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			     Batman Arkham Origins
				  BY: KOH13
			     Copyright 2013: KOH13
Table of Contents							[TOC]	

Version History					[VH]
0. Introduction					[000]
I. Disclaimer					[001]
II. Controls					[002]
III. Guide Walkthrough				[003]
 Theres no such thing as a BATMAN		[003a]
 My Night just got Worse			[003b]
 The Jamming Tower				[003c]
 Do You Know Where He Is?			[003d]
 Who Done It?					[003e]
 GCPD						[003f]
 The Sewers					[003g]
 Gotham Merchant Bank				[003h]
 Steel Mill					[003i]
 Party Crasher					[003j]
 HAHA The Jokes on You				[003k]
 EWW! The Morgue 				[003l]
 How to find Bane				[003m]
 Did Someone Call the Fire Department?		[003n]
 Saving A Friend				[003o]
 Return to Blackgate Prison			[003p]
IV. Most Wanted Criminals			[004]
 Enigma						[004a]
 Anarky						[004b]
 The Penguin					[004c]
 Deadshot					[004d]
 Mad Hatter					[004e]
 Bird						[004f]
 Blackgate Prisoners				[004g]
 Shiva						[004h]
 Black Mask					[004i]
V. Dark Knight System				[005]
 Shadow Vigilante 				[005a]
 Gotham Protector				[005b]
 Worst Nightmare				[005c]
 Worlds Greatest Detective			[005d]
VI. Achievements/Trophies			[006]
VII. My Opinion/Review				[007]
VIII. Special Thanks				[008]
IX. Contact					[009]

Version History								[VH]


- Guide is created and posted on GAMEFAQS

0. Introduction								[000]

Hello and welcome to my second guide for the BATMAN franchise, here I will 
help you guide you through every part of the game, hopefully it will be 
enough to keep you pleased and get through the game with no problems.

I. Disclaimer								[001]

This guide is written by KOH13. This may be not be reproduced under any 
circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any 
web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written 
permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any 
public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright

II. Controls								[002]

PS3 Controls;

[]: Attack
/\: Counter
O: Stun
X: Jump / Climb / Run[Hold X]
L1: Detective Vision
L2: Use gadget
L3: N/A
R1: Grapple
R2: Crouch
R3: Zoom In
Select: User Interface
Start: Pause Menu/Options
D-Pad: Select Gadgets

XBOX 360 Controls:

X: Attack
Y: Counter
B: Stun
A: Jump / Climb / Run[Hold A]
Left Bumper: Detective Vision
Left Trigger: Use Gadget
Right Bumper: Grapple
Right Trigger: Crouch
R Stick IN: Zoom In
Select: User Interface
Start: Pause Menu/Options
D-Pad: Select Gadgets

III. Guide Walkthrough							[003]

Hi again just wanted to let you know that my guide is not perfect and there 
are some flaws in it, so certain things mainly with enemy positions when in 
PREDATOR might be off as sometimes the enemy changes course.

Theres No Such Thing as a BATMAN				      [003a]

Start off watching a scene then you end up at BLACKFATE PRISON. Walk to the 
entrance keep going till you hear voices then COUNTER and then one more time, 
go through the doors and down the stairs and fight 4 guys and INTEROGATE the 
last one standing, head through the doors and see a DRONE, follow it and 
fight 3 guys, GRAPPLE up and through the door, keep moving and see a ARMOR 
guy, use your DETECTIVE VISION and then BATARANGS to slide under and fight 
4 guys, press the button and EGEL the floor and a CUTSENCE.

Open the VENT and follow it till you come out and fight 6 guys, go to last 
room on your right and use BATCLAW on VENT to open it, use EGEL on wall to 
takedown last guy, go through door then VENT and watch CUTSCENE. Jump through 
the glass and fight 2 guys + ARMOR, go through doors, GRAPPLE up till you 
reach a LADDER then and another LADDER for CUTSCENE.


ALWAYS A JUMPING SMASH, IT IS EASILY AVOIDABLE, always evade after the last 
hit as he will use a SMASH the ground, he will then grab a PROPANE TANK and 
2 people will drop down from a HELICOPTER, QUICK BATARANG KILLER CROC to 
explode the TANK, then repeat theses steps 3 times, the second and third 
BEATDOWN he will try to bite you so repeatedly press the ACTION BUTTON and 
on the last hits will trigger the CUTSCENE.  

My Night just got Worse						      [003b]

Go to the BAT COMPUTER and put in the MEMORY CARD and it will trigger a 
CUTSCENE, after the scene talk to ALFRED for some XP and do the first 2 
COMBAT EXCERISES to get some nice XP, use the BAT PLANE to FAST TRAVEL to 
the area where ALFRED has put in.

The Jamming Tower						       [003c]

Go through the door then use SMOKE PELLET and GRAPPLE up, get the first guy 
with INVERTED TAKEDOWN, glide to VENT then TAKEDOWN, go left and do a WALL 
TAKEDOWN and then hop over wall, GRAPPLE up for the last LEDGE TAKEDOWN, go 
up and DOOR and wait for CRIME SCENE, scan BODY, WALL above body, CONSOLE 
then PLAY scene to find CARD its in the VENT then HACK = UNFORTUNATE, talk 
to ENIGMA and then HACK = No FLY ZONE, use DOOR to right to exit to GOTHAM 

Do You Know Where He Is?					      [003d]

Go to the location where you fight about 7-9 guys, take the guy with gun 
first then easy time dealing with them, then INTEROGATE last guy, head to 
the TOWER to look for clues for THE PENGUIN, fight 6-8 guys, use your 
RCRANG to hit the POWER BOX then HACK = KEEP OUT, go to BIG BLIP on screen 
and SCAN it.

Head to the first location with 4-5 guys here then scan and get frequency, 
go to next location and 2 guys with guns and scan for frequency, now head 
to the TANKER, be on the far end of ship with a guy in the CROWS NEST, guy 
at very top is the first guy you TAKEDOWN, glide down to your right to the 
tank and then GRAPPLE up and go for second guy on container, get the third 
guy to your right when his partner turns around, get his partner and then guy 
on CATWALK, go the 2 guys across from you and get last 2 guys guarding the 
DOOR before you enter.

