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#######                        #     #
   #     ####  #    # #   #    #     #   ##   #    # #    #
   #    #    # ##   #  # #     #     #  #  #  #    # #   #
   #    #    # # #  #   #      ####### #    # #    # ####
   #    #    # #  # #   #      #     # ###### # ## # #  #
   #    #    # #   ##   #      #     # #    # ##  ## #   #
   #     ####  #    #   #      #     # #    # #    # #    #

######                    #####
#     # #####   ####     #     # #    #   ##   ##### ###### #####
#     # #    # #    #    #       #   #   #  #    #   #      #    #
######  #    # #    #     #####  ####   #    #   #   #####  #    #
#       #####  #    #          # #  #   ######   #   #      #####
#       #   #  #    #    #     # #   #  #    #   #   #      #   #
#       #    #  ####      #####  #    # #    #   #   ###### #    #

                               #     #
                               #     #
         Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 Walkthrough/FAQ for Nintendo Gamecube
                           Version 2.3      1/27/02
                        By The Asp1327 (Hal DeCoursey)

1. Intro
2. Version History
3. FAQ
4. Controls
5. Game Overview
6. Characters
7. General Tips
8. Walkthrough
   a. Foundry
   b. Canada
   c. Rio (Competition 1)
d. Suburbia
e. The Airport
f. Skaters Island (Competition 2)
g. Los Angeles
h. Tokyo (Competition 3)
i. Cruise Ship
9. Tricks
10. Secrets/Codes
11. Glitches
12. Contact/Legal Info
13. Credits
14. In conclusion

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3.  What a game.  By far the best in the series.  Bam 
Margera, who is by far the funniest boarder in the land, has been added to 
the roster to take the place of Bob Burnquist.  With the addition of the 
revert to the trick roster, you can now link vert tricks, manuals, grinds, 
and street tricks all into one.  The old money system has been trashed, and 
has been replaced with stat points and decks found in each level.  5 stat 
points and one deck per level.  Also, every time you complete all nine goals 
on a level, you get another special trick slot to use at your leisure.  9 
levels are included in this version, plus 3 hidden levels unlocked by beating 
the game a certain amount of times.  Interactive pedestrians are found in 
each level, and sometimes you have to do something for them to fulfill a 
goal.  Hidden tricks are now included, so you can do tricks other than those 
listed.  For a more detail review of the game, read my review of it.

Version History
1.0 (1/15/02) Started it, did everything except for stat points/decks.  Did 
not put in the SKATE objectives past the Foundry.  All of those will come 

1.5 (1/16/02) New ASCII art up top, and put in the deck locations and the 
secret areas.  Rest will come this weekend, more likely than not.

1.75 (1/18/02) No major update here, just re-worded a few things.  Like I 
said, either the stat points or the SKATE objectives, or both will come this 

2.00 (1/22/02) No update, sorry the SKATE things haven’t gone up yet, will 
come soon.  Converted the whole file to a .txt format.

2.1 (1/24/02) Put a better ASCII art up top, but nothin else.

2.25 (1/26/02) Added the SKATE for Canada, and the stat points for the first 
two levels.  Also added some glitches, and some more things.

2.3 (1/27/02) Changed some wording here and there, but nothing major.  More
SKATE and stat points coming tomorrow, if I'm not too busy with the Patriots
game.  Go Pats!!!

2.5 (1/29/02) Due to overload (e-mail, that is) reasons, all the stat points
and deck locations have been removed.  Also, the trick listing section has
been re-formatted.

Q: Why doesn’t the code BACKDOOR work?
A: Because that’s in the PS2 version of the game, not this one.

Q: I can’t find __________ 
A: Check the appropriate section.  If that doesn’t work, e-mail me, and I’ll 
answer you.

Q: How many times will I have to beat the game to get all the in-game cheats?
A: To fully complete it, you must beat the game 22 times.  Or you could just 
cheat and use the password down below (rotten cheaters)
Q: 22 times?  That sounds like a lot!
A: It really isn’t, once you get the hang of it.  IT should take you about 45 
minutes to an hour to complete it with one skater.

