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Survival Kids Walkthrough/FAQ
(Also called Stranded Kids in some countries) (Thanks Vincent Jung!)

*NB: I'm finished with the game and there shouldn't be anymore updates.

Author:  JK v^.~v
Email:   [email protected]
Created: 13/12/1999
Updated: 02/02/2000
Version: 2.0

2.0 (02/02/2000)
    - No major change, just some minor updates the people emailed me about.
    - I've changed my email address! Don't email me at the old address.
    - The version number skipped because today has lots of 2's!
    - And I'm not going to update this anymore as I'm finished with the game.
1.2 (22/12/1999)
    - Changed references to Techni to 'she'. Sorry!!!!!
      (I used 'he' before to save character space! Stupid me!
       Something like this could cost another Y2K bug!)
1.1 (18/12/1999)
    - Added tips for killing animals (Inventories Section).
    - Updated Endings' conditions (5,6,8) + Notes on "keeping kid alive".
    - Updated 2nd round info.
    - Just look for (NEW)!
1.0 (17/12/1999)
    - Pretty much everything up to 2nd round are included.

==================================== Intro ===================================

This is the first time I've written a Walkthrough (that's been posted).
The purpose for this Walkthrough is mainly for my own personal record.
I wrote everything I know/need in here so I could figure out the game.

I did get "inspired" by Techni to start my own walkthrough/FAQ.
That's because her FAQ didn't contain much info when I first saw it.
I only checked out how far she was in the game & the number of endings found.
By no mean have I copied anything whatsoever from anywhere else but the game.
This is original work! It took me a week to finish everything in round 1!

I know there should be a lot of people who had finished the game before me.
They would probabily have many great ideas that are not in here, too!
Well, write them down. You may end up writing a WT/FAQ like this, too!
(Not that you have to post it! I was going to write this for myself only too!)

The info in this WT should be quite accurate. Email me if there's any mistake!

Well, enjoy! (and I said this was only for me!?)

*NB: I used Mery for the game. Just change the name if you're using Ken.
     Choosing Mery/Ken wound't matter to the outcome of the game.

================================== Contents ==================================

 - Intro
 - Contents (This!)
 - Controls
 - Statistics
 - Map
 - Inventories
   - Tools
   - Items
   - Food
 - Walkthrough
 - Gems
 - Mini Games
 - Endings
 - 2nd round
 - Mise.
 - Credits

================================== Controls ==================================

UDLR   - Move
A      - Select, Look
B      - Cancel, Use equiped Tool
Start  - Menu
Select - Lock in position, use UDLR to point to desired direction

================================= Statistics =================================

L = Life   (100%) - Hit Point,   - if attacked/poisoned/dying
H = Hunger (100%) - Food Point,  + by eating food
                                 - every 15 Steps/Cuttings
                    Can be "over eaten" to 120%, so stock up in your stomach!
W = Water  (100%) - Water Point, + by drinking water or eating water food
                                 - every 10 Steps or Cuttings
F = Fatigue(  0%) - Tiredness,   + every  5 Steps or Cuttings
                                 + every 3/4 in the rain without Umbrelleaf
                                 - by rest/sleep or eating restoration food

Rest A bit:         F-10%, W- 2%, H- 2%
Rest Enough:        F-30%, W- 6%, H- 6%
Sleep:              F-100%, W-20%, H-20%, L+10%

Rest A bit:         F- 7%, W- 2%, H- 2%
Rest Enough:        F-20%, W- 6%, H- 6%
Sleep without fire: F-20%, W-20%, H-20%, L+10%
Sleep:              F-70%, W-20%, H-20%, L+10%

* When H/W=0% or F=100%, Rest/Sleep will decrease L instead. (NEW)

==================================== Map =====================================

Area Names:

Opening Beach
Jungle Zone
River of Blessings
Southeastern Beach
Mysterious Swamp
Forest of Sleep
Base of Mountain
Inviting Waterfall (Cave Behind Falls)
Northern Beach
Old Ship's Wharf
Ancient Forest
Eastern Inlet
Scorching Desert
Ancient Ruins

================================ Inventories =================================

* You can only merge up to 3 items together.
* You can only carry 12 Items at a time.
* You can only store 30 Items in the Hut and Old Ship.
* To kill a fire, use Cateen or cut and walk into it.
* The items you picked up will "regenerate" if you use/drop them.
* Press in the direction of the animal to kill animal without being hit. (NEW)


Knife      - Primary weapon and for cutting grass
FishingRod - For fishing (Flex Tree + FishingGut)
Umbrelleaf - Keeps out rain
Bow        - Use with Arrow (Flex Tree + Ivy)
Arrow      - Use with Bow (BrdFeather + Stick + PntTipRock)
Axe        - For cutting trees (Stick + Iron Chunk)
Hammer     - For breaking statues/wall (Stick + Iron Lump)

Fox Cap    - Make you feel like a fox (Kill fox with Mery in 2nd round)
Deer Cap   - Same as Fox Cap but you get it with Ken (Thanks Pants Kazooie!)



