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                                 >> Papo & Yo <<
                              >> Walkthrough/FAQ <<
                        >> Created by: Monistic_Turtle <<
                             >> PSN: Hamster_Bear <<

Intro And a Small Note About the Layout

   Hello and welcome to my Papo & Yo guide. As you can tell by the length, 
this is a pretty humble guide, but honestly, there wasn't a whole lot more I
could put in here. This is a great game, and it's a little on the short side.
But this makes both our jobs easier as you don't have to go rifling through a 
table of contents and Ctrleffing your way to locations and I don't have to 
bother making a table of contents. ^.^ With that being said, here's the quick
and dirty on what this guide contains:

 ~~ Walkthrough with Hat Locations intregrated into the guide
 ~~ A seperate section for Hat Locations

 ~~ Trophies

   And that's it. I'm assuming you're here for hat locations but I wrote a 
full guide just in case. Welp, I hope you enjoy/enjoyed the game, see ya. ^-^


                         [[[     Walkthrough    ]]]

>>>                              Section 1                                 <<<

   Fall down and follow the girl. Once she passes through the door, go towards
the glowing chalk drawing lever; press square and pull it out. Ascend the 
stairs and run to your right and search for a ladder that will take you up on
top of the houses. Now just continue forward until you get another scene with
the girl. After that, follow the path and press the gear drawing in. Backtrack
and head across the newly formed pathway. Continue on into the alleyway.  

>> ALERT: HAT LOCATION #1 (Only for second playthrough) <<

1. Near the area where you find the first soccer ball. Pull the lever but
leave the top portion connected (or at least within jumping distance). Round 
the corner and run up the stairs. At the top, jump across to the ledge you 
left connected and run across to pick up the first hat. 

   You can mess around with the soccer ball if you want. Kick it by pressing 
circle, pick it up with sqaure. You can also pick up the ball and then press 
circle to kick it, or pick it up and press square again for a nice chest to 
foot drop (kids got skills ~_^). Anyways, pull the lever out to the right and
now keep circling around and up the stairs. Jump the gap and proceed into the
open area with the frogs. 

   Head down to the bottom to trigger a scene and play around with the frogs 
if you want. And admit it, picking up those gigantic frogs and carrying them 
around is simply adorable. :3 There's nothing to really do on the ground level
though. So head back towards the ladder and climb up to see another ladder to 
your right. Head up that and start jumping across the buildings. One of them 
will fall right in front of a hole in the wall. Head through it and...

>> ALERT: HAT LOCATION #2 (Only for second playthrough) <<

This one is pretty obvious. It's down on the bottom level sitting next to a 
ladder. It will have a soccer ball hat on. And what the.... how does Quico 
see where he's going with that thing on? 

   keep going up and follow the linear path out. Drop down and press the gears 
jump off and pull the rope out, moving to the southwest while you pull. Up 
the stairs and keep follwing the straighforward path until you find the girl
and some boxes. All you need to do for this puzzle is move the boxes onto the
chalk outlines to make a bridge out of the houses. Now, if you're going for 
the trophy here, you're going to need to to arange the three boxes in a 
diamond pattern. This can be a little tricky and may take a few attempts, but
it is doable. 

>> ALERT: HAT LOCATION #3 (Only for second playthrough) <<

Just jump off into the water here to get a fish hat. ^.^

>> ALERT: HAT LOCATION #4 (Only for second playthrough) <<

This one can be easy to miss, as it's pretty out of the way. But if you look 
off towards the left, you should see a floating white block hovering out in 
the middle of the chasm. Stack the boxes in a diagonal towards the white block
and cross them to obtain your prize. 
   After jumping across the houses, follow the path and turn the key at the 
end of it. Start off in this new area by standing on the large chalk drawing 
of a square. It will open the door you need to go through and the girl will 
run through it. Now go about turning all three of the keys in the houses in 
front of you. Head towards the houses that formed a new path and press the 
gear drawing in the corner. This will open up some stairs that give you access
to a new key. Turn this and the building will move over towards the gate you 
need to get through. Now, you have to go back and turn all three of those keys
again to move the houses back to their original locations. Now just stand on 
the switch again, jump across all four of the houses, and get through the gate
before it closes. 

   Grab the lever and pull out the wall to reveal a gear on the backside of 
it. Touching the gear will create some stairs. Push the lever back and connect
the stairs to head up. Pick up the box and basically set it right back down in
front of you so you can cross the gap and pull the lever out. This will 
activate a ladder and some scaffolding. Now jump back across to and pick up
the box again. Move the building beneath the ladder so you can climb up. 
Follow the path up to the top of the building. 


>> ALERT: HAT LOCATION #4 (Only for second playthrough) <<

Before you approach the girl, run around to the back of the small house she's
sitting against and you should find a doll with a boot on its head.


   Head into the chalk drawing and you'll be treated to a small, interactive

>>>                              Section 2                                 <<<

   Lula will now show up. Just follow it through the area. 

>> ALERT: HAT LOCATION #5 (Only for second playthrough) <<

Before you head up the first flight of stairs here, just keep following the
path towards the wall and you should see the doll in this little nook wearing
a stylin princess tiara. 

