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    T H E   H O U S E   O F   T H E   D E A D      ***          ***        

            THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 4 FAQ Version 2.1
        In-Depth Walkthrough and Ultimate Strategy Guide
                         Arcade Versions
            Written by : Shadi Sobremisana
            E-Mail     : shadift [at] yahoo [dot] com
            Location   : Manila, Philippines

This FAQ is copyright © 2008 Shadi Sobremisana

Hello! I'm Shadi, and I'm this FAQ's author (duh...) and I'll offer you help
through the latest shoot-down-the-undead-with-lead craze from SEGA, THE HOUSE
OF THE DEAD 4. This is my first FAQ, and is supplemented by a shorter BOSS
FAQ. My other FAQ is for the mobile phone version of of X-Men Legends 2: Rise
of Apocalypse. Please don't hesitate to give me your comments to my email:

         shadift [at] yahoo [dot] com

Please write "HOD4" or "House of the Dead 4" as the subject. I'm planning to
write a FAQ for HOD3, but as long I do not have the time, its fate will still
be in the air. There are other FAQs you can use for it by this time, though.

This FAQ's only location should be only at these sites:

         www.gamerHelp.com -> deleted inactive account

Please notify me when you see this FAQ somewhere else.

The prelude to Armageddon... Witness Pandora's Box unleash its terror...
Whatever it is... Let's get started, dude!


   C O N T E N T S

I          Revision History
II         The House of the Dead 4 Story
III        Gameplay
IV         Characters
V          Items
VI         Zombie Bestiary
VII        The Walkthrough
              Chapter 1:  ESCAPE
              Chapter 2:  LOST
              Chapter 3:  EMPTINESS
              Chapter 4:  DESPAIR
              Chapter 5:  REUNION
              Chapter 6:  HOPE
VIII       Boss Strategies
              Chapter 1 / JUSTICE    T-0053
              Chapter 2 / LOVERS     T-6805
              Chapter 3 / EMPRESS    T-1201
              Chapter 4 / TEMPERANCE T-0483
              Chapter 5 / STAR       T-0001
              Chapter 6 / WORLD      T-Beta
IX         Endings
X          Hypothetical Ranking Calculations
XI         Treasure Room Locations
XII        Codes and Tricks
XIII       High Scores
XIV        Boss Encyclopedia
XV         Author's Odds and Ends
XVI        Credits
XVII       Disclaimer 


 I       R E V I S I O N   H I S T O R Y

Version 1.0 (02/10/2006)
     - Original release

Version 1.1 (02/16/2006)
     - Second release
     - Major layout modification
     - Error corrections
     - Added ENDINGS Section
     - Added CODES Section

Version 1.2 (02/25/2006)
     - Third release
     - Added a cute ASCII art for the title screen
     - More spelling and grammar corrections
     - Completed the locations of Medkits and Grenades!
       It may still be incomplete, but I gave at least one location
       for each of the Grenade or Medkit Items in each Chapter
     - Added 2 more endings in the ENDINGS Section
     - Added HIGH SCORES Section
     - Added TRIVIA Section

Version 1.3 (03/01/2006)
     - Fourth release
     - Started the Full FAQ upgrade
     - Slight layout modifications and corrections
     - Started BESTIARY Section
     - Started PATH WALKTHROUGH Section
     - Added AUTHOR'S ODDS AND ENDS Section

Version 1.4 (03/06/2006)
     - Fifth release
     - Few manuscript modifications. Don't ask me what I had changed
       I don't remember most of them anyway... See for yourself ;->

Version 1.5 (03/09/2006)
     - Sixth release 
     - Design modifications
     - Added a few more zombies in the BESTIARY
     - Added a RANKING Section, which may help in determining your ranks
       for a chapter and even your overall rank
     - More critiques in ODDS AND ENDS Section

Version 1.6 (03/14/2006)
     - Seventh release 
     - Completed Chapter 5 Path Walkthrough (2 down, 4 to go)

Version 1.7 (03/26/2006)
     - Eighth release 
     - Layout modifications
     - Major corrections from the Message Board
     - Completed all the Chapter Walkthroughs except the LIVE DECISION paths
Version 1.8 (03/31/2006)
     - Ninth release 
     - Error and grammar corrections
     - Added a few LIVE DECISION paths in the Chapter Walkthroughs
     - Corrected some of the questionable locations of Medkits or Grenades
     - Hypotethically completed the BESTIARY Section
Version 1.9 (04/06/2006)
     - Tenth release 
     - Completed (100%) all paths in the Chapter Walkthroughs
     - Corrected a few requirements for getting a certain ending
Version 2.0 (08/29/2007)
     - Second edition
     - FAQ is almost a year and a half old, still no other big news about
       THOTD Special, and I haven't experienced the bugs reported yet.
     - Major redesigning in FAQ layout. Few more notes added.
     - Live decisions and walkthrough enhanced for easier viewing as you
       pass through each level's locales.
     - Updated scoreboard
     - FAQ is rechecked for any other errors, thanks to a reader kind enough
       to send word about my FAQ for after a year! XD
Version 2.1 (02/10/2008)
     - Second edition, twelfth release
     - FAQ is officially 2 years old	 
     - Anything belated: Merry Christmas, a Blessed (Chinese) New Year!
	 - I still have not received any big news nor played THOTD Special
	 - The game glitch seem quite rare to happen since I've not seen them
     - Minor corrections on the FAQ and updated scoreboard and credits
     - Got news that THOTD4's release for XBOX360 is TBA for this year 2008.
     - A big thanks to all those who sent e-mail about my FAQ within 2 years.
     - To commemorate the 2nd birthday of the FAQ, I played THOTD4 again at a
       local Timezone arcade here in Manila. My skills may have been a tad
       rusty (since I used around 4-5 credits as opposed to 2-3 before), but
       I still managed to get 300,000+ points in the end, still a Rank 3 Expert
       Agent. I just missed a few secret locations, but I can still remember
       the "checkpoints" of the detours in one glance. :)


 II     T H E   H O U S E   O F   T H E   D E A D   4   S T O R Y

NOTE: Major _SPOILERS_ up ahead!

This fourth sequel of the popular THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD series is actually
the prequel of THOTD3. It followed the events 3 years after THOTD2. The main
protagonist was still JAMES TAYLOR (no, not the singer of 'You Got a Friend'),
who has obviously aged a bit more since year 2000. Instead of an older Gary
Stewart as his AMS companion, Taylor's new apprentice under AMS replaced him:
KATE GREEN. What happened to Gary, Amy, and Harry are not in my position to
answer. I mean, the latter two are (very) pathetic NPCs... I would personally
think Amy eloped with Gary, since I presume Harry was killed by the mortal
wound he got from Strength... (remember the Colosseum?) And then, mebbe Harry
became insane, and... oh, I think I'm pouring my own thoughts as spoilers. XD

Three years after the very dreadful events of February 26, 2000, the so-called
Pandora's Box has opened. The Earth's surface has been infested with monstrous
zombies, and it seemed that there are no survivors this time. Now veteran AMS
agent JAMES TAYLOR, with his new partner KATE GREEN, must brave through these
abominations once again and stop the person behind this mayhem might be. The
armageddon continues in 2003...


 III    G A M E P L A Y   F E A T U R E S

OK, this game rocks for a lot of reasons. Though it may not surpass its great
predecessor, it has its features that makes it one of the greatest sequels in
THOTD history... Yeah, SEGA now uses the LINDBERGH technology, the reason of
the extremely vivacious and life-like undead graphics! LONG LIVE THE DEAD!!!

 T H E   G U N      \
It all started as handguns: a BERETTA in THOTD1, and a Desert EAGLE in THOTD2.
In THOTD3, SEGA eliminated the cheap on-screen reloading tactic (by swiping the
gun's infrared muzzle with the index finger) with a powerful pump-load single-
barrel shotgun, which dispatches hordes of zombies with a well-placed bolt of
shotgun. However, some people complained about the weight of the shotgun. And
now, THOTD4 gives players a new gunning experience to talk about...

Now, two 9mm MAC-10 (American UZI) submachine guns sit in THOTD4 cabinets! By
depressing the trigger, you unleash rapid-burst firing. The best thing is that
gun reloading requires you to only SHAKE the gun once to refills your ammo to a
full charge of 30 rounds. Your hand will tire like any other shooters, yet this
innovative reloading feature reduces annoying hand cramps. A clip holds a lot
of ammo, so reload whenever you find your supply low. Directly firing a clipful
of ammo inflicts helluva damage to zombies or boss monsters alike. Shots also
destroy background objects for hidden items. Note that you CAN NOT reload while
firing, nor can you shoot as your player 'reloads' the SMG on-screen. The SMG
is greatly lighter than a shotgun, but weighs a tad more than the handgun.

* Holding the SMG properly (watch how James and Kate hold theirs):
  - Hold the handle with the right hand close to your chest.
  - With your left hand, hold the end of the SMG (near the muzzle), with
    your 4 fingers on the side, and your thumb ON THE GRENADE BUTTON.
  - When shooting, hold the SMG near your face and use the aiming bolts at the
    SMG's spine and aim for a long streak of guaranteed headshots.
  - To shoot continuously, HOLD DOWN the trigger. This is neither a handgun nor
    shotgun, so tapping the trigger hurts your index finger more quickly. There
    may be instances where you must utilize precise shots with quick taps, how-
    ever, in reasons explained later in the FAQ.
  - If you followed the correct way to hold the SMG, use the left hand to steer
    around your fire, and your left thumb must have perfect reflex if you want
    to push the button to toss a grenade should the need arise.

* Reloading the SMG properly:
  - BEFORE PLAYING, ensure that the shaking mechanism inside the gun works to
    reload properly. CLICKS are heard if the SMG is shaken even once.
  - RELEASE the trigger prior to any reloading attempt.
  - Bring the gun down like reloading the handgun: you shake the gun as well.
    To lower the gun: use your arms, not your wrists. Doing so may strain your
    wrists a lot. A nice method for those handgun experts.
  - Move your hand slightly downward, or sideward. In short, POINT YOUR SMG
    OUTSIDE THE SCREEN: My simplest preferred way to reload that doesn't strain
    the wrist much. SEGA's GHOST Squad players, bring it on!
  - There are a few dummies who still use the ON-SCREEN reloading tactic though
    it has long been eliminated. Tapping on the muzzle does nothing, but leave
    fingerprints on the infrared lens that may interfere with the gun's sensor.
    That could ruin your game and others' through time. Man, they really don't
    learn from the cheap way, eh?
  - Alright, if you do the on-screen reload, you unwittingly move the gun as
    well... Your finger's pressure on the muzzle shakes the SMG, but may leave
    your fingerprints on the muzzle as well. It's really a disadvantage.
  - Ensure a fresh load of ammo anytime. Another hint: NEVER reload the moment
    a zombie grabs: it's fatally fatally fatal... especially to your wallet.

* During gun-shaking sequences, do the following to fill the bar quickly:
  - Grip the handle with both hands and shake it vigorously. I don't use this
    personally, 'cause you can bust open your own nose or lips if you shake
    the gun too hard. I warned you... You won't wanna go home with a bleeding
    nose or busted mouth without any fistfight, do ya? Say that you failed to
    stun Temperance and got smashed on the wall as a result.
  - Wiggle the gun left and right. Still, expect wrist pain as time passes.
  - My preferred way: hold the SMG by the spine, and shake it with one or both
    hands. I find this the easiest and the best method especially when being
    held back; this method fills the bar quickest.

NOTE: These are only my opinions and methods. Have it your way with your own.

However, an SMG's bullets may not surpass the power of a shotgun bolt. This is
compensated with the use of...

 H A N D   G R E N A D E      \
Yeah baby! Reminisce the nifty rocket launchers of Operation Wolf and Resident
Evil; and the grenades of Area 51 and Metal Slug. Aim the gun at your desired
direction and press the grey button at the lower-left cheek of the SMG. Your
player whips out a hand grenade, pulls the pin, and chucks it in the direction
the gun is aiming. BOOM! Watch the on-screen zombies fly away. This is helpful
to clear out a screenful of zombies with ease. Still, a grenade may still be
not enough to kill all zombies, lest greatly damage them, so let your bullets
finish them. Grenades are also your pals in boss fights: if thrown at the right
time, a grenade stuns a boss for a whole round upon impact. They are somehow
scarce, for you hold 3 by default, so save 'em for crucial times. Use them IF
AND ONLY IF if you really need to. Between losing a life or using a grenade,
choose the latter. At least one grenade per chapter is well-hidden deep within.
Note that the explosion is strongest at the farthest 'end' of the screen.

NOTE: Depressing the Grenade Button delays the throw until you release it. Be
warned that gunfire is DISABLED while your player carries a grenade around!
NEVER delay grenade-tossing prematurely!

 L I F E   M A R K S      \
The Life Marks remain unchanged: Red for Player 1 and blue for Player 2. You
have three (default) to five torches that will indicate your current lives. If
you suffered damage, one Life Torch is extinguished. Each Life Mark lost loses
you 500 points ALSO. If you lost all your lives (and all credits), James' final
breath is "All hope is lost...", a sarcastical insult that it's GAME OVER. To
balance life loss, Medical Kits are hidden deep within each chapter, usually
inside inanimate objects. Shooting a Medkit lights up one Life Torch. Very
proportional, isn't it? XD

Since the bosses are among the life-munchers in the game, I'll give a strategy
on minimizing life loss or even lose no life at all. What gave THOTD4 a boost
in gameplay is your player's interaction to enable you to avoid taking damage:
  When you are grabbed by a monster, an enormous X marks your ammo to indicate
  gunfire is disabled. A SUCCESS bar is displayed on the screen. Your aim is to
  shake your gun vigorously so that you fill the gauge within an invisible time
  limit. A DANGER sign appears shortly, and if you fail to break free, you will
  take damage. You will do this gun-shaking on all chapter bosses. The best way
  to break free is to grip your gun with both hands and shake it. It can be a
  bit harder if there are two players, both being gripped. Once you break free,
  zombies will fall back like dominos, this time very open to attack. Think of
  it as Jill's tackling dodge move in RE3 Nemesis.
  NOTE: A lifeline is also displayed, which actually served as a 'time limit'.
        Once the lifeline goes straight, you are in DANGER of losing a life, so
        shake it away!
  When you are charged down, the same interaction applies. However, the bar is 
  slightly varied. The good part is that you won't take damage when you fail,
  but you can be in either: (a) a more dangerous situation or (b) take a detour
  AND lose hidden items. If you broke free, zombies stagger back like dominos,
  this time very open to attack. Think of it as Jill's tackling dodge move in
  RE3 Nemesis.
  When you are knocked down, you are at a HUGE disadvantage. Both players will
  stumble, and you must shoot down 3 to 4 zombies before they crush your noses
  with their feet. Take 'em all down quickly or BOTH players will take damage!
  Once you kill them, your character stands up once again and regains control.
  It's just like quick recovery from being knocked down in Resident Evil and
  even fighting games. Hey mister, don't look stupid by shaking the gun if you
  are knocked down. It'll do nothing, trust me.
  When there is an option to open doors, you must decide to open it or not. The
  only difference is the BIG change of routes with any choice you take. Shaking
  the gun also applies here. However, during Boss battles you MUST and you MUST
  open the door to avoid taking damage! And by the way, there are several doors
  if not opened leave you to contend with even more zombies, but killing them
  all with headshots means more points as well! Read across the FAQ when should
  doors be opened or not!

NOTE: Ranking-wise, you may earn as much as 2 Life Bonuses at the end of each
      chapter. By the way: like THOTD3, there are no stupid citizens to worry
      about, as there are no survivors in the city. (Picture Raccoon City from
      RE3 Nemesis after the T-Virus epidemic. Should I say GOOD RIDDANCE?)

 W E A K   P O I N T      \
Most zombies' weakest point is the HEAD. Shooting them by this vital spot gives
you an advantage to kill 'em quickly. Since you have an SMG, use the rapid-fire
feature to gain more points with critical shots. The number of PERFECT critical
shots greatly affect end-of-chapter rankings. Higher ranks net you bonus lives
after the chapter ends. There is a series of remarks for each successive kill
with a headshot. The first headshot is ranked GOOD, the next as EXCELLENT, then
AMAZING. All successive headshot kills are considered PERFECT. The streak only
ends if you take damage or if a zombie is not killed by the weak point (i.e.
chest, legs, etc.) and resets back into "NO RANK", then "GOOD"... The streak
cycle repeats again.

NOTE: There are certain enemies that have a weak point that is not the head. In
      such cases, the 'headshot' counts if and only if this enemy is shot down
      on the chest. Weak points are further explained in the Zombie Bestiary.