If you have any more questions, e-mail me at the address in the contact 

The controls are hard to learn, but easy to master.  They go as follows:

A button: crouch (release to ollie); accept (on menu)
B button: cancel (on menu); flip trick (with direction)
C Stick: camera movement
X button: grab trick (with direction)
Y button: grind
L: go to nollie/fakie stance.
R: go to switch stance; revert (when landing)
Start: Pause game; accept (on menu)
Control Stick/D-Pad: move skater

These are just the basic controls.  To learn all the different tricks, go to 
the tricks section.

Game Overview
The single player career mode is very easy.  You have 9 goals in each level 
(minus competitions).  3 based on scoring, 1 trick goal based on what kind of 
skater your person is (vert or street), collecting SKATE, finding a hidden 
tape, and 3 goals concerning the level and people in the level.  For each 
run, you have two minutes.
For competitions, it’s different.  You have one minute to pull off the best 
run you can.  There are five judges that judge you, and the three highest 
scores are averaged to get your final score.  This happens for three rounds.  
The two highest rounds you get are added together, and the sum is your final 
score.  Whoever has the most points wins.

Single session mode is a combination of competitions and free skate.  You 
have two minutes to bust out the highest score you can.  It’s that simple.  
Nothing else to it.  Try for a high score. 

Free skate mode gives you an unlimited amount of time to just explore a 
level.  No goals, no time limit.  Just you, the pedestrians, and the level.  
Quite simple, really.

Two-player mode has six different modes: Free skate (just like the one player 
mode, except for two players), Trick attack, which gives you a preset amount 
of time to pull off the biggest tricks, Slap, which puts you in a free-for-
all duel against each other.  The person to get the most slaps (the person 
who runs into the other person most) wins.  The other three modes are Horse, 
which is just like the basketball game, King of the Hill, which is kind of 
like Slap, except for there is a crown somewhere around the level, and the 
person who finds it gets to keep it, but loses it when the other person runs 
into them.  The person who has the crown for a preset amount of time first 
wins.  The final game is Graffiti.  It is kind of hard to explain, but you go 
up a ramp, do a trick, and land to take control of that ramp.  Once you have 
a ramp, the only way you can lose it is if the other person does a trick that 
gets a better score on that ramp.  The person who has the most ramps (or 
rails, whatever) at the end of a preset amount of time is the winner.

Create-A-Park is quite fun, as you can create your own parks with basically 
anything found in the game (including loops), and use them.

Create-A-Skater is also fun, as you can create someone that looks exactly 
like yourself, or not like yourself at all.

Tutorial mode is for the beginners.  Tony himself teaches you how to play the 

The in-game screen is very easy to learn.  In the upper-left corner is your 
score counter and your special meter.  When your special meter turns yellow 
(by ripping up the course) you have the opportunity to pull off sick tricks 
that are worth a lot of points.  Also on the screen in the upper-right  
corner is your stance indicator.  This tells you when you are in switch, 
nollie, or fakie stance.

There are 13 pro skaters in the game, plus 8 hidden skaters.  Each one is 
listed with their stats, type of stance, type of skateboarding they do, and 
their default specials.  To maximize out the person’s stats, collect the stat 
points found in each level.  To earn more special trick slots, complete all 
the goals in one level.  Half of the stat points are given to you in the 
beginning, and your job is to find the other half.  Each one is out of 10 
possible points.  Obviously, these are only the starting positions.  Only the 
pro skaters will be listed here, as I’ve already beaten the game, and the 
only way I can get these stats again is to take my memory card out.  Oh well, 
here goes:

Tony Hawk (Vert, Goofy):
Air: 7          Switch: 4                 Default Specials:
Hangtime: 5     Rail Balance: 5           5-0 Overturn
Ollie: 3        Lip Balance: 5            1-2-3-4
Speed: 5        Manual Balance: 3         The 900
Spin: 8                                   Double Kickflip Indy