When you enter 2 guys with KNIVES are waiting so take them out, look behind 
you for HATCH which has ENIGMA FILE in it, go down and 2 ARMS + 4 guys are 
here, get the guys with guns first, go through the DOOR and jump across 
and jump again onto PIPES, go on and 5 guys below so take them out, use 
BATCLAW on SKID then jump onto and pull yourself to the other end, when at 
the end look left and up to BATCLAW to GRAPPLE up, keep following the path 
till you cant use the door, look right and time STEAM and make your way up, 
when you see a HATCH, BATCLAW it and make your way down and a CUTSCENE.

Just attack the ELECTRICUTIONER and he will be knocked out [WOW EASIEST BOSS 
FIGHT IN HISTORY], then about 15-20 guys come down and INTEROGATE the last one, 
head for the EXIT DOOR, and look for the next EXIT DOOR, drop and make your 
way to EGEL the wall but look left so you can CRAWL and get a ENIGMA FILE, 
then GRAPPLE all the way up and 2 guys waiting for you then open the DOOR, 1 
ARM + 2 guys around corner, GRAPPLE the wall up then VENT then DOOR, 1 ARM + 2 
guys, wait for ARM guy to come to you then SILENT TAKEDOWN, then get the 
DOUBLE TAKEDOWN then 10 guys appear after that. Go to the VENT but toss 
BATARANGS at ?MARKS to get another ENIGMA FILE, enter and HACK = CLANDSTINE, 
as you head back 2 ARMS + guy are waiting, head up elevator and COUNTER TRACEY 
and HACK = MAKE A DEAL, head back down and go to DOOR but ENFORCER + 3 guys, 
use SUPER STUN on ENFORCER and finish off the last 3, when you enter look left 
for EGEL for ENIGMA FILE then head through DOOR. Take the guy to your right 
quickly, go down the stairs for next guy, GRAPPLE up go across to next GARGOYLE 
and wait for guy to go into the corner and TAKEDOWN, GRAPPLE to the LEDGE and 
get the next guy, wait for the FIFTH guy to past the guy just standing and 
when he turns get him and get last guy no problem, head to the DOOR and 
CUTSCENE with 5 guys after that and another CUTSCENE.


He is just as easy as the ELECTRICUTIONER, all you have to do is pay 
attention to the COUNTER SYMBOLS and just pound away, when he takes to much 
damage he will drop SMOKE and you have COUNTER REPEATDLY, then 1/2 HP he 
GRAPPLES gas tanks at you so COUNTER them and just continue for win.

Use the RCCLAW to get to PENGUIN but cant, look left for another ANCHOR POINT 
to get a ENIGMA FILE, then head to exit and back track to beginning of ship. 
As you exit the TANKER you will get the ANARKY side mission.

Who Done It?							      [003e]

Head to the location and scan the BODY(x2), then GRAPPLE up and scan RAILING, 
play to find the BRIEFCASE which is just below you on the VENTS, head to 
next locations which is LACEY TOWERS but before you can get in 1 ARM + 2 
guys, DECODE then GRAPPLE across and do a DOUBLE TAKEDOWN and enter the DOOR. 
Head to the NW of the building to a room where you CRIME SCENE, scan HAND, 
WHEN REWOND, REWIND AND PHONE then you can leave, there is a guy waiting at 
the exit with a RIOT SHIELD, have to head to the BATCAVE for the CONCUSSION 
DETONATOR before you can enter the GCPD.

GCPD								       [003f]

Head to the roof of the GCPD, get the guy on the HELIPAD and then GRAPPLE 
left to get the SNIPER, then guy to the far left, next is the guy walking 
from the door, get the guy to your left below and get the guy near the stairs 
to the right leaving 1 guy left and enter the DOOR.

After you downstairs EGEL and wait guys to leave or fight and use the 
ELEVATOR to get to the floor, VENT to a TAKEDOWN, 3 guys in next room and 
look for VENT up top, here you can either fight 14 ARMS or just RCCLAW to 
other side, HACK = SERVE AND PROTECT, 4 guys then go to DOOR on the right, 
TAKEDOWN through glass and INTEROGATE info about DISRUPTOR, look up and left 
for switch then jump to other room for ENIGMA FILE up top, then 6 guys + 
ARMOR are in the room next, EGEL wall then DOOR and then SILENT TAKEDOWN but 
look behind in LOCKER for ENIGMA FILE, go to VENT there is a HACK = 

There are 8 ARMS here and no matter what when 1-2 guys go down they will all 
be alerted. Get the first guy below you then the guy to your left, GRAPPLE 
back up and wait for guy to come to the FIRE EXITINGUISHER, get the 4th guy 
across from you leaving 4 more, if they bunch up wait for the pairs to split 
up and get the guys going to the stairs and his partner, pick off the last 
two guys [If they don’t bunch up you should use RCCLAW TAKEDOWN if you have 
upgrade for it], HACK = PEACE OFFICER then enter DOOR. 

DOUBLE TAKEDOWN guys here then DOOR, try to HACK but JAMMED so go left with 1 
RIOT SHIELD + guy, HACK = GOTHAM PROTECTOR, drop down and 3 guys, 2 ARMS and 
ARMOR, push button then DOOR, GRAPPLE up and RCCLAW, use RCRANG to get it 
ELECTRIFIED and go through VENT and the POWER BOX is to the RIGHT on the wall, 
grab the DISRUPTOR and ENIGMA FILE, head back down and use DISRUPTOR on 
JAMMER then HACK = LOCKDOWN, fight about 10-14 guys, GRAPPLE up then head back 
to the beginning, DISRUPTOR the JAMMER then HACK = AUTHORIZE DONLAY then 

After scene you have choice of fleeing into VENT or fighting 10 ARMS [IF YOU 
guys + 2 ARMS [DISRUPTOR THEM] then HACK = LOCK AND LOAD then left door and 
little scene after which 3 ARMS [DISRUPT 2] and leave the GCPD.

