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                           |K|i|z|u|n|a| |D|r|i|v|e|
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Table of Contents

Secret Scrolls-------------[scrl]
Scenario Mission-----------[scen]
   Chapter 1---------------[ch01]
   Chapter 2---------------[ch02]
   Chapter 3---------------[ch03]
   Chapter 4---------------[ch04]
   Chapter 5---------------[ch05]
   Chapter 6---------------[ch06]
   Chapter 7---------------[ch07]
   Chapter 8---------------[ch08]
   Chapter 9---------------[ch09]
   Chapter 10--------------[ch10]
   Chapter 11--------------[ch11]
   Chapter 12--------------[ch12]
   Chapter 13--------------[ch13]
   Chapter 14--------------[ch14]
   Chapter 15--------------[ch15]
   Chapter 16--------------[ch16]
   Final Chapter-----------[chfn]
Free Mission---------------[free]
   Rank C------------------[rnkc]
   Rank B------------------[rnkb]
   Rank A------------------[rnka]
   Rank S------------------[rnks]
   Rank S+-----------------[rks+]
   Rank S++----------------[rs++]
Unlocking Characters-------[unlk]
End Note-------------------[note]


Secret Scrolls                                                          [scrl]

Secret scrolls are the instructions displayed on loading screens. This is all
explained in the tutorials, but if you want to quickly check something here
you go.

==Secret Scroll 1==

About the camera
Operate the camera with Land R! Press L and R at the same time to turn the
camera to the direction the character is facing.

About ordinary attacks
Remember, you can attack with circle! keep attacking to inflict combos onto
your enemies!

==Secret Scroll 2==

What\'s a combo attack finish?
After a circle combo, use triangle for a finish! The combo finish depends on
the number of attacks in your combo. Finishes use Chakra, so watch you Chakra

What\'s a Chakra charge?
When your Chakra runs out, hold square to recharge it! Once you start charging,
you won\'t be able to move until you\'ve completely filled up! Be careful!

==Secret Scroll 3==

About evasion
Use X for evasive action! You can use it to quickly dodge enemy attacks!

About Substitution Jutsu
Just before the enemy attack hits, use X for Substitution jutsu. This will use
your Chakra, but will reduce the damage you take. Try this when you can\'t
dodge the enemy attack!

==Secret Scroll 4==

Stun to do a Kizuna Combo!
Attacking enemies can stun them. use triangle+circle on them for a Kizuna Combo
You can\'t use it if you friends are KO\'d or not with you, so beware!

What\'s a Kizuna Combo?
An attack where you link attacks by timing button presses. If all friends
attacks link, the Kizuna mark will shine and allow you to finish with X!

==Secret Scroll 5==

What\'s an Assist?
An Assist is when you call a friend to attack! Use up and down to select the
character, then use square for an assist! You can\'t call a character marked
with a slash, and if you hold square too long you will start to charge you
chakra, so be careful!

==Secret Scroll 6==

About Jutsu and Ninja Tools
Use left and right to switch the Jutsu and Ninja Tools you have equipped, and
activate them with triangle! Jutsu consumes chakra, and the amount of Ninja
Tools are limited, so be careful! Some Jutsu get stronger if you hold triangle
or press it repeatedly!

==Secret Scroll 7==

What are Kizuna Points?
Increase Kizuna Points by cooperating with your team! Save points to get more
scrolls after you clear a mission!
Blue=Kizuna Combo

==Secret Scroll 8==

How to make friends recover
Once you\'ve saved up a certain amount of Kizuna Points, press triangle+circle
to bring fallen friends back into action!

==Secret Scroll 9==

Using your surroundings!
Depending on where you\'re fighting, you can drop enemies over cliffs, and dash
them into wall to cause more damage to them! But remember, you enemies can use
them against you too, so be sure to keep a close eye on your surroundings!

==Secret Scroll 10==

Mission completion and failure
You can fail mission if...
*You run out of time.
*You and your friends cannot battle.
*(when playing solo) Your Kizuna Points are low and you cannot battle.
The mission conditions can differ. Make sure you know what is needed, and
listen to the conversations during the mission.

