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James Bond 007 in Agent Under Fire
Walkthrough by AgentTad v1.0
(Based on the Nintendo GameCube version)
Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Version Info.
III. Gadgets
IV. Weapons
V. Walkthrough
  1. Trouble in Paradise
  2. Precious Cargo
  3. Dangerous Pursuit
  4. Bad Diplomacy
  5. Cold Reception
  6. Night of the Jackal
  7. Streets of Bucharest
  8. Fire and Water
  9. Forbidden Depths
  10. Poseidon
  11. Mediterranean Crisis
  12. Evil Summit
VI. Gold Rewards
VII. Multiplayer
  A. Modes
  B. Levels
  C. Confusing Options
  D. Powerups
  E. Modifiers
VIII. Frequently Asked Questions
IX. Legal Stuff
X. Future Updates and FAQs
I. Introduction
Welcome to my walkthrough, where all questions are answered! (No, weirdo, only for 
the game.) This walkthrough guides you through the entire game and gives an 
explanation of almost everything else!
Anyway, Bond is back, making his debut on the Nintendo GameCube as the first first-
person shooter for the GCN. EA Games made a nice comeback from TWINE on the N64 
with this great game, and they made it with a whole new storyline. (I think that 
made it better since games based on movies usually are screwed up because of all 
the talking in movies.) And, to make up for the absence of the original Bond theme 
on TWINE, EA put a whole lot of it in this one. (Hmmm...good or bad thing? - That 
is the question...)
II. Version Information
v0.1 Walkthrough down to Precious Cargo.
V0.2 Updated e-mail address.
v0.5 Walkthrough down to Fire & Water, Gadgets completed except driving ones, Gold 
Rewards completed, and FAQ started (no questions yet).
v0.6 Updated Table of Contents, added Legal Stuff, and changed the intro.
v0.65 Added 1 FAQ question.
v0.7 Finished Fire & Water, driving gadgets completed, and multiplayer section 
v0.8 Finished Forbidden Depths and Poseidon.
v0.85 Added another FAQ question.
v0.9 Added another FAQ question.
v1.0 Finished all but Weapons.
III. Gadgets
IMPORTANT: All buttons referred to in this FAQ are the default ones.

1. Q-Laser
If you haven't yet figured it out, all of Bond's gadgets are part of his cell 
phone, which is kind of funny... Anyway, this gadget is pretty cool. When you see a 
silver lock with a glowing red square on it, which are basically the only locks in 
the game, whip this gadget out, aim it at the lock, and hold B. After a moment, the 
lock will break off and the door it was locking opens up either automatically or 
when you press A. Pretty neat, huh?

2. Q-Claw
This handy little feature of your cell phone can let you reach places either high 
up or far away. When you see a silver grate with yellow outlining, aim this gadget 
at it and press B. A claw will shoot out and grasp the grate, flying you up, (or 
over), there.
Keep in mind: In multiplayer, this can be used on any wall and you can have a 
weapon out at the same time.

3. Q-Jet
This gadget is used basically the same in multiplayer and single-player. To use it, 
get it out and press B. It will shoot you straight up a distance for a short time. 
To refill the fuel and use it again, you have to find a re-fueling station. NOTE: 
In multiplayer, it automatically re-fuels after a little bit, so make sure you let 
go of B right after you launch!

4. Q-Remote
IN SINGLE-PLAYER: This gadget is used to download information and programs from 
computers. To use it, get it out and aim it toward the green pulsating circles. 
(The red ones are inactive and are usually activated by using the Q-Remote on 
another related console, for example, downloading the crane program enables you to 
use the remote on cranes to move them.)
IN MULTIPLAYER: The Q-Remote is used to detonate Detonation Mines that are placed 
in the arena.

5. Q-Specs
These glasses are x-ray glasses. To use them, select it and press B. (You can use 
weapons while you have these on.) Press B again to take them off. Remember, they do 
have a battery supply shown by the amount of space lit up in the lenses in the icon 
in the bottom-right corner.

6. Q-Camera
As with the Q-Specs, you can have a weapon out and be using this at the same time. 
To use it, just select it and press B while looking at the thing you want to take a 
picture of. Simple enough, right?

NOTE: The following gadgets are available only on the driving levels (Dangerous 
Pursuit and Streets of Bucharest).

7. Q-Smoke
Get this out and press A to disable any enemy car behind you that drives into the 
smoke. (It doesn't destroy them, though.)

8. Q-Slicks
Almost the same as the Q-Smoke, this gadget spits out some slick 
liquid-like stuff that disables any car that drives on it (including yours, hehe).

9. Q-Booster
This handy little gadget gives you a boost, (wow, no surprise there), for a short 
period of time. This is good for quickly catching up or ramping off of something. 
(Hint, hint.)

10. Q-Pulse
This one is used for stopping the van on Dangerous Pursuit. It charges up for a 
short time, then emits an electromagnetic pulse that stops a moving vehicle with a 
small range.
IV. Weapons
Maybe later...
V. Walkthrough
A couple of "What does this mean?!" notes:
1. When it says "Bond Move", the previous action is the Bond Move, not the next one.
2. All buttons referred to in this walkthrough are the default buttons.
3. I wrote this walkthrough based on Agent difficulty.
Also, please e-mail me if you find any false information, grammatical errors, or 
anything you disagree about.

1. Trouble in Paradise
Level Type:  First-Person Shooter
Bond Moves:  7
007 Tokens:  4
Suggested Time:  5 minutes
Gold Target:  50,000
Gold Reward:  Golden Gun (Single Player Only)
Platnium Target:  50,000 + 007 Tokens
Platnium Reward:  MP Map - Rocket Manor
My High Score:  192,060
Level Hints:  This one's pretty easy since it shows you almost everything even if 
you do it on 00 Agent.
At the start, after it automatically gets out the Q-Decryptor for you, use it on 
the door. (Bond Move 1) But instead of going inside, get out the Q-Claw and use it 
to get to the roof. (Bond Move 2) Turn to your right and continue along the 
walkway, grabbing the first 007 Token right before dropping down into the 
ventilation shaft. Drop down into the room with the guard at the computer and punch 
him. Grab his ammo and Armory Keycard and use the Q-Decryptor on the door in front 
of the computer. (Bond Move 3) Go across the hall, passing a door on the left and 
security camera on the right, and open the door labeled "Armory" with the Armory 
Keycard. (Bond Move 4) Grab the 4 Grenades and MRL-22. Backtrack past the computer 
and take the elevator on your right. (Checkpoint) After that, let the guard run 
like a coward behind the desk and duck behind some crates. Then shoot the explosive 
barrel behind him to kill him and save a little ammo. Grab the 2nd 007 Token in the 
back of the room in plain view, then continue to the right of the computer and cut 
the lock on the gate with the Q-Laser. (Bond Move 5) Go through the long hallway 
and turn right. After Bond says, "Hmm, fireworks," shoot the barrel on the back of 
the forklift. (Bond Move 6) Collect the guards' ammo and go into the next hallway. 
Shoot the rope holding up the crate to kill the guard. (Bond Move 7) Collect his 
ammo and the armor and kill the next 4 guards. Grab their ammo and run through the 
next hallway. (Checkpoint) In the cultivation area, first kill the grenade-bearing 
guard in the far right corner, then kill the other 5 guards and get their ammo 
(including P2K ammo and a Frinesi). Then grab the 3rd 007 Token on the left wall. 
Run into the next hallway and turn left. Kill the guard and grab his Frinesi ammo. 
Turn around and get the suitcase of vials. Then open the door and walk inside. 
(Checkpoint) Walk up the stairs and get the last 007 Token to the left of the 
walkway. Continue on the walkway and watch the cutscene of Bloch and Zoe. Kill the 
guard with the sniper rifle and get his ammo. Continue in that general direction 
and go down the stairs on the far side of the area, then go down the elevator. Run 
through the long passage killing 9 guards, including one with grenades, using 
mostly the explosive barrels for ammo conservation, collecting their ammo, and 
collecting the armors. At the end where the closed elevator is, turn right and run 
onto the submarine. Cut the lock on Zoe's chains to get an ending cutscene.

