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Dark Cloud 2
Written by:dark_raistlin
Email: [email protected] for questions/commets
version 1.1b
date last edited: 10-21-03

Allright then, here is the first walkthrough to Dark Cloud 2 on Cheatcodes.com.  
Unlike other games, I can't take u step-by-step through the game, since every game 
is different except for certain parts.  So, i have all the stuff i know off hand, 
so be patient and wait for the updates.  I'm writing this as I play the game, so it 
will take some time to work.

Table of Contents

Section 1-Legal Shtuff
Section 2-Version History
Section 3-Ultimate Weapons Guide
Section 4-Sidestuff
          4.b-Fish Passwords
*Section 5-Invention Ideas
*Section 6-Inside Scoops
*Section 7-Imigration
*Section 8-Monster badges
Section 9-Final Boss Tips
Section 10-Frequently asked questions
Section 11-Hints and shtuff

*=still working on it
Section 1-Legal Shtuff

     This is the legal stuff of this walkthrough.  Dark Cloud 2 is a registered 
trademark of Sony.  It was made by Level 5.  This walkthrough is only meant to be 
shown on Cheatcodes.com untill I deem others worthy.  Do not copy any part of this 
walkthrough in part or in whole without my consent.  Other then that, enjoy the 
game and the walkthrough.
Section 2-Version History

V 1.0-Started walkthrough, added all the stuff in it at the start.
V 1.1-Added more stuff to it, added section for fish passwords.
V 1.1a-Added more stuff to it, no new sections though.
V 1.1b-Changed some sections, more stuff, section for Final Boss now on.

Section 3-Ultimate Weapon Guide

      I figured that you don't need weapons other then the Ultimate, so I'm going to 
tell you how to get them.  First Max's right hand weapon.  It starts from the 
wrench, goes to like stinger wrench, then when it can turn into a cubic hammer, do 
it!  then, upgrade the hammer up and you'll get Legend.  However, you can only get 
that on like the last floor of the Moonflower Palace.  His gun, just keep upgrading 
Jurak's gun once you get it.  It will slowly, but surely, get to it's ultimate.

      Here's how to get Monica's.  First, you need to 100% complete the Helm Rada 
level.  Then when you go to upgrade the sword that was given to you, always use the 
top most slot.  It will lead to her ultimate sword.  The same goes with her amulet, 
and you start out with the first stage when you get her, so just slowly but surely 
get it up there.  And there you go.
Section 4-Sidestuff


      Ahh, everyone's favorite pastime, fishing.  It's different this time around.  
Instead of just having to hit the X button when the fish pulls the bobber down, u 
have to real it in.  Also, u can't see where the fish are, so it's much more 
realistic this time around.  If u want to learn a bit more on the main fishing 
part, look in the help menu.  This part is mainly for raising fish for the Finny 

      Each bait when fed to a fish does something different.  So here's the list.

      Carrot-raises boost and changes sex of the fish....kinda weird if u ask me.
      Evy-raises stamina
      Prickly-raises tenacity
      Patato cake-raises stamina
      Minion-raises boost
      Batton-raises tenacity
      Petite fish-raises endurance
      Mimi-raises endurance

        4.b-Fish passwords

      This is the section of which I'll put passwords sent to me from other 
people.  In order to get the password, you must first unlock the Finny Frenzy.  
Then, to use the passwords, go to the extras area at the title screen.  I put these 
here so that u may race against another Cheat Codes.com members, and since that's 
the only place u can race them, u can't use them in the game to get prizes.  So, 
send me your passwords with the subject "Finny Frenzy" and put in the body this 
information.   Your fish type, what u want the fish to be named, the password(it IS 
case-sensitive), and finally, your cheat codes.com member ID.  That way, i can give 
credit where credit is due.  Before I put them up, I'm going to check to make sure 
the information is correct though.  And also, please, don't send me fish that u 
used some sort of cheating device on, i want fair races.  So, to start it off, 
here's a password to my crappy fish.

1.   Fish Type: Bobo, Name:Dark_Raistlin.  Owner:dark_raistlin
     Password: UVNRCUj6REe39QqJsJNWsy

     Enjoy racing the fish!

      Hurray, the most annoying sidequest in DC2, at least in my mind.  It's like 
golf with a twist.  The twist?  The ball and hole are either blue or red.  the ball 
changes colors when hit off of an object.  the ball and hole must also be different 
colors, so the ball and hole can't both be red or blue, but different.  For more 
help see the help menu.
Section 5-Invention Ideas

      This one is always fun to find out on your own, but then why would u be 
coming here then?  Sometimes, people give u ideas, but only two of the three parts, 
so u have to guess at the third, but the game will give u hints on the third 
object.  If it is one of those, i'll put a ??? for the third, at least until i find 
the game hint.

      Milk can, belt, Pipe-->Energy Pack
      Wheel, Freight Train, ???-->????
      Refridgerater, Small generater, Traffic light-->Fridge Body
      Woodbox, window, fountain-->Aquarium
      Post, Deer horn, work robot-->Don't remember
      Wheat flower, Polly's sign, fireplace-->Bread
      Clown Robo's attack, pipe, parasol-->Clown Hands
      Belt, The moon, ???-->???
      Barrel, Tree, Belt-->Barrel Energy Pack
      Waterfall, Laundry, Palmtree-->???
*more to come*
Section 6-Inside Scoops

       This are basically used to raise your photagrapher lvl, and when u do, Donny 
gives u an item.  I'll tell what your supposed to shoot and how u can try to get 
the shot.  Each indent is a new scoop.