Steve Caballero (Street, Goofy):
Air: 5          Switch: 4                 Default Specials:
Hangtime: 6     Rail Balance: 6           Kickflip Superman
Ollie: 5        Lip Balance: 5            FS 540
Speed: 4        Manual Balance: 5         Hang Ten Nosegrind
Spin: 5                                   Handstand 360 Hand Flip

Kareem Campbell (Street, Regular):
Air: 6          Switch: 5                 Default Specials:
Hangtime: 3     Rail Balance: 7           Ghetto Bird
Ollie: 6        Lip Balance: 2            Kickflip Backflip
Speed: 5        Manual Balance: 4         Reemo Slide
Spin: 7                                   Nosegrind to Pivot

Rune Glifberg (Vert, Regular):
Air: 7          Switch: 6                 Default Specials:
Hangtime: 7     Rail Balance: 4           Double Kickflip Madonna
Ollie: 5        Lip Balance: 5            Christ Air
Speed: 4        Manual Balance: 2         Crail Slide
Spin: 5                                   One Foot Blunt

Eric Koston (Street, Goofy):
Air: 4          Switch: 7                 Default Specials:
Hangtime: 3     Rail Balance: 7           Fandangle
Ollie: 7        Lip Balance: 3            Slamma Jamma
Speed: 4        Manual Balance: 6         Stalefish Backflip
Spin: 4                                   Pizza Guy

Bucky Lasek (Vert, Regular):
Air: 7          Switch: 5                 Default Specials:
Hangtime: 7     Rail Balance: 3           Big Hitter 2
Ollie: 3        Lip Balance: 6            Fingerflip Airwalk
Speed: 5        Manual Balance: 2         Misty Flip
Spin: 7                                   FS 540 Heelflip

Bam Margera (Street, Goofy):
Air: 4          Switch: 6                 Default Specials:
Hangtime: 4     Rail Balance: 7           540 TailWhip
Ollie: 6        Lip Balance: 3            The Jackass
Speed: 6        Manual Balance: 4         Human Dart
Spin: 5                                   Russian Boneless

Rodney Mullen (Street, Regular):
Air: 2           Switch: 8                Default Specials:
Hangtime: 2      Rail Balance: 6          Gazelle Underflip 
Ollie: 6         Lip Balance: 2           Truckstand
Speed: 3         Manual Balance: 8        Anti Casper
Spin: 8                                   Handstand Double Flip

Chad Muska (Street, Regular)
Air: 4           Switch: 5                Default Specials:
Hangtime: 4      Rail Balance: 8          Handstand 50-50
Ollie: 8         Lip Balance: 3           BS Nose Comply
Speed: 5         Manual Balance: 3        Tailblock Slide
Spin: 5                                   Ghetto Blastin

Andrew Reynolds (Street, Regular)
Air: 4           Switch: 7                Default Specials:
Hangtime: 2      Rail Balance: 8          Dark Disaster
Ollie: 8         Lip Balance: 4           Hardflip Late Flip
Speed: 4         Manual Balance: 3        Noseslide Lipslide
Spin: 5                                   Quad Heelflip

Geoff Rowley (Street, Regular)
Air: 6           Switch: 5                Default Specials:
Hangtime: 2      Rail Balance: 8          Rowley Darkslide
Ollie: 7         Lip Balance: 7           Casper Flip 360 Flip
Speed: 4         Manual Balance: 3        The H Teeth Sweeper
Spin: 3                                   Sproing

Elissa Steamer (Street, Regular)
Air: 5           Switch: 5                Default Specials:
Hangtime: 5      Rail Balance: 6          Coffin
Ollie: 5         Lip Balance: 5           Primo
Speed: 4         Manual Balance: 5        Bigspin Flip to Tail
Spin: 5                                   Judo Madonna

Jamie Thomas (Street, Regular)
Air: 4           Switch: 4                Default Specials:
Hangtime: 4      Rail Balance: 8          Crook BigSpin Crook
Ollie: 7         Lip Balance: 4           One Wheel Nose manual
Speed: 5         Manual Balance: 5        360 Hardflip
Spin: 4                                   Layback Sparks

General Tips
Hold down A to go faster.
To taunt, hold L+R, and press B, X, or Y.
Do combos to rack up huge scores.

