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Isaac Clarke's twisted journey continues in the latest entry in EA's sci-fi 
survival horror franchise. 

Dead Space 3
Written by Dalton "HorrorSpooky" Cooper
Copyright 2013

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough
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3. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Isaac clarke is forced into another Necromorph heavy situation in order to save
his ex-girlfriend Ellie and all of mankind. Isaac is the only one capable of 
destroying the Markers. Can he succeed?

LT - Aim
LB - Roll
RT - Attack
RB - Stomp
Left Stick - Move
D-pad (left) - Left weapon
D-pad (up) - Scavenger Bot
D-pad (right) - Right weapon
Select - Rig
Start - Pause
Right Stick - Camera/Crouch
LT + Y - Stasis
LT + B - Kinesis
LT + X - Reload
B - Quick heal
A - Interact

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2. Walkthrough
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NOTE: There will be some differences between the solo and co-op campaigns for 
Dead Space 3.


--->Tau Volantis<---

At the start of the game, you will be taught the basics of Dead Space 3, 
controlling a soldier 200 years before Isaac's latest adventure. Move through 
the blizzard by pushing forward with the left stick. To help navigate through 
the weather, push down on the right stick. This will create a line on the 
ground to follow from place to place.

Out of the blizzard, you'll find a few containers. Hold LB and use the left 
stick in conjunction to sprint over to the containers. Tap RB to stomp on them,
and then use X to gather the ammunition. Aim your weapon by holding LT and then
press X to reload the gun.

Notice the nearby hatch. It is jammed shut. Fire at the hatch, and then press A
to open it. A soldier will stumble out with an axe stuck in his back, and next 
you will have to deal with two enemies. They will charge you with axes in each
hand. Back up and shoot out their legs. Then shoot their arms off, and this 
should be enough to take them out.

When they're dead, enter the ship they came from. More enemies will pour into 
the area. You can choose to kill them or to run from them. Whatever you choose,
rush to the ladder at the end of this room and press A to climb to the top, 
and then open the door to the cockpit immediately.

On the control panel, you will find the cylindrical object that was described 
to you. This is a codex with important information, evidently marker-related. 
Grab it and then the ship will begin to fall off the cliffside. You'll wind 
up on an icy slope, rappeling downward.

Keep the left analog stick pushed forward and constantly tap LB to hop down the
cliff. As long as you move fast enough, none of the debris from the falling 
ship should hit you. At the bottom of the cliff, the ship will crash behind 
you, and you'll start sliding down a mountainside. With your gun turned behind 
you, wait for one of the engines to start sliding down to you. You'll know it 
is the engine because it will be glowing orange with fire. Shoot it to blow it 
up, allowing safe passage through its center.


--->Isaac's Apartment<---

Isaac will be introduced to Norton and Carver, two soldiers. Carver is the 
character that the second person will control if you are playing the game in 
co-op. They will give Isaac a gun and then leave the apartment. You are given a
couple of minutes to explore the apartment.

First thing's first, grab the medical pack by pressing A. Then heal by pressing
B. There's a text log on the table in here, plus a pre-recorded message on the 
computer. Exit the room when you're ready and follow the hall to the outside 
area, where you'll find Norton and Carver taking cover near the front gate.

Approach them and they will open the gate. Suddenly, a swarm of Unitologist 
enemies will approach and take cover on the other side of the concrete 
barriers. Click in the right analog stick (without holding it), and Isaac will 
crouch. Make your way to Norton and Carver and take cover. Peak your head above
cover to take a couple of pot shots at the enemy.

Eventually, you will be told to make a run for the car. Get out of crouch and 
then sprint over to the car. A suicide bomber will climb on top of it and 
blow it up, causing Isaac to fall into a sewer-like area below. When you get 
up, quickly run for the tunnel, picking up all the ammo on the ground in the 

Quickly get behind cover because there will be about three enemies in this 
initial area. Kill them all, and then follow the road. A suicide bomber will 
come running down at you. Shoot him once and he'll get blown up by his own 
grenade after being slowed. Keep following the road to the next tunnel where 
you will find a ladder to climb.

At the top of the ladder, you will be back out in the street. Stick behind the 
next corner and survey the situation. There will be two enemies right around 
the corner, including one at an elevated position. Quickly pop out of cover, 
taking out the enemy on the ground first, then hide again. When you feel safe, 
pop back out and then take out the enemy on the roof.

Use your tracker and follow it to the next area. An enemy will run out into 
the street and get destroyed by a car. You're at the freeway, and these 
unmanned vehicles stop for no reason. Recharge your stasis unit using the 
device on the wall, and then use Stasis on one of the cars. To use stasis, aim 
with LT and then tap Y. This will cause a pile up and allow you to cross the 
road safely to the next ladder.

Climb the ladder and quickly go through the door to avoid taking damage from 
the bullets that will rain through the windows. In the next hallway, you will 
find a new weapon. Use the d-pad to switch between weapons quickly, or press 
select to go through your menu, then go through the next door.

--->Dredger Lobby<---

In the lobby, there will be dead bodies strewn all over the area. A man speaks 
on a television screen in the front lobby. Ignore them and then go around the 
back of it to find lockers filled with healing items. Open them up and gather 
the supplies.

Approach the elevator. Step inside and ride the elevator. At the top, a 
cut-scene will play. After the scene, you'll have to fight two enemies. 
Dismember them as you typically would, but one of them will likely morph, 
sprouting new limbs and firing projectiles at you. Strafe from left to right to
avoid the projectiles and continue dismembering the enemy.

From there, go into the next room. This office area will have more Necromorphs.
The space is tight, so I recommend killing them. Loot the area and then in the 
next hallway, you will be taught how to loot dead bodies by stomping on them. 
Do this to gather more supplies and then continue through to the next area.

You'll reach an outside area. Try to follow the people, and the gate will 
close. Turn around and go the other way. Necromorphs will be everywhere in 
these streets. Run straight through them, hugging the market stalls to loot 
supplies as you go, and then run down to the elevator. Press A to call it, and 
then keep your back to it, swinging wildly by tapping RT without holding LT.

When the elevator arrives, back up into it and quickly press the button to 
escape from the Necromorphs. Exit the elevator and you'll be at a train 
station. Loot the lockers for supplies, and then survey the situation. You 
have to use Kinesis to attach the train cars so that you can leave on the 

To use Kinesis, aim with LT and then press B. Use Kinesis on the first train 
car and drag near the other one, and the lights turn green. This will cause 
the platform in the middle to rotate. When that's done, drag the car off the 
platform. The platform will rotate again, allowing you to drag the other car 
onto it. Let it rotate again, and then the two parts of the train will attach 
automatically, and it will start chugging along.

Wait for the rear of the train to show up and then walk up the ramp. Go through
the door and then hang tight as Isaac questions Norton. When that's done with, 
go through the subsequent door. Wait for the sparks to disappear before 
stepping outside, or else you will take damage.

Get behind cover as a couple of armed foes will show up. Take them out, and 
then climb the ladder at the end of the train car. Push forward to the ramp 
coming out of the ship and then Isaac will jump across. Mash on the A button so
Isaac pulls himself onto the ship.


Grab the med pack here and then exit this room. Make your way to Norton in the 
control room. Disaster then strikes the Eudora in typical Dead Space fashion, 
and the crew will scramble to survive and get their wits about them.

In control of Isaac, push down the corridor as instructed by Carver. More 
explosions will rock the ship, causing Isaac's health to drop rapidly. Ignore 
that and just keep pushing forward. Move Isaac to the doors that are slightly 
ajar and he will climb through automatically.

Isaac will then put on a space suit, and just in time, too. Floating around in 
space now, use your boosters by holding LB to make your way to the hatch to 
let everyone else out of the ship. First move the clutches out of the way 
using Kinesis and dragging them to the left and right. Then approach the 
panel attached to the door and interact with it to open it up.

The crew will come flying out, all holding on to a large piece of debris. 
Follow them through space using your boosters as you travel to the nearby 
abandoned ship. Avoid the debris by moving Isaac out of the way. There will be 
mines that fly at you as well. The game tells you to shoot them, but I found 
it rather easy to just avoid them like any of the other debris.

Keep pushing forward and then yet another explosion through a panel of ship 
will occur. After that, everything will be a bit more peaceful. Use your 
boosters to get closer to the abandoned ship. There will be an oxygen tank 
floating around. Pull it to you using Kinesis and then use it to replenish 
some of your oxygen supply, then approach the landing area.