The Sewers							      [003g]


Head to the sewers, just in case I will show you if cant find it, [NE OF 
THE WHITE COLOR BUILDINGS]. Before you go down look left for RCCLAW and for 
ENIGMA FILE, 8 guys with new enemy MARTIAL ARTISTS(x2), EGEL wall then 
slide then LEDGE TAKEDOWN and get guy here, GRAPPLE left and shimmy to other 
side, press the button and use BATCLAW on HATCH to move the steam away, 
RCCLAW across and HACK = PUMP ACCESS, now go to the gate where the guy is 
just standing there then enter the DOOR, look right for HATCH after entering 

Glide down and takeout the MARTIAL ARTIST first then the ARMOR and the 3 
guys after, head up and DISRUPTOR ARM guy, MARTIAL ARTIST, ENFORCER and 3 
guys, after look left to use the DATABASE and CUTSCENE. After coming up you 
will be greeted by RABBITS which prompts THE MAD HATTER mission, HACK = 

Gotham Merchant Bank						      [003h]

Head to the roof of the bank and EGEL the wall right of the door you cant 
open, DISRUPT JAMMER and HACK = OPEN SESAME, go to main door but cant open 
so left for VENT and EGEL floor to CUTSCENE.

Disable the JAMMER then glide and go left and drop on some cases and then 
get the JAMMER near the stairs, move up to middle for a DOUBLE TAKEDOWN then 
get the next guy closest to you which leaves 3 left, wait for the 3 guys to 
split up and INVERTED TAKEDOWN the straggling one then SMOKE PELLET for the 
last 2.

Steel Mill							      [003i]

Head to the very top of the MILL and get the guy below first then make your 
way to the SNIPER and get the guy below him too, come back to top and get 
guy on right side then back to top and get the lonely guy on the bottom left 
then make your way for the last 2 guys.

DISRUPT the WEAPON BOX and ARM guy here then fight them all till you finish, 
head left to the DOOR, head up and use BATCLAW on VENT then look left for a 
ENIGMA FILE then DISRUPT the 2 ARMS leave leaving 2 guys + ARMOR left, EGEL 
wall to right for another ENIGMA FILE then go to COMPUTER, head back down 
and HACK = CHEMICAL, entering go up a bit and look left for a EGEL for a 
ENIGMA FILE then enter next DOOR, 6 + ARMOR then ENFORCER + 8-10 guys, look 
above for RCCLAW then get a ENIGMA FILE, push the button on the STEEL PILLAR 
then use your BATCLAW to finish the job, enter ELEVATOR and scan BODY when 
going down, after that 4 guys + ARM then enter DOOR.

There are 8 guys so lets begin, glide to the guy JAMMING you, GRAPPLE up and 
take guy above you, then get guy below and left to make it 3 down, go back to 
where you started and get the guy to your left, then guy to your right, wait 
for the guy coming out before taking him down, get next guy in corner and guy 
guarding DOOR, after entering go to BLACK MASK and CUTSCENE. Scan the floor 
where BLACK MASK was then again and then REWIND to find where she came down, 
now exit the room and you are completely tripping balls, continue making your 
way till you see COPPERHEAD and attack but she disappears, continue till you 
fight her.


Just keep fighting till you get down to the real one, keep fighting till you 
get her down to 1/4 HP where she will disappear and DASH ATTACK you [WHEN 
YOU SEE BLUE LINE JUMP AWAY] then ANTIDOTE comes down and finish her off for 
CUTSCENE, after leaving the MILL you can do BLACK MASK side mission.

Party Crasher							      [003j]

Before you can enter the HOTEL you must fight 6 guys, RIOT SHIELD and ARMOR, 
head to DOOR, head to end where there are 2 guys which you can DOUBLE 
TAKEDOWN, then before you drop down DISRUPT the WEAPON BOX [if you can], 
then 10 guys, HACK = ROYAL HOTEL, use RC BATARANG to shut off the power then 
RCCLAW up and unlock the door, before you can use the ELEVATOR you need to 
restart the GENERATOR, don’t forget the ENIGMA FILE when you get out of the 

8 ARMED guys here, GRAPPLE up and get the guy to the left, then DISRUPT the 
JAMMER which is easy to find then get the guy on the top in the middle, 
GRAPPLE left and wait for guy to come up the stairs, patient part begins, 
wait for all 3 guys to intersect but TAKEDOWN guy that falls behind then get 
the guy ahead of him then the JAMMER, you can either use RCCLAW for rest or 
use SONIC BATARANG to lure 1 away then get them both after, enter the room 

GENERATOR to charge then GRAPPLE till your in the HOTEL, go left when you 
get up as right is inaccessible, charge GENERATOR then fight 6 guys then 
charge GENERATOR near here for ENIGMA FILE, after the DOOR is a VENT, jump 
across fast enough as you will die if you don’t, charge ELEVATOR till you can 
GRAPPLE up then fight 5-7 guys, talk to the EMPLOYEE, charge the GENERATOR 
then use RCCLAW across which automatically does a TAKEDOWN, DISRUPT the 
TURRET before charging GENERATOR, then 1 guys, ARMOR, MARTIAL ARTIST here then 
DOOR, GRAPPLE and shimmy your way to the controls, then GRAPPLE the HATCH 
then LEDGE TAKEDOWN, then left are 2 guys.

Go down the shaft and 4 and ARMOR, you then have 1:30 to save all the people 
here, keep QUICK BATARANGS till you can RCCLAW, EGEL the wall then HACK = 
KNOCK KNOCK, before you head up the LADDER, look up and behind you for HACK = 
SURPRISE for a ENIGMA FILE, after coming up use the RC BATARANG to throw out 
one eye and come back in the other eye to hit the POWER BOX, then GRAPPLE up, 
keep moving till its block which you go right and play another game, remember 
the order and pop the balloons (1,3,4,2) then (4,3,1,2) after that you can 
proceed, head over the fence and 6 guys, ENFORCER and MARTIAL ARTIST, GRAPPLE 
up and use CONTROLS to open the jack in the box, use the RCCLAW to get across, 
fly across and drop for HACK = WHY THE LONG FACE? then head back and enter 
the DOOR, SILENT TAKEDOWN the guy here, talk to EMPLOYEE and go through DOOR, 
go into the GRATE when you turn left/right look in middle for ENIGMA FILE, 
then TAKEDOWN the guy with the gun which leaves 6 guys and ENFORCER, enter the 
DOOR and GRAPPLE then look left for HOHO sign to GRAPPLE again, charge 
GENERATOR then HACK = HAPPY NEW YEAR which you have 20 seconds to jump out the 
WINDOW, which after you land on a HELICOPTER which drops you off where you 
fight 6-8 guys then 4, ARMOR and MARTIAL ARTIST.