2. Precious Cargo
Level Type:  Rail-Shooter
Bond Moves:  13
007 Tokens:  6
Suggested Time:  5:00
Gold Target:  50,000
Gold Reward:  Golden CH-6
Platnium Target:  50,000 + 007 Tokens
PLATMIUM REWARD: MP Game Mode - Golden Gun
My High Score:  220,506
Level Hints:  Do everything very quickly since one thing doesn't wait to come after 
In the first helicopter, shoot the sniper inside before destroying the helicopter. 
(Bond Move 1) Straight ahead, just destroy that helicopter. Then, behind you, shoot 
any tire of the car (Bond Move 2) and destroy it. Do the same with the van up 
ahead. (Bond Move 3) Then, the first street on your right spits out a car and you 
do the same thing with that. (Bond Move 4) Then you pass one street on the right 
and do the same yet again with the car that comes out the next street. (Bond Move 
5) Now, quickly turn around to face forward and get out the rocket launcher. 
Destroy both cars in the blockade (one shot each) for the 1st 007 Token. Either 
ignore or shoot the lone guy around the corner. Well, on second thought, leave him 
alone. With killing all the other guys, you can let at least one guy live, right? 
Anyway, at the surrounding, shoot the explosive barrels in front of you, on the 
left, then on the right in that order (Bond Move 6) using either the Shotgun or 
KA57S. Then, after emerging from the tunnel on the right, quickly shoot the 
helicopter in front of you (it only takes a shot or two) for the 2nd 007 Token. You 
can guess what you're going to do with the car following you. Yep, that's right. 
Shoot it's tires (Bond Move 7) and destroy it. Now, this next following car is a 
little different. Ignore it for now after taking a left turn, and shoot the lone 
soldier on the corner for the 3rd 007 Token. Now you can blow the tires (Bond Move 
8) and destroy that bothersome car behind you. After a bit of driving, you come to 
a blockade at a gas station. No! Wait! Don't shoot the gas station just yet! First, 
kill the guy shooting at you inside the helicopter (Bond Move 9) and whip out the 
rocket launcher. Blast the chopper, then the gas station, (Bond Move 10) then the 
two cars. Quickly get out the KA57S and shoot all 3 guys, (2 on the ground and one 
on the first floor), for the 4th 007 Token past the station. When you stop inside 
the factory, do these things IN ORDER: Kill the guy on the catwalk ahead of you, 
shoot the barrels on the catwalk to the left (Bond Move 11), get out the rocket 
launcher and shoot the large pipe things behind you and to the left, shoot the same 
looking pipe thing in front of you and to the left for the 5th 007 Token, and be 
happy that you followed my instructions correctly. Get out the KA57S, shoot the two 
men on the ground, then kill the two rocket launcher guys on the catwalk ahead of 
you. (Bond Move 12) Quickly turn to the right and shoot the last three fans to get 
the 6th and final 007 Token. When you come to a stop in the next room, shoot the 
explosive barrel directly to your right. (Bond Move 13) Then kill the guy next to 
the boxes to the right, the guy at the entrance, the guy near the exit, and the guy 
on the catwalk behind the forklift. Then shoot the flashing red console to move the 
green thing over the other thing. (Sorry, folks, that's as specific as I 
get...hehe) Now shoot the red thing holding the green thing. (Now's your chance to 
self-check for color-blindness.) And that's all, folks! On to the first driving 

3. Dangerous Pursuit
Level Type:  Driving Shooter
Bond Moves:  5
007 Tokens:  5
Suggested Time:  2 min. 30 sec.
Gold Target:  70,000
Gold Reward:  Unlimited Missiles
Platnium Target:  70,000 + 007 Tokens
Platnium Reward:  MP Model - Stealth Bond
My High Score:  191,872
Level Hints:  Listen to me.
Turn around and drive backwards to get the 1st 007 Token. Go back to the start and 
continue on, grab the Q-Smoke, and then blast the barrels on the left with a 
rocket. (Bond Move 1) If you wanted to, you could wait and get the rockets that the 
bad guy drops. Anyway, keep going and destroy the crate in the middle of the road 
for the 2nd 007 Token. In the tunnel, shoot the explosive barrel on the ground to 
kill those two rocket launcher guys. (Bond Move 2) Hug the leftmost road and turn 
left onto a sort of "driveway" after two forks in the road. Go into the tunnel in 
the middle of the building to get the 3rd 007 Token. Go back on the road and head 
in the general direction you were going before. To your right before a fork in the 
road should be a gas station. Blow it up (Bond Move 3) and grab the 4th 007 Token 
in the back of it. Head straight out of the gas station toward the Q-Booster and go 
beyond that, again hugging the left road. Not a long distance away on the left wall 
should be the 5th 007 Token. Keep going beyond that on the leftmost road until you 
find the van and start chasing it.
1. Get rid of the enemy cars as quickly as possible. They can hurt you 
2. Use the Q-Smoke on the cars behind you (Bond Move 4) to get them off your tail.
3. Armor Locations: In gas station on the left.
In the subway.
In the secret path after the subway where you break through the front glass of a 
motel-looking building.
4. DON'T HURT THE VAN! If you hurt it enough, it's ka-BOOM for the van and MISSION 
FAILED for you.
5. Make sure you give sufficient charge-up time for the Q-Pulse and make sure 
you're pretty close. Plus, make sure you hit it the first time. (Bond Move 5)

4. Bad Diplomacy
Level Type:  First-Person Shooter
Bond Moves:  7
007 Tokens:  4
Suggested Time:  3 min. 30 sec.
Gold Target:  70,000
Gold Reward:  Golden Accuracy
Platnium Target:  70,000 + 007 Tokens
Platnium Reward:  MP Powerup - Gravity Boots
My High Score:  195,594
Level Hints:  Stealth is the key; although it may seem necessary, you don't really 
have to be that secretive since there aren't many guards and it takes only one dart 
to drop them.
Yes, I know, it's kind of stupid for them to show a 007 Token in the opening 
cutscene, but you can't get it just yet. First, drop the guard in front of you and 
continue through the door behind him. Walk around the corner, past the elevator and 
drop the next guard. Go past that guard and into the next room to get some darts 
and the 1st 007 Token. Go back to the elevator and ride it up. Go out of the 
elevator when it stops and kill the guard around the corner (although it's not 
really killing since it's a dart gun. I just got tired of saying "drop".) Go past 
him and collect the 2nd 007 Token - the one you saw in the cutscene. Now go back to 
the elevator and go past it. In the next room, go down the center of the room 
jumping over the boxes of wine bottles. Then open the door and kill both guards 
(the one in front of the door and the one at the end of the hall). To get rid of 
the trip laser, use the Q-Specs to find a hidden panel. Cut the wires inside with 
the Q-Laser to disable the trip laser. (Bond Move 1) In the next hall, shoot the 
guard outside the second window on your left, then keep going down the hall. Do the 
same thing with the next trip laser, (Bond Move 2), then equip the Q-Specs again at 
the end of the hall. There should be a hidden door on the left wall that contains 
some Armor, some Darts, and the 3rd 007 Token. (Bond Move 3) Now, head out the 
window that the guard was in, turn around, then look up. Use the Q-Claw to get to 
the next floor (Bond Move 4) and head inside the window on the left. Ignore the 
computer for now, and go inside the first door on your right to see a cutscene of 
the later-identified Adrian Malprave, (who's the big brains of the operation you're 
trying to stop), and of you picking up a keycard. (Bond Move 5) (FUN FACT: The fact 
that Bond sees Malprave here actually messes up a later mission for him, but that 
doesn't really matter to you since you can't do anything about it.) Continue 
straight down the hall and into the door on your left to collect some darts. Now go 
in the other door and watch yet another cutscene with Griffin #1 and Griffin #2. 
When it's over, shoot Griffin #1, (or Griffin #2, I'm not sure which is which), 
twice to kill him and get a Passcode Generator. (Bond Move 6) Now go back to the 
computer and press A on it. Now go back to the room with Griffin #1 and #2 and 
continue through the door. Drop the guard and get the 4th 007 Token behind the 
glass cases. Continue through the hall until you come to another trip laser. Shoot 
the guard behind it, find the secret panel with the Q-Specs, and disable the laser. 
(Bond Move 7) Quickly kill the guard past the elevator, then take the elevator 
down. Exit to the left and go through the door. Go toward the rope you used to 
sneak in, drop the guard that comes from the door, then complete the mission by 
walking out that door.

