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BY DreadedZer0/DreadZer0

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Mission 1: Old Secrets

Ace time: 10:30

Recommended (Only) Aircraft:
Spitfire I

You have to fly a Spitfire I for this mission, so deal with it. Watch the 
cutscene. When the cutscene ends, take off from the runway by moving the Right
Stick forwards to throttle up, and the Left Stick back to pull up. When you are
in the air enough so that "RETRACTING LANDING GEAR" is displayed, let the plane 
return to normal speed by releasing the throttle. Turn the plane by moving the 
left stick horizontally and accelerate up and brake by pulling back on the right
stick. (I'm not going to go over the controls again.) When the tower says 
"Everything seems to check out” it’s time to do some stunts. Your plane at this 
point in the game is not very maneuverable, so don't try anything too hard, 
stunts wise. Hit Y to punch up the mini-map and plot your own route. You just 
need to hit all 10. Speed is the deciding factor in after-mission score, not 
stunts. However, go slow under the bridges. That's what gets most people. 
After getting the 10 stunts, another cutscene appears. Start holding down the 
right trigger as soon as the cutscene starts. You will be thrown back into WWII,
with two Bf 110s heading in your direction! Shoot them. Use the L trigger to 
keep an eye on them. Shoot them, and any other German planes around. Don’t worry
about the Stuka that's around 9000m out of your way, it'll go down soon enough. 
Another wave of German planes will come at you. These are more dangerous than 
the 110s, but still easy prey. Shoot them down as well. Use your wingmen to help
by pressing up on the D-Pad. The wingmen will go after your current target, so 
as soon as you press up twice, switch target by pressing the A button. Take all 
the Germans out, grab any stunts you want to do, then land on the runway 
(marked with a star) by clicking both sticks when you are near the runway 
and lowering your speed to minimum, and that's it. Job done.

Planes Unlocked: Hurricane II 
Hurricane I

Mission 2: Special Delivery

Ace Time: 13:30

Recommended Aircraft:
Game suggests: Hurricane II
I suggest: Spitfire I

Upgrades Recommended: Gyro Gunsight, Alloy Recoil Spring 

Don't forget to press X instead of A when buying upgrades.

A simple mission, this: follow Thatcher, land spy on plane, smash anything 
German for about 9 mins. Easy! Ignore the banter between yourself and Marguerite
and follow Thatcher. When you hear a train whistle, start looking out for the 
train's smoke. It shouldn't be that hard to miss. Lock on to the train with LB 
and get behind the train, minimum throttle. You have 4:20 to land Marguerite on 
the train, so it shouldn't be that hard to do within the time limit. Hold
position on top of the train until the clock like icon fills completely. When 
it fills, then you can break off. The cutscene shows you supposedly making the 
fly-over to get Marguerite onto the train, but it doesn't seem right, especially
when you fly a biplane... Anyway, after that, prepare to start shooting. 
BIG TIME! You have 10 minutes to smash as much German hardware as possible. Use 
your cannons and your machine guns in unison on targets to destroy them quicker.
Send Teach out to help you get more points. If someone gets on your tail, press 
Left on the D-pad to activate Teach's ability, which is distracting enemies.
Getting 1100 prestige points from destroying units causes three German Aces to 
show up. They aren't that hard to destroy. Finish them, and keep destroying till
the 10 minutes are up. When the 10 mins are up, the mission auto-finishes. Don't
forget to grab the 3 stunts before the mission finishes, getting a bit more 

Planes Unlocked: Swordfish
SB2A Buccaneer

Weapons Unlocked: Bombs

Mission 3: Italian Night Out

Ace Time: 10:30

Recommended Aircraft:
Game Suggests: Swordfish
I suggest: Barracuda

Upgrades Recommended: Engine Armour, Armour Plating & 
Automated Weapon racks if you can afford them

