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         _________________       _______                   _______
        |                 |     \       \                 /       /
        |_______     _____|      \       \               /       /
                |   |             \       \             /       /
                |   |              \       \           /       /
                |   |               \       \         /       /
                |   |                \       \       /       /
                |   |                 \       \     /       /
         _______|   |_____             \       \___/       /
        |                 |             \                 /
        |_________________|              \_______________/

Version: Final

Don't forget, press CTRL + F to get the 'find' bar up. Type in the name of the
mission you want and keep clicking next until you find it.

| TABLE           OF              CONTENTS       |------------------------
|------------------------------------------------|  Mission List          |
| 1. Intro                                       |  Below                 |
| 2. Basics, Controls, Tips and Online           |
| 3. Weapons                                     |
| 4. Walkthrough                                 |
| 5. Side Missions/Quests + 100% Checklist       |
| 6. Trophy + Achievement Guide                  |
| 7. F.A.Q                                       | For      Playstation   |
|------------------------------------------------| Xbox +                 |
| 8. Legal Stuff                                 | 360          3         |

Mission Names ::::

1. The Cousins Bellic
2. It's your call
3. Three's a crowd
4. Bleed Out
5. First Date
6. Easy Fare
7. Bull in a china shop
8. Hung Out To Dry
9. Clean Getaway                            THIS IS THE
10. Ivan the not so terrible
11. Jamacian Heat                        ORDER IN WHICH I PLAYED
12. Uncle Vlad
13. Concrete Jungle                    THE MISSIONS SO FIND THE ONE
14. Crime and Punishment
15. Do you have protection?           YOU ARE STUCK ON HERE THEN GO DOWN
16. Final Destination
17. Logging On                      TO FIND IT. (CTRL + F)
18. No Love Lost
19. Shadow
20. Rigged to blow
21. The Master and the Molotov
22. Russian Revoulution
23. Roman's Sorrow
24. Search and Delete
25. Easy As Can Be
26. Escuela of the streets
27. Street Sweeper
28. Luck of the Irish
29. Blow your cover
30. Out of the Closet
31. The Puerto Rican Connection
32. Snow Storm
33. Have a heart
34. No.1
35. Deconstruction for Beginners
36. Call and Collect
37. Harboring a grudge
38. Waste not want knots
39. Final Interview
40. Three leaf clover
41. Actions speak louder than words
42. I need your clothes your boots and your motorcycle
43. Photo Shoot
44. Ruff Rider
45. Wrong is right
46. Hostile Negotiation
47. Undress to Kill
48. Portrait of a Killer
49. Dust off
50. Holland Nights
51. Lure
52. Paper Trail
53. The Holland play
54. A long way to fall
55. Taking in the trash
56. Meltdown
57. Mueseum Piece
58. No way on the Subway
59. Weekend at Florian's
60. Late Checkout
61. Hating the Haters
62. Union Drive
63. Smackdown
64. Buoys ahoy
65. Babysitting
66. Tunnel of death
67. Truck Hustle
68. Blood Brothers
69. Pegorino's Pride
70. Undertaker
71. Payback
72. I'll take her
73. Ransom
74. Catch the wave
75. She's a keeper
76. Diamond's are a girl's best friend
77. Flat Line
78. Trespass
79. To live and die in alderney
80. Entourage
81. Pest Control
82. Dining Out
83. Liquidize the assets
84. That Special Someone
85. One Last Thing
86. If the Price is right (Deal)
87. Mr and Mrs Bellic (Deal)
88. A Revenger's tradegy (Deal)
89. A Dish Served Cold (Revenge)
90. Mr and Mrs Bellic (Revenge)
91. Out of Commision (Revenge)


1. INTRO                                                           |

GTA IV isn't the easiest game on the planet, whether it's getting all the
pigeons or knowing where to go for all the stunt jumps, it's almost impossible
to do it without a guide, which is exactly why I made this guide.

If you notice anything wrong, or you want to tell me something that needs to
be added or missed out, or you have your own tip, I am more than happy to add
it, for my email address, check out the bottom of the guide.

2. Basics, Controls etc       |

CONTROLS                      |

PS3 Controls

On Foot:

X Button - hold to run, tap to sprint, select on the phone
O Button - reload, back or hang up when on phone, punch
Square - jump, kick
Triangle - get in car, hold to get in as passenger in taxi, punch
R1 - take or leave cover
R2 - fire
L1 - use stuff, pick up object
L2 - lock-on, aim
RStick - camera, click to reset camera
LStick - move, click to crouch
D-Pad - UP: cellphone, DOWN: zoom out on radar, L & R: change guns
Start - pause game, go to the many screens
Select - change camera views


X Button - hand brake
O Button - cinematic camera
Square - change gun
Triangle - exit car
R1 - handbrake
R2 - accelerate
L1 - fire
L2 - brake, reverse
RStick - camera, click to reverse camera
LStick - move, horn (click for slow motion in cinematic camera)
D-Pad - UP: cellphone, DOWN: zoom out on radar, L & R: change radio station
Start - pause game, go to the many screens
Select - change camera views


L1: Various
R1: Enter/exit cover
L2: Lock on
R2: Fire/throw weapon
L3: Enter/exit crouch
R3: Zoom aim (targeting)
X: Block/Dodge (melee)
Square: Kick (melee)
Circle: Reload/Punch (melee)
Triangle: Alt. Punch (melee)
D-Pad Right: Next weapon
D-Pad Left: Previous weapon
Left Analog Stick: Movement
Right Analog Stick: Change target


Xbox 360 Controls

On Foot Controls:

LT: Free Aim / Target Lock On
LB: Context / Pick Up
RT: Free Aim / Fire Button
RB: Take Cover
Guide Button: Xbox Guide
Back: Camera Modes
Start: Pause
Left Stick: Movement
Left Stick Button: Crouch
Dpad Up: Mobile Phone Up / Use Mobile Phone
Dpad Left: Previous Weapon
Dpad Down: Mobile Phone Down / Skip Phone Conversation / Zoom Radar Out
Dpad Right: Next Weapon
Right Stick: Rotate Camera / Switch Targets
Right Stick Button: Look Behind / Zoom aim (when locked on)
A: Run / Sprint / Mobile Phone Answer / Mobile Phone Forward
B: Reload / Melee Attack / Mobile Phone hangup / Mobile Phone Backward / Put
   Away Mobilephone
X: Jump / Climb
Y: Enter Vehicle / Mount Ladder

In Vehicle Controls:

LT: Brake / Reverse
LB: Fire Weapon
RT: Accelerate
RB: Handbrake
Guide Button: Xbox Guide
Back: Camera Modes
Start: Pause
Left Stick: Steering
Left Stick Button: Horn / Siren / Slowmo In Cinematic View
Dpad Up: Mobile Phone Up / Use Mobile Phone
Dpad Left: Previous Radio Station / Radio Station Off (Hold)
Dpad Down: Mobile Phone Down / Skip Phone Conversation / Zoom Radar Out
Dpad Right: Next Radio Station / Radio Station Off (Hold)
Right Stick: Rotate Camera / Aiming
Right Stick Button: View Behind
A: Handbrake / Mobile Phone Answer / Mobile Phone Forward
B: Cinematic Camera / Mobile Phone hangup / Mobile Phone Backward / Put Away
X: Change Weapon / Headlights
Y: Exit Vehicle

Combat Controls:

LT: Target Lock On
Guide Button: Xbox Guide
Back: Camera Modes
Start: Pause
Left Stick: Movement
Left Stick Button: N/A
Dpad Up: N/A
Dpad Left: Previous Weapon
Dpad Down: Zoom Radar Out
Dpad Right: Next Weapon
Right Stick: Rotate Camera / Switch Targets
Right Stick Button: Look Behind
A: Block / Dodge
B: Counter Attack / Disarm / Punch / Floor Punch
X: Kick / Floor Kick
Y: Counter Attack / Disarm / Alternative Punch / Floor Punch

Tips and tricks                                      |

1. Keep your Enemies close and your friends closer...I think. |

Over the course of the game you will meet 5 people who want to be your friend.
You can phone them to arrange dates and they will phone you. They will have
a fondness bar of 0 to 100 per cent which can be viewed from the stats screen.

Also if you get this fondness bar over 80 per cent or so, you can get special
gifts from them, Roman will let you have lifts for free in his taxi, Brucie
will let you fly in his helicopter and Dwayne will send thugs to help you.

Also, learn from your mistakes, if you take someone somewhere they don't want
to go, they won't be happy. Also don't call people when they are sleeping. It
differs when they sleep but use your common sense and don't call someone at
5:00 AM. You can do a variety of things and your phone will tell you what they
want to do and what they don't.

Your friends will often ask to be taken home afterwards so don't take them to
far away from where they live. Keep to these rules and you should be popular
and successful.

2. Do It now, Do it later                                     |

Throughout your travels in Liberty, you will notice Pigeons and stunts, DON'T
do them! Because when you come to look at a list to see them it will get
complicated if you think you missed one when you had actually just did it

3. Driver                                                     |

Don't forget, even if your near a police car while your in a car, they won't
get in your way unlss you hit their car. If you race past them, they won't
care. Don't forget this, just drive. Don't Stop. Also, don't shoot a gun in
the car, this will attract their attention. (See Wanted Levels)

4. WayPoint                                                   |

Basically, if you press start, you can enter a map, This map will be your best
friend when you open a new island or when your just in a pickle. You can place
a green marker on the map and on the radar will send a green line to wherever
you placed it.

You should try not to follow the yellow line and simply use your own knowledge
because the yellow line only sends you the right side of the road when you
might be able to go a quicker way despite it being on the wrong side of the

5. Your Car's Facilities                                      |

Your car has 3 main places it can go,

1. The Car Wash
2. Pay n Spray
3. Garage

1.  The Car Wash - The Car Wash is the most pointless of all the places you
can go, it is only used in one mission and should only be used for cleaning
the Car's Brucie asks for through e-mail.

2. Pay and Spray - While these aren't the greatest, you can re-paint your car
and lose your wanted level if you enter them without the police noticing, I
tend to use them.

3. Garage - Basically Garage's are found near your safehouses and you can keep
up to 2 cars in them. Its a good idea to save some cars you really like.

6. 1 Bullet saves many...                                     |

Don't forget, as soon as you run out of bullets the gun you are using will
disappear, so don't use all your bullets, just go to the gun shop and top up
on bullets, its cheaper than just buying the gun again.

Especially the RPG.

7. The Public Way                                             |

Soo, you need to get somewhere or your on the run and you can't do it by foot
or car, use the taxi or train and if your daring, a helicoptor.

Taxi - Holding a button (triangle or Y) will allow you to enter a taxi when
your near it, then you can choose to go to a waypoint. Also, you can skip the
ride. However, you can't get in a taxi with a wanted level, the driver will
just run out of the car screaming.

Train - While the train doesn't work in Alderney, and it's slow and takes a
long time to get somewhere but it does get you away from the cops easily.

Helicopter - The problem with the helicopter is that they are hard to find
and if you have a large amount of stars it doesen't really work unless you
jump out, but that can be iffy unless you land in the sea but then there's the
issue of police boats.

8. Counters                                                   |

Counter attacks are some of the most frustrating things to do in the game,
because I have no sense of timing and getting the 'Finish Him' Achievment was
a living nightmare.

You press the run button the second someone goes to hit you, if you did it
correctly, you should then press the punch button instantly to do a counter-
kill. It takes practise.

9. 911                                                        |

Calling 911 on your phone is a good idea but it can take a bit of time and if
your in a fight it isn't easy, but doing it to steal a police car a ambulance
or a fire truck, this is perfect.

Police (9111) - This is the one you most commonly use, its basic function is
you call it, they come and when they get out to investigate, you steal their
car. This is the best option when the game tells you to find a cop car.

Ambulance (9112) - This one is a nuisance, you call them, they come, and then
you have to pay about $1000 for treatment!! What you should do, is let the
doc treat you, then shoot him, stealing your own money back.

Fire (9113) - This one is a bitpointless, but it's always fun to put out a
few fires I guess.

10. Cheats affect achievments                                 |

One serious note is that before you do any cheats you should do these
achievments first,

One Man Army                             Finish Him

Walk Free                                Chain Reaction

Cleaned The Mean Streets

Some cheats will turn off these achievments, and you don't want
that because, together, these 5 achievments wrap up a lot of Gamerscore.

Take note though, that you can still get these achievments, but you need
to start a new save game.

11. Risk taking is a no-no                                    |

Think you can do a mission without armour? Or maybe you can use a rocket
launcher when you're quite close? Well don't, I just played 'Wrong is right'
and at the end I threw a grenade, killing me, one second before I would have
won the mission. I had to do it all over again, it was a pain and due to the
game's awful checkpoint (in other words, no checkpoint) system, if you fail
a mission right at the end, you still have to go through it all again!
So don't take risks!


Wanted Levels                                                 |

Oh no, you broke the law, whats going to happen? Well first, you may wonder
what you have done to get locked up anyway? Well here's the no-no's of the
law in liberty.

  - Stealing a car.
  - Shooting.
  - Shooting Someone
  - Running over pedestrians.
  - Fighting.
  - Vandalism.
  - Hitting a cop car.
  - Resisting arrest.
  - Entering restricted islands (6 Stars!)
  - Driving drunk.
  - Threatening people with guns.

Breaking the Law will result in getting a star, and the police will be hunting
you down. The more stars you have the bigger the circle around you, and to
escape the police you have to be outside the circle for about 7 seconds
without being noticed by another cop.

1 Star - This is easy to evade, just drive away, but don't lose concentration,
it can be easy to mess up and get up to 2 stars.

2 Stars - Two stars is harder to evade and the police are more likely to shoot
at you. It isn't tricky to avoid, just not as easy as 1 star. Mainly because
the cops have better cars now.

3 Stars - This is where things get difficult because not only are cop boats
dropped into the mix but so are helicopters. Helicopters aren't going to
hurt you at this level but, they can recenter the circle on you if they spot
you, making it harder to avoid the cops and now you can't swim away from
the cops thanks to the boats.

4 Stars - N.O.O.S.E are introduced into the mix, these are basically police
trucks, its hard to not hit them and when you do you and your car takes plenty
of damage.

5 Stars - This is where things get VERY hard, Annihilator helicopters are
introduced. A.K.A Helicopters that can shoot. Great.

6 Stars - This is just a harder, more tense version of 5 stars. Its harder and
bigger and some say impossible, of course it isn't though! It's just mind
bendingly hard! (For tips see Trophies and Achievments)

Online - Friends and Foes                                     |

Ok, so the most important thing to remember with online is to know who to
work with. If you see a teammate, honk the horn and see if they want a lift.

Online - Settings                                             |

While you're host, there are a couple of settings they can choose.

Auto-Aim or No Auto-Aim = Remember in the main game where you can lock onto
enemies? This is saying if you can lock on or not.

Police or No Police = This one is quite obvious right?

Friendly Fire or Fire = Friendly fire means that you can kill your own

Location = The Host can choose from a variety of places to play from just
general places like the prision or industrail estate or actual islands like
Bohan and Alderney or for the really daring, you can run free in the whole
of the city.

Time = The Host can choose from a variety of play times, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60
or unlimited minutes are the options.

Weapons = The player can choose if they want a special type of weapon (pistol
only, rocket only, etc) or just generally stronger weaker or normal weapons.

Voice Chat = The voice chat can be set to Off, Proximity (Only near you),
Your Team only, or everyone.

The Blip = The Host can choose whether other people appear on your radar.

Weather = Yes the host can even decide the weather!

Time = The time of day can be chosen by the Host to.

Team = In team deathmatch, you can choose who you want in be with in teams,
but don't be offended if someone leaves your team and leaves you on your own,
some people like to be alone, its more money.

Description - (This is your choice) Want to know the rules? Turn this on then!

Radio Station - While waiting for the other players, turn on the radio and
listen to the one you like.

Kick Player - Basically, if half of the players want you out of their game
they will kick you. Making you leave the game. Don't do this unless you have

There's a lot more online coverage in the achievments.

Activities with friends                                       |

Your friends can phone you up (or vice versa) to make activities with
you (unless you put sleep mode on your phone on in the options menu) and
they each have their own likes and dislikes, however, the phonebook will give
you a list of activities they like so just pick one.

Boating + Heli rides = You can only do this with brucie and all that it is
is that you go where he says wants to go.

Eating = A faourite, because you drive there, you drive back, its that simple
and sometimes with dwayne you won't even need to drive back.

Drinking = The hardest one to do because you will be stumbling all over the
and you can't walk or drive, have fun!

Comedy = The cabaret club is pretty pointless, apart from the magican. It
really isn't funny, however, the split sides in algonquin is very funny,
with katt williams commenting on liberty city.

Bowling = A fun little game where you...bowl! Its easy and is a nice
distraction and pretty much everyone likes bowling.

Pool = Pool is a hard game to master but a fun game generally, and like
bowling, almost everyone likes it.

Darts = Darts is dead easy to win, very easy and fun and quick.

Strip Club = Well, all the men like this one for obvious reasons, not so
much the women, I wonder why?

Online Modes                                                  |

Of course, all these rules would be nothing without the modes, in other words
games. There are a lot of variations, and here they all are, as well as some

Deathmatch                                                    |

Goal: Kill everyone, as many times as you can.

 + Guns and armour are spread everywhere in the area the Host has chosen.
 + Take in account what gun you're using, for example, rifles don't need
close combat, but a knife will.
 + Shooting the head is still a good idea here.
 + Cover is essential
 + Invite some friends and gang up on people, it sounds mean but it's a good
 + Armour and health packs are vital to winning.
 + Don't climb to high, it makes you an easy target and you might fall.

Mafia Work                                                    |

Goal: Complete tasks sent to your phone before other players.

 + If you are 2nd or the nearest person to the goal, try and do it, but if
you are far away from it, don't bother, just go collect health and a good car.
 + Find a car, and try and stick in it. Walking will result in losing.
 + The tasks are easy, just try and stay in the middle of the map or island,
to ensure you get there first.
 + Doing this with friends is pretty useful.
 + Don't be a baby and leave if you start losing.
 + Some of the tasks require you to take a certain person somewhere, try and
steal them back if your enemy has them.
 + Mafiya work pays as one of the better games, need some money fast? Mafiya
work is for you.

Car Jack City                                                 |

Goal: Deliver cars to certain points before other players.

 + Cars are awarded more if they are in good condition.
 + Some cars are stuffed with drugs, if so, the condition of the car won't be
 + If you don't get the car, you should try and ram it to give the enemy less
money or blow it up to stop them totally.
 + Never leave your car, getting out is a bad idea as other players will run
you over with the snap if a finger.
 + Once again, this is one of the funnest games to play with friends.
 + Don't take risks, they might damage the car.

Team Deathmatch                                               |

Goal: As a team, kill the other teams.

 + Communicate with your team, voice chat is the way!
 + Look at Deathmatch tips.

Team Mafia Work                                               |

Goal: Complete tasks sent to your phone before the other team.

 + Communicate with your team, voice chat is the way!
 + Look at Mafiya Work tips.

Team Car Jack City                                            |

Goal: Deliver cars before the other team.

 + Communicate with your team, voice chat is the way!
 + Look at Car Jack City tips.

Race                                                          |

Goal: Complete the race before everyone else.

Car Race Tips:
 + Depending on your car, sharp turns are a pain.
 + Try to hit other cars off the road or into traffic.
 + Bang into the lower left or right corners of another car and they might
spin around.
 + Never go for speed, only accuracy.

Boat Race Tips:
 + Ram into your enemies, flipping them over is a good tip.
 + Boats are slow, sharp turns are tricky but important

Helicopter Race Tips:
 + Use the 'FLY' cheat to get some practise flying
 + Don't sabotage others, you may destroy your own heli instead.
 + You actually have to touch the check point.

Free Race Tips:
 + Free race is basically a race on foot, using cars is the only way to win.
 + It's extremly simple and great fun with a lot of people.

Cannonball Run Tips:
 + In a nutshell, this is free race but you have to go through certain check
points before finishing. Think of it as a 1 lap race on foot.

GTA Race                                                      |

GTA Race Tips:
 + Basically, GTA race is identical to Race except that now you can use
weapons. This makes modes such as Free Race very tricky.
 + Check out the tips from the Race section.
 + The only trouble I had was with Free Race and Cannonball Run. Trick your
enemy. The best tip is, get them while they're down, if they have fallen out
of a car, tripped or on the ground, that's the ideal time to get them.

Co-op modes                                                   |

Deal Breaker, Hangman's NOOSE and Bomb da Base II. These 3 missions have a
walkthrough, they are at the bottom of this guide in the acheivment/trophy
section. Under the achievment, Fly the Co-op.

Cops n Crooks                                                 |

There are 2 modes in Cops n Crooks. All for One or One for All.

No matter what mode you choose, there are 2 rounds, in one you are the cops,
in the other you are the crooks.

All for One Tips:


Goal: Kill the boss before he gets to the getaway vehicle.

 + Killing the boss is the only thing that should be in your mind.
 + You will start in a car with other players, if you're the driver, drive
if not, prepare your self by aiming out the window.
 + You can get out the car and go yourself, but if you're the driver, stay
in the car, it would annoy other players if you just left.
 + You only have one life. Don't waste it.
 + You only win when all the crooks are dead. If all the cops die, round over.
 + Rather than trying to fight them head on, go to the getaway vehicle and
wait there.
 + If you diden't follow that tip, make note that the crooks can't see you on
the radar, but you can see them, use this to your advantage.


Goal: Protect the boss and get to the getaway vehicle.

 + If the boss has voice chat, make sure he gets in a car, with a good driver
at the wheel.
 + It doesen't matter how many crooks die, as long as the boss doesn't.
 + It can be difficult to tell who the boss is, but the game will tell you
if it's you.
 + If you are the boss, take care of yourself, never take risks. The team is
riding on you!
 + Unlike the cops, you don't need to work as a team, just as long as the
boss is safe.
 + However, like the cops you only have one life.

One for All tips:


Goal: Kill all the crooks.

 + Once again, you have only one life, be careful.
 + The crooks only goal is to get to the getaway, go there and get them while
they get in.
 + Not much else to say, just use all the tips and tricks you know!


Goal: Get in the getaway vehicle.

 + The cops are on the hunt, you better hurry.
 + Only one life, be careful.
 + You really should go as a team, since you have to leave together.
 + Another tactic, is get someone to get the vehicle themselves and come back
with it.
 + Killing cops isn't needed, try to avoid it.

Turf War                                                      |

Goal: Gain new turf and hold current turf.

Turf War Tips:
 + This is a bit like capture the flag, with killing.
 + The jist is, say your colour is orange. You want to keep the circles
orange and turn the purple ones to orange.
 + In order to gain enemy turf, stand in the circle for a bit.
 + You can't gain turf while a enemy is near.
 + Holding your turf is just as imporaent. Guard it well.
 + The enemies are told when you are gaining turf.

Free Mode                                                     |

Goal: Have fun!

Free Mode Tips:
 + Do you really need hints? Have fun!

3. Weapons                    |

GTA IV is a host to a variety of weapons, some good, some great, no weapon is
especially bad, just you'll have some you'll like and some you won't.


Pistol - A good weapon, but not the strongest but you'll get loads of ammo.
I ended up with 1450 bullets at one point, and if you have this with lots of
bullets and then if you pick up a combat pistol, you'll have a very strong
gun with loads of bullets.

Available : After "Do You Have Protection?" For the price of $600

Combat Pistol - This weapon is awesome because if you have a lot of
bullets for the regular pistol, and then swap to this gun you get loads of
bullets for this gun, and it's a great gun with a lot of firepower.

Available : After "Mueseum Piece" For the price of $1500

Pump Shotgun - A very good weapon at close range, but at far range,
it's rubbish, but its fantastic at close range, also one bullet can do lots.

Available : After "Do You Have Protection?" For the price of $1200

Combat Shotgun - A awesome weapon that while it still isn't great at
long range shooting, it still has a firepower to match any other.

Available : After "Blow Your Cover" For the price of $2500

Micro SMG - Some people might just call this a Uzi or TMP but this is the
real name for this rather good gun. Its fast, and it looks good.

Available : After "Do You Have Protection?" For the price of $1200

SMG - This is pretty much a more powerful version of the Micro and a bigger
version, there's no new twist. Its still awesome though.

Available : After "Luck of the Irish"

Assault Rifle - This is my favourite weapon becuase it is very powerful, it
has amazing zoom, and it can kill people with a few bullets.

Available : After "Deconstruction for beginners" For the price of $3500

Carbine Rifle - A pretty good weapon, I always go for rifles when I can.

Available : After "Three Leaf Clover" For the price of $5000

Sniper Rifle - Everyone knows this old favourite! It's just as good here as it
will be anywhere. Deadly and powerful but don't expect it to be much use in
close range.

Available : After "Luck of the Irish" For the price of $6000

Combat Sniper - This is a more powerful, precise sniper which is sure to
make you feel like an assassin.

Available : After "Luck of the Irish" For the price of $8500

RPG - RPG's are the best weapon in the game. They can destroy the strongest
things in the game. However, with great power comes great responsibility
and a huge hole in your wallet. Don't expect anything great
from close range combat except death.

Available : After "Babysitting" For the price of $15000

Bat - Obviously these things aren't going to be the strongest in the world,
but they are useful in melee, just not anything else.

Available : After "Do You Have Protection?" For the price of $5

Knife - A pretty good weapon in melee, but like the bat, its useless in a
gun fight.

Available : After "Do You Have Protection?" Price: N/A

Molotov - I really like this, weapon, it's pretty much a petrol bomb, but it's
really good for dealing with multiple people if you throw it at the floor
and you will be protected by a line of fire, careful about yourself though.

Available : After "The Master and the Molotov"

Grenade - This is a awesome weapon because you can just use it how you want,
if you want to throw it just before it blows up, you can. If you want to
throw it under a car, you can.

Available : After "Deconstruction for Beginners" For the price of $1000 each.


|  4.   Walkthrough         |
|                           |
|       Xbox 360            |
|           +               |
|          PS3              |
|                           |
|                           |

Walkthrough Layout :


Finally, the guide, Hopefully you are stuck on something that can be assisted
on, of course, if you get stuck on something, keep fighting until you get it.
Then look it up.

(Mission Name)                            Rewards:

Fun (out of 5 stars)
Length (out of 5 stars)
Difficulty (out of 5 stars)

Whats happening? Story Wise?

Good or Bad Mission?

The walkthrough.


Hope you enjoy the guide!!!


|                        |
| 1. The Cousin's Bellic |
|                        | Reward: $25
|   Given By: Niko       |
|                        |

Fun        ***
Legnth     **
Difficulty **

You are introduced to your main chracter, Niko, and your cousin, Roman, keep
him close, he will serve you well. Now drive to the "Mansion".

A normal mission, not that fun but its not hard at all. Also it's really

* Cutscene *

After watching Niko getting off a boat, you will meet your more than happy
cousin, Roman, now, he will ask you to drive him home, since he is heavily

* Driving *

Ok, so your making your way to the mansion, driving is no big, it just takes
time to get used to and find the best way for you. Get used to the 3 ways of
braking. Now you have to follow the yellow line, but don't follow it exactly,
you'll end up getting in a bad habit. Go off the beaten track when you can.
Eventually, you will make it to the mansion. Surprised?

To brake, press A on xbox, X on Playstation


R1/RB   or   L2/LT (reverse).

Roman will also take the liberty to tell you why the bridges to the other
islands are blocked off. Terrorism, crossing the bridges will result in a
6 star wanted level. In other words, dead meat. I would advise getting the
one man army achievment or trophy before you unlock all the islands.

You'll notice driving is a lot more tight than in other games.
Oh, by the way, Niko and Roman will talk in Russian sometimes, if the
subtitles are on those words will appear in grey not white.

* Cutscene *

In this cutscene, Niko isn't impressed with Roman for lying, but what are you
going to do?  Take into mind who Roman talks to on his phone. Vlad.

Afterwards, you will recieve your $25 and the game will go tell you to meet
Roman. Also you may now save and use the tv.

Mission Complete!


Now would be a good time to practise your driving skills and watching tv, and
other stuff, then go meet Roman for the next mission.

Also, you can now save any car or bike by parking it outside your apartment,
but only one.


|                     |
| 2. It's Your Call   |
|                     |   Rewards: $30, Cell Phone
|   Given By: Roman   |
|                     |

Fun        ***
Length     ***
Difficulty **

Roman claims that if you take him to a game he will win enough money to clear
his debts. But all does not go to plan...

This is a OK mission, which in the "Escape" part, will test your driving

* Cutscene *

You will be introduced to Mallorie and Vlad. Two main chracters, you should
try to get on with her, she will stick by you. As for Vlad, well, just watch
the cutscene.

* To the Game *

Head into the car and then set off to the game, the only shortcut is you can
drive through the outlook park, but apart from that, there nothing, just drive
and listen to the cousin's conversation about Roman's luck.

* Waiting *

Just before Roman enters the club, he will give you your phone, have a play
around with it, it's going to be with you until the end of the game.
While Roman's playing his game, have a look around the radio stations.

Anyway, about halfway through, you will get a call from Roman, accept it and
listen, he will gloat about how much he is winning.

A little after that, his debt friends, will show up, you must ring him. Bring
up the phone and click on Phonebook and then Roman. Roman will then run out
and tell you that those are indeed his loan sharks.

* Escape *

This is a rare occasion where, rather than you chasing someone, your the one
being chased, you have to drive as fast as you can away from the sharks.

Drive fast and if you can go back through the park, try to because the loan
sharks are slow if you take shortcuts you are bound to lose them. After
you have gone through the shortcuts and escaped the sharks, take Roman back
to the taxi place and your done!

Mission Complete!!


Now you have the Phone! The game will tell you all about it, and you can turn
sleep mode on in the phone menu and you can also enter the multiplayer from
now on as well.


|                       |
|  3. Three's a Crowd   |
|                       |     Rewards: Michelle, Clothes
|   Given by: Roman     |
|                       |

Fun         ***
Length      ***
Difficulty  *

Roman is busy, so you have to pick up Mallorie and Michelle from the subway
and then you get offered a date.

This mission is incredibly easy.

* Cutscene *

Oh no, Roman's getting beaten up, but here's Niko to the rescue so while Roman
cleans up the mess, go fetch Mallorie and her friend, Michelle.

* To The Subway *

Ok, now for the easiest bit of them all, drive to the subway placed on your
radar, there's no trick, just do it.

* To Michelle's *

When you get in front of the station, honk your horn, (Click the left stick)
Now Drive to Michelle's, it's really not that hard, I don't see why she
just doesen't walk but whatever. Just drive there and listen to the slightly
cringe-worthy conversation about dating.

* Shopping *

So, for the final part of this mission, Mallorie and Roman say you need better
clothes to impress Michelle, despite her obvious lack of actually caring.

So, Roman suggests a little shop near your safehouse to shop in, so drive

When you get there, your first purchase in this russain shop is free so choose
something classy and expensive, or just choose jeans. Either way...

Mission Complete!!


So, your getting the basics of the game alright? Good! Now you can shop for
clothes, which is always fun but it is pointless to the story until you
unlock the finer clothes shops with more expensive suits.



A really good tip is, if you are a bit uncomfortable with melee combat, find
a cop car, either by stealing one or calling them and taking it, and then you
in most cases, will get a shot gun. Now you can use this in the next mission.
But only if you are really finding melee difficult.


|                  |                    Note: This mission can be chosen
| 4. Bleed Out     |                     to do before or after "First Date"
|                  | Rewards: $50       If you choose after, you will have
| Given by: Roman  |                  to pick Roman up from the hospital,
|                  |                    if you choose before you will get a
 o----------------o                    angry text message from Michelle.

Fun        ****
Length     ***
Difficulty ***

Roman phone's up urgent claiming to be getting beaten up, lets investigate!

This is a very fun mission that is one of the first missions with a bit of

* Cutscene *

Oh dear, Roman IS getting beaten up, badly and Niko has arrived to play hero.

* Fight!, Fight!, Fight! *

Ok, so the game will explain the lock on controls, and melee, remember them.
Also, it will tell you about melee counters, these are pretty useless to me
since they are hard to do and they don't do much, the only use I had for them
was the achievment "Finish Him".

Anyway, the guys aren't hard to kill, just follow the insrtuctions and use the
kick, feature, it is pretty good. If you have a shotgun from the previous
tip, then you can just shoot them. Also, killing suspicious people in
alleyways may reward you a pistol.

* The Chase is on *

The Leader of the bandits has just escaped, but are we going to let him
escape? No!