Canteen    - Keeps Water 3 times (Fill up at river) (W+50%)
Kindling   - Make fire (Stick + Tree Bark)
Torch      - Provides light in the dark (Tree Sap + Stick)

Radio      - Broken
WrkRadio   - You can hear radio broadcasts

Big Leaf   - For Fixing Hut; Build Pitfalls
Big Rock   - Used to catch fish (Mini); As hammer (River of Blessings)
Big Stick  - Used to ramp rock (Mysterious Swamp, Ancient Forest, Summit)

Lotus Leaf - For travelling across the lake to get Square Gem
Pendant    - The other kid's (Scorching Desert)
Panel      - Part of a picture (Ancient Ruins)

Palace Key - For opening Ancient Ruins (Cave Behind Falls)
Sun Key    - For opening first door (Ancient Ruins)
Moon Key   - For opening second door (Ancient Ruins)
StarKey(L) - Part of Star Key (Ancient Ruins)
StarKey(R) - Part of Star Key (Ancient Ruins)
Star Key   - For opening third door (StarKey(L) + StarKey(R))

Board      - Piece of a house... For fixing hut
BrdFeather - Kill bird
Dried Leaf - Can be burned to make smoke
FishingGut - Found on Southeastern Beach
Flex Tree  - Bendy stick
Iron Chunk - Part of an Axe (in the cave in Base of Mountain)
Iron Lump  - Part of a Hammer (blue sparkle north of Square Gem)
Ivy        - Used as rope
Match      - Wet match, can make the fire burn brighter (no effect)
PntTipRock - Pointy rock
Rock       - Small rock
Stick      - Straight stick
Lumber     - Cut speacial trees in Jungle Zone; For building raft
Tree Bark  - Flat sheet of wood
Tree Sap   - Found on big "Christmas" tree

(Accessories - useless)
Big Fan    - Make for feelings of elegance (Big Leaf + Big Stick)
Broom      - Cleaning Equipment (Dried Leaf + Stick)
BseBallSet - Play baseball with it (Rock + Stick)
Charm      - Pray to it (BrdFeather + PntTipRock)
Custom     - Nature Boy's Wear (BrdFeather + Ivy)
Flint      - Make conking sound (Rock + Rock)
Jump Rope  - You can't jump! (Stick + Ivy + Stick)
Mask       - Unwearable Mask (BrdFeather + Tree Bark)
Whip       - Impractical Whip (Stick + Ivy)


*NB: The random effect foods have different effects in different game.


Clam       - Paralyze (40 Steps) if eaten raw (H+15%)
Baked Clam - Burned Clam (H+15%, L+15%)
PresrvClam - Long lasting Baked Clam (H+20%, F-10%)(Baked Clam + Spicy Grass)
Meat       - Kill Animal (can't eat)
Baked Meat - Burned Meat (H+50%, F-20%, L+10%)
PresrvMeat - Long lasting Baked Meat (H+40%, F-10%)(Baked Meat + Spicy Grass)
Big Fish   \ Use FishingRod or
Small Fish / Big Rock in north River of Blessings (Mini 1.2) (Can't eat)
BigBkeFish - Burned Big Fish (H+40%, F-20%, L+20%)
SmBke Fish - Burned Small Fish (H+20%, L+20%)
PresrvFish - Long lasting SmBke Fish (H+30%, F-10%)(Any Fish + Spicy Grass)
Honey      - Burn Dried Leaf under Beehive (H+50%, W+10%, F-50%, L+30%)
Big Berry  - Use Monkey at BerryTree on Southeastern Beach
             (Mini 1.1) (H+30%, F-30%)
Wierdberry - Don't take Monkey & get it after landing in Northern Beach
             (Maximum LHWF?) (Thanks Kenneth Hsieh!)
Egg        - Use Monkey at EggTree in Summit (Mini 1.3) (H+20%, W+10%, F-20%)
Cooked Egg - Burn Egg (H+30%, F-20%)

(Random Effect)
Dry Grass  \ Thirsty (H+15%, W-10%)
Damp Grass - Life level recovers (H+13%, L+20%)
Thin Grass - Paralyze (40 Steps) (H+15%)
SharpGrass - Spice (H+15%)
ShortGrass / Antidote grass (H+15%)

Colormush  \ Life counter decreases (Poison) (H+15%, L-20%)
Hlw Mush   - Control goes funny (Confuse) (H+20%)
Plainmush  - Life level recovers (H+13%, L+20%)
Soft Mush  / Hunger subsides (H+20%)

Hard Fruit \ Recover thirst (H+15%, W+20%)
SlickFruit - Recovers Fatigue (H+15%, F-20%)
SweetFruit / Hunger subsides (H+20%)

Hard Berry \ Spice (H+15%)
RoundBerry - Hunger subsides (H+20%)
Soft Berry / Recovers Fatigue (H+15%, F-20%)

RottenClam - Expired Clam (H+15%, L-10%)
RottenMeat - Expired Meat (H+20%, F-20%, L-10%)
RottenFish - Expired Fish (H+30%, L-10%)
Bad Egg    - Expired Egg (H+15%, L-10%)
Bad Grass  - Expired grass (H+15%, L-10%)
Bad Mush   - Expired mush (H+15%, L-10%)
SpoilFruit - Expired fruit (H+15%, L-10%)
* Berries and Honey won't go bad.

================================ Walkthrough =================================

Story Begins:

One clear day...
A single boat cruised over the waves...
A father and his child were the only crew.
The trip was to mark the child's 10th birthday.
Adventurous Dad gave his child a knife as a present.
Dad [Take good care of it!]
Mery[Yes! Thanks, Dad!]
That night...
The waves started to swell.
A big wave suddenly struck the boat!
The boat sank without a trace...
And then...

Poke Poke Poke...
Mery[..... ... Ugh...]
Mery[Where am I...?]
Mery[Oh! It's gone...
     Wait! Where is everyone? Where's Dad?! ...
     ... What could Dad be doing...?
     Worrying about him won't help me any right now...
     Got to do what I can for myself...
     Yeah! First I'll check this place out.]


Game starts:

Stats: L=100%, H=70%, W=70%, F=50% (Won't change until you find the Hut!)

[Opening Beach]

Find Knapsack buried in the sand dune near the middle grass on the beach.
Knapsack contains:

Equip Knife to cut grass.
Cut grass on the right of the beach. Pick up Canteen.
Pick up Stick.

