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                           >> Shadows of the Damned <<
                              >> Walkthrough/FAQ <<
                        >> Created by: Monistic_Turtle <<
                             >> PSN: Hamster_Bear <<

>>>>>>>>>                      Table of Contents                    <<<<<<<<<<

                           >> General Walkthrough <<
 |                                 Chapter 1
 | An Ordinary Life: Act 1-1  .........................................  11TCA
 |                                 Chapter 2
 | Take Me To Hell: Act 2-1  ..........................................  12TCA
 | Cannibal Carnival: Act 2-2  ........................................  22TCA
 | What a Wonderful World: Act 2-3  ...................................  32TCA
 | Riders of the Lost Heart: Act 2-4  .................................  42TCA
 |                                 Chapter 3
 | It's a Bughunt: Act 3-1  ...........................................  13TCA
 | My Dying Concubine: Act 3-2  .......................................  23TCA
 | As Evil As Dead: Act 3-3  ..........................................  33TCA
 | The Bird's Nest: Act 3-4  ..........................................  43TCA
 |                                 Chapter 4
 | The Big Boner: Act 4-1  ............................................  14TCA
 | Great Demon World Village: Act 4-2  ................................  24TCA
 | Ghost Hunter: Act 4-3  .............................................  34TCA
 | Great Demon World Forest: Act 4-4  .................................  44TCA
 | Suburban Nightmares: Act 4-5  ......................................  54TCA
 | Justine For All: Act 4-6  ..........................................  64TCA
 |                                 Chapter 5
 | Twelve Feet Under: Act 5-1  ........................................  15TCA
 | Different Perspectives: Act 5-2  ...................................  25TCA
 | The Castle of Hassle: Act 5-3  .....................................  35TCA
 | The Final Chapter: Act 5-4  ........................................  45TCA

    ~~ Contact Me! ....................................................  EMTCA

                          An Ordinary Life: Act 1-1                      11TCA

  My, what nice tats you have Mr. Hotspur. After the initial cutscenes, you'll
gain control of Garcia. This portion acts as the game's tutorial, so it's very
straight-forward. After another cutscene, you'll be tasked with killing some 
demons. Now there's not much you can do (yet) with the combat, this is 
basically to get you aquainted with proper aiming.  

As the game progresses, I'll just insert new combat tips as they become 
available. The following are the only two tips that are actually at your 
diposal at the moment, sorry. >.<

                       |      Combat Tips: part 1     |
 1) Headshots: Well... this is pretty self-explanitory, enemies will usually
    die with one well-placed headshot. So if you want a quick kill, aim for 
    the head. Captian Obvious seal of approval. ^_^ 
 2) The Stomp Kill: Ok, so this is actually pretty important. If you shoot off
    a demon's leg, they'll fall to the floor and start crawling around. All 
    you have to do is approach said demon and start pressing the Square button
    to stomp it into oblivion. 
    Something else to consider is that how many times you have to stomp on the
    demon before the big jumping finisher depends on how much damage you've 
    inflicted prior to putting them on the floor. Stomping enemies will come 
    in handy later, so I'll follow up on this. But go ahead and give it some 
    practice now, you basically have unlimited health right now, so feel free
    to experiment a little. 

   After you're done descimating some hell monkeys, you'll be greeted with 
some more cutscenes and eventually a really badass looking selection screen. 
You can choose your file and the difficulty here. Let me just say that Lemon 
Hunter mode is REALLY easy. I'd suggest Demon or Legion for your first 
playthrough. Legion might be a little much if this is your first playthrough,
but IMO, Lemon Hunter mode is a little boring due to how... well, easy 
everything is. Regardless, pick your difficulty and get ready to take a trip
through hell. :)

                           Take Me To Hell: Act 2-1                      12TCA

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 1  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Once you pass through the gate, you'll be promptly introduced to One-eyed 
William. This eyeball bat... thing will take a shit and fly off, which will 
effectively save your game. All you have to do now is walk down a little ways
and wade through some more tutorial business. Listen to Johnson and use a 
light shot on the lamp (Hold L1 and press R2). Approach the door and a small 
scene will occur. 

    Now you'll be facing off with some enemies. There are a few things here
that the game dosen't explicitly tell you. So I'll cover them in the combat 
tips section.

                       |      Combat Tips: part 2     |

 1) Stomping Technique: As I mentioned earlier, this technique will come in 
    handy. The reason being, it will net you extra white gems. When you kill 
    an enemy, there's a large chance of them dropping white gems (3 gems per 
    enemy or 2 gems if you're playing on Legion Mode). Now if you drop a demon
    to the ground by blowing off a leg and then stomping on them, each stomp 
    will produce an extra white gem. So, in essence, you can be getting about
    7 to 8 white gems per demon instead of 3. The annotation on this is that 
    on Easy mode enemies die way too fast for this to really be effective. But
    on Normal and Hard, it's more beneficial. Granted, this is not always an 
    effective thing to do. If you're getting swarmed by enemies, don't try 
    blasting legs off. But if you want extra white gems, this is the way to 

 2) Monocussioner: This is your shotgun. You can access it by pressing "right"
    on the d-pad. This weapon will usually turn a demon into pulp with one 
    shot regardless of where you shoot them. But as of right now, you only get
    one shot before you have to reload. This can be a hassle, but it's still a
    good weapon. 

 3) Light Shot: Yeah, you can shoot enemies with this. All it does is stun 
    them though. The light shot will NOT kill enemies. But it does have a 
    purpose in battle besides just stunning enemies, that purpose is...

 4) Brutal Kills: Brutal Kills. This is what the Light Shot is really supposed
    to be used for in combat. When you shoot an enemy with the light shot, run
    up to them and you should get a Square button prompt. Press square to get
    an instant melee kill. Note that the Light Shot stun wears off pretty 
    quickly, so if it wears off before you get close to the enemy, you won't 
    be able to perform your brutal kill. Anyways, Brutal Kills are very 
    effective in combat and hey, if you perform all 5, you get a 
    trophy/achievement ^.^(and yes the animation that plays out is random, 

 5) Johnson Attack: Well technically, they'll tell you how to do this in a few
    minutes, but you can do it right now... so why wait? All you have to do to
    perform this is press the Circle button. This is good for getting enemies
    away from you if they get in too close. But be warned that the Bash will 
    NOT kill enemies. However...
 6) Johnson Bash: The Johnson Smash will kill enemies. To do this you have to
    hold down the circle button and charge it up. When the torch catches 
    completely on fire (you'll hear a sound which indicates it's charged as 
    well) just let go of circle and Garcia will do a spinning attack with the
    torch. You can still move around while charging this attack and this will
    kill enemies in one shot... well normal enemies anyways. 


    Sorry about that little diversion. Anyways, once you've killed that batch
of enemies, proceed through the large door. Johnson will keep explaining the 
the nuances of hell to you, just head towards the door with the baby face on
it. Try opening it and you'll end up chasing someone. Just hold down R1 while
moving to run. Follow her backwards and up the stairs to the left of the
wagon. Inside you'll spot a strawberry, take it back to the babyface door. Up
the stairs and you'll fine your healing items... alcohol! ^.^ Now just jump 
through the window and go through the door right across from you. Grab the 
Tequila and head out. Darkness! Run back to the goat head and do as Johnson 
instructs, shoot the goat head with the light shot. Through the big double 
doors and into the next section. 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 2  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Grab the Sake to your right on the stairs and then aim a light shot at
the lamp. Run down there and grab the Sake bottle nestled next to the bench on
your left. Around the corner is another Sake bottle on your right. Stay on the
path and pretty soon you'll get a small scene. Run through the door to your 
right and blast the goat head in front of you with a light shot. 

    Proceed up the stairs and you should spot a bottle of Tequila to your left
and some Boner ammo to the right. You can also approach that sign with the 
lights boarding it and read it. This will start a little conversation between
Johnson and Garcia. You'll find these gold-lined posters all over Shadows of
the Damned, so read them for some funny dialouge and/or backstory. ANYWAYS,
walk towards the middle of the room and you'll have to fight some baddies. 
Ok... now they'll bust in the room covered in darkness. You must use your 
light shot on them to dispel the darkness before you can inflict any damage. 
This will become a core mechanic in the game, so get used to it. >.< Shoot the
goat head through the broken window and jump out. Follow Paula through into 
the Darkness. And yeah... in this part you just have to run down the linear
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 3  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Shoot the lamp and go down the alleyway. You'll encounter two masked 
demons. All you have to do here is make sure to aim for any area of their
body besides the head... well duh. ^.^ Taking out legs or using the shotgun 
are easy ways to take these guys out. Ascend the stairs at the end of the 
alley and shoot the goat head across from you. Backtrack and round the corner
to your right. 

    You'll encounter "range demons" They'll fire... bloody ravens? at you. 
These projectiles have a slight homing feature to them, so if they fire one at
you, make sure to roll (Analog to right or left + X button). After you take 
out all the demons in the area, head over to the iron grating to your right.
You should see a crate on the ground. Shoot it for a Sake; note, any barrels 
or crates that look destructible, are. But, these barrels and crates must be 
shot, torch swings won't destroy them (yeah I know it's weird). Anyways, after
you grab the sake, head through the door into the next section. 

