Walkthrough - Guide for Danger Girl

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Created by: J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell
Game Design: N-Space
Publisher: THQ
Walkthrough Writer: Kristoffer Remmell

Chapter 1:
	The Characters
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
	Weapons and Gadgets
Chapter 4:

Chapter 1: The Characters

Name: Abbey Chase
Height: 5ft. 8in.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Golden Sienna
Affiliation: Danger Girl
Specialty: Archeology / Mystical Studies
Secondary: Foreign Languages, Small Arms
Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts

	Abbey Chase is known as a champion marksman, a virtuoso of languages, a
scholar of world history, and mostly, as a heart-stopping femme fatale.
	Through spending he majority of her young life as a loner.  Abbey is a natural 
team leader.  After bumping into the Danger Girls during an adventuresome hunt.  Abbey
shepherded the team to victory in their first battle against the menacing Hammer Empire. 
Soon after, Abbey became a full fledged member of the Danger Girls international covert

Name: Sydney Savage
Height: 5ft. 9in.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Auburn
Affiliation: Danger Girl
Specialty: Surveillance / Sniper
Secondary: Helicopter Pilot
Birthplace: Sydney, Australia

	Sydney Savage, is a striking , sassy, vivacious, and component of the Danger
Girls, originates fittingly from the picturesque and lively continent of Australia.
	Though often reprimanded for her wild and unorthodox procedures, Sydney more
often than not justifies her lawless techniques.  Of all the Danger Girls, Sydney takes
most advantage of her good looks, deploying her curvaceous form to distract and defeat
the girls’ primarily male antagonists.

Name: JC
Height: 5ft. 10in.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Chestnut
Affiliation: Danger Girl
Specialty: Engineering / Inventor
Secondary: Explosives
Birthplace: Vancouver, Canada

	Though JC has yet to become an official Danger Girl agent, she’s already proven
herself quite a valuable asset to the team.  Called upon by Duece, JC was brought on
board after the Danger Girls first explosive battle with The Hammer Empire.  A battle
that left most of the team’s specialized equipment and vehicles in ruin.  In the midst of
numerous repairs and improvements, The Hammer struck again.  This time Duece was
without a third operative, and JC was more then willing to step up to the challenge.

Name: Duece
Height: 6ft. 1in.
Eyes: Brown
Hair:	Salt and Pepper
Affiliation: Danger Girl
Specialty: Mission Strategist
Secondary: Espionage
Birthplace: London, England

	Former British Secret Agent was lured away from the spy retirement when invited
to fashion and oversee the world’s first all female espionage team.  A team that would
secretly adopt the code name “Danger Girl”.

Name: Valerie
Height: 5ft. 7in.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Affiliation: Danger Girl
Specialty: Communications
Secondary: All things digital
Birthplace: San Francisco, California

	Teenager “Silicon” Valerie graduated top of her class at Oxford, years before she
could even obtain a valid driver’s license.
	Though Valerie could have easily secured a safe and wealthy career in the field of
communications technology, she had her sights dead set on the dangerous life.  A chance
encounter with Deuce led her to becoming a Danger Girl in-training.

Name: Natalia Kassie
Height: 6ft.
Eyes: Ice Blue
Hair: Blonde
Affiliation: The Hammer Empire
Specialty: Edged Weapons, Hand to Hand Combat
Secondary: Counter Intelligence
Birthplace: Bucharest, Romania

	Sultry Russian Natalia Kassie was chosen to join Danger Girl team for her
phenomenal combat and espionage talent, among more obvious outstanding attributes. 
Unfortunately Natalia was also a double agent.  Secretly working for The Hammer
Empire, she infiltrated the Danger Girls ranks and nearly lead the team to their death.
	Currently a commander in The Hammer Empire, Natalia continually attempts to
take over the world, though her ultimate passion is to do away archenemy Abbey Chase.