 IV     C H A R A C T E R S

Player 1 plays as James; and Player 2 plays as Kate. Interestingly, Player 1
is the red-colored player, wherein James wears blue. On the other hand, Player
2 is the blue-colored player, yet Kate wears red. Weird move, SEGA...

 J A M E S   T A Y L O R      \
"It's all happening again. But it's much worse this time..." 

Now veteran AMS agent, James was haunted by a man from his past, and he feels
this man is the one behind all these undead mayhem in the city. Still, James
strongly believed there is still hope to restore the city.

 K A T E   G R E E N      \
"How the heck are we supposed to fight this many?!"

James' partner who replaced Gary Stewart, Kate regarded James very highly and
was honored working with him as his fellow AMS agent. She's a fasionist lass
with an big sense of humor. Imagine her jokes and stylish scarf, miniskirt,
stockings, and high-heeled boots during her fight with zombies! Gotta love this
girl, or maybe not.

* * * * *   S P O I L E R S   * * * * *

 C A L E B   G O L D M A N      \
"There is no way to avoid your fate, James."

The one behind THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 2, the bi-spectacled man is back, who was
believed to have plummeted to his death from the roof of the 50th floor of his
Goldman Headquarters building. After the Emperor was vanquished by James and
Gary 3 years ago, Goldman planned to open the Pandora's Box to restore humans
into their natural state. James and Kate may be the only hope to stop him...

 A G E N T   G      \
"The battle is not over yet. I promise to take the fight back to the source."

Tom Rogan's agent partner in THOTD1, returning as an NPC in THOTD2, and back as
a playable character with Lisa Rogan in THOTD3. Again, he briefly gives a cameo
appearance at one of the game's endings, pledging to exact revenge. Giving out
the reason immediately will be one major spoiler for you to discover.

 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?      \
"There is more than one Pandora's Box."

A limping mysterious man also present in the ending of THOTD3. Not much is
known to this man's true identity. He tells that Goldman had been too soft and
the wretched humans have no need of hope. Soon, the true end draws near, for he
reveals that there is more than one Pandora's Box. Gives me the creeps.

* * * * *   E N D   S P O I L E R S   * * * * *


 V    I T E M S

There are several items hidden within barrels, stashes and other inanimate 
objects in backgrounds. Shoot anything interesting in the background!

 P O I N T   B O N U S      \
Increase your score by certain points. Some accumulate your score by how many
shots spent on the item. Each chapter hides lots of bonus-point items around.

* COIN: Variations are BRONZE (200-400), SILVER (600-800), or GOLD (1000-2000)
* HAT : A purple tall hat (800)
* FROG: The very familiar golden frog since THOTD1 (1000 or 2000)
* TOYS: An elusive MAGICIAN statuette (2000), or a resilient toy BUS (3000)
* BELL: 100 points (each hit) x 20 maximum = 2000 points

_____ L O C A T I O N S _______________________________________________________

* RADIATION DOORS as well as WHITE STASHES hide goodies.
* A red wall-mounted CONTROL PANEL leads to an excellent detour.
* Gold-colored elevator panels also hide goodies.
* Before the BOSS fight, rebound a grenade INTO the RIGHT door for goodies. 
* A secret wall on an alley to your right needs a REBOUNDING grenade to reveal
  lotsa goodies.
* Shoot anything peculiar, even those as small as STONES or a PADLOCK.
* Scattered WHITE STASHES, BUCKETS and TRASH BINS hide various goodies.
* When you OPEN A DOOR, don't be surprised. Being DRAGGED along the ground
  is sometimes enjoyable. Much better, you'll gain more goodies in the end.
* Scattered RED STASHES, SHELVES and TRASH BINS hide various goodies.
* A secretly hidden KEY unlocks a room with various goodies hidden within.
* During the BIG-BELLY BOSS PURSUIT, shoot any barrel or stash visible.
* Shoot all visible RED BARRELS.
* During your car adventure, take the RIGHT PATH on the bridge.
* If you locate 2 white stashes, shoot the DRAGON on the FLOOR by its EYE to
  access a chamber above the stairs after a short cutscene.
* Reach the last door WITHOUT CONTINUING from the start... Simple yet difficult
  to attain! Practice makes perfect. A 20:20 vision or being trigger-happy is
  also perfect! And yes, in case you have your last life, you have to survive
  from FOUR Robo-Ninjas to reach the Final Room. GOOD LUCK!
(See Section X, TREASURE ROOM LOCATIONS for the exact procedures to access each
Chapter's elusively hidden Treasure Rooms PLUS the coveted Final Bonus Room!)
 L I F E   B O N U S      \
These restore your Life Marks by one. Since your score also lowers every time
you take damage (and higher rank chances as well), you have to replenish your
lives whenever possible. A few Medkits are hidden within each chapter, usually
inside BG objects. Shoot the Medkit to recover one Life Torch.

_____ L O C A T I O N S _______________________________________________________

* Throughout the entire level, there are RADIATION doors at the lower walls.
  Shoot one down to reveal a hidden Medkit, three of which are found. Bonus
  points are also hidden within these doors. Examples are given below:
  - After destroying the RED CONTROL PANEL, there will be a detour. Soon you'll
    reach a point where there are 3 Muscle zombies. When you turn to the right,
    a radiation door to the lower-right alley hides a Medkit.
  - If you did not take the detour, zombies will pour in from both sides in
    front of the stairway door. An obvious door to your LEFT hides a Medkit.
  - When you reach the point Kate says "So much destruction..." Your players
    will turn back and waves of zombies will spring from both sides. Shoot the
    LEFTMOST radiation door at the far background for a Medkit.
*  Kate remarks, "I'm tired of getting wet!" While descending the
  steps, a floating stash behind the grates in front of you hides a Medkit.
*  You'll pass a room to your right with 2 Bobs carrying barrels.
  Shoot the barrels behind them for a Medkit.
* There is a section filled with Murrers and a PADLOCK at the left part of the
  screen. The lock must be opened before you kill all the worms. After that, 
  kill the pair of Welding zombies before you enter again the opened door. Once
  you enter, destroy the barrel for the Medkit.
* If you allow the bisected Bone zombie to drag you into the door (the whelp
  won't hurt you), you'll have a huge route detour. Survive the horde to find a
  Medkit inside one of the buckets upstairs where zombies threw barrels at you.
* If you didn't allow the bisected Bone zombie to drag you from the door, you'll
  take the escalator. Up ahead the elevator you will encounter 2 Dagger zombies
  just before the fork. Shoot the buckets at the left corner for a Medkit.
*  Kill everything with your weapons. When you reach a huge
  door to the next part of the level, there are 2 TRASH BINS you have to bust
  open at the LEFT of the passage to reveal the Medkit.
*  Zombies break through the glass window. Locate the line of SHELVES in
  front of you and shoot the stashes in these shelves to reveal a Medkit. This
  shelf is actually the one you see immediately as you enter the shop (with the
  key and red stashes).
* There is a point where there are two waves of zombies coming from both sides.
  After destroying the right horde, you'll face a wave of 2 Muscle zombies and
  a Cop zombie. Shoot the red barrel behind the middle of the 2 Muscle Zombies
  to reveal the Medkit.
* At the bridge, a zombie attempts to ram your car. You must successfully flee
  to be able to shoot the Medkit (and Score Bonus Items) before you reach
  the facade of the Goldman Building. If you fail, you'll have a small detour
  and lose the Medkit, as well as bonus items.
* In the Japanese Empire-inspired corridors of the 49th floor, there is a room
  with 2 WHITE STASHES at the left corner. Destroy both quickly to obtain the
  last Medkit. This is very tricky to get due to the fast camera movement, and
  even more due to another secret in this very locale.

 G R E N A D E   B O N U S      \
Each icon increases your grenade stock by one. A grenade is a crucial item for
survival in THOTD4. Remember to hurl all grenades on your last life. It's much
better to inflict damage no matter how little than wasting them when you die.

_____ L O C A T I O N S _______________________________________________________

* There is a section where zombies will run into you from the left and right
  sides. This is where the game suggests you to use a grenade to destroy the
  horde. Use one if you need to (or not, since grenades will help against the
  boss). Destroy the WHITE STASH at the LEFT corner for a Grenade.
*  You'll reach an elevator door with a horde of Claw zombies. Shoot
  the LEFT elevator panel for another Grenade. Two or three elevator panels
  also hide a Grenade each.
*  There will be an alley with 4 Claw Zombies. Shoot down the WHITE
  STASH at the bottom PRIOR a zombie latches on you. If you didn't bust open
  the stash, the camera shifts on 4 zombies and the chance for a Grenade Bonus
  is lost. However, the contents may be a Magician figure. Can anyone confirm
  if the contents is random?
*  Choose left path through the deeper sewers. Across the brine,
  you'll pass along a floating stash in the water to your right. Shoot it down
  for another Grenade.
* Past the caged zombie horde and Welding zombies, there are also 3 Bobs (fat
  zombies) carrying barrels. Shoot the BARRELS behind them for Grenade.
* Past the beginning of the level, beneath the stairs, 2 Muscle Zombies hurl
  down rocks from above. Destroy the rocks and the zombies as well. When you
  reached the highest step of the stairs, destroy the BUCKETS at the lower-left
  corner of the screen for a hidden Grenade.
* Before the Coffee Shoppe, there are 2 red stashes and a trash bin behind a
  zombie horde. Destroy the LEFTMOST STASH to reveal a Grenade.
*  Zombies will smash in through the window. Locate the shelves behind
  the horde and shoot the STASHES among these SHELVES to reveal a Grenade.
*  There is a shelf in front of you that will be smashed down by
  zombies. Shoot the STASHES behind them for another Grenade.
* During a car-ride, There is a section where there are two waves of zombies
  coming from both sides of the street. While destroying the right horde, find
  a pair of RED BARRELS along the wall on the RIGHT EDGE of the street. Those
  barrels hide a Grenade.


 VI     Z O M B I E   B E S T I A R Y
* DESC - The enemy's description
* WEAK - The weakest point
* ATTK - Forms of attacks
* LIFE - Endurance before destroying the zombie
* CHAP - Chapters encountered
* NOTE - Remarks about the zombie
* Enclosed names the official names taken from THOTD2 and THOTD3
* Note that most zombies have the new ability to grab or push you.

____ ASSASSIN ZOMBIE __________________________________________________________
* DESC - Pale-faced fighters with fists held up
* WEAK - Head
* ATTK - Dash, Flying kick, Low kick, Straight punch
* LIFE - Strong
* CHAP - 5 only
* NOTE - Since they move very swiftly, shoot all the way you can. If worse
         comes to worse, use a grenade. KABOOM!

_____ BONE ZOMBIE 1 ___________________________________________________________
* DESC - Extremely malnourished zombies with ribs and skulls almost visible
* WEAK - Head
* ATTK - Arm slash, Bite
* LIFE - Weak
* CHAP - 3 only
* NOTE - They are extremely agile and a bit hard to kill because of the swaying
         movement. When facing a horde of Bone zombies, USE A GRENADE.

_____ BONE ZOMBIE 2 ___________________________________________________________
* DESC - Malnourished zombies halved by the waist crawling along the ground
* WEAK - Head
* ATTK - Latching slash
* LIFE - Weak
* CHAP - 3 only
* NOTE - They usually come in groups of 4. Always go for a headshot.

_____ CIVILIAN ZOMBIE 1 (David) _______________________________________________
* DESC - Bald shirtless male zombies in pants and tattoos
* WEAK - Head
* ATTK - Arm slash, Bite
* LIFE - Weak
* CHAP - 1 to 5; sometimes in a darker color
* NOTE - A simple headshot sends him into oblivion.
_____ CIVILIAN ZOMBIE 2 (Kageo) _______________________________________________
* DESC - Thick haired shirtless male zombies in pants and red-black tattoos
* WEAK - Head
* ATTK - Arm slash, Bite
* LIFE - Weak
* CHAP - 1 to 5
* NOTE - A simple headshot sends him into oblivion.

_____ CIVILIAN ZOMBIE 3 _______________________________________________________
* DESC - Business men, or rather, zombies in polo shirts, neckties and pants
* WEAK - Head
* ATTK - Arm slash, Bite
* LIFE - Weak
* CHAP - 4 and 5
* NOTE - A simple headshot sends him into oblivion.

_____ CLAW ZOMBIE _____________________________________________________________
* DESC - Small zombies armed with talons and stand on fours
* WEAK - Head
* ATTK - Latching slash
* LIFE - Weak
* CHAP - 1 only
* NOTE - They always come in groups of 4 or more. They are very vulnerable once
         their clawed hands rise from the ground. You have about a seconds or
         two to kill one after it attaches onto you and slashes your face.

_____ COAT ZOMBIE 1 (Max / Johnny) ____________________________________________
* DESC - Blond shoulder-length haired zombies clad in blue coats
* WEAK - Head
* ATTK - Arm slash
* LIFE - Weak
* CHAP - 1 to 5
* NOTE - They always come in groups of 4 or more.

_____ COAT ZOMBIE 2 (Max w/ Axes) _____________________________________________
* DESC - Exactly like Max or Johnny but with throwing axes
* WEAK - Head
* ATTK - Axe throw (can do twice), axe slash or double axe slash (melee)
* LIFE - Weak
* CHAP - 1 to 5
* NOTE - They usually prefer surprise attacks from a distance.

_____ COP ZOMBIE ______________________________________________________________
* DESC - Broad bodied zombies with a police cap and trenchcoat
* WEAK - Head
* ATTK - Shoulder tackle
* LIFE - Strong
* CHAP - 5 only
* NOTE - Shoot their legs to slow down their attack. Then kill with headshot.
         They can be swift and their tackle can be dangerous.

_____ DAGGER ZOMBIE ___________________________________________________________
* DESC - Small zombies armed with knives
* WEAK - Head
* ATTK - Somersault slash
* LIFE - Weak
* CHAP - 3 only
* NOTE - They usually come in groups of 2 or 3. First shoot their legs to slow
         them significantly, and go for a headshot. Any slow movement and your
         life will be simply hacked with a somersaulting slash of twin daggers.

_____ FAT ZOMBIE (Bob) ________________________________________________________
* DESC - Bumbling fat, topless and obese zombies
* WEAK - Head
* ATTK - Shoulder tackle, Barrel throw
* LIFE - Strong
* CHAP - 2 and 4
* NOTE - Shoot their projectiles first, if they have any. Don't let them get
         very near you or they'll charge with a body tackle. Due to the size,
         its belly can endure several hits before bursting open.

_____ GANGSTER ZOMBIE _________________________________________________________
* DESC - Shirtless zombies with mohawk hair and bloody tattoos
* WEAK - Head
* ATTK - Bite, Arm slash
* LIFE - Weak
* CHAP - 1 only
* NOTE - A simple headshot sends him into oblivion.

_____ MUSCLE ZOMBIE 1 _________________________________________________________
* DESC - Huge muscular zombies in tattered vests
* WEAK - Head
* ATTK - Shoulder tackle, Charging punch
* LIFE - Strong
* CHAP - 1 only
* NOTE - Resistant to bullets. Continuously fire at the head for fastest kill.
_____ MUSCLE ZOMBIE 2 _________________________________________________________
* DESC - Huge muscular zombies in blue vests and pants
* WEAK - Head
* ATTK - Shoulder tackle, Charging punch, Boulder throw
* LIFE - Strong
* CHAP - 2 and 3
* NOTE - Resistant to bullets. Continuously fire at the head for fastest kill.

_____ MUSCLE ZOMBIE 3 _________________________________________________________
* DESC - Huge muscular zombies in green striped vests
* WEAK - Head
* ATTK - Shoulder tackle, Charging punch
* LIFE - Strong
* CHAP - 4 and 5
* NOTE - Resistant to bullets. Continuously fire at the head for fastest kill.

_____ ROBO-NINJA ______________________________________________________________
* DESC - Small mutants with double-ended laser Kunai (Ninja Knives)
* WEAK - Head
* ATTK - Kunai throw, Teleport, Head slice
* LIFE - Strong
* CHAP - 6 only
* NOTE - If facing two or more Robo-Ninjas, focus first on the knives they
         throw. If one teleports in your front, kill him with a headshot. You
         can also kill them afar when their crossed Kunai have lowered from
         the glowing weak point on their head.

_____ ROBO-OGRE _______________________________________________________________
* DESC - Huge humanoid mutants with metallic muscles.
* WEAK - Blue pentagon-shape on the chest
* ATTK - Charging punch, Charging tackle
* LIFE - Very strong
* CHAP - 6 only
* NOTE - Use their slow speed to your advantage. Shoot the heart as they come
         to you. Before they can even charge a punch, they will go down, even
         if they come in large numbers. If so, take them down one by one.