==Secret Scroll 11==

Retire and Retry
When you decide you want to stop during a mission, use Start and choose
Retire! If you want to challenge the same mission over again, choose Retry!
You will be reset to where you started at the beginning of the mission, so be

==Secret Scroll 12==

What are Scrolls?
Equip scrolls on the Setup Screen to power-up your character! Clear missions
to get different types of scrolls! You can only equip each scroll once to a
character. If you want to equip the same scroll to others, you\'ll need enough
for everyone!

==Secret Scroll 13==

Jutsu and Ninja Tools
These are equipped to your character on the Setup Screen, so that Jutsu and
Ninja Tools can be used! As you clear missions, you\'ll get all sorts of Jutsu
and Ninja Tools!

==Secret Scroll 14==

Powerful enemies
As you complete missions, missions with stronger enemies will appear! If you
encounter an overpowering enemy, check your equipped scrolls and use them
wisely to make yourself stronger! The scrolls you get differ with each mission,
so challenge as many missions as possible to collect stronger scrolls!


Scenario Mission                                                        [scen]

Chapter 1 - The Kidnapping Investigation Begins!                        [ch01]

Once you select it you\'ll be asked if you want to play a drill mission. This
is the tutorial so if this is your first time playing select \"Yes\". Don\'t
forget to equip any scrolls you get after training. Drill missions can also
be played under Free Missions. Pretty standard enemies. First a bunch of
wolves, then some tougher bandits. Remember to use wall dashes to stun them
and get some breathing room. I wouldn\'t use a Kizuna combo on these guys since
they\'re so weak. By the time you\'ve stunned them they\'ll only need another one
or two hits to finish them. Better to leave them stunned and go after someone
else. At the end of the mission is a boss named... Boss. He blocks every
attack from the front so circle around behind him. This is when you\'ll want
to use your toughest attacks. He\'s really slow so when you\'re out of chakra
just run away and charge up. You\'ll want to use Kizuna combos too. Try to get
as many hits as you can, but remember that if you miss you\'ll take damage.

Chapter 2 - To Ishikiri Desert                                          [ch02]

Mostly bandits. You shouldn\'t have much trouble with them. You\'ll see a lot
of lightning wall here. They prevent you from moving on to the next area until
you beat all the enemies. Don\'t touch them or you\'ll get hurt. There\'s also a
stronger enemy later on. He isn\'t stunned when you attack him so he might
break out of a combo. Luckily there\'s only one. The boss here is Tenro
Chunin. He\'s stronger than the first mission\'s boss, but you can attack from
the front now. However, you should still try to stay behind him. Sometimes
he\'ll dive under the sand. Stay away from the cloud or you get hit. When he
jumps out he\'ll pause for a second so have everyone attack him then. Don\'t
forget about your jutsu at the bottom left of the screen. They use a lot of
chakra but are powerful. Press triangle to use them. Some of them can be
charged for more damage like Giant Rasengan that you have now, so keep that
in mind.

Chapter 3 - The Mysterious Ninja                                        [ch03]

The first area has some ordinary ninjas with some stronger versions mixed in.
The stronger ones have silver armor and aren\'t stunned by your attacks. They
can also paralyze you so try not to get surrounded or caught off guard. If
you do get paralyzed use assists to knock away any enemies before they can hit
you. The next area has stronger enemies but there aren\'t as many of them so
they should be easy enough. The problem is the insects. They\'re easy to beat
but release poison when killed. Use your ninja tools to kill them at a
distance. The tools are in the same list as the jutsus in the bottom left
part of the screen. Use left and right to pick shurikens and triangle to
throw. This boss is Hirasaka Chunin and he has some annoying tricks to put up
with. He pauses at the end of his attacks, so that\'s a good time for you to
attack, but sometimes he runs away and drops bombs behind him. He reaches into
his back pocket before this so keep an eye out for that and dodge away. He
also uses clones to distract you. To tell which is the real one wait until
after he attacks. The real one will toss a bomb in his hand while the clones
don\'t. Another good time to attack is after he runs away and drops bombs,
then summons the clones. They\'re all grouped together so use all your assists
at once and you might get the clones to disappear. 