Name: Major Maxim
Height: Estimated at 7ft
Eyes: Glowing Red
Hair: Unknown
Affiliation: The Hammer Empire
Specialty: Rapid Assault Commander
Secondary: Interrogation
Birthplace: Unknown
Rebirthplace: Hammer Headquarters

	Major Maxim is the monstrous mastermind behind The Hammer Empires
apocalyptic military forces.  Once but a wounded soldier of those very forces, Maxim
became an unwilling  “volunteer” to Doctor Kharnov Von Kripplor’s bizarre Hammer
Ubermensch (Super Soldier) program.  The first and only “success” of the strange
procedure, Maxin soon became dependent on the mysterious blue fluid, which supplies
and sustains his incredible size and strength.

Chapter 2: Controls
In case you rented this game and there was no instruction booklet.  Here are the controls

Highlight Section................ Directional button or Left stick
Confirm Selection................ X button
Back One or Selection Screen..... Triangle button

Move Characters........................ Directional buttons
Fire Weapon............................ X button
Action Button.......................... O button
(For grabbing. using items, and pistol whip)
Jump................................... Square button
(Press down and jump to do your characters custom backflip)
Turn 180 degrees....................... Double-tap down
P.O.V Mode............................. Triangle button
(Holding Square button increases speed of your sights)
Crouch................................. L1
Sneak Mode............................. R1
Strafe left/right...................... L2 or R2.
(Hit the jump button while strafing your character will do a custom dive)

Chapter 3: Weapons and Gadgets


Desert Eagle Pistol
Rate of Fire:7
Description:  Nice pistol, but basic.  It’s good “run and gun” weapon of it’s rate of fire.

Rate of Fire:5
Description:  The MK 23 is a smaller gun than the Desert Eagle, but it comes equipped
with a silencer or stealth action.

Heavy Pistol
Rate of Fire:3
Description:  JC’s weapon of choice, the heavy pistol is basically a .44 caliber pistol. 
Capable of dropping an enemy in one shot, shooting slowly and carefully is advised. 
With only 6 shots, you’re going to have to reload often.

Rate of Fire:8
Description:  Good long distance weapon with decent stopping power.  These assault
rifles are leftovers from the Soviet Union and arm just about every terrorist organization
operating today.

Medium Machine Gun
Rate of Fire:9
Description:  Similar to the AK in terms of ammo. the MMG is a slight upgrade in terms
of stopping power, rate of fire is also silenced.  It’s definitely a more deadly weapon.

Sub Machine Gun
Rate of Fire:10
Description:  The SMG is a very high quality weapon.  It’s incredible rate of fire drops
enemies quickly.  The only disadvantage is it’s short rang.

Rate of Fire:2
Description:  Another close range weapon, the shotgun spreads hitting almost anything
directly in front of you.  This is an excellent weapon for close range attacks.

Heavy Machine Gun
Rate of Fire:7
Description:  One of the most deadly weapons in the game, the HMG has an incredible
long range, and spells almost instant death for any target.

Grenade Launcher
Rate of Fire:3.5
Damage:5, depending on proximity
Description:  This is a great weapon for knocking out sets of enemies, especially from
behind cover.  Be careful though, because the grenades are loud when they blow and will
alert all enemies of your presence.

Rocket Launcher (RPG)
Rate of Fire:2.5
Damage:10, depending on proximity
Description:  A direct fire weapon, this works as a one hit kill weapon.  It has an area
effect, so it’s possible to kill multiple enemies with one shot.  Be careful of firing  this
too close to a wall or another object.  Another ex-Soviet weapon in the hands of terrorists

Pipe Bomb
Rate of Fire: n/a/a
Damage:5, depending on proximity
Description:  Pipe bombs are a good trap weapon.  Drop the bomb on the floor and lure
an enemy to chase you near it.  As soon has he nears the pipe bomb use the Detonator. 
Make sure the detonator is in your inventory and press the O button.

Rate of Fire: n/a
Damage: 7, depending on proximity
Description:  Noisemakers are another good trap weapon.  Throw a few of these on the
ground and arm them with the Noisemaker Activator.  Stepping near one of them when
active will cause it to explode.

