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Warriors Orochi 3
Andrew Turelli Jr
Youtube.com Codebreak1337
[email protected]





----CHAPTER 1-----

1. Slaying Of the Hydra - (HYDRA)
2. The Battle of Yiling - (Yiling)
3. Battle of Dongkou -  (Dongkou)
4. Battle of Ueda Castle (Ueda)
5. Battle Of Shouchun (Shouchun)
6. Battle of Nagashino (Nagashino)
7. Battle of Odawara Castle (Odawara)

----CHAPTER 2-----

1. Battle OF Hasedo - (Hasedo)
2. Battle of Anegawa - (Anegawa)
3. Battle Of Kyushu - (Kyushu)
4. Battle of Mt. Dingjun - (Dingjun)
5. Battle of Nanzhong - (Nanzhong)
6. Battle of Xuchang - (Xuchang)
7. Battle of Luoyang - (Luoyang)
8. Battle of Sekigahara - (Sekigahara)

- Ryu Hayabusa -  (RYU)

--- CHAPTER 3 ----

1. Battle of Tong Gate - ( Tong )
2. Battle of Yangping Gate ( Yang Ping )
3. Battle of Changban ( changban )
4. Battle of Shizugatake ( Shizugatake )
5. Battle of Honnoji ( Honnoji )
6. Battle of Fan Castle ( Fan Castle )
7. Battle of Yamazaki  ( Yamazaki )
8. Battle of Hulao Gate ( Hulao )
9. Battle of Chungdu - (Chengdu)
10.Battle of Osaka Castle - (Osaka)

---- CHAPTER 4 -----

1. The Slaying Of the Hydra  (Hydra2)
2. Orochi's End -  (OroEnd)
3. Susano'o's Last Stand - (LastStand)
4. Final Level Demise of Orochi X   (XORO)


* Take ALL possible "missions"
while using this walkthrough guide. *


1. Slaying of the Hydra - HYDRA



 After Watching the Intro Scene and control
preparations get ready to start battling.
We must make our way through hoards of enemies
and take out KEELBACK frist. This will open
up a pathway, take it and head north. Run up
the cliffside then jump down a bit. The area
near the Hydra is covered in Lava, we will
have to make our way to a ballista to the 


 On our way towards the ballista, we will get
an on screen information. This tells us to
take out Bushmaster to open the 2nd guardpost
or pathway. If you want to use the Horse do so
now, and clear a path of enemies to get to
bushmaster. Take him down with your spear on
the horse or on melee foot. The 2nd guardpost
is now open.

North Ballista:

 While you are making your way through the
2nd guardpost path way, you should encounter,
Gyuki. Gyuki is pretty big, he will obviously
be with hoards of enemies. Take him down for 
some more XP, or run past him to the Basllista
to the north.

Get on the Ballista, and begin firing at the 
HYDRA. You will do very very little damage.
Keep firing until the Hydra destroys the 

Head north east to another guardpost enemy,
named Urutha. Take down Urutha and the enemies
around him for more experience points. The
3rd guardpost will be open. You can now
advance to the eastern ballista. A little
ways east you will run into Hognoste, take
him down as well. Keep continue along this
path to boomslang and towards the ballista.
Take out boom slang.

Eastern Ballista :

Jump onto this ballista and rinse and repeat
tactic from ballista # 1. It will be destroyed.
After this, Kiyomori Taira will begin talking.
He has arrived on the scene. After a little while
and a ton of enemy kills later, The battle plans
will change. We now must Retreat to the 
North-weatern Mountain path.

The Retreat :

Make your way through hordes of enemies.
Use your triple attack if you are really
in a rough situation. During this time
we are still heading in the direction of
the mountain path. Look at your map radial
often so you do not get lost. 

Once you come near an enemy Diamondback 
take him down. A few more seconds of running
north west we will be at the mountain path
and the cut scene will unfold.

Kaguya Will Join the Party !


2. The Battle of Yiling - Yiling


: Yiling Begin, Keelback

Start off by heading north west through the
enemies on the map. Eventually we run into
Keelback again. Take him down with Normal
attacks. Kiyomori Taira Will order his
" puppet" to come crush the resistence.
The eastern Garrison sotuh gates will close
at this point.

: Kunochi :

Head north west a bit more to run into Kunochi.
Pang De will appear at this point to assist the
party. The party will gain more morale. Since
Kunochi is being controlled, once she is down
she will be considered captured. Kiyomori's
spell has faded. Continue to head north west,
Then run into a cut scene.

: Masakage Yamagata :

 This should go down really really quick, with
basic attacks. He has low hp and low defenses.
Just use regular attacks with X button or
quick attack button. He should be down before
he tells you to fight him. After Masakage, is
taken care of report to the message.

: To the  Stone Sentinal Maze :

 We must head towards the stone sentinal maze.
The reason for this is to rescue Huang Zhnng.
Along the way a Big mastadon like Creature Morion
will appear he is huge, take him out with focused
attacks then work on the surronding enemies. At this
point you should be in a small town. If viewing
the map which you should be doing, we are way south
and heading North west. Make your way across the
small water way. Watch off for some enemies on horse

: Nobutoyo Takeda :

 This guy will have enemies on horse back near him.
Wise to probably use our triple tech attack here.
Also use some special attacks to clear out some
of the enemies on horse back around Nobutoyo Takeda,
before hand.

: Coltan, Yellow Belly , MUmushi :

Three unique enemies at once, although it is
pretty easy as they all have low hp and our
attacks and party plus the help of pang de.

: At this point You should be almost exactly
in the center of the map from heading north west
then north.

: Huang Zhong is Gone :

 We reach Huang Zhong and he will speak his 
final words. The demon army has slain him !
Continue north from that point. Kiyomori Taira
will open up the Stone Sentinal maze gate.

! --Defeat Kiyomori Taira-- !

- Takeda
- Cotton Mouth
- Nobufusa Baba
- Nobukimi Anayama
- Yukimura Sanada
- Morinobu Nishina
- Kiyomori Taira

 The Stone temple maze is full of enemies
and the latter unique enemies. First head 
west until you can't go no more. Then head
east. Finally head north and then immediately
west again.

 You should be in a large open area now. A door
is to the west. Kiyomori Taira will speak again,
the Stone Sentinel Maze west gates will now be

There will be a ton of enemies on the path to 
Kiyomori especially in this area right before 
you do battle with him. You want to take them
out before doing battle with Kiyomori Taira,
or you will be annoyed or may die.