Chapter 4 - Target: Naruto                                              [ch04]

You have to do this area on your own. Your team will stay at the beginning
fighting the wolf (who respawns so just ignore him) while you go ahead. Watch
for the dark circles on the ground. They\'re traps that damage and paralyze
you. Try to knock an enemy into it to get by. One attack with a finisher
works. Be careful at near the lightning wall. Don\'t get to close or let an
enemy knock you into it. The next area has a new type of wall that blocks the
path. Everyone has to attack it at once. Walk up to it to start. Follow the
countdown and attack at the right time to get by. In the next area you\'re alone
again. Don\'t worry about the enemies, just cross the bridge. Try to keep the
camera behind you so you only have to go straight. On the other side another
lighting wall comes up behind you so be careful. Beat them to continue. This
boss is Ryuka and it can get pretty hectic. The wolves here keep respawning
so don\'t bother going after them. Focus on Ryuka and try to start a Kizuna
combo. Don\'t forget to substitute (X right as your hit) to break out of a
combo. If anyone dies try to revive them with triangle and circle. Once you
beat her she transforms into a stronger form. Luckily the wolves are gone so
it\'s actually easier. Watch for when she\'s about to attack and dodge out of
the way, then attack.

Chapter 5 - A Giant Shadow Threatens the Hidden Leaf!                   [ch05]

This is a really tough one. You should definitely do some free missions to
get some better scrolls. The first area has some enemies to fight if you want
to get some Kizuna points. If not, then skip it. This is the False One-Tail,
the source of your future frustration. He\'s got lots of ways to hurt you. If
your far away he\'ll shoot a blast at you. Just run to the side to dodge. Any
closer and he\'ll slam his hand on the ground. Keep to the right to avoid it.
If you\'re behind him he\'ll swing his tail. You can\'t dodge this one so don\'t
get behind him. Also, as he turns his hands will hurt you too, so don\'t get
to close. Have everyone jump in after he attacks to get the most damage done.
After you get his health low enough he speeds up, the pauses between attacks
are shorter, and his slam attack shoots out shockwaves. There are three waves
so run to the side a little bit to squeeze between them. As you do more damage
he\'ll speed up again. Remember to do some free missions to find some scrolls.
Good luck.

Chapter 6 - Mission to Investigate the Hidden Dream Village             [ch06]

Watch the water in the first area. Dodge over the waves or you\'ll get blown
up. Continue on until you meet up with your team. Step on the button and cross
the bridge. The button on the left is a trap, so pick the right one. Watch the
torpedoes in the next area. Yomito is the boss here. He can be pretty
annoying. He\'ll confuse you and reverse the controls, summon monsters to
fight you, launch shockwaves at you, and send you flying if you get too
close. After you beat him he\'ll transform. He\'s almost invincible in this
form, none of your attacks to any damage. Keep fighting and dodging and
eventually you knock him down. Hurry and go after his head with everyone.
You\'ll need to do this a few times to finally beat him.

Chapter 7 - Hebi\'s Goal                                                 [ch07]

Start by fighting a bunch of dudes. Use this first area to learn your new
characters. After that you\'ll see some boxes. The first two have items, the
next two have enemies, and the last one is explosive. The next area has a
bunch of poison insects so use shurikens to avoid them. The boss here is
Amagiri Chunin. He\'s similar to the first boss, Boss. Like before don\'t
attack from the front. Occasionally he\'ll drag you in from far away so don\'t
feel safe just because you\'re not near him. Other than that he\'s just supped
up version of the first boss.

