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                        GGG   EEEEE    A    RRRR    SSSS
                       G      E       A A   R   R  S
                       G      E      A   A  R   R  S
                       G      EEE    AAAAA  RRRR    SSS
                       G GGG  E      A   A  R R        S
                       G   G  E      A   A  R  R       S
                        GGG   EEEEE  A   A  R   R  SSSS

                      OOO   FFFFF      W   W    A    RRRR
                     O   O  F          W   W   A A   R   R
                     O   O  F          W   W  A   A  R   R
                     O   O  FFF        W   W  AAAAA  RRRR
                     O   O  F          W W W  A   A  R R
                     O   O  F          WW WW  A   A  R  R
                      OOO   F          W   W  A   A  R   R

                                 *Gears of War*

Gears of War Walkthrough and Guide
For Xbox 360
Version 1.1 (11/27/06)
Written by Brad Russell "TheGum" (email at bottom)

Version 1.0 - not too bad on time, got the full guide finished; can't think of
	anything else to add

Version 1.1 - added Berserker tip and a special comment; nothing big

Table of Contents
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1. A Brief Foreword
2. Controls/Skills/Tips conskti
3. Weapons		snopaew
4. Enemies/Bosses	seimene
5. Walkthrough

	Act 1 		1001ash
	Act 2 		2002ntf
	Act 3 		3003bob
	Act 4 		4004lrh
	Act 5 		5005des

6. COG Tag Locations	cogtagl
7. Credits/Copyright	

* 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *

Greetings dependent gamer. This is my third walkthrough. I have already done
the awesome Resident Evil 4 and the cool Dead Rising; nope, no connection 
between those games. I love RE4 and when I heard Gears of War was partly 
inspired by the gameplay in RE4, I could not wait. 

Gears was just as good as I had hoped. The gameplay should change the face of
gaming, at least the Active Reload. The graphics are unequalled, and the 
sound is great, but no memorable music, in-game.

Gears fell flat on the story. I liked the war stuff, but the character side
of things was a bit weak and the overall story was never really explained to
me. So I was left with a weird emptiness. Like I had done something really
cool, but I did not know why or what for. Story was also a fault in RE4, but
the characters were at least decent.

This game is not RE4.5, though the similarities are painfully obvious. I felt
RE4 nailed atmosphere better than any other game, even Half-Life 2. What I 
mean by atmosphere is the sense of what is happening in the game without a big
sign from the dialogue or story telling you. I guess it was the moments when
it was silent, and no one was chasing you. And then the feeling you got when
you entered a boss fight. This was the aspect of RE4 that kept me coming back
for some 25 playthroughs, and I'm still hungry for more. Maybe I didn't explain
it well enough, but it is hard to put into words; and believe me, I am no 
Resident Evil fan, just a hardcore RE4 fanatic.

I think the squad aspect was what ruined it. You aren't the focus, you are 
just a cog in a well-oiled machine of war. It works for a war game, but not 
for a truely personal gaming experience.

Gear of War is a great game, the best of the year so far. It perfected what it
means to be an action game (without timed button presses). But it passed on 
getting a good story, developing memorable characters, and the boss battles! 
I think if there were two or three more really great boss battles that made 
you say, "Oh ****!" this game would be a worthy successor to Resident Evil 4. 

Let me know what you guys think.

That wasn't brief at all. Oh well, happy hunting, die PS3!


Special Note 

Have you seen the Gears of War commercial on TV? It hasn't shown up as much as
I would think, but I did catch the full versions shortly after making this 

For one, the song was really cool. It set a sad tone to the thing, the kind of
sad that you feel when you know bad things are about to happen, but you can do
nothing to change it. 

The next important note is the fact that Marcus is on his own. Marcus is never
alone in the game, so why was he shown alone in the advertisement that is 
supposed to sell the game? 

The last thing to keep in mind is the Corpser at the end. It slowly appears and
at first seems to be nothing big and menacing; but when it comes into view it 
is huge, scary, and about to kill Marcus. When the uninitiated see the boss, 
they think, "Oh crap!" And as soon as it strikes, you know the marine is dead.

So what is the rub? There is no mood of complete sadness and gloom in the game,
Marcus is never alone, and the Corpser is a total push-over when you meet it.

Here is what I want you to realize from this and my previous comments on the
cons of this game. This ad that is rare to see on TV depicts a better game than
what we got. I want to play that game! Those are the three main cons I tried to
explain, and low and behold the commercial shows all three. The game never 
really had much ambiance except in the part outside the factory. I feel the 
sense of urgency was trampled by the fact that you are part of a squad; again,
good for a war game. And the bosses were less than intimidating, but the first
round with the Berserker was the best. 

Anyway, I just wanted to clarify what I was trying to say in the statement 
above. Just watch the commercial and tell me that that game did not look good.


* 2. Controls/Skills/Tips (conskti)                                           *


A - the cover button; hold for Roadie Run
B - melee; hold for chainsaw
X - the use button
Y - used for Y-look
LS - move
RS - look; aim with LT; click to zoom
D-Pad - change weapons
LB - bring up objectives; can use orders
RB - reload; time correctly for Active Reload bonus, or mess up
LT - bring up crosshairs
RT - shoot; with or without LT pressed

Most everything you can do will let you know what button to press, like doors
and buttons to open doors.


To dive, in any direction, press A while holding the LS in that direction.

Pressing A near an vertical surface will throw you into cover mode. While in
cover you have many options. Press A again (no LS) to exit cover.

Blindfire - simply press RT and you will start shooting in the direction your
camera is facing. Not useful if the enemy is behind cover. Good move to know
since you don't take any damage, but you probably won't win with it all the 

Mantle - simply move the LS us and press A to go over the object.

Swat Turn - move the LS toward cover close by, then press A to go there with
little to no risk of life. Good when you need to leave your cover and stay

Cover Slip - to use, just know that you are trying to quickly leave your cover
and advance. So either move the LS up or diagnolly from the edge of cover. This
move is not that important, but you can use it.

Dive - just move the LS away from the edge of cover to dive in that direction.


The Active Reload System is way cool. Adds something to nothing. Master it 
early to be effective later on, when it counts. My advice: when you are 
reloading, just focus on the reload bar on the right, even if you are under
fire. This should help you time it better (the speed varies), afterall you
are of no use if your gun won't shoot. And if you do pull off the AR correctly,
your reloaded bullets get some added, magical power. And magic rocks!

No health. Just be mindful of the red Gear on your screen as you come under 
fire. The bolder it gets, the worst off you are. Your health returns after some
idle time.

COVER, COVER, and find COVER. This game is all about cover. But don't think 
that means to camp out behind some object. Sometimes you will be rushed, so
either be ready to fire, or ready the chainsaw. 

From cover you can press the LT to pop up and aim at a target. This is perhaps
more useful than the other moves. Sure you expose yourself, but if you are on
target and go back down quickly, you will clear the area. 

Save Frags for Emergence Holes. Sure, toss them when I say otherwise, but try
to keep a few at all times. Not too big a deal.

Downed compatriots need reviving, but not too fast. For some reason there is 
no need to hurry. Just know you are out one guy for the moment. You can rush
and save them while under fire, or you can clear the area. By killing all the
enemies around the downed ally, they will revive themselves.

If you ever lose your team, press Y to find them.

Certain crates completely fill ammo, others only give you a little. Also, break
objects that look out of place. Just rev up the chainsaw to tear them apart. 
You may find goodies. 

