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* Game:	        Max Payne 3               *
* Type:		Walkthrough/FAQ           *
* For:		360, PS3, PC              *
* Author:	Brad Russell "TheGum"     *
* Email:	[email protected]  *
* Web:		www.herostrike.com        *

Version 1.0 - walkthrough with collectables covered, will add a separate
section for collectables only later; possibly multiplayer too

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1. A Brief Foreword
2. Starter Tips			( TIPS222 )
3. The Guide			( FAQ3333 )

	Chapter 1 - Something Rotten in the Air		001
	Chapter 2 - Nothing But the Second Best		002
	Chapter 3 - Just Another Day at the Office	003
	Chapter 4 - Anyone Can Buy Me a Drink		004
	Chapter 5 - Alive if Not Exactly Well		005
	Chapter 6 - A Dame, a Dork, and a Drunk		006
	Chapter 7 - A Hangover Sent Direct...		007
	Chapter 8 - Ain’t No Reprievement...		008
	Chapter 9 - Here I Was Again...			009
	Chapter 10 - It’s Drive or Shoot Sister		010
	Chapter 11 - Sun Tan Oil, Stale Margaritas...	011
	Chapter 12 - The Great American Savior...	012
	Chapter 13 - A Fat Bald Dude With a Bad Temper	013
	Chapter 14 - One Card Left to Play		014

4. Collectables			( COL4444 ) **
5. Author Info / Copyright

** Incomplete, but they are in the walkthrough

* 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *

LA Noire by Rockstar was scary close to being considered a playable movie, but
the decisions, free roam, and third-person investigations and gunplay kept it
within the realm of GTA. 

Max Payne 3 bucks the current trend of free roaming worlds and puts players
back onto the rails of a guided gaming experience. Modern gamers may be 
turned off by both of those descriptions; maybe even Rockstar fans who know
nothing but free roaming gameplay. 

I find this game a refreshing blast from the past. As a working adult with 
little free time and tons of games I want to play, I like that this game has
a clear path forward. It has a story to tell, the difficulty increases with
each level, and there are things to collect. This game doesn't pad in extra
play time by making you drive from point A to point B, or making you do almost
meaningless side quests. And the reason why it works is because the story and
writing are so good. The only complaint of this game is that the writing and
game play sort of derail toward the end (ironic since there is a train 
crashing in the last level?). But not near the level of Mass Effect 3 endings.

That brings us back to the original point: are games becoming too much like
playable movies in this generation? The big thing in LA Noire was the voice
and motion acting. This game (as I can tell) has the usual animations, but the
facial expressions are better than average; as are the graphics and physics. 
The gunplay takes place between cutscenes and the ratio of game time to 
movie time has to be close to 1:1. 

Skyrim is the complete opposite of this game: endless exploration, millions of
things to do, hardly any cutscenes unless you consider each chat a 0.5 of a
cutscene, and not a single bit of forcing you to do anything. 

Of course there is room for both kinds of games, but I just hope the sales for
Max Payne 3 are good enough so that the industry doesn't think that free roam
is the only way to make a good game. It's easy to make a free roam game - hence
why there are so many. The real challenge is to make a solid game like this
one - an old school kind of game with all the glitters of the new games.


PS - I know the market isn't overflowing with free roam games, but at least
in my collection it's about 1:1. All I'm saying is that where there was once
high demand for free roaming games, there is now over-saturation of them.

* 2. Starter Tips ( TIPS222 )                                                 *

Bullet time is the butter to your bread (bread being your guns), so use it
when you have it. You keep track of it in a meter on the right, and it refills
as you kill enemies.

Bullet dodging is when you leap to the side in slow motion, and it can be used
when you are out of bullet time. You can even repeatedly use it, but Max can
crash and get hurt if you hit something or fall too far down. Since it will
only last for a few seconds you should only use it when the enemies are few.

After dodging or being knocked to the ground you can get up and shoot at the 
same time, though accuracy in doing this is not guaranteed. It's better than

Using one handgun is not always a bad choice. It's very accurate, can be 
shot quickly, and you always have it. 

Dual-wielding two small guns is fine, though I find laser sights to be bad. 
Two pistols is not a great idea because they share ammo. 

Some guns share ammo; so it's always good to walk over all dead bodies both out
of disrespect and to see if you get the ammo you want.

Always watch your ammo and swap out guns accordingly. You can't holster your
two-handed guns, so you either use them or use your handgun while you hold

Speaking of which, a lot of times you'll lose your 2H gun after cutscenes or
you will almost always have to re-equip it. That's why Max cannot drop his
pistol, because he uses it in all cutscenes. It's also funny when he points 
an empty pistol at bad guys :D

You can duck, roll, run, melee, and blind fire. You can even roll while
running and pick up a gun at the same time if you are under fire. Crouching is
a good tactic to use when you have no cover.

Always watch for enemies charging you. These guys are smart and they will try
to flank your blind side. 

There are plenty of explodable things in the areas, like gas tanks or even 

Shotguns have decent range, so don't think you have to be up close.

Late in the game enemies will wear helmets and have heavy body armor, so two or
more headshots will be necessary, as will a lot of body shots. 

The best way to know you killed an enemy is if they drop their gun; otherwise
keep shooting. 

A kill cam will play when you killed the final enemy of a fight, or Max will
not hold the gun forward when enemies are cleared from the area.

You will enter a stand-off when a guy shoots you past your health bar and when
you have painkillers. You must kill that one guy in order to stay alive and
consume a PK. That is why your crosshair will stay in a narrow area when this
happens, it's because you must kill that one guy. Don't rely of winning 
stand-offs because you'll be on the ground after and vulnerable.

Painkillers heal about 50% of your health, so don't use them when you are 
between full health and 50%.

You can be headshotted and instantly killed.