Chapter 8 - Into the Forest of Mythic Beasts                            [ch08]

You might want to equip some null poison scrolls before starting this one.
The mission\'s simple enough. Fight everyone, move on, fight some more. Look
out for the poison shooting out from the ground and the insects. The boss is
Taisa who uses, yep, more poison. He spawns a bunch of insects at the
beginning but they\'re not infinite. Shuriken them all so you can focus on
Taisa. Without the insects he\'s easy enough, just wail on him. Watch out for
his poison attack, it covers a pretty wide range in front of him. Once you
beat him he transforms into a giant beetle. He\'s similar to Yomito in that he
won\'t take damage right away. Keep attacking him an eventually he\'ll charge at
you. You know he\'s going to charge when his horns start to glow. Stand near
one of big trees on either end of the stage and try to get him to hit them.
When he does he\'ll flip over. Bring everybody in to attack his stomach. Do
this a few times to win.

Chapter 9 - The Ruins of the Hidden Dream Village                       [ch09]

This mission starts out with a boss fight with respawning ninjas. Don\'t worry
about the ninjas, they just keep coming. The boss, Enzo, is pretty
straightforward. Attack, watch for when he\'s going to attack, dodge out of the
way. Keep an eye out for the vents. If you get hit by one you\'ll be sluggish
and move slower. After you beat him, you guessed it, transforms. The vents here
lower your defense now. He the same as Ryuka. After you damage him enough ninja
 will show up that can paralyze you. They\'re not infinite, though. Go them out
of the way so you can focus on Enzo. 

Chapter 10 - Another Fierce Battle!                                     [ch10]

You start off fighting Itachi. Luckily he\'s alone, but the traps here will
drain your chakra. His attacks are easy to predict and dodge. Sometimes he\'ll
use a ranged attack that stuns you. Once you beat him he comes back with
stronger attacks. His normal attack now ends in a stun that he\'ll use to combo
you again. He also has a very powerful attack that stuns you if you are in
front of him, so try to attack from behind.

Chapter 11 - The False Tailed Beasts Born of Malice                     [ch11]

You start off in an area with only a few enemies. Break the rocks to move
forward. After that you fight the False Two-Tails. He attacks with a charge as
well as some close range swipes and a longer tail swipe. Keep attacking to
knock him down, then bring everyone in the do as much damage as possible before
he gets back up. Once you do enough damage he\'ll speed up and start using an
attack where he shoots fire at you. Knock him down a few more times to win.

Chapter 12 - To the Lava Cavern!                                        [ch12]

Start off by hitting the switch to your right. There is another switch ahead
and to the right, but a giant boulder comes rolling over it. Wait until it
passes then quickly run up and hit it. Move ahead to the open area and you\'ll
see the last switch. Same as before, watch the timing on when the boulders
come by and run to the switch. Hitting all three will lower the lightning wall.
The next area is simple, just fight everyone. In the next area you need to find
the right way path on a bridge. Head toward the box on the left, the go all the
way to the right. After that go right and hit the switch, then go back and take
the left path. In the next area you need to quickly destroy the trees before
the floor falls apart. Use the nine tails power jutsu if you have it equipped.
After that it\'s more boulders. the switch is ahead and to the right. Watch the
pattern and run for the switch. You only need to fight in the last few areas
with a Tenro Chunin as a boss. He\'s stronger here, but the strategy is the same
as before.

Chapter 13 - The Hidden Dream vs Hebi                                   [ch13]

Watch out for the Sluggish and Exhaustion gas throughout the level. Keep
fighting and moving forward and you\'ll reach the boss, Hirasaka Chunin. He\'s
mostly the same as before, but now even the clones will have bombs. The best
way to tell them apart is to just attack them. Keep an eye on the boss\'s life
gauge because only the real one will take damage. 

Chapter 14 - Ryuka, Yomito and Taisa                                    [ch14]

Try to stay away from the lava because if you get to close you\'ll take damage.
Stay in middle and let the enemies come to you. After that you\'ll need to fight
Ryuka, Yomito, and Taisa at once. Focus on Yomito first to stop him from
confusing you. Now that he\'s gone pick whoever\'s left and go after them.  Once
you beat all of them you\'ll fight their transformed versions, one at a time,
starting with Ryuka. She\'s the same as before so it should be easy enough. Next
is Taisa. He won\'t charge here so you\'ll need another way to flip him over.
Look at the ground and you\'ll see two red circles of lava. The lava sometimes
erupts from these spots. What you need to do is get him to stand on one when it
erupts. Stand near one and let him walk up to you. Dodge his attacks but stay
near him so he doesn\'t leave. Once the lava erupts have everyone attack him.
After him is Yomito. He\'s the same as before, attack his legs to knock him down
then focus on his head.