    Over to your left, you'll find a pub with two bottles of Sake and a 
vending machine. Vending machines are scattered all throughout Hell, and will 
provide you with drinks in exchange for white gems. My advice to you is, don't
squander money on drinks. There are plenty of them just lying around. Anyways,
head out of the pub and proceed straight until you see a set of stairs just to
the right of the bridge. Down here you'll have to take out some more demons. 
The demon eating the corpse will take a few more hits than your normal demons, 
but he's really not that much more of a threat. 

    +++  RED GEM ALERT: No. 1-3  +++ 

    Your first 3 RED GEMS are down here. Red gems will let you upgrade your 
weapons, torch charge, health, and light shot. Spend these first three on 
whatever you see fit. I personally like to sink gems into gun damage, health,
and gun capacity. Head back up the stairs and shove that eyeball into the baby
door in front of you. Grab the strawberry, blast open the crates, and grab the
Sake. Take the strawberry back to the baby door on the bridge and continue on.
Ok, a giant hand will lunge at you from the darkness door at the end of the 
bridge. If you time it just right, you can roll out of the way, and actually 
grab some shotgun ammo at the end of the bridge, just to the right. If you 
don't dodge the hand, don't worry about it. 

    The next section has you running through a lot of darkness. The human 
hearts you find on the path will refill your stamina meter as you're running.
Just follow the path straight, around the bend, and enter the light door at 
the end. 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 4  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    To your right you'll spot a bunch of light barrels. These are SotD 
equivalent of exploding barrels. The cool thing is, you can stand as close as
you want to these when you shoot them and you won't take damage. ^.^ Grab the
ammo and sake in here. On the left side, in a little tunnel, there are some
more destructible crates and some Boner ammo. Once you exit the tunnel, just
to your left are two more crates and some Sake stashed behind a cart. Once you
have everything, go north towards the big double doors. 

    Oh shit, demon pubes! After a little scene, head back towards the fountain
and another small cutscene should play out. Stand in the darkness, and aim at 
that red orb. Yes, you must destroy these while you're standing in darkness. 
Go through the door that just opened up. Follow the path up the stairs and 
walk into the darkness. Run forward and a cage will drop on you, turn to your
left and blast the goat head with a light shot. Grab the brain to your left 
and open the door. You should spot a large white gem on a couch. These bad 
boys are worth 15 White Gems, not too shabby. Backtrack and now you can open
the baby door. 

    Walk foward and the darkness will envelop the area. You will also have 
enemies hanging out with you in the darkness. You cannot damage them while 
you're in darkness, so first line of business is to light shot the goat head 
in front of you. Now that that's taken care of, you can either light shot 
these guys to dispel the darkness covering them, you can blast those light
barrels when they get close to them, or you can just nail them with the torch.
You can also roll right at them... if you hit a demon with a forward roll, 
this will also difuse their darkness coating (don't ask me why this works, I 
have no idea >.<). 

    +++  RED GEM ALERT: No. 4  +++   

    After you kill the demons in this area, check behind the pillar just down 
and to the left of the goat head on the wall for your next Red Gem. Head back 
and through the door on the right. Willy will save for you once you pass 
through the door. 

=======================  SUPER CRAZY RED GEM GLITCH  =========================

    Ok, here is a portion in the game where you can get a whole mess of red 
gems by saving and reloading your game. If this does not interest you, just 
skip this section and move on. Here is what you do:

 First: Make sure after you passed through the door, Willy has saved your game
 Second: Quit Game from the option menu 
 Third: Once you're back out in the title screen, reload your save. 
 Fourth: When you're back in the game, turn around and approach the door you 
         came into this area from. When you approach it, you cannot open the 
         door, but the cutscene will play itself out again, and you'll end up 
         back on the opposite side of the gate, fighting the same enemies you
         just fought.
 Fifth: After you've killed the demons again, you can pick up the same red gem
        behind the pillar. 
 Sixth: Run over to the baby door and you should see the ZZZ's coming up from 
        where Willy WOULD be normally, but he's not there. If you kind of hug 
        the back of the baby door, even though he's not technically there, 
        Willy will still save your game. Once it's saved, Quit Game, and then
        reload your file. 
 Seventh: The cutscene will play out again, you pick up the red gem again, go
          through the door, save at the Willy on the other side of the door, 
          quit, reload, turn around, approach the door, start cutscene, grab 
          gem again, repeat ad infinitum. 

    Granted, this trick is a glitch, and if you do this enough, and amass 
enough red gems this early in the game, everything will be even easier. So if
this is your first playthrough I'd advise you to not do this. But if you're 
going for the "High in Las Vegas" trophy, this exploit will net you quite a 
few extra red gems provided you have the patience to keep fighting the same
battle over and over again. 


     Alright, after you've passed through the door, turn left and destroy the
crate on the ground for some Sake. Turn to your right and hug the right
side of the wall, you should find some shotgun ammo and Sake back here. Now 
proceed down the hill and destroy the crates at the end of the path for some 
white gems and ammo. Head back up and climb the ladder. 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 5  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

     Just run forward and you'll get a small scene. Light shot the goat and 
take out the demons. You should see tall wooden fences to your left and right.
The sections that are sorta glowing can be kicked in. Go ahead and kick them 
all in, but watch out, one has a demon behind it. ^.^ Ok you should now have a

    +++  RED GEM ALERT: No. 5  +++

    Backtrack up the small flight of stairs and put that strawberry in the 
baby door. Behind the door you'll find your next red gem. Now just continue 
on through the darkness door. Another long darkness corridor awaits, just keep

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 6: Mini-boss  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    This isen't really a boss fight... think of it more as a mini-boss. This
guy can be a pain though. His speed is the problem. There are a few different 
ways to go about this fight but here's my method. When this guy dashes in 
close to swing at you, make sure to dodge roll to the left or right. After you
roll run up to him and hit him with the torch (just a regular attack, don't 
charge it). You can also attempt to stun him by rolling right at him while 
he's running at you. This can be a little hard to line up, but once you hit 
him with the roll, you can just do a quick turn, aim, and blast his core 
pretty easily. 

    After you've stunned him you can do one of two things. You can either run
around to his backside while he's revving up his blade arm, or you can charge
your Circle attack and hit him again, this will spin him around. Whichever way
you choose, you should be able to get a clean shot off on that big red blood 
clot on his back. I'd suggest hitting it with the shotgun, but you don't have
a lot of time to line up a shot, so whether you use the Boner or the shotgun 
is up to you. The Boner will just take a little longer. 

    Now that he's finished, run through the door and climb the ladder. 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 7  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Kick the fence in and drop into the blood soup. Follow the path, kick down
another fence and you'll be squaring off with another range demon. Just hit 
the light barrel he's standing next to. This portion has another range demon 
and about 5 or 6 normal demons. Make sure to use the other light barrel on the
ground for some easy kills. Once that's over, before you go up the stairs, 
head just to the left of them for a Tequila. Now just follow the path and 
go through the door at the end. 

    This part can be a little tricky. Kill the two demons, and head over to 
the baby door under the stairs. A cutscene should trigger and a wall of 
darkness will slowly start moving towards you. Just keep backing up and 
killing any stray demons that come out of the wall. Once the darkness is 
close to the door with all the demon pubes on it, walk into the darkness,
aim at the orb above the door and shoot it. Head through the door, once you
round the corner, light shot the goat head. Go up the stairs and collect the
brain. Head back out the door. On the left wall is a little alcove with a goat
head in it, to get some stamina back, you can hang out in here for a little 
bit, but demons will keep coming in here and try to murder you. So just use it 
to recharge quickly and go right back into the darkness. Head for the baby 
door under the stairs, use the brain, climb the ladder and approach the 
darkness hand. Press Square right in front of the hand to stop the flow of 
darkness. Grab the eyeball next to the hand, and you're done. Jump down and 
follow our big friend through the double doors. 

                         Cannibal Carnival: Act 2-2                      22TCA

      *******************       BOSS FIGHT       *************************

    After the scene, you'll be faced with your first boss fight. When it 
starts, the game will pan the camera over to a light barrel that Harmonica
Face is walking towards. Blast it when he's close enough and he'll fall over.
Once he's on his back, shoot his face as much as you can. Both the Boner and 
the Monocussioner work fine here. After a few hits he'll get up and start 
chasing you again. Run down a corridor and when you see a light barrel, turn 
around and wait for him. When he gets close enough, shoot the barrel and 
continue pumping rounds into his face. The Monocussioner is powerful but you 
can only get (at most) two shots off before he's back up again. Just be aware 
of that.

    Once you've inflicted enough damamge, Harmonica Face will get pissed and 
go tear a goat head off a wall. You'll be covered in darkness, so you have to 
track him down. This is made very easy since there will be a glowing red 
column of light signifying where he is. Just head towards it. Once you find 
where he's hiding, light shot the goat head and he'll start chasing you again.
Repeat what you did for the first part until he grabs another goat head. Find
the red column of light (it will be further away the second time). Another 
round of chasing to go through, and then he should be done. 

                       What a Wonderful World: Act 2-3                   32TCA

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 1  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    A Machine Gun that shoots teeth... nice! Follow the path until you reach a
lamp. Light it with your light shot and now you can have some fun with your 
newfound machine gun. ~_^ Follow the path, grab the Sake, and kick in the 
fence. To your left is some Teether ammo and next to Willy is a story book. 
These give you a little backstory on the bosses of that chapter. They're great
little diversions, make sure you read them. :)

    Jump out the window and make your way towards the goat head. These demons
(I'll just call them the crawlers) have the ability to keep turning the area 
into darkness by climbing up the wall and spewing darkness all over the goat 
head. They do this very slowly though, so if they start climbing, just shoot 
them down. The Monocussioner is great on these guys. In the house there is 
some Sake in a room to your left. Jump out the window. 