Enter there are 8 ARMED guys, head to the opposite of you and TAKEDOWN all 3 
here, get guy to your left first then middle and finally last guy here, 
GRAPPLE back up and toss a SONIC BATARANG to the MINES [if you blow mines] and 
possibly get 2 but most likely 1, then pick off accordingly, HACK = SPLASHDOWN 
and enter the ELEVATOR for a CUTSCENE.


Dodge BANES attack then use ULTRA STUN to hurt him or attack him regularly 
[RECOMMEND ULTRA STUN FOR DAMAGE], keep hurting him till he takes off his 
coat, you now must use ULTRA STUN to damage him and use SPECIAL TAKEDOWN to 
hurt him even more, after 1 more of these BEATDOWNS and TAKEDOWNS he tosses 
you out the window.

After getting tossed out the window you have to avoid his CHARGE ATTACKS 
which are easy but annoying as the camera is messed up as it focuses on BANE, 
the CHARGE ATTACK are extremely fast, so being in the middle of battle will 
have a better chance of avoiding than backed in the corner, after he is done 
CHARGING he will use a SHOCKWAVE SLAM and then you can start hurting him, 
pretty much the same thing use ULTRA STUN so you can hurt him and SPECIAL 
TAKEDOWN, after he turns on the VENOM again he will begin CHARGING and 3 guys 
this till you him down about no health, pretty much you have to hold out for 
a FINAL PUNCH from BANE then a CUTSCENE, after the scene you try to save THE 
JOKER at which he tries to attack you to which you COUNTER which ends with a 

HAHA The Joke Is on You						      [003k]

Play as the JOKER and find out what he is feeling after not dying and his 
new lease on life.

When flying back to the BATCAVE you will experience what the JOKER did, keep 
going till you get the GLUE GRENADE and onto your next objective.

EWW! The Morgue 						      [003l]

Head back to the SEWER which you got out of when you went to access the 
NATIONAL CRIMINAL DATABASE but before you can enter there are a lot of 
people waiting there about 10-12 guys, 2 ARMED, 2 RIOT SHIELD. Make your way 
back to where you see some STEAM which you use the GLUE GRENADE, then use it 
on the WATER to make a RAFT, while pulling across look left for a ENIGMA 
FILE, then continue till you see more STEAM then HACK = DEADHOUSE and enter 
the MORGUE, scan the BODY the use COMPUTER to left and then leave and go to 
CONVENTRY to investigate.

How to find Bane						      [003m]

Follow all the waypoints till you end up at PARK ROW, before you head down 
take out all the SNIPERS here which there are 3 in a TRIANGLE position, 
then head down and fight 3-5 guys, enter the DOOR.

Enter and use the VENT, RC BATARANG then RCCLAW for ENIGMA FILE then 
ENFORCER and 4 guys, make a RAFT to continue, then 2 ENFORCERS, RIOT SHIELD 
and 3 guys come out of DOOR then enter, INSPECT the GURNEY, BRAIN SCAN and 
look above on ceiling for VENT in room with BRAIN SCAN for ENIGMA FILE, go 
left and CUTSCENE, after that make your way out which you will DECODE 
something from FIREFLY, continue till you reach the exit to the outside. 

Did Someone Call the Fire Department?				       [003n]

Head to the WAYPOINT till you get the CUTSCENE, then head down and fight 3 
guys, ARMOR, RIOT SHIELD and ARMED, then go into the DOOR. After talking to 
GORDON go HACK = COAST GUARD and when you climb up the ELEVATOR look right 
for a ENIGMA FILE, then keep going up till you have charge a GENERATOR and
 then use the GLUE GRENADE on the STEAM, when you have to jump across there 
is a ENIGMA FILE to your left behind bars, use a RC BATARANG and go left of 
the FILE to hit a SWITCH to get it, shimmy across and continue up till you 
reach the DOOR.

There are 8 ARMED guys here and all the GARGOYLES are booby trapped with 
MINES making them useless, go left and get the lonely guy here, GRAPPLE back 
up and get the other lonely guy here that was opposite of the 3 guys standing 
doing nothing, GRAPPLE behind you and wait for the JAMMER to come to you and 
get him, use your RCCLAW to get the 3 guys standing and pick off the remaining 
two guys, head to the FIRST BOMB which you need 3 passwords with a time 
limit of 21,19,17 [PYROMANIC, EXPLOSIVES, FLAMMABLE], head to the big DOORS, 
enter and use the ELEVATOR, charge the GENERATOR and 2 guys and STUN ROD 
behind wall, then untie BRANDEN and COUNTER him then up LADDER.

There are 4 ARMED guys, get the bottom guys first then make your way back for 
the 2 top guys, go to the DOOR with GLASS above it, use the CONTROLS to lower 
ENIGMA FILE behind the BOMB on some railing up top, go to the NW door and 
for EGEL but fall through the floor, go straight and GRAPPLE left and onto 
PIPES and then RCCLAW and GRAPPLE up twice then 3 SNIPERS, really simple on 
taking them out, head through the DOORS, DISRUPT all 3 WEAPON BOXES and 6 guys,
2 ARMOR, STUN ROD, ARM and RIOT SHIELD, use the button to turn off the power 
back to the bridge but stay on the left side to head back and EGEL the wall to 
make your way back.

When you come back to where the hostages were there are 5 ARMED guys, wait for 
the guy talking to come to you while hiding in the GRATES before you can 
TAKEDOWN, next you get the SNIPER and then guy up top, decide on how you want 
to get the last 2 guys, wait for the FIRE DOORS to open before you can enter, 
head right after entering to a DOOR for a ENIGMA FILE [CHARGE GENERATOR AND 
DOORS, make you way to the top and RIOT SHIELD, STUN ROD and 1 guy are up 
here, then keep fighting till a CUTSCENE appears.


Use your GLUE GRENADE to CONSTRICT him then use QUICK BATARANG to hurt him, 
keep doing this till he is STUNNED and can use you BATCLAW, avoid his long 
FIRE BLASTS and repeat this till he is down to 1/2 HP then CUTSCENE. GRAPPLE 
up then onto PIPES and GRAPPLE again, go right after coming up and JUMP 
across the gap then head left and SLIDE under the truck, now just repeat the 
same thing did in the first half of the fight where now you need to dodge 
his GRENADES, when he has about no HP he will shower you will GRENADES till 
you can BATCLAW, COUNTER him twice in the quick action scene and CUTSCENE.