   Now go up the stairs and you'll be introduced to the hover jump. You can 
either do a manual double jump by pressing X once to jump and again in the air
to do the hover, or you can just jump and hold down the X button to achieve 
basically the same thing. Keep jumping across the gaps until Lula interupts 
you to tell you about the switches that it can access. When you face a switch
that is out of reach, a line will be drawn between you and the switch, 
pressing triangle will send Lula off to hit the switch for you, nice! Having
Lula hit the switch here will open the gate to the next area. 

   Hit both of the switches and then get on the furthest platform. Hit the 
left switch again and then continue on. Jump down onto the house, turn
that key, and watch as the houses become a giant... spider? madness! Jump off
and have Lula hit the switch on top of the giant pipes. Head up into the pipe
that just dropped. Circle around to the left and approach the wooden planks 
that are blocking off a pipe opening. Have Lula hit the same switch again and
now you can continue on through the pipe. 

>> ALERT: HAT LOCATION #6 (Only for second playthrough) <<

At the end of the pipe, you'll drop down into an area with a gear switch. 
Right underneath those wooden planks is the next doll wearing a grass hat. 

   At the end of the pipe, you'll find yourself in an area with a gear swtich.
Press it to drain some water; this will provide access to the next area. Just 
head back and continue on into the next area. Hitting the Lula switch in this
next section will cause that big pipe to turn itself upwards. So you're gonna
want to be in that pipe when you hit the switch obviously. Go ahead and do 
that and follow the pipe system to encounter... the monster. O_O

   Press the gear switch at the end of the pipe and watch the monster go into
the hut. Yes, you can go into the hut, but there's nothing actually in there.
You're going to want to go down towards those stark white boxes to the left. 

>> ALERT: HAT LOCATION #7 (Only for second playthrough) <<

This is actually rather out of the way, but it's not hard to find. Before you
start picking up the white boxes, run beneath that large pipe to the... right
of the boxes if you're facing the water. Jump over the little gap and onto a
wooden platform. You should see a ladder in front of you. Now just follow this
long path until you get to the opposite other side. There's a doll way over 
here with a super cool Dr. Seuss hat (well that's what it reminds me of). 

   First off, you're going to want to get that white box to the left. Grab one
of the white cubes and carry it up those two stairs and set it down. Climb up
throw the third cube down. Carry both cubes over to the square chalk outlines
and start lining them up inside the drawings. Makes sure to place one on the 
bottom outline. Once you set two down inside the outlines, the girl will show 
up and steal one of your last cube, girl please! Chase her into the area next 
to the pipe where you can see a black chalk outline. Now, if you haven't 
already, set one of your cubes on that bottom outline, and jump onto the large
cube that comes up. Jump to your right onto the building and pull out that 
lever. This should trap the girl inside and she'll pull her diaspearing act 
and leave the box behind. Now just set that last block into place and jump 
across them to exit the area. 

>>>                              Section 3                                 <<<

   Follow the long winding path towards the bottom. 

>> ALERT: HAT LOCATION #8 (Only for second playthrough) <<

About halfway down the winding path you should spot some bulidings you can 
jump onto. Once your on top of them, look in front of you and you should see
the next doll hanging out on the roof of a building. Jump over there and claim
your hat. 
   When you get to the bottom, approach the monster and you should get a 
button prompt informing you to press square. Do so and turn the camera towards
the window, now just press X to jump off the beasts belly and launch yourself
through the window. Drop down and pull the rope below the ledge to open up the
wall. Now grab a lemon and carry it towards Monster. Lead him towards that 
glowing sqaure chalk drawing and set down the lemon inside. As soon as he 
steps on the switch, spring across the newly formed bridge to the other side.

   Climb up a ladder to your left and press the gear switch. Use Lula on the 
newly discovered switch to drop three lemons down. Now take those other two 
lemons that throw those down as well. Take one with you across the bridge and
get Monster to follow you across. Just let him eat all five of the lemons and
he'll get nice and sleepy and decide to take a nap by a wall in front of you.
Now you can use his bouncy stomach to launch yourself across the wall. 

   Drop down and climb the tree by pressing square next to it. Once you reach
the top of the tree, Quico will knock down some lemons. Go ahead and press the
gear switch on the wall behind you to bring Monster in. Take a lemon over to
him to get his attention and then set it down in the chalk square. Once 
Monster steps on the switch, it should lower a chunk of the level and a ladder
will appear. Head up to get a small scene. Turn to your right and head up a 
small wooden plank. Snag one of the two lemons and jump down and wake up the 
ever sleepy Monster again. This time, lead him into the area with the white 
ladder, drop the lemon, climb up the ladder, go back to where the two lemons
where, and find a lever next to them to pull. This lever will raise the 
platform and hopefully Monster with it. Get another lemon and lead Monster
into that large circle to trap him. A wall should lower to reveal a pathway
and a white ladder to the left. Climb the ladder. 

>> ALERT: HAT LOCATION #9 (Only for second playthrough) <<

After you climb this ladder, don't follow the path forward. Instead, turn 
around and jump across the gap. Keep jumping across the rooftops until you see
a large red pipe. Run down the pipe a short ways and to your left, in a little
alcove is the next doll. 

   Follow the path around the corner and you should see a Scissor switch and a
Lula switch in front of you. Send Lula out to hit the switch and then jump the
gap and land on the small platform that's jutting out in front of the switch 
you just hit. Turn around and you should see another switch just to your left.
Hit that with Lula and it will raise a building next to you. Pass beneath the 
raised building and you should see a ladder on your left. Climb up it, turn 
around, and hit the switch again with Lula. Get on the building and hit the
switch for a third time to raise the building again. Now just activate the 
scissor switch and free the Monster. 