* 3. The FAQ  ( FAQ3333 )                                                     *

Chapter 1 - Something Rotten in the Air		001

You will quickly find yourself behind the wheel of Max as you navigate through
a unique cinematic tutorial. Main point is to go for headshots, and the next
big point is to know your bullet time button. You can’t use bullet time all the
time, but if you are facing enemies you should try to press it. During this
tutorial you will face a few enemies, learn how to slow-leap, lock-on, and
there are collectables along the way. After the first enemies, go to the end of
the hall for a golden gun piece. After you clear the bedroom, look on the
coffee table for a magazine. You’ll finish the segment by hitting a guy while

*NOTE: You can change which shoulder the camera is over, cycle between guns,
and consume painkillers to restore health. Check your pause menu for these and

There is little downtime as you will soon be chasing more bad guys through a
lobby. Kill the first guy with bullet time, and then wait in front of the 
front desk as three enemies will appear from around the next corner. Take cover
behind the nearby column and use bullet time to clear the first two and then
the one with the shotgun. If you didn’t notice, you can swap out weapons and it
is a good idea to grab that shotgun. There is also another golden gun piece in
the corner. That is because it will be put to good use when you are shown how
to perform cinematic kills; just know that you can keep shooting. That enemy
will also drop a good gun.

In the parking garage you will start the next fight with your handgun, but you
can switch back to your big gun. The enemies will let you hide behind the
column all you want because they will zero in on you. Your best move is to
bullet time to the left and pick off targets one by one before they can do
much coordinating. Open the door, grab the golden gun piece in the right 
corner, and up the road is a photo to examine on the upward curve. Around the
corner you should be able to pop a bad guy on the right before he sees you,
then another shooting at friendlies through the door, and then go bullet
time or bullet dodge to the right as you engage the last two on the left. In
the scene you need to pop the tire, then use bullet time to kill three bads,
and then again you must kill two more. Funny how more bad guys in the scene are
alive after I am sure I killed all with headshots...

Chapter 2 - Nothing But the Second Best		002

*NOTE: You can fail by taking too long to move on. This will mean you restart
from the last checkpoint.*

After a long scene you will be falling and will be able to kill most of the six
bad guys during the fall, so when you land take cover or try for straight-up 
kills. Move up the steps and you’ll be turned around. Try to not cross the
dance floor as one enemy will come down the steps and then more will be up
above in the lounge. Slow time and kill as many as you can. Pick up an SMG and
you can dual-wield one with your handgun. On the steps leading to the bar, hop
up to the DJ platform on the right for a golden gun piece. There is another gun
piece behind the bar counter, a flyer on the bar counter, and then look at the 
dead soccer star for a clue. Go up the stairs and you will have a group of
baddies you can get the quick jump on, then take cover to pick them off. 

*NOTE: You can blind fire, meaning you fire from cover without exposing your
head, but you are still hittable.*

After the scene you will have an enemy right in front of you, another further
ahead, two more around the corner, one up at the DJ station, and then four more
come out at the end of the room when you move up. After the fight, look on the
upper seating area on the left for a door leading to the DJ booth which has a
gun piece. Through the door there is a torn dress clue on the table and then
open the bathroom door for a scene with an ex-cop.

Before the kitchen there is health in the lockers, and in the kitchen kill
the first two straight up and then use bullet time on the next two bad guys
who run in. Look at the newspaper clue on the counter on the right, There are
five enemies in the next room. The first will run out to the right, two more
should be in the center area, and then two more at the back. Grab the golden
gun piece in the middle, the health at the front desk, reload, and head out the
doors. Go onto the balcony when you see the elevator go up.

Aiming here is a little weird as you should adjust as you miss; I’m not going
to say which side as that may be the opposite of what you experience. You’ll
start with five stationary targets, and from there you have a long series of
picking off tangos as you protect the girl. After the roof you will have quick
shots to pull off, so either use the aim-assist for near instant kills or
judiciously use bullet time. After a scene you just kill a few easy targets,
get a quick kill, and then you’ll be facing rockets you have to shoot down. The
first one will be easier to hit closer to you, then kill the enemies on the
helipad before hitting another rocket as it gets dangerously close. 

Feel free to loot the helipad and if you want to do a tiny cheat, look over the
right edge and kill the two waiting baddies below, rather than face-to-face.
Grab the health down the steps and grab the gun piece around the corner and
through the elevator doors. There will be a  good handful of bad guys waiting
behind cover on the roof. Just pop in and out of slow-mo with each kill, and
it may be best to sweep to the left. Don’t rush ahead as there will be a few
to enter the roof from the upper right corner if you let them come to you. Move
out to the walkway and there should be at least one down each pathway, and then
another down each walkway after the first two die, but also be aware of the
group that will be on the right. There will be two to come out, two more
waiting around the corner, and one last guy around the second corner. And 
before you leave go back onto the walkway and go to the end for a golden gun
piece. Follow the path and there is a necklace clue down the stairwell.

Chapter 3 - Just Another Day at the Office		003

You need to run forward; maybe the run button will help. From there you just
push forward between scenes. Then you will be crouching as three baddies stroll
by. Feel free to pop up and slow time to wipe them out, and then the three more
that appear from the right side door. If you get hit use a painkiller as there
is one in the room behind you, as well as a painting on the wall of the other
office. Feel free to use two handguns or pick up a shotgun. Follow your friend
and look at the blood on the door to the left for a clue. Then use the 

In the room I shot at the floor thinking it might speed things up, but the guy
just died and then four baddies came into the room, so maybe don’t shoot or it
may not matter. You could fall back to cover or go into the little room to the
right. In that dark room you will find a golden gun piece. In the hall a guy
will pop out of the door on the left, so be ready and then grab the PK in the

Up the stairwell be ready for a gunfight after the scene. Do a bullet dodge to
the right and clear out the bad guys. After the fight turn around and grab the
golden gun piece, then pick up an SMG if you want. Move up for a scene and then
just run forward and into the doorway. Stop and get your best guns ready as you
will run peek out to kill two guys up above, then bullet time out to kill the
ones down the corridor, but be sure to plant yourself at the wall and don’t
stand in the middle. There could be a guy up above to the right, a straggler
or two up to the left, and a few more will run out on the ground to the left.
Use the PK on the wall, reload, examine the bloodstain clue on the right side
of the wall, and head out.

Up the hall you will run into the sniper nest with two guys, so run in in 
slow-mo and sweep left to right. And after the scene go slow-mo and wipe out
the guys with the gear on. And before you move too far up, turn around and
go to the gate, then head down the steps to find a golden gun piece. Come back
up and move forward to trigger a huge group to ambush you. Go slow-mo and back
up as there are a few guys down in the seats, and more will show up, so just
fire at anything that moves and try to find some cover or use bullet time at 
every chance. Reload on weapons (I think dual-guns is best) and up ahead be
ready to two guys to pop up atop the steps to the right. Grab the meds and go
through the door in the corner.

