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* Game:	        FEAR 3                    *
* Type:		Walkthrough/FAQ           *
* For:		Xbox 360, PS3, PC         *
* Author:	Brad Russell "TheGum"     *
* Email:	[email protected]  *
* Twitter:	TheGum25                  *
* Site:		www.herostrike.com        *

Version 1.0 - this is the story mode on commando difficulty with Point Man,
possibly the other character and/or co-op to come, but there isn't much more
to cover

Table Of Contents
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1. A Brief Foreword
2. Starter Tips			( TIPS222 )
3. The Guide			( FAQ3333 )

	Interval 01: Prison
	Interval 02: Slums
	Interval 03: Store
	Interval 04: Suburbs
	Interval 05: Tower
	Interval 06: Bridge
	Interval 07: Port
	Interval 08: Ward

4. * Reserved for Alma Doll locations *
5. Author Info / Copyright

* 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *

To recount, there have been five FEAR games in total:

F.E.A.R. - First Encounter Assault Recon, you play as Point Man
F.E.A.R. Extraction Point - expansion pack, ignored in 2 and 3
F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate - expansion pack, ignored in 2 and 3
F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin -  you play Michael Beckett
F.E.A.R. 3 - You play as Point Man once again

Despite the relative few number of characters or important story points, you
can't expect to go into FEAR 3 as your first time in the series and expect to
know anything of what is going on. Alma has been the main focus of past games
but here she assumes a secondary role. Just going by the three main games,
each one has been very different in both feel, presentation, characters, guns,
and character progression (reflex boosters, dolls, points, leveling, etc.). 
And yet, all the games have the same mood and tone.

I've played all these games and loved each one, especially the multiplayer of
the old trio that I felt was perfect. But now the series has embraced and is
going in a more "mainstream" direction, as evident by the leveling system,
the cinematic cutscenes, and of course the stellar graphics which show an
incredible leap in technology if you go and play the original game. I like the
triple-A mentality as the previous games have all been solid but never great,
except for the first game perhaps. 

This franchise has proven it can blend shooting with horror, in an urban 
environment. But now I think the franchise needs to move toward either more
subtlety or start touring the world. Go even farther into the future perhaps,
space, past? If they make another game it will have to change things up a 
good deal or it will be harder to differentiate the events of these games.


PS - I've deleted what has been a standard in my guides, the controls section.
I figured this will help me finish up my guides in the future and no one 
probably uses it anyway, aside from only having the controls for the game I
played. Any special moves I'll try to remember to include in the tips.

* 2. Starter Tips ( TIPS222 )                                                 *

#1. You have slow-mo (or slo-mo) so use it. It is significantly less than you
may be used to, but when it's full it can help you. You also seem to be really
slow yourself, so it's really more like a way to focus rather than a super

#2. Reduce enemy LOS (line of sight). This means that instead of poking your
head over a crate, peek over the side. You limited your own LOS, but you can't
take much damage.

#3. If in trouble, turn, and sprint to cover. On commando difficulty you can
take a good beating before death, so if you bite off more than you can chew 
you should have time to retreat and regroup.

#4. Aiming down the sights while moving seems to work well when you know there
are tangos in the area. It seems like thanks to the odd cover mechanics you
may be better off relying on your own accuracy rather than trying to use the
cover to fire from; from the sides it seems to work well, but I was never 
comfortable peering over cover. Standing, moving, ready to aim and fire seems
like the best, aggressive tactic. You don't to be stuck in Mexican standoffs
every fight anyway.

#5. Use your grenades. There are plenty to refill you, so use them when you
can. If you need them for boss encounters, the game will provide them, so in
regular fights you don't need to conserve.

#6. The assault rifle is the best choice of gun, and you never want to avoid
using a sniper rifle. Dual uzis are great secondary weapons. Don't take the 
pistol lightly, it is possibly as strong as a shotgun blast, it just fires

#7. Alma dolls can be in a few places, except for in the first level, so if
the ones you see here or in other places aren't working, it's possible yours
was put somewhere else. You could reload the level and the doll may be in a 
new spot, but I didn't miss one so they aren't that hard to spot, and only
two I found were somewhat tricky.

#8. Don't forget to melee; it's a powerful attack and can provide your escape
from the demon encounters.

#9. Enemies will close in on you, so don't stay idle for long. It's called 
being aggressive, and you have to be or you won't last long. Your hand will be
forced if a frag is tossed at you - a clue you are being too passive.

#10. Use enemy chatter to help learn what's happening. It's very helpful when
they let you know if you killed someone because sometimes you might not know
if you did; you will also know if you only injured someone.

#11. A power slide is a sprint and then melee. May have a real use in the 7th
level, not sure though, so it's not something you need to master, though it 
is handy if you are getting swarmed.

#12. You can change grenade types. I believe there are only three: flashbang,
EMP, and frag. Flashes just stun soldiers; EMPs will mechs and also explode
after some time; and frags can blow up on contact with a hostile. You can also
"cook" these by holding the button down for a time. I think you'll throw them
before they blow up in your hand, so don't cook for long.

* 3. The Guide  ( FAQ3333 )                                                   *

Interval 01: Prison

*NOTE: Not sure if recruit is easy or normal, but commando is not that hard. If
you are a seasoned FPS player than commando is probably the way to go.*

Once in control, open the doors as you close in from behind on a soldier and
melee him to get a pistol. Use it to shoot the lock, then take cover as you
wait for the right time to take out the guy up the hall. Kill him, take his
gun, and pull the switch on the panel.