Ahh yes, the main walkthrough.  Well, here it goes...
Note: For SKATE objectives, as well as stat points and decks, there are three 
sets for different characters.  Here are the characters that apply to the 
different sets:
Set 1: Tony Hawk, Bam Margera, Rune Glifberg, Andrew Reynolds, Jamie Thomas
Set 2: Kareem Campbell, Bucky Lasek, Chad Muska, Elissa Steamer
Set 3: Steve Caballero, Eric Koston, Rodney Mullen, Geoff Rowley, Custom 

-High, Pro, and Sick Scores (10,000; 30,000, and 60,000):
Just do stuff in the halfpipe, mixing it up with grinds around the lava thing 
in the middle.  It shouldn’t be too hard

Set 1-
S: Go down the left ramp from the beginning, go past the halfpipe and up the 
little quarterpipe here to get S
K: Go back to the other set of quarterpipes behind the halfpipe and use those 
to get to K
A: On the side of the lava thing in the middle of the level.  Grind the side 
that it’s on (the left side when you are facing the start) to get A
T: Go to the back of the level, and grind the rail that curbs around the back 
to get T
E: Remember where S was?  Go to the other side of that rail/platform thing, 
and go up the quarterpipe there to get E

Set 2-
S: Above the halfpipe.  From the start, go down the center ramp and jump over 
the pipe to get S
K: Where A was in set 1
A: Above the molten pit in the back of the level.  Just get enough speed, and 
jump off of the ramp there to reach it
T: On the left side of the level, there is a little walkway.  Grind the rail 
on the left side of it to grab T
E: Go left after you start, and get enough air of the small quarterpipe back 
there to get E

Set 3-
S: Over by the pool of water.  Go down the ramp to the right, go past the 
halfpipe, and up the quarterpipe on the bottom of the pool to snag S
K: Go down the center ramp in the beginning, turn right and go up the 
quarterpipe here to get K
A: Near TC’s Rail.  Use TC’s Rail to get to it
T: On the left side of the curving rail on the back.  Just grind it to get T
E: Go off the ramp on the left side of the back portion to get E

-Find the Secret Tape:
Go back to the farthest back quarter pipe at an angle.  When in the air, hold 
grind, and hopefully you will get up to the top area.  Once up there, jump 
off either side and land on the hanging platform there.  From there, jump off 
to the middle and grind on the rafter there to get the secret tape.

-Soak the Foreman:
Go up to where the pool of water is.  You see the person back there? Grind 
the rail behind him to soak the foreman and complete the objective.

-50-50 TC’s Rail (Street skaters only):
On the left side of the lava thing in the middle is a yellow rail that serves 
as a guardrail for a walkway.  50-50 grind it to do this objective.

-Cannonball over the pipe (Vert skaters only):
You know the halfpipe in the beginning? Do a cannonball grab over it and land 
to do this one.

-Grind the Molten Bucket:
Near the back there is a lava pit that has a bucket that goes overhead every 
few seconds.  There are two white rails on the sides of it.  Grind either of 
those to do it.

-Un-jam 5 valves:
On the edges of the level are five valves.  Grind each one to do this, which 
opens up a secret area behind where you start.