Click the left analog stick in for Isaac to drop the zero gravity and land on 
the ground. Approach the door. These doors have to be opened by first grabbing 
onto the handle by using Kinesis, and then tapping B again in Kinesis to turn 
the valves. Step inside and let the room fill with oxygen and Isaac will stop 
having to use his oxygen supply for the time being.


Wait a second and the big door in front of Isaac will open. A Heavy Standard 
Frame will be on the ground at the end of the hall. This item is used for 
weapon crafting. Keep your eyes peeled for such items on the ground or in 
lockers on the walls.

Go through the next door. Turn the valve using Kinesis to let the rest of the 
crew through. When they are safely inside, Isaac is instructed to meet them. 
Exit this room and now a previously locked door will be accessible. Go through 
to reunite with the rest of the crew.

The distress signal came from further in the ship. Norton is staying behind to 
get everyone else out of the shipping container they used to transport the 
rest of the crew, but Carver will come with Isaac if you are playing in co-op. 
Otherwise, Isaac has to explore deeper into the ship by himself.

Go through the door and in the next hallway you will have to fight Necromorphs.
These are easy ones, so just kill them and then loot their bodies. Loot the 
walls and crates for more supplies and go into the next room. Here you will 
find another puzzle, though it is simple.

There is a large door in this room that needs power to open. To restore power 
to it, take notice of the battery container in the room that is lacking its 
battery. The battery will be on a nearby desk. Use Kinesis to carry the battery
and place it in its rightful spot.

It is at this point you will receive a bonus mission objective. Your mission, 
should you choose to accept it, is to craft a weapon. Using the items found 
earlier, you can easily craft a simple weapon. When you access the workbench, 
an in-game tutorial will pop up and explain how the weapon crafting process 
works. Go through the ropes and craft yourself a new, more powerful weapon 
before moving on through the ship.

Through these halls, there will basically be one door you can go through in 
each area. Necromorphs will drop from the ceiling and attack, but as I said, 
they are very easy to take care of. If you feel yourself getting surrounded, 
shoot them with stasis, run away, turn around, and then finish the job. Ammo 
is plentiful, so don't worry about running dry.

You'll wind up in a long tunnel with fans in the middle that are stationary. 
Click the left analog stick in and Isaac will go into zero gravity yet again. 
Boost through the tunnel. The wall-crawling enemies from the first two games 
will appear, albeit with a bit of a graphical make over. They attack and 
function just the same. Blast them with stasis and then boost to the end of the
tunnel and go through the door.

This next room is expansive, and it is home to another puzzle. You need to 
reactivate the generator in the middle. There are three prongs that need 
pulled into position using Kinesis. Go to the first one and do this. Then use 
Kinesis on the valve on the center of this part of the machine and hold B to 
spin the valve and energize it.

When it is energized, those annoying wall-crawling enemies will appear. Kill 
them and go over to the second part of the machine and power it up. No new 
enemies will come yet. Then go to the third part of the machine and power it 
up, and a ton of enemies will swarm into the area.

Click in the right analog stick to find the door you need to go through. Go 
over and activate it immediately. There is a long waiting process so run around
the area in a circle, blasting the enemies with stasis to avoid wasting ammo, 
and then hop into the elevator when it finally arrives and ride it up.


--->Admiral's Quarters<---

Aww, poor Isaac. Well, after the scene, smash any crates, loot the place, use 
the workbench if you'd like, and then go back down the elevator. The elevator 
will mess up near the bottom. When it finally lets Isaac out, step back into 
the generator room to find a nice new monstrosity to deal with.

From your current location, you can destroy the tentacle in the distance to 
make this fight a bit easier right off the bat. Just hold your ground and 
shoot at the orange bulbous area in its center. It will start to turn red as 
it nears destruction, and then finally the tentacle will be severed. If the 
tentacle is flipping around too quickly for you, slow it down with stasis 

When the tentacle in the distance is destroyed, power the generator prong like 
you did earlier. This will cause an electric current to surge through the 
monster and make it move its mass that is blocking the way. Another tentacle 
will appear. Destroy it, and then fight off any Necromorphs that show up as 
you are doing this.

Power the second prong. Destroy the tentacles. There are little alcoves all 
around this area taht you can duck into to avoid being smashed by the tentacles
during this fight. The Necromorphs will become an annoyance, so just blast them
with stasis when they charge at you and dismember them as their bodies are 
flying through the air for maximum effectiveness.

Finally, power the third prong and destroy the last tentacles. Then exit this 
room the way you entered it the first time. The tunnel with the fans is now 
activated, and the fans are moving dangerously fast. Ignore the wall crawlers 
here, and be sure to replenish your stasis supply at the machine before 
activating zero gravity.

Boost down the tunnel. Shoot the first fan with stasis to slow it down. Then 
fly through to the next fan. Slow that one down with a blast of stasis as 
well before boosting on through. Exit zero-g and then go through the door and 
climb up the subsequent ladder.

You'll be lead to a computer panel powering the nearby elevator. Interact 
with the computer and you'll have a little mini-game to complete in order to 
power the elevator. Move the left and right analog sticks as instructed by the 
computer screen, and then press A when prompted as well. When all the nodes are
filled, the elevator will power on and you can ride it up to the Admiral's 
Quarters proper.

Isaac will see all the writing and nonsense scribbled on the wall and read it. 
After the scene, leave the Admiral's Quarters the way you came. Necromorphs 
will be terrorizing the halls now. Take a left after exiting the elevator and 
go through the door at the end. There will be two doors to go through now, so 
use your navigation system to find the right one and go through.

Wait for Ellie to unlock the nearby door and then go through. Go through the 
next set of doors. You'll come to a rig upgrading system. Here you can change 
your suit or upgrade your suit. If you have a Mass Effect 3 save on your 
system when you play the game, you can get a cool ME3 inspired suit to use. 
You can upgrade your suit by using the materials picked up at various ponits 
throughout the game.

When you're done, go through the next door. Norton will call you on a private 
channel for a little chat. When he's done talking, open the next couple of 
valve doors to be out in space. Boost over the platform in the distance and 
land. Replenish your oxygen supply using the machine here. Then enter the 
transport pod.

This pod is used to travel between all the different ships out here. At this 
point, you can choose to explore an optional mission objective of checking out 
the Greely ship. Or you can continue the main story along by taking the ship to
the Terra Nova. Upon docking, press B to exit the transport pod.


--->Terra Nova Crew Deck<---

There is a suit kiosk to mess with here as well if you want. When you're down, 
explore the ship deeper. You'll find a map system to hack. Approach the panel 
and hack it. To hack it, move the left analog stick around in a circle and 
when it flashes blue, press A. Do this three times and then a map will show up 
of the ship.

Exit the room. As you enter a large cargo area, there will be explosive tanks 
on the ground. Pick them up with Kinesis and launch them at the wall crawlers 
as they come near you. Then go down the ladder and clear the area of any other 

Isaac will then find a scavenger bot. Push up on the d-pad to equip the 
scavenger bot. Aim its radar and walk around the area until the radar starts 
flashing. Then press RT to deploy the bot. It will collect crafting items for 
you and deliver them to workbenches.

After launching it, leave this area as it will be swarmed with more 
Necromorphs. In the next room, you will be introduced to a new and very 
annoying type of enemy. These little monsters enter dead bodies and convert 
them into Necromorphs.

They will reanimate the corpses at the far end of the room. Get your back to 
the wall and use your weapon that has the most spread to try to wipe them out 
as well as the new Necromorphs. If the little enemies jump on Isaac, you'll 
have to mash on the A button to get them away. Keep an eye on Isaac's health 
meter and be prepared to use a med pack if he takes too much damage.

Use the workbench in this room before continuing. Keep an eye out for loot as 
you move through the area. Try to activate the tram system once the coast is 
clear, but Isaac will discover that something is jamming it. Go through the 
nearby door once it activates and the climb the ladder to the top.

There will be a new enemy type to deal with here. These are big guys with 
those little monsters inside of them. Shoot their legs out and their arms to 
kill them without letting their stomaches explode. If their stomaches do 
explode, then those little monsters from before will scurry all over the 
place and become an annoyance.

Loot the area and continue through to the next room. Down the hallway will be 
a monster attached to the wall with tentacles sprouting from its stomach, 
allowing it to cling to the wall. Blast its tentacles to separate them from 
the monster, which will in turn cause it damage. When all its tentacles are 
gone, it will die and it will drop an item to loot.