Watch the cutscene, the take off from the carrier, and head towards the cruisers
marked. Pull gently back on the sick to climb gradually, so you are some 
distance above them when you get over them. Dive down, and hit LB when the bomb 
reticule is over the carriers to launch some bombs at the carriers. 2 should do 
it. Dont forget to send Teach out as well. He can bomb too. After the first 
cruiser is destroyed, you'll get informed that there are some ammo depots along 
the docks that should be destroyed. Do them later. For now, concentrate on the 
cruisers. Destroy the rest of the boats (1 bomb for destroyers and smaller, 
2 bombs for cruisers, 4 for battleships), then take on the ammo dumps. Three 
Bf 110s will show up. You will have to use your tailgunner to take them out. 
Align them so they are facing towards your behind. Milo will then unload a lot 
of ammunition very quickly towards their direction, when they are closer than 
1000m. Also keep high. It's very difficult to avoid buildings when you are 
looking backwards. After the ammo dumps are gone, and the fighters have been 
taken care of, land on the carrier to finish the mission.

Planes Unlocked: Spitfire V
F2A Buffalo

Mission 4: Shadow Of The Pyramids

Ace Time: 16:30

Recommended Aircraft:
Game Suggests: Spitfire V
I suggest: Whatever plane works well with you.

Upgrades Recommended: Aluminium Parts, High Calibre Bullets if you can, 
otherwise High Velocity Shells. Mission report training is also a very good 
purchase, as it lets you squeeze every last drop of prestige out of a mission.

Wait until Cowboy shows up, then fly towards the VERY large number of German 
planes. The Ju-88s and the Stukas should be taken care of first, as they provide
the most prestige. Don't forget to send your wingmen in attack, and use Cowboy's
special attack. When the 1800 points have been accumulated, Some Me-321s will 
show up at about 7000m away. Fly towards them. Don't bother to take them down, 
they are really heavily armoured, and thus, not worth going after. Take out all 
the parachutes that the Me-321s drop. Use Cowboy to help as often as possible. 
If the 110s are causing you grief, let Teach distract them. You have to take out
the fighters anyway in order to move onto the next bit: a boss battle with a 
zeppelin! It's not as tough to destroy as you'd think: Just destroy the turrets,
and then take out the air vents on the underside (note: be quick or else you'll 
have to take out about six fighters before they will re-open), and the just 
shoot it a bit more for it to go down in flames. Mission done.

Planes Unlocked: FW 190 D9
Me 109 E

Mission 5: Rendezvous

Ace Time: 15:00

Recommended (only) Aircraft:
Fw 190 D9 
(you can use other German planes you unlock later on,
it's just that this is the only Luftwaffe plane you have)

Upgrades Recommended: Mission Report Training if you haven't already bought it, 
Proximity Fuze. Superior Cooling Surfaces aren't really necessary in this 
mission, but they'll help later on.

Watch the cutscene showing Robinson interrogating a captured (and insane) German
pilot, and then Marguerite making her escape. This is a slightly difficult 
mission (took me 3 tries to do it first time). Fly down the Seine river, and 
listen to the conversation. When the objective appears, head towards the nearest
German plane. If a red eye appears above the radar, then the city will be 
alerted to your presence if you shoot, and you will have to hide in one of the 
areas they can't get to (the parts of the radar that aren't covered by circles).
Shoot down the planes, using missiles. MGs will alert the pilot, who alerts 
ground, who alerts city, who tries to kill you. No MG usage yet. Launch the 
missiles at your target when there is no red eye above the radar, and the target
is closer than 2000m. After you smash 3 planes, a conversation starts. Why 
Marguerite is speaking in English to a German, i'll never know. Another 4 planes
later, and another conversation sparks up. Once all 10 planes are destroyed, fly
towards the garrison. You have 1:20 to get there. And you can't fly between the 
streets. They are too narrow. Take out the Kubelwagens and the roadblocks, 
and keep an eye open for fighters. Taking out the roadblocks is simple: you 
climb up, and then dive down. Just remember to pull up before you go into the 
streets. Line yourself up with the champs-elysess and land on it. Park your 
plane next to Marguerite, and then take off. You have 3 minutes to escape Paris 
in one piece. Hit Y, and plan your route out using the southwest. Avoid any 
yellow circles. The city is now in permanent alert, and you gotta get out of 

Planes Unlocked: Pe-2
Ju 87 Stuka

Mission 6: Grand Theft

Ace Time:15:00

Recommended Aircraft: 
Game Suggests: Pe-2
I suggest: Beaufighter

Upgrades Recommended: Armour piercing bullets.