Saving A Friend							      [003o]

Repair the BATCOMPUTER then look for ALFRED, SHOCK him back to life and 
continue your quest for capturing all the ASSASSINS.

Return to Blackgate Prison					      [003p]

GRAPPLE up to fence and DISRUPT both WEAPON BOXES and ARMED guy, drop down 
and fight 11 guys, after that go into the MANHOLE, EGEL the floor and fall 
all the way down so GRAPPLE up and RCCLAW across then RCCLAW again and go 
across and up and EGEL and glide across to turn off the power, use GLUE 
GRENADE for RAFT and make your way across to the other side, GRAPPLE up and 
head to left room, push button and then use RC BATARANG to make SHOCK and 
look left for POWER BOX, then GLUE GRENADE again to make RAFT and EGEL wall, 
use GLUE GRENADE on STEAM and make your way forward, make another RAFT and 
use GLUE GRENADE to stop STEAM, when you reach TURBINES, make sure you block 
out all 3 STEAM HOLES before GRAPPLING up, 3 guys after DOOR then charge 
GENERATOR to drop ELEVATOR and then to the DOOR.

There are 10 ARMED guys, get the guy outside your VENT, make your way to the 
end via GRATES and TAKEDOWN guy here, GRAPPLE up and get guy that drops to 
check on friend, come up and get the SNIPER and get someone if they planted a 
MINE, use RCCLAW on the next 3 guys and pick off the remaining guys, to the 
room with hostages and talk to HARLEY QUINN and head to the PANOPTICON room.

After the doors there are 4 guys and RIOT SHIELD, enter DOOR to the left and 
go up and then right and talk to DEATHSTROKE, then keep moving up till you 
have to go down and fight 20 guys and ENFORCER, go through DOOR and head right 
and another DOOR and 7 guys, 2 ARMOR, MARTIAL ARTIST and go through DOOR for 


He starts off with a SLAM SHOCKWAVE then starts CHARGING you so avoid him 
after he stops ULTRA STUN to BEATDOWN to SPECIAL TAKEDOWN, after that 4 guys 
drop down, he start with another SLAM and start CHARGING so wait till he is 
done ULTRA STUN but take out all the guys first before attacking BANE which 
with the second SPECIAL TAKEDOWN will have a CUTSCENE.

Now you have INFINITE SHOCK GLOVES with 2 ARMOR, STUN ROD and 8 guys dropping 
down as well, he repeats the same pattern as he usually does so take out all 
the guys before taking BANE head on, you need to SPECIAL TAKEDOWN 3 times to 
get the CUTSCENE, after the scene you need SHOCK BANE back to life and now 
the fight gets interesting.


All you have to do is get SILENT TAKEDOWNS on him which are the only thing 
that hurt him, when using the GRATES make sure your near the ELECTRIFIED DOORS 
to do extra damage, when you get him down to 1/2 HP a JAMMER will appear so 
take it out quickly, now he will be more alert when you are hiding in VENTS 
and GRATES, when he is almost finished will punch you through the WALL and 
CHARGE you RCCLAW quickly to finish him off.

GRAPPLE up and right for VENT then fall down and 2 RIOT SHIELDS, 2 MARTIAL 
ARTISTS and 4 guys, head to the end to face THE JOKER. Pretty much these are 
quick time scenes which all you have to do press the button when it appears 
on the screen, after that you finish the game.


So you can finish all the side missions, find all the ENIGMA FILES and do 
other stuff before you start NEW GAME +, pretty much finish all the side 
quests before playing NEW GAME + as it is easier.

IV. Most Wanted Criminals						[004]

Like in ARKHAM CITY they had side missions with various characters in the DC 
UNIVERSE, the same thing also happens in ARKHAM ORIGINS which them being the 
assassins hired to kill batman or other odd characters.

Enigma								      [004a]

To Get Started: Pretty much after leaving the BATCAVE in the beginning of 
the game you need to disable a JAMMING TOWER in the city which prompts 
ENIGMA to play his game of riddles.

You can do 4/6 TOWERS as you need SHOCK GLOVES and DISRUPTOR for the 
destroy all 10 NETWORK RELAYS in each district before you can go back to 
his HQ and finish the case.


Anarky								      [004b]

To Get Started: Right after finishing the mission in the TANKER with 
DEATHSTROKE and THE PENGUIN, a man will be up on the CROWS NEST talking 
about ANARKY.

1-2. Talk to the guy after coming out of THE PENGUINS tanker, reach the 
BOMB and takeout all the guys here to DISARM it

3-4. Talk to the guy, here you will have 3:45 to reach the BOMB, you should 
get there with about 2:00 left making it a lot of time to takeout 8 guys here

5-6. You have 2:40 to reach the next bomb, should make it there with 1:40, 
this is just enough time to take out the 10 guys here.

7. Head to the COURTHOUSE but head to the back entrance to enter, then you 
fight 6 guys at first then 6 more with ANARKY tossing PROPANES at you, then 
at last the ANARKY with 6 guys, toss BATARANGS or jump behind him to get rid 
of his STUN ROD, then take out his men then pretty much over as you hit him 
he will surrender.

The Penguin							      [004c]

To Get Started: Right after finishing the GCPD mission, BARBRA will contact 
will telling you to disable weapon caches THE PENGUIN has over the city.


1. 4 guys which is pretty simple
2. 4 guys and a riot shield
3. 3 guys and a riot shield
4. 3 ARMED, you can either try and stealth this or just fight them head on
5. In the container on THE PENGUIN tanker
6. 7 guys then EGEL the wall

Deadshot							      [004d]

To Get Started: After coming out of the STEEL MILL you will get a mission 
from ALFRED telling you of a S.0.S., head there so start this.

1. After the scene drop down to the crash site and look for a BODY, go back 
onto the roof and scan the RAILING, then REWIND to find the TAIL, then glide 
to the building NE of you for another BODY, then follow ORIGIN of bullet and 
then scan BULLET then DECODE it, head to the BANK and to the roof to enter.