Two more guys will come through the double doors ahead, so take cover and 
trade fire with them. "Loot" if they drop anything, then go grab the ammo in
the stairwell. Through the doors at the top you can get the jump on two idle
enemies, then take cover and feel free to toss a frag since you got one on the

*NOTE: You have slow-mo (TRI on the PS3) so feel free, but I could caution you
to not abuse it as it takes a long time to refill. It might be better to take
your licks and heal than wait for slow-mo

There are two ways to proceed, either through the back area with lots of debris
or down the hall, through some rooms - both lead to the same hallway so it 
does not matter. When you bust through the door, turn on your slow-mo and pop
the two heads in front, and then get in cover as a third guy will run by, or
drop a frag by the table. Then begins a fairly long fight with what I think
is about 8 or so soldiers. You have pistols to your left and right, as well
as frags, and ammo to the right; as well as the guns the bad guys drop of 
course. Just stay in cover, stand up and turn on slow-mo, cover, heal, repeat,
profit. That is pretty much the gameplan for now and for always. Tossing a 
frag here and there is also advised. 

*NOTE: You have a flashlight, but I have yet to use it.*

After the fight a final dude may be waiting in the upper-right corner in the
doorway, so make quick work of him. ~ Up the hall there is a gun through the
door that opens and a pistol on the desk by the body. You can link with these
glowing bodies, so do that and open the door. Then go right up to the locked
gate. ~

*NOTE: You have a sprint button.*

To the left get ready for one long, high-stress battle. Start by getting the
jump on the patrol, then take cover. Don't think you can stay behind cover all
day because you should have frags incoming. For these you'll want to have some
slow-mo ready so you can run out and forward. Toss frags in the middle of the
ground floor and to the left by the stairs, then mop up. Next you'll have 
tangos up above you, so you'll want to take the stairs to the left; you can
bust a lock by the entrance and go up those stairs, but there isn't much cover
that way. 

On the second level it's thick chopping because you don't have a lot of cover
up here yourself. The alternative is to stay on the floor, but then you'll
be taking fire from above. Just use the barrel and other cover on either side
of the stairs. The other option is to get to the third level, but by then 
you should have guys inbound. Just use the light cover, judiscious slow-mo, and
accurate shooting from the second level and you won't get swarmed. You'll see
that being aggressive usually pays off.

*NOTE: You can swap your pistol for the shotgun, and you can change grenade

After the fight, there are two ammo caches, both on the third level. Also on
the third level is a body to link with. Then take the opening on the second 
level where one straggler will be waiting. Head down the stairs and hit the 
ammo cache if you need it. Pull the switch and four more enemies will come 
into the area. Let them settle in and either toss frag or two or go out slow-
mo style and blast them.

When you move up be ready for one more guy around the corner. Follow the hall
and wind around to the inner room for a link and ammo. Take the wooden door 
outside and there are just two or three in this room, one of which will rush
you. Clear it out, loot, and when going around and down the hall at the back
another guy will open the door.

Up ahead at the next big area you got a messy fight. Your friend here is cover,
as you want to move up as slowly as possible or else you'll be swarmed. You 
will want to take out the nearest guys yourself and toss frags to the left.
Once the initial enemies are dead, you will move up and the window will roll
back as another wave will be in your way. If you can reach a frag will solve 
this problem, otherwise just trade fire.

Loot the area and go through the kitchen, but go around the corner so you can
link with a body and grab some ammo. Then go back up the stairs and slow-mo for
two guys that run out. There is one more inside, then loot before flipping the
switch on the panel. Open the lock to a gate and go through to link with a body
and grab some more ammo. Open the nearby door and take out the guys in here.
You'll find it easier to pop these targets if you just keep looking down your

Head through the open door and bust the lock to link with a body. Head down the
stairs for more ammo and another link. Crouch and go under the stairs for an
Alma Doll ~ then turn immediately around. ~

Go back up and take the door and move up until the power kicks off. Turn on
your flashlight and move up, then left for a link, then right past a gate.
After the thing runs by, go to the locked gate for another link. Then proceed
to the stairs, crawl under them for yet another link. Go up the stairs and 
watch out for the fire and feel free to ignore the guy at the top. 

Through the door is a soldier to your right. Kill him and head forward to the 
ammo and link. There are only four or five guys here, and no one can shoot 
through the metal walls in the middle, but you can shoot under them. Just sway
back and forth with the first group of enemies until you clear the left side
so you can move up. Be careful of the flames that shoot up, and as you approach
the stairs more guys will move around below you. Beat the shotgun dude to the
stairs and then go clear a path down. Get to the corner and from here shoot 
under the metal walls to kill the remaining guys. 

When you move up the path will explode, so go through the hole in the wall of
the cell for a link, then crawl over the pipes to the other cell. Loot, and 
kill the three guys who appear on the floor. But before you go down, head up
the nearby stairs for a link. Then get on the ground and start tossing frags 
at the incoming enemies. Back up and pick them off and once the last one dies
you are done with this level.

Interval 02: Slums

Move up and after you drop down link with the body. Proceed and there is 
another body through in the narrow passage where you pick up a pistol. Head 
out and there is another link at the other side of the walkway. Take the door
for a scene, then loot the guns. There is a link up ahead, then follow the
tunnel to a patch of daylight for another link.

Head through this small tunnel for a link and go up the ladder. An enemy is 
standing nearby, so take him out and engage the rest. There is a gun behind
you if you really need it, but just take out the guys covering the street. Ammo
is abound, so I won't point out each cache. Watch for one guy as you enter the
building. Through the other side you can get the jump on a few guys down the
road, then two more further up. When you move up this road, be careful as there
is a guy to the right in a room and more will appear on the street. It might be
best to stay on the road as you move up. At the end there are two guys up
higher. Link with the body and take the steps. 

In the next area with the statue, a guy will appear to your left, so take him
out and enter the building. There is one more enemy on the second level, then
go grab the sniper rifle (swap out your pistol/shotgun unless you are pro
with those guns) and when you open the door go slow-mo and clear the guys up
high. Then you can go back to your SMG to clear the ground; I'm not 100% sure
but I believe the canisters will explode maybe. 