Fly forwards till the cutscene starts. I used the Beaufighter because I hate 
dive-bombing. After that finishes, take out all the Germans around the Airfield.
Armoured Cars are lethal, so go after them first. Then the AA batteries (not the
sort you put in the 360 controller), then everything else. Land on the Airfield
(where the Beaufighter goes a bit iffy due to it's size). Make the captured 
bomber (a Do-17, if my Granddad’s correct) take off within 43 seconds. Man the 
guns on the bomber to defend it while Teach flies it. Make your wingmen protect 
you. Keep the fighters away from the bomber (shoot whenever the fighters get 
closer than 1000m). After a while, you'll need to shoot down 15 barrage balloons
Use the front turret to do this. Bomb two bridges by using the the left stick to
move the sight, and RB to bomb. Repeat on the second bridge. Fly away.

Planes Unlocked: Typhoon
Me 110 C
J2M Raiden

Weapons Unlocked: Flash Blinder

Mission 7: Flashlight To A Gunfight

Ace Time: 12:00

Recommended (only) Aircraft:

Upgrades Recommended: Anything to do with manuverability.

Your plane is equipped with a Flash Blinder, a defensive weapon that means AI 
enemies stay locked on their current course for a while. After the banter 
between you and Milo, fly straight, and then activate the Flash Blinder (X) when
Milo is behind you. Fly straight and level, and let Milo get in front of you. He
will use the Flash Blinder on you. After that, you'll receive a message from 
Marguerite, you have to find Marguerite's submarine. Fly low, between the 
icebergs. You have 3:20 to find her sub. She is usually in the East corner of 
the icebergs, however this can change. Some Germans will show up. To kill them,
you must get them to follow you. Do a slow dive, and have your nose pointing at 
the icebergs. Flash the Germans, and they will go into the icebergs/water. Once 
you have taken out the first wave of fighters, your wingmen will show up. Send  
them all to attack, and use cowboy's special often. Once all the Germans are 
dead, the mission ends.

Planes Unlocked: IL-2
FW 190A
Me 110 E

Weapons Unlocked: Flak Gun

Mission 8: Target: Red Square

Ace Time: 16:00

Recommended (only) Aircraft:

Upgrades Recommended: Automated Weapon Racks

Side Note: It took me about 5 tries to get this mission done for this FAQ. 

You will be flying in formation. You only have one wingman in this mission, but 
thankfully Cowboy is your wingman. Fly in formation with the parade. When all 
the planes break formation, press A to find your first target. THE NEXT BIT IS 
find the target that is attacking you. Not much good unless you are being shot 
at, or are wanting your tail gunner to chip in. Pressing A will show you which 
targets need to be taken out for you to complete the mission. Remember this, and
this mission should be easy. Also remember that red square only has health for a
certain amount of time, so work as fast as you can. Set Cowboy on attack, and 
use his special ability to keep the Germans off Red Square. Remember that with 
no upgrades that the missiles can shoot for 2000m. If you aim the missiles where
it tells you to aim your guns, you should kill. Take out the Stukas that appear,
and don't get sidetracked by the 190's. Mash A when your target goes down to 
find another mission target. Take out the Ju-88B's and the Me-321's if you are 
fast enough, because all the parachutes dropped in this mission will be dropped 
by those planes. If you are too far away, send in Cowboy to take out the bombers
before they drop parachutes. Leave Cowboy to deal with the planes, and take out 
any remaining ground forces. Once the Katuyska rockets are ready to fire, hit X 
and the rockets will go towards the group of targets you selected (by targeting 
them). DO NOT go within the circles marked on your radar. The Germans will shoot
you down if you go anywhere near them. Once the German ground forces are 
anihnilated, there will be another load of German troops. Take them down with 
the Rocket batteries. Once the 2nd wave of German troops have been eliminated, 
then you will hear something about a Dora Gun.  The Armoured Cars and the AA 
Guns that the Katyuskas couldn't hit surround the Dora Gun. Take them out. The 
gun is surrounded by a metal cage (which has elephant sized holes, but rockets 
can’t get through...I don't understand why) that means you can only damage it 
when it is open. Unload your Rockets into the Dora Gun.DO NOT FLY INTO THE CAGE!
It does not register damage if you fly in the cage. 3-4 full rounds of 6 rockets
should stop the gun.