Look at the big rock blocking the road. You can't move yet (need Big Stick).
Look at boat wreck.
Pick up Clams, but don't eat them yet. They need to be cook.

Cut grass on the left of the beach to get going.

[Jungle Zone]

Take BrdFeather and Tree Bark.
Merge Stick and Tree Bark to make Kindling (for making fire).

Go right and up to the Hut.
Sleep for the night. (Can't do anything else)

Go east, cut grass to get Dried Leaf.
Go under the Beehive and set a fire. Burn Dried Leaf to make smoke.
Bees dropped out. Pick up Honey. It's the best Food in the game!

[River of Blessings]

Go up and right to River of Blessings, Monkey will escape.

Go up the river, pick up the Big Rock.
Throw it to the right where it says "Fish are swimming.".
The stone's impact will allow you to catch fish.
Do this the second time (later) and you will get Mini Game 2 "Push&Fish!".

Pick up Flex Tree and Ivy and make Bow.
Drink at the river if thirsty.

Go south east to Southeastern Beach.

*NB: You can't cross the river if it's raining (Flood!).

[Southeastern Beach]

The tree with a hole in it can act as a temporary Shelter.
You can Rest/Sleep there, but you need to set a fire to Sleep.
* Look at Statistics Section for more details.

Pick up the FishingGut and Flex Tree to make FishingRod.

There is a Berry Tree in the center of the beach.
You can play the Berry Mini Game later when you have the Monkey.

Continue right to Mysterious Swamp.

[Mysterious Swamp]

All you can do now is to pick up the Big Stick. You need it to move rocks.

Go back to Jungle Zone.

[Jungle Zone]

Go north and use the Big Stick to move the rock.
Go west to enter Forest of Sleep.

[Forest of Sleep]

The Monkey will steal your Knapsack.

Go North, East, South, West to find it.
It will throw the knapsack back at you.

Go up to pick up the PntTipRock.
Go back out to the "Christmas Tree" (shortcut: Up, Up) and take the Tree Sap.

Turn right to go back to Jungle Zone.

[Jungle Zone]

Pick up the Stick if you don't already have one.
Merge the Stick and the Tree Sap to make Torch.

Go up to Base of Mountain.

[Base of Mountain]

Use the Big Stick to move the rock (You should know that by now).

Use the Kindling to light a fire. Use the Torch to light the place up.
Follow the path until you get to the exit (you can't really get lost).
Pick up another Stick if you don't already have one.

Go east and into another cave. Light the Torch.
Pick up the Iron Chunk and merge it with a Stick to make an Axe.

Go back out, equip the Axe and cut the tree on the right.
The Monkey will run away (Again!). Pick up the Battery in the hole.

Go north a little bit to another cave. Look at the Skeleton twice.
You will learn how to make Traps by using Ivy at Animal Tracks.

You can go north a bit more to the Shelter Tree.
There is a route on the right but it is blocked by bushes for now.
Go to the southwest corner where the Animal Tracks are.
North of there are some trees that can be cut.
Pick up RhombusGem. (You are not supposed to know this until later!)

Go east to Inviting Waterfall

[Inviting Waterfall]

Go near the water fall to pick up the Umbrelleaf.
Go south and move the rock with Big Stick from the right.

Go back home.

[Jungle Zone]

Merge the Radio and Battery to make WrkRadio.

-------------------------------- For Ending 1 --------------------------------

(For Ending 1)
Keep listening to the WrkRadio until rescue call begins:

  Searching for... survivors... if any...
  Being continued... today... Repeat...

Go to Opening Beach within the next day.
The kid will build a SOS sign there.

If you wait for another day, you will miss the chance!

Sleep for 2 days and you will hear a helicopter coming.
Go to Opening Beach and you will be rescue by the helicopter!

If you don't go to Opening Beach and wait for another day,
the search will be called off (no ED 1!).


Don't listen to the resue call OR
Don't make SOS sign OR
Don't go to Opening Beach when the helicopter comes.

Sleep it off until the Radio says:

  ...search... Repeat...
  The search for survivors has been called off...
  as of today...

[Opening Beach]

Go to Opening Beach to build a Raft. (L-15%, H-50%, W-30%, F+30%)
You will need:
 4 Lumber (cut trees in Jungle Zone)
 1 Ivy
 2 Nail (from ship wreck)
 1 Big Rock (act as Hammer)
Build the Raft on the Driftwood on the beach (near where the knapsack was).
You won't finish it in one day.

After the first time you left a Lumber on the 'Raft', a storm will come.
Go back to your hut. You will automatically sleep it off.

Next day, your hut has be broken down (and s/he could sleep through that!?).
A Monkey is trapped under the rubble.
Use the Big Stick to get it out (or not, if you are cruel).
You can name the Monkey whatever you like (but I like Bub anyway...).
Now you can fix the Hut.

To fix Hut, you need: (L- 5%, H-20%, W-20%, F+10%)
 2 Board
 1 Big Leaf
 1 Nail

*NB: You don't have to fix the Hut.
     But if you don't, the stats recovered will be the same as Shelter Tree.

-------------------------------- For Ending 2 --------------------------------

(For Ending 2)
The easiest way to get ED 2 is to build the Raft without saving the Monkey.
You will get the ending no matter how much food you've got.

Alternatively, save the Monkey first, fix the hut if you want.
Bring less than 4 food and you should be lost at sea...

-------------------------------- For Ending 7 --------------------------------

(For Ending 7)
To get Ending 7, don't build the Raft and live on the Island for 100 days.
As long as the Raft is not build, earthquake will not come.
Stay for as long as you like.

