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Version 1.05, Last Updated 2012-07-29

This is primarily a Champion mode walkthrough. Thanks for reading and if you liked it, recommend it.

Version History

1.0: 7/29/12

First draft

1.03: 7/30/12

Corrected spelling of Isaac Frost, added block/clinch/push in controls, clarified media events.

1.05: 7/31/12

Fixed a number of minor grammatical / syntax errors.


The main controls for PS3:

Left directional button : adjust stance

Right directional button: taunt

Up directional button : headbutt

Down directional button : low blow

Square : Left jab/straight

Triangle: Right Jab/straight

Circle : Right Hook

X : Left hook

Square and X : Left uppercut

Triangle and circle: Right Uppercut

L1: can be used to sway with left stick, and while being held and leaning forward leads to body shots.

L2: Push

R1: Block

R2: Power modifier. Use to throw more powerful punches.

L2 + R2: Clinch

Champion Mode Walkthrough

First Fight: Frank Hicks

Welcome to the Jungle

Trophy earned after you win this fight.

This is a no rules fight inside of a prison. Headbutts and shots to the groin are allowed. In fact, you were just dropped by a headbutt, and 
that is where the story begins.

You start on the ground, and a minigame immediately starts. To successfully stand back up, you must use the left analog stick to move into the 
green, and then, once there, use the right analog stick to move up. This is possibly the easiest attempt at the minigame you will get you will 
see it when you are knocked down. After two or three times, it will be difficult to succeed (there is a trophy/achievement for getting up four 
times in an online match).

Once youre up, you shouldnt so much be focused on offense as walking around. You are still stunned and wont be able to do too much, in 
addition to being in a bad position if your prison opponent lands anything powerful. After a short period, the next round will begin. Now is 
when you can start to fight. He doesnt really appear to be a "real" boxer, so just focus on dodging his shots (hold the L1 button on PS3 and 
you can dodge and then immediately follow up with a stronger-than-usual punch, the screen will flash which lets you know that youve done it 
perfectly) and counterpunching. You can be aggressive, but if youre just learning the game you might as well get the feel for the counter 
game, because it will become very important very soon.

After a few hooks (3 oclock for a right hook) and power straights (2 or so oclock while holding R2), he should be done. Congratulations on 
winning your first fight and maybe your first trophy for Fight Night: Champion.

Second Fight: Joel Sivon

Gold Medal Performance

Trophy earned after you KO Sivon.

Flashback time! Now Andre Bishop is at the Olympics, in a final for the gold medal. Things are a bit different here - most obviously the 
headgear and scoring system. In the lower-middle of the screen, you can see the number of clean punches both you and Joel Savon have 
landed. If you want to win, you need to have more punches or a knockout. Getting the KO earns you a trophy, but dont focus too much on 
that if youre just learning the game. There are two main ways of winning this fight:

1.Avoid him, hit him with constant jabs and an occasional straight (easy win by decision)

2.Fight it like any other fight. Use the jab to maintain advantage, but otherwise try to KO him with hooks, uppercuts, and power straights. 
(not too challenging)

He is an early fighter, so he will be very hard-pressed to get up more than once. Once you have him stunned, hit him with left-right hook 
combos to drop him.

He's very easy to cheese (but you won't get the KO trophy) -- you can fight like your next opponent, Lucius Palmer.

Spar session:Maurice Perkins

This opponent is fairly easy, and shouldnt be much of a challenge. Stun and drop - once - is all you need.

Third Fight: Lucius Palmer

This is an extremely annoying fight. He follows his gameplan very precisely -- he will essentially do nothing but block and sway until the last 
minute of each round. Then, he will try to counter and jab you at the last moment to win the round.

