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                                   Toy Story 2

Table Of Contents
1.Level Passwords
2.copyright stuff
                                 1.Level Passwords
Level-6...No Password
Level-8...NO Password
Level 10..PBWJ
Level 11..BPWW
If I am wrong and have the wrong password or in the "no password slot there is a 
password please tell me.
                              2.How to beat each level

go on the RC car press jump when you are just about to fly off press jump 
when you are facing right(this way ->) you will fly off. go to the end where the 
alien is(he will not hurt you) and walk into the corner of the TV.

Slide down the pole, then go and uninflected the balloon. Keep going until you see 
Bo Peep and get the wheel that is in her hand. Go back to the skateboard. Try and 
get to the end of the skate board. Now you will be at the coach hold up when under 
the coin. Jump right when you hit the coach and you will jump high enough to get 
coin. Now run past the aliens on the fence (go underneath them) then run start past 
alien at the end.

Level 3...
on this level watch out for the flying garbage. Keep running until you see the pig 
the fire hydrant just run past him for now until you come to a pylon. You will also 
see a orange brick. go on the one closest to the brick hold up and jump then you 
will have to jump again watch out the first bricks will not hold you and rex is 
below you! get the wrench. Just fun you will have to fix a leak now go bump the pig 
off of the fire hydrant. Go on the hose press jump on the very end like the track 
level 1.you got the feather! Now keep going until you see a chicken. Jump up on 
he is standing go past him to get the key! Run along the bottom and watch out for 
these aliens they can hurt you! Go to the orange platform and move around on it you 
beat the level!

Level 4...
climb up the stairs at the start of the level. Jump off at the top. Watch out for 
enemy you should be at the bikes now. There is another enemy you should be by candy 
machines. There is what looks like a jet pack grab it then go in the water you can 
dive under nether the water with it watch out for the boat's go to the very end 
jump up when you are hitting the wall you have to shoot him go past him and 
Jump. Jump again so you are above the truck you go right past it if you follow the 
Path. Shoot the zurg robot and move on. Watch out for the robot in the next 
Section. After that go and jump up on the other ledge avoiding the zurg robot. go 
The stairs and climb but climb carefully or you will drop to the star of the 
Level. After the stairs go on the baseball bat hold up and jump go though until you 
Get to Zurg do not do any thing turn back go straight and you will walkthrough a 
Go and get the weapon. shot it at him this may take some time. after that pick up 
Health and go on that weird looking thing. You will go on a monkey and go down 
You see a wall if you hit it you will get hurt so press jump right before the wall 
Go right. You will go into a tool 
Box and go to a bonus level.

Bonus level...(level 5)
There is not much to this one just collect the coins! NOTE: you can not die I have 
Gotten all the coins so don't ask me what it doses.

Level 6... 
Sorry about the hold up if you need to know any level above this one just e-mail me!

                                2.Copyright stuff

I have given NO ONE permission to copy this but if you want permission there is a 
90% chance you can well so far I have 5 other walkthrough’s so please tell me when 
You ask questions tell me what game it is in the message. So contact me at 
[email protected]    

I live in Canada Alberta/(not telling you) and I am 14 years old. I no I am old to 
be Playing this game but I got it for free so why not play it?
www.geocities.com/cheajustin.html/codes.html-this is my web site if you have 
any comments you do not have to even have an e-mail adderess.

             See Ya!

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