_____ ROBO-SWORDSMAN __________________________________________________________
* DESC - Medium-sized mutants with laser swords on both hands.
* WEAK - Head
* ATTK - Sword slash
* LIFE - Strong
* CHAP - 6 only
* NOTE - Less deadlier than they were in THOTD2. Simply kill them with head
         shots and the'll go down even if they come wave by wave. Their attack
         speed is also pathetic.

_____ SCIENTIST ZOMBIES _______________________________________________________
* DESC - Zombies clad in laboratoty gowns and clutching their heads like mad
* WEAK - Head
* ATTK - Bite
* LIFE - Weak
* CHAP - 1 only
* NOTE - A simple headshot will kill one outright.

_____ SLIME ZOMBIES (Ebitan) __________________________________________________
* DESC - Muck-bodied zombies with a bulging right eye.
* WEAK - Head or right eye
* ATTK - Latching bite
* LIFE - Very weak
* CHAP - 2 only
* NOTE - Shoot them as fast as possible. You have about a second to kill one
         after it attaches itself on your face before biting. They come in the
         colors of mud and moss: brown, darkbrown, green, and lightgreen (?!)

_____ TINY SPIDER _____________________________________________________________
* DESC - Small spiders released by The Lovers.
* WEAK - Anywhere
* ATTK - Latching sting
* LIFE - Very weak
* CHAP - 2 only
* NOTE - Shoot them as fast as possible. You have about 2 seconds to kill one
         after it attaches itself on your face before stinging.

_____ VAMPIRE BAT _____________________________________________________________
* DESC - Small bats that come in groups of one or two dozens.
* WEAK - Anywhere
* ATTK - Lunging bite
* LIFE - Very weak
* CHAP - 3 only
* NOTE - Shoot them as fast as possible. They die once they bite you, like the
         honeybees. Weird, isn't it?

_____ VAMPIRE ZOMBIE __________________________________________________________
* DESC - Zombies with bat-like wings
* WEAK - Anywhere
* ATTK - Claw swipe
* LIFE - Weak
* CHAP - 4 only
* NOTE - Shoot them fast before their feet reach you or be slashed.

_____ WELDING ZOMBIE ___________________________________________________________
* DESC - Midget zombies with radiation mask; carry tanks and welding guns
* WEAK - Head and the LPG Tanks they carry
* ATTK - Welding blast
* LIFE - Weak
* CHAP - 2 only
* NOTE - They have to 'charge up' their tanks before being able to fire their
         weapon. FYI, LPG tanks are pressurized. When you puncture them, they
         go BOOM. So by shooting these, the resulting blast can also kill any
         zombie near that Welding zombie. Think of it as a grenade, FOR FREE.
         If you go for the PERFECT streak, killing them by the exploding tanks
         do not count as a miss and retains your current HEADSHOT rating.

_____ WORM (Murrer) ___________________________________________________________
* DESC - Pink fanged worms that come in groups of 6 to 12.
* WEAK - Anywhere
* ATTK - Lunging bite
* LIFE - Very weak
* CHAP - 2 and 3
* NOTE - Shoot them as fast as possible. Tap your gunfire around carefully and
         all of them will be obliterated without compromising accuracy.


 VII    T H E   W A L K T H R O U G H

* This walkthrough is made for a 1 Player game only. For 2 players, there will
  be some places where the number of zombies indicated will be increased by 1
  or more. Bosses are more resilient in a 2-player game, giving this game an
  endless replayability. By shooting or doing something or a certain zombie,
  you can select a desired route.
* Detour Moves are the requirements you have to do to access the detour you
  will not normally access.
* Route A is taken if the detour move is not done. This is the "NORMAL" path.
* Route B is taken once the detour move is done. This is the "HIGH SCORE" path.
* In the vein of Resident Evil 3, each time the PDA detects a fork in the path,
  I'll highlight it with this high-quality marker,

*        WEST CHOICE         *** LIVE DECISION ***         EAST CHOICE        *

You have 10 seconds to choose either the left or right path. Should the time
expire before making a choice, the CPU selects a random path for you. I'll
detail each path as well till you reach the main end point of both paths.

*************************   C H A P T E R     I     ***************************
*************************        E S C A P E        ***************************

Let the nightmare begin... Diseased hands will force through the steel doors
(how come bullets can't destroy it but rotten flesh can?) Kill those 6 Davids
(topless zombies: to perverts, sorry they are men!) Look left, shoot lower-left
door for a coin; 3 Kageos emerge from your right. Afterwards, you'll look at
the directory plate but be grabbed by a David soon after. Break free and kill
the David and 2 Kageos. Shoot the stash at the lower right corner for another
coin. Up ahead, another low door (may contain a coin if the first door didn't)
and two side windows reveal 2 Claw zombies from each side. Destroy them one by
one as they jump on you. As the double doors open, a horde tries to grab you.
Break free and shoot their heads. Ahead, glass prisons of mohawk gangsters will
break free from their haven... Headshots are excellent here. Ahead is a fork
where two hordes of zombies appear (the game hints you to use a grenade).

DETOUR MOVE: Destroy the RED CONTROL PANEL by the wall. Doing so takes you to
Route B, otherwise go to route A. Both paths lead to the actual LIVE DECISION.

A very, very short path. Even if you did not kill all the horde, the shutter
blocks their path to you. You now face a corridor intersecting your path. Shoot
the radiation door to your left to receive a Medkit. About 2 waves of Muscle
zombies, Scientist zombies, and Davids. Just kill them all. Afterwards, 2 Claw
zombies to the left, a Muscle zombie to the right. When done, the door opens.
Jump straight to the LIVE DECISION.

The longer, creepier path. After decimating the horde (take the grenade in the
white stash, left corner), 2 Claw zombies drop in front of you. Kill them, and
face a group of Scientist zombies. After killing them, a shutter will be lifted
open by a group of 3 Muscle zombies. Destroy the hidden door at the left for a
TREASURE ROOM afterwards. Up ahead is a fork with a door at the right with a
Medkit and a Muscle zombie. Afterwards is the actual LIVE DECISION. 

*         UPSTAIRS          *** LIVE DECISION ***         DOWNSTAIRS          *

A bit safer choice. 2-3 waves of Claw zombies pop out from the left door. Kill
them. Up ahead, two Muscle zombies forces their way out of a door. A radiation
door behind them contains a coin. Up the lobby are a huge horde of zombies.
Kill 'em all and shoot the yellow elevator panel to the far left of the screen
for a grenade. As you'll turn to the left, a horde crawls out of the door to
attack you. Kill 'em, and as you go down, you'll see the sickening sight of the
angry zombie mob at the lowest floor. Don't fear, you won't have to fight them.
You'll sense that 4 Claw zombies crept behind you to attack. Kill them, then
3 Muscle zombies will charge and smash out the door to get you. Kill them too.
Before entering the door, a huge horde will meet you. Kill as many as you can,
before you automatically enter the elevator hall as the main route.

High-score choice: creepier and a bit harder. As we go down, a few Muscle and
Scientist zombies will attack. After killing them, aim the lower-left corner
and fire at the stash the moment you turn right for either a Grenade or a nice
Magician figure. Next, kill all those 4 Claw zombies before they scratch your
face. Afterwards, a large horde will face you. HEADSHOT THEM ALL for damn-high
score at this early part of the game.  After dispatching them, kill the zombies
behind the rocks. After seeing the zombies from the glass ceiling, the glass
shatters and they fall down for you (what would you expect?) After another
headshot feast, shoot the panel on the right of the door as you turn. As you go
up the stairs, you'll see the sickening sight of the angry zombie mob at the
lowest floor. Do not fear, you won't have to fight them. (Darn...) Then 2 waves
of Claw zombies emerge. Kill 'em, and face another big horde comes behind you.
Do the headshot routine, then you'll enter the elevator hall as the main route.

Any path you took, you'll enter the elevator hall. Shoot the door at your lower
left, then destroy all the zombies you see. Once the side shutters open, aim a
grenade INTO the right door to reveal a TREASURE ROOM. Afterwards, you enter the
real elevator room. However, shake your gun as a huge hand grips you. Whether
you get free or not, you end up in the deep AMS Sewers... BOSS TIME!

              +             [ JUSTICE  Type 0053 ]             +
              +       WEAK POINT:      The tongue              +
              +       NO DAMAGE:       The hands and knees     +

*************************    C H A P T E R   I I    ***************************
*************************          L O S T          ***************************

== SEWER ==
Dah, kill all those dozens of Ebitans. When you look back, you'll see 2 hordes
of zombies coming to you. To your left, there's a stash with a coin inside but
flanked by 3 Frog zombies. Ahead will be a 3 Ebitans again. When you look back
once again, the horde is significantly nearer to you. 

DETOUR MOVE: FAIL to open the iron grating by NOT shaking your gun to face the
oncoming horde and find another way out.

A bit safer choice. You'll just face a horde of Ebitans from the brine. Nothing
too special. At the side door, kill the 2 Bobs. You'll see a gate filled with
zombies behind, but you'll face more Ebitans instead behind you. Destroy them
and skip to the main route afterwards.

The high score path. You have to kill the horde of zombies pursuing you (nice
way of collecting PERFECT kills), and you'll take a detour where there will be
4 Ebitans climbing up. Kill them and you'll enter the water again. Next, 2 Frog
zombies, kill 'em. Ahead is another grating and zombies behind it will be able
to break through. Another chance for your PERFECT kills, and soon you'll step
on floor shortly. To your left are 2 Bobs. Kill them and proceed.

Back to the water, hold out a grenade, and once you turn left, chuck it on
the red wall to your right. Kill the Ebitans and Frog zombies. Then you'll go
to the TREASURE ROOM. Afterwards, you'll climb the ladder and see a crevice
where a group of Murrers crawl out. Kill them and proceed to the door for the

*         WATER WAY         *** LIVE DECISION ***         STEAM PIPE          *
High-score choice. As you descend, 2 Ebitans will pop from the left alley. Kill
'em and shoot the barrel and stashes behind the grating for a Medkit. A horde
awaits just behind you. Kill 'em all, then face 6 Ebitans climbing out of the
brine. As you go past a staircase, 2 Bobs stand to throw barrels at you. Fire
at the drums behind them, and shoot the OIL DRUM to blast both of them away.
Shoot the floating stash to your right for a grenade, then kill the dozen of
Murrers ahead. Another horde will come to you. Headshot routine will work well
here. Afterwards, proceed to the main route.

A bit safer choice. Along the pipes, a horde emerges from the right. Headshot
them all, then another horde appears behind you. After disposing them, a wave
of 4 Ebitans climb up the pipes to confront you. Dispatch them and you'll turn
to the right. Across the platform are 2 Bobs with barrels at to toss at you.
Fire at the barrels behind them, and shoot the OIL DRUM to blast both of them
away. A barrel behind them contains a Medkit. Up ahead are 2 Frog zombies to
lick your face off. Kill them, and contend with another batch of Ebitans from
below the pipes. After a short safe walk, Ebitans will wade out of the brine to
attack you. Kill them, and dispatch the group of Murrers once you turn right.
After the whole dispatching process, proceed to the main route.

Any path you took, you'll see up a ladder to the construction zone. Destroy the
wooden stash for a golden frog. When you climb the ladder, locate a tiny stone
to your lower-left and shoot it. A spark must appear, then kill the oncoming
horde from the door to the right. Afterwards you'll go to the TREASURE ROOM.
Then you'll enter the room with the caged zombies who will break free. DESTROY
'EM ALL! Afterwards, you'll go to the deeper depths into the...

A group of Worms are crawling around. Depending on your choice will determine
your detour: whether or not you destroy the PADLOCK. Afterwards, you'll face 2
Welding zombies before proceeding to the chosen path.

DETOUR MOVE: Bust open the PADLOCK to your left before destroying the Murrers.

You'll just face another pair of Welding zombies from both sides. That's all.
After dispatching them, you'll face 3 Bobs with barrels. Destroy the barrels
and kill them before they get near you or just shoot the OIL DRUM behind.
A green drum behind them hides a nice Grenade.  Proceed to the main route.

Crush the barrel for a Medkit. Then, a Bob tackles you by surprise and knocks
you out. Shoot him down. Then, you'll face another pair of Welding zombies from
both sides. Up ahead are 3 Bobs with drums. Destroy the drums each carry and
kill them before they get near you. A green barrel behind them hides a Grenade.
Proceed onwards to the...

Massive horde of zombies among tables. Shoot the OIL DRUM below the table to
destroy some of them and kill the rest. Halfway across the room, a David pulls
your legs. Break free before being slashed, then kill the rest of the zombies.
A wooden stash behind them hides a coin. Onward!

After a cutscene about the launch of nuclear missiles, a horde enters through a
shutter. You can let 'em all enter before killing the Bob lifting the shutter
for more points. Or you can just kill that zombie for the shutter to shut down
immediately. Either way, kill 'em all fast... Up ahead is a lift with 3 Welding
zombies and 3 Ebitans. Kill the Ebitans who approach you first, and kill the
Welding zombies with headshots. If you won't mind the score, shoot the hook of
the lift to return them all to the pits of the damned for eternity. No points
awarded, but it's just for laughs and show-offs. XD

Two Welding zombies come out. Kill 'em as 4 Ebitans climb up around you. Kill
'em one by one. Then, you'll enter a still active elevator. However, a jackass
shook the lift as Kate suggests an earthquake. However, a pair of spike-studded
legs appear at your left. All you need is to escape. Shake your gun to open the
doors and jump to the next lift... Now baby, it's BOSS TIME once again!

              +            [ THE LOVERS Type 6805 ]            +
              +       WEAK POINT:     The male head            +
              +       NO DAMAGE:      The female body and legs +

*************************   C H A P T E R   I I I   ***************************
*************************     E M P T I N E S S     ***************************

Chapter Three! To start, kill the 2 Muscle zombies from the right, and the Bone
zombies approaching from far. When you climb the ladder, two groups of Murrers
crawl out of the dustbins. After killing them, an Ebitan pops out, then another
3 climbs out of the bins. Destroy the white stashes on your left for a coin.
Then kill the 3 Ebitans to your right; a Muscle zombie and Max on your left. At
the door to your left are 6 Bone zombies. Dispatch them, and upstairs are 2
Muscle zombies with boulders. Smash the boulders and kill the zombies. To their
left is a bucket with a Grenade. Destroy the buckets on the right corner for a
Magician figurine and kill the 3 pesky Dagger zombies that enter. No cellular
phone or PDA signal cutscene, eh? Kill the next oncoming horde. Afterwards, by
opening the door, decide if you'll go to the escalator or to the deeper depths
of the train station.

DETOUR MOVE: FAIL to break free by NOT shaking your gun while being dragged by
the bisected Bone zombie into the room.

If you broke free and killed the Bone zombie, you can bust open a stash to the
left and get a few shots to the bell inside. A horde will come behind you. Kill
them all to board the escalator. A Max appears and attempts to hurl a throwing
axe across. Now, you are trapped between 2 hordes of zombies: front and behind.
Kill all those in front first, then those behind you (use the height advantage
here). Then 2 Dagger zombies will appear. Destroy the 2 buckets on the leftmost
corner of the door for a Medkit. Kill both Dagger zombies and jump to the main

One LONG DETOUR but well-worth the effort! There are lotsa enemies here, which
means lotsa headshots and lotsa points! After killing the zombie that dragged
you, bust the stash to the left for a bell. Chuck a grenade to kill the horde
of Bone zombies up ahead. To your right is a case with a coin. Kill the Davids
in the comfort room (zombies do respond when nature calls or LBM strikes) Ahead
are 2 Maxes; next, a Muscle zombie, 2 Bone zombies and 4 bisected Bone zombies;
then 2 Dagger zombies. Up the stairs are two Muscle zombies with barrels. Bust
open the barrels and kill the zombies. Upstairs are a line of buckets with a
Medkit. Then kill the zombies to your left. Up another stairs is a flock of
bats. On the upper left of the stairs, there is a (yet) barely visible shutter.
Bust the control panel on the left edge of that shutter. Kill the Muscle zombie
to your right, then kill the horde of Bone zombies inside the shutter. If you
destroyed the panel before, you'll go to the TREASURE ROOM. Up ahead a fork, 3
Dagger zombies appear. Kill 'em and proceed to the main route: a LIVE DECISION.

Any path you took, you'll reach the main fork.


As you go down, destroy the trash bin to your left for a coin. Then kill the
zombie horde to your right. Then kill the 3 Ebitans from the train window. As
you enter the derailed train, a flock of bats you'll have to contend. Shoot the
windows and seats (as well as the stashes) for extra points and items. To your
right are 2 Bone zombies. Toss a grenade to the door to your left near the dead
end. The screen will flash if you blast the door right. Kill the Murrers before
going to the TREASURE ROOM past the dead end. Then, kill all the horde outside
the train. Two trash bins behind hide a Medkit. Afterwards, 4 bisected Bone
zombies crawl out from 2 side crevices. Kill them all, as well as the 2 Dagger
zombies from both sides, before you meet the upcoming train. Jump at the main
route: the Train.