It doesn't matter if you've saved the Monkey or not.
It will be with you in the ending anyway.

*NB: You will get ED 7 as long as you stay for 100 days.
     This is just the easiest way to get it. You can get it later if you want.


If you haven't built the Raft yet, go and build it.
After you've built the Raft, earthquake will force you off the island.
You have 4 days until the earthquake destroys the island with you on it.

When you are ready, take at least 4 food items and refill the Canteen.
Take at least:
  RhombusGem (if you have it)

You don't need Axe & FishingRod, you can come back and pick them up later.
You have to take Kindling and Torch with you, as they can't be stored.
Everything else will be lost! So leave them in the hut if you still want them.

Get on the Raft.
You will be asked whether to take the Monkey with you or not:
Take:  - it appears in the picture
       - it will be next to you when you land
       - you won't know you are on the same island until Inviting Waterfall.
Leave: - it doesn't appear in the picture
       - it will be next to the Star Gem after you land
       - you will know you are on the same island when you see the Monkey.
       - (How come it didn't die in the earthquake?)

If you did everything right, you should be in a storm: (L-30%, F+30%)

  Mery[It's been a while since I left the island...
       But I'm getting a bad feeling...]
  Mery[Oh no! Lightning! What do I do now?]
  Mery[And now it's raining, too!]
  *Bub [Screech!]
  *Mery[I'm sorry for getting you into this...
       But I can't turn back now.]
  *(They were beyond hope.)
  Mery[Aaaah! ... ... ... ...]
  (Swept up by the waves, Mery lost consciousness.)

(*) lines are different/gone if you didn't take the Monkey.

[Northern Beach]

You will wake up on the Northern Beach, go south and east to exit.
At the exit, pick up the Star Gem that is blocking the way.

[Old Ship's Wharf]

And Old Ship will be there, but it has been tied up.
To free the ship (so you can go home!), you need to collect 7 Gems.
You should already have the Star Gem (and may be the RhombusGem).
You can put the Gems in their slot now, or put them in later.

Go in the Ship and you will make it your new home. Rest/Sleep if you need to.

After you've put at least one Gem in the slot, an exit will open up.

*NB: The water before the exit is your main water source now.

[Ancient Forest]

Pick up enough material so you can remake your missing tools.
You need to at least remake the Kindling and Torch.
Also, you need to pick up the Big Stick in the lower part of the forest.

The Statues and Stone Slabs here are just for decoration. Ignore them.

Continue and exit in the southwest corner.

[Mysterious Swamp]

There are 2 Alligators blocking the river. You can't cross them now.
You will need to feed them paralyzing grass for you to go across.

*NB: (New 2.0)
You can also give them Raw Meat/Clam/Fish. (Thanks Jennifer Au!)
However, it's not recommended.
Someone has difficuly NOT getting the Pendant doing it this way.

All you can do here now is to go left and move the blocking rock.
An exit opens up that will lead back to Inviting Waterfall.

[Inviting Waterfall]

Just go back to your Hut and pick up 2 paralyzing grass on the way.

You will notice that you are back on the same Island.
(You would've noticed that earlier if you didn't bring the Monkey with you.)

* From here on, you can find Rhombus and Round Gems any time.
* Oval Gem can be found in two way: in Scorching Desert OR find the other kid.
* Square, Eye, Triangl Gems have to be found in that order.
* Moon Gem is found last.
* You might need to go back and forth as you can only carry 12 items at once.

-------------------------------- Back to Ship --------------------------------

Pick up your Bow and Arrow. If you've lost them, make another set.
Go and find another Big Stick and Ivy.

*Tips: I normally pickup the Ivy outside the cave and the Big Stick in Summit.
       OR just use the old Big Stick and pick another one later.

[Inviting Waterfall]

Go to the cliff on the left of the waterfall.
Equip the Bow and shoot the Arrow up to the rock.
The rock will break up and create a path for you.

Follow the path and move the two rocks with Big Stick.

There is an opening in the waterfall, go in there.

[Cave Behind Falls]

Just follow the top path to get out of here.
It will lead back to northwest of Ancient Forest.

Use the Ivy to make a rope bridge in the first dead end.
Use the Big Stick to make another bridge in the second one.

At the intersection after the Ivy bridge, go southeast to pick up Palace Key.

Follow the top path again to exit.

[Ancient Forest]

You will come out of the northwest corner of Ancient Forest.

You can find your way back to the Ship. OR 
Go to Mysterious Swamp to feed the alligators paralyzing grass.

-------------------------------- Rhombus Gem ---------------------------------

[Base of Mountain]

If you haven't picked this up yet, go to the west side of Base of Mountain.
Use the Axe to cut the "Lumber" trees to open a path to get the Gem.

--------------------------------- Round Gem ----------------------------------

[Base of Mountain]

Go to north of Base of Mountain.
The bush east of the Shelter Tree is now gone. Go through the opening.


There are materials for you to make Kindling or Torch on the right.

If you go directly up the middle path, you will fall into a hole.
You will learn how to make Pitfalls by placing Big Leaf on hole.
If you didn't learn Pitfalls here, you won't fall into any more holes.

Continue north and you will reach Hot Spring. (F-50%, L+30%)

There are two caves east of there that has some food and materials.
Don't know if they are there for any other reason.

Between the cave, there is a path that lead to the Egg Tree.
You can play the EggCatch! Mini game there.

There is also some ashes left by "someone" to the left of the Egg Tree.
There is also another one in the northwest corner of Jungle Zone.
If you have looked at both of them, the other kid will show up outside Ship.
DON'T look at them if you want ED 4 and 7!

South of the second cave leads to the top part of Inviting Waterfall.
There is not much point going there if you haven't already removed the rocks.

