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 _____    ____               _____     _____   
|     \  |    \     /\      /     \   /     \  |\    |
|      | |____/    /  \    |         |       | | \   |
|      | |  \     /____\   |    ___  |       | |  \  |
|      | |   \   /      \  |       | |       | |   \ |
|_____/  |    \ /        \  \_____/   \_____/  |    \|
|     \      /\     |      |       _
|      |    /  \    |      |      |_|
|-----<    /____\   |      |       _
|      |  /      \  |      |      |_|
|_____/  /        \ |_____ |_____
  _____    _____   _____   _____   _____          _____
 /     \  |     \    |    /     \    |   |\    | /     \
|       | |      |   |   |           |   | \   | \_____
|       | |_____/    |   |    ___    |   |  \  |       \
|       | |     \    |   |       |   |   |   \ |        |
 \_____/  |      \ __|__  \_____/  __|__ |    \| \_____/
A GUIDE WRITTEN BY: coolgamehunter

Version History
Version 0.25
  Finished "Table of Contents", "Controls", and "Characters" sections.
Started the "Walkthrough" section.

Version 0.50
  Worked on the "Walkthrough" section. Still not finished.

Version 0.60
  Started up on the "Walkthrough" section. Still not finished. I have
now come to realize that this is going to be a very VERY long game.

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
  A. About me
  B. About the game
2. Controls
  A. Basic controls
  B. Battle controls
3. Characters
  A. Goku
  B. Bulma
  C. Master Roshi
  D. Krillin
  E. Yamcha
  F. Chi-Chi
  G. Oolong
  H. Launch
4. Walkthrough
  A. Episode 1/1
  B. Episode 1/2
  C. Episode 1/3
  D. Episode 1/4
  E. Episode 1/5
  F. Episode 2/1
5. Special thanks
6. Legal junk

1. Introduction
1A. About me
  This is the second guide I have written. I know it has been a while
since I have written a guide and I havent written that many but im
workin on it.

1B. About the game
  (taken from the game)
Long long ago in a mysterious time no one has ever seen or heard of...
Far across the sea, in a remote and enchanted land, a young boy lived
deep in the mountains...

"Dragonball: Origins" follows the entire story of young Goku throughout
the Dragonball Saga. During the game you play as Goku and you participate
in many of the challenges that are in the TV Series.

2. Controls
2A. Basic controls
  Control Pad/Stylus-Move
  ABXY Buttons-Camera
  L Button-Change mode
  R Button-Open menu
  Press and hold Start-Map
  Press and hold Select-Dragon Radar
  Touch Goku-Charge ki
  Touch ground twice-roll
2B. Battle controls
  Touch enemy w/ stylus-punch
  Touch enemy multiple times-combo
  Touch Goku and slide stylus-Charged punch
  Touch Goku and touch enemy-pound
 Power Pole-
  Touch enemy-attack
  Touch enemy multiple times-Combo
  Touch Goku and slide stylus-thrust
  Touch Goku and touch and hold in front of Goku-twirl
  Touch Goku and make a circle around Goku and hold-overhead twirl
  Touch Goku and touch enemy-Ground Smash

3. Characters
*from instruction booklet*
3A. Goku
  This peaceful, honest, strong, and virtually fearless fighter is
always on the side of good.
3B. Bulma
  This genius inventor is responsible for creating the Dragon Radar,
among other things.
3C. Master Roshi
  Although he may appear strange, frail and harmless, he is indeed a
great warrior and trainer.
3D. Krillin
  Krillin and Goku are rivals at first, but they eventually learn to
work together and become best friends.
3E. Yamcha
  Once a notorious bandit, Yamcha switches over to the side of good
after meeting Goku.
3F. Chi-Chi
  This cute but worrisome girl asks Goku to marry her not long after
she meets him.
3G. Oolong
  This shape-shifting pig isn't much of a fighter, but always good for
a laugh.
3H. Launch
  This sweet girl has the odd ability to change personalities and looks
when she sneezes.

4. Walkthrough
4A. Episode 1/1
  This episode is basically a tutorial, so just follow the onscreen
instructions and you will come to the point where you meet Bulma.
After you meet her you will have to take her back to your house, on
the way you will have to solve a couple of puzzles to get her across
the places that you can cross and she can't.