: Kiyomori Taira :

Hope that you saved all your MP for this point.
Kiyomori Taira will be with tons of enemies.
Aside he is also very dangerous himself. He
has a ton of HP. Best thing to do here is the

- We have Pang De at our side with his unit,
making things easier. So try and get his unit

- Use your special attacks and especially
have to make sure that the radius damage hits
all enemies especially Kiyomori as well as 
the surronding enemies at the same time.

- If your having to much trouble on this
mission level up at level 1 the hydra level.
get enough gems for better gear and give it
another shot. You can also try playing on
an easier mode.

- After this battle you have Received 
VICTORY ! A long cut scene will begin
get ready for level 3.

- Ma Dai will Join the party !
- Pang De will join the party !
- Kunochi will join the party !


3. Battle of Dongkou  - Dongkou


: Jia Xu Army :

 Deng Ai, is an ally, he is planning on
using a rock slide to counter the enemies
attack on the resistence. We must keep 
Deng Ai Alive.

There will be 4 glowing markers on this map.
We must get to them all. First head to the
one to the Far east. Once you get there climb
up the ladder. We have successfully protected
Deng Ai. We also caused a rock slide to hurt 
our enemies during this level.

At this point the Jia xu army is open to attack.
Hit them with your best. Although I would try 
to reserve triple tects and magic for the end.
Just pay attention and keep on your toes.

Make your way west to the next marker. You will
run into Xu Sheng take him down.  We must take 
down Pan Zhang's entire unit. use some specials
if you must. This part is located at the center
of the map almost exactly.

Huang Guai Is at the Norther Marker, go there
to do battle. The marker is at the full 
north west part of the map. The fireball
attack will begin here so be extra careful.

After a quick easy battle, Take a horse
for a longer trek to the south west marker
on the map.

South West Marker will reveal the Demon army.
Take them down Horse back should help out.
With the Horse head towards the YELLOW 
markers on the map which is the demon army
symbols. They will be lead by none other
then the Harvest man. Take him down first
then use a triple tech on the rest of
the demon army.

 A little bit ways east of the map, you 
will encounter 3 huge minotaur creatures 
with the demon army. Annhilate them. Then
the marker will tell you to head towards
Jia Xu.

Head all the way to the south central part 
of the map and confront Jia Xu. Take
down Jia Xu. He will flee.

Return all the way North west. To
the very north west corner of the map.
Take out some big minotaurs. Sima Zhao's
ice slide works great here. As does his
Lightning charge on horse back. Ma Chao's
special is nice as well vs all of these 
big hulking creatures.

Get on horse back and wrap around a brown
line on the map heading east. Confront
lance head and more of the undead army.
Your triple tech meter should be close
to full again by now. Copper head will
also be with "lancehead". Take them both
down with regular attacks building up
your triple tech meter.

Finally use your triple tech on everyone
left off. You should gain a ton of gems
and this is the last of the undead army
and victory for the level !

- Xu huang Joins The Party
- Jia Xu Joins the party
- Huang gai - joins the party
- Deng Ai- joins the party
- Kanbei Kuroda-  Joins the party
- Ginchiyo Tachibana - Joins the party !



   4. Battle of Ueda Castle - Ueda


You will start off at the south east portion 
of the map. Work your way north east toward
the center of the map.

In this level there will be 2 enemy armies
to deal with. The Undead army led by Yuan Shao
and Dung Zhug's Army.

Dung's army is trying to talk Ueda castle
as well as is the undead army. This makes
things apparently easier for our party
members at least story wise.

Wang Yuanji will distract Dung Zhug's army 
forces away so Our main party can deal with
Yuan Shao and his undead minions.

I suggest Using Sima Zhan here, as he is
very powerful . Head all the way to the North west
part of the map. You will end up running into
Yuan shao's units. Of course Yuan Shao will 
be there as well. With your upgraded weapons
and your Wolf Blade focus your attack on
Yuan Shao, while using special attacks on
the army and yuan shao to do extra radius damage.

- Hammer Jaw
- Wish bone
- Fang Ji
- Yuan Shao

- These guys are all big unique ones, save
your triple tech unless necessary. THe reason
is that Dong Zhuo's army has continued to advance
close to Ueda Caslte, they are gaining morale 
as we deal with Yuan Shao. 

Head North and confront Dong Zhuo's army and
start to take them out. Ma chao and his super
long spear works great here. Hopefully you
have upgraded your weapons, and if not
do so at this point. Ma chao can take out
the whole army using little mana, and just
easy X strikes. If you are having trouble
though, save that triple tech for now.

Dong Zhuo's army is rather big for this
early point in the game.

- After he is gone as well as Yuan Shao,
Enjoy the victory !

*** VICTORY ***!

- Taishi She Will Join the Cause
- Zhang Liao will join the cause
- Wang Yuanji Will join the cause
- Zhuge Dan will join the cause
- Sakon Shima will also join the cause ! 


     5.Battle of Shouchun - Shouchun


Now Things Get a Little bit tougher.
So let me explain my party set up here.

Zhang Liao :

Use Devil's Bane which will increase your
attack +10 points. Also It has + 1 reach
for compatiblity with Zhang Liao.

Taishi Ci

Power based character

Deng Ai

he is also power based and should
have a much higher level at this point.
He has a base high hp and high defense.

Equip ALL of these characters with 
a phoenix wing and a lions fang.

Make your way to the western part of the map.
Persoannly I used Zhang Liao here, dual wielding
devil's bane axes. There is only one army here
but they are large with numbers and powerful.

First goal is to make our way to Shouchun castle.
During this time Makasnori Fukushima, must be 
protected and kept alive. From this point head
south to the marker. 

Taigon Wang Will open up the first gate with
his sorcery. Take out the remaining officers
especially the ever returning diamodback.

We have been set in a trap and the castle is 
now on fire. Fight your way through the hordes 
of enemies. Defeat diamondback and he will Flee
leaving both of the gates now open !

Make your way west almost to the end of
the map. Then  Get ready for some 
more officers. I use Zhang Liao here 
and really rip it up with my devil's 
bane axes. Doing some bolt damage, as well
as heavy and light attacks to jump into
a nice special. This should take them
down and you will have fun doing so.