One of the keys to early success is plugging up E. Holes ASAP. So take a few
hits if you know you can make it; I'll tell you which ones to go for.

Flanking does more than you think. Even if you don't go Rambo and kill all the
guys you sneak up on, they get distracted. Splitting the enemy's attention will
usually send them into a panic where they run in all directions. 

Stay mindful of the rush, or blitz. Usually done by the Grenadiers, but anyone
can do it. If you stay in one spot too long, they will pick up on this. I 
advise keeping fire, even blind, in their direction; moving to new cover; or
toss spare Frags (only if you know some are around to spare). Being ready to
use the chainsaw also helps.

One of the key tactics is to let the enemy unload some lead in your direction
as you are in cover, then pop up as they are reloading, and just wait for him
to pop back up to unload on him, but with better success. Of course make sure
you aren't outnumbered and being rushed. 

I have no advice for achievements, so don't ask. You can find the list by
pushing the Xbox button and looking at your games.

What more can I say? If you don't figure out the game quickly, you will not 
get far.

* 3. Weapons (snopaew)                                                        *
I say keep the Lancer and Longshot if you can at all times. 

Note that zoom is done by pressing the Right Stick down.

1. SNUB PISTOL - I never used it, ever, at least on an enemy. So yeah. Can

2. BOLTOK PISTOL - this is a good weapon, but the aim is so bad. Way better 
than the other handgun though. Can zoom.

3. LANCER - THE weapon in this game. Never toss it, even if it is empty. All
around good: decent range, fast fire, big clip, and the coolest melee weapon
since the Small Chainsaw. Note that you need to hold the B button down and
approach an enemy to pull off the cool death scene.

4. GNASHER - I don't really like this gun. I think it way given too short of a
range. You may disagree, but I never had much success except at melee range. 
Not like the shotguns in RE4.

5. LONGSHOT - great long-range weapon. You better not miss at point-blank or
you will be dying. Can zoom.

6. BOOMSHOT - I've had mixed success with this thing. But feel free. It is 
basically a grenade launcher with wicked slow reload time. Probably best used
when you aren't the target of an attack and you have some squadmates.

7. HAMMERBURST - the red-headed-step-child of the Lancer. Shoots in bursts, 
and I hate burst-shot weapons. If you really get desperate for guns, I guess.

8. TORQUEBOW - not bad for a distance weapon. The aiming is not much harder
than normal, so be accurate. The blast gives you some room for error. Decent
at normal range too.

9. HAMMER OF DAWN - only used a few times. You guide a big laser with a laser,
not much more to it. I don't use it for bad guys because any object in the way
will mess up the path. Seeders only.

10. FRAG GRENADES - takes some getting used to, for some reason that aim path
does not help me. I get caught up trying to follow it, and some times it won't
help you hit Emergence Holes. But they are grenades, so nothing more to say.
Also, don't forget you can blindlob these.

* 4. Enemies (seimene)                                                        *
This will be the reference for all enemies in the game. 

1. Drone - the grunt of the Locust. Found everywhere. I think they are about as
tough as you are, but you are much smarter. Carry Hammerbursts, and the odd 
different weapon.

2. Grenadier - the name only means that they have Frags, not that they carry
mortars or grenade launchers. They tote shotguns most of the time and are that
little notch above Drones.

3. Wretch - small and mobile, but extremely weak. Watch the ceilings. Be sure
to stay moving, and shoot from the hip (don't aim if they get close).

4. Sniper - not much more to say. Weak.

5. Boomer - big and slow. They are way tough and take about three Frags or 
three clips of Lancer ammo. Use the slow reload of the Boomshot to your 

6. Nemacyst - shot out of Seeders. One shot kills, and if you don't kill them
they will dive on you.

7. Kryll - only a factor in one part of the game. All you can do is stay in
the light.

8. Dark Wretch - I don't think they are any better than normal Wretches, they
just blow up after you kill them. One direct blast won't kill you, I believe,
but another swipe will. Dive away from dead bodies.

9. Theron Guard - about twice the quality of Drones. Smart too. They bring 
Lancers and Torquebows.

10. Seeder - only meet about three or something. Use two concentrated doses of
the Hammer of Dawn. Kill them first in most cases.

11. Reaver - encountered toward the end. They carry Troikas and Theron Guards.
Most of the time go for the underside to bring the whole apparatus down. 

12. Berserker - I consider each encounter to be like bosse battles (may as 
well). They can't see too well, but they hear and smell anything. In all 
encounters I will tell you what to do. The jist of it, lure them into the open
and drop the hammer. Only a boss the first time when you are a rookie. 

Note: pushan65 says that after one Hammer drop, run up to her while stunned,
tag her with a Frag, and then get back. She should die without waiting for two
Hammer drops.


13. Corpser - pesters you throughout the game. Go to the left side, aim for
the belly through the claws, shoot for the jaw when it roars, repeat two more 
times, and then blow out the supports to the bridge (blue). Easy as that.

14. Raam - bring the Torquebow and the Lancer. Use the bow to chase off the 
Kryll and then unload. Sometimes the Kryll will leave on their own, and if you
get a dart on him, all the better. The Kryll flying on their own is the key to
this battle. Just keep shooting bows, use the Lancer, and then reload when you
get the chance. There is more to this fight, but you can end it quickly. If not
then you will have to do the hard job of switching sides. Just know that this
fight is basically fought in the dark, so stay away. Hope you beat him quick.

* 5. Walkthrough                                                              *
My walkthrough is just that, a step-by-step guide of what to do. I try my best
to direct you, but this game has no cardinal directions, like north and south.
So bare with me. Also, be sure to read farther ahead of where you actually 
are; generally, just read the whole paragraph and notes (*).

This whole guide was done on Casual, but I think the upper difficulties just
have more emphasis on cover, so yeah.

Have fun.

Ohh yeah, there is an intro movie if you let the main menu sit for a while. Its
pretty good. If you have to wait a long time, then it won't come up.

ACT 1: ASHES (1001ash)


When you got control, move up and choose the training path. Go forward after
the Y press and pick up COG #1. Go up the stairs, pick up the ammo behind the
couch, and then press the button to get out. You need to shoot out both lock
things to move on. In the next room is the chance to practice cover. Go into
cover and move the Left Stick to see what you can do when you press A. Know
the Cover Slip, Cover Swap, Dive From Cover, and Mantle. Also know how to dive,
and go ahead and practice aiming and blindfire from cover. Mantle over the 
slab in the next room and keep going. 

Take cover by the doorway and wait for the Drone to reload, then pop out, aim,
and fire when he pops out. Y press on your way and get the ammo in the tower.
Press the button and then Roadie Run to the door. Follow the path to the room
with Frag Grenades. Aim to see how they will bounce. Then go through the door
and take cover behind a support. You can blindlob a Frag below, just make sure
you don't aim too close. Use your Frags up and mop up whoever lives. Then go 
pick up more Frags in the room before you go down to the ground. 

Get some Frags in hand and wait next to one of the concrete slabs. Take aim 
when the Drones are trying to get in. Wait until they finish for like one 
second, then toss one Frag next to the door. Toss another to kill whoever 
survives. Don't worry about Dom, he will revive once you clear the area.

Go to the back of the room and turn right when you reach the turned-over table.
Grab COG #2 and the ammo, then continue onwards.

Out the door, go up the steps and turn to the left for COG #3.

Stay up here and flank four Drones shooting at Dom. After the fight is over, 
leave the prison.