Chapter 15 - Gensui\'s Malice                                            [ch15]

You\'ll start in an area with some enemies to fight if want to get some Kizuna
points. If not then proceed to the next area. The boss here is another False
Two-Tails. He\'s stronger than before but otherwise the same. Keep attacking
his legs to knock him down then use everybody to do as much damage as you can
before he gets back up. Watch out for the lava, too.

Chapter 16 - The False Nine-Tails Appears!                              [ch16]

Again there are some enemies at the beginning to get some Kizuna points from.
Once you\'ve finished them go the next area. This boss is the False
Nine-Tails. His attacks are similar to the False Two-Tails. He\'ll charge at
you, pause, then jump to turn around. Keep attacking him and he\'ll eventually
fall over. Have everyone attack now to do the most damage. When you\'re attack
keep an eye out for the vents that release purple gas. If you walk into it
you\'ll lose chakra. Once his health is low enough he\'ll speed up. He also gets
new attacks like a tail swipe, shooting fire at you, and a big attack where
 red orbs circle around him. This does a lot of damage so be careful. Keep
attacking and knocking him down and eventually you\'ll beat him.

Final Chapter - The Power of Bonds!                                     [chfn]

Like the last few missions you\'ll start with a lot of enemies to build up
Kizuna points. When you\'re done go to the next area. This is the last boss,
Three-Heads. Make sure you\'ve got your best scrolls equipped or do some free
missions to get better ones. His main attack is slamming is paw on the ground
which shoot out rocks. Dodge to the opposite side to avoid it. If you get too
close he\'ll jump and knock you away as well as poisoning you and making you
sluggish so you can\'t dodge. Attack him enough and he\'ll fall over. Use you\'re
strongest attacks now while you have the time. Lower his health enough and he
gets a new attack, a laser that shoots straight ahead. Keep attacking to knock
him down again. Do some more damage and gets another attack, a roar that stuns
everyone near him. The laser is also more powerful as he shoots three at once
now. You\'ll have to be fast during this last bit because when you manage to
knock him down he gets up in only a few seconds. Keep the pressure on him and
eventually he\'ll go down.


Free Mission                                                            [free]


This is the tutorial mode. Do these if this is your first time playing. All
the directions are explained during the mission so I won\'t describe these.

Rank C                                                                  [rnkc]

Ninja Rogues
Fight your way to the end. The boss is Tenro Chunin.

Wind Visitor
Break all the crates. When you see two buttons on the ground choose the one on
the right, facing the lightning wall. The Ryuka shows up here, but now she
doesn\'t have any wolves as backup so it\'s a pretty straightforward fight. At
on point there will be four buttons to choose from. Stand behind and look at
the lightning wall so they form a square. Choose the one on the top right to
trigger the next boss, transformed Ryuka.

Beat the Bandits
Defeat everyone. Fight boss Boss at the end.

The Bandit\'s Trap
Defeat everyone, but don\'t let anyone on your team die. Boss is here too.

Shuriken Match 1
Defend the cart. You can\'t reach the enemies so you need to use shurikens. If
you run out then break some of the rocks behind you.

You need to have 100 Kizuna points when time runs out. Tenro Chunin is the
boss here and he\'s got an infinite supply of backup. Focus on Tenro Chunin
first. It\'s going to be a huge pain to try to survive to 10 minutes with him
alive. Once he\'s out of the way it\'ll be easy dealing with the rest. Just make
sure that you have 100 Kizuna points when time runs out. If someone dies and
there\'s not enough to time get another 25 points, don\'t revive them.