Head North From here over a bridge.
WE need to take out the next group 
of officers. Still Using Zhang Liao
with the devils bane. Take out the
enemies then destroy Hooknoose.

Shoutu Doji Will be here as well.
with so little enemies left he is
a total cake walk. After defeating 
him or gaining victory Shoutu Doji will
flee and the battle will be won. 

- Masauri Fukushima Joins
- Taigong Wang Joins
- Yoshitsube Minamoto Joins !


  6. Battle of Nagashino - Nagashino


 Party should consist of 2 power characters
and another character of your choice.
Immediatley take out the officer stripleg.

 I am still going to recommend using the
devils bane axes with Zhang Liao. 

For the map it is pretty big and has 2
major sections. There are 2 bridges that
connect to the southern and northern parts
of the map. I recoomend heading north first.
North east to be exact all the way on the right
side of the map. Start taking out enemies along
that path it should save us time for later staying
in route. This will open up the Eastern Garrison
gates after taking down a few officers.

Defeat Sun Wunkung:

He is turning allies into demons. We are going
to have to take him down. Start heading west on
the field map. This is where Sun Wukung and his 
units are located. Once you reach a fort area to
the center of the map, Sun Wukung will be waiting.
Taking down Sun Wukung will make him flee, this
will increase party morale, as well as stop 
the turning of allied forces for now.

From the Center of the map keep heading
west until you reach a bunch of enemies
on Horse back. Take them out with some
Zhang Liao jump and swipe attacks.

The Date army is reported here and Hidemune
Date is the leading officer. Still suggest
using Zhang Liao or another technique based
character. Yake out Hidemune Date ! Next
will Come Masamune Date. The gates will open
for advancement at this point.


This guy is trouble, He can use a special attack
that fires projectiles all over the screen.
Save your triple techs for him alone. If their
are more surronding enemies do not worry about
them as much as Masamune Date. Remember to use
that triple tech and your best attacks followed up


Ranmaru Mori Will JOIN
Hoeyoshi Totimi will join
Yukmura Sora will join
Guo Huai will Join !


7. Battle of Odawara Castle - Odawara


Start off with preparations, I like to
have 2 power based characters and one speed
based character. The Goal is to
assist in the defense of Odawara Castle.

Starting off in the very south western portion
of a complicated map. Take out the first few
officers to open the gates directly to the north.
Finish off nearby enemy forces then continue
onwards to the north through the gate.

In this level those big bad minotaur type
demons are back, they could be trouble. We
also will be dealing with more undead army.

Once we head all the way to the eastern part
of the map we will do some battle with Odokomei.
He is an undead officer, Once he is gone head 
through the gate and enjoy a nice little cut scene.

After the cut scene, keep advancing north. 
Make your way through the outer city. Keep
heading north to where the glowing yellow
map radial is on the field map. The demon
army is advancing strongly at this point
most likely but do not fret !

At this section of the map we take out 
Da Ji, The Castle main gate will open.
At this point keep following  all the red
dots on screen, taking out the enemy units
one by one. I suggest using a speed based
character for this and triple techs if
your in some serious trouble.

Choosing a speed based character is wise,
for several reasons. One the map is big
and there are a ton of enemies as usual.
Except in this level there is more running
around then normal. The officers in this level
are a bit differnt then most, they are very 
powered based heavy hitters, one even uses a
hammer weapon. A speed based character with a
good amount of HP should do very nicely here.

Kiyomori Taira:

Finally we will make it to Kiyomori Taira.
He has the same weapons as last time, those
huge crazy bead like whips.  Switch over
to a power character and focus attacks on
Kiyomori alone, he should go down pretty
easy to a level 25+ Power character on 


Xiaoqiao Will Join the party !
Sun ShangXiang Will join the party !
Ding Feng Will Join the party !
Yoshihiro Shamazu Will Join the Party !
Kai will join the party !

the Camp will expand at this point, opening
up the Tea house !


1. Battle Of Hasedo - Hasedo


Start off on the very south western part
of the map. Begin with 2 power characters
and one speed character.

The map has a large amount of twist and
turns yet not much area to cover as compared
to some of the bigger battle fields.

Continue North west taking out the enemy
Forces captains, officers along the way
You will run into yet again, Urutu.
Take urutu down to open up the north western
gates. On your way north west take out leafitter
another commanding officer.

Start making your way west at this point
attacking the demon army main camp, with
your allies units, party and our own

Shandtigi Doji will appear at the north central
part of the map. The enemy will gain morale at
this point. There will also be a large number
of Minotaurs about 3. They are considered leaders
or officers, so take them out.

Kiyoohisa Kimura, must be taken down to open up
the guard post gate. The next guard post gate
will be closed as well. We must now take down
Officer Coachwu. Liu Shaun will appear north 
east of the map after taking him down more
gates will open.

Head south from here to the beach area, with
some buildings around it. There will be a cut scene
with some sort of ballons and carinal appearence
going on watch it then progress to the next gameplay

Take horse back all the way south to the water.
More of the demon army is located here, and another 
Minotaur officer named Nosean. This will open up
more guardpost gates.

Back on horse back head south west. Where diamond
back will be. Beat the heck out of him. He has a
large amount of HP, so if your having trouble
use some powers and special attacks. Shuten Doji
will flee again, after diamondback is down. This
will make him weaker.

Take horse back to the south central part of 
the map. South central will be Shuten Doji himself.
Use your best attacks here, and triple tech if you
really need to. Ma chao is great here due to his
power and long range with his spear type weapons.
Once you take down Shuten Doji Victory is Won !


 2. Battle For Anegawa  - Anegawa


Get your weapons upgraded before this battle.
Go to weapons dealer, increase bonds with
other playable characters as well.

Setup with a Speed, Wonder, and Power house
character for this battle. Fuse weapons,
to add the most elements/ attributes
possible for you at this point.

Draw from all the lottery tickets you have
collected at this point. Then once again
judge stats and pick favorite looking weapons
to the best of your knowledge.

Weapons in warriors orochi 3, is very similar
to warriors orochi number 1. Check the awesome
weapons FAQ, on gamefaqs.com for more weapons 

We will be dueling in combat, at night time
through water, starting with a full resistence 
army on the south level of the map.

This one is an all out WAR, the enemy is on
one side, and the resistence another. So just
head north and get ready for one of the most 
battle prone levels in the game vs none other
then Kiyotori Taira.