Sniper Rifle
Rate of Fire:1
Description:  Sydney’s weapon of choice, the sniper rifle is excellent for picking off the
guards from long distance.  Once in POV mode or “Look” Mode press the L1 to zoom in, 
and R2 to zoom out.

Rate of Fire: n/a
Damage:7, depending on proximity
Description:  Plastic explosive used to eliminate threats.  Triggered with gunfire.

Rate of Fire:2
Description:  This is Sydney’s second weapon of choice, in addition to the sniper rifle. 
Another item to use when short on ammo and at close range.  Plus and it is always
amusing to watch a Danger Girl use a whip!

Dart Gun
Rate of Fire:2
Damage:5, head shot only
Description:  This is strictly a close proximity head shots.

Rate of Fire:9
Description:  A level specific weapon.  Heavy fire power, but stationary and therefore
can’t be kept in inventory.


	To turn the radar ON and OFF in the upper right hand corner of the screen, use
this item.  If you want to turn the radar OFF, go to the inventory menu and select the
radar item.

Night Goggles
	Night goggles allow an agent to see in complete darkness. Wearing the goggles
will give you infra red vision has well.  Enemies without goggles will be a at a distinct
disadvantage.    When you activate them, they will remain ON until you choice them
OFF.  Going back to the Inventory screen and re-selecting them will turn them back OFF.

Noisemaker Activator
	Once you’ve thrown a Noisemaker on the ground, you can activate it by using this
device.  When you have it selected as the current item, the Noisemakers you have thrown
are “active”.

	Using this item will cause Pipe Bombs to explode.  Equip it, and then go back to
the game.  Pressing the O button will detonate the bombs.

Stim Pak
	Using this item when equipped will give you a big charge of first aid.  Wait till
you are low on health, then use the stim pak to immediately recover.  The stim pak’s
effects are temporary.

Security Cards
	Use security cards to get in and out of secured doors.  Often you can open a 
locked door by using a security card found in the game.

Remote Control
	Use this item to open special areas or to trigger events in this level.

Gas Emitter
	Knock out nearly enemies by attaching to ventilation systems.

Bomb Decoder
	Use this level specific item to decode bombs

	Attached to various items to destroy them.

Chapter 4: Game Walkthrough

LEVEL ONE: Rumble in the Jungle
Mission Objectives:
	1. Install systems link
	2. Destroy illegal weapons caches
	3. Infiltrate Donavin’s Compound

	To start this level off just mow him down in fire power.  The best starter tip
NEVER stand still.  You don’t have the explosives you need, but you will find some in
this level.  To the left is a crate with night vision goggles.  Now move forward slowly. 
There is a guard up ahead.  Go to manual control and snipe him right in the head.  He’ll
go down in one shot.  Now just charge in gum blazing.  Take out the soldier to the right
first, but watch out.  The soldier behind the tree will throw a grenade. Watch out for that
then mowing him down is easy.  He will drop a small health pack.
	There is a shed up ahead.  there is a soldier on the roof and if your careful you can
snipe him right off.  The soldiers in this area seem to regenerate, but don’t worry that
won’t happen throughout the game.  Look to the right and there is a soldier hiding behind
a crate.  Snipe him too.  Your best shot to stay alive a great deal of the time is distance
hits to the head.  This will also save on ammo.  In the back of the shed in another guard.
yet again snipe.  Run to the crate with that ammo next to it and you will see another
guard.  Take him out while moving.  He drops AK ammo.  If you want to in the shed,
inside is a med. pack and some desert eagle ammo, but there is nothing you can do in
here yet.  There is no power and you need to get gas for the generator that is out side.
	Take the south path and take out the guard that will come from the left.  He drops
AK ammo.  Run to the back of this truck and get the gas can.  Now when you head back
just like I said there will be more soldiers.  Snipe the one ahead and he drops AK ammo. 
Now run down and snipe the guard to the left.  He’s walking so you have to time it right. 
Thought the odds of him hitting you from that distance are really low.  Run to the shed
and a guard stands just looking around.  What is Donavin paying these guys?  Strife right
and blow him away. he’ll never see it coming and you should take any damage.  And that
is the last of them for now.
	Run to the back of the shed now and use the gas can on the generator.  Go inside
and use the data link on the computer.  Get ready for a Danger Event.  It will start right
after the in game scene.  I say leave the med. pack unless you really low on life.  Just if
you goof up on this event.  It can be a life saver.