Crumbling City

Don't worry about the first enemies, King Raven will do the job. You get the
weapon of the game, the Lancer. Weaker than the Hammerburst, but has the cool
bayonet you bought this game to use. You have to hold the B button and move 
toward an enemy to use it. Never toss the Lancer, if you can.

Now go up the stairs and when you round the corner take cover behind the 
railings in the open. Then blindfire your way to success; there are four Drones
to beat, don't be shy to poke your head out and finish them off.

Pick up COG #4 on the ground across the way (your team tells you).

Pick up the ammo and Frags before the stairs. Go up and watch the scene. After
its over, go and pick up the ammo and Frags to the left. Then Roadie Run along
the left side of all these pillars to the space between the last and second-to
-last pillar, with a Frag in hand. You should see an Emergence Hole begin to
open to the right; aim a Frag where the ground shakes to close the hole before
it even opens. Then take out the remaining grubs who should be chase by your
team. Then pick up the ammo along the wall to fill up. 

*Save at least one Frag, and you may as well pick up a Hammerburst.

Follow your team (press Y to locate) and then get ready for about four or so
Drones to attack. They may rush, so be ready to practice the chainsaw. Then
flank them from the right. After, continue to the gate and go the the left of 
it for some ammo. Then cross and do the Y press.

Go through the door and go along the left and be ready to toss a Frag to the
ground where the statue sits. Plug up that hole quick and then take out the
ones who survive. Don't proceed, instead come back to the door and go straight
to mantle over something and reach some ammo and Frags. Then move through the
pillars to the other side with a Frag in hand. Once you round the corner of
the debris wall, quickly toss a Frag without aiming; if done correctly you 
will get it through before the pillar falls. If you don't do it correctly, you
most likely will die; if you don't die, aim a Frag over the slab to close the
hole. Kill anyone if they were able to sneak out. 

Pick up COG #5 behind the hole.

When you exit the place, turn right and get the Frags and then continue to the
dead guys. 

COGs Through the Debris

After the scene, run over the area behind the big house-like things. Flank that
Troika and the guy behind it; I could kill the guy and then cut the gunner in
half. Then keep going until three Drones appear, and just take cover and pick
them off one by one. Move up to the fountain area.

Go in only when you have a full four Frags. As soon as you get in, jump back 
out, and run to the left (facing the way you came). There will be four holes
in all, but you can change the order of the first three. From the left you will
need to close two holes that pop up in the streets that you came from. Move 
back from the closest one so that you don't overthrow it. Then another will 
pop up where you are standing (oh yeah, make sure you come back to the same
spot if the farther-away one opens second). Once the third is plugged, go
to the other side of the street (left of the third hole) and plug up the last
one before it opens, you may need to run. 

Collect Frags and ammo, and then COG #6 in the corner opposite the fourth hole.

Go through the open path and choose the right path. When you reach the hall
with the Troika, get out a Frag and get as far up as you can, and then let it
go (aim as far as possible). Kill whoever survives (save two Frags) then go
man the gun and wait for two Drones to rush. Then go out the door and go to
the other side of the room. Stick close to the wall as you make your way into
the little room, then run into the other one. Edge out of the doorway and take
out the spotter in the broken hole in the wall up above. Then Roadie Run over
to the big cylinder thing, and then hide behind the support to the right of
the Troika. Get out a Frag and arch it behind the gunner to kill them both.
Then waste no time running back into the room with the piano. The E. Hole will
open where the piano was, so lob in a Frag. Then come back and fend off what
remains of the rush. One last Drones runs from the door behind the Troika.
Collect ammo and go through. 

Pound it Out

Go to the little structure for ammo and Frags. 

Get COG #7 by going to the big crack in the road and following it up to the 
wall behind the white van. 

Go forward to the big sandbag and kill the Drone to the right side, but make
sure you are out of range of the Troika. A Grenadier will burst from the closed
door to the very right. Grenadiers carry Gnashers (shotguns) and can toss Frags
at you; they also tend to rush your position. Take him out and then go into
the building through his door. Get out a Frag and go through the rubble in the
building until you hear a hole open somewhere. It is in a tiny room to the
right of the very center of the building (behind the middle door) and you need
to lob a Frag inside; you should get a conformation sign from someone telling
you that you hit it. Then mop up and collect the Frags and ammo in that room.
Fall into the group.

Man the Troika and get ready for a couple of waves of enemies. You don't have
a crosshair, so "zoom" in a bit, fire, and follow the trail of bullets to your
enemies. You should be able to tell if you hit. Be sure not to hit your own
guys. No sniper. When all is over, follow your team into the door on the right
and fight the Grenadier and Drones. You can pick up the Gnasher, but I don't
like it so I won't tell you to. Go through the door when it opens.

Follow the pack to the fallen soldier. From above, take out the two Drones in
the doorway across the way on the ground. Pick up the ammo to the left of the
ledge and go down there to kill one Drone. After the scene, pick up the full-
ammo crate and Frags if needed then follow your new teammate.

In the big hall, go to the left and look behind some tomb-like thing for COG

Go to the door and look back to where the COG tag was and be ready to meet the
Wretches. Wretches are fast and small, but they only have a little bit of life.
Watch the ceilings and you will be fine. Save the ammo til the end. Take out 
a whole bunch from the first side and then focus all your fire behind you when
you hear they are coming. Melee if needed. After, pick up the full-ammo crate
and go through the door. 

Swap the Hammerburst for the Hammer of Dawn near the corpse. This part is 
important to cheating the game. Go to the window that is closest to the door
and near the corpse. Get right next to the wall and look out the window to get
just a peek at the Seeder's legs. Aim the Hammer on the legs and hold down on
the Right Trigger until the beam of energy stops. Then do it one more time to
kill the beast. Now come outside and focus fire on the enemies across the 
drawbridge. You can't plug up the hole, but try your best to kill the guys with
the Hammer to save ammo. Go across and follow the path.

When you get into the other side of the big hall where you met the Wretches,
inch your way into the doorway just enough to get a read on the Seeder in the 
open. Don't go out the doorway or you will come under attack. It may be hard,
but keep the laser sight steady as you eventually get two blasts off; best to
do when he is standing still, then aim for his nose area. Then go out and 
go to the left and ready yourself for a bunch of Wretches and a Drone. After
you and your squad handle them, go through the doorway. 


Grab the ammo on the ledge, and then come back and go down the steps. Be ready
to catch two Wretches on the bottom. Go past the dead Seeder to the church 
room for a fight. Stay behind a pillar and blindfire. Follow the beaten path
to the dead Alpha member.

COG #9 is to the right of the steps and in a little crevice. 

Keep onwards and take out two Drones who attack you when you exit the room with
the huge statue; the couches provide some cover. Bring out the Hammer and do
your quick work on the Seeder, then take cover, pop up after some time, and
then finish it off. Grab the ammo crate and go back to the last room. Look to
the door and get a Frag in hand. Go to the left side of the door and get ready
to lob a Frag inside. Then bring out the Lancer and finish them off; Grenadiers
will rush if they aren't killed in the blast.

Keep onwards, picking up ammo along the way, until you reach the concrete slab;
ignore the Boltok, unless you really want it, it really doesn't matter. Don't
forget that some objects can be broken with the chainsaw. When you see more
enemies in a room, take cover and make sure you kill the rushing Grenadier.
Don't go into the big hallway. Instead, peek through the doorway to another
doorway on the side and Roadie Run to it. Go up the steps and get ready for 
some Wretches and a Drone. Keep going and then sneak up on the gunner; please
cut him in half, for me. Then man the gun and get ready for Wretches to pour 
from where you came from; divide your fire between top and bottom.