-High, Pro, and Sick Scores (35,000; 70,000; 120,000):
Link tricks all around the area with all the pools to achieve these scores 

Set 1-
S: Above the cars slightly to the left when you start.  Jump across the 
transfer to get them
K: Keep going until you reach the quarterpipe in the corner.  Go up it to 
grab the K
A: Turn right, and grind the left rail to grab A
T: Keep grinding, and jump when you reach T to grab it
E: Keep grinding, and when the wall ends, jump right and grab E

Set 2-
S: Go left and slightly back when you start, and grind the left fence to get 
K: Keep going, and jump onto the roof of the house.  Then go over and grab K
A: Keep going from K, and when you reach the narrow log, grind it to get A
T: After that, keep going some more, and when you reach another log, grind it 
to get T
E: Keep going, and when you reach the quarterpipe with the halfpipe on the 
other side, jump between them to get E

Set 3-
S: Grind the right fence when you start, and keep going to get S.
K: Jump right off of this rail, and grind the lip over here to grab K
A: Get back up onto the quarterpipe lip, and grind it around to get A
T: Grind the fence near the totem pole that has T on it 
E: Grind the totem pole by jumping to it from the fence to get E

-Find the Secret Tape:
Go behind you when you start, and keep going until you reach some rocks.  
Jump over these rocks, and keep going until you fall and get re-spawned.  
Once that happens, go over the log up there, and follow it down to the other 
walkway.  Grind the left edge to start the machine.  Go to the quarter pipe 
over on the side, and jump up onto the higher halfpipe.  Jump over to the 
other platform, then ride that up to the top.  At the top, grind the train 
track things to the right until the end.  Jump to get the tape.

-Get Chuck Unstuck:
Go over the railing to the left when you start.  Behind the telephone pole is 
a guy with his tongue stuck to it.  Run into him to help poor old Chuck.  
Listen to his reaction, it’s funny.

-Bury the Bully:
Turn around when you start, and jump off the quarterpipe (or the blade in the 
middle of those) to the snow-covered tree.  This will bury the bully.

-Impress the Skaters:
There are five skaters around the skatepark area of the level.  One is over 
by the rail to the right of you when you start, one is on the corner of the 
quarterpipe that you reach when you keep grinding from the first guy, one is 
on one of the quarterpipes in the middle of the level, one is on another 
quarterpipe close to where you started, and the last one is on a circular 
thing near the huge rollin ramps.  Pull a 2000+ point trick in front of them 
to impress them.

-Nosegrind Around the Horn (Street Skaters Only):
Go behind you when you start, and fall into the river here.  When you get re-
spawned, keep following the pathway until it ends.  When it does, do a 
nosegrind on the rail to the right to beat this one.

-Melon Grab Over the Blade (Vert Skaters Only):
Turn around when you start, and do a melon grab from one quarterpipe to the 
other to get this one easy.

Rio: Competition 1
It is very easy to get a gold here.  All you have to do is grind around the 
outside of the level, with the guardrails, and manual to link them if you 
need.  Just keep your balance and it should be easy.

-High, Pro, and Sick Scores (55,000; 110,000; 200,000):
Either use the Thin Man’s backyard, or the halfpipe in the trailer park.  
Remember to use the revert, and when you lose too much momentum, go into a 
special manual.

-Find the Secret Tape:
First you must help the Thin Man (see below).  After you do that, go into the 
Thin Man’s backyard, and use the rollin ramp to get into the upper floor of 
the house.  Jump out of the window at the end to get the tape.

Alternately, gain lots of momentum, and do a boneless/beanplant/fastplant off 
of the ramp you start on to get it.

-Help the Thin Man:
Go to the construction site, and grind one of the 2x4 wooden blocks around 
the side to pick up an axe.  Bring the axe to the thin man by the mansion to 
help him.

-Squash 5 pumpkins:
There are 5 pumpkins on lips around the level.  Grind the lip to squash them.  
The first one is on the halfpipe in the trailer park.  The second one is in 
the Thin Man’s yard.  The third is on the brick wall bordering the 
construction house and the house with the dish on it.  The fourth is on a 
quarterpipe in the backyard of the redneck’s house.  The final one is across 
from the Jeep in the driveway of the rednecks house.

-Restore Power to the Dish:
Go to the roof of the rednecks house.  There are two wires going over to the 
house with the dish on it.  Grind both of these wires successfully to let the 
guy watch his TV.