*NOTE: You can "cook" your grenades, meaning you hold them for a bit and toss
to disallow time for the enemy to flee. Grenades blow up fast so there isn't
much use advantage gained.*

Take the stairs ahead for ammo and through the door and quickly toss a frag 
either up or to the ground ahead of you. Then just stay in this doorway as you
pick off enemies from the top, bottom, and anything to the right. When you come
out there should be some guys to your right in the house. There is a door at
the corner of the street that reveals a body to link with. Go up the nearby
stairs and more guys will pour in behind you. Careful of the canisters all
around in this upper area, but this is where you'll need to do your business.
Kill the one you can see and be ready for more to rush you from the stairs,
as well as one guy from the locked door up here. 

Once clear take that door he opened and follow the path until you reach the 
alley with three soldiers. Move up the left building and through the window at
the end you should be able to get the fourth guy. Loot what you can and follow
the path until the music stops. Through a door you'll see a hole in the wall.
Go right to pick up an Alma Doll.

On the street you can kill a guy or two before an APC will crash and drop a 
mech on the street. Move up and right into a tiny building and up some stairs
to grab a rocket launcher, swapping out your sniper rifle. It might blow up
after two direct hits, but I was able to finish it off with a sniper round. If
that and/or some frags and more bullets doesn't do the trick (or if you're just
shooting the wall) there is another pair of rockets in the nearby building,
across the road where some guys should be perched. Once the mech is dead, turn
your attention to the soldiers and clearing the area. Get in that building 
anyway and from there take out the three guys that will appear. There is also
an ammo cache on the other side of the road.

Once done looting, cross over and past the gate to engage about six enemies
in this little ring of alley. Best to go left, but there are enemies up high
to the right. Head up and on the roof you'll be told to take the chopper. Hop
up and through the hole in the fence and you'll see soldiers spawn all over the
place. Use the little shack as cover and take them out. Move up and cross the
makeshift bridge as more soldiers spawn up ahead. Toss a frag at their feet and
move up and to the left into an alcove with the cache. From here clear out the 
soldiers before peeking out to see what's going up up above.

The electro-wizard guy will constantly reign down soldiers in the same spots.
So you have a balance of killing soldiers will also avoiding damage while also
damaging the wizard guy. My key was having the rocket launcher from the mech
fighting. What I did was kill all the minions from cover as the wizard will 
pelt you with a laser. And when all his minions are gone he will spawn more, so
use that time to hit him with a locked-on rocket and eventually sniper rounds 
from the cache. 

There really aren't many places to hide, but the lowest roof is the best as 
you'll only need to worry about the soldiers hitting you if you are standing by
the wall. This fight is not easy, and you may be able to rush the chopper 
without killing the boss guy, or sneak up on him, but I could never shake the
soldiers so killing him is the only option I know of. Just kill the soldiers 
and then worry about hitting the boss.

Once clear, go up the ladders and board the chopper to end the level.

Interval 03: Store

Body to link with inside the entrance, then come back and follow the path
through the shelves. Go up the ramp and crouch to follow the path up and along
the candle-lit path until you drop down. Open the door on the left for a link
and then take the breakroom door.

Enter the women's bathroom and go to the end for a sight, then go back out and
enter the men's bathroom where you have a half-dead soldier to finish off, and
don't forget the body to link. Move up through two rooms and you'll emerge at
another section of the store. Follow the pathway up and stop at the top when on
a bridge and look left to see an Alma Doll on an unconnected shelf. What you
have to do is sprint from the long part of the adjacent shelf and jump to the 
crooked ladder. It may take a few tries but you can get it.

Then just move up until you can see the maze of TVs. Follow the path and drop 
down and move up. Just follow the path and get into the shelf for a body to
link with, and then drop down the link with another and pick up a SMG. Switch 
to it and back up to the shelf as three lunatics will rush you, so shoot fast
and use slow-mo when they are all visible. They are not easy to bring down,
so ensure the kill before counting them dead. Then back up from the blocked
door as it will burst open and two more will rush you.

Go through and past another door. You'll emerge in a room that's misty, and
when you move up be ready for a crazy to stand up from the middle of the room.
When you go around the shelf you'll hit another one to the right. Head into the
freezer area and around the first bend the glass on the left will break to 
reveal dual-wielding uzis. Swap out your pistol for them, and when you move up
the other side the glass will break and you can grab two more at the start of
the right side, inside of the freezer.

Move up to the next bend and you'll automatically enter slow-mo, so just back
up as much as you can as the shelf falls. Climb over it to drop into an open
area. Move up a bit and it should start with one crazy to the left who stands
up, then more from the right, and some will even fall from near the fallen 
shelf. So if you can spare the slow-mo you can stay wherever you want, but if
you want an advantage try for the other side of the room.

After the fight, enter the other freezer and be careful for the one in here at
the right end. Pick up the two guns and there will be two more enemies as you
come out of the freezer. Move up and in the third open freezer compartment 
you will find a link. Head to the other side and about the third body up will
be a live crazy and then one more near the exit door.

Out of the freezer, open the right door for a link and grenades. Take the other
door to enter an office area and then the next door on the left. Pick up the 
gun on the table and look through the window for a thrill. An ammo cache in the
next room. The next door down the hall has a gun, and the door up the other
hallway has grenades and another gun (it's all not much). There is a body to
link through the final door. Then open the next one to emerge to chatter of 

You'll see an explosion and you're told it's suicide crazies, so don't let them
get close. Moving up is a gun and two suicides will drop down and rush you, so
let them get close to each other at the gate and kill one to take out both. 
Proceed to find a link, then turn around and find a ladder on the left. Take
it and at the top two suicides rush you and then two crazies and one more. Move
up and cross the bridges and be ready for two more - I would suggest backing 
up to the fence. 