Kiyotori Taira will be using his sorcery and 
tricks as usual. Turning allies against the 
forces of the resistence. 

Sun Wukong is a major influence in this battle
He will appear and disappear several times,
even after being defeated.

Tips for taking out Sun wukong and his units.
I like to use a wonder character her with high
Mosou. Ayane is a nice character to play as.
Her special will stun enemies where they stand
while repeating hits with blue projectiles do
ice damage and just rip them apart real nice.
Her Mosou or "MP" will charge back rather quickly
as well as her having a large amount of it,even
at low levels. I do suggest speding your 
growth points on her pre the battle, as she will
prove to be very very useful.

You can probably get by with Ayane at around 
level 20 the whole entire battle, without having
to switch to much. Once again equip best possible
gear/favorite gear for looks damage output, performance
and of course fun factor.


Ryu Hayabusa from the Ninja Gaiden series will 
appear in this level as well. Hopefully he will
join our cause once we achieve victory !

Doing battle with Kiyomori Taira Will 
probably make you want to switch characters
finally. Switch to a power character once again
for the "boss". Sima Zhan is nice with a persoanl
favorite or good upgraded/fused weapon. Once
you take him Down he will retreat yet again.
Note that he will also have other officers
with him in this battle.

- Cai Wenji Joins
- Ryu Hayabusa Joins
- Zuo Ci joins
- Beneki Joins
- Kanetsugu Naoe Joins !
- Toshile Maeda Joins !

**** VICTORY ***


3. Battle Of Kyushu - Kyushu 


Sima Zhao, Ryu Hayabusa you know you want
too ! and Ayane for the wonder of it all.
We will be doing battle against the Mdri
army in this level.

Ryu Hayabusa will probably be a low level
at this point, so you may want to consider
using a higher level character. Although he
is very powerful. Back him up with a higher
level character from earlier stages, Like 
Sima Zhao just in case. Then have Ayane for
the wonder skills, as a nice backup.

Make your way North central to the 
Stone Labyrinth. You can activate it
by killing the leading officers in the
north central area. 

The Stone labyrinth will move at points
in this level, so you may have to wait
a little bit until you have an opening.
Once you do destroy everything in your
path. Once you make your way through to
the north western part of the map, through
some of the stone labyrinth a cut scene will
begin. MORE enemy forces have arrived at the 
southern part of the map.

Take the southern bridge over to the south
area where the enemy forces are located.
Defeat some officers to open up the gates.

The enemy will begin moving toward the south
eastern temple. Head there, and watch out for
the flaming pillars of fire !

Take out Montonari Mori, and he will retreat
giving the resistence army more morale.
Take out the remaining officers and head through
the south eastern gates which are now open.

Achiles will appear at this point and must be 
defeated. Take him down with Sima Zhao in the lead
or another power based high level character. Use
a triple tech on Achiles and everything else you
have he is rather tough. The South eastern temple
will now be accessible.

All the way at the bottom of the map south,
will be Da ji, some minotaur officers and
of course all there units. Use Sima Zhao once
again or power character to take her down.
Da Ji will retreat and VICTORY will be won.

- Nemea Will Join
- Bao Sanniang will join
- Goemon ishikawa will join !


4. Battle Of Dingjun - Dingjun 


 Big map, with lots of enemies. The Resistence
vs Kiyomori's demon army. We won't have many
units to start with, so get ready for a bit
of a challange at the begin, even on normal

We start off at the North eastern part of
the map at the very top. I suggest leveling
up Ryu hayabusa if your using him, he should
be around level 20 now using all your growth
points on him. Mao Chao is nice here with his
speed and long range spear attacks.  Ayane
once again for speed attacks and her ice 
projectiles. And Hayabusa for back up power.
You will and should be switching to all 3
of your party memebers through this battle.

Once you defeat a few officers while heading
west you will reach a cutscene. Joan of arc
will receive our aid as reinforcements.

Stay to the western part of the map, and circle
up the hill taking out all enemies and officers
in our way. Switch to a character with high speed
at this point to increase the amount of time it
takes to complete the level.

Head to the garrison gates in the north west.
Wait for one of our allies to die. Sun Wukung
will begin boasting and open up the gates. 
Once the enemies are destroyed inside the garrison
gates, pick up the items by breaking some barrels.
Make your way back up side and do a rock slide
down the mountain side.

A bit South from here, Kutori Fuma will appear
the enemy army will gain morale. Head south
over the bridge to the next set of enemies.
You should run into another officer named
orb weaver. Head east into the next stronghold.
Take out all enemies and officers inside. You
may want to look at your zoomed in map here,
just to find the entrance to the stronghold.

Golden rod, will be to the south of here, take
him down and continue along the south eastern
path to take out the rest of the demon army.
You will run into Sun Wukong. Take him out
with a heavy hitter like Hayabusa and some
heavy attacks.

Joan of arc and the french army, will bring 
reinforcements at this point. Sun Wukong's
defeat will open up the south eastern gates.
Defeat Cao Tai then work your way to the east.
Inside another strong hold on the map there
will be a circle of enemies.

We have to work our way up that spiral hill,
defeating all enemies and officers in or path.
This is the last strectch of the level. It is
also the most difficult. Switch party members
often to confuse the enemy, and combo attack
patterns. Ma chao and Ayane work nice
with thier speed her. As well as ice projectiles
for massive groups of weaker enemies.

Circling further around the hill, Run into
Cao Ren. Take him out with a speed based character
such as Ayane. Also Take out Zhang da, switch over
to power character for that one, as there should be
less groups or swarms of enemies at this point.
Hognose  another officer will be basically all
that is left, take him out with the power
of Ryu hayabusa.

At the Top of the Hill will once again,
be Kiyomori Taira. We will have Joan of Arc
with us and her units, + there will be a small
amount of Demon army units left, so this time
he is simple. One ice projectile from Ayane
or even 2 will take out Kiyomori Taira
and his units at least on normal mode.

*** VICTORY ***

Guan yo will join !
Cao Ren will join !
Sun Quan will join !
Xiahou ba will join !
Joan of Arc will join !


5. Battle of Nanzhong - Nanzhong


Immediatley you will be encounterd
by an officer named Tangleweb and his units.
Da Ji her units will also be here, and she is
with Achiles who is protecting the temple.
We must make our way to the temple to take out
and duel with Achiles.

starting off in the south west portion of the 
map, begin working your way east through the 
enemy units. At the same time, Da ji will be
planning an escape route.