-Nosegrab Over the Ramps (Vert Skaters Only):
There are two adjacent quarterpipes in the trailer park.  Do a nosegrab from 
one to the other to do this one.

-Heelflip the Trailer Hop (Street Skaters Only):
Go to the trailer near the back of the trailer park.  Do a heelflip over it 
to complete this.

-High, Pro, and Sick scores (75,000; 150,000; 300,000)
Easiest accomplished in the baggage claim area.  Use the rails around the 
baggage claim, and the rails on the escalators to get the big scores.

-Find the secret tape
On the right side of the window area (the place with all the flags, from now 
on to be referred to as the terminal) there are big quarterpipes.  Get air 
off of the farthest one to the right, and grind on the uppermost rail to get 

-Get the Tickets to your Skate Buddies
When the level begins, grind the ticket counter on the left side of you.  Now 
you must make it to the terminal without falling or going through the x-ray 
machine.  Just don’t fall, and when you get to the x-ray scanners use the 
quarterpipe on the side to get air over it.  Then go to the left side of the 
terminal and look for some guys with skateboards near one of the big 
quarterpipes.  Go give them the tickets by running into them or going near 

-Visit Ten Countries
In the terminal, there are flags around the sides, which can be cut down by 
grinding on those rails.  There are five on each side.  Tear them all down to 
go around the world (complete this objective).

-Stop the Pickpockets
There are 5 pickpockets around the level.  They are dressed in all black, and 
hang out with people until you come near.  Then they run.  To stop them, 
crash into them.  There is one near where you start, one on the left side of 
the moving sidewalk, two in the girls bathroom on the second floor, and one 
on the right side of the terminal.

-Airwalk Over an Escalator (Vert Skaters Only)
Go to the baggage claim area, and go to the big quarterpipes in back.  Do an 
airwalk from one of the sides to the middle to do this.

-Crooked Grind Around the Baggage Claim (Street Skaters Only)
Go to the baggage claim area, and do a crooked grind on the baggage carousel 
to fulfill this one.

Skaters Island: Competition 2
I love this place, because I’ve actually been there.  Skaters Island, located 
in Middletown, Rhode Island, is by far one of the best skate parks in the 
country.  But anyway, to the walkthrough.  To get an easy gold here, go to 
the halfpipe and keep doing massive combos using air tricks, reverts, and 
manuals to rack up major points.

Los Angeles
-High, Pro, and Sick Scores (100.000; 190,000; 400,000)
Start by grinding down the stairs, jumping off into a manual, going onto the 
rail here, landing in a special manual (or regular if you are not special 
yet), then go to the mini-pool fountain thing and do a special grind on that.  
Keep going around until you have about 30,000/40,000 base points, then jump 
off and land to get this.  Repeat if necessary.

-Find the Secret Tape
You must stop the earthquake first.  It is also convenient to Block the Car 
Chase on the way, as it is right there.  Go on top of the car wash, and jump 
onto the broken highway.  Keep going until the end, where there are some 
wooden boards.  Jump off of these onto the rooftop, and jump the gap here to 
land on another roof.  Go out onto the side thing on this roof, then jump 
across and grind the rail over on the other side to nab the secret tape.

-Start the Earthquake
There are four rails around the level that are key to starting the 
earthquake.  The first is by where you start.  Go down the stairs and to the 
right.  The lone rail here is it.  The second is on the other side of this 
building.  It is parallel to the first one, and is at the ground level.  It 
isn’t too hard to find.  The third requires you to go back up to the start.  
Go to the left to an alleyway, and there are two rails here.  Grind the left 
one.  Finally, go into that building thing there and grind the left rail to 
start the earthquake.

-Block the Car Chase
Once you start the earthquake, go up onto the roof of the car wash, and jump 
onto the freeway.  Jump across the gap, then grind the left edge pass the car 
to block the chase.

-Free Ballin
In the place where all the purple and pink structures are, there are two pink 
balls.  Jump into each one, and if you time it right, you will set each one 
free.  Do this to both to finish it off.