   Head back towards the Monster to find him munching on some more lemons. 
Drop down and turn the key to send some frogs into a large field area. Jump 
down into the new location and head to the right and up the stairs. Just a 
small note here. I've had the glitch once where Monster will just stand on the
top of the ledge up here. He should jump down into lower area and run over to
a pipe where some of the frogs when down. If Monster happens to stay up at the
top, just quit out and try again. Anyways, once Monster is down in the lower 
section and fishing in the pipe for a frog, go over and hit the gear switch on
the wall in front of him. This will close off the pipe and Monster will go 
take a nap. Bounce on him to reach the next gear switch. Run up the stairs 
next to him and you should see another gear on the right side of the small 
building in front of you. 

>> ALERT: HAT LOCATION #11 (Only for second playthrough) <<

Just to the right of the gear switch is a small alcove with another doll. Pick
up this nice pirate's bandana. 

   Flip this gear switch and then turn around and run towards a ladder that 
leads up to the wooden walkway. Jump across the gaps and press the next gear 
switch on the wall. A little hole will open up, giving you access to three 
frogs. There's a trophy here for taking one of those frogs and throwing him
right on the bullesye that's painted on the wall. To throw the frogs, simply
pick them up with square and press circle to throw. As cruel as it sounds, 
you're gonna want to kill all these frogs by chucking them against the walls
down here. :p Once that's finished, Monster will leave. 

   Now you can take one of those lemons near the pipe and led Monster into the
square chalk drawing. Once he stands on it, some more buildings will lower. 
Direct yourself over to the staircase near the new Monster switch (that's what
I'll call them from now on). Up the stairs and to the left is another gear 
switch. After you've hit that, drop down and grab a frog. Throw it into the 
hole and Monster should run over. Now you'll have to run over to the houses 
adjacent from you and jump the gap over to the buildings to the left of the 
large graffiti art. Go up the stairs and follow the newly formed path to
another gear switch. And now you've got problems. Get out of there as soon as
you can! 

   Ok, now that Monster is in rage mode, you need to led him to those large 
square chalk outlines. Once he's standing in one, go turn the key on the top
level before he leaves the square. If you trap him, a bunch of translucent 
cubes will appear. Try to collect them all before they disappear, but do it
fast because that gate you have Monster trapped in only stays around for about
10 seconds. You can do these in whatever order you want. Just keep letting 
Monster chase you, head up the stairs, turn the key, and then gather all the
cubes. Once you have all the cubes, run up the spiraling pathway to the 
landmass at the top. Grab the blue fruit and you'll be dropped down in with
Monster. After he eats the fruit he'll return to normal. Enter the circle 
(despite what the girl says) and continue onwards. 

>>>                                Section 4                               <<<

   After the scenes, you'll find yourself in another large area with lots of 
white keys. Monster should go and lie down in front of a hummingbird painting.
Go jump on him to reach the gear switch. After you've pressed the switch, jump 
down onto the raised section of land with the pullable lever. You should get a
short scene wth the girl. Alright, well there's different ways to tackle this 
puzzle, but here's mine. 

   I'd start off by leading Monster into that Monster switch by grabbing a 
lemon and leading him to it. Go up the stairs that form and turn the key on 
the house. Run down the stairs and go pull the rope in front of you to knock
down another house, turn the key here. Climb the ladder right next to that and
turn another key. Ok, go back to the lever which will have three houses 
stacked in front of it now. Pull the lever out to create a bridge with the 
houses. On my first playthrough it took me awhile to figure out you could bend
the houses to the right or left as well. So, when you pull out the lever, move
it to your right a little bit. Run up the houses and jump/glide off towards 
the next key house slightly to your right and turn the key. Jump back down, 
pull the lever again and jump onto the house almost directly in front, and now
you should be on the other side of the fence. 

   Jump down and hit the gear switch to lower the gate. First, get the three 
easy key houses in here. There are two to the right and one to the left. Oh, I
almost forgot, you can try kicking around one of the soccer balls in here and
Monster should come in and start playing with you. Kick the ball to him about
four times and then he'll get tired and take a nap. Anyways, once you turn the
key on the house that's at the top of the larger flight of stairs, you should 
see two hovering white blocks. Jump across these and climb the ladders that 
follow. After some platforming bits, you should see another key house in front
of you. There will be another key house after that. You should be up to 9 
houses in your stack at this point. Jump down (don't worry, you won't take 
fall damage) and pull out the lever to manipulate the houses. Bend the houses
slightly to the right as you pull them out as well. You're aiming for that 
house that's a little greener than the others. Run up the houses, and jump off
to the right. Climb the stairs over here and flip the switch on the next 
house. Backtrack to the lever.

   Pull out the switch and bend the houses almost as far to the right as 
they'll go. You're gunning for that key house up top on the ledge. Once you've
climbed up there, turn the two keys. Follow the path up here and jump across a
gap to reach a house on the far ledge. Jump down and turn the key on the last 

>> ALERT: HAT LOCATION #12 (Only for second playthrough) <<

After you've turned the last key, jump over diagonally to your left onto the 
white roofed house. There's a doll back here with a crown, yes! 