       Take a picture of Linda(the elephant) right when she raises her front legs 
to smash u.
       Take a picture as Halloween launches a missle at u, then quickly close the 
camera and MOVE!!!
       Master Utan...need i say more?
       Take a pic of the giant "beutiful" fish, the Kind Meri Guanda....at least i 
think that's how it's spelt.
       When the man eating plant laughs at u, snap it's picture, then snap it.
       Sneak up on Tore(the tall evil tree) and take a picture of it 
napping....mmmm, nappy time.
       When the pumpkin thing in a barrel twirls it's fork thing, take a picture 
and savor the moment.
       Take a picture of the Rainbow Butterfly after u split it and it comes back 
       Go to Palm Brinks Lake around midnight.  Go to the pier and take a picture of 
the middle of the lake between midnight and one.  A ghost will appear there. (The 
same with all of the other ghost pictures also is the timing.)
       Take a picture of the moon when facing the Dark Element.  oooohhh, pretty.
       *more to come*
Section 7-Imigration

    Adel- Bring her the ingrediants she asks for, then leave the room, wait a bit,
             then return.  she will then join you.
    Pau(Available only after beating chap. 4)- Bring him a Carrot... that is all.
    Cordinne - find her first in Claire's house, the one next to Max's, then she will
                  go into Max's room, the little trespasser.
    Midane - talk to her with Monica.  then show her a powerfull sword.  (you'll
                  be suprised the number of people who ask me this one.)
    Gerald - upgrade the trumpet gun(or find a better gun in the field) then show it 
to him.
    The butler dude(forgot his name:P) - basically, you need about 20000 guilda in 
order to get him in your party.
    The sheriff - beat his time running to his boat and back... good luck, you'll 
need it.
Section 8-Monster badges

      This is an area to help people who need to get badges.  I don't know how to 
get all of the badges as of yet, so just stick with me.  For the badges I'm just 
going to give it's type and what to give what monster to get the badge, it doesn't 
always work however, so just keep trying, unless u already have the badge, then 
your just being wastefull.  With the badge u can talk to all the monsters of the 
same type, ie. beast to beast.  So, have fun being a monster.

      Beast-Sewer rat,cheese     Ram,premium chicken
      Flora-buy it at Juraks Mall
      Spirit-Pixie,goey peach
      Aqua-Goyone,evy     Froggy,batton
      Undead- attack a skeleton solider with Holy Water
      Windup- attack the bomb head with a bomb.
         *more to come*
Section 9-Final Boss Tips

      I have just beaten the game, so it's now time to pass the knowledge on.  So, 
here's some tips to use when you go to face Griffion.

1. Have the Ultimate weapons.  Not all are needed, but at least the sword and armlet 
make it easier.
2. Have lots of healing items.  You will need them, trust me.
3. Don't use Revive powders when facing Griffion.  It sounds suicidle, but you need 
both chars to face the Dark Element.
4. Griffion attack modes
     a. Flying mode - Attack the Atlamilla, for it's the only way to continue
     b. Sword mode - Try to stay behind him, but keep your distance at the same 
time... kinda hard huh?
     c. Magic mode - This is his hardest mode.  He will blast you if you get too 
close and will freeze you if you get too far away.  Just try to damage him and run 
when you hear him charging up his area attack.
5. Dream spiral - Use the Ridepod, save your health for the Dark Element
6. Dark Element - This guy is tricky.  First of all, he has a slight glow to him.  
So, when the glow is red, use monica, when it is blue, use max.  Also, he will 
dissapear and then reaper huge on one side.  STAY AWAY FROM THAT SIDE!  And make 
sure that you aren't right across from him either.  And this is the only battle in 
the game with a time limit, so be weary of it.

     Those are the only tips i can think of to help people with the game.  So, have 
fun and good luck.
Section 10-Frequently Asked Questions

      Well, I've gotten a lot of feedback, and in most of them, I get the same 
questions.  So, I'm putting this in to help lower the emails, so if you have a 
question look here, if it's not here, then email me with your question.

   Q.  What do I do to get past the end of the Rainbow Forest, I can't figure out 
what to do with the swamp?
   A.  Ok, well first, you have to solve as much of Sindain as you can.  Then go 
into the future and talk to Jurak, he should give you a seed and a badge box.  Then 
buy a himarra badge.  After that, go and talk to a himarra and it will give you a 
sun drop, or something like that.  Then, go back to the end of Rainbow Forest and 
put the seed in first and then put in the drop.  Thus, you can now fight the Rainbow 
Section 11-Hints and shtuff

      Finally, one of the completed Sections...well, at the moment it is, I could 
add more to it later.  Well, here are my hints for the game.

   1. Always have some form of recovery item on you, u never know when u'll get the 
smack laid down on you and not be able to recover before they put u down.
   2. Take pictures of everything, u never know what may be used for an invention 
that i have yet to mention.
   3. Always try to carry treasure chest keys.  If u try to force it open and it's 
an explosion chest, say good-bye to the treasure, and some of your health.
   4. Fish wherever, whenever, with whatever.  You never know what you'll catch.
   5. When dealing with big monsters, use the Ridepod, it will be much faster, 
guarenteed...unless, of course, your Ridepod sux.
   6. Have patience, it's a loong game, and your bound to mess up once in a while.
   7. Save often.  I once lost a lot of time because i was in a red sealed area, 
and monica bite the big one.
   and last but not least.......
   8. Have fun.  It's just a game, not something to get mad about.
Well, I hope u enjoyed this walkthrough.  Have any comments or questions not 
answered by this walkthrough?  email me at [email protected] with the 
subject DC2.    Thanks for your time.

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