What you need to do is totally disregard his gameplan - his predictability allows you to corner him or at least get him to the ropes with ease. 
Once there, you can fight your fight, whether that is with power punches, jabbing him to hell, etc. Even counter-punching (only while he is in 
danger, however) can be effective. However, the instant he starts gets away, rinse and repeat the above process of getting him on the 
ropes or in the corner. Don't bother "chasing" him, because you will just waste your punches and drain your stamina -- not to mention probably 
lose the round and fall right into his trap.

During the last minute or so of a round, he actually becomes very easy to counter punch. You may get the opportunity to land serious 
punches at this time, maybe even dropping him or getting a flash KO. Ive noticed that once youve won most of the rounds, he becomes less - 
although still quite - interested in running away because he realizes that he won't win by decision.

Interactive Training

Pretty much all you have to do is press the buttons onscreen. One semi-obvious tip is not to get anxious about the commands involving the 
left stick. When I first did those, I did it too fast or didnt actually flick the stick properly. The game actually gives you a decent amount of time 
to execute the left stick flicking commands, so doesnt worry (insofar as you can worry about a meaningless minigame that you cant lose, of 

Fourth fight: Mike Walker

First off, isnt it great to have an opponent who wants to fight? This time there's a special condition to winning the fight - winning by decision 
wont be enough. You have to either get a straight knockout or win by decision whilst having knocked Walker down multiple times. If you can 
knock him down twice, that is good enough for the knockout 99% of the time, especially on the easier difficulties.

He isnt anything special, and so there isnt really a strategy to beating him. Watch your stamina, dodge his punches, dont forget the jab and 
dont forget the power modifier (R2 on PS3). Something Ive noticed is that many people on the forums recommend not using the power 
modifier at all. I disagree, especially against the CPU. I believe the harsh reaction is that many players, when they first start FN:C, use it way 
too liberally, and end up gassed and KOed. However, not using it at all is a mistake.Countering with a power straight is extremely effective 
online and against the CPU. I dont generally recommend throwing power hooks and uppercuts to the head too often, however, as they leave 
you wide open and consume a chunk of stamina if thrown in succession.

Fifth Fight: Wilfred Rosario

This is essentially the same pure strategy as the last fight with Mike Walker. I echo the games pause menu reminder to mix it up with body 
shots. I also must remind you not to forget the jab! Although I dont think the games announcers would let you with their incessant blabber 
about how important it is.

Sixth Fight: Keyshawn Hayes

Turnabout If Fair Play

Trophy earned if you knockdown Hayes with your left hook.

This is our first real challenge. Hayes left hook is maddeningly effective. However, his over-reliance on it gives you a heck of an opening if you 
can see it coming. Since you can count on him throwing his best punch often, prepare for it, sway, and counter with one of your own! If you 
knock him down with one of your left hooks, you will get a trophy / achievement. Dont worry about actually stunning him with your left hook 
once hes stunned, THEN try and drop him with a strong left hook.

Something that I fell into initially was I would go after him, but deplete all or most of my stamina. Sure, you can hurt him by going after him, 
but make sure you dont use up all your energy in doing so and make it too easy for him! Having low stamina takes his already stunningly (pun 
definitely intended!) effective left hook into an auto-knockdown. With that in mind, do not forget the jab! If youve been dropped by his left 
hook, you might get pissed and start swinging for the fences after the 5th time. Instead, wear him down and counter his left with one of your 
straight rights. It will take his health down and possibly KO him. On my first playthrough, I was having a lot of trouble with Hayes, and when I 
ended up beating him it was because of a flash KO a minute into the fight. Ah, karma.

Seventh Fight: Ricardo Alvarez

I Brought My Own Judges

Earned after you KO Alvarez.

This fight is quite easy in comparison to your last. However, there is a bit of a curveball thrown because you have to win by KO. Honestly, this 
shouldn't be a real big issue since winning by KO isn't very hard. Just fight a good fight and it should be yours without too much difficulty.

Eighth Fight: Jake Morrison

Back to the... sort of present! Here we are in prison again, fighting with no rules. This of course means that you can press the down direction 
to throw a shot to the groin, or the up direction to perform a headbutt. They aren't really all that useful, but can be used to set up a jabbing 
combo or maybe a hook.