2. So there are 5 guys + DEADSHOT and 3 parts to him and here is what I did; 
go left and get your FIRST guy, then off the ledge and get the SECOND guy in 
the middle, depending on who DEADSHOT points at go after the THIRD guy then 
get the FORTH guy opposite of you then GRAPPLE up and get the FIFTH guy, now 
SILENT TAKEDOWN him and GROUND TAKEDOWN to get him up faster, use BEATDOWN to 
get him down to 1/2 HP.

After the other 5 guys come in is where it gets tricky [I PERSONALLY CANT 
this part is use the RCCLAW to pick off 2-3 guys then try and get other 2-3, 
after that SILENT TAKEDOWN him and onto the last part.

Here is the hardest part of the mission as well as the most patient part of 
the game, DEADSHOT will hide behind the HOSTAGE and 3 more guys will come 
in, they will be completely terrified as they will try around constantly, 
you will have to get the single one out as they will bunch together most of 
the time also timing is important as I said they turn around constantly, 
after dealing with them, go to DEADSHOT wait for him to point his LASER away 
and make your way for the last SILENT TAKEDOWN.

Mad Hatter							      [004e]

To Get Started: After coming out of the sewers from the GCPD mission you 
will be greeted by rabbits which will prompt this mission.

1. Before you can enter the building you have to fight about 3-5 guys outside, 
when you enter BATCLAW the VENT then enter, make your way to the end of the 
VENT for a ENIGMA FILE, then exit to right where you can see THE HATTER, you 
fight about 6-8 guys then talk THE HATTER and enter WONDERLAND.

Make your way through, careful of the electric floor, when you make it to the 
end wait for the electric floor disappear then QUICK BATARANG the GREEN 
LANTERNS to let down the bridge, go across and some more electric floors then 
jump and shimmy to other side till you can drop then climb and enter door, 
while looking through the KEYHOLE look for the RABBIT in the MIRROR and go 
into the door he goes into to advance to next part, there is a MIRROR which 
people come out of, move all the way back for them to out as they can go back 
into the MIRROR if you hit them into it, keep fighting till the MIRROR 
shatters and a door appears, more electric floors and when you reach end use 
EGEL on wall to get through, get on the LILYPAD and BATCLAW across to other 
side to the door, jump up and shimmy across then crouch under and get on 
ZIPLINE and after reaching end RUN LIKE HELL as the floor disappears one by 
one and enter door, RCCLAW and look left for a GRANDFATHER CLOCK to break, 
use the RCCLAW to reach door, time your jump then walk across again timing 
your jump then make your way to the door, go right and as you as going down 
look up and left for a GRAPPLE, go onto the pipes and go left to the door to 
reach THE HATTER, use the REVERSE BATARANG to hit him and finish.

Bird								      [004f]

To Get Started: After getting out of the MORGUE you will get this.

1. Head to objective and fight 4-5 guys in each group

2. Head to objective and fight about 20-26 guys

3. Scan the CAGE which will lead you to BIRD

4. Head to Little Alibi and then make your way to the middle of the club and 
prepare to fight, 2 ENFORCERS, 2 ARMED, 2 guys and BIRD, just fight them 
like any other person as BIRD is just a regular person

Blackgate Prisoners						      [004g]

To Get Started: After completing all 9 CASEFILES, Captain Gordon will contact 
you to ask you for help to recapture 20 inmates. Just follow the people on 
the map, I will show you how many people are at each inmate [DO NOT GROUND 

1. 6 guys and ARMED
2. 7 guys and ARMED
3. 3 guys, ARMED and ARMOR
5. 4 guys and ARMED
6. 2 guys
7. 5 guys, ARMED and RIOT SHIELD
8. 6 guys, ARMED and RIOT SHIELD
9. 3 guys, SNIPER and 2 RIOT SHIELDS
10. 6 guys and ARMOR
11. 1 guy, 3 RIOT SHIELDS, ARMOR
12. 5 guys, 2 ARMED and ARMOR
13. 7 guys, RIOT SHIELD, ARMED
14. 7 guys and ARMOR
16. 3 guys, ARMED, ARMOR
17. 4 guys and ARMED
18. 4 guys and RIOT SHIELD
19. 5 guys and RIOT SHIELD
20. 4 guys and ARMED

Shiva								      [004h]

To Get Started: After the BANK with meeting the JOKER for the first time, 
you will hear a BABY crying when you leave, so head towards it to start it.

1. Go to the building and enter, when you see the guy go left look for a 
BROKEN FENCE, destroy the POWER BOX and 3 NINJA appear do the counter all 
and defeat them, RCCLAW to other side and do the same thing and 3 NINJA 
appear to do the same thing, come back and use BATARANG to get down OFFICER 

2. Follow the blood trail till you reach the body then examine and SHIVA 
will attack you with you countering [FAST WAY WITHOUT FOLLOWING IS 20-25M 

3. Before you can enter there are some guys outside, takeout the SNIPER then 
there are 3 guys + 2 RIOT SHIELD guys before entering building. 

While fighting SHIVA she has 5 NIJNJAS with her which is kind of a problem 
as the swords are fast and annoying breaking your combo easy but if you can 
do the BLADE TAKEDOWN should have no problem [TAKEOUT OUT NINJAS BEFORE 
TAKING ON SHIVA], when you get SHIVA down to 1/2 HP she will send 3 MARTIAL 
ARTISTS as well as using only a sword, takeout MARTIAL ARTISTS as they will 
be a hindrance during the fight as SHIVA is extremely fast with the sword, 
when you take out all her HP she will keep fighting you, now I have heard 
people doing a BLADE TAKEDOWN to finish as well as just holding out till it 
cuts a scene to finish this mission.

Black Mask							      [004i]

To Get Started: Right after you get out of the STEEL MILL you can start 
finding his DURG STASHES.


1. 10-12 guys then HACK = THE SOCIETY
2. 2 guys and look in the corner
3. 2 by generator [NEED SHOCK GLOVES FOR THIS]
4. 1 ARM + 3 guys, on the side of the bridge
5. 2 guys + 2 ARMS
6. 4 guys + ARM in the alley

7. Head to the CHURCH and GRAPPLE up right away then move up and take the 2 
guys to the right and get the guy coming left between the two then RCCLAW 3 
and get last one, HACK = DEAD PARENTS but go to VENT for ENIGMA FILE, after 
that you fight 6 guys, 2 MARTIAL ARTISTS, ARMOR and BLACK MASK.