The Swelling-Mushroom
To win this you have to protect the princess. Just stay near her and you\'ll be

Mushroom Rumor
Starts simple. Fight your way forward, hit any switches you see, fight Boss.
At the end you fight respawning wolves. Mushrooms will start popping up. If
you attack them they explode and paralyze you, so use shurikens. Keep
attacking the mushrooms until you find one that doesn\'t explode to win. 

Fight until you see some boxes. Break them to continue.

Rank B                                                                  [rnkb]

Ninja Tool Action
Only ninja tools works on these enemies. Make sure to bring some shurikens
and bombs.

Giant Shadow
Attack enough dogs and a large wild dog will appear. Be sure to defeat them
before moving on to the next area. Defeat 5 to win.

Underworld Message
Fight Yomito. If anyone on your team dies you\'ll lose.

Antlion, With Love
Find 10 shurikens. Break all the crates, then attack the enemies.

3 Days By Water
Protect the Princess. Stay next to and don\'t let any enemies get close. If
there are too many use an attack that\'ll knock them away, then focus on who\'s

Surprise Attack!
Keep the enemies away front the gate. If 10 enemies get by you, you lose. Use
attacks that knock them away.

One from the Earth
Defeat 20 enemies. Focus on one at a time and try not to get surrounded.

Fight some enemies to open the way to the next area, then fight False One-Tail.

Fight a ton of insects. Don\'t forget to bring some shurikens to attack from a

Rank A                                                                  [rnka]

Protected Princess
Avoid the traps and use the switches to progress.

7 Desert Days
Defeat the enemies and protect the cart. Knock enemies away to buy time.

The Leaders
Fight through several rounds of bosses. First is Yomito, then Ezno and Ryuka
together, and finally Taisa.

Chunin Challenge
Similar to the last mission, but with chunin enemies instead. The first area
has two Tenro Chunin, the next has two Amigiri Chunin, then one Hirasaka
Chunin, and finishes with one Tenro Chunin.

Beat the Hirasaka
Don\'t let the enemies get past you. If 10 get by you lose.

You need to have 100 Kizuna points when time runs out. Similar to the last
one, focus on the boss. This time it\'s Ryuka. Once she\'s you don\'t have to
worry about dying as much. The enemies here will try to run past you like in
other mission, but it doesn\'t matter if they get by. You don\'t need to get 100
Kizuna points immediately, just so long as you have them when time runs out.

Lava Cavern Cat
Fight some enemies in the lava caves before moving on to the False Two-Tails.

Mangekyo Sharingan
Fight the enemies as you work your way forward. Once you defeat them all the
lightning wall will open. In the next area you fight Itachi.

Festival of Poison
Defeat all the insects. If anyone on your team dies you lose. Don\'t forget to
bring shurikens so you don\'t get poisoned.

Rank S                                                                  [rnks]

Ninja Epidemic!
Defeat 20 Amagiri ninjas. The insects don\'t count so skip them.

Vanishing Wind
Break all the crates. Use the switches to get by the lightning walls.

The Great Bandits
Defeat all the bandits. There are a lot of them so use some with an attack
that hits a wide area.

The Bandits\' Snare
Defeat all the enemies. You fight two Bosses at the end.

Shuriken Match 2
Defend the cart using only ranged weapons. If you run out break the rocks
behind you.

Dream Wolf Hunt
Have 100 Kizuna points when time runs out. Like the others, focus on the boss,
Tenro Chunin, first. If you decide to use your points reviving someone make
sure you can get those points back before time runs out.

Danger Monger
Don\'t let the enemies get past you. If 10 get by you lose. The enemies here
are insects so use shurikens or null poison scrolls.

Shiboru Mushroom
Another escort mission. Don\'t let the enemies surround you. Use attacks that
knock them away, then go after the closest one.

Phantom Mushroom
Defeat the enemies to continue. Ryuka is a boss here so watch out. At the end
mushrooms will show up. Throw shurikens at them to make them explode. Find one
that doesn\'t to win.

The Three-Heads!
Defeat the enemies to get past the lightning walls. In the next area you need
to fight Three-Heads.