Kill the 2 Maxes behind the post before going down to face THE-GREATEST-ZOMBIE
-HORDE-EVER-FOUGHT-IN-THOTD4! But I detest using grenades... Plain speed, pure
nerve and accurate headshots will bring you out unscathed. While fighting the
horde, 3 Ebitans pop out from the rails, and 3 Axe Maxes will do their job from
across the train rabble. Destroy the 2 bins at the left side of the door for a
Medkit. At the tunnel ahead are a flock of bats for you to obliterate. Then, 2
bisected Bone zombies crawl out from each of the 2 side crevices. Kill 'em all,
as well as the 2 Dagger zombies in the end, before reaching the upcoming train.
Jump at the main route: the Train.

* I didn't note which is a high score choice, since both are candidates for it.
  The left path hides many secret goodies, another treasure room, and as well
  as accuracy-boosters. The right path boasts of multitudes of PERFECT shots if
  and only if killed in sync with headshots.

== TRAIN ==
Just as the train arrives, a horde of undead passengers departs the train for
some raw flesh value meal for free. Kill 'em and enter the train. Problem is, a
female humanoid wrecks the end of the car and entraps you into a corner with a
door! Wow, she wields a massive chainsaw: DOUBLE-ENDED CHAINSAW. Yes. TWO. If
the shock is not enough, shake your gun to break free and face...

              +           [ THE EMPRESS  Type 1210 ]           +
              +       WEAK POINT:      The head                +
              +       NO DAMAGE:       The chainsaws and body  +

The pursuit on the train begins on Car No. 6 and ends in Car No. 1. Bust the
line of seats on both sides of each train car to earn more points as well as
an increase in accuracy, but try do so while Empress IS NOT in your front...
You won't prioritize on destroying seats if you should stun her, would you?

* Shoot the windows at the sides of each car.
* Shoot the passenger seats at the sides of each car.

*************************    C H A P T E R   I V    ***************************
*************************       D E S P A I R       ***************************

At the start of the stage, 4 Maxes approach. Kill them and move onward. A door
to the right hides a horde. Kill them all quickly before being attacked. A bin
at the right of the door hides a golden frog. Go deeper into the...

A mannequin crashes out of the glass panel as 3 Muscle zombies attack you. Just
beneath them is a red stash with a coin. Ahead is a shutter which you can close
using the wheel at your right. I would go not moving the wheel for it earns you
more points for killing the zombies inside. Moving the wheel only closes the
shutter. Either way, 2 Vampire zombies crashes down and flies around. Kill 'em.
Up ahead, face the next horde. Destory the cases and bins behind them to locate
a grenade. Depending on your action, decide whether to enter the coffee shop or
the boutique... both infested with monsters...

DETOUR MOVE: KILL the MUSCLE ZOMBIE lifting the shutter. Thus, the shutter will
remain opened to enable you to enter the Cafe.

Deep inside the boutique, 3 Civilian zombies in polo shirts will attack. Then
the shelf behind you will bust open, revealing a few zombies. A red case behind
them contains a grenade. Kill the zombies, and soon after, a zombie seizes you
from behind a door. Breaking free will force them back into the door, otherwise
the door breaks and reveal a horde behind, giving you more zombies to kill. Out
in the wild undead yonder, a wave of zombies smashes out of the glass windows
of the Coffee Shoppe. Then another wave smashes out from another glass window.
Kill them all with headshots. Above the flight of stairs are 2 Vampire zombies.
After dispatching them, jump into the main route, the Uptown.

Once you enter the Cafe, shoot the tiny key (for a gold spark) at the left side
of the third shelf row. You may also shoot the red stashes at the top 2 shelves
for coins. Then kill the zombies that approach from behind the door and shelf.
Kill the 3 bisected Bone zombies beneath the tables. If you had shot the key 
beforehand, you'll enter the TREASURE ROOM. Then, 2 Maxes will throw axes from
behind the barcounter. Kill them both as zombies break in through the window
behind you. Shoot the red cases located at the shelves behind the horde for a
Medkit. After the first wave a second wave crashes in. Afterwards a horde will
enter from the Boutique. Just kill them all. Up ahead the flight of stairs are
2 Vampire zombies. Jump into the main route, the Uptown.

== UPTOWN ==
Any path you took, you'll see the light of the scarlet sun once you the exit to
uptown. A horde of Polo-shirt zombies approach. Locate a stash near a slab of
rock behind them at the middle of the screen. That's 2000 point bonus if shot.
Next, another horde. Shoot first the barrel to the left. As you slowly kill the
horde, shoot the bus gradually until you get 3000 points. Afterwards, contend
with 3 Vampire zombies. After all have bitten the dust, a humongous foot barely
crushes you to the ground like a flat tortilla. The terrifyingly obese humanoid
frog named...

              +            [ TEMPERANCE Type 0483 ]            +
              +       WEAK POINT:      The face                +
              +       NO DAMAGE:       The belly               +

Refer to the BOSS GUIDE on TEMPERANCE for the walkthrough in the CLOCK TOWER.

* Shoot two barrels during the chase for a HAT.
* Shoot the barrel beside a stash during the chase for a COIN.
* At the tower's second floor, shoot either the stash on the left side or
  the barrels on the right side for a BELL.
* If you did not get the coin in the second point of interest, shoot the OIL
  DRUM to your right for a COIN, just before the lever sequence.

*************************   C H A P T E R     V     ***************************
*************************       R E U N I O N       ***************************

== TOWN  ==
Yay! Chapter Five! Though it's another short chapter like the previous one, it
is filled with tougher zombies and I may as well warn you... The boss here is
damn hell difficult, so you need at least one or two credits left to beat him
at first try. If you're an expert (or just lucky), you may not use a continue
here. Let's go! Goldman, stop that HOPE gibberish. Thank you very much.

Okay, start by destroying the trio of zombies. Then, you'll find a car you have
to 'borrow' for a five-finger discount. The owner might have suffered the same
fate as Brad Vickers of RE3. But before you ride, about 6 zombies emerge to the
left. Simply annihilate them all and begin your happy trip... Not!

Target Point: A0063. Whatever, to the RIGHT of the car will a be a horde of old
and new zombies, particularly the swift Assassin zombies. They zip around the
screen fairy fast, and if they come in front of you, prepare for either a smack
on the face with a fist or a foot. Kill 'em all with headshots. Ah yes, the red
barrel to the right contains a frog OR a coin. Thanks to Steve H. for this!

You were awed by RoboCop. Now you will vomit with Goldman's Zombie-Cop. To your
left is another horde with these undead who only attack by charging forward to
tackle you. Prioritize on killing them before the others.

After a few meters, you'll turn to the right with 2 Cop zombies AND 3 Assassin
zombies. Should you find any difficulty, toss a grenade to destroy them all. If
not, headshots and speed are your hopes to survival.

Along the streets, an Assassin zombie drops in front of your windshield. Shoot
the legs to cripple him, then shoot his chest or face. Well, you can't prevent
that windshield from breaking (who cares, it's not yours anyway!) Failing to
kill that Assassin means a low kick with a dose of windshield glass shards on
your face. James even had the guts to ask Kate if she's alright?!

WATCH OUT! A Cop zombie lifts the car by the bumper, denying its movement. A
horde approaches from the right. Woe to the player of Kate, for she's prone to
be struck easily by the horde. Headshots rule here since distance is very short
between your targets. If you mind the time but the score, just headshot the Cop
zombie in front of James and you're ready to go again. Onward!

GET OUT OF OUR WAY! Another horde from the right appears with 2 or 3 Assassin
zombies. First destroy the red barrels in the right corner of the screen to get
a Grenade. Then use it to decimate the horde with fervent ease. Their speed is
VERY pathetic (except the Assassins) so you may keep the bomb and fire all the
way till you destroy them all.

Now, to the left. 2 Muscle zombies and 1 Cop zombie. Should you be injured or
not, there's a Medkit hidden in the barrel to the left of the screen behind the
left Muscle zombie. Then headshot each of them before they take a life off you.
If they do, that Medkit you got is useless. You get the point? Barrels on the
right sidewalk holds a Magician figurine. Oh well, there's a truck ahead that
forces you a sharp right turn. Photographic memory can correctly conclude that
this is the underground passage where you met Zeal and Kuarl (Judgment duo in
THOTD2) the second time around before their total oblivion.

Another horde will approach you, this time woe to the player of James, 'coz he
will be their next target. Simply destroy 'em all to proceed onward. Oh, before
that familiar shutter to the majestic bridge will be another Assassin zombie
drops down who awaits your bullets before he uses your face to shine his shoe.

== BRIDGE ==
Ah yes, the familiar Goldman Bridge... after a short cutscene, there will be a
zombie on another car who can flying kick you. Kill that zombie, and test your
steady hand ala Iraira Bou (Irritating Maze) if you can shoot the driver's head
straight till the camera pans away (you can't kill that driver). If you did it,
great! Reward? What reward? Hey, I didn't promise to award you for that, did I?

Another familiar scene. The car runs beside a deep pit and explodes where the
Hierophant in THOTD2 resided 3 years ago. But in his place is lotsa zombies.
Anything is nice here. SMG gunfire headshots or a grenade both works well due
to the clustered formation of the zombies. To get nice headshots, wait until
a zombie neard and GRABS you (2 OUTSTRETCHED ARMS; if only one arm, that's an
ATTACK, buster!), then shake your SMG till you break free. The horde staggers
backward and leave you free to rip their heads off with lead of relative ease.

Onward, another zombie driver will try to ram your car. SHAKE THE SMG WITH BOTH
HANDS (to steer the wheel faster). SEGA made an annoying part here. Sometimes
it's very hard to fill the bar even if you shake it hard with one hand. If you
fail, the car steers to the left with a few zombies. If you managed to succeed,
the enemy car rams into the wall and explodes. You are now free to go to the
TREASURE ROOM: 1 Medkit (left), hat, Magician figurine, and 2 coins (right).

Just before the courtyard will be another horde of zombies. A grenade will not
decimate most of them, so do the routine: Let 'em come close, then headshots.
KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR LIVES. You'll need them, trust me...

You have 4 Life Marks AT LEAST, right? Okay, at the hall, 5-6 Robo-Ogres way
back from THOTD2 appears. Shoot each one AS THEY APPEAR, by the CHEST, then by
the HEAD as they die. Applying these, you may as well have 5-6 PERFECT kills
and a lot of points to your score. Okay... BOSS TIME!

              +             [ THE STAR Type 0001 ]             +
              +       WEAK POINT:      The chest and head      +
              +       NO DAMAGE:       The limbs and knives    +

*************************    C H A P T E R   V I    ***************************
*************************          H O P E          ***************************

Here we are, another THOTD book to close... the shortest chapter in the entire
game, compensated with the semi-hard difficulty and a long boss fight. Ironic
or idiotic as it is, there's no more undead here! (Boo, Goldman!) The very same
familiar enemies from THOTD2 are back! Oh well, let's get started! I hope you
have enough credits to reach the final boss!

Once the elevator door opens, a Robo-Swordsman charges forward. Kill it with a
simple headshot. There will be a short cutscene before your return to the 49th
floor of the Goldman Building.

As you walk along the hall, you'll face these mutant-robots in this order:
3 Robo-Swordsmen and 4 Robo-Ogres. Shoot the Swordsmen's heads and the Ogres by
the blue heart on their chests. Since the Ogres are more resilient, shoot their
crumbling corpses for up to extra 50 points which accumulates to high scores!
Next, 6 Robot Ogres. Kill them by above hints as they materialize from their
"transparent" state. They're worth points as well. Ahead, 3 Robo-Ninjas. VERY
dangerous. Keep an eye on the laser Kunai hurled onto you. Shoot the blades
till one appears in front of you. Kill him with a headshot before your face is
hacked, and repeat this pattern with the others. You'll reach a door to the...

Lotsa Robo-Ogres here, about 8 of them will continuously spawn and WILL crowd
the screen. Don't panic. Shoot each of them down one by one, but try to kill
'em fast enough before one can tackle or punch you.

NOTE: After clearing the Robo-Ogre horde, the screen pans to the left, but in a
1P game, DECIDE which one will you want to have: a LIFE or BONUS POINTS?
* MEDKIT: Destroy the 2 white stashes you see for a hidden Medkit. Do this fast
          enough before you lose the chance to shoot a precious Medkit.
* POINTS: See that dragon carving on the floor? Shoot its EYE to see a golden
          spark to confirm the secret. If so, you've unlocked a TREASURE ROOM
          we'll get to a bit later.
MAKE YOUR DECISION FAST! The screen here moves very quickly, so aim for any one
of these choices! For 2 players, one will go for the life, one for the other.
Yet, both of you may benefit from the Treasure Room.

2 Robo-Ninjas. A bit tricky but not so difficult. Again, kill the pair with two
headshots. Shoot the legs first to slow them down before killing them. Next, 3
Robo-Swordsmen will rip off the Japanese divider. Kill them one by one with
headshots. Next, another Robo-Ogre crowd. You know how to deal with 'em, right?
After the door opens, there's a small cutscene before the...

NOTE: If you shot the Dragon's eye beforehand, a door will be opened to your
      right at the top of the stairs: a TREASURE ROOM. Shoot the hoard and move
      forward. All these nightmares will end soon...

4 waves of 2 Robo-Swordsmen emerge from the side doors. Again, DON'T PANIC. The
SMG is much faster than their blades. Headshots are the key here. After them,
HOLD (DELAY) a grenade... 4 PESKY ROBO-NINJAS! If you held a grenade, toss it
on a corner of the door. If timed right, the 'nade blows off 3 of them, leaving
one Ninja to kill. If not, PRIORITIZE on the Kunai, before killing a Ninja who
teleports in front of you. Get it? With practice and luck, you can kill 'em all
without losing lives. Technically, 'tis the game's final corridor, unless...


* If you did not use more than a credit (in short, NO CONTINUES), you'll enter
  the left door beside the huge central door: the HALL OF FAME! Or rather, the
  FINAL TREASURE ROOM! Restock on (2) lives, (2) Grenades, and bonus points as
  you get ready for a long cutscene. Wipe off the sweat from your hands and the
  SMG handle. This is... THE FINAL BATTLE!

              +            [ THE WORLD  Type Beta ]            +
              +       WEAK POINT:      UNKNOWN                 +
              +       NO DAMAGE:       UNKNOWN                 +


              +            [ THE WORLD Type Gamma ]            +
              +       WEAK POINT:      The heart               +
              +       NO DAMAGE:       Anywhere else           +


 VIII    B O S S   S T R A T E G I E S

The THOTD4 Bosses are similar to the previous bosses of the series (aside from
being named after the Major Arcana deck of Tarot cards), but they shared most
similar features of bosses in THOTD3. Each of the bosses has a long red gauge
labeled BOSS LIFE. While fighting there's a section in the bar flashing pink,
which is the amount of damage the boss will take for the round of battle. There
is also a gold CANCEL gauge that depletes as you hit the boss continuously. It
drains the fastest when you pound the boss' weak point and ticks when hit in
other body parts. The boss flails around and if you fail to deplete its CANCEL
gauge to zero for the given "invisible time-limit", the boss will successfully
attack and you'll take damage. James' AMS-made PDA will prove useful throughout
boss battles, for it will display the BOSS NAME, the MAIN WEAK POINT, as well
as the NO DAMAGE SPOTS (minimum damage).

To summarize, the BOSS has three status gauges listed below:
  The boss' main Life Bar, sectioned into pink bars. If the BOSS LIFE depletes
  to zero, you have successfully killed it.
  This is the current amount of life you can take away from the boss for that
  current round. If you successfully deplete the CANCEL bar, the pink bar will
  dissipate, and the total BOSS LIFE diminishes by one block.
  This is how much a boss endures hits before being stunned. When you totally
  deplete this bar, the boss stops attacking and reduces the total BOSS LIFE.
  If not, you take damage and continue the round until the bar is destroyed.
  The cycle repeats until you kill it.
* Bosses inflict damage on BOTH players if the CANCEL Gauge was not depleted
  to zero within the given "time limit".
* The quotes at the end is given by the character who gave the killing blow to
  the boss. If P1 killed the boss, James will speak and if P2 killed the boss,
  Kate will speak (another cheesy one-liner).

++++++++++++++++++++++++++    C H A P T E R     I    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
++++++++++++++++++++++++++         E S C A P E       ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

SPARE THREE GRENADES PRIOR TO THIS BATTLE. They're crucial tools for matters
between life and death. Fight and flight!