5. Cold Reception
Level Type:  First-Person Shooter
Bond Moves:  8
007 Tokens:  7
Suggested Time:  6 minutes
Gold Target:  90,000
Gold Reward:  Golden Clip
Platnium Target:  90,000 + 007 Tokens
Platnium Reward:  MP Model - Guard
My High Score:  183,222
Level Hints:  This one's pretty straightforward, and don't worry too much about the 
time unless you're doing it on 00 Agent (which I've never done but could do it any 
day of the week including days that aren't in the week).
After the cutscene with the hotties, turn around and walk up to the desk on the far 
left (from the point of view of looking at the desks with the large glass picture 
behind them). Push the button to open the corresponding door. Kill the guard next 
to the alarm first, then the other guard. Grab the KS7 and the Frinesi and get the 
1st 007 Token and some armor in the room the guards came from. Head back and press 
the button on the middle desk. Do the same here: kill the guard at the alarm first. 
Grab their Frinesi and KS7 ammo and go back to the desks. Press the last button on 
the last desk and head into the newly opened door. Down the hallway, use your Q-
Laser to cut the lock and get into the duct. (Bond Move 1) Kill the guard outside 
the first vent on your right, but don't open it. Continue through the duct and 
shoot both guards through the vent at the end of the duct. Don't worry, they won't 
see you and turn on the alarm as long as the gate is closed. Now, cut the lock and 
go out of the vent. Go through the door on the right and pick up a Defender. Get 
out the Q-Camera and take a picture of the blueprints on the table thing. Now go 
back to the room with the circular table and pick up 2 KS7 ammos from the guys you 
killed. Continue through the level by cutting the lock on the duct with the 2nd 007 
Token inside. Exit through the end of the duct, turn right, kill the guard, and 
grab his KS7 ammo. Take a picture of the other thing on the white thing then head 
back the way you came, only walking past the duct and toward an elevator. To the 
right in front of the elevator, kill the guard, get his Defender, and grab the 
keycard on the bookshelf. (Bond Move 2) Now go ride the elevator down to the next 
area. Blast the guard and grab his KS7 ammo. Now grab the armor, go down the 
stairs, and go through the door. Head into the big room and go down the right side 
of the green walls, killing a guard and grabbing his KS7 ammo. Now go around and 
kill the guard on the other side and grab his ammo, also KS7. Head up the stairs 
next to the last guard and photograph the model of the white building. (Bond Move 
3) Then grab the 3 Grenades in the box and head back to the entrance. Kill the 2 
new Frinesi-bearing guards and grab the 3rd 007 Token. Now, disable the data port 
alarms by pressing A on the keycard switch thing across from the 007 Token. (Bond 
Move 4) Now turn around, and on the back of the 2nd green wall from the left is a 
data port. Use the Q-Decryptor on this. Then use this gadget on the other two data 
ports also on the green walls. When you finish that, go in the door directly 
opposite the entrance. Go through this hallway, through another door, and press A 
on the button to go down the elevator. (Checkpoint) At the bottom, go through the 
hallway and stop at the door. Look up and Q-Claw your way up to the ventilation 
duct. Using the P2K/Golden Gun, kill as many guards as you can from the ducts. 
(There are 5 total guards in that area.) At the end of the first duct, don't shoot 
the barrels below and Q-Claw your way to the next duct. Kill as many more as you 
can, (or maybe even the rest of them), grab the 4th 007 Token, and drop down. Grab 
the guards' ammo, (all KS7), the armor near the entrance, and the 5th 007 Token 
behind some explosive barrels next to the big square hole in the floor. Go over 
near the blast doors and grab the armor behind the barrels if you need it. Now, Q-
Claw up to the duct back near the big square hole. (Bond Move 5) Go down the left 
duct and shoot the Frinesi guard below at the end of the duct. Drop down and use 
the Q-Remote on the pulsating green circles to obtain a program to open up your 
exit. (Bond Move 6) In the next big area, (which contains a total of 4 KS7 guards, 
2 KA57, and 1 Defender), peer into it and shoot the wheel on the big thing ahead of 
you and a little to the left to kill that guard. (Bond Move 7) Now stay where you 
are and shoot the barrels to the left and to the right down below. Then run down 
the first few steps and stop at the end of the walk before it turns and goes down 
and shoot the explosive barrels right in front of you. Turn around and drop the guy 
on the walk above you before running all the way down onto the ground, killing any 
guards you see. Now go into the room right in front of you, killing any guards on 
the way, and grab the armor and KS7 ammo in there. Head out of the room and to the 
right and grab the 6th 007 Token behind the big thing. Now grab the armor and ammo 
in the center of the room, then head over to the large thing with the 007 Token on 
top. Run up the hill opposite the valve on it, jumping a few times to get up there. 
Aim at the pipe that holds the valve, run down the hill, and jump at just the right 
time to land on the pipe. From here, jump up and grab the 7th 007 Token. Now head 
all the way up the stairs and toward the door next to the pulsating green circles. 
Use the Q-Remote on it (Bond Move 8) to open the door. Drop the 2 super Frinesi 
guards in the next hallway and the KS7 guy in the next room. Then drop the sniper 
across the room, head into the area next to the sniper, go up the ladder, turn 
left, and press A on the hook. Level Complete!

6. Night of the Jackal
Level Type:  First-Person Shooter
Bond Moves:  8
007 Tokens:  4
Suggested Time:  7 minutes
Gold Target:  90,000
Gold Reward:  Golden Grenades
Platnium Target:  90,000 + 007 Tokens
Platnium Reward:  MP Weapon - Viper
My High Score:  114,518
Level Hints:  Just another standard level. Watch out for those bosses at the end, 
Walk forward as the bus zooms by and crashes into the gate. Go behind the plants 
and turn right. Wait for them, then kill the two guys with KA57's. Now go straight 
and to the left a little bit, kill the grenade guy, the KA57 guy, the Viper guy, 
and the sniper straight and to the left. Head toward the front gate and kill the 
guy in the middle that's throwing grenades. Then kill the other three guys. Turn 
around and go to the street directly to the left of the street with the green truck 
parked in it. On this street, the first window on the right contains the 1st 007 
Token. Get it by breaking the glass, jumping on the car from the front, then 
jumping into the window. Keep going down that street and grab the armor in the 
window on the left and the Frinesi from the window on the right. Head back the way 
you came following the street. Turn left and follow that street until it ends. At 
the end, kill the KA57 guard and go the way he came. In the next area, kill the 
KA57 guard on the left and on the right, then kill the sniper. Q-Claw to the right 
of the sniper to reach a ledge. From here, jump to where the sniper was for the SSR 
4000 (Bond Move 1) and the 2nd 007 Token. Now use the Q-Claw straight ahead to get 
back to the other ledge. Head to the right, around the corner, and into the 
doorway. (Bond Move 2) Go straight and into the door on the left. Whoah! Hey! Put 
that sniper rifle away, you bad kid! Anyway, walk toward it to enter a cutscene 
with R and something about holographic technology and an ordinary-looking business 
card. Walk through the newly opened hallway and Q-Claw across (Bond Move 3) at the 
balcony. Walk to the left, drop down, turn around, walk up the stairs and go 
through the door. (Checkpoint) Grab the armor, run up the stairs, go through the 
door, and laugh as a screaming lady runs out of the room in front of you, then kill 
the guard that runs after her and grab his KA57 ammo. Run towards the screaming 
woman, turn right and drop the Ingalls guy. Go in the room behind you to get the 
3rd 007 Token. Run back past the guy you so recently killed and drop the three 
Ingalls guys behind the glass, making sure you don't shoot the hostages. (Bond Move 
4) Jump through the glass and into the hallway straight ahead. Go through the 
hallway and kill the guy outside the second window on the right after it explodes. 
(Don't worry, the explosion doesn't hurt you.) Continue into the kitchen and kill 
the 3 Ingalls guys and the 1 KA57 guy. Quickly grab the two SSR 4000 ammos on each 
side of the room. Continue through the other door and through the hallway, past the 
broken elevator. Around the corner, drop the 2 Ingalls guys and the single KA57 
guy. In the large circular room, turn right as soon as you enter and walk to the 
wall. Turn right again and equip your Q-Specs to see a hidden passage (Bond Move 5) 
leading to an elevator. Grab the armor and head into the elevator. (Bond Move 6) 
(Checkpoint) Go out the doors and shoot both sets of explosive barrels. Grab the 
Viper and the armor and head into the next room. BOSS #1: The Jackal. For this 
boss, duck behind the crates between shots so the explosions don't hurt you. To 
kill her, use the SSR 4000 and shoot here in the head. It should take 2-3 shots in 
the first place she stands, shoot the barrels for the second place, 2-3 shots for 
the third place, and push the button on the right side of the room for the 4th spot 
to kill her. (Bond Move 7) Keep in mind the 3 Ingalls ammo throughout the room. 
After killing her, climb up the ladder, grab her FSU4 and the armor, and run out 
onto the helicopter pad through the door. BOSS #2: The Helicopter. First of all, 
grab the 4th 007 Token in the back behind some crates. Now, even though the machine 
guns, the rocket launcher, and all that good stuff looks pretty fun, it's even 
cooler to do this. Get out the SSR and aim very carefully at the pilot's head 
and... BAM! He's gone. (Bond Move 8) Wait a little bit and the helicopter will 
crash and the mission is complete!