Go to the northeast corner of Summit. You will see the Round Gem.
When you get close to it, it will fall down the waterfall.

[Inviting Waterfall]/[River of Blessings]
Take the FishingRod and fish at the bottom of the waterfall.
You can also do that in River of Blessings.
In fact, you can also get this Gem by playing Push&Fish! Mini Game.

Keep trying until you get a Big Fish. (Make sure you've got an extra space.)
When you get a Big Fish, it will turn into Round Gem.

--------------------------------- Square Gem ---------------------------------

[Mysterous Swamp]

Go back to where the alligators were.
If you haven't feed them paralyzeing grass, do it!
Go south.

There is a hole just a little south of the 2X3 trees.
If you didn't learn how to make Pitfall, you won't fall into it.
North of the hole (in the grass) will be a Big Leaf for you to use.

Go up and right to reach the lake.

Get on the bottom lotus leaf. It will get you to a mini island.
Use the Big Stick to sink the rock to make a bridge.
Sink the next one and the Monkey will fall in to the lake.
It will swim across and get back to you on a lotus leaf.
Get on that leaf and pick up the Lotus Leaf in the corner.

Go back to the first mini island.
Get on the bottom leaf. You will be on the bottom half of the same island.

Move the rock on the left.
Get on the leaf south of it. You will be on another mini island.

Go to the top right corner of that island where it says:
  [So close... And I can't go any further...]
Use the Lotus Leaf there. Get across and pick up the Square Gem.

Water level will drop once you've picked up the Gem.
Go to the sparkle north of the Gem to pick up Iron Lump.
Make a Hammer out of it with a Stick.

---------------------------------- Oval Gem ----------------------------------

*NB: Save the game before this and you don't have to restart to get all EDs.
     Read the suggestion in the Endings Section.

[Scorching Desert] (Ending 4,7)

If you haven't looked at the any of the 2 ashes in:
  - northwest corner of Jungle Zone
  - west of Egg Tree in north Summit
You can go to the sparkle in the middle of Scorching Desert and pick it up.
Go southeast from the entrance, go east when you reach the bone.

*NB: The ashes will be gone after you get the Gem this way.


[Ancient Forest] (Ending 3,5,6,8)

Make sure you have looked at both the ashes.
Go back to the Ship and the other kid will be lying there.
Give him some "energy food" (eg Baked Meat, life recovering grass/mush, etc).
When s/he wakes up, s/he will give you the Gem.

You can also pick up Pendant from the sparkle in Scorching Desert.

---------------------------------- Eye Gem -----------------------------------

[Eastern Inlet]

Go to the Stone Slab near the shore in Eastern Inlet.
Use Canteen (Water) on the Stone Slab and a map with a mark on it will appear.

There is a LDR statues formation behind the stone slab. (hint hint...)

You can look at the statue on the right. An Eye is missing. (hint hint...)

[Scorching Desert]

The Eye Gem should be hidden in the LDR statues southeast of the sparkle.
Break the D statue with the Hammer and you will get the Eye Gem.

*NB: There are 2 RDL statues, break the bottom one.

--------------------------------- TrianglGem ---------------------------------

[Eastern Inlet]

You need to have the Eye Gem.
Go to the Eye missing statue in Eastern Inlet.
Put the Eye Gem in it. A path will open up to the small island in the east.

Go over and pick up the TrianglGem.

---------------------------------- Moon Gem ----------------------------------

[Old Ship's Wharf]

Put all the Gems collected into their slots. The Ancient Ruins will open up.

Take the Palace Key, Big Stick, Hammer, Bow, Arrow (and the usual tools).

[Forest of Sleep]

Go back to the place where the Monkey threw the Knappack at you.
Use the Palace Key at the key hole in the middle of the new building.
Go either left or right (doesn't matter) to enter Ancient Ruins.

*The picture of the Ruins is different for Day/Night, but rain doesn't matter.

[Ancient Ruins]

Go straight up and into the first room. There is a Old Ship's Mosaic Puzzle.
Try to make the right picture to look like the one on the left.

Here is one of the way to do it:

There is still a piece missing.
Go to the room on the right (pass the Shelter Tree).
Go upstairs and go left and down to get the Panel. (This will avoid holes.)

Go back to the first room. Put the Panel in the missing piece's space.
Sun Key will appear, pick it up.

*NB:You can go to the 2nd room first, so you only need to go to 1st room once.

Go to the door south of the second room. Use Sun Key to open the door.
Go left into another building.

This building is like a maze as the rooms are interlinked. Go downstairs.
There will be 3 extra stairs on the right.

The bottom one leads to a room with 3 Sticks. (Don't know what are they for?)
Don't know if it's a bug or not, but if you pick up the Stick on the right,
you will not be able to see the sparkle that contains StarKey(R).
After you've picked up StarKey(R), the right Stick will disappear.

Go through the top stairs. There should be sparkle in the bottom left corner.
If not (you must have picked up the Stick), look at the pool anyway.
You will then get the StarKey(R).

Go through the top right stairs on that screen.
Go back through the same stairs again.
It will get you to a room with a switch.
Step on it, it will remove the barrier around the Moon Key.

Go back up. Go through the bottom left stairs.
Go right and through the stairs twice and you will see the Moon Key.

*NB: There are more than one way to get there.

Go back up. Go left through the stairs and then go up through another stairs.
You should be back at the entrance.

Get out and use the Moon Key on the door just south of the room.
Cut the grass and find the StarKey(L) in the corner.
Merge the StarKey(L) and StarKey(R) to make Star Key.

Go back to when the first door is. Use the Star Key on the door south of here.
Get into the last building.

Once you are in the building, turn right.
You will see a Moon Switch. Step on it. The door above it will open.