Planes Unlocked: DH Mosquito
B7A Grace

Weapons Unlocked: High Velocity Cannon

Mission 9: Flying Tigers

Ace Time: 18:30

Recommended Aircraft: De Haviland Mosquito
I Suggest: Either the Beaufighter or the FW 190A

Upgrades Recommended: Turbulator, Methanol Injection System, 
and High Calibre Bullets if you have spare prestige.

At least the map is marked with your route for this mission...

Fly over the mountains in your way, and get to the German base. Go in as high as
you can, regardless of what plane you are flying. Dive down, and unleash your 
weapons on the Germans below. It shouldn't take that long. Cowboy will land on 
the airfield, and you should land on the runway. Within 1 minute. Oh, and try 
not to land on Cowboy's Lancaster. Press Y to get in a J7W Shinden (why a 
Japanese plane is in a German base, I don't know) and to make Milo get in what 
appears to be a Me 163 Komet. Take off, and then you will be in a massive canyon
which you cannot go over the top of otherwise you will have a few seconds to 
duck back into the canyon (Anyone played Level 17 of the original 
Rogue Squadron? :D) before you get shot to pieces. Follow the canyon around, and
shoot anything that moves. Don't worry if Milo gets miles in front of you, just 
take it easy. Don't forget to slow down for the targets (any target will do). 
Once you have shot 30 of them, you can concentrate on the flying. And the 
ridiculous amount of stunts. At the end of the canyon, there will be Teach's 
plane, surrounded by German Forces. Shoot the transport boat in the river, as 
it will spawn more troops. Also the height limit has been removed now, so you 
can dive from as higher height you want. As soon as the last German is dead,
the mission ends after some brief banter.

Planes Unlocked: Me 163 Komet
J7W Shinden
Me 109 G

Weapons Unlocked: Stun Smoke

Mission 10: City Under Siege

Ace Time: 18:30

Recommended (only) aircraft: J7W Shinden. Note that you will only be flying the 
Shinden for 60 seconds. The rest of the mission is in Tempests.

Upgrades Recommended: Either a) Hypergolic Fuel & Torpex Explosive 
or b) Long Barrels and Mine Shells. Your choice.

You start by flying the J7W towards Rangoon Airfield. Land (if you haven't 
figured out how yet, it's a bad look out) before your fuel runs out. So long as 
you touch the runway it counts. I bounced off the runway, and it counts. Some 
Japanese planes will attack. Take off within 21 seconds, and destroy those 
planes within 2 minutes. Then your wingmen will be able to take off. Once your 
wingmen have taken off, send them all on attack. Cowboy will steamroller over 
any kamikazes which might try their luck. Keep destroying fighters, and send 
Cowboy onto the fleet of ships that is about 7000m from your position. Once most
of the fighters have been destroyed, finish off the ships. That will let the 
evacuation fleet escape. Destroy all the Japanese Vehicles by launching rockets,
and strafing the remainder with MG fire. Take out the Artillery and the 
objective is done. Destroy the first bridge, and then destroy all the vehicles 
attacking the British Commandoes, and then the second bridge will be destroyed 
by the Commandoes. Take out the tanks, and then fly to the Oil Refinery. Launch 
rockets at the refinery fuel tanks to set off a chain reaction that will destroy
the refinery. Now, it's back to taking out fighters; keep shooting them like you
did before. After a while, Robinson orders Milo and Cowboy to defend the harbour
You still have Teach to keep the Japanese of the escape train. Cowboy will then 
get shot down, and then land in the harbour. After that, shoot the tanks 
blocking off the railway. Then fly to the refinery which you destroyed and take
out the tanks there as well. Cowboy will radio in saying he's brought his plane 
down in the harbour, and is going to be taken prisoner. The mission ends after  
the conversation finishes.