Keep going, don't turn right at the end of the hall, and go down the stairs. 
You can either shoot the guys in the room down here from the stairs, or you can
go down and flank them from the left or behind. Then fill up on ammo and then
follow your team to the round room. Go up the big stairs and sneak up on the 
gunner; then man the gun. Hope your team handles the Nemacyst and then just 
pick off each Drone from above. They spawn from under the tree and behind the
big rock-like thing. Just be patient and you can kill them all. Watch the

Big Momma


Go around the corner and peek into the fires for COG #10.

*Have the Lancer in hand.

Go around the other way and pass the room into the hall. She breaks in through
the wall when you try to leave the little hall. Go up, stay in the center of
the hall, and dive when she dashes toward you and get out into the next room.
Make a dash to the door at the end, turn around, rev up the chainsaw, stay 
right in front of the door, and then dive when she is right next to you. Move
back into the room and lead her out of the doorway, then run through once it
is open. Make sure you lead her all the way with you so she doesn't get stuck
in an infinite loop with Dom. Go into the next room with a door and do what you
did before, just less space. Keep bringing her to avoid the loop and then run
into the last room with a door. 

Go the the corner on the left of the door and quickly pick up COG #11.

Repeat the luring and get outside. 

Go to the left again and search behind the lamp in the corner for COG #12.

Whip out the Hammer and drop it. You will have to dive out of the way when she
hears you charging it up, but if you get some space between you two, you should
get in a good hit. Just like the Seeders, two hits and she's KIA. 

ACT 2: NIGHTFALL (2002ntf)

Inch by Inch

Move forward for a brief guide to your new commands. To be honest, I have never
used them to much success, so forgive me if I never mention them.

Move up and swap the dead Hammer of Dawn for a shotgun. Forward is another fork
in the road. I will advise going left. In the room ahead is a free crate so 
grab it quick. Get a Frag in hand.

The new enemy is called a Boomer. Take cover, and then blindfire a Frag in
their direction. Your buddies up behind the Boomers will take care of them 
pretty well this time. Return fire if need be, but you shouldn't have to. 
Collect the Frags in the room behind you, go forward for a Y press, and then
get the ammo if you need it. 

*Up to you, but I took both Boomshots, swap the Gnasher.

In the statue room you will come under fire from a single guy out of the door.
Just take cover and do whatever. There are Frags in this room and the next, but
you don't need them, I think. Some press the button in the shelf room and go 
through. Turn right for some ammo and then leave the alley. Look up to the big
opening straight ahead and up, be ready for the sniper. Then fire at the two
Drones who pop up behind the fence, but make sure not to hit your guys who 
come from around the corner. Take cover and wait for two guys to rush outside.
When they are gone, go the the other side of the opening and get a sight of the
door. Run to the door and take out the Wretch(es) and the couple of guys. Then
enter the other door in the hall and sneak up on the Troika gunner; he may
sneak up on you. 

Some Frags behind the gun and some ammo next to it. Go kick the door and wait
around while your buddies exchange gossip. Proceed to the room with some steps.
Go down and mantle the slab, cut up the couch, and grab COG #13. Go through 
the door

Guerrilla Streets

Get ready for one of the toughest fights in the game. As soon as the Corpser 
goes under your feet, go for the slab of concrete to the right of the car. 
Hopefully the Boomer will come for you, so be patient and ready your Frags. 
When he is in distance just toss all you got at him. Make sure you are to
the side near the wall, and then pop up to take out Drones. When the area 
around the tree is clear, move up the slab and then look for the two windows
in the building on the far end of the yard. Take out the two snipers, then just
have at it with the remainders; a few guys will appear after the fight is over,
so be ready. 

Three ammo crates in the area and some Frags in an opened doorway near the 
truck. Grab the Boomshot if you wish. Head through the opened doors to the 
giant room with catwalks. Some Wretches attack up near the exit, so let your 
team run ahead of you. When you come outside four more beasts will approach,
two up high and two on the ground. Go down the steps, turn around, and then
go pick up COG #14. 

Some ammo in the rubble in the corner. Snake through the path and ready for 
two Drones and one Boomer after the Corpser goes away. Some ammo tucked away in
the corner. 

Go forward with a Frag in hand. As soon as you mantle over the slab go to the
right side of the car. Screw pushing it, just Roadie Run to the van at the 
other end of the bridge (not the first car). Just stay in cover behind the van
and look up at the Troika, then blindlob a Frag to the gunner (don't aim too 
closely to the van or you will miss and be sure to aim high). Whip out the 
Lancer and open fire. A lot of Wretches and Drones pour out of the hole down
the road. The hole is too far away, so just kill them all. 

*Oh yeah, free Frags by the van too.

Continue onwards until you reach the gate. Go to the the spot behind the blue
mailboxes for COG # 15. Approach gate. 

Trolls Under the Bridge

Go forward and press Y when told. Watch scene.

Go down the street and kick open the rug-like door. Nothing in this building. 
When you emerge, aim for the propane tank to kill the sniper. Kill the other 
three or so guys. Grab the Frags in the shed. There is a sniper rifle in the 
tiny house, either swap it and the Boomshot or don't. 

Follow Dom to the dock. Don't waste ammo on the Drones, just to to the valve 
on the platform and turn like crazy. Ignore all the fighting and just turn.
Midway over you meet the Kryll. Keep going, and when you reach the end your 
new friends clear out the baddies. 

*Needless to say, don't go into the darkness. 

Dusk to Dust

Go forward, and keep Y pressed as you watch the two Strandeds. Collect the
Longshot and get all the ammo you need from both sheds to the right. Go
through the building to the streets with your Boltok in hand. Shoot the tank 
directly in front of the car, then run to the area around the burning tank and
whip out a Frag; aim to where the Emergence hole is (behind the big concrete
slab) and toss. You should be told whether you hit on the money. Then take out
the two Drones. Some ammo behind the tank. Don't run into the street unless
you shoot the propane tank in road.

Stand on the closed hole, look left, shoot the tank, and then go get some ammo
and COG #16; dive to reach it. 

*Remember, use the handgun on tanks.

Stand back on the hole, now look right (other side) and shoot the two tanks you
can see. When you reach the car you will come under fire. Run to the dresser
and quickly shoot the next tank way across the road by the wall near a slab.
Then run to the lit side of the slab. Turn around, stay in the light, and then
shoot the next tank directly behind the next car. Stand behind the dumpster 
and toss (aim) a Frag to the gunner. Then just stay in the light and kill the 
lone survivor. 

Go to the car and shoot the tank in the doorway of the building. Go through and
jump out the window to get a Frag behind the Troika. Come back and be ready for
a single Wretch when you approach the door. 

Get a Frag in hand and open the door up top. Roadie Run across and go through 
the building ASAP, go into the next building, and then toss a Frag into the 
hole. Should be a Wretch around you and then just a few Drones. When the hole
is covered be ready for two Grenadiers to pop from the door across the way. The
tank near the door should be on fire.

*Feel free to use the Longshot coming up.