Grab the loot and then continue into the next room. Two huge panels will 
separate, revealing that the tram is being blocked by a bunch of debris 
outside. Loot the area first by opening lockers, and then approach the computer
in the room. What ensues is a Tetris-style puzzle.

Rotate the boxes on the left and right using the left and right analog sticks 
respectively so that they can fit together like puzzle pieces. Then when they 
are ready, pull both triggers so that they meet in the middle and combine. Do 
this for all the other pieces of debris as well. It's easy to tell where they 
can connect; just like for pieces of the debris that jut out or extend beyond 
just a simple square or rectangle shape, and oftentimes that is the part of 
the debris that needs to be facing the opposite piece. The same logic applies 
to an indention in the debris.

A trio of Necromorphs will invade the area. Replenish your stasis if you need 
to, and then freeze them all. Dismember them as they are all frozen and then 
backtrack out of the area. The elevator will break, unfortunately, and drop 
Isaac into a new area of the Terra Nova.

--->C.M.S. Terra Nova, Cradle Ops<---

Exit the elevator and move forward. Loot the place. Norton will send you a 
video showing you how to use your Kinesis as a weapon against the Necromorphs. 
As you move back through the cargo area, a regenerating Necromorph will fall 
out of a container.

RUN! Sprint out of the area. Ignore all the other enemies and push forward to 
the next doors. If you see the regenerating Necromorph running at you, be 
quick and blast it with stasis to slow it down. Shoot out its legs if it 
becomes too much of a threat.

When you reach the tram room, go activate the controls. The regenerating 
Necromorph will join you, as well as other fast-moving Necromorphs with long 
tails that will jump on Isaac a lot. Use your stasis that you have now on the 
regenerating Necromorph and then shoot out its legs. Kill the other enemies 
and run around this area in a circle. When you are completely out of stasis, 
recharge it at the machine here.

Keep killing the regular Necromorphs and slowing down the bigger, regenerating 
one with stasis. A second regenerating Necromorph will show up the closer the 
tram gets to the fore station. If you run out of stasis, keep moving around and
blast out the limbs of the regenerating Necromorphs to buy yourself some time.

When the tram arrives, abandon everything and get inside. Go to the controls 
and choose to travel to the mid-station.


--->C.M.S. Terra Nova, Aft<---

When arriving at the mid-station, use the controls again and this time choose 
Aft Station that is the top-most option and ride the tram there. When you 
arrive, go to the elevator. As soon as you call it, the regenerating 
Necromorph will show up. Luckily there's a stasis refueling station right by 
the elevator. Slow down the necromorph and then get in the elevator before you 
have to waste any ammo on it.

At the end of the elevator, you will be in a large hangar with a shuttle in 
the middle. Your goal is to craft a remote that can be placed on the shuttle so
the crew can get a read out of it. In this area, there will be a lot of 
enemies showing up. This will be the first main story appearance of the 
explosive crawling Necromorphs with the large orange tails. Shoot their tails 
to blow them up. If you are skilled enough, you can dismember their explosive 
tails from their body and then use the remains of it as sort of a mine to 
blow up other enemies that crawl next to it.

Keep an eye out for these guys as you collect the parts needed to build the 
remote. There are three necessary parts. Whenever enemies are nearby, you'll 
hear their screech and cries so you should have plenty of time to react. The 
first part will be located by taking the lift down in this first area. You will
find it on a shelf.

After acquiring the first part, ride the lift up. Then call the other lift that
runs through the center of this room. Approach the console and then press A 
to activate the controls. Use the d-pad to cycle between the available areas. 
Your choices are your current position, down by the shuttle, and at the area 
on the opposite side of the room.

Choose the area on the opposite side of the room. The workbench is over here 
as well. Take the lift down to the lower area just as you did before. This 
time you will find the two parts on these two different consoles with wires 
coming out of them. With all the parts in tow, ride the lift back up and then 
craft the remote at the workbench.

Then use the center lift to go in front of the shuttle. Use Kinesis to open 
the valve on the front of it. Then place the remote, and you will be given 
coordinates to a means of refueling the shuttle. Ride the center lift to 
the side of the room with the workbench.

Take the lift down. Follow your navigation tool to another lift and ride this 
up. Then approach the console at the top and press A. Exit the room and go 
around to the other side of the fuel container. Grab it with Kinesis and pull 
it down on top of the shuttle to begin the fueling process.

Of course, this is the cue for all the Necromorphs to show up. Keep your back 
to the shuttle and hold them off. When the fueling is complete, return to the 
control room and activate the console to remove the fuel nozzle. Ellie will 
perform a test of the shuttle, but this causes serious complications. The 
shuttle is beginning the countdown process, and the doors won't open!

Take the lift back down. Fire is now everywhere and will block your path. 
Flame spews from broken pipes and the like, so hang tight until the flame
subsides before continuing. Ignore all the enemies. As you near a ladder that 
you have to drop down, you'll see the regenerating necromorph engulfed in 
flames. There should be medical packs on the ground there, so try to pick 
those up as you slow down the necromorphs with stasis and then climb down the 

Open the door and wait for the flames to stop again before proceeding. When 
you reach the lift controls, activate them and immediatelly turn your back to 
the lift. Pull the left analog stick down so that you are walking backwards 
into the lift so when it arrives, Isaac will step onto it. The necromorph 
that regenerates will show up. Slow him down and then take the lift back up.

Slow it down a bit as you run for the controls of the center lift, as flame 
will burst through the wall. Kill the necromorph, then turn around and slow 
down the regenerating necromorph. Wait for the flames to disperse, and then be 
VERY quick in sprinting across the way. Run by the controls just to be sure 
you put enough distance between you and the flames because being caught in 
those results in serious damage.

Turn around and slow down the regenerating necromorph again if you can. If not,
shoot out his legs. Then use the controls for the center lift. Ride it over to 
the opposite side. Follow the navigation beam to reach the gears that are 

Get behind the controls of the turrets. Use them to shoot the explosive 
barrels blocking the gears and to kill the Necromorphs before they can reach 
you. When this segment is over, a series of large explosions will occur and 
Isaac will be thrust back into space.


Boost forward. Mines will float toward Isaac. These mines aren't as easy to 
dodge. Boost backward and put serious distance between Isaac and the mines, 
and then shoot them to blow them up safely. On the front of the space dock 
are two covered oxygen tanks. Shoot the covers and then you can replenish 
Isaac's supply of oxygen using the tanks.

Boost downward, and then back up. If you find yourself confused or disoriented,
tap RB to reposition everything. Boost up to the transportation pod and get 
inside. It looks like the Crozier also needs a new engine for it to work 
properly. Jeeze. Fix or repair daily, amiright?

Use the transportation pod to fast-travel to Greely. Exit the pod once you 


--->C.M.S. GREELY<---

Start boosting your way over to the designated working area. On the top of 
the designated object will be three panels. Rip them apart using Kinesis, 
and then pull the engine out Kinesis. You'll then receive new instructions, so 
boost over to another transport pod platform. Replenish your oxygen and then 
get inside the pod.

Use the pod to go to Roanoke. Then exit. Boost toward the first satellite. 
Your navigation tool will be useless here, but the satellites aren't exactly 
hidden. Shoot the mines before they get too close. There will be supplies 
floating around out here, such as medical packs, just in case you take too 
much damage.

Loot the first satellite. The next two satellites are not far off, and are 
close together. They can be seen easily from the first satellite. Boost over to
the one on the right. Loot it, and then stop at the oxygen tanks that are 
visible from here to replenish Isaac's oxygen tanks.

Then loot the final satellite. Boost all the way back to the transport pod. 
Get inside and travel to Roanoke. Fly to the ship. Use the suit kiosk if you 
want to upgrade, and then make your way to the workbench. Use the workbench to 
craft the array.

Now go back to the shuttle. Open the hatch on top with your Kinesis and place 
your Array inside. Now Isaac can enter the shuttle.

--->C.M.S. CROZIER<---

You can walk around the ship if you want, but there's nothing to see unless 
you want to examine the crew. Approach the control panels at the cockpit to 
take control of the Crozier and head to the planet.

Blue squares indicate your flight path. Don't stray too far out of the path or 
your crew will be sunk. Obstacles in the way are marked by red squares that 
turn orange when you move the cursor onto them by moving the right analog 
stick. This indicates that your ship is locked onto them, and you can then 
fire missiles to destroy them and get them out of the way.