You can continue to go right. You can use your Hammer to break the wall there.
Not much point, as the way is still blocked. It's only good for backtracking.

Go up from the switch. There are 2 candlesticks.
Put out the 2 fire with the Canteen and the door on the left will open.
There is water there if you need any.

Go through the door, follow the left path.
Use the Hammer to break the wall on the left.
Use Big Stick to move rock. The rock can be moved either way.

Follow the path and break another wall. Turn right and follow the path.

When you see the Moon Switch on the wall, use the Bow/Arrow to activate it.
The left path will open up. Step on the switch.
Shoot the switch on the wall again. Right path will reopen.

Follow the path.

There is a wall there that you can break.
Follow this path and step on the switch will get you back to the start.

There are candlesticks on both side of the door.
Use Kindling to light them to open the door.

Continue and you will see switches in the following formation.
  B   E
Step on them in the order: ABDCDEF
It's not that hard (neither is the game!), so figure it out yourself.
Exit the "maze" from the southeast corner.

The top path will lead to a switch that will open a door.
The path will lead to the frist broken wall which you may/not have Hammered.

Step on the switch in the lower path, the door will open.
Follow the right path. Use Big Stick to move the rock.

Enter the invisiable maze.
    RRRRUUUUU               to switch
    DDDDDLLLLUURUUUU        to exit

Take the Moon Gem and the door will close behind you.
A new path will open up that will take you back to Old Ship's Wharf.

Put the Moon Gem in the slot and you will finish the game!

Before you do, you might like to Save the game first.
You might be able to reuse this game to get a different ending.
Check the Endings Section to see if your game can be "extended"!

==================================== Gems ====================================


RhombusGem - west side of Base of Mountain, use Axe to cut trees
Star Gem   - exit of Northern Beach, can't miss it
Round Gem  - northeast corner of Summit, fish it up at Inviting Waterfall
Square Gem - middle of Mysterous Swamp
Oval Gem   - middle of Scorching Desert if you didn't look at any ashes OR
             the other kid will give it to you when you wake him/her up
Eye Gem    - use Canteen on stone slab in Eastern Inlet
             then use Hammer on D of LDR statues in south Scorching Desert
TrianglGem - on island in east Eastern Inlet, need Eye Gem to open path
Moon Gem   - the end of Ancient Ruins

================================= Mini Games =================================

Mini Games:
 - All mini games have to be done during day time.
 - [] are the rules for the mini game selected on the menu.
 - {} are the rules for the in-game mini game.

-------------------------------- 1) GetBerry! --------------------------------

1) GetBerry!
Location:   Southeastern Beach, Berry Tree.
Game Rules: Move monkey L/R with Directional button.
            A button go up, B button go down
            [Get all the berries you can before 3 misses.]
            Take 1 damage when hit by falling leaves/branches.
            1 hit - fall
            2 hits - game over
            You get one miss each time the crab hits you.
            [Game ends when you get three misses.]
            {Get the berry and you win!}

-------------------------------- 2) Push&Fish! -------------------------------

2) Push&Fish!
Location:   River of Blessings, up stream, where it says "Fish are swimming.".
Game Rules: Press A/B button repeatedly before time runs out.
            Build power and throw rocks.
            Move character with the directional button
            Touch the fish when they pop up and you win!
            Not enough power, the fish get away, you lose.
Tips:       The higher the bar, the more chance you are to get a Big Fish.
            The lower the bar, the faster the fish goes back into the river.
Statistics: 8 -10 bar: 2 Big Fish, 2 Small Fish
            2 - 7 bar: 1 Big Fish, 2 Small Fish
            0 - 1 bar: No Fish!

-------------------------------- 3) EggCatch! --------------------------------

3) EggCatch!
Location:   Summit, Tree with Egg on top of the mountain.
Game Rules: Move character L/R with Directional button.
            Catch eggs thrown by monkey.
            You only get one chance...
            Catch it and you win! Drop it and you lose.

================================== Endings ===================================

I finished the game in the order of Endings: 2,6,8,1,7,4,5,3 with Mery.
Choosing Mery/Ken wound't matter to the outcome of the game.

Now that I know how to get all the endings, here is my suggestion:
 - Play the game! (of course!)
 - Find the Battery and fix the Radio.
 - SAVE THE GAME!!! (1)
 - Get ED 1 by keep listening to the Radio until the rescue call broadcast.
 - Load the game. (1)
 - Get ED 2 by 'killing' yourself at sea on the Raft.
 - Load the game. (1)
 - Continue and find Old Ship.
 - Pick up RhombusGem, Round Gem and Square Gem without looking at any ashes.
 - SAVE THE GAME!!! (2)
 - Continue and get the Moon Gem.
 - Live on the island for about 99 days.
 - SAVE THE GAME!!! (3)
 - Get ED 4 by releasing the Old Ship.
 - Load the game. (3)
 - Get ED 7 by staying on the island for 100 days.
 - Load the game. (2)
 - Look at the 2 ashes. Save the other kid.
 - Get all Gems except the Moon Gem.
 - SAVE THE GAME!!! (2)
 - Continue and get the Moon Gem.
 - Get ED 5 by releasing the Old Ship (without ever feeding the other kid).
 - Load the game. (2)
 - Feed the other kid (enough but without the [Heart].
 - Continue and get the Moon Gem.
 - Live on the island for about 90 days.
 - SAVE THE GAME!!! (2)
 - Get ED 3 by staying on the island for 100 days.
 - Load the game. (2)
 - Get ED 6 by releasing the Old Ship.
 - Load the game. (2)
 - Give lots of things to the other kid until s/he has a [Heart]!
 - Get ED 8 by releasing the Old Ship.