    For this next part, make sure you first light shot the goat head, and then
kick in the fence portion below the goat, and proceed to take out the crawler 
behind the iron fence ASAP. Once you've finished off all the waves of enemies,
make your way over to the door that leads into the house. Up the stairs and to
your left you'll find a room with some Teether ammo and a horse head on the 
bed (hmmm, wonder what that's a reference to >.<). Jump out the window and 
go through the gate behind you, up the stairs. Follow this and do NOT take the
ladder up yet. Get the sake first, then turn to your right and you should see 
a strawberry. Take the strawberry and backtrack down the stairs, to your left,
back through the window, and through the house. You should now see a baby door
to your right. Feed it the strawberry and grab the loot. 

    Now you can head back to that ladder and climb it. Jump through the 
window and go to your right. 

    +++  RED GEM ALERT: No. 6  +++

    As you're going to your right, go left when you get to the descending 
stairs and you should see the red gem hanging out back here. Turn around and
follow the path. You should hear a phone ring, jump off the ledge right next
to it. 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 2  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    A new element is introduced here, Fireworks. When darkness surrounds you,
go over to the fireworks launcher and start mashing the Square button. This 
will light up the area... but only for a limited time. Go through the door on 
the opposite end when you're ready. 

    Ok the game doesn't explain to you how to do this, but see those gates 
with the glowing circles on them? Just shoot those with your light shot to 
open them. When the darkness comes, shoot the one in front of you, go forward,
turn right, and light shot the gate. Go down a little ways, open the next 
gate, turn right and go through the last gate. 

    In the next section, jump off the ledge and make sure you ignite the 
fireworks to dispel the darkness. Some enemies will show up and yes... when 
the darkness comes back, you have to re-light the fireworks in order to damage
the enemies. And no, enemies cannot hurt you while your lighting fireworks. 
After some demon slaying, one of them will drop an eyeball. Grab the Tequila 
over on the right side, in a small alcove, then open the baby door. Up the 
stairs is another fireworks launcher. At the top of the stairs, go left and
grab the loot. Now you just have to wait for the darkness to come back so you
can shoot the orb in front of you. Turn around and head through the door. 

    And now we meet Christopher! This man/demon is amazing. This guy will sell
you ammo, drinks, and most importantly Red Gems. Honestly, all you should be 
buying from this guy are red gems. Depending on what difficulty you have the 
game set on, the cost for red gems will vary. 

   | Red Gem prices |

Lemon Hunter: 45 White Gems
Demon Hunter: 75 White Gems
Legion Hunter: 120 White Gems

    When you're finished, head through the door and you'll be introduced to
some "sushi with a dick". :D Do as Johnson says and hit the Sushi Lamp with a
light shot. Just follow him into the cave and you'll spot three enemies. This
is a good place to get your "Fire in the Hole!" trophy. Wait until the Sushi 
Lamp gets close to them so that they jump back a little bit from the light. 
When they've backed up a little bit, shoot one of the barrels and that should 
do it. Now you should be in a graveyard. Grab the Tequila in the bottom left
corner. To the right of the Teether ammo is a grave you need to approach to 
continue. Once you do you'll get a scene and a new enemy. 

    To defeat this guy, head into the darkness and blast away at the three red
orbs that are attached to him. But, before you kill him, this is a prime 
opportunity to farm some white gems. 


    Get yourself on the opposite side of him (where Willy was) to give 
yourself more space. This thing will keep spawning enemies endlessly, so just
keep killing demons until you have as many white gems as you want or until 
you get bored. >.<


    When you're finished with that, grab the 2 large white gems and the 
eyeball. Go through the baby door, down the long street, through the double
doors, and you're done. 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 3  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    And now for something completely different! Jump on the chandelier and 
read the instructions on movement. This part is pretty simple. Just swing 
yourself into the large dark orbs and destroy them. Do this all the way up the
tower. Note that there are 3 Red Gems available here. 

    +++  RED GEM ALERT: No. 7-9  +++

    You can get one red gem by collecting all the white gems on your way up 
the tower. The other two are aquired by killing all the enemies with the 
chandelier. There are 9 enemies total. Make sure you kill the enemies in each
section before you destroy the orbs and proceed to the next section. 

    2 enemies on the bottom portion. They are crawling along the walls.
    3 in the middle section. They are standing on the ledge where the orbs 
      are. 2 of them seem to be right below the orbs. The other is not, which
      can make him a little hard to spot. 
    4 enemies on the top section. They are all crawlers. 

                       Riders of the Lost Heart: Act 2-4                 42TCA

    Turn around for some Boner ammo if you need it. There's a barrel on the 
road containing Tequila. At the very end of the road is more Boner ammo. Talk
to Christopher if you need to and when you're ready, head to your right and 
through the archway. Before you enter the plaza area, turn to your right and
you should see some Tequila tucked away in a small alcove.

      *******************       BOSS FIGHT       *************************

    Don't worry, this guy's pretty simple. For right now, all he'll do is run
around the circle and maybe try to charge you. Just use the dodge roll to get
out of his way. Not too long after the battle starts, the horse will... give 
us a nice steamy piece of darkness. What you have to do is stand in that 
darkness column and aim at the red orb on the riders back. Shoot a few times
with the Boner or the Teether and he'll drop. 
    When they're down, run up to them, take our your Teether, and start 
shooting away at the underside of the horse. You'll see a large red orb on the
horse's belly, kinda hard to miss. When it's had enough, the horse will jump 
on top of the column in the middle. It will rear up and the rider will start 
throwing spears at you. Just use the roll to get out of the way and keep 
blasting away at the horse while it's up there. After you've done enough 
damage, it'll jump back down and you just have to repeat the process. Keep it
up and eventually they'll fall. 

                   ----------    Phase 2    -----------

    Uh... so now the rider's 5 stories tall and it just ate the horse it was
riding. :( All you have to do here is equip the Teether (or the Boner) and 
plug away at those bright shiney red orbs on his arms, legs, and back. That 
greave on his left leg has red orbs encrusted in it, so yes, you need to shoot
that to. There are four orbs on his ankles, two on his arms, and three on his
back. After you've taken out about 4 orbs, puke worms? will start coming up 
from the ground. Just keep moving and try not to worry about them, just focus
on destroying the orbs. Oh, and if he stomps, just start rolling. 

    Once you've gotten rid of his orbs he'll piss darkness (man, this fight 
just keeps getting better) and now you'll have to shoot the entrails that are 
coming out of his stomach. And I mean shoot bullets, not light shots (I made 
this mistake on my first playthrough). And that's it, congrats. ^_^

                           It's a Bughunt: Act 3-1                       13TCA

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 1  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    When you get to the archway, hang a right and go into the area where 
Christopher is. 

     +++  RED GEM ALERT. No. 10  +++

    There is a red gem in the flowers just to Christopher's left. You probably
won't have any white gems to spend here, so just go ahead and leave. Back out
on the main path. As you approach the end of the road you'll encounter a few 
waves of enemies. Note, this is also a good place to get that "Fire in the 
Hole" trophy. Just use the barrels for some quick kills. When you're finished,
head through the door and into the bell tower. 

    Break out the Skullcussioner, and ascend the stairs, taking out demons as
you go. When you're through the fence, that mini-boss you encountered near the
beginning ot the game will make a encore appearence. Just use the same tactics
you used the first time to beat him. When he's finished, aim a light shot up 
at the goat head in the tower. Descend the stairs and jump down into the pit.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 2  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    You'll encounter 3 or 4 crawlers at the beginning of this area. At the 
intersection, to your left is some ammo, going straight will net you some 
Tequila, and on your right is a meat gate. Once you've gone through the
gate, keep going straight and pick up the strawberry, more crawlers here. When
you pick up the strawberry, turn to your right and follow the path.

    +++ RED GEM ALERT. No. 11  +++

    When you grab the strawberry, turn right and head down the corridor. At 
the end you'll find two descructible crates and a red gem. Backtrack and up a
small flight of stairs, you'll spot a baby door. Once you light shot the next
meat gate, darkness will spread. To the right of the pube door is the red orb.
Light shot the gate, light shot the next gate, shoot the red orb on your left, 
open the door, and you're free. The same enemy we fought back in the graveyard
will appear. However this time, you can't farm kills because the whole area 
will be saturated in darkness. There are however small rooms you can escape to
if you really need to recharge your stamina meter. The Skullcussioner works 
nicely here. Before you go through that door, there are two small paths areas
in this room. One has a vending machine with some crates next to it. The 
crates have a large white gem in them. The other alcove has a crate with 
Tequila in it and some ammo. 

    When you pass through the door and shoot the meat gate, a wave ot darkness
will come at you. You'll have two meat gates in front of you, after that, you 
should spot a breakable fence to your right, kick it and shoot the red orb. 
Turn around, light shot the meat door, run up to the hand, and stop the 
darkness flow. Ok, there's a Sushi Lamp in front of you, light shot it and 
follow it. A few enemies will pop out, after they're finished, head right and
drop down. Right across from Willy is a small area with a vending machine. 
When you're ready proceed forward and drop into the next section. 