Planes Unlocked: Tempest
B5N2 Kate
A6M Zero

Weapons Unlocked: Self-Guided Missiles

Mission 11: HellShip

Ace Time: 10:30

Recommended (only) aircraft: B5N2 Kate

Upgrades Recommended: Reinforced Defensive Mechanism, Radar Scrambling.

I don't know why you only get torpedoes in this one mission. It makes no sense.

After the Cut-scene, you will be flying at high altitude over a Japanese convoy.
Marguerite is tail gunning for you this mission. Fly towards the ships at full 
throttle, and when you are about 3000m above the convoy, Robinson will comment 
that they are stopped dead in the water. Dive down, and target a ship. Manuver 
yourself so that both of the lines on the right-angle on your screen are green, 
and the launch your torpedo. Unless you are really unlucky, the torpedo will hit
Aiming towards the bow of the ship will increase the chance of a hit. Take out 
the ships surrounding the HellShip. Use Teach to keep the fighters off you. Once
all the ships around the HellShip have been taken care of, you will have 
5 minutes to disable the 2 guns on the HellShip, and destroy the escape hatch 
using just your guns. Don't stray too far from the HellShip. After some shooting
of fighters, you will get a message from the USS Razorfish, informing that they 
have put a torpedo in the water towards your target. This is where HMGs get
annyoing. You have to shoot the Torpedo out of the water. After shooting the  
torpedo out of the water, the mission ends.

Planes Unlocked: Do-335
D3A1 Val
Spitfire IX

Mission 12: Point Defence

Ace Time: 18:30

Recommended (only) aircraft: Me 163 Komet + Self Guided Missiles 
(But as like mission 5, you can use any Jet aircraft you  
unlock later to re-do this mission)

Upgrades Recommended: Hypergolic Fuel, G-Force Training, High Capacity Batteries

Only launch Guided Missiles at targets closer than 3000m!

You will see a submarine to your left. Guess what you have do do. Yep, smash it.
After getting within 3000m of it in 1 minute. When you get there, use your 
Missiles (they don't track ground targets, sadly) and guns to sink it. It will 
launch V2 rockets at the city, so use a Missile on each rocket, and keep 
shooting the sub. When the sub gets to 3/4 health, it will submerge. Your 
wingmen will show up. Robinson sends them after each U-Boat, leaving you to deal
with the rockets. Remember to launch your missiles at 3000m or less. It will get
hectic, so launch one missile at each rocket you see. They will fly to what you 
are targeting. The best tactic is to fly in an oval pattern, attacking the V-2s 
at maximum range. Now you will have to take out more V-2 rockets, however this 
time at the Golden Gate Bridge! (Feel free to correct me, but wasn't the Golden
Gate Bridge built in the 60's?) Fire missiles at the rockets at maximum range, 
again. Just keep shooting, and everything will be fine. You will then have to 
shoot a U-Boat right by Alcatraz island. You know what to do. You have 2 1/2 
minutes to destroy it. Bombard it with missiles and MG fire, and he'll go down. 
Did I mention it will launch V-2s as well? When it is down to about 30% health,
it will submerge, and come back up again 10 seconds later. Finish him off. Now 
you will have to destroy some submarines that are underwater, within 3 minutes, 
by shooting the mines they pass close to. 8 mines should destroy each sub. After
both subs are destroyed, A Japanese carrier sub will start launching Kamikaze 
planes at the Golden Gate Bridge. Most of the planes will be flying over the 
city, so you will have to use machine guns, to keep the population not knowing 
what's going on (You'd think they'd notice the explosion of a plane going down 
with about 8,000lbs of high explosive on board, wouldn't you?). Close up to 
about 900m, which will be quite difficult, and blaze away. Keep firing your LMGs
as they will not overheat. You might get a few lucky kills this way. You will 
also have some M6A fighters trying to shoot you as well. Ignore them, and 
concentrate on the Kamikaze planes. Once "Checkpoint Reached" appears on screen,
you have defeated about 1/2 the kamikaze planes. After that, a humongous amount 
of Kamikaze planes will come after you. Dodge them, and keep your speed up. 
Slow down, and you are dead. Dive towards the carrier sub from a considerable 
height, and break off at the last minute, just like you did in that mission 
where you had no guns. The Kamikaze planes can't turn too well, and will end up 
crashing into the sub. Repeat quite a few times to get the sub destroyed. Once 
the carrier sub is destroyed, it's mission over.