This way you can have access to 'all' endings with your save files.
* I don't want to see ED 5 again! the other kid "never smiled" at me again!
* I guess you could live on the island for 90 days first, save the game,
  get ED 5, then start feeding the other kid and get ED 3,6,8.
  Don't know if it will work.
  But Techni said that she can't seem to keep the other kid alive!?


Here are the Endings:
 - Conditions to get each ending
 - Dialogue of the endings
 - <> are what I've added

---------------------------------- Ending 1 ----------------------------------

1) Saved by Helicopter
  - Fix Radio, keep listening to it until it the rescue call broadcast.
  - Go to Opening Beach to make SOS sign
  - Sleep until Helicopter arrives

  Mery[Oh! That's a helicopter!
       Looks like it's heading for the beach. Let's go!]
  Mery[Oh! That's a helicopter!
       All right! I'm going home!]
  ****[I'm glad you're all right!
       By the way, your name's Mery, isn't it? ]
       Wait a minute! What about Dad?]
  ****[No problem! He's OK, waiting
       with your Mon for your return!]
  ****[It's a long flight.
       You might as well take a nap.]
  Mery[Yeah... I think I will...
       relief seems to be making me sleepy...]
  ... ...
  (And Mery lived happily ever after.)

---------------------------------- Ending 2 ----------------------------------

2) Lost in Sea
  - Don't listen to the Radio for the rescue call (or don't make SOS sign)
  - Sleep until Radio announce the search is called off
  - Build Raft with Lumber(4), Ivy(1), Nails(2) and Big Rock
  - Don't take enough food(<4) and water, and get on the Raft.
  - Doesn't matter if you take the Monkey of not.

  Mery[I'm going home.]
  (Some days later...)
  Mery[Where am I...? I'm hungry...
       Ooh... I feel thirsty, too...
       This...may...be the end...
       I'm... completely exhausted...
       I should... have prepared better...
  (Mery never awoke again.)

---------------------------------- Ending 3 ----------------------------------

3) The Kids live on Island with Monkey
  - Look at the 2 ashes left by the other kid, and find him/her.
  - Stay on the Island for 100 days.

  (days of survival 100)
  (Years later...)
  Mery[A lot's happened since then...]
  Ken [Yeah... But it's OK with me
       We don't lack for the things we need, after all.]
  Mery[You're right!]
  (And they lived happily ever after on the island...)

---------------------------------- Ending 4 ----------------------------------

4) Get back home safely on old boat with Monkey
  - Don't look at the 2 ashes left by the other kid (ie don't find him/her!).
  - Collect all Gems and release the old boat.

  Mery[I managed to escape...
       All right!
       Wonder how everyone is?]
  Bub [Eak, eak...?]
  Mery[I've got to tell everyone about you!
       I know they'll like you! This should be fun.]
  Bub [Eak, eak!]
  Mery[Still...a lot of things did happen.]
  Mery[Maybe not so bad, now that I think about it.]
  Bub  [Eak,  eak, eeeaak!]
  Mery[You're right...]
  (The days passed...)
  (And Mery finally went back to everyone.)

---------------------------------- Ending 5 ----------------------------------

5) Get back home but the other kid dies on the Ship
  - Don't give the other kid anything except one food that wakes him/her up.
  - If you are getting ED 6 instead, stay on the island longer.
  - Give Bad/Rotten/Poison/etc food if necessary.
  - Collect all Gems and release the old boat.

  Mery[We really managed to escape...
       Good for us, eh, Ken ?]
  Ken [Uh-huh...]
  Mery[You're not happy...?]
  Ken [No... that's not it...]
  Bub [Eak, eak...]
  Ken [Thank you... I'm...all...right...]
  Mery[Ken ?? ]
  Ken ! Ken !!
  (And Ken  never smiled at Mery again...)

---------------------------------- Ending 6 ----------------------------------

6) Both Kids get back home safely on old boat
  - Give the other kid food until s/he is well enough (don't over do it).
  - Collect all Gems and release the old boat.

  Mery[We really managed to escape...
       Good for us, eh, Ken ?]
  Ken [Yeah!]
  Mery[I want to go straight home!]
  Ken [Yeah... we've been away a long time...]
  Mery[Still...a lot of things did happen.]
  Mery[Maybe not so bad, now that I think about it.]
  Ken [Hmm... It was kinda...]
  Bub [Eak, eak!]
  Ken [But I met you guys as a result...
       So maybe it's just as well.]
  (The days passed...)
  (And they went back to their people...)

---------------------------------- Ending 7 ----------------------------------

7) Live on Island with Monkey
  - Stay on the Island for 100 days without finding the other kid.
  - Easiest way is to not build the Raft.
  - It doesn't matter if you have the Monkey or not.
  - The Monkey will show up in the ending anyway.

  (days of survival 100)
  (Years later...)
  Mery[That was a long time ago...
       Living on this island like this isn't so bad.]
  Bub [Eak, eak!]
  Mery[Right! Let's go that way!]
  (And Mery lived happily ever after on the island...)

---------------------------------- Ending 8 ----------------------------------

8) Both Kids get back home safely on old boat... And Get Married!
  - Be really nice to the other kid (mentally!).
  - Give him/her lots of stuff until s/he says "come back" & [Heart] appears!
  - Collect all Gems and release the old boat.

  Mery[We really managed to escape...
       Good for us, eh, Ken ?]
  Ken [Yeah!]
  Mery[I want to go straight home!]
  Ken [Yeah... we've been away a long time...]
  Mery[Still...a lot of things did happen.]
  Mery[Maybe not so bad, now that I think about it.]
  Ken [Yeah... you did a lot for me...
       I'm really grateful to you, Mery!]
  Mery[Aw shucks, it'warn't nothin'!
       Anybody would've done the same... Come on.]
  Ken [Uh, right... But...
       We'll still be friends after we get home, right?]
  Mery[Yeah, sure we will!]
  (The days passed...)
  (And they went back to their people...)
  (10 years later...)
  ????[Wedding day at last.]
  Mery[But let's not take a ship on our honeymoon.]
  Ken [Ha, ha! No way!]