Take out some officers then begin to head north.
You will run into the large minotaur demon 
officers. Keep Heading North east to the very center
of the field.

Achiles will be waiting for you alone. It will
be a one on one duel. Use a high level power
based character. Sima Zhao is nice because
he should be well leveled and powerful at 
this point in the game. Since Sima Zhao is
an original or starting point character.
use Sima Zhao to take down Achiles. This
will open up the Temple gates and a pathway
to the North.

Contine North then eventually north east.
Taking out officers along the way. Once you
are to the far east section of the map,
there will be a bridge and  Hikimo. Hikimo
is a wonder based character with very strong
projectile attacks. Once again use a high level
character. I like to use Ma chao here, due to his
speed and long range spear attacks. She is powerful
though, so you may also want to use a triple tech.

Once you get over the bridge you will confront 
Da ji yet again. Clear out her units and make it
a one on one at this point. Da Ji will Flee again
after being defeated in the battle. This will
Result in a cut scene and of course VICTORY.

Wei Yan will Join !
Men Huo will Join !
Zhurong will Join !


  6. Battle of Xuchang - Xuchang


This is a basically a rescue mission and
to add more, we have to Capture Shuten Doji.

We will start in the Mid west part of the map 
and have to begin by working our way south to
the first marker.

One of our allies Jiang wei will be slain,
as we head from north to south to the garrison
doors. They will open shortly after the slaying
of Jiang Wei. Keep heading north to more
garrison gates. Go towards it and it will open
to rescue Nene. 

Take horseback to head south east, towards the
center field. A little west of there, will be
another opening and Zhang He. He is not a hostage.
So contnue north to the next Square area on the map.
The next hostage Xiang ce is inside. Rescue her for
one more saved hostage.

Head all the way to the most north western part of
the map. Open the garrison Gates and Rescue Dichi.

Now all that is left to do is defeat dong Zhuo and
caoture Shuten Doji. Head to the north central part
of the field. The garrison gates will open and we 
do more battling with the demon army. Inside will 
be Dong Zhuo defeat him and he will once again retreat.

Heading north a bit more, Shuten Doji will begin to
flee. Destroy the units around him and he will
be captured. This will end up in a victory for
the resistence.

*** VICTORY ***

Zhang He will Join
Xiang Cai will Join
Oichi will join 
Nene will join 
katsuie Shibata will join
Shuten Doji will join 


7. Battle of Luoyang - Luoyang


 Pretty easy level, we just want to keep
our allies alive. The enemy will be trying 
to sack our hold. Defeat all the enemies

After that we can start heading a bit south.
The demon army will keep calling in reinforcments.
They will also keep trying to advance.

Shuten Doji must be kept alive, As well as 
Yashi'ori. Take out stripleg his units,
and then a little north to take out orbweaver.

In this level you will be backtracking often
to proctect your allies. So be aware of that.
After proctecting the allies, and defeating
most of the officers another cut scene will 
begin. The Hydra will appear near  the Yashi'ori.

Jump in the High tech Yashi'ori and begin blasting
the Hydra. This is much more effective then the 
ballista we battled with at the games first level.

X to fire, and B for the beam. Wait for the beam
to fully charge once it does, unleash a devastating
blow on the Hydra. This should take him out, if
used in conjunction with fire based attacks to
let the beam charge.

Watch the Cutscene, of the blast and the Hydra
will go down. Now just finish off the rest
of the officers and unique enemies.

Orochi and Kenji Maeda are two of them. Once
they are down as well as the units and the Yashi'ori
saved as well as our allies. Victory is sure.

** VICTORY ***

- Kenji Maeda will Join
- Masamune Date will Join 


    8. Battle of Sekigahara - Sekigahara


We will be doing battle against the MYSTIC army.
Starting off in the North West part of the map.
Begin to work your way through the enemies to
the south. The Resistence army will spilt into
two at this point. A little ways south east, we
run into Monocero, defeat him to open up the gates.
Head west from there, Achiles will make another
appearence in this level.

The Mystic army ambush troops will appear and the 
central gates will open. Head South until you
run into another officer named Equules. Defeat
Equulesm and continue south. Da ji can teleport
in this battle, although she will lose the ability
along the way, this makes her easier to pursue.

South east of the map, we will redevous with the
rest of the resistence army. Defeat Lu bu, in
this section and he will retreat. Defeating all
enemies in this area will open up all garrison 

Head west and meet Grus and Mensa as well as
some more no name captains. Defeat them all
and there units along side them. Tucana,
and Nezha will be with these troops they are
easy officers to take down.

Finally We Run into Phoneix. She will be near
Da ji. Take out phoneix with a high power
character like Sima Zhao. Once phoneix is gone
Da Ji,and Achiles will Join the cause.

Da Ji Has Joined !
Achiles has Joined !
Montari Mori has Joined !
Himiko has Joined !

** VICTORY ***



1. Battle of Tong Gate - Tong


Defend the area we start in, Let the enemy
come to you. Lu Bu and Diaochan are the main
focus. Lu bu will retreat after defeat, and
Diaochan will die in battle. This
results in a path being opened and the resistence
will gain morale. We will also be teamed up with
Da ji and the mystic army at this point.

Basically in this level, we must keep running
to each Garrison and defeating the enemies 
and officers in each to capture the garrison.

The first is in the starting area, to the
far west where we begin the level. The 
next is in the central area of the map.
Sack them both and gain morale while were
at it. Next head to the south west part of the map.
Defeat all units and enemy officers at this point.
Capture another garrison to the north western garrison.

Take horseback and head east to towards the docks.
Cross over the shallow river to the next garrison.
Defeat Cao Yu, and he will retreat. In the next
garrison will be Cao Zhang. Defeat him with power
character. Get back on horseback and head east
to the next garrison marker.

Pyrocannon :

Sima Shi and Sima fu, must be defeated. There is
also note of a pyro cannon in the area. Defeat
the two officers, to capture the central garrison.
Then Get ready to fight Gai pi. We will also
go to a cut scene of Susano at this point.