Planes Unlocked: La-7
Me 110 G
Ki 43 Hayabusa

Mission 13: Top Of The World

Ace Time: 12:30

Recommended Plane: La-7
I Suggest: La-7, Due to the flak gun. J7W Shinden and Do-355 are also good ideas

Upgrades Recommended: Self Sealing Fuel Tank and any team upgrades.

You are high up in the Himalayas. After a few seconds, you will see a He-111. 
Fly straight on, and you will hit some turbulence. Steer against it, and carry 
on. After a bit of brief banter, you will see a lot of planes around your target
Clobbering time! Destroy all the planes, but leave the bomber intact; after all,
that's what you are here to steal. Send your wingmen in attack, and don't forget
to send Cowboy off, as your wingmen are unaffected by the wind. Destroy all the
planes guarding the bomber, and the bomber will continue. Follow it to get to 
the secret base. A squadron of Ki-43s will show up behind you. Leave the Germans
to your wingmen, and concentrate on the Japanese. Battle on through the wind, 
and keep following the Transport Plane. When Teach says it is about to land, 
get to the base. Take out any enemies you see on the runway. Marguerite and some
commandoes will sneak up on the base, and try to capture the transport plane. 
Some fighters will enter the vicinity. Shoot them down within 4 minutes. When 
the fighters are down, the bomber will take off. A few fighters will enter from 
the south. After Thatcher's wit about the bad news, engage the fighters. You 
will get a message from Marguerite saying she's about to be captured after all 
the fighters are destroyed... Then the mission ends.

Planes Unlocked: Me 262
N1K-J Shinden
He-162 Salamander

Mission 14: Marguerite's Express

Ace Time: 20:00

Recommended Plane: Me 262
I suggest: FW 190D9, Seafire, J7W Shinden

Upgrades Recommended: Extra Loading Space

After the cutscene which shows how Marguerite gets captured, and how Max helps 
her escape. Fly full throttle towards the Rendezvous point, as you only have 
1 1/2 minutes to get there. Then a Me 262 will strafe the German troops, and it
is being piloted by Max! It turns out that the train is packed with equipment 
from Von Kluge's Austrian base. Now Max is also your wingman. He has a rampage 
style special attack, like Cowboy’s. Do what you do best to the German ground 
forces...Shoot them! After shooting the ground forces, and buying Marguerite 
enough time to get the switch undone to get in the right direction, follow her, 
destroying anything in her way. They will put up roadblocks across the track 
(erm, I think a train can plow straight through anything that weak), and you 
have to shoot them. Put a missile right in the middle of the group to take them
all down in one. After shooting more Germans, the train will begin moving again,
and some fighters will show up. This is where a jet fighter will fall down. 
The planes are all prop based, and prop based planes have better manuverability
(though less speed) than jet aircraft. Anyway, shoot the planes down. Use teach
if you feel overwhelmed. Just like Red Square, the train's health is on a timer,
so work fast. After destroying the fighters, an armoured pursuit train will 
appear.  Do not shoot it, as it is invincible to your weapons. To defeat it,
you must keep Marguerite's train safe, and shoot a certain thing at a certain 
time. You need to shoot the train car that Marguerite detaches when the 
circle-clock thing gets about 1/2 way round, destroying the bridge, eliminating 
the train, but not finishing just yet. You must keep the train defended, and 
that means destroying even more Germans. Get to it. At each roadblock, you must
destroy the advancing Germans to keep the train moving. After clearing the train
some German Aces will appear, each in Me 262s (with stun smoke). You might want 
to destroy them. Send Max and Cowboy after them, and use Teach to keep them off 
you. Another roadblock, and more destroying should take place. Then the third 
and final roadblock will take place, and there is a lot more to destroy. Max and
Cowboy should be put to use here. Finish everything you can find. The mission 
will finish after some brief banter. 