7. Streets of Bucharest
Level Type:  Driving Shooter/Rail Shooter
Bond Moves:  9
007 Tokens:  6
Suggested Time:  10 min. 30 sec.
Gold Target:  100,000
Gold Reward:  Lotus Espirit
Platnium Target:  100,000 + 007 Tokens
Platnium Reward:  MP Model - Alpine Guard
My High Score:  172,605
Level Hints:  
Keep driving on the road you start on, blowing up one enemy and grabbing some Q-
Slicks. At the fork, head to the right and continue down. Turn left right before 
the overhang and grab the first 007 Token. Then turn right and follow the next 
enemy car. Destroy it and continue in that direction. At the "roadblock", destroy 
the two cars and head down the road behind them after grabbing the missiles. There 
should be two vans right around the corner. Blow them up and continue in that 
direction. The first time you can, turn right and head down that road passing one 
road on the right and two overhangs, and also grabbing the rockets. Continue pass a 
couple right-hand curves in the road and under another overhang. Destroy the car in 
front of you and use the Q-Slicks on the one following. (Bond Move 1) Grab the 
missiles and go straight. Destroy the other car around the curve and, after another 
2 overhangs, keep going straight. Grab the Q-Slicks and go straight through the 
glass toward the armor. Turn left in front of the train and drop, (and I mean 
literally "drop"), the helicopter. Make a u-turn and, to the left of the train, 
grab the Q-Locator. Head to the right a little between the two trains and head 
straight past the helicopter after destroying it. (Bond Move 2) Grab the 2nd 007 
Token and make a u-turn. Turn left and go toward the van. Destroy it and head 
straight past it. (This van takes only 1 missile or rocket instead of 2 for some 
reason.) Keep going past the rockets on the path in the center of the grass square 
and straight toward the next enemy car. Destroy it and pass under two overhangs 
while continuing on that road. At the road on the left, you can either destroy or 
let be the helicopter and the car. Either way, keep heading the way you were 
before, passing two more overhangs and ramping off of the broken road. (Bond Move 
3) After landing, head straight and turn left to go on a path that doesn't look 
like a road and grab the 3rd 007 Token and some armor. Head straight out of it and 
follow the van. Destroy it and keep going. At the T intersection, go under the 
overhang that's not a road and grab the Data Chip. Go out the other way making sure 
to hit the sign on the left at a high speed. (Bond Move 4) Then keep going forward 
and ramp off to jump over the road below. (Bond Move 5) (FUN TIP: Shoot a missile 
right before jumping here. It looks really cool, especially with the Lotus 
Espirit!) Make sure you hold down the acceleration as you fall off the multiple 
landings and grab the 4th 007 Token. Pass under the overhang and go straight ahead. 
Go down the path behind the Q-Booster. Get it out and go directly straight, 
ignoring the helicopter and the explosions around you. Press A right before the 
uphill ramp and watch the cutscene of the car jumping over the river and through 
the glass of some kind of army storage base. Then watch as Bond finds a tank, 
crashes through the wall, and rumbles down the street. Time or the rail-shooting 
part! (Checkpoint) As you rumble through the quiet town, shoot and destroy the two 
in front of you, then the one that follows you, then the one that appears up ahead. 
After that, shoot the barrels to the left of the van, (Bond Move 6), then shoot the 
crates if you like for a bigger explosion. Now shoot the two cars in front of you 
that somehow expect to block your path...somehow.... Then shoot and destroy the 
helicopter with either the Chain Gun or Cannon. (Bond Move 7) Then shoot the lone 
car in front of you , whip out the Cannon, and around the corner, blast the 
helicopter to make it fall on the van and the car. (Bond Move 8) On the next 
street, you can guess what to do. Yep. Shoot the gas truck to destroy both vans and 
get the 5th 007 Token. Now make sure you destroy BOTH helicopters for the last 007 
Token. After that, crash through the hotel, get the Q-Vision, and destroy a total 
of 1 car, 1 van, 1 helicopter, and 11 men. After that, shoot the barrels on the 
left of the next car and the two people. (Bond Move 9) Now kill the last guy and 
the car while the battery pack for the goggles run out. Now kill the helicopter and 
the rocket launcher guy on the left. At the end where the two tanks are under the 
train tracks, wait for an explosive red car and shoot it with the Cannon to end the 