Go through the building. Look to the bricked building with a big hole up high.
Take out the sniper. Go behind the car and push it all the way across the way.
Should be about three guys on the ground, so take them out and run up to the 
hallway; you may be able to kill the one free Drone in the room by staying near
the doorway. Go to the doorway into the room and toss in a few Frags, kill 
whoever survives. Collect the ammo, go back out, continue down the hallway, 
grab the stuff, and then shoot the propane tank behind the dumpster to make a 

The Heart of Darkness

Go through the building and kick open the door and be ready for two Drones (I
used my Longshot here since I was low on ammo). Shoot the tank behind a pillar
and run to where the Drones were, then run to through the archway and get to 
the small slab with a Frag in hand. Aim through the other arch and get a Frag
in that hole; should be told whether you hit. Then snipe the remainder. Shoot
the tank from where you stand, then go over there, and find the tiny clip of 
ammo behind the tank (a bit back). Proceed.

*Be mindful of where the dark spots are, I found even tiny spots count.

Run to the mailbox across from the car to get a sight on the tank. From the
safety of this tank look for another one behind some rubble. Go out and locate
the spotlight. Go up the building, grab the ammo, and take control of the 

*You may notice the COG Tag to the left, but hold off.

Aim it to Dom. Your job, if you don't know, is to follow his movement with the
light. So do so and be patient when he takes a while. Wait for him to turn on
the pretty lights, then put the light on the COG tag near the starting point.
Be ready for the few Wretches on the way down. 

With the light on the Tag, go pick up COG # 17.

Some ammo where Dom found the lightswitch. Assist Dom if two Drones are in the
area. Get a Frag in hand and go up the street. Enter the building and go into
the room so you can get a spot on the hole. Lob a Frag. The Kryll will kill the
Drones who try to rush, and you can handle the rest. Shoot the tank from this
position and proceed. Don't miss the tiny clip in this room too.

Go up and meet the colorful yocal, the jerkwad.

Chap's Last Stand

*Follow the light path when in doubt.

Grab the ammo, go into the hall, but wait for the light to come on. Don't go
down the hallway, instead, wait for the light to come on in the room; don't
worry when he "messes" with ya. In the other hallway, wait for three Wretches.
Go through, cut the dresser, and wait in the kitchen for the light to come on
in the next hallway. Go up a bit then come back when you hear growling and 
take out the four coming Wretches. The final room has some ammo.

As soon as you exit the mansion, turn right for COG # 18. 

Shoot the propane tank sitting in the car and run to it. As it slides down, you
can either Roadie Run all the way, or keep pace with it and dive at the end. Go
forward and meet who I suspect is Chap. Let's just call him Chap. Go behind 
Chap and get the ammo first. Then fill up the Junker with fuel, as Chap says.

Go to where you got the ammo to initiate the fight. Kill the five or so Drones
near the steps. Then a Boomer appears near the Junker along with a couple of 
Drones. Kill the Boomer ASAP and then kill all the Wretches and others who 
swarm in (about five or so). 


*I don't think you need help, but I will do what I can here.

Do you understand the controls? Either UV Gun or driving, not both. Practice 
a bit before going onward. Know that all the crap in the road does not hinder
your progress. 

Keep an eye on the church up ahead. When you get close, stop, switch, and fire
your lights. Just know that if they make it to you they will only inflict
some damage and leave. Continue.

When you go past the vehicles in the road you should stop and wait for Kryll
to pop out of the building to the right; and then the left; and then behind you
in two swarms. 

When you pass the crack in the road, stop, and wait for Kryll ahead. Then
keep waiting for more to pop up behind you. Then turn back around and fire to
the left. Proceed.

Follow the directions Chap gives to exit off the highway. Turn left, turn right
and then be ready for a big swarm when you go under the bridge. Right, right,
and back on. 

Follow the turn, then wait at the next turn for the four small swarms in the 
sky to the left. Then be patient and look behind for one swarm. Then wait for
the rapid-fire swarms to emerge from each window in the big building (its
still behind you so keep looking back). 

Follow the road. After the ramp a bunch of small swarms emerge from above the
open yard, so finish the last batch and be on your way. FUN!


This is not that tough. If you have some Frags, just lob them in the hole up
ahead. If not, there are a few if you go to the otherside of the catwalk. Try
your best to close all three up ASAP. You may note the tiny lights in the 
buildings in front of you, ignore them. But do get on the Troika and aim for
the concrete slab across the way, above some dude. 

Soon after a Boomer shows up, so fill him with Troika bullets. Mow down all the
other Drones and Grenadiers; use your Lancer and remaining Frags in need be.

When all seems clear collect the gear and turn around. Wait for the huge hole
with four Boomers to open up. Don't bother with killing them the old fashion
way. Notice the big water tank that will eventually drop to the left. Keep
waiting and avoiding the boomshots. When you see a panel drop under the tank,
you will see three propane tanks; shoot them and you defended the Alamo, now 
wait for the boss, Ozzy the Streamer (joke, for those out of the know).


Dark Skies, Dark Shadows

Proceed all the way to a well-lit door when you round the corner. No fighting
on the way. After the scene, go the left side of the door for some Frags down
a little path. 

Continue following the larger path, ignore the scares, and there is some ammo
and Lancers laying around. When you reach the open area be ready for your first
skirmish with the Dark Wretches. Just know that they blow up after you kill 
them, so be careful. About eight or so will rush you two. Proceed and their is
some ammo behind the van. Once you get to the start of the narrow path, you
should anticipate three more Wretches. 

Continue along the water's edge. Notice the huge bricked buildings. You want to
go behind the second one that has a big red COG symbol. Go to the back and go
to the very end of the dock for COG #19.

Come back out and go to the third huge building. Press the green button and 
then hurry back to the side of the second building. Go inside and press the 
button inside the elevator (its on the wall) and you should avoid the lone 
Dark Wretch. Follow the path to the window and proceed. 

Things That Scream in the Night

Does not matter which path you take from here, you will have to go back to the
other one. Some ammo in the bathroom on the left side. More ammo in the hall
and then notice how the lights come on as you enter the next building. Don't
dirty your diaper.

Go to the left and free the Stranded. Just follow him all the way to the end.
In the big room there is small room along the wall, but don't go inside, not
worth it. Just follow your political friend the whole way down to the lower

Don't run after you friend when you reach the wooden floors. Just know that the
path is random each time. Here is the key, be slow and step back when hear some
creaking noise. Also, try to stay above the tiny metal beams where you can.
You cannot dive, but if you do fall, there is a ladder in the back to get back
up; don't fall.

COG #20 is in the right-hand corner, before you get to safety. 

There is plenty of ammo and Frags in the next two rooms, but I advise keeping
the Longshot and skipping the Gnasher. The big room is the spot of a big fight
with a whole mess of Dark Wretches. The key is to stay mobile, shoot from the
hip, and know where you can move because once you stand still and get stuck, 
you're dead. Just keep on your feet and anticipate attacks from all sides. 

*When you see the little thing drop from the ceiling, just wait for them to 
show up.

In the rooms with open windows, watch for a lone Wretch in the second section.
Leaving the third little section, turn the valve to open the doors. Ammo in the
closet, proceed the other way. More ammo in the big room and you will meet your
team at the other end. Wait for the valve to be free next to the gate, and then
turn it.

Outside be ready for an all-out assault. Watch up, down, left, and right for
Dark Wretches and bad guys with guns. Good news is you got more guys. There are
two Drones, so after you kill them in the narrow path to the right, go through
the opening to get on the other side. Keep an eye out for Wretches on the 
ceilings and make your way to the door at the end. When it seems like all the 
creatures are down, try to open the door. A Boomer and a Grenadier are coming
for you from behind the nearby gate. Ready a Frag and hide behind a slab, then
try to lob Frags inside that room. The Grenadier will rush you guys so work

*Note that Dark Wretches just appear above where ever you are.