One condition to this fight that makes it a little more difficult is the fact that you cannot get knocked down, whereas your opponent can. If you 
are knocked down, you get a game over screen telling you not to get knocked down. Quite the pro-tip, isn't it? Regardless, he, like all prison 
opponents, is overly aggressive and leaves himself wide open to counter punching. After a few jabbing combos and some hooks he'll be down. 
He is actually one of your tougher opponents so far, in that he can get up twice, unlike most of your prior opponents.

Ninth fight:Sonny Harison

He's not much different than your last opponent. Unfortunately, once you beat him, you'll have to fight another prisoner right after. During 
this fight, be more careful than usual because your damage is carried over to the next fight. I am not sure if it is all carried over, or if there is 
minor healing -- either way, watch out and conserve your stamina for the next fight.

Tenth Fight: Frank Hicks #2

"Survival of the Fittest"

Trophy earned after you win this fight.

As previously alluded to, you have to fight Hicks right after fighting Sonny. Unless you sustained massive damage from the previous fight, he 
shouldn't be too hard. He is very aggressive and constantly throws power shots. Counter and combo, man, counter and combo. Should be a 
satisfying but easy fight.

Spar Session: Mason Brooks

The Awakening

Trophy earned if you knockdown Brooks in less than three minutes.

This is a little like the prison fights as there is no timelimit. Just knock him down and it'll be over. If you do it in under three minutes, you'll get a 
trophy for your efforts. This is actually not a pushover -- he puts up a fight. He does leave himself wide open for a counterpunch though, and 
since you only need to knock him down, it's not as hard as it would have been as a normal fight.

Spar Session: Antwon Barr

There is an interesting condition here -- you cannot knock him down with head shots, only body shots. This can actually be unintentionally 
challenging, because sometimes after a counterpunch you may accidentally hit him in the head which I did multiple times and once even forced 
me to restart. What you need to focus on for that is leaning forward for counterpunching to the body in addition to L1.

Another thing to remember is that you can still use head shots, they just can' be used to drop him with. What I did was simply take the risk 
that I would flash KD/KO him, and simply tried to stun him, and THEN commit to using body shots exclusively. You can use jabs without 
worrying that it will knock him down, and they can be used to mix it up (as the game recommends).

Essentially the strategy I used was to stun him with head shots, drop him with left and right hooks to the body.

Eleventh Fight: Antonio Chavez

If you haven't noticed that you're a little slower since becoming a heavyweight, you will here. There are no conditions to this fight, so all you 
have to do is fight normally. Don't worry about winning by KO in the first round or something. Fight like you're trying to win by decision, and 
you'll probably run into something in the mid-rounds. And who knows, you might just win even earlier.

Twelfth Fight: Raul Castillo

This is, in my opinion, the most annoying fight in Champion mode.The game issues a suggestion -- fight him in the outside using jabs and 
straights. I, of course, ignore the game and fight my way. I quickly realize that instead of giving him killer body hooks, or high-level body jabs, 
they went the cheap route instead, and just made his clinch rapidly deplete all of your stamina. If you are in his clinch for literaly two seconds, 
you maximum stamina is reduced. When I fought him last, I was clobbering him, but the residual effects of having been stamina-jacked left me 
unable to do any real combos. By the time that had hit, however, I was handily winning the fight and I easily won by decision.

You can follow the game's strategy, which I begrudgingly recommend, as a result of his absurd clinch power that drains your stamina instantly. 
You can also follow my strategy of taking it too him in the early-mid rounds, stamina be damned. Thankfully, the fight is only six rounds, so 
that strategy is actually viable if you're willing to run away from him for a few minutes to win by decision.

When he inevitably hugs you, push him off by (repeatedly) pressing the L2 button.