There are certain obstacles that can't be avoided because it is a scripted 
part of the game. Destroy and avoid all the obstacles as the journey to the 
ice planet below continues.


--->Tau Volantis<---

After the crash, grab the medical pack out of the snow and use it to replenish 
Isaac's health. Now start moving through the blizzard. In the distance, you 
will be able to see flaming wreckage. Move from piece of wreckage to piece of 
wreckage to keep Isaac's body temperature from getting too low. This is 
indicated by a meter on his back. If his temperature gets too low, Isaac will 

Eventually, you will reach the remains of the ship. Isaac will find a dead 
body inside, but it is the body of the crewmate that was killed on the way to 
the planet. Outside the ship, you'll find flares. Follow these flares and a 
gigantic monster will attack Isaac and send him flying across the area.

When Isaac recovers, keep following the flares and fire through the storm. 
A building will come into view. Enter the bottom floor of the building. There 
will be collectibles isnide as well as a generator. To power the generator, 
use Kinesis on it and then mash on the B button until the power comes on. With 
the power on, Isaac's temperature will be stabilized.

Leave this room when you're ready, and use the lift to reach the top of this 
structure. Move through this upstairs area and power the generator in here, 
too. Loot the place, and then exit, still pushing through the blizzard using 
the flares as guidance.

You'll reach another building. Stop in there to heat up and loot the place 
before going back outside. Necromorphs will turn up in droves, and there will 
be a stretch where you will notice a severe lack of flares. Just keep pushing 
forward through the blizzard and you'll find a single flare in front of 
another building. Use stasis on any necromorphs on your tail and then use 
Kinesis to open the door.

Inside, you will find a dying friend. Listen to his speech and then snake 
around the area and go to the generator. Power it up with Kinesis.



Next on the agenda is to power the elevator so Isaac can get below and snag a 
snow suit so he can pursue Ellie and the rest of the crew. In the room with 
the generator, you'll notice a few cogs on the wall, marked by bright blue 
rings in their centers. Pull one off the wall using Kinesis and carry it back 
to the elevator.

Place the cog on the middle spoke that is missing a piece in the machinery to 
the right of the elevator. The elevator will start power on, so call it. When 
it arrives, step inside and ride it down. You'll hear a cryptic recording 
about someone keeping something trapped with the elevator...Uh-oh!

When the elevator doors open, a creepy naked thing can be seen briefly, 
pulling junk out of the cupboards. It will scurry away. Explore the area a 
bit, and you'll find a spooky room with dead bodies hanging from the ceiling 
and wrapped up. There will be a crate on the ground to smash, so smash it and 
grab the contents.

Around the corner, you will be greeted by many of these new enemy types. They 
are lanky and fast, and will swarm Isaac. Blast them with as much stasis as 
possible, and then fire into the mob. If you have long lasting stasis, then 
try lining up the shots to be more effective, but there are so many of these 
things that it may be wiser just to fire into their flesh and hope for the 

When the first batch of these things are dead, stomp on their corpses and the 
like to gather supplies. Then exit this room and you'll come across another 
wave of these things, but in even higher quantity. Don't get cornered. Run 
back a bit and fire at them from another room. They will drop from the 
ceiling repeatedly once the initial batch is dead, so you still have some 
work cut out for you.

A lot of ammo and pain later, check the signs above the doors for the one that 
says pump station. Go through that door. Climb down the ladder and approach 
the machinery. There is another puzzle in store for Isaac here, using Kinesis. 
There are four plates with three different electric connectors on them. You 
have to match each connector to a corresponding one in order to power the 
machine for use.

Rotate the panel on the upper right so that the striped connector is facing 
the middle. The bottom right connect should be rotated so that the red arrow-
looking connector is facing the middle. And finally, the pannel on the left 
should be rotated so the solid, pipe-looking connector is facing the middle. 
Then rotate the middle panel so that it matches up with all the rest and the 
machine will power on.

With the pump going, wait for it to pump once and then retract. Follow it down 
the tunnel. A screech will indicate that one of those skinny naked things is 
about to pop out from the right. As soon as it comes out, turn around and run 
away. It should get smashed by the spikes on the pump. Then wait for it to 
retract again, and duck into the room the monster came out of.

Make sure you have full stasis by using the machine here at the end of the 
hall. Then wait for the pump to retract again. Blast it with stasis and run to 
the end, hanging a left to get through there. Kill any enemies and loot the 
place, and then you'll come up to another panel rotating puzzle.

For this one, we'll start at the top and go clockwise for my explanation of 
how they should be rotated. The top panel should be rotated so that the yellow 
and black-striped bars are both facing another panel. The next panel should 
match with that one, and then the one below that should match as well. Now 
just keep rotating them so they correspond with the previous panel and you 
should be golden. Activate pump 2 using the control panel.

Now get your back to a wall because you won't be "golden" much longer. Get your
best weapon ready because a ton of those skinny style necromorph things are 
about to show up and make the situation much more difficult. Personally, I 
used a Plasma Cutter with a rapid fire mod for this part, but I can see any of 
the other guns being just as helpful in the right hands.

With your weapon ready, keep your eye on the air vent on the far wall. Blast 
away at them as soon as they appear. When you start running low on ammo, fire 
stasis at them to give you time to reload. There is a machine right next to 
the puzzle that lets you refill your stasis if need be.

When they're all dead, pump 2 should have had enough time to pump a couple of 
times so that it will retract farther now. Wait for it to slide past the door, 
then fire a stasis shot at it. Duck into the hall and run to the end, getting 
through the next door before the pump can crush Isaac.

Next you will find a couple of suit kiosks. Use the kiosk to equip the new 
Arcuit Defense suit that will make it so Isaac doesn't have to worry about 
freezing to death outside. Approach the gate. A scanner will initiate to make 
sure Isaac has a snow suit equipped, and then the door will be unlocked. Turn 
the valve with Kinesis and step through the open gate.

--->Waystation Exit<---

Ride the elevator up and go through the airlock doors to be back outside. Run 
straight ahead to the next flare, ignoring any Necromorphs that may get in the 
way. Go into this building, let Isaac be scanned, and then go through the 

Push through the blizzard conditions as you work your way along the mountain. 
If you get lost, then use your locator by clicking in RS, which will now once 
again point to your next objective. Isaac will go through a cave with a few 
axe-wielding Necromorph enemies, so take them out and then loot the cave, as
there are plenty of breakable boxes in here filled with loot.

Continue through the storm. A QTE segment will break up the gameplay as 
machinery falls off the cliff, nearly taking Isaac with it. Tilt the left 
analog stick forward when instructed, and mash on A when instructed, and you 
will survive the ordeal. Continue down the cliffside when it's done.

There will be a wide snow-covered valley separating Isaac from a large 
building. Run over to the building. Carver will be at the top, but then he 
comes under attack. As Isaac, go to the nearby building and enter. Isaac will 
get in touch with Ellie. Power the generator to fuel the lift outside and then 
go interact with the lift.

Remember the big ice monster that knocked Isaac down a while ago? Well, it's 
back, and this time you have to fight it. Keep distance between Isaac and the 
monster. Its tentacles will wave around wildly behind it. Fire at the large 
orange pockets of flesh on its tentacles to dismember it.

When its tentacles have been destroyed, it will regrow them back. Keep dealing 
damage to the tentacles and continue to dismember them. The monster will charge
you with three orange orbs hanging down from its face. Shoot at the orbs and 
after one is destroyed, it will resume its typical pattern. Dismember its 
tentacles again, and then destroy a second orb and the monster will flee from 

This will in turn create a rampway to walk up and reach the higher area. Walk 
up the ramp and continue into the building. It is at this point, if you are 
playing the Xbox 360 version of the game, that you will have to switch to the 
second disc. When you're ready, approach the lift, activate it, and then ride 

At the bottom of the lift, run out into the snow and across to the next 
building. Go inside and you will reunite with Ellie, Norton, and crew. 
Following the scene, they leave Isaac to his business.


Loot the place, use the workbench if need be, then go outside. A ship will 
drop off some Unitologists. Crouch behind cover and take them out from afar. 
When they're dead, run across the snow and go through the next building as 

Smash the crates, loot the place, and then go through the next door and step 
outside. Take the lift down. Get behind the crates. Peak your head around the 
corner and take out the human enemies as they come down the ramp. Then go up 
the ramp and wipe out the rest of the enemies here. Go through the door as 
indicated and take the next lift down.