    Lots of enemies here, just make sure to utilize the light barrels when you
need to. And yes, the crawlers will spray darkness on the goat head in here,
so try shoot the lamp when they do, and try to take the crawlers out quickly. 
After the wave of crawlers you'll spot some enemies with armor on. Use the 
Skullcussioner to get rid of the armor, or just blast away at their uncovered 
chests. And now...  

      *******************       BOSS FIGHT       *************************

    This sister Grim will only have one attack out of the gate; she'll swing
her scythe and fire projectiles out of it. Either dodge roll under them or 
hide behind a pillar to escape damage. After two bouts of this, she'll fly up
a little ways and crash down, subsequently spreading darkness everywhere. As 
tempting as it might be, DON'T shoot the goat head. Instead, wait for the 
sister to reappear and aim a light shot at her. This can be a little tricky, 
given that once she disappears, it can be hard to locate her before she dashes
in with an attack. Anyways, once you hit her with a light shot, her red orb 
will reveal itself. Blast away at it with (preferrably) your Teether. Once it
breaks she'll go back to the darkness attack and you'll just have to keep 
repeating the process until she falls. You'll have to break the orb 4 times in
order to kill her. 


    Upgraded to the Hot Boner! oh dear. Once you get up to the room with the 
large cracked wall in front of you, there are two small alcoves to your right
and left. 

    +++  RED GEM ALERT. No. 12  +++

    In the alcove to the right, use your Hot Boner to destroy the wall. Do 
this by holding L1 and then holding R2. When you see the gun kinda... break
apart, let go of R2 and you'll shoot a sort of sticky grenade onto the wall.
Shoot the grenade to detonate it and claim your red gem. The crate contains a
large white gem. The crate next to the cracked wall has a Tequila. 

    Ok, so now for the wall. Get close to the wall, aim at it, and charge your
Hot Boner. When you do, you should notice some glowing circles that pop up all
over the wall. You need to shoot a charged boner shot at each of the circles.
Don't shoot your "Boner Grenades" until you have one on each of the circles. 
So that's... 7 charged shots on the wall. Once they're all stuck on there, 
shoot one, which will set off a chain reaction and destroy the wall. Go 
through the door, and you're finished. 

                           My Dying Concubine: Act 3-2                   32TCA

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 1  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Hey cool, trees! Once you enter the first area, there's a Tequila to your
upper right. To the left is a log with a red crack running through it. Use a 
charged Hot Boner shot on it. Follow the path to another cracked wall. 

    +++  RED GEM ALERT. No. 13  +++

    Destroy this wall just like you did the last one and inside you'll find 
some ammo, an Absinthe, and a red gem. Head back to the middle area, run up 
the small incline, and drop down into the next section. A new demon appears!
These guys aren't too hard, they're really slow. Just keep dodge rolling out
of the way when he swings the tree and pump shots into this large red eye. 
After some damage, he'll kneel on the ground, just keep shooting his eye and
he'll die rather quickly. 

    Walk out onto the pier and the darkness will envelop you. Use the 
fireworks and run over to the door, just keep following the path down. You 
should spot a brain on a pedestal here. A dark hand will pop up and cover it, 
so use the fireworks here and take out all the enemies. Grab the brain when
you're done, also grab the Tequila over in the upper left corner, and then
backtrack to the baby door. Once you're through it, you'll have more enemies 
and two fireworks displays. Just keep moving forward and keep lighting the 
fireworks when needed. At the end of the pier, you should spot a goat head 
on a tree next to a door. Light shot it and the darkness will disappear. 

    Go through the door, grab the ammo in the next area if you need it, and
continue on past some crawler cages. 

    +++  RED GEM ALERT. No. 14  +++

    When you get down to the third cage, turn to your left and head down a 
small path, a little ways down you should spot a red gem. Go back and light 
shot that cage with the crawler inside. Don't kill him though... well not yet
anyways. Let it spew darkness on the goat head, that way you can shoot the orb
in front of you and get the pubes off the door. Now you can kill the crawler, 
head through the door. 

    Another large Miner demon (hey, they remind me of miners). But as soon as 
the darkness hits, he'll go down. Problem is, smaller demons will crawl out of
him. When you're back in control, turn to your left and run down the long path
a little ways, you should see a goat head in front of you, light shot it. 
After you've taken out the normal demons, a Cyber Demon will appear. the trick
to these guys is to shoot a Hot Boner charge shot at him, when it sticks, 
shoot it to detonate and a piece of armor will fall off. You can do this again
to get rid of its helmet. Then it's just business as usual. There's some Sake 
to the right of the goat head. 

    In the next area turn left and run towards Paula. Keep following her until
she disappears under the water. To the right of the light barrel, over near 
the wall, is a crate containing a large white gem. 

    +++  RED GEM ALERT. No. 15  +++

    Keep running all the way to the end over here, turn left and you should 
spot a cracked log. Destroy it with a charged Hot Boner shot and claim your 
red gem. Turn around and you should spot a Tequila on the other side. 


    You may have noticed a bunch of normal enemies here. Yes... they will just
keep coming until you go over to Paula on the other side of the lake and grab
the strawberry. As long as you don't grab the strawberry, the demons will keep
respawning, and you can farm white gems to your hearts content.


    Well, when you're ready to continue on, go over to Paula and grab the 
strawberry. Find the baby door and proceed. Head through the door to your left
and you'll encounter two Miner Demons. You can tackle this one of two ways. 
You can either shoot a light shot on the cage that contains a crawler and let
him bring on the darkness. This will kill the miners, but then you'll have to
contend with normal demons. Or you could just kill both of them without using
the darkness. Either way works, so it's up to you. You'll get more white gems 
if you kill them without using the darkness, but it is the harder route. Once
they're finished, grab the brain and feed it to the baby door. 

    +++  RED GEM ALERT. No. 16  +++
    Before you follow Paula, go to the right and you'll spot another cracked 
wall. Destroy it for a large white gem, an Absinthe, and a red gem. Head into
the cave, talk with Christopher if you need to, and that's 3-2. :D

                           As Evil As Dead: Act 3-3                      33TCA

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 1  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    This is probably my favorite level. But enough gushing, lets get on with 
this. However, I don't care much for this next part. Just keep running and 
dashing using the R1 button. 

    +++  RED GEM ALERT: No. 17  +++

    After you run forward a little ways you should spot a lamp hovering in 
the distance, hit it with a light shot if you want. But there is a barrel 
below it that contains a red gem. Make sure you shoot this and pick it up as 
you're running past. There's also a Tequila close by. The next part has a 
craked tree blocking your path. Hot Boner it (that sounds so wrong) to destroy
it and move forward. There are like 3 lamps beyond the tree, but it's pretty 
much a straight shot, so you don't need to shoot these. Anyways, keep running
and pretty soon you'll encounter...

      *******************       BOSS FIGHT       *************************

    Sister Grim No. 2. She'll start off by slinging projectiles at you, just 
keep rolling to avoid them. Pretty soon she'll do the same move as the last 
sister and turn the area into darkness. While in the darkness, she'll 
disappear and re-appear with a bunch of dopplegangers. The one that's glowing
slighly red is the real sister. Shoot that one with a light shot before you 
get rushed. Once she's stunned, pump rounds into her red orb. The Teether 
works nicely here. You'll have to do this a few times, each time she'll gain 
more dopplegangers which makes it harder to spot the real one before you get
hit. Just keep at it and eventually she'll go down. 


    And there goes your blue gem. ;__; Head into the darkness door. 

    +++  RED GEM ALERT: No. 18  +++

    When you get in here run down the stairs and go to your right, there's a 
red gem up here. Head back down and run up to the pedestal containing your 
blue gem. 
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 2  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Blast the barrels open for some Teether ammo... well now it's called the
Teethgrinder, but w/e. Proceed forward and you'll be jumped by a hoard of 
enemies. Have fun with your new machine gun. ^.^ Collect the eye and bust open
the barrel here for some Tequila. Go through the baby door and light up the 
Sushi Lamp. This next part can be a little nerve racking. There are a lot of 
enemies here and many of them have masks on. I strongly advise using the 
Skullcussioner here as you're going to want to stay close to the Sushi Lamp 
but you usually won't be able to see demons until they're right on you. There
are some new enemies in here. Demons with armor and blades on their arms. 
These demons are fast and can be rather annoying. Just make sure you aim for 
the chest. Anyways follow the Sushi Lamp around until...

    +++  RED GEM ALERT: No. 19  +++

    He saunters into an area with four barrels on the left side and one on the
right. The barrel on the right contains a red gem. The others have ammo. Keep
following until he reaches a house. Go in the door quick! Once you're in the 
title of this chapter might start to make a little more sense. ^_^ Gotta love
Suda for paying homage to The Evil Dead. Anyways, you can stomp on that demon
beneath the floorboards. Grab the ammo and pretty soon more demons will break
in and you'll have more killing to do. When it's finished you'll find yourself
next to another storybook. READ this one! it's absolutely hilarious. When 
you're done, head through the door and you'll find Christopher. 

    Another chase section. Don't bother with the lamp here, just make a left 
turn and blast the log apart with the Hot Boner. Don't bother with this demon
right now, just go for that strawberry, turn right, and put it into the door.
For the next part, run past the two demons, get close to the door with the 
lights on either side, turn around, and start trying to kill the demons. If 
Paula gets close get the hell out of there, turn around when you think you're
far enough away and start shooting the demons again. Pretty soon one of them 
will drop an eyeball. Take it over to the baby door on the house and run in. 