Interactive Training

Yep, really the same as last time. No real worries here, just enter the commands as they appear onscreen. Flick the left stick when it asks, 
turn it when it asks, and before you know it...

Thirteenth Fight: Meldrick Johnson

Everything You Got Left

Trophy earned after you win this fight.

You're treated to a cutscene showing Andre Bishop breaking his right hand. The last fight was the most annoying, and this may be the second 
hardest. You're unable to use your right hand without being stunned. You can still use it occasionally, but if you keep using it and the fight 
doesn't end, then the damage will start to stack up and you may have lost a third of your health whilst not actually being hurt too much by 

This fight is winnable, but you just have to be careful not to overuse the right hand. Yeah, I know, who'da thunk it. You need to use the jab to 
wittle down his health and throw body shots with your left hook. I used the right while jabbing occasionally, as well. I don't recommend 
throwing hooks or uppercuts with it though, at least not unless you're really close to dropping him. I do stress really close, because if you don't 
drop him but have used the right and used a lot of stamina, he may be in the perfect position to drop you!

I was able to KO him in the 8th round when I was on the professional difficulty, but higher than that I think it may be easier just to win by 
decision. The inability to reliably use the right makes it difficult to string together combos, which in turn makes it difficult to harm him initially, 
and even if you do harm him, it's hard to drop him, unless you get a lucky flask KD/KO.

Update: It turns out that in the run I did while making the guide, I didn't actually beat him. It was actually a draw. The game was okay with 
that and let me advance the story anyway. (I know this because after Champion mode ends there's a recap showing how all of your fights 
went; this is also how I found the names of the prison opponents!).

Fourteenth Fight: Reggie Stewart

There is a condition to winning this fight -- you have to KO him with your right hand. This shouldn't be much of an issue, other than if you 
accidentally KO him with your left. Other than that, he isn't a difficult opponent, especially considering the difficulty of your last fight. Fight like 
you would any other. Jabs, straights, hooks, uppercuts, whatever. Just as long as you get a KO with your right. In case you're intimidated by 
that, all that means is that once he is stunned, you have to drop him with your right hand, not that you have to get a flash KO or something.

Fifteenth Fight: Dwight Cooper

No Time To Bleed

Trophy earned if you KO Nichols before the sixth round.

This is also a fairly average opponent, however, soon into the fight Cooper opens up a cut on you, which you will have to protect for the rest 
of the fight. You can only take 15 shots to the cut from now each round. If he does get to you a little, it's not the end of the world, as you do 
recover a bit after each round.

He has stun power -- one shot from him may leave you with only a slight bit of health and stamina. Watch out for his power punches, because 
they are...well, powerful.

Sixteenth Fight: Kobe Nichols

Low Down Dirty Tricks

Trophy earned after you win the fight.

Nichols is vulnerable to body shots...but unfortunately, actually using them leads to you being warned, points deducted, and eventually 
disqualified. You can only use them sparingly, and I would not risk it once he's stunned. The last thing you want is to stun him but have the ref 
interrupt and take a point away, which also regenerates his health to before you stunned him.

All in all, his stats don't seem to be all that good, so you shouldn't have too much trouble, but being unable to use body shots effectively does 
hurt your ability to slow him down. Thankfully, his stats aren't all that great and you shouldn't have too much trouble -- as long as you don't 
get DQed!

Interactive Training

Enter the combinations that are shown on the screen. Pretty simple, eh?

Seventeenth Fight: Raymond Bishop

Well, this is sort of pointless. Once you make it past the first round, there will be a cutscene where Gus asks you what the hell happened -- no 
matter how well you did last round.

At the beginning of the second round, you will get KOed no matter what. If you try to run away and avoid him, still pointless, because your 
stamina goes down quickly and one shot will drop you from Big Baby Bishop. All in all, this really should have been a cutscene.