	O, O
	L, O, X

	Now there will be two soldiers out side.  Strafe back and fourth firing till they are
D.E.D dead.  Both will drop small health packs.  there is a soldier in the distance south
where you came in to this area the first time.  He will drop AK ammo.  The guard up
ahead is an easy kill. If your lucky you can take him out in one hit.  He drops a small
health pack.  Now your heading inside the complex.  Half way down the stairs is a
soldier.  Try to sneak up on him to take him out.  Run down the stairs and a guard is near
a bunch of bed.  I guess your in the guards barracks. Up ahead and to the left are some
stairs with a guard waiting at the top of them.  Take him out before exploring the room. 
He’ll drop AK ammo.  Now go to the bed and open the foot locker.  Inside are some
timed charges.  Abbey will complain, but she’ll have to use them anyway.  Go up the
stairs and to the right will be another AK-47, AK ammo, a large health pack on the wall,
and some more Eagle ammo.
	Now run up the stairs shooting there are three soldiers two you will take out
quick, but the third is hiding outside.  He’ll peak around the corner and that’s when you
ventilate his head for him.  He’ll drop a small med. pack.  Leave it there unless your low.
And snipe the guy under the tarp.  He’s  in your way and will drop more AK ammo.  If
you look at your radar you will see a red spot.  Those are the bombs you need to blowup. 
Though for a nuclear bomb the explosion they make is quite week.  After moving ahead
don’t rest yet coming around the corner to the north east is another guard.
	Place the bomb, turn around quickly, and run behind the tree to the right.  Two
guards will run out from the complex.  Take a second then charge and fire.  You might
take a bit of damage that’s why I said to keep that small med. pack before.  Now your
ready for more.  Now run east back toward the shed. If you can snipe the guard ahead,
but if he evades you run in between the truck and the wall.  And when he comes into
view take him out.  He’ll drop more AK ammo.  Now keep running east and a dark,
chained alcove.  There is no devise to open it outside but you can see a device.  Go to
first person view and shoot it.  That will open the door and put on your night goggles. 
You can see the laser wire.  Shoot the source and the beams will shut down.  In the
alcove to the left is another bomb.  Be sure to run far enough away, because an in game
scene will start.  Now the guards know your here and are on guard.  Turn off your
goggles and make sure  your equipped with the AK-47.  Snipe the soldiers you see first
and go ahead and charge the third.  He drops AK ammo.  Now there is another bomb. 
DO NOT run up to it.  It’s booby trapped.  Take out all the guards up ahead first.  After
they are all gone put those goggles back on and take out the laser wire.
	After the explosion two guards will come out take them out quick and one thinks
he’s being sneaky behind the pillar of the front of the house.  He drops a small med.
pack.  Inside around the corner is another guard.  He’ll drop a remote.  Across the hall is
another stair case has well has another one of those guards who think he’s sneaky.  There
is a fork ahead up the stairs.  Then you want to head right.  There is a guard ahead.  He
drops AK ammo.  In this room is a bizarre curtain.  Hit the remote you got earlier.  Put on
your disco boots and get ready to dance.  Listen to Abbey for her reaction.  This must be
his..............reading room.  Yeah, that’s it.  Inside here is a large med. pack.  After a night
with him I bet a girl would need a shot of penicillin.  Okay, now if you look to the left is
the real goal.  Inside, is some Eagle, and AK ammo.  Also Donavin’s wig collection..  Go
back and take the left path of the fork.  In the read library is another guard.  Use the
remote in here and the bookshelf moves away. Run ahead and the mesh gate will open
automatically.  Then your done with level one.  And things will just get better.