    After some cutscenes you'll have to dispose of the ninja demons. Well the 
things move like freakin ninjas so that's what I'm calling them. Aim for their
chest; you can also track them by watching the purple bubbles. When they start
sprinting at you, they'll materialize and you can take them out. The 
Skullcussioner works wonders on these guys. Some more cutscenes, and then you
can break open the crates and leave. 

    Up the road you'll spot 6 demons staggering toward you. This is a great 
location to get the "Fiesta Caliente!" trophy. Just put a Hot Boner shot into
the crowd and wait until they're all grouped together and shoot it. Anyways, 
after you've disposed of them, head through the door at the end of the tunnel
to finish the act. 

                          The Bird's Nest: Act 3-4                       43TCA

      *******************       BOSS FIGHT       *************************

    This may seem like a daunting boss battle, but this big turkey isen't that
bad. Ok, no shotguns here. Stick to your machine gun or your Boner. This guy 
will have a few attacks right out of the gate. 

 ~Attack No. 1: He'll fire large glowing feathers into the bridge. These will
  pollute the air with darkness, so you need to light shot each feather in
  order to defuse the darkness. 

 ~Attack No. 2: He'll hover next to the bridge, rear back his head, and fire
  his... spiked tongue? out at you. Just dodge roll away from this. 

 ~Attack No. 3: Not really an attack. But he'll unleash some small flying 
  insects that will hover around the spotlight on the bridge. Use the Johnson 
  Bash to get rid of them quickly. 

    The first thing you should notice is the spotlight on the bridge. All this
really does is point to the Boss' location while you're fighting it. It does 
come in handy though, as this guy is all over the place sometimes. As for 
damaging him, just blast away at that big red core in its stomach. 

    After you destroy the core, he'll fly off and reappear with glowing red 
wings. Now you have to shoot the red part of his wings. He also gains a new 

 ~Attack No. 4: He'll fly off and grab a huge boulder. He'll hurtle the 
  boulder at the bridge and you'll go tumbling over the edge (there's no way 
  to prevent this as far as I know). Now you'll have to slam on the square  
  button to pull yourself back up. 

    After you've destroyed the orbs on the wings, he'll jump onto the bridge
and start walking towards you. Light shot the glowing area by his crotch which
will reveal another red orb. All you have to do here is plug away at it and 
keep your distance. When he jumps over top of you dash the other way, turn 
around, and keep firing. And that as they say, is that. ;)

    Run through the next darkness section and grab the drinks on the way. 
There are no human hearts here, so just keep running and use the drinks if you
get desperate. 

                             The Big Boner: Act 4-1                      14TCA

    Alright, this next part is sort of a mini-game level. What you have to do
is shoot the big Miner demons with the Big Boner before they get too close and
insta-kill you. There are three phases of this and I'm not going to do this 
for the first one (as it's pretty easy), but for the second two I've provided 
step by step instructions. But if you don't need the step-by-step here are 
some quick pointers for this act. 

 ~~ Pointer 1: When you shoot, aim for the big red eye for an instant kill. To
               make this eaiser, fire a shot off at the body first. This will 
               stagger the Miner and they'll stand there dumbfounded for a 
               second or two. Take this opportunity to line up the headshot 
               and waste him. 

 ~~ Pointer 2: Keep shifting your location with the R2 and L2 buttons. Don't
               stay fixated on one Miner for too long. If you keep missing 
               shots, move to another alley to make sure there's not another
               one bearing down on you. You can stun them with a body shot, 
               move to another alley, and then come back to the Miner you just
               stunned to finish him off.

 ~~ Pointer 3: The above pointer is especially true for Runners. Some Miners 
               will get low to the ground and start sprinting at you. Don't 
               bother trying to line up the perfect headshot on these guys. 
               Hit them anywhere, and then headshot them when they are 

That's about all I've got, here's the step-by-step for phases 2 and 3.

    Phase 2> pan to right = runner. 
             pan back to middle = walker.
             pan to left = walker. 
             stay on left = runner comes from small alley just to your right.
             pan to middle = walker. 
             pan to right = runner. 
             still on right = walker. 
             pan to middle = walker from a close alley. 
             stay on middle = walker from the back
             pan to left = runner, blockade in line of sight. shoot through 
                           the cracks in blockade to make him stand up, then
                           follow with a headshot. 
             pan to right = walker.
             stay on right = runner. 
             pan to left = walker from close-by alleyway. 

    Phase 3> Starting from the left side I'll number each alleyway 1 through 5
             pan to alley 1 = walker.
             pan to alley 5 = walker.
             pan to alley 4 = runner. 
             pan to alley 3 = walker. 
             pan to alley 2 = walker. 
             stay on alley 2 = runner. 
             pan to alley 3 = walker.
             pan to alley 4 = walker. 
             alley 1 = walker.
             alley 4 = runner. There might be a blockade in your way here. If 
                       there is, shoot between the cracks in the blockade to
                       make him stand up, then follow with a headshot.  
             stay on alley 4 = walker
             alley 1 = walker from close-by path
             alley 5 = 2 walkers 
             There should be a short pause now. 
             Now one comes from every alley = all walkers 
             Go for either alley 1, 3, or 5 first. 
             alley 2 and 4 demons will take a little longer to show up.

    This level can be a little daunting for some people, but once you get used
to it, it's really not that bad. Anyways, good luck! :)

                      Great Demon World Village: Act 4-2                 24TCA

    Hey cool, a side-scrolling 2-D shooter. Alright so they lay out the 
controls for you at the start of this thing. What they don't tell is that you
can just hold the R1 button to shoot, there's no need to keep tapping it. 
Also, along your way you'll spot white gems that pop up. There are 50 White 
Gems total here.

    +++  RED GEM ALERT. No. 20  +++

    If you collect all 50 white gems on this stage, you'll be rewarded with a 
red gem at the end. Ok so there are enemies to kill, there are white gems to 
grab, and there are purple bottles of alcohol to pick up to restore health. 
There are also white walls that you have to shoot a few times in order to 
break them to proceed. 

    After you travel for a bit, you'll also spot Justine standing below you 
holding a sign. Shoot her to activate a checkpoint. After the checkpoint 
you should see a goat head with a cloud of darkness surrounding it. Hit it 
with a light shot. Enemies that are completely black also need to be hit with
a light shot before you can kill them. 

    At the second checkpoint, you should have 26 white gems (if you're going 
for all 50 anyways). This next part can be a hassle. Stay back as far as you
can and just hold down R1. Two enemies will jump down right in front of you. 
Go down under the floor, light shot the crawler, kill him, and light shot the
goat head at the end. Go back up and shoot the switch, then go up and just
keep holding down R1 and stay back. More enemies will surprise attack you. 
Thankfully there's a drink right here. 

    For the next part you have to backtrack and shoot up at the two hanging
demons. Then worm your way backwards towards the goat head. The rest is pretty

                             Ghost Hunter: Act 4-3                       34TCA

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 1  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    You'll start out this act by being thrown directly into combat against two
new demons. These can be... the Surge Demons, I like that. ^.^ In order to 
kill these things you need to get rid of those electricity transformers that 
they stand in front of. But before you do anything, go ahead and run backwards
and hide behind the last row of bookshelves to your right. In order to destroy
the transformers, You need to shoot a Hot Boner grenade at them and detonate 
it. You can't actually hurt the Surge Demons until you destroy the 
trasnformers. So get out there and start giving them a little taste of your 
Hot Boner. :) You can always dodge roll out of the way of their electricity 
blasts, but they'll be coming at you awfully fast. There are 6 transformers 
total. Once the transformers are gone, the demons might need a few shots 
pumped into them before they die. Don't forget to grab the two bottles of 
Tequila to the left of the vending machine in here. Open the door and continue

    Underneath the stairs is another Tequila. Shoot the lamp and you'll have 
another fight on your hands. Continue up the next flight of stairs when you're
finished. Up here you'll have two bookshelves you can kick down. Now you'll be
faced with a puzzle. You must light shot the arrows on the shelves in order to
move them around. There are a few ways to do this, but here's the way I do
this puzzle. 

_________               _________
____A____|             |____E____ 

_________               _________
____B____|             |____F____

_________               _________
____C____|             |____G____

_________               _________
____D____|             |____H____

    Ok sorry, that illustration's pretty skanky looking but hopefully you know
that letters A through H correspond with the shelves in the puzzle. Anyways, 
start by moving shelf H once to the left, then move it up, to the right, and 
finally down. Now move shelf G once to the left and then down. Move shelf C to
the right. Move shelf B to the right and then down. And finally, move shelf A
to the right and then down. That should do it, go through the door. 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 2  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Grab the Tequila and then jump into the darkness. A demon will run out of 
an area just to the upper right. Look up and you should see a red orb around 
here. Destroy it and then get out of the darkness by heading into that little
safe zone the demon ran out of. Head back out into the darkness and follow the
red vein around some bookshelves. On the other side of the shelves you should
see the goat head, hit it with a light shot. Once turn around and go back into
the darkness you just came from, look up and you'll spot the next red orb. 

    +++  RED GEM ALERT: No. 21  +++

    Before you destroy the last orb, go into the darkness to the left of the 
goat head and travel down to the end of the path to claim your red orb and a 
Tequila. On your way back you should notice the last orb, shoot it and the 
door will open. Head down the stairs and into the next patch of darkness. The
goat head is just to your right in this room. More enemies to dispatch, when
you're done head out. 