The Secret Whisk
As you move to next area you\'ll be given a choice of crates. Destroy them to

Rank S+                                                                 [rks+]

Double Ninja Tool
Only ninja tools work on these enemies. Make sure to change your equipment

The Wolves\' Dream
Attack the wolves. Once you\'ve defeated enough of them a large one will
appear. Defeat 5 large wolves.

To the Underworld
Defeat Yomito. If anyone dies you lose.

Sound of the Bell
Collect 10 bells. Break the crates first, then go after the enemies.

River Crossing OPS
Protect the Princess. Be sure to go after the closest enemy first.

Dream Wolf Chase!
Don\'t let the wolves get past you. Look out for the traps. Don\'t forget to use
an assist if you\'re too far away.

Message from Hell
Defeat 20 enemies. These guys are strong but stun easily. Use Kizuna combos.

Plague of Insects
Defeat all of the insects. Don\'t forget shurikens and null poison scrolls.

Trial of the Tenro
Protect the crates. If all five get destroyed you lose. Knock the enemies away
to buy more time.

The Fox and Raccoon
Defeat all the enemies.

Insect Hell
Break all the crates. Defeat enemies to open the lightning walls.

Tailed Beast Hunt
A fight with every Tailed boss. You start against Large Dream Wolf and lots of
wolves. After that is False One-Tail, followed by False Two-Tail, finished
with a False Nine-Tail.

Ranks S++                                                               [rs++]

Inside the Box
Use the switches to progress. Sometimes you need to defeat all the enemies to
 use a switch.

Hidden Dream Again
Same as The Leaders Mission. First you fight Yomito, then Enzo and Ryuka
together, and finally Taisa.

Chunins\' Revenge
Fight all the Chunins. The first area has two Tenro Chunin, the next has two
Amigiri Chunin, then one Hirasaka Chunin, and finishes with one Tenro Chunin.

Underworld Oust
Don\'t let the enemies get by you. Miss 10 and you loose.

_7+1 Desert Days_
Protect the cart. Focus on the enemy closest to the cart.

Great Advance!
Another mission where you can\'t let the enemies get past you. Don\'t let 10 get

Wolves\' Migration
Have 100 Kizuna points when time or enemies run out. Be careful about when you
spend points reviving someone.

Bowl Emergency!
Find 10 bowls. Start by breaking the crates, then move on to the enemies.

Fight the enemies in the first area. Don\'t get too close to the pool of purple
liquid or you\'ll get poisoned. After you beat them you move on to fight a
False Two-Tails.

Impersonation Jutsu
You start off fighting some enemies. Break the rocks to continue. In the next
area you\'ll fight Itachi.

Ceremony of Poison
If anyone dies you lose. As the name implies there are a lot of ways to be
poisoned here so bring a null poison scroll.

Kizuna Drive
In the first area you need to defeat the enemies to open the lightning walls.
Once you beat everyone the exit will appear. Now you have to run the gauntlet
of all the \"False Tailed\" bosses. That\'s the False One-Tail, Two-Tail,
Nine-Tail, and topped off with the Three-Head. Good luck.


Characters                                                              [char]

Naruto                                                                  [ch01]

Giant Rasengan
   A powerful frontal attack.

Nine-Tails\' Power
   Applied damage is increased and received damage is reduced for a fixed time.

Rasen Shuriken
   A powerful frontal attack that triggers an explosion and damages the
   surrounding area.

   A jutsu for frontal attacks.

Sakura                                                                  [ch02]

Medical Ninjutsu
   Recovers the health of allies within a certain perimeter. Increase the
   recover amount by holding the triangle button.

Heaven Kick of Pain
   An attack with a fixed perimeter around the user.

Cherry Blossom Clash
   A jutsu for frontal attacks.

Kakashi                                                                 [ch03]

Lightning Blade
   A powerful frontal attack. Increase its power by holding the triangle

   A powerful frontal attack.

Lightning Blade Kunai Cutter
   A jutsu for frontal attacks.

Sai                                                                     [ch04]

Super Beast Scroll: Shrine Dog
   A powerful frontal attack. Increase the number attacks by hitting the
   triangle button repeatedly.