Susano , will order his army to capture Da Ji.
Susano is ridiculousy strong, with tons of HP
and High defenses. At the start of this battle
just specifically for this segment, level weapons
especially. Have high level characters and use your
triple tech and best attacks. He will be followed
up by even more officers so do not let your guard

Susano will retreat after defeat as will his units.
Head east to the next garrison. Take out Sima yi
and Sima Lama. Then Finally make your way to Cao pi.
Cao Pi, is nothing on Susano and you also
should have enough Health/ Mosou at this point to
take him down. Da Ji will be safe after his defeat.
Although things are looking bad to even worse at
this point. Watch the Cut Scene, which leads to...

**** VICTORY *** !

Xu Zhu Will Join !
Sima Shi will Join !
Mitsunari ishida will Join !


 2. Battle of Yangping Gate - Yang Ping 


After a Long Cut scene, We will start south 
east of the battle field, we must spilt into
two groups to the yang ping gate !

Start off by heading south west, and taking
out the officers, then switch off to the
north west and take out some more.

head back South west to redevous with the 
resistence. At this point a boulder attack
will begin against the resistence army.

Defean Zhao Yun, Watch out for the archers
they will rain arrows upon you and your units.
Get on Horseback And Head North West again,
to the boulder attack. Once near the boulders
get off the horseback. Failing to kill the 
messenger will result in more enemy reinforcements
arriving on the battle field.

Continue to head north Through the garrison gates.
Wrap around the hill side that spirals and now
continue to head south. Through yet more
of the boulder ambush. Continue south down
the hill until you pass a watch tower. Enter
inside the next open garrison gate.

Confront and defeat Xiang Lang. Once he is gone
backtrack back around the spiral hill heading
up this time yet again. Except now were going to
head back west through the hill and some boulders.

Keep heading west past another watch tower. Enter
the next enemy unit garrison. Defeat Meng da,
and the base captain officers. Then take out the
units that are left over. High power characters
work great on this more difficult level.

After the garrison is cleared, Head North,
Take out Zhang Yi and Fa Zheng. This should
make the shu army retreat and stop thier attack.
The resistence army in the west will continue 
the advance. Stay here finishing off the rest 
of the captains and officers. Then head north.

Tadakatsu Honda is the next major unique enemy.
Defeat him to open up Yangping gate. Head back
south once again around the spiral hill.

Liao yao and li yan, have arrived on the scene.
Take them down with all you have got. Use high level
high powered characters with the weapons, with most
possible stacked attributes. Triple tech to finish
them all of.

Back on Horse back head south east yet again. Wrap
around the hill east, then north through the central
gate that we opened up eariler. From there
make your way North West Looking For Hanzo Hattori.

Once you find Hattori, take him down this will
stop the boulders from crashing down into 
our units. Finally Look for Zhang Fei,
he will have a large number of units with him.

Take him down with triple tech specials 
and heavy hitters. Once he is down, we will
achieve yet another VICTORY !

*** VICTORY ***

- Zhang Fei Will Join
- Tadakatsu Honda Will Join 
- Guan Yu Will Join 
- Zhao Yun Will Join
- Hanzo hattori will join !


3. Battle of Changban - Changban


Wild level here with a ton of twist and turns.
We will be doing battle vs the oda army.
Start off heading east and take out Yoritaka
Haticha. Shigetomo Takayama, should be taken out 
next. The gates to the south east will then open.

Despite all the twist and turns in this small
town area, it is rather simple. Just keep 
advancing across the map, taking out
the enemies and officers obviously along
the way.

If you or your units make it to the square
on the east side, you can execute a boulder
attack AGAINST the enemy. Keep this in mind
to even the odds.

Once you reach central map, You will run into
Nagachika Kamamori. Dian wei is with him defeat
of them both will open up central garrison gates.
Resulting in both party morale as well.

Continue to head west through the army. Far 
west will be the Two Samurai we need to defeat.
Namakara sassa, and Shige Nakagawa. After the
defeat of the two Samurai's will Reveal
ZHuge Liang, Defeat him quickly as they are 
all easy with some one high level. Zhuge Liang
will retreat, this will result in an easy victory.

*** VICTORY ***

Ujiyasu Hojo will Join !
Zhou Yu Will Join !
Daqiao Will Join !
Sun Ce Will Join !


4. Battle of Shizugatake - Shizugatake


First we must Capture the eastern garrison.
Our parties find it suspicious that the 
other garrison is lightly guarded. This means
we could be susceptible to ambush there.
Head east and battle Kageie Kakizaki, Continue
on your way east until the path wraps north.

North path will reveal some weak base captains,
and regular units take them down then head east.
taking out these units and the base captain, will
result in the easter garrison gates being open.
These are confirmed to in fact traped as well as
the first attempted garrison we originally 
planned on attacking.

Then more bad news, an ambush has come from the
North. Lead by Kansuke Yamato. We must make our
way through the enemies and ther are tons of them.
Use power characters here. Sima Zhao Should be
very high leveled at this point. If he is not
then definitley use your highest level character.

Finally after taking out these officers and
unique samurai enemies, our messengers have pulled
through ! Reinforcments of the enemy appear in
the North and north west parts of the map.

Horse back as quickly as possible to take out
those markers. Sima Jin is one of the Samurai's
take him down, The Lingui army will retreat. 
Simi yi is the next marker Take him out
and hopefully the explosives have been set at
this point by our allies. 

Walk or horseback To the next ship of enemy
reinforcments to the south. Go there And do
battle with the Utegi brothers. Take them 
both out.

Yoshikiro Murakami has arrived on the scene as
well as the final brother of Uesugi, Kenshen.
Shingen Takeda is the marker and the leader of
the enemy units.  Once he is down this will
ensure the VICTORY !

*** VICTORY ***

- Aya has Joined !


5. Battle of Honnoji - Honnoji


Starting off south central, work your 
way towards Honnoji garrison. Encounter
with Sadakato Murai, Defeat him and all his
enemy units. There will be several captains,
his defeat will bring up unit morale.

Keep advancing north of the map,
Hidemaki nori will be the next target.
Take him down , or just start attacking him
for a cut scene to begin. " Tiger " will
join the cause, and increase resistence morale.

There will be Hidekatsu Fukutomi, and Sun Juan
will speak of the gun powder. Honnoji will
begin to catch fire. Defeat Fukutomi. Work
your way to the North west at the further
point of the map marker.

Heading towards this area, will open up
the gates revealing the next section of
enemies. Nagachika Kanamori and kazudo 
yamachui. Take them both down and then
near all the fire that has broken out,
will be Kazumgama Taikei take him down then
advance to the next marker.