   Now we're down where you formed the bridge. About half-way across the 
bridge you'll find yourself up again two Surge Demons but this time you have
nowhere to hide. Just keep dodge rolling when you think they're about to fire
a bolt at you and use your Hot Boner as quickly as possible. Don't get too 
greedy though, take your time destroying the transformers. The next area pits
you against some crawlers at first, but after you destroy them you'll 
encounter a pretty annoying enemy. It's a ninja demon... but with a chest 
guard! You'll have to land a Hot Boner nade on him, blow off some of his armor
and then kill him. It can be a pain. After that, some more crawlers. Before 
you leave though...

    +++ RED GEM ALERT: No. 22  +++

    See the big sign that says Sixth Circle (Heresy), just to the left of that
is your next red gem. In the next area, there's a crate under the stairs 
containing three Sake's. Go up the stairs and wind your way through the 
bookshelves. Hot Boner the first destructable door you come to, it will 
contain some ammo. 

    +++ Red Gem ALERT: No. 23 & 24  ++

    The next destructible wall you come across in here contains more crates 
and in one of the crates is a red gem. The last destructible wall, directly
across from two light barrels, contains another red gem hidden in some crates.
Destroy the light barrels and walk into the dead end. Pretty soon you'll hear
Justine singing and you'll be thurst into the next boss fight. 

      *******************       BOSS FIGHT       *************************

    Prepare for a pretty lenghty boss fight. She'll start out by throwing more
spinning scythe's at you. Just keep rolling around to evade these. She also 
has an attack where 5 or 6 projectiles will materialize above her and then 
get shot out at you. Just straff to your right or left and start rolling when
they get close. 

    As far as damaging her goes, start plugging away at her red face whenever
you get the opportunity. After you've inflicted enough damage, she'll cloak 
the field in darkness and expose her red orb located on her stomach. Fire away
at it, but it can take quite a few hits and she'll have dropped lackeys onto 
the field to further complicate things. So if you don't break the orb while in
the darkness and your health starts draining, just shoot the goat head above 
her and wait until next time. 

    Make sure to take out the lesser demon's she drops before you go back to 
shooting her face. Once you've taken broken her orb once, she'll gain a new
attack where she launches two blade waves at you. A well timed roll is all you
need to avoid these. Keep shooting her face when she's in the light, and 
shooting the red orb in the darkness. This fight can take awhile, especially
on Legion. So just keep at it and she'll fall eventually. 


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 3  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Head out the door and follow the path until you reach the library. After
the cutscene a Sushi Lamp will meander around the corner. Equip your shotgun,
hit the Sushi with your light shot, and stay close it. After some a tense 
minute or two, demons will start attacking you. This part can be a little 
troublesome since you don't have a very spacious area to move around in. Just
start blasting away with the shotgun. There is at least one Cyber Demon in 
here, which can be a problem. Just keep following the Sushi Lamp until you get
to a security shutter where the Lamp stops. Move away from it a little bit and
you'll start another wave of enemies. The shutter will be rising as you're 
fending off demons. Due to the cramped layout and the inclusion of Cyber 
Demons, this part can be pretty tough. 

    +++  RED GEM ALERT: No. 25  ++

    When the demons stop coming and the shutter is up, stay in the dark 
library and head to your right (right if you're facing the Sushi Lamp). Turn
around and head down into the darkness down a long corridor behind the 
bookshelves. There's a red gem back here. Out of the library, you should spot
Christopher, shop if you want and then head down the long corridor to claim 
the brain. There are quite a few crawlers that will spawn down here, so watch
out. Once you have the brain, put it in the baby face and you're done. 

                      Great Demon World Forest: Act 4-4                  44TCA

    Another side-scrolling level. I'm not going to go through and provide 
step-by-step instructions here. Just make sure you keep firing and stay close
to the left side of the screen (but not too close, the screen can kill you). 
Demons like to jump up out of the bushes near the beginning, so watch out for

    You should have 14 white gems by the first check-point and 28 by the 
second check-point. 

    +++  RED GEM ALERT: No. 26  ++

    Just like last time, collecting all 50 white gems will net you another red
gem at the end of the level.   

                         Suburban Nightmares: Act 4-5                    54TCA

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 1  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Blast open the crates near the beginning for some ammo and when you 
approach the first bridge, you'll be attacked by a few demons. Once you get to
the first door, I advise you to equip the Dentist, it will be your best friend
for the next section. There are at least 5 Range Demons when you enter this 
area. Aim with the Dentist and wait until that little white half circle 
becomes red; the red circle means it's locked on and regardless of where you 
shoot, the bullets will home in on the enemies. You can lock on to as many 
enemies at once as you want, provided they're on screen. After you've taken 
out as many Range Demons as you can, keep going straight and break open the 
crates up here for some ammo and a Sake. Head back down and turn left, turn
right at the next intersection for some more crates filled with Sake and ammo.
Now go straight across, there should be about 3 or 4 Range Demons on the 
adjacent side. You can pick them off with the Dentist pretty easily from here.
Run down to the cracked wall and blast it open with the Hot Boner. 

    More Range Demons here. Take your time here as there are a lot of Range 
guys waiting for you. When you get to the end of the bridge you should see a 
cracked wall, don't blast it open yet. 

    +++  RED GEM ALERT: No. 27  +++

    Over to the left, across some more stretch of bridge, you'll find a 
destructible barrel with a red gem in it. Now you can continue on and destroy
the cracked wall. There's a Sushi Lamp here that actually... serves no purpose
lol. Honestly, I have no idea why he's here. You can shoot him with a light 
shot or not, dosen't really matter.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 2  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    This next part can take a little while, but it's a fun section. Go 
straight for some crates with ammo. Head back and up the steps towards Willy. 
Hey cool, a new demon! We'll just call this one... the RollyPolly ^.^ I know, 
real original. Anyways, these guys aren't too bad, just let it roll at you and
dodge roll out of the way. If there is a tombstone, house, wall, or just 
any solid object behind you, the RollyPolly will crash into it and fall on its
back. This will reveal the red orb on its stomach and you can proceed to blast
away at it. I personally like to charge up a few shots in my shotgun to shoot 
at it. Usually two charged up shotgun blasts will finish these things off. You
can also just stand behind a tombstone and let him roll into it. I guess 
that's a little easier isen't it. >_<

    The house on the left just has a vending machine and some ammo. Back
outside there is a section of the fence you can kick down. In the next area, 
an armored demon will pop up and then the darkness will descend on you. Run to
the back of this area, towards the ladder, and just to the left of the ladder
is a breakable fence and a cracked door. Go for the fence and kick it in; 
there's some fireworks back here. The first thing I would do is take care of
the demons and then run to the middle of this area, just a little ways past 
the corpse, and look to your right and up. You should see an orb up here you 
have to shoot. Of course you'll have to wait until the darkness comes back to
shoot it. Once it's destroyed, go back and light the fireworks again. Now head
up either the ladder or the handi-accesible ramp to your left. Once you're up 
here, run to the very end of the bridge. Now all you have to do is wait for 
the darkness to return and break open that red orb that's a little below you,
stuck on the side of a house. Light the fireworks on the way back, and now 
head towards that little house with the barrel in it. Stop just before going 
into the little hut, turn to your right and look down. There's your last orb.
Wait until the darkness comes back, and destroy it. Jump down by the ladder, 
light the fireworks again, and that's that. 

    +++  RED GEM ALERT: No. 28  +++ 

    Just to the left of the fireworks on the ground is a cracked door, break
it with the Hot Boner and claim your red gem. Go through the door, and run 
down towards the darkness hand. Approach it and destroy it with the square 
button. At this point, the game will save. And now we're presented with our
first opportunity in this level to do some red orb glitching (if you want to
that is).  Before I cover that though, lets get the other red gem in this area
before I get into the glitch. 

    +++  RED GEM ALERT: No. 29  +++

    Continue on and follow the path that winds around. Don't open that door 
yet. Just keep following the path. After a bit you should see a baby door to
your left (up some stairs) and to your right, behind the house that
Christopher is in, is a cracked wall and a small hut with demon pubes on it.
Break open the wall and enter the darkness. Just to your right is the first
red orb. Follow the path around to your left for the second. And on your way
out, look up and you should see the last orb on the top of the house that 
Christopher's in. Go inside the hut for your gem. 

=========================  LESS CRAZY RED GEM GLITCH  ========================

    Ok so there are actually a few parts to this. If you do everything 
correctly you can obtain a total of 5 extra red gems. First off, make sure you
know where Gem 28 and 29 are. The first time you grab Gem 28 from the 
breakable wall and save at the darkness hand, quit your game, and then reload
your file. Once you're back in, go back to Gem 28, and you'll be able to 
obtain it again. Now go over and get Gem 29. 

    The next save point (that's in the little graveyard area) does not help
us. You cannot quit and reload, because you can't backtrack to the gems. So 
just press on as usual and when you get to the next save point (next to the
church) save, quit, and reload. Now when you jump off the steps, you can go 
grab Gems 28 & 29 again. 

    The next save point will be in the small house with the baby door on it.
Once again, let it save, quit your game, and reload. You'll be able to grab
Gems 28 & 29 one last time. So that works out to 5 extra red gems if you do it
right. Not bad eh? ^.^


    So lets assume you skipped the glitch thing, well after you have grabbed
Gem 29, you can head back and go talk to Christopher if you want, or go over
in the house across from his and get some ammo. When you're ready, head over 
to the door that's to the right of the house with all the ammo in it. Rise 
from your grave! haha sorry, couldn't resist. You'll be facing quite a few 
demons here... and in close proximity to. The shotgun is your friend here. 
After you've killed enough of them, you'll see three Range Demons, use the 
Dentist to make quick work of them. 