-One Foot Japan the Tower Poppin Transfer (Vert Skaters Only)
Go by the fountain used for the sick score, and go up to the quarterpipes 
back there do a one foot japan from one to the other to do this.

-Varial Kickflip the Tower Rails Gap (Street Skaters Only)
Go behind the glass near where the fountain used for the sick score is, and 
look for the set of steps that have a rail in the middle (they should be on 
the right side, near the raised platform).  Grind one up, jump, do a varial 
kickflip, and grind down the other one to get it.

Tokyo: Competition 3
This is by far the hardest gold to get.  But it is still kind of easy.  Go 
left from when you start, and go up the quarterpipe here.  Revert, then do a 
manual to the other side.  Do a grind on the quarterpipe around back to where 
you started, and keep going.  Keep going and grinding until you reach the 
end.  When that happens, do manuals until you can’t anymore.  That should get 

Cruise Ship
-High, Pro, and Sick Scores (150,000; 225,000; 500,000)
Drain the pool, and then rip it up by doing massive combos to get it.  Hard, 
but easy once you get used to it.

-Find the Secret Tape
Turn around when you start, and go off the quarterpipe at an angle.  Grind 
the highest set of wires all the way over the pool, and jump off on the big 
red thing.  Use the quarterpipes to get speed.  Keep doing that, and you’ll 
eventually get it.  It’s over the left quarterpipe.

-Trash the Museum.
Go to the museum, and grind the wires around the edge of it to trash it.  
Watch the cut-scene, it’s very funny.

-Raise the Ferry
Go down to the deck with all the lifeboats, and do a wallride near the guy 
next to the powerbox to raise the ferry.

-Impress the Neversoft Girls
Exactly like Impress the Skaters from Canada, except they’re girls, and 
there’s seven of them.  There’s one out by the pool, one by the mini-pool, 4 
on the deck with the lifeboats, and one by the entrance to the museum.  Once 
again pull 2,000+ point combos to impress them.

-Invert the High Wires (Vert Skaters Only)
Drain the pool, and go into it, get a lot of air, and do an invert on the 
wires hanging above the ship to finish this.

-Nosebluntslide an awning (Street Skaters Only)
Go down to the ferries, and jump up onto the awnings.  Grind one, jump, and 
do a nosebluntslide to finish this off.

There are the regular tricks, and then there are hidden combos.

FS Shove-It                 
360 Flip
180 Varial
Heelflip Varial Lien
Pop Shove-It
Inward Heelflip
Varial Kickflip
Varial Heelflip
360 Varial
Front Foot Impossible
Ollie North
Double/Triple Heelflip/Kickflip/Impossible
360/540 Shove-It/FS Shove-It
Kickflip to Indy/Crail
Beni Fingerflip


Lip Tricks-
FS Noseblunt      The Switcheroo 
FS Nosepick       Gymnast Plant
Axel Stall        One foot Invert
BS Boneless       Varial Invert to Fakie
Disaster          Invert
Blunt to Fakie    Eggplant
The Switcheroo                 Andrecht Invert
Gymnast Plant
One foot Invert
Varial Invert to Fakie
Andrecht Invert

Flatland tricks-
Note: Must be started by a special grind
Normal:                    Combos: (Do these AFTER you start one of the
                                    manuals on the left)
Anti Casper                To Truckstand (right-right-y)
Casper                     To Rail (left-left-y)
Reemo                      To Casper (right-left-y)
Primo                      To Anti-Casper (left-right-y)
Truckstand                 To Truckspin (two truckstands in a row)
Sproing                    To Handstand (right-right-x)
One Wheel Nose Manual      To Handflip (handstand + left-left-b)
Handstand                  To Casper flip (casper + left-left-b)
Handstand Double Flip      To Truckflip (truckstand + left-left-b)
Handstand 360 Hand Flip    To Railflip (to rail + left-left-b)

There are a number of in-game cheats/hidden characters/hidden levels that you 
can unlock by beating the game completely.  Here is the list of what you get 
for beating it each time