Planes Unlocked: He-219
Me 109 K

Mission 15: Gladiators In The Dark

Ace Time: 16:30

Recommended Plane: He-219
I suggest: He-219. It's the best plane you have for this job.

Upgrades Recommended: Anything. Go mad. Buy as much as you can.

Milo is not in this mission, so don't get too damaged!

Stay away from the searchlights as you rush for the Vatican in 2 minutes. 
After getting there, you will find a lot of aircraft flying in straight lines. 
They must be destroyed. Line up behind them, and unleash the HVC on them. The 
HVC will go straight through all their planes, destroying an entire formation. 
You have 8 minutes to take out all the patrolling planes. Repeat several times 
on the other formations (oh, and send max to rampage), and use your stun smoke
to remove a lot more planes. Once the planes are down, a lot of ground units 
will show up. Only the Armoured Cars are to be destroyed. Everything else is to 
be left intact. It's easiest to destroy them once they are on the bridge, as the
houses won't get in the way so much. After that, some fighters will show up. 
Destroy them, using Max's special attack. Some more fighters will appear. Get
Max on them. And a Zeppelin will show up. The best tool for destroying that 
airship is the HVC. Use it like a H.Cannon on the airship's searchlights. 
After destroying the searchlights, they will open fire with Missile Turrets! 
Just hold down the LB to put more HVC ammo in their direction.
Planes Unlocked:Spitfire IX
Yak 15
Me 109 K

Weapons Unlocked: TV Guided Missile

Mission 16: The Eagle's Nest

Ace Time: 13:30

Recommended (only) plane: Do-355

Recommended Upgrades: Anything you don't have.

Why on earth they only put TV Guided missiles in this mission is beyond me.

After the intro, fire off your TV guided missile, and steer it like your plane 
into a radar station. Repeat for the other 3 radar stations, which will allow 
Milo to land his seaplane on the lake. Using Cowboy, Max and Teach, attack the 
Fortress. Take out the Radio antenna as well for a secondary objective. You need
to score 2800 points worth of enemy kills within 5 minutes in order to complete 
the distraction. Send Cowboy and Max to attack, and use your TV Guided Missiles
at range. I would seriously consider backing up a bit so you don't crash your 
plane into the ground, which it is very easy to do when you are flying the 
missile. And you can get killed by your own missiles. So destroy and smash to 
get the points required. The hardened AA positions take 1 1/4 missile hits to be
destroyed. Use your guns if you get too close. When the diversion is complete, 
you need to clear a route from Marguerite's current position to the lake. 
He-162s (jet fighters) will close in, so set your wingmen on defensive, and use 
your TV guided missiles (they are that easy to use), and destroy anything in her
path. Take out some fighters as well. When she gets to the lake, A humongous 
aerial dreadnought will show up, and land on Milo's plane. Max will try to 
destroy it, but gets hit by the Tesla system, and crashes into the lake. 
You must destroy 2 of the Dreadnought's engines to force it to land. Watch 
where you make your missiles go. If the missile hits the body of the plane, all 
the engines will be damaged. If you make your missile hit the wing of the plane,
only the engines on that side will be damaged. Easier said than done. 
I find it easiest to launch 3 missiles at range, and then close in with guns. 
Once the plane is downed, then you must keep the Germans off the downed 
dreadnought for 2 minutes. Concentrate on the boats. They are a greater threat 
than the planes. When the 2 minutes are up, you must then clear out all the 
Do-355s that have arrived. Once they are destroyed, the mission ends.  

