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Dragon Ball Z : Legacy of Goku


   Fusion Dynamite A.k.a. Evil Saiyan


[email protected]

Version 0.1

Started 17 January, 2003

11:19 p.m. (central time)

This FAQ can be printed or seen on the internet for private and personal use

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1. Updates

2. Controls  

3. Story Walkthrew

4. Monster Listing 

5. Item Listing

6. Credits


1. Updates


Updated 05-15-2002

        I decided to add in Monster listing.

Updated 05-17-2002

        I have finished the FAQ. This game wasn't All that But still fun.

        I didnt go to indpeth for this game because it didn't need it.

        If I get tons of emails asking for help. Then I'll e do the Faq indepth.


        My next few Faqs will be Medabots and Dragon ball Z : Card collection game.

        There are many more games coming out and expect to see more Faqs by yours 

        truely. I didnt go to indpeth for this game because it didn't need it.

        If I get tons of emails asking for help. Then I'll e do the Faq indepth.

Updated 05-17-2002

        Forgot to Spell check everything.


2. Controls  


Simple to use but let's go over it once more.

A is for Punch/To pick up an Item/Talk.

B is for Ki Attack/Speed threw talk.

L is for changing Ki attacks when you have more then one.

R is for Flying If your current player can fly.

Select is for Bringing up the Flying stats.

Start is for bringing up Menu.

To go up, press the up button, etc. 

Open Menu to see stats, Quests you've done, Use items, change Ki attacks, and 

other funtions.

There are these yellow balls with a leaf in them. I call them pods. They help you 

charge your flight power. Landing on Islands are tricky. So please don't send emails 

asking for help.

the max level is 25. Max EXP is 5577790. Hp 150000, Ki 150000. The three attacks are.

Ki Blast. The longer you hold the Ki Blast the more powerful it gets.

Solar Flare. The longer you hold the Solar Flare the longer it freezes the enemies.

Kame Hame Ha. The longer you hold the Kame Hame Ha the more powerful the Beam.


3. Story Walkthrew


This will explain What to do and extra Quests AND tips and where to Gain levels

in areas. To gain EXP quickly. Do this.

Beat them and save, turn off the game, Turn on the game and beat them again. Save, 

Turn off, Turn on, Beat them again. This method will be known as the STTB. So when 

I say STTB  the Crabs you should attack all the Crabs and then save, then reset, 

and do it till you reach the recommended level. And remember Herbs are everywhere 

that does not mean pass them up if you have less then 6 herbs.

Also if your on the edge of Death. You can save and Reset to keep the EXP you have 

start with full health.

Roshi's island

Talk to Roshi. He'll mention he's missing a few Magazines. Find them on the 

island. There is one By Gohan, Upper left of the island, and inside the house.

Now return to Roshi and get the 2 Senzu beans and Herb, And then he'll throw in 

350 Exp. Once you complete the Quest Raditz will appear and take Goku's son. 

Goku will then call forth Nimbus and Ride back home.

Home area 

Now that your home. Save. Here there are Snakes, Squirrels, BlueDogs, and 

Crabs. Go to a pond and you'll see Crabs. Beat them and STTB. Do so till level 

6. Then you should be able to survive a few bites from the BlueDogs. Then if you

like explore the area. If you fallow the path from the house. You'll find the exit 

of this area. If you go up to the Upper right side. Past a BlueDog you'll head 

to a dead end. There is something on the ground that is blocking your path.

Its a Senzu Bean! There are a few of theses hidden in the game. And Just like the 

trick. you can get the same item over and over. But only up to 3 senzu. Gets some 

for the battles ahead.


Here there are BlueDogs, Snakes, And a Fat Dinosaur. Now visit the Pterodactyl 

and you'll need to find a egg. Its at the top Right part of the map. Past the 

waterfall. But first there is a rock next to the mound that the nest is on. So go 

around the Mound to get to the rock. Its a bit tricky but its possible. Then there

is another rock at hidden clearing near the entrance. If you fallow the Left tree 

till there is a small brake just large enough for Goku to walkthrew. Fallow it threw 

you find the rock. If you take the path up the forest you'll run it to Chiaotzu and 

Each will give 500 exp points. Now after you get the third Rock that is farther 
right from 

Tein and Chiaotzu. Now get the egg that is just a bit farther right. That 
pterodactyl is 

worth 300 exp but is kinda hard to get away from. Now that you got the needed quest 

Go back to the nesting Pterodactyl and give the egg to her and get 350 exp. Then 
take the 

left path and go to up and you see a camp site. There is three dark holes in the 

Walk up to them and place the stones in the water and then talk to the man. You'll 

herbs and 350 exp. AND a speed increase. Use the charge pod And head straight down 
and you'll 

see a Fat Dinosaur. Take a left and exit. Now if you think your ready for an even 

place to Level up. Now save and then Re-enter the Forest and Fight the Fat Dinosaur 

600 exp a killing. 

Forest Village

You'll find a Pterodactyl, Bluedog, Snake, and squirrel.