Qucikly run to Roman's car and wait until Roman gets in! The second he gets
in slam the pedal down and chase after him. Like most chases in this game, you
will come across a few obstacles along the way. Like, cars will try to change
lanes a lot more often, and you will have to go through a construction filled
road, so be careful. If you ever lose sight of him hold down B or Circle. Oh,
near the end, a garbage truck will block the way, careful that you aren't
going to fast down the docks since it requires a very sharp turn.

* The Knife Fight *

Ok, eventually Dardan will stop and he will run up some stairs into a
factory. Quickly, follow him upstairs. Oh great, Darden has a knife.

Now when you go into combat with him, the game will explain that to disarm
him from his Knife, its the same as a melee counter. You have to dodge him
him (see controls) then press the punch button. But, I did the tip and got
a shotgun it was more satisfying seeing him stumble out the window.

Anyway, afterwards, get back to Roman and drive him home.

Mission Complete!


With most, missions, you will gain "like" for certain chracters. Which will
make them like you more. (Obviously!)


|                     |                     Note: This mission can chosen to
|   5. First Date     |                  be done before or after "Bleed Out"
|                     | Reward: None      if it is done before you will have
| Given By: Michelle  |                  pick Roman up from the hospital and
|                     |               if you do it after, you get a angry
 o-------------------o                   text message from Michelle.

Fun        ***
Length     **
Difficulty * (** if you want to win bowling)

So, it's finally time for your date with Michelle! Great! Your about to date
someone with the personalilty of a brick!

A fun mission, but I wished we could have gone to the funfair so much. Stupid
Michelle. ;-(

* Cutscene *

Well, your at Michelle's as Niko walks in he comment on why everything is new.
(Remember that, it will be back later). Niko makes a suggestion of the
funfair. Oh, look how excited she is.

* To the Funfair *

Now we have to drive a more than excited Michelle to the funfair. Not hard at
all, you might even get a conversation about Michelle working out! Hoorah!

Now when you get there, Michelle says the funfair is closed and you should go
bowling instead. I was looking foward to the funfair, but Rockstar did a
funfair in their spoof of GTA "Bully".

Anywho, walk up the pier and take Michelle into the bowling alley.

* Bowling *

You don't have to play a full game of bowling, and you don't have to win.
But do you won't to lose to Michelle? No! I am only playing the Xbox version
so, I don't know how the PS3 version works, but the game gives you all the
instructions all the time, so it's cool.

To get a strike, take 2 steps to the left and aim perfectly straight, that's
the hidden way to get a strike and put Michelle in her place. If you win she
will congratulate you. However, if you lose, she will act like a snob, isn't
she great?

If you can't actually be patient enough to play, you can just quit and go.

* And..back *

Ok, now we have to take Michelle home. So do so and she will talk about
crime, remember this as well. When you get back, you can ask if you want to
come in for "coffee" but you can't until your 3rd or so date. But, do you
want to anyway? Just let her go. Wasen't that fun?

Mission Complete!


Now you can call Michelle up to arrange dates, if you want. Or you can just
ignore her. I choose the latter.


|                 |
|  6. Easy Fare   |
|                 | Rewards: $100
| Given By Roman  |
|                 |

Fun        ***
Length     ***
Difficulty ***

Roman needs you to help his friend who then gets you in trouble.

A fun mission but it's a steep rise in difficulty.

* Cutscene *

Oh no, Vlad is up to no good, but anywho, Roman needs a job done and
your his favourite cousin so go pick up his friend. Jermaine.

* Getting Jermaine *

Ok, no biggie, you just have to drive to Jermaine's house, this is another
easy drive. However, if you need health I say, go get a hotdog. Also, try not
to damage Roman's cab, It will be taking a beating in a minute.

* Taking Jermaine *

This is even easier than getting to him, he wants to go to a little alley
somewhere south. It's easy ride, but don't damage Roman's cab, its going to
take a beating in a minute.

* On the Run *

It turns out that Jermaine's garage has been found by the police who have
been waiting for you. So, now you have to escape the 2 star police in a tight
area. Fun.

Ok, your first job is to get the hell out of there, so here is the plan:

|                           =====|===  <--- Steps
|         P              Y       |
|                                |           P = Police
|____                  __________|
|    |      P         |          |           Y = You     (Sometimes
|    |                |          |                       the police don't
|____|                |__________|                        go into the
        /\   /\   /\                                        garage)
        ||   ||   ||       /\
        ||   ||   ||       ||
             +           Jermaine's
           Exit           Garage

The most common question asked is, how do I get out? Thing is, most people
panic, and just go for the most complicated way by going up the steps. Don't.
The best way out is the way you came in. It allows access to the streets which
will be the easiest for the escape. The steps are hard to get up and they
lead to tightness. Not good.

* Escaping *

A good idea is to go onto the map by pressing start. Then, on this map, find
a place outside of the circle, quite far away. Drive there as fast as you
can. Taking the freeway is a great option, since the police can't follow
you very well.

Anyway, don't let the car get destroyed, or kill jermaine, and just escape. If
your a bad person, you will have experience escaping. Thats how to practise,
be bad. It's not hard, but if you haven't been a crimanal yet you might
not know what to do. Trust me, if you want a challenge, escape 6 stars.

* Done *

Once your done, take Jermaine where he wants to go and you have completed this
mission. The game now shows you pay and sprays, going into one will get rid
of you wanted level, as long as the police don't see. I don't tend to
use them.

Mission Complete!!


Don't forget that if you need practise running from the law at high levels,
go and punch a police officer.


|                          |
| 7. Bull in a China Shop  |
|                          | Rewards: $50
|     Given By: Vlad       |
|                          |

Fun        ***
Length     ***
Difficulty **

Oh, Vlad wants help does he? Well, we need money.

I like this mission, but I wish you had to be a bit more creative at the end.

* Cutscene *

Niko meets Vlad in a bar and he complains that some dude that owns a china
shop owes him money. Guess what? Your the Bull.

* To The China-Shop *

Not much to say, its not a long drive, so just drive.

* Break it *

When you get there, the old man will lock himself in, so you have to destroy
the outside. If you have done the mission "Jamacian Heat" you will have a
gun, which you can just shoot the glass with. However, the real way is to
go around the corner behind you, indicated by a green dot on the radar, and
in this big pile of trash, is a brick. (Or if you have a gun from killing
random people it may help!)

Throw it at the window and take the money. Now go back to Vlad's.

Mission Complete!


Vlad will soon text you for more missions.


|                     |
| 8. Hung Out To Dry  |
|                     | Rewards: $100
|    Given by: Vlad   |
|                     |

Fun        ***
Length     ****
Difficulty ***

Like the guy with the china shop, Some guy who owns Vlad money is a guy who
owns a washing machine place. Great.

I like this mission, it's pretty much just an extension to "Bull In A China

* Cutscene *

Not much happens, dude owe's money, go beat him. Some discussion about

* To The Laundromat *

The laundromat, is not far away, just drive there, I accedentilly entered this
place when I was walkng around before this mission.

* Hit the Road *

As soon as you enter, your target will flee the back-door. Run after him
quickly, and you will end up outside in the car park with the debt owner
speeding away. Think on your feet and steal one of the cars sitting in the car

As soon as you get in one, chase after the debt owner, for the only time in
the game, you don't have to destroy the car or wait for it to stop. You have
to ram it. Try to hit it hard, and hitting it at the side will be a lot more
useful to knocking him off the road. Luckily mine got stuck in traffic
making this a easy win.

Eventually, he will stop and give you your healthy sum of $100

Mission Complete!


Vlad's next mission is quite a long one.

Take michelle out...If you want...


|                    |
| 9. Clean Getaway   |
|                    | Rewards: $150
| Given By: Vlad     |
|                    |

Fun        ****
Length     *****
Difficulty ***

Ok, Vlad wants you to get a car, on the other side of the island and now you
need to take the subway there.

A very fun mission, and one that stuck in my mind, not sure why. But it's
very fun.

* Cutscene *

This is a long cutscene. Vlad takes you to his car, isn't he nice to the
locals? When inside, he will tell you he needs a car and will the man give you
a lift there? Ha, fat chance!

* The Subway *

Before you go, turn slightly right, and then go foward, under the freeway
above you is a bat. This it is quite hard to miss if you turn that way.
It will make this mission easier later.

You could drive over to the subway, or walk you choose, anyway, when you get
to the subway, keep going up the stairs until you get to the rails. The game
will instruct you to get in the train, do so. You can skip the trip if you
want. Don't go to far up, since I did and the game told me I was on the
wrong platform.

* Dude, there goes my car *

Now for the stealing part, the car is pretty much outside the subway. Now the
game will feature a brand new melee feature which I never use. The game will
tell you about Stun punchs, which are pretty pointless but you can use them
if you want. There are 2 men and the car. You have 5 choices:

1. Stun punch one of them and melee the other.

2. Shoot them, of course you will need a gun from "Jamacian Heat" or
certain people on the street.

3. Just get in the car and drive, but someone might pull you out.

4. Using that bat from the start, beat them to a pulp.

5. You may still have te knife from "Bleed out". Use it.

Whatever you choose, you will get a wanted level, some people have claimed to
have 3 star wanted levels so use the tips from the "Easy Fare" Mission, for
extra tips. I got away with no wanted level, so just check there are no
police around first.

* At the car wash *

Vlad will ring up and complain that you need to get the car washed. So you
need to go to the car wash near the 8-Ball. All you need to do is drive
there and then to Vlad's garage. Easy Peasy, right?

Mission Complete!


You only have one more Vlad mission, and its one of my favourite's.


|                      |
| 10. Ivan The Not So  |
|     Terrible         | Rewards: $200, Ivan as a random friend (if saved),
|                      |
|  Given By: Vlad      |
|                      |

Fun        *****
Length     ****
Difficulty ***

Vlad's final mission, is a assassination one, you have to kill Ivan, by
chasing him in a car and then over the rooftops.

I love this mission, it just sticks in my mind and I have no idea why.

* Cutscene *

Meet Vlad over in the comrade's bar and you will get a long talk about Ivan.
Vlad says he is trying to rob Roman! Chase after him.

* Chasing Ivan *

Ivan is leaving the taxi depot, so quickly get there and a chase will begin.
This chase is a little harder than others, since Ivan will go through
some obstacles, including the large roundabout in Broker. Don't go to fast,
he takes a lot of sharp turns.

It is very important that you take a car you are comfortable in. Don't take a
bike. It's not that hard, just be careful because he takes sharp turns.

Eventually, (this is quite a long chase) Ivan will get out of his car and
climb up some ladders on the construction site you just ended on.
Ladders are easy to use and if you hold down the sprint button on them you
go even faster. Press Y or Triangle to get on, it may take a few try's.

Soon, you should make it to the top floor.

* Catch Ivan if you can *

Now for the best bit of the mission, chasing Ivan over the rooftops. The game
will show you Ivan climbing up onto a crane and jumping off. Now, do the same.
Go up the ramp and jump off the crane.

Now chase Ivan by jumping, everytime you get to the side of the building.
It's not hard, but it is fun. Eventually, Ivan will come to a dead end and
slip. The important thing to remember is, always jump at every edge, or you
might fall down and die.

* Live or Die *


So should you stand on his fingers and send him down to hell or pick him up?


+ Ivan is grateful
+ You still get $200
+ You can do a side mission later and get $1000


+ Less work later on
+ You still get paid
+ You are evil?

Whatever your choice, Niko will phone Vlad and the mission will be complete.

Mission Complete!


Now, I did Roman's next mission, which most people tend to do at the
beginning because you get a gun, but nevermind.

Oh, put the subtitles on, trust me.


|                    |
| 11. Jamacian Heat  |
|                    | Rewards: $150, A pistol
|   Given By: Roman  |
|                    |

Fun        ****
Length     ***
Difficulty ***

Like Easy Fare, Romans wants you to help his friend. (Turn the subtitles on)

A fun mission, and it introduces you nicely to the gun.

* Cutscene *

Not much happens, just go get Jacob. Roman's busy.

* Jacob *

The great thing about getting to Jacob, is you can drive whatever car you
want. So get one and drive to Jacob. See why I told you to put subtitles on?
Try to catch what Jacob is saying while you drive down to the alley and he
will give you a pistol.

* The Alley *

You are told by Jacob to stand up the stairs and watch the meeting, Crouch by
clicking the left stick, and aim by holding LT or L2. Eventually all guns will
go ablaze.

You can lock onto people by holding down LT or L2 and if you flick the
right stick Left or Right, you will change targets. Also if you click the
right stick you will zoom in and as a final advanced tip, using the right
stick, by moving it up and down, you can shoot the enemys head, killing them
in one.

Using these tips, shoot them all, it's not hard. Just do it fast or Jacob will
be shot and die. I very highly suggest aiming for the head as it's a instant

* Aftermath *

Afterwards, Jacob will thank you, and will ask for a lift home, he lives in
the 8-Ball place. Afterwards, you can keep the gun and your money.

Mission Complete!


Soon after, Jacob will call you asking if you want to do some more work.

Roman might call you and then you can do taxi missions for money.

Now for a really good mission, which even nets you a trophy or 5G.


|                  |
| 12. Uncle Vlad   |
|                  | Rewards: "Fed the Fish" trophy or achievement for 5G
| Given By: Roman  |
|                  |

Fun        *****
Length     ****
Difficulty ***

After discovering that Mallorie might be having an affair with Vlad, Niko has
had it, and him and Roman go to kill him. (Sounds like something out of a
cheesy tv show).

I love this mission and the story is brilliant!

* Cutscene *

Roman is sitting round feeling sorry for himself about Vlad having a affair
with Mallorie (We never find out if they do). But Niko claims to have
an idea, which makes Roman angry, so Niko and him go to silence Vlad.

* To Comrade's *

What I love about this mission is that it builds that suspense until that
final moment.
While on the way, listen to Roman's and Niko's conversation, you will either
get one where Roman confesses his love for Mallorie or where he trys to stop

Either way, when you get there, Vlad will run out the back. Before you stop
on the arrow, Park your car so it faces north, towards Bohan. This will make
getting Vlad easier.

* See Vlad Run *

OK, Vlad has sent 2 of his friends to get you, this is easy, if you have the
pistol, however, you may not get a chance to aim it since it's so close range
and small. But if you can't just hit them.

Quickly get out the bar, and get in the car with Roman, now you have to follow
Vlad, it's not hard at all, compared to other chases, but a couple of white
buses will try to block the way at one point but apart from that it's not to

* Feed the Fish *

Soon, Vlad will crash his car and you will have to execute him, you can
listen to him beg for mercy which always makes me feel good, then, Shoot him
to trigger a cutscene.

* Cutscene *

Roman will come out the car and go into a state of shock, claiming that Vlad's
friends are going to kill them, but Niko is preoccupied with dumping the body
in the river. Niko will then reveal the reason he came to liberty city,
to get revenge.

Niko had been in a war, but one of his fellow troops had betrayed them and
killed everyone, Niko, Florian and Darko had survived and Niko is looking for
Florian and Darko to get revenge on whoever killed his friends and why.

Roman and Niko will then leave with Vlad's body sinking to the bottom of the

Mission Complete!


I loved that mission, and now it's time for another great one, oh, Roman will
text you soon to meet you outside the comedy club, this will trigger a new
set of missions but that's later.


|                        |
| 13. Concrete Jungle    |
|                        | Rewards: $200
| Given By: Little Jacob |
|                        |

Fun        ****
Length     *****
Difficulty ****

Jacob needs help taking don some drug dealers, you have to take them out and
then go to their house.

A very fun and long mission, I really enjoyed it.

* Cutscene *

Just some banter hich neither me or Niko understand.

* The Deal *

OK, so get in the car with Jacob and drive him to the meeting point which
isn't far. When you get there, Jacob will get out and instruct you to drive
into the rear alleyway.

Once you get there, you will get a call from Jacob telling you the deal has
gone wrong. What a surprise! Now the dealers will run out the back, you have
to run them over, as fast as you can, it's not hard at all because the dealers
aren't expecting it, so they don't have time to whip out their pistols.

Afterwards, go and pick up Jacob who wants to get the last dealers at their

* House Party *

Take Jacob to the house in Meadows Park to begin this part. Not too far. When
you get there, The game will introduce you to the cover system, tap the button
shown and Niko will get cover on the nearest wall. Make sure you get it by
the door, and use the side of it for cover. Here's the plan of the house:

|       ++  |      |__|                       ++  =  First Aid
|  E  E ++  |      |__| Stairs                ++  =    Kit
|           |      |  |
|  ___E___  |      |E_|
  |_______|        |__|
|   Couch          |__|
|                     |                        E = Enemy
|           |         |
|           |         |
|____   ____|__   ____|
   Window   You    Jacob

When Jacob kicks the door open, lock onto the man running down the stairs and
fire away, now a guy with a shotgun will start firing, shuffle over to the
window to your left and fire at him to. Don't forget to click the right stick
for extra zoom.

Enter the house with Jacob and grab anything the guy on the stairs dropped,
now run into the living room and duck behind the couch, by covering, kill the
other 2 guys and take their gun ammo. Make sure you don't leave jacob or he
will die and that would be a mission fail. Grab their guns especially the

The game will then introduce you to First Aid Kits, which become essential
later on. Take it and then take Jacob back home.

Mission Complete!


Now we can do Roman's next mission, however this counts as Faustin's first
mission. By the way, this one's quite long.


|                          |
| 14. Crime and Punishment |
|                          | Rewards: $200
|  Given By: Faustin       |
|                          |

Fun        ****
Length     It varies depending on which truck you get first
Difficulty ***

Roman and you get kidnapped by one of Vlad's friends, Faustin. However,
you are sent on a job for Faustin instead to get a shipment of TV's.

A good mission, quite easy but quite long to.

* Cutscene *

You meet Roman outside the cabaret club to find him hiding in the middle of
a trash can. He tells you how paranoid he is getting, and then to your luck
one of Faustin's men comes to kidnap you and Roman.

Back at Faustin's, you will end up getting hit as Niko keeps making comments
and then Roman gets shot in the stomach. Faustin then comes down but admires
your pluck so he sends you on a job. Faustin's apprentice, Dimitri, says he
will take care of Roman.

* Cop Car *

This is something people always make harder than it actually is. The game says
get a cop car, people either wonder around aimlessly trying to spot one or
calling 911. Wrong! Notice, up the street a police car will pull up outside
a house, just grab it, they might not even notice.

* 3 Trucks *

Click the left stick to start the siren, now 3 trucks have appeared on the
radar. One of them has the TV you are looking for, the other 2 don't.
To pull over a truck, turn your siren on behind them and stay behind them for
a few seconds and then get out and walk up to the trucks window.

The one with tv changes every game so its down to luck!

When you find the right one, you have to drive to the garage, it's quite a
way, especially if you got the truck in hove beach. After that your done.

Mission Complete!


The next mission is the one here you can finally start going to the gun
shop, which is great if you are a bit low on the ammo.


|                    |
| 15. Do You Have    |
|      Protection?   | Rewards: $400, Weapons shop, (with lots of guns
|                    |                                  unavailable)
|  Given By: Faustin |
|                    |

Fun        ***
Legnth     ****
Difficulty **

Faustin wants you to go get some money from a adult shop with Dimitri.

A very easy mission, which is quite long as well. Maybe too easy. A bit

* Cutscene *

Faustin is having another mood swing, and he wants you to get money from the
porn shop. Dimitri is going to tag along to.

* The Shop *

Get in the car with Dimitri, and listen to his conversation, it's not really
important. When you get to the shop in Hove Beach, Dimitri will bust the
owner's meeting asking for their money. Dimitri will give you a pistol.

In order to show the dealers you mean business, aim the gun at the dealer on
the right and then flick the right stick left to aim at the one in the middle.
Next, push the right stick down and aim for his leg. Shoot.

Dimitri will then take his money and follow him out the shop.

* Weapons *

Dimitri decides to treat you by showing you the Broker Gun shop. Drive there
and then when you get in, you will be allowed to buy a Micro-SMG, it's a
free purchase, so don't worry about a hole in your wallet. If you do have a
bit of money, however, I would consider buying a bit of ammo for it. $100 for
50 bullets. Don't forget, always save a bullet or you will have to purchase
the gun all over again. In fact, you get $400 at the end of the mission so why
not buy 200 bullets?

Now drive Dimitri home.

Mission Complete!


If you need to know when the new weapon stock will be realesed, check the
weapons section.


|                        |
| 16. Final Destination  |
|                        | Rewards: $500
|   Given By: Faustin    |
|                        |

Fun        ****
Length     ****
Difficulty ***

Faustin orders you to kill a friend of Dimitri, Lenny, who is fleeing the
subway station.

A pretty fun mission, which some people can find quite tricky.

* Cutscene *

Faustin is paranoid, blah blah, go kill Lenny. By the way, Lenny is Dimitri's

* Bohan *

Unless, you have done Shadow, this is the first mission where you have to go
to Bohan, the North East Island on the Liberty map.

It's quite far and don't forget, when you get on the bridge to Bohan, you have
to slow down and pay $5 at the toll booth or the police will come after you.

Faustin will call you when you get off, he doesen't want to change his mind.

Eventually, get out the car and climb up the stairs to get on the subway.

* Subway Fight *

Here's the plan of the subway:

     |____| <---- Lenny's stairs
     |    |                                    L = Lenny
  ---      -----------------------------       E = Enemy
 |              E   L  E                |
 |                           _________  |
 |                   <----- |_________| | Train moving Left
 |  _________                           |
 | |_________| ----->                   | Train moving Right
 |                    You               |
 |                                      |
  ---------------------------      -----|
                             |____|  Your Stairway
                             |    |

As soon as Niko arrives, start shooting, you might get a minion before the
trains will overlap, as soon as they do, run back down the stairs and around
to the bottom of the others. Now shoot Lenny as he comes down, some people
have trouble because they don't get there in time.

If you don't want to do that, you can try and cross the tracks but that is
quite dangerous, since getting hit by a train can tend to be lethal.

* Multi-Tasking *

Now, if you diden't get him, you will have to chase him down in your car,
driving and shooting can be difficult to do at the same time. Press L1 or
LB to break the window, then hold it down to shoot, move the right stick
to aim, all that, while driving!

It's easy with practise but it takes a bit of time, also you can shoot
the tires, or the back window, or you can try and speed up and get next to
driver's window, then shoot, whatever you choose, make sure you kill
Lenny, to complete the mission.

Mission Complete!


Shooting while driving is a basic skill that needs to be learned for later
missions. Now for Roman's final mission, and my goodness it's easy.

Dimitri will call afterwards to tell you that the man you just killed was the
son of Kenny Petrovic, a very dangerous man. Great.


 o-- ------------o
|                 |
| 17. Logging On  |
|                 | Rewards: Internet tutorial, You meet Brucie
| Given By: Roman |
|                 |

Fun        ***
Length     **
Difficulty *    (If it even derserves that)

Roman wants you to meet his friend, Brucie who then instructs you to go on the

A VERY VERY easy mission, which is also not the most exciting.

* Cutscene *

Roman and Brucie are talking, oh yeah, Brucie is a bit of a maniac, a complete
steroid addict, and his braun is much bigger than his brains. They say they
met on the internet, and they say you should go onto it.

* Tw@  *

Make your way to the internet bar which is near the large roundabout in
outlook. When in there, go grab any computor you want and press L1 or LB.

When on, click the Web button and then click on your email. When you see
a Email, reply to it by hitting the happy or sad face. Then hit the LB
or L1 button and logout. Now leave the cafe.

Brucie will be added to your phonebook.

Mission Complete!


The internet is a great source of info and entertainment, visit often for new
emails. Now I hope you practised your bikeing skills. Also, go on your
emails to start Brucie's 10 Exotic Export missions. (See Side Missions)


|                   |                      Note: Hopefully you still
| 18. No Love Lost  |                            have that Micro-SMG
|                   | Rewards: $600             from the mission "Do
| Given By: Faustin |                          You Have Protection?"
|                   |

Fun        **
Length     *****
Difficulty *****

Faustin wants his daughter's boyfriend killed, however he is in a very
dangerous biker gang known as "The Lost" (They have their own game, it's
a GTA IV DLC called "The Lost and the Damned")

A very hard mission, mainly because your on a bike, if you were in a car this
would be easy, but if you fall off here, it's over. Then, to make matters
worse you have to have a shootout in the park.

* Cutscene *

Faustin is having another fit of paranoia and anger, and wants her daughter's
boyfriend dead because he is in a dangerous gang.

* Pre-Chase *

So, Your target is near the funfair that michelle was so un-eager to go to.
(I'll never let it go) ;-(. Its not far at all, make sure you have practised
your bike skills before as this can get tricky.

* Chase - Broker *

Ok, when you have ruined their lovey dovey conversation, the chase will start.

Now, throughout the game you will get 2 types of chase:

1. You have to chase them until they stop, then you have a shootout.

2. You have to kill them on the bike/in their car before they get somewhere.

Type 2 is a pain, but luckily, this is a type 1, meaning:

YOU DON'T NEED TO SHOOT HIM!! You just need to stay close, but not too close.

It starts off easy as you race through the streets of Broker, but very soon,
he will drive onto the freeway. The annoying thing is, cars will keep trying
to change lanes and one will even change sides, which is a really big pain.
Go slow, and only speed up when you know you are safe. Soon, he will do a
sharp turn off into Dukes.

* Chase - Dukes *

Now the chase is going through the streets of Dukes, which isn't as easy as
Broker. The main issue is that when he makes a sharp turn you tend to miss
it and go flying. If you fail, the key is to remember where he turned. Also,
Dukes is home to a lot of street lights, if you happen to hit on with the
front of the bike, you will fly off. I advise going slowly.

Eventually, you will get to a block of houses and then a cutscene will play
out, the Lost gang show up. Continue to follow them into Meadows Park.

* Meadows Park *

I hope you still have the Micro-SMG from the mission "Do You Have Protection?"
It will make things a lot easier. This is pretty much a bigger version of
the other shootouts you have done so far.

Using the tree's for cover is the best option. Lock on and shoot, time it
right so they pop their heads out when you shoot. It really isn't that hard,
just make sure that nobody is beside or behind you when you take cover.

The game tells you about rolling but it really isn't that important or useful.
Keep checking the radar to make sure none run past you.

That's all there is to it!

Mission Complete!


That mission can be quite tricky, and now it's finally time for Little Jacob's
final mission, which is a bit annoying.


|                         |                       Note: Try and do this
|      19. Shadow         |                        mission at day-time
|                         | Rewards: $250         it can be hard to see
| Given By: Little Jacob  |                         at night.
|                         |

Fun        **
Length     *****
Difficulty ****

Jacob needs you to kill a drug dealer, however you will have to stalk him

Meh, this mission is annoying, and quite long, it's easy to fail.

* Cutscene *

Jacob is higher than the sky at the moment and he needs someone taken care
of. Oh that man who almost killed you is called badman. I think.

* Bohan! Again! *

Just like "Final Destination", you have to go across the Bohan bridge. Stop
for the toll or you get a 1 Star wanted level, which isn't good on such a
tight area. Or take a taxi.

* Stalker *

When you get there, drive onto the arrow and watch the dealer walk away.
Now get out your car and slowly walk behind him. The game will tell you to
stop if you get to close. However if you stray to far, then you will fail, and
do you want to do that drive again?

The first part of this, the dealer will go down a dark alley, hence why this
is better done in the day light. There's nothing unusual about the alley
just it can be hard to see at night. If you want something to do while
he walks away, knock over that barrel with the hobos around it and you
will set them on fire. This is game is great isn't it?

At the end of this alley, Roman might call, if so, Hang up. If you answer it
could scare off the dealer, making the chase harder. After a while, you will
reach a dead end, don't make the mistake of jumping over the fence, you have
to go through the door to the right and then DON'T go up the stairs, just
continue through the door opposite.

When you get outside, walk into the alleyway opposite, jumping over the fence
as you go keep going foward and walk through the broken wall and then take a
immediate left and go through the door. If you ever get lost, just look at
the radar for the red dot.

* Apartment Fight *

When inside, don't attack the dealer simply walk up the stairs, another 5
floors up, grab the gun and go left and prepare for a fight. When you first
walk in, you might get 2 of them through surprise since they are standing in
the middle of the room. One of the will duck behind the wall to the right,
one will duck behind the back wall, and one will just run around.

A nice way to open the door is to take cover by it and shoot it. Then
shoot one of the dealers then you should be able to get the other 2 with
ease. After they are dead, Niko will call Jacob and the mission will
be over.

Mission Complete!


That was Little Jacob's final mission, and soon he will phone you yet again
and you will then be friends.


|                    |
| 20. Rigged To Blow |
|                    | Rewards: $700
| Given By: Faustin  |
|                    |

Fun        ****
Length     ****
Difficulty ***

Faustin need's you to kill someone, surprise! However, he orders you to get a
truck? What's going on?

A very fun mission, but at the end of the day it is just another driving
mission that makes it quite easy.

* Cutscene *

Niko and faustin's wife have a little chat about Faustin and how drugs are
bad. At least I think thats why he is so angry and paranoid. Anyway, soon
Faustin and dimitri will walk in and Faustin will be even more angry than

* Truck-Stop *

Make your way to the truck which is parked by a bridge. Get in and Niko will
give Faustin a call. He will reveal that the truck contains a bomb, and you
are going to deliver it and then trigger it.

* Dial B for Bomb *

The dirve to Bohan is a easy one, However, if the truck gets to beat up, the
truck will explode, the helpful little bleeper on the back of the truck will
give you a idea.

Roman might call you, accept it for a funny call and then continue. Careful
on the bridge since there are a lot of cars.

When you get there, park over the arrows and get out the truck. After Niko
does his strange dive, run away from the scene to recieve your cash.

Mission Complete!


I very highly advise doing something with Little Jacob or Roman now. You
really want Little Jacob's friend ability, he lets you buy guns and armour
at a very low price.


|                     |
| 21. The Master and  | Rewards: None
|      the Molotov    |
|                     |
| Given By: Dimitri   | <---- Note: While this is given by Dimitri, it
|                     |         counts towards Faustins mission progress.

Fun        ***
Length     ****
Difficulty *****

After killing the son of petrovic in "No Love Lost", Dimitri and Faustin
are in trouble, so Dimitri orders you to kill Faustin, for everyone's good.

A long, very hard mission, it's basically a huge gunfight in the Cabaret

* Cutscene *

Niko meets Dimitri by the sea front, and he tells Niko that Faustin needs to
be dealt with. Niko is sent to the Club to eliminate him.

* Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail *

This is a mission where it is really important to prepare, go to the weapon
store and buy as much ammo as you like, it's going to be a gun filled mission.

When you get there, Dimitri will text you to tell you he left some armour by
the right side of the building. Grab it, and then enter. Go to the diner if
your health is to low.

* Fleeing Faustin *

When you enter, watch the scene and then Faustin will flee out the back door,
leaving you in a room filled with his bodyguards.
Here's the plan:

    Faustin's door
 --        ---------------
| B  B                    |
|___                      |           B = Bodyguards
|   |B                    |
| B |                 B   |
|   |              N      |
| B |                 B   |           N = Niko
|   |                     |
|___|____         ________|

 /\        /\ /\
 ||        || ||
 ||        || ||
Bar       Entrance

The first two in front of you are easy, but don't get too close or you will
end up hitting them rather than shooting.

Then find some cover and shoot the one's by and behind the bar. Then go
through Faustin's door. Now is a good time to mention, if you take to long,
the mission is over.

* The Chase is on *

Leaving through Faustin's door, you will enter a corridor, quickly find cover
and kill the other guards in here. Then, rather than run down the left
passage, continue foward out the back door.

Once outside, duck behind the garbage containers and elminate the other
guards on your way foward. When you get to the end, run up the flight of
stairs. Ignore Faustin's shots.

When you reach the top of the building, shoot Faustin to end the mission.

Some people claim to have just ran through everything and survived, but it's
incredibly difficult.

Mission Complete!


Even though Faustin is dead, he (Dimitri) still has one more mission.
Dimitri will phone you soon, and when he does the mission will start
straight away.


|                            |
| 22. Russain Revoulution    |
|                            | Rewards: None,
| Given by: Dimtri (Faustin) |
|                            |

Fun        *****
Length     ****
Diffciulty *****

Dimitri asks you to come to the warehouse to collect your money, alone.
Disobeying this, Jacob comes along to.

A very fun but very difficult mission, consisting of a shootout, and a cop

* Jacob *

Ok, when the mission starts, Jacob will phone up and make you take him.
However he is outside the warehouse, so just drive to the warehouse near
Brucie's place.

* Cutscene *

Niko will enter the warehouse while Jacob waits outside. It turns out that
our friend Dimitri has teamed up with a man named Bulgarin. Who Niko got
framed for robbing back in russia. He was one of the reasons, Niko
moved to Liberty City.