In this next area, you'll notice Necromorphs fighting against the Unitologist 
soldiers. You can hang back and see who wins, and then take out the victor if 
you'd like. Move through this area, through the next door, and then take the 
ladder down. If you look behind the ladder, a weapon customization item will 
be stuck between the two boulders. You can pick it up with Kinesis.

Through the next few areas, you'll basically just be dealing with humans 
instead of Necromorphs. Slaughter your way through the enemies and loot any 
items you see. As you move through a building, you'll be introduced to a new 
enemy type that takes control of deceased soldiers and then uses their guns 
against you.

These creepy looking enemies will appear two at a time during their first 
appearance. Quickly dismember the body and then run over and stomp on the 
walking head before it can find a new host. Repeat this process with the other 
one, and then continue down the elevator. A Necromorph will drop through the 
ceiling of the elevator. Blast it with stasis and then quickly dismember it 
before it can do any damage.

Exit the elevator and continue. You'll run into more Unitologist soldiers 
fighting Necromorphs. Help them kill the Necromorphs as there are there very 
annoying ones in the fold. Once the Necromorphs are dead, kill the remaining 
soldiers and then approach the nearby computer panel.

Yet again you have to do the mini-game in which you move both the left and 
right analog stick, line them up with nodes, and then press A when they are 
aligned with the nodes. This one is a bit longer and tougher, but you still 
shouldn't fail at all. Completing this mini-game will open up the nearby 
door, so go through.

--->Coring Platform<---

Go down the slope and turn on the generator using Kinesis. This will in turn 
open the next area that allows you to reach the drilling platform. There is a 
large drill being blocked by two safety gates. Pull down the gates using 
Kinesis. The drill when then go crazy out of control.

Shoot it with stasis and then fire at its yellow center. Necromorphs will come 
in by the droves to make this process more difficult. There are stasis 
machines all over the place to recharge your stasis abilities, so hug the wall 
at all times and then resume damaging the drill.

The toughest part will come when the new Necromorphs show up. Get a full stasis
bar, then shoot the drill. Turn and shoot the Necromorphs with stasis to keep 
them at bay, and then resume shooting at the drill's center. You'll have to do 
this a total of three times, and then the drill will be destroyed and Isaac 
can pass through to the next area.

The next area has a sequence of valves and a large frozen Necromorph in the 
ice. Ignore this for now and after the conversation with Ellie, go through 
the door that leads to the furnace room. First, you will be in a room with a 
suit kiosk. Change into the new Archaelogist Suit, as it is better than 
whatever suit you're currently wearing. Then hop on the lift.

There is a door at the far end of this next area that is only slightly open, 
restricting access inside. Immediately to Isaac's left after stepping off the 
lift is a bit of debris and a computer console. Interact with the console and a
battery will be revealed. If you want to smash some crates for loot, you can 
pull them from behind the debris using Kinesis. Get loot, grab the battery, and
then start carrying it to the door.

Fight off the Necromorphs that show up, and then place the battery through the 
door. Backtrack a bit and climb up the ladder. Follow the catwalk to an 
alternate entrance to the room where you just placed the battery. Pick it back 
up and place it in the designated slot. Then press A on the console next to 
the battery to turn on the furnace.

The door that was slightly open before is now completely closed. More 
Necromorphs will show up. Go through the door and sprint to the lift. Take the 
lift down, loot the room if you didn't earlier, and then continue to 


Back in the room with the valves and the large Necromorph creature, interact 
with the machine. Unfortunately, it isn't working due to being frozen and all, 
and so a puzzle of sorts commences. There are four valves, marked 1, 2, 3, and 
4. There are four numbers above the center area of the machine. When one of 
those numbers lights up, you are to turn the corresponding valve using Isaac's 
Kinesis ability.

You'll have to turn a total of 10 valves. Once the machine reaches 100%, 
press A on the console to start thawing out the specimen and the room. Ride 
the elevator to the observation desk and speak with Santos. She will give you 
the schematic for the Probe Gun. Pick it up off the desk.

Now leave the area through the elevator. You'll be back outside. Go around to 
a door that was inaccessible before. Access the control panel next to the door 
and it will be unlocked. Go through and then just push through each area. It 
is a very linear path, and there are no enemies to keep in mind.

That is, until Isaac winds up back outsid. The blizzard has picked up again, 
and there's a new enemy type to deal with as well. These enemies will charge 
Isaac and knock him down, making them incredibly annoying. Kill the first two 
by using stasis, and then run by the rest through the blizzard until you reach 
the next door to go back inside.

There are a couple of audio logs to gather in this mess hall. Grab them and 
then continue through the next door.

--->Staging Yard<---

You'll be in a yard filled with crates. Those charging enemies from before are 
here, too. You'll notice a control panel to a nearby door that will do the 
left/right stick node mini-game to open. Run over to this and get your back to 
it, as it provides a great view of all the crates so the monsters can't get 
one up on you.

Hold your ground and kill them as they come. They tend to peak around the 
corner of the box before charging, giving you a moment to reload if necessary. 
Blast the monsters to piecees and when they're dead, grab all the loot they've 
dropped. Then do the mini-game to unlock the door and head through to the 
warehouse area.

The warehouse has been mostly destroyed, but Isaac still wants to look for the 
three Probe Gun parts. As luck would have it, they're all close by. First, turn
your attention to the crane hanging above the chasm below. The crane has a 
cage attached to it. Use Kinesis to turn the cogs and lift the cage up. Then 
climb down the ladder. The first probe will be to your right, the second to 
your left amongst a ton of other supplies, and the third will be in the cage.

After collecting them all, climb back up the ladder. Return to the Staging 
Yard area. The ice monster from before returns! And it has smashed all the 
crates from before. Oh, bother. The fight plays out exactly like before, 
though it seems to be a bit more aggressive this time. Take it out, and it 
will flee before Isaac can kill it.

Backtrack through the mess hall. There will be a locker here that is now 
unlocked, and it wasn't before. Ignore it. Opening it will only make a small 
Necromorph latch onto Isaac and cause him to take damage. Continue outside, 
where armed Necromorph enemies now await.

Due to the limited visibility, the best course of action here is to run by the
enemies. When the lasers on their guns touch Isaac, tap LB twice and tilt the 
left analog stick in any direction so that Isaac rolls out of the way. Near the
end of this trek back up the mountain, a suicide bomber will rush Isaac. You 
will be able to see the faint red glow of his grenade. Fire at him to kill him 
and then go through the door to get back inside.

As you move through the drilling platform area, I bet you expected the dead 
cultists to rise from the dead! But nope, instead  Necromorphs burst from the 
ventilation ducts. Run by them and through the door. Then sprint by the other 
Necromorphs in this next area before they can fully reanimate and come after 
Isaac. Escape through the next door.

Go to the workbench. Isaac will radio in his success to Ellie. Craft the Probe 
Gun at the bench. Replace whatever gun you don't use that much with the Probe 
Gun, and then use the workbench as much as you need to before exiting and 
returning to the observation deck.


--->Dissection Hangar<---

On either side of the observation deck are large harpoon guns. Activate both of
them. When they're activated, crank them using Kinesis. This will cause the 
harpoons to stick into the legs of the monster and then pull them back. When 
that's done, head to the cage. Wait for Norton to open it, and then step 
inside yourself.

The cage will then be lowered into the stomach of the monster. Equip the Probe 
Gun and aim it forward. Listen to the beeping. Aim the gun at the pulsing 
nerve clusters hanging on the innards of the monster. When the beeping picks up
intensity when you point it at the cluster, that's one to shoot. Fire the 
Probe Gun at the first cluster.

This will cause a swarm of super-powered versions of the tall, skinny, fast, 
ferocious as hell Necromorphs to show up. Get your back to a wall and kill 
them all. You'll find the Probe Gun to be an especially effective tool against 
them. If you are starting to run low on ammo, be sure to freeze them with 
stasis before reloading.

When they're dead, find a second nerve cluster to probe. No enemies will show 
up this time. Then find a third nerve cluster, and flee to the cage. A ton of 
Necromorphs will show up, and the cage provides the best cover. Just be sure 
you have enough healing packs to get yourself out of a jam just in case you 
get surrounded. There are crates to smash all over this place, so keep that in 
mind if you find yourself in a jam.

When this wave of enemies have been defeated, the cage will be raised. Norton 
won't let Isaac out of the cage, and walks off. Turn your attention to the 
handle and use Kinesis to turn it and open the cage. Go where Norton went, and 
then a 


will occur.

