing to lose that equipment).

   2. Manually sort your equipment list so that the item you wish to
   copy is at the top of the list.

   3. Get into a battle and have your first character use the item you
   want to copy (this should leave a blank space at the top of your
   equipment list).

   4. Have your second character equip a cheap piece of equipment from
   the same list (you must only have ONE of that piece of equipment,
   so that a blank space will be left where it was taken out).

   5. Now use the Triangle button to cancel ALL of your actions back to
   the first character. Check your inventory, and if you've done this
   correctly, you will have two of the item you are duplicating, and you
   will have lost the item you equipped in step 4.

   6. To make another copy, have your first two characters use the piece
   of equipment (this should, again, leave a blank space at the top of
   your inventory.

   7. Then simply repeat step 4 with your third character, and cancel
   all of your actions back to the first character again. You should now
   have three copies of the equipment you set out to duplicate, at the
   expense of two cheaper pieces of equipment.

                            Masters and Skills

Q: Can I learn a skill from a master or an enemy more than once?

A: No. Once you learn a skill, you cannot learn it again. If you learn
   a skill from an enemy, you cannot learn that skill from a master who
   normally teaches it (and vice versa). In essence, there can only be
   one copy of a skill in circulation among all of your party members.

Q: If I gain levels under a master and then quit being apprenticed to
   that master, will the levels I gained carry over if I re-apprentice
   under that master again?

A: No. In terms of learning skills, all the levels you have to gain will
   be reset if you re-apprentice under a master. For example, it takes
   15 levels to learn Celerity from Deis. If you gain 10 levels under
   Deis and then quit or switch to another master, you'll still have to
   gain 15 levels to get Celerity if you apprentice under her again (as
   opposed to 5 levels if you had kept Deis as your master the entire

Q: I accidentally sold my Flower Jewel. Can I still get Meryleep as a

A: No. Unfortunately, there is only one Flower Jewel in the game, and it
   is required to get Meryleep as a master.

Q: What does "Useable at fixed intervals" mean?

A: "Fixed intervals" only apply to two skills in the game: Bonebreak and
   Celerity. All it means is that these skill have to recharge before you
   can use it again. Once you use either of these attacks, you'll have
   to wait about three hours for it to recharge.

Q: What does "Damage altered by HP" mean?

A: This applies to most breath attacks. This means that the attack's
   effectiveness depends on the user's current HP. Breath attacks will
   do the most damage when the user is at max HP, and will do less and
   less damage as your HP drops.

Q: When does Deis become available as a master?

A: Deis becomes a master right before you can board the Black Ship. But
   this is only if you said "I like you this way" when you first met her
   at the Cave of Ages near Mt. Zublo.


Q: Where can I find the first Coin in the game?

A: The game's first Coin can be found along the [?] road leading up to
   Mt. Glaus. You'll find it by checking the holes hidden under rocks
   that are scattered throughout the area.

Q: Is it ever necessary to use fishing "Techniques" in order to catch
   certain fish?

A: No. It's very possible to catch any kind of fish in the game without
   ever using "Techs". However, if you can perform Techs easily, it can
   help to attract and hook more stubborn fish.

Q: Where can I catch Whales? Barandy?

A: Each of these fish can only be found in one spot. Whales can be
   caught in the fishing spot near Kombinat, and Barandy are found at
   the spot just south of the Checkpoint in the Dauna Region.

Q: How do I tell the difference between Spearfish and Whales?

A: To be honest... you can't. They both are found in the same spot, have
   the same shadow size, and hang out at the same depth. The only time
   you can tell them apart is after you hook them. So if you're looking
   to catch one over the other, just go after the big shadows and take
   your 50-50 chance that it's the right fish.

Q: How do I get the best rod and lure?

A: With a Clear Game save file (meaning you've beaten the game), you can
   get three Ding Frogs (the best lure) and a Master Rod (best rod) from
   the fisherman at the [?] house in the Urkan Region. You'll receive
   the Ding Frogs if your fishing rank is at least Master of Angling+,
   and you'll get the Master Rod if your rank is Master of Angling++ or

                             Faerie Village

Q: How many faeries should I have hunting?

A: When you first start building your village, you should have more
   than half of your population hunt. As you progress, you should
   gradually reduce that number to about a half or a third of your total
   population. And always make sure that the majority of your hunters
   have a full (or near full) red skill bar.

Q: What does my "Culture" level mean?

A: Culture shows how quickly your village will progress. Having a high
   culture rating basically means you'll have to fight less battles
   before something gets done. The highest culture rating is 7, and you
   should begin raising your culture level as soon as possible.

Q: How do I build more rooms?

A: All you have to do is clear land and build sequentially. First assign
   some faeries to clear land, and once a plot of land is cleared, order
   those faeries to build. Once a new room is completed, you must clear
   another plot of land before you can add another room.

Q: How can I get a Spirit Ring/Ivory Charm from my faerie village?

A: There are a few ways you can obtain these two accessories. You can
   get the Spirit Ring through the Casino's Number Guessing Game, the
   Gift Shop, or by long distance Explorations. You can get the Ivory
   Charm similarly through distant Explorations. When exploring, always
   remember to save OUTSIDE the village before checking on your progress.
   If you don't get the result you want, you can keep resetting your
   game until you do!

                            Rumors and Myths


Q: Is it possible to defeat Balio and Sunder the first time you fight
   them (at Cedar Woods)?

A: No. This is a very widely spread, yet false rumor that resulted from
   an error in the game's official strategy guide.

Q: My friend/sibling/parent/math teacher/family pet said that they beat
   Balio and Sunder at Cedar Woods. How is this possible?

A: They lied.

Q: How do I get Jarno in my party?

A: You don't. Jarno is a completely fake secret character who supposedly
   replaces Nina if you were to beat Balio and Sunder at Cedar Woods.
   It's just another false rumor that you should ignore.

Q: Is it possible to defeat Balio and Sunder the second time you fight
   them (in Wyndia Castle)?

A: Yes. Although you cannot actually kill them there, it is possible to
   win that fight by simply waiting for Balio and Sunder to run away.

Q: Is it possible to defeat Garr at the Contest of Champions?

A: No.

Q: How do I get the Tyrant Gene?

A: Once again, you don't. This is another myth.

Q: Do Teleporter Dice really exist?

A: Nope. Yet another false rumor.

Q: Is there some way to get Teepo back in my party?

A: I believe there is a Game Shark code that allows you to replace one
   of your party members with Teepo. However, I have heard that it is
   very glitchy and could easily cause problems with your game. In terms
   of a method to get Teepo back without a Game Shark... well, there
   is none.

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