Suddenly they will close the door, as Jacob makes it in just in time. Time
for a shootout.

* Shootout *

This is not really a new thing, ok it's harder and longer than other shootouts
but it's the same basic concept. I woulden't use any big weapons for the
enemies which are quite close, only for the enemies above you or far away.

Don't forget to poke the right stick up slightly for a head shot.

Luckily, Jacob can take care of himself quite well so you don't need to fret
over him too much. If you need some armour, there is some. Move foward to the
second piece of cover and move to the right. Thats where it is. Watch out for
the right side mainly. Also there is a man in a shed of glass. Just keep
shooting to get him. Always make sure, every enemy is dead so you don't leave
any behind you.

* A Narrow Escape *

Once everyone is dead, Dimitri and Bularin will escape as the police start to
arrive. This can get tricky.

This escape is very hard, since the only exit is completely blocked by the
police. Shoot a couple, if you don't mind a extra star on your wanted level
or so. As soon as you get out, find a car and drive off. You know the jist by
now right? I stole a cop car, it was easier than hot wiring another. Also,
There's a tunnel in east island city, check it out before the mission because
it can be handy. Police can't get in there easily.

Afterwards, take Jacob home and your done.

Mission Complete!


Roman will soon ring you, this is the trigger to the next mission. So don't
plan anything.


|                     |
| 23. Roman's Sorrow  |
|                     | Rewards: A new house in Bohan, Achievement/Trophy
|  Given By: Roman    |                            5G "Roman's sorrow"
|                     |

Fun        *****
Length     ***
Difficulty *

Roman calls you up, acting paranoid, only, he has all right to be...

This is an amazing mission, but only because of the story. But it's amazing.

* Cutscene *

Niko arrives on the scene and finds Roman hiding, yet again. After telling you
about his paranoid phobias, you and Roman decide to head back to the apartment
since he has something to show you. Also, roman suggests moving, to reduce
the chance of being killed.

* A new life in Bohan *

Listen to Roman and Niko's chit chat and drive towards the apartment. When you
get there, something will have happened. Roman will go ballistic and call
Mallorie.                    (Can't say...Spoilers)
Next, drive towards the depo and you will find it in the same state.

Start driving to Bohan where you can meet Mallorie and Roman will tell you
what he was going to show you. He had a ring for Mallorie which he was going
to propose with, of course he can't anymore.

Once you arrive in Bohan, a cutscene will trigger.

* Cutscene *

Roman and Niko will have a huge argument about their new apartment that has
been arranged by Mallorie. But then the lady herself will show up. Then they
will stop fighting and split up, finishing the mission. Mallorie will then
tell you about her friend, Manny who has missions for you now.


Now, your house in Broker can no longer be used, only the Bohan apartment
can be used now.


|                        |
| 24. Search and Delete  |
|                        | Rewards: $3500
|    Given by: Brucie    |
|                        |

Fun        ***
Length     ****
Difficulty ***

Brucie needs someone whacked and your the man to do it.

This mission is ok, but its the type of chase where you have to kill them
while driving, they won't stop. Luckily it's not too hard and you get your
biggest reward yet!

* Cutscene *

A pretty funny cutscene, and Brucie needs someone dead. Surprise.

* I fought the law *

First things first, in order to know where this man is, you need a police
computor in order to track him down. So, grab out your phone and dial 911
and then 1 again and wait.

The police will show up, and when one of them gets out, get in and drive off
with their car as fast as you can. Lose your wanted level and then stop on the
side of the road. A message will come up to tell you to access the police

Now, Brucie will call you, telling you this man is called Lyle Rivas. Go down
'Search Police Records' on the police computor. Type in Lyle Rivas and wait
for a match. Add his location to the radar and get moving.

* Chasing Lyle *

Make your way to the apartment block and enter, once you do Lyle will escape.
Hopefully you haven't destroyed the police car too much. Get in it and put
the siren on to keep some cars out your way. Now the chase begins.

This is the hard type of chase unfortunatly,where you have to shoot his car
while driving, however you do have a advantage in that, the chase is not too
hard. He will take the ramp up to the airport. Lyle's car will catch fire
after some shots. So don't miss the ramp and you should be fine. When Lyle
gets out, run him over. Also, when your near the airport, barrels will fall
out the back of a truck, take note of that.

Now you get your reward!

Mission Complete!


That mission is fairly simple, which can't be said for the next one.


|                     |
| 25. Easy As Can Be  |
|                     | Rewards: $3500
| Given By: Brucie    |
|                     |

Fun        ***
Length     ****
Difficulty ****

Brucie needs a car, however someone is watching it...

A OK mission, kinda hard. Took me a few tries when I first started.

* Cutscene *

Brucie needs someone whacked yet again. Brucie's a bit pumped up at the

* Dude, I stole your car *

Use the radar to get to the car, it's near the irish bar in dukes. Get in it
and then watch the little clip of Niko being surrounded by a gang.

This is where the difficulty of this mission comes in.


________      ______

 Go this            ________                 Ok, some people try to
  Way              |        |                 get out and gun down the
__________         |        |                Gang members, which is OK,
          |        |________|                but it's quite dangerous,
          |                                   I would just drive foward
          |                                  and go down as many alleys
          |         ________                  and large patches of grass
          |        |        |                  as possible. Or just stop and
          |        |        |                      shoot them in your car.
          |        |________|
          |                                   Once you have escaped the
          |                                     Gang, park it in
          |  Niko      Gang                      Brucie's Garage to get
          |         ________                     get you reward.
          |        |        |
          |  Gang  |        |
__________|        |________|

Mission Complete!


When I went through the game, I left Brucie's missions to quite late, so the
next couple of missions are Manny's and Elizabeta's and the next one is a
mission I hate.


|                     |
| 26. Escuela of the  |
|      Streets        | Rewards: $1000
|                     |
|   Given By: Manny   |
|                     |

Fun        **
Length     *****
Difficulty ****

Meet Manny, a man who is trying to clean up the streets of drug dealers,
so, you are going to help him.

A annoying mission, you have to stalk someone in a car, which is annoying,
followed by a difficult gun fight. Fun.

* Cutscene *

Manny is extremly annoying, and he is preaching. Now, he is taking you out to
whack a dealer.

* Car Stalker *

The first part of this mission requires you to do a full lap of Bohan while
staying the right distance away from a car. Drive over to your destination
and your enemy will flee. It's all about patience.

Now, he doesen't know your chasing him, so you can't get too close or you will
spook him but if you stray to far you will lose him. Following him isn't
that hard however, take care on small corners because he can stop sharply and
you might just hit him. In northern gardens, there is a steep hill, he stops
at the bottom and you will most likely hit him, if it looks like your about to
hit him, quickly turn left to dodge him. There is another hill like this in

* Entering is Key *

When the dealer finally stops, he will enter a warehouse and a coward called
Manny will send you in too hunt them down. Now you have a choice about how to
go about this. Here are your options:

1. Go through the front door and run for the first bit of cover you see.

2. Run around to the right alley  climb up the stairs and onto the roof, then,
drop down and you will be in a better position. (Best option since you can
shoot through the ceiling).

Whatever you choose, there should be a couple of guys in front of you,
so use a shotgun or something you should only use at close range. None of the
guys are especially hard however one of the men has a shotgun so keep a eye on
him, however the fight is no harder than others, the biggest tip I can give
anyone is also double check you are safe when moving. One of the biggest
errors people make is moving foward to a new piece of cover without
noticing the henchmen standing next to it, and before they can react it's to
late. Anyway, after you defeat them go outside for a cutscene and the mission
will finally come to a end. Also, never, ever, go near anyone. No matter what.

Mission Complete!


Manny only has 3 missions hoowever they don't get any better. While the next
mission is shorter, it's quite tough.


|                    |
| 27. Street Sweeper |
|                    | Rewards: $1100
|  Given By: Manny   |
|                    |

Fun        **
Length     **
Difficulty ****

Manny needs some more dealers gone, it's a pity they escape in a car.

Uh, I don't like this mission, it's short but it's annoying, shooting while
driving but more advanced.

* Cutscene *

Not much, Manny is a ego maniac as usual, but you are introduced to Francis
McReary, who is a very important character later on in the game.

* Run-em Over *

Head over to the destination marker on the radar. Once over there, it's not
far, your marker will turn into multiple red ones. No matter what you do,
some people will get into the car and escape. The best you can do is run
as many over with your car as possible. It can be difficult.

When the others get in the car get ready for some multi-tasking.

* Method 1 - Block, Shoot *

A very well used method is the block method. You drive in front of the enemies
car and shoot out the window.