8. Fire & Water
Level Type:  First-Person Shooter
Bond Moves:  13
007 Tokens:  8
Suggested Time:  10 minutes
Gold Target:  100,000
Gold Reward:  Rapid Fire
Platnium Target:  100,000 + 007 Tokes
Platnium Reward:  MP Weapon - Calypso
My High Score:  174,033
Level Hints:  Conserve your power! It's very easy to lose a lot of power in a very 
short time. Try to save armors for when you have more damage and try to get rid of 
those pesky guards early since in more places than 1 do more guards come after some 
have been defeated.
Head toward the ladder, climb up, and drop the first guard. Grab his Calypso and 
run up the other ladder. Kill this guard and grab his Calypso, running up the next 
ladder. Kill the guard behind the box first since he blasts you, and damages you 
substantially if you don't kill him quickly. The other guard is pretty funny; he 
stands there for a second, then says, "Turn on the alarm!", then runs over to the 
alarm, stands there for another second, and finally turns on the alarm! Obviously 
you'll have plenty of time to kill him, so take your time killing him. Run up the 
next ladder and ignore Bloch while he yaps. Drop the guard in front of you and grab 
his ammo. Run up next to the window to make Bloch run in fright. Use your Q-Remote 
on the pulsating circles (Bond Move 1) and you Q-Laser in the lock on the door. 
(Bond Move 2) Don't go out just yet, though. Using the wall for cover, kill all of 
the guys out the window, ignoring the helicopter. (There are a total of 2 FSU4 and 
2 Calypso guards.) Use the Q-Remote on the crane above outside the window to kill 
some of the guys. (Bond Move 3) (FUN FACT: See those jars on the tables that 
say "Oil Sample"? Look at them and walk around. Does anything change? Maybe, the 
lid - totally?! It looks like someone magically changes the lid over and over as 
you move around! Interesting, eh?)Now, just outside the door, blast the barrels and 
grab the 1st 007 Token. Now grab everyone’s ammo, the armor, and the grenades in 
the center of the area. Head down the staircase and quickly use the Q-Laser on the 
lock. Run through to make Bloch run away again, and use your Q-Laser again on the 
duct to your right and to the left. (Bond Move 4 & 5) Don't get the armor just yet, 
and kill the guard on the catwalk above the duct to the right. Now get out the FSU4 
and destroy the helicopter in the distance on the ground. After that, go inside the 
duct on the left. At the end, don't kill either guard or open the door yet. First 
shoot the barrels to kill both guards, then use the Q-Laser to cut the lock, get 
out, and grab the 2nd 007 Token. Now open the garage-like door and use the Q-Remote 
on both cranes. (Bond Move 6 & 7) Jump on the first box, and use the Q-Remote on 
that crane again. Now jump to the next box and use the Q-Remote on that crane to be 
able to jump over to the land. Quickly grab the armor if you need it and head up 
the ladder. Kill the Defender guy and the Calypso guy. Now use the mounted machine 
gun to kill all guards down below and one on the catwalk. Use the two sets of 
explosive barrels under the catwalks and the forklift to kill some. No go grab the 
3rd 007 Token under the crane and turn left to kill one more guard. Go in the 
central building, use the Q-Laser on the lock and grab the SSR 4000. As you grab 
the 4th 007 Token under where Bloch is, more guards will come. Kill them, and grab 
as much ammo as you can. Now head back directly to where the two ducts were, (you 
don't have to go across the crates again), and head into the one on the right. Head 
through, climb up the ladder, jump across the gaps in the catwalk, (if any), and 
press the button to open the door. (Checkpoint) Inside, refuel your Q-Jet, kill the 
two FSU4s and the one Calypso and head down the stairs. Drop the sniper that 
jeopardizes your position and grab the armor behind the large white pipes. Now kill 
the guy on the catwalk that's located above and a little to the right when facing 
directly away from the door you came in. Head in that general direction and kill 
the two Calypso guys. Facing the visible 007 Token, turn about 40° to your left and 
kill the grenade guy on that catwalk. Now kill the previously-sniper-rifle-guy-but-
now-a-Defender-guy-if-you-got-too-close on the catwalk above the Q-Jet refueling 
station in the center of the room. Grab that plainly visible 007 Token, (the 5th 
one), and climb up the ladder where the grenade guys was. Stand outside the doorway 
and use the explosive barrels to kill the Super-Thug. Then head inside and kill the 
FSU4 guy and grab their ammo. Grab the armor next to the crates. Now go into the 
room next to it and push the green button on the control panel. After that, head 
just outside the doorway and kill the two Super-Thugs on the left and right either 
with any gun you want or the grenades from the FSU4 (keep in mind they need 2 
grenades to be killed). Head forward to where the snipers were, grab their ammo and 
the armor, and then shoot the grenade-bearing guy to the right (where you first 
came in: the checkpoint). Head back and climb the ladder next to where the 5th 007 
Token was with a refueled Q-Jet. Stand facing the moving thing, wait until your 
side is down when swinging, run forward, and use the Q-Jet to blast up to the next 
floor. Now turn to left and kill the 2 FSU4 guys and the 2 Calypso guys using, (if 
you want), the forklift in the back and/or the barrels on the catwalks to the left 
and right. Now head outside and grab the 6th 007 Token to the right behind the 
barrels. From here, shoot the two guys in the catwalks high above; one's a sniper 
and the other carries an FSU4. Now go and pick up the 7th 007 Token under where the 
sniper was and the body armor if you need it. Now use he Q-Claw to go to where the 
sniper was. (Bond Move 8) Then Q-Claw to where the other guard was and ride the 
hook across to the large tower-like thing (Bond Move 9), prepared for battle. 
Making sure to use the crane with the Q-Remote, (Bond Move 10), kill the 3 FSU4 
guys and the grenade guys, grab their ammo, the 2 armors, and get ready to kill a 
couple Calypso guys. Blast them with a grenade after they come down from the 
elevator. Now take the elevator yourself up to a place where you have to blow up a 
helicopter. First, shoot all the barrels around you, grab the 8th 007 Token, and 
get out the SSR 4000. Shoot the pilot with this for a quick kill or grab the MRL-22 
and blast him to pieces. (Either way is Bond Move 11) Now head up the ladder and 
use the Q-Remote on the sniper platforms to get rid of them. Now head to the other 
side of the tower and kill the grenade guy high above. Use the Q-Claw now to get up 
to where he was (Bond Move 12), climb the ladder, and cut the lock to end the level.

9. Forbidden Depths
Level Type:  Rail-Shooter
Bond Moves:  4
007 Tokens:  4
Suggested Time:  7 min. 30 sec.
Gold Target:  110,000
Gold Reward:  Gold Armor
Platnium Target:  110,000 + 007 Tokens
Platnium Reward:  MP Modifier - Full Arsenal
My High Score:  132,086
Level Hints:  Just like Precious Cargo, you must hurry with your actions. That's 
one reason they call it a rail-shooter: you can't control whether to stop or not!
After the funny cutscene and the start of the level, kill the guy in front of you, 
getting his unneeded ammo. After a little, shoot the flashing red drone gun on the 
ceiling and put your hands in the air as you go down a hill. (Wee!) At the bottom, 
blast a fella on another thingy. Then, after the turn to the right, be prepared for 
action. Shoot BOTH guys in the red room above for the 1st 007 Token. After getting 
the ammo, shoot both drone guns ahead and get some more ammo. At your first stop, 
ignore Bloch and shoot all 5 guys. After that, a door opens in the middle. Shoot 
the last guy in there and the red flashing panel to continue. (Bond Move 1) After 
getting some armor, shoot the rocket launcher guy ahead of you as you go down a 
hill. Then shoot the drone gun, turn around, and shoot the guy behind you as you go 
down another hill. Now, as you go through many-o doors, shoot yet another guy and 
then start shooting at Bloch in a car in front of you. Keep shooting so he can't 
shoot you until you go a separate way. Then, shoot the drone gun at the top of the 
hill, shoot the guy on the right, and grab the Shotgun he drops. After that, shoot 
the guy on the right and go up yet another hill, shooting the drone gun on your way 
up. At your 2nd stop, shoot both blue screens on each side of you for a rocket 
launcher, shoot the explosive barrel on the right (Bond Move 2) and kill the rocket 
launcher guy, three other guys, and the rocket launcher guy in front of you. Now, 
shoot a series of bad guys in this order: drone gun above, rocket launcher guy on 
the right, another drone gun above, machine guy on the right, yet another infamous 
drone gun, 2 machine guys on the right, another drone gun, another rocket launcher 
guy on the left, and finally, shoot BOTH guys in the red room above for the 2nd 007 
Token. Now start shooting at Bloch yet again until the downhill. After this, shoot 
and destroy ALL 6 of his mines. (Don't worry; they're spread out through a period 
of time.) This gives you the 3rd 007 Token. After Bloch leaves, shoot all 3 fans, 
(Bond Move 3), all gates before you break through them for the 4th 007 Token, and 
shoot all 3 red panels. (Bond Move 4) In the large circular room, shoot all 3 
regular guys around the room, then shoot Bloch up on a catwalk until he leaves. 
Now, shoot all three rocket launcher guys where the regular guys were. Now use the 
RCH-1, (NOT the regular rocket launcher), look up, and shoot all 3 red flashing 
things they showed you in the cutscene where that fan stopped. These things fall 
and make the real Bloch fall into the lava at the end of the level.