Get behind cover and kill the three soldiers. They're dead, but you're not 
out of the woods yet. The monster from before shows that it is actually alive, 
and then a fight ensues between you and the creature.

It will slam its large arms on the ground. It will grunt before doing this, so 
hold in LB and strafe to the left and right to avoid being smashed by its 
arms. It will lay eggs that will turn into the quick little Necromorphs, albeit
in their regular state.

The Probe Gun will be the most effective here. Try to destroy as many eggs as 
possible before they hatch, and kill the remaining Necromorphs. Then turn 
your attention to the giant Necromorph. It will reveal its yellow heart. Fire 
at the heart to do damage.

It will then lay a bunch more eggs and try to suck Isaac into its mouth. There 
are five yellow orbs to shoot inside its mouth. Destroy as many as possible, 
and then repeat the process as before. When all the orbs inside of its mouth 
are destroyed, the beast will suck Isaac inside of it anyway.

Inside its stomach, there are three pods with tentacles coming out of them, 
firing projectiles at Isaac. Avoid the projectiles and focus on one pod at a 
time. Destroy the three tentacles by blowing up their yellow tips. When all 
three sets of tentacles are destroyed, Isaac will be, erm, "passed".

On the outside of the beast, Norton will be going crazy. He shoots at both 
Isaac and Carver. Mash on the A button and then Isaac will take care of the 


--->Cliffs of Volantis<---

Walk forward. Stop at the small shack. Power up the generator inside. Loot the 
place. Use the workbench if need be. Then exit and follow the wires to reunite 
with Ellie and everyone. After a bit of emotions, go to the climbing gear and 
activate it.

To climb up the cliff, tilt the left analog stick forward. Avoid the rocks 
falling from above by tilting the left stick to the left or right and tapping 
LB to jump. A big chunk of the cliff will fall off in the middle. If you step 
in this hole, Isaac will lose his balance and you'll gain a bit of damage but 
you won't die. Keep pushing forward until you reach the tip, then mash A to 
make Isaac climb up.

Go to the next set of climbing equipment and rappel up the cliffside yet again.
Walk down the slope and there will be a valve. Use Kinesis on the valve to 
lower a ladder into place. Climb up the ladder to enter a dark cavern. If you 
have the ammo, I recommend killing all the Necromorphs in this cavern, as 
there are a lot of crates to smash, weapon customization parts, and much more 
to be had in here. Otherwise, bolt, because there are a ton of enemies in 
these caves, and they just seem to keep coming for a while.

Outside of these caves, Isaac will find a cargo lift that he can use to bring 
everyone else up the mountain. Look above it and there will be a mechanism to 
turn using Kinesis to make the cargo lift fall down the cliffside for everyone 
to pile onto. They will be attacked by Necromorphs, but there's nothing you 
can do until you turn on the controls for it.

Continue up the cliff and into another ice cavern. Fight your way through the 
Necromorphs to another set of climbing equipment mechanisms. Rappel up the 
cliffside again, but this time the wall-crawling Necromorphs that like to 
shoot things at Isaac are around.

Kill them as you move up the cliff. Also remember to avoid falling rocks from 
above. When you can no longer climb up, go as far to the left as possible, and 
then press LB to jump across the gap and land safely on the other part of the 
cliff. Then continue climbing up, jumping between the gaps and killing the 
Necromorphs as necessary. Mash on A when you get to the top to climb up and 

--->Frozen Encampments<---

Move through this new ice cavern. The path will fork. Ignore the path to the 
left for now. Take the path to the right, and then turn and just use Kinesis 
to bring the crates down the left path to you. Smash and loot them, and get 
ready to run through the next area.

Necromorphs with large explosive fists are in the next area. Shoot the first 
one from as far as possible and then run. There will be another one coming to 
your left. Try to get by it without it slamming down on you, as plenty more 
Necromorphs will be after Isaac at this point. Hang a right down the next 
cavern to get outside.

Run over to, yet again, more climbing equipment. Smash the crates for stasis 
packs, and believe me, you'll need them. Start climbing up the cliffside. 
This time there are new hazards to worry about. Huge sheets of ice will fall 
and serve as a major problem because they result in instant-death for Isaac. 
Ignore the first one, but as it starts falling, leap over to the other side of 
the cliff.

As you climb up this one, there will be a cargo lift swinging back and forth, 
plus another large sheet of ice falling. Use stasis on this sheet of ice so 
that you can climb past it. Then hang tight and wait for it to fall. Then turn 
your attention to the swinging cargo lift. When it swings to the left, freeze 
it with stasis. Scramble to the top of this area, then leap across to the 
other side. Blast the cargo lift with stasis again if it makes you feel more 
comfortable, and then finish climbing to the top of the cliff.

Acid-spitting Necromorphs will be there to greet you, as well as other, more 
standard Necromorph types. The acid of the acid-spitters will slow Isaac down 
considerably, making them a top priority kill. Kill all these Necromorphs and 
loot them. Then continue to the next valve. Turn it and climb up the ladder.

Finally, you'll find the wench to bring up the cargo lift. Start powering the 
generator by mashing Kinesis on it. The lift will blow a fuse. Run over to the 
fusebox by the lights and interact with it. This puzzle is simple. Just go to 
the bottom most fuse and switch the power from the generator over to the 
lights. Then go up two rows and switch the power of the lights over to the 
generator, and this will balance out the power so that you can resume bringing 
up the cargo lift.

Go over to the wench and then press A to finish bringing it up. After a scene, 
Isaac will fall off the cliff and be face-to-face with the good ole ice monster
from before. Your natural instinct, at this point, will be to fight it like you
did the other two times, but no, there's a much easier way to end this fight.

The first thing you will want to do is freeze it with stasis. Then run by it 
and kill the two Necromorphs that pop out of the snow. Freeze it again with 
stasis, and then use Kinesis to power the generator on the ledge to power up 
the harpoon guns. Two more Necromorphs will spawn, so kill them while avoiding 
the attacks of the monster.

Walk through the blue lasers of the harpoon guns and shoot at the monster to 
trick it into walking into the aiming lasers as well. The harpoon guns will 
fire a shot into either side of it. Run over to the crank controls, near the 
harpoon gun opposite of the generator, and on the side of it you will find a 
Kinesis module to power it up and rip apart the monster. Loot its dead body.

Then use the climbing equipment to climb up the next cliff. When the cliff 
starts shaking, leap across the gap to the right side of the cliff. When the 
shaking stops, leap back over. Staying on the shaking side will result in 
Isaac losing his grip and taking damage. Finish climbing to the top.


--->Research Compound<---

Follow Ellie and Carver to the ladder. Start climbing the ladder. It will fall 
off the cliffside, and Isaac is forced to take an alternate route. Use your 
locater, and Isaac will be led to the Biology Sector.

--->Biology Sector<---

Using the suit kiosk and the workbench may be tempting, but hold off on that 
for now. Swarms of Necromorphs will appear. Kill them all. Then use the 
suit kiosk and workbench. A new suit will be available called the Legionnaire 
suit that is better than anyone you have currently equipped, so strap it on if 
you would.

No follow the locator to reach the lab. Ellie will fill you in on the 
situation. Evidently, to rebuild the codex, you will need to find all the 
pieces of Rosetta and combine her. Okay. Gross, but I've done worse, I suppose.

Turns out a piece of Rosetta is in that very lab. Open the containment box 
thing, and then grab the piece of Rosetta with Kinesis. Take it to the 
designated location for it to be added to the lab's mainframe. Ellie will then 
give you a key to the facility. Pick it up and backtrack to the hall with the 
kiosk and workbench. Unlock the door here and go through.

Watch the ground and walls for pores that shoot explosives. Shoot them to make 
them blow up as you move through this hall. There is a poisonous gas that can 
be employed to kill all the organic matter here, but, of course, the pump won't
work. Take the next elevator down.

Wall-crawling Necromorphs will show up as you take the lift down. Kill them, 
and then approach the fusebox. The trick here is to keep power going to the 
lift as well as add power to the pumps. There are three switches that need to 
be flipped in favor of the pumps to make this work. Flip the bottom switch so 
it is on the pump side, then skip a row, and then flip the next two switches so
they are both on the pump side. This should make it so both the pump and 
elevator are in working condition. Ride the elevator back up.