The boss is reminiscent of almost all resilient bosses in THOTD:
Chariot (1), Judgment and Strength (2), Fool and Death (3).

As you reach the elevator, a huge hand seizes you from the wall. Shake your gun
to avoid taking damage. Once you break free (or not), you'll fall into the AMS
sewage system, and the boss reveals its form... a 4-armed, bloodied ogre with a
leather pelt; his bloody tongue swaying from his ugly mouth...

              +             [ JUSTICE  Type 0053 ]             +
              +       WEAK POINT:      The tongue              +
              +       NO DAMAGE:       The hands and knees     +

Justice pursues you, his face very vulnerable to bullets. Pound his mouth with
lead and he'll be stunned. Don't worry if he reaches you. He'll just grip you 
with its huge hand. Break free by gun-shaking or suffer the nightmare of being 
placed onto its disgusting tongue and be LICKED (very repulsive up close...)
Bullets inflict minute damage until you break free and stand up once again.

Justice hides behind the walls on your side (like Death in THOTD3). Be ready to
shake your gun. Once Justice grips you from the wall, shake the gun vigorously 
to avoid being squeezed. Prepare your grenades, you'll need them...

This is the most annoying part: Justice defends his face with both hands to
avoid extensive damage as he approaches you. Since his hands are immune to
damage, the CANCEL Gauge depletes very slowly. If he comes near enough, he'll
jump, thrash you will his feet, and give you the honor and shame of its muddy
footprints on your face.
* WITH GRENADES (EASY): Pay attention to the camera motion. Once the screen 
  focuses on Justice again, CHUCK A GRENADE once a crosshair appears on his
  mouth. A correctly-timed 'nade staggers him and destroys his entire gauge for
  this round. Timing and practice is crucial. Know when Justice will defend his
  face or not, and use a 'nade if he shields his face the moment the screen is
  on Justice. The farthest distance blast will heavily damage Justice.
* WITHOUT GRENADES (HARD): With no grenades, you're in real trouble. Be sure to
  have about 3 lives. Keep feeding his mouth with lead, and hope you stop this
  brute from kicking you. Move your fire left and right as he strides forward.
  With accuracy and luck, you can stop him in time. Counting his steps will be
  useful: It takes Justice SIX steps before thrashing your face.

ROUND 4 can either be 4.1 or 4.2...
Justice pursues you, his face very vulnerable to bullets. Pound his mouth with
lead and he'll be stunned. Don't worry if he reaches you. He'll just grip you 
with its huge hand. Break free by gun-shaking or suffer the nightmare of being 
placed onto its disgusting tongue and be LICKED (very repulsive up close...)
Bullets inflict minute damage until you break free and stand up once again.
He has a slightly stronger grip this time if ever he reaches you.

This is the most annoying part: Justice defends his face with both hands to
avoid extensive damage as he approaches you. Since his hands are immune to
damage, the CANCEL Gauge depletes very slowly. If he comes near enough, he'll
jump, thrash you will his feet, and give you the honor and shame of its muddy
footprints on your face. He steps forward slightly quicker, so be fast also.

Justice pursues you, his face very vulnerable to bullets. Pound his mouth with
lead and he'll be stunned. Don't worry if he reaches you. He'll just grip you 
with its huge hand. Break free by gun-shaking or suffer the nightmare of being 
placed onto its disgusting tongue and be bitten (very repulsive up close...)
Bullets inflict minute damage until you break free and stand up once again.
He has a stronger grip this time if ever he reaches you.

Justice repeats Round 3, slightly faster. When your character turns, shoot his
mouth and toss your last grenade to finally destroy him before you risk your
face stomped. Don't worry, this is the demise of Chapter 1's nightmare. 

JAMES: It all happened exactly 3 years ago. The battle has started again.
KATE : You'll be paying for my dry cleaning once we get out of here.

  Justice's tongue is exposed most of the time. You can shoot it if he simply
  runs towards you. When he defends his face, shoot at his tongue and once a
  gap appears between his fingers, a crosshair appears, which gives you a
  chance to chuck in a grenade RIGHT INTO HIS MOUTH. If done correctly, he
  will sit back and witness himself eat a huge explosion, blowing off THE
  ENTIRE CANCEL GAUGE for that round. NEVER use a grenade if Justice simply
  runs to grab you.
  When Justice runs to grab you, shoot his LEFT THIGH all the time. Though you
  will inflict little damage, you can knock off 20 to 25% of his CANCEL bar
  for the round. When he grabs you, just shake your SMG to quickly break free.
  However, note that every time Justice grabs you, the bar will fill more
  slowly when you shake your gun. Doing this cat-and-mouse game for four times
  is enough. If Justice catches you for the 5th or 6th time, the SUCCESS bar is
  almost impossible to fill up no matter how hard you shake your gun. If you do
  this trick each time Justice runs to catch you, your accuracy can be boosted
  up by about 5 to 10%.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++    C H A P T E R   I I    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
++++++++++++++++++++++++++          L O S T          ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

SPARE TWO GRENADES PRIOR TO THIS BATTLE. They are crucial tools for matters
between life and death.

The boss is reminiscent of THOTD1's Hermit.

While using an underground lift, it stops and Kate guesses an earthquake. When
you turn around, two spiky legs latches on the lift. Shake the gun to open the
door if you wish not to be hacked. James and Kate flees and holds for dear life
on another lift. As they look down, the boss shows itself. A huge spider... BUT
WAIT, they're TWO! The female is the huge spider with huge legs, and the male
is latched behind the female with two spiked legs and thick ugly lips. Uniting
BLADE and CHALICE (sounds familiar?) into one, the monsters are aptly named...
the Star of David? Nah, it's not in the Arcana deck! The duo is called:

              +            [ THE LOVERS Type 6805 ]            +
              +       WEAK POINT:     The male head            +
              +       NO DAMAGE:      The female body and legs +

The female spider climbs from below the elevator, using the shafts for support.
Your aim's simple: Prevent them from climbing by shooting the male head. If
they reach you, the male hacks both players. Once stunned, they'll fall down. 

The Lovers will climb up through the other side of the lift. The female spider
climbs from below the elevator, using the shafts for support. Your aim's quite
simple: Prevent them from climbing by shooting the male head. If they do reach
you, the male hacks both players. Once stunned, they'll fall down. 

The Lovers won't suffer damage this time around. The female large spider shoots
minute offspring into the hole beneath the elevator plate. This is like a worms
swarm. Kill all the spiders before they had the chance to sting. You have about
2 seconds before a spider bites you after latching on your face.

The Lovers will quickly climb up to the top of the elevator. Shoot its ass to 
inflict little but good amount of damage before it reaches the top. It then
targets you from above (shoot the male for initial damage) and vomits a stream
of webbing. Break free once again to avoid being squeezed. Then shoot the 
head once again before he slashes you. When stunned, the Lovers fall down but
holds onto the platform shafts in front of you. The hard part has begun.

The male sways its legs right and left, deflecting any direct gunfire intended
for his head. Be sure you pounded him with about 60% damage. The moment he will
rise his legs to slash you, toss a grenade to deplete more of the CANCEL Gauge
and fire all the way to stun him in time before he attacks, for they are most
vulnerable at this point.

The male sways its legs right and left, deflecting any direct gunfire intended
for his head. Be sure you pounded him with about 60% damage. The moment he will
rise his legs to slash you, toss a grenade to deplete more of the CANCEL Gauge
and fire all the way to stun him in time before he attacks, for they are most
vulnerable at this point.

Once you successfully stop it the second time around, The Lovers will fall from
the platform, plummeting to death (Picture how the Fool died in THOTD3).

JAMES: I kinda like being an action hero.
KATE : Sorry, I've got no time for you right now.

  For the first 3 rounds (1,2,4 except 3 where the Lovers release offspring)
  the male head is very open to players' gunfire. So there must be no problems
  on stunning this Boss unless you have poor accuracy. For the last 2 rounds,
  shoot the male head to damage the Boss as much as you can for about 50% of
  the CANCEL Gauge, then as the male raises his leg, chuck in a grenade and
  continually shoot the small head. With this barrage of attacks, you are
  guaranteed to survive both "Slash Dance" rounds, given you have 2 Grenades.
  Shoot the Lovers as they release their offspring below the elevator plate.
  While fighting the small spiders, shoot the Lovers' legs visible from the
  sides of the elevator shafts. As the Lovers climbs way up above you (before
  vomiting web fluid), shoot the huge rear for good initial damage. If you
  do these tricks against the Lovers your accuracy can boost by about 5 to 10%.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++   C H A P T E R   I I I   ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
++++++++++++++++++++++++++     E M P T I N E S S     ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

SPARE TWO GRENADES PRIOR TO THIS BATTLE. They are crucial tools for matters
between life and death.

The boss is reminiscent of THOTD2's Strength (female counterpart, literally).
A proof that Goldman is a great icon of Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie fandom.
Goldman has his male and female version of the movie's titular abomination!

As James and Kate reaches the train in the subway on time, they board it after
destroying its undead passengers. As they enter the transport, a buzzing sound
is heard from the train's rear. With her heavy double-bladed chainsaw, she cuts
the rear door and hurls it, trapping the duo at the end of the car. Shake your
gun to break free from the door before you get some razor teeth on your neck.
Meet the red-eyed being armed with twin chainsaws...

              +           [ THE EMPRESS  Type 1210 ]           +
              +       WEAK POINT:      The head                +
              +       NO DAMAGE:       The chainsaws and body  +

ROUND 1 (Car No. 5)
After fleeing from Car No. 6, kill the undead passengers from the next car.

ROUND 2 (Car No. 5)
Afterwards, the Empress begins the pursuit. She will charge and swing the
chainsaw on you. Quickly shoot her head to stun her, and move to the next car.

ROUND 3 (Car No. 4)
You'll find a group of zombies in the station outside. Shoot them down.

ROUND 4 (Car No. 4)
James yells, "This is not an authorized transfer point!" The Empress cuts down
two fire extinguishers from the left, and a door from the right, hurling them
all to you. Destroy these as quickly as possible, as the Empress chases you.
Shoot again her head to stun her before the chainsaws stun YOU.

ROUND 5 (Car No. 3)
The half-mortally wounded Empress jumps above the train. When Kate says, "That
thing is getting closer!" the Empress starts to saw down the train from above
the roof, its blade mowing its way to behead you. Use the crevice above to
shoot her head and stun her as fast as possible to avoid taking damage.

ROUND 6 (Car No. 3)
The Empress mutilates the train along the left-side windows. Shoot her head
whenever it becomes visible. This is hard due to the wall. Fire as quickly as
possible before her chainsaw dices you. Reload the moment the head is not
visible and shoot her head once again. NEVER waste a Grenade against her here.
It's possible (and easy to do so) to stun her without using a grenade.

ROUND 7 (Car No. 3)
The Empress mutilates the train along the right-side windows. Shoot the head
whenever it becomes visible. This is hard due to the wall. Fire as quickly as
possible before her chainsaw dices you. Reload the moment the head is not
visible and shoot her head once again. NEVER waste a Grenade against her here.
It's possible (and easy to do so) to stun her without using a grenade.

ROUND 8 (Car No. 2)
The Empress cuts her way back inside the train and pursues you to its end.
As she runs forward to mow both your heads off, shoot continuously at her
head to stun her in time. Quickly run to the last car...

ROUND 9 (Car No. 1)
HOLD a grenade. The Empress goes insane now. She steps forward and alternately
flails a chainsaw from each hand. Since she starts fairly faw away, the grenade
can either stun her immediately or just blast off a healthy chunk of the CANCEL
Gauge, leaving you free shots to stun the Empress. Simple rapid fire is enough
to stun the Empress if you wish not to chuck a grenade.

ROUND 10 (Car No. 1)
Now that you're in a dead end, the Empress has approached even closer to you.
Quickly aim a grenade AT THE BASE OF THE SCREEN. Of course you won't blow
yourself up, but the blast can blow off a large chunk of CANCEL Gauge from
the Empress. Before being slashed by her rampaging chainsaws, shoot her head
like hell. Gee, that grenade sure was useful, wasn't it?

ROUND 11 (Car No. 1)
Nearing her impending doom, the Empress desperately steps toward you as last
resort to kill you head-on. She now uses her sturdy chainsaws to shield her
face from total damage. Shoot her head continuously to finally kill her. Like
Justice, a grenade bang can also kill her immediately. She'll soon fall down
from the train, dead.

JAMES: Looks like you've missed your stop!
KATE : Don't forget to write!

KATE : James! Up ahead!
JAMES: Kate! We're going to jump!
JAMES: Kate, are you alright?
KATE : That was close.
JAMES: We're getting nowhere, really fast.

  ALL rounds of the battle has the Empress' main weak point openly exposed.
  SPEED and ACCURACY are key to simply stun her every round. Unless both of
  you have 5 grenades EACH, use 1 for each time you face the Empress to make
  life against her a damn hell easier till the end of the battle.
  All over the train, shoot the windows on the side as well as the seats along
  the walls. After escaping from the door during the introduction, you can
  shoot the Empress as she approaches you before escaping to the next car. When
  the Empress throws you the fire extinguishers and the door stuff, shoot her
  before those crap land point blank on your face.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++    C H A P T E R   I V    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++
+++++++++++++++++++++++++       D E S P A I R       +++++++++++++++++++++++++++

SPARE TWO GRENADES PRIOR TO THIS BATTLE. They are crucial tools for matters
between life and death.

The boss is reminiscent of THOTD1's Chariot. No matter how hard you hit it's
weak point, your one and only aim is to stop him from hurting you. Shots placed
anywhere else in his body is absorbed (Much like the X-Villain Blob). Shoot any
background object visible. Lots of item points are hidden within these objects.

After you reach the outside of the underground shops from the subway station,
you will face three waves of zombies. Suddenly, the ground shakes, and the boss
shows itself. Another repulsive appearance... A giant with a featureless face
with red slits as his eyes; a bulky body imbued with bloody tattoos; and a
stomach like a breast implanted with silicon. Worse, its skin is impervious to
munitions. It has the annoying froggy like voice, "Ribbit, ribbit..." However,
it does not live up to its name due to its thirst for gorefest...

              +            [ TEMPERANCE Type 0483 ]            +
              +       WEAK POINT:      The face                +
              +       NO DAMAGE:       Anywhere else           +

Temperance simply steps toward you. Shoot the face to stun him before he jumps
into the air and lands his fat silly ass on your face. Shoot his head madly
before he jumps sky-high like a Final Fantasy "Dragoon" (?!) and squashes you
flat as a pancake.

Temperance steps towards you again. Shoot the face to stun him before he jumps
into the air and lands his fat silly ass on your face. Since he's much closer
to you now, be precise and accurate when shooting his head. You won't like to
be a pancake the second time would you?

Temperance ducks and ROLLS towards you, his front facing you. Simply shoot the
head whenever it's exposed during the roll. To make things easier, hurl a bomb
PRIOR he starts rolling for heavy damage. After that, stunning him a clipful of
lead will be a tad easier. If you can't stop this spherical rolling pin, call
yourself a living flat pizza with blood sauce and internal organ toppings...

(TEMPERANCE turns around)

Temperance lies down and rolls towards you, but BACKWARDS. This is much harder
than Round 2, since his face is much obscured during the roll. This may screw
you a few times, mind you. Again, chuck a grenade before he starts rolling for
massive damage, and a few headshots must stop him down for now.

(Inside the tower)

ROUND 5 (Clock Tower 1F)
A wave of zombies greets you the moment the tower door opens. Kill 'em all.

ROUND 6 (Clock Tower 1F)
Another zombie wave of zombies appears behind the flight of stairs. Dispose of
'em quickly.

ROUND 7 (Clock Tower 2F)
Temperance peeps through the windows. Like the Empress, fire at his face every
moment you see the head. If you didn't stop him, a behemoth of a fist smashes 
through the wall to crush you for damage. Reload whenever his face was obscured
and continue firing whenever you see a bloody face appearing from the windows.

ROUND 8 (Clock Tower 2F)
Temperance peeps through the windows. Like the Empress, fire at his face every
moment you see the head. If you didn't stop him, a behemoth of a fist smashes 
through the wall to crush you for damage. Reload whenever his face was obscured
and continue firing whenever you see a bloody face appearing from the windows.
ROUND 9 (Clock Tower 3F)
A huge horde of zombies, followed by a few Vampire zombies afterwards. You may
shoot the OIL DRUM to your right to decimate a few of them and take care of the
rest. The barrel may contain a coin.

ROUND 10 (Clock Tower 3F)
Shoot the Temperance as he makes his "last appearance" to this world. Then, as
the SUCCESS bar appears, shake your SMG like mad until you fill the bar. If you
fail to do so, Temperance chomps your ass, and you'll return to that pull-that-
lever task to permanently destroy Temperance.