Assassination Jutsu
   Applied damage is increased for a fixed time.

Super Beast Scroll: Phoenix
   A jutsu for frontal attacks

Yamato                                                                  [ch05]

Wood Fetters Jutsu
   A powerful frontal attack that detains the target

Ripping Torrent
   A powerful frontal attack.

Wood Release: Flowing Earth Spears
   A jutsu for frontal attacks.

Shikamaru                                                               [ch06]

Shadow Poss. Shuriken
   A powerful frontal attack that detains the target.

Shadow Strangle Jutsu
   A powerful frontal attack that detains the target.

Shadow Possession Shuriken Jutsu
   A jutsu for frontal attacks. Detains the target.

Choji                                                                   [ch07]

Super Slap
   A powerful frontal attack

Spiky Human Boulder
   A powerful frontal attack. Increase the effective time by holding the
   triangle button.

Leg Expansion Jutsu
   A jutsu for frontal attacks.

Ino                                                                     [ch08]

Medical Ninjutsu
   Recovers the health of allies within a certain perimeter. Increase the
   recovery amount by holding the triangle button.

   Applied damage is increased with a poison effect and received damage is
   reduced for a fixed time.

Genjutsu: Flower Hill
   A jutsu which Numbs the target.

Lee                                                                     [ch09]

The Eight Gates Mode
   Applied damage is increased for a fixed time period. Repeated use heightens
   the effect but drains health.

Primary Lotus
   A powerful frontal attack that can only be used while in The Eight Gates

Hidden Lotus
   A powerful frontal attack that can only be used when The Eight Gates Mode
   has bee used more than three times in a row.

Spinning Head Butt
   A frontal attack

Neji                                                                    [ch10]

   Applied damage is increased and the attack is given a softening effect
   for a fixed time period.

8 Trigrams Palm Rotation
   An attack with a fixed perimeter around the user.

8 Trigrams Mountain Break Attack
   A jutsu for frontal attacks.

Hinata                                                                  [ch11]

Healing Jutsu
   Slightly recovers the health of you allies.

Heaven Crushing Palm
   A powerful frontal attack.

8 Trigrams 64 Palms
   A protective shield that retaliates when struck by a weak enemy attack.

8 Trigrams Heaven Crushing Palm
   A jutsu for frontal attacks.

Sasuke                                                                  [ch12]

Fire Ball Jutsu
   A powerful frontal attack.

   A powerful frontal attack.

Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu
   A jutsu for long-distance frontal attacks.

Suigetsu                                                                [ch13]

Water Arm Mad Dance
   A powerful frontal attack. Increase its power by holding the triangle

Water Transform Jutsu
   A shield that protects against weak enemy attacks for a fixed time period.

Giant Sword Swing Around
   A frontal attack.

Karin                                                                   [ch14]

Super Recovery
   Recovers the health of allies within a certain perimeter. Increase the
   recovery amount by holding the triangle button.

Kagura: The Mind\'s Eye
   A shield that protects against weak enemy attacks for a fixed time period.

Serial Kicks
   A frontal attack.

Jugo                                                                    [ch15]

Curse Mark
   Applied damage is increased and attack perimeter is extended for a fixed
   time period.

   A powerful frontal attack.

Arm Transformation Attack
   A frontal attack.

Itachi                                                                  [ch16]

   A powerful frontal attack.

   A powerful frontal attack.

Water Style: Water Fang Bullet
   A jutsu for frontal attacks.


Unlocking Characters                                                    [unlk]

Complete chapter 2

Complete chapter 3

Complete chapter 3

Complete chapter 3

Complete chapter 5

Complete chapter 5

Complete chapter 5

Complete scenario mode

Complete scenario mode

Complete scenario mode

Complete scenario mode

Complete the S+ mission Tailed Beast Hunt


End Note                                                                [note]

I hope there aren\'t too many mistakes in this guide. If you see anything wrong
or misspelled, please email me at [email protected]

Created 5/2/11
Version 1.0


Legal                                                                   [legl]

Copyright 2011 Matt Rapczynski
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

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