Then move to the shelf that has a ladder, but turn around and hit the incoming
bomber from the left and then about three more will be inbound, so watch the
ground. Move along the shelves and two more bombers should drop to the right.
At the fence you can drop down. Not sure if it was just because I back along
the ground path that spawned four more enemies, or if they come regardless if
you just go over the ramp, watch for them and there is nothing to find on the
ground, you can just drop over the ramp.

In the gardening area you'll hit a pretty intense fight. The best thing may be 
to move left to start the encounter, then retreat back to a corner and let them
come to you. As soon as you see the one guy drop from above, kill him and be 
ready for another behind you. There aren't as many that spawn from the other
side, but they do and they will even drop from the ramp you took. It's better
to be lucky in this part because you can easily get swarmed. Judiscous use of
slow-mo and sprint will save you in tight spots, and don't forget about well-
place grenades. There is ammo on the wall and a shotgun on the right side. 
When an explosion occurs the battle will be over.

Move up and through the door ~ and then just move up. When back in control, 
just follow the path, linking with the body and then passing the sights and
sounds of the meat locker until you regain sanity. ~ Pick up the guns by
the door (drop the shotgun if you had it) and enter the next area for more
ammo and grenades in the sink.

Opening the door will spawn crazies who throw knives. They can also leap and 
come after you, which they should along with two bombers around the left side.
Then more throwers will be along the other shelves to the left. There will
be a lot more to come around the left corner if you stay around the entry room.
So one option will be to move up to the dark corner on the right and let them
come to you. They are most likely above this room. You can get above the 
room with a ladder and you can get uzi ammo. Up the path should be a few 
bombers stuck as I believe they can't crouch.

On the other side should be one thrower, though there was an explosion so I'm
not sure if this part is a little glitchy or what. Drop down for ammo and 
when you move up another thrower will appear up high; you can backpedal to get
a good shot of him. Follow the path up and another thrower appears down the
way. When you cross over the bridges be ready for incoming bombers and throwers
from ahead, but they may have trouble crossing the bridges. Then take the ramp
down a level and cross the bridge for a gun and crouch to follow the path to
the other area. Two throwers to kill, then drop down ammo and a link on the 

Drop down into the cradle area and quickly go right to swap out your uzis for
the shotgun. For this fight just stay on this side of the mound for it you
go over you'll encounter throwers who guard the doorway. Move up to the cradle
to start the fight and back up. If you haven't seen it before, a blinking 
grenade indicator will flash on screen if a bomber is too close, so you
will either have to take them out, slow-mo, or sprint away to save yourself
from a blast. Just run back and forth, drop some grenades, and always kill 
bombers before regular crazies. 

When the bombers stop coming, cross over the mound and start killing the 
throwers until the fight is over. You'll hear Armacham chatter and they will
start opening the door. Have a grenade ready for when they bust through. Mop up
the first group and go inside to a fight between soldiers and crazies. Toss 
grenades, hit the barrels, and then be ready for crazies who spawn in the
middle of the room as well as a few soldiers who hang in the back. Once the 
music stops, go into the room on the left for a link. Take the doors at the
back to end the level.

Interval 04: Suburbs

Move up and try to headshot the first soldier and then get his gun to dispatch
the other two quickly. They have guns, there is another gun on the road. Move
up the road and there are four more soldiers around the corner. Watch for
frags and then go into the garage for ammo.

*NOTE: There is a way around the barricade, and you are locked into the garage
once you get in, so feel free to peek around the corner before moving on.*

Just follow the path up to the top level where you can pick up a new gun in a 
blasted room. This rifle has a longer range than the SMG and is far more 
powerful, but it runs out of ammo fast so your shots must be accurate. This is
the weapon of choice, but conserve ammo. From the top level, drop down one
level and link with a body before dropping to the ground to face two soldiers
who appear, then two more around the fence, and then two more when you move 
down the fence way. Five enemies in the next yard, so peek around the corner
and use slow-mo when you move out. There is a body to link with.

Head through the house and on the other side you should toss a cooked frag at
the two idle soldiers, or just shoot them first. About four more in the yard
as well as rifle ammo in the crate and shed. More soldiers in the adjacent 
yard, and then stand on the ramp to take out two guys in the next yard with the

Drop down and get the lay of the land while the enemies trickle in. There will
be a few to drop in on all sides for about a minute, so use this time to 
locate the ammo stashes, mainly the box of grenades on the fence. There are 
also plenty of rifles laying about. Watch the slope on the left because after
two guys appear there, another will appear on the side and then the mech will
show up. Stay behind the gazebo as it will blast that initially, toss regular
frags at it and/or the enemies. Ideally you would save slow-mo for when
soldiers on behind you and you would only use EMP grenades on the mech to keep
it locked up, but do what's best, you can't take a direct volley from the mech
and expect to survive. You could just toss all your grenades at it, but the 
EMPs are especially important because it will be locked for about 10 seconds or
so and take damage. You could use this lock time to kill soldiers or just dps
the thing down (damage per second, which means don't stop firing). Either way
will work but you can't let the soldiers go unchecked. And if you need more 
grenades run to the ammo crate.

*NOTE: I would switch to the SMG for the funhouse.*

~ Mop up and reload before taking the opening on the side. Enter the house and
you can link with two bodies inside and then you can check the lower rooms
but your path is up the stairs. Go to the TV for a body and up the next stairs.
Take the door to the right for a body in the bedroom and then you can enter the
closet for a gun and a creepy teddy bear. Then go back and open the other 
door and be ready for a crazy to stand up and attack. Take the door and if you
want to avoid the nonsense to the left and right you can just hop down the 
stairs, otherwise you'll have incoming crazies from behind you and more in
each room. But if you hop down you'll avoid them all.