V. Dark Knight System						       [005]

This is a brand new idea in the game here, you are given a total of 15 tasks 
in 4 categories, by completing these tasks you will unlock XP as well some 
new gadgets. This is a great way to explore the city as well as test you how 
good you are as a CAPE CRUSADER.

Shadow Vigilante 						      [005a]

This tests you how well you are at fighting, showing how high a combo you 
can build up as well as how many different moves can you use while fighting.

1. Perform 5 counters
2. Quickfire BATARANGS 3 times in combat
3. Get an x8 combo
4. Perform 3 Special Takedowns
5. Complete a fight without leaving Focus Mode
6. Get a variation bonus of 3 in 1 fight
7. Knockdown 3 enemies with Explosive Gel
8. Knockdown 2 enemies with 1 slide
9. Counter in the middle of a beatdown
10. Get an GRADE [A] in a fight with HIGH or higher threat level
11. Use power gadgets 3 times in 1 fight
12. Get 20 criticals in 1 combo
13. Get a x30 multiplier with 7 variations in 1 fight
14. Take out 3 or more enemies with Multi-Ground Takedown 
15. Get a x50 combo with 15 variations in a MEDIUM or higher threat level 
without being hit

Gotham Protector						      [005b]

This tests you how well you can get around city without fast travelling 
everywhere, this one is basically gliding around the city.

1. Perform a 75M straight glide [NO GRAPNEL ACCLERATOR]
2. Perform a 25M vertical dive
3. Do the Basic AR Drills
4. Perform 1 Grapnel Accelerator Takedown 
5. Stop a crime in progress
6. Use a smoke pellet to perform a Takedown
7. Perform a 250M straight glide [GRAPNEL ACCLERATOR ALLOWED]
8. Reach the top of the SODER-COLA building
9. Perform a 150M straight glide [NO GRAPNEL ACCLERATOR]
10. Complete Intermediate AR Drills
11. Knockdown 3 enemies with SHOCKWAVE DETONATOR
12. Perform a 50M vertical dive
13. Complete Advanced AR Drills
14. Perform a 25M glide with a height of 5M off the ground
15. Stop a crime in all 9 districts

Worst Nightmare							      [005c]

This tests you how well you are at stealth by taking enemies quietly and 
quickly before they notice what is going on.

1. Perform a Inverted, Vent, Wall Takedown
2. Perform 3 Silent Takedowns in 1 Predator Encounter
3. Finish a Predator Encounter without being seen
4. Use a Sonic Batarang to lure an enemy into a takedown
5. Finish a Predator Encounter without detective vision
6. Perform 4 Exotic Takedowns [Vent, Egel, Corner and Ledge]
7. Finish a Predator Encounter without doing takedowns
8. Finish a Predator Encounter without Detective Vision and without being 
9. Perform 4 Loud Takedowns [Grate, Inverted, Knock-Out, and Ledge]
10. Predator Encounter with threat level of HIGH or higher without being seen
11. Takedown with a Sonic Shock Batarang
12. Predator Encounter with HIGH or higher threat level with 5 different 
13. Takedown 3 enemies within 1 smoke pellet
14. Takedown 3 enemies with a Propane Tank
15. Pull 2 enemies over the railing at the same time using advanced gadget 

Worlds Greatest Detective					      [005d]

Pretty straight forward explanation for this one, all you have to do is 
complete side missions as well collection ENIGMA items as well as scanning 
ANARKY symbols across GOTHAM CITY.

1. 10% of database is complete
2. 14% of database is complete
3. 18% of database is complete
4. 22% of database is complete
5. 26% of database is complete
6. 30% of database is complete
7. 34% of database is complete
8. 38% of database is complete
9. 42% of database is complete
10. 46% of database is complete
11. 50% of database is complete
12. 54% of database is complete
13. 58% of database is complete
14. 62% of database is complete
15. 66% of database is complete

VI. Achievements/Trophies						[006]

There are a total of 51 trophies/achievements in the game;
39 Bronze, 9 Silver, 2 Gold and 1 Platinum

Air Marathon [Bronze]: Glide 26 miles total	
How to Get: Over time you will get this, all you have to do is glide around

Anyone see that? [Bronze]: Complete a predator encounter without ever being 
How to Get: This can be done in any encounter meaning there has to be at 
least 2 guys minimum to achieve this [I HAVE A PART IN MY GUIDE IN WHICH YOU 

Around the World [Bronze]: Use the Batwing to travel to all Fast Travel 
How to Get: After you take out all the jamming towers just travel to each of 
them to get this

Arsenal, Awesome [Bronze]: Fully upgrade a weapon in multiplayer	
How to Get: I’m not sure what the max level is in multiplayer but as the 
trophy says just max it out 

City of Assassins [SECRET/Bronze]: Identify Black Mask's assassins	
How to Get: After going to the BATCAVE in beginning of the game is when 
you get this

Clean Streets [Silver]: Complete all the Most Wanted Missions
How to Get: Complete all 9 Most Wanted missions [THE LONGEST IS ALWAYS 

Clutch [Bronze]: Kill a Hero to bring back your entire gang when at 0 
reinforcements on a full multiplayer server	
How to Get:

Counter-intelligence [Bronze]: Decipher one Extortion File	
How to Get: After collecting a set of 10 files decipher it to get this

Crime Fighter [Bronze]: Stop 20 Crime in Progress	
How to Get: While travelling around the city stop a help a citizen or 
prevent some sort of theft

Crime Scene Investigator [Bronze]: Complete all Casefiles
How to Get: Complete all 20 files

Enigma Unravelled [Bronze]: Collect all Enigma items	
How to Get: Collect all the Enigma Items

Everyone wears masks [SECRET/Bronze]: Find the Black Mask
How to Get: After completing the GOTHAM MERCHANT BANK and finding out that 

Fallen Knight [Bronze]: Reach max level with the Bane faction in multiplayer
How to Get: Reach level 30

First Riddler Trophy [Silver]: Collect every collectible	
How to Get: After collecting all 200 FILES can you return to his HQ and HACK 
which you EGEL wall at end for TROPHY and 100K XP [THESE ARE USED IN ASYLUM 

Flawless Display [Bronze]: Successfully battle Shiva without taking any damage	
How to Get: Probably annoying as hell when fighting everyone else, if you can 
just counter her all the time you shouldn’t have a problem [NOT SURE IF YOU 