    Past the cracked wall is a strawberry and two RollyPolly's. Just let them
run themselves into the walls and then finish them while they're on their 
backs. Head through the door the camera just showed you, and you'll be right 
next to the church. Shoot the barrel across from you for a Tequila and then 
drop down off the stairs. You're gonna have to backtrack all the way over to 
that baby door. It's in the very first area of this section. 
    Once you're in the house, grab the eyeball, read the storybook if you 
want, and blow up the barrels for a Sake. Head out to encounter our old friend
again. You should know how to take care of this guy by now. Although you can 
try out a new tactic. Use the Dentist and let it lock on to his back, then 
just fire away and the homing bullets will take care of the rest. The only 
problem with this is that he's so fast that having enough time to lock on can
be a hassle. When he's finished, head over to the baby door that's up the 
slope and to the left. Tons of enemies in here, and the darkness gysers don't
help matters. When you've cleared out all the enemies, grab the brain, feed it
to the baby door, and enter the church. 

    For this last portion, you'll have to shoot the stain-glass windows and 
then destroy the red orb behind them. There are 4 total, when you've destroyed
all of them, head through the door. 

                           Justine For All: Act 4-6                      64TCA

    I know these side-scrolling levels get some flak, but I thought they were 
a nice change of pace, although 3 of them might have been overkill. Anyways, 
here we are, the last level of Chapter 4. 

    +++  RED GEM ALERT: No. 30  +++
    You should know the drill by now, collect all 50 white gems and you'll be
rewarded with a red gem. You'll randomly see Justine floating by on a cloud, 
if she touches you, she will hurt you, so just be aware of that. 

    At the first checkpoint, you should have 12 white gems. At the cloud part,
I usually stick to the top paths and I don't have too many problems. You can
potentially get trapped and killed if you go the wrong way, but I think 
there's only 1 or 2 spots where this can happen. 

    At the second checkpoint, you should have 20 white gems. At the part with
two enemies up and below the a cloud, the top demon has a machine gun and the
bottom one has a grenade launcher. 

    You should have 38 white gems by the third checkpoint. Shortly after the
third checkpoint, you'll encounter Justine. Yes, this is the boss fight... 
does this deserve a... well shit, I guess it does. haha 

      *******************       BOSS FIGHT       *************************

    Justine only really has one attack, she'll constantly keep firing green 
projectiles at you. Just keep dodging them and shooting at the red orbs on her
face. You can also shoot the green flames if you want. Once you've destroyed 
all the red orbs, her head will get a yellow outline. When this happens, you 
can only damamge her face with a light shot. I didn't quite get this the first
time I played and felt like an idiot when I figured out what I was doing 
wrong. :3 
    Once you've destroyed the yellow barrier with the light shot, her mask 
will come off and you can resume shooting normally at her face. She'll gain a
new attack at this point and grab you. While you're in her hand just keep 
shooting at her face and shooting the green flames if they're about to hit 
you. Just keep it up and eventually she'll perish. 

                           Twelve Feet Under: Act 5-1                    15TCA

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 1  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Follow the linear path until you reach the intersection. To the left is a 
crate with some ammo. Continue on along the path until you reach an area with 
some new enemies in cells. Go up to the cell on the far right, and he'll bust
out. These can be uh... Spark Demons, I'm running out of ideas. So these 
guys will basically just charge and try to grab you. If they do grab you, 
you'll have to start inputting button prompts. I'm still not entirely sure how
this works, so I just start slamming on buttons until he lets me go. But 
honestly, you shouldn't have and problems with it grabbing you. When it gets
close just roll away and you'll be fine. The best way to go about killing them
I've discovered, is to use your Hot Boner grenades. Charge up a grenade and 
attach one to the Spark Demon; shoot it and it should damage all three of 
those coils on its back. About 3 of these should kill it. You can also use the
Dentist to lock on to its coils but this seems to take forever. The Hot Boner
grenades work much better here. 

    +++  RED GEM ALERT: No. 31  +++

    After you've finished off the Spark Demon, look to the right of the cell 
he just broke out of, there's a red gem in the barrel right here. Also, note
that there's a save point when you backtrack out of here. You can do the save,
quit, and reload trick to gather up that same red gem if you want. Anyways, 
backtrack to the baby face, and then light shot the meat gate on the other
side. Grab the strawberry and defeat the RollyPolly in here. Head back to the
area with the Spark Demons. Once you're back, you're pitted against two 
RollyPolly's. Have fun. ^.^ Open that baby door and now you'll have to use the
new found power of your shotgun. Stand outside the darkness facing the green 
barriers. Charge up your shotgun until all four skulls merge into an absurd 
looking giant skull. Now, walk backwards into the darkness, aim it up a little
bit, and let it fly. It should hopefully go over the green barrier, and 
destroy and orb. If not, just keep trying. And yes, you have to stay inside 
the darkness for the orb to be destroyed.  

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 2  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Go down the stairs to your right and... guess who! geez, this guy's 
everywhere! After you've put him down for what... like the 4th time now? Oh 
duh, I just figured out an easier way to beat him. Stun him with a swing from 
Johnson, lock on with the dentist, and then let the homing bullets do the 

    +++  RED GEM ALERT: No. 32  +++

    Once you've finished that thing off, go into the alcove he came from and
shoot the crate, your red gem is inside. Head out the door and go back to the
baby door to insert the eyeball. Once inside the darkness, look to your upper
right and light shot the goat head. Now for some uh... bowling? Equip your 
shotgun and charge it until you get the big skull. Stand right next to the 
barrier and aim just a little to the left of the first pin... er demon. You
can try to go straight down the middle, but for me at least, the demon on the
far left always seems to evade the blast when I go straight down the middle. 
You basically get as many tries as you want though since there's a box of 
respawning shotgun ammo right next to you. Once you've succesfully gotten a 
strike, pick up the brain and head out. 

    Once you're out, turn left at the intersection and go back into the room
you fought the handsaw guy in. Now you'll just have to kill a bunch of normal
demons. Open the baby door and break the crates in front of you. When you pass
the coffin, another Paula chase will commence. This part may take a few tries,
but what you want to do is shoot the light barrels at each obstacle. The first
light barrel is on the left side, the second one is on the right, the third 
one is kinda behind the junk to the left, and the last set of stuff has no 
light barrel so either shoot a Hot Boner grenade into it, or quickly shoot the
three destructible barrels. 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 3  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    To the right of Willy is a crate with some Tequila and then another 
Tequila just sitting there. The next section has two Surge demons. You're 
gonna have to destroy all their transformers and watch your back, as there are
normal demons who will try to jump you. There are also crawlers who will turn
the area into darkness mode. The goat head is at the end of the path. 

    Once that's finished, head through the door and destroy the barrel for a 
Tequila. Head into the darkness and turn around, there's a red orb to destroy
right here. After you do that you can head right for some Tequila or head down
the stairs to your left. When you go into the room with 5 doors, go for the 
door in the upper corner to your left. Turn around and go to the door right 
next to you. Don't worry about the enemies at this point, just keep running. 
Now you'll want go to your left and then up. Enter the door on the left here
and on the other side, enter a safe zone to your left. 

    +++  RED GEM ALERT: No. 33  +++

    In the darkness in front of you is a barrel, destroy it for a red gem. 
Charge up your shotgun and shoot a big skull down into the pit in front of you
to destroy the next orb. Head back out and head to the door in the corner to 
your far right. Only one door left, the one right in the middle. When you get
in here blast away at the large pulsing orb until it's destroyed. Head back up
the stairs and light shot the goat head. Now you can take care of those pesky
demons. When you're finished, head down the new path and through the door. 

    On your right is Christopher and to the left is the door you want to go 
through. So you can either take out the Miner manually or you can run past 
him, turn to the left and take out that pulsating orb to remove the hand on
the goat head. Now open up the cage with the crawler in it and he'll turn the
area into darkness. Effectively killing the Miner, but spawning a bunch of 
lesser demons. It's up to you how to go about this. When it's over, head back
up and the door next to Christopher is now open. 

    This next part is a little tricky. Run to your left and let Paula chase 
you around the pillars. Run for the strawberry, turn around, and sprint the 
hell out of there. This might take a few tries, but keep at it. Go back down
into the area with the miner and if you didn't destroy the hand on the goat 
head, he'll have respawned. >__> Kill him again if needed and put the 
strawberry in the baby door. Grab the eyeball and backtrack to where Paula was
and open the baby door there. Through the double doors, that you're done. 

                         Different Perspectives: Act 5-2                 25TCA

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 1  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Phew, that's a mess of enemies. This next part is just a gauntlet of 
demons. The first wave is 3 normals accompanied by 2 Cyber Demons. The second
is two RollyPolly's and the third is two Spark Demons. Have fun now. :) Well
that was a short area. 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 2  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    MOOR PU DEKUF... what the hell does that mean? (hint, read it backwards) 
:p Anyways, now we have a little bit of puzzle solving. None of it's very 
difficult mind you, but hey... puzzles. Approach the laughing thing and press
square. For the first puzzle press down and then left? I think. 