>> ALERT: HAT LOCATION #13 (Only for second playthrough) <<

Before you stretch the buildings across to your desired location, bend them 
out towards the right and try to line them up with a floating white block out
there in the distance. Run up the houses and jump on the block and then jump
to the bit of grass in the corner for your hat. 

   That puzzle should be done, so pull the houses down and run across them to
the top where the girl was. Once you're up here you'll have to pull the switch
to get the napping Monster up here. If you haven't already led him over to the
napping location below, go and grab one of the soccer balls and kick it around
with him about 4 or 5 times. He should get tired and nap. Anyways, pull the 
lever out to bring Monster up to your level and he'll access the switch. 

   Now he'll go... take another nap! so lazy. :3 Head to your left and drop
down below the ground into the white area. A bunch of blocks will pop up and 
now you'll have a play a simple memory game. One of the three keys will flash
white. Keep your eye on that key while it gets mixed around with the other 
keys and when they all come back down, select that key to move forward. You'll
have to do this three times to proceed. Make sure to turn your camera upwards
so you can see the keys when they're spinning around. Don't worry, this part's
pretty easy but it's random so I leave this in your capable hands. ^.^
   Hit the gear switch when you're done and take the stairs out. Over to the 
right, you should see a lever to pull. Pull this out to reveal another 
underground hole. 

>> ALERT: HAT LOCATION #14 (Only for second playthrough) <<

When you pull up this slab of earth and walk down the stairs, the doll is in
plain sight behind the stairs. I'm diggin that bowl hat. 

   Yeah, if this is your first playthough, there's nothing really down here 
for you. What you want to do though is pull the lever out so the piece of land
is going up at almost a straight... diagonal position. You can actually jump 
and hover off this land mass and grab the floating key in the air. Go turn the
key once it locks into place. Just go through the door, Monster will follow. 

>>>                                Section 5                               <<<

   Wow, these areas are getting more and more surreal. Run to the edge of the
floating platform you're on and look down. You need to actually jump off and 
hope you land on one of those spinning landmasses. Just lead your jumps a 
little and you should be fine.

>> ALERT: HAT LOCATION #15 (Only for second playthrough) <<

Before you make any of the jumps, make sure you make your first jump onto the
closest platform and land on the right side of it on top of a small flower 
bed with the doll inside. If you don't make the jump, and land somewhere else
on the land mass, just jump off into the water and try again. There's no way
to get onto this flower bed if you've already pulled the lever to bring it up
top. So just keep trying until you get it before you pull the lever. 

Try going for the one that's closest to you, it has the white wavy lines on 
it. Hit the gear switch when you land and then keep jumping off and land on 
the other two land masses. Flip the switches on both of them. Don't bother 
pulling any of the levers yet. 

   Once you have all three sections up and stable, go use the lever on the 
closest piece and push it until you line up the stairs with a floating white
cube. Just make sure you don't line up that black pipe with the frog picture
next to it with the black pipe on the main platform. This will give Monster 
some frogs to snack on and you don't want that. If you do it accidentily, it's
not a big deal though. Anyways, climb the stairs and jump off onto the 
floating white cube. See all that floating junk to your right? Yup, time for 
some platforming. When you get up to the top, grab the key. 

>> ALERT: HAT LOCATION #16 (Only for second playthrough) <<

Up here on the highest platform with the key is a broken black gate. If you 
look out inbetween the gate, you should see a tiny white cube with a doll 
sitting on it. Time your jump well and grab the hat. I don't even... 
understand what that is. Is it a small tire? O_o

   After you've gotten the key, just jump down onto the big white platform 
with Monster. Now grab the lever on the first platform and keep spinning it
until you line it back up with the other two pieces. Climb the stairs on the 
second piece and turn the key you just inserted. Now you'll want to move all 
three pieces over to a specific location. Start by grabbing the lever you just
unlocked with the key and move the second piece. Line it up with a black 
outline on the far wall. When you do, you'll hear a sound and a white line 
will light up on the land mass. Run up that little flight of stairs behind you
and jump off and back onto the main platform. 

   Now you'll want to move out the furtherst piece by running up the stairs on
the first piece and jumping out onto it. Line it up with the second piece and
get the white chalk line on this one too. Jump back to the center platform and
grab the last piece. You know what to do. Once all three are lined up. If 
Monster wasn't already raging from the frog you might or might not have let 
loose earlier, now 5 of them will come out of the newly opening wall and get
him in rage mode regardless. Go press the switch with Lula and watch the scene
that follows. ;__;

>>>                               Section 6                                <<<

   This area might look familiar no? This is all basically the same as the 
first time you did it. Once you get back to the alleyway, you'll get some 
dialouge with the girl and then just follow her into a new area. Once you've
followed her as far as possible, turn to the right and head down into the 
soccer (sorry, I'm American lol) field. This part can be a little tricky so if
you want the best possible outcome with the least amount of hassle, here you

   First, pull out the lever closest to the black pipe to reveal Monster. 
Don't open that middle area while Monster is around. Now pull out the lever 
on the opposite goal for a tree with lemons at the top. Climb the tree and 
shake out some lemons. Go ahead and let Monster take those while you go back 
and close off the first lever you pulled. You should see a Monster switch 
here. Go back to the lemon tree and shake out another lemon if you need to. 
Lead Monster over the the switch with a lemon and let him stand on it. Go back
to the lemon tree, climb it a third time, and knock down more lemons. When 
Monster is occupied in here with the lemons, push the lever in here to make 
him and the tree disappear. 