JAMES: Temper this, buddy!
KATE : How do you like my low-fat, all-lead diet?

JAMES: We should be able to see the city up ahead.
KATE : This is it...
JAMES: My God...
KATE : No, this can't...

  ALL rounds of the battle has the Temperance' main weak point openly exposed.
  SPEED and ACCURACY are key to simply stun him every round. Keep your aiming
  pins focused on the face and keep firing. You have ample time to stun him
  every round. Save the grenades which will prove useful against Temperance's
  2 rolling attacks which can prove quite annoying.
  Each time you stun him, Temperance shakes off his belly. Shoot either his
  head or tummy to see "bullet negations" on the skin. Do this throughout prior
  you enter the clock tower. Before the clock lever sequence, shoot the face of
  Temperance for extra hits (just for fun) before releasing the clock.
* There are a lot of goodies throughout the battle. Here they are:
  - Shoot two barrels during the chase for a HAT.
  - Shoot the barrel beside a stash during the chase for a COIN.
  - At the tower's second floor, shoot either the stash on the left side or
    the barrels on the right side for a BELL.
  - If you did not get the coin in the second point of interest, shoot the OIL
    DRUM to your right for a COIN, just before the lever sequence.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++   C H A P T E R     V     ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
++++++++++++++++++++++++++       R E U N I O N       ++++++++++++++++++++++++++


The boss is reminiscent of THOTD1 and THOTD2's Magician. Though the battle has
rounds, The Star throws up to three attacks randomly, so I find it much much
better to list the attacks of the boss and how to counteract them.

Yay... the familiar facade of the Goldman Building. What?! No boss busting down
from the windows? Oh well, once our pair enters the building and faces a breed
of mutants familiar to James (Yes, they ARE the mutants in THOTD2), Kate states
Gary's immortal THOTD2 line, "It's almost like we're being invited in..." In an
instant, a humanoid in a blood-red cloak over his stark torso with two curved
knives leaps down in front of them and speaks in a merciless voice.

"Come, you must prove yourself in a test of strength.
 This was Goldman's parting wish."

JAMES: Get out of our way!

The Magician reincarnated? Yes, Magician Type 0 is INDEED its prototype...

              +             [ THE STAR Type 0001 ]             +
              +       WEAK POINT:      The chest and head      +
              +       NO DAMAGE:       The limbs and knives    +

Your aim is straightforward. Shoot the chest at all times possible. The Star
flies around the screen at all times, making him a great pain-in-the-ass-to-hit
like the Magician. For that, I give the Star the coveted "SHADI-STIC (TM) Award
for the Boss with the Greatest Sadism Ever" with ol' daddy Magician.

Remember Magician's fireball shower? The Star can also do that too. He amasses
bright mauve aura and hurls continuous bolts of light to you, from six to about
eighteen (!!!) For two players, both must try to eliminate ALL beams before you
take on the Star. He's harder than the Wheel of Fate or Magician, trust me...

The Star flies swiftly and charges you with a hack of knives on both players.
He'll give you time to pound his chest with lead before he attacks. Be quick,
since this time is usually is not enough (talk about sadism...) He also likes
to fly to the edge of the screen before he slashes you. You CAN'T shoot him
much while he's off-screen! He's so sadistic that losing no lives against the
Star is almost unevitable.

Same as Attack 2, but the Star flies full-speed atop the tower and dives down
with a brutal knife slash on both players. Likewise, you have an ample chance
to shoot his chest beforehand. Fire bullets at him like there's no tomorrow.

The Star spins around in a dusty-brown tornado (Barbaricia of Final Fantasy 4,
anyone?) and zips across the screen. Shoot the bald albino to stop him before 
the tornado devastates you. He'll do this about twice or thrice only.

The Star will simply alternate the first 3 attacks during the battle. After it
lost 60% of its total BOSS LIFE, the hood will be removed and the head will be
exposed (and be a targetable weak point). From then on, The Star will alternate
Attacks 1 and 4 until the end of the battle. Time's running out...

KATE : Looks like you're the one who failed the test!

(The Star explodes into rays of mauve gas. James is hit point blank by a ray.
He falls to his knees in pain. **This scene's BG music gothically rocks!**)

KATE : James, are you all right?
JAMES: Don't worry about me... It's an old wound... Ugh...

  ALL rounds of the battle has the Star's main weak point openly exposed. Very
  seldom do his knives deflect gunfire on his chest. SPEED and ACCURACY are key
  to simply stun him every round. Keep your aim focused on the chest and keep
  firing. The Star moves sadistically, and sometimes he doesn't give ample time
  to stun him prior he even starts an attack. Grenades prove to be slow against
  his speed. Constant fire against his chest will deem the best way to prevent
  his attacks and survive. I can't say I totally own this boss, since I always
  lose lives (least is 1, most is 3) every time I play (at least I don't use up
  a continue anymore just to beat him) Against his multitude beams of light,
  try to rotate your fire around the screen to hit every single beam. Those at
  the sides are the priority since they are the ones nearer to you. Two players
  must play cooperatively to stop the multitude-beam attack and to take the
  least life losses possible.
  Shoot the Star whenever he's not attacking (you'll see dust-like blood leak
  through the slit from his chest. Hits deflected by his knives also count in
  accuracy, so don't worry about that. WORRY ABOUT SURVIVING...
* Literally and figuratively, YOU CAN'T OWN THE STAR. It's almost inevitable
  to defeat him without losing a single life. But wait, we have one more boss
  to own, yet... Actually, it's THE FINAL BOSS...

++++++++++++++++++++++++++    C H A P T E R   V I    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
++++++++++++++++++++++++++         H O P E           ++++++++++++++++++++++++++


This boss assimilated all the final THOTD bosses: Magician (1), Emperor (2),
and Wheel of Fate (3). However, the appearance of its weakpoint makes it very
similar to THOTD2's Hierophant or Emperor. This boss fight is continuous.

After they reached Goldman's office in the 50th floor and stopped the launch
of nuclear missiles, Goldman appears in a pre-recorded message in his laptop.
The last content of the Pandora's Box will be released after the destruction
of the premature Emperor 3 years ago.

"First off, I just wanted to congratulate you. Do not worry, it was not my wish
to destroy the world with nuclear missiles. I do not wish to kill all humans.
I merely wish to revert them to their natural state. However, Pandora's Box has
been opened. There's nothing I can do to stop it. If you had come this far,
there is yet still hope."

KATE:  James, that's...?!
JAMES: Kate, let's go.
The ground shakes and from the 50th floor, James and Kate sees the floor on the
courtyard open up to releases the final creature, similar to the Emperor. The
creature in the form of a crystal insect but a demi-human form. It spoke in a
voice as cold as ice.
"I am the ultimate being... There is no hope... 
 My hammer of death shall rain down upon you!"

JAMES: Kate, this is it. Give it all you've got!

              +             [ THE WORLD  Type Beta ]           +
              +       WEAK POINT:      UNKNOWN                 +
              +       NO DAMAGE:       UNKNOWN                 +

* Unknown to the PDA (of course, its scanned target was previously well-hidden,
  remember?) the weak spot is the HEART, exposed from the slit at the center of
  its chest (Like the Hierophant's beating heart enclosed by metallic skin).
  Shoot the heart throughout the battle as the "MASKED RIDER ICE (TM)" throws
  his own arsenal of attacks.

The World creates a huge ice hatchet on its hands. Shoot the axe continuously
to destroy it before it materializes completely in its hands. Once the axe is
formed, the World raises it and hacks you for bone-shattering damage.

The World charges a glowing fist and hurls an ice shockwave toward you. You can
shoot the ice pillars as quickly as you can. If the pillar reaches you, shake
your gun to break free from the ice prison or you'll take damage. As long as
you destroy his pillars or quickly break free as soon as possible, you have
nothing to worry about this attack.

The World charges both glowing fists and hurls two ice shockwaves toward you.
Shoot down the ice pillars as quickly as you can. If the pillars reaches you,
shake your gun to break free from the ice prison or you'll take damage. Again,
as long as you destroy his pillars or quickly break free as soon as possible,
you have nothing to worry about this attack.

Imitating the Magician again, the World sends 4 ice flowers to the sky, which
unite into a single more durable blossom that dives down to you. Each flower 
takes a clipful of shots to destroy (30 rounds). Destroy each as quickly as
possible. The huge flower is more durable and takes more shots to destroy.

For this battle, the World won't pose much of a threat. When you've played the
game a few times, you can hardly lose a life for this battle alone. Throughout 
the battle, the World will use the first three attacks alternately. Once it has
lost about 60% BOSS LIFE, he'll start Attack 4. Shoot the heart whenever it's
possible (while creating the ice flowers from below) and destroy these flowers.
Repeat this process until he dies. Note that every time you destroy the World's
icy creations, you damage it as well, so try to stop each of his attacks to
damage him as fast as possible. Wait, don't leave the gun on the machine yet!
The game has not ended yet... Make a deep breath, and face...

              +             [ THE WORLD Type Gamma ]           +
              +       WEAK POINT:      The heart               +
              +       NO DAMAGE:       Anywhere else           +

* Yes, PART 2! The creature has assumed a more human form, its wings had formed
  tendrils on his back. He's now glowing a faint bloody red by re-amassing all
  his lost energy from the heart (those blood-like rays) which immortalizes him
  for a second time. Still, shoot his heart. "MASKED RIDER RED (TM)" is harder
  to deal with this time. Good luck!

The World charges a glowing fist and sends a spiralling ice dragon towards you.
Shoot the Frost Dragon's head to destroy it before it bites your arse off. Real
dangerous. While shooting, execute a outward spinning motion with the gun, like
you're drawing a spiral on-screen whilst firing the SMG on the head like mad.
With luck, you can do it.

The World charges two glowing fists and sends two spiralling ice dragons BEHIND
you. Shoot the Frost Dragons' heads to destroy them before they take off a life
from you. This is a little bit easier than one Dragon alone, since the heads
move in a predictable pattern before spinning their way to you. You can easily
destroy them before they even approach. (The building's columns prove annoying
for they'll block the shots intended for the Dragon behind it!)

The World charges a glowing fist and alternately hurls a spiralling ice dragon
from each fist. The dragons dive in from a left-right-left-right OR right-left
right-left alternating pattern. About three to five bullets can already smash a
dragon, but you have to contend from six to eight of them. These dragons move
very fast to compensate their fragile structure.
HINT: Two lightning streaks will flash when the World begins this attack.

Again, like the Magician, the World creates a huge Frost Dragon that rockets 
upward the sky in a spiralling manner, and spins its way down to bite you. 
Still, the Dragon's head is the weak point. The best moment to damage and 
destroy the Dragon is on its way down, about time its head is very open to 
gunfire. Yeah, once you destroy it, you'll have a nice shower of ice shards
as the World summons another Dragon to the sky for you to destroy, again...

As expected, the World is much harder this time around, but a few times of
fighting him will give you an advantage to learn his attacks. Throughout the
battle, the World will use the first three attacks alternately. Once it has
lost about 60% BOSS LIFE, he'll start Attack 4. Shoot the heart whenever it's
possible (while he creates the dragons from below) and destroy all the dragons
he sends. Rinse and repeat until he dies. Note that every time you destroy the
World's icy creations, you damage him as well, so try to stop each attack to
damage him as fast as possible.
  ALL rounds of the battle has the World's main weak point openly exposed. Hits
  on his ice body do no damage but a plus in accuracy. Since you also damage
  the World each time you destroy his CANCEL gauge, I'll simply enlist here
  strategies against each attack to damage the World in any way possible:
  ICE HATCHET: A horizontal stick appears. Rapidly shoot it until you see an ice
               axehead appears. It turns red before it shatters. In case it is
               formed, you have a split second to destroy it before the World
               uses it to hack both of you.
  ICE WAVE x1: Nah... Shoot the ice shockwaves till you destroy it. If you
               get caught, DON'T TOSS A GRENADE! (You have no reason to do so,
               ye sucker!) Shake your gun quickly to bust out FREE!
  ICE WAVE x2: Shoot one side first, then the other. Don't fret if you do get
               caught. Shake your gun to break free and resume on shooting
               the World's weak point.
  At 40% BOSS LIFE left, the World begins the CRYSTAL ROSE TEMPEST (TM). When
  he slams the ground, quickly aim and toss a grenade RIGHT at his WEAK POINT.
  You can shoot his weak point to slow down his movement. If the grenade's
  "explosion dome" strikes the heart, BOOM! INSTANT KILL you can show-off!
  During the stage-revolving and running or just simply anywhere else, shoot
  the World anywhere in his icy body. As long as you keep many hits on his
  body throughout the battle, you are guaranteed an A or S for this chapter!
  Shoot his ice body especially when he summons the flowers!
  ALL rounds of the battle has the World's main weak point openly exposed. Hits
  on his ice body do no damage but a plus in accuracy. Since you also damage
  the World each time you destroy his CANCEL gauge, I'll simply enlist here
  strategies against each attack to damage the World in any way possible:
  ICE DRAGON x1: Precise aiming is key here. Use your gun like a pen and draw
                 your shots on the screen like a spiral outward: all shots are
                 focused on the Dragon's head of course. You have to destroy it
                 before its icy teeth penetrate your spines.
  ICE DRAGON x2: Precise aiming is key here. Concentrate on destroying one head
                 before aiming for the other. You have lots of time to destroy
                 both. Do as much damage as the Dragons fly on their way to
                 your behind. This is not too much of a problem.
  ICE DRAGON x8: DO NOT PANIC. Accurate shots can destroy each dragon. Since
                 they come from left-right pattern, a few shots to each Dragon
                 head destroys them before destroying the successive ones.
  ICE SKYDRAGON: Shoot the head on the way down. THERE IS A TIME TO SHOOT THE
                 HEAD on its route downward. You can destroy it even before it
                 reaches to bite you. If you do destroy it, shoot the huge ice
                 hunks for fun and a small ice rain on the screen. Whee!
  At 40% BOSS LIFE left, the World begins the DIAMOND SKYDRAGON DIVE (TM). When
  he slams the ground, quickly aim and toss a grenade RIGHT at his WEAK POINT.
  You can shoot his weak point to slow down his movement. If the grenade's
  "explosion dome" strikes the heart, BOOM! INSTANT KILL you can show-off!
  During the stage-revolving and running or just simply anywhere else, shoot
  the World anywhere in his icy body. As long as you keep many hits on his
  body throughout the battle, you are guaranteed an A or S for this chapter!
  Shoot his ice body especially when he summons the skyward dragons!
* Remember, I said that you can't own the Star. Technically, YES. But I have a
  question with all these strategies I have mentioned in mind...

* TRIVIA: The end bosses of HOD4 has some of the most interesting aspects of
          nature and life.
  THOTD 1: MAGICIAN T-0000, a pyrokinetic (fire)
  THOTD 2: WORLD T-Alpha, a metamorphic (form-assuming)
  THOTD 3: WHEEL OF FATE T-0000, an electrokinetic (lightning/electricity)
  THOTD 4: WORLD T-Beta, a cryokinetic (ice)


 IX      E N D I N G S

* Requirements of all possible endings are only approximations. Thus, those
  figures listed hereunder are not 100% correct.

The World attains its Complete Form (Thanatos of Chaos Legion, anyone?): reborn
from the cocoon was a giant human-insect. James and Kate desperately keep their
machine gunfire focused on the evil incarnate, "MASK RIDER GOLD (TM)".

KATE : What?! He won't stop growing!
JAMES: We can't beat him... But we must close Pandora's Box now or never!

(James drops his SMG and clicks his PDA. TEN SECONDS BEFORE DETONATION.) 

KATE : James, what are you?
JAMES: This is our last hope. This will stop it. Kate, don't... give up hope...
(James runs point-blank beneath the World, chucks his PDA upward and BOOM! A
pillar of fire consummates the World. Gone with it was James, who left not a
trace but a crater of fire at the center of the building's courtyard.)

KATE : James!

(Night falls around in the building.)

KATE : James, what should I do?

(Kate walks back to the building en route to Goldman's office. Once all credits
have rolled (ended by: PRESENTED BY SEGA), depending on your score and possibly
the number of continues... a short cutscene will be shown as the ending as Kate
discovers something within the office or a scene somewhere else.)


ENDING A: (NORMAL ENDING: Rank 3 and below)
Goldman left a pre-recorded message in his laptop... Another prophecy
of destruction and doom...

"Ah yes, there is one thing I forgot. The human race has not been eliminated.
Travel north. Hope is such a splendid thing..."

Goldman says the line, his back facing the screen and walking away.


ENDING B: (NORMAL ENDING: Rank 3 and below)
Goldman left a pre-recorded message in his laptop... Another prophecy
of destruction and doom...