Planes Unlocked: Gotha Go 229
DH Vampire I

Weapons Unlocked: Tesla Coil

Mission 17: Rain Of Death

Ace Time: 23:00

Recommended Plane: Gotha Go 229
I suggest: Meteor, DH Vampire I (with self-guided missiles)

Recommended Upgrades: Anything.

For the penultimate mission, this is actually very simple in essence...

After the cutscene which shows Von Kluge's troops shooting Max, shoot anything 
that floats in order to clear Marguerite a way onto the shore. Don't forget to
use Teach to get the planes off Marguerite. After Marguerite goes ashore, 
destroy all the enemies that are in her way, as she makes her way to the 
entrance of the tunnels. Don't forget to send Cowboy to destroy any planes that
may try to dive-bomb Marguerite. When Marguerite makes it to the tunnels, 
she will want you to seal her in, to prevent any more Germans following her in.
Your wingmen will do this for you. Once Marguerite and her Commandoes are inside
you should think about getting some more missile ammo. You will need this as 
soon as you can. Why? Because Von Kluge will start firing V-2 missiles, and you 
have to shoot them down. Same principle as the Point Defence mission: Fire when 
the distance is less than 3000m. However, you have your wingmen to help you this
time as they are not attacking submarines. Send Cowboy after the missiles, and 
take care of as many as you can while dodging fighter cover. Taking down some 
searchlights may not be a bad idea also. After taking down a lot of missiles, 
they will stop launching. That was only the first wave. Von Kluge will try to do
the main launch. The fighters will cut and run, and a bunker will appear as a 
target. Save your rockets, as it's not the right bunker. Marguerite will open up
a silo, full of stuff you have to blow up. Put a missile in it within 
1 1/2 minutes. After a cutscene, and some banter the mission ends.

Planes Unlocked: DH Vampire I
Yak 15
N1K-J Shinden

Mission 18: Harvester Of Storms

Ace Time: 18:00

Recommended Plane: DH Vampire I
I Suggest: J7W Shinden (for the tunnels)

Recommended Upgrades: Anything.

Anyone else notice how the map for this mission is exactly the same as the map
for the first mission?

Escort the Lancasters forward, and don't worry about shooting anything. The 
bombers will flatten everything up to the first tesla generator. Once the 
cutscene starts, climb as high as you can, at least until the height indicator 
goes white. The tesla generator will destroy all the lancasters, leaving you and
your wingmen. Dive back down, and take out the meagre defences at the base of 
the generator, to allow Marguerite to let you take out the generator. Also note 
that once you go in the tunnels, you cannot be hit by the tesla charge. Wait for
Marguerite to blow the tunnel entrance, and enter at minimum speed. 
Destroy the generator with a missile, and dodge the protrusion. Fly out into 
some planes. Launch missiles at them for easy kills. (these tunnels remind me of
the second death star attack, right at the end of Return Of The Jedi) 
The entrance to the 2nd generator is a bit harder to find. It is above the 
generator. The tunnel is also slightly more complex too, as you have to make a 
left turn in order to get out. 3rd generator, and this one is easy to spot. 
It's set into the hill. The tunnel, on the other hand, is much more complex. A 
Left, then a Right, then destroy the generator and then it's left to get back 
outside. 4th Generator, and this is tricky. fly up, then fly down, and destroy 
the generator, and take a left to get out. And The General's Carrier plane will 
show up, all shielded. You must take down the fighters to get it to lower its 
shields, and then hit it with everything you've got. More fighters will be 
launched, so repeat until the carrier plane is down. Then watch the ending 
sequence. GOOD JOB!

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