LEVEL TWO: Finders Keepers
Mission Objectives:
	1. Recover stolen artifact
	2. Escape from the compound

	There are cameras here so be quick and run under the first one to the left.  I think
it sucks you can’t shoot them out.  Snipe the guard on the ground, he drops AK ammo,
and see if you can get the other walking around.  Wait till the camera is out of the way
then drop down to the ground.  take out the soldier if you couldn’t snipe him while he
was walking around.  The guard inside the building will start shooting, but it is an easy
task to take him out.  If you want to be sneaky and cool try to line up an shot and hit the
fire extinguisher behind him.  It will blow and take him out.  Now go inside take the
large med. pack and get the AK ammo that guy drops.  That’s all there is in here.  Head
out and go to the right and the door will open automatically.  Down the hall your heading
into are two guys hiding behind the objects in here.  Take them out quick so they can’t
throw their grandees.  Two more so called sneaky guy up ahead.  One is behind the pillar. 
Take them out.  Like I need to tell you.  There will be a door to the right.  It won’t open
yet, so go forward.  Get your AK-47 ready.
	Walk near the door to discover that Donavin went and got him some corporate
sponcers.  THE HAMMER.  Two Hammer soldiers.  The first one has SMG ammo.  Now
head east and open the crate for the sub machine gun.  Two guys are in the room to the
north.  They are easy to take out.  One will drop some AK ammo.  There is large med..
pack and an artifact in that room you need, but you need a security card to get it.  Now go
out  and up the stairs.  Another soldier awaits you here. and he’ll drop SMG ammo.  To
the south is a hall and two soldiers will attack.  In the room where they come from you
can find another SMG.  The door in here will open automatically.  Go down he stairs and
behind the stairs is some submachine gun ammo.  Don’t worry about the door to your
right.  It just takes you back to the part right before you saw the Hammer.  Take the lift. 
Get ready for some more action.    Ahead you will be caught in a room with two Hammer
soldiers and a Hammer black cloak soldier.  After you take out the two regular soldiers
the third coward in the black cloak comes out to play he has the card you need.  Go back
to the room he came from  and get that med. pack on the wall.  Inside the crate are some
night vision goggles.  Hit the button that closed the gate behind you.  Now head back to
where you first saw The Hammer.
	Open the locked box holding the artifact.  There are four soldiers after you know. 
Two on the ground and two upstairs  The door to the north and upstairs is now open. 
One soldier will walk out of here.  If your quick you can pick off your head with one
shot.  He drops sub machine gun ammo.  The next soldier up ahead has a small med.
pack. Now open the door to the right.  Another so called sneaky soldier is around the
corner. Line up the shot and take him out.  The Hammer must not be very selective,
because yet again ahead and to the left path is another guy who thinks he’s being sneaky. 
You know what to do.  He will drop a small med. pack.
	Further ahead will be one guy hiding behind a  metal crate.  Now take out the
soldier behind the hall column.  Next take out the two on the stair to the north..  Head
east and be quite.  soldier is waiting for you to come for the other side.  You could just
leave him. You know.  Take the high road. Nab, blow him away. Hey, it’s the only way
he’ll ever learn.  Now go north and under the stairs are some noisemaker grenades.  The
left path has another soldier.  This next room gets trick you can snipe the soldier across
the way.  Be quick though to your right is a soldier, he will drop a small health pack, and
one more will come up the stairs when the bullets start flying.  Here is a neat trick.  Go to
where you entered this area.  Look down do you see the opening of the next room and the
sneaky soldier.  Snipe him, he drops SMG ammo, and claim your prize from the slain
soldiers also across the top floor across the way is some sub machine gun ammo if your
interested.  Head down stairs run in the room and gun down the now single soldier and
take the elevator up.  
	We aren’t done yet though.  Your in a new shed and if you need take the  large
med. pack.  A soldier is heading toward you from north west. Keep going forward.  A cut
scene will take place, but you will be discovered.  Three soldiers and one guard.  You
will take some damage here so be careful.  One will come from behind you.  He has the
keys for the vehicle.  Run to the back of the all terrain vehicle and now you are done.