Head down and you don't have to go down to the next lower level, there is just
a weak scare and one enemy in a room - I would just avoid. So look at the
bloody wall and then go around to the next room where you should hear a
beeping, so feel free to toss a frag into the kitchen area. At the next stairs
there is just a gruesome sight and three bad guys if you go down, but the path
is up. Head up stairs and to the right (either way) you can find a link. Then
follow the walkway and drop down. 

Turn around and when you go around the corner, immediately drop a grenade into
the room and use your rifle to mop up. Head down the steps to the basement and
you will see what is about to happen. From each hole an enemy can pop out. The
only good tactic is to run around and hit whatever moves, not stopping and
possibly using grenades behind or far ahead of you. The key is not stopping.
The fight is not that long, so just survive. ~

Level is not over. Once back in control, move left to grab some ammo, then get
behind cover as by the playground will be enemies and up to the right is a
sniper. The sniper is top priority, and then take care of the guys who seem
to be tougher to kill than the ones before. 

Then quickly move up to the building and head up the stairs to the sniper's
nest and grab a sniper's rifle and start working on the enemies who appear at
the other end of the area, but be sure to hit the sniper on the opposite side.
Don't let them get into the building, so work on a first-come-first-serve
basis. It shouldn't take long for a wave to wash over the area, which should
kill anyone left; maybe you have to kill them all perhaps.

After the explosion, collect ammo and link with the body up here, and there 
is another by a fence near the corner of the playground. There is a link inside
the building the second group of soldiers came from, and one more link in the
dark corner of the area - basically a link in each corner. Hop the fence and
there should be an Alma Doll by the mech, and then of course get in.

The two guns fire one after the other with the same button. If you fire like
six shots in a row you'll overheat the system and have to take a 3 second or 
so cooldown. Just blast through the walls and kill the guys until you run 
into the mech. Strafe and get in as many well-placed shots as you can,
retreating behind the stairs to avoid the cooldown to to let it expire. Not
much you can do besides trade fire with it until it blows up. Through the next
wall you'll emerge outside. Soldiers up and down the path, and you have a 
brief aside before resuming the killing spree. At the end, blow up the barrel
to open the path, then get out by holding the use button.

Grab the grenades and hop over. You could toss a frag to the other side of the
electrified barrier, or just trade bullets. Follow the clear path and be ready
for three guys in the building. When you go in, have a grenade ready for 
three more guys around the corner, and then four guys in the garage. Open the
gate and you'll face another boss guy. The idea is to shoot the glowing power
nodes when he charges them. There are six, so you'll need to hit them and
the pairs of soldiers they spawn. I worked on from the left corner, which was 
solid cover for the most part as long as you don't stay in the same spot; 
you will eventually need to move no matter where you start from. The power
nodes are top priority, then mop up the soldiers. Once the nodes are blown 
the boss guy will be gone and the way under revealed.

Interval 05: Tower

Can't save her, so no point trying. Move down the street for some guns, and
swap out your pistol for the rifle. Grab the frag off the body by the fence and
enter the building. Proceed until you pass a locked door. Go through the next
door and then right to crack open another door. From here you can shoot the
lock on the locked door and go in for a link, guns, and Alma Doll. There is
another link down the hall, then follow the path out.

Two guys to get the jump on, then about four more. Two more will come from 
past the blockade, then take to the tower to snipe guys down the road, but 
they do a good job of hiding to assess their hiding spots and head down there
to clear them out; just be careful of the shotgun guys in the middle. At the
end are rifles, then go left to open a console. Ammo stash by the ladder, and
go up and up the next ladder. Hop down from the roof as a guy defends himself
and as you head down a shotgun guy will join him. They will shoot at you when
you take to the second lowest level, so by then try to let them handle the
crazies and then take them out, or take them out while they are killing the
last crazy dudes. Be careful as they can jump up to you from here. Two more
soldiers join the fight when you drop down. Some ammo along the wall then open
the next gate.

Let the crazie die and then follow up by killing the soldiers; there is a 
barrel to explode, or something. Through the next gate be careful of the 
exploding barrels all down this road. It's best to stay inside the gate as you
pick off targets and the sniper, but as you move up move quickly by the 
barrels. There should be a trio left at the end, so be ready on all sides and
above. There is rifle ammo on the right, then go grab the sniper rifle.

When you activate this console you will be attacked from behind. There are
plenty of explosives to use, so take them whatever chance you get. The 
soldiers need to die first, and don't let the crazies reach you from either 
stairs. I stood in the right corner which gave me a clear shot down one set of
stairs and easy view of the other while also giving me good sight of the 
spawning points. They tend to come from a gate down the road to the left, and
occassionally a crazy will get stuck on top of the gate so you'll have to 
snipe him. All enemies must die, so this glitch may be what doesn't allow the
path to open. Just save slow-mo for when needed.

Reload before you move on with the two weapon caches on the ground. Open the
gate and melee the lock. At the sinkhole hop across, then go up the bus in
the next hole. You can jump to the roof and drop down on the other side for
a link by the bus on the ground, then go around the corner if you want  a 
little scare. There is another body on the wall, then follow the path to the
end and enter the door on the right.

~ Nothing in here but a straight path. Don't think your life is in peril, but
it might be if you don't move forward. There might be a body to link with, 
but at the end you emerge in a square area. ~

This fight has two phases. In phase one you deal with an electro-wizard who 
will spawn soldiers until dead. Just stay on the right side of the area and
use the ammo crate if you must. Spend up your sniper rifle before dropping it
for SMG ammo. Focus on the boss and only clear soldiers immediately threatening
you. As soon as the boss falls, quickly mop up any remaining soldiers as a 
mech is inbound.