Positives                                    Negatives
~~~~~~~~~                                    ~~~~~~~~~
+ It stops the car moving                    - More chance of getting killed
+ Clear view                                 - They might push past
+ The one's who escape can be caught         - Your car gets damaged


* Method 2 - The Hard Way *

After killing as many people as you can the hard way is to just chase after
them shooting at them, this is just like last time, shoot at the tires or just
ram it, either way keep doing it until it sets fire. It's not too bad but
the other method might be found easier. Shooting the tires will be the best

Mission Complete!


Now, it's time for Elizabeta's first mission. It's pretty easy to be honest.


|                       |
| 28. Luck of the Irish |
|                       | Rewards: $1500
|  Given By: Elizabeta  |
|                       |

Fun        ***
Length     ***
Difficulty ***

Meet Elizabeta and Packie, a drug dealer and a irish assistant. Niko has been
asked to defend Packie through a drug meeting with a sniper.

A OK mission, pretty average. I like how it introduces you to the sniper.

* Cutscene *

Mallorie and Elizabeta are talking with Packie, who will become a very
important chracter. Niko will win them over by bad-mouthing Manny. Elizabeta
is impressed and lets you go with Packie to watch a meeting and be his hitman.

* Sniper on the Roof *

Ok, this is the easy bit, head over to your destination which is a very tall
apartment block. Once you get there, climb up the stairs and keep going up
and up until you get to the roof. pick up the rifle and stand where the game
tells you.

Now for the fun bit, zoom into the meeting down the alley. The game will
instruct you to watch, don't worry the shooting will be very soon. After a
short amount of time, the meeting will turn into chaos.

The big thing to remember is that while you are not actually there, the fight
works the same. Enemies will duck for cover, so shoot them when they pop their
heads out. So some enemies might be hard to notice also, keep checking on
packie because some enemies get very close to him. It's not hard. If you wait
too long, you must shoot the guy who gets in the car through the window.

After this mission the sniper and the real SMG will be available, you should
buy the SMG as it is a great gun however, it can cost a lot.

Mission Complete!


Go buy your SMG since the next mission is very very difficult but very fun,
it's one of my favourites. Also it unlocks the best island.


|                      |
| 29. Blow Your Cover  |
|                      | Rewards: $2000, Happieness Island, Algonquin
| Given By: Elizabeta  |
|                      |

Fun        *****             Make sure you bring lots of bullets.
Length     *****
Difficulty *****

Niko and a man named Playboy go to a drug deal for Elizabeta but something's

A epic mission, one of my favourites by far, it's just what GTA should be.

* Cutscene *

Elizabeta is hosting a huge party and Playboy is introduced for another drug

* Prepare for the worst *

If you haven't alll ready you need to prepare with bullets, lots. You will
also need to sharpen your escape skills because this mission features one
of the hardest escapes since you have to get off the roof. It's very useful
having Little Jacob as a friend because he is cheaper than the weapon shops.
Also, armour is scattered around in respawn locations.

* The Dodgy Deal *

Walk into the apartment and you will notice a combat shotgun on the far wall.
Grab it and follow Playboy. Watch the cutscene and all hell will break loose.

What you want to do is get to the roof, since you can't turn back. So you
have to get out to the steps. However, you must use the cover provided to get
those officers and go up the steps. The two guys in front of you are easy to
kill but the rest of the guards are near the staircase. Running foward in
order to kill those two guards is a good plan. Don't forget to pick their
weapons before you go.

Now, go through the kitchen where those two guards were and you can sneak up
on a guard waiting for you by the stairs. Of course, there is the other one
by the door itself, so watch out for them. When going up the stairs guards
will actually roll towards you, but that leaves them open to fire. Also,
there is another guard on this floor behind some trash.

Going up the rest of the stairs is easy, just use the little walls for cover,
then shoot away. Aiming at their heads is still a good plan even with the
helmets. Besides, there are only 2 guards anyway. I advise getting up the
stairs before Playboy or he steals your cover.

* Rooftop Rumble *

Right outside is a FIRST AID KIT. It really is impossible to miss. Now, the
only cover you have are those white air vent thingys. There's not to many
guards up here anyway.

Using the walkway, make your way to the other rooftop and as soon as you get
onto it, pick up the BODY ARMOUR. Guards will run up the stairs (look east).
Shooting them is easy if you aim for their heads since a little
brick wall is blocking their torso and legs. Once they are gone, run down the
steps them came up.

Once you get down the steps, a guard will run out the door, quickly shoot him
and you should be done for this part. Now for the great escape.

* The Not-so Great Escape *

The good point is that you only have a 2 star wanted level, the problem is
your stuck on the roof. Head down the stairs the guard from the door came
from. Keep heading down and kill the guards that get in your way. Once outside
it turns into your basic escape. So while it isn't that hard, it is one of the

Anyway find a car, there is one parked across the street, also there is a
bike, choose the one you want. You know how to escape wanted levels by now
don't you? This one requires you to constantly look at the radar. Although
this is only a 2 star wanted level, there are loads of police cars closing
in. If you have to, ditch playboy and escape. It doesen't matter where you
go, just escape! Afterwards, go pick up Playboy and give him a lift home.

After this mission you unlock Algonquin, the middle island, and happieness
island with the statue of liberty...I mean happieness. Go explore and have
fun, algonquin is the most detailed of the islands.

Mission Complete!


Having these new Islands, you will get lots of new texts and calls and now
you can work for playboy. His missions are pretty hard.

Now it's back to brucie for his next mission, which I left for so long.


|                        |
| 30. Out of the Closet  |
|                        | Rewards: $6750 (wow)
| Given By: Brucie       |
|                        |

Fun        ****
Length     (Part I) * (Part II) ***
Difficulty *

Brucie needs Lyle rivas cousin dead. But the only way to get to him
is to date him. Yes, I said him.

A very very easy mission which is split into two parts.

* Cutscene *

A very amusing cutscene with Roman making Niko a profile for a dating website.

* Part I - Sending *

This is easier than walking. Go to the internet cafe and click on the advert
for love meet. Go on, find a man and find tom's profile which is called,
oddly enough, French Tom. Click on it and then date. While your on here, find
Niko's for a laugh.

* Killing time *

Ok, now you can do what you want, because the email won't come back for some
time, so go do another mission then you will get a text from roman telling you
to check your emails. Thats your que for part II. This gap in time might be a
good time to do some of Brucie's emails. you get paid pretty well. Also try
and raise your friendship with Roman and Jacob (and others if you have got
them as friends)

* Part II - Recieving *

Go into your email inbox and accept the email from tom by clicking the happy
face. The date will be set for a time close to now, I believe it varies.
Now once again you wait.

* Part II - The Date *

Head down to the diner near your first ever apartment. Tom is in there. Sit
down next to him. Let the game give you the que and then just stand up and
shoot him. Make sure he doesen't run away. You can listen to the convosation
if you want. It's not vital at all though.

Mission Complete!


Brucie only has one more mission left, but first, it's time for Mannys final
mission, and boy it's annoying.


|                       |
| 31. The Puerto Rican  |
|        Connection     | Rewards: $1500
|                       |
|  Given By: Manny      |
|                       |

Fun        **
Length     ****
Difficulty **** (But it's a 5 on the annoying scale)

Manny needs some guy killed again, but he's on a train, and a moving one.

Annoying. I don't know why I hate this mission so much.

* Cutscene *

Again, nothing important, just manny wanting someone whacked.

* Follow that Train! *

Head over to the destination, in a car you are comfortable in, for example,
don't take a bike, you might fall off. Now you have to follow a train below
the tracks. I am not going to give a whole layout of the track, all you need
to know is that you might take a turn and head over into a alley, this
might result in a fail. This alley is in firefly projects (south east
broker). Also don't kill any time, if your car stops working, just get
another one ASAP.

There are no proper hard bits, it's just overally annoying, but I am afraid
you will just have to grin and bear it and follow those tips. There is no
actual hidden way. Also, make sure you don't look at the tracks on the radar
they look pretty much the same. Also holding down circle or B will lock
your view onto the train which is ok if you forgot where it is for some
reason. The target gets off at south slopes station.

* Off the train *

Eventually the train will come to a halt. Go to the stairway and shoot him as
he comes down, remember he does have friends. If you wait to long they will
get into a car which will just cause more problems, however it is ok if they
don't get into it. It's easy enough. Then, finally, Mannys missions are over.
For some reason, he escaped but then ran back towards me, then I killed him
and won. Also, don't worry about your wanted level, that disappears once he
is dead.

Mission Complete!


I hate Manny's missions but they are finally over. Now for another epic
mission, a lot of people struggle with it.

Also a text message will appear telling you to meet them. A ? will appear on
your radar.


|                     |
|  32. Snow Storm     |
|                     | Rewards: $2500
| Given by: Elizabeta |
|                     |

Fun        *****
Length     *****
Difficulty *****

Elizabeta needs you to steal some drugs back from a fortress called the Old
Hospital, which resembles nothing like a Hospital.

A very hard mission which a lot of people struggle with. However, I really
like it.

* First things... *

It's not often for me to tell you this but it is vital you get some armour and
fill your health, also go get a SMG, it is very important. Also I know this
isn't going to cover everything, it's just a run through. I won't list where
every enemy is. I am sure you can see that for yourself.

* Cutscene *

Oh dear, Elizabeta and Jacob are argueing. Que subtitles. Not much else, just
Elizabeta has lost the drugs and needs them back.

* Hospital? *

NOTE: Before you start this mission run around the hospital and look for a
jetmax boat, this is a good way to escape. There should be on on the east
side of the hospital.

Head over to the old hospital, but it isn't anything like a hospital. You will
have to consider stealth and not just running and shooting blindly. If you
have a sniper, or a very very good aim. Aim for anyone's head you can see.
Always double check where your about to run into, always check around for
enemies. Clearing out this place is quite easy.

There is no knowing of where the eniemies are because when you shoot one. They
go berserk and run around. Make sure you take cover, and don't stand up. There
may be a fence between you and them but their bullets can get through it.
Using a sniper rifle is good because most enemies are using windows, also,
you can shoot as many as you can, go get some health then come back, so if
you have that rifle from "Luck of the Irish" now is a good time to use it.

Thats the great thing with GTA, you can do loads of different things, get
a helicopter and jump in, sneak in, the list goes on.


- There is a ladder on the south side of the fortress, use it to get to
the top floor and a advantage.

- Go around sniping then go up the ladder, shoot, come down and enter via
the west gate.


- Walking down the long hallways is lethal, the enemies use this as cover.

- Down one of the long hallways is a first aid kit.

Shoot as many enimies as you can, grenades can be a great help, but you won't
be sure if I got the right amount of enemies. A very good tip which needs to
be done for getting away with most your health is the ladder and canister

Climb up the ladder at the back of the hospital and kill the enemy at the top.
Afterwards, you will have a view of all rooms in the hospital. So kill anyone
you see shooting at you. There ae a lot of red canisters spread around the
rooms, shooting them can be good since they will kill anyone you can't see and
it will also limit the risk of anyone shooting one while you are next to it.

Once they are all gone, make your way to the coke room. The long corridors are
filled with enemies so take care with them and use cover wisely. Eventually,
kill the 2 guards in the coke room and the real fun will begin.

* Meet the law *

As soon as you take the coke, the police will flood into the buliding. You
should have one thing in your mind. Get out. A lot of people struggle with
this escape as it is the hardest one in the game. (Maybe, I dunno about
To Live and Die in Alderney).

Anyway, remember that really long corridor full of empty doorways? Well, this
is where you should go. Using cover is needed for survival here. Shooting
them is the only way out. Run out the way you came in. There is a lot of
debate about which is the best way to get away. Here are your options.

1. Jump in the sea, and you'll find a jet max to the right of the main
entrance, it's quite hard to find but look around BEFORE you go into the main
building. Also, since you have such a high wanted level, the police have
boats to. Now, I usally speed up to the north of algonquin, to the beach and
then drive through to lose them.

2. Fight your way through and find a car. While the corridors
and rooms may be challenging the car park and first couple of
rooms are the real hard ones. Take your time, and grenades are a great thing
to use here. That's the only issue with writing a guide for GTA, you can never
say where the enemies are because they always move. Keep trying, trust me, you
will get it. The reason this tactic is easier is because you will end up back
at the car park so you can just take another car. You may have noticed
the pick-up truck outside, it's got pretty decent speed.

Escaping the 3 stars can be tricky I heavily advise going into Algonquin and
trying to lose it there since the helicopter will have trouble trying to spot
you with all those buildings. Other than that, you know the drill. Also, there
is a pay n spray in Purgatory. If you really want a challenge don't use the
pay n spray, YOU REALLY HAVE TO USE A PAY N SPRAY!!!!! Also, because I haden't
used one before, I got it for free.

* What!?! *

Eventually you will lose the cops. Jacob tells you to meet him in a alley in
Bohan. Get there and get ready for a plot twist.

I won't spoil it but it does explain those things I mentioned earlier (See
mission 5). Afterwards you will be done.

Mission Complete!


I loved that mission as hard as it is but anyway the next mission is very
easy and it is also Elizabeta's final mission. :(


|                     |
| 33. Have a Heart    |
|                     | Rewards: $3000
| Given By: Elizabeta |
|                     |

Fun        ***
Length     **   (*** if the trunk stays open)
Difficulty *    (*** if the trunk stays open)

Elizabeta has done something she might regret so you need to help her out.

A fun mission, but to be honest you're doing nothing except driving across a

* Cutscene *

I won't spoil what happens but rest assured, someone dies. Your going to
deliver the body to a doctor.

* No Pain, Gain *

If you deal no pain or damage to your car, this mission will be very very
easy. However it'll become quite tough if you damage your car. Just drive

You have to drive across the Bohan bridge so don't bring attention to yourself
or more importantly don't drive like a maniac to crash into something, that
will bust the trunk. The reason I am so anxious about the trunk opening is
because the body is in there and if it opens, the police will notice and you
will get a couple of wanted levels. However, you can close the trunk by going
to it and pressing LB or L1, but if you on the bohan bridge you can't
really without getting noticed.

It's not to bad but it's better without. Anyway when you get there, you're

Mission Complete!


You'll call elizabeta and then you'll never hea from her again.

Now for Brucie's final mission, and it also opens one of the more exciting
side quests.


|                  |
|    34. No.1      |
|                  | Rewards: Street Races, Comet (Car), Brucie as a friend
| Given By: Brucie |
|                  |

Fun        ****
Length     ****
Difficulty ***

Brucie needs help winning a race, and guess who the driver is this time.

A fun mission, a bit annoying if you lose and then have to do the whole get
the car thing again.

* Cutscene *

Well, Brucie's car is a complete failure, so you need to enter a race with
his friend's.

* Comet tips *

Drive Brucie to the comet on your radar and listen to the one way conversation
on his phone with the man who owns it.

When you get there, get into the car and you will notice that the car handles
slightly differently. It's mega fast. I would advise having a drive around but
only if you are comfortable, you don't want to crash.

* Here comes Speed Racer *

Drive your car carefully onto the arrow to begin the race. This race isn't
hard, none of them are really hard, but it can be much more difficult at night
or if it's foggy or rainy or whatever. Bear that in mind when doing races
since if it's a nice day, a race might be in order.

A great tip is to try and hit the lower left or right side of a racer's
car since it will cause them to spiral into the wrong direction. Make sure you
try your best not to get hit in the back area yourself, since you will end up
going to wrong direction and trust me that is very annoying.

Also, be careful you don't fly onto the sidewalk . However, while I just said
don't go on the sidewalk, at certain points you really need to. If there's a
corner that isn't to sharp, try and cut over it, since if you stay on the
roads you won't win.

If the corner is sharp, take into account how fast your going and brake at the
right time. This is mandatory to winning. Street lights can make your journey
harder to, since crashing into them can slow you down by quite a bit. Also
don't fall into the habit of having to go right through the checkpoint,
people can make very stupid mistakes because they think they have to go right
through it, but you can miss it, as long as you don't stray too far.

The race stop's by the outlook monument so take that in mind when choosing
when to drive fast. The last street before the final turn is a excellent
choice. It took me two tries to win.

Take into account you do have to win, and when you do take Brucie home.

Mission Complete!


Brucie will now call you up letting you do races, there are only 9, but
you have to complete them over again until you get a total of 20. Check out
the sidequest section for extra details on these races.

Now for a very hard mission also incredibly long.


|                        |
| 35. Deconstruction for |
|        Beginners       | Rewards: $6500
|                        |
|  Given By: Playboy X   |
|                        |

Fun        ***
Length     *****
Difficulty *****

Playboy needs to assassinate 3 targets but he's surrounded by bodyguards on
a construction site.

A very very hard and long mission which is slightly fun.

* Cutscene *

In this cutscene, you will get to see Playboy's amazing apartment also you
meet Dwayne who might be your friend later (you'll see why I said might

* Algonquin Drive *

Playboy needs you to get to a van to collect some snipers, but of course,
guess where the van is? The opposite side of Algonquin. Yay.

Drive to the other side near castle gardens.

* Snipe the Sniper *

Once at the van, Niko will pick up the sniper, now Playboy instructs you to
get onto a catwalk, hold the button to go up and when you reach the very top
of this rather large building, go follow Playboy to his spot. He say's that
your target has Sniper guards. These guards are standing on cranes, you
must find and shoot all 3 of them.

It's not difficult, you know they are on cranes. Everytime you
shoot one you will have a scene of them falling, one of which will land
on a car.

Playboy then says it's time for the real fight. He gives you grenades and
tells you to get ready.

* Important tip! *

Playboy tells you to get down, don't. Not yet, look down towards the site,
shoot as many guards as possible. Shooting barrels is a good idea as well.
You don't have to do this, but it makes your life so much easier.

Get down from the building, now, and use the sniper to kill any more
guards you can see. Most people grab the van and ram through the fence and
into the site, this is a good idea as long as you know where you going to get
out. Using it for cover might be a good idea.

There will be guards on the scaffolding which you didn't get with your sniper,
so you got to use your car for cover, or anything, to eliminate them.

Using grenades is easy, you hold down the throw button and let go to
throw it. It's very very important you let go as soon as it starts beeping
since it will explode in your hand if your not careful enough. Only
use grenades if the enemy is the same height as you (unless your really
confident) and if they are not to far away, (like the scafollding enemies).

A lot of people go around to the back and snipe the Union leader, which is a
very good idea since you have to radar to tell you. You might even get to do
that from the rooftop.

An assault rifle is very useful here since it can zoom in to great distance's
giving you more chance to get the head. The second leader is pretty much the
same but around the corner.

* The Third Union Leader *

The last Union leader is different than the other two since they were just
shootouts, be very careful you don't run into his guards.

A helicopter will arrive to take the Leader away, kill all of his guards.
Using grenades is very useful here, but not much has changed. Now very
quickly follow the Leader. You come to a dip where there are 2 ladders, if
you are quick he will be at the top or climbing, if this is the case, shoot
him. If not, quickly follow him and shoot him.

The job will finally be done.

Mission Complete!


That mission is very difficult but only if you are careless, which I am.

Now to see who that ? is that called you. You shoulden't be to far from him
since you are at the bottom of Algonquin.


|                      |
| 36. Call and Collect |
|                      | Rewards: $1000
|  Given by: Francis   |
|                      |

Fun        ****
Length     ***
Difficulty ***

Francis McReary, needs someone to be dealt with, he isn't the nicest cop in
the world, he reminds me of Tenpenny from San Andreas.

I like this mission, it feels unique, could have done without the whole wanted
level at the end.

* Cutscene *

Francis McReary, remember him, from Street Sweeper? Anyway, he wants a certain
someone to disappear. Luckily this is a lot more intresting rather than the
normal shootout.

* Call *

Drive over to the Lancaster area, it's a kind of public area. Some one
here has been very bad. The only way to find the person is by calling them
and seeing who is talking on a phone. Then shooting them.

You will get a text from Francis with his number but you can go straight
to your phonebook and it will be there. Now start looking around.

If you want a proper location of the blackmailer, he is the one standing up
in front of the hotdog stand nearest the sea. Shoot him and make sure he
doesen't run away.

Grab his storage device.

* Collect *

The police cars will now swarm around the area. If you are confident in
losing this wanted level in your postion, then get back in your car and drive
but if you think you might get caught then your best bet is to jump over the
barrier into the sea and swim away.

Remember, the boats only appear at the 3 star wanted level so
the police can't get you. This does take longer but it is a definite way to
escape. Also, if you are driving, the payy n spray in purgatory is really

Whatever the case, get back to land if need be and deliver the package to
recieve your money and coplete the mission.

Mission Complete!


From one brother to another, the next mission is given by Packie McReary,
and it isn't a easy one.


|                        |
| 37. Harboring a Grudge |
|                        | Rewards: $7500
|   Given by: Packie     |
|                        |

Fun        ***
Length     *****
Difficulty ****

Remember Packie? He was the guy you protected in the mission, Luck of the
Irish. He needs help. Surprise Suprise.

A difficult mission but not as bad as say, Deconstruction for Beginners.

* Cutscene *

You'll be introduced to Packie's family and Kate, his sister. Whom you can
date later, but she is just like Michelle, great.

* Pre-Dock Fight *

Drive along to the docks, in Algonquin, when you regain control, you have to
follow Packie onto the roof of a building quite close to the truck you are
stealing. If you have a sniper rifle this will be a huge help.

When you get to the back of the little warehouse, you must climb over some
boxes then shimmy across a billboard, it's a bit late in the game, so you
will already know the drill.

* Dock fight *

If you picked up that Sniper rifle, then you should use this now to shoot
anyone you can see. The main area you should be focusing on is the warehouse
with the truck, since most of these enemies are in or next to the warehouse.

Once you have either run out of bullets or have found all the enemies you can,
I would go back the way you came off and go around the warehouse so you end up
going to the opposite way to the warehouse with the truck.
Going the long way will make sure you get any enemies you think you may have
missed. Don't forget as well as the Sniper, the assult rifle can be a great
help to on the roof.

There are a lot of boxes outside the large warehouse and enemies will be
covering behind them. When you are sure that all the enemies are dead, you
may move foward. If the police start a wanted level, I would run away and
lose it, then, come back.


Inside the large warehouse, shoot anoyone on the right side and then use the
truck for cover to kill anyone on the left side. Now get in the car and wait
a bit for Packie.

* Post Dock Fight *

When Packie gets in the truck, you will have to drive to a garage and park it
in. However, do you think it would be that easy? No. The dealers will follow
you in there cars but luckily, once you have gotten onto the streets, Niko
will notice some grenades.

To get the target blown up, you must hold down the shoot while driving button
(L1 or LB) and hold it, for about 3 seconds, then let go and the grenade will
be thrown out. Looking behind the truck will give you a view of whether you
got them or not. It's very tricky, and demands a lot of skill, practise.

If these grenades really aren't working, you can change weapons to a gun and
you can finally blow thier car up. Once you are done carefully drive the
truck into the garage to finally complete the mission.

Mission Complete!


The next mission is also Packie's, it is also harder and longer. Great.


|                          |
| 38. Waste not Want Knots |
|                          | Rewards: $8000
|    Given by: Packie      |
|                          |

Fun        **
Length     *****
Difficulty ****

Packie and his friends and you, are going to steal money off the mafia,
expect family war.

This mission is like a easier but much less fun version of "The Snow Storm"
also, if you are not quick the AI will make you fail.

* Cutscene *

Packie and his friends are hanging out, then leave with you. Niko gets
another talk with Kate.

* Shut up and drive *

You will need, Armour and a lot of assault rifle bullets, luckily, your
destination is close to the Algonquin weapon shop. The drive is long, and so
is the the conversation with the guys. You will need to find a four wheel
car for the guys. A good suggestion is a taxi.

* Outside Shootout *

So, it begins, this is a very big shootout. Also, it's very easy for your
team to die. Which is a huge pain. You'll have to do most the shooting since
the AI just isn't going to cut it.

There are a lot of enemies, aim for the head. Also, your only cover are boxes
and crates. Not much more to tell you. Also, remember the rules, no running
blindly, no risks. After all, do you want to do that drive again?!? Also,
you should have bought a lot of bullets. This is one of those missions which
eats your bullets.

After everyone is dead, the team will re-group outside the building, by the
main door. Notice the first aid kit on the ground by the door. Pick it up and
enter the warehouse.

* Inside the Warehouse *

This is usally where people fail. Not because they die, but their team does.
They just run into the action ignoring the fact that everyone is aiming at the

As soon as you run in, you will see a red stripped barrier. This should be
your cover. Firstly, your team, will run into the open so you must kill the
enemy standing in the office in the top left of your screen. Then the guy
at the back on the catwalk since these are the one's who will most likely
kill your team. After they are taken care of the others should be easy enough.

When you reach the office someone will run out, who gave me quite a shock.
Kill him and run into the office and the money is in the middle of the floor.
Pick it up and the mafiya will show up...

* Family Feud *

The families will show up with guns ablazing. You have to meet Packie outside
to the upper left of the warehouse (north east). Shoot anyone of the eastern
side of the warehouse. Jump over the catwalk and run out the exit door to the
north east.

Don't waste ammo killing everyone, only people who will get in your way.

* Escape *

As soon as you get outside run down the pier with Packie. Now jump into the
sea and get into that boat south of you. It's a good boat, not one of those
really bad boats which goes about 0.5 miles per hour.

Packie will closely follow you and get in, make sure you wait for him to get
in, some people actually forget. Now all you have to do is take Packie home.
Take him to the yellow dot on the radar. Also, try not to hit the side of your
boat on anything, if the boat flips, the mission is lost. Once Packie has been
returned, you get your $8000.

Mission Complete!


I hate that mission, I highly recommend that you go out with someone,
hopefully Little Jacob, his ability is extremly useful. Brucie's is a bit
rubbish and Roman's is good.

The next mission is like Out of the Closet because it is split into two parts
and you will have a little wait before you continue, you might want to
consider doing another mission or wasting time while waiting.


|                     |                       Make sure that you have a
| 39. Final Interview |                         knife.
|                     | Rewards: $1000
|  Given By: Francis  |
|                     |

Fun        ***
Length     ****
Difficulty (Part I) * (Part II) *** (If you use a gun *****)

Francis needs someone dead, and the only way to get to him is to stage a job

A good mission, but Part II is very difficult.

* Cutscene *

Not much, Francis is angry, needs someone dead.

* Part I - Email *

Your first job, go send your job application via Tw@. Steal a car, if you want
a police car without a wanted level, there is one in a alleyway next to the

When you get to Tw@, go in and get a computor terminal. Go onto the site by
clicking on the NEED LEGAL HELP advertisment. Go onto the careers page, and
click submit resume. That concludes part I.

* Preparations *

In order, to start the interview, you need to buy a suit and nice shoes from
Perseus. There is one right outside the interview building. It's a fair chunk
of money, about $1200. Also, get a knife, there is one in the toilet area in
southern middle park.

* Part II - Interview  *

For the second part of this mission, you must head to the law buildings, where
your interview is. Once inside, go speak to the register women, with the
extremly weird voice. Follow her to the office.

When you enter the office, you will have to sit down for your interview.
He will talk to you. Soon the game will tell you to stand up and shoot him.
Most people do that, DON'T SHOOT HIM!!! You must aim your gun at him, forcing
him into the corner, then beat him with a knife. That way the assistant
won't run in and get the police. Make sure you take the files before you kill

Aim, take, stab to death.

If you did shoot him, you are going to have a very hard shootout, I would just
start again. It's not worth it. Just melee him, pick up the files and leave
the building. Take the files to Francis. Done. As hard as I have tried, a bat
does not work during the interview, not sure why.

Mission Complete!


The next mission is very very hard, but it's the best in the game. Bring
armour. Also practise your 3 star escapes from the law. Also, you get
a 40G achievment / Trophy for doing this mission. Full exploration. That's
because, this mission unlocks the final island, Alderney.


|                       |
| 40. Three Leaf Clover |
|                       | Rewards: $250,000!!!! A 40G achievment/trophy.
|   Given By: Packie    |                         Alderney.
|                       |

Fun        *****
Length     *****
Difficulty *****

Packie and friends are planning a heist. A bank heist.

This is the best mission in the game in my opinion. It's fun, very challenging
and features one of the best shootouts of the game.

* Cutscene *

Not much, Packie and his family are planning the heist.

* Guns n armor *

It is vital that you buy guns and armour before you do this mission since this
is the most violent mission you will have undertaken yet. Hopefully you're
friends with jacob.

* To the Bank *

This is the only easy bit of the mission. Getting there. You need a four wheel
car, a cab is a good suggestion. It's a hefty drive, this is why people
sometimes find this mission annoying, if you fail at the end, you have to
do that drive all over again.

* Cutscene *

Packie will run in with his guns firing, and everyone will get on the floor.
Notice Luis on the floor? He is the hero of a GTA IV expansion, the Ballad
of Gay Tony. Anyway, soon mike will get shot and all hell will break loose.

* 5 STARS?!? *

Once you gain control of Niko, you will have to run down the safe and get the
money. Don't worry about the 5 star wanted level yet. Right now, just run down
to the safe. You just have to run into the money to complete this section
of the mission.

* Getting out *

Now for the hard bit. Escaping. In order to get a good position of the police
run foward and use the pillar inbetween the two double doors. Shoot as many
police men as you can. Packie and Derrick will assist. Using grenades is a
bad idea now since while all the cars will blow up it might kill Packie or

Suddenly Packie and Derrick will run down an alley. Kill any cops who remain,
since now you can use grenades. Now follow them down the alley. While this
shootout isn't very hard, your cover is quite limiting. There are 2 grooves
in the wall and a stairway to use as cover. Take the one that Packie and
Derrick haven't. Shoot any cops you see, you can see their locations on the
radar. You might have to turn around and kill any cops from outside the bank.
Once your done for this alley, you can continue onto the next road.

* The Streets *

This isn't actually going to need much explanation. You now the drill, shoot
the cops, follow Packie down the alleyways and roads. It's hard, but it
isn't hard to follow...If that makes sense? Just stick close to Packie and
Derrick. If they run past the police you should to, but if they cause you
hassle, deal with the cops. However, there may sometimes be some cops up on
the fire escapes, so look up once in a while.

* Mayhem in the Subway *

Eventually you will have to run down into the subway, the police are still
down here but in smaller numbers. Soon, you will get down to the toll booths.
This is the main chunk of the fighting down here. It's much easier than when
you were in the streets though becuase you can use the tolls as cover.
Also, there are not that many cops when compared to the streets.

Once everyone is dead, run down to the tracks.

* Life on the Wrong Lane *

Remember that very fast shootout you had in "Final Destination"? Well this is
like that except the cops aren't running anywhere. Use the pillars as cover
and shoot as many cops as you can before your view is cut off by a train.
Don't waste bullets by trying to shoot while a train goes by.

Soon you will have to go onto the tracks. You have to run up them and dodge
the trains going past you. It goes without saying that that will result in a
very quick death. However, it's very easy since Packie will scream before it

Soon, you will reach a service hatch, get up and start climbing back up to
land, just before you get to the top, there is a first aid kit, through a
door in a back room. It's not too hard to spot since well, you don't have
much space to look.

* READ!! *

This is a lil update, there is actually a very easy way to lose this wanted
without a car. Follow the mission until it says: "Go to street level", first
do as it says.

1. Go to street level

2. When the destination changes to Packie's house, go back down into the

3. Go onto the tracks and run out of your wanted level.

That's it! I very highly suggest you use that tip, it may be the most
important one.

* ...Crap *

Once you emerge back on to main land, you will be welcomed by the police,
but thank god it's only 3 stars! This is the hardest escape in the game in
my opinion, so you NEED a car, ASAP, in fact, that is the hardest part,
getting one. Just get in one, as fast as you can, run until you find one.

Now you can choose to lose them normally or just go to a pay n spray
(assuming you diden't take a cop car). Unfortanatly, this isn't the type of
thing that has an answer, you can only rely on your skill, or your
friends. ;)

However, I suggest using the tip above, only use these tips if you are
aalready in a car and have no access to a subway.

Afterwards, go take Packie home, and you will recieve $250,000!!!!

Mission Complete!


You can either go and buy some bullets with this money (not all of it!) or
save it for the half million achievment. Your choice.


|                          |
| 41. Actions speak louder |
|       than words         | Rewards: $9000
|                          |
|     Given By: Gerry      |
|                          |

Fun        **
Length     ****
Difficulty ***

Gerald, impressed with your bank heist, needs help blowing up a building,
by planting a bomb on a car.

Meh, apart from actually setting the bomb off this is just a car follow

* Cutscene *

Not much. Gerry wants to frame a family for blowing up their factory, when
in fact, you'll be the one doing it.

* Bomb Pick-Up *

The easiest bit of the mission, just head over to the alley where Gerry put
the bomb for you. Once you have picked it up, you will get a call from Gerry.

Now you have to put the bomb onto the car. It's a fair distance. Pop into the
weapons shop and purchase some armour if you want.

Now, go to the back of the car and place the bomb onto it. Now get your own
car and park up onto the yellow spot.

* Follow that Bomb! *

The next job on the list is to follow the bomb towards the hideout and
detonate it. 4 to 5 car legnths does the trick. They drive pretty fast so
keep your speed up and disobey traffic lights. If it is night or raining,
this can be trickier than daylight. This is a very long drive, but there are
not many hard bits, it's just a bit annoying overall.

* Detonation *

Once you have finally got to their base, (after about 5 miniutes of
following them!), you will have to drive up a hill in your car, consult
your radar. Now get out and bring your phone up. As the bottom option, it says
'Detonate'. Click it and watch the awesome blow-up sequence. Still wasen't
worth the trip though. :/

Now you have to kill the remianing albainians. This isn't too hard and an
assult rifle does a good job or a sniper. Whatever you choose, kill them and
then you have to escape a 2 star wanted level. This isn't hard at all because
you have a car. However, if you can't escape, jump into the ocean and swim.
It's not far at all. After you have escaped you will recieve your reward.

Mission Complete!


The next mission is a pain and it's also got the longest title.


|                              |
| 42. I need your Clothes your |
|          boots and your      |  Rewards: $9250
|            motorcycle.       |
|                              |
|      Given By: Gerry         |
|                              |

Fun        *
Length     ****
Difficulty ****

Niko disguises himself as a biker to kill someone.

UHH I hate this mission! It's hard and the type of chase where you have to
kill them before they get somewhere...on a bike.

* Cutscene *

After another talk with Kate, and then another plan to kill yet another

* To the Biker *

Not much, go to the biker on, well, your bike! You might not need amrour,
this mission requires skill more than bullets.

* The Chase *

Once you reach the biker, he sets off, you have to follow him, you don't have
enough time to simply get a car and it woulden't be fast enough, a lot of
people sturuggle with this, as do I. Niko falls off the bike really easily.
I am afraid all you can do is practise. :/

It might take a few tries but all you can do is practise and hope for the
best. If you fall off don't give up, you might still do it. You should aim
to really shoot him once you enter alderney.

Mission Complete!


That mission is a pain but there is no strategy only skill, now the next
mission gives you a new cell phone! Not much has changed except you now
have a nice screensaver.


|                   |
|  43. Photo Shoot  |
|                   | Rewards: $5750, New Cell Phone
| Given By: Playboy |
|                   |

Fun        ***
Length     **
Difficulty **

Playboy needs someone dead, but you don't know who...

A ok mission, a nice change, it's quick and easy.

* Cutscene *

Check out Playboy's apartment while he talks.

* The Camera *

Your new phone has now become equiped with a camera. Its works a bit like the
sniper except the you can only see your aim in the bottom right screen. You
only have to press A (360) or X (ps3) to take the picture.

Walk over (yeah, it's very close) to the basketball court and you will see
3 friends talking. Take a clear picture of them, this is easier in daylight.