Enjoy the movie.

LEVEL THREE: Rigged to Blow.
Mission Objectives:
	1. Rescue the hostages
	2. Defuse explosive charges
	3. Help Sydney gain access to the rig

	This level starts off pretty quick. You have to take out the soldier further away
first.  He has his gun pointed at the hostage.  You will take some damage from the other
guy, but he drops a small med. pack so it works out.
	Run up the stairs and jump to the cat walk across the way.  Walk slowly to the left
and shot the soldier.  Now sneak  in the next room and kill the soldier.  He will drop a
security card, and be sure to grab the shotgun.  Head out of here and get the security card
ready.  Go to the south door.  Use the card to open this door.  Once inside this hall is
blocked by steam.  There is a wheel you turn and it turns off the steam.  Further up the
hall walk up to the barrel at the corner.  Aim over it and snipe out the two down the hall. 
They will drop small med. pack and some ammo.  At the far end of the hall are some
crates and hidden behind them is some hand gun ammo.
	This next part is hard.  You need to be quick to take out the soldier before he kills
the hostage.  It maybe hard to see, but you can snipe them through the metal that supports
the upper levels.  They drop sub machine gun ammo and shotgun ammo  Above you is a
soldier gunning for you.  Take him out, he drops shotgun ammo, and across from him is
another soldier in the catwalk above.  He will drop small med. pack.  Now the shot gun is
great for close range attacks.  It’s great for sneaking up on the bad guys and then giving
them a belly load.
	Head up the ladder to the west.  Now face down the hall to the west.  To be cool
don’t try to just snipe the guys even though it would be easy.  This area is FULL tanks
that when shot explode.  Inside there is a  is a full med. pack.  Once further inside Val
with call you telling you about bombs.  You are to disarm them.  Be quick and kill the
two guards that guard it.  You should be low on pistol ammo so aim for the tanks.  Next
to the bomb is a SMG.  Grab it and go tot he bomb.  I am not sure why they attached a
disarming device to the bomb, so just walk up to it and hit your action button.  
	I wish I could help you with this, but the bombs decodes buttons are random.  Just
pay attention and get all four codes.  You normally have more then enough time.  Then
get two scuba soldiers will come from behind.  Kill them quick.   arm yourself with the
shotgun, then take the elevator that they came from.  Has soon has you can charge the
soldier and blow him down.  It should only take one hit.  A bomb is in the next room. 
there is a new wrinkle this time though.  It’s times.  It attached at the bottom part of the
pillar in the center of the room.  Go to your inventory list and pick bomb decoder.  After
it’s decoded a soldier will start to come in the room. Use the hand gun or SMG.  Climb
up and get the hand gun ammo, then open the crate for the much needed elevator fuse. 
Outside of the elevator to the upper level a guard awaits.  I suggest using the SMG.  He
drops small health pack.  Head back to the area with the cat walks where you had to
shoot through the support beams.  Jump across the other side and look for the sparking
fuse box.  Have you ever noticed how many times new fuses have been needed in games
like this.  You’d think in more modern equipment they’d use breakers.  Well, don’t worry
about getting shocked and use the fuse. The elevator is to your left.
	Jump to the vent shaft on the right.  In that shaft is some hand gun ammo.  From
the vent you can snipe the soldier around the corner to the left and one walking around is
easy kill.  Just walk out gunning him down and he’ll drop shotgun ammo.  When you
reach around the corner you can see a soldier in the distance.  Snipe him or shoot the
barrels near him.  Don’t run out into this area a soldier awaits you on a wall above on the
Left side of this area.  Snipe him, he’ll drop a small med. pack, and jump on the metal
crate to gain access to where he is.  Do not.  I repeat DO NOT go up to that turret gun. 
Count less soldiers will appear out of nowhere and it is very hard to get through that
alive. It’s a waist of time and ammo.  Just climb up and get ready for another bomb to
disarm.  It will be to your left.  Just jump to get over to it.  Has soon has your reach it Val
tells you about the bomb.  Drop down and get ready for more heat pounding action.
	A soldier is peaking over the corner ahead and makes an easy kill, and another is
waiting for you behind a metal crate.  Just rush him and he has shotgun ammo.  In the
next area with the big yellow pillar you can wait till the soldier appears and snipe him
off.   There are two paths here. Go in and if you need attached to the south wall is a large
med. pack.  Now go down the north hall and watch the scene with the soldiers making
the hostages send the steam down the other path.   You have two options on how to kill
them the quick and the cool. 