Go through and collect ammo. Go down the steps and look to the right for a 
free COG #21. Press the button and get on the train. 

You Must be This Tall to Die

There will be two guys to the right as you start, no big deal. Get ready for
a couple of Dark Wretches to attack from above; just use blindfire or whatever
you wish, reload often. The big room has two Drones, but ignore them. The next
tunnel has a lone Drone on the left side so take him out. Then be ready for two
Wretches down the way. There's a Boomer in the last area, but you can ignore 
him too. That's it.

*I hear you can take the other path, but it probably doesn't matter.

Grab the ammo and continue onwards. The next room has a brief encounter with
a Wretch; I got him once and then he was on the other side, so go figure. Push
the button and kill the unsuspecting Wretches up ahead. Then wait around for 
two more to drop down where they were. Grab the ammo on the side and go on. 
When you are passing the tunnel you will have one sneak up on you from behind,
and another is waiting to up ahead; kill him if you can. 

When you approach the end of the platform you will need to wait for a Boomer
to jump on, then you need to run back and take cover. The other two have a 
Boomer as well, so just be quick and hope they can help you out. Jump on and 
enter the mines.

Caves of Darkness

Follow the path and take the right path at the fork to reach a Frag and COG
# 22. 

Go back to the fork and take the tiny path to some ammo. Come back and take the
final path and fight a couple of Wretches(more ammo in a crevice to the left).
Continue on and when you see the open area under a structure be ready for two
waves of three Dark Wretches. Keep going and slip away.

Grab the ammo in the blood and go forward. Get in cover and take out the one
guy up the steps to the right. Then take care of the two waves of Drones. Ammo
in the room up the steps (cheap scare) and COG #23 below the steps. 

Onwards you will run into a sniper on a ledge, quickly shoot the thin stone 
pillar to bring some rocks down - cool huh. Go on and handle the many Dark 
Wretches after those rocks blow away. 

After the numerous slabs, take out the three petty creatures that show up. 
Move up until the Boomer shows up across the way, take out the couple of Dark
Wretches, and then whip out the Longshot to blow the big guy's head off (I sure
hope you still have the Longshot). Go onward, grab some ammo, and then fall.

Get ready for some intense action as you are swarmed by Dark Wretches. Again,
shoot from hip, move around, and dive away. Grab the ammo when all is over and
continue (the last beast will be kill to open the path). 

Choose the right path, and when you pass the two rocks you will be rushed by 
Wretches and a Drone. Melee or fall back to kill the Drone, then handle the
rest and try to help out Dom on the other side. Move up and wait for another
rush; do much of the same. There will be one last rush, but this time by two
Wretches and two Grenadiers; get to cover. 

Go down the little slope and grab the ammo and Frags. In the narrow path you
need to take out the three Wretches on the ceiling ASAP. Then take care of the
six or so Drones down the way. May lob a few Frags to hasten the fight's end.

In the open there is some ammo and COG #24 to the right. Go on to the boss.

The Face of Darkness

Okay, don't freak out, listen to me. This fight is so easy it should be illegal
after all the build up. 


Run to the left, near the ammo, and aim for the belly under that belt. Don't 
get too far to be past his last claw, make sure you can shoot his jaw when he
rears up. Shoot his jaw when he roars and then reload to chase him. Get in the
same position and repeat this tactic two more times. I know the Dark Wretches 
are about, but ignore them. When the boss scoots back to the wooden platform,
just shoot the two blue clamps on the ground to end the fight. It is really 
easier than I explained so don't overthink this fight. Also, ignore the ammo
as you fight. 

Moving along, you need to move along. Some ammo behind you, but you don't 
really need to waste time.

Last Defense of the Locust

The ammo crate up ahead will fill you up. Pull out the Longshot and swap it for
the Torquebow by the corpse nearby. Proceed and anticipate some intense action
up ahead. To be honest, you may want the Longshot anyway.

The new enemy is called a Theron Guard. They are basically upgraded Drones, so
know that. Try to get aligned with the first ramp before the Guards get into
position. Use your long-range weapon to pick off enemies. When the first four
or so go down, go up the ramp and try to sneak up on the distracted enemies
as they attack the other group. About three Guards and three Grenadiers by my
estimates, so have fun. When the smoke clears go push the button and you're 
off (press Y to find it).


War Academics

The Longshot is your friend here. Quickly snipe out the many enemies on the
other side of the yard. There are quite a few, so be accurate. Also, I just 
stayed around the starting location through the whole battle. When that side
is clear, the side closer to you will be swarmed by Theron Guards and Drones. 
Take out the rushers first. After that, two Boomers and some guys will appear 
across from you. Snipe out both Boomers and evade their shots. Then move up and
get a read on the two snipers in the building behind the statue, which has
probably blocked them from hitting you the whole fight. When all is calm, do 
not go to where the Boomer burst out of the wall. Collect munitions and go to
the building to the right side of the yard for COG #25. Approach the open wall
and choose the left path. 

Proceed and get the ammo and Frags near the lockers. Up the stairs you should
be on alert for a lone Theron who usually rushes. Proceedd to the hole in the
wall and take out the two Drones. Then be ready for another wave of enemies to
rush your friends: two Therons and one Drone. The Therons have Torquebows so
take cover. 

When you mantle into the next room, and Seeder will have two Nemacyst in the 
air - take them out. Go to cover next to the open door and take out the Drones
on the ground. When only the Seeder remains, go into the locker room next to
you, but be ready for three normal Wretches and one Drone. Swap the Longshot
temporarily for the Hammer of Dawn (two in this room) and hide behind the wall
to take out the Seeder. Then quickly get a Frag in hand and look for the 
statue in the middle of the yard (easy to see if you are still in the locker 
room) and aim a Frag right into it. After this, take out the stragglers. 

Pick up the Longshot and keep along the path; there is so ammo behind a tipped
over vending machine near a window. Turn the valve and go into the next room
for some more ammo.

The next area has some Wretches where you are, some Drones on the ground, and
then a lone Sniper on a ledge if you look left of the miracle toilet. Don't
forget the ammo near the holy can and then some ammo for the Longshot. Then go
downstairs to emerge into a street with two Drones. When you try to cross the
road two Wretches pop out of the crack. Don't try to shoot the Troika from
behind the fence, just keep going. And snipe the gunner through the window in
the next room, and then the other Drone. On the street you are to shoot the
propane tanks in the car to open a path.

Burnt Green

COG #26 is just ahead on the corner of the block.

Take a note of the center of this road; I hope you have a Frag. Go up through
the columns and turn left to the door. As soon as you kick it, turn around,
go to the center of the previous columns, Roadie Run to the sandbags, and then
toss a Frag right into the center of the streets. After that hole is closed,
turn around and go take cover behind those things that have trees above them.
Now I don't know what will happen for you, but sometimes one of these Boomers
will not advance. I just toss a Frag their way, blindfire one to death, and 
then play peek-a-bo with the other. After all that, go pick up some ammo in
the column area, get the Longshot back, and then proceed.

The next couple of areas are empty. When you get to a room with two sets of 
steps, go up one, and then grab some ammo while you can see the greenhouse 
area below; wait for Hammer. Go back and go down the big stairs to enter the 
greenhouse grounds, but get the Hammer of Dawn in the doorway. Now go in and 
run up to the other end, but keep your eye on the doorway. A Berserker will 
walk through. Your goal is to get through, so you have some options. Either
lead her out and run past, or tip-toe, your call. I say just rev up the 
chainsaw, dive out of the way, and then dash to the door. 