Two guys will be nearby, and then you have to deal with a bunch more down the
way. Watch out for the grenade indicator, which means get away, and swap out
guns as you need. There is decent cover to the left, where you will find a 
golden gun piece, and when you cut your way to the end there will be one last 
guy to pop out of the door. There are two PKs at a counter on the left if you
need. When all is clear, examine the memorial and go out. 

A ton of bad guys will be below you with flashlights to make it hard to target
on your own, so now is a good time to master how to use the aim-assist (which
is to press the aim button to quickly lock onto targets). Do that or just aim
at the lights and then do a dodge jump which should last as long as you fall
down the steps. Clear them out and turn around at the bottom to find a golden
gun piece at the corner. When you see the sniper scene, just run forward and up
into the next doorway where you have some meds waiting. Run out and gun down
the two enemies in the sniper nest.

You will then be covering your friend, so use bullet time, watch your reload,
and aim a little in front of your targets for best results. Then you have one
follow by three more in three different spots above (all from steps). The next
tangos will be three to the left, one to the right, one back to the left, and
then one below your friend. Use slow-mo early on those targets so you don’t
cut it too close. Then one final guy will come down the steps, so get him

After the long scene, peek around the corner and kill the two lower enemies,
without worrying too much of the sniper. Run up and hang a right before going
beyond the wall and in the corner of the bleachers you will find a gun piece.
On the other side of the wall are three enemies waiting in the small space. Go
up the ladder and kill three enemies before going up the next ladder. Make
sure you kill the next three tangos, and then move to the rail in the spot 
where the two were hiding. After you crash through be ready to out-draw the

Chapter 4 - Anyone Can Buy Me a Drink		004

*NOTE: Remember that bullet time and bullet dodging have separate
cooldowns. So you can bullet dodge even without juice in your slow-mo

You will start with a shot, so take it. Then just calmly dispatch the rest
of the guido gang, including a last one up on the second level. After the 
fight, turn around and grab the gun piece in the corner. Then go up the steps
for another piece in a doorway. Come down and head to the basement where
three and more enemies will be waiting, so go into slow mo and start popping
heads. Then run up and go slow-mo into the back area where three or four more
will be waiting. 

Out the door and after the scene you have to pop up, hit the guy with the 
shotgun on the left first, and then bullet dodge to the right and kill almost
everyone around the car. Quickly get up and take cover behind the car and
finish off the rest of the goons that show up. Go back down the steps for a
golden gun piece. Move up and after the scene peek out and slow time as you
start to clear skulls. You may even get the car in the back to explode, but
I’m not sure how. A scene rolls when all are cleared.

After the scene, quickly pop any else who isn’t Passos, which should be
three guys. Then look in your apartment for a badge,gun piece, and two PKs. To
run through the hallway you use rolls, which should be double-tapping the
run button. After the scene, look in the apartment for two clues and feel 
free to watch the short bit of TV. Then you need to roll and run down the next
hallway, stop in the burning corner, and then run to the steps which will
cause the ceiling behind you to fall and prevent gun fire. Then you can hop
right from the bottom of the steps to find a gun piece in the burning room.

On the roof you have to kill a group of three and then two more. Then turn
around and grab the golden gun piece behind the door you came out of. Move
up the rooftop and three more guys will be waiting around the corner, and
then three more will be a little further back - one which should be to the
right and closer than the other two. Hop up to the next roof and you will be
in a scene that leads into a bullet time event where you move kill six goons
while falling, so work one side up to down and then down to up on the other
side, or whatever works for you. After that ride, go left to find a gun piece
in the corner by the tables.

Follow Passos and into the ruined building do a bullet dodge into the open and
clear the baddies. Or you could try to go out the path behind your back which
will follow the walkway leading around to the side of the bad guys, which is
a wise tactic if you can’t play recklessly; you can bullet dodge through these
and other windows. Go up the steps and be ready for four enemies; two will be
to the right and two on the left will be behind a doorway. Then turn around and
go into the corner of the walkway for a gun piece. Grab the two PKs near the
toilet before following Passos.

After the scene you should go bullet time and go right for cover in the room.
Mow down the baddies and the ones that follow before grabbing the gun piece in
this room. Then move up and out where a pack of goons will be waiting in the
dark area. I say go left and hide behind the dumpster and watch your sides for
charging enemies. Clear them out and that will be all.

Chapter 5 - Alive if Not Exactly Well		005

Move up to examine the helicopter behind the fence. Hop over the wall, bust the
lock on the door up ahead, and hop out to the ground. After the next scene you
should just kill the first two, then go to the back of the boat as three more
thugs will appear, and then go bullet time to clear them. Move up and into the
next building, and after the scene quickly kill the first two on the right,
then the two on the left, and then one more. Grab the PK and ransom note before
heading outside, where immediately you will need to mow down three baddies in
front of you and then two more to the right. Go right and hop up to find a gun
piece atop some crate and watch for the goon below you when you grab it. Best
to hop down from there as you await a charging enemy.

Move up to face more at each turn, so have the bullet time and dodges ready
to go. In the opening with the forklift you need patience as a handful of guys
will pop up all around until you get the kill that kills the music. You should
be low or out of handgun/SMG ammo, so grab an AK and ammo before moving into
the next building. You can watch some TV and then look at the video camera for
a clue. Go out and to the right for a gun piece, then go left and up for a 
scene. After you can’t move or do anything but pop out, hit a skull, and then
you will falling in slow-mo, so sweep right to left and kill as many as you
can. Take cover behind the box and go slow-mo to kill any on your sides before
handling the rest who came into the garage. After the fight, go up the steps to
find a gun piece, then enter the corner room for a photo clue. Push the button
by the window and grab the meds on behind you on the way out.

*NOTE: Feel free to pop any explosive tanks you see, like on the back of the
forklift ahead.*

As you approach the building ahead, two enemies will pop out so be ready.
Inside there will be some above and below, so work quickly to clear them out as
there isn’t much good cover unless you go back outside. Once clear, go into the
corner for a newspaper clue. Enter the room behind you for a blueprint clue and
grab the meds. Then go out and take the left path to find a golden gun piece in
some trash. Go back and take the upper walkway, and when you see the drop-down
point a baddie will appear, so take him out and hop down and quickly take cover
on the wall. Watch for grenade indicators and run to the other side or don’t
pop out of cover if you see one. There are tons of enemies out in the open and
they will slowly move in on you, so just hang tight and slowly take them out.
When clear, go out and collect ammo.