	The Quick: This is tricky two soldiers and two hostages.  I advise using your
shotgun and rush them.  Be close when you fire to take them with one shot, then release
the hostages.  That’s all of the hostages for this level.  Objective number one complete.
	The Cool:  Go back to the room with the pillar and take the west path.  Head
down to where you see shotgun ammo.  There is a yellow pipe up above.  Stand under it,
jump, and then hit the action button.  Monkey Bars.  Climb over to the next ledge, and
drop down.  There is a wheel to turn down there.  Turning it will cause steam to boil the
soldiers.  Same rules apply go up the nearby ladder and free the hostages.

	Down the north hall are two soldiers you can either equip the SMG and shoot it
out with them or wait around the corner for them to get close and take them out with the
shotgun.  Is the corner of the south wall you will find a heavy machine gun and ammo. 
The room to the north is a steaming pipe, but there is nothing you can do about that you
need a wrench.  Take the east path.  In here you will find a wrench in the corner and a
path blocked off by steam.  Now use that wrench on the pipe to the north.  Now go
through that path that was originally blocked by steam.  Run and start climb the ladder to
the left.  A bomb awaits, but you do have some time.  BE CAREFUL.  Use that sneaking
button and you can’t walk off.
	Now that this one is done you only have one more bomb to go.  Head north and
hide behind the wall till the soldier gets close and use the shotgun.  He’ll drop a small
med. pack.  Further down the hall will be a big yellow down but just keep going forward. 
You will reach an opening with a bridge.  It’s pointed in the wrong way but all you have
to do is hit the button on the east wall and the bridge will right itself.   Arm the sub
machine gun or the hand gun and pick the wrench from your inventory.  Use the wrench
on the pipe.  Turn around quick and you will see a soldier.  He will start running in a sec
so shoot the barrels they will explode and take him out, dropping his sub machine gun
ammo. Cross the bridge and around the corner a soldier waits.  Shotgun his ass down. 
The next soldier can be sniped with the sub machine gun or hand pistol.  In return for his
death he gives you sub machine gun ammo.  Back to the yellow door.  Outside are four
soldiers the two on the right drop shotgun ammo and the two left soldiers drop small
health pack.
	Climb up on the metal crate next to the  gray center pillar.  Climb to the top and
jump to the white tank with the black stripe.  When you get to the top Val tells you about
the bomb.  Aim you just careful and land on the closest white tank.  Walk to the bomb
and be careful on this one.
	Drop down and claim the large med. pack on the north wall.   Be careful here 
you may take some damage.  Just keep moving and my weapon of choice is the SMG. 
There are two soldiers in this area and one coming down on the bridge.  The soldier
across the bridge is easily sniped.  At the center of the north wall across the bridge is a
pipe.  You know what to do here.  Use the wrench.  That allow Sydney her access and
signals the end of level.