*Try to kill her off quickly.

In the hallway, when you get to the middle the old girl will bust through; I
say just Roadie Run to the door at the end. Out in the next area when you try
to get around the tree, she will bust through again; so Roadie Run right past
her. Try to, from the front area where you should be, to make her run to the
first green pillar. Your goal is to make an opening in the ceiling so you can
drop the hammer. Try to take out seven of the pillars. Just rev, dive, and
move to the next and all the pillars will fall in no time. When the seventh one
falls (ignore the very first one), drop the hammer two times and it will be 
over with lots of time left on the hammer. Turn the valve to put out the fires,
and then quickly get through if you have over a minute on the hammer. If you
don't have any time left, go all the way back and pick up your Longshot before
going through.


*Yes, some of you won't have the hammer, so replace the ease of this paragraph
with some difficulty and wasted ammo.

With the Hammer, run through the yard, get past the hallway, and then ready
the hammer to take out the Troika gunner across the way. A Drone or two may be
alive, so take them out. Then move up with an eye to the right and be ready for
a hole to open. Use the Hammer to close it up. Move up some more and be ready
for another hole to pop up behind you; be quicker to close this one up, or you
will have a lot of Wretches to mess with. After this, there may be one more 
Drone in the area. No more Hammer.

Switch the Hammer for the Torquebow near the entrance, behind a bench. Go on 
(the ammo near the Troika and in a wall if needed) and be ready for some 
Nemacyst in the skies. I recommend taking cover with the fountain; this makes 
your cover a full 360, and you need that much cover. Take out the four or so
Drones, then two who fall from the right, and then two more behind you. And
then be ready for a Boomer to come from the first hot area. Use the Torquebow
to quickly kill him before he rushes you. Leave the safety of the fountain and 
break the boards to the door behind you for some Frags, there is a Lancer with
ammo below a tree across the way, and a crate of ammo on your way out. Pick up
the Frags next to the dead Seeder. Boo!

In the hall go out, but don't worry about that guy. When you round the corner
and see two concrete slabs, ignore the Y press and quickly get to the thing 
with a tree for cover. There are four guys, I think two Drones and two rushing
Grenadiers. You have some time before the Grenadiers rush, so try to take out
the Drones quickly. Then anticipate a rush from both sides of you. Blindfire
or whatever, even fall back, just kill them quick. After this, you will see a
Boomer in the background. Whip out the bow and take him out quickly. 

Go up and take a left all the way down a ramp, turn right, and hop up for some
ammo. Go back and in the next narrow area is a Frag on the left, and some ammo
for the Torquebow to the right, behind a sawable dresser. Proceed.

Storm the Castle

Go on and take cover be the railing. These guys never rushed me from this
position, so I think you can just hang around and pick them off one by one. Be
mindful of the Theron Guards and their Torquebows. Ammo behind the center 
stairway, near the wall. That should be all you need, but there are two more 
in this area, but don't forget the two Torquebows. Now go to the left pathway.
Be ready for three guys to attack; I used the Torquebow and aimed for the dirt
to either kill or flush them out. Keep one arrow in the bow and move up to the
statue area, but don't leave the archway. Build tension in the bow and then get
a read on the Troika on the bridge to kill the gunner. Then pick off the other
two guys behind the sandbags. Ignore the ammo and follow the path, and then 
take cover behind the doorway and take out the two Grenadiers; two more after
them I believe. Then go down the path to the right of the locked gate and 
cut that gunner in half.

*There is a Torquebow in a path behind the statue.

Come back and collect ammo, there is some by the statue, and the Frags at the
end of the bridge. I don't know when he pops out, but a Theron will attack from
the sandbag area. Continue up and past the gate.

The scene you get when you approach the stairs tells you what you face. Just
watch all your sides. Then a Boomer will show up, so use the Torquebow. Then
make your way up the stairs and be ready for some Theron Guards and others, all
I can say is take cover, because their movement is so random. 

Ammo all over the place, and then go up for a scene; no fighting up here. Get
a Frag in hand and go into the house, run up, take a left at the stairs, go
into the second room, and toss a Frag as the hole opens. Come back and go up 
the stairs to a firefight. The Drones are on one side or the other, so take 
cover on one of the supports with the Torquebow in hand. Shoot the furniture if
someone hides behind it to take them out. Watch for the Grenadier to rush. Ammo
up here if you need it.

Interior Destruction

Pull out the Lancer and wait to hear a hole open somewhere. Wait one the bottom
steps and be ready for a Grenadier to pop out of the closed door. Drop back if
you have to, just don't let him kill you. Run through the door with a Frag in
hand and go into the right room when you see two. Get to the couch, aim a Frag
as far as you can to the hole in the far room. Hope you got it, because there
is another guy already shooting at you. Kill him and whoever survives, then be
ready for another to burst through a door to the left. 

Go through and get the ammo in the room to the right. Keep going and in the 
next room chainsaw the desk for COG #27.

Keep going until you reach the gate, and turn the valve. Go through, chainsaw
the boards for some Frags, and keep going. Be ready to help out your trigger
happy friend; you can just just stay on the top of the stairs and shoot at the
enemy's feet. Go through and don't worry about the strange happenings, no 
fighting right now. Where you find an opening to a small room, go in and swap
for the Longshot if you wish. Keep going and push the left-most wine holder
back. Try to open the door, then get to the cover under the middle railings.
Get ready for about six or so Drones/Grenadiers to attack from both sides, in
the middle, and to rush. Then go into the lab.

Make your way back, but watch for the immediate Wretches as you try to leave.
Then when you are almost out of the basement, anticipate the rush of a lone 
Wretch with a Grenadier behind him. Keep going until you reach the room with
the desk and four pillars. A Grenadier locks you in with about nine Wretches
that come from the holes in the wall. Just stay in the hallway you just came
from and pick them off. When you hear the enemy laugh he should be in the room,
so take him out. 

The Siege

All the ammo is back in place to pick it up as you make your way to the second
story window (Frags in the room across the Emergence Hole). When you meet up 
with your friends you should take cover. There are four Drones and a lone 
Theron on the front side. Try to lob a few Frags down there, but you probably
won't take them all out. So just pop and fire while in cover. Eventually, a 
Boomer will pop up, but he isn't trying to kill you, he will suicide to the 
front door and blow it apart. You can try to kill him, but I couldn't do it 
with all the guys below. Just let him go and keep taking out the others. The
Boomer brings some more guys, and after a while you will hear a Theron bring 
a few more. Also, there will be a regular Boomer after the other one. All I can
really say is that the reinforcements come from the openings in the wall. Once
you feel like you've killed as many of the guys from the third wave as were in
the front, then switch to killing the few enemies that are in the house. 

Collect all your ammo anywhere and then the Frags in the blown out room facing
the front. Then go down the stairs for yet another surprise, this time from the
door by the stairs, so get the chainsaw revved up. Go through that door keep 
going (there are some crates and Frags along the way, but you shouldn't need
it). When you burst through a door, get a Frag out, go to the window, and 
throw the Frag before those guys crawl out of the hole; the hole opens behind
the big statue/art thing. Then kill whoever remains, and once the fight is
over, shoot for the propane tank by the door across the way to blow away the
boards holding the door closed (no point telling you to open it if you can't).