Now take the picture of them and you will soon get a message from Playboy to
tell you who it is. It's thhe guy with the blue pants. Careful you don't get
too close.

Once Playboy has confirmed it's him, shoot him, you have to waste him and his
friends before they escape the court. It's not too hard, just shoot as fast as
you can, and if you fail, you don't exactly have to do much to get back to
where you are now. Once they are dead, your missions over.

Mission Complete!


Now it's time for Dwayne's first mission, it's a fairly good one.


|                  |
|  44. Ruff Rider  |
|                  | Rewards: $6000
| Given By: Dwayne |
|                  |

Fun        ***
Length     ****
Difficulty ****

Meet Dwayne, Playboy's friend who has just comme out from prison, he is VERY

A ok mission, quite tricky if your not careful.

* Cutscene *

Meet Dwanye, after leaving prison recently, he has found his girlfriend
cheating, he asks you to deal with it. But will you go through with it?

* Live or Die *

Head down to the opposite side of Algonquin and arrive at the arcade, then,
the boyfriend will run away, leaving Cherise, Dwayne's girlfriend alone. You
are given the option to kill her however take into account that while you are
making this choice, the boyfriend is getting away.

+ More time to chase Boyfriend
+ Random friend mission later

+ You kill a dishonest women???
+ Less work later on

Whatever you choose, hurry up and get on the bike outside the arcade, going
back to your car will take to much time. You might have time to steal someones
passing by but it is risky.

Chase him down, shooting him, take note of where he goes, he goes down alleys
and constantly tries to lose you. Try and shoot his tires and then shoot or
run over him. It's not very hard at all. As long as you have time and some
decent bike skill, you'll be fine. A good tip is to head to the exchange
freeway and he will ride into you, giving you a huge chance to shoot him.

Afterwards, go give Dwayne's money from Cherise's boyfriend in the Cluckin
Bell in Star Junction. The cutscene given will change depending on whether you
killed Cherise or not, but it's not much more different, Dwaynes fine either

Mission Complete!


Soon, a ??? will call you and a ? will appear on your radar, this is a new
set of missions which are horrible.


|                     |
|  45. Wrong is Right |
|                     | Rewards: $6500
| Given By: U.L Paper |
|                     |

Fun        *
Length     *****
Difficulty *****

Remember Michelle? Well...Karen? She has work for you! Hip Hip Hooray!

This is a HORRIBLE mission, it's boring, hard and very long.

* Cutscene *

Oh look, it's Michelle! YES! She has some work for you, well, her boss does.
Go kill a guy, duh!

* Home Invasion *

The first part of this mission see's you drive down to Broker and go into this
guy's house.

Anyway, go into the living room and go onto the laptop sitting on the table.
Go onto his email the same way you go onto yours and click on the top email
that has already been opened. Read it, then leave the house to find him.
Also, U.L Paper will phone you.

* The Bad Bit *

Ok, get in your car and drive to the destination marker. Watch the clip and
follow him. This is, one of the worst chases in the game. It is incredibly

First there is an important tip, you have to shoot his car but not for a
while, first, follow him through Broker which isn't too hard but then when he
goes onto Algonquin Bridge, things can get tricky. A lot of cars change
lanes and your going very fast.

Afterwards, slow down and take a few sharp turns down some alleys, you can
block him off, but I don't see much point. For the next few minutes, you have
to follow him through the streets, there are a lot of sharp turns which could
land you in scaffolding, which would be extremly annoying.

At one point, he goes down an alley and blocks it, the game tells you to go
back, which you should, of course, a better idea is to not go down there in
the first place. This alley is in little italy.

This is the point where you should or could start shooting. Eventually, he
will make it onto a very very long road going up the left side of middle park,
this is the best chance you have of killing him. Keep shooting his tires and
soon he should stop or his wheels will catch on fire. Whatever the case, run
over him or wait for him to catch on fire and the money is yours. Also,
all wanted levels will disappear.

Mission Complete!


The next mission is extremly difficult, but much better than the last one.



|                         |
| 46. Hostile Negotiation |
|                         | Rewards: A safehouse in Algonquin,
|  Given by: ...Mallorie? |
|                         |

Fun        ***
Length     **** (Depends where you get the call)
Difficulty *****

Roman's been kidnapped by Dimitri and you have to rescue him.

A VERY hard mission. Bring armour and bullets.

* The Call *

A while ago, you will have got a call from Mallorie saying she is worried,
now she calls you saying she thinks he's been kidnapped, then the mission will
start. Also Dimitri will text a picture of roman being tortured.

* Buy, Buy, Buy! *

This mission can pop up at anytime. So when it does, give Jacob a call for
some cheap guns or go to the ammo store, depends on whether Jacob is your
friend. Afterwards, go to the warehouse located in Bohan.

* Going In *

First things, first, getting into the building, you should not use a car,
there are explosive tanks everywhere and you'll get a car later on, so you
don't need one.

* Ground Floor *

NOTE: The warehouse is arranged with four floors, Ground, 1st, 2nd and top.

Watch the cutscene showing roman being questioned on the top floor. When you
gain control of Niko, shoot the guys in front of you talking, that will get
rid of 2 of them. Now use the wall you are crouched by as your cover.
Kill everyone you can see and proceed on. Also, there is a first aid
kit on the floor at the end of the wall you are crouched by. Wait a bit for
everyone to get into view for maximum kills. You should take care when
entering the central area since you are open to everyone. Shooting everyone
you see is the best method but making sure you have cover is the most
important thing.

All may seem quiet but above your couching wall are lots of enemies, running
out is sure to get you hurt. Plan where you are going to use cover before
running out into the open.

Make sure you watch out for the red tanks, one shot when your near them will
kill you. Once everyone is dead, go up the stairs and onto the next floor.
Before you go, aim upwards and shoot any red tanks you see.

* Going Up *

There isn't much difference in the next couple of floors, using grenades is
isn't a good idea in tight quarters like the pillars.

As soon as you get onto the first floor run for the nearest cover because
more enemies will pop out.

Keep moving up, nothing changes. Also, there is armour just below the stairs
before you go up onto the 2nd floor, it's actually quite hard to miss. On
the 2nd floor end of the first hallway, there is a medkit attached to the
wall. Once again, if you use the pillars for cover, it's hard to miss.

On the same floor (2nd) as this medkit, you can aim up onto the catwalk above.
When you get to the end of this floor, people will run across it, keep your
eye on it.

NOTE: This is really important, while going up the stairs to the top floor,
you might see some guys on the roof, shoot them. Now. You'll be right in the
open later on if you don't.

The top floor only has air ducts for cover.
Make your way foward, however, before you head into the
office with Roman in, look down to the bottom floor and kill the other guys
running in from the entrance.

NOTE: Just before you head into the office, someone will run into you, this
guy does a lot of damage if you don't be careful so go slowly with your
gun at the ready as you head into the office.

* Headshot *

When you walk in, someone will take Roman hostage. You have to shot the enemy,
without hitting Roman. This is quite easy with a assault rifle. Just be
careful and you should be ok.

You have to use free-aim but it's still not hard.

* The EASY Escape *

Ok, now that Roman is with you, you must escape. Now when you leave the office
the way you came in, turn left as soon as you get out, you will get out onto
a balcony. Now you can go down the steps all the way to the ground and then
get in the pick-up truck outside. Be careful with the explosive tanks. Take
your time.

I went through this mission 2 times without realizing you can do this. FAIL.
Deliver Roman home to win that lovely safehouse.

Mission Complete!


Well, that was hard, and the next mission is also difficult.


|                     |
| 47. Undress To Kill |
|                     | Rewards: $6250
|  Given By: Dwayne   |
|                     |

Fun        ***
Length     ***
Difficulty ****

Poor Dwayne, it turns out, he used to own the strip club in Bohan and now some
gangsters have ruined it, you know what that means? Yep, Kill them.

This missions ok, it's tricky to do right but I like the whole eavesdropping

* Cutscene *

Dwayne's upset, for his strip club is ruined! Kill the owners, what else?

* Choices *

Now, you have a choice, drive over to the club or take a cab then steal a car,
now either, park up and go in OR park your car, blocking the back exit of the
club in the progress. You'll find it, it's a fire escape, so it's a scabby
red door. You'll see why later.

* Eavesdropping *

Now you have to locate the 3 managers. To locate the first one, walk up to the
2 men having a conversation as soon as you walk into the main club via the
front entrance. The first manager will pop up.

The Second manager is talking to a striper in the south west corner of the

The last manager is getting a lap dance in the back of the club, to add his
location to the radar, talk to the bodyguard.

* Party Pooper *

The easiest way to do this is, go into the office where the first manager is,
now kill him WITHOUT GUNS, only use melee! This way, the guard's attention
will be focused on the club. Also, make sure he doesen't leave the office.

Now, go over to the second manager, and shoot him. All hell will break loose.
Kill any bodyguards that shoot you. If you managed to cover the back exit
correctly, the manager will have no where to run and run out the front
entrance, but since he will have to pass you, you can shoot him in the club.

* If you Failed *

If you didn't block the back exit, then you will have to run out the back or
front entrance, depending on whether you tried to block it with a car or not.

Once your in a car, you must chase after him, aim for the tires and then run
him over or shoot through the window. It's not too hard.

Mission Complete!


Now, it's time for the next U.L Paper mission.


|                          |
| 48. Portrait of a Killer |
|                          | Rewards: $6750
|   Given By: U.L Paper    |
|                          |

Fun        ***
Length     ****
Difficulty ***

U.L Paper needs you to kill someone (duh) through using a picture.

A fun mission, but it diden't really stick out at me.

* Cutscene *

Not much, just U.L talking to you.

* Waiting *

For now, all you can do is wait for U.L's picture. While your waiting, call
the police and steal a cop car. Once the pic arrives you will be told to get
a cop car, which hopefully you should already be doing or done. If you don't
want to risk the wanted level or you have a car, you can go to the police
station which francis works at, and go down the side alley for a free police

* Photo Search *

For the first and one of the only time in the game, you have to go into the
police computor and search by photo, it's easier than typing the name since
you only have to press A (Xbox) X (PS3) and wait. After you have found him,
exit the computor and go to his hideout in dukes.

* Gang War *

Your target is within a huge gang. You have to kill them all, I highly suggest
climbing up the east side and sneaking up on them with an assault rifle. When
all hell breaks loose, It turns into a common shootout, just shoot and make
sure that no one is behind you when you go foward. Using grenades is really
useful since for some reason, there are cars everywhere. Not much else, but
be careful when you go up the ladder, If you are low on health you can just
leave, go get some and then come back. It's really easy.

Mission Complete!


Remember the mission "The puerto rican connection"? The next mission is like
that but I think it's a lot better.


|                     |
|    49. Dust Off     |
|                     | Rewards: $7000
| Given By: U.L Paper |
|                     |

Fun        ***
Length     ****
Difficulty ****

U.L Paper needs you to steal a helicopter.

A fun mission, but I don't really like the whole following thing.

* Cutscene *

Again, not too much.

* Preparation *

Before you go, make sure you get a good car and that you practise your
helicopter skills at the helipad in the lower east manhatten. You'll need to
fly a helicopter later. You should have at least half your health.

* Heli Chase *

In your good car, drive to the yellow marker on the map, the helicopter to
your left will take off. I made the stupidest mistake in the world and tried
to go back the way I came, WRONG! Simply turn right to end up on the highway.
Most of this chase will be on the highway/busy roads. Obviously, you should
be on the right hand side and going as fast as you can. Cars will get in your
way and try not to hit walls or tree's because you might flip over. Holding
B or circle will lock your view onto the helicopter. This chase goes on till
midwest alqonquin. It's not too hard actually. Just stay on the right side
of the road.

* Get In! *

Now you have to get in to the helicopter, wait for it to land! Now drive
through those 2 guards blocking the pier. Drive to the end then get out and
use your car for cover. People will run out, Your car is pretty good cover,
assuming it doesen't catch on fire. Enemies aren't labeled on the radar so
once you have head shooted everyone, and you are sure everyone is dead, get
in the helicopter.

* Take off *

If some people run towards the helicopter take off instantly, they can pull
you out, also, while taking off, people can hold onto the helicopter, but
that doesen't do much, it just makes you feel good when they fall off.

If you have practised the helicopter from san andreas or just practised in
this game, then you will have a advantage. LT/L2 to go down, RT/R2 to go up.
L1/LB to turn left, R1/RB to turn right. The left stick and R2 can be useful,
I tend to use that. Also, if you have a wanted level don't worry, because
they are easy to escape since you can fly. Also, while flying, Roman might
call. It doesen't make you respect %.

Landing at the airport is quite tricky, the real hard bit is not hitting the
tail on anything. Turn your tail away from the cargo and try and land
steadily, don't charge towards it, if you miss you might fail.

Mission Complete!


That was the first helicopter mission there are only a few in the entire

The next mission is very easy, if you do it in a certain way.


|                     |
| 50. Holland Nights  |
|                     | Rewards: $5000
|  Given By: Francis  |
|                     |

Fun        ****
Length     ** (Easy Way) **** (Hard Way)
Difficulty * (Easy way)  ***** (Hard Way)

Francis needs you to kill someone, que the very large shootout.

A fun mission, I like the setting, it's nice having such a creative way to
do this mission

* Cutscene *

Again, Francis wants some dead.

* READ!!! *

There is an extremly easy way to do this mission:

1. Go to the apartment blocks.

2. Don't get violent, turn around, do you see the huge crane?

3. Climb up the crane.

4. Snipe Clarence, no police, no shootout. Done.

* If you didn't follow the insanely easy tip... *

Once you arrive at the apartment block, you will be shown all the gangsters
around the stairs, you're target, Clarence, will run to the top floor whatever

Your best bet is to start shooting on the bottom floor and work your way up,
so that when you're up high, you won't have anyone shooting at you from below.

Use the support pillars for cover and shoot anyone in your way, then
carefully, make your way up the stairs. You're goal is to keep going up the
stairs, you need to fight through each floor to get to them, it's the same
story for each floor, you use corners for cover and if you don't have them,
the support beams work well.

There is a FIRST AID KIT on the third floor on the stairs. Try to look up to
the next floors so you don't have to deal with them when you're up there. Soon
you should make it to the roof. Clarence is hiding on top of the building, on
a small structure. Fight your way to him and climb up the stairs for a

* Live or let die? *

Another Choice:


+ You get another random friend
+ Still get paid
+ No wanted level


+ You don't get money from the random friend encounter.
+ In the random encounter, you still have to kill him.
+ Still get paid

* Escape *

Personally I would let him live and kill him later so you don't have to escape
but if you need to, just run back down the way you came, don't attempt to jump
down from any floor, then go to a pay n spray it isn't really hard.

Mission Complete!


The next mission is ridiculously easy.


|                   |
|    51. Lure       |
|                   | Rewards: $5000
| Given By: Francis |
|                   |

Fun        ***
Length     ***
Difficulty *

You need to snipe someone, while they sit down.

A very easy mission which I enjoyed.

* Cutscene *

Once again, francis telling you about some guy he wants dead.

* 3 Ways to do it *

Drive over to the car containing the sniper rifle, it's a fair drive. Once in,
drive to the apartment which is an even longer drive but it's pretty hard to
fail so you won't have to do it again.

Once you have made it, go where the game tells you and go up onto the rooftop.
and get ready to lure him. As you guessed, he isn't by the window, you need to
lure him.

There are 3 popular ways to do it.

1. Shoot his tv, he gets up to look at it.

2. Shoot the satilitte dish, he gets up.

3. Dial his phone number shown in the cutscene with him sitting down, the
number is 545-555-0122.

Whatever way you choose, shoot him and go back down to street level to finish
the mission, easy or what?

Mission Complete!


The next mission is triggered by someone calling you so you won't know
right away when you get it.

A lot of people have issues with it but I love it, but it is tricky, you NEED
to practise your helicopter skills, one mistake and you die.


|                     |
|  52. Paper Trail    |
|                     | Rewards: $7500
| Given By: U.L Paper |
|                     |

Fun        *****
Length     (Depends where you start)
Difficulty ***** (*** for experienced helicopter flyers)

You need to kill someone in a helicopter, with jacob! :D

I love this mission, but it looks like I'm the only one!

* Walk before you run *

I very highly suggest practising using a helicopter, from the helipad in the
lower east algonquin.

* Dodging Skyscrapers *

You'll get a call from U.L Paper, and now you have to go to north Algonquin.
Do so and get in the helicopter to be faced with Little Jacob, who will
accompany you on the trip.

Just before you take off, you'll see the enemy also take off, you need to
follow it. Take off and, using the radar, make your way towards them. Once
your on their tail, they will try and lose you by flying through skyscrapers.

This is where skill should come in, you have to fly through them obviously,
it's not really really hard but not easy. Depends on how much you practised.
You can fly over them, but you might lose track of them. Just keep trying.

Soon, they will fly under Broker Bridge. I highly suggest going over it
instead of under.

* Sink in the sea *

Soon, the enemy will make it to the lower east side over the sea, now's your
chance to shoot them with a rocket, this is where a lot of people struggle.
You have to line up the helicopter with thier's so jacob can take a shot.

It doesn't have to be a striaght line, you need to focus on flying in a
straight line but it also has a bit to do with luck, since you can't control
where the enemy moves, your best bet is to get a bit close, (not to close, you
might get hit yourself), and don't steer while jacob aims. Not much else to
say about it, just good luck, and afterwards, take jacob home to get your

Mission Complete!


There's not much strategy to that mission, only skill, and luck. So not much
to say about it.

The next mission is one of the best, very easy but this is one of the first
choices that really affects what happens to the rest of your game.


|                      |
| 53. The Holland Play |
|                      | Rewards: A friend, A mansion / $25,000
| Given By: Playboy X  |
|                      |

Fun        ****
Length     (Depends on too many things)
Difficulty * (Dwayne) ** (Playboy)

Playboy wants you to kill Dwayne and Dwayne wants you to kill Playboy. Your

A very fun mission which took me a while to choose.

* Cutscene *

Meet playboy for the final time. His apartment could finally be yours.

* Soon After *

Later you'll get a call from Dwayne saying he needs you to kill playboy, since
he ordered you to kill dwayne. Later on, you'll get another call triggering
the killing.

* Who to kill? *

Firstly, you should know, while this choice is one of the biggest in the game,

Why kill Dwayne -- While killing Dwayne will make getting the liberty 5
achievment/trophy much easier and it's less effort overall. Also, you get
$25,000, which while great take into account, that you just got $250,000 from
Three Leaf Clover. Also, I felt bad killing Dwayne, he's a good guy and
Playboy turns against you afterwards.

Why Kill Playboy -- I say, kill Playboy, you get a new friend, a amazing
apartment which I love, and Dwayne's friend ability is great. While Playboy's
money sounds good, you can make that in a few missions. Also, Playboy is
actually horrible. Also, for the GTA veteran, you can get a GTA III outfit
in Playboy's apartment.

* Killing Dwayne *

To kill dwayne, go to his apartment, and up the stairs. Once you enter his
own apartment, all you need to do is shoot him, he has 1 bodyguard, and
that's it. Easy.

* Killing Playboy *

This isn't as simple as going in and shooting. You'll run in and Playboy will
get angry and run outside. This is a very easy shoot, since you have great
cover. It is just a case of waiting for them to pop their heads up. Before you
run out, use the extra wall of cover to your right, to get more scope of the
room. Once everyone is dead run out into the living room. Being honest, if
someone is still alive, it won't kill you to get hit once, the couch is still
good cover.

Once on the roof, Playboy will jump over to the other roof and go down the
stairs. Follow him down all the way down to the streets, it's a pretty long
climb down.

Once you're on the streets, some guys in a jeep will show up, shoot them,
and then proceed to chase Playboy.

Playboy will run down an alley not too far from his
apartment, follow him into it using the radar, at the end, simply shoot him
to finish the mission and get his amazing apartment! :D

Mission Complete!


It's finally time for the Ray Bocinno missions, some are good, some are bad,
this happens to be a fairly good one.


|                        |
| 54. A Long Way to Fall |
|                        | Rewards: $8500
|     Given By: Ray      |
|                        |

Fun        ***
Length     ****
Difficulty ***

Meet, Ray one of the angryest little italy retaurant owners in the world. To
much surprise he needs someone to be killed.

It's just another shootout. :/.

* Cutscene *

Meet Ray, an angry italien with a fun set of missions. He needs someone dead,
what a shocker.

* The man in 72 *

You'll get a text from Ray showing you a picture of someone you can get info
from. Alonzo, he is wearing a blue 72 t-shirt, go drive to his location. It's
a bit of a drive away.

He won't talk so you have to point a gun at him to start him talking. After
he is done talking, you can shoot him, if you don't he will call teddy and
he will alert his guards, however, even if you do shoot alonzo, it's exactly
the same but you get a jump on the first two guys.

Now head in and go in the elevator that will take you to the 20th floor.

* Shocker, another shootout! *

Now for the hard bit, if you killed alonzo, the two men will greet you, and
then turn on you and shoot, if you didn't kill him, then the shootout will
instantly begin.

The floor is just a giant sqaure, you goal is the stairs. You must use the
corners as cover, but watch out, people can go around, and get you from the
back, always check.

Once everyone you see is dead, go up the stairs, there is a guy with a shotgun
on them, watch out because running into him is fatal. I would know. There is
another guy with a shotgun when you enter the floor. Again, watch out.

* The 21st floor *

This is pretty much identical to the previous floor, people on the stairs, use
the corners for cover, it's the same, less people came out of doors to attack
me. There is a FIRST AID KIT through the door that the first guy jumped
out of.

There is a FIRST AID KIT before you go up to the 22nd floor. On the 22nd
floor, is Ted's apartment. Watch out though, someone will jump you to the
right before you enter.

* Honey, I'm home! *

Once you enter, 3 people are in the livng room, 2 are in front of you and are
using cover, the other is to your immediate left, and is hiding behind a wall.

Now, all you have to do is go into the kitchen, and then leave, this will
trigger a cutscene of niko getting his face owned by a door. Ted will run for
the roof. There is yet another FIRST AID KIT in the kitchen.

You have to chase him up, it's not hard since the stairs are very close to
each other however, more people will shoot at you so run, but be careful and
keep checking that no one is there since again, Shotgun = bad :(.

Eventually after defeating some annoying people with shotguns while climbing
stairs, Niko will reach the roof. Go through the door and shoot the guy on the
ground. He caught me by surprise. After, go past the fences, and down to the
end of the roof. Now all you have to do is shoot him and watch him fall.
Niko will automatically go back down to ground level.

Mission Complete!!!


Now for a slightly unique and intresting mission....


|                         |
| 55. Taking in the Trash |
|                         | Rewards: $9000
|     Given by: Ray       |
|                         |

Fun        ****
Length     ****
Difficulty **

Ray needs you to get some 'ice' and the only way to do that is pick it up in
the garbage.

A intresting and unique mission but it doesn't really pick up.

* Cutscene *

Ray introduces you to ashley, a girl with serious drug issues. Anyway, he
needs you to collect some diamonds in the garbage, this is the start of a
very long story about these diamonds.

* The Garbageman can *

The only way to get these diamonds is to pick them up in garbage bags around
town. Walk around to the garbage plant, it's really close. Niko will put his
new outfit on. You have to drive, surprise, and you'll have your team on the
back. Like a true garbageman! :D.

You have to make a few stops, during each, you have to open the back of the
truck by just hitting a simple button. Remember to close it. After the second
visit, other people who want those diamonds will appear.

You can't defeat them so you just have to drive as fast as you can and as
safely as you can, since damaging the truck will fail the mission but also
the truck is very slow. Hang in there. It's not too hard and afterwards park
the truck where your told to get an easy $9000.

Mission Complete!


Hopefully you diden't get too chummy with your garbage friends...


|               |
|  56. Meltdown |
|               | Rewards: $9500
| Given By: Ray |
|               |

Fun        ****
Length     ****
Difficulty ***

Turns out your buddies have backstabbed you, they took the diamonds. Now you
are getting them back.

At first, very boring but the shootout in middle park was great.

* Cutscene *

Ray is not happy about Luca stealing the diamonds, you know who's getting
them back? You bet you do!

* Another following *

Don't worry about getting a nice car, you will be given a really good
one automatically.

Head over to Luca, he's on the radar, you'll be in a car for a while so get
ready for a chase. Drive over, and Luca will flee. Following him isn't that
hard, you don't have to kill him and the chase isn't that hard, a few points
to make are, that in Star Junction a truck will knock some tree's into you.
There are tree's in the middle of Liberty city? They are easy to avoid though.
Not much more to say other than practise weaving through traffic, there is a
lot of it.

* Middle Park Shootout *

Soon, Luca's car will flip and overturn, causing them to flee into middle
park. Now, don't go driving into things, it's very hard to do and the grass
is always getting your wheels stuck.

Also, you'll be in the open. Walk foward, you'll notice the first guy down on
the lower level. Take him out and then jump down. Luca and the rest of his
crew are in the toilet area. (If you followed the tip, it's where you got the
knife for Final Interview). It's very easy, it's another case of wait for them
pop out then headshot them. Multiple enemys might come out of cover so expect
to lose some health. Don't fret though, there's only 2 enemys in here.

The game will tell you Luca is in the toilets, flush him out. Yeah, even
rockstar have crappy puns nowadays. Anyway, this is inssanely easy. Go into
the men's toilets and go to the stalls. Shoot each door to open it, luca is
in one. It changes each game, or at least it does for me.

After he is dead, pick up the diamonds and meet Ray on the bridge. Job done.

Mission Complete!


The next mission is VERY hard, get armour and everything you can, on the
bright side, you do get an achievment.


|                   |
| 57. Museum Piece  |
|                   | Rewards: $9500, 10G achievment/trophy
|  Given By: Ray    |
|                   |

Fun        ***
Length     *****
Difficulty *****

Ray needs you to make an exchange, in a mueseum, of all places.

A fun mission that was way too long.

* Cutscene *

Woo, another exchange, and Niko wants Ray to find details about the 2 blokes
he wants dead. Remember, his 2 friends betrayed him and killed all his other
friends in russia and now he wants the one who did it dead. Problem is, he
doesen't know who.

* Deal Or No Deal? *

Now since you know this won't go well because you get an achievment for simply
beating it, bring armour and lots of ammo. Preferably for a assault or carbine
rifle. They have good zoom.

Drive over to the museum on the outskirts of middle park.

* Cutscene *

Another in game cutscene? Basically, Ray's diamond exchange doesen't go to
well and someone intrudes, it's Luis from three leaf clover and also the main
character from The Ballad Of Gay Tony. He will escape leaving you in the
museum with, yep, another shootout.

* The Top Floor *

Niko will dive for the nearest cover, it's extremly good cover, but before you
do anything, there are a few guys to the left of you, they have clear shot of
you so deal with them before you start to deal with anyone else.

The only way is foward, which is simple enough, enemies are using cover behind
the white boxes which are right in front of you, wait and shoot their head,
same as usual. Gradually move foward when you know it's safe. While your
on the top floor you're in the perfect position to shoot people on the bottom
floor, get as many as you can, it makes life much easier later on. Apart
from making sure you don't run into anyone there isn't anything too hard,
at least, at the moment. Oh, by the way, try shooting the dinosaur bones on
the ceiling. Or, getting them with a grenade is simpler.

* To the ground floor *

You to run to the stairs which are right in front of you, don't just run for
them, there are a lot of people here. There is a FIRST AID KIT on the wall
almost at the end of this hallway (where it goes left for the first time).

Before you run down the stairs, get some cover and shoot anyone you can,
even when everyone you see is dead, wait a bit more, it's a long stairway and
if someone got you halfway down, then you would have no cover. Watch out for
balcony overhead, some guy ran out and got me, which was strange because I
didn't see him before at all. It's just a lesson to keep checking before you
run down. Some guys will actually come up the stairs while you are reloading
so watch out for them.

While actually going down the stairs keep aiming around to make sure no one
gets a sneak on you. When you get to the bottom of the stairs, don't use the
pillars as cover, run past them and use the little box with the ARMOUR in it
as cover. If you used the pillars get it afterwards.

* Ground Floor *

With your new armour and hopefully intact health, the next bit is just
another shootout. Most of them use the back monument for cover. You can get
zoom on them with a rifle. This is another case of shoot until everyone is

Like the boxes on the top floor, gradually move foward, using the pieces of
art. The most likely outcome is people will still shoot you while you run
to the next piece because, you probably won't get everyone.

In some cases, it might be best to run into the little side rooms, especially
if there is quite a lot of people on the top floor.
There isn't really much you can do  about them
apart from trying to get in the right spot to shoot them, but make sure
everyone on the ground floor is dead first, before you move. Once everyone you
see is dead, race out the exit, the large steel doors, but it's not over yet.

* Just Leaving *

You'll run out, then go left, some guy's will shoot at you, so watch out. Use
the boxes as cover. A few people are very well hidden behind other boxes so
keep scanning the area. To the left are more stairs so, once again, once
everyone is dead, go down them.

As soon as you get to the bottom run straight foward for a FIRST AID KIT.
This next bit is quite annoying.

* Leaving, The hard way *

Leaving this place is not easy, at all. First after picking up the First Aid
Kit, you have a very breif shootout with some of the crew that took the
diamonds. Grenades or RPGs are very useful here. I don't recommend using RPGs
however, that would be a waste.

Now, get into a car of your choice if you didn't blow one up, or steal one if
you did. More of the gang will show up in cars, now, you can try to lose them,
it's pretty much the same as a 1 or 2 star wanted level. Not too hard. Or you
could try and destroy their cars and kill them, but this in turn could get you
a very heavy wanted level. However, the pay and spray in Purgatory is once
again, useful.

Just get in a car and drive far away, it may take a while since, they do
damage and they stick to you more than the police but try and lose them in
traffic. Your in algonquin, there's tons of it. Once thats done with you
can finally rest.

Mission Complete!!!


The next mission is frustrating, but can be fun if you have practised your
bike skills.


|                          |
| 58. No Way on the Subway |
|                          | Rewards: $9500
|      Given By: Ray       |
|                          |

Fun       ****
Length    ****
Diffculty **** (***** if you suck on a bike)

Ray needs you to kill some bikers, and they escape, into the subway.

Very hard if you haven't practised being on a bike, but I love it.

* Cutscene *

Not much again, just ray talking.

* Going down *

Drive over to the bikers, it's a pretty long drive. Once you go down their
alley, they will insult you and speed off. Of course you have to follow them!
This can be hard since you're on a bike but you can't do anything about that,
except practise.

At the moment, don't shoot the 2 guys. If you think you're going to hit a car,
make sure you try and turn because if you hit it straight on, you're certainly
going to go flying.

Soon the bikers will escape into the subway, you have to jump down through the
arrow to get to their level. Make sure you don't flip in the air and fall off.

* Subway Fun *

Now for the main bit, chasing through the subway. Now that you're in, one of
the guys can now be shot and killed, however one of them will stay invincible,
so don't bother with the second one. By the way hold down the X (xbox 360) or
Square (PS3) button to turn the lights on higher so you get a better view.

Now all you can do is follow him through the subway. Over the entire chase,
you will have to dodge trains, I only had to dodge a few.
You won't have to dodge loads on the left side. At some point, you will
go under the bridge back to Broker.

* Bridge of more Fun *

This is slightly harder than the subway, mainly because you have no walls to
use as support, and you have a smaller area to work with, I got sandwiched
inbetween two trains at one point.

You still don't need to worry about shooting the guy yet also don't attempt
it, that will reward you with a nice dose of wanted level.

Soon, The trains will have crashed (realism FTW!) and you have to take a sharp
left off the subway and onto the pedestrain walkway. Now, SLOW DOWN. God,
this got me so many times when I first started. The guy speeds off, so you
speed off to, but there is a very very steep flight of stairs you need to go
down, and if you are going to fast, Niko will slam into the top of the
archway and in some cases die and usually fail the mission. Don't go at a
snail's pace but just watch out.

* Back In Broker *

Now, you can kill the guy. The only problem is getting to him, he speeds off,
you'll have to follow him around and it isn't easy. There are 2 main points
to get him.

Either get close to him and knock him off his bike and shoot him, make sure
you hit the side of his bike not the back. Or, you can shoot him, I found
this really easy at the outlook monument. Anyway, once he's dead, you get the

Mission Complete!


The next mission is the biggest story mission you will have done yet, you
don't have to do anything really, but it's really fun because the story
takes a very good turn.


|                          |
| 59. Weekend at Florian's |
|                          | Rewards: None
|     Given By: Ray        |
|                          |

Fun        (Depends whether you're into the story)
Length     (Depends on where you are)
Difficulty *

Remember Niko came to liberty to find those 2 men and get revenge against
the one who killed and betrayed his friends? Well ray's found someone who
knows where one of them is.

I like this mission, you are introduced to an extremly funny character in a
weird way. However, it's not hard at all.

* Finding Roman *

Well it turns out, Roman is coming along for the ride. Go pick him up from
your algonquin apartment.

I recommend getting a 4 door car, you'll need it in a minute. Now drive over
to star junction to find Talbot, the guy who knows where Florian is.

* Directions *

Well, Talbot will get in the car and you have to listen the his directions.
It's very easy as long as you are slow, take your time and eventually you
will get there. Easy, right?

* Cutscene *

It seems that florian has changed...a lot. I'll let you see for yourself, also
he's now calling himself Bernie (get the pun?). Also, florian promieses he
didn't kill those people, so it has to be Darko. Afterwards, the mission is

Mission Complete!


The next mission is another very hard mission and it's also ray's final


|                   |
| 60. Late Checkout |
|                   | Rewards: $11,000
|   Given By: Ray   |
|                   |

Fun        ***
Length     *****
Difficulty *****

Ray needs a few people dead, and they are staying in a luxury hotel room.
What a Shock! There's loads of guards!

Another very very hard shootout, at least it's original.

* Cutscene *

Ray's final cutscene, nothing hugely exciting.

* Check In *

There are 3 ways to do this, first, the most common, simply going in.

Head over to the majestic hotel and head on in. The bellboy will leave the
elevator, so go head over to it and enter.

You'll end up on the 30th floor. As soon as you get out the elevator a
shootout will commence, (be quick about the guy in front of you, he's fast)
this is actually really easy, this is because you will have great cover and
it's in a hallway. Use the wall as cover and shoot everyone in the hallway,
it's another case of wait for them to pop their heads out and head shot them.
If you are having trouble, throw a grenade and they will run out, if not get
blown up.

Once everyone is dead, (you should have got most or all of them), run to the
end of the hallay but watch out, there are 2 people at the end. One is hiding
behind a pillar, it's kind of obvious. Just don't run to the stairs, you'll
end up regretting it.

* The 31st Floor *

Once the hallway is over, you'll end up on the stairwell. Run up to the 31st
floor. As soon as you go through the red door, another guy will run out and
shoot, shoot him immediatly, missing him by a second will cost you.

Now go through the door he just ran out of, through the double doors and the
split second you get in to the hotel room, use the couch for cover, it's the
only piece you got.

* Hotel Room Fiasco *

Although you have almost no cover, this is another ordinary shootout. Since
it's only a hotel room, not many people are here, evening out the fact there
is little cover. Just shoot everyone you can. Due to the small layout of the
room, grenades can be dangerous, but effective if you're careful.

Afterwards, head slowly to the kitchen, found under the stairs, this is where
the first of the three targets is, you don't have any cover so keep alert.


Now the 2nd guy, is in the room above the kitchen which is the bedroom, he's
talking to a girl who will run away once you go in, but that's not important,
you can just let her run away. After the 2nd guy is dead, you can go for
the 3rd guy who is on the roof.

This one is hard to kill, he's on the roof and there is no cover, the
only way you could do this without getting shot is, to go up and down the
starway to the roof shooting and aiming when you get to the top and then
run back down. Going up and down gives you a few seconds to shoot. Once they
are all dead, you'll get a 2 star wanted level. Run out onto the roof and
shoot everyone on the roof below, aim and it will lock onto them. Kill them
and soon you'll make it to the lift (remember, those you used in
Deconstruction for Beginnners?). Go down and you'll end up in an alleyway and
you should have enough time to get a car and escape before the police get


* The 2nd Way *

This is pretty much exactly the same but backwards, instead of going up the
elevator, you go up the window cleaning lift and work backwards, starting with
the roof then the bedroom, then the kitchen. Nothing new. It just makes
getting back to the window cleaning lift longer.

* The 3rd Way *

Simply put, grab a helicopter, and fly up onto the roof, do everything in
"The 1st Way" backwards then get in and fly away, so that you get out the
wanted level.

Mission Complete!!!


Now to head over to Bernie's place, for his first mission.


|                       |
| 61. Hating the Haters |
|                       | Rewards: $6000