================================= 2nd round ==================================

When all the Endings have been reached:


  Go for the best!
  A new challenge awaits!

You will be asked to start the 2nd round. All 1st round data will be deleted.
Say no if you don't want to, but you'll have to finish an ED again to get it.

After starting the 2nd round, the title screen background will change.
Now it looks like the island is really an island in the sea,
with birds flying in the sky... (You get the idea?)

The Mini Games will still be available, but the ED and Savegames are all gone.

I think the 2nd round is the same as the 1st round, but may be harder.
It may even has extra Endings! (Don't know yet! Time to go back to the game!)

(NEW 1.1)
OK, I've finished the 2nd round and didn't find any differences from round 1.
The only difference is that you can wear the really cute Fox Cap!
Even then I still don't know what's the Fox Cap for. (Or the Deer Cap)
It doesn't keep out the rain and can't be equiped with the Umbrelleaf.

After you've finished 7 endings, the game will say "You are almost there!".
But after you've complete all the endings in round 2, NOTHING HAPPENS!
So much for playing it again for round 2 and didn't get anything special!
May be someone else can figure it out!
I think I'm finished with the game for now.

=================================== Mise. ====================================

Some mise. questions:

Q) There can I find XXX item?
A) Look in the Item Section above.

Q) How come I can't get Ending X?
A) Don't ask me! If you've followed the WT above exactly, you should get it.

Q) How come I keep getting the Pendant when I didn't look at the Ashes?
A) Don't know for sure, but try not to feed the Alligators Raw Meat (etc).
   Try drop back to the first area and go back through the Cave Behind Fall.

Q) How to keep the other kid alive?
A) Here's what Pants Kazooie suggested:
   "I fed them food until they told me it was the thought that counts,
    then I didn't have to feed them again.
    I fed them until I got the heart to get ending 8.
    I fed them one poison to get ending 6?
    (It was the one where they went home, but didn't get married).
    I fed them 2, and they died."
   Also read the Special Notes below.

Q) What is the Best Ending?
A) I don't know. I didn't get it.

Q) How come XXX is not mentioned in the WT/FAQ?
A) I didn't write the game and I don't know everything that's in the game.
   I've just tried to cover as much things as possible.
   If you've found anything that's not in here, email me about it.
   (I probabily won't update this WT though... ^_^;)

------------------------------- Special Notes --------------------------------

Extra notes on "How to keep the other kid alive?":
 - OK, I'm not so sure, since I didn't have any problem keeping him/her alive.
   In fact, I had problem keep him/her dead! (not that I want him/her to)
 - To get him/her to "never smiled" at you again, stay on the island longer.
   - To keep him/her sick, I used bad/poison/etc food (-L, -H, -W);
     Starve him/her for few days/weeks (the stats will go down automatically.)
 - This gave me the "conclusion" on how to keep him/her alive:
   - The other kid has simular attributes like the kid you are using;
   - To keep him/her alive, I used energy food (Honey/Cooked Meat/etc).
     You have to do this frequently, just like feeding yourself.
   - If you don't eat for 4/5 days, your L will goe down. So will this kid.
     So, do this the first day you wake him/her up and keeps feeding everyday.
     (I actually woke him/her up, went & got the Moon Gem, came back 3 days
      later, released the boat and hoped that the kid would be 'dead'.
      But it turned out s/he was still OK. I had to feed him/her bad stuff
      and starve him/her for a week+ to get ED 5!)

Well, that's what I think. I know it isn't too helpful to some people.
If you are still stuck, tell me exactly what happened on each day.
I'll try to figure something out then.

 - I figured out that feeding him/her before/after Moon Gem won't matter.
 - Giving Pentant or not will not matter. You don't even have to find it!
   May be it will make the other kid happier, but that's about it.
   It's just there to take the place of the Oval Gem.

=================================== NOTES ====================================

I didn't write the game so don't expect me to know everything in the game.
I'm not playing this game anymore and I can't help everyone that email me.

I've put this update(2.0) together in a hurry & may have missed something
(...again), but I'm not doing to update it anymore.
So live with it! (It should be good enough, right?)

================================== Credits ===================================

Konami is the great game company that brings you this great game.
It has also produced many other great titles like Twinbee & Tokimeki Memorial!
Konami USA: http://www.konami.com
Konami JAP: http://www.konami.co.jp

The first to write a Survial Kids FAQ.
Techni:        [email protected]

Others who has given me info and corrections:
Jennifer Au:   [email protected]
Kenneth Hsieh: [email protected]
Vincent Jung:  [email protected] (for telling me to add the Preserve Food)
Pants Kazooie: [email protected]
...+ others that I've missed (I can't put everyone here, you know!)

I will post this WT on GBStation, GameFAQs and CheatCC.
GBStation:   http://www.gbstation.com
GameFAQs:    http://www.gamefaqs.com
CheatCC:     http://www.cheatcc.com

Well finally, me! (^.~')
If you need any help or have any suggestions, email me!
(Hopefully, not too much!)
Just make sure you put "Survival Kids" somewhere in the Subject.
Put "JK" in the Body, too! So I know it's for me!
email: [email protected]
NOTE: If you've got my old email address, it won't work anymore!

Thanks for reading!

© Copyright JK 1999/2000.
Try not to rip anything off this WT/FAQ!

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