*NOTE: I don’t care for the 20 clip rifle, and the AK is very inaccurate at
range, so I would go back to dual-guns ASAP.*

*NOTE: You have to be careful on the docks not to fall into the water, or at
least not to bullet dodge into the water.*

Through the gate there is a gun piece directly in front of you in shed. Grab
the meds in the mobile home before going up to call the bridge. Go over and
kill the first guy that pops up to the left, then get ready for a boat to 
speed out to your left; aim for the driver and the boat should crash so you
don’t have to waste ammo. Move up and a bunch of enemies will spawn at the
boat across the gap, so take cover on the left and trade slow-mo fire with
them. When clear, go up and around to find a gun piece on the left. Then just
follow the path to the right through a swinging door where two guys will run
out, then more, and a boat will speed by. Just fight your way up the path,
knowing enemies are waiting all around you. The final push will have a boat
on the left and a final line of enemies leading to the end of the dock.

*NOTE: You can hold the trigger while on the boat, but it will overheat if
you do for too long. Aim-assist will be a great ally here.*

Now you are on the turret as you chase after the boat. Hit the first pairs
of boats that are behind you, and then you will be hitting molotovs out of
mid-air as you are behind the two big boats. You don’t need bullet time to
hit those, you can just use the aim-assist and immediately fire to hit them,
so it’s almost best to not be aiming and wait until you see a burning bottle 
fling into the air. There will be a few enemies on the back boat, but you don’t
need to worry about them too much. At some point enemies will be on bridges,
and then you’ll be on a shooting gallery with tangos on the left. The second
grenade you can hit out of the air. You’ll then switch to the right where you
can hit a few gas tanks, and then hit a big gas tank at the gas station.

Then you will have to hit a few trucks on the right, so use aim-assist and aim
for drivers and/or tires. After the scene you’ll have a long segment where 
boats will come from the sides behind you, so don’t be shy about the slow-mo.
After the next scene you will be beside the main boats again, so clear the
back one and then clear the smaller boats behind it. After the next scene you
will be falling and firing. DO NOT aim for the middle and back or you may hit
Fabiana. In fact, since you can’t kill them all you may as well skip the middle
or lower two guys and clear the rest. And that will be it.

Chapter 6 - A Dame, a Dork, and a Drunk		006

As soon as you are in control go into bullet time and pop anything nearby as
you head for the cover in front of you. Clear your right, then the left, and
use a few bullet dodges to finish off the group. As the dork moves up, go 
right for an email and file clue on the desks. And in the left office will be
a gun piece. Move up and through the door you will start with another gun
fight, so slow time and use a few bullet dodges. Look at the model on the left
before going out.

Start shooting at the first guys, then go bullet time to clear the rest. Be
sure to check your sides and go to a side so you can’t be flanked. After the 
scene you be right in the middle of a much tougher fight with about ten bad
guys bearing down on you. If you can, go slow-mo and make your way to the left,
where you fought off the last group. It’s not solid cover, but at least from
there you can have one of your sides clear of enemies. Try to pick up one of
their guns as you move clockwise around the room to clear them all out - use
lots of bullet dodges. When clear, grab the three PKs and check in the server
corner before going to dork to turn on the server.

Head down and after the scene, turn around for a golden gun piece. Down the
hall you will find a PK in the bathroom on the right, and on the adjacent 
wall down the hallway you will find a picture clue. After the scene you need
to at least hit the driver on the right, and then you’ll keep going to hit the
goons who pour in through the door. Kill as many as you can, and come out of
cover in slow-mo and make your way back to the right where there is more
solid cover. Once you clear the pack another group comes in with a heavy. Kill
his minions before pouring bullets into his head to make his helmet come off
for a killshot.

After the fight, break a case on the right for a gun piece in a display. Go for
the elevator in the corner and after the long scene just move forward and up
the stairs. Disarm the guy and then look at the corpse ahead. Go slow-mo to
kill the two who are up ahead - one in the middle and the other on the left. 
Just keep pushing forward and you’ll come upon three more enemies to kill.
Push the cabinet out of the way and keep on to end the level.

Chapter 7 - A Hangover Sent Direct From Mother Nature	007

After the party and after the table scene, up the street on the left will be
the ex-cop in a building. Go into the strip club and after a long scene you
will be in slow-mo and will be able to kill the first three, the barkeep, and
then more that pour in - try not to kill the lovely ladies. Feel free to take
the barkeep’s sawed-off shotgun, as it can be dual-wielded. There is a PK 
behind the bar, and then go to the bathroom at the back for a golden gun
piece. There should be two more enemies in the back rooms, a PK in one, a 
lovely lady who I would bet you will spend at least 10 seconds looking at, and
there is a tourist under the bed in the other room. Then go out and hop over
into the canal.

When you move up be ready for two guys up above you at the corner. In the open
area quickly take out the first three, another up the steps, another up in 
between the buildings to the right, a few more on the roofs when you reach a 
“pit” area, and when you jump down a few will spawn above you to the right.
Feel free to grab an AK even though ammo is scarce. Get out of the pit and 
two will be to the right, two more will pop up above when you move a little,
and two more will separately burst out and charge you as you move up. Before
you leave the pit in the dust, there is a med by a table above it. 