LEVEL FOUR: Caution Curves Ahead
Mission Objectives:
	1. Rescue hostages
	2. Shutdown pressure overload

	This one you need to do quickly.  Aim your sniper rifle down the hall and a scuba
soldier.  Everything is rushed here.  Arm your hand gun.  Go up the stairs  and kill the
soldier, to the right take out the soldier where you find him.  After you handle him arm
yourself with the sniper rifle and kill the black coat any way you can.  You get the needed
card.  Head back only now take the right path and you will see a hostage and a soldier on
your radar.  Wait for them to get close and kill them.  It was funny, but when I didn’t that
I was low on hand gun ammo I got one shot off and the game used the whip has the
back-up weapon.  It was funny watching the soldier cower while I whipped his ass to
death.  Head up the stairs and there will be a secured door and a big yellow door at the
left.  Use the card on the security door.  In here is a  MMG, and a terminal you use with
the data link.  Val will open the yellow doors.  Take the closest one. Ahead is a soldier at
the top of the steps and another down the hall.  In this hall is a control room and another
stair case.  Go in the first passage to the left and kill the soldier here
	Go up the ladder and at the top are a bunch of pillars.  In the hallway ahead.  Kill
him and snipe the two on the roof.  Only one way into the control room.  Shoot out the
glass and jump in.  Not very civilized, but this is an action game.  there is a large med.
pack her but, leave it for now unless you need it.  Just make sure you have the medium
machine gun ready and go to the orange button and hit it.  Now that is done you need to
get a sample of what The Hammer have come for.  Two soldiers will burst in and a third
is outside.  The first two drop machine gun ammo.  Head right and down the other stairs. 
At the bottom is a soldier walking along.  Snipe him.  In this hall are two locker rooms. 
The last one down here has a soldier in it and a large med. pack.
	Go back to where you first saw that black coat.  When you near the door it will
open and two soldiers come out.  One will drop a small med. pack.  After they are dead
go down the stairs.  You have to free the hostage and then take out the black coat.  I find
it odd that in the scene before these events you see him  handed something, but after he’s
kill he has nothing on him.  Climb the ladder and ahead is a big auto gun.  Walk forward
a bit and you will see two snipers.  Kill them by returning the favor.  To the left is a door
open it and inside you can get some C4 and a large med. pack.  Now go to the right side
and climb the ladder.  Sniper rifle ammo is on the roof.  Throw a thing of C4 near the
auto gun and use the sniper rifle to hit it.  Bomb goes the auto gun.  Look behind the
crates.  It’s a hostage another thing of C4 by the other crates.  Climb down the ladder and
snipe the guy quick.  Run to the next room.  There are two soldiers.  One on the left and
one on the right.  One will drop a small med. pack.  A third is outside he has a small med.
pack.  and down the next hall is another auto gun.  Wait till the auto gun is pointed away
and head to the second stack of crates.  Through some C4 next to the auto gun.  Run back
and fire.
	Sneak up head and take out the two soldier guarding the hostage with the sniper
rifle.  Go inside and take out the three inside.  They drop MMG ammo.  Down the hall is
a hole with a ladder.  I think you know what to do here.
	When you get to the bottom a soldier is waiting and you’ll take some damage.  No
worries though.  Run outside and kill the soldier further up the catwalk. and the room
another is right at the door after gunning him down both him and his buddies drop
machine gun ammo.  Ahhhhh, and that’s just what I used to kill them with.  It’s almost
like karma.  Only morbid.  Go in that room and look across the hall.  You see the soldier. 
Snipe him down.  He drops a small med. pack.  Now go pick up that health and back
outside.  Go right and across the catwalk you will see a soldier and a hostage.  Sniper the
soldier with gun by the same name.  It’s kind of funny, but you will hear them talk after
you shoot him.  Run through the halls gunning the two soldiers down and get the MMG
ammo.  A soldier ahead inside the next area  is an easy kill, he has machine gun ammo,
but the auto gun is a bit of work.  Make your way to the third stack of crates and over
them throw the C4 when the gauge is about three fourths.  You know he rest.  Get away
and sniper the C4.  Head through and that is the end of level four.  There will be a short
in game.

Enjoy the movie.

Copyright (c) 2000 by Kris Remmell.  All rights reserved.

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