|   Given By: Bernie    |
|                       |

Fun        ***
Length     ****
Difficulty ***

Bernie is getting beaten up, and your going to stop it.

An ok mission, nothing special.

* Cutscene *

Bernie's getting stalked, and is scared he is going to be beaten if it
doesn't stop, of course you have to help him!

* Jogging *

Everyday when Bernie jogs through Middle Park, he gets stalked so in order to
catch the stalker, Bernie will jog and you will follow, and get the stalker
when he shows.

Take Bernie to Middle Park and he'll stretch, then jog. You don't need to
actually jog, just run then walk and repeat. Soon, when Bernie goes into a
tunnel, the stalker will show and hit him with a bat. Whoppee, it's time
for a chase. -_-

NOTE: If you are very quick, and have a gun equipped while jogging, you may
get the guy before he escapes, but you have to be very quick.

* Grass is Slippery? *

Now you have to run up the stairs where the stalker went, don't worry about
Bernie yet. Now you have to grab a bike, it will be right there, don't try
and get a car, it will make things hard later.

Now you have to follow the stalker through Middle Park, but due to the bike's
controls and the fact that grass isn't the best surface to drive on. Never
go at top speed, and watch out for pedestrains and tree's. Try to do this
mission during the day and not when it's raining. It takes a while, but you
just have to shoot him when you have the chance. Watch out for the cops since
you are bound to get a wanted level, but you can't focus on that now. If you
don't kill him by a certain point, then you have to pick up bernie and
continue through the streets, try to avoid this since the police get stronger
and it gets quicker. Afterwards, whenever you have killed the hater, take
Bernie to persues to finish the mission, you still have to pick him up if
you killed the hater before he got onto the streets.

Mission Complete!


The next mission is rather boring and long. Great. :(


|                  |
| 62. Union Drive  |
|                  | Rewards: $6250
| Given By: Bernie |
|                  |

Fun        **
Length     ****
Difficulty ****

Bernie needs you to deal with some more guys, cue a very long, very boring

* Cutscene *

Just another cutscene with Bernie's over the top attitude.

* Uhh, driving *

Well, there isn't that much to say about this, drive to the destination
marker. Watch the scene and then the guy's will take off. Turns out, the
blackmailer is Dimitri. Well at least you have a good motive to kill his
men now!

Now it's just another case of follow them to the other side of algonquin
avoiding traffic. The traffic is designed the way it is so all those annoying
cars changing lanes are going to stay that way. So if you fail, remember it
for next time. It's a very long and boring chase which really doesn't feature
anything new. Also, always stay on the right side of the highway, don't
follow the car directly. The most crucial thing is that you don't go onto any
of the highway ramps, this will make you fail unless you're insanely fast.

Once you're off the highway, a police car will arrive after the guy's you're
chasing. Don't hit it or it might go after you. The police car will flip out
in the underpass, afterwards, it's another case of carefully weaving through
the traffic avvoiding moving cars.

If your car spins backwards, you still have a chance of catching up but if
your car flips over or Niko flys out the car, you probably don't. Don't go
too fast, they take some sharp corners.

* Eventually *

After that chase, they will flee their car and escape into the pathway near
the sea. Before you get out, flip the car around so the front is facing the
road, you'll have to make an escape in a minute.

Go down and shoot them, it isn't hard at all, then you will probably get a
wanted level, run back to Bernie and drive as fast as you can, hopefully
it's only 1 star but if it's more you know how to escape with ease now.

Afterwards, drive Bernie home for your cash.

Mission Complete!


Now for Derrick's first mission, which is difficult and long. Stupid
checkpoint system!


|                   |
|  63. Smackdown    |
|                   | Rewards: $6500, A new safehouse,
| Given By: Derrick |
|                   |

Fun        **
Length     *****
Difficulty *****

Derrick needs you to kill someone who betrayed him, although, he's got

Difficult, long and an annoying escape. This is one of those missions where
the no checkpoint system will really grind on your nerves.

* Cutscene *

Meet Derrick, Packie's brother, he's a bit drunk so he wants someone dead.

* To the House *

First things first, you need to locate the guy, you need a police car, before
you call them and get a wanted level, there is one parked on the street
to the left.

Once you got one, click on search by name and type in Bucky. He will come up.
Turns out he has been hanging out in the burger shot in north alderney.
Drive there, it's not too far. Also, you need to keep the cop car.

As soon as you arrive, Bucky will flee into his car and drive off.

This isn't the most normal and easiest chase in the world, he's going to drive
through the housing estate, not the roads, this means that your car will be
tough to keep in control. It's not that difficult but you should
watch out, if you flip over, you might not fail, keep running after him and
you might just make it. Soon, he will stop, I would use the car for cover
because police cars are pretty strong.

* Another House Party *

This isn't a hard shootout, it's kinda nice until the cops arrive, then
things get hard. First, using the car for cover, take out as many people
you can on the front porch. Grenades are great but make sure it doesn't
hit the wall and bounce back. Another tip, is rather than fight them head on,
go round the right hand side of their house, to the garage, and use Bucky's
car for cover. This gives you less space to work with but more view of the

Hopefully you don't have a wanted level, if you do, lose it then come back.

Now use the door as cover and shoot it open, now kill everyone you see, that
will deal with most of them. Apart from the guy upstairs with a shotgun, there
isn't anyone in particular to look out for. Now, with everyone dead, you have
to escape.

Either using Bucky's car or just the police car from the beginning, escape,
you could have a quite high wanted level, so Pay n Sprays are a sensible
idea. You might have a 2 star or a 4 star, it depends. Either way, try
to escape and you'll finish the mission.

* An easy way? *

People have been talking about this easy way to do the mission, I tried it
out, it kinda worked but had a few problems, here it is.

1) Once you have chased Bucky back to his house, leave and go get a
2) Hover over the house and call the police a few times.
3) Wait a few moments, and they will kill everyone.
4) As soon as the last guy is killed, you will get a wanted level anyway, so
escape in the helicopter with ease!

It works, sometimes. Give it a go if you are having trouble with it.

Mission Complete!


The new safehouse isn't amazing but it serves it's purpose.

Now for a bit more of a fun, original mission...


|                  |                      Note: You may only do this mission
| 64. Buoys Ahoy!  |                            between 5:45am and 6:45pm.
|                  | Rewards: $6500
| Given By: Bernie |
|                  |

Fun        ****
Length     ***
Difficulty ***

Bernie calls you for an emergency, well, kinda.

I like this mission, it's different and much better and easier than the
last few awful missions.

* Cutscene *

Bernie's having a crisis, well not really, but it's importent to him. He wants
you and him to go on a picnic in a boat. Of course, that's not whats going to

* F.U.N! *

First job, simple enough, drive to Broker beach in a boat. Simple enough,
I would go around the pier, I kept trying to go under it and flipping over
it. Once that's done, drive into the arrow.

This boat is very easy to flip over, remember that.

Watch the scene and now you have to chase the guy's. Go around the pier or
through it if you are confident. Remember, this isn't a road, you don't have
to go exactly where they go. As long as you hold down RT/R2, and you don't
follow them directly through the obstacles, you'll be fine.

Just before you reach Colony Island, the russians will leap over a stunt jump,
since this is only going to work in a boat, you should aim to do it now.

There is another stunt jump, just before Charge Island, when the russians
start weaving under a walkway, you can take the right path inbetween two cargo
ships to find a ramp. At the top of Charge Island, the police will start to
chase the russians. However, that is short lived as in a few seconds they
will explode. Nice while it lasted right? Dimitri's men will run out onto
land at the top left corner of Dukes.

* Land, Ho! *

Now you have to kill these guys, in a cemetry, (ironic much?).
Park your boat by the pier, near their boat and enter the graveyard. Simply
put, just aim and shoot, they are on your radar and you have graves and walls
for cover, it's easy.

If you get a wanted level, it's easy to escape since, once you talk to Bernie
the mission will end and your wanted level with it.

Mission Complete!


That mission was just practise compared to the next boat mission, which
should be right about now.


|                   |
| 65. Babysitting   |
|                   | Rewards: $7000
| Given By: Derrick |
|                   |

Fun        **
Length     ***
Difficulty ****

Derrick needs help getting an immigrant into the country.

Meh, another boat mission, but much harder.

* Cutscene *

Not much, meeting Derrick who arrives in a boat. That's it

* Things go wrong, for the 65th time *

Once you are in control of Niko in the boat, drive towards Kim, the immigrant
on the boat, he's north of Alderney.

Once you get to him, you will set off, you'll have to follow him. As soon as
it seems that nothing could go wrong...it goes wrong. You're going to be
driving and shooting, in a boat.

It's pretty simple, provided you don't flip the boat over, like driving a car,
you have to focus on driving whilst shooting. As long as you stay close to
Kim and don't hit the side of anything, you'll be fine. Remember, unlike a
bike, hitting something straight on is ok, but hitting something to the side
is bad because the boat might flip over. Not much else to say apart from
Good Luck!

* Rocket Power! *

After a pretty long chase, hopefully Kim isn't to badly hurt, Derrick will
give you a Rocket Launcher. With this you have to shoot the helicopter above
you. Try not to shoot it when it's over Kim's or your boat, that wouldn't be

Now you have to shoot everyone else, whether it be with guns or the rocket
launcher. If you are using the rocket launcher, don't shoot any boats near
your or Kim's boat.

After all that, you have another drive with Kim with no more enemies and then
you're done.

Mission Complete!


That's the end of the boat missions for now, but now you've got a bigger
problem, one of the hardest and most annoying missions in the game.


|                     |
| 66. Tunnel of Death |
|                     | Rewards: $7500,
|  Given By: Derrick  |
|                     |

Fun        **
Length     *****
Difficulty *****

Derrick wants revenge on someone, problem is, they are in prison. However,
they are being taken in a truck...

An ok mission, ruined by the insanely difficult escape.

* Cutscene *

Derrick is out of it, really out of it. He needs help with someone. Packie is
gonna help you.

* Prison Break *

Well, time to start. Drive over to the van parked for you, it's a a bit of
a drive, so get a taxi if you want.

Once you're in, Packie will call you. Your job is to block a tunnel so that
the prisoner in the van can be kidnapped, taken to a cliff, and killed in

Now drive over to the tunnel that connects Alderney and Algonquin.
Once you're there, two arrows will appear, you have to park the truck in line
with these two arrows. Nothing much. You might notice the gun by them, pick
it up, but don't if you have an SMG.

After a small clip of the police stopping, you now have to start a shootout,
in the tunnel, hence the name of the mission. The police man will get out the
car to see what's up, now shoot him. All hell will break loose, including a
nice 3 star wanted level for you.

The shootout itself is pretty easy, as long as you don't use grenades or a
RPG. You can move foward to the next car if you can't seem to shoot the last
few cops. Now, get into the van when they are gone.

* Wanted...again *

Woo, another wanted level, only this one is particlarly difficult. You could
use cheats or you could call Kiki, one of the optional girlfriends on
Lovemeet.com to help.

Most of it comes down to luck really, the only real tip is practise, also go
into algonquin since the helicopter has trouble with all the skyscrapers.
Hopefully, you'll be lucky, keep at it! Most people just tend to speed foward,
it seems to work so give that a go. Also, don't forget that pay and sprays
can be your best friends here. Try the one in Purgatory.

Afterwards, you have to drive to a car, then to the cliffs and then, you
shoot aiden, mission done.

Mission Complete!


You'll need some armour for the next mission, it's not as hard as the last
one but it involves more shooting.


|                     |
| 67. Truck Hustle    |
|                     | Rewards: $11,000
| Given By: Phil Bell |
|                     |

Fun        ****
Length     ****
Difficulty ****

Phil Bell, wants you to steal a truck.

It's actually very unique and different.

* Cutscene *

Meet Phil Bell, one of the last bosses you'll have.

* Truck, GET! *

Take the car that Ray didn't get into and drive to north alderney.

In true GTA fashion you won't be able to just walk up and snag the truck. Now,
shoot someone to trigger a shootout, don't worry about cover, you'll already
have some. An assault rifle is the best gun here, it's got a very far zoom and
a lot of people here are quite far away. Grenades are useful here as long as
you don't use them near the truck or yourself.

Soon a red pick-up truck will drive in, kill the guys in it. If you want to
move foward whilst in the shootout, I recommened using that as cover. Keep
moving up this extremly long alley using the cars and boxes for cover. It's
not hard, you're used to it by now. Run up to the truck when you're done.

Suddenly, it will try to escape, run after it and Niko will automatically
catch the back of the truck. Que a fun and strange minigame!

* Stealing a Truck, for Dummies *

Well, before Niko gets pulled along the streets, you have to keep pressing
A (Xbox360) or X (PS3) to climb up onto the roof. Now it gets a bit harder,
you must push foward on the left analogue stick whilst rolling on corners.
When the truck goes left, you roll left, when the truck goes right, you roll
right. Keep going foward to get in. Even if you fall off, just keep slamming
A (Xbox360) or X (PS3) to get back up.

Once you defeat the driver, simply drive the truck to it's destination, the
very top point of alderney.

Mission Complete!


Now, for another choice mission, intresting as well.


|                    |
| 68. Blood Brothers |
|                    | Rewards: No Wanted Levels (1 to 3 stars), OR,
| Given By: Francis  |             2 new missions, (See below for info)
|                    |

Fun        ****
Length     **
Difficulty **

Francis wants you to kill Derrick, Derrick wants you to kill Francis.
You choose.

A fun, simple yet brilliant mission.

* Cutscene *

Francis ain't happy, he wants you to kill Derrick, his own brother.

* To The Meeting *

Drive to the destination and Derrick will call you. After you're there, get
out the car and Francis will call you. After that climb the scaffolding and
use the rooftop cleaner to go to the top, you know how to use them now. The
game tells you anyway.

* Eeny Meany Miny Mo *

Here's what you'll get from killing them:

Killing Derrick:

-- If you call Francis he will lose any wanted level you have (1 to 3 stars)
-- If you call him just before you shoot, you get some money

Killing Francis

-- You get 2 more mission which go to 100%
-- Derrick is a much better character

Anywho, make your choice and watch the scene. Now go back down the window
cleaner and escape your wanted level, if you have one. Done.

Mission Complete!


Now you can go meet your next boss, he is the last one. You need a suit and
some nice shoes to meet him. Head over to Persues, also get some armour.


|                      |
| 69. Pegorino's Pride |
|                      | Reward: $10,500
|  Given By: Pegorino  |
|                      |

Fun        **
Length     *****
Difficulty *****

Pegorino needs to overlook a meeting, you have to protect him.

Meh, hard and long and not that fun.

* Cutscene *

Meet Pegorino, the big cheese of the game, head of an organizied crime
group. This is the guy Phil and Ray work for.

* Keeping Guard *

Drive over to the warehouse where the meeting is, this is a long drive all
across Alderney. If you die you have to do it again, great!

Once that's over, you'll be given a rifle and told to go upstairs and look
watch over the meeting. Once in control, run foward and through the door in
front of you. Go to the end of the hallway to a flight of stairs. Pick up the
shotgun under the stairs before you head up. Head up onto the top level and
stand near the window furthest away from the stairs to trigger the next part
of the mission.

Once you're in control again, zoom through the rifle scope to the meeting.
Soon, all hell will break loose. Using the radar, find every red blip and
shoot, not too hard. Yet. Also, zoom out a bit to get a wider view of
everyone. There are 5 guys in total.

* Rescueing Pegorino *

Once you're done with everyone, run back downstairs and quickly get outside
from where you came in. The second you get outside, aim with a assault,
carbine or SMG gun. Shooting quickly here is vital since you don't have
any cover.

Watch out for guys on top of stairways, they may catch you offguard.

Now, a lot of people do this the hard way, but actually, there is an easier
way. After killing those few guys run around the right side of the building
and go through the back, if you enter this way you don't have to fight anyone
AND pegorino is right there (use the radar to find his blip).

* Payback *

Now that Pegorino is safe, we have to follow the traitors and get the money
back. This isn't too hard, just don't go too fast on the grass, especially if
it's raining. Also don't bother shooting anyone. Soon, you'll get to a road,
since the traffic is programmed, two cars will drive past, be careful not to
get caught inbetween them.

After a few tricky turns and a few ramps, their car will crash into some
steps. If you're lucky, you can get out and shoot all of them before they
escape, if you don't you have to shoot them on the scaffolding in front of
you. Anywho, after killing them, take the offering, get back in the car and
drive home. Simple!

Mission Complete!


For the next mission you should bring a suit, you're about to bury the
McReary that you killed.


|                  |
|  70. Undertaker  |
|                  | Rewards: None (It counts as Francis's mission)
| Given By: Packie |
|                  |

Fun        ***
Length     ***
Difficulty ***

Time to bury Francis/Derrick, of course it doesn't go to plan.....

A simple and fun mission, don't worry nothing changes depending on who you
killed except a few differences in the cutscenes and the cemetry is further
away if you killed Derrick.

* Cutscene *

Drive over to the church after Packie's call. Now, go to the church and watch
the scene. The cutscene is basically the funeral, the coffin will be put in
the hearse and.....

* Death at a Funeral *

Well, it was never going to be a normal funeral. Guys will show up and start
shooting, now it's just a simple cover and shoot shootout. You've got loads
of cover so it's easy but it is long, also you might end up with a wanted

After that, quickly get in the hearse and drive.

* The Fun in Funeral *

It's not over yet, a car will crash into you and the back door of the hearse
will fly off. If the coffin falls out it's mission failed. Simply put, with
each bump it gets closer to the edge, also the top of the coffin will come off
just before it's about to fall off.

Don't worry about the guys shooting at you, you should focus on the police, if
they are on your tail. Lose the cops without bumping into anything, (you can
practise that outside of the mission with ease), and get to the cemetry, then
the mission is over!

Mission Complete!


For the next mission, bring armour and a rocket launcher or grenades. You can
get a free rocket launcher on top of a rock in the sea in north algonquin.


|                    |
|    71. Payback     |
|                    | Rewards: None
| Given By: Pegorino |
|                    |

Fun        ***
Length     ***
Difficulty ***

Pegorino wants some more people dead. Surprise, surprise.

Another ok mission, much much easier if you have a rocket launcher or

* Cutscene *

After a nice conversation with Jimmy's wife, you get to talk to the man
himself, we're going to get payback on the Pavanos.

* Diner Dash *

The first order of business is to drive on over to the diner, it's a fairly
long drive. As soon as you arrive, the guys will take off. This is pretty
easy, your biggest issue will be avoiding cars, but even if you hit one, you
can still catch up. You'll want to watch out just in Alderney City, a bus
comes down the street so don't get hit.

They will stop at the AutoEroticar shop over in Leftwood/Alderney City.

* Bang Bang *

You'll be told to kill them all, but there is a simple way to do this, if you
brought a rocket launcher. Since they are using cars for cover, simply get
out, blow them up and then drive away. You can also do this with grenades,
but a rocket launcher is easier, however it is more expensive and you don't
get paid for this mission. If you miss anyone, you can shoot them out your
car window, but be quick, shotguns can do huge damage to you.

If you have neither, this turns into a difficult shootout, mainly because of
the police but you'll have to do you're best, drive away and come back if you
must. Afterwards, lose your wanted level, it's nothing new but it is tricky.
Then, you're done!

Mission Complete!


Now for one of my favourite missions, you won't need armour or guns.


|                   |
| 72. I'll Take Her |
|                   | Rewards: $9500, A 10G achievement/trophy,
|  Given By: Gerry  |
|                   |

Fun        *****
Length     ****
Difficulty ****

You need to kidnap a girl in order to use her as a ransom for those diamonds
from previous missions.

A great mission, different and fun.

* Cutscene *

Gerald is in jail, not really a big shock, however he tells you to call

* Gimme your number *

Niko will call Packie whilst outside, you're going to be Kidnapping a girl
called Gracie.

In order to get her you need to pretend you're buying her car which is for
sale and then take her whilst on the test drive.

Head on over to Tw@. Once inside, log onto the web. Once you're on the home
page, scroll down to the AutoEroticar.Com advert in the middle of the page.
Click on it to head to the website. Click 'View Cars' and scroll down to the
pink one. Look at it and then the number will be added to your phonebook.
Logout and leave the cafe.

You can only call Grace between 8:00 and 21:00, you should aim to do this in
daytime, things will be easier that way. Kill time if you must and then ring
her and head out to her place in alderney.

* Taking Her *

Once you're there, she will get in the car with you and instuct you to go to
the south coast. Remember, you'll want to act normal, don't crash or jump out
obviously. Drive slow and on the right side of the road.

Soon, the game will tell you to initiate the kidnapping. This is where it gets
good. Drive onto the bridge by following the in game radar. Basically you have
to get to the other end. Easy right? Wrong. Gracie will try to steal the wheel
from you, all I can say is, when you start to lose control of the wheel, don't
stop, or gracie will get out. Then again, don't go charging down the highway,
if the car flips, it's mission over. Watch out when she trys to jump out.
Don't stop or hit anything with the side of your car or you'll flip over.

Not really much more to say, it's quite hard and it might take a few
tries. Listen to the amazing argument until Niko cuts it short. Then, you've
got a pretty easy drive to the end of the mission!

* Or... *

If you mess up the test drive by being a maniac, you probably will have to
drive through the alderney streets instead of the bridge. You may actually
find this easier, try it if you get stuck on the bridge.

Mission Complete!


The next mission is insanely easy, if it can even be called a mission.


|                  |
|   73. Ransom     |
|                  | Rewards: None
| Given By: Packie |
|                  |

Fun        ***
Length     Depends on where you start
Difficulty *

In order for the kidnapping exchange to work, you need to take a picture of
grace to let her family know you want the diamonds.

Very very quick and easy.

* Say Cheese *

Packie will call you and tell you the plan. Head over to the ransom icon in
north Alderney. Go inside the building and up the stairs and into the room
with grace and the guard inside.

Make grace look at you by pressing L1 (Ps3) or LB (Xbox360). Then, point your
phone camera (select it from the phone menu) at grace. Make sure her whole
head is in and take it by pressing X (Ps3) or A (Xbox360). Leave the safehouse
and you're done.

Mission Complete!


Bring armour and bullets to the next mission, in my opinion it's the worst
mission in the whole game.


|                     |
| 74. Catch the Wave  |
|                     | Rewards: $7500
| Given By: Phil Bell |
|                     |

Fun        *
Length     *****
Difficulty *****

Phil needs help stealing a boat filled with crack.

A horrible, horrible mission. The AI is stupid and if Phil dies, you must
do an extremly long and boring drive all over again.

* Cutscene *

Phil is enjoying the sights at Honkers but he is going on a mission with you
now. Believe me, you'll wish he wasn't.

* Driving, and Driving, and Driving *

Now for the one of the most annoying parts of this mission, remember if you
die, which is very easy to do, you must do this all over again.

First, drive to the other side of Alderney, to pick up a truck, then you must
drive across algonquin and onto charge island to start this mission properly.


Well time for the shootout, now you should know, calling Dwayne's men for
backup is useful if you have his friend ability. Also, it isn't the shootout
that is hard, it's Phil.
He will run out blindly opening himself lots, meaning you might fail because
of him dying. This is more of a protect mission.

The game tells you that the element of surprise is crucial. That's crap. Your
cover will be blown anyway, so your best bet is to get out the van while Phil
is talking, get cover behind the van, and start shooting from the left side.
Once you have shot a decent amount, head in a bit further. You'll have to be
quick. Focus on the guy nearest you and especially on the walkways on top of
the warehouse, since these will probably get you or Phil.
You must always make sure no one is behind you when you're in the warehouse.
Also, an assault rifle is your best friend here, since
it has such a good zoom. Take note of the FIRST AID KIT by one of the red
explosive barrels, you can shoot them if you know that Phil isn't near them.
It's on the left side of the warehouse.

Soon, Phil will make it to the boats, watch out for guys out here to and then
get in. But, get the ARMOUR by it first.

* It just doesn't end *

When you get into the boat, wait for Phil to leave first, or you'll slam into
him, flipping him or yourself over and fail the mission. Not that that has
happened to me before...*cough*. Anyway, Phil will set off, you steadily
behind him. Nothing could go wrong! Wrong.

Well, remember the mission "Babysitting"?. This is pretty much a repeat of
that. Enemies will drive up to you gradually and shoot, like before. Try and
aim for the driver if you can, also keep checking foward. Hitting anything
might result in a mission fail. You don't want that now. Once they are gone,
it isn't too hard, keep driving with Phil for a bit and park at the dock,
then, walk onto the jetty.

Job finally done.

Mission Complete!


Now back to the whole, Gracie kidnapping thing.


|                    |
| 75. She's a Keeper |
|                    | Rewards: $9750, A 10G Achievment/Trophy,
|  Given By: Gerry   |
|                    |

Fun        ***
Length     ***
Difficulty **

Gracie needs taking to another safehouse, not too far away.

Meh, not hard but not the funnest mission in the world.

* Cutscene *

Gerry needs you to continue the development of the kidnapping ransom.

* Transportation *

Drive over to the north side of Alderney to re-unite with Gracie.
Gracie is waiting for you in a car, we need to take her to her next
home aka, kidnapping base.

A nice, short little drive to the north of algonquin. Well, until Gracie's
family show up, basically, they will try and bump into you. Since Gracie is
in the boot, if you get bumped to hard, she dies.

Luckily, it's a short drive, you don't need to shoot at them, all you need to
do is drive safely but quickly, weaving through traffic. At some point they
will automatically disappear. Then drive to Packie by the pay and spray for
your reward.

Simple or what?

Mission Complete!


On the complete opposite side of that, the next mission is very very hard,
bring armour, bullets and everything you got. It's gonna get ugly.


|                                        |
| 76. Diamond's are a Girl's best friend |
|                                        | Rewards: None,
|           Given by: Gerry              |
|                                        |

Fun        ***
Length     *****
Difficulty *****

It's time for the diamond exchange. Finally, things go to plan!...not.

A very hard mission, bordering on ridiculously long.

* Cutscene *

Good news, it's the final mission of the kidnapping, Bad news, this is the
last time you'll see Gerry.

* Driving all over the place *

Well first, you'll get a call from Packie. Now, you must drive from South
Alderney to north Algonquin, then to Charge Island. Needless to say this is
one hell of a drive.

* Cutscene *

Meet Luis and Gay tony, well you've met Luis before, from Three Leaf Clover
and Museum Piece. Anyway, the deal will actually go to plan (shocker!). But...
soon Bulgarin will arrive, causing a long and difficult shootout.

* BOOM, headshot! *

For the first part, Bulgarin's men will use the sewage containers as cover.
This is a simple timing exercise, wait for them to pop up and then shoot
them in the head. Before that though, focus on the guys on the catwalks above.
They can catch you off guard. Once all of the sewage container guys are gone,
Packie will run foward. That's why those catwalk guys should have been taken
care of before.

Proceed with Packie until everyone is off the radar. Once they are gone,
run up the catwalk to grab some ARMOUR right in front of the first bit of
cover. It's hard to miss. Kill the two guys behind the pipes in front of you
and then turn around and look up, there are a bunch of guys directly above
you. Shoot quickly here, these guys have great aim over you. Keep following
Packie whilst checking the radar.

* Crossroads *

Soon, Packie will run left and instruct you to carry on foward. Walk foward
into the yellow marker and suddenly some more guys in cars will drive in. If
you have grenades, use them, or an RPG but that might be a waste. Grenades
will make it quick, but be careful about holding it, you'll be open to their
gunfire. Either way, kill them, it should be quick and painless.

However, as soon as that is over, Packie will get ambushed! Quickly run over
there and help, an assault rifle is good because of it's zoom, but as long as
you are quick about it, you'll be fine. After that, run foward with him until
he stops.

* There they go... *

Some guy will hold the diamonds over the bridge. He then drops them onto a
passing truck. So, all that work, for nothing. Packie isn't happy about it.
Now, just kill the two guys in front of you the same way as before, wait for
them to pop their heads out and then shoot.

Then, find a car and drive Packie home. It's finally over! :)

Mission Complete!


Now, back to Pegorino's place.


|                    |
|   77. Flatline     |
|                    | Reward: $13,000,
| Given By: Pegorino |
|                    |

Fun        ***
Length     ***
Difficulty ** (Easy way) **** (Hard way)

Anthony has ratted Peg and Niko out, however he's had a heart attack and is
in hospital, but he needs to be finished off.

This can either be really simple or difficult. You choose.

* Cutscene *

Peg's losing it, his best man Anthony has ratted us out, so you need to finish
him off.

* The Hospital in Hospitality *

Head on over to the hospital in Alderney, it's really close to Peg's house.
Noww there's the easy way, or the hard way.

The Easy Way:

First, drive over to the hospital, and enter via the front doors. Don't
have your weapons out.

Now, turn right and then right again, to a small room just before the E.R
department. In here, are some scrubs. Put them on and enter the E.R

Proceed to the end of the corridor where the police are hanging out. They will
think you're a doctor. Enter Anthony's room and the guy in the room will
leave. Walk over to his life support and turn it off. Now, you have to escape
with the police. You can technically run out of the hospital without having
to fight anyone, if you have full armour. But it's risky. Either way, shoot
your way out and run back to your car. With ease, you can escape the 2 star
wanted level. There is a pay and spray close by.

The Hard Way:

Drive over to the Hospital and don't get the scrubs. Start the shootout
instantly in the E.R corridor. Run into Anthony's room and shoot him. Then
the cops will swarm in, it's a harder shootout. But nothing new. So keep
shooting whilst gradually escaping. Then lose the wanted level, which might be
higher than the easy way, but it varies on my game.

Mission Complete!


The next mission is TOUGH, bring armour, bullets and everything you got.


|                     |
|    78. Trespass     |
|                     | Rewards: $10,500,
| Given By: Phil Bell |
|                     |

Fun        **
Length     ****
Difficulty *****

Some guy blabbed about the Coke thingy, his name is Charlie. We have to take
him out, in an old factory.

My god, this is difficult. It's nothing new, but it's still tricky.

* Cutscene *

Really quickly, Phil tells you he needs to go to Port Tudor.

* Down Under *

Right, we need to kill a guy named Charlie before he leaves in a helicopter.

Drive to the factory, it's not far. Now, you get a choice, barge through the
entrance or sneak under through the tunnel. The tunnel is a much better idea.
Proceed under the tunnel, which is to the left as soon as you enter the
factory grounds.

You don't need to head towards the end of the tunnel, you simply have to go
through a hole in the left wall about 5 seconds in. Leading up this path will
lead you through a hole into the bottom floor of the factory. Pull out an
assault rifle or SMG and shoot the guys above you. This is where all hell
breaks loose. You should wait a minute to kill any guys stupid enough to
come downstairs to try and shoot you.

* Going Up *

Well, oddly enough, the guy you need to kill is on one of the higher floors.
There isn't that much cover unfortunatly. Once everyone on this floor is gone,
run up the ramp and then head up the stairs to the second floor. On the second
floor are even more of these guys, you still don't have much cover, so keep
strafing up and down the stairs to avoid their gunfire. Once everyone on
this floor is dead proceed up to the third floor.

On the third floor, Chubby Charlie will flee, your best bet is to strafe up
and down the ramp connecting the second and third floor to avoid gunfire.
Watch out for the guy directly behind the ramp, if you strafe up and down
you won't avoid him, wal up the ramp then do a 180 turn to locate him.

After that, walk up to the fourth floor. The second you get up the stairs,
some guy hiding behind an air vent might shoot at you. This is your primary
source of cover for this floor so wait for a headshot and shoot him then steal
his cover. Using this air vent as protection, shoot the remaining men who are
using the pillars in fron to of ou as their cover.

Once they are gone, proceed through the archway door and immediatly run left
into a wall, you can use this as your cover. Once everyone is dead, jump
out the window, which Charlie just did.

* Rooftop Rumble *

Jump out the window and immediatly take cover with those air vents. Shoot
the other people here, including some people on other buildings. Now, there
are two bridges here, on top of the second one, is a guy, shoot him now before
you go under. Proceed over the first bridge to the next building, you should
have dealt with the two men by the next bridge. So turn left and use the
second one. Charlie will climb up a ladder, before you follow him, look up
to where he is climbing and shoot everyone you can see. Then you can follow

* Finishing with a bang *

Charlie will slowly take off in a helicopter. If you have an RPG use it
quickly. If not, just hit it with everything you got to bring it down to the
ground. Now, you'll finally get your reward.

Mission Complete!


The next mission is also Phil's and it's even bigger and difficult. Bring
armour and health, and a lot of bullets.


|                                 |
| 79. To Live and Die in Alderney |
|                                 | Rewards: $12,000
|      Given By: Phil Bell        |
|                                 |

Fun        ***
Length     *****
Difficulty *****

Phil and you are picking up the heroin from Frankie, until the police find

Imagine, the mission 'Three Leaf Clover', take out epicness and you're left
with this.

* Cutscene *

Niko and Phil have a heated debate about the guy Niko is looking for. Anyway,
Phil needs your help for the final time.

* Busted! *

Get in the car with Phil and drive to the old house at the very northern tip
of Alderney. Once there, drive into the arrow and watch the scene and there
go the sirens.

Now that the police are on your tail, you have to get into the car and follow
Phil. You don't need to shoot, just focus on driving. It's tougher than
other following missions, also, there are more buses out today. You have to
keep close to Phil and weave in and out of the cops and other things.
Soon, the FIB cars will change back into the ordinary ones you see on the
streets. Pay close attention whilst in Alderney City, the buses here are
insane, blocking you off and then hitting a police car head on.

At the very instant you leave Alderney city and into Berchem, 2 huge monster
truck type lorries will come and knock a police car out, but they will
probably end up blocking you to. Just after that incident, you'll end up
driving around a factory type building, watch out for the people in the
forklifts. Pay close attention to the sharp turns. As soon as you leave the
area around the building, Phil will automatically call you and tell you that
he is dumping his car. Follow him, the final police car will crash and then
proceed down the alley, watch the scene and get ready to rumble.

* Extreme Shootout *

Turn around to where Phil and Frank are shooting, join in until every cop is
down. Now, another cop car will arrive at the other end of the alley. Turn
around and do the same as before, don't use grenades, since you're in such a
small amount of space. Two more cars will appear and then followed by a
N.O.O.S.E truck with armoured guards. Make sure you have some cover, it's
nothing new, but your health can shoot down like a rocket.

Afterwards, run across the street and up to the van, suddenly a helicopter
will rise. Either shoot it with an RPG if you have one, shoot it with your
best weapons or if you are really confident, throw a grenade so it goes off
the second it hits the chopper. Also, don't hit it when it's above you, you
don't want to die now :P.

Now, get in the van with Phil and Frank and escape your wanted level which
is probably 3 or 2 stars which isn't to hard. There is a pay and spray close
by in Port Tudor. Either way, escape it and drive everyone back to the
safehouse to finally end this mission!

Mission Complete!


Now, we can head over to the final mission boss of the game, an old dying
man named Gavelli, he's over in Broker. Where you started.


|                    |
|   80. Entourage    |
|                    | Rewards: $12,000
| Given By: Gambetti |
|                    |

Fun        ***
Length     ****
Difficulty ****

Gravelli, is not happy with these russians, they are taking over and now,
he is going to let you work for him, in exchange for the guy Niko is looking

An ok mission, quite tricky.

* Cutscene *

Not too much, Gravelli yelling about the russians, whilst coughing.

* Convoying *

The basic point of this mission is to help a guy named Bobby, who is in your
car get to City Hall with no problems. Drive over to the middle of Algonquin
where we start. Once your there, get in the middle car and so will Bobby.

Now, you'll be sandwiched between 2 cars so you have to go at a decent speed
whilst not going to fast. Also, you have to obey traffic lights and all that
stupid stuff. Bobby will start talking on his phone to some guy named John.
A little bit in and you'll hit a road block. Well actually, it's a fake road
block set up by the russians. Woo Hoo.

* Street Fighting *

As soon as this starts a guy with a rocket launcher will shoot a car. You
should focus on this guy first, then everyone else. There is a FIRST AID KIT
right behind you, down the alley. This is actually quite difficult, you have
no cover and guys can seemingly pop out of nowhere.
Keep paying attention to the front of you, guys will keep appearing in front
of you and you might not notice. Also, there are 2 guys, on the rooftop of
a building to your left of where you started, which you should watch out for.
The main point I'm getting to is be cautious. Soon, a few more guys will show
up but it's nothing new.

Once it's over, get back in the car with Bobby. If they are all blown up, get
a new one from the road north of you. Now, drive off. Well, you were almost

Four red dots will appear on your radar. This is one of those rare times where
you have to shake them off your tail by driving as fast as you can away from
them. It's really easy so don't sweat. If you are having trouble, just shoot
them or throw a grenade. Afterwards, take Bobby to City Hall to end this

Mission Complete!

Head over to Pegorino's, things are going a bit nuts.


|                    |
|  81. Pest Control  |
|                    | Rewards: $14,500
| Given By: Pegorino |
|                    |

Fun        ***
Length     ***
Difficulty ***

* Cutscene *

Phil and Ray are arguing, surprise surprise. Pegorino needs one of them
killed. Don't worry it's not a choice mission.

* It's not Ray's lucky day *