Move up through the door and look at the graffiti on the wall before going
through the locked door. You’ll then need to wipe the guys on the floor, kill a
few on your right as you go up, and then try all the ones on the level you
stop on. Go slow-mo to finish them off and grab an AK since you lost your old
one. Clear the opposite side of the factory, and when you get into the shack
quickly grab the PKs on the shelf before posting up beside the window as a 
lot of bad men will be shooting through the windows. Be patient and clear them
out. When ready, be prepared for one or two as you go out the door. A few more
baddies will be opposite, and when you go down the steps be ready for any you
didn’t kill on the ride up. A few more should be covering the steps, a few more
will run out of the doorway atop the steps, and then two final dudes will be
down the hall. Before you leave be sure to grab the golden gun piece by the
doorway the dudes ran out of, and then get the two PKs in a little room in the

Head and and move through the trainyard. Grab the PK on the table, the
golden gun piece up to the right on the ground, and then look at the spray on
the wall at the corner. Walk up the path and when you see the guy shoot a flare
you should drop off the steps to the right for a golden gun piece. And just
around the corner is a shrine to Claudio. Up the steps and around the corner
will be three enemies waiting, so go slow-mo and take cover. Move up and 
watch to the left as one more guy will be waiting in a half-room. Grab the PK
by his corpse before moving on. There is a flyer on the ground around the

Through the door be ready for one guy in front of you and then two in the
room on the left. When you go out there will be one to burst out of the door
in front of you, and down the narrow path be ready for one to pop out on the
left. Through the next door there will be two guys above you to the right. 
When you reach the open and see the flare, post up on the corner to the right
as enemies will appear all over. Always go high to low, and don’t miss the ones
to the right; you may need to bullet dodge out for them. When you drop down 
three more will appear on the house. And when you go in the house be ready to 
blast a final enemy. There is just a single PK in here before you move on.

In the next house go slow-mo and clear from left to right, and be ready for 
a charging homie. When clear go to the right for a clue and PK. Once outside
look at the graffiti in front of you. Move up until you hit a scene and when
you have control switch back to your AK if you have it and go slow-mo to
quickly kill anything up to your right so you stop the molotovs because the
second or third one will land on you; you could shoot it out of the air. Then 
clear the left side. When you move to the right be ready for two enemies on the
building across the gap, but don’t leave without grabbing the golden gun piece
under the tree. Around the corner just use bullet time and quick headshots to 
clear enemies to the right, far ahead, and one near to your left. A few should
be on the roof to the right. Move up and as you cross be ready for molotovs to
fly from the left so take cover and mow down the baddies before more fire
drops. Grab the PK on the table and move up where you have to pop an RPG in
a dude’s face. Drop down and head up.

Chapter 8 - Ain’t No Reprievement Gonna Be Found Otherwise	008

You start with three quick kills, so either bullet dodge or slow-mo as the 
level starts. Grab their guns for dual pistols and move up to face about eight
or so more. After the scene be ready for an aim-assist kill of the driver. Then
use your slow-mo to kill the guy with the grenade launcher up the middle. Mow
down the enemies that appear atop the steps and go to the right to find a gun
piece. Go up the steps and grab the guns, and though it’s tempting for sure to
use the grenade launcher I can tell you right now it’s more trouble than it’s 
worth and could very well get you killed. Just dual-wield and go up from the 
right side to clear out the upper cemetery. A scene tells you it’s clear.

After the scene go right and look at the spire tombstone. Move out and after
the scene just mow down a few in real time, then go slow-mo and move right to
clear some more, and then dodge to the side to clear some more. Finish them
all off and grab a shotgun, then go right behind a statue for a gun piece. 
Through the doorway will come a goon, then about five more will be waiting on
the other side, so feel free to run in and move left or right. To the right
will be a golden gun piece in the corner. Move up and to the left before you
get too close to the gate are two PKs in a cabinet.

After the scene go slow-mo to ensure to kill of the middle guido, then 
go slow-mo and carve a path to the right for some cover, or if you are brave
you can carve to the left through the thick of them. Either way the shotgun 
will work well enough at range, so just circle the place until all are dead.
Grab the golden gun piece on the ground in the middle, and what should be to
the left will be a tomb for Horne to look at. Ahead you will be under sniper
fire, so run out when Passos provides covering fire to a tombstone on the
left (maybe right will work too). Wait as the sniper will focus on you again
and thugs pour out. Don’t pop out to kill them, let Passo create another
distraction and then mow them down; will probably take two exchanges. Move
up again when clear to the left where the sniper won’t get you and try to
quickly kill him before taking care of the second wave of goons.

Press hit during the scene. You could immediately bullet dodge to the right as
a goon will come right up in front of you. Don’t use his shotgun on the rest of
the baddies up ahead, one who is behind the gate to the right. Clear them out,
feel free to now grab the shotgun, and go up to the area directly in front of
where you were digging to find a shiny tombstone to look at. Past the gate go
left to find a gun piece and PK in the shack. Go to the morgue and be ready for
about four initial baddies and one more at the back. There is a PK in a side
room on the right and another in the holding room on the left. 

After the scene quickly move right and grab the golden gun piece on the floor.
Then mow down the ground guidos until there is only the one up above. Run up
and blast him from behind, then quickly grab his super gun and mow down the
goons who charge after Passos - use bullet time. Watch the lower right and the
level will end.

Chapter 9 - Here I Was Again, Half Way Down the World	009

Down the steps is a gun and PK on the right, and further ahead will be a PK
in the room where you can see some dead bodies for a clue. Go out and down the
steps and look under the stairs for a nice rifle. Trust me when I say you won’t
fire a shot for many cutscenes. After the one where you see the cops kill a 
bunch of people go slow-mo and kill the one coming up behind you and move 
toward him to kill another down the steps, then kill the other on the balcony.
Down the steps be ready for two more to run out from the alleyway. Pick up the
gun piece in a doorway nearby, and around the corner will be two more cops.

Look at the dead cop ahead you didn’t kill for a clue. In the house ahead look
for a gun piece in the bathroom with a PK. Go out and you’ll engage the fuzz
across the street when you go down and enter a room; watch out for frags. Hop
out of the window and there will be two more ahead to the right in and on top
of the building (check the gate on the right if it opens to a PK). When you
move forward a scene pops where you hit two enemies, then use aim-assist to
hit the rocket in mid-air.

Go down the steps and look left for a golden gun piece, then move up and slay
three enemies, then look at the body of the guy they just killed. Move up and
after the scene there is a gun piece to the right behind the tires in the 
weeds and then another around the wall to the just behind where you found that
piece. Move up and there will be a quick scene where you just move to the 

On the other side immediately go bullet time and kill the two on the bridge,
then pop out and take out the rest as they appear. Grab a rifle and cross over
to find a gun piece behind the gate on the right side wall. Go down the path
and four guys will jump you; two on the ground, one more, and one up above.
Move up and a long scene will play. When you rush in be ready to hit four 
buttons; block, disarm, kick, strike.

Chapter 10 - It’s Drive or Shoot Sister		010

Open up with a bullet time soon as the level starts and after the first three
are down there will be more that enter and spread out from left to right. Just
kill one at a time and a scene plays. Quickly just move right to look out the
window and pick off the two horribly-inaccurate snipers. Grab a shotgun and
move up to the right to find a golden gun piece in a bus with no top or back.
Move around the left bus to find Giovanna.