10. Poseidon
Level Type:  First-Person Shooter
Bond Moves:  9
007 Tokens:  5
Suggested Time:  8 minutes
Gold Target:  120,000
Gold Reward:  Golden Bullets
Platnium Target:  120,000 + 007 Tokens
Platnium Reward:  MP Model - Cyclops Oil Guard
My High Score:  156,675
Level Hints:  To me this one seems pretty short, but your health can still drop 
like a dead fish thrown out the window of a 20-story building, so be careful and 
conserve the armor.
Yup; just like you thought: there is the 1st 007 Token inside the large grate along 
with some armor you could grab later if you need it. After that, head through the 
smaller duct (Bond Move 1), and get a nice little headshot with the Viper guy 
outside the other end. Now head out and into the door next to the crate using the Q-
Decryptor. Be prepared, because when the door opens, shoot the PS100 guy behind the 
desk. Now grab the ammo on the shelf on the right side of the room and the grenades 
on the other side of the room. Head back out and into the other door. In here, 
shoot the PS100 guy on the right, or the grenade guy on the left first if you want. 
Just kill both because they could kill you if you don't. Now, head into the weird 
blue elevator and ride it down to a room with a shark in a tank and two tubes on 
each side that open up to reveal two Super-Thugs with PS100's. Kill both, and then 
head into either door on each side of the room. Head into another door, and in the 
new room, kill the PS100 guy in the center, and each white-suited guy in the rooms 
on the left and right. Now grab all 3 PS100 ammos and the armor in the room on the 
left. Now head into the double-doors to complete objective number 1. (Checkpoint) 
In this new room, be very secretive. There are a total of 4 guards, (3 PS100's and 
a UGW), walking around the room. Try to kill as many as you can before going to the 
other side of the desk that was on your right as you came in. At the same time, use 
the Q-Remote on all 3 of the green pulsing things around the room. (Bond Moves 2, 
3, and 4) There are also 2 armors in this room. After that, 3 more guards come from 
the entrance. (2 UGW's and a PS100) Now grab the 2nd 007 Token behind the barrels 
next to the entrance. Now you can go to the elevator on the other side of the room, 
where either one or two Super-Thugs come out or have already come out. (They hold 
PS100's.) Take the elevator down and stand right outside the elevator. Do the 
following things in this order: Use the Q-Remote on the 3 pulsating circles, (Bond 
Moves 5, 6, and 7), hurriedly head down the stairs and to the left, into the room, 
jump up the stairs, turn right, turn right again into a room with a guy, kill this 
guy BEFORE he hits the button, now YOU hit the button that turns on the drone guns 
that kill the three white-suited guys down below, (Bond Move 8), turn around and 
shoot any guy that comes in after you, (there should be 3), and grab the grenades, 
verification code, and armor on the desks in that room. (Whew, big sentence) Now, 
head out that room and to the right, stand next to the doorway, and shoot the drone 
gun until it blows up. Now head over to where the white guys were and grab the ammo 
and armor in one of them. Oh yeah, grab that 3rd 007 Token too. Now you can go to 
the door next to the drone gun you destroyed. Use the Q-Decryptor to open it and 
kill the Super-Thug PS100 guy. (Checkpoint) In this new area, first kill the 
grenade guy on a platform straight and to the right. Now kill the sniper on the 
left side, and head into the closet where he was mostly aiming. Grab the 4th 007 
Token and some armor in here, wait a little, and then kill the PS100 guy that comes 
after you. Now go to where that sniper was, pick up his SSR 4000, push the button 
(Bond Move 9), and use the SSR to kill the other sniper and the 3 guys on the 
catwalk to the left of him. Now head down the stairs and kill the 3 PS100 guys, the 
2 UGW guys, and the grenade guy using the crates and explosive barrels. Before 
going up the stairs you lowered with the button, head back to where you came down 
the stairs, and under the stairs, there's some armor and a locked grate. Cut the 
lock and grab the 5th 007 Token on the other side of the grate. Go back to the 
stairs you lowered and go across them to the submarine to end the level. (FUN FACT: 
That verification code you picked up changes the ending cutscene and starts you in 
a different place on the next level.)

11.  Mediterranean Crisis
Level Type:   First-Person Shooter
Bond Moves:   13
007 Tokens:   9
Suggested Time:   
Gold Target:   130,000
Gold Reward:   Regenerative Armor
Platnium Target:   130,000 + 007 Tokens
Platnium Reward:   MP Model - Poseidon Guard
My High Score:   189,468
Level Hints:   Don't worry too much about your health - there's plenty of armor in 
the level.
Grab the 1st 007 Token and armor in front of you.  Then blast the guard in the head 
with your P2K.  Then get out your Frinesi and blast the guard inside the door.  
Continue down the stairs and head into the room marked "Brig".  Kill the P2K guy 
roaming in there, grab his ammo and the Frinesi ammo on the desk, cut the lock on 
the cell, and grab the 2nd 007 Token.  Head into the other cell that magically 
opened, cut open the grate and climb in (Bond Move 1).  Head through the duct and 
stop after getting the 3rd 007 Token at the very end.  Then head back to the duct 
outside the small room with the stationary guard and the explosive barrels.  Blast 
the guy in the head, open the grate and head out.  Pick up him ammo and the armor 
and be prepared to fight two PS100 guards and a Super Thug.  Then head out the 
doorway opposite the red hole in the floor.  Go through the door to the left of the 
stairway for another guard and some P2K ammo.  Backtrack into the briefing room for 
an MI6 update.  Then go in the doorway marked "Hangar 1".  Grab the armor and 
grenades behind the stairway, then go up the stairs.  Blast the first white-suited 
guy, then the two guys walking around outside the control room you're in.  Then 
kill the guy that comes into the control room.  Head outside for a moment and use 
the Q-Remote on the circle in the distance (the control room up and to the right) 
(Bond Move 2).  Then grab the armor behind the boxes opposite the door to the 
control room you came out of.  Head towards the other door, then stop when the lift 
comes down with the airplane on it.  Use the Q-Remote on the tail to kill the 
guard.  Then kill the 3 Super Thugs that come out of the doorway marked "Flight 
Deck".  Grab there PS100 ammo, there UGW ammo, and the armor, then head back to the 
control room.  Go into the duct on the ground and grab the 4th 007 Token.  Then 
look outside and kill the lone Defender guard walking around.  Jump out and head 
onto the deck.  Use the Grapple to the left (Bond Move 3).  Head into the room to 
the left to kill the white PS100 guy, then go back.  At the window, look outside 
and kill the 4 guards on the ground, then kill the sniper on the catwalk across the 
way.  Now go down the ladder and pass the sign that says "Flight Deck".  Look to 
the left in the next room and kill the 2 guards around the plane.  Then go to the 
far right side of the fence and cut the lock (Bond Move 4). Go straight, then go 
left.  Use the Grapple to get up there (Bond Move 5) and grab the 5th 007 Token, 
the armor, and the grenades.  Continue through the hallway and past another "Flight 
Deck" sign. (Okay, already!  We know it's the flight deck!)  Head out onto the 
catwalk where the sniper used to be and grab the 6th 007 Token to the right of yet 
another "Flight Deck" sign.  Then go back past the sign, through the hallway, and 
up the stairs.  Be careful, around the corner is a PS100 Super Thug!  Finish him, 
then head through the door behind him (Checkpoint 1).  In the next area, grab the 
armor (if you need it) and head up the stairs.  Kill the guard around the corner.  
Outside the window, quickly use the Q-Remote (Bond Move 6) because there an awful 
lot of guards down there!  Head around, up the stairs, and around the corner to 
kill another PS100 guard.  Keep going and kill the guard high above before using 
the Grapple (Bond Move 7).  Quickly get out an automatic weapon and take out the 2 
guards in the middle, the one on the left, and the one on the right.  Then grab the 
armor and SSR 4000 ammo in the room to the left and head into the room on the 
right.  Go through the door, then hide behind the boxes past the stairs.  Take 
cover, grab the 7th 007 Token and the armor, then, after a grenade explodes, 
quickly run up the stairs, guns at the ready.  After two flights of stairs, kill 
the PS100 guard and the Super Thug, then head up some more stairs, avoiding the 
sniper shots and the grenades, then quickly kill those two guys.  Then head out the 
door and quickly kill the 4 guards in there.  Then grab the SSR 4000, kill the 4 
new guys that come in, then snipe the pilot in the helicopter with the SSR 4000 
(Bond Move 8).  After that invigorating experience, cut the lock and head up the 
ladder.  Wait for a second up here and kill the PS100 guard that comes after you.  
Then, around the corner, shoot the barrels quickly to kill the guard before he 
shoots you with the mounted machine gun.  Then cut the other lock, head up that 
ladder, then kill the guard in front of you and the one to the right.  Then cut the 
lock (Bond Move 9) on the lady after she tells you stuff.  (It's not like the ears 
stay on when the eyes see what they're seeing!)  Use the Q-Remote (Bond Move 10) 
then head outside.  Then jump on the cable hook (Bond Move 11), but let go 
immediately after.  Then grab the 8th 007 Token to the left.  Cut the lock and drop 
down to push the button (Bond Move 12) in order to let Zoe get to safety while you 
blast the barrels behind the two Super Thugs.  Grab the 9th 007 Token where the 
barrels where, now head into the newly opened door and down the ladder.  Grab the 
armor and open the door.  Quickly go into the little cubicle with the green circle 
and use the Q-Remote (Bond Move 13).  Then prepare to kill the odd Super Thug 
shooting aimlessly as he comes to get you.  You'll notice that the Q-Remote thing 
took care of the sniper for you.  Now, head up the stairs and quickly get a hold of 
the machine gun and take down the helicopter.  Just keep shooting it, but remember 
that no matter what you're options are, this machine gun never allows a revert 
setting on the joystick.  It's weird, (and almost made me fail the mission!).  Wait 
a second then go down the stairs when Zoe in the jet arrives and the level should 