As you enter the Forest village. Head straight up to the Tree house. Talk to the 

old guy and leave. Kill the Bluedog and cross the Cliff and kill the others waiting

for you. Then go up and save the cat. Then head back to the old guys house. 

Talk to the old guy and return the cat. Leave and Explore till you find the Pod 

Then head back to the entrance and cross the cliff and Kill everything. Get the girl 

and head to where you found the Pterodactyl. Cross the cliff near there, over the

trees and get the Flowers. Then Go back over the trees and head down to the Yamcha 

Puar. Get 500 exp from each. Return the girl to the Second house. Talk to the guy 

and get 500  exp. Leave and head to the right side of the house. There will be a kid 

waiting  for flowers to give to Sue for 400 exp. Then get a Pod again and head to 

the pond between the houses and Get the boat. Then give it to the kid near the pond 

and get 200.  Then head back to the old guys house and talk to him. Then you may 

threw the skull if you like. But save before you do. As you walk toward the skull 

get a new move. Solar Flare. It freezes the enemies.

Crash Site

Here is piccolo waiting for you. Talk with him then Talk to Raditx. Watch out. 

He like to sneek in a attack as the message ends. Don't count on Piccolo to help.

Make sure to pick up the pods to help charge away from him. I took him out 

from just long range Ki blasts at level 6. 

Death scene.

Alas. We knew death would take hold of Goku. Welcome to the Afterlife. Enjoy the 

After talking for a bit with the giant. You'll need to talk with Kami. He'll tell 

that you need to cross the Snake Way to reach King Kai.

Snake way

Once here you'll need to be careful since if you touch the edge of the Snake 

you'll get hurt. And you may meet a nasty Snake Queen across the way. But 

killing them give 3500 exp. After you've taken her out and continued onward. 

You can't STTB the Snake Queen. So Move on. Soon You'll be come dizzy and fall.


Here you'll see Floating Clouds. These HURT! but are worth 1000 exp. If you go

to your right. You'll run in to a red devil. He'll challenge you to a game of hide

and seek. Just move on for now. You should explore and find Floating cloud that 
isn't moving. 

That is the lost soul. You Need it. So then make your way threw the maze and you 

run in to a Blue Devil. He is protecting King Yamma's fruit. If you help out his 
friend at 

the fitness center he'll let you up stairs. If you go down and to the left, up, then 
pick up 

the pod and fly down the cliff. And give the floating cloud to the Blue devil next 
to the Fitness 

center and get 500 exp. Tho there are 3 souls in all. Now go Right an up and 
explore. You will 

find a second soul at the top left. Get another 500 exp for the soul at the fitness 
center. Get 

the third one near the middle right side of the map. Get the last 500 exp for the 
last soul. 

Before you walk to the blue Devil, Fly back up the cliff and fallow the path behind 
the Gym to a 

SENZU BEAN! And before we leave. You may want to level up here since each Cloud is 
worth 1000 

exp. And you can use Solar Flare to freeze them. You may be only level 8-10 so they 
are a 

little tiresome. But Now is the time to level up. There are 14-15 Floating clouds in 
the level. 

the Cost of Level 12 is nearly 55000 exp. But Level 13 and 14 is only cost nearly 
40000 exp each.

I only Suggest leveling up now because Later your going to have a hard time leveling 
up with 

BlueDogs or Fat Dinosaurs. Then you'll be facing VERY Strong aliens. And im not just 

about Saiyans. So level 14-15 is good enough.

Now its time to climb the stairs near the blue devil. Near the tree is a apple pick 
it up. 

The Red devil will appear. And poof.

Snake wall

Don't mess with the Evil ones down below or you'll end up starting at the beginning 
of the 

SnakeWay. But this time there are Powered Pods. These fill your Flight meter by 20 
and they 

are everywhere. Time to warp to King Kai's place.

King Kai's Palace

Okay so it ain't the palace but still. I wouldn't mind having a home like his. Time 
to talk 

to The legendary King Kai. He will instruct you to chase Bubbles. Easier done then 

just gotta find him. Done. Trick is to change back to walking mode as you have him 
close enough 

to smell his B.O.! Next test is to hit Gregory on the head with this heavy mallet. 
Do it just 

like the last test. Now you'll get a new move AND 1500 exp. Kama Hama Ha!

OH Yeah. Time to return for the main event.

Kami's Look out

Here live Kami and Mr.Popo. Talk to Kami and Popo then Head to the upper left of the 
palace and

you'll find a old friend. He'll give you Senzu beans.


Here there are squirrels, bluedogs, and Fat Dinosaur. There is a kid that is on a 
ledge on the 

upper left side of the map. Get him then head down.


Well drop the kid off at the second row of houses and get a capsule in return. Then 
head to the 

bank and Fight the bank robbers and get 1500 exp. Now head back up to the entrance 
and give the 

prof. the capsule and you'll get 1500. Then behind the Bank. There is a grove of 
bushes. Clear 

them out. You'll find a capsule. On the upper Right corner there is a Senzu bean 
under a planter

that looks like a head. Now head down and exit down the road.