Drive around for a few minutes and Peg will call you. He wants Ray to die.
Head on over to the yellow marker with an RPG in hand, go to a weapons shop
if you don't have one. You'll need a few bullets.

Drive onto the marker and Jimmy will tell you that he is going over to a chop
shop. Once they set off, you'll want to slowly follow them, don't blow your
cover. Yet. They'll soon make it to a nearby petrol station and stop there.
Get out of your car and shoot the one at the front and then the back. If you
shoot one car, the other will try to escape. Any survivors after the explosion
can be dealt with via ordinary guns. Easy.

Mission Complete!


Now, back to Gambetti, bring a lot of armour for this mission, it's tough.


|                    |
|   82. Dining Out   |
|                    | Rewards: $13,250,
| Given By: Gambetti |
|                    |

Fun        ***
Length     ****
Difficulty ****

Gravelli needs Kim, the guy you helped from Derrick's mission 'Babysitting',
killed. He is in a chinese restaurant.

A fun mission, but it's quite a tricky shootout.

* Cutscene *

Niko is getting closer to finding Darko, but right now someone else needs
killing. What else is new?

* Chinese Takeout *

Take a cab to Mr Fuk's, it's in Alderney. Walk in and talk to the guy at the
counter. He will tell you to beat it. Are you going to take this crap? Nope.
Shoot him, which will cause uproar. A second guy will appear shooting, kill
him before he does any damage.

Enter the main restaurant and use the pillars as cover. You have a lot of
targets from this angle, which is good. Kill everyone you see and then SLOWLY
walk up the stairs. Watch out for the guys behind you while you walk up the
stairs. Once you're on the second floor, stay still for a moment, more people
might come out of random doors. After that, proceed into the red, northwest
door leading into the manager's office.

Point your gun at him and let him talk, Kim's in the kitchen, shoot mr manager
and grab the ARMOUR on his desk. Run back out to find 4 or 5 more guys
running around. Kill them quickly whilst proceeding towards the large silver
kitchen doors. Watch out, as soon as you reach the doors, two more men run
out towards you. This took me by surprise, causing me to scream and die :/.
Anyway, kill them and continue in. Kim will run out the door, follow him,
climb down the ladder and Kim will drive away. Jump on the last remaining

* Not so Fast! *

Since you're on a bike, shooting Kim's tires is pretty easy. Don't get too
close, since someone is in the car, shooting. Just keep shooting the car,
they will jump out when it catches on fire, and then you can shoot them.

Mission Complete!


The next mission is VITAL that you have a rocket launcher or grenades if you
want an easy time.


|                          |
| 83. Liquidize the Assets |
|                          | Rewards: $14,500
|   Given By: Gambetti     |
|                          |

Fun        ***
Length     ****
Difficulty ****

Gambetti and Mr Paper have found Darko, but you need to destroy some vans
which have drugs in their frames.

An ok mission, A LOT easier with RPG rounds or Grenades.

* Cutscene *

Paper has found your man, just do this job to finally get Darko.

* Bang Bang *

The game starts you of in front of a large hill, pretty much hinting that
you jump over the fence and leave yourself wide open to gunfire. You shouldn't
do that. Head around to the south side of the compound to find some barbed
wire fencing. Using a grenade, or RPG (but that's a waste), blow it up,
meaning, you have an easy exit and entrance into the compound.

Once you're in, try and be as stealthy as possible for as long as possible.
At least until you get into the main central area where all the trucks are.
Now all hell will break loose. Rather than run out, destroying the trucks and
then fleeing, you'll need to kill everyone, then do it, it's way to risky.
It's still another shootout, but there are a lot of people on the roof.
Shoot everyone you see and CAREFULLY walk foward.

When you pass a truck, shoot it with your RPG or grenades, make sure you
aren't to close. On the north side of the compound, a truck might start
to drive away, this can be deadly to the success of the mission, so keep an
eye on all the trucks. There isn't much more to say other than, use the boxes
as cover and keep your attention on shooting the vans, not the people. The
people only become an issue when your health goes down. After all the vans are
blown up the mission is automatically over.

Mission Complete!


The next mission is amazing, you don't need anything.


|                          |
| 84. That Special Someone |
|                          | Rewards: A 10G Achievment/Trophy
|   Given By: U.L Paper    |
|                          |

Fun        *****
Length     (Depends where you start)
Difficulty *

Niko finally gets his revenge on the man who killed all his friends and almost
ruined his life.

A fantastic story mission.

* Re-unite *

U.L Paper will give you a call and tell you that Darko is at the airport,
and he tells you goodbye forever.

Roman is coming along to, hell why not? You have to pick him up on Firefly
Island, that place in Broker with the beach where we started the game. Drive
there and pick him up, then drive to the airport. This is it.

* To live is to die *

Watch the scene. Now you choose whether to kill him or let him live. It
affects nothing except some of the dialogue. Do what you wish. Hold a grudge
or let him live. Your choice. Either way it's over. Drive Roman home to end
the mission.

Mission Complete!


Now, that the walkthrough and the game is coming to a close, you have to make
the choice of which ending you want. I won't spoil anything big. Don't worry.


|                    |
| 85. One Last Thing |
|                    | Rewards: Deal ending OR Revenge ending
| Given By: Pegorino |
|                    |

Fun        ***
Length     **
Difficulty *

Pegorino gives you a choice, which in turn, will affect the ending of the

A difficult choice.

* Cutscene *

Pegorino tells you to work with Dimitri. Do you deal with him? Or get revenge
on the man that has ratted you out time after time?

* Decsions, Decsions *

Niko will phone Roman, he says do it for the money.
Niko will phone Kate, she says don't do it for the money.

It's your choice, and I'm not saying anything except, save in your safehouse
on another file before you do this, that way you can see both endings without
having to go through the whole game again.

If you want to get revenge on Dimitri, go to the red sign in Broker,
If you want to deal with Dimitri, go to the green sign in Alderney.

If you picked Revenge skip over to mission 89.
If you picked Deal read on from mission 86, 87, and 88.

I have to say, I found Deal a better ending but harder missions but revenge
was easier to do. But it's all personal taste. Go with what you would do, if
you were in Niko's shoes.

Mission Complete!


First, we'll look at the missions you face on the Deal side of the choice.


|                           |         (THIS IS THE DEAL BRANCH)
| 86. If the Price is right |
|                           | Rewards: $250,000
|    Given By: Yourself     |
|                           |

Fun        ***
Length     *****
Difficulty *****

Time to deal with Dimitri, literally. Unfortunatly...

A very very very hard mission, of course, it would be! xD

* Cutscene *

Well, not really a cutscene, Niko meets up with Phil for the deal.

* A Day at the Docks *

Drive over to the green dollar symbol to start this mission, then drive over
to the docks with Phil. Once you're there, drive through the gate and to the
compound where the deal is taking place.

As it turns out, Dimitri has double crossed you again. He has killed the
buyers without telling you so now, you have to fight the way out of the
compound you're now locked in.

Follow Phil to the side of the compound and climb up the ladder after him.
Climb up the bit of roof and then follow him over to the end window. You'll
have to jump in through the roof, this is a hard shootout, have your best
gun ready and jump in.

* Niko Bellic, Come on Down! *

On the walkways, guys will be on both sides, you need to focus on them first,
forget the guys on the bottom floor for now. Keep moving around whilst aiming
to prevent being hit. Once everyone on the walkway is dead, you can use those
machines on the railing as cover. After doing that, stay here for a bit and
pick off anyone you see on the bottom floor.
If you're daring, you can even try to pick off some guys on the walkways
further into the factory, but even an assault rifles aim won't reach. The main
importance is that before you leave the walkway you entered on, everyone on
the bottom floor is dead. Head down the stairs (it doesn't matter if you go
left or right).

At the next level of the staircase, is another walkway. Moreguys will appear
on this walkway and more men will appear on the bottom floor. Take out the
guys on this walkway and then use the machines on the railing as cover again
to take out everyone on the bottom floor. Basically, it's exactly the same as
what you just did when you came through the roof. Shoot everyone below you
and then head down the staircase which is in the most south eastern point
in the factory.

Now, you'll be on the bottom floor. More guys will flood in, using the truck
as cover is a good idea. You need to be careful about any men you left
upstairs, they will have a perfect aim over you. After everyone is dead, move
towards the yellow point on the radar. About halfway through your run, some
guys will appear on the walkways above you, (north of you). Shoot them with
a assault rifle, since the aim is good and continue foward. Watch out though,
whilst your looking up at the walkways, some more men will go onto the bottom

Once you reach the boat, in the middle of the room, backtrack a little bit
to some stairs. Phil will run up them. You should to. This is kinda tricky.
You'll need to protect Phil. I hope you have a assault rifle. Using it's aim,
shoot everyone you see. Don't stand to close to Phil since you might shoot
him. Take note of the office at the northern point of the factory, guys will
be in there, even if it doesn't look like it. Once everyone is dead, Phil will
run into the office. As soon as he does that, the guy with the money will
flee down the stairs. Follow him, pronto. About 2 or 3 more guys will appear
on the bottom floor. Finish them and then head out of the north east exit.
You'll have to pick a car or a bike to chase this guy with. Go for the car.

* Now for an annoying chase... *

Head onto the train tracks and follow the buyer. Luckily, the buyer is in a
truck so it's not hard to catch up. At the first turn of the train tracks,
a water tower will fall down, it's easy to avoid if you're going slowly.
Follow him around the right turn and he'll go down a steep alley. He will
kncok some scaffolding down, avoid it at all costs. Follow him as he
turns right and then across the street, watch out for the van that goes across
the road as soon as he has crossed.

Now, for a while, the driver will go through the industrail estate. Your main
focus here is avoiding the large trucks which are parked and driving around.
They are easy to avoid so just go quickly but be cautious. Be EXTREMLY careful
when he hits a large pile of green pipes, you'll have to go around it by going
right, but be careful. As soon as he has done that, he'll knock another
water tower down. Then, he'll drive down and alley and across the train tracks
to emerge through a gate and onto the road.

He'll keep driving for a while, but soon he'll get out, you can shoot him
from your car but be sensible. Don't leave yourself wide open whilst you shoot
or get out your car. Now, finally once he is out of the truck and dead, take
the money and take Phil home to end this disgustingly long mission.

Mission Complete!


Well there you go, you now have a lot of money. Now, it's time for Roman's
wedding. Bring a suit and nice shoes.


|                              |
| 87. Mr and Mrs Bellic (Deal) |
|                              | Rewards: None
|     Given By: Yourself       |
|                              |

Fun        ***
Length     **
Difficulty *

Time for Roman's wedding.

Meh, a good story mission but I can't say anything :P.

* White Wedding *

Roman and Pegorino will call you and thank you for doing the deal whilst Kate
will call you saying she doesn't want to see you and won't be attending the

Wait until 10am and drive to the church, watch the scene and then your done.
Wow, difficult?

Mission Complete!


Afterwards, you'll wake up in the Bohan safehouse in Niko's original clothes.

Well, now for the final 'Deal' mission, it's a hard one, bring everything.
If you picked Deal, this is the last mission of the game.


|                           |
| 88. A Reveneger's Tragedy |
|                           | Rewards: None,
|    Given By: Yourself     |
|                           |

Fun        ***
Length     *****
Difficulty *****

It's time to end the game and finally kill Dimitri.

A great mission to end the game.

* In Mourning *

Go to the weapons shop and get everything you can, you're going to need it.
Afterwards head over to Little Jacob in Alderney. You'll be following 2 guys
around alderney for quite a while in order to find Pegorino and Dimitri.

* Pursuit, for the final time *

For the final time, we have to follow someone, this isn't going to be easy.
First you have to do a 180 turn quickly because you're facing the wrong
direction. The enemy will immediatly turn onto the bridge that laps around
Alderney. You have to follow them as they weave through traffic. Make sure you
don't fly of the stunt jump on this bridge or you don't take a wrong turn and
start taking the exit off the bridge. You don't need to focus on shooting

Once you're over Tudor, the enemies will cut through the middle of the bridge
and drive on the wrong side of the road. Remember, you don't need to do that
as well. Yet. When you reach Alderney City, you must make sure you
are on the same side as the road as them because they will get off the bridge
via the wrong side of the road.

The chase will continue through the streets of Alderney, it's not nearly as
difficult as all that bridge stuff. Watch out, at Westdyke, the enemies will
take an extremly sharp turn into a country footpath which might cause you to
miss. Be cautious of that. They will turn off the footpath and drive towards
the building at the very northern point of alderney. Niko and Jacob will
automatically swerve the car around and get out, Jacob will leave to find
something you can escape with. Now, for the final shootouts.

* The Final Fight *

Dimitri is in the Old Casino, we have to get him, but first all of his
minions. First, aim for the one's on the roof, they are easy to get. Next
pick of the cars if you have grenades or an RPG (that might be a bit of a
waste though). Doing this will cause chaos, kill anyone who runs away or
is not taken out by the blast of the exploding cars. Even ithout the cars,
you still have cover, use the broken wall on the south side of the area.
Shoot everyone you see.

Once that is done and everything is quiet, run into the casino via the door
open on the south side of the building. Just before you enter, Jacob will text
you to say that he has got an escape plan, and to keep your eyes on the sky.
I think you can guess what that means right? Anywho, we have a bigger problem.
Use the door as your cover to take out as many people you can see. There are
a lot for such a small room and don't forget there are people you can't see
from the door. Once everyone is gone, pick up the FIRST AID KIT, attached to
the wall of the office, if you need it. In order to continue, run around the
office and through the small hole in the wall.

* Catching Dimitri *

Watch the scene of Dimitri being even more devious than before, however he
will spot Niko and flee up the stairs. Follow him up and out the blue door.
Have a good gun equipped. Shoot everyone you see and climb over the roof and
down onto the other side, don't jump off the roof like I did. :/. Anyway,
a scene will start, Niko will grab onto Dimitri's helicopter which is taking
off however, he will fall into the sea. Grab the boat next to Niko to start
the next part of the mission.

For this part of the mission, you'll have to avoid DImitri's missiles whilst
going as fast as you can. It's easy since most of his missiles miss. Keep
following him, until, Jacob arrives in his own chopper. You need to get under
him. Drive as fast as you can, not much else to say really.

Once in, tap A (Xbox360) or X (PS3) as fast as you can to get in. You'll
instantly take control. You'll have to follow Dimitri to Broker and then
to Happiness Island. Don't worry, Dimitri's missiles will always miss. Just
focus on staying near Dimitri and not hitting any buildings. It's not hard.
Also, don't worry, when you have looped Broker and are in south Algonquin,
you'll automatically get shot by Dimitri. Sending both of you down to the

* The End *

You've come a long way, dating Karen, meeting Brucie, getting off that boat,
it all ends here.

What you must remember here is that you must keep running after Dimitri,
ignore his minions unless they block your way. Ignore your wanted level and
the police, just get to Dimitri. Soon Dimitri will stop, he will try and shoot
you so be careful, shoot Dimitri to finish the game.

Mission Complete!

You've completed GTA IV!!!!


Well, for all you Dealers, I hoped you have enjoyed the game, but it's not
over yet, here is the guide for all those people who got revenge on Dimitri.

Bring Armour to this next mission, you'll need it.


|                        |
| 89. A Dish Served Cold |
|                        | Rewards: None,
|   Given By: Yourself   |
|                        |

Fun        ***
Length     *****
Difficulty *****

Dimitri is on a boat, it's time to get your revenge for everything he has

A very very hard mission, but it's worth it for the ending of the mission.

* Cutscene *

Dimitri is in the bowels of the ship, looking over the cargo. In order to get
down there, we need to get to the top of the ship to open the cargo hold and
then go down and kill Dimitri.

* No Crane, No Pain *

Now, you can climb a crane around the northern area of the docks. You will be
able to snipe a lot of people and do most of the work, however you'll leave
yourself open to a lot of attacks. Also, enemies can and will climb the crane
you are on. So if you want to risk it, and keep going back and foward to the
weapons shop for armour, then be my guest.

* For those who ignored that... *

If you didn't follow that tip and want to play it safe, the second you go near
the van, all hell will break loose, meaning you need to shoot them first so
you get the upper hand. If you can, shoot everyone on the boat you see from
where you are. Once you have taken care of that, get on the boat via the
stairs connecting where you started to the boat. Run up those stairs and
immediately run left and use that box as cover.

There is a guy using the same box as cover on the other side, deal with him
promptly. As for the others, it's the same as usual, wait for the headshot
moment and then shoot. I point out, there are a lot of guys here. So make sure
you don't run foward until you are 100% sure it's clear. There is a guy on top
of the steel doors in the centre of the boat to your right. Watch out for
him. Keep moving foward whilst being careful. The main focus should be
that guy on the balcony in front of you. He has a swift and clear view of you,
so make sure you're not in his line of fire. Also watch out for the guys on
the silver steel doors in the centre of the ship (the cargo hold entry).

Eventually, you'll make it to an open door, don't go in yet. More men are in
here and they are pretty easy to hit. Watch out for any guys who you
might have left behind in that previous paragragh. Shoot everyone you see,
you may have to enter since not everyone is easy to hit whilst outside.
You'll find yourself in the kitchen, there is a FIRST AID KIT on the side.
Walk through the canteen area and up the stairs, watch out for the guy on the

* Top Floor *

Run up the stairs and you'll find yet another hallway. This one has doors
everywhere. There are 3 enemies so wait for them to pop out to shoot you and
shoot them back, whilst using the door as cover. Once they are gone head
foward. In on of the rooms in the middle is some ARMOUR.

At the end of the hall you can go left or right, it doesn't matter which way
you go. This bit is difficult. Guys will be shooting at you from all
directions. You should probably throw a grenade first. Then run back into the
ship, wait for it to explode and see if it killed anyone. Instantly kill
anyone above you, since they prove to be fatal. Slowly walk around the
perimeter of the top of the ship taking out anyone you need to. The only
real tip I have is to stay alert and be slow, no running.

Keep going up the stairs until you reach the control room, there is one guy in
here. Kill him using the door as cover and then enter. There is some ARMOUR on
the desk. Pick that up and then go over to the controls and press LB or L1 to
open the cargo hold.

* Getting to the Cargo Hold *

More men will appear on the ship, but you're in a perfect position to get
them. SHoot as many as you can, keep switching sides to get the most kills.
Be careful when coming back down the stairs, since enemies might have reached
there by now. It's basically a much easier vrsion of what you went through
coming up the ship, but with that Armour in the control room, it's simple.
Once again, just stay alert and listen for their voices.

When you come through the hallway of doors there is only one guy hidden in the
far left room with a shotgun. Wait for him to walk out then kill him. Also
watch out for the guy on the stairs down to the canteen. There are also more
guys in the kitchen now. Once outside, there aren't to many people out here,
but once again just keep alert by using auto aim every so often. Start making
your way to the open door which is on the north side of the ship.

Once you have located the open door, drop down to finally get revenege.

* An Eye for an Eye *

You have one more shootout, kill the guys who are blocking your way towards
Dimitri. If you go right (when facing north) you'll come to a FIRST AID KIT
attached to a wall where you entered. However, watch out, there is a guy in
guarding it. Continue foward until you hit a large pile of greenish wood.

Dimitri and Niko will talk in a little scene and then Dimitri will send out
some guards, you need to instantly auto aim and shoot them since you have
very little time to react. There are 5 guards, you have cover right beside
you, it's easy. Once everyone is gone, aim for Dimitri and shoot, now you
get a little scene.

Now, you have to shoot Dimitri, give it a few seconds so you can here him cry
for help, which is always satisfying. Now, you can finally get the man who put
you and Roman through so much. Shoot him and then get off the boat, which is
dead easy since there are no ore enemies and then you're done.

Mission Complete!


Now for Roman and Mallorie's wedding, wear a suit and some nice shoes,
you'll get a call tommorrow at 9am.

You'll get more calls, Roman is disappointed, Phil is scared about Pegorino


|                                 |
| 90. Mr and Mrs Bellic (Revenge) |
|                                 | Rewards: None,
|       Given By: Yourself        |
|                                 |

Fun        ***
Length     ***
Difficulty *

Time for Roman's wedding

A great story mission but it's nowhere near as dramatic and emotional as
the 'Deal' version.

* White Wedding *

Drive over to Kate's place and then drive to the church.

Watch the scene and then it will be over. Difficult, huh? :/

Mission Complete!


Now for the final mission of the game and the guide, we've come a long way.
But it's not over yet! Bring everything, Armour, bullets the whole lot!


|                       |
| 91. Out of Commission |
|                       | Rewards: $250,000
|   Given By: Yourself  |
|                       |

Fun        ***
Length     *****
Difficulty *****

It's time to end this guide and game, by killing Pegorino.

A great mission to end the game but I prefered the 'Deal' ending.

* In Mourning *

Niko is obviously despressed but soon, Little Jacob will give you a call to
tell you that you, him and Roman are going to go give Pegorino his just

* Pursuit, for the final time, again *

This is almost identical to 'A Revenger's Tragedy' in this bit. We have to
follow them across the bridge that loops Alderney and then through the

Once again, as soon as they take off, you're facing the wrong direction, so
do a quick 180 spin and zip off after them. You don't need to shoot them so
just focus on driving for now. Once on the bridge, you'll simply have to
avoid cars, it's pretty damn simple. Just make sure you don't fall off via the
stunt jumps or you take a wrong turn and end up going off the bridge.

Soon, when they reach Tudor, they will change lanes onto the wrong side of the
road. You don't need to follow them, that would just be a waste of time.
However, you must make sure you are on the same side of the road as them
(A.K.A the left side) when you reach Alderney City, because they will drive
off the bridge via the wrong side of the road.

The chase will then continue in the suburbs, this is dead easy compared to
the bridge however, you might have to speed up more than you might think and
watch out at Westdyke because they will take an extremly sharp turn down a
country road, be careful about that, or you might miss it and end up in
someone's driveway. Once off that road, continue the chase for about 5
seconds, then Niko will drive automatically, and get out the car to start the
final shootout.

* The Final Fight *

First, aim for the people on the roof, since they are easy targets. Grenades
are quite useful here, because there are cars everywhere, so you can just blow
them up with ease. You may think with all those cars gone, that there is no
cover. Wrong! There is a broken wall you can run to in the most southern point
of the area. You can even run up the hill behind it to get a better view.
Kill everyone then proceed towards the door of the old casino.

Jacob will text you to say that he has found an escape plan. But you have
bigger fish to fry right now, you have another shootout, indoors. This is
simple, just shoot everyone you see, watch out for the guy with the
shotgun on top of the stairs near the office. Don't forget about the FIRST
AID KIT attached to the wall of the office in here. Keep moving foward whilst
being careful. Walk through the hole in the wall at the back of this room to
watch the scene.

Pegorino isn't happy, but then again why would he be? Anyway now we have to
chase him. FOllow him up the stairs and go left, however if you go right and
jump over the broken staircase, then you'll get a FIRST AID KIT. Run out the
blue door and kill the 2 guys that are shooting at you.

Now, unlike in 'Deal' where you have to go over the roof, here you have to
jump off the roof to get Peg. Get up if you fell over and then shoot all of
Peg's minions whilst moving foward. You don't need cover, just keep moving,
but make sure they are all dead. Suddenly, two guys will appear in a car,
take them down and follow Pegorino down the stairs. He will get in a boat,
leaving you with a bike.

This is tricky, you have to go dirtbiking after him via the beach. It's hard
to handle so if you fail, practise after the mission. You need to be quick,
but take time, don't go driving as fast as you can, that will certainly make
you fail. Don't take any sudden movements and stick to the coast. Soon, there
is a small jump, you need some speed for that, but not too much.

As soon as you pass over that jump, Roman and Jacob will fly in on a chopper.
If you fall over, you still have a chance, but be quick. In order to get on
the chopper, you need to drive onto a jetty at full speed, it's not to hard,
but watch out for the red barrel on the ground. Make sure you go left to
the ramp, not right, that's full of enemies and you'll fail anyway. It may
take a few tries but you'll get it.

Once you're on, press A (Xbox360) or X (PS3) as fast as you can to get on.
Now, we have to follow Pegorino, don't worry you don't have to shoot him
yet. Just focus on sticking close to him. Soon, you'll automatically be hit
with an RPG missile. You'll come crashing down to the ground for the final
part of the game.

* Showdown *

This is it, we've come a long way, from Roman giving you his phone, to Dimitri
betraying you. It's time to finish it all.

Run after Pegorino and shoot a few of his men, if they get in your way. Run
into the bushes and find Pegorino. Once you find him, shoot him and watch
the ending of GTA IV!

Mission Complete!

You've Completed GTA IV!!!


It's been a long journey, I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for using my
walkthrough :), of course it's not over yet!!!


| 5. Sidemissions/quests    |
|                           |
|    + 100% Checklist       |
|                           |

100% checklist | Also, the Table of Contents for this Section |

-- Complete all story missions.

-- Take Jacob, Packie and Brucie out to every activity available.

-- Finish all 9 Assassin Jobs.

-- Get 1st place in all 9 of Brucie's races.

-- Do all 10 of Brucie's Exotic Export emails.

-- Do all 10 of Little Jacob's deliveries.

-- Complete 20 Current Crimes from the Police Computor

-- Kill all 30 Most Wanted from the Police Computor

-- Have Jacob, Packie and Brucie's friend abilities

-- Complete all Random Character missions (see section for extra details)

-- Kill 200 Flying Rats

-- Complete 50 Stunt jumps

-- Deliver 30 cars for Stevie


Look's like your work is cut out for you, I'll go through each job, in the
order they came in the list. You don't need help on doing Activities with
friends and the story mission guide has already been done. So, first up,
assassin jobs!

-- Assassin Jobs |

1. Migration Control
2. Hook, Line and Sinker                      You are given these missions
3. R.U.B Down                                   in a random order. This
4. Bailing Out for Good                       is just the order I did them
5. Taken Out                                   in. Also, before every
6. Water Hazard                                 mission you will be given
7. Dead End                                      Weapons and Armour.
8. Derilict Target
9. Industrail Action

|                      |
| 1. Migration Control | Reward: $3000
|                      |

Our target is on Booth Tunnel, pick up the Armour and Weapons and drive over
there. I ver highly recommend you have a rocket launcher for this, you can
snipe the heli drive rin the head but it's simpler this way. Once you're
there, grab a RPG or Grenade, or Sniper, whatever. Stand in that little
circle with all the benches, west of the heli pad. Aim your rocket launcher
at the chopper and shoot. Or snipe the guy in the head, OR throw a grenade at
the right time if you can. Either way, it's done.

|                          |
| 2. Hook, Line and Sinker | Reward: $3000
|                          |

Our target this time is up in Westdyke, on a boat. Drive over there and pick
up the SMG the contact left you. Once there, their boat will take off. Pick
one yourself and get in. Drive towards them and they will attempt to flee.
Start shooting with the SMG like you have done in previous boat missions,
it's nothing new. Soon their boat will explode or they will die. Either way
your done.

|               |
| 3. R.U.B Down | Reward: $4000
|               |

Our target is in Acter, pick up the grenades left by our contact and drive
there. This mission is really easy with a rocket or an assault rifle. You'll
notice everyone in a large gang. You'll only need to kill a select few but
where's the fun in that? If you have a rocket you can just blow them up. You
can do the same with those grenades you got but it's harder that way. Also,
using your car for cover you could shoot them with a assault rifle but make
sure nobody escapes. Either way, kill them all to finish this and get your

|                         |
| 4. Bailing Out for Good | Reward: $3000
|                         |

Our target is in Leftwood, pick up the SMG left by the contact and drive
over. You'll see the targets get into their car, you could shoot them with a
Rocket but it's risky that they leave before you get the chance. You might
as well shoot them through the window of the car with the SMG, it's simple and
you've done it before. Either way you get the money and finish this job. If
your quick, you can shoot him before he even gets in the car.

|              |
| 5. Taken Out | Reward: $3000
|              |

Our target is in Alderney City, pick up the SMG left by the contact and drive
over there. I found grenades to be useful here, you need to blow up a limo
which is being guarded by 2 large vans. The limo is at the front, I used a
grenade to blow it up, it was easy because it was moving very slowly. Even
if you miss, the target gets out and flees, giving you a chance to run him
over and shoot him. Once he is dead you get your $3000 reward!

|                 |
| 6. Water Hazard | Reward: $3000
|                 |

Our target is in a boat in Tudor, pick up the Sniper rifle that our contact
has left for you and drive out to Tudor. This is insanely simple. Once there,
get a good aim with the sniper rifle of the target. Even if you miss, he
won't try and escape, he'll just try to shoot at you to, but he is slow about
it. So you have an easy kill! Job done!

|             |
| 7. Dead End | Rewards: $6500
|             |

Our target is in Alderney City, pick up the Carbine rifle that our contact has
left for us and then drive over to Alderney City. The targets are in a van,
they will drive away and down into an alley. DON'T make the fatal mistake I
did. DON'T follow them into the alley. Get out of your car before you go in.
If you get out in the alley, you'll be surrounded, which isn't good. Apart
from that though, it's a normal shootout. So just kill everyone the normal
way and your done!

|                    |
| 8. Derilict Target | Rewards: $4000
|                    |

Our target is in Alderney City again, pick up the Shotgun that our contact
has left for us and then drive over to them. This is probably the hardest
assassin mission there is. You have multiple targets in an abandoned building.
The first target should be shot first, so that he doesn't run away. The next
two targets are on the top floors. As usual, it's just another shootout with
some stairs mixed in. You really need to look out for those red barrel things.
Standing near them is suicide. On the third is the second target, kill him
and grab the FIRST AID KIT on the most western wall of that floor if you need
to. On the seventh floor, is the third and final target, be careful about
coming up the stairs, there are a lot of red barrels. Shoot the target to
lose any wanted level and get your money.

|                      |
| 9. Industrail Action | Rewards: $7500
|                      |

Our final target is in Acter Industrail Park, pick up the SMG that our contact
has left for us and drive over to Acter Industrail Park. When you get there,
your 3 targets will turn to about 8. Great. If you want, snipe a few down,
then head on in. More men will flood in. Your main focus is to snipe people
with an assault rifle because while they are high, they are also open to
gun fire most of the time. Most of them run downstairs so you can hit them
when they come down. Otherwise, it may take time but go and find them, this
isn't that hard if you're careful, it's just a bit more time consuming
than other assassin missions you might have done. Once everyone is dead,
we're done!

-- Brucie's Races |

General tips for races:

- Get a good car before you enter.
- At the start line go as quickly as you can.
- Don't kill anyone.
- There are 9 tracks but you need to beat 20 races for the achievment.
- Hit the back corner of an enemy's car to spin them round.
- Depending on what area of the map you're in, he will give you a different
- Race during the day in nice weather

Here are the tracks:

MEADOWS PARK: Reward of $500

Easy enough, it's average, there is a fair bit of traffic, a few sharp turns
and the enemies aren't that hard. Take a car that you know well, and is good
at turning.

WILLIS: Reward of $500

You'll need a car that can be fast for the airport and highway parts but for
the first half or so of this race you need a car that will be good at
sharp turns

SOUTH SLOPES: Reward of $500

You need a car with good handiling here, the enemies are pretty rubbish here.

STAR JUNCTION: Reward of $500

You have to things to worry about, traffic and sharp turns. These turns are
very sharp, you need to slow down a long time before you attempt them. Also,
the traffic here is bad, but it's meant to be.

SOUTH ALGONQUIN: Reward of $500

Take this slow and steady, pay attention you don't go down the wrong street
and prepare yourself for some U-turns and sharp turns

BOHAN: Reward of $500

There are lots of bits here for being quick, if you're careful and don't miss
your turning.

ALDERNEY CITY: Reward of $500

All you have to remember in this race is take it slowly, don't rush through
it but don't go at a snail's pace.

LEFTWOOD: Reward of $500

This is dead easy, I almost lapped the others. Ok, that was a huge
exaggeration but you got the point! :P

TUDOR: Reward of (you guessed it) $500

Another easy race, follow all the tips above and you'll be fine.

-- Brucie's 10 Exotic Exports |

Brucie will send you an email of a location of a car he wants is, you get
money depending on how good it's condition is when you return it. The cars
will drive around so there is no telling exactly where it will be but you
do have a blip on your map. Some are easier to get than others, some you need
to escape wanted levels, but only 2 stars at the most.

Each car is put into a different place, and depending on what place it is
put in, is how hard it is gonna be to grab it. Here is a list of the places
the cars will be and what happens when you go there.

1. Chase Point - He'll be sitting in a car talking to a hooker, pull him out
and hopefully you can get away without being shot.

2. Schottler - You need to kill 3 gang members sitting around the car before
you steal it.

3. Meadows Park - You need to pull in front of this car and drag the driver
out since it is being driven around.

4. Meadow Hills - You have to break into the car and then you get a 2 star
wanted level.

5. Outlook Park - You have to break into the car and then escape a 2 star
wanted level, just like Meadow Hills.

6. Boabo - A large amount of people are surrounding the car, run them over
if you can or shoot them. You choose.

7. Firefly Projects - Once again, 3 more gang members surround the car.

8. South Slopes - You need to pull in front of the car and shoot or pull out
the driver since they are driving.

9. Beechwood City - Two guys guard the vehicle but they don't do to much.

10. Cerveza Heights - Once again, it's another guy driving around, kill him
and grab his car/bike.

Depending on the area the email told you it would be, check out what tactics
you have to use.

-- Little Jacob's Drug Deliveries |

There are 3 types of Drug Delivery,

Police - The police will ambush you, forcing you to escape your wanted level.

Ambush - You'll be jumped on by a gang, bring ARMOUR!

Timed - You'll have to get to the meeting point quickly.


Also, like the Exotic Exports, depending on the place where the meeting is
you'll have to take a different strategy. Unfortunatly, you won't know where
the meeting is until you have accepted the delivery, meaning you should bring
armour to every one. If you enter an ambush with no armour you might be in
trouble. Here are all 10 meetings and what happens there:

1. Cerveza Heights Carstack -- Type: Ambush -- This is a tricky one, get in
the car and drive to the meet. I actually found this tip on GTASeriesVideos
but it was just too good not to use. Once you are there, drive full speed into
the blue dumpster, seperating it from the wall. Now, stash the drugs under the
blue dumpster like you normally would, and then the thugs will flood into the
alley. Run around and now, you can use the back of the dumpster as cover,
becuase you should fit between the wall and the dumpster. Shoot everyone,
with your new found cover. You can kill the guys on the roof behind you
easily once everyone at the entrance is dead. Kill them to finish.

2. Willis -- Type: Police -- This isn't too hard, just drop off the drugs and
then escape a 2 star wanted level. Simple.

3. Beechwood City -- Type: Timed -- It's a short drive and a short time limit.
Try to go off the roads since there is a lot of traffic.

4. Steinway -- Type: Timed -- Go quickly but take your time on the corners.
That's all.

5. Meadows Park -- Type: Ambush -- You'll be ambushed by 4 people, you can
just go out and shoot them as quickly as possible if you have full health and
armour, if not then be careful.

6. Schottler -- Type: Timed -- You need to be quick here and focus on

7. Meadows Park, Festival Towers -- Type: Police -- Once you get there,
the police will show up, you might have to shoot a cop or two, however you
need to focus on getting back to your car. Once you're back in, escape your
2 or 3 star wanted level.

8. Meadow Hills -- Type: Ambush -- Once you get there, cars will flood in.
You don't need cover, you've just got to aim and shoot as quickly as you
can. You should buy armour, just in case.

9. Outlook Park -- Type: Ambush -- This is kinda tricky, you'll be ambushed
under a bridge. You'll have nowhere to go. You should shoot two people on
one side, then using that side you just cleared as cover, shoot the other
two people.

10. East Island City -- Type: Timed -- This is hard. You need to be very
quick. Also, the GPS yellow line can be misleading, the guy is actually
in the East Island City Tunnel which runs under the streets. You need to check
it out before hand, to plan the best route, you may need to travel on foot for
some of this mission.

-- 20 Current Crimes |

I won't bother with the 20 Currect Crimes because you can check out the
'Cleaned the Mean Streets' achievment in the achievment guide section of this
FAQ for tips.

-- The 30 Most Wanted |

Each main island of the game has 10 criminals who need to be killed, you need
to enter the police computer and select them. You can only select criminals
for the island you are on.

I'll tell you who it is -- Their crime -- Where they are.

Broker + Dukes + Bohan :

1. Maxwell Caughlin -- Crime: Gang Violence -- South Bohan

Maxwell is in a car with his gang, which is why an SMG is so useful. Like
other destroy the car missions, you just have to aim for the tires or the
driver. Once that is done, you simply have to chase them on foot with a pistol
or SMG before they get too far away.

2. Scott Guzowski -- Crime: Gang Violence -- Steinway, Dukes

Scott is in a sort of park. He has 3 guards, one of which is on the steps so
watch out for him. Other than that, it's a simple 3 person shootout, it's
easy with armour.

3. Antonio Rivette -- Crime: Rackteering -- South Slopes, Broker