Characters and Levels: 
# of times beaten | What you get 
1. Darth Maul from Star Wars Episode 1  
2. Wolverine from X-Men  
3. The Ware House Level from Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 
4. Officer Dick from Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 and 2 
5. Private Carrera from Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 and 2  
6. Burnside Skate Park from Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1  
7. Ollie, The Magic Bum from the Venice Level in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2  
8. Kelly Slater from Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer  
9. Roswell, NM level from Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1   
10. Demoness from Hell  
21. Neversoft Eyeball from the Neversoft intro Movie.  
Cheats : 
11. Snow Board Mode: Lets you land any way.  
12. Always Special: You can do a Special Trick any time.  
13. Perfect Rail Balance: Gives you Perfect Balance on Grinds and Lip Tricks.  
14. Super Stats Mode: Gives you maxed out stats.  
15. Giant Mode: Your Skater is twice the size.  
16. Slow Motion Mode: Gives you Slow Motion in the air.  
17. Perfect Manual Balance: Gives you Perfect Balance on Manuals 
18. Tiny Mode: Make your skater really tiny.  
19. Moon Physics: You jump a lot higher than normal.  
20. Expert Mode: Gives you more realistic effects.  
22. First Person Veiw: See in the first person

There are also some passcodes out for the game.  They are all listed here.

POPCORN – Unlocks all movies
MARKEDCARDS – Unlocks all in-game cheats
MAXMEOUT – Gives you all stat points
FREAKSHOW – Unlocks all characters

Secret Areas
There is one per level, with a few exceptions:

Un-jam all five valves to open up a hidden room behind your starting 

Start the machine by grinding the rail in front of it in the upper portion of 
the backwoods area.

Break through the fence on the road to find a hidden pool

Help the Thin Man, and then head into his backyard to find some ramps.

Right at the beginning, jump over the right ticket counter and go into the x-
ray machine.  Follow the path to find an open area with a helicopter and a 
few escalators that go to the baggage claim area.

Skaters Island:
Grind the pirate flag on the balcony near the halfpipe to open up a pirate 
ship outside.

Los Angeles:
Start the earthquake to open up the freeway area.  Required to get all goals.

When you start, go up to the top of the observation tower.  Grind the wire 
going to the left side of the level.  Keep grinding and jumping gaps until 
you reach a halfpipe sort of thing with a circular sign above it.  There are 
two wires on the halfpipe thing that hold the sign up.  Cut them both by 
grinding them, and go into the opening to find a really cool area.

Cruise Ship:
Trash the museum to open up the netting on the lowest level of the ship.

If you grind the Jeep in Suburbia (the one in the redneck’s driveway) as 
Darth Maul, the game will freeze on you.
If you get a lot of speed in Tokyo, and go grind the holo-circles, you will 
come off of those while still grinding and you can go around the level really 

Contact/Legal Info
If you want to contact me, drop me an e-mail at [email protected]  I am 
open to constructive criticism.  I am NOT open to flames, SPAM, or anything 
else not doing with this or any other of my FAQs.  And now, for the legal 

This document is copyright 2002 Hal DeCoursey (The Asp1327).  It may not be 
reproduced in any way, shape, or form without the written word of the author.  
This includes posting it on any web site.  The only sites that have 
permission to post this FAQ are:

www.gamefaqs.com (where the most up-to-date version will be)

If you would like to use this on your site, please e-mail me at 
[email protected]  And if you are found with this FAQ on your site 
without my permission, don’t consider it good, cause it isn’t.

Many thanks go to:

CJayC, for posting this and all of my FAQs.

Everybody at the THPS 3 message boards, for being a great group of people.

Zog2003 for contributing to the glitches section.

Dallas, for providing little touchups in a few sections.

Activision and Neversoft, for making a great game and a great series.

In Conclusion
In conclusion, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 is definitely the best game in the 
series.  Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 will be even better, and it is one of the 
most anticipated games announced.  Keep up the good work 

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