Before the mech arrives, sprint to the left side and swap out your depleted
rifle for the laser rifle. This mech fight is all about locking it with EMP
grenades. However, your grenades seem easy to overthrow or they may be liable
to blow up if the mech shoots them. This means that direct tosses are ill-
advised. You should instead toss them at the ground or to bounce off a wall,
just anything to make sure they stop the mech. Then use the stun time to dps
it and even back off as the grenade is about to explode because it's far more
valuable to lock this thing than to even give it a chance of jumping or 
shooting you because things can go sour quickly. It should take your entire 
laser gun and then some. Shouldn't take more than four EMPs and some good
shooting, and you'll find EMPs in both ammo crates on either side of the area.
If all else fails just run away to cover for the brief time it will last and
use frags to finish it off. Remember, once burning it will soon explode.

Gather what you can and head through the building for a link and then an ammo
crate on the next street. Move up and after the shock wave you'll have tangos
incoming from way up the path. You can engage them with your limited arms or
move left and up the tower for a sniper rifle. The reason you would take them
on with what you have is because there are more enemies further up and they
will have riot shields. Taking them out is difficulty without grenades or a 
good rifle, so it's an option to run back to the tower for the sniper rifle 
once they appear. However you do it, handle all the enemies and don't forget 
about the guns at the tower.

Head through the doors and you'll see a shield waiting for you, but it's not 
the best cover for the two turrets ahead. You should have some EMPs to toss at
them, so go slow-mo and send one in between both turrets, then mop up the 
three soldiers. Head down into the tunnel and you'll be stopped. Just a pistol
past the locked door, and around the corner is a dazed soldier. There is a 
locked door on the left with ammo and a link nearby.

Head out and once you open the locked door the enemies will get taken care of,
so you only need to worry about the ones shooting at you. Ammo cache nearby
then go up the steps and around to face a group blocking your path. Some of
them may get taken out, but do what you can. When you move toward the tent a
shotgun guy should run out. Collect the ammo and feel free to use the sniper
rifle on the enemies up the steps. Head up and one more emerges from the 

Just follow the trail and you should find more than a few ammo crates in the
rooms. When you come out be ready for heavy resistance. Move up the path and 
a shielder emerges from some doors, and keep watching the left steps. Grab the
ammo here and take the swivel gate. Two more shielders will be ahead. Around
the corner will be a shotgun guy and two more further up. Then you'll have a 
nasty area where enemies are around each corner and waiting for you in each
tent. They can shoot through the green mats, so don't use them for cover. Feel
free to use frags as the corner tent will have more.

After you hop the fence go into the container and open the other side. Yes,
this is another boss fight. This guy will teleport all over from any wall, so 
do not stand idle and when he appears you need to apply the dps. May as well
blinding toss grenades to possibly drop them under you when he is not around
and then run away. There really isn't much time for grenades, the key here is
slow-mo and accuracy. You can outrun him without sprinting as he will from
time to time try to kick you. You have this whole area to play with and there
are ammo caches in certain corners, but nowhere is safe. Just keep moving, 
keep shooting, and he will eventually blow up.

You're not free yet, soldiers will drop in all around you. It's best to head
for the upper left corner for ammo and then turn to face the enemy. However,
it does not take long for the boss, or perhaps another boss guy, to appear.
While finishing off the soldiers and avoiding him, apply some dps on him as 
best you can. He seems to come after you more, so stay moving. He won't take
as much damage to blow up as before, so two full sessions of slow-mo and a frag
or two should be close to enough. Then head for the gate as a friend joins you
and the level is ended.

Interval 06: Bridge

Head up and in the first train car is a body to link with, and underneath 
another train is a link. When a soldier goes over the end of a train, go pick
up the pistol. In a train with the gunfire you can pick up an SMG. Quickly 
cross over the hanging train and then crouch through the next one. Ahead you
will see a helicopter crash. Collect the guns and I believe an Alma Doll might
be in far left train car.

*NOTE: I believe some levels have various locations for dolls, not just 
one spot. Unsure if all work or there is just one location per level.*

You can go up either stairs to emerge on a tight fight, just watch for the 
shotgun guys who rush you. Mop up and collect the grenades and get a rifle.
Slide down the road to enter a train. Now it's your turn to fight the demons
as one will jump you in this train. Move up and when you hit the road another 
drops in. Link with the body to the right and move through the next train. If
your rifle is low on ammo, may want to drop it for the shotgun nearby and then
get ready for two demons. There may be another to spawn behind you, or it was
just one of the two, I'm not sure. More will drop in as you move up. Get into
the train and two more will rush you, so stand to the left and let them come.

Grab the shotgun and drop out and be ready for about eight or so. It's hard to
defend one corner, so just go to the center and do what you can. It's also 
hard to use grenades but feel free to try. The shotgun is only effective up
close, so you may want to main the SMG and quickly rotate to the shotgun
when surrounded. It seems like the last one is the toughest to kill, and after
him the path opens. One of the trains will have ammo and a link; you may 
consider using that train for cover if you struggle with this part. 

Head through the train and link with a body. Swing around and head up some 
stairs to begin a crazy-difficult fight. Immediately start hitting the wizard
and then take out his goons. There aren't any other places to fight but from 
this area and further up, so don't try to run around the corner, it's a dead
end. Try to use grenades on the soldiers and use your ammo on the boss. You
may need to go slow-mo and use the shotgun to take out enemies on the ground
so you can have range for the boss. It's much tougher than this but just do 
your best to stay alive and dps the wizard. 