    +++  RED GEM ALERT: No. 34  +++

    On the platform you're moving around is a red gem. When you line it up 
properly, just walk across to get it. Once you have access to the laughing 
stone over in the corner, use him and all you have to do is press up. Head up
the stairs and... wow M.C. Escher. Dispose of the demons here and head down
the stairs to your left. At the next laughing stone, press up 3 times until
you can see the goat head, shoot it with a light shot and go back to the 
stone. Now just press down and left. When you're at the top of the stairs, a
small section will turn and you'll have access to a Tequila at the top of some
more stairs. Head down the stairs towards Willy. More enemies here. Plug 
Johnson into the stone on the right. Press left and then down. Kill the Cyber
Demon that approaches. Plug into the left stone and press down, down, left, 
left... I think. The goal is to make a bridge over to that square opening with
the gate. As you're going across the bridge you made, some demons will attack 
you and also you'll get shrouded in darkness. Turn around and shoot the goat 
head that's spinning on the cube in the air. Don't go in that green area yet,
there's some stairs to your right. 

    +++  RED GEM ALERT: No. 35  +++ 

    Down the stairs and to the right is a little alcove with a red gem and an 
Absinthe. Now go through the gate. Put Johnson in the stone and press left, 
up, up. Go down the stairs and the darkness will come. Put Johnson in and just
spin that block until you can see the goat (I pressed right, up, up, but you 
can do it however you want). Light shot the goat and then back to the stone. 
If you did press right, up, up, just press left now to line up your bridge. 

    +++ RED GEM ALERT: No. 36  +++

    When you head back up and plug into the stone, just press right once and 
you can walk across and grab your red gem. Christopher speaks the truth, this
is the last time you'll see him for the rest of the game, so spend as many of 
those white gems as you can. Head through the double doors to finsh the level.

                         The Castle of Hassle: Act 5-3                   35TCA

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 1  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Ascend those stairs, giving the Hot Bone to any walls that block your 
path. This next part can get a hairy given the small room you're in. Just keep
rolling if enemies get close, and remember that a torch swing will knock the 
darkness off of a demon. Once that's over, head out the door and up the 
stairs. On your way up, you'll enter some darkness... just keep running 
straight. Time for some SkullBlaster Pachinko! 

    To do this, go over to that little outlet with the shotgun ammo. Charge up
your shotgun all the way, back into the darkness and fire up into the part 
where it says Shoot Here! The goal is to hit both of the switches, but...

    +++  RED GEM ALERT: No. 37  +++

    You're also going to want to kill both of those demons in the Pachinko 
machine. Killing them will net you another red gem. However, you won't get the
gem until you've destroyed both of those orbs. As far as strategy goes... well
all I can saw is just keep trying. And remember to aim all the way up; also, 
if you get too far back, your shots won't make it. Good luck! ^.^ When you're
done, open the meat gate, claim your red gem, and continue. Just keep running
straight and eventually you'll get warped out into a new room. One of the 
crates in here has a Sake. 
    +++  RED GEM ALERT: No. 38  +++

    Run up the spine in the middle of the room and at the top, look to your 
left to see a barrel. Blast it open for another red gem. The room at the top 
of the stairs contains two normal demons and a Spark Demon. Remember to use 
the Hot Boner grenades on the Spark Demon to make quick work of him. 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Area 2  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Now we have a sort of... trial and error maze. You can take any path you 
want, I'll just split them up for ya here. 

    Left Path: The first section down the left path has about 6 enemies that
will spawn. The path to your right will just take you back to the beginning of
this area. The path to the left will put you in a small garden with a Tequila
in the back. 

    Middle Path: Those are some trippy ass flowers! Going straight here will 
just spit you back out at the start of the garden. 

    +++  RED GEM ALERT: No. 39  +++

    Going left in the garden area will put you in a room with a bunch of 
hanging corpses. Shoot the barrel on the right for your red gem. Take out the
enemies and leave. 

    Right Path: Once you get up to the three door split. Taking the left path
will put you back at the beginning of this area. The right path will put you 
back at the very beginning, near Willy. And the path in the middle will put 
you in a room with three demons and a strawberry. Head back out and put that
strawberry in the baby door. Ok, there's a bunch of crates here, they have 
ammo and drinks. When you're ready, get in the elevator. 

                           The Final Chapter: Act 5-4                    45TCA

      *******************       BOSS FIGHT       *************************

    If you're playing on Legion Mode, be prepared for a LONG fight. Demon and
Lemon Hunter modes aren't too bad. You can damage Flemming by either shooting 
him in the chest or in the head. The chest is obviously a larger target, so 
aim for that. I'd advise using either the shotgun or the Hot Boner to damamge 
him at the moment. The machine gun can work against you due to Attack #3. 
Anyways, here are the attacks he can do right now. 

~~Attack #1: Flemming will spin up in the air and slam his staff onto the 
  ground. To avoid this, simply dodge roll when the shockwave gets near you.

~~Attack #2: Flemming will rear his head back a little bit and shoot an eye 
  beam at you. Again, time your roll well and you should be fine. 

~~Attack #3: This one seems to give people problems. Flemming will open his
  coat and spew darkness everywhere. You have to aim at that floating goat 
  head above him and hit it with a light shot. The best way to do this is lead
  your shot just a little bit. As in, aim just a little bit in front of the 
  head so that when you shoot, your shot hits as the head is swinging by. If
  you aim right at the head, your shot will miss because by the time it gets
  there, the head's already swung away. 

~~Attack #4: This one's not really an attack, but it can be devestating. 
  Flemming will open up his trenchcoat and reveal Paula. If you make the 
  mistake of shooting Paula, it's an instant Game Over. :( ouch. Thankfully,
  Flemming really telegraphs this move. Just stop shooting when he reaches for
  his coat to open it.  

    When you've damamged him enough, Flemming will kind of bend over and you 
should see a crack on his coat. Shoot a Hot Boner grenade at him and then 
detonate it. Now his body will split into three seperate parts. Equip your 
machine gun and look for the peice that is glowing red. Lock on to it and 
start firing away. Hopefully you'll damage it enough before he reassembles 
himself. Go back to your Hot Boner or your shotgun when he reassembles and 
continue shooting. 

~~Attack #5: Flemming will now have access to an attack where he opens up his
  coat and fires a beam out of it that will follow you. Just keep rolling to 
  either the left or right side until he puts it away. 

~~Attack #6: Flemming will create a large green barrier around himself. You'll
  have to equip your shotgun and charge it until you get the large skull. Aim 
  the skull into one of those holes in the barrier and launch it in. This 
  will destroy the barrier and give you some free shots at Flemming. 

    After you've done enough damamge, hit him with a Hot Boner grenade when he
stoops over. Reequip the Dentist when he splits and take out the next glowing
red body part. He'll reassemble himself one last time. 

~~Attack #7: Flemming will open his coat and shoot out a dark hand and pull 
  you in to some sort of alternate dimension. In front of you are three doors,
  you'll have to just guess and use the Hot Boner grenade on them until you 
  get the one with the light on the other side of it. You can evade this 
  attack simply by rolling. 

    One more round of pumping shots into him and getting him to split apart 
and using the Dentist on his last remaining chunk. When he reassembles, he'll
explode and stuff will go flying everywhere. Just keep rolling and it will 
eventually stop... CONGRATS! you've beaten the final boss.


or did you! :D

                      Till Death Do Us Part: Act 5-5              

    For the first part of this fight, go grab the eyeball in the middle of the
room. Now just go try putting it into every door. Just keep running at an
angle towards the doors and keep pressing square. Eventually you'll find the 

    After you find the door, equip your Dentist and let it lock onto her two 
red wings. Paula has a few attacks, but you're just going to be rolling away 
from them. That's basically it, keep locking onto her wings and shooting. And
dodge roll away when she fires stuff at you. She will spawn a random normal 
demon covered in darkness on occassion, so make sure you deal with him before
going back to Paula. 

    It can be a little annoying trying to lock on since Paula will constantly
be swooping close to you, therefore messing up your lock. But just keep trying
to put distance between you and her and keep shooting. 

                  >>>                Phase 2             <<<

    Ok this part annoyed me the first time I played it. There will be a wall 
of darkness moving in from behind you, so you'll have to be moving constantly
and aiming with the Dentist, getting the lock, and firing at all six of her 
wings. To make matters worse, Paula will spawn a fast, bladed demon who can be
a complete a-hole to kill. If you take too long, the darkness wall will come 
in even closer and you'll have less room to move around in. The key to this is
try to do it as quickly as possible. Yeah, you're still gonna have to roll 
around a lot to avoid her attacks. But just keep at it and when you get the 
opportunity to fire, just hold down that R1 button until you have to either 
roll or reload. Also, having a high damamge and high capacity on your Dentist 
really helps here. 

    Once she's finished, walk over to Paula and press Square. Ok NOW you can
enjoy the ending. Well done! ^_^

   ************************  SHADOWS OF THE DAMNED  **********************

.......... Contact Me!                                                   EMTCA

    Well, I usually leave my e-mail in the contact section, but I really don't
check it... ever. So if you have a PSN account (I'm assuming you do) just send
me a message. Or you could leave a topic in the Shadows of the Damned gamefaqs
board, whatever works. 

    My PSN = Hamster_Bear 

.......... Credits

  ~~ The fine people over at Grasshopper Manufacture
  ~~ Shinji Mikami 
  ~~ The amazing Akira Yamaoka. The music and sound effects were awesome! 
  ~~ Probably more to come if/when I update this thing. 

                                                          2011 Monistic_Turtle

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