Army Base

Head in to the base. Oh King Kai has a bad habit of repeating himself no? nothing 
here so keep 

going. I have found nothing here yet.

Battle field

Talk to Gohan and Krillin. Then talk to Nappa. Just use Solar Flare and take your 
time. You'll 

beat him soon and win 20000. Vegeta is a deferent matter tho. But with herbs and 

everywhere. Its not too hard. And if you time it right. You can use the Solar flare 
to get close 

enough and be able to get away in the same go. Beat him and get 30000 exp.

Uh oh.... hum.... I thought Gohan lost his tail a few episodes ago..... hum... And 
we skip even 

more episodes. I mean a Mini-game styled like Training would of been nice. Now we 
are on Planet

Namek. After All the fighting over the Dragon Balls and Planet Namek is a state of 

Namek Ruined Village

Hum... Green... Too green... Something is wrong. Talk with the Namek and then find 
the tree 

sprouts. Make sure to check all the houses and talk to everyone. You'll find Frieza 

Who are a Pain to kill even at level 14 and NamekPterodactyl and NamekFat Dinosaurs 
who are 

just annoying when they target you. That is why you should of leveled up in Hell.

The enemy is alive again. Just find 3 trees and plant them to get 7000. The trees 
are greener 

then the normal ones. Planting one or two is kinda hard. Try planting them while 
facing left 

or right or up or down. Some have sent in emails asking for help on this subject. 

Kill as many Frieza Fiends as you can to level up. Each is worth 10000 exp. you'd 
level up with

in little time.

Outside Ancient Ruins

This place is full of Frieza's Fiends and a few NamekPterodactyl and NamekFat 

The top right corner of the map you'll find the Blue artifact and  Near it under a 
stone there

is a Senzu bean. the center top you'll find a Red artifact. This third Artifact was 
a hard one.

but you will find it INSIDE the ruins.

Ancient Ruins

This is a maze uses color coded teleport blocks. Step on white block in front of the 
Namek statue

holding the First Dragonball. Go all the way to the Right wall then up. Soon on the 
left side of

the Screen you'll see a Statue of a Hand pointing in to the wall. Search the wall 
for a hidden 

entrance. There is the third Artifact. Now there are other hidden areas. But nothing 

importance. Then pass the Yellow stone and step on the green. Then find a orange. 
Find a Yellow. 

Find a white. Find a white. And then put the artifacts in their place. You'll get 
30000 exp.

And then there's anew exit to the left. Then head up and your out.

Behind the Ancient ruins

You'll run in to Krillin, Gohan, and Vegeta AND the Ginyu Squad. You'll have to 
fight them.

Well leveling up should of been easy if you killed all that came your way and save 
at every 

turn. So these guys should offer little challenge. Beat the Recoome and get 40000 

Head up till you find a Burter. This one has a real punch. Beat him an get 70000. 

Next one is in the upper left mountain. Beat Jiece and get 70000. Return to your 
friends but

watch out. The captain Ginyu wants to take a crack at fighting you. Beat him and get 

90000.... all this EXP an't helping if your at level 25 :o)

Swamp area near Frieza's ship.

I hope your at a level of 20 or more because This is place is a Flying only zone. 
Just work 

your way to the right. You'll find a opening between two mountains.

Area Next to Frieza's ship.

Just fly in to the center of the ship.

In the Frieza's ship

Here you meet up with your friends again. Save and if you like you can exit to fight 
for EXP or

head on to battle Frieza. If so go to the Door above Vegeta. To find Frieza. 
Continue Right and 

enter the chamber.

Hum.. Missed the Near-death of Vegeta. Would of like to see that....

Well explore till you find Frieza. Careful. He's tough any way you look at him. so 
just shoot 

him to kingdom come! Oops.. We've just encourd the wrath of Frieza's 
Transformation... So lets 

Freeze him and then attack him.... Oh no... He's transformed in to another stage of 

Best heal your self and then Take on this next form. Oh Crap. He's Evolved Once 
again in to 

his Final form.... Death scene of Krillin. This act sends Goku in to a fit of Rage 
which turns

Goku in to a SUPER SAIYAN! You best Get in gear for the BATTLE OF THE UNIVERSE!

Just watch the Nice movie and the game is over.


4. Monster Listing 


This section is for monster listing.

Monster name/Location/Exp




Pterodactyl/Forest-Forest village/300

Fat Dinosaur/Forest-Snowy forest/600

Floating Clouds/Hell/1000

Frieza Fiend/Namek ruin Village/10000

NamekPterodactyl/Namek Ruin Village/2000

NamekFat Dinosaur/Namek Ruin Village/4000

Not many monsters but hey. This is only the first of many Dragon ball games due to 

the states. Even Final fantasy one had only a few monsters and many of them were Re-

of the original monsters.


5. Item Listing


This section is for items. Herbs can be found almost everywhere. Senzu Beans are 

in almost every level. I've listed the ones I found.

Item/What it does

Herb/heals one 1/4 of your health.

Senzu Bean/ fully heals your health.


6. Credits


This has been Written by Evil Saiyan. And Hosted By 

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