4B. Episode 1/2
  During most of this episode you just follow and protect Bulma. Most
of the enemies you fight are Pink and Blue Pigs. Defeat them as you go.
Soon you come to a blocked cave. Defeat the Blue Pigs that appear and
the path inside the cave will be oppened. Inside the cave the enemies
you fight are Orange Bats. There are a couple of puzzle-like challenges
that you have to solve. Most of them have to do with big silver blocks.
Go around and puch the first one onto the spikes and then push the
second one to bridge the gap. After that you will be in a room where
there are a bunch of spikes on the floor and a gap you can't cross.
You need to go the farthest up the you can go and use the Thrust move
with the Power Pole. Then the spikes in the room will be covered by
water and the bridge will float down so that you can cross. Then you
will come up to a blocked section where you need to beat 2 Blue Lizard
to get to the exit. Now that you have exited the cave the enemies you
will fight are pigs and cat things. Just go through beating the pigs
until you come to a blocked path. Beat the 2 cat things to unblock the
path. After you've unblocked the path you come to another puzzle. Move
down the Northeastern path and keep following the path until you come
back to some water. then you need to find the big silver block and push
it into the water. then go back up following the shore until you come
to the path where you can jump across the water. Once you are on the
other side of the river, find the other silver block and push it into
the water as well to stop the flow of the river. Once you stop the flow
you need to get back to Bulma. You can either go back the way you came
or keep moving forward. If you keep moving forward you will come to a
chest. There is a cave behind the waterfall. Once you are inside the
cave just follow Bulma and defeat the Lizards and Bats that keep
popping up. Once you are outside, I would advise you to save your game
because a boss is coming up.

In order to defeat Pteradon you just have to keep hitting him. While
he is on the ground just keep punching and rushing at him. When he
starts to fly around just run from him until he starts trying to shoot
you with fireballs while flying. Then you need to use the Power Pole.
Keep using the Thrust attack until you knock him out. Then, while he
is lying on the ground just go up and start punching him until he dies.


4C. Episode 1/3
  One of the baby Pteradons stole the dragonballs that Bulma had. To
get them back you just have to beat each of the babies one by one until
you beat the last one. After that you get the dragonballs back.


4D. Episode 1/4
  Here you have to carry a turtle to the sea on your back. While you are
holding the turtle your movements are limited. The only attack you can
do is touch Goku and slide the stylus to throw the turtle in the air
and take a few punches. When you start the level you need to just
follow the dirt path. Keep going until you get to a blocked path. Beat
the Pink and Blue Pigs to unblock the path. Keep following the path
until you come to a save point which you should take because there is
a boss coming up.

What you should do is just keep Thrusting with the Power Pole. If you
do that you should be fine. Also try to stay out of reach of his sword.

4E. Episode 1/5
  Here you have to collect food for Bulma's meal. Go back to the cave
that was behind the waterfall. When you go in, after a while you will
come to a path that wasn't open before. When you go inside the room
you will fight a bunch of Centipedes and Wolves. After you beat them
all, the game will take you back you Bulma.

4F. Episode 2/1
  Here you have to find rubber sap for Bulma. Just follow her most of
the way. When you come to a river just find the spot that you are able
to jump over and cross the river and push the block into the water to
make a bridge for Bulma. After that you will enter a cave and come to
a spot that seems like you cant pass it...
Blow out the smoke and move forward. When you come to the dragon statue,
just use your new-found ability to blow the orbs back at the statue and
destroy it. Keep going through the cave. Follow Bulma and defeat the
frog enemies until you come to a door with a button on the OTHER side.
How dumb is that? Anyways, go back to the first fork in the path
(without leaving the area), and go left. You should come to a section
of water. Wait for the little platform so you can cross. On the other
side of the water push the button on the wall to open the doors. Next,
what you can do, but is optional, is go on ahead and clear out all of
the enemies and challenges to make the journey a little easier...and
faster. Now go back and open the door that Ms. Doesn't-realize-her-
panties-aren't-on is trapped behind. Now follow her back to the way
out of this section. Destroy another dragon statue. Defeat the enemies
and blow out some more steam. Then just follow her out. Follow Bulma
and defeat the big monster thing. Then go grab the sap!