Fu Xi the next samurai,  can be dangerous
use your triple tech attack here. This Samurai
in particula has some nasty projectile attacks
so be extra careful, and don't forget about
focusing on his units at the same time.

After he is down the next marker will be
to enter the main hall. Mitsuharu Fuwa
will appear the the Oda Army will gain
Morale, once he is defeated as well as 
nakagawa, Koroku Hachisuka another samurai
will appear. Take him down, all the while
we are still avoiding the fire and making
our way to the main hall.

Nubomuri Sakuma is very easy he is usually 
waiting at the very north center of the field.
after he is down get on top of the roofs where
more units of the enemy wait with "No" is thier
leader. Take him down with all that you have on
top the roofs and No will retreat finish off more
of the units and make your way
inside the dojo.

Bokuzen Ujie , must be taken down now inside
of the huge dojo. Nobunaga Oda the master mind
of the Oda army. He is amazingly fast, and can do
a ton of damage as well. Use your BEST character
here and your Mosou to the fullest. He is one
of the hardest encounters so far. Take him out
to get the VICTORY !

*** VICTORY ***

Uijyasu Hojo Has Joined
Nobunaga Oda has Joined
Sun Jian has Joined !
No has joined
Xu zi has joined !


6. Battle For Fan Castle 


Big map, suggest having some speed
based characters. The south west road
is cut off. We have to use the north 
western road to get to Changou. Cao
Xiu will be the first enemy Samurai
encounter here. Nothing to bad so take
him out with the basics.

Head north past the shallow river, 
and get ready for a ton of fighting
Samurais, captains, and officers
will all be in this area save a triple
tech threat attack for now if your having

Heading to the next marker we have to
take down Cao Pi next. this will be
in the center of the map near a 
strong hold made of stone. Xiahou dun Will
be the next samurai encounter his defeat will
raise party morale.

Head all the way north west, to the next
boulder fall cut scene. The enemy has 
blocked off the path way. Nuwa another
femlae Samurai will appear with her units
take her out and she will retreat as well.

The mission conditions will change shortly
after her demise. We must Defeat Cao Cao.
Some of our party members will be against this
but never the less that is our mission at this

- Li feng
- Wang Chan
- Zhang Nan

 These are some more enemy Samurai/Officers
that will be encountered on our way to Cao Cao.
Heading east we will Run into Xu Xuan at a point
as well as he troops. He is another easy take down.

- Du Xi
- Wen Pin
- Liu Shao
- Cao Yu
- Jia Ku
- Chen Jiao

Not to mention a complete barrage of enemy 
units. Hope you have leveled for this point.
The mAin marker is Cao Cao. Using your best
characters switching between speed and power,
with some Mosou + Triple tech and high levels
they should go down.

This Will be another VICTORY ! enjoy the great
cut scene !

- Xiahou Dun will Join
- Cao Cao will Join
- Nuwa will Join


7. Battle of Yamazaki - Yamazaki


Pretty short level here, Basically 
the main goal is to take down Sasano'o.
At the same time we want to protect Da ji.

Starting off in the southwest portion
of the map we must also defeat some officers
to open up the two garrisons making a path way
for our units.

to do so one of the major problems and most 
likely the only other source of trouble, will
be the Samurai Phoneix. Phoneix comes very
early in the level though with little support.
Take down Phoneix then work your way complete
to the North East and Confront Sasano'o.

Another rough battle with this guy. Suggest
Levels of at least 35+ With your best character
and or characters. Once Sasano'o is down get
ready for a very awesome cut scenem featuring Sasano'o
and Da ji.



 8. Battle of Hulao Gate - Hulao


Make way for the Yashio'tori The Hydra will
be in this level with not just one but two
heads this time. That means two heads to 
take down. 

Use the Same tactics as last time on the Yashio'ori.
Use basic fire attacks until the beam charges all
the way. Once complete charge is full, unleash it
on the Hydra heads. Rinse and Repeat for both
Hydras. After Successful defeat of two hydra heads
There will be another cut scene. More demons as 
well as Kiyomori Taira have returned !

Main goal now is to take care of Kiyomori Taira
and everything that comes with him.

Be aware of heavy minotaurs tons of captains and
of course more Diamond back and tangle web demons.
Also this is probably the largest amount of enemies
encountered at once in this game. I suggest taking
on as many "side missions" as you can in this level
and get those K.O. Counts up as once again tons of
enemies here.

Keep following and beating your marker point
enemies. Eventually making your way to Kiyomori
Taira. Once he goes down, he will begin to RALLY.
The garrison gates will open with tons of demon
army. Triple tech time for sure, unleash these attacks.
Beware of the poison mist that envelops the area. The
poison mist is just that, poison get out of there
quick while taking at the enemies at the same time.

Head all the way south west to the Orochi Gate.
Break the crates and any other breakables.
You should be doing this at all times, to stock
up on new gear. Once you reach the Orochi gate,
A cut Scene with Shuten Doji will come up.
Watch the dodge matrix style Then the next


Orochi is a nasty ugly, powerful demon with a 
huge amount of HP. He can one shot you at lower
levels on the highest of diffculty. Since we
are on normal mode he is not so bad. Let us
use our best character to take him down. A power
character is usually the best for one on one battle.
Once again I suggest Sima Zhao.

- Sima Ji
- Cao Pi
- Xhengi All join the party !


 9. The Battle of Chengdu


We must make haste before the Hydra arrives.
Starting off in the central of the battle
field map.

Dong Zhou will be here, and introduce himself
formaly. We must take the North Western garrison.
On the Way we run into an over powered Galena.
Galena is a huge minotaur demon with a high amount
of HP. Mosou and triple techs For the win (FTW).

Head south from here, and take out 3-4 captains.
Still doing battle with the demon army another
officer with his minions will appear named Mamushi.
Take him down then head north over the big draw 

A Messenger will arrive to tell of the Hydra attack
being Delayed. Another report from our party to
mobilize the arabelest.

South west corner, take out Li Riu. Then receive
another report to assist Cao Cao. Head all the way
North west to a spiral mountain bridge. Once on
the bridge spiral down south.

Take out Hu Zhen IN the south east part of the 
field. Take horse back and head north east. take
out Huntsman, Hooknose, and fan chou.