"Ah yes, there is one thing I forgot. The human race has not been eliminated.
Travel north. Hope is such a splendid thing..."

As Goldman says the line, he turns around and REMOVES HIS SPECTACLES. His face
is revealed with gashes, his eyes wielded red pupils. This, I presume, confirms
that Goldman is now a zombie. (Like Daniel Curien's zombie ending in THOTD3)


G stands in front of the crater of fire by the courtyard. 
* Following James' sacrifice to destroy the World, G recognizes the fact that
  the battle is not over yet and promises to take the fight back to the source.
  With a final wave of his hand, he tells James to rest and leaves the remnants
  of the burning Pandora's box behind. G's future exploits are covered in the
  story of The House of the Dead 3.
(Excerpt from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_of_the_Dead_4)

* In one of the game's endings, a businessman limps on his right leg towards
  and sits at a desk in the corner of an office. He claims that Goldman was
  soft and that the wretched humans have no need of hope. This mysterious man
  also declares that the true end will soon begin and that there is more than
  one "Pandora's Box". As of now, no one knows this man's identity, but he 
  certainly intends to cause trouble at some point in the future.
(Excerpt from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_of_the_Dead_4)

The story continues in The House of the Dead 3...

Now, you'll see your character's portrait and overall ranking:
* YOUR OVERALL RANK (Out of 8 Ranks)
    RANK 1: SPECIAL AGENT  - Try applying for the FBI, CSI, or CIA. XD
    RANK 2: TOP AGENT      - Perfect
    RANK 3: EXPERT AGENT   - Amazing
    RANK 4: MASTER AGENT   - Excellent
    RANK 7: AVERAGE AGENT  - Apprentice
    RANK 8: ROOKIE AGENT   - Dummy

* I have played the game with an EXPERT Rank, with roughly 350,000+ points.
* If you want to have your high scores displayed here, I'll add them into the
  HIGH SCORE section for you! Please email me your HIGHEST SCORE (Only 1 record
  per person) and your 3 initials, and you'll be credited for the info.
  Thanks! See my email address below.
* For a thorough analysis of the rankings, please read ahead.


 X       H Y P O T H E T I C A L   R A N K I N G   C A L C U L A T I O N S

At the end of each Chapter, your ranking sheet will be assessed.

  A C C U R A C Y      \

Accuracy is HIT RATIO, computed by:


EXAMPLE: Out of 1000 shots you struck with 750 shots. So your accuracy is 75%.
Against the boss, you have hit him with 500 out of 750. Your hit ratio is
67%. For the chapter, the average accuracy is computed.
         (750 + 500) / (1000 + 750) = 1250 / 1750 = 71% -> PERFECT
Accuracy is also a key to increase your rank, so try that each shot lands on
anything on-screen, be it a zombie or background object.
* To get NOT BAD,   get an accuracy of below 50%. 
* To get GOOD,      get an accuracy of 50% to 55%.
* To get EXCELLENT, get an accuracy of 56% to 65%.
* To get AMAZING,   get an accuracy of 66% to 69%.
* To get PERFECT,   get an accuracy of 70% and above.

    S C O R E      \

I'll just list what score you need to attain to get PERFECT in the SCORE.
* CHAPTER 1: Get 60,000 points and above.
* CHAPTER 2: Get 120,000 points and above.
* CHAPTER 3: Get 160,000 points and above.
* CHAPTER 4: Get 200,000 points and above.
* CHAPTER 5: Get 250,000 points and above.
* CHAPTER 6: Get 300,000 points and above.

 C R I T I C A L   S H O T S      \

Like THOTD3, remarks flash after a headshot kill. The remarks are color-coded:  
* Blue   / GOOD      - 2nd headshot kill 
* Green  / EXCELLENT - 3rd headshot kill after the GOOD shot
* Yellow / AMAZING   - 4th headshot kill after the EXCELLENT shot
* Red    / PERFECT   - 5th headshot kill onwards

The streak will be broken if you didn't kill any zombie via headshot (i.e.
pulverized the chest or anywhere except the head) or you take damage. If the
streak ends, you need 2 headshot kills to attain the GOOD rating once again.

Listed are how many PERFECT shots are required to get PERFECT in the CRITICALS.
* CHAPTER 1: 40
* CHAPTER 2: 56
* CHAPTER 3: 46
* CHAPTER 4: 50
* CHAPTER 5: 36
* CHAPTER 6: 30
NOTE: If there are 2 players, you are only required to have HALF of the listed
      number of critical kills to attain PERFECT.

 C H A P T E R   R A N K I N G      \

I'll assume the point ratings for each stat for each completed chapter.
NOT BAD   - 1 point
GOOD      - 2 points
EXCELLENT - 3 points
AMAZING   - 4 points
PERFECT   - 5 points

There are 3 ranking fields in all: ACCURACY, TOTAL SCORE, CRITICAL SHOTS
So the perfect score is 15 points. Now, to get a certain rank for a chapter:

To get Rank E, get 3 points total.
To get Rank D, get 4 to 6 points total.
To get Rank C, get 7 to 9 points total.
To get Rank B, get 10 to 11 points total.
To get Rank A, get 12 to 14 points total.
To get Rank S, get 15 points total.

NOTE: Using the above legend, having an AMAZING-AMAZING-AMAZING status is only
      equal to having an EXCELLENT-AMAZING-PERFECT status, attaining a Rank A
      each since both total to 12 points, with an average of 4 points.

***********   LIFE MARK BONUSES (The ASCII at the left is a MEDKIT)
*   ***   *   Rank E to C   : No Life Bonus (Listen to the hilarious remarks)
* ******* *   Rank B to A   : 1 Life Bonus
* ******* *   Rank S (Best) : 2 Life Bonuses
*   ***   *   At end of each Chapter, each Life Mark left is worth 700 points.
***********   (When you take damage, you lose about 500 points as well)

    *******   GRENADE BONUS (The ASCII at the left is a GRENADE)
    ***   *   No matter what your rank is, your stock of Grenades are filled to
   *****  *   the full default stock. If the default stock is three, you regain
  *******     the number so that your total is three. You can keep up to five
   *****      total Grenades, which can be carried on the next chapter.
    ***       At end of each chapter, each Grenade left is worth 300 points.

NOTE: Do not hesitate to use a grenade if you really need to use one. Hey, a
      grenade is refillable at the end of the chapter or when you continue;
      but Life Marks are not (unless you earn a high rank or use a continue).
      Besides, each grenade left is only worth 300 points apiece, but each Life
      Mark left is 700 points apiece. Grenades can save Life Marks, but Life
      Marks cannot save grenades. REMEMBER THAT!
 O V E R A L L   R A N K I N G      \

I'll assume the point ratings for each rank for a completed game.
Rank E - 5 points
Rank D - 6 points 
Rank C - 7 points
Rank B - 8 points
Rank A - 9 points
Rank S - 10 points

There are a total of 6 Chapters: ESCAPE, LOST, EMPTINESS, DESPAIR, REUNION and
HOPE. So the perfect score is 60 points. Now, to get a certain overall rank:

To get Rank 8: ROOKIE AGENT,   get a total of below 32 points.
To get Rank 7, AVERAGE AGENT,  get 32 to 36 points total.
To get Rank 6: STANDARD AGENT, get 37 to 40 points total.
To get Rank 5: LEADING AGENT,  get 41 to 44 points total.
To get Rank 4: MASTER AGENT,   get 45 to 49 points total. (?)
To get Rank 3: EXPERT AGENT,   get 50 to 54 points total. (?)
To get Rank 2: TOP AGENT,      get 55 to 57 points total.
To get Rank 1: SPECIAL AGENT,  get 58 to 60 points total.

NOTE: These may not be 100% correct, so please email me your corrections and
      suggestions for the tallying for the correct rankings. These are only a
      listed approximations based on my gameplay experience.

* An e-mail from a reader (Steve H.) told me of the discrepancy of his rank. He
  should get a Rank 3 based on his score (51 points), yet he got Rank 4. It is
  still left into guesswork if the lone C in his end-of-chapter ranks has an
  effect to his overall ranking result. Though my overall ranking system is not
  yet proved, I deem my end-of-chapter rankings as 90%, if not 100%, correct.


 XI      T R E A S U R E   R O O M   L O C A T I O N S

TREASURE ROOMS are very adeptly hidden in each Chapter. You have a very limited
time (about 3 seconds) to shoot as many goodies as you can. Each Treasure Room 
usually have these 4 stuff:
* MEDICAL KIT (rare)
* GRENADE (rare)

* Destroy the RED CONTROL PANEL mounted on the wall on the point where 2 waves
  of zombies will assault you. You will have a detour. After you face a group
  of undead scientists, you got to face a wave of 3 muscle zombies. Shoot a
  hidden door at the LEFT CORNER in the pitch black area. Once a gold spark is
  seen, kill the zombies and you'll proceed to the TREASURE ROOM.
* Just before the Elevator Door to Justice's fight, there is a path to the left
  and right when you turn around. Toss a grenade that will REBOUND INTO THE
  RIGHT ALLEY before killing everything. Before going to the big door you'll
  turn to the TREASURE ROOM for that precious grenade. Nice deal, no?
* Whether or not you opened the grates at the start of the chapter, you'll come
  to the point where your players will cross the canal to a ladder. However, 4
  Ebitans and 2 Frog zombies will emerge. Notice the alley to your right? Toss
  a grenade that will REBOUND INTO THE ALLEY behind the Frog zombies. If you
  heard a BOOM, that's it. After dispatching the monsters, your players will
  notice a bright crevice in the alley, which happened to be a TREASURE ROOM.
* Whether you took the left path or the right, you'll reach a wooden stash by a
  ladder with a gold frog. When you climb the ladder, there is a LINE OF STONES
  on your lower left as well as zombies. Shoot the line of camouflaged stones
  until you see a gold spark before dispatching the zombies. After killing them
  all, the players will turn left before entering the zombie cage. That turn
  leads to a TREASURE ROOM.
* When you chose to be dragged by the zombie that grabs you from the door, you
  will have a good score-boosting detour. Up the second flight of stairs in the
  subway, you'll fight a flock of bats. There is a shutter on the right with a
  PANEL on its left side. Shoot it to see a gold spark. After killing the bone
  zombies inside the shutter, your players will turn to the right to reveal the
* Whether or not you chose to be dragged by the bone zombie from the door, you
  will reach a fork. Choose the left path to advance. Across the train rabble,
  you'll see a car door at the far end with a HANGING DOOR to the LEFT. Blast
  that door open with a grenade. When your players move forward, they will turn
  left to reveal the TREASURE ROOM.
* While fighting through the underpass, you'll soon enter a CAFE DOOR. Once it
  opened, locate a KEY on the 3RD SHELF ROW (2 red stashes are on the upper 2
  which hide coins). Shooting the key emits a gold spark. To the right of the
  shelf will emerge zombies, but after killing them, instead of directly going
  through the door, your player will use the key to unlock the room to your
  left: a TREASURE ROOM.
* After destroying the zombies from the large crevice where James previously
  fought the Hierophant in THOTD2, you'll reach a point where an undead will
  ram your car. Shake the gun rapidly to turn the wheel. If you SUCCEED, the
  TREASURE ROOM will be revealed. Failing to do so detours to the left path.
* If you locate 2 white stashes, shoot the DRAGON'S EYE on the floor. You'll
  see a gold spark to confirm the unlocked secret. After a few shoot-them-downs
  and a cutscene, a room to your right upstairs reveals the TREASURE ROOM.
* Reach the last door WITHOUT CONTINUING from Chapter 1! Before the stairs to
  Goldman's room, your player turns left and open the final TREASURE ROOM with:
  2 Medkits, 2 Grenades, 1 Magician, 1 Bus, 1 Frog, 1 Bell, 1 Hat, 1 Gold Coin,
  1 Silver Coin and 1 Bronze Coin! Go gaga over these goodies and snag as much
  hoard as you can in about 10 seconds!


 XII     C O D E S   A N D   T R I C K S

SCORE DISPLAY (Courtesy of mash_zeroforce)
This code can be entered before or after inserting credits.
At the title screen, input this sequence on either gun:
Let 1 be the trigger and 2 be the grenade button.
Press: 1, 1, 2, 2, 1, 2, 1
You should hear a sound if the code was entered correctly. Your score will then
be displayed on the upper corners of the screen during gameplay.

To achieve an accuracy as high as possible for each chapter, shoot the immune
points of the bosses. I'll give those parts here (these points are covered in
each boss' individual sections in the Boss FAQ). Minute damage as you inflict,
you can have a PERFECT rating for accuracy (above 70%) with these tricks!
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS due to ASH, listed in the CREDITS section.
* JUSTICE: Just shoot the legs when his face is not shielded as he runs to you.
  Break free when he grips you, but shoot the legs constantly. Do this about
  3 times, with 5 as the most. If you do it for a 6th time, breaking free from
  his grip will be the most difficult. No matter how hard you shake your gun,
  you won't fill the bar to the fullest. Finish him as you would.
* LOVERS: While shooting the spider offspring, shoot the legs visibly latched
  on the elevator shafts. When the Lovers climb up the lift to spit the web,
  shoot the arse to also inflict damage.
* EMPRESS: When you break free from the door before Round 1, shoot her while
  she's approaching. When she was cutting down the extinguishers and the door,
  shoot her before she throws those stuff to you. You can also shoot along
  the benches DURING THE PURSUIT. Those also adds to points.
* TEMPERANCE: After each time you stun him, shoot him by the belly. While he's
  approaching you, shoot his belly. Before entering the tower, shoot his belly.
  Up the tower, shoot his head like there's no tomorrow. Before the crane lever
  sequence, SHOOT HIS DAMN FACE!
* STAR: Damn, he's so sadistic he won't give you free hits. His other job other
  than hacking you is to keep your accuracy down by full-speed flying... Ooooh,
  I forgot, full-speed fire at him while his BOSS LIFE is depleted to ZERO...
* WORLD: Shoot his BODY anywhere (does no damage), but hey, those shots count
  in accuracy! Keep your gunfire focused on the World's creations, as well as
  his heart! To keep things easier, use the one-hit kill trick on the World's
  second form! You can get as high as an S in Chapter 6!
NOTE: As long as you shoot background objects (with a distinct spark), that'll
      add up to your accuracy score. A tiny dot will spark if an inanimate
      object like indestructible walls are shot (these count as MISS).
Remember in THOTD3, where the remains of zombies can be shot until they become
pools of yucky blood? Now, with the SMG, you could use rapid fire to accumulate
points quickly. SHOOT CONTINUOUSLY until you kill the zombie. The zombie will
crumble into dust, but shoot the dust for additional points! Do this throughout
the game for some nastily high scores! Yet, this is like a double-edged sword.
Shooting the remains can drastically affect your accuracy. I'll leave the real
reason for you to discover that...


 XIII    H I G H   S C O R E S

The Ranks do not necessarily reflect on the score. The notes taken here are the
HIGHEST RECORD or RANK attained by each of the contributors. Also note that a
plus (+) beside a score means an approximation in the nearest thousands.

1        ASH      498,890      R1 / SPECIAL AGENT  Philippines
2        ICQ      464,048      R3 / EXPERT AGENT   Russia
3        NAN      451,830      R2 / TOP AGENT      Singapore
4        RNZ      426,000+     R3 / EXPERT AGENT   Philippines
5        ICE      420,541      R2 / TOP AGENT      Singapore
6        AAT      363,360      R3 / EXPERT AGENT   U.S.A.
7        SRH      358,893      R2 / TOP AGENT      U.S.A.
8        COY      350,000+     R3 / EXPERT AGENT   Philippines <- Yours truly
9        ARM      306,524      R3 / EXPERT AGENT   United Kingdom
10       ---


 XIV     A U T H O R ' S   O D D S   A N D   E N D S

James sure had aged after 3 years, but I noticed that he looked much older than
Agent G in THOTD3! I mean, hey, Agent G aged for 21 years from the first THOTD
to THOTD3 (2019 minus 1998 is 21). But how is that James looked much older than
G though he aged for only 3 years? Should I say G was baby-faced? LOL... ;->


The fashionist's line before Chapter 1...
KATE: These are all the weapons I could find...
HEY! Besides your SMG, you're holding a HANDBAG, as A WEAPON? Wait, how'll you
use it as a weapon? Flail it around like Death's club? OR use the make-up kit
or lipstick inside that can be used like grenades or ammunition ala James Bond
or Men in Black (much better if ala Johnny English)? You're tough, baby!
* She should have said AMMUNITIONS, since SMGs consume a lot of bullets due to
  rapid fire. Still, that bag cannot hold that much (till Chapter 6)...