Free Flow Fifty [Bronze]: Reach x50 Combo	
How to Get: Just beatdown about 6-8 guys to get this

Give Them Something to Believe [Silver]: Complete New Game Plus	
How to Get: Beat New Game Plus

Gotham All-Star [Bronze]: Reach max overall level in multiplayer
How to Get: Reach level 30

Gotham Protector [Bronze]: Master the Gotham Protector Dark Knight track
How to Get: Complete all 15 tasks in the Gotham Protector section

I Am The Night [Gold]: Finish I Am The Night Mode	
How to Get: Beat I Am The Night Mode

I Like Those Odds [Bronze]: As a Hero, defeat 4 Elites within 40 seconds 
without using melee in multiplayer	
How to Get: You need to silent takedown them probably hard as you need to get

I've Got This [Bronze]: Acquire all upgrades	
How to Get: Get all 21 Melee, 21 Gadget, 15 Auxiliary upgrades

Killing Joke [Bronze]: Reach max level with the Joker faction in multiplayer
How to Get: Reach level 30

Know Thy Enemy [Bronze]: Defeat each of the enemy players at least once in a 
multiplayer match	
How to Get: Kill all 3 opposing players at least once [NOT SURE ABOUT HERO 

Legend [Bronze]: Earn a level of prestige in multiplayer	
How to Get: Reach level 30 overall

Legend of the Dark Knight [Silver]: Complete all Dark Knight challenges	
How to Get: Complete all 15 Dark Knight tasks in this section

Medalist [Silver]: Obtain all medals on the original Ranked Maps in Challenge
mode (as Batman)	
How to Get: 

Nobody that matters [SECRET/BRONZE]: Who is the Joker?	
How to Get: After examining the CRIME SCENE in LACEY TOWERS  

Not An Ordinary Criminal [Bronze]: As an Elite, earn 4000 XP in a single 
multiplayer match	
How to Get: Get 4000 XP in a multiplayer match

Olympian [Silver]: Obtain all medals on the original Campaign maps in 
Challenge mode (as Batman)	
How to Get:

One down, several to go [Bronze]: Complete a Most Wanted entry	
How to Get: Complete any of the 9 Most Wanted entries

One eye open [SECRET/Bronze]:	Defeat Deathstroke	
How to Get: After beating DEATHSTROKE in PENGUINS tanker

One of Each [Bronze]: Use every Freeflow Focus gadget in one combo
How to Get: 

One Rule [SECRET/SILVER]: Save a life	
How to Get: Get this after saving THE JOKER in the cutscene

Perfectionist [Silver]: Obtain all the medals on Custom maps in Challenge mode
How to Get:

Perhaps sooner, Perhaps later [SECRET/GOLD]: Defeat the Joker	
How to Get: At the end of the game you get this

Personal Trainer [Bronze]: Obtain all the medals on Combat Training maps
How to Get:

Platinum [Platinum]: Congratulations!	
How to Get: Obtain all 50 trophies before getting this

Point Counter-Point [Bronze]: Complete Deathstroke without failing a single 
How to Get: Make sure you aren’t barraging him where you cant see the counter 
symbol, overall a easy feat to do

Point to Point [Bronze]: Glide across Bridge without touching ground	
How to Get: From end to end of the GOTHAM PIONEERS BRIDGE, you can grapple 
accelerator across but if land at any point or touch anything you have to 

Predator Paragon [Bronze]: Take down 6 different Elites in a match, using 6 
different methods as Batman or Robin in multiplayer	
How to Get: Use 6 different ways to takedown enemies

Shadow Vigilante [Bronze]: Master the Shadow Vigilante Dark Knight track
How to Get: Complete all 15 tasks in the Shadow Vigilante section

Shut Down [Bronze]: Shut down an entire Tower Network	
How to Get: After you shutdown your first Tower

Silent Knight [Bronze] Complete a predator encounter using only silent 
How to Get: Like the trophy says just only use silent takedowns [CAN BE 

Tales of Gotham [Bronze]: Win a round of each map with each faction in 
How to Get: So you have to win in 4 maps with both factions making it a total 
of 8 wins

Thanks, old friend [Bronze]: Hear everything Alfred has to say	
How to Get: Just talk to ALFRED every time you come back to the BATCAVE and 
get some XP while doing so 

The Innocent and the Predatory [Silver]: Capture all of Black Mask's Assassins	

Voice of the People [Bronze]: Scan 20 Anarky Tags	
How to Get: Scattered across the city find the A symbol and scan it

What hit me? [Bronze]: Take down 100 enemies who didn't know you were there	
How to Get: This falls under the silent takedown category 

World's Greatest Detective [Bronze]: Master the World's Greatest Detective 
Dark Knight track
How to Get: Complete all 15 tasks in the World’s Greatest Detective section

Worst Nightmare [Bronze]: Master the Worst Nightmare Dark Knight track	
How to Get: Complete all 15 tasks in the Worst Nightmare section

VII. My Opinion/Review							[007]

I really do like the franchise of the BATMAN series but not only is this 
game visually stunning as well as a great story and even better voice actors 
giving great recognition to TROY BAKER which is awesome as THE JOKER taking 
over MARK HAMILL’S job and ROGER CRAIG SMITH as young version of BATMAN 
taking over KEVIN CONROY who has been BATMAN for a really long time, putting 
that aside lets get down to business.

There are a lot of flaws in the game but what game doesn’t have any flaws, 
some missions get glitched out or cant find a location as it disappeared on 
the map, the fighting is still pretty awesome but falls short of ARKHAM CITY 
which was way better as sometimes the controls don’t respond to what you 
want, in the end this is still a good game but not something you can compare 

In closing if you have played all the other BATMAN games I still recommend 
picking it up as it is still a great game, if you are new and haven’t played 
ASYLUM or CITY I recommend picking that up so you can enjoy them.

VIII. Special Thanks							[008]

I would like to thank some people but cant as I did this guide by myself. 
If you want to help me please do and you will be credited in my guide.

IX. Contact								[009]

If you got any tips or information that is useful for the FAQ, please email 
me @ [email protected], you get credited for sharing this info 
with me but make sure you check the FAQ before emailing me, it might be 
covered in the FAQ.


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