   Run back to the first lever and open it again. If you notice, this 
materialized tree also has the added benefit of completing the black pipe 
behind it. Now you can finally open that middle area. And now you'll see why I
didn't want you to open it when Monster was traipsing about.

>> ALERT: HAT LOCATION #17 (Only for second playthrough) <<

If you run around to the back of this middle section, you should see a doll 
with a fancy top hat on. Jump up there and get it. 

   Pick up one of the frogs and feed it to the black pipe. This will open up a
new pathway and now you can go release Monster from the first area. Don't 
worry, the frogs won't be coming out of that middle area anymore. Grab a lemon
and lead Monster up the path. You should see a Monster switch up here. Let 
Monster step on it which will give you access to some stairs, a frog, and a 
blue fruit. See that black pipe adjacent to the stairs? You're going to want
to sprint that frog over to it. You should have enough time before Monster
gets wind of that's going on, but don't dawdle. The glowing door that opens up
will teleport you to the other side of the map. You need to grab another frog,
and run through the portal door with it. Once you pop up on the other side, 
run to the black pipe in front of you and feed the frog to it. Once you drop 
the pillars, Monster will run by you and go prop himself up for another nap.

   Head down into lower section and you should see the girl. Just keep 
following her intill the leaves you again and lights up a large system of 
chalk drawings that lead back to Monster. First order of business, take those
frogs and throw them against the wall. I know, it's depressing. :'( After your
frog genocide is out of the way, go back to Monster. For this puzzle, you can
go either way down the path, for the sake of this FAQ, let's just go down the
left path. Stand on the drawing up top that's just to the right of the one 
that's already lit up. If you hit the right one, the bed should now be 
moveable. Jump down and stand at the back and push the bed towards the wall in
front of you. Once, you can't go any further, jump on Monster and launch 
yourself towards the gear switch to your right. This will open up the path and
you can push Monster into the next circle. You'll have to backtrack to the 
switches back at the stairs. 

   Step on switch number 2, if we're pretending 1 would be the switch on the 
far left side if you're facing towards Monster. Or you could just keep 
stepping on switches until you hear the noise and see the bed get legs. Once
you have him facing the right direction, push Monster into the next circle. 
Now bounch off of him to reach the gear switch directly in front of you. 
Backtrack to the switches and stand on switch... #1 this time. Push Monster 
into the next circle and bounce off him to reach the gear switch. We're almost
done. Head back to the switches one more time and stand on number 4 (or the 
one right in the middle). Push Monster towards the final location. 

>> ALERT: HAT LOCATION #18 (Only for second playthrough) <<

Before you push Monster into the last switch, stop pushing him right before 
you make contact with the switch and get on top of him. Launch yourself over
the wall to your left and you should spot the next doll back here. Actually, 
you can still push him into the spot and make the jump easily. 

   Once you've pushed him into place, use him to jump over the wall in front
of you and then hit the gear switch on the other side. After you get the scene
with the girl, you should notice the three keys on the far side. This part can
be a little nerve-racking since every time you turn a key, a frog will pop 
out. What you need to do is watch Monster's location and when he's at a lemon 
tree that's as far from your location as possible, turn the key, grab the frog
fast, and throw it against a wall. If you screw up and Monster gets a frog, 
there's a blue fruit towards the back behind some black gates. You need to 
repeat this process 3 times in order to line up all the rooftops. Once you're
finished, jump across them and into the next area.  

>> ALERT: HAT LOCATION #19 (Only for second playthrough) <<

Right before you pass through the opening into the next section, you should 
see a doll just to your right on the last rooftop. He's pretty hard to miss,
and he has a lego hat! ^-^

>>>                                Section 7                               <<<

>> ALERT: HAT LOCATION #20 (Only for second playthrough) <<

Before you start tackling this area, head over to the first Scissor switch to
the right. From there, turn around and go over to the corner to your far 
right. There's a doll tucked away back here. 

   Follow the girl into the middle and watch the scene. Well, this part can 
look a little daunting, but once you figure out what you have to do... it's 
not too bad. First, head towards the only scissor switch you can get to at the
moment; it should be to your right. You should see a lemon tree here. Go ahead
and climb it to knock out some lemons onto the land above. Circle around and 
pick up one of the lemons that fell up there. Wait until Monster comes over to
the tree and then chuck a lemon near the pit area (just make sure it doesn't 
actually fall into the pit). While Monster is eating the lemon you just threw,
go pull the lever to your right to push him into the pit. Once he's in the 
pit, go push the scissor switch. 

   Now things are going to get a little more hectic. Stay up top away from 
Monster and head towards the entrance to either of the other two white areas.
There should be a small glowing outline right in front of the first white wall
for both locations. When you step on it, the wall will begin moving backwards
and you'll have to sprint after it. The thing that makes this hard is that 
Monster will be breathing down your neck the entire time. You have to hit the
switch, run after the wall and then hit the next switch for the next wall. 
Repeat this process until you lead Monster into a pit and then climb up the 
stairs and hit the Scissor switch. The process is the same for both of the 
remaining switches, so good luck. 

   Once you've smushed Monster all three times and watched the scene that 
follows, run towards the middle and climb up the stairs towards Lula. Now that
you have Lula back, you'll have some platforming to do.