12. Evil Summit
Level Type:  First-Person Shooter
Bond Moves:  10
007 Tokens:  6
Suggested Time:  10:00
Gold Target:  130,000
Gold Reward:  Unlimited Ammo
Platnium Target:  130,000 + 007 Tokens
Platnium Reward:  MP Model - Carrier Guard
My High Score:  163,704
Level Hints:  Here's your classic game climax.  Be very careful and listen to me, 
since you can die very quickly on this level.  Also, save your SSR 4000 ammo and 
D17 ammo for the end.
The first thing you want to do is go into the building straight and to the right 
for cover.  There's a guard inside here, too.  Take him out, then hide in the back 
of the room so the snipers can't hit you.  Now, the best way to get away from these 
snipers is to first take the sniper rifle from the locked container (Bond Move 1) 
and take out the two on the left tower.  Now you're out of ammo, so you're going to 
have to run for it.  Head straight to the right tower and take cover as the 
elevator comes down.  (Don't worry, there's plenty of armor in this area, but don't 
use too much now.)  Take the elevator up and take out the last snipers as fast as 
you can.  The good thing is that they take out P2Ks when you get too close.  Grab 
the armor, ammo, and the 1st 007 Token behind the wall.  Now head back down and 
across to the other tower.  On your way, you may get shot at by a guard in the 
glass hallway below the passage from the towers to the building.  On the other 
tower, grab more ammo and the 2nd 007 Token, then use the Q-Remote on the green 
circles (Bond Move 2).  As soon as you do this, guards start coming out of the 
building below.  Blast as many guys as you can as you engage the cable hook (Bond 
Move 3).  Get out an automatic weapon and engage the second cable hook (Bond Move 
4).  Shoot as many guys as you can, taking cover in the building you just dropped 
into.  More and more guys will be coming out of the other building, so you can wait 
it out and kill all of them, or you can run for it.  To continue in the level, use 
the Q-Remote on the hatch and head inside (Bond Move 5).  (Checkpoint 1)  In this 
new area, get out the SSR 4000 and take out as many guys as you can.  There are 4 
down in the middle guarding 4 hostages.  If they notice you, they like to hide in 
the red and yellow corridors on the left and right.  Before you save any more world 
leaders, head into the blue corridor and go left.  Head up the stairs, then the 
ladder and grab the SSR 4000 ammo, the armor, and the 3rd 007 Token.  Go back down 
and use the Q-Remote next to the red corridor.  Then head inside and use it again 
on the door.  Grab the body armor in the green thing on the left, then go in the 
left passage.  Outside the door, jump down onto the platform on the left.  Then use 
the sniper rifle to take out the 2 guys on the platform straight and to the right 
past the rocket (Bond Move 6).  Now jump across to the ladder, climb down and grab 
the 4th 007 Token behind the ladder.  Head back up, go around to the right, and go 
back to the main room.  Use the Q-Remote on the computer next to the yellow 
corridor.  Then head down that hallway and use it again on the door.  Grab the 
armor in the green thing, then kill the three guards that you can see through the 
doorway straight ahead (Bond Move 7).  Now kill the guard that comes out of a door 
to the left.  Head into the hallway on the right and grab the 5th 007 Token.  Now 
go back to the main room and use the Q-Remote on the console next to the puke-green 
corridor then on the door in the hallway.  This time it's a little different.  
There's armor in the right hallway past the doorway if you need it.  Head out into 
the silo, and jump down to the platform on your left.  Stay here, fire once to get 
there attention, then kill the 3 guards that come down the stairs (Bond Move 8).  
Now Grapple back to where you were and head back to the main room.  Use the Q-
Remote on the thing next to the blue corridor and again on the door.  In this next 
silo, shoot the guy on the platform straight, up, and to the left in the head.  
Then head up the stairs to the right and kill another guard (Bond Move 9) and save 
the last hostage.  Head to the left of where the hostage was and go down the 
ladder.  Grab the 6th 007 Token behind the ladder, then head out the door.  Grab 
the armor and go up the elevator.  (Checkpoint 2)  Listen to Malprave's jibber-
jabber, then prepare for battle!  Get out the SSR 4000 and shoot Bloch in the head 
as much as you can, but keep moving to avoid his rockets!  (And don't go in the 
center, you'll die when he shoots a rocket to knock it down.)  If you run out of 
the sniper rifle, use the D17.  There are also 2 armors and Q-Jet refueling 
stations on opposite sides of the room.  About 2 shots in the head, then he flies 
up to the top and shoots the high platform in the middle and runs.  (What a 
coward...)  Go up the platform he just knocked down by Q-Jetting yourself up.  Then 
put yourself to about the middle of the platform, then Grapple yourself up to where 
Bloch ran (opposite the platform).  In case you're wondering, that's not a vortex, 
it's just a ventilation duct.  After you land, pick up the MRL and blast him!  
You'll get an ending cutscene showing Malprave running after you, but failing and 
burning.  Congratulations!  You beat the game!
VI. Gold Rewards
1. Golden Gun
This turns your P2K into the Golden Gun. All this does is enable any other reward 
you get. (For example, to use Golden Clip, you must have the Golden Gun since it 
doesn't work with the P2K.)

2. Golden CH-6
This turns the normal CH-6 into the Golden CH-6 which is available on Precious 
Cargo and Forbidden Depths. The Golden CH-6 is only different by the fact that it 
has unlimited ammo.

3. Unlimited Missiles
This gives you unlimited missiles for Dangerous Pursuit and Streets of Bucharest.

4. Golden Accuracy
(Submitted by Sean) This makes the enemies die faster.

5. Golden Clip
This lets you use double the usual clip/magazine for any gun you start with on that 
level except for Dangerous Pursuit and Streets of Bucharest.

6. Golden Grenades
All this does is give you some grenades at the start of each level except all 
driving shooters and rail shooters.

7. Lotus Espirit
This gives you the Lotus Espirit car that replaces the other cars on both driving 
levels. It is faster, has better handling, and just overall better. (But if looks 
over-do performance for you, you could purposely not get this reward.)

8. Rapid Fire
This lets you shoot more than 2 times faster with the Golden Gun and the Golden Gun 

9. Golden Armor
This gives you better armor to make it like you have 2 of the regular armors.

10. Golden Bullets
This makes your bullets golden and makes your guns more powerful. I think it only 
works for the Golden Gun, but I'm not sure, so e-mail me if you know.

