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                             Aragorn, heir of Isildor
Gimli, son of Gloin                    |                                        
       \                               \/              Legolas, Elven Prince
       \/                                                        |
     ___||___		              /\                         \/
    /   ||   \                       | |              
   (    ||    )                      | |                         |\
    \___||___/                       | |                         | \
        ||                           | |                 <|------|<<|
        ||                           | |                         | /
        ||                           | |                         |/              
        ||                           | |
        ||                        ___|_|__


                    Aragorn, son of Arathorn,heir of Isildor 
Anduril - Originally called Narsil, this blade was broken during battle against 
Sauron; reforged by the Elves of Rivendale , it is renamed Anduril. 

                             Gimli, son of Golin 
Double-sided axe that none can block , in the hands of Gimli the damage is great. 

                           Legolas, Elven Prince 
    Two well made Elven swords that do major damage when in LegolasÂ’ hands, but 
still doesnt compare with his dead accurate Bow and Arrow

                             Samwise  Gamgee
 Weternesse Dagger - A sharp short blade made by the Men of Westernesse in ancient 

                             Frodo Baggins
Sting - made by the smiths of Gandolin in the Frist Age, given to Frodo by his uncle 
Bilbo ,Sting glows blue when orcs or uruk-hai are around



                              Helm's deep
 At the beginning of the mission you have to just kill orcs untill Legolas says that 
he needs help. The  next thing that you have to do is go to the ladder (killing orcs 
on your way.)and climb it(just run at it). When you get up there use your ranged 
attack (L1) to kill orcs. When the orcs up there are dead Aragorn will say "Gandalf 
Help me clear the courseway!"and a hook with a rope will be thrown up there. When 
that happens go to the rope and press the action button (R1) and Gandalf will slide 
to the ground. Then go to the first missle launcher you see(looks like a giant cross-
bow) and press R1. Then go to the second one (killing orcs on your way.) and do the 
same thing. Then go to the third one (killing orcs on your way.) and do it again. 
And then you win.

                              Paths of the dead
 Paths of the dead is a very easy mission so i am not going to list it. But if you 
do get stuck on it send me an e-mail and i will send you a walkthrough. 

             [email protected]


                            escape from Osgiliath
When you start you have to follow Smeagol (A.K.A. Gollum). You will encounter 2 orcs 
running at you with swords, and you should block their attacks (square)then hit them.
then go up the stairs and kill the orcs up there. After you kill about three of them 
a catapult will break a hole in the wall and kill the rest of them. Go out of the 
whole and follow Gollum up the platform. When you get up there the Nazgul will be 
flying around and a meter will apear at the top right corner of the screen. The 
meter represents how close the eye of Sauron is to getting on Frodo. If that gets 
full the Nazgul will capture Frodo. To make the meter go down, you  have to go under 
something so it cant see you. When you get up the platform run to the right to the 
stairs and stay at the bottom of the stairs until the meter goes all the way down. 
After that, run up the stairs and kill the 2 orcs at the top of the stairs. Then run 
to the right of the direction they were facing and there are 2 holes in the ground. 
There is a ladder going into the hole that is farther from you. It is on the RIGHT 
SIDE of the hole. After you go down the ladder there will be two orc archers shooting
 shooting off of a ledge. You can push them off of the ledge by pressing circle. 
Then go doown the next ladder and go out of the whole in the wall. Then turn right 
and fight your way up the small set of stairs. When you get in turn left onto the 
platform that goes up and fight your way to the top. Then turn left out of the 
opening to outside and that is a checkpoint. Then go up the ladder and fight your 
way up the path. When Frodo says "orc archers!" turn left and throw knives at orcs 
from the little shelter. Then walk out of the other end of the shelter and straight 
ahead there is a hole with a ladder. When you get to the gotom of the ladder kill 
all of the orcs and go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs there will be a giant 
bell on the ground. Go behind the bell and press R1. Then go back down the stairs 
and go outside. When you get out there go up the stairs on the right. After that 
turn left twice. then go straight (killing orcs on the way) turn right and then 
follow gollum to the next ladder that goes down. When you get down there will be 3 
orcs. Kill them then go down the next ladder. When you get into the sewer kill all 
of the orcs(the troll wont die). Then get close to the troll and press R1+R2+L1+L2
all at once and you will be invisible. Then go behind the troll and kill him by 
pressing R2. Go to the wheel by the gate and keep pressing R1. The gate will open 
and if you go out of it you win.

                              Road to Isengard

You start out running after the Urk-Hai. Just keep running straght until the 
movie scene (the one with the Ents fighting the Urk-Hai and Gandalf saying "Hasten to
Isengard,I will deal with these!") After the movie scene two Urk-Hai will run at
you and an orc archer will be up in the tree. Kill the archer, and kill the two
Urk-Hai. Run up the pathway, and don't go near the bridge. There isa path to go 
under it. When your under the bridge Urk-Hai will come and attack you. Kill the 
Urk-Hai, and go down the path killing the Urk-Hai and shooting the explosives. After 
the first Checkpoint there will be a hill, run down the hill and kill orcs. When you 
get to the bottom don't go too far out in the open (or a tree will fall down 
blocking the path to the top of the hill) then when you see the dead orc meter try 
to run back up the hill, if a tree fell blocking your path back up the hill, run 
around try not to get hit by the Ents. Checkpoint 2. Run up the 
hill killing all the orcs who get in your way. When you see the towers, shoot the 
explosives at the bottom. Run down the path till you get to the dam. Shoot the 
achers so the Ent can break the dam.  YOU WIN!!

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