>> ALERT: HAT LOCATION #21 (Only for second playthrough) <<

As you're jumping across the floating debris, turn to your left and you should
see some houses. You can actually make that jump with Lula and find a doll on
top of one of the roofs. I actually missed this one when I was making this
guide. :(

After you jump across the debris and blocks, you'll be back in the rooftop 
portion. There are a bunch of Lula switches around here to press. You can 
start where ever you want but for the sake of explanation, start on the left 

   Send Lula out to hit the switch on the left and jump to on the two 
platforms to reach the two tanks on the other side. Turn the keys and jump 
over the the narrow woodwn ledge to your right. Round the corner and turn the
key on the next tank. Go back and jump onto the closest floating ledge. Once
you're there, jump back towards the tank on your right and turn the its key.
Now for the tricky part. Jump down to where Monster is and start running 
towards the back (where the black gate was with the blue fruit) When you start
getting closer to the wall back here, you should get a Lula prompt. Send Lula
out while you're running and let it hit the switch to reveal two more tanks 
and a glowing door, just run through the door as Monster will probably be 
right behind you. Once you teleport, Monster will turn around and come after 
you again. Wait until he gets close and then go through the door you just came
out of. Turn the two keys now and then go through the door. I'd suggest that
you bait Monster again and go through the door one last time when he gets 
close. Now just run up the stairs and you should be safe back up on the 

   When you get up on the rooftop down here towards the exit, a lever should
put up out of roof, don't bother with this just yet. Instead, backtrack to the
furthest orange roof and hit the Lula switch on the right for two more tanks. 
Back on the floating ledge, jump off to your right for another tank. Make the
jump to the next orange overhang on the right for one more tank. The last tank
is hard to reach from your current location, so just jump off and work your 
way back to the center rooftops and jump to it from there. After you've done 
that, get back on the center roofs and hit the Lula switch on the other side.
Cross the floating platforms to reach three more tanks. From there, jump out
onto the highest floating piece of the three and then jump towards the tin 
overhang jutting out from the wall. Jump off of that towards the last tank. 
Now you can pull lever and make the large walkway come down. Run up it and 
into the next section. 

   Now you'll have some precarious platforming to do. The blocks you have to
land on are pretty small, so make those jumps count. If you fall, there are 
some stairs around here to help you back up. 

>> ALERT: HAT LOCATION #22 (Only for second playthrough) << 

If you manage to make all the jumps and make all the platforms appear in this
section, the last one, right before the legged bed, will have the doll on it.

   After you jump off the last platform and get the scene with the girl, 
you'll find yourself tasked with distracting Monster. Jump off the building 
and sprint up that piece of land towards the key. Make sure Monster is below
you and then turn the key. Two blocks will fly up and the key will move. 
Repeat the process and wait until Monster is below you to turn the key again.
The last two jumps can be a little annoying as the blocks are constantly 
disappearing. You have to time this out pretty well. The trick is to jump off
the first white block before the second one even appears. Just time it so that
the second block materializes while you're in mid jump. Jump off of that that
one, wait for Monster, and then turn it. Now just jump down and head through
the glowing door to teleport you down towards the key. Turn and watch the 
scene... yikes. Go through that teleport door and then the door in the rock 
and get outta there! 

>>>                                 Section 8                              <<<

   On the other side, simply hit the switch on the rock with Lula. In the new
area, simply follow the path and pull the lever in front of the Monster 

>> ALERT: HAT LOCATION #23 (Only for second playthrough) <<

Right behind the Monster statue and to the right is a little area with some 
pink flowers, you'll find the doll sitting in here. 

   After you've pulled the lever, grab a lemon the lead Monster towards the
huge cardboard box at the end of the town, toss the lemon inside and trap him.
Now follow the white line all the way back and pull the lever there. Ok, 
that's still really cool even if we've seen it before. Anyways, run towards 
the stairs and you should get a Lula prompt, hit the button way up there to
move down some houses. Climb up the ladders and make the jump to the next 
cluster of houses. Run up the houses and pull the lever on the wooden planks.
You can also hit the Lula switch on the cardboard box from here if you like. 
Head up the ladders, and make this last jump into the box. Get onto the 
platform with Monster, turn to your right, and hit the Lula switch off in the
distance. Now just wait for the gondola to reach its location in this great 

   Once that's over, head up the stairs. Get on the pillar stairs and run. 
Once the pillar has lowered, you'll have to pull out the levers on the statue
to show the real scene. You're only supposed to pull them out intil you see 
the white line light up. Don't pull them out all the way or else it'll just 
revert back to it's original form. Once all 4 are lighted up, go talk to the
flame to continue. 

   Pull out the lever and cross the wooden bridge. Turn the gear and put the
alcohol into the black pipe. YOu have to repeat this 2 more times. Pull the 
new lever and head across the bridge. Another gear switch is here which drops
out inanimate versions of the girl. This part was a little disturbing, but put
three of them into the red pipe. Before you drop the fourth one in, use the 
lever next to the pipe to move the large pipe overhead directly over the 
wooden bridge you just constructed. Now put the forth girl in. If you do it 
correctly, she shoud run down the pathway and Monster will follow her off the
ledge. Cross the next wooden bridge. 

>> ALERT: HAT LOCATION #24 (Only for second playthrough) <<

On the next wooden bridge here, look off to the left just a little while your
running down it and you'll spot the doll floating on a piece of debris. 