Go back, pick up ammo (some is under objects), and go through the open area.
Kill the lone Drone and then go to the next open area. Quickly get to the
railings with your Longshot in hand and aim to the area in front; get a shot
in on one of the Boomers and then take cover. Just keep taking popshots at the
two, you only need to hit each three times. Once that is done, Roadie Run as
far as you can in the APC's direction (where the Boomers came from). When you
poop out, don't try to fight or close the hole, just keep going; dive if you
have to. 

ACT 5: DESPERATION (5005des)


Move forward to the statue thing and be ready for two snipers on the bridge
above. Wretches come from somewhere, so be ready. There are seven things to
pick up around the center area. There will be a third sniper to pop up behind
you. Then there will be three Emergence Holes open around you (looking to the
trains): one to the left, one to the top right, and one to the right. After all
are plugged, there will be a train to pass up ahead, so run to that side of the
train yard.

While you are talking, make your way to the second car. Run to the biggest 
metal crate and take cover. All I had to do was blindfire the fools, but they
may rush you; there are a total of three on this car. Go forward and get to one
of the last two metal crates on car number two and take out the guy nearby. 
Then quickly to to the third car and hide behind the flammable tank to take out
the guys on the next car. I could aim between the big circles to kill two, but
then you have to take out whoever is rushing you. Go to the fourth car and take
cover behind the bundle of pipes. Blindfire and do whatever to kill the two
Theron Guards and the one Drone. 

You should be out of ammo so before going to the door, go get both ammo crates
in the corners of cars four and three. Then go to the door on the fifth car. 
But you will run into a Theron and a Drone; fall back and take them out. Then
get the ammo to the right of the door, then push the button. 

Here we go again; she has been behind the stuff in the back this whole time.
Well, make your way back to the second car. I don't care how you do it, but
you will have to snake through the unbreakable stuff; the metal crates will
break. Remember how you have been leading these girls all this time before and
you will get her to the second car easy. When she is there, hurry back to the
third car and (facing the back) push the big green button to the right. 
Hopefully she is dead, but if she dashed back to the third, don't worry. As 
soon as the other cars fall away and she gets back on, run to the spot in the
middle where you have the open edge to your back. She will run back to you,
dive out of the way, and she will die this time. 

Railway Robbery

Go back to the door, no hurry, and pick up COG #28 right in the doorway. 

Go into the next car and take out the two Drones; toss a Frag. Be mindful of 
the Reavers outside the windows, but don't shoot at them. Go out to the next
open car and take out the Theron and Drone from the doorway, or where ever you
wish. Grab the ammo to the left and hid behind the tiny crate to take out the 
next Theron and Drone. Then keep going.

COG #29 is in this car behind the tiny wall sticking out. 

Some Frags, get the Torquebow, and go up the ladder. Go to the left for some 
more arrows. Take out the Reaver to the left with one bolt. Them run to the
Troika on the left; this should keep you relatively safe from the Reaver to
the right. Take out as many as you can, then get off when there are one or 
two out of reach. Some more may come, but this fight is not that hard; just 
stay on the Troika unless you are getting hit from an unshootable Reaver.

Go back down to the next car, and go to the place where the cylinders fall. 
Aim to the other side and wait for three Dark Wretches to jump up for you to
easily pick them off. Go forward and into the next car. Be ready for about 
four creatures to rush you; pick up the Frags and keep going. Push the green
button to drop the things and then run to the other side while fighting off 
more Wretches. Wait at the doorway to the next car for Dom to catch up, then go
inside. Be ready for Dark Wretches from the windows and ceiling. I think two 
from the windows ahead, and then about four from the ceiling ahead. When the
next Y press comes up, don't bother looking, just run forward and turn to shoot
at the falling Dark Wretches (four of them). 

Once that is done, quickly pick up the ammo on the way out, go through the 
door, run to the other end, ignore all the Wretches, Roadie Run to the safe 
car and then kill all the remaining Wretches. Then go open the door and go on.
Push the button to drop the load and go on, but go back into the little hallway
for COG #30. Come back and into the next car. Pull out the Torquebow, get some
ammo for the Lancer, and go to the last car; I hope you have 12 bolts.

The COGs of War


Pull back on the bow as soon as you have control and let it rip into Raam. Then
whip out the Lancer and aim for the head. When the Kryll come back, hide, 
reload Torquebow, and repeat. Pop right up if you see the Kryll come for you
and you can get in a bunch of hits. Keep chasing away the Kryll with bolts 
and firing with the Lancer to bring him down. It should go without saying, but
don't waste time reloading the Torquebow. The key to this fight is when the 
Kryll leave on their own. As you know, Raam is constantly moving toward you. No
big deal until he gets right in front of you. Then you must fall out to the 
side he is not on and quickly move to the light behind one of the crates. This
fight is really in the dark, so the old Kryll rules apply here. The light is 
much smaller than before, so be mindful of the light. Get to the other concrete
slab on the next train car and continue the fight. This fight can be tough if
you don't take advantage of the Kryll leaving. You don't even need the Troika,
and you don't have to use Frags. All you need are a few Torquebow arrows and
a full set of Lancer ammo.

Watch the final scene and congrats, you just beat the game and unlocked Insane

* 6. COG Tag Locations (cogtagl)                                              *
All COGs are found by locating the red COG symbols in the environment. 

Use the parenthesis to know which game-named section it is on. For example, 
(Jacinto Maximum) is found by pushing pause and seeing the title under the 
act's title. If I don't have new parenthesis, it means the COG is in the same

For those who don't want to look in the guide:

1. Directly in front of you as you exit the cell (Jacinto Maximum).
2. Under the stairs in the second cell block.
3. Found to the left as you exit the prison.
4. Team points this one out at the start of Embry Square (Trial By Fire).
5. This one is found just before you leave the building with two E. Holes.
6. In the corner by a Frag in the fountain fight (Fish In a Barrel).
7. Found along the crack in the road before the big fight (Knock Knock).
8. Found at one end of the hall where you meet the Wretches (Hammer).
9. After the fight in the church room, where you find one dead Alpha team
10. By the fires at start of Tomb (China Shop).
11. In the corner of final room of Tomb.
12. In the corner of the open yard, behind a pillar.
13. Under a couch before the big fight in the alley (Tick Tick Boom).
14. Under the stairs after the huge room (Grist).
15. Behind the mailbox around the gate of the Strandeds.
16. In the shed once you reach the dark streets (Lethal Dusk).
17. Use the spotlight.
18. Outside the mansion (Dark Labyrinth). 
19. On the docks behind the elevator (Downpour).
20. In the corner of the wooded floor (Evolution).
21. Below the stairs in the cart room.
22. In the right of the fork when you enter the caves (Darkest Before Dawn).
23. Side of the steps after you slip down.
24. Right before you fight the Corpser, to the right.
25. In the yard, by some steps to a building on the right of the start (Campus
26. On the corner of the street after the crashsite (Bad to Worse).
27. Under a table in your house, in the study (Imaginary Place).
28. On the fifth car, behind the door (Train Wreck).
29. In the train car with the Troika turrets.
30. Found in the hallway on the train car right before you get ammo.

* 7. Credits/Copyright                                                        *


Pushan65 - for the Berserker tip

To reach me, contact me at:

[email protected]

I predict a wave of tips and advice, and positive feedback. For the early 
builds of this guide, send all you can and want to your heart's desire. But 
after a couple of weeks and you have the first guide, go to GameFAQs.com and 
check for major updates. If you have big news to share and think I don't have
it go ahead and send it away. But just know that someone may have beat you to

I only plan for single-player campaign, so keep that in mind. 

Please put Gears of War in the title, thank you,

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