Mop up and head up the little tower where you have rifle ammo. Take cover at
the doorway on the left and from here you should be able to get cheap shots in
on the next wizard. He should take cover by a building, so just let him pop his
head up and then shoot. If all goes to plan you should be able to cheese kill
him without taking more than one wave of soldiers on the ground. Either way,
this doorway and being crouched should provide excellent cover. Mop up the 
enemies and collect ammo. There is a link in the building across the way and
then use the computer to power up the suit and lower the bridge.

Get in and walk over or stomp the barrier, then engage the enemies on the other
side, careful not to overheat the guns. Then move up to trigger a sniper above
and a few more to pop up. Get out to collect ammo and you may find an Alma Doll
to the left in a corner looking toward the bridge. There is a body on the
other side and you can't enter either tower. Doesn't matter if you want to 
take the other mech as these suits heal themselves. Hop in and move up either
road, they both lead the same way. Hit the targets as they appear but make 
the red marks top priority. A chopper will try to attack, but use your own
rockets to chase it away (grenade button, and you have three volleys that will

Move up and two mechs and rocket guys will be all over you. You have a shield
but while under it you can't shoot rockets; so it's excellent to use after 
you have shot all three volleys. Just trade fire, rockets, and shield against
the mechs until they blow up. Then move up for more mechs and soldiers. A 
chopper will appear ahead but you don't have to blow it up because it will
fly away. 

*NOTE: Perhaps if you do somehow lose your mech too far to want to run back,
maybe you can try to move up on foot, not sure.*

Head up the bridge and before you reach a dip an APC and guys will appear 
on the right side, and three volleys will take out the APC then mop up the
soldiers. When you drop into the dip in the road, two choppers will be inbound.
Focus on one. The plan is three volleys, shield, fire, repeat until one is 
dead, and the same for the other. A soldier should be at a barrier up ahead, 
and then more further up. As you approach another control tower point, take out
the enemies all around. Maybe even fire a few volleys into the left tower top.

Get out and there is a link by the right building. Enter the left tower and
enemies will rush you. Go up and there will be two more at the top. Pull the
lever to drop the bridge and suit up.

Cross the bridge and destroy the APCs, then clear the soldiers. Shoot a volley
to clear the tower and then get the guys in the corner before the mech arrives.
This one is a bit tougher than the others, so try to use the big bus as cover.
Again, volleys, shield, fire, and repeat until it blows up. After, get into 
the tower for a link and presumably you could use the rocket up here to finish
it off if stranded without a mech (in which case I would say cross the bridge
and get the other). Move out to end the level.

Interval 07: Port

Your pistol does a decent job on these things. Grab the guns to your right
and move up and two more spawn past the amm crate. Get the rifle and three
more spawn ahead. Go up the steps and three more demons will be inside the
docking tunnel. 

Inside the airport go to the end for a link and ammo. Take the exit doorway
and there is a link further up. You'll emerge at a battle, but feel free to
jump in whenever as you'll end up fighting soldiers at the food place. Clear
it out and then go to the counter as more appear in a bar ahead. Give it some 
time because demons should drop in on them and then come after you; I tossed
a frag in there and the demons came after that. Some ammo and through the door
on the left a soldier will rush out in the kitchen. In the hallway are the ol'
dual uzis; there may have been a link somewhere in the stuff prior, sorry.

Take the other door for a link and head up for more ammo. You'll fight through
this entire second level. Watch for guys through the gate to the left and work
your way around. Collect ammo and head into the next area where you have ammo
to the right and enemies all over. Just watch the left and don't let them get
too close. They will all rush you but eventually some demons come to help you
before coming after you. Restock and then move to the other bridge and drop
down to face enemies behind you. Same story, they will fight and demons will
drop in. Gather what you can and move out.

~ You'll arrive in a dark area with restaurants and a huge elevator in the 
middle of it. The first store on the left could have an Alma Doll in the back
room. Head down and cross through the elevator and up the next steps will be a
link behind them as well as a grenade if you crawl under the gate. Head
through the lit-store ahead. You may want to look down the left walkway, or 
not, and there is a link in the left store. Move up until you see demons spawn
and go left. ~ 

They are not to worry about, just move up and engage the tangos in the comms
room. Head left and around and toss a few grenades around to flush them out.
Toss another grenade to the top and over the escalator to hopefully get the 
guys hiding behind the sandbags up there. Fight up and then more will be down
the walkway. Head through the room and you'll be in a dark lounge area. Make
quick work of the heavy enemy defense.

You'll fight another teleporting boss, a Commander as it were. This is a bit
easier than the first fight as he only has one phase and he only spawns on the
outer sides of the room. The dual uzis seems to work very well, but whatever
you think is best. It may take about three good slow-mo uses but that should
do it. There is a kitchen in the upper corner that he can come through. All you
can do for cover is place your back to a wall in the middle of the room and 
watch yourself. Try not to ever be backpedaling to an outer wall as the outer
walls are his territory.

Once dead, two more soldiers will break in through the doors in the corner.
There is plenty of ammo and a link in the kitchen. Head out to the open area
and there is a new gun waiting for you. It's like a javelin thrower, but in 
my opinion it's very weak. I would rather have the dual uzis but you're free 
to test it out on the targets below. Don't use the railing, just stay to the 
left and peek over the side and work from right to left. Feel free to get your
uzis back before you jump the fence. Enemies will be up here and down on the
ground. Clear the upper enemies and you have either the side stairs or a drop-
off to get to the floor. Clear the ground from above first and then drop down
to clear as more enemies will be above and on the ground. You'll need to clear
the top enemies and the path will open revealing more Armacham baddies. Before
you proceed, be sure to grab the sniper rifle, I believe it was in the stair-

Fight your way in and post up on a column to the right. Clear the nearest 
ground targets and then snipe the row of snipers on the bridgeway up above,
using slow-mo if needed. There will be about five of them to appear in the
same spot. Collect the guns and head up the stairs. A chopper will shoot at
you, so just use the cover of the boxes. Feel free to snipe it from over the
top of the boxes, where its fire won't hit you, but it should retreat behind
the ceiling. Then grab the rocket launchers, aim at the chopper, creep out
to get a line of sight, and fire and the rockets should land. Doing this
three or four times should end this fight. There are more rockets on the other
side if the auto-lock isn't quite doing it for you...