>> ALERT: HAT LOCATION #25 (Only for second playthrough) <<

Once you jump down to where Monster is, look over by the tree for a doll that
blends in pretty well with the flowers. He has an amazing frog hat. 

   Now all that's left is to let Monster go. One more bridge to cross and 
you're done. Congratulations on beating this wonderful game!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>     END     <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>                            Hat Locations                               <<<

   [[  A Strange World - Baseball Hat  ]]
   1.  Near the area where you find the first soccer ball. Pull the lever but
leave the top portion connected (or at least within jumping distance). Round 
the corner and run up the stairs. At the top, jump across to the ledge you left
connected and run across to pick up the first hat. 

   [[  A Strange World - Soccer Ball  ]]

   2. In the first area where you see the frogs, head up the ladder and get 
the building to fall which will reveal a path into an area with a pool of water
down below. When you're running on the makeshift path, you should see a doll 
with a soccer ball on its head just below the path you're on. Jump down and 
take this... interesing hat. 

   [[  Bridging the Gap - Fish  ]]

   3. In the area with the "house bridge puzzle" just jump off into the water
and you'll appear back on dry land with a fish sucking on your skull. 

   [[  Bridging the Gap - Fish Bowl  ]]

   4. An easy to miss hat. In the same area where you get the fish hat, use
the cardboard boxes to make a house bridge in a diagonal to your left. You 
should see a floating white cube out there with a doll on it. Use the houses
to make a bridge towards it. 

   [[  Rise to the Occasion - Boot  ]]

   5. This one is in the section where you climb a large group of buildings 
and find the girl sitting against a small shack at the top. There will be a 
chalk drawing around her. Before you head into the chalk outline, head around
to the back of the small building and you should find the doll back here. 

   [[  Rise to the Occasion - Tiara  ]]

   6. In the area where you first meet Lula, follow it until you reach a 
narrow flight of stairs. Instead of taking the stairs, continue on the path in
front of you to find the next doll tucked over in this little nook wearing a
princess tiara. 

   [[  Along for the Ride - Grass Hat  ]]

   7. When you're running through the giant pipes, you'll drop down into an 
area with a gear switch on the wall that releases some water and activates the
next area. Right underneath the wooden planks that form the walkway is the 
next doll. 

   [[  Forbearing Shadows - Dr Seuss Hat  ]]

   8. In the area with the three white boxes where the girl comes out and
steals one of them, look for a large pipe next to the boxes. Pass underneath 
it and follow the long path over to the other side of the chasm. You should 
see a doll underneath a little canopy wearing a sweet stripped hat. 

   [[  Cozy Digs - Milk Jug  ]]

   9. In the area where you first encounter the monster sleeping, there's a
long winding path before you get to him. About halfway down it, jump onto some
of the buildings lining the pathway and you should see the doll on a roof of a
house. Jump over to it to get the ever popular, milk jug hat.

   [[  Mmm Tasty - Cowboy Hat  ]]

   10. Right after you've trapped Monster in the first "wavy white lines" 
trap, a wall will lower and you should see a white ladder to the left. Climb 
it and once at the top, immediately turn around and jump across the gap behind
you. Keep jumping across the roofs until you see a red pipe. Follow the pipe 
for a short distance and then look to your left. You should see the doll and 
you can pick up this crazy stripped Cowboy Hat. 

   [[  Mmm Tasty - Pirate Bandana  ]]

   11. After you've led Monster into the area with the frogs that jump into 
the pipe, flip the switch and let him go nap. Jump on him and flip the next 
gear switch to lower a large portion of houses. In the new area, climb up the
small flight of stairs and find the next gear switch on the right side of
the small house in front of you. The doll is right next to the switch in a 
little alcove. 

   [[  Bend Them to Your Will - Crown  ]]

   12. In the area with all the flying houses. After you've created a stack of
houses large enough, pull the lever out and to the right to give yourself 
access to the houses high up on wooden walkways. Follow the walkways and jump
down into the area back here. You should see a little cut out you can jump to
with a white roofed house you land on. There's a doll back here. 

   [[  Bend Them to Your Will - Melon  ]]

   13. Right after you've grabbed the crown, head back to the lever that 
controls the houses. You have to have all the houses to do this as well. 
Anyways, once you have all the houses lined up, turn them down and to the 
right just a little and try to line the stack up with a floating white cube 
out im the distance. Run up the houses, jump to the cube, and then jump to a 
grassy portion in the corner for doll and hat. 

   [[  Protection - Bowl or Colander  ]]

   14. When you find yourself in the portion wih the memory key puzzle (the 
one where there are three keys, and you have to keep track of which key is the
right one when they spin around in the air) go to the right side and pull out
the lever against the wall to lift up a flap of earth. Walk down the stairs 
and turn around to snag the 

   [[  White Mountain - Tin-foil Hat  ]]

   15. In the area with the large circular platform and the spinning pieces of
land below it. Before you jump down and bring up any of the three land masses,
look for the one that's spinning closest to the platform you're on. You should
see a small flower bed on the right side of it that you'll have to jump onto.
The jump can be a little difficult given the small area you have to land in. 
The doll is in the flower bed though. 

   [[  White Mountain - Tire  ]]

   16. In the section where you have the trasnparent circular platform and the
spinning land masses below you. Once you've pulled up the land chunks with the
gear switches, move the first piece over to a floating white block. Climb up 
all the debris until you get to the section with the key on top. Up here you
should see a broken black gate. Jump inbetween the gate doors and onto a small
white block to get the next hat. 