Ignore the Necromorphs chasing you for now. Go into the control room and 
activate the poison gas. Now kill the Necromorphs. A new door will be open 
due to the organic tissue being destroyed go through this door you'll wind 
up in another lab-like room. Move to the end of the room to find the biohazard 
containment cell containing another piece of Rosetta.

Picking it up will trigger waves of Necromorphs to start attacking. Hold your 
ground and kill them all. Then take the piece of Rosetta to the transporting 
unit. Send it off to the lab and then backtrack to the organic hallway. Ride 
the lift to the top. Go through the room, loot the lockers, and then go through
the next door.

This hallway will fill with Necromorphs all around you as soon as you reach the
center. Sprint to the end and open the door. Kill any that come through the 
door, but otherwise count your lucky stars.

--->Paleontology Sector<---

Loot the place and then push forward. You'll be surrounded by a ton of those 
annoying little Necromorphs shortly, both the weaker and stronger versions. 
Run around this place in a circle, hugging the walls to loot the lockers, and 
killing them as you go. Loot their dead bodies and heal as needed as you run 
around and eradicate them.

When they're all dead, continue to the next room. Approach the console. Using 
Kinesis on the left side of the console causes the first two panels inside the 
tube to rotate. Using Kinesis on the right side of the console causes the right
two panels to rotate. The trick here is to get the right-most panel to be 
vertical first.

Now focus on the middle and the left-most panel. Using Kinesis repeatedly on 
the left side of the console should work to make them all vertical. Once they 
are, interact with the console and the panel will slip through. Grab it out of 
the tube using Kinesis and then ship it to the lab.

Use your locator to find an alternate route out of the lab. This will lead you 
to another hallway filled with organic crap. Trying to use the poisonous gas 
will tell you that the cut-off valve is active. Go to the end of the hallway 
and rip the panel off the wall. Turn the valve with Kinesis, and then run back 
to the poison room. Activate the poison to get rid of all the organic goo 
covering everything.

You should then be able to reach the next room. This room is filled with 
Necromorphs, as you should expect by now. Kill them all. Remember to use 
stasis frequently, especially if you are starting to get overwhelmed. Once the 
dust settles, grab the piece of Rosetta from the corner on top of a bunch of 
boxes and then ship it to the lab.

Open the door out of here. A bunch of Necromorphs will be waiting on the other 
side to ambush you. Kill them all and then push by them to the next door, 
which will lead Isaac outside again. A ship is in the area, and you need to 
avoid being caught in its spotlight, or else they will shoot at you. Wait for 
the light to go by, then make a rush for the door to go back inside.

Move through this area and you'll be right back outside. A strange Necromorph 
can be seen in the distance. Go over to where it was, and then a couple of 
Unitologist soldiers will be slaughtered by it. This new Necromorph is marked 
by the flashlight on its chest and by its impossibly fast movements. Obviously 
the best way to handle these creatures is to freeze them with stasis, shoot out
their legs, and then finish them off by any means. If you are out of stasis, 
walking backward while constantly shooting them will slow them down and give 
you a chance to kill them before they can get to you. Move through the next 
building after they're dead.

In this area, you'll have to fight more of the charging Necromorphs. Just find 
a spot to put your back to and kill them as they pop up. Move through the next 
area and then enter the building.

--->Geology Sector<---

The Geology Sector consists of a large rock slab in the middle of the room 
with three lasers in the way. Use Kinesis to pull the slab in front of each set
of lasers. This will allow you to move by the lasers unscathed. At the end of 
the room, grab Rosetta's final piece, and launch it over the lasers to the 
other side of the room.

Enemies will reanimate and Necromorphs will fire at you from the other side of 
the lasers. Take them out from your current position, then move to the other 
end of the room. Place Rosetta's piece in the deisgnated area and then send it 
to the lab using the control panel next to it.

Kill the soldiers that rappel down in the next room. Outside, there will be 
more charging Necromorphs as well as assorted others as you make your way back 
to the lab. Just make a run for the lift and try to avoid all of them. Return 
to the lab.


--->Rosetta Lab<---

Now it's time to reassemble Rosetta. Shift the parts of her body so that they 
all connect together. Look at the slabs from both sides to get a good idea of 
what goes where. The easiest way to do this is to start from the feet. When 
Rosetta is reassembled, watch the cut-scenes. Independence Day? A little bit.

Fire will consume the lab. As soon as you regain control of Isaac, run down 
the stairs. Run around Rosetta, and then go up the stairs to regroup with 
Carver. If you are even a second too slow, the fire will become too much and 
Isaac will burn to death.

When the door opens go back in there with Carver. Then when you are prompted, 
mash on the A button to pull the doors shut. Sprint out of here and take a 
left. Run down the hall and into the next room with Carver. Isaac and Carver 
then decide to split up.

When the elevator comes to a stop, exit and run down the hall. You'll go 
through an area with some lockers. Open then up and reap the rewards. Outside, 
the soldiers will now have rocket launchers. You can easily catch the rockets 
and then shoot them back at the soldiers using Kinesis if you want to save 
some ammo.

Sprint through these next few areas. There will be soldiers and Necromorphs 
fighting left and right, and it's just best to avoid getting involved in all of
the mess. Keep going until you reach another control panel that requires the 
left/right stick mini-game to open the next door. Kill the Necromorphs in this 
area, and they will be replaced by Unitologist soldiers. Kill these guys as 
well before turning your attention to the console.

As soon as you touch the thing, two rocket-equipped soldiers will appear on 
the buildings across the way. Kill them immediately, as the very fast moving 
Necromorphs will show up next and mob you. Use stasis to slow as many of them 
down at once, and then go crazy with your most powerful weapon to try to thin 
the herd. Keep killing them and when they're dead, complete the mini-game and 
go through the door.


--->Underground Descent<---

Smash the crates and approach the next door. After the scene, smash all the 
crates and gather as many supplies as possible. Approach the climbing machine, 
and start rappeling down the side of this cliff. As you jump down, there will 
be a serious of very powerful Necromorphs that appear and start crawling after 
you. Usually I would advise running by them, but if you ignore them, you'll 
get swarmed at the bottom here.

So, kill each one as they appear as you work your way back to solid ground. 
Once Isaac is back on his own two feet, go around the corner and hop in the 
elevator and take it down farther. Then exit, go to the next set of climbing 
equipment, and starting going down again.

This time there will be armed enemies firing up at Isaac instead of Necromorphs
to fight. Shoot the red barrels on their platforms to blow them up. As you near
the large lift, there will be a few enemies running around that don't have 
any explosives near them. Unless you're close enough to get a clear shot, just 
ignore them for now and detach from the rope when possible.

The next room contains a suit kiosk and a workbench. Loot the place and then 
use these facilities as necessary before moving onward. Get behind cover and 
kill the enemies. Then step through the yellow lasers. It will give Isaac a 
jolt, but it won't deal damage. Be sure to do this AFTER killing the soldiers, 
though. Also, they will start using stasis grenades at this point, so seriously
stay behind cover, crouched, when dealing with this part.

Move to the next set of climbing equipment and start going down again. Kill 
the enemy soldiers on the platform as you get close to them. Jump over the gaps
and avoid hitting juts in the wall. A weird alien creature will attack. Shoot 
it with stasis and move beyond it. Below, the soldiers will be getting 
attacked by an identical alien creature. Detach from the rope and flee through 
the next door.

The hallway offers a slight reprieve before you're thrown back into the action.
Go through the following door and hook up to the next climbing machine. Rappel 
down the cliffside again. Use stasis on the alien and then jump past it. Try to
jump over all the exploding Necromorphs and make your way to the fan. Shoot the
fan with stasis and jump through.

Isaac's cord will get stuck on the fan and it will start pulling him back in. 
Mash on the A button and Isaac will fall below.


--->Alien Ruins<---

After Isaac gets up, go through the door. The next door will be locked by a 
weird alien device. Watch the video play on the screen, which basically 
explains the plot twist a couple of chapters back. When that's over, you can 
interact with the device that is locking the door. There will be a series of 
three alien symbols, and you have to find the right combination. The way to do 
that is to make their sound frequencies match up with the sound made when you 
press A for "playback". There are only two symbols per row, so just mix and 
match if you are having trouble matching up the right sounds.

Loot the place and then go through the door. Watch the scene, and then head 
down the rampway. Kill the enemy soldiers that you see as you go. Rip the 
yellow panel away and take it to the slab of concrete nearby. This will cause 
the explosives attached to the concrete to blow up in five seconds time, so 
move away and let the explosion happen.