4G. Episode 2/2
  Just figh Oolong and win. It's not as hard as it seems...he's almost
like a big ugly pedophile. Just keep attacking him with the Power Pole
while dodging his attacks. Four thrusts equal one scream. Five or six
screams equal a beat up pig. Now you just have to chase him. No fight.
Just chase. When you catch up with him you win.

4H. Episode 2/3
  Find your way around the mansion! Go left, beat the enemies, down the
hall and then left again, stand on the first button and hit the second
one with the Power Pole, down the hall, beat the enemies, and into the
elevator. Go left, from your point of view, not Goku's. Go into the
room and kill the enemies. Now go back to the door you just opened. Go
all the way up the hall and into the elevator. Go down the hall and
take the first left. Take another left and beat the statue to get a
health piece for Bulma. Go back up until you come to a gap. Just jump
across...duh. Now grab a crate but DO NOT THROW IT!!! Go stand on the
switch to bring down the wall and THEN throw the crate. it will fall to
the lower floor and land on a switch that opens some doors. Go back
through the elevator and find those doors. Press the switch and go back
through the elevator. Go all the way down the hall and then go down the
next hall until you cant go any farther. Another gap-box-button
challenge! You know what to do. Now go back to the previous room and go
up. In this room you have to beat two enemies. Kill the one with the
gun first. Then work on the boxer. In the next room there is a dragon
statue, destroy it and go through the elevator. Now just make your way
through until you get to ANOTHER dragon statue. I'm startin ta hate
these things. How about you? Destroy it and jump across to where it was
at. Grab the crate and throw it at the other crate. Jump across to
where IT was and then jump across again. Go through until you come to a
fork, take the left and kill the enemies to get a statue. Then continue
on to the next room of enemies. Kill them and go to the elevator. Go to
the bottom of the map and press the switch to open the doors to the
main room. Then go back up and get to the room with the moving
platforms. Another box-button challenge. When your done go back through
the elevator and go to the door you just opened. Just go around the
trap doors and press the button. Now go back to the main room using the
most recent elevator. Save your game and go up the stairs. This one is
a pretty easy battle once you now what your doing. You have to blow the
steam away and attack him. After hitting him for a while he will start
to just throw cloud things at you which you need to deflect with your
Front Twirl. After you deflect for a while, he will run around and
guard himself with steam again so just blow it away and deflect until
he is down.

4I. Episode 2/4
  You have to look for the six-star dragonball in the forest. You have
to go through four or five little enemy blockades and fight like 17
enemies all together. Its not that hard, just make sure you stay with
Bulma because she can die pretty easily. Once you get to a wierd set of
bushes, you will find...THE DRAGONBALL!!! YAY!!!

4J. Episode 2/5
  You have to get to the mountain in time without dieing. It's a little
difficult but we can handle it right? Good, just fly while avoiding
enemies and mountain tops but trying to get the little spinning air
things. Those make you go faster...duh. Keep going and you get there.

4K. Episode 3/1
  This one is kind of like a maze. After you defeat a couple of enemies
you keep going and you come to an intersection. This one is a little
confusing but all you have to do is make sure you go through the path
with the cactus...and make sure it isn't the path you just came from.
That one will usually have some cow skulls too. At some point you will
come to a section with water. After you follow Bulma, defeating the
enemies along the way, you can keep going around and defeating enemies
until you come to a part where you can jump across to a chest. Defeat
the two guys with guns and open the chest for a Ki Piece for Bulma.
Then just keep going like you were, following the path with the cactus,
and you will come to one of the little blockades. You have to fight two
triceratops dinosaurs. Than if you keep going you will find the fight
scene with Yamcha. He is a little difficult, but I had some Hardy Grass
and a couple of Energy Drinks. Take one of each and you should do fine.

4L. Episode 3/2
  In this one you just have to follow the path. At some point you will
learn the Ground Smash technique. Once you get to the Fish Snake thing
just make it to the cave and your done.

4M. Episode 3/3

6. Legal Stuff
  Copyright 2008 Storm Cassidy
This file may be reproduced only for personal, private use. Unless my
permision is given, these are the only websites allowed to post this
All Trademarks and Copyrights contained in this document are owned by
thier respective Trademark and Copyright holders.

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