As soon as you have control after the scene look up and to the right and pop
down the sniper before he can get into position, then run forward and go bullet
time and possibly use your pistol to kill the three in the building, then try
to bullet dodge into the building as you pop a few enemies to the right. Only
hit the gas pumps for explosions if you are inside the building, otherwise the
blasts will most likely kill you. From the building you can finish off anyone
who is left. After the fight look at the newspaper on the counter, grab the PK,
grab a rifle if you want, and go get Giovanna. After the scene you will be
dropping, so use aim-assist to kill as many as you can to reduce the gun fight

Go right for a golden gun piece and then push the button on the left to enter
the next room. You will come under fire, so immediately go slow-mo and pop up
to kill the guys nearest, making sure you get the shotgun guy on the left, and
then clear the rest on the right. Giovanna will come under attack, so kill her
two enemies before finishing off the last three on the floor to the left.
After the fight to the back corner for a gun piece on a work table, grab the PK
in the room, and go up the stairs. In the next room just take cover and watch
out for the pesky enemies directly below you; be patient and let them try to 
come up the steps. Grab ammo and the golden gun piece in the bus.

After the scene, next to Giovanna is a bathroom with a PK. Go up and try to
kill the first two on the right without bullet time, then use it as you move up
to engage those in the middle and any further back. Watch for the ones that are
behind the wall, so try a bullet dodge out to the right. When clear go grab the
PK and gun piece in the corner office. Before you go down the steps just know
there is one guy waiting, so feel free to use a dodge in the small half-way
point down the steps from right to left. Look at the poster on the wall and
grab the golden gun piece in the room before using the switch. Get ready to 
pull a quick trigger during the scene. 

All you need to do is keep pressing aim and fire and your aim-assist should
help a ton getting you hits; if not kills at least staggering enemies long
enough for you to get out of range. Around the first corner hit the gas pumps,
and just keep hitting anything in front of you, not getting caught up trying
to kill targets too far behind. At the end of the tunnel you will need to 
either quickly kill the RPG holder or the rocket he shoots. The level ends with
a massive gun fight, and you’ll need to hit at least two explosives in mid-air
or you’re toast. Blow up cars, lay into targets, and use all the slow-mo you
got. Just stay behind cover and use your ample painkillers to be the last man

Chapter 11 - Sun Tan Oil, Stale Margaritas and Greed	011

Kill the first two soldiers, then move up to one of the doorways on the left
to kill some guys in the kitchen. Bullet dodge or slow-mo to move up for better
line of fire. After the fight, go back and grab the PK, note, and look at 
Passos’ bed in the rooms, including a second PK in your room. Move to the 
back right room on the kitchen for a golden gun piece. Move into the next
room for a scene.

Move up again for another and you will come out of it in mid peril, so use
slow-mo and pick them off and a fourth one will run in. After the explosion
look left for a valve on one of the machines, then go get the one on the 
right. Just behind the door are two enemies, so move up a little and let them
come out first. As the door opens ahead look at the blood on the ground by the
water. Go up the left steps and be ready for two pairs of enemies on the 
upper decks, so use the steps as cover. Up the right side is a gun piece, and 
in the room is a PK on the wall.

Through the door be ready to kill the three you see with slow-mo, then one
more who pops out from the left. Go up and look at the newspaper on the 
table and the broken wall. Move up to find a small room on the right where
there is a passport clue, and in the connected room there is a PK in the
bathroom. Up the hall in the next room are two guys behind the bed, and
one more at the end of the bathroom. Look at the jewelry box in the bedroom
and head out. 

When you see daylight be ready to kill one guy climbing aboard to the left and
two on the right. Up the steps will be a big fight, so use the steps for cover
and save bullet time for when you run up to kill the ones on the deck and 
in the room. When clear, grab ammo and move up to find a PK in the TV room. 
When you go out to cross a walkway there will be tons of tangos on your left,
and because you may run out of ammo, consider going back to get more bullets
because if you move forward you run into enemies on the top deck. It’s your
call, because when you clear the side enemies you will move up to fight the
well-equipped enemies on the top with little room to move; be sure to grab the
PK in the piano room before going up the steps, and make sure the side enemies
are dead. Run up the steps with bullet time, consider hiding in one of the
corners, and grab some ammo. Up the sliding door should be two enemies, and
then three final enemies past the last door. In the narrow room shoot the
painting on the left for a gun piece in a vault, and grab the two PKs on the
right before moving up to the control room.

Pick off the tangos above, and feel free to raid the truck if you need; if you
have that shotgun rifle thing it’s very bad at long range and the rifle in the
truck is a long range weapon, though getting it without dying may be tricky. 
Once you pick off the first four, more will be above and a few will be on the
ground. After they are clear you will move up to kill two more, but double back
and grab a golden gun piece behind the truck in the corner and be sure to raid
both trucks now that all is clear. Grab the PK on the right in the tower, and 
up the steps will be two enemies waiting.
You’ll be zipping over, so hit the four you can easily see, and then the one
who is just behind them on some steps and whose head you can probably only see.
When you land quickly kill the guys in front and the one further behind the
door, and then go right to kill one on the side - watch out not to fall off
the side into the water. To right at the outside corner of the building is a 
gun piece, in the right room are two PKs, and in the front desk is a PK by
the button. Up the steps will be a guy waiting, and four more will be in the
room. When clear come back out and find the gun piece down the right side
half steps. Up the next steps will be another guy, then go right for a PK. 
Move up and there will be an enemy in front in the display room and two more
to the left. Hopefully you can look at the display and the game isn’t glitched
where there is a phantom enemy on you. If so, move up to kill what should be 
the last enemy across the walkway, and then go up to the room. A phantom enemy
may shoot at you, but hopefully you can go back down and examine the display in
the room below (the camo room). If not then I guess just move forward to end
the level.

Chapter 12 - The Great American Savior of the Poor	012

Move up until you see a scene, then look at the gurney. Past the next door go
left for a PK and ammo crate. Proceed until you come out of the scene, then
post up behind the doorway and open up on the two before they move toward you.
Then take out their two buddies who appear. Grab a rifle and resist the urge
to use the grenade launcher unless you really know how to use it. Grab the 
golden gun piece in the ruined bathroom. The first guy you see around the 
corner will run away if you let him. In the next area will be about ten guys in
a small room, the last few of which will stay hidden until you move up. When
you do move up go left and along the walkway. Reload and use the button to open
the gate ahead.