(Before the Lovers battle, the ground shakes)
KATE: An earthquake?!
Kate predicted an earthquake the exact second the ground shook! What ESP does
she have! Not like the ridiculous "G's bloodstains" remark again?!


(Before the Empress' battle)
THE TRAIN CAME IN FROM THE RIGHT, right? Then, when Empress came in and cut the
side open, why are there no cars that went ahead? AND the train started to run
parallel to James and Kate's running direction!!! That's nice logic, SEGA...
When a pilot car is removed, the train goes the other way immediately. NO TWO
TRAINS MOVE PARALLEL AT THE SAME TIME, since the train that crushed the Empress
also came leftwards!!! AND IF YOU NOTICE: THERE ARE 3 TRAINS! The third train
is where the zombies attack from across during the Empress pursuit.
* Okay, let's assume the station is a terminal (end) station. Still, the train
  rabble from the last station deems that assumption more questionable.


After beating the Empress at the end of Chapter 3, when her corpse was to fall
from the car, where the hell did the speeding train that smashed the Empress
come from? Hey, it's the last terminal up ahead right? Who piloted the train?
There are no survivors in THOTD4! Then, are they the zombies who also drove
Lisa's van in THOTD3's ending?


(After the Empress' death)
JAMES: Kate! We're going to jump!
Wait! James and Kate are already rolling on the ground as he said his line!


Where the hell did James get that "old wound" by his side? It was G who had the
same wound on the THAT location. G was injured in the library in THOTD2, when
he gave James and Gary the "G's Filebook", remember?


Kate sure has infinite ammo during the final scene with the World (before the
self-destruct scene). She never even reloaded, just her SMG shaking rapidly!


In the ending scene, James says, "This will stop it..." There is a view of the
World in the background, his tentacle-like wings on the ground reach from his
back to the building wall!


In the intro, James says, "Kate, this is it. Give it all you've got!" Notice
the (yet unknown) World. IT HAS TENDRILS ON HIS BACK!!! If you have to fight
him first time, those tendrils must be DRAGONFLY WINGS, which become tendrils
in Phase 2! Oh well, graphic inconsistency like in THOTD2...


Goldman's Building should be named the HOUSE OF ROBOTS, or HOUSE OF MUTANTS, or
much better, the X-Mansion, since there are 0% undead in the building! There
were only mutated robots straight from THOTD2!


Why did James sacrifice himself at the end?

1. He secretly hates his new partner. She was such a nagger. Kate has a lot
   of dialogue almost every other second in the entire duration of the game,
   unlike the more silent Gary. Rather than being with Kate, James went with
   the World into oblivion. Hey, the World has no dying dialogues!
2. He told Kate, "Don't give up hope..." before the tragedy. He meant that
   "Yeah, you're such a nagger. Don't give up hope. There will be someone who
   can endure your loud mouth. I'm outta here!"
3. Kate dethroned James for having the weirdest perceptions. In THOTD2, James
   had the blood-analyzing-contact-lenses which made him conclude right away
   that it was G's bloodstains on the ground. In THOTD4, during the elevator
   sequence, Kate the Living Seismographer (TM) concluded the earthquake THE
   MOMENT the ground shook! She even did not know the reason of the shaking!
If you have comments about the game or this FAQ, please email me. Thanks!


 XV      B O S S   E N C Y C L O P E D I A

The names of all the bosses in the House of the Dead series are based from the
Tarot Cards. Among the 22 total cards from the Major Arcana deck of the Tarot
Cards, 19 had been part of the most fearsome bosses of the House of the Dead.

I'll enlist them alphabetically, numbers symbolize the episode where the boss
was present, as well as a description.

The armored fiend wielding an enormous halberd. He fatally wounded Sophie prior
to the battle with Rogan and G. After the bloody crevice in his armor has been
struck a lot of lead, Chariot sheds his armor, exposing his vulnerable flesh
around his skeleton and making him easier to kill.

* DEATH (3)
The gigantic security guard with a skull-studded club. The monster pursued Lisa
and G throughout the entrance (or parking lot) of the EFI Complex and was very 
presistent to chase the, along the Information Systems corridors. The behemoth
likes to flail around its huge club while chasing its enemies. His head is the
most vulnerable to damage.

The Goldman masterpiece that will hate and destroy mankind. Using his awesome
power of METAMORPHOSIS, he can assimilate the techniques used by his lesser
cohorts: Judgment, Hierophant, Tower, and Strength. Even in the Alpha stage, it
was a formidable opponent. Its weak point is the red orb the the chest of his
gelatinous body. Crystal orbs revolve around the Emperor as shield from damage
as well as supporters. The Emperor can also turn his arm into a lance at will.

The female counterpart of Goldman's Emperor and Strength, this sleek humanoid
held twin chainsaws which can be used as one double-ended chainsaw or held as
separate weapons on both hands. The Empress wore leather plates but her face
remained as her vital point for gunfire. She pursued James and Kate inside the
train and mutilated it car by car as they made their way to the pilot car.

* FOOL (3)
The huge sloth encaged in the tower-like prison of the Genome Ward. He's a fast
wall-climber and expertly uses its claws to attack enemies with a long-reaching
slash. If angered, it shakes its prison violently as corpses fall from above as
a desperation assault to its enemies. These corpses also serve as his fodder.
Its clawed paws are the most susceptible to damage.

The batlike humanoid that hostaged and murdered a few of the researchers from
the Curien Mansion. This being's whole body is of a fragile composition. He can
also command as much as two dozens of small bats at will to assault his foes.
Swift flight and long talons make him one formidable foe.

* HERMIT (1)
The huge spider that fought Rogan and G in the tunnel to the lair of Curien.
It has metal appendages to block its fragile face from gunfire or use them to
hack enemies. It can also producing web balls to slowly constrict enemies.

Goldman's version of the Chariot, this amphibious behemoth carries a massive
trident. The heart is its weak point, hidden beneath a barrier of two steel-
plated skin on the chest. The weak point is exposed as the beating heart bulges
out of the steel barrier. It also has the command of the piranhas beneath the
Sunset Bridge. He can adeptly swim in any body of water as well as jump high
from the depths with a vicious horizontal hack with his trident on his victims.

Made of Zeal (the imp) and Kuarl, the headless knight with an enormous halberd.
These are Goldman's defective variations of Hanged Man and Chariot, compelling
them to fight as a duo. Zeal telepathically controlled Kuarl and after taking
enough damage, Zeal loses control of Kuarl who collapses down. Zeal was next to
go into oblivion after attempting to headbutt you at full-speed flights.

The ape-like humanoid who breached AMS through the sewers. Having four arms,
Justice uses two arms to pull himself through the narrow sewage paths, another
two to constrict the life out of his victims with a strong grip. He usually
exposes his greatest weak point: his long tongue. Justice is also smart, for
he can use the surrounding walls as well as his tough-skinned hands to protect
himself and his tongue from damage.

* LOVERS (4)
Goldman combined the structure of Curien's Hermit with the philosophy of male
and female. The result was the Lovers. A huge female arachnid with enormous
appendages studded with spikes and a small male spider infused above it, which
controlled two huge front legs to slash their enemies. The male spider has a
huge lip-like mouth which imprisons targets in sticky web vomit. The female
can also produce a batallion of fist-sized spiders from its behind. The Lovers
pursued James and Kate in the underground lift from their flight from the AMS.

* MAGICIAN (1 and 2)
Dr. Curien's masterpiece that turned on him and murdered Curien himself. After
it was destroyed by Rogan and G, the Magician was recreated by Goldman as the
right-hand man of the Emperor for James and Gary to contend. This dire clown
has sturdily-built armor and devastating PYROKINETIC magicks. Still, every evil
has his own Achilles heel. He had several vital points wherein the live wires
were left unarmored by bulletproof plates.

* STAR (4)
Goldman sucessfully produced his own variation of the Magician after Curien's
and his own versions of the Magician failed. The successor, the Star, is armed
with twin knives and can fly at high velocities to muddle the targets before
slashing them. The Star, like the Magician, can hurl bolts of purple light at
the multitudes to the targets. The visible slit across its chest is the main
weak point. After suffering enough damage, the hood of his blood-red trenchcoat
goes down and Star can do his desperate attack: a swift tornado charge. This
humanoid challenged James and Kate in the DBR Hall as Goldman's parting wish.

A huge fat dummy with a humongous chainsaw, "BLAME" etched on the blade and
throwing axes. It'll play cat-and-mouse with James and Gary in around the huge
labyrinthine walls of the Colosseum as Goldman's gift for the AMS agents. The
masked head is the fiend's most fragile and weakest point to aim for.

* SUN (3)
A huge mutated tree with vicious vines with fanged petals that can crawl along
the ground. The tree's trunk itself is studded with human skulls. Within each
flower pod that formed a ring around the trunk hid a serpent that can extend
their necks to devour their targets, as well as spit caltrop-sized spores into
the air or spit them directly onto the target's face. This blood-thirsty tree
was planted in the Biological Laboratory in the EFI Institute.

Outside the streets from the underground shopping district, an obese of a giant
pursued James and Kate: A green-skinned fiend with fingerless gloves, pants,
and shoes. His fat belly hangs tight on his belt; the whole body is marked with
blood-red tattoos. His main weak point is his featureless face with a mouth of
knife-like teeth. Temperance's skin is totally impervious to ammunition. He
can be deadly with his jumping or rolling attacks, as well as a powerful spike-
studded fist he uses to crush his enemy... you.

* TOWER (2)
Four orange serpents share a single lifeline with a self-sustaining blue dragon,
so the heads can only attack one at a time with a fierce lunging bite. Once the
four minor heads are down, you'll have a final showdown with the blue-headed
serpent, which can crawl very fast be it in water or sand. Their metallic skins
are totally impervious to damage. Aim for the throats!

This is Curien's final legacy after 2 decades when his corpse was thrown out of
the DBR Institute. Curien had secretly research and devised a way to preserve
himself to a godlike state: an ultimate return that will awaken 19 years after
the Pandora's Box was first opened. Hidden in the chamber of the DBR Institute,
Curien releases his full ELECTROKINETIC powers with the use of a powerful wheel
that create electric bolts and toss them to targets. The wheel uses centrifugal
force to rapidly negate gunfire especially from shotguns. Only one man who saw
this horror grow for 19 years knows its greatest weakness...

* WORLD (4)
The World is the successor of the Emperor hidden in the Pandora's Box. Due to
its premature Alpha state, the Emperor was destroyed by Gary and James 3 years
ago. Thus, the also premature World (also in its Alpha state) was safely kept
hidden in the Pandora's Box: under the DBR courtyard. It was concealed for 3
years before being released to the world, almost mature. Though it has a half
human-insect nature, it focused on CRYOKINETIC abilities. The beating heart at
the center of the chest is the main weak point. Goldman created it so that the
World has the uncanny ability to resustain himself stronger for each time he
was defeated, making any battle against him last for almost an eternity. Due to
his affiliation with ice, the World also suffers damage as his creations are
destroyed. Against James and Kate, it had shown only 3 known types, which did
not last to Type Omega:
 BETA:  Beta was built at the base the floor, with a prominent insect head with
        dragonfly wings. He can create ice axes, ice shockwaves to encase its
        enemies in a cage of ice, or create four ice flowers that unite to form
        a larger flower to distract his enemies. After his defeat...
 GAMMA: Gamma glows red, energy flowing to its heart and his wings formed
        tendrils on his back. He can now create multitudes of ice dragons to
        torture his opponent with different techniques. Afterwards...
 DELTA: The back of the Gamma splits open, as a golden fully-fledged humanoid
        Delta rises. However, James sent his PDA to self-destruct and finally
        reseal the Pandora's Box once and for all, at the cost of his own life.
        Nothing more was detected from the final evil of the Pandora's Box.

The remaining cards to be looked for the (final?) THOTD 5 sequel are:


 XVI     C R E D I T S

I wish to thank SEGA for making another kick-ass sequel to the famous House of 
the Dead Series. For anyone who kindly read this FAQ and wish to give me their 
corrections, suggestions, locations of Medkits and Grenades, et cetera, they'll
have their names in this section in future revisions of the FAQ.

THANKS AND KUDOS TO THESE SITES AND PEOPLE: A multitude of thanks to all of ya!

* http://gamefaqs.com/  Of course, GameFAQs site for hosting this FAQ!
                        Additional thanks to the GameFAQs THOTD4 Message Board!
* http://1UP.com/       1UP Gamesite for hosting this FAQ!
* http://GamerHelp.com/ GamerHelp Gamesite for hosting this FAQ!
* http://hod4.sega.jp/  SEGA's Japanese THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 4 Official Site.
* http://wikipedia.org/ for the THOTD4 entries excerpted for the CHARACTERS and
  ENDINGS section. This site sure is very helpful for both academics as well as
  gaming! Check it out!
* http://gallery.mymoviestar.com/michaelcms/michaelcms/
  THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 4 ACTUAL GAMING VIDEOS! Extremely helpful and perfect
  to check out! With the video map, I have completed the walkthrough!

* Mr. CMS from http://forum.zeroregion.com for the THOTD4 video coverages taken
  straight from the arcade! Very helpful videos how to beat each boss!
* The High Scorers' initials found in GameFAQs Message Board.
* SHN_XDDD for the Perfect Rank requirements in the Criticals Section!
* mash_zeroforce of GameFAQs for the helpful tip on the High Score Code!
* IMELSON BALINO aka ASH ([email protected], [email protected]) 
  Hands down. The Filipino god of THOTD4. No one stands a chance with him. He
  can play straight and beat the game with NO continues (at 1 player) and
  playing with him was well worth it. He's mastered almost every single hidden
  location in the game, as well as the handy HIGH-ACCURACY TRICK covered in the
  CODES and TRICKS section and how to kill with World with a grenade. Yay, this
  dude populated TEN slots in the THOTD4 cabinet in my local amusement center!
* LORENZ PEDRO aka RNZ ([email protected]) 
  His High Score record as well as a suggestion to upgrade this Boss FAQ into
  a full-depth FAQ! But hey, he's one of the first evaluators of my FAQ! He
  also contributed to me the Japanese HOTD4 site of the secret locations! How
  cool is that!
* Me, SHADI SOBREMISANA aka COCOY or COY or SHD ([email protected])
  Proud to be the first Filipino player of THOTD4 to post a FAQ for this game
  at GameFAQs. With time, I'll try to upgrade it into a fully-fledged Walkthru
  FAQ. So far, with ASH's help, I managed to get into Rank 3, EXPERT AGENT!!!
To those who emailed me... Major thanks to all you chaps. I'm very sorry if
your mail was left unanswered.
* JASPER TOH        
* ANDREW TUNG       
* STEVE H.          
* ALI MEFTAH        
* UFO UFO           
* "DI"              



 XVII    D I S C L A I M E R

This FAQ is neither affiliated nor endorsed by SEGA. It can be distributed for
FREE as long it's the latest unmodified version (found in sites listed on top).
It is made for PRIVATE USE and MUST NOT be reproduced for any other purpose at
any means. Do not attempt to sell this since no monetary profit was gained from
this FAQ, nor be used by anyone else for their personal credits by submitting
it to other game magazines, web sites, or part of any collection, compilation,
or anything similar without prior permission from me. 

Email any corrections, errors, suggestions, etc. to me at this email: 

shadift [at] yahoo [dot] com

Note that you are reading the latest version prior to sending me the email.

The other games mentioned herein are the properties of Capcom (Resident Evil,
Chaos Legion), SNK (Metal Slug, Ira Ira Bou), Taito (Operation Wolf), Square
(Final Fantasy), Marvel Comics (X-Men), Sega (GHOST Squad), Orion (RoboCop)
and Atari (Area 51) and are trademarks of their respective owners.

Copyright infringement is heavily punished in the US and other countries, but
not as heavily here in the Philippines. Pirated optical media are given more
attention to, leaving other pirated media, published or not, unattended.
Please notify me whenever you see this FAQ sold or published for monetary
profit in your locales.

I should say that I once bought a Chaos Legion FAQ magazine once in my store,
and to my dismay, it contained all the contents straight from the FAQ I used
in GameFAQs. Only the walkthrough was included, but everything else like
author's notes etc. are wholly omitted. The magazine is a text file cut-copied
identically from the FAQ itself. Worse, the publisher of the magazine did not
include their name in that mag. Just photos of Chaos Legion all around. So,
please, if you see a certain walkthrough magazine with THOTD4 with the contents
of my FAQ, tell me. Though I won't mind pursuing them with lawsuits maybe named
or unnamed vermin they are, their souls are burning somewhere in time.

Manila, Philippines

    DEDICATED TO ROX GUINOO & MEL RICKS of Star Circle Quest fame.

Copyright © February 2008
All rights reserved.

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