When the concrete is out of the way, you are free to continue. You'll find a 
device that creates those detonation panels. Grab one and take it to the next 
concrete slab in the way. Then turn around as soon as you've placed it and 
acquire another one, taking it to the concrete slab after that, which will 
result in another cut-scene.

When that's over, move through this cavernous area. An alien as well as little 
explosive Necromorphs appear. Kill the little Necromorphs and then take out 
the alien. Normally I would tell you to run from the alien, but this one is 
basically a required kill. Use stasis a lot and then shoot at its limbs just as
you would a Necromorph.

Use the alien symbol sound device to activate the weird alien door. Press A to 
open the door. In the next room, loot, then power the generator using Kinesis. 
This will activate zero gravity. Boost, following the locator line to find your
way around. You'll see a wall-crawling Necromorph. Kill it, land, do the sound 
code for the next door, and exit zero-gravity by walking through it.

You'll step on a symbol on the ground that amplifies your Kinesis and stasis 
abilities. Use your super Kinesis to destroy the two large alien rocks in the 
way, and then run down the next area. Kill the Necromorphs here, then power the
generator to give life to the elevator. Ride the elevator to the top and then 
step on the glyph here.

There will be four tentacles in front of you. Use Kinesis on the left-most 
tentacle so that it is slumped over all to the way to the left. If it seems to 
stop, then move the right analog stick a bit and move Isaac around a little and
it should go. For the next tentacle, make it point straight up. Do the same for
the tentacle after that. The right-most tentacle needs to be slumped all the 
way over to the right.

A panel will open in front of you. Run over and push the button. This will 
power the city. Take the lift down. Ignore the alien and run over to the glyph 
that you just powered. Isaac will then be thrust forward. Boost straight 
ahead and Isaac will land safely on the other side. Do the audio code to 
enter the door next.

Stand on the glyph and get ready. Use your super stasis on the enemies as they 
near, and demolish them. When they're all dead, move to the next glyph. With 
super Kinesis, you are able to rip the limbs off of Necromorphs and then throw 
them back at them as weapons while they're alive, which is a nifty feature. Use
this new ability to clear the area of any straggling Necromorphs, and then do 
the audio code to open the next door.


--->The Alien Machine<---

Take a right as soon as you enter here. Kill the Necromorphs, then power the 
generator. Then walk around to the opposite sound. Complete the sound code and 
enter the door. Now sprint to the next sound code-locked door. Keep your back 
to it and kill all the Necromorphs as they come. When they're dead, unlock the 
door and go through.

Step onto the glyph and into the light. It will launch Isaac forward. This 
time there will be explosive Necromorphs floating around, but they are easily 
dodged. When Isaac lands, go around the corner. Shoot the pore on the ground 
that is spitting explosive gunk, and then sprint to the next area. Watch out 
for the pore hanging on the wall shooting explosives, and power the generator. 
Call the lift and hold your ground against any Necromorphs that show up. When 
the elevator arrives, ride it to the top and loot the area.

Next approach the pillars. There are four pillars. One in the center, and 
three surrounding it. There are two glyphs on the ground up here. Pick one, 
and then kill all the Necromorphs that show up. Use your super stasis and super
Kinesis powers to make short work of them, but keep an eye on your health 
meter. There will be a couple of exploding Necromorphs as well, so be ready to 
shoot their fists before they can get close and blow you up. There will also 
be tentacles in the area. Shoot the big bulbous yellow spots on them to 
defeat them. You can freeze them with super stasis on the glyph to make 
destroying them super easy.

When all the eneies are dead, it's time to solve the puzzle. It's an easy one. 
Just use super Kinesis to charge the pillars, which will in turn make them 
rotate. Each pillar has symbols at their top. Make the symbols match the one 
in the middle and they will be charged. This energy will open another 
activation panel back by the lift. Press A to engage it.

--->The Heart of the Machine<---

And with that done, you need to start backtracking. Soldiers will start filling
the areas and Necromorphs will be everywhere as well...oh yeah, and those 
aliens, too. Use the transporters to zoom across the area. The locator will 
help you figure out which transporter to use.

There is one really tough room right before you reach your next objective. 
As soon as you walk into the room, there will be an enemy in the distance 
firing rockets. Kill him as quickly as possible, then hang back. Kill any 
Necromorphs or aliens that show up, and then slowly work your way through the 
rest of the soldiers in the room.

Near the end of the room will be a glyph on the floor. Carefully place 
barrciades on the glyph, and then get in the middle of them. Enemies will 
swarm the position. Kill the most enemies right in front of you and then make 
a break for the door. Hopefully the barricades will slow the others down. Go 
through the door and you should be clear.

In this next room, a panel opens, revealing a strange alien battery, and there 
are three holes to place said batteries. Grab the first one and place it in 
the middle slot. Then start heading to the one on the left. You will be 
attacked by soldiers, including two suicide bombers from either direction. Kill
the first suicide bomber that's running toward you, then kill any soldiers 
here. Turn around and take out the other suicide bomber. Make sure the coast 
is clear, and then transport the left battery and place it in its rightful 

Then get the battery on the right. More soldiers will show up, so be prepared 
for a firefight. I recommend using the workbench after all of this to craft 
healing items and ugprade as needed. Then take the third battery to its spot 
and a door will open. Go through the door and start looting that next room, as 

Go to the climbing equipment when you're ready, and start climbing up the wall.
Watch the lights glow. There are three rows. When the lights are glowing on 
your row, hop over to another row because fire is about to come out and damage 
Isaac. Work your way up the wall. There are two rotating ancient fan-like 
structures. Slow them down with stasis and then continue up the wall all the 
way to the top.


--->Convergence Vortex<---

Follow the twisting path. Destory the crates you see for supplies. Eventually 
you will reach a road block in the form of two large masses of Necromorph. 
Two tentacles will be lashing about with bulbous orange and yellow spots. Shoot
them there to severe them, and thus moving the mass. If there are any other 
Necromorphs around while you're doing this, kill them first. When the first 
tentacle is destroyed, an alien will try to attack, so freeze the alien before 
destroying the other tentacle. Then flee to the glyph and it will launch Isaac 
forward, away from the alien and the explosive Necromorphs joining it.

A huge asteroid will be blocking Isaac's path. Hug the bottom left-hand corner 
of the screen to avoid the asteroid. Then move Isaac around to avoid the other 
asteroids and Necromorphs that appear. Boost forward and land on the next piece
of solid ground possible. Loot the crates.

Start down the path. Two super-fast Necromorphs will pop out of the ground. 
Kill them both and then continue. A tentacle will be visible, and more 
Necromorphs will spawn. Use stasis on them as they will just keep spawning, 
and then destroy the tentacle. This will cause a new path to open. Loot, then 
follow this path to more loot.

An acid-spitting Necromorph will be up next. Kill it quickly and then push 
forward. Use stasis on the next few enemies and sprint into the dark indoor 
area. There will be more loot, a workbench, and a suit kiosk to use here. The 
lights flicker on and off, so use your locator to help you get around this 
area without getting lost.

--->Blood Moon<---

Isaac will get launched into the zero gravity again. Boost to the next area, 
going through the obstacles that you can, avoiding being squashed or crushed by
anything, and then Isaac will land on a platform with a huge glyph, ready to 
face off against the Moon.

Upon landing on the glyph, grab a marker with super Kinesis and throw it at one
of the Moon's eyes. The Moon will turn away and start spawning monsters on the 
platform. Use a combination of super Kinesis and super stasis to defeat them. 
The Moon will then grab onto the platform with two tentacles and try to suck 
Isaac in. Destroy two of the tentacles by shooting at the yellow spots.

Then the Moon will start throwing rocks at Isaac. Keep moving in a circle in 
the glyph to avoid being hit by the boulders. Kill the enemies that are 
spawned and wait for the Moon to show one of its eyes again. Throw another 
Marker, and this time you will take out one of its main eyes.

This will enrage the Moon, and it will try to eat Isaac again. Destroy 
another set of tentacles. Keep fending off the Necromorphs until another 
opportunity comes to hit the Moon in the eye. Grab another marker and launch 
it right into the Moon's second eye.

The Moon will then eat Carver's platform. Use super Kinesis to rip Carver's 
platform out of the Moon through it's stomach. Mash A when told, and then the 
fight is basically over. Enjoy the ending cut-scenes.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3. Conclusion
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I hope this guide helped you beat Dead Space 3 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC!

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