- Huntsman
- Hooknose
- Fan Chou
- Keelback

After taking them out, head directly south
to the radial green marker. The demon forces
Lead by a nasty Minotuar demon named Yitterbite
and Xu Rong. Take them out then defeat the demon
forces in the south east. Follow the glowing
green radial if your lost.

Susano'o Will appear-
Peasants will escape 

: Susano'o :

Once again we will do battle with the demon
Susano'o. Power character, ice slide works nice 
to take out some of his minions or units. Once
he is down get ready for another cut scene and
of course the victory !

**** VICTORY ****

- Zhuge Liang Will Join
-Liu Bei will Join
- Dong Zhuo will join
- Ieyasu Tokogawa will join !


10. Battle of Osaka Castle - Osaka


Head north taking out all officers/ enemy
samurai in your path. Our party will be 
using the arabalest against the demon army
at this point. When we think it is an easy victory,
Sun Wukong will spilt into 3 and begin his advnace.

At this point victory conditions will change,
Take out Sun wukong and diamondback.

Sun Wukong is very fast and has some nasty 
lightning attacks that will knock down your
character as well as stun + the noticeable
damage. Oh yeah and did I mention Sun Wukong
has spilt into three?

-Copper head
-red back
-blood leg

- All unqiue enemy officers will be along the road
take advantage of this for the XP and take them
all down.

Head to the center of the Map and search
for diamondback. He will be with 2 other 
giant minotaur demons. Take out the minotaurs
first then take down Diamond back.

With the defeat of diamond back, this will take down
the demon army once again and ensure a victory for now.

- Kenshen Uegei
- Shingei Takemada will join !



1. The Slaying of the Hydra - Hydra2


Use the yashio'tori to slay the hydra. First
we have to get to it though.

- Kiyomori  Taira and the demon army will be
a huge problem in this level. We have to
take down his army, officers and samurais
to open up the gates to lanuch a full attack
on the hydra heads.

- This is a very difficult level, probably
the hardest in the game. I suggest levels of 40+
even higher. Use and fuse your best weapon ideas
possible and level your favorite characters at least
3 of them. Power speed and technique character and or
power speed and wonder.

Taira will also be resurrected enemies as well as
the Hydra so same tactics with the Yashio'ori

- Wait until beam is full then blast at the Hydra
Do not let the Machine be destroyed.

head around all markers on the maps, to open up
all guard post, this is easier said then done.
once again levels and good weapons are the keys 
to victory.

Kiyomori Taira will be defeated often in this
battle, he will then flee and ressurect himself
at another location on the map.

Keeping the guardpost doors open, will allow
us to make way to the Yashio'ori machine.
Use it like we have been doing. Fire attacks
to fully charged beam attacks on the Hydras 
head for extra damage. Every head defeated 
will result in more morale gained for the resistence.
Finally when all Hydra heads are down we will
acheive victory !

*** VICTORY ***


2. Orochi's End - Oroend


- Orochi can make incarnations of themselves
so we will be doing battle with many of them.
The demon army, stripleg,blockhead, and diamondback
etc. Will be on the scene as well.

- Once orochi uses sorcery all orochi and units
have increased power.

-Keep up with glowing markers, taking out all
orochi units. They are really not very difficult
after all we have been through. Especially at
our levels now, with great weapons as well.

- There are about 6-7 orochi to take out
on the field. The last one is a bit harder
then the rest, but nothing over powered.

- Best advice is to just follow the marker,
the level is actually quite easy to navigate
as well are the battles with our game experience
at this point, as well as our character levels
and weapons.

- Enjoy the Cut scene and the victory !

*** VICTORY ***


3. Susano'o's Last Stand -  LastStand 


Were going to start off at the very south west
portion of the map. Make your way all the way 
to the top North East part where Suasano'o will

Of course there will be tons of trouble along
the way. Equeelus is a noticeable battle, but 
your probably going to want to save Mosou as
well as Triple tech attack for Susano'o.
It's up to you. At level 45+ and the jist of this
game it is not to much trouble. 

The Cut Scenes, start getting really interesting
at this point so i do not want to spoil
things for you.

As far as the battle with Susano'o goes. High levels
+ triple tech to take him out. Power Enemy may sound
like the right idea, but a Speed or Wonder character 
at good levels will serve even better due to his low 
resistence or  big target to projectile attacks.

**** VICTORY ****


4. Final Level : Demise Of Orochi X ! - XORO


- accept all :missions: for this battle.
- Best Party avaible (highest levels)

- Level 50 If Possible will make this
whole level a breeze on basic modes.

- Life augmenting gear is key be sure
to have your phoneix items on all

- High Level Phoneix Wing
- High Level Lions Fang
- Best Possible weapons
- Best Fusion Combos and attributes

*** Check the Weapons FAQ on GAMEFAQS.COM ***

- Best weapon guide avalible on the web !


- Starting off north west we will enter the 
castle and immediatley run into Suntiger
Wipe the floor with your level 50 + might
Ryu Hayabusa if you perfer.

- Head west from this point and do battle
with Golden Rod. After Golden Rod is down
The Central gate will grow weaker.

- South West of the Map will be a huge
Minotaur Levyne. Take him down if you would
like for more xp + mission points.

- From South West head South west some more
use horse back to speed things up. Breaking
the sacred Orb Will weaken the central gate some
more. Resulting in Resistence morale as well.

-Kiyomori Taira will arrive at this point
where we will get a chance to finally finish him
off once and for all.


- Taira will have all his officers with him
in this battle. Take them out one by one
especially the ever pesky diamondback who has
been uber annoying throughout the whole game.

- Take him down with your best attacks of
course, and this will open up the final path.

- Taiga will tell us his defeat will not
stop Orochi as well. These words can not
mean anything well for the resistence.

- Continue through the now open path
We will go up a spiral pathway. It consist
of enemy after enemy. Minotaurs, captains
up to 20 units and a captain at once on
Normal. Like I said earlier very tough
without the proper equpment and or levels.

- Once we Reach the Top we will meet
OROCHI - X The Final Confrontation !

- Take Him out with Triple Tech, Your best
characters especially led by Power based character.
Bolt works really effective on Orochi as well 
as some ice damage. He seems to be weaker to
elemental attacks. Since strength is the only
attack counter in the game, Remember that
all special and or attribute based attacks
are still based around strength. Knowing this
should be for the win and of course the 

FINAL VICTORY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Congratulations on beating Warriors Orochi 3-

- Codebreak1337
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