Eighteenth Fight: Isaac Frost vs. Raymond Bishop

This is a pretty easy one -- the condition is that you have to win by KO in the first round. Seeing as your stamina doesn't go down, this ain't 
too hard. Just throw left and right hook combos with an occasional jab mixed in (the opposite of typical strategy!), and it should be over in no 
time at all.

Nineteenth Fight: Isaac Frost

A Chamion Emerges

Trophy earned after you win the fight.


During this fight only, after cutscenes, the game creates a "checkpoint". That way, if you get KOed, you start only from there, not from the 
very beginning.

Ah, the fight that half of you are probably reading this guide for. I will do this by round:

Rounds 1 and 2: You can't really touch him. Stay the hell away from him, because the only thing that can happen is you get KTFO from one 
punch of his. It's pretty cheap, but it is the final fight of the game. Don't even bother doing combos. Just like Lucius Palmer, actually, only you 
shouldn't be doing anything at the end of the rounds either. Just pure running away for three minutes. In the event that he does stun you, 
there may be some hope if you remember proper blocking. The optimal solution to blocking isn't holding the block button. Instead, it's trying to 
time it so your guard is up just as his punch is about to connect. This is something that helps and may save you from getting knocked down.

Rounds 2-5: Now, Gus gives you the instructions -- work his body with power shots. This does NOT mean that you need to hold the R2 button. 
Instead, "all" you have to do is hit him 75 times in the body.Remember, you do not have to do this in one round. In fact, that is a common 

What you should be doing is waiting for him to throw a few punches, dodging them, and then quickly moving in and throw 2-3 hooks to the 
body (remember to alternate left and right!), and then GET OUT. Rinse and repeat. At the end of round 3, you should have around 25-30 
already out of the way. Same strategy for the next few rounds. By round three, you should be close to the 75 required body shots.

Rounds 6-7:Near the beginning of the last round, Frost will open up a cut above your right eye. This requires attention! Do not get hit more 
than 8 times or it's over. Thankfully, if you're hit, you recover a little between the round. Really all you should be focusing on is not getting hit 
in the face, and pursuing a gameplan akin to the first two rounds of this fight.

Rounds 8-12: Now, the moment you have all been waiting for. Now you can finally start inflicting damage on him. Frost has come back to Earth 
for these rounds. Still, you cannot get careless, as he still has 20s in his power punches, but you won't be getting one shot dropped (as 
often!) as before.

Still, you need to respect his power, and you can't just walk up on him and expect not to be hurt by him. You still need to fight cautiously, but 
you can land combos. Don't forget the body shots just because you landed a bunch earlier. You don't have to win in the 8th round. Maybe you 
work his body even more and try to win in the 11th or 12th. Whatever you do, once you win, you're treated to a cool cutscene and credits 

Legacy Mode tips

-Pick a boxing style that you actually will fight like (don't pick outside figher if you really just want to throw hooks and uppercuts)

-Work on your combinations and jab so you can do well on the sparring session

-Always train-spar-train-spar

-Never fight on less than 100% stamina

-Don't bother with media events -- better to train or rest (the exception to this is when it is in the last week before a fight and you are fully 

Have any tips yourself? My e-mail address can be found in the "Contact and FAQ" section.

Online Mode tips

-Fight smart. Most people online have no clue what they are doing and will deplete a good chunk of their stamina by round 6 or even earlier. 
Attack the body, use your jab to irritate them into throwing big punches that you can counter.

-This isn't a tip so much as it a request -- please, for the love of God, do not actually watch all three replays of a KO/KD. It is very annoying 
and childish.

(E-mail me if you have a tip -- you will be fully credited!)

Contact and FAQ

Have a question, comment or correction? My email is skmFAQs [at] gmail.com

You can also PM me on GameFAQs (my board username is the same as my contributor name)


CJayC-- for creating the site

SBAllen -- for running it

Devin Morgan-- for running it


This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

Don't bother asking me if you can put this guide on your website -- I only intend for this guide to be posted on GameFAQs.com.

Copyright 2012 James "sortakindamaybe" Gallagher

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