11. Regenerative Armor
This refills your armor back to 3 spaces if it gets lower than 3.

12. Unlimited Ammo
This gives you unlimited ammo but only for the Golden Gun. With all the rewards, 
that would make the Golden Gun, in my opinion, the best gun in the game!
VII. Multiplayer
A. Modes
1. Combat Training
No explanation here. Just the basic run-around-and-shoot-everyone type of thing. 
Just choose all your settings, guns, and level, and you're good to go.

2. Protect the Flag
In this one, players run around killing each other in order to hold the flag for a 
CUMULATIVE amount of time. (Example: If it's set at 5 minutes and you hold it for 2 
minutes, lose it, get it back again, and hold it for another 3 minutes, you've 
won.) It keeps track of how much time you've held it in the bottom-left corner next 
to your health. There is also a master time limit, which, when expired, ends the 
game, (if no one has held the flag for the set time). If the game does end from the 
master time, the player with the most time wins.

3. Golden Gun (Must be unlocked)
All this is a Combat Training mode with the Golden Gun as a weapon. (?)

4. Anti-Terrorist Training
This is a combat training mode with a twist - some bombs have been planted! Set the 
game to either points or time limit - whoever has the most points is the winner. To 
defuse a bomb, hold A when standing next to it. Whenever someone defuses a bomb 
they get an extra 5 points. Beware! - The bombs do explode...

5. Top Agent
A team of 2 or 3 people must work together to take down the top agent who is 
stronger, faster, and more powerful. Once he is defeated, the one who took him down 
is the top agent.
B. Levels
1. Dungeon
This place is a two-story dungeon with some dark corners and good hiding places.

2. Town
A great place for sniping, this place is a large town with buildings to jump across 
and Q-Claw to with 3 great sniping spots (aside from the many roofs of the 

3. Wine Cellar
The Wine Cellar is a little good for sniping and hiding alike. I think only one 
story with some halls and passages.

4. Red Sector
A large area with two stories, good sniping spots, great hiding places, and some 
good places for trip mines.

5. Castle
The Castle is basically a two- or three-story ring with some opening to the large 
area in the center. A great place for snipers and hiders alike.

6. Cooling Station
A large area with many twists and turns and a few large areas for sniping. This is 
mainly a hider's and runner's type of place.

7. Abbey
Hey Goldeneye fans, look familiar? Yup. The Aztec. Almost exactly the same layout 
without the moving pillar doors. Translation for non-Goldeneye fans: No-roofed area 
with many passages and a small underground area with even more halls and passages. 
This place is great for Q-Clawing snipers and hiders. Hey! Here's a hint to 
something fun you can do in this place: "Spider-man ain't got nothing on me!"

8. Arsenal
An area with an open underground pipe system, a few two-story clearings, and many 
halls and passages. Kind of good for snipers, but mainly for hiders. Plus it's a 
great place for the Anti-Terrorist Training mode.

9. Harbor
A small area with a few open buildings you can hide in, but this place is mainly 
for snipers.

10. Blue Sector
A great large area with many halls for hiding and many two- and three-story areas 
for sniping. Also a great place for trip mines. (My personal favorite.)

11. Escort
Basically a train station. Come here with two players, wait for the train, and do 
what it says at the top of your screen for a short time. If it says to kill the 
guy, then kill the guy that comes out of the train. If it says to save him, prevent 
the other guy from shooting him.

12. Manor
Another unlockable place for two people, basically just a smaller Town without the 
C. Confusing Options
1. Yaw Sensitivity
How sensitive the left-right turning is. (How fast you turn when you tilt the 
joystick left or right. The higher the number, the faster and more you'll turn when 
you tilt the joystick let or right.)

2. Pitch Sensitivity
The same as above except it's the sensitivity of the up-and-down looking mechanism.

3. HUD Display
Whether or not it shows what weapon you're using and your ammo. (The stuff in the 
bottom-right corner.)

4. Friendly Fire
If this is ON, then you CAN hurt your teammates when you shoot them.
D. Powerups
1. Power
This increases the damage done with your weapons for a short period.

2. Shield
This decreases the damage you take.

3. Healing
This gradually increases your health for a short time.

4. Cloak
This makes you 95% invisible for a short time.

5. Bionics
This makes you faster, stronger, and more powerful, as if you were the Top Agent.

6. Armor
This gives you invincibility for a short time.

7. Gravity Boots (Must be unlocked.)
These allow you to jump higher, as if you were on the Moon, for a short time.
E. Modifiers
1. One Shot
Allows anyone to be killed in one shot.

2. Low Gravity
As if the level was the Moon...

3. Full Arsenal (Must be unlocked.)
Let's you start with all of the available weapons on the level.

4. Safe Restart
After you die, this lets you restart as far away from the other players as possible.

5. Random Weapons
This starts you with a random weapon every time you restart.

6. Persistent Weapons
This makes you stick with whatever weapon you start with.

7. Golden Bullet
This makes everyone's shots more powerful.

8. Speed
Changes how fast you run.

9. No Falling Damage
This makes it so that you are not hurt when you fall.
VIII. Frequently Asked Questions
In this section I answer frequently asked questions about Agent Under Fire asked by 
you. E-mail me at [email protected] stating your screen name and your question 
and I'll answer it by e-mailing you back and placing it in this FAQ with your name 
on it.

-Submitted by Sean-
Q. How do I beat Bloch on the 12th level (Evil Summit)?
A. After the cutscene where Malprave shows you the real Bloch, get out the D17 or 
the SSR 4000 and shoot Bloch, (try to hit his head), until he blasts off to another 
place. Continue shooting him until after he lands on the top level and shoots the 
overhang in the middle. After you get up and through the silver-like tunnel, shoot 
the floating Bloch with the rocket launcher you picked up.

-Submitted by bt mc ([email protected])-
Q. How do you get the 007 Tokens on Forbidden Depths?
A. Number one is received by successfully killing both guys in the first red room 
overhead.  To get the second, simply shoot both guys in the second red room.  For 
the third, shoot all 6 of Bloch's mines before they hit you. For the 4th and final 
one, make sure you shoot all 3 fans and all gates before you run into them.  There 
has been some conflict over this last one, so if you still can't get it, go ahead 
and e-mail me.

-Submitted by [email protected]
Q. Is there a code entry menu on Agent Under Fire?  Either there's a ton of codes I 
don't know how to use, or someone's been posting false info.
A. Sadly, no, there is not a cheat code entering thing on Agent Under Fire.  The 
thing is, the new game, Nightfire, (which I'm planning to write a walkthrough for), 
does have a code menu, and a bunch of people mistakenly posted Nightfire's codes on 
the Agent Under Fire page.  The only kind of "cheats" for Agent Under Fire are the 
Gold Rewards.
IX. Legal Stuff
I give you permission to do and don't as follows:
You MAY copy it, print it, give it, e-mail it, hand it out, put it on your website, 
eat it, like it, save it on your computer, and/or use it AS LONG AS:
You DO NOT edit it, change it in any way, say it's yours, or say it's not mine 
because it is mine and not anyone else's. (Mine, not yours, not the president's.)
The only sites allowed to post this FAQ are CheatCodes.com, GameFAQs.com, and 
GoldenSunETC.  Please email me before posting this on your site.
I would like to thank the sites above for posting my FAQ, EA, MGM, and Nintendo for 
making such a great game, Palm for making my FAQ authoring a lot easier, and you 
for reading this!
X. Future Updates and FAQs
I'll probably add the weapons section later, and anything else I can think of.  I 
also do plan on writing a walkthrough for Nightfire, Sonic Advance, Sonic Advance 
2, and maybe Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.  Any future faqs will be posted on 
GameFAQs.com, CheatCodes.com, and my website, GoldenSunETC located at 
http://goldensunetc.web.ms.  You can also email me at [email protected] if you 
need to.

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