Antonio is an extremly fat man who has a few bodyguards. Drive to the marker
and walk up the stairs, watch out for the guy who comes down the stairs. Now,
it's just another shootout.

4. Rodrigo Stavnes -- Crime: Racketerring -- Steinway, Dukes

Rodrigo and his 3 guards are around a grassy area at the bottom of a
skyscraper. Run into the area and shoot everyone you can, if you don't get
everyone, they'll run out into the street. Follow them and shoot them quickly
to kill everyone.

5. Fernando Tisdel -- Crime: Human Trafficking -- Hove Beach, Broker

Another, shoot them whilst driving case. It's simple, crive over there
and shoot the tires, then the people. Job Done!

6. Tyler Pickrel -- Crime: Human Trafficking -- Meadows Park, Dukes

This is easy, all you need to do is shoot or run over Tyler before he manages
to run away.

7. Preston Pecinovsky -- Crime: Credit Card Fraud -- North Gardens, Bohan

Drive over to the area they are in and you'll instantly be shot at. Using
your own car as cover, kill everyone you can before the guys drive away,
unless you have grenades, then destroy their cars first. You have to chase
them if they drove off, which isn't too bad but it's take more time. You
may have to stop fighting, drive after those who escaped and then come back
for the others.

8. Alonso Goralski -- Crime: Burglary -- Francis International Airport, Dukes

This is easy if you follow this. Drive to the airport and park in front of
the enemies, if you have armour, you're in good shape. Shoot them all,
as quickly as you can. Hopefully you blocked them off, giving you some more
time. Kill them all and any of the others who ran off into the traffic.

9. Bret Reker -- Crime: Drug Trafficking -- BOABO, Broker

Once again, this is another shootout mission. Not much else to say other than
if you have a sniper rifle, then you can go to the backlot where valley forge
avenue and Stones street meet and snipe them. You might not get all of them.

10. Freddy Paparo -- Crime: Grand Theft Auto -- Steinway, Dukes

This is actually quite easy, when you get there, Freddy and his 3 guards will
drive off. Shoot the tyres and then them to finish this section of the wanted
missions. Oh yeah, Freddy drops a lot of money.


11. Shon Kikuchi -- Crime: Gang-Related Violence -- North Holland

This guy is really easy. He'll speed off in a car but he has no weapons, so
shoot the car until it blows up, he isn't going to fight back.

12. Jimmy Knad -- Crime: Gang-Related Violence -- Northwood

This is kind of a change, drive over to the apartment and head up into his
apartment. Jimmy will try to escape so kill him with a few pistol bullets
before he can.

13. Simon Nashly -- Crime: Racketeering -- Fishmarket South

Back to the old shootouts. Head over to pier 45 and everyone will split up.
It's not hard, as long as you don't go running randomly with no caution.
Simon is on the third floor with a shotgun so don't get to close. It's not

14. Tommy Francovic -- Crime: Racketeering -- Castle Garden City

This is even easier than number 11. Basically, he has no weapons and he
tries to escape on a bike, ram him off and shoot him if he is still alive.

15. Barry Lamora -- Crime: Human Trafficking -- Colony Island Apartments

This is reasonably simple. Barry will send 2 goons out to get you, so kill
them quickly before they get you and chase after Barry before he gets away.
That's all.

16. Lino Friddell -- Crime: Hit and Run -- Middle Park

Get to the area and they'll flee down and alleyway. Assuming, you're in a car,
you can easily drive down this alley shooting before they get to their car.

17. Juan Haimo -- Crime: Burglary -- Star Junction

Here, you got three guys driving around on motorbikes. If you're lucky, you
can ram all three of them off and gun them down. Otherwise, just weave through
traffic whilst shooting them, or ram them off if you can.

18. Darren Covey -- Crime: Arms Dealing -- Purgatory

This is easy. Head over to the second level of the parking lot and the fight
will commence. They will use support beams as cover so you should to. Make
sure no one escapes and gradually move foward, killing anyone who gets in your
way and you're done.

19. Leo Brodell -- Crime: Drug Trafficking -- East Holland

This is another fight in a apartment building so it's pretty close combat.
These guy's can do some pretty strong damage so watch out for them. Anyway,
this works like all the other missions, watch out for guys on the stairs
whilst gradually moving up. When you reach the top floor, watch out for the
guy that might run out the door. The final guy to kill is on the roof so
don't blindly run out into the open. Either way, it's pretty easy.

20. Christov Mahonvic -- Crime: Grand Theft Auto -- Fishmarket South

These guys are in a warehouse with garbage trucks. You can either walk in guns
ablazing or go up onto the highway, jump onto the roof and come in from the
top. Either way, if you have armour this is easy.


21. Marty Boldenow -- Crime: Gang Related Violence -- Westdyke

Head over to the marker to start Alderney's wanted missions. This is fairly
simple, like all of them. However, you should be especially cautious this
time. It doesn't matter where you come in from, you'll have cover either way.
It's easy enough, but you might have to walk around in order to get a good
view on everyone. Take care but if you have armour you'll find this easy.

22. Noel Katsuda -- Crime: Gang Related Violence -- Tudor

Noel and company are in a junk yard. This is still easy, they just have a lot
of cover. Either way it's still easy.

23. Rodney Mceniry -- Crime: Racketeering -- Berchem

Everyone is down this alley, you could drive down the alley whilst shooting,
if you're confident in your driving whilst shooting skills. Otherwise, you'll
just have to run down the alley with your guns firing.

24. Glenn Lushbaugh -- Crime: Human Trafficking -- Alderney City

This is basically another shoot the car whilst chasing it mission. However,
this time, the enemies can throw grenades out the window. It doesn't change
anything except how cautious you should be about things on the ground. Shoot
their tires and then let their car explode or shoot them.

25. Phil Barecca -- Crime: Hit and Run -- Alderney City

This is tricky, if you don't have an RPG, basically when you get there, the
two cars will drive off but it's very easy to lose one of them whilst shooting
the other. Of course, it is entirely possible, but simply shooting their cars
with an RPG is easier. Also you might get the police attention, but you can't
really help that :/. Whatever way you pick it's fairly challenging compared
to the others but not too bad at all.

26. Sergi Szerbin -- Crime: Burglary -- Leftwood

This is fairly simple. The gang are under Plummer's Skyway so head over there
and they'll be gathered around in a huddle, use and RPG or grenade if you
want and then use your car as cover in your shootout if you missed any. If you
have amour you might not even need to get out your car, making the getaway
from your wanted level (if you have one) a bit easier.

27. Danny Hatmaker -- Crime: Arms Dealing -- Normandy

Head over to the docks with some bullets, it's quite a large shootout.
The good needs is you'll have tons of cover; watch out for the guy who is
on the stairway of that house in the middle of the area. After that it's just
another quick shootout, no need to worry really, just make sure you have a
reasonable amount of bullets and some armour.

28. Mervin Eskuchen -- Crime: Drug Trafficking -- Berchem

This can be difficult, however, it is pretty much a slightly harder
version of number 25, in that, there are two large cars and they try to
escape. You can use an RPG or shoot them normally, be warned, these
guys are more agressive than before, I drove in front of one and it drove
right through me, flipping me over -_-. Anyway, it's challenging if you mess
up in the beginning but if you can get them to stop, via RPG, traffic or
blocking them off, this is cakewalk.

29. Fredick Harrison -- Crime: Grand Theft Auto -- Tudor

This is another shootout mission on a bridge. Head over and shoot everyone you
can from ground level. Then climb up the stairs. You'll have no cover what so
ever so you'll have to stay alert at all times to make sure you don't get hit.
Basicall you gotta keep running up the bridge whilst shooting. That's it, no
tricks, just running and aiming.

30. Keenan Brudett -- Crime: Armed Robbery -- Leftwood

Now for the final time, head over to the multi-story car park in Leftwood,
where the final Wanted mission takes place. This is actually insanely simple.
Starting from the ground floor gradually move up whilst shooting everybody
you see. If you lose health, grab a can of sprunk from the machines littered
around the car park. Simple.

-- Random Character Encounters |

1. Brain
2. Badman
3. Mel
4. Iiyena Faustin
5. Hossan
6. Sara
7. Pathos
8. Jeff
9. Cherise (May have been killed in 'Ruff Rider')
10. Marnie
11. Eddie Low
12. Ivan (May have been killed in 'Ivan the Not So Terrible')
13. Clarence (May have been killed in 'Holland Nights')
14. Grace

Don't worry, 9, 12, and 13 don't count towards 100% if you killed them.

Brain - Unlocked after 'It's your call'

1. Brian - Near Roman's cab depot - First Encounter

Brain is a bit crazy at this point and gives ou $100 for seemingly no reason.
How difficult was that?

1. Brian - Near your first safehouse - Second Encounter

Take Brain to his dealer and you'll get $200!

1. Brian - Dillon Street, South Broker - Last Encounter

Bring a gun and take him to his dealers again, they will attack him so shoot
them and take Brain home.

Badman - Unlocked after 'Shadow'

2. Badman - East Island City, Dukes

Take a gun and take Badman to his spot. Kill by shooting or running over all
the russians you can and then you'll get a sweet $500!

Mel - Unlocked after 'Escuela of the Streets'

3. Mel - Schottler, Broker

Bring a gun and take mel to his drug dealers meeting. Soon they'll attack him,
so shoot the 3 guy's and drive Mel home to wrap this up.

Iiyena Faustin - Unlocked after 'The Puerto Rican Connection'

4. Iiyena Faustin - Firefly Island, Broker

Unaware that she is trusting her husband's killer, she wants you to kill her
daughter's boyfriend. Fair enough. Drive over to him and punch or shoot him
to death.

Hossan - Unlocked after 'The Puerto Rican Connection'

5. Hossan - Algonquin

Drive Hossan over to his meeting place. You'll have to chase down his customer
in a car, kill him, grab his money and get back to Hossan. All for a nice sum
of $500.

Sara - Unlocked after 'The Puerto Rican Connection'

6. Sara - Algonquin - First Encounter

Drive Saraa home, since she is a little out of it. When her husband confronts
you, aim a gun at him and it'll be over.

6. Sara - Pier 45, Algonquin - Last Encounter

Sara needs you to pick up a package at Perseus, drive over there. It turns out
she hasn't paid for it. So you'll need to pay $500 dollars for it or just kill
the guy.
Once you have it, drive back to Sara to finish this mission.

Pathos - Unlocked after 'The Puerto Rican Connection'

7. Pathos - Star Junction, Algonquin - First Encounter

Patho's is trying to become a rapper, but some thugs start to insult him.
He goes to beat them up but it kinda backfires. Go help him out by killing the
thugs to finish this.

7. Pathos - Star Junction, Algonquin - Last Encounter

Still trying to hit the big time, Pathos is selling CDs but 2 thugs will start
to shoot him. Kill them and then drive Pathos to the hospital pronto to finish
this mission.

Jeff - Unlocked after 'Photo Shoot'

8. Jeff - East Holland, Algonquin - First Encounter

Jeff thinks his wife is cheating on him. Follow the couple over to the
Superstar Cafe. Once inside, take a picture of them with your phone and then
send it to Jeff for a nice $500

8. Jeff - He will contact you - Second Encounter

Meet up with Jeff and it's hinted that Jeff has lost it and has killed his
wife. Now you need to drive a car with the body in it of a cliff. Follow the
radar and soon the police will catch on, but they are very easy to lose.
Once at the cliff, drive off it but get out the car before it goes off. For
doing this, you'll get $5,000.

8. Jeff - Sulfolk, Algonquin - Last Encounter

Jeff gets angry when he see's his new wife having a drink with her ex. He
tells you to kill her, but Niko refuses. He then crosses the road to do it
himself. Well, until he gets run over by a turismo :). Feel free to take all
of Jeff's cash and the turismo that hit him if you're quick. The hardest part
of the mission is not laughing.

Cherise - Unlocked after 'Ruff Rider' if you didn't kill her

9. Cherise - Algonquin,

Cherise has got a new boyfriend, but he is beating her, so we have to take
care of him, without killing him. Drive over to the apartment and he'll pull a
gun out on you. You can kill him or beat him up, either way the mission will
be finished but if you do kill him, Cherise will run away.

Marnie - Unlocked after 'Actions Speak Louder than Words'

10. Marnie - South Algonquin - First Encounter

Marnie is on drugs and offers her body to you for $5. Niko says no and now
you have to take her to a drug dealer. Once there, she will ask for $500, once
you give it to her, she'll leave. Great, there goes your money.

10. Marnie - Varsity Heights, Algonquin - Last Encounter

Marnie thinks someone is out to kill her, drive her to Central Station and
Niko will give her yet MORE of OUR money, then she'll leave forever.

Eddie Low - Unlocked after 'Actions speak Louder than Words'

11. Eddie Low - Alderney City, Alderney - First Encounter

Take Eddie to the docks so he can dump off a bag. Once he has done that, drive
him to Westminster to finish.

11. Eddie Low - Berchem, Alderney - Last Encounter

Eddie goes insane and trys to assault you. Kill him to wrap this up.

Ivan - Unlocked after 'Ivan the not so Terrible' if you didn't kill him

12. Ivan - Acter, Alderney

Take Ivan to his meeting and kill the 5 guys by shooting them, use your car
for cover and this is done.

Clarence - Unlocked after 'Holland Nights' if you didn't kill him

13. Clarence - East Holland, Algonquin

Clarence goes berserk and tries to kill you, shoot him to simply end this

Grace - Unlocked after 'Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend'

14. Grace - Acter, Alderney

Finally, the girl you tried to kidnap will see you, panic and then call her
friends to come and get you. Find some cover, like your car and kill her 5
friends to finish the random friends missions!

-- Kill 200 Flying Rats, a.k.a Pigeons |

Being completely honest, looking at an FAQ for this type of thing is a bit of
a waste of time, you need pictures to clearly see what you are doing, here's
a fantasic guide from Games Radar. All credit and copyright goes to them.


It might sound lazy, but you'll find it a hundred times easier this way rather
than looking at text and saying "Where the hell is that?"

-- Complete 50 Stunt Jumps |

Unfortunatly, once again, like flying rats, using an FAQ is a bit pointless
because with a map, you can actually see where to go rather than getting
confused reading text. Here's a good map for finding all the stunt jumps.


Once again, it may sound lazy, but it makes more sense. All credit goes
to supercheats.com for this map.

-- Get all 30 of Stevie's cars |

This section refers to street names a lot, to find what street you need, press
down on the D-Pad.


There's a map with all the roads on it. Also, here is a map of all the car
locations, but unlike the pigeons and stunt jumps, it is actually fun to
find these cars since you get hints, so I recommend only using this map if
you get really stuck.


Once you complete Brucie's mission 'No.1' and Derricks mission 'Smackdown'
you can unlock Stevie's cars. Basically, Stevie will text you with a rough
idea of where the car is, like a district (Acter, Berchem, Schottler, etc)
with a picture of it. It's your job to find it on your own with only that
information. Also, after every car job you have to take it to

The order of the cars is random by the way.


Max Reward: $26,400

Start at the very tip of southwest Middle Park, continue down Nickel street
west when you get to your 2nd crossing, go up the road towards Obsidian
street. Basically, it's on Galveston avenue, between Obsidian Street and
Nickel Street.


Max Reward: $8,250

This is in a car park at the Aiport in Dukes, it's on the top floor and looks
a bit like a pick-up truck.


Max Reward: $5,940

This is located in the south east of Bohan, basically, it's at the very
southern point of Lompoc Avenue.


Max Reward: $23,100

This is parked in the driveway of a house in Leftwood, Alderney. Get to the
northern point of Long John Avenue and the drive way is just to the northwest.


Max Reward: $29,700

This car is in a alley between Lydon Avenue and Rael Avenue. Follow Boyden
Avenue north and when you reach Lydon Avenue, go east into an alleyway. The
car is around here. If you hit Rael Avenue you've gone to far east.


Max Reward: $19,800

This car is in Westminster in Algonquin. Follow Kunzite Street as far west as
you can. Between the end of Kunzite Street and the west river is a car park
and a burger shot. In this car park is the Comet.


Max Reward: $8250

For this car, head over to BOABO in Broker. Locate Creek Street. In Creek
Street, there is a giant bend, to the west of this bend, between the sea and
the street, is the car. It's between some warehouses.


Max Reward: $13,530

This vehicle is in Suffolk in Algonquin. It is in the middle of the street
in Liberty Lane. It's easy to spot since it's just parked on the side of
the road.


Max Reward: $5940

You'll find this car in Hove Beach in Broker. This is where Crockett Avenue
and Oneida Avenue join together, you'll find it under a roof in a car park.


Max Reward: $6600

This is in Willis in Dukes. This is parked on Carrollton Street, on the very
east of the street.


Max Reward: $7260

This is on Vauxite Street, the same street as the Modo, between Exeter Avenue
and Denver Avenue in Algonquin.


Max Reward: $2310

This is parked on the corner of where Diamond Street and Bismark Avenue meet
in Algonquin.


Max Reward: $6600

This bike is in Beechwood City in Dukes. This is by a car wash but also, it is
also at the very east end of Lynch Street. Don't forget this is a motorbike
not a car.

Huntly Sport

Max Reward: $13,200

This car is in Bohan. Head up Leavenworth Avenue until you almost get onto
the Northern Expressway. Don't go onto it, instead, go east and down into
the car park. The car is under the train tracks in this car park.


Max Reward: $33,000

This is in Broker. Go to Montauk Avenue (the one with the outlook monument)
and continue until you reach the east side of Earp Street. The car
is parked on Montauk Avenue just a tiny bit above the east side of Earp


Max Reward: $8250

Head on over to Rotterdam Hill in Broker. Find the road called Asparagus
Avenue, if you follow this road north, the road will start to curve east.
The car is parked just where this turning is.


Max Reward: £3960

You'll find this car in Dukes in Cerveza Heights. This is pretty much where
Camden Avenue and Thornton Street meet each other, the car is parked off the


Max Reward: $7260

This is on Charge Island. Notice the giant drums on the east side of the
island, you can see them as 6 grey spots on the main world map. The car is
just north of them, under the highway, in a car park.

NRG 900

Max Reward: $8250

Head over to Lancaster in Algonquin. It's on Bismark Avenue, between Topaz
Street and Silicon Street. It's a motorbike and it's parked on the east side
of the road.


Max Reward: $16,500

This car is in Castle Gardens in Algonquin. This golden jeep is actually
parked on the South Parkway, one of the very south roads of Algonquin. Look
between Dever Avenue and Columbus Avenue on the South Parkway.

PMP 600

Max Reward: 10,560

This car is in The Exchange in Algonquin. There is a tiny little alley
connecting Bismark Avenue and Amsterdam Lane. The motorbike is in this alley.


Max Reward: $8250

Head over to Port Tudor in Alderney. Find Strower Avenue and continue east
until you hit 2 buildings surrounded by road, near the docks. The car is
at the southern building on the right side of the building.


Max Reward: $11,500

Head over to The Triangle, in Algonquin. Find the opening in the road where
Columbus Avenue and Hematite Street meet. It is parked by one of the corners
of where they meet (Between Burlesque and Hematite Street).

Sabre GT

Max Reward: $8250

You'll find this car in Meadow Hills in Dukes. This car is between the two
large grey circles in Meadow Park, and Tudor Street. It's parked in a
driveway. Another way to find it is by going to Walton Lane and continue east
even after the road finishes and you should find the driveway in no time.


Max Reward: $8250

Head over to Normandy in Alderney for this car. Go east down Stower Avenue
until you hit two large buildings. Go north from these buildings a bit until
you reach 11 grey dots (surrounding a car park) on your map just a tiny bit
north of those two buildings. The car is parked in the car park surrounded
by those 11 grey dots.


Max Reward: $11,550

Head on over to Berchem in Alderney. Find Kemeny Street near the internet
cafe in Alderney. Continue up Kemeny Street northwest, even when the road
stops, keep going and you should find a driveway. Up this driveway, is the

Super GT

Max Reward: $36,300

Head over to Chinatown in Algonquin for this super expensive car. Find where
Columbus Avenue and Calcium Street meet and when you do, go slightly east,
but not too much, if you hit the next avenue or lane, you've gone too far.
This car is parked on the side of the road.


Max Reward: $36,300

The next super expensive car can be found in Westdyke, in Alderney. Check out
the world map, notice that between Big Horn Drive, and Owl Creek Avenue, there
are 3 grey driveways. A small tiny thing on the left, a large house in the
middle and another small driveway on the right. This car is found in the left
driveway between Big Horn Drive and Owl Creek Avenue. You'll have to go to the
west of Owl Creek Avenue to enter it.


Max Reward: $6600

Head over to East Island City in Dukes. This car is parked on Bunker Hill
Avenue, north, just before it starts to curve into Hancock Street. Basically,
this is where Harrison Street and Bunker Hill Avenue meet.


Max Reward: $7260

Head over to Steinway in Dukes for the final car. In northwest Dukes, you'll
find Franklin Street, parked directly in the middle (the straight bit) of
Franklin Street, is the Washington car.


| 6. Trophy + Achievement Guide |
|                               |  ALSO: Some achievments are for 'The Ballad
|  PLEASE READ: SOME CHEATS     |  of Gay Tony' and 'The Lost and the Damned'.
|  DISABLE ACHIEVMENTS, READ    |  They Won't be covered here.
|  BELOW FOR MORE INFO.         |
|                               |

NOTE: Just because you have disabled the achievment, it's not gone forever,
you just have to start a new save file.

First off, which cheats disable what achievments?

Full Health + Armour (362-555-0100)
- Prevents "Cleaned The Mean Streets", "Finish Him", "One Man Army",
"Walk Free" from being done.

Full Health + Armour + Weapons (482-555-0100)
- Prevents "Clean The Mean Streets" from being done.

Weapons 1 (486-555-0100)
- Prevents "Cleaned The Mean Streets" from being done.

Weapons 2 (486-555-0150)
- Prevents "Cleaned The Mean Streets" from being done.

Remove Wanted Level (267-555-0100)
- Prevents "One Man Army" and "Walk Free" from being done.

Spawn Annihilator (359-555-0100)
- Prevents "One Man Army" and "Walk Free" from being done.

Spawn Jetmax (938-555-0100)
- Prevents "Walk Free" from being done.

Also, it is believed that any weapons cheat will block the Achievement
"Chain Reaction", it happened to me, and whether it is a glitch achievement
or not, beware of it.


With that out of the way, here are the list of the achievements/trophies:

1. Off the Boat
2. One Hundred and Eighty
3. Pool Shark
4. King of QUB3D
5. Finish Him
6. Genetically Superior
7. Wheelie Rider
8. Gobble Gobble
9. Driving Mr. Bellic
10. Rolled Over
11. Walk Free
12. Courier Service
13. Retail Therapy
14. Chain Reaction
15. One Man Army
16. Lowest Point
17. Order Fulfilled
18. Manhunt
19. Cleaned The Mean Streets
20. Fed The Fish
21. It'll Cost Ya
22. Sightseer
23. Warm Coffee
24. That's How We Roll!
25. Half Million
26. Impossible Trinity
27. Full Exploration
28. You Got The Message
29. Dare Devil
30. Assassin's Greed
31. Endangered Species
32. Under the Radar
33. Dial B for Bomb
34. Gracefully Taken
35. Liberty City (5)
36. No More Strangers
37. That Special Someone
38. You Won!
39. Liberty City Minute
40. Key To The City
41. Teamplayer (ONLINE)
42. Cut Your Teeth (ONLINE)
43. Join The Midnight Club (ONLINE)
44. Fly The Co-op (ONLINE)
45. Taking It For The Team (ONLINE)
46. Top Of The Food Chain (ONLINE)
47. Top Of The Midnight Club (ONLINE)
48. Wanted (ONLINE)
49. Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic (ONLINE)
50. Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie (ONLINW)
(51. Taking a Liberty - PS3 only)

Now, without further ado, the guide!

1. Off the Boat | Difficulty: * | 5G / Bronze |

Objective: Complete the First Mission.

This is simple, just check out the walkthrough if you can't do it.

2. One Hundred and Eighty | Difficulty: * | 10G / Bronze |

Objective: Score 180 in a game of Darts with 3 Darts.

First off, get Roman or whoever and phone them for a game of darts, go to that
little irish pub in Dukes. You want to hit 3 triple 20's to get this
Achievement. You can focus your hand for a few seconds to help, but even if
you lose, you can just keep playing over and over until you get it.

3. Pool Shark | Difficulty: * | 10G / Bronze |

Objective: Beat a friend at Pool.

Packie seems to be fairly rubbish at pool, so invite him and try to win. It's
mostly luck about what the AI does but it's not hard and as long as you don't
take any stupid risks, you'll be fine.

4. King of QUB3D | Difficulty: ** | 15G / Bronze |

Objective: Beat the Hi-Score on the various QUB3D machines.

You can find this game in most places, bars, strip clubs etc. Read the rules
first, because a lot of people don't and don't realize half the things you
can do. You'll need to use the powers if you want this to go a bit quickly.
Also, take a break every once in a while. Other than that, good luck!

5. Finish Him | Difficulty: *** | 15G / Bronze |

Objective: Perform 10 Melee Counters in 4 Minutes.

Xbox Controls: Press A just before the enemy hits you to dodge, then press Y

PS3 Controls: Press X just before the enmy hits you to dodge, then press
Triangle or Circle.

You must be locked on to do this. The hard thing about this is that I have
the worst reaction timing ever, so it was tricky. Also, the police can
intervene. So, to sort this problem out, I did this near the Helicopter
tours in Algonquin.

First, the police don't go down that area that much, but also, if you fight
with the people in the queue, they can't hit you, because if you stand outside
the queue, they'll be blocked off by the railing. Also, if you die, the 4
minutes doesn't restart so pick a fight outside the hospital if you were
close. Good Luck!

6. Genetically Superior | Difficulty: ** | 25G / Bronze |

Objective: Come first in 20 Singleplayer races.

Check out Brucie's races in the Sidequest section for guides on the races.
There are only 12 tracks mind, so you'll have to repeat 8 of them.

7. Wheelie Rider | Difficulty: ** | 30G / Bronze |

Objective: Do a Wheelie for 500 Feet without stopping.

This is kind of easy, if you know how. I actually did this on the bridge that
connects Algonquin and Broker, but by sheer luck because I wasn't trying.
If I had actually planned it through, I would have done it on the airport, yes
there is a 4 star wanted level, but the police cars can be avoided if you're
quick. Some people say a Faggio is the best bike for this and others say
that a scooter is even better. Finding either one of these though is tricky.
Considering I did this by mistake, it's not too hard. Just keep at it.

8. Gobble Gobble | Difficulty: ** | 10G / Bronze |

Objective: Bowl 3 Strikes in a row.

This is very hard if you don't know the secret way to get a strike. Take two
steps to the left and then softly but firmly push the ball foward and don't
use aftertouch. It doesn't always work but it makes it easier.

9. Driving Mr. Bellic | Difficulty: * | 10G / Bronze |

Objective: Get Roman's friend ability of a Taxi.

Invite Roman out with you and then take him out. Do this multiple times
and soon enough, you'll get this. His like needs to be around 75% or more.

10. Rolled Over | Difficulty *** | 30G / Bronze |

Objective: In one crash, roll your car over 5 times.

This is tricky because the only real place you can do this is the airport, get
a fast car and go to the airport, on those yellow signs, keep going over them
with the gas held down. You need to land on 4 wheels for it to count.

If you want to do this with cheats, which you shouldn't be if you're
desperate, fly up to the top of a tall building, and then spawn a car. Then,
drive over to the edge of the building and drive off, side of the car first.
Not head first or reverse. Tilt your car off the building so you have it
spinning sideways whilst it falls to the ground. Hopefully you'll get the

11. Walk Free | Difficulty *** | 50G / Bronze |

Objective: Escape a 4 star wanted level by outrunning the cops.

Now, don't be fooled by how this was worded, like I was xD. You don't have to
escape by litrally running or escaping on foot. There are two main ways to do

1. Go to the airport and drive on a motorbike, you'll automatically get a 4
star wanted level, so just keep driving and hope you lose them.

2. Get a helicopter, and then try to get a four star wanted level and then
fly away.

Either way, it's hard to do so, good luck!

12. Courier Service | Difficulty: ** | 10G / Bronze |

Objective: Complete all 10 Drug Package Deliveries.

Check out the Sidequest Section for details on this.

13. Retail Therapy | Difficulty: * | 10G / Bronze |

Objective: Get Little Jacob's Friend Ability to buy Guns.

Just keep taking Jacob out to do stuff and you should get this in no time.

14. Chain Reaction | Difficulty: ** | 20G / Bronze |

Objective: Blow 10 Cars up in 10 seconds.

Ok, you will need some RPG's here. DON'T get them via cheats, because I did
that and the achievement got blocked. Find a car park, or bridge and cause a
pile up by blocking the bridge or putting all the cars together. Since you
can only have 8 RPG's at the most, you'll need them to cause a reaction.
So, once you have made your pile up. Shoot as many cars as you can, leave a
few to get blown up by others otherwise you'll run out of bullets and cars.
Use a grenade or two if you have them. A sensible idea is to use a grenade
first, then use an RPG to blow up any surrounding cars.

15. One Man Army | Difficulty: Depends on how you do it | 40G / Silver |

Objective: Survive a 6 Star wanted level for 5 Minutes.

This is very hard if you don't do it right. There are two main ways to do it.

1. If you have not unlocked Algonquin, there is something you can do. Go under
the bridge connecting Broker and Algonquin, not directly under, under the
bridge so that you are on the train tracks that run through the bridge. Run
toward Algonquin and then you'll get the 6 stars for going on a forbidden
island. Now the helicopters can't get you, because you are in the bridge,
neither can the people. If anyone gets in, shoot them and if the helicopter
see's you, run further into the bridge.

2. If you have unlocked Algonquin and not Alderney, get a helicopter from the
helicopter tours in south east Algonquin. Fly over Alderney and avoid other
Helicopters for 5 minutes. It's hard but with these tips, you'll do it.

16. Lowest Point | Difficulty: * | 5G / Bronze |

Objective: Complete the mission "Roman's Sorrow".

Check out the Walkthrough for tips.

17. Order Fulfilled | Difficulty: * | 10G / Bronze |

Objective: Complete Brucie's 10 Exotic Exports.

Check out the Sidequest section for this.

18. Manhunt | Difficulty: ** | 15G / Bronze |

Objective: Kill all 30 Most Wanted.

Check out the Sidequest section of this guide for more info.

19. Cleaned The Mean Streets | Difficulty: ** | 20G / Bronze |

Objective: Kill 20 Criminals through the police computer.

Find a police car and look up current crimes. Complete 20 of these to get
the achievement. You might need to go through the process of getting another
police car. You don't need to do all of these crimes in a row. You can do 10
then do a mission then do another 10 to the achievement.

20. Fed the Fish | Difficulty: * | 5G / Bronze |

Objective: Complete the mission "Uncle Vlad".

Check out the walkthrough of this guide for tips on this.

21. It'll Cost Ya | Difficulty: * | 5G / Bronze |

Objective: Take a taxi ride from one island to the next without skipping.

Probably the easiest achievement that isn't story related. Simply get a taxi
at one end of the Broker Bridge and then set the waypoint to somewhere in
Algonquin. Then, just wait. Don't skip it and then you'll get it.

22. Sightseer | Difficulty: * | 5G / Bronze |

Objective: Take every Helicopter tour available.

For this, you'll need to go to Algonquin's Helicopter pad. Bring some money.
Go up to each Helicopter and pay for the tour. You can skip them if you want.

23. Warm Coffee | Difficulty: * | 5G / Bronze |

Objective: Successfully get invited into a girlfriend's house.

The simplest way to do this is go on two extra dates with Michelle and then
accept her invite into her house. You can get other girlfriends, but Kate
won't let you in and getting others are more difficult.

24. That's How We Roll! | Difficulty: * | 10G / Bronze |

Objective: Get Brucie's friend ability.

Keep doing things with Brucie until you reach a high enough level to get
his ability.

25. Half Million | Difficulty: *** | 55G / Bronze |

Objective: Reach $500,000.

Considering I didn't get taxi's and I didn't spend loads of money on weapons,
I managed to get this after the mission "Entourage". Anyway, the only tips
are, save your money. You'll get $250,000 after the missions "Three Leaf
Clover" and one of the last missions from the Deal or Revenge choice. So
you'll get loads of money, it's all about saving it. I'd do this whilst going
for the Liberty City achievement because you won't waste time spending money

26. Impossible Trinity | Difficulty: ** | 10G / Bronze |

Objective: Complete the mission "Museum Piece".

Check out the walkthrough section of the guide for this.

27. Full Exploration | Difficulty: ** | 20G / Bronze |

Objective: Unlock all the Islands in the game.

This is just another way of saying, Complete the mission "Three Leaf Clover".
Check out the walkthrough section of the guide for this.

28. You Got The Message | Difficulty: *** | 20G / Bronze |

Objective: Deliver all 30 of Stevie's cars.

Check out the sidequest section of this guide for this.

29. Dare Devil | Difficulty: *** | 30G / Silver |

Objective: Complete all 50 Stunt Jumps.

Check out the sidequests section of this guide for this.

30. Assassin's Greed | Difficulty: ** | 20G / Bronze |

Objective: Complete all 9 assassin jobs.

Check out the sidequests section of this guide for this.

31. Endangered Species | Difficulty: **** | 50G / Silver |

Objective: Kill all 200 Flying Rats.

Check out the sidequests section of this guide for this.

32. Under the Radar | Difficulty: *** | 40G / Bronze |

Objective: Fly under all the main 14 Bridges in a helicopter.

It can be very hard to notice some of the bridges in south Alderney so when
you go under a bridge, immediately press Start and on the world map, little
trophy symbols will appear over the bridges you haven't gone under. Use this
to find all the other bridges.

33. Dial B for Bomb | Difficulty: * | 10G / Bronze |

Objective: Get Packie's friend ability.

Take Packie out on various activities to get this quickly.

34. Gracefully Taken | Difficulty: * | 10G / Bronze |

Objective: Complete the mission "I'll Take Her".

Check out the walkthrough section of this guide for this.

35. Liberty City (5) | Difficulty: ** | 20G / Silver |

Objective: Get all friends to like you above 90%.

This can be time consuming and boring. If you want this to be simple, kill
Dwayne in the mission "The Holland Play" and pick the deal ending. If you're
going for 'Liberty City Minute' achievement, do this after the game to save
time. Also, never reject a friend, arrive late or ring them while they are
sleeping, because that will decrease like %.

36. No More Strangers | Difficulty: ** | 5G / Bronze |

Objective: Meet all random chracters.

Check out the sidequests section of the guide for this.

37. That Special Someone | Difficulty: * | 10G / Bronze |

Objective: Complete the mission 'That Special Someone'.

Check out the walkthrough section of this guide for this.

38. You Won! | Difficulty: *** | 60G / Silver |

Objective: Complete the story.

Check out the walkthrough section of this guide for this.

39. Liberty City Minute | Difficulty: **** | 30G / Gold |

Objective: Complete the game in 30 hours.

First off, you may want to use the helicopter cheat, which will get this done
in about half the time. Also don't waste any time. Also, please don't do this
on your first run through of the game, that would be a waste. Go through it
on your second try when you know when to prepare for a hard mission. If you
focus on the story and take cabs everywhere then you'll be fine.

40. Key To The City | Difficulty: ***** | 100G / Gold |

Objective: Get 100%.

This is extremly hard, check out all of the guide for details on this.

41. Teamplayer (ONLINE) | Difficulty: * | 10G / Bronze |

Objective: Kill 5 people in any ranked multiplayer game.

This is pretty simple. If you're having a hard time, get some friends to help

42. Cut Your Teeth (ONLINE) | Difficulty: * | 5G / Bronze |

Objective: Go up a rank in multiplayer.

This is easy as pie, just keep winning to get it.

43. Join The Midnight Club (ONLINE) | Difficulty: * | 10G / Bronze |

Objective: Win a multiplayer race without damaging your car too much.

Another easy achievement. Win a race without destroying your car, it's
pretty simple but if you can't do it, get a skilled friend to help you or
play online with them and make them let you win.

44. Fly The Co-Op (ONLINE) | Difficulty: ***** | 15G / Bronze |

Objective: Complete the 3 online missions in the time limit.

This is ridiculously hard and almost impossible if you don't make a plan
with a friend who has this game. You have to beat these times:

Hangman's Noose: 2:32
Deal Breaker: 7:05
Bomb Da Base II: 5:34

It's really hard to do and if you don't have a friend with the game, you're
screwed. Find a friend and make a strategy.

45. Taking It For The Team (ONLINE) | Difficulty: ** | 10G / Bronze |

Objective: Be on the winning team for every online ranked game.

Basically, you need to win,

Team Deathmatch
Team Mafia Work
Team Car Jack City
Turf War
Cops n Crooks

Get some friends together or just a random group and have a good time. If you
play enough you'll ge this through luck anyway.

46. Top Of The Food Chain (ONLINE) | Difficulty: * | 10G / Bronze |

Objective: Kill 20 players in a deathmatch with a pistol.

If you are sneaky, this isn't too hard, but if you get a friend and just kill
each other this is insanely easy.

47. Top Of The Midnight Club (ONLINE) | Difficulty: ** | 20G / Bronze |

Objective: Win 20 different standard races.

First, you have to know two things about this.

1). You have to win on 20 different tracks. You can't win on 'Stars in your
eyes' 20 times, and it doesn't count if you change the type of car you drive.

2.) This has to be race, not GTA race.

Once again, getting a friend to help you is useful. If not, it's not too bad,
just time consuming. Try to make a small game so you have a chance of

48. Wanted (ONLINE) | Difficulty: ***** | 20G / Gold |

Objective: Reach Rank 10 in Multiplayer.

Ok, this isn't hard as such, but it is ridiculously time consuming, you need
$5,000,000 to reach Rank 10. There is no trick to it, you'll just have to
grind for a very very long time.

49. Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic (ONLINE) | Difficulty: ***** | 30G / Bronze |

Objective: Win every game and race possible

This is ridiculous. I gave up here. You must win everything possible, even
if you find a friend who has got GTA IV I doubt they are willing to go
through this hell. Even if you are determined, here's a checklist:


Good Luck! You'll need it...

50. Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie (ONLINE) | Difficulty: * | 10G / Bronze |

Objective: Kill a Rockstar in Multiplayer.

This would be really hard, however, this achievement is viral. That mean's
that if you kill someone who has the achievement, you get it to. By now,
everyone has it. Making it one of the easiest achievments in the game!

51. Taking The Liberty (PS3 ONLY) | Difficulty: ***** | Platnium |

Objective: Get every Trophy!

Check out this section again!


| 7. F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions |
|                                      |    A short little
|  All the basics of the GTA IV        |    section of the
|    universe!                         |    10 most asked
|                                      |    questions! :)
|                                      |

Q. Should I get this game?
A. Yes, it's really good, almost as good as San Andreas IMO, but that's
about opinion.

Q. Does it matter which version I get?
A. The game doesn't change between consoles, but apparently, PS3 has slightly
better graphics, but I wouldn't know since I use the xbox version.

Q. Do the ambulance missions and all that from San Andreas stay?
A. Shcokingly, no, but you get a more in depth police sidequest.

Q. Is the story any good?
A. Yes, but I think it starts to go down towards the end, but it remains good.

Q. Do you have multiple save slots?
A. Yep!

Q. Is this game good for Achievements/Trophies?
A. You can get a very easy 600 or so G and a nice pile of trophies, but the
actual 1000G and Platnium trophies are extremly hard.

Q. Is this game easy or hard?
A. I think it isn't that hard, but some missions are pretty tough, but don't
expect any ninja gaiden stuff here.

Q. Can I still date girls?
A. Yep, two are automatic but four of them are optional.

Q. Any offline Co-op?
A. No. :(

Q. Finally, is GTA IV better than San Andreas?
A. This is a matter of opinion, in some ways yes, in some ways no. GTA IV, is
much more detailed however, San Andreas is larger. Your choice really. :/


| 8. Legal Stuff |
|                |  A huge thanks to all of you for reading this, it's been
|    The End!    |        a huge pleasure writing this! :).
|                |

Version: 2.0/Final
By: Owen Winfield
Finished: 10/04/10

If you see something that is wrong you need to contact me, email me at:

[email protected]

All of this guide belongs to me, the only websites who may post it are:

-- Gamefaqs.com
-- Neoseeker.com

Nobody has the right to take this guide as there own and or sell it for their
own personal profit etc.

Finally, a huge thanks to:

You, for reading this ;)

Gamefaqs, for the great website

Neoseeker, for the great website

My friends, for helping!

Good luck with GTA IV!!!

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