A non-hostile opens the path, so grab what you can (maybe bring rockets) and
head through to the stairwell for a link at the bottom. Take the open door and
to left down the corridor and at the next stairwell you can go up for a gun,
then go down for the path. You'll emerge at a luggage control area where a 
wizard will appear above to shoot him immediately. Kill two of his minions and
then go up the walkway and engage him, pouring on the dps to hopefully make 
quick work of him with minimal spawnings. Then mop up before pulling the 
level in the upper control room.

*NOTE: The room on the corner of the ground floor seems like the kind of place
one would find an alma doll.*

Take the opened trail and you'll emerge in a crowded tunnel where you fight
demons, so have the slow-mo ready; and this is where I realized that melee 
works well on these things. Move up and around to the left as you fight and 
when you reach a belt kill the last two and go inside the shack to open the 
next belt. Follow it and open the hatch to crawl out.

~ Head to the end for uzis if you want, then take the other corridor to the end
and past the downed chopper. I have two theories for this part: either you can
only take four hits until you die or you just have to avoid the spots where the
beast will appear at. There are three brief glimpses of Alma, but maybe the 
idea is to not get close to her, so if you can help it try to veer your way to
the left when you see her; it seemed to prevent being grabbed as much. But 
yeah, if you linger and get grabbed a lot you'll fail. There is a link under
the first stairs but it's not worth it unless you're a perfectionist. ~

When you reach the security area, move up to trigger the enemies and then fall
back. I hope you still have the assault rifle. Use it at range to pick off 
the enemies on the left, then move up to clear the ones to the right. Then take
point inside the entrance on the left as enemies will spawn behind you. Just
stay here and pick them off but watch for the rushing shotgun guys. The riot
shield soldier should be the last to kill. 

Quickly move to the counter and reload your guns. Look up to the middle of the
ceiling and wait for the commander to drop and have a frag waiting for him, 
then go slow-mo and unload everything you can on him; don't waste it when he's
behind cover of course. But wait, there's more. There is a second commander 
dropped in the same area soon after. As is often the case, grenades and slow-
mo are your best ally. You have plenty of grenades in the entrances behind the
counter, but the commanders easily follow in there and spawn at walls nearby.
If you must refill you'll have to do it fast. There is not time to worry about
focusing fire on one, just lob and shoot until your target retreats. They
phase through small obstacles, so don't shoot them when they do. I made at 
least two laps from the one end to the other. The hardest part is accounting
for the second boss as you should know where one is. Best thing I can say is to
save slow-mo until you accidentally run into one, then unload with your uzis.
Again, grenades, use them often.

*NOTE: If you somehow managed to save rockets from the chopper a while back,
use them now, but it would have been difficult.*

Grab a shotgun and take to the door in the middle that opens. Follow the path
and you'll see a link on the forklift. Press the door and turn for incoming
demons. I would try power slide (sprint and melee) under the door as it gets
a few feet up and then press the button on the other side; hopefully you 
wouldn't have to wait for it to get all the way up. As soon as you close the 
door the other door will unlock and keep you safe from what appears to be 
infinite demons.

Head out and after the shock wave there is a link in the corner. When back
outside, kill a soldier and run left inside the mech. A few soldiers to waste
and then in an open area just wait as a bigger mech appears. You've piloted
one of those so you know what it can do. The best thing is to use the central
cover and strafe around it while aiming high on the mech. No use wasting ammo
while it's shielded. This tactic will take a while, but you won't take much

Your victory is short as two commanders block the path ahead, but they are 
stationary so pick one off and then the other. Move up and reach your goal to
end the level.

Interval 08: Ward

*NOTE: I believe if you want your Alma Doll and it's not here, find it now or
you won't have another chance.*

~ Move up and down the steps go left and tucked away in the corner could be an
Alma Doll (the other possible locations are supposedly not far from the start
either). Move up and around the left corner is a locked gate with uzis. Head 
down the main path to the medical zone for a flashback. Watch what happens and
then come back out and take the other hall and turn to enter the room with the
bright light. Watch the scene roll if you wish, and then go to pick up the 
bucket nearby. This will clear the beast and heal you. There is also a link
by the lockers.

Come out and look right to notice another bright light. It takes you down the
far left path and into another room. Tear the book and link with the body in
the corner. Come back out and you are led to the adjacent corner room. Smash
the toy gun and then link with the two bodies in the corner. 

Now go out and hang a left to enter a room with a bright light. For this boss
go grab a rifle and stand back. You will aim for a spot in its mouth when it
opens. Do this three times and you don't have to worry about its attacks. 
Then get your uzis and go slow-mo to mow down the three soldiers. The boss will
return for another round, so repeat, then again, and on the fourth go you
only need to down him once, which then lets you have one final shot on the 
downed body. 


If playing co-op, I believe it's possible to have a different ending, that is
if the one not Point Man performs better.

Feel free to play the game as Paxton or go co-op. Remember, youtube the other

* 4.                                                   *

* This is only reserved for all Alma Doll locations. *

Just as a note, the Alma Dolls appear in different locations and there is only
one per level. Some are in plain sight, and others are only slightly tricky to
get. They will change locations upon reloading the level. I have a theory 
that their locations are clustered to one area in a level.

I know in the first level there is only one, and the last level only has so
many places to look, so we're only talking about 6 dolls you may need some
assistance with.

* 5. Author Info / Copyright                                                 *



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