Take cover and immediately go slow-mo to take out the charging enemy and his
friends. There will be three deeper down the right rooms, and one down the left
hall. You want to go down the left hall just to get the golden gun near the
barrier, then move down the right room fighting the bad guys. You have to drop
down into the pit, and then two guys will run into screen so use slow-mo on
them. Hop up and go right to find two clues in the room, and one enemy will
pop out to your right as you come back out. Take the small cover in the hall
as there are three more, so use slow-mo and either kill them or pop the gas 
tanks behind them since you need to open the path anyway. Go down the hall for
a PK before moving through the hole you just blew.

Up the stairs, one of the side rooms has a golden gun piece. Move on and after
the scene you will need to grab the gun next to you and use it to mow down the
three nearest enemies, then the three farther in the distance. Go right for a
gun piece behind the counter, and quickly move up to grab a different rifle for
the two enemies who appear. Move up and on the court be ready to bullet dodge
to the side as three enemies pop out of the door in the upper left corner. Then
move to the solid cover at the end of the fence to face the ten or so enemies
waiting down the way. Move up from cover to cover until you reach the solid
cover at the doorway which should be where you finish them off. Refill on ammo,
grab the PK behind the bar, and read the newspaper on the counter. Feel free to
play the piano before moving on. 

After the scene move up the right side and you will find a gun piece behind the
chair. At the end and after the scene go back into the room for ammo and a 
receipt clue. Then plant C4 on each of the red columns, and six enemies will
come out from where you entered the floor. Kill them and plant the third
charge. Run up the ramp and you’ll be given a sniper rifle. Try to pop up and
then use bullet time so as to not waste a second or two of it, and your aim
will probably move to the side of your target; so take the moment or two to
adjust before squeezing off a shot. Kill the two laser snipers first, then
mow down the other three.

Drop the rifle for your other gun and be ready for five enemies to be waiting
to the left as you go through the gate, so move to the right. There will also
be three to follow from where you came from, so don’t let them surprise you. 
Once clear plant a charge on the first column. Five enemies will appear in
front of you, so back up or stay to the cover to the left to take them out.
After the fight, turn around and find the golden gun piece in the back corner,
then plant the fifth and sixth charges. 

*NOTE: If the sound cuts off or something like that, I say just reload or 
restart the machine because it will most likely freeze during loading. And
if the sound cuts off you wouldn’t want to watch the scenes in silence.*

Switch to your rifle after the scene and shoot the guy on the left and he
should be blown up in an explosion. Then just start picking off the targets
above as well as the one ahead on the ground. Move up and one guy will run in 
front of you. Around the corner do a bullet dodge out to kill the two up the
steps. One will run right to left behind the fence, and when you move up three
enemies will appear on the roof, so after you see the door blow up, turn around
and take cover for them. Then a heavy infantryman will show up on the roof
behind you. About all I can say is that you need cover and you need to use
bursts of bullet time and shots to stay alive. So shoot in slow-mo at his head
and retreat and cancel slow-mo as you reload. Now you want to kill him quickly
because if you take too long you will fail. It seems like he has a “sweet” spot
like somewhere low to the left for an instant kill; could be the goggles and it
could just be a “reward” for a few failures...

Chapter 13 - A Fat Bald Dude With a Bad Temper		013

Quickly kill the first guy, then be ready for two more to come out - not as 
geared as most enemies you’ve faced lately. Move up and a scene rolls. Go in
the office for PKs and move down the hall to find a gun piece to the left. 
Up the hall you can let the guys die to avoid fighting, then go into the side
shower for a gun piece. Move up and at the next hall go right to kill four 
cops around the corner, then go back to meet the tourist at the cell at the
end. Then head down the path and there is a PK in the cell on the right before
you go through the door.

You need to kill any on your sides, and from then on continue watching both
sides for anyone charging. Clear them out and go into the corner office behind
you for a PK. Enter the room at the end and look at the laptop before pushing
the button on the wall. Move out and you’ll be under deadly fire from the 
APC. You need to wait for it to stop shooting and quickly hop over the cover,
grab the RPG, and take cover again. Use bullet time to line up a shot and fire.
If you miss there is another behind the cop car, though it is terrible cover.
When you kill the APC the gate below will open and about eight or so cops will
come out; I say the cover to the left is best, or even backing up. Finish them
off, grab a rifle, and there will be one cop who kills the guy who runs out the
door to the right when you move up. Grab the golden gun piece in the corner 
before moving on.

In the alley kill the three to the left, then go right for a gun piece. Inside
go left for a PK, and around the corner will be three cops and then two more
will run in. In the women’s restroom you will find a PK, and in the men’s you
will find a golden gun piece. Through the door I say run or dodge into the left
room, grab the golden gun piece while in cover since it is right there, and
then slow-mo or dodge out to the right or front to kill the other two cops. 
Grab the gun piece in the left room if you didn’t, then go into the right room
for a note on a desk. Through the next door are two cops, then go left and
right for two golden gun pieces and one PK. Make sure you have all the ammo in
here before going into the security room. After the scene try to unload on them
before they scatter, but don’t stay up too long. Go left and grab the PK, and
now is a good of time as any to remind of you blind fire from cover where you
don’t have to pop up. The downside is that you may run out of ammo quickly, so
keep track of your bullet time and use it at any chance. Be sure to use blind
fire if they get too close. After the fight grab a shotgun because the SMG’s
laser sight makes it fairly useless for some strange reason. Then take the

Use your handgun on the guy who pops out as you exit the elevator, then grab
the PK in the left room. Pass through the doors and go slow-mo as you mow down 
cops from left to right. Switch to dual pistols when out of shells and take
out the rest that appear, mostly to the right. A heavy will show up, so blast
his helmet off to kill him. Up ahead is a laptop in the office with a PK,
and the middle right room has a book, and through the door will be a slidshow
you can flip through. 