   [[  Multiverse - Top Hat  ]]

   17. When you're in the soccer field area with the three levers, pull out 
the second lever with the frogs and run around behind it. You should spot the
doll propped up against the back of the red pipe here. 

   [[  Relax, Why Don't You - Chef's Hat  ]]

   18. During the bit where you're pushing Monster around on the legged bed. 
When you push Monster into the final location, instead of jumping over the 
wall in front of you, turn to your left and you should see a fence. Bounce 
over the wall and you should see the doll back here. A chef's hat!? this kid 
has some good tastes when it comes to hats. 

   [[  Builder of Bridges - Lego Piece  ]]

   19. In the area where you have to line up the three rooftops while at the
same time, killing the frogs that come out of the walls. After you've lined up
all three of the rooftops, jump across them and as soon as you cross that 
wooden bridge, look over to your right and you should see the doll in the 

   [[  Anger Management - Paper Bag  ]]

   20. When you're tasked with using the crazy teethed pieces of earth to 
smash Monster with. From your starting location, head to the right and go to
the first scissor switch. From there, turn around and head back into the far
right corner. The doll is back here nestled inbetween some houses. 

   [[  Anger Management - Frying Pan  ]]

   21. This one is in the same area as number 20, but you'll have to wait 
until you resurrect Lula to get it. As soon as you get Lula back, you'll have
to cross a bunch of floating cubes/debris. About halfway through the jumping,
look over to your left and you should see some rooftops in the distance. It's
a pretty far jump, but your hat is on the roof over there.

   [[  Over the Inferno - Flower Pot  ]]

   22. Right after you've made the huge bridge out of water tanks, you'll have
to cross a series of jumps to blocks that materialize in mid-air. On the last 
block in the sequence is the doll. If you fall, just head back to the stairs
that come out of a low wall and try it again. 

   [[  Euclid is Wrong - Rastacap  ]]

   23. In the area you unlock after hitting the Lula switch on the rock. When
you approach the statue of Monster with the lever in front of it, look behind
him and to the right. There's a small flower bed with some pink flowers 
growing in it. The doll is sitting in there with a... rastacap. (yup, had to
look that one up). Although my initial guess as to what they call them
was pretty close since I associate those hats with Rastafarians. :p 

   [[  Growing Up - Party Hat  ]]

   24. Right after you finish feeding monster the inanimate girl dolls, go 
down the newly formed wooden walkway and look out to your left. You should see
a doll floating on a piece of debris. Collect your party hat from it. 

   [[  Growing Up - Frog Hat  ]]

   25. In the final area when you're getting ready to push Monster off the
edge. The doll is hanging out near the tree. 

>>>                              Trophies                                  <<<

   >> Trophies << 

 ~~ White Frog Massacre: On the title page, keep pressing up and down on the 
rigt analog stick very quickly to get a slew of frogs to appear. Once you have
a lot of them on screen press X to select an option from the menu. This will 
kill the frogs and if there were at least 21 of them on screen at the time, 
you'll get the trophy. There's no way to really count them to make sure you 
have 21, so just hope for the best and try to get as many of them out there as
possible before you press X. 

    An alternate (and probably easier) way to do this is to go to "select 
checkpoint" once you have at least two Acts unlocked. Once you're in here, 
flick the analog stick up and down to get the frogs going and press circle or
X. You won't have to actually select something like the credits or new game 
this way and you'll save a lot of time inbetween your attempts. 

 ~~ The Architect: In the level where you build the bridge out of houses to
cross the large river, you need to make it across that gap by only using three
of the boxes. To do this, you'll need to line up those boxes in a diamond 
pattern. Kind of like.... 




...this. It can be a little problematic getting the spacing just right, but
be patient and time your jumps well. 

 ~~ Lula Power: Unlocked by just playing the game. 

 ~~ Playing Tag: Simply toss Lula by pressing the circle button and then run
away from it for 20 seconds. You can run in circles or whereever you have a 
little bit of space. 

 ~~ Sharp Splatter: In the area where Monster is trying to get frogs out of
the drain pipes, there will be a moment where you drop down into a section 
with three frogs. On one of the walls is a target. Pick up the frogs with 
square and throw them into the target with circle. Land one on the bullseye
and the trophy is yours. 

 ~~ Calm After the Storm: Story based trophy 

 ~~ Good as New: Another story based one. 

 ~~ Conclusion: Beat the Game. 

 ~~ Don't Need No Hints: The description for the trophy pretty much says it 
all. Don't use any of the hint boxes scattered throughout the game. Also, note
that this must be done on one straight playthrough. If you back out of your 
game and then select a chapter to jump to, you'll lost access to the trophy 
and have to start over from the beginning. It doesn't have to be done in one
sitting or anything though, just make sure you use the "continue game" option 
when you start playing again.  

 ~~ Mad Hatter: Collect all the Hats. You can start collecting hats after 
you've beaten the game once. On your second playthrough, the rag dolls you 
might have noticed your first time through, will have hats on that you can now
collect. If you need help finding a specfic one, refer to my guide for a more
thorough explanation as to where they're located.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>        END OF DOCUMENT       <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

                                               Copyright 2012, Monistic_Turtle

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