In the dark room ahead open up on the first cop, then move up to the shelf for
cover as you mow down the rest. When you move up a few more will appear on the
right. When clear go back to find a PK in a room, and just be sure to load up
on handgun ammo because you’re about to lose your big gun. Up the steps you
will need to quickly run up and shoot a vent cover and then hop up. After the 
short scene be ready to shoot a guy in the head. Feel free to watch the TV. 

In the lab be ready for a bunch of guys to appear in your face, so use bullet
time right off and mow the ones down on the right before they settle in. If 
you have dual handguns I say do not grab a SMG. Move forward and in the 
scene you will be in a moving shooting gallery. Mow them down and when you
stop post up on a column and take out the ones that appear on the balcony
sides. When they are dead grab the ammo cache on the bench and try to move
into the barred room before the next cops move in. Clear them out, grab the
PK, grab a shotgun and refill at the ammo cache, and move into the next room
where you can pick up a flak jacket on the rack. Push the button to open the

Grab the PK in the small room before you enter the training area. The key at
this first fight is to almost cross by the doorway, but then to go back to the
cover of the doorway to kill the guy on the platform above. Then blast the four
around the corner. More will be around the next corner, including two guys up
above. Mow them all down from cover and there will be one last guy to run out
of the exit door. Grab the PK and in the shooting range (literally a shooting
gallery) take cover behind the sandbags and use slow-mo to start picking off
targets from right to left. As the battle ends it’s up to you to spare the last
guy who runs in and immediately surrenders. Grab the golden gun piece on the 
other side of the sandbags, grab a shotgun, and kill the last enemy around the
corner ahead. Pick up the two PKs before moving on.

Move up and after the scene I say run forward and bullet dodge into the two
charging enemies before they get on you, then get up and retreat to a small
room with a PK. From there just watch the steps and pick off enemies. Hop over
and the railing is actually decent cover so that you can finish off the ground
targets. After the scene blind fire the two on the ground and then roll and run
forward to be under the boss guy. The left room has tons of ammo and the right
room has a PK. What you do here is shoot the ceiling tiles above him on the
right. When the light falls he will move to the left and two more guards will 
appear on the left ground. Kill them and then shoot the air duct thing until it
crashes and he will be exposed. Then just go slow-mo and walk out to shoot his
little head.

Chapter 14 - One Card Left to Play		014

It’s hard to say how is best to go about this as you have basically no cover
and lots of enemies all over you. I guess start from left to right on the
ground, go bullet time when you pass through the detector on the conveyor belt,
and use the walkway above to shield yourself from the top guys. Still on the
belt, try a bullet dodge backward and pick off a few of them above while 
falling off the belt. When clear go to the end of the belt to find a golden gun
piece. Grab any guns you like because a laser sight gun is better than nothing.
Go up the steps and there will be a ton more to spawn on the upper walkways
all around. It should be much easier to use the standard pop up and bullet time
method of killing the rest. Grab ammo, a PK in the control room, and take the 
right side door to find a gun piece before leaving through the red doors.

In the hall you have three guys in the first leg, and then two around the 
corner. Grab the PK in the room before moving up into the right bathroom
where you’ll find a PK in the lockers, a golden gun piece in the shower, and
the tourist in the stall. Move on and grab the two PKs in the next restroom.

Cue the cool music. Just use the standard method of killing to clear both sides
so you can make a break to the right. Move up the columns and and more guys
will be on the right, so clear them before moving left toward the escalator
to clear the guys on the upper level. Pick off targets below and make your way
left and go back to the end of the path for a gun piece. Hopefully the rest of
the baddies below fled to the back and you should be able to pick them off from
a distance. There is a PK by the closed gate on the right of the escalators.
Stay on the upper level and move down the right side as a big group will spawn
at the steps at the end, so take cover behind the glass display (I know
right?!) and then run out in slow-mo to mow them down, from their legs if you 
must - resist the urge to leap over the rail for a bullet dodge, though I 
would not be surprised if it works. When clear load up on ammo and go down.
Look for the waiting area on the left on the ground to find a golden gun piece
and two PKs behind the counter. 

When ready, push the button on the wall and be ready to come out with either a
bullet dodge or slow-mo - probably slow-mo. Two more enemies will come up
the escalator, then grab the PK on the left before moving down the escalators
to face two more - a bullet dodge here will hurt, but feel free. Run down and 
take cover behind a column as the lights go out and enemies zero in on you.
Clear the sides and watch out for the guy in the right tram. Move up slowly as
you clear the enemies in front and in the room ahead. Grab some ammo, grab the
PK inside, and restore the power. You’ll come under heavy fire like in the
police station, so stay behind cover and use blind fire only when they are too
close for comfort. Watch your left and use bullet time to quickly lower their
numbers. When all is clear grab some ammo and go into the left tram.

You’ll be under fire and whoever you don’t kill in the first pass will make 
their way to the back car (no point in you moving), so use blind fire if you
must and bullet time to pop heads. Once clear more will join your tram, but
this time the smoke is easy to shoot through because it’s such a narrow 
space that you should kill a few or weaken them through the smoke cloud. 
When the smoke clear finish them off. After the scene just kill these last
three and you’re home free. DO NOT exit the tram. Grab a rifle, the three
PKs, and move to the back for the last golden gun piece before exiting.

All I can say is that the top priority is to save some bullet time for the
grenades. I believe you can take one, but the second will always kill you.
You want to start by hitting the first one, then immediately go bullet time
to mow down a few guys from right to left. Stay behind the cover and move left
as more enemies pour in. From the left end, which has a PK, you can keep eye 
for grenades and react with bullet time, so never use up all of it. It’s 
actually a little easier to pop out of cover and pour lead into cops without
using bullet time - don’t ask me, but aside from their extra durable heads
they also seem to share your bullet time and dodge bullets on their own. So
down targets, until all are dead and then you just hit a grenade in mid-air
during the scene. You can then choose to or not to squeeze the trigger - to die
in 1 second or 5, what a decision...

Aim high - that is about all I can tell you. Hit the enemies on the right and
then any trucks you see. You can mostly ignore the cop cars, but hitting them
is best. When you are down the runway with the APC blast the trucks first, then
tag it a few times. When zeroing in on the plane feel free to wait for you to
pull up to its side for an easy shot to end the game.

* 4. Collectables  ( COL4444 )                                                *

	* coming soon *

Will make this into a complete list. They are all in the walkthrough.

Though there are so many in